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No. 189603

Villains in all media, post about them here!

>Your favorite villains

>shitty villains
>best/worst twist villain
>most sympathetic villain
>heros becoming villainous

No. 189623

File: 1647372387311.jpg (75.27 KB, 1200x675, the-expanse-7.jpg)

hate this bitch and his boring ass storyline and what a narc he is. the entire s5 and s6 sucked ass. apparently the book version is really good, but it was such a boring and annoying way for an otherwise amazing show to end.

No. 189624

File: 1647372480820.gif (995.8 KB, 500x220, 8de52e71cda28b67951c70e43a5365…)

Amon from Legend of Korra was really cool, what they did to him was bullshit. Then in the same show we have that bald prick that goes off flying after his girlfriend's head explode or something, like what the fuck (she was also super cool). I feel like they tried to make him sympathetic, but it just didn't work for me, Amon was way more sympathetic even with all his flaws and bad writing.

No. 189626

File: 1647373121201.png (3.37 MB, 735x1200, daekh8f-73a42dda-acd4-4ad1-a28…)

I've sperged about her before, but they did White Diamond so fucking dirty. I love villain characters, and the first glimpse we got of WD had me so excited. Her "are you done with your little tantrum?" The sheer power she held, the devotion she commanded, the fear everyone had for her - it was amazing. I love villains like that, who are absolutely wicked and are shown in cool, composed, and unbothered states.

Then they… have her struggling to say please and thank you? If she could not prevail, then a bitter defeat would've been a better fate for someone of her stature. Instead she was condemned to a fate even worse - groveling at a human's feet, struggling to learn niceties. I hate it when writers try to redeem their villains, especially if there's truly nothing redeeming about them at all! Let your asshole characters be complete assholes! It's jarring and weird and takes away from what makes their character such a badass. Characters like Zuko had a long overarching story that ended in their redemption. WD was redeemed in like, two episodes. The time dedicated to it probably wouldn't change my feelings that badass assholes should stay as they are until death/defeat, but damn. How do you have a whole multi-season build up to meeting space Hitler and then reduce her to absolute garbage an hour later? Steven Universe sucks ass and to expect anything of it is stupid to begin with but UGH. I am still mad.

No. 189627

File: 1647373193753.png (273.55 KB, 1152x636, s3e01_-_lotor_-_4.png)

I also have similar feelings about Lotor lol. Just let me have hot alien villains to fawn over!

No. 189631

File: 1647373740698.jpg (70.1 KB, 675x900, FNQAPsXagAINyW1.jpg)

I love Dahlia and Kristoph, they're the pettiest bitches and I wish they could have met on-screen somehow but Dahlia is dead and seething in the afterlife and Kristoph is stuck in Capcom's basement and we'll never know about his written but unused tragic backstory. Also, Dahlia didn't do anything wrong by making her pedo tutor commit suicide, I don't care. She should have killed him and only him, hidden the evidence and spent the rest of her life away from her deranged family. As for Kristoph I love how "normal" his motive is yet most players can't even read between the lines and guess why he'd be pissed off that another guy stole his one opportunity to defend a rich and famous guy in a very famous and controversial crime. Of course he'd want the money, fame and career opportunities from that. I love the Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1 last culprit too but I don't want to spoil it. I also love Jin and Malos from Xenoblade 2 and was shocked by that since I found Xenoblade 1's characters and story very bland. Adachi from Persona 4 is very punchable in a good way. If he were real and I saw him on the street I'd want to kill him with my car.

Watching the first season as it was airing was a rollercoaster, Amon saved this trash from itself. I can't believe the love triangle bullshit was approved by anyone with common sense so I never bothered with the next seasons.

No. 189632

Steven Universe sucked I kinda stopped watching halfway through after the Diamonds arc but I know enough to know that it was bullshit what they did with her character.

I think the message was supposed to be you can solve any issue by talking though it and you can change anyone's mind with the power of 'UwU understanding' which is stupid. The reality is you will have to face people who will never change their minds and have to oppose them. They just gonna forget the genocides the gems caused to other planets?

No. 189729

>they did White Diamond so fucking dirty. I love villain characters, and the first glimpse we got of WD had me so excited. Her "are you done with your little tantrum?" The sheer power she held, the devotion she commanded, the fear everyone had for her - it was amazing. I love villains like that, who are absolutely wicked and are shown in cool, composed, and unbothered states.
SAME I also loved how fucking massive she looked, that was actually scary and her speech and everything we knew about her at that point made her creepy.
Also, if she had been such a neglectful or straight up abusive and manipulative mother figure all her life (literally THOUSANDS of years), it's not very realistic for her to change that much in just a couple of years or so, especially since she's an alien with a value system that is vastly different from ours. It's like trying to redeem DIO, kek. For just a little while, it looked like Steven Universe was going to get interesting for real, and when we finally saw WD again after that cliffhanger it was one of the most disappointing moments in 10s animation for me.

No. 189845

There are so many that I like in AA but oh fuck I love Dahlia as a villain. I hate her so much she's such an asshole
>his written but unused tragic backstory
What the hell?? Is that true?

No. 190107

So agree! White Diamond was my favorite diamond villain out of the four(with Yellow Diamond after), even though had poor build up to her with just 2 temple murals throughout the whole show plus during Pink Diamond flashbacks, WD is nowhere to be found at all in these yet knew Pink's fucked up war and changing into Rose(but I do like how WD called out Pink for really being a selfish prick) but we meet her and finally a good villain who that not going to bend so easy to Steven's talk no jetsu, only for them to do so to her(Steven's one line "clapback" still pissed me off). Such a shame

No. 190123

File: 1647542088227.png (286.63 KB, 257x861, ry_aoki.png)

fuck ichiban's fatherless, pimp-sympathizing ass, ryo was better and morally superior.

the ending was infuriating too, like oh by the way your dad died but it's okay cause he knowingly prioritized and fostered a random disabled kid over you, it only means he had faith you would make it out unscathed!!!

No. 190175

It's true but nobody knows what it is because Yamazaki replaced Takumi for AA5 and AA6 and made all the AA4 characters ooc. AA4 had to be rewritten several times during dev time and the staff had tight schedules and deadlines so they were adding more and more backstories little by little and that's why we don't know how Kristoph got his scar. We only know about it thanks to an interview, I'll link it once I'm at home.

No. 190200

File: 1647558724674.jpg (98.46 KB, 891x900, E_PZ-qmVIAYLGG_.jpg)

Here's the source:https://gyakutensaibanlibrary.blogspot.com/2021/07/a-long-interview-with-developers-core.html

Obvious spoilers for Ace Attorney 4:
>Interviewer: Is there a reason why Garyū Kirihito has a scar on his hand? Or was that just added mainly for design reasons?
>Nuri: That scar was added quite a long time after we had finished his initial design and his original artwork. I discussed the scar with Mr. Takumi. I wanted to have some story for it.
>Takumi: I asked for a scar so we’d have a mouth for the skull appearing on the back of his hand. The scenarios had already been finished by then. It does happens a lot that more is added to the story because of happenings like these. But this time… nothing came of it. There was no time anymore.
>Nuri: There was no place to add the story to.
>Takumi: I was afraid to make the story even longer than it already was by then. Sounds like a bad excuse maybe.
>Interviewer: Is there an important secret behind that scar, connected to his motive?
>Nuri: Something like a tear-jerking episode that happened in the past of the Garyū brothers.
>Matsukawa: The way Odoroki’s bracelet got written in the story is an example of this process succeeding, in the case of Garyū Kirihito it was all too late.

No. 190206

File: 1647561733372.jpg (59.62 KB, 750x450, xerxes.jpg)

Xerxes I of Persia from the 300 series. You nonas will never know how hurt I was when his mortality was revealed.

No. 190212

I find Steve Blum's voice so sexy that I literally cannot watch this season without blushing

No. 211492

File: 1654327064131.png (452.09 KB, 748x375, Untitled.png)

this piece of shit

No. 211549

He has a lot of piercings, certainly he would have bled when he got those right?

No. 211652

File: 1654370209651.jpg (273.74 KB, 649x1021, tumblr_mde3gnQDcr1rhwhhao1_128…)

he was so much better than the annoying sappy protags and i was rooting for him to win.
the manga/novel version is better than the psycho in the film tho

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