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File: 1647490462930.jpeg (43.17 KB, 750x400, Robert-Pattinson-Feature-750x4…)

No. 189967

A containment thread for us Rpatzfags to sperg.
Post here about Robert Pattinson's:
>film roles and characters
>different looks
>his insane irl shitposts and general weird behavior.

**Do not come here to talk how ugly RP is according to you. This is an Robert Pattinson positivity thread (though healthy criticism is okay). If you hate him, just hide the thread!
If you see hater posts, please report them as derailing and do not reply kek**

No. 189972

File: 1647491813838.jpg (83.19 KB, 736x916, 652f3cc45b205c3cc2b4247a06e940…)

No. 189974

Yes there is

No. 189975

File: 1647493178274.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.11 KB, 750x1334, 7F6BDE34-25D6-4DE6-A405-223BB4…)

No. 189976

I love how you just copied the thread description from AD's thread kek

No. 189977

Yes I did

No. 190013

File: 1647520953004.jpg (23.59 KB, 640x705, FN54kdjXIAAaoaE.jpg)

So I guess this is also where The Batman will be discussed
anyway I think this is my favorite suit thus far, reminds me of dark knight but feels more tactical

No. 190014

File: 1647521049625.png (987.67 KB, 706x895, FNWZVLjXEAcf6QW.png)

you can see the influence from Tom King's work

No. 190015

Oh dang a fangirl thread I might actually post in

No. 190016

File: 1647524592405.jpg (71.52 KB, 564x844, rpat.jpg)

Most men are truly disgusting to me, but something about him…

No. 190019

File: 1647524841704.jpeg (250.74 KB, 1024x512, 51B3CD7C-B726-47E1-8C2C-0E3D47…)

I loved how he looked in the movie. Dark and pale in a black suit

No. 190020

File: 1647525539932.jpg (18.89 KB, 360x359, 1596620087165.jpg)

i can't wait to watch the batman movie! i've had a crush on robert pattinson since i saw him as cedric in hp.

No. 190021

File: 1647525654403.png (1.32 MB, 1200x899, jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.…)

Look at that jaw. Look at that jaaawwwww

No. 190022

YES SAME he was my first and only celeb crush kek

No. 190028

i'm not even that into rpat usually but holy fuuuuck he really did it for me as bruce wayne. was blushing whenever he appeared

No. 190034

File: 1647531171687.jpg (54.12 KB, 563x861, 9d5a53863615e3ec1aa99609fe9994…)

He got very lucky with his bone structure, unfortunately like 99% of scrotes he's not taking care of his look and aging scarily fast. I only wish he had played a classic vampire with a romantic look and not an emo creep like Edward Cullen, because he genuinely had the look for it.

No. 190035

even those papercut lips wont keep me away. he needs to be smacked. sexually.

No. 190041

He's giving fairy tale prince in this photo for me

No. 190089

File: 1647535658338.jpg (80.91 KB, 722x1080, C.jpg)

I really wanna see him grown a full beard, he has gotten close to it but never a real full face beard
he has incredible beard face genetics and I want to see him with a full glorious beard

No. 190100

File: 1647538323438.jpg (333.35 KB, 704x1408, 6B9F6B19-4E57-4945-A94A-F3F27F…)

No. 190127

File: 1647542873343.png (128.42 KB, 652x539, ahuclfxo3vz314.png)

we are the stacies of lolcow

No. 190157

File: 1647546280440.jpg (33.94 KB, 383x350, Tumblr_l_184504028174873.jpg)

I feel the primal urge of gatekeeping him from scrotes. Robert should be for the girls only

No. 190158

they made fun of him for years and now even they want to claim him cause he was by far the best Batman
well fuck them

No. 190187

File: 1647554345153.jpeg (725.55 KB, 799x1206, CAEA4E6D-DEED-4946-BA92-83A921…)

just another instance of men mocking “feminine” interests like Robert Pattinson for having played Edward Cullen for years but now like him because they want to larp as mysterious and edgy kek what’s new

No. 190189

if there are enough adam driver fans for one then anything is possible

No. 190193

ayrt, i had a calendar of him in my room even though everyone hated him because of twilight (and i didn't like twilight either) and one scrote who came to my house actually took down my calendar because he couldn't stand being stared at by robert while we were playing videogames?? fucking pussy. i bet robert's superior looks just intimated his incel ass.

No. 190197

I watched the batman movie and he looked really fucking embarrassing in that one, but in a good way. My friend and I couldn't stop laughing at him everytime he was walking around with his batman suit because it looked too tight for him so he walked like a gorilla.

No. 190205

File: 1647561663148.jpeg (789.21 KB, 728x920, 1EA6DDCA-90BB-4E72-B42A-105C20…)

He looks like Brendan Fraser in this pic and for that I need to give him head for 3 hours then flip him around and go to town on that delicious succulent ivory ass, I would jump him for hours on end sucking dick like I turn tricks for a living. Mmmmmm yummy I love white men I bet the dick is all pink

No. 190215

File: 1647564469251.jpg (118.51 KB, 1044x481, 3.jpg)

post your fave rpattz roles

No. 190218

File: 1647564667492.jpeg (59.55 KB, 720x860, 63D57A02-B514-4B27-BD9C-22520D…)

No. 190226

>fat little 11 year old with a crush on paul dano
>absolute stacy with a passing fancy in rpatz because you should never chase a man

No. 190272

File: 1647590962033.jpg (113.4 KB, 682x1023, RBconnoisseur.jpg)

Adam Driver consoomer Becky vs Robert Pattinson connoisseur Stacy.

No. 190278

For some reason after watching the fourth HP movie I didn't remember Robert Pattinson and David Tenant in it so I was shocked when (re)learned they were in that movie after knowing them thanks to other roles.

No. 190377

Wait y'all are serious and this isn't a joke thread ?
Kek he looks like any other east coast meth head

No. 190378

well he's our east coast meth head looking man so deal with it!

No. 190423

you're just jealous cause we are the og lolcow spergs kek. We both are cool though, no need to bicker. Mwah!

No. 190429

File: 1647638417161.jpg (732.7 KB, 3264x1747, seetheandcope.jpg)

Personal hygiene is a deal breaker for me, so you can keep Robert Stinkinson and call yourself whatever helps you cope.

No. 190433

nta but kek you can excuse deformities but man sweat is where you draw the line? I thought everyone quit pretending driver wasnt a modern day quasimodo by now. rpats is fka twigs' sloppy seconds, driver is lena dunham's and I'll leave it at that.

No. 190436

File: 1647639745671.jpg (57.67 KB, 600x900, sub-buzz-299-1585774720-10.jpg)

>sweat is where you draw the line?
Holy coperino, keep defending your unwashed smelly Stinkinson. If you pretend it's says nothing about a person I can't help you.
Driver never dated Lena, he was in a relationship with his current wife even then.
>fka twigs' sloppy seconds
Him and Shia Labeouf both. If we are at that, She left him for Shia lol. Mia Goth also dumped your smelly prince and got back with schizo Shia and is not only engaged but pregnant with Labeouf's child.
>when picrel keeps stealing your girls

No. 190441

Pattinson is tall, handsome, charming funny and I'm 99% sure he's big
that's more then most scrotes on the planet

No. 190442

File: 1647640552817.gif (419.29 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

…TIL driverfags are legit mental.

never go full retard over a man period y'all let alone one who got crabs from a kiddie diddler.

No. 190443

this thread is so fucking unhinged, i love it

No. 190445

>brings driverfags into conversation
>gets hit by facts
>can't tell difference between real life person having a relationship and playing someone else's boyfriend in a tv show
>keeps sperging about it
>omg driverfags are so mental wtf?! i'm not the one going full retard over someone who is too lazy to wash his ass. driverfags are mental not me!

No. 190451

File: 1647642144190.png (206.56 KB, 329x381, 3935FF30-AF43-4D03-8BA4-58C258…)

nta but you’re insane all this energy for a man who looks like he’s in the penultimate step of a horse animorph, but i’m enjoying this fight so keep going

No. 190453

What fight? I speak facts against delusions, you finding Driver unattractive is your decision, the same way as simping someone who stinks and has halitosis.

No. 190454

Same i've only been here for three minutes and i'm already shitting myself laughing

No. 190455

are we going to need a containment thread for every irl husbandofag or can we all not just sperg in the irl husbando thread

No. 190457

Here Patzfags, if I shall christen you that, I found something for you

No. 190459

Dear Robert Pattinson, because I know you spend your free time arguing with strangers online over the batman and anime: your batman movie was shit. I am also single by the way and not too ugly. Please argue with me I'm bored and lonely, thanks.

No. 190460

he looks like if the dude from 3OH!3 fucked goats

No. 190471

not a Driverfag but Pattison looks like a English highwayman who'd rob and kill you
I'm genuinely curious what you think his appeal is ? where there are millions of guys who look like him

No. 190473

for some women the appeal literally is
>looks like he could kill you

No. 190480

K E K is this image mirrored? I'm retarded and only just realized. My sides

No. 190543

File: 1647674271891.jpg (804.88 KB, 1686x2270, ZomboDroid 19032022081253.jpg)

Why hate when we have so much in common… as a supreme leader of driverfags, I support and respect rpatz stans as well as other husbandofags

No. 190545

your both into in incredibly looking ugly men, though I guess driver is uniquely ugly, rob is the type of ugly white guy you can see anywhere on the street

No. 190548

File: 1647676262382.jpg (5.73 MB, 1865x2796, Robert_Pattinson_Premiere_of_T…)

this is the only thing i remember from twilight days that put me off. it's really old though. has anyone talked about his hygiene again in more recent years? i haven't really bothered with pattinson since remember me.

Yea robert also your waifu Aerith is shit too. come and fight me over the keyboard.

>rob is the type of ugly white guy you can see anywhere on the street
what kind of street is that anon plz i wanna see some ugly guys that look like him.

i plan on watching some of his movies since i didn't really bother all this years and i heard that many of them are genuinely good. which ones would u suggest anons?

No. 190550

you find a lot of his types in Massachusetts, usually homeless heroin addicts

No. 190551

Lolcow meet up in Massachusetts

No. 190561

I second the movie recs request, though. Only have seen some. Planning to finally watch The Lighthouse tonight.
>Yea robert also your waifu Aerith is shit too. come and fight me over the keyboard.
Based, tifafags cope and seethe. Prefering a Tifa is a sign of poor taste in general and a red flag in men since her doormat ass is every incel's wet dream.
Though I'm reading the actual quotes and he likes them both for different reasons (Tifa: hot, Aerith: everything else), so…

No. 190562

File: 1647680392957.png (149.06 KB, 500x544, cheers.png)

Damn, we actually managed to summon Robert.

No. 190586

I live in Mass and what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 190619

i really couldnt care if he's the stinkiest man on the planet, ill never be in the same room as him to be bothered by it
AD is not my type but dem tiddies doe…

No. 190747

girl, I'm from Lynn, and I fuckin wish.>>190550

No. 190772

i want to penetrate your asshole and make you scream and cum handsfree, robert

No. 190887

anons should i write a consensual but rough sex fic about batman 2022 or a nonconsensual assault fic about batman 2022? both featuring our dear emo boy of course

No. 190889

I don't know, just make sure you mention he takes a shower beforehand at some point in your fic.

No. 190895

Make the shower scene sexy but somehow show how he’s distraught because he hates showering for some deep reason.

No. 190897

Consensual, he's rough but still cares not to hurt you

No. 190900

anon i meant bruce is gonna be dommed either consensually or not

No. 190908

Who is he gonna fuck in your fic btw? Forgot to ask, I was too disgusted by the thought of Bruce having sex while being as disgusting as in the actual movie.

No. 190909

File: 1647806703650.png (10.72 KB, 128x108, t.png)

either selina will dom him as a final goodbye or edward will break in and assault him to make another statement

No. 190913

Both ideas sound good, I support you either way.

No. 190915

thanks anon i think i'll go with the riddler doing a home invasion since there's a strange lack of rape in the ao3 tags for this

No. 190992

porque no los dos?
nc assault my batman PLEASE

No. 191261

File: 1647922099299.png (645.03 KB, 750x755, 1647922079922.png)

disgusting then, don't wanna read kink-shit, also fujo faggotry sucks as well
stop watching porn you fat pig faced faggot worshipper(calm down)

No. 191378



No. 191911

File: 1648154987285.jpg (65.94 KB, 1100x825, FKJNFRF_KNJRG.jpg)

I know I'm disgusting for that but I got really turned on by him as an evil perverted preacher in the devil all the time.

No. 192200

File: 1648243154663.png (382.31 KB, 1024x856, 653865476445234312.png)

I want to bear his children

No. 192226

Dude is handsome, but is any other nonnie kinda turned off by the hate boner he has on Twilight? He keeps insulting the book, the staff, the movie, even though that's what initially gave him so much fame, and he was the one who agreed to taking part in the project in the first place. Saying shit like "this book should have not be written" while it's precisely because of that book he has a lot of roles rn is kinda immature. And the fact that he complains about silly love triangle in Twilight while creaming himself over the love triangle in FF… moid behaviour.

No. 192259

Holy shit yes I think this is personally the role he was hottest in imo and i’m not even robpatfag.

No. 192265

i do side eye anyone bashing the shit that made them successful in the first place but twilight is 100% deserving of most of the criticism it gets. certain critiques definitely wade into misogynistic waters, but i havent seen any of his twilight interviews to say what kind of vibes i get.
mustaches are such a flex. you need to be a truly beautiful man for your hotness to shine thru

No. 192321

I love this character trope, would it be worth watching just for that?

No. 192774

If his critiques were typical scrote criticism "its girly/gay" and "vampires aren't supposed to sparkle" I would side-eye him, but he pointed out the misogynistic and creepy behavior of Edward, the fact he's a 100 year old man stalking a 17 year old girl

No. 192782

I remember that, it seemed more like constructive criticism. If he were shitting on his fangirls and only on them I'd find him ungrateful and I say that as someone who hate Twilight.

No. 192797

File: 1648468201787.png (788.03 KB, 1096x538, rfkf_6565.PNG)

Most of the movie isn't about him but he does make a strong impression. The car scene war really hot imo.

No. 192801

File: 1648468946534.jpg (43.39 KB, 750x807, young_mads.jpg)

I feel like in 10 years from now, Robpat is gonna be the new mads mikkelsen of hollywood and I personally can't wait to witness it

No. 192844

not at all. twilight sucks ass and he + kristen stewart were mocked relentlessly by everyone who wasn't a diehard fan, to the point it felt like their careers were ruined. i'm very happy both actors broke away from that and are able to be taken seriously now. just because the series made him famous doesn't mean he can't regret it now

No. 192862

File: 1648485406246.jpg (93.35 KB, 1200x630, robert-pattinsons-batsuit.jpg)

this is more of a comicfag sperg but this is by far my favorite live action version of Batman in terms of looks

>Bale's batman

Had a weird retarded oval head which makes it look awkward, whereas pattinson's batman just has a leather slightly armored cowl


He was way too jacked and his face looked bloated and puffy. His head piece looked like it was squeezing his fat cheeks together and he could barely walk in the outfit, he almost had to waddle around.

Regardless of what you think of Pattison's take, he fucking looks good as batman.

No. 192868

File: 1648486388541.jpg (293.66 KB, 891x1200, EkJJc7uXYAEbgZt.jpg)

yeah the bat costumes always looked like shit up til this point. they STILL can't figure out how to make his neck have more range but this one was shot in a way that made it less awkward at least.

he is also so gorgeous as bruce, god, he's beautiful

No. 192889

Bruce has no business being so hot. Wtf? Now I want to watch a Batman movie.

No. 192892

Rob is so hot, but I really hate the way they styled his hair for this. Wish they chose something more like this >>190548

No. 192896

It makes sense for the version of bruce wayne he's portraying, not a charismatic playboy rather a reclusive wierdo, I like that out of all the versions of batman we've ever gotten (live action or animated) this version is most clearly the one that's very mentally ill and not alright in the head, a couple interpretations of the comics have hinted at this but not much ever has come of it, that Batman is just as insane as the wierdos he fights and is actually the cause for their existence, as he inspires them to exist

No. 192898

What are you talking about, that hair looks much better than some gelled-up fuckboy pompadour.

No. 192903

I wouldn't consider that a pompadour but ok. Idk I just think the Batman hair looks greasy and weirdly too straightened

No. 192904

Isn't that the point? I thought he was meant too look greasy to show that he's so busy being Batman he barely takes showers, even Alfred told him to please take a shower as soon as he showed up.

No. 192907

Yeah I get that. It makes sense for the character. I just think it's ugly

No. 192910

File: 1648494556586.png (122.22 KB, 496x334, sTR4w4b.png)

No. 192911

ew no, the messy hair is cute

No. 192912

Yes, I understand that, as I said. I just don't like it because it's ugly. Idk sue me

No. 192914

the gelled back hair would not fit this bruce at all. idk if you saw the movie yet but hes super broody and obsessed and clearly suffering major depression. the hair works

No. 192915

Idk how many times I have to say it. I understand why they made the styling choice that they did. I just wish they didn't because I personally don't think it's flattering on him and I wanna thirst after sexy suave Batman Rob, not greasy rat Batman Rob. I didn't realize this opinion would be so controversial

No. 192919

File: 1648495937319.webm (2.72 MB, 720x405, bat.webm)

Also related to batman discussion, anyone else thought zoë kravitz was the weakest actor in the movie, not bad but not on the level as the rest of the cast, also her actions scenes were really kinda cringy
look at this shit, it looks like a couple doing some play fighting, They really couldn’t have just hired a stuntwoman instead of using this wonky cgi?

No. 192930

its controversial bc you didnt say you wanted sexy suave bruce, you just said the hair is gross and you wish they chose something else. if you had said "i wish this bruce was more of the typical bruce we see and not sadboy bruce" then people wouldnt have responded like they did

get out i loved all her scenes

No. 192946

File: 1648504897265.jpg (172.09 KB, 952x536, GodDamnit.jpg)

I thought this bastard was so charming when Good Time came out, I was downright enchanted by his acting, so I was very ashamedly excited when he had a hot role in Devil All The Time, and now I'm seriously going to watch a Batman movie for more? Like a starving dog? A man I don't even know is making me want to watch a movie I won't even like. I feel weird, nonnas.

No. 192952

I was excited about her and left the theatre so disappointed. The film’s long enough as it is and her scenes weren’t interesting to me. It was kind of lulzy to see her trying to engage seduction on autist Batman but I felt zero chemistry between them for the same reason. Maybe if there was more time and actual conversations between them I’d buy into it more.

I’ve never been a fan of the sexy badass tropey vibes Catwoman is treated with though. Zoe was fine but her character’s sexy tone felt at odds with the rest of the movie.

No. 192969

File: 1648510420583.jpg (355.83 KB, 1960x3008, gof-london-photocall-7.jpg)

Didn't really think my silly little opinion post required an explanation, but ok. Anyway…I think he looks nice with some wavy/fluffy texture in his hair. He looks nice with any texture (don't attack me anons lol), but this look reminds me of Cedric which is when I first started crushing on him
I think she's beautiful and has a cool, mysterious quality about her (makes sense why they'd cast her ad Catwoman) but her acting has always fallen flat for me in just about everything she's in. She is a nepobaby after all

No. 192981

why did it take me this long to notice how nice his eyebrows are? to me thick eyebrows are probably the most physically attractive characteristic on a guy, face-wise

No. 193002

kek they literally CGI'd her kicks, couldn't they just get a stunt double

No. 193076

her acting was serviceable but they should have picked an actresses who was more athletic and could do action scenes

No. 193095

catwoman isnt supposed to be a badass fighter though, shes an acrobatic thief who only reacts when she needs to. doesnt make sense for her to be as trained as bruce

No. 193103

I guess should have clarified in my post, when I said "action scenes" I didn't just mean fight scenes but her stunts overall and kravitz never ever seemed like she was an actual acrobat

No. 193180

File: 1648581106806.jpg (30 KB, 540x302, 1639096443527.jpg)

I honestly couldn't take her seriously. I saw her do that dead stare shit in the middle of her first fight scene and at that point I gave up on this actress completely. It took me out of the movie so fast. Like sis wake up you're in the middle of filming a fight scene with Batman. Awful casting when it comes to her, I don't care how much they can make her look like Year One Catwoman, this medicore nepobaby should not have been involved in this movie period. she seemed like she was drugged out the entire film but Matt got her to open her eyes

No. 193183

I'm a simp for him but he sounds really bad in this doesn't he? I'm asking because people seem to be creaming themselves over his voice in the comment section…

No. 193197

Please, I'm so thirsty, I need to know which film this pic is from, Google is no help.

No. 193223

Seconding this >>193180
She was shit, I was so disappointed with this catwoman. Never would've thought Paul Dano would be the one I'd end up liking. Even Rob's acting was flat.

No. 193230

Seems fine to me for the genre, but I listen to Neutral Milk Hotel so I clearly don’t have good judgment.

No. 193290

I can't wait till I can get a good rip of the scene where he grabs catwoman from behind and shushes her with his hand over her mouth, I'm ashamed of how horny that made me in the theater.

No. 193292

File: 1648616798478.jpg (37.25 KB, 640x360, 1646478870303.jpg)

I loved the movie but this part came out of nowhere
>You know, Master Bruce, you father called it a Wayne man's burden. Myself, I just call it as I see it: the responsibility of the founding WASP stock to discipline the servile interlopers. The degenerated descendants of the once-proud Romans like Penguin, the Nubians, those dreadful littlle Israelites… It is up to Anglo-Saxons like you and me to discipline ALL of them, Master Wayne. A true Gotham Renewal Project. It's what your father would have wanted.
Man, I'm English and even I was unsettled by Alfred's rants. Wtf, are Reeves and Raimi friends?

No. 193317

HE WAS SO HOT IN GOOD TIME AHHHHHHHHH The kiss in that movie oh my god

No. 193332

File: 1648637012912.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, Woke_WOC.jpg)

I honestly found her character kinda funny in a meta way, she goes on a rant about white privellge despite being the daughter of a rich white male and lusts after rich white man cock, as stupid as it was, that aspect was realistic

No. 193343

>"muh rich white men" She isn't wrong tho but that was so corny
>"fuck Bruce Wayne he's a bitch"
>proceeds to make out with Bruce Wayne, who's just waiting for it to be over
Yeah that was funny. I tried to be quiet in the cinema but I let out a big snort at that part and during the car chase.

No. 193366

Wait sauce??
I might rewatch the film since I watched it with a friend who was thirsting over Zoe, it was funny watching her talk about how attractive Zoe so I have very bias views about her Catwoman's portrayal.

No. 193368

you can actually see it in that fight scene >>192919, you can tell when she does her kicking moves that they cgi’d her for the action parts. It looks really unnatural and almost cartoonish, its super obvious when look at the face when she's on the ground also the shot from a distance when Kravitz does a triple kick

No. 193625

He looks like a medieval peasant from time to time but I still find him attractive, god I want his babies

No. 194761

File: 1649106158029.jpg (49.05 KB, 960x679, n3Iybom.jpg)

I need

No. 194762

File: 1649106241637.jpg (120.11 KB, 1499x1060, 12f27bd228d829187febadb72c794d…)

No. 194766

Looks way too expensive. What's the price?

No. 194768

$1,600. a woman can dream

No. 194790

I could afford it… Or I could save that money for rent for the next 3 months and look at Robert Pattinson's face for free on google image.

No. 194795

Hope you enjoy the move back to your parents house

No. 194798

Yeah, no, Robert Pattinson isn't worth it.

No. 194939

File: 1649169147690.jpg (117.98 KB, 850x905, __batman_bruce_wayne_and_rober…)

Waiting for good Battinson doujins…
Have you read any good imagine fic with Battinson yet? There are lots of them on Tumblr, but they mostly fall into the same 'you are his nurse' trope.

No. 196200

File: 1649535258586.jpg (123.78 KB, 801x1200, 22(8)-gthumb-gwdata1200-ghdata…)

nothing can quench the thirst i have for this man.

No. 196202

File: 1649535313532.jpg (39.84 KB, 550x718, HI6tUS1t.jpg)

No. 196256

Saw Pattinson at a restaurant while he was filming that Devil All the Time Movie. I was never into him until seeing him irl. Couldnt stop looking at him. He was sitting by himself and had this quiet intensity about him.

No. 196260

File: 1649563095100.jpg (Spoiler Image, 333.81 KB, 1200x1200, rs_1200x1200-220318151320-1200…)

I tried finding a better picture of his abs but all of the stills from the movie are awful. Would still smash low quality jpg Rob.

No. 196277

Oh god nonnie this art is too good…

No. 196312

the smudged eyeshadow is so hot
you're so lucky to witness such a pretty sight nonna. did others in the restaurant recognize him?
the batman movie gave us some good eye candy

No. 200838

File: 1650999511767.jpg (56.74 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm thirsting

No. 200974

File: 1651016907246.jpg (39.56 KB, 943x472, The-Batman-Robert-Pattinson-Di…)

Same nonny. Never liked capeshit but he genuinely looks good in the batsuit too.

No. 200982

File: 1651017777894.jpeg (296.96 KB, 1430x2047, EPTvKhaX4AAlska.jpeg)

Also allow me to drop this.

No. 201741

Good content

No. 204167

File: 1651829903836.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.99 MB, 430x372, tumblr_07437da7af416db5ef10e31…)

cosmopolis is pretentious as shit but worth it for this scene, the second sex scene in the movie kek.

No. 204170


No. 213867

leave me alone

No. 213881

I will leave you alone only after you take a shower, stinky Rob.

No. 213885

this is how shadow must have felt in sonic adventure 2.

No. 215875

File: 1655759342186.png (244.82 KB, 1170x586, Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 5.08…)

i hope this is true, this is such a funny concept

No. 226200

File: 1659430419846.jpg (117.09 KB, 750x1007, nettledtea.jpg)

Bastard made me cry in HP and Remember Me when I was a kid. Still love him though.
He was Insane in Good Time! Loved it. Him getting arrested… mmf
oh my god.

No. 226203

I love the batman fanart where he looks like a miserable emo boy, bless you nonnie

No. 226212

File: 1659436694530.jpg (318.41 KB, 1280x1535, pug-png.jpg)

Here's the link: https://nettledtea.tumblr.com/post/678593087882264576/sad-little-meow-meow
There's also a vers without the cat edits:
and link for this one kek:
I can't stop consuming art. My collection continues to grow.

No. 226266

File: 1659461365977.png (2.05 MB, 1665x1177, Batman-6fe038d6-0d80-4cd2-9013…)

Thanks to all of the beautiful artworks during The Batman hype, i have discovered a lot of talented women who draw amazing DC fanarts. I also loved a whole lot of japanese arts on twitter, because they mostly captured him looking as miserable as possible. It's funny how I find Rob attractive only when he looks like a sad, lost kitten or wears emo makeup. I still want to give The Devil All The Time movie a try because i like power-tripping fictional characters, but i highly doubt Robert is a big part of this long movie.

No. 226293

File: 1659469357204.jpg (57.52 KB, 547x481, FROVpkL.jpg)

Honestly I love his portrayal of both Batman and Bruce Wayne, you really get the feel that he is just as insane as the psycho's he's fighting,but him being an buff edgelord goth is also great, cause that's exactly my ideal type of dude

No. 226402

File: 1659507453371.gif (9.79 MB, 540x400, chrrispine.gif)

I agree entirely with your posts, anons.

No. 268023

File: 1673287798133.jpg (93.92 KB, 720x762, FlK8ygNXoAQO-6f.jpg)

And that's why I love him

No. 297554

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