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File: 1647418356890.jpg (702.02 KB, 2795x3261, 1636856147376.jpg)

No. 189770

Bringing back my favorite thread. Last one: >>>/m/103414

Not just "pretty" and "beautiful" art, but art that gets in touch with our emotions, be the most dark, depressing and eerie feelings of emptiness and solitude, but also, art that makes us feel incredibly happy, lightweight, and full of sunshine.

Any medium (drawings, paintings, sculptures, exhibitions, animations, photography, etc) is welcomed and encouraged. You can post anything as long as it was something that made you deeply feel/think. If the art is just pretty and well done but has no personal emotional attachment or doesn't provoke any thought, you may post it in another thread.

Optional: Include an explanation in your post.

No. 189771

File: 1647419668979.jpg (471.41 KB, 750x1025, 1634238352057.jpg)

No. 189772

Tag yourself, I'm the one lying on the floor

No. 189775

I’m the person who has just walked into their living room to see these creatures staring and now I’m paralysed with fear and peeing on myself

No. 189776

File: 1647422114948.jpeg (82.87 KB, 312x500, 96E97F95-6A00-472B-9F7C-A922BE…)

I love art of cute tiny little fairies and I have ever since I was a child. I can just stare at them for hours and imagine a fantasy world.

No. 189959

File: 1647488922399.jpg (126.72 KB, 450x597, 3059010511_f3a73e9a62_o.jpg)

Francis Bacon has some great expression paintings

No. 189960

the one hiding behind the curtain

No. 189961

File: 1647489019828.jpg (453.88 KB, 957x1440, W1siZiIsIjE1MTEyNSJdLFsicCIsIm…)

No. 189962

File: 1647489155188.jpg (122.42 KB, 822x944, WYR_KLMUS_1984_4818.jpg)

No. 189963

File: 1647489539244.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.29 KB, 730x1095, b2cf8fd244d180074204f697edc063…)

This pic makes me feel moody

No. 189965

File: 1647489617296.jpg (47.89 KB, 474x684, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

No. 189966

File: 1647490033142.jpeg (8.02 KB, 209x241, images (2).jpeg)

Bosch paintings never really scared me, I was always mesmerized with how much detail and bizzare creatures were put into them. My favorite is to look at one and pick out the strange creatures that are in them

No. 189979

File: 1647496000521.jpg (1.61 MB, 2126x1517, The Triumph of Death.jpg)

I don't know why I was surprised about how screwed up his life was when I watched that BBC documentary on him. Really, only someone REALLY fucked up could make those paintings.

I love Bosch and Bruegel. Brugel's career trajectory of making weird Boschian Hell paintings into painting realistic peasants will never not be funny to me.

No. 189983

File: 1647497360097.png (994.88 KB, 675x539, the ricotta eaters.png)

The Ricotta Eaters, I think, is the kind of painting that makes you think the more you look at it. At first glance it's just a bunch of silly people eating cheese. Then you notice how enthralled they are by the cheese. The dwarf is completely stuffed. His gluttony is like a narcotic to him. The one in the background is about to partake and his eyes are already hooded. He's already feeling the effects of the cheese before he even indulges. The bearded man is lecherous. He's look at you, he's by the woman, he's next in line for the cheese. Soon, everything in his life will be "perfect." The woman is the furthest from the cheese at first glance, but then you notice her hands are right there by the cheese. She has her own spoon. What you make take for hesitancy or joviality is nothing but a desire for the cheese. All four have as much share in the cheese as each other, they are simply in varying degrees of indulgence. When you look at the stupid man, his mouth full of cheese, with glazed eyes in his red cap, you feel contempt, but there you are, yourself waiting with a spoon.

No. 189994

It's just a painting by a furfag anon. She goes by babezord on Instagram.

No. 189995

I agree it took me ages to register a face. This picture looks more like a face and it doesn’t even have any facial features >>189962

No. 189999

how do you know this

No. 190006

They all look like they are laughing at the person who's looking at the painting

No. 190007

I used to follow her for her adoptables on DeviantArt kek
They used to sell for so much, then it got too furfaggy for me I guess

No. 190029

I saw this exact one when I was 10 and it was like if I got hit by a freight train, it was the first time I saw such visceral art, this painting definitely kickstarted my love for surrealism and horror.

No. 190030

File: 1647530951416.jpg (194.2 KB, 586x1023, 15242956932_65f894881d_b.jpg)

Arthur Rackham

No. 190031

File: 1647531008255.jpg (183.92 KB, 803x1200, arthur-rackham--the-three-norn…)

No. 190033

File: 1647531113685.jpg (158.02 KB, 733x1000, Illustration-fuer-The-Rhinegol…)

No. 190036

File: 1647531461989.jpg (250.29 KB, 1120x1772, Alois-Delug-Die-Nornen.jpg)

Alois Delug

No. 190085

File: 1647534419422.jpeg (206.17 KB, 808x645, 153DE226-FB54-4CEC-B0D0-8AAB18…)

No. 190094

File: 1647536783236.jpg (161.76 KB, 1382x1536, N04106_10.jpg)

Honestly I love anything by Hammershoi, there's just something so eerie yet nostalgic and atmospheric about his paintings

No. 190103

Boomer comics got me feeling existential dread

No. 190131

File: 1647543531531.jpeg (2.01 MB, 3024x4032, img_9673.jpeg)

I never knew this thread existed, every post is very interesting and enjoyable. just came from >>>/ot/1099024 where I was posting some of my favorite horror related art. I like how this thread is titled/themed. Here's "The Alpine Retreat" by Adrian Ghenie // oil on canvas // 2016
my aunt saw this in person & claims it's a depiction of Eva Braun at Berghof but idk if it's true.

No. 190134

File: 1647543767331.jpeg (247.12 KB, 1402x1080, 8fbf63_16f1d3622d0c48c5a7bd966…)

more Adrian Ghenie, 2019

No. 190135

File: 1647543846092.jpg (238.08 KB, 1160x800, Maurice_Chabas_French_1862-194…)

Maurice Chabas – Bord de riviere, 1930

No. 190136

File: 1647543874504.jpg (37.22 KB, 300x405, Max_Ernsts_Une_Semaine_de_Bont…)

Max Ernst’s Une Semaine de Bonte

No. 190137

File: 1647543965069.jpg (140.11 KB, 1280x922, Vilhelm_Hammershi_Danish_1864-…)

extreme agreement nonnie
Vilhelm Hammershøi (Danish, 1864-1916), Interior. Artificial Light, 1909

No. 190138

File: 1647544034681.jpeg (162.06 KB, 824x1200, CjDw2QSWUAA-pS3.jpeg)

Gabriel Palencia Ubanell - Sainte Eulalie et le miracle de la neige, 1895

No. 190140

File: 1647544129724.jpeg (Spoiler Image,238.42 KB, 957x1536, N01542_10.jpeg)

(reposted with spoiler, realized slight nudity)
John William Waterhouse
Saint Eulalia
exhibited 1885

No. 190142

File: 1647544288592.jpeg (125.98 KB, 1200x817, DRw1dIiVwAEsDAH.jpeg)

Bridget Tichenor (untitled) & a whole gallery well presented on one page here : http://faculty.hope.edu/andre/artistPages/tichenor_gallery_oil.html

I have a whole collection of favorite art I gathered on external harddrive, so I'll call it a day for now & return once others have posted too. Happy st patricks!

No. 190144

File: 1647544536920.jpeg (156.02 KB, 994x768, 024-tsuguharu-foujita-theredli…)

welp that link is dead, so have one more post for the road:
Tsuguharu Foujita, Nuns in Convent Yard, date unknown, Watercolor, brush, black ink, pen, over traces of graphite on cream Japanese paper, 32,5 x 42,5 cm, Art Institute, Chicago

No. 190148

damn. what an atmosphere

No. 190160

I just saw this painting for the first time of my life in an italian deli today, what a coincidence
There's a fly in the ricotta btw

No. 190161

File: 1647547229975.jpg (468.01 KB, 905x1154, ligeia - harry clarke.jpg)

No. 190162

File: 1647547477120.jpg (766.66 KB, 1355x2048, 1355px-Lucas_Cranach_the_Elder…)

My favorite version of the painting, probably because of the hat and the faint smile

No. 190166

File: 1647548132068.jpeg (24.88 KB, 474x635, head.jpeg)

I love Francis Bacon. I got to see some of his art in person a few weeks ago, this one just mesmerised me.

No. 190176

File: 1647551347097.jpeg (820.66 KB, 1280x1685, 1280px-Van_Gogh_-_Trauernder_a…)

Sorrowing Old Man by Van Gogh, I saw it during a harsh depressive episode and it destroyed me, I still have a hard time looking at it.

No. 190180

File: 1647552065263.jpg (165.16 KB, 800x1062, Judith with the Head of Holofe…)

I like this Judith, but that Holofernes best.

No. 190198

File: 1647557635838.jpg (80.14 KB, 481x680, cb31d253-2f0e-4eb7-b37a-1af7f3…)

something about this is just so comforting

No. 190265

File: 1647588258053.jpg (524.22 KB, 736x1864, d13dd07185e0eddd5f4cfdcd27f123…)

No. 190516

File: 1647668902596.jpeg (141.17 KB, 1600x870, famine_john charles dollman.jp…)

No. 190566

File: 1647682447453.jpg (101.21 KB, 800x841, 800px-Untitled_painting_by_Zdz…)

I recently learned that Zdzisław Beksiński didn't die of old age, but was stabbed to death by a teenager for money

No. 190570

The teen wasn't nobody to make it worse, his parents were friends with Beksiński as he hired them to help with cleaning, home repair etc.

No. 190572

Looks like red kimono girl is seducing blue kimono girl. Or maybe they're in a relationship and she is comforting her with sexy nape kisses and undressing.

No. 190587

Yeah I found out about him in a video and learning he died like that at the same time I discovered his works was somehow disheartening, dude already had a harsh life and he didn't even get the privilege of a quiet death in his bed.

No. 190622

File: 1647704184042.jpg (550.16 KB, 1280x1772, tumblr_pkl28bQoCB1sl8gj8o2_r1_…)

By Jenna Barton

No. 190638

File: 1647708686296.jpeg (129.78 KB, 614x901, 8C939043-CFA1-41D4-B15E-7C06C9…)

there's something about messy, at times grotesque art that highlights the confusion and agony of life

No. 190639

File: 1647708725482.jpeg (125.35 KB, 578x822, EA52DC27-D8A4-4A89-B706-0AB637…)

No. 190662

is this the person who draws animals looking like this often? her art is haunting. seeing a wild animal in a building or around a road is somehow so unsettling

No. 190678

File: 1647718117836.jpg (114.31 KB, 688x1101, draganbibin04.jpg)

Yeah! I love her stuff. If you like it I really recommend Dragan Bibin's work, too.

No. 191091

File: 1647875107683.jpg (363.76 KB, 1280x1557, tumblr_dc9669e1a23266a3424ed1e…)

I love this version.

No. 191124

File: 1647886307013.jpg (57.41 KB, 1024x687, andrew-wyeth-painting-wooarts-…)

No. 191131

File: 1647887618440.jpeg (277.01 KB, 1280x847, tumblr_ovrobr9Guu1sw0ur3o1_128…)

When Evening Twilight Gathers Round, William Henry James Boot

there's something eerie yet cosy about it

No. 191183

File: 1647899189044.jpg (864.21 KB, 1572x1095, wandering-in-a-field-1879.jpg)

No. 191222

This painting used to haunt me until I learned the story behind it and it was so prosaic and literal, I lost any anxiety I had about it.

No. 191223

File: 1647910003822.jpg (385.49 KB, 2536x2505, The Misanthrope.jpg)

I think The Misanthrope demonstrates the absurdity of the world the most concisely out of any painting I know. The writing at the bottom translates as "Because the world is perfidious, I am going into mourning"

No. 191253

File: 1647921089032.jpg (304.28 KB, 1390x2048, the-hands-resist-him.jpg)

i mean, art can make you feel things regardless of the artist's intent, that's part of the beauty and power of art. this pic was claimed to be evil and haunted for a long time back in the early days of the internet and it had some creepypasta-esque story associated with it but the artist just intended it as an allegory for dreams/waking life and not something creepy.

No. 191257

File: 1647921352288.jpg (831.06 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_a94f2ed5b8d58e12229f453…)

i want to disappear into the worlds made by blake kathryn

No. 191268

Feels like a high quality Barbie game set! Looks so pretty

No. 191289

I always thought this painting was about pedophilia because of the name, hands in the back and the doll like quality of the girl on the left. Didn't know about the creepypasta story attached to it but it made me uncomfortable and sad thinking about the former

No. 191314

File: 1647956108499.jpg (449.65 KB, 1634x1500, entomologists dream edmund dul…)

No. 191316

File: 1647956747178.jpg (96.45 KB, 447x552, Untitled.jpg)

fortunately it is not meant to be anything dark or depressing, but the artist is definitely talented at making unsettling images. here are sequel pics he did

No. 191317

Lovely, thanks for the discovery nonna.

No. 191498

File: 1648003810543.jpg (54.59 KB, 500x600, 099e8599-3242-46f4-bf5d-1a2e60…)

Reminds me of lowcow

No. 191515

File: 1648010889252.jpg (125.04 KB, 1000x1246, untitled jacek jadrel.jpg)

No. 191533

File: 1648020984436.jpg (1.64 MB, 2400x1903, 1494460592247.jpg)

No. 191541

File: 1648021979639.jpeg (77.53 KB, 540x751, 005CB338-D419-4BBA-B19D-0F6577…)

No. 191544

File: 1648022521668.jpeg (66.63 KB, 730x768, 86CE3A1C-5F69-4705-AFA1-9E2ED7…)

No. 191662

File: 1648065154366.jpg (648.84 KB, 984x1312, van_gogh_tournesols_6359.jpg)

anything by vincent van gogh tbh

No. 191663

File: 1648065232327.jpg (386.76 KB, 1280x1682, sunflowers.jpg)

No. 191664

File: 1648065324286.jpg (2.01 MB, 2500x2047, Vincent_van_Gogh_-_Wheat_Field…)

No. 191761

File: 1648099177247.jpg (143.05 KB, 640x780, 1630159202812.jpg)

I just i love everything about it. Female gaze is a tiktok meme that girls repeat to feel better about themselves & the fact that tiktok is a meat market for moids, but if it existed it would be something like this.

No. 191782

File: 1648106655292.jpg (95.71 KB, 1198x800, 61VAFMIJlsL._AC_.jpg)

No. 191801

File: 1648114580186.jpeg (134.47 KB, 578x700, EC815753-ACB6-4CD6-A6DE-C12D53…)

It makes me happy.

No. 191822

File: 1648125400608.jpg (1.44 MB, 1559x2371, ivanbilibin-3.jpg)

No. 191838

File: 1648129074393.jpeg (909.82 KB, 2048x1536, 3D765DA5-8154-478E-9EAB-7E686D…)

No. 191844

File: 1648131407456.jpg (72.33 KB, 543x730, war paula rego.jpg)

No. 192057

File: 1648200112217.jpg (4.89 MB, 4000x3507, tfw.jpg)

Christ in the Wilderness
Ivan Kramskoi, 1872

No. 192071

File: 1648206273250.jpg (Spoiler Image,124.73 KB, 695x1024, fb0926f90639bd8773b24a18fe8b60…)

This piece by Yuko Tatsushima, though she is more famous for that red face creepy pasta one, is so haunting to me. Reading about her and the implications of this one make me tear up

No. 192127

File: 1648227234466.jpg (2.3 MB, 2023x1589, Iván_el_Terrible_y_su_hijo,_po…)

The full painting hits differently. A father kills his son.

No. 192196

File: 1648242430771.jpg (734.06 KB, 1819x1440, The Birthday Marc Chagell.jpg)

No. 192198

Why’dya do it, old man?

No. 192333

File: 1648303262445.png (2.39 MB, 1920x1080, dog.png)

No. 192341

omg, this is making me tear up… his face… no no no

No. 192408

nta but I deeply love this heartbreaking painting. At some point in his prolific career Ivan turned extremely paranoid even of his own family. This painting is so gut-wrenching because soon after he struck his own son in the head with the spear he became remorseful at the sudden realisation of his actions, in that moment all disbelief and suspicion disappeared, he could only hold him. His son strangely enough looks almost comforting towards Ivan, I guess he was maybe suspecting this type of action coming from his father due to his downwards spiral.
Anyway, beautiful painting!

No. 192529

File: 1648375912039.jpg (302.15 KB, 1527x2048, 1644380751084.jpg)

No. 192556

File: 1648388845327.jpg (484.84 KB, 2000x2003, two earthlings john brosio.jpg)

Two Earthlings - John Brosio

No. 192567

So cool, and the colors are amazing

No. 192708

Oh I like this.

No. 193261

File: 1648607410808.jpg (829.24 KB, 1594x2000, dream chaser andrew kowch.jpg)

No. 194139

File: 1648885319426.jpg (618.65 KB, 1024x824, 1590318933613.jpg)

It's not subtle, but pic related makes me cry.

No. 194282

File: 1648939114295.jpg (27.23 KB, 500x374, tumblr_p19sbn5jEL1trkvxko1_500…)

i cant even describe what this makes me feel

No. 194283

File: 1648939958622.jpg (255.4 KB, 1081x762, tumblr_ptmboy6X6m1qcac69o1_128…)

her work scares me more than any other artist

No. 194284

File: 1648940096055.png (1.61 MB, 940x662, d8e9dc7cd3e92af35a860bf69fb7a0…)

and same with Yuko Tatsushima.

the art of traumatized women is what interests me most

No. 194295

File: 1648943280605.jpeg (270.76 KB, 1080x743, B8B14D94-5AFE-4CA1-BD5A-DE0898…)

Reminds me of Unraveling Bolero by Anne Adams. She was a biologist who suddenly ditched science to become an artist, painting lots of patterns. She become particularly obsessed with the composer Ravel and one piece of his called Bolero. She loved the changing repetition of the music and ended up painting a representation of the piece as this diptych. All the colors and patterns represent properties of each bar of the song. Anyway, some time later she was diagnosed with a rare form of dementia. As it eats away your brain it allows other parts to get rewired, and sufferers often have a rush of creativity before they start to get obviously sick, and the parts of the brain that get more active often produce an increased preoccupation with patterns. The kicker is that Ravel, who wrote the symphony Anne became obsessed with, is thought to have died of the same disease, and the song was an early manifestation of it in him the same way Unraveling Bolero was a manifestation of it in Anne.

Being a biologist she was absolutely fascinated to learn all this and IIRC would have her husband read her publications about it even as she deteriorated too much to be able to speak or read.

No. 194302

File: 1648945285268.jpg (171.12 KB, 1200x600, 03dd95e6-6baf-4927-9b6e-a0e73e…)

Louis Wain's paintings, though normally people attribute his more colorful work to after he was diagnosed with schizophrenia (which is debatable) I like some of his earlier work too, where it is just cats having fun

No. 194303

File: 1648945356978.jpg (179.55 KB, 700x535, 300745.jpg)

No. 194306

File: 1648945455898.jpg (1.32 MB, 1500x2052, 2_1890c_Louis_Wain_CatsNightma…)

No. 194308

This one speaks to me the most. I love his work

No. 194334

File: 1648959125521.jpg (88.1 KB, 563x428, fb40cbb20acb1b81c71489f2154f79…)

Not trying to ACKSHYUALLY you but what you posted actually is his later work. The building in the background is Napsbury hospital, where he spent the latter portion of his life.

No. 194345

File: 1648962918308.jpg (488.11 KB, 1920x957, EdwardAustinAbbey-1.jpg)

No. 194346

File: 1648963053641.jpg (126.71 KB, 600x881, ETGVlqZWoAEt5Nr.jpg)

No. 194349

File: 1648963481958.jpg (497.64 KB, 2048x1454, EZ4JBvsUMAAW3VV.jpg)

makes me want to sit alone in a quiet grassy field for a bit

No. 194350

File: 1648963506912.png (2.45 MB, 1288x1085, moonrise phyllis schafer.png)

No. 194356

File: 1648964886387.jpeg (341.21 KB, 1433x1013, AC8D494D-B9EB-4004-9707-6B40F5…)

gore below don’t scroll

No. 199053

File: 1650459700471.png (131.76 KB, 450x380, 719C37CB-F0C8-4A4E-BD9E-FCE87D…)

The Rokeby Venus by Velázquez slashed by suffragette Mary Richardson, 1914.

No. 199093

File: 1650472301424.jpg (303.21 KB, 967x1200, EySjrmeWEAM3lEW.jpg)

I really like looking at liminal spaces. Some them make me a strange peacefulness, nostalgic or a sense of solitude.

No. 199095

File: 1650472340531.jpeg (58.41 KB, 614x768, FOSxBnqXMAg58B7.jpeg)

No. 199096

Wow I wanna descend down spiral stairs right into a pool and then play in a tunnel in the pool, I wish this was real and I was rich

No. 199097

File: 1650472449256.jpeg (233.43 KB, 1200x1500, FJn-swjXIAQarwi.jpeg)

No. 199098

These really do remind me of my dreams though. I'm pretty sure I've been in this room in one of my beach/boardwalk location-themed dreams. It's right on the pier inside an indistinct building (which is what makes it so liminal).
This one is pleasant.
This is comforting. I'm guessing there's a genre of positive liminal spaces? All of the ones that get popular are just scary.

No. 199099

File: 1650472543264.jpeg (32.42 KB, 640x704, FOVR5cxWQAwhEF7.jpeg)

No. 199105

File: 1650477102347.jpg (27.61 KB, 702x484, ieq0pxzjyhg51.jpg)

*Some them make me feel a strange peacefulness
Meant to say that. I'm still sleepy.

Same I want to swim and drift in the waters exploring room to room. The closest real life pool rooms I could find is in Greece. There's more of those pics under Jared Pike.

>I'm guessing there's a genre of positive liminal spaces? All of the ones that get popular are just scary.
I think it's either or. It's mostly empty rooms and hallways. The ones I really like are the dream-like ones.

No. 199149

as a simpleton if I were shown this art with no context I would interpret it as the viewer is supposed to see this and think, how luxurious and beautiful, the floor of this building is paved with grass and flowers and it has huge windows where you can see the clouds, and then realize you could just go outside right now and enjoy that same luxury and it's supposed to make you appreciate what's available to you.

No. 199164

The image you selected is the only pleasant one imo though. I want to skip down the halls and look out the window that I interpreted as being on the (impossibly) highest floor. But I like insulated heights, I find it comforting. The ones with water always freak me out though, because I don't like swimming.
I guess it just appeals to the uncanny? And vague familiarity.

No. 199179

This is very cozy to me. I forgot my mom used to take me to school at odd times of day when she had PTA business and I would get to run around like I owned the place. Teachers lounge? Sure. Boy’s bathroom? Heck yeah.

No. 199227

File: 1650514084531.png (2.64 MB, 1920x1080, Destiny 2_20211031235045.png)

very Vex architecture

No. 207623

File: 1652988844376.jpg (375.72 KB, 1280x979, 1280px-Claude_Monet_-_Springti…)

i want what she has

No. 219834

File: 1657175987310.jpg (757.17 KB, 1899x2048, plastiboo.jpg)

No. 219914

File: 1657202990108.jpg (770.54 KB, 1280x1783, tumblr_ede1f6ef8e18644dbac8346…)

Oh, my, I recently checked out this artist on Tumblr; this is my all-time favorite graphic on the entire website called Tumblr. It's demented, delirious, delusional and deranged - it's EVERYTHING I love. Every single face reminds me of a horror game, scary movie or a mortifying nightmare I've seen.

No. 220179

File: 1657296313244.jpg (152.42 KB, 736x981, Staglieno Cemetery.jpg)

Genoa, Italy

No. 220212

File: 1657304667917.jpg (756.49 KB, 1280x1029, Heimkehr by Bühler.jpg)

No. 232565

File: 1661112747142.png (860.58 KB, 1186x670, isamu noguchi.png)

Kokeshi by Isamu Noguchi. He was a japanese american. This sculpture represents him and his wife.

No. 232594

oh so beautiful!

No. 233114

File: 1661314237727.jpg (450.24 KB, 1563x962, dominique_appia_entre_les_trou…)

"Entre les trous de la memoire" by Dominique Appia

No. 233170

File: 1661330545356.jpg (854.42 KB, 1775x2048, plastiboo3.jpg)

yes, I love their work too!

No. 234074

File: 1661611753644.jpg (130.43 KB, 600x481, ken currie three oncologists.j…)

No. 234097

i see you watch blind dweller

No. 234098

File: 1661619459542.jpg (1.14 MB, 1280x1703, tumblr_ea6e18b160e4569584084f7…)

i love vewn's art, it feels simultaneously chaotic and comfy. you can see a lot of emotions in her work that are hard to describe especially from a perspective of a woman coming of age

No. 234104

File: 1661620733170.png (3.24 MB, 2000x1200, D0Yop3zVsAEh2ZX.png)

Reminds me of the pretty princess points pictures

No. 234113

File: 1661622020740.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.74 KB, 1280x1706, 354727180670.jpg)

Goya's horror paintings are amazing. The faces are so expressive.

No. 234115

File: 1661622063230.jpg (482.49 KB, 3051x966, 5163280746310.jpg)

No. 234116

File: 1661622171657.jpg (184.9 KB, 1200x1693, TheBewitchedMan.JPG)

No. 234117

File: 1661622370447.jpg (185.77 KB, 840x1200, EikkKgxVkAA4WjM.jpg)

This painting gives me such a comfortable feeling, despite the creepy subject. I suppose it's because it looks like it's dawning and the goat look cute.

No. 234121

File: 1661622641006.jpeg (742.64 KB, 1200x2031, FSlaaxqWIAI_Z5D.jpeg)

It's so romantic

No. 234187

I love everything about this, I've been closing and opening this tab again and again just to look at it simply because it's so adorable lol.

No. 234286

File: 1661684410042.jpg (37.43 KB, 439x600, 94026c78a9ac845851999deaac69c6…)

These rooms by Francesco Balsamo. I don't really know what technique it is but they make me feel like like i'm astral projecting and walking around houses in a different time.

No. 234292

File: 1661689007919.jpg (521.49 KB, 808x1000, 1590474532353.jpg)

No. 234293

File: 1661689046243.jpg (667.62 KB, 1053x2174, tumblr_0130f21fe7d68e55fc58b7f…)

No. 234355

File: 1661709097243.jpg (348.24 KB, 1250x1432, Joaquín Sorolla Seville. The D…)

No. 234357

File: 1661710101531.jpeg (Spoiler Image,300.02 KB, 1600x1145, x.jpeg)

Death of the Princess de Lamballe by Léon Maxime Faivre

No. 234408

File: 1661720028890.jpg (77.34 KB, 564x745, A Hopeless Dawn, 1888.jpg)

No. 234414

File: 1661723305416.jpg (740.45 KB, 1200x1534, 1200px-Joean_Honoré_Fragonard_…)

so dream-like

No. 234473

At least early coomer shit can pass as tasteful art today and no casual passerby art enjoyer would think about that guy looking up her dress.

No. 234601

File: 1661795654344.jpg (216.05 KB, 1280x1003, 1280px-Jean-Honoré_Fragonard_0…)

By 18th century standards even a couple merely kissing on the lips was too unthinkably obscene to display, so respectable painters really had to be creative with their compositions

No. 234750

this is just fun and playful to me, wish there wasn't some ugly cuck on the right and it was just two people having fun sharing a moment but the art is still beautiful

No. 235457

File: 1662047774209.jpg (4 MB, 2550x3300, souza katherine the herald.jpg)

No. 235675

File: 1662127061534.jpg (48.73 KB, 396x600, Nancy_Grossman___GROSSM0353a__…)

Figured this was the most appropriate thread to post a few pieces by Nancy Grossman. She has a lot of drawings like these that have a moid tied up with leather straps and mouth and eyes covered, and I just find them really intriguing to look at and also some are hot ngl but this is a feeling I'm not proud of. They're a bit creepy and eerie but at the same time oddly calming. She also does sculptures, I wish I could go see an actual exhibition some day.

No. 235676

File: 1662127121981.jpg (344.6 KB, 785x1023, gm26084380451_6ceb8decd8_b-936…)

No. 235677

I love her work but I can’t seem to find them in HD, does she have a book or something? They’re always soo pixelated on Pinterest too.

No. 235678

File: 1662127190717.png (485.4 KB, 849x853, nancy-grossman.PNG)

Probably my favourite.

No. 235679

I wouldn't be surprised if there were books, since many museums order them to sell during exhibitions. Too bad quality art books tend to be expensive though, so I probably wouldn't order one online without being able to flip through the pages to see what pieces it actually features.

No. 235680

Maybe it’s on archive.org! No way I can afford that but I’ll check it out there.

No. 236124

File: 1662303390979.jpg (Spoiler Image,306 KB, 1200x1797, lilithandeve.jpg)

>TFW no demon girlfriend

No. 236141

File: 1662308304595.jpg (59.27 KB, 564x741, creepy_guy.jpg)

No. 236144

Scrolled through the thread since I wanted to post this, but I was sure someone else must have posted it first because I love it so much. The title along with the painting is strangely touching. I want this on my wall.

No. 236785

File: 1662521651139.jpg (408.05 KB, 2000x1333, image.jpg)

roberta booth's art makes me feel uneasy and im not sure why

No. 236786

File: 1662521839221.jpg (258.44 KB, 1000x415, roberta-booth-waters-of-elysiu…)

No. 236823

The way the skin is rendered is so beautiful and pearl-like, I can't stop looking at it.

No. 236847

Who is the artist?

No. 236849

Yuri Klapouh

No. 236908

File: 1662552054894.jpg (61.69 KB, 564x703, d16276b9c4e8b5464934ece1ba36aa…)

No. 236909

File: 1662552139408.jpg (74.81 KB, 564x698, d6e178f9634c6a4daf25343878246a…)

No. 236933

This one makes me feel warm. He’s cleaned up and drying. Someone loves him

No. 237096

File: 1662596911525.jpeg (357.9 KB, 1000x1282, 2F157F8C-E602-4081-83D1-E2A8EE…)

The colors do something to my brain

No. 237097

File: 1662597163344.jpeg (1019.67 KB, 1242x1540, B1552E15-7B9E-4EA8-AB58-B1374C…)

No. 237103

File: 1662598393578.jpg (108.3 KB, 1200x745, what an expanse by repin.jpg)

Not to be corny or MyNigel-ly but I used to dream of a relationship like this while looking at this painting, and I got one. Pretty happy about that.

No. 237442

File: 1662692617383.png (1.81 MB, 1093x1920, bedrock-to-buildheight.png)

No. 237495

I don't know what it entails, but good for you and please advise how to find the kind of relationship that you want!

No. 237678

I gasped

No. 238397

I guess it comes down to putting yourself out there (a lot…like, so much it makes you tired), being confident, and most importantly, vetting, knowing and setting boundaries with the other person. The biggest part of all of it is luck, though.
I hope you find your person!

No. 239457

File: 1663231833217.jpg (60.95 KB, 717x921, WrKkrqn.jpg)

A Blue Hyacinth in Paris - Gerda Roosval-Kallstenius

No. 240779

File: 1663719974078.jpeg (711.02 KB, 828x956, 4D6A90A4-E5E3-4D93-BCF8-AFAA14…)

I love dinosaurs

No. 240791


No. 240827

File: 1663735717278.png (1.93 MB, 934x1158, Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 7.23…)

im obsessed with alberto burri atm

No. 240828

File: 1663735763961.png (2.24 MB, 1400x984, Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 7.31…)

No. 240831

File: 1663735877576.jpg (82.52 KB, 850x517, beuys junges pferdchen.jpg)

this sculpture by joseph beuys i saw recently has hollowed out a space in my heart. i dont really know why. its so special.

No. 241079

File: 1663801278210.jpg (45.29 KB, 453x550, Margaret Bowland (1953, Americ…)

No. 241140

File: 1663815928012.jpg (2.04 MB, 1944x2592, 1616179776807.jpg)

No. 241762

File: 1663975618933.png (7.27 MB, 4030x4038, memory_by_iimememe.png)

It's so beautiful I really wanted to share it with you nonnas

No. 241763

This is so touching but I don't know how to describe what I feel.

No. 241768

AAA! Nice, my childhood memories fading away. I love this so much nonny thank you

No. 243588

File: 1664500330979.png (2 MB, 1170x1723, image_2022-09-29_200718274.png)

I love this so much. The big ass sword that she can somehow lift in one hand makes me think she's grabbing it with all of her rage. The way she holds onto the hair of that man so she doesn't fail. The fact that he looks old, sickly and unkept and she looks beautiful and in her prime. She's doing what every woman wishes they could do. The drawing looks so primitive and badly done but it still packs a punch. We've all been there, we've all been the same through the centuries, women.

No. 245659

File: 1665226787882.jpg (220.29 KB, 1088x1370, FeJ9rJJXoAAnnZ7.jpg)

No. 245660

File: 1665226857281.jpg (280.9 KB, 874x1024, Fbtpd_DXkAEAQKb.jpg)

No. 253596

File: 1667751972474.jpg (973.76 KB, 1381x1377, William Herbert _Buck_ Dunton …)

No. 253771

File: 1667805120759.jpg (70.81 KB, 428x573, a0f3a5c66e0b04c34caec5ef952261…)

anything by gustav dore

No. 253778

File: 1667811088024.jpg (206.49 KB, 818x1024, paradise_lost_dore.jpg)

Yes! I wouldn't even read a copy of Paradise Lost that didn't have his illustrations.

No. 253786

File: 1667815351624.jpg (203.7 KB, 570x806, il_570xN.1120075885_c71s.jpg)

No. 253805

File: 1667825371786.jpg (891.43 KB, 946x1151, Gustave-Doré-Empyreum-The-Div…)

Same but for Divine Comedy. Specifically his portrayal of the Empyrean is particularly fitting for the thread.

No. 253809

File: 1667826322996.jpg (593.75 KB, 1556x2048, FGgSph3WUAI0zNU.jpeg.jpg)

I deal with several mental illness so it kinda feels like I'm a spectator in my own misery

No. 254712

File: 1668293210700.jpg (69.65 KB, 800x490, Am-Morgen-der-Auferstehung-Die…)

Not a religious fag but I find this painting very moving, their expressions and body language is so realistic, I rarely see biblical art portrayed like that.

No. 258068

File: 1669465712833.jpeg (69.44 KB, 595x800, thefirstbirthdayLetta Crapo Sm…)

This makes me feel hopeful, touched, and nostalgic

No. 258069

File: 1669465862764.jpeg (Spoiler Image,69.46 KB, 800x606, Bathing (or By the Cool and Sh…)

Also when I saw this in person it stopped me in my tracks it's just weird as hell it makes me feel like it's haunted I don't know it lives in my head rent free. It's like those paintings people say make you go insane

No. 258083

File: 1669473398613.jpg (79.46 KB, 800x635, Tumblr_l_113411991309605.jpg)

No. 258085

File: 1669473604834.jpg (136.09 KB, 917x917, Tumblr_l_113386819836142.jpg)

No. 258086

File: 1669474158896.jpg (470.65 KB, 920x941, tumblr_9590a0af50874e76dc376b3…)

No. 258089

File: 1669474662328.jpg (341 KB, 1125x1134, Tumblr_l_72765113020490.jpg)

No. 261750

File: 1670459914097.jpg (105.76 KB, 340x728, theodor kittelsen.jpg)

No. 261751

File: 1670459937661.jpg (43.97 KB, 563x368, vintereventyr.jpg)

No. 261761

kek i also came here to post it and saw your reply. i agree, the title is what really makes me feel something.

No. 262306

looks like a scary dream

No. 262312

File: 1670624774778.jpg (1.04 MB, 1000x756, Erika-Rier.jpg)

No. 262314

File: 1670624813063.jpg (265.98 KB, 1500x1275, erika rier.jpg)

No. 262325

File: 1670625221462.jpg (251.46 KB, 1600x1185, aardvark-groomed-by-widows.jpg)

thought this was Leonora Carrington at first, I'm so bad at my surrealist painter identifying

No. 262327

File: 1670625299438.jpg (627.77 KB, 2000x1598, Leonora Carrington as a cow.jp…)

No. 262333

File: 1670625530565.jpg (162.33 KB, 1200x1200, Leonora Carrington statues.jpg)

samefag: forgot to comment that painting is exactly how I feel when I'm browsing lolcow

Leonora's statues (picrel) are terrifying in my opinion, it's scary to see her strange visions made three-dimensional

No. 262336

Wow I love these she’s just that good

No. 262362

File: 1670629035552.jpg (384.99 KB, 1019x900, Claude_Monet_-_The_Houses_of_P…)

It's cliche, but I saw this painting in a museum as a preteen and it changed me. I don't even know how to describe it, it's like I suddenly understood that art can be more

No. 265351

File: 1672250038893.jpg (206.82 KB, 800x1099, The Good Samaritan by Aimé Mor…)

No. 265518

File: 1672293126064.jpg (72.62 KB, 500x720, Michael-Cheval.jpg)

No. 265523

Anonita this piece made my heart beat out of my chest, I really feel for it

No. 265675

Absolutely haunting IRL

No. 265830

holy shit my parents had this framed above their bed in my childhood apartment – i used to dream about it ive been looking for it for years i couldnt remember the name
the girls the ice cliffs the ocean the fire i remember standing in front of it so clearly
i think the cheap little frame mustve broken or something because one day it wasnt there anymore
thank you for posting this nonna christ its like im sitting right there all over again

No. 271237

File: 1674423830915.jpg (554.6 KB, 1888x1325, tumblr_0c88e5aef26973eedb6ad99…)

theres something both unnerving and strangely sensual about this image

No. 271306

File: 1674475976275.jpg (206.18 KB, 1280x778, 1280px-August_Friedrich_Albrec…)

No. 271547

File: 1674612472334.jpg (175.18 KB, 800x1040, Lange-MigrantMother02.jpg)

No. 271549

File: 1674612727066.png (3.8 MB, 1811x2850, The Lunatic of Etretat.png)

Hugues Merle - The Lunatic of Etreta

No. 322335

File: 1695149395898.jpg (166.56 KB, 1109x800, 239232fg.jpg)

No. 338873

File: 1701299216316.jpg (41.79 KB, 600x841, 8285-842.jpg)

feels loric

No. 339005

File: 1701361291624.jpeg (97.06 KB, 640x640, IMG_9720.jpeg)

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