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File: 1647350478035.png (661.73 KB, 500x548, f2b7420ad61fb861dbc25363cef5e6…)

No. 189531

For all your abdl-tier consoooomer needs

Dolls, BJDs, ponies, stuffed toys, figures, anything and everything related adult collecting of toys

ps. OP is very much NOT into abdl, but you can't escape the kink when looking for aesthetic toy collection pics…..

No. 189532

File: 1647350945718.jpg (162.95 KB, 564x995, 042382620afe3e8182a8050301e105…)

I collect Rainbow High and some LOL OMG / TWEENS dolls! I also have a big dollhouse I decorate. I love all cute stuff like OP image, but I have managed to keep it under control yet. My main issue now is wanting to buy all RH dolls, but I do not have the space nor the money to spare, as the dolls are expensive as FUCK where I live. I "only" have main line RH dolls as of now, I love the Sleepover and Rockstar lines but they are not very available in EU, so I might have to skip them and just keep to main line.

No. 190005

Fashion doll iceberg video by my favourite smol bean effiminate gay boy

Some of these dolls are absolutely hilarious, I wonder how they got past the concept stage

No. 190017

Jealous of his shirt

No. 190077

File: 1647533696018.jpeg (48.47 KB, 600x800, 0518541B-38D0-48BC-92C3-E8A3CD…)

Based vid, there’s a couple of dolls on the list that I had never heard of that I thought sounded super interesting mainly ellowyne wilde (her chronic ennui made me laugh pretty hard), little apple dolls and Kurhn.

No. 190101

File: 1647538611251.jpg (680.2 KB, 1079x1087, 1647456003406.jpg)

I can't wait to see the Shadow High dolls in the stores.

I love his channel. Way better than Clawdeen's imo

No. 190108

i started doll collecting recently! i liked dollhouses and miniatures when i was a kid, but for my stuffed animals. doll youtubers are fun, i like the channel xCanadensis she's very sweet. my favorite doll line is failfix, it's a shame it's discontinued.

No. 190109

All my early 2000s My Little Pony toys from when I was a little girl are in my attic. I'm bursting to bring them down and restore them, because I've been collecting 80s era My Little Pony toys and I want to adopt my 2000s toys into my collection

No. 190111

Do it anon. I love g3 mlps and I still collect them. G1 and g3 are definitely the cutest pony generations.

No. 190116

Ooh that sounds so cool! I never had any ponies myself, but I love love love their aesthetic anyways

Do you watch this channel? She restores old ponies https://www.youtube.com/c/RetroGeekCrafts

No. 190118

I like them too! My fave is probably OP and The Doll Circle, she's such a Stacy and I love it hah. I'd like to get drinks with her and talk about shitty men we have come across lol

Also these RH Junior High dolls look like bugs change my mind

No. 190275

File: 1647591843654.jpg (49.19 KB, 717x717, 1647555176362.jpg)

The white one looks nice in promo pics but seeing this, man idk….

No. 190948

They gotta be joking. The eyebrows are quite honestly an offense. The new g5 mlps look like a mcdonald's kids meal toyline. Disgusting. I feel bad for the little girls stuck with the ugliest pony generation to date.

No. 190949

File: 1647812694071.jpg (553.11 KB, 1080x1282, Irotir85069rksmdn.jpg)

Dropped the pic, forgive me.

No. 190960

File: 1647815186580.jpg (177.77 KB, 1000x1000, ugly.jpg)

It's honestly impressive to me how fucking hideous newer mlps are.

No. 190977

File: 1647821550773.jpeg (47.96 KB, 336x345, A5C9B7BB-6186-4ADE-9906-2FA4D8…)

The G2 ponies were the best ones. I had G3 ponies at 13 but I’d totally have G2 instead.

No. 190978

Hell yeah!!!!

No. 191021

File: 1647838970509.jpg (127.22 KB, 750x1000, little-pony-crystal-empire-pri…)

They had some really cute ones at the beginning of FiM, but nothing will ever beat G1 and G2. I really like the chubby faces of the G1, like little cherub ponies, and some look so shy and sweet. I used to have lots of tall, slender ponies from G2 like your picrel and I miss them so muuuuch.

No. 191172

MGA sent out shadow high pr dolls, watched a few reviews and xcanadensis' is probably one of the more honest about the dolls' quality. i am not a big collector but i absolutely want one of these, the gray one with pigtails is so cute!

No. 191186

why the hell is she tatted up lmao

No. 191191

I think it was some speshul edition g4.5 pinkie pie because it was the end of g4 and they gotta milk it for all it's worth.

No. 192113

File: 1648222890493.jpg (319.26 KB, 1080x780, IMG_20220325_173731.jpg)

Lolcow mascot doll

No. 192119

That's so cute. she's like elsie and 2x-tan's Jouta

No. 192122

Oh my god you are right! Someone please draw this

No. 192128


No. 192155

File: 1648231059545.png (1.34 MB, 1208x1204, 1617832121767.png)

I was adamant I was looking at a bootleg at first. Jfc what an absolute mess.

No. 192543

File: 1648380944591.jpeg (180.41 KB, 1498x1496, 0CA9E046-F2E2-4C7E-855F-368CED…)

thank god i found this thread. currently collect squishmallows. now getting into dolls, should i say fuck it and go out and buy my first rainbow high doll today? picrel is the beauty ive been eyeing at local store i hate her outfit but duh you can change their clothes and maybe i can finally get more crafty !? i wish i had more access to thrifting/money in general i would be buying up so many different kinds of dolls right now but unfortunately i'm a NEET who can't drive who lives in a low populated area without even public transportation.

No. 192544

I was adamant I was looking at a fakie at first.

No. 192547

samefag but just have to say these channels, along with angel loza and a thousand splendid dolls are literally my obsessions right now. i don't have many friends so they feel like my group of doll besties and when i watch their videos it feels like they're personally talking to me about dolls. especially brooke, i wish i could be her friend irl, i wanna play with her hamtaro sets and also play mermaids with her god damn it it would be so much fun. i love her stances on not putting her on a pedestal and her stances on reselling and the toy aftermarket and things like that! i would absolutely love to have a down to earth chat and hang out with her !!! i don't even have any dolls yet i don't have any childhood toys at all because of my unstable upbringing and its why i've currently filled my room with over 50 squishmallows.

No. 192576

How long have you been sitting on the decision to buy Stella? Have you looked at the other Rainbow High dolls online and thought which other designs you might want or what clothes you like?

No. 192601

File: 1648401878239.jpeg (446.57 KB, 828x604, 225BFEE3-57BB-454F-B31B-A6DA13…)

i decided not to get her and got a squishmallow instead. i actually much prefer daria and poppy and when i saw them at target i was much more drawn to them. i think i would rather my first doll be winter break poppy, i also really like the junior high jade. the stellas lips looked slightly like chipped and her makeup was just a bit weird so i decided against it. i just was feeling desperate for my first doll and she happened to be the only one walking distance from me but i'm going to wait until i can go to target again because so much more of a selection. i also really like the 20th anniversary bratz that they released and they still had a few at target so i may pick one of those up for nostalgias sake !! poppy probably has some of the best designs and clothes for me, i love jade and darias color schemes tho! the new paris hilton doll idea looks pretty cute tho too maybe i should actually watch the series that goes along with it. oh i almost forgot about shadow high too but i would rather get an rh doll first. i like the split dye doll and luna best of those ladies tho.

No. 192603

I just want a dark green RH doll. Not a fan of how they copy big brands because it feels lazy. I do love the dolls themselves though.

No. 192621

File: 1648408565392.jpg (56.85 KB, 488x488, GUEST_0b786bbb-5b9f-4520-b502-…)

I'm thinking really hard about getting the bat girl na na na surprise doll. I just think those dolls are so cute and I'm a sucker for the animal theme AND bats are my favorite animal ughhhh I want her so bad.

No. 192626

There's going to be an emerald doll coming out later this year

No. 192642

nona please get her shes so cute! i saw the deer and fox girls at target when i went i was very tempted! the wolf girl is probably my favorite from the line but the bat girl is adorable please get her so i can live vicariously through you.

No. 192722

Isn't she a dobermann

No. 192783

File: 1648464556820.png (1.72 MB, 1154x702, witches.PNG)

Anyone into vinyl toys? I saw these as a preorder and I love them. So many cute non Funko garbage vinyls out there that I wish had more in-store availability

No. 193110

File: 1648564444832.jpg (135.97 KB, 887x1119, IMG_20220226_000823.jpg)

You could always buy some used if you are tight on money, RH dolls are starting to come up on online thrift platforms. Be careful tho, the fucking rainbow collect all the colors can hook you in, it did it to me rippp

Here's a custom Stella I made btw. Don't look at her wonky eye

Oh baby nonna I just want to give you big hug! Hang in there

Not really since I try to limit myself to just specific toy types, but HHHHNNNNNGH those are cute as fuck aaa

No. 193369

nona your custom is beautiful!!! i love what you did with the eye makeup! also your eyebrow work is gorgeous. i give you an internet hug back ! also thanks for the thrifting tip, i will be checking places like mercari/poshmark/depop now.

No. 193376

How is the articulation and sturdiness of Rainbow High vs Monster and Ever After High?
When thrifting for early gen MH and EAH they'd always be broken because the hands were so delicate. Since RH bodies are a bit chunkier I wanna think the articulation is a bit more decently constructed?

No. 193380

I don't own any MH or EAH, but RH is quite sturdy! I have seen some posts on reddit about broken hand pegs, but it hasn't happened to me. You can get replacement hands and bodies etc from Aliexpress for fairly cheap tho. They do have MH/EAH stuff too btw if you need those.

Thank you bby! I'm a lil nervous about showing my customs since that is one of the first I've completed, but your comment was really nice.

Her wonky eye does bug the hell out of me tho, idk if opening her head back up and ripping they eye off will totally destroy the paintjob aa

No. 193386

I want one SH or RH doll but idk my bf might be weirded out by it. Especially since he’s selling his toys.

No. 193388

Do it anyway

No. 193389

Omg she's so cute nonny!! You did great work with her!

Also girls I need help, I'm getting into customizing Blythes and I really want to make an Elsie blythe and also one of Hanako from Asobi Asobase in her Lucyferman costume, does anyone have a rec or inspo for a third doll?

No. 193394

Maybe some kind of childhood nostalgia theme for your third doll, ie making a favorite character from something you loved as a kid, or just something inspired by the general fashion of the time period like a y2k girl or whatever?

No. 193411

File: 1648674332675.jpg (194.95 KB, 564x1493, 63429429dae91f4275712a43ab1524…)

I customize Blythes as well! They are so fun. I've posted mine before on /toy/, but I stopped visiting there for a while. It's been a while since I last sewed for them, I need to get back to it.
Anyway, what about doing a cute meiji-like maid? I love the apron look with the kimono.

No. 193476

File: 1648689522260.jpg (72.32 KB, 635x960, 681359-tomoyo_daidouji_23.jpg)


Thank you nonnas, I think I'm going to go with Tomoyo from CCS and nonny that's so sick, I wonder if I ever saw your blythes then maybe, I have to see the pics I saved of the really cute ones. I'm excited though, I want to get her really cute eye chips and figure out which outfit to make for her, maybe something like picrel or one of her cute looks from TRC could also be really nice if I can find good fabric

No. 193482

She's gonna look adorable! I hope you'll share here when you're finished.

No. 193497

File: 1648697781609.jpg (452.76 KB, 1206x2240, rainby.jpg)

If I had talent and dolls I'd make these two into Elsie and Kiwi-chan

No. 193515

Ugh, is that really what Kiwifarm’s mascot looks like? She’s so ugly.

No. 193519

File: 1648703034726.jpeg (229.93 KB, 1800x1300, E67DC446-B58E-41CD-AEA7-550CD2…)

Yeah that’s what she looks like the original design is scrote tier.

No. 193529

>troon pin
Of course

No. 193546

Isn't that whole design intended to be ironic? I mean it has an islam symbol and israelian flag pin kek. It's ugly tho.

No. 193553

Kiwicel's dream edgy gf. Ew.

No. 193609

Aw, she's so uglycute. Elsie could give her a makeover! I prefer Cece as a default mascot friend tho

No. 193641

I’ve thought of ways to redesign her. She was gonna be her own person than be a cwc groupie kek. My bf says that making dolls of the forums would be very autistic but I don’t care kek.

No. 193653

>>193641 go for it anon, you may be autistic but you're free
also i designed an oc after 2xtan so i have no room to speak

No. 193655

Cece is not bad but it would need a fair share of doll customization imo unless you make her an human but isnt really humanizable

No. 193673

File: 1648745228602.jpg (86.97 KB, 768x1024, himawari-Junichi Nakahara doll…)

Will do! Also I have to ask did anyone here ever get their hands on the Junichi Nakahara dolls with Licca or Pullip that were released a few years back, the Himawari one is so so cute!

No. 194807

File: 1649115258997.jpeg (85.86 KB, 1280x800, E1875718-21B0-4D8C-8614-F84A78…)

i’ve wanted her for years but haven’t had the money to buy her. i love her so much. one day….

No. 195091

File: 1649207877020.jpeg (124.35 KB, 750x941, 3425D436-EBCD-430A-8B37-2354CA…)

I’m so tempted…

No. 195095

No. 196991

File: 1649816017875.jpg (187.78 KB, 973x1500, luna.jpg)

I was at walmart and they had the shadow high dolls even though they aren't officially out yet and I bought picrel. She's even more beautiful in person I can't stop staring at her I love her shiny silver hair so much. I used to be more into doll collecting but I stopped for a while because I wanted to stop being such a big consoomer but now that I have her I feel like I want to start collecting again. I really want to also get the one with the split hair and the all black one. I just love her so much help me nonnies.

No. 197009

she's beautiful anon, very ethereal

No. 198346

I love the black and white one from that line so much ahhh. Did you know that doll you got has a twin sister, the yellow doll Sunny Madison

I love the split hair e-girl too, but I customized my Jett Dawson doll to have white+black hair just like her and I'm salty now lmao

No. 200608

any other squishmallowfags or just me!? i'm also getting into dolls now but i can't really afford any new ones at the moment. i did end up with some (free) old in box barbies from 2004 and they are my absolute babies now. i gave them all a good wash (boxes had rat poop and mold and icky stuff) and conditioned their hair (too scared to boilwash yet because i've never done it). i would love to get into rainbow high/shadow high but im broke af and seems too late to start catching up! found my childhood barbie house at a thrift the other day but didn't get it cuz i felt it was too expensive, but i'm planning on going back ASAP and if it's still there buying it for my gals. didn't think i would really be that into barbies but its hitting all my childhood nostalgia strings and getting into other older dolls (myscene, bratz, monster high) seems way too expensive. i was really neglected as a child and as a result of a lot of moves/being homeless i have none of my childhood toys. really excited to start collecting some cool doll stuff tho! im the nona who before mentioned having over 50 squishmallows (my count is now up to 66). anyone else have similar experiences and interests?

No. 200621

check out ebay and mercari for rainbow high dolls or lots. you can find dolls for alright prices in lots and you can find dupes on ali express as well. check out this doll brand iceberg video here >>190005 to see if there are other brands you like and find cheap. boil washing isn't too scary, i prefer to microwave water then put conditioner and doll hair in then brush.

No. 201568

idk where to ask so I will ask here

How do you wash off really sticky glue from a doll?
I bought a wig from aliexpress. After months it left glue on the doll that I can't wash off.

No. 201612

Have you used dish soap like Dawn? Soaking it in hot water helps, or even a mixture of water and fabric softener can remove the glue

No. 201614

but glue is next to her face, I'm afraid it will affect her makeup (it's chinese bjd). It's really sticky glue, it makes me mad.

No. 201637

most doll makeup should be fine, this video is about glue seepage but maybe you could try oxiclean but cover or avoid dunking the face

No. 201788

File: 1651153454927.jpg (1003.43 KB, 3024x4032, e00fyi5ui2f71.jpg)

i just need to vent here. i love furbies. i also look at furby collecting groups and i find myself getting really angry when i see shit like this. some adult child destroys a beautiful old 1998 model and covers it with paint and jewelry, renders it unable to work anymore, then posts about it as if they want pats on the back. and they usually get it. truly infuriating. i always downvote the posts when i see them on the furby subreddit.

No. 201794

Post more examples I'm interested in this shit

No. 201812

File: 1651158542367.jpeg (497.15 KB, 750x866, EC42E068-68EC-4A34-B4A8-296D23…)

If you google “furby custom” you’ll see many examples, though those ones usually look better (I hate the style and aesthetic but at least they’re well made), OTOH there’s shit like picrel where they splatter paint on it and put a necklace on and it’s “a custom”. I hate it so much.

Oddbodies are different, those are things like long furbies which don’t actually use the furby robot itself but parts from it. And some custom furbies I do like. But there’s something distressing to me about someone taking these wonderful decades-old robots, some of which still work which is amazing, and ruining them to make some ugly “custom.”

No. 202032

100% agree, its making something uglier on purpose to fit an aesthetic

No. 202038

File: 1651193702464.jpg (32.81 KB, 474x632, downloadfile.jpg)

I don't like any furby mod period. Look at this oddbody shit I hate it.

No. 202047

>"K-kill meee.."

No. 202553

Why the fuck would you put sloppy ass paint over the IR sensor? Especially considering the 1998 ones are rare now. Shameful behavior

No. 202563

File: 1651357056810.jpg (1.13 MB, 1200x2054, rolife.jpg)

Rolife's doll designs are really cute

No. 202568

Yes I love them so much anon! Good to see another vinyl fan. I have the meteor elf saved on mercari and I've been waiting to pull the trigger on that even though I know I shouldn't consoom more

No. 205367

File: 1652306676635.jpg (40.35 KB, 564x565, ab0e7675130e8132ac7f09a3cf8f7f…)

OH NO, I maaay have used benzoyl peroxide on fading a stain on an old baby MPL from 84, I just now read that it's an absolute NO to use it as it continues to fade the vinyl yyyyyears after the treatment and will lead into white spots on the body (since it will eventually remove the dye from the body too). I feel like I've done a huge crime agains MPL correctors now lmao, I'm on a bender trying to find out how to neutralize BP

No. 205368

File: 1652306724308.jpg (21.73 KB, 500x498, b33ec78b147b17e8b22bd1ea294a1e…)

Yes I am retarded as you can probably tell

No. 205420

File: 1652324108534.jpg (237.83 KB, 1440x1440, furbilation_93770271_676642563…)

I feel the same way anon, I'm a collector of the '98 furbies and it's painful to see these tacky massacred custom jobs posted all over tumblr and insta.
Furbies are so hard to come by where I live so it feels like they're ruining a piece of rare history with something that can't be produced anymore??

I'm fine with people who dress them up but I definitely draw the line when they touch the original fur or faceplate, there's literally no way to undo the damage of an almost 25 year old toy

No. 205477

File: 1652360014477.jpg (19.75 KB, 546x69, image.jpg)

I have read on pony forums that formula 911 will remove benzoyl peroxide (aka remove-zit) residue from mlp. You can also use it to clean ponies and remove plasticizer leakage. GL anon! http://www.twinpines.com/Formula-911

No. 205628

File: 1652390001278.jpg (115.39 KB, 1381x1500, 71iPSGvUNZL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Anyone into lalaloopsy? They came out when I was a teenager and thought I was too cool for playing with dolls but I wish I had picked up a few when they were in store. I loved their design

No. 205638

File: 1652391521259.jpeg (29.87 KB, 371x470, 39BE3AE3-866D-4B3C-87CE-ECF373…)

I remember when they came out, I really wanted one but my parents would never let me get it because I was already a teen, I remember crying one day because they wouldn’t even gift it to me for my birthday.
They’re so cute, I was also a sucker for rag dolls.

No. 205664

Mga is bringing them back

No. 205667

Third one here, used to bitch about it first a year ago or so. No longer collecting but wish zoomeds fucked off with their demi theyby Furby ocs. Leave them alone, they were a part of innocent time you had no chance of experiencing and you clearly cannot properly enjoy them. Thanks for ruining Furbies for everyone.
I also don't care about retarded memes like longfurb. Unmodded furbs all the way

No. 205685

File: 1652410573756.jpg (345.08 KB, 1500x1500, 48.jpg)

anyone else hate how certain types of people show up in toy/plushie spaces?like the same attention whores who constantly have to mention their autism or trauma or other status as a maladjusted human being when no one asked? i guess it's foolish of me to expect other adults who collect toys to just, like, enjoy them as fun things to collect, but damn it's annoying

No. 205699

File: 1652416319321.jpeg (109.25 KB, 800x354, D33F791D-3F88-4563-B9F8-D10754…)

The normal ones arw cute but seem bulky to collect. I love the lalaloopsy girls silhouettes, I am trying to limit myself now but I'd love to own more.

No. 205716

Collecting toys goes hand in hand with trauma and mental illness, so this is to be expected with how popular oversharing about it has become. On the other hand, in the past some of the boomers collecting toys certainly were mental, but didn't flash it so you definitely have a point. It's the same issue as the Furby retards.
I am not saying you cannot be a sane person appreciating toys and not going full-blown consoomer, but sadly the opposite happens quite often

No. 205743


Unfortunately it's not sold on my country, importing it would be insanely expensive + it will expire quite fast after it's opened. Seems awesome though.

I may have splurged on 3 RH dolls, Carmen Major, Lily Cheng and Robin Sterling… They were 150€ all together but they were on sale and I'm worried they will discontinue

No. 205758

File: 1652440585025.jpg (44.09 KB, 500x375, 57bc7109bed65ef5f46e593c92ba94…)

Those silhouettes remind me of another older toy, Betty Spaghetti. My sister never let me play with hers…that bitch

No. 205759

Kek did my boyfried type this post? He complained about his older sisters not letting him play with their Betty Spaghetties (because he bit the dolls hair lmao), tragic.

My little brother ate all of my Barbies feet so they were unable to wear shoes!! So I feel his sisters pain

No. 205762

I might be your ex boyfriend because chewing on their hair was the best ngl

No. 205767

File: 1652444310703.jpg (39.39 KB, 474x474, shitting unicorn doll.jpg)

nonnies, in a fit of weakness, i have done it, done the innconceivable! i bought one of the skat ddlg pedo unicorn dolls! And it's the worst one - the one with the fucking conspiracy tatoos!! I bought it second-hand, so the pedo company isn't getting any of my money tho

No. 205769

I wanted to write the same thing. The old Betties (because of course they got a shitty reboot) are much nicer in my opinion. Not a fan of Lalaloopsy, the plastic ragdoll thing always seemed lame to me.

No. 205770

while i understand and agree with what you said, i really don't know why this is the narrative we've accepted. is collecting baseball cards a sign of mental illness in moids? women's hobbies are always insulted as being frivolous or stupid.
again i fully agree there are way too many obnoxious adult-children in these hobby spaces, but i hate the circumstances of it.

No. 205776

I would say that hoarding cards or figures also is a mental illness behavior, same with funkos etc. A lot of (female) collectors also want to make up for shitty childhood. There is nothing wrong with that, but those people do have a baggage, and oversharing about it is trendy. IDK it sucks that collecting dolls fits the "uwu soft twauma baby" meme.
I used to know plenty of normie collectors, but they were older than 20-30 years old. I think it's only going to get worse from now on until making childhood trauma your entire personality goes out of style.
IDK I've been thinking a lot about how healthy collecting things is. I guess moderation is the key. I became very disenchanted with the "hobby" and how dangerous it is to identify with the term collector.
I still appreciate the aesthetics and art of dolls, figures though.

No. 205805

Why did you do it and what are you plans?

No. 205867

>why did you do it

im absolutely ruled over by pretty shit nona - if it's aesthically pleasing to the eye, than I want it, need it, get it, got it

>what are your plans

even tho my sewing skills are complete shit, i plan on making some sort of white lolita dress for miss shitting unicorn to give her a smidge of modesty and then i shall display her in all of her frou frou glory!

No. 206247

Reproduction of the of the original monster high dolls are apparently in stores?? They look like the real originals, with actual stitching etc. but I haven’t been to see them in person yet. What do you think? I’m a little happy but I also find it annoying.

No. 206541

File: 1652690382106.png (28.76 KB, 956x511, MHrepros.PNG)

Someone on 4chans /toy/ posted this summary of the differences!

No. 206853

File: 1652755755435.jpeg (86.46 KB, 1242x996, ffd9551c-4cc7-4f77-acc9-82735c…)

I absolutely wiped my memory of ever having this thing until this random shitpost showed up on my feed… Sometimes I wish I kept my old plushes just to see how weird they were

No. 206866

Isn't kanekalon better because you can use heat on it?

No. 211576

>Roxxi having the trans flag pin on her
NO, I CANNOT TAKE IT, I AM COPING AND SEETHING. Roxxi was my childhood love you cannot troon her out

Jesus lmao that thing is like the epitome of that "how animators draw male and female animals" meme pic

No. 211586

File: 1654360835108.jpg (295.78 KB, 1486x450, Untitled.jpg)

more ugly, destroyed furbies. i hate it here

No. 211595

The two on the right look cute to me honestly.

No. 211605

File: 1654365162548.jpg (46.59 KB, 480x640, tumblr_79b0d6441af1fbcd5b7241a…)

the other ones are terrible but the red one is kinda cute, it reminds me of picrel a bit

No. 211610

i would like them more if literally all of them werent done by zoomer they/thems

No. 211619

True, the people making them definitely detract from the cute factor due to them being batshit insane.

No. 211620

I don't see the problem with this. Furbies are ugly new too, let the autists customize their ugly furbies, they're not destroying anything of value.

No. 211623


No. 211624

Most toys below 80 bucks are ugly.

No. 211647

File: 1654369878787.jpeg (177.39 KB, 1079x1389, D0uVOPoUYAEF1Sj.jpeg)

Fuck them. I hate that they will move on to same other twanny snowflake bullcrap soon while leaving destroyed Furbies in their wake.
Maybe we will eventually get anniversary reproductions of the original Furbies, but we will never get those original, historical ones back. Fuck those cunts, I miss the lonely homebodies from the AdoptAFurby forums.
I remember the Swampy user on tumblr being annoying as fuck (posting lol randumb photos of her more and more destroyed Furby just to ramp in interest into selling her collection), but this is on a whole nother level.
At least I'm happy to know they will not get their hands on my collection of Furbies.

No. 211766

If I ever come across any abandoned and abused Furbys that have been mutilated, I will adopt them and try to restore them. As it is, I buy old ones at thrift stores whenever I see them and carefully remove stains and the inevitable corrosion inside the battery compartment. I collect all eras of Furby but obviously favor the oldest. Must have 40+ total.

No. 211860

File: 1654400397967.jpg (1.22 MB, 3024x4032, as8r98dwdg291 (1).jpg)

Based, my collection isn't that big but I still treasure it.
How are you dealing with the corrosion? Do they work after you clean it?
Picrel is another impeccable custom (this time only a Furby Buddy, but it's a good example of the nightmarish taste).
I have found out that picrel in >>211647 is BS, but years ago I've read about Kid Cuisine Furbies being in one of the Twin Towers stores. I wish I could find source on that.

No. 211861

at least the furby buddies are unworking anyway. still an ugly mess but it just makes me mad to see the robotic parts rendered useless forever by some idiot tiktok user.
i also keep all my furbies boxed aside from one i got cheap unboxed, and i cringe when these same types go "omg free your furby from its prison" it's a toy, retard.

No. 211870

Wtf. These people destroy furies for attention and then move on and throw them away once the fad is gone.

No. 211934

File: 1654435148930.png (351.16 KB, 572x578, Screenshot 2022-06-04 21.33.26…)

I agree it's only a plushie and not a working robot, but it's a good example ofthe hideous aesthetics. I wouldn't put it on the internet if I mangled the eyes so much. Some people would appreciate the furb just as it is.
Have another hellish content. This is the worst timeline, I swear.

No. 211948

I'm confused. When the hell did trannies latch onto furbies? And why do they think any actual critism against their mentally ill ass is being a 'twansphobe?' fuck i hate men so much

No. 211955

it's the autism

No. 211961

File: 1654445798477.jpeg (9.41 KB, 225x225, images (4).jpeg)

Because its a zoomer thing, not just a tranny thing. That comes with it being a zoomer thing though. Furbies are quirky colorful and deemed kind of creepy and not so irrelevant that they are completely forgotten from pop culture consciousness, but remembered as this weird fad so it's perfect to get your hands on one and create your own custom to feel in with the crowd. It's the same phenomenon that made then 'worm on a string' toy more popular again, despite it existing for years

No. 212071

I've been occasionally bitching about it for three years, and this has probably been going on for even longer kek

No. 212095

Thank you for answering, anon. Yes, I did see worm on a string is popular with zoomers now too on insta and tiktok. Kinda sad they have no original bones in their bodies.

No. 212120

I swear to god "trannies" think they're punk and anticapitalistic but then it turns out they're the biggest and cringiest consoomers ever.

No. 212179

I had a blue wuvluv growing up, my autistic ass tried to stab a neighbor girl with scissors because she was trying to pry open the belly to get to the baby wuvluv when its a motorized pouch inside the wuvluv and has a little magical moment thing and like sparkle sounds and shit come out

No. 212180

You saved her from fetal abduction, well done

No. 212501

It's funny how they sell this when throwing all their money at big pharma and begging for donations for their mental illness. trannies are the worst

No. 213140

File: 1654814061472.png (1.1 MB, 794x1191, e6046bdd381bbf9e1e002ecc34ae76…)

is anyone into blythe customization? now that it's easy to order replica blythes from aliexpress, i think i might actually try it. i have no experience in doing face ups so maybe it's more feasible for me to purchase one made by someone else and just sew the clothes and accessories myself

No. 213147

File: 1654815224527.jpg (63.33 KB, 570x570, 07d6b214-40c5-4b42-ae00-3451cc…)

Me! I love them. Posted about it on the craft thread as well. I'd say go for it! I've customized 3, and I even think about doing it to sell, someday. It's really fun, a bit pricey to start (like you have to buy pastels, varnish, carving tools, eyechips, brushes…), but then the tools really last. I also sew them their clothes, and I think I am more of a "clothing collector" than a doll collector because I prefer having a few unique Blythes and posing them in a lot of different outfits than just have a lot of dolls with just one look to them. Even managed to make my own eyechips with nail polish sequins and although it had a few aibubbles in it, I love it! Very fun.

No. 213159

nice, that is similar to what i want to do - collecting and sewing clothes for blythe. it feels so daunting (especially buying pastels and watercolor pencils) but i will plan to start this year

No. 213167

File: 1654823632552.jpg (142.02 KB, 736x1104, 63e695987eef1301e0ee7fed70a674…)

Anon, have you seen the doll sewing books that have been shared around the doll thread on /toy/? I've used a lot of their patterns, it's so cute! Even if most books are from the 00s, the patterns are timeless. I specially love the kimonos. There's also a lot of video tutorials, I've sewed my first doll dress and pants using videos as a guide.
There's also a lot of cute stuff on AliExpress and such, I usually buy clothes that I'm not able to make myself yet, like coats and jackets.

No. 213168

File: 1654824209566.jpg (84.54 KB, 640x859, db630f959a5ce433476152468e21f0…)

Samefag, I also wanna try customizing an Icy doll someday. People say their plastic face plate is thinner and a bit more challenging, but I live the almond eyes!
Aside from that I also would like a male one and one with an open mouth. I think I'd stop at that (I own 2, the other one I customized for my niece)

No. 214587

File: 1655307294305.jpg (280.19 KB, 1742x1080, 1652623342_youloveit_com_lol_s…)

I've never bought a LOL tween before but this scene kid theme is so cute. She even comes with a raccoon dyed hair extension.

No. 217048

File: 1656222181625.jpg (294.59 KB, 1066x1174, Untitled.jpg)

anons do you know anything about this shop? i thought it was a joke but people are buying these extremely expensive shitty plushes and then leaving great reviews, i am confused. it feels like a troll project but the prices range from $40 to $100+. i don't get it

No. 217049

Do any of you nonitas know of any non-glass eye or resin eye dolls. My gf is a huge fan of doll collecting but she doesn't like the looks of Shadow or Rainbow High too much but I want to get her a nice gift

No. 217072

i guess some people just like retarded plushies a lot

No. 217077

Does she like anime style dolls? Azone Pure Neemos are cute and the majority of them have eyes that are painted on. Picco Neemo dolls are cute too, but much smaller.

No. 217092

File: 1656252977939.jpg (704.24 KB, 1079x1357, 1653631970360.jpg)

Some from the top of my mind currently on shelves: Barbie, Monster High (re-release and a reboot soon), Bratz, LOL OMG/LOL Tweens, some cheaper Barbie-clones. Licca from Japan, Sindy from UK for more exotic cutesy dolls.

No. 217127

If Frankie Stein being a themlet carries over from the Nickelodeon to the actual toy reboot, no buy.

I think the robot leg they're gonna add is cool tho.

No. 217135

Been feeling an Ever After High itch, keep seeing people buying lots of discontinued dolls. No brand scratches that princess consoomer itch rn, where could I buy some? FB Marketplace confuses me.

No. 217148

Licca chan has a lot of princessy dolls! Or did you specifically want EAH? Keep an eye on Ebay, FB Marketplace, local thrift shops and sites. Lots are always cheaper than individual dolls, scalpers and collectors can ask ridiculous prices.

No. 217161

File: 1656265872220.jpg (196.77 KB, 1280x1280, 4904810154457_26c9993a81cb862b…)

Forgor pic

No. 217174

Specifically EAH, Licca is pretty but her face is too anime for me. No thrift shops around either.

No. 217225

I don't collect EAH dolls so I can't give specific advice but with dolls and toys in general I've had good luck finding deals on Mercari, if you're in the US.

No. 217229


Thank you nonnas! She has the Frankie and Clawdeen from the reboot

No. 217292

File: 1656291976345.jpg (166.1 KB, 1024x810, 4331608142_9cdf7a070d_b.jpg)

Omg I love her. She reminds me of the old sailor moon dolls I used to have as a kid

No. 217293

File: 1656291999696.png (309.48 KB, 535x290, sailor moon 2.PNG)

Samefag, remember these really crappy ones? Still loved them though

No. 217307

I used to have Jupiter when I was a teenager. They're so fun

No. 217341

File: 1656311453215.jpg (300.89 KB, 1952x1078, 1656283310908.jpg)

Just end me

No. 217349

What the fuck is this shit

No. 217354

Paramount is making a Monster High live action and they casted a they/them for Frankie. She wants her character to be a they/them too, so yeah, Frankie got troonified.

No. 217373

End my life. I don't even know if I can hate watch this. They should have made like the PPG live action and just didn't

No. 217385

the they/them shit is obviously embarrassing but why is her makeup SO crusty? like they found a random cosplayer halfway through a con day and decided to film

No. 217386

Yeah this really looks like a cosplay skit or a youtube special. This shit rarely translates well to real life to begin with but god it looks so cheap

No. 217388

I'm so fucking done with /toy/. Trannies have totally infested the doll threads, talking about tranny horse cock dolls and cumming on baby dolls and ripping their limbs off. Apparently the plush threads are in same state according to a friend.

No. 217392

this screenshot actually made my eyes sting. The MH girls all have different face sculpts but they're all beautiful in their own ways. These actresses are not kek child me would've been devastated.
lolcow taught me that no predominantly male space will ever be okay. They're all diseased.

No. 217397

please tell me there is a seal themed one

No. 217440

They have the audacity to cry about transphobia too. Fuck off, fags

No. 217600

Where do I buy the Monster High repros as a non US/Latam/EU collector? Other than scalpers. They always seem to be out of stock or grossly overpriced on Walmart.

No. 218524

Kek I hope we can all hate watch this one day.

No. 218641

They spent all the promotion on instagram and Nickelodeon to talk about the troon actor.

Gotta love how all the complaints about the movie vanished once themlet Frankie became a thing. It still looks like shit.

No. 221459

File: 1657715741022.webm (2.04 MB, 960x720, Bratz cards.webm)

I hope they release something similar to these.

No. 221460

File: 1657715787015.png (667.55 KB, 495x561, Bratz buttons.png)

As well as these…

No. 221461

File: 1657715826760.png (702.42 KB, 486x662, Bratz keychain bags.png)

No. 221518

File: 1657739039023.jpeg (81.46 KB, 626x626, CAAB7F2B-B5A1-40B8-A9E7-5B1C48…)

Forgot we had a toy thread. Here’s what I got in the Amazon prime sale kek. I feel like my toy interests are too embarrassing even for the toy community…

No. 221520

its cute nonnie, I like the fact that is washable so you can draw on the kitties all over again! The eyes on them look adorable too. Have fun!

No. 221521

George w bush did that furby

No. 224031

File: 1658577374773.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, 5DC382FA-BE8D-40E8-AD67-605A73…)

I’m in plushie collecting groups and it grosses me out so much when someone posts photos of their dirty-ass plush. Do you not understand you’re showing us the crust of god fucking knows what? I always want to comment just “give that thing a wash, jesus” but I’d be banned.

No. 234240

File: 1661652893192.jpg (421.86 KB, 1141x947, novi stars.jpg)

Anyone here have any Novi Star dolls you're looking to give a new home? I got into them recently and there are some I'm trying to find without the obscene scalper prices. I'm specifically looking for these girls

No. 235166

File: 1661953742702.jpg (131.14 KB, 547x866, Untitled.jpg)

had to leave the build-a-bear sub due to severe autism

No. 235311


I swear to god if that frog doesn’t have a green hotdog shittily sewn onto the crotch.

No. 235356

File: 1662005966327.jpeg (77.08 KB, 800x640, miku digital stars 2021.jpeg)

She's on her way! I'm super excited to see her in person (and she's going to look great in the room theme I have planned)

No. 235361

room theme? explain

No. 235365

lmao of course it's always frogs with these retards

No. 235368

I'm creating a manga reading/game room and I'm a big fan of 80's anime and manga. This has very nostalgic vibes for me, so it's a welcome edition to my city pop aesthetic dreams.

No. 235382


No. 235383

>top surgery scars! uwu

No. 235432

i dont even like miku stuff but this is beautiful

hey, frogs are cute, not their fault they got co-opted by genderspecials

No. 235466

File: 1662052728660.jpeg (78.1 KB, 896x945, 55D5EBDF-1033-4090-893A-12AC00…)

1. There’s a build a bear online community?
2. These people out here mutilating their stuffed animals in the name of alphabet soup?
2. Of course it’s a fucking frog, these motherfuckers probably love them because they sound like they do on T

No. 235467

3 whatever my brain short circuited after reading about a plush frog getting fucking top surgery

No. 235597

File: 1662084376190.jpg (622.34 KB, 1076x1076, 303614865_5797928356924658_399…)

I need it!

No. 235610

what year are we in????

No. 235614

She's so cute! I hope you're able to get her nona.

No. 235617

No. 235645

>these motherfuckers probably love them because they sound like they do on T

i kek'd

No. 235763

File: 1662165358370.png (1.27 MB, 1102x707, furby.PNG)

Since anons up itt were talking about horrible furby customs, heres another. The eyes are supposed to be little screens but this they/them fucking painted over them shittily as well. My favorite part is the caption.
>other than adding accessories, i would appreciate if you did not paint over my work and ask if you end up wanting to resell it.

No. 235764

Also, this exact furby usually goes for like $20-$30. She's charging $50 extra for this shit

No. 235765

Nta but what's wrong with saying she?

No. 235766

File: 1662165574226.jpg (91.69 KB, 401x640, 1264072ab26570_full.jpg)

Mana, the person the doll is designed to be, is a man, nonny. lmao

No. 235770

Ooh, sorry kek. I didn't really look at the photo and I don't know much about these type of Japanese artists.

No. 235784

This person fucking painted over the eyes? holy fuck. Please post how the original eyes are supposed to be like (not a furby expert, but I vaguely remember them)

No. 235787

my best guess, frogs are cute but not stereotypically """femenine""" or """a girly animal""" so of course these idiots would do this. Cringemaxxing right now…

No. 235791

File: 1662167742134.png (311.68 KB, 519x291, eyes.PNG)

Their eyes are like little screens so they can change and show different emotions

No. 235796

Yeah, these people aren't mentally ill at all. What's next? Transitioning their pets?
This figure is so cute, anon. Your room sounds like it's going to look great.
Wtf nothing matches. I get she was going for a bedtime cookies and milk thing, but this looks so messy.

No. 235798

Why would you PAINT over someone so cool and beautiful like this????? zoomers are retarded I swear

No. 235799

Honestly I am waiting for troons to begin transitioning their pets because they were born "with the wrong gender" so normies finally start rallying against them.

No. 235800

File: 1662168917600.png (196.56 KB, 558x146, no.png)

couldn't this person really leave the furby's eyes as it originally is?… man what the fucking hell

No. 235806

File: 1662171558252.jpg (647.31 KB, 2184x4608, zxph2xm5u3591.jpg)

they always decal/paint over the eyes and mouths and render the furbys nonfunctional

No. 235808

No. 235809

File: 1662172431871.png (950.57 KB, 640x853, 8iook43dhyj81.png)

ive seen some cool customs that are very light on modification and mostly just skilled airbrush work, changing eye color and tiny decorations, but this sort of shit is painful to look at

No. 235814

File: 1662173545509.jpg (44.2 KB, 400x489, dyevt.jpg)

Yeah I don't mind customs as long as they're really well done but it seems so rare. Picrel I like though, it looks done by someone who actually knows what theyre doing

No. 235816

File: 1662174770958.jpg (362.34 KB, 1204x711, cfay86sl3ma91.jpg)

this one is pretty and doesnt seem to interfere with the machinery at all. same as picrel. i like the ones that are focused on recoloring and adding small accessories, not sloppy ugly paintjobs and cheap piercings and whatever

No. 235823

Why the fuck would you do that. If you loved your furby you wouldn't mutilate it or make them basically disabled. All for aesthetic flex…
Tbh they still don't convince me. They look too zoomer-ish.

No. 235825

I don't really like pullip but I might just try to get this doll because I really love both Moitie and Mana-sama's blonde look

No. 235844

Agree, they are still ugly and zoomer-tier

No. 235848

File: 1662187987955.jpg (262.74 KB, 602x2959, frens.jpg)

Searched "floppy stuffed animal" on a whim one day because I wanted a floppy stuffed animal and I ended up with picrel from Aurora. It's pretty big at 27" and really soft. I ended up taking a bunch of stuffing out of the head because it was weirdly rigid compared to the rest of the body. I love her and she's so comfy to sleep with because it takes pressure off of my boobs that my arms cause while side sleeping and her ears are really long and soft. I should name her.
Second pic is my childhood plushie that I lost in a Target in like 1997 when I was 7. I remember my mom calling Target's lost and found for days afterwards. Looking back it was sweet of her to do so as I'm sure she knew he was gone forever but I wanted to check l&f. Found him again on eBay after very vaguely remembering/googling the 'Alley Katz' tag on his haunch and bought one. Yes he is kind of ugly. The '80s were something else. I originally found him in a thrift store while shopping with my mom, it's a very early memory.
Last pic is Wolly the sheep by TY, he helped me through some tough times when I was 12 and realizing without really knowing it that my dad didn't really like me. I also found him on eBay and bought him after losing him over the years. These are the only stuffed animals I own and I love them dearly. Thanks for reading my absolute blog post nonnas!

No. 235885

I have a collection of 20 something furbies I had since they were a kid I'm going to burn them in a bonfire to honor you. They are just old useless crap who fucking cares what people do to them

No. 235928

Ok retard, you are the one holding onto "old useless crap" while you could pass it to people who care and make some money while you are at it

No. 235960

most furby collectors dont even have 20 of them… weirdo

No. 236035

File: 1662261479094.jpg (40.68 KB, 735x811, 2aceb1a5fe5c3394362e361c32b82d…)

I have 53. Give or take a couple.

No. 236193

Just sell them retard

No. 241268

File: 1663863431548.jpg (151.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Any other anon into gunplas? I've discovered them relatively recently and I'm in love with the look and the assembly; would love to see other's favorite kits!

No. 241271

I'm seeing this way too late but don't use heat on kanekalon lol it is plastic it will melt like any other plastic

No. 241272

File: 1663864692590.jpg (109.24 KB, 918x1223, image0.jpg)

I make a lot of RG kits I like the smaller scale with the higher levels of detail. And I like Kotobukiya's girls stuff like frame arms girls and other girl kits, it's more of a coomer hobby but how cute is my little Miku hanging out with granddaddy?

No. 241399

I just got my first Frame Arms Girl myself but still haven't put her together yet. I did a starter gunpla with the snap in pieces and had a lot of fun, so I'm excited to get to her

No. 241549

Ohh I see now why the store I get my gunpla kits from has these frame girls too, scrolling through the catalogue I was confused because it seemed like just a anime girl figure you pull out of the box and that's it, but it's pretty much the same thing as Gundams but just with more boob. Can you do a lot of posing with that Miku?

No. 242758

the fashion looks really outdated, like something a teen girl in tumblr would wear in the early 2010's

No. 242760

File: 1664248417380.png (11.76 KB, 599x568, nope.png)

i bought & started building that miku but stopped once i realized that kits like that are broken up into a completely unnecessary amount of minuscule parts for no other reason than to make kit nerds feel like they accomplished something kek. and also bc i didnt have the special glue

No. 242768

Whyd they give Sasha the monkey…

No. 242773

She looks awful

No. 245326

File: 1665098820866.jpg (100.82 KB, 991x644, Untitled.jpg)

was about to buy a palm pal when i saw the site uses literal official pronouns for their toys. so fucking stupid. another brand to never buy from.

No. 245341

File: 1665105190439.jpg (79.68 KB, 750x750, 05re815_5.jpg)

I just got a Pullip used for the first time and her wig looks pretty rough. Are Blythe wigs the same size and Pullip? Thanks to any other doll collectors insights, This is my first articulated doll!

No. 245343


No. 245355

>Your dose of serotonin is on its way!
>Plush toy has pronouns.
Pronouns: Hell/World

No. 245357

im so mad anons. these toys are so cute and i wanted some. literally every one of them has pronouns. so fucking stupid. even named toys like beanie babies never had a "gender".

No. 263752

Its pronouns would be it because it's an inanimate object

No. 263754

Blythe heads are a bit bigger, but there are still a lot of wigs that look good on a Pullip.

No. 263776

I used to have a huge collection when I was little but I gave them away. I just hope they’re in good hands now :’)

No. 263792

Literally looks like a dog toy

No. 263942

Im too much of a poorfag to collect toys but does anyone remember these

No. 263945

File: 1671173255688.jpg (73.42 KB, 735x788, e53e2fad89361feee2dde18c0dd1f3…)

What about this one? I think it looks cute.

No. 263946

File: 1671173721350.jpg (139.66 KB, 735x1040, 4da16e211722eb777f3bb5dca1990b…)

No. 263973

i'd buy it just to misgender it kek

jk i wouldn't give them the money

No. 264047

pronouns it/that lol

No. 265749

File: 1672428436643.jpg (42.06 KB, 480x640, s-l640.jpg)

I'm too lazy to learn how to sew so I can't make clothes for my doll. So I go on Etsy. I don't wanna do too much damage to the environment so I only browse stores that are in countries near me but it's all ugly basic clothes. Sigh…. I guess I have no choice but to learn how to sew

No. 265754

Do it anon! I sew clothes for my dolls and I am an uber noob, it's not hard at all, it's great too cause you can use a lot of scraps that would be discarded otherwise.

No. 265769

Do it anon! But - as somebody who loves japanese doll magazines like Dollybird - the patterns in them are usually complex and can be a little inscrutable even to me who's been sewing for a long while (even if you can read or at least translate the instructions, they assume you know a lot of techniques already). If you're going to go with Japanese patterns then something like a book specifically for patterns should be better to start.

No. 265770

File: 1672440773994.jpg (228.01 KB, 1588x1986, 252cde14d7c0242c124734449abcd7…)

Same anon, eg. I have picrel - Hajimete No Doll Coordinate Recipe - and it's really detailed and goes step by step. It's published by Dolly Dolly but isn't a mook.

No. 265783

File: 1672445768454.jpg (70.48 KB, 736x736, ty.jpg)

thank you so much nonnie! I will check that out. Now I do feel motivate to sew

No. 279740

Nta, but i ended up buying this pulip! I know it's based on a man, but I am still going to call it she since I consider her to be inspired by Mana and not mana. She is beautiful! Even cuter when you own a lot of the stuff she is wearing too. I can match with her and it makes me happy.

No. 279945

I've been absolutely consumed by Sylvanian Families this month and already bought a bunch of sets, does anyone else collect them?

No. 280111

File: 1677975444297.jpg (1.02 MB, 4032x3024, 3ec8b67a4f3da952f89703c8dfc786…)

Nonnie I've also been consumed by them, I only just starting collecting them 2 months ago and now have 5 families kek. I like getting the plainer looking families and customizing them with different colors (pic rel but not mine) Currently only getting the families though, I don't want to go crazy and start spending a ton on the houses or sets bc I don't have room for all that. Which ones have you picked up/are looking for? I'm currently looking to get the deer or fennec foxes next.

No. 280113

File: 1677976440802.jpg (84.01 KB, 1500x546, 71KO1ukvC6L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Oh gosh, those customs are adorable! It's something I'm really interested in doing too (I have a bunch of bootleg LPS and scuffed secondhand MH dolls lying around that I want to customise), I have a bunch of OCs and designs I want to make but I can't sew for shit so I've been a little intimidated lol.
I'm the same, I want to try and get as many families as I can and have a storage box to keep them all in so have absolutely no room for the larger pieces. I received a bunch for Christmas which started the obsession and since then I've picked up a few of the limited/exclusive sets like the Shiba family, the Collies, and the Meerkats. I have some of the upcoming baby sets on preorder from Amazon JP too but also have my eye on the Latte cats coming out this month! I love the recent lop eared rabbits that just came out in Japan too.
The fennecs are adorable though! They're a set I got for Christmas, I love all the hooved animals too. The deers are gorgeous, I really want the alpacas and sheep families too ugh.

No. 280115

What I'm jealous of your meerkats nonnie, those are some I've been wanting but couldn't find at a good price. I do have the sheep family and gave one of them black wool to have a black sheep and I love him so much #♥ The deer must be JP or Euro exclusive because I've never found them in-store near me :(

No. 280125

Oh no, are they not available in your country? It's like the only franchise where I'm glad I live in the UK because Sylvanian Families seem a lit more accessible here. I wish I could send you a set!
And I'd love to see your black sheep! I only have one from the popcorn set but she's adorable. Are you able to buy from Amazon JP? I've always found them really reasonable and shipping is really quick, their shipping prices aren't too bad either.

No. 293696

File: 1683048356696.jpg (128.3 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20230502_122552_Fir…)

There's a bjd blind box I've been eyeing lately. I really want to get the sheep and sew clothes for it, wonder if the head is compatible with obitsu

No. 293931

File: 1683109572046.jpeg (25.75 KB, 600x600, 321E64E5-3B7E-4778-9E32-569FD4…)

Since when is draculaura thick???

No. 293934

thick how?

No. 293938

Her thighs and hips. The old one was always slim as every doll.

No. 293946

Each doll in g4 has a different body and head sculpt, for better or worse.

No. 293983

God Blythes are so cute but I can think of 101 ways better to spend my money.

Looked better without the weird cartoon kim k body. Skinny was miles cuter.

No. 296544

File: 1684160244152.jpg (533.16 KB, 2048x2000, Fpmc4WTaAAAmQGt.jpg)

Couldn't help but watch izzzyzzz video on monster high since I love the dolls despite her being a cringe nlog enby. Of course she was sperging on how Frankie being nonbinary was totally cool and a good thing while saying people who criticized her new they/them pronouns or the forced representation were just idiots. It's funny how assots never have actual arguments, just "y-you're just stupid and don't get it b-bigot! i'm not like other g-girls!". Wonder if she's milky enough to warrant her own thread kek

No. 296680

I will never forgive her for making Novi Stars even more expensive than they were. I'm not saying popular people can't talk about things like collecting, but this retard legitimately emphasized how RARE and EXPENSIVE stuff are and got all surprised pikachu when people got mad at her. She's so fucking retarded

No. 299957

File: 1685654937861.jpg (48.17 KB, 500x400, 0b1c697949c7c6b98e3ec3954655c3…)

recently got back into toy collecting again! took some interest in lalaloopsy…they looks so cute! only have two at the moment, but i plan to get some more!

No. 300013

File: 1685668133551.jpg (91.97 KB, 564x909, 09e02877fbc8d53b2f35e2123adbc0…)

samefag but do anyone here collect lps? also started collecting these little guys. loved them as a child and i really wish i kept them, i had so many.

No. 300177

File: 1685759876922.jpg (63.72 KB, 680x512, DlgF0LRV4AA3NGw.jpg)

this will always be my favorite custom furby

No. 301657

does anyone else feel weird when they thrift retro toys? If I buy it from another collector I don't feel weird but whenever I find a toy in a thrift store for cheap I have a nagging feeling that I "took" it from some kid who might have wanted it. Since I found it first in the store and payed for it I didn't "take" it from anyone but I still feel weird about it. Most kids don't care about retro toys anyway

No. 301695

The pom pom tits, I'm-

No. 301696

File: 1686448061638.jpg (141.09 KB, 953x953, 320-Retriever-LPS-1.jpg)

Holy shit I had this exact set as a kid. Yes, I collected them. I was kind of spoiled, so I had tons of them. I still have them stored somewhere, too. My autistic ass used to dump the tub of them on the floor of the living room and then spend like two hours meticulously arranging them into different tableaus. If Instagram existed back then and I had a means of taking pictures, I would've been a hit on doll Insta.
My favorites were always the flocked ones like picrel.

No. 305929

File: 1688217672293.jpg (1.2 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-07-01_16-19-54-381.…)

nonnas.. i wanna get these 3, but like.. for these prices?? i don't even know, the dolls hair is clearly fucked with, i know Kiyomi is pretty rare, but the seller seems so scummy for thinking Ghoul Fair Elissabat with no plate is worth that when her hair is so fucked with. maybe i am asking for too much because i have bought other dolls in perfect condition for much less, buut what do you all think?

No. 305930

File: 1688218454436.jpg (128.44 KB, 1024x576, wtblf_winx_club_glam_magic_enc…)

This thread unlocked my old wish to collect these dolls, but my lord, when I didn't have my own money and a PayPal account I couldn't buy them, now when I do, they go for hundreds or thousands of dollars and for what? (Saw one in box for 3000$ and one with missing or broken wings for around 300 - 600$)

No. 305943

File: 1688224636179.jpg (77.59 KB, 1111x833, Koto_TAMOTU_introWork (5).jpg)

Frame arms girls (FAGs, if you will,) are so cute but very temperamental. The type of model that falls apart if you look at it the wrong way. I only buy the ones that are so cute they are worthy of the struggle

One of my favorite Kotobukiya series lately is the Maruttoys kits (picrel), I think a lot of anons here would enjoy it. They're supposed to look like community service robots I think.

No. 308057

I love those guys and I got a kit of one of the other versions of him, but things weren't holding together quite properly so I gave up kek. I'm pretty new to gunpla. I wanna try him again though cuz he's so cute and I want him to hold a pencil on my desk

No. 308585

File: 1689427795424.jpg (84.33 KB, 876x1095, 60410049_01_001.jpg)

she's mine and I love her

No. 308615

Don't be afraid to use a bit of glue. Kotobukiya kits are known to have slighty worse plastic quality and build engineering then Bandai kits.

No. 308623

She's adorable! Where did you find her?

No. 308715

at Hema. It's a dutch store but you can buy Miffy bunnies and other products in many other countries

No. 309385

This is a hypothetical question, but if you could create a toy line and what theme they follow what would it be?

My first idea is a doll line based on all the zodiac signs. I'm sure it's been done before, but I'd want my own twists on it and have them all wear different sub styles I think fit them. They'd all have an overarching but subtle space theme as well.

Second idea is another doll line, they're all mermaids and each set has a different fairy tale theme. So you'd have like a wonderland set, but instead of it being a literal Alice-mermaid it's instead a tea party theme or playing card theme. Overall they'd have a lot of gradients and pastel colors and cute details.

No. 309392

>My first idea is a doll line based on all the zodiac signs. I'm sure it's been done before
It has! But it was really ugly haha, this vid goes into them.

No. 309397

File: 1689796701825.jpg (94.45 KB, 960x1280, photo_2023-07-19_15-57-39.jpg)

I'm no expert collector but I got this retarded pikachu in a hillbilly flea market in the mountains for $3 and I love him

No. 309401

My god, he's beautiful.

No. 309443

look at that lil dummy. awww.

No. 309489

He's perfect. What a treasure.

No. 310163

someone needs to make it, but better

No. 321979

File: 1694970798026.jpg (44.78 KB, 634x416, poopsie slime.jpg)

Genuine question, do you think these poopsie unicorn dolls were created by a pedo/fetishist? Because I just can't imagine it's NOT made by soemone with a fetish, for other adults with siliar fetishes but while of course pretending it's for kids and that "kids just love silly poopy diapers teehee" because I've been a little girl and I didn't know a single kid who would ever want this

No. 321982

love him

No. 321986

I can get why the "realistic golden retriever pooping" toys are sold to children but not this, this looks like straight up fetishism. Even the LOL dolls are better.

No. 321992

That was my first thought when I saw this monstrosity, I thought there's no way little girls actually want and like this because me nor any of my sisters or friends growing up would have

No. 321996

Yes, 100%, no conspiracy. Especially the music video. The fact they wear diapers. The song being a parody of "my humps" about turning a guy on. If you don't see the fetish motive behind it, you're blind. It's definitely not just wacky silly poop humor.

No. 322870

File: 1695412309119.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1092x1639, IMG_7072.jpeg)

does anyone here collect rainbow high? i’m thinking of getting costume ball violet and bella but they’re quite expensive in my country ($60+). i assume that’s way too much to pay for them each?

bella is perfect and i love violet’s makeup and straight hair without the straight-cut bangs. i’d kind of like to let her hair down loose, though.

No. 322880

File: 1695413886824.jpg (1.34 MB, 3024x3024, Cholachu.jpg)

My mom would just get me random gifts as a kid, so idk who made it or how much it cost, but I love him and his chola brows.

No. 322894

File: 1695415867951.jpg (220.09 KB, 1101x1073, LPS 42.jpg)

My parents didn't buy me a lot of toys because I had all my sister's hand-me-downs. All the LPS I had were the few they'd buy me on my birthday/Christmas. Fortunately, I was friends with someone who had a massive collection, so I would play with her and we'd make up our own stories.
When I was around 10(?) when I ordered from one of those bulk eBay listings from China. They seem legit from what I remember, and that's probably where most of my collection comes from. I have a whole bag of them in my parents house. Probably not the best way to store them, but until I have room to display them, that is how they'll remain.
I've recently ordered LPS 42 because I trimmed the ponytail off my childhood one because of LPS Popular. She now sits on my minature shelf.

No. 324005

File: 1695894162285.png (1.84 MB, 1920x923, purple high.png)

I'm considering getting into collecting RH dolls, but funnily enough I would like to go against the rainbow theme and only collect a certain color kek leaning towards purple since it's my favorite color. Although I love the way green looks on a shelf with plants around them so that's a contender too.

I just love it when my collections are cohesive in color so they look like a unit rather than a mismatch of colors.

No. 324007

File: 1695894597927.png (1.95 MB, 1920x923, green high.png)

posting some green RH dolls too for good measure

No. 324044

File: 1695904735689.jpg (491.78 KB, 870x548, 1647458601_youloveit_com_rainb…)

i've been considering one of these for awhile because i adore the idea of monochrome dolls.

No. 324089

My personal fave is the half and half hair but they're all cute

No. 324095

I had this one omg

No. 324107

i under stand that the appeal is the monochrome-ness but i want to color them in to see what they'd look like lol

No. 324470

File: 1696076958118.jpg (130.06 KB, 1000x1000, Poopsie_Silly_Unicorn_Slime_Su…)

This is disgusting on so many levels… Holden would probably love it kek

No. 324471

File: 1696077117758.jpg (98.9 KB, 735x578, 0735417d26988898d7853bf5cb0556…)

…But goddamn it, this is actually fucking cute. I don't think these ones shit

No. 324472

this is the best thing in this thread

No. 326068

it's so sick how the second trans people got more accepted we suddenly have poop fetish toys aimed at children, sexual comedy performers aka drag queens flock to interact with kids, kids books telling kids how to do sexual acts etc… like the fuck happened to common sense?

No. 326069

File: 1696838428051.jpg (149.68 KB, 1500x1500, 398204-aphmau-mystery-meemeows…)

I know they're pretty tacky and generic, but I love little plastic figurines like picrel. I love using them as decor on shelves and having small sets together. I've got 3 of the food cats on my spice rack and it brightens my day every time I cook. They're cheap and replaceable enough that I don't have to feel bad if they get greasy etc

No. 326070

I want the plushes so bad.

No. 326080

Just noticed the bottom left is a fish… a catfish. Now I want it. Consumerism has my soul

No. 326081

File: 1696850711571.png (1.01 MB, 1200x1200, RH_colorswap.png)

RH nonas, are there any dolls you wish had a different palette? I was just playing around with editing for fun

No. 326082

File: 1696850770964.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1200, RH_orig.png)

here are the original dolls. not saying the edits are better, I really just wanted to see what they'd look like

No. 349377

File: 1705541722417.png (655.5 KB, 636x550, Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 02.37…)

Anyone here like Lego Friends?

They've been running pretty hard on the vapourwave/synthwave theme for years now. I've created a list of backlog sets that I need to get before they get 'too old' and hard to find, just ticked two of them off and acidentally discovered a third. Building them is so relaxing, ultimate head empty mode.

No. 350088

I don't collect lego but I have friends who do and I like to go over and play with theirs lol
What sets are your favorite anon?

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