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File: 1647532079587.jpg (205.79 KB, 1680x883, banner.jpg)

No. 190037

ESC 2022:
Semi-final 1: 10 May
Semi-final 2: 12 May
Grand Final: 14 May
All the shows will start at 21:00 CEST.

Old thread can't be linked since /m/ is broken.

No. 190038

Albania: Ronela Hajati - Sekret

No. 190039

Australia: Sheldon Riley - Not The Same

No. 190040

Austria: LUM!X feat. Pia Maria - Halo

No. 190043

Belgium: Jérémie Makiese - Miss You

No. 190044

Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project - Intention

No. 190045

Croatia: Mia Dimšić - Guilty Pleasure

No. 190046

Cyprus: Andromache - Ela

No. 190047

Czechia: We Are Domi - Lights Off

No. 190048

Denmark: Reddi- The Show

No. 190049

Estonia: STEFAN - Hope

No. 190050

Finland: The Rasmus - Jezebel

No. 190051

France: Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn

No. 190052

Georgia: Circus Mircus - Lock Me In

(video can be watched in case anyone's fooled by the thumbnail)

No. 190053

Germany: Malik Harris - Rockstars

No. 190054

Greece: Amanda Tenfjord - Die Together

No. 190055

Iceland: Systur - Með Hækkandi Sól

No. 190056

Ireland: Brooke - That's Rich

No. 190058

Israel: Michael Ben David - I.M

No. 190059

Italy: Mahmood & BLANCO - Brividi

No. 190060

Latvia: Citi Zēni - Eat Your Salad

No. 190061

Lithuania: Monika Liu - Sentimentai

No. 190064

Malta: Emma Muscat - I Am What I Am

No. 190066

Moldova: Zdob şi Zdub & Fraţii Advahov - Trenuleţul

No. 190067

Montenegro: Vladana - Breathe

No. 190068

The Netherlands: S10 - De Diepte

No. 190069

North Macedonia: Andrea - Circles

No. 190070

Norway: Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf A Banana

No. 190071

Poland: Ochman - River

No. 190072

Portugal: MARO - Saudade Saudade

No. 190073

Romania: WRS - Llámame

No. 190074

San Marino: Achille Lauro - Stripper

No. 190078

Serbia: Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano

Vidrel is the live performance since I think that's the must-watch, but here's the mv anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S1jrYq87Zw

No. 190079

Slovenia: LPS - Disko

No. 190080

Spain: Chanel - SloMo

No. 190081

Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs - Hold Me Closer

No. 190082

Switzerland: Marius Bear - Boys Do Cry

No. 190083

Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

Originally Alina Pash was supposed to represent Ukraine this year, but she got disqualified after forging travel documents to Crimea (entering Crimea through Russia is against the law in Ukraine). So the runner-up is now going, this was decided before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Obviously it is now up in the air if Ukraine can go at all.. I did read something Ukraine recording a live-on-tape so they can still participate if they can't make it in May. Also Russia was disqualified for 1 year by EBU after pressure from several broadcasters. After that Russia announced to leave the EBU so it looks like they won't be participating anymore in the future.

No. 190084

United Kingdom: Sam Ryder - SPACE MAN

No. 190086

That's it. Only Azerbeijan and Armenia are left to release their songs. Thoughts?

No. 190087

Who else thinks Ukraine is going to win bc politics

No. 190090

Maybe? I feel like the collective shock around Ukraine will have cooled down by time it's May, as cruel as it sounds. If they do win it'll be hard to tell whether it's because of sympathy votes or because they really had the most favoured song, it was already amongst the top favourites for the win before the war happened..

No. 190092

Depends on what part of Europe you live in, I guess. I live right by the Russian border and I don't think anyone here is going to let this go for a long time. Just to clarify, I know that Eurovision has always been political and I don't mind an Ukrainian win whether it's genuine or just sympathy votes, I'm just wondering how many of you are betting the same kek

No. 190105

>Depends on what part of Europe you live in, I guess. I live right by the Russian border and I don't think anyone here is going to let this go for a long time
Ah you're right, that was shallow thinking of me, I'm sorry. I'm in the West so I'm more distanced from the situation.

>I don't mind an Ukrainian win

Is it your favourite then? Personally I think it'll definitely get top 5 or top 3 at least. I must say, I don't actually like the song at all.

No. 190113

I skipped listening to half of the songs from the first few seconds when I heard a piano or a serious soulful voice kek. I hate ballads.

my favourites
>>190060 (I know it's cringe but it's also very fun)

I haven't seen these guys in years wow.

I do feel people will vote for them due to the current climate but it's still a good song(the rap is kinda meh though)

No. 190115

No need to be sorry. To answer your question, I like the song but I'm not really invested in Eurovision and I don't have any favorites/don't care who wins, so it won't bother me if it ends up being Ukraine. I haven't watched Eurovision in years and I'm actually just now hearing most of these songs for the first time while going through this thread kek. Which one is your fave?

No. 190122

i love it

No. 190128

what are anons' thoughts on the Italian song? everyone here loves it but it's kind of boring to me, but I don't like romantic ballads in general so I'm not objective
t. anonIta

No. 190257

File: 1647583874540.gif (4.3 MB, 600x335, anigif_enhanced-buzz-30402-136…)

Is this the only fucking weird entry of this year? I hope Norway scores high for having the balls of keeping up the tradition of bizzare Eurovision songs.
What's everybody's favourite uh, colorful performance from the past? I fucking love the Romanian vampire. Also still have nightmares about that one britbong entry which basically was a failed British Airways commercial

No. 190258

oh god, how could I have missed the vegan propaganda? so I guess it's at least two weird entries for this year.
Dude makes me think of a skinny Każ Miller lmfao
Wow I somehow did not expect my country to send a downright suicidal dude to Eurovision

No. 190276

>What's everybody's favourite uh, colorful performance from the past?
I have many and I would spam the thread kek. Verka is a standard classic. The russian grannies, Ireland's dustin the turkey, lithuanian's funky dudes with the disco shorts in 2010, Ukraine's be my valentine, the angel and demon from Azerbaijan's first entry,Germany sending a dude with disco pants with Dita Von Teese, Latvia's pirates etc. The period 2008-2013 was good for weird shit.

I'm posting this one cause I'm STILL extremely salty it didn't go to the finals.

No. 190277

samefag my dumbass didn't sage

This one is my guilty plesure even though it's kinda terrible kek

No. 190395

Lights Off (Czech Republic) now has a mv, it's quite cute

No. 190398

File: 1647634349393.gif (4.49 MB, 634x357, ukraine-1.gif)

I don't remember what country/year but the man in the hamster wheel will never stop being funny to me

No. 190405

Don't really care for the rapping but the parts with the woman are badass. I love her strong voice, it almost sounds like a studio recording. I feel like you often don't get that with EDM because the vocals tend to be processed.

Also, watching this video made me realize how much many entries look almost like music videos on tv nowadays.

No. 190413

I liked these wholesome women a lot…they were great gradnmas in real life too. Everyone especially loved the tiny one. I think there might only one or two of them alive by now. It was so nice and these women always loved to sing and dance. It was very soulful and this performance always reminds me of simpler times for some reason.

No. 190415

The odds have Ukraine winning at like 23% or something ridiculously high like that, but I think we’ll get a more realistic picture once actual rehearsals start. That being said, I could see a lot of ex Soviet countries giving ukraine very high jury and televoting points but like others have said, not sure how this will translate to those not immediately impacted by the current situation/without similar history with Russian aggression

The only sure prediction I can make now is Greece and Cyprus will give each other 12 points

No. 190800

Armenia: Rosa Linn - Snap

No. 190805

File: 1647776329700.jpg (40.73 KB, 625x415, Slavko.jpg)

maybe not my fave but i will never forget this dude.

No. 190844

most memorable entry primarily sung in greek from the last decade or so

No. 190966

kek every now and again i remember getting this one stuck in my head

el chiki chiki will always be one of my favorites, mostly because this guy looks exactly like a goofy spanish guy i used to work with. will always be kind of sad we didn't get to see little big perform uno at eurovision 2020

No. 191294

Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli - Fade to Black

No. 191295

All songs in 10 minutes. I must say Lithuania and Serbia are sending class this year damn.

No. 203048

How do you share tiktoks or yt shorts on lc? (on phone)? I wanna post some rehearsal vids

No. 203051

If you can't embed, take a screenshot and then post the direct link! also I'm so pumped for this year

No. 203298

I'll just post the ones that are reposted on youtube

vidrel is Cyprus, very nice staging imo

No. 203300

No. 203301

No. 203302

No. 203303

>Are you Reddi/ready?
>No we're the Beatles
kinda cute ngl

No. 203657

File: 1651670400943.png (298.31 KB, 640x356, 626m0968jgx81.png)

Apparantly the stage was supposed to have this huge ass "sun" with rotating arches that was supposed to rotate in between performances to accomodate to every country's performance but the thing broke and now they're going to leave this gigantic black arch on the stage and it's fucking ugly and it looks ridiculous. You can see how it blocks the visuals behind it. You can bet your ass there's going to be lots of awkward camera angles to try to hide that thing.

No. 205065

File: 1652195466403.gif (798.92 KB, 498x278, go_a-shum.gif)

We're watching Eurovision (first semi final) in the lolcow movie room tonight! It's at 21:00 CEST (A little less than 4 hours from now)

No. 205067

I'll be watching together with my mom, but i might be able to join on mobile to be able to talk with you guys. I'm not gonna lie i listened to the songs and there are lots of boring ones so i hope tonight still will be fun

No. 205122

File: 1652210277138.jpg (384.32 KB, 2557x1437, FSa2ZgiWQAIp1-i.jpg)


No. 205123

File: 1652210627793.jpg (261.58 KB, 1818x1007, FSa3EEYXIAAxl08.jpg)


No. 205124

Switzerland submitting the biggest fuckboy they had literally and figuratively

No. 205127

File: 1652211500107.jpg (118.01 KB, 1387x782, FSa6gkoXsAA-vTn.jpg)

Lmao if this shit wins…

No. 205128

File: 1652211652769.jpg (111.54 KB, 800x533, verka.jpg)

I miss Verka. Last year's entry was awesome too. If they win I think no one's gonna be able to argue that Eurovision isn't political anymore, kek.

No. 205129

File: 1652212475991.jpg (196.92 KB, 1920x1080, FSa-yTWX0AIFvVi.jpg)

Moldova kek

No. 205131

Moldova best one so far


No. 205132

I love it, and especially the mv

No. 205136

God I heard this song before but didn't know it was theirs. Hate it.

No. 205147


No. 205150

I haven't seen a country get robbed so bad since Portugal in 2019 smh

No. 205152

its because the singing was godawful

No. 205153

Why tf did Switzerland qualify smh

No. 205154

>they chose the furry banana song over this

No. 205164

what an awful timeline to live in.

No. 205171

How the fuck didn't this make it to the finals

No. 205218

I'm heart broken

No. 205246

File: 1652252200917.webm (9.34 MB, 1280x720, EUROPE WANTS VEGGIES AND PUSSY…)

The only way I can justify it is that the jury didn't want the crowd to scream PUSSY on the top of their lungs in the finals like it happened in the semis.I'm coping hard about them not passing. They were all great especially their cute energetic singer.

at least we have this. Loved their performance.

No. 205271

I wish it sounded this good live, total banger (Austria's entry)

No. 205343

Im still malding over the fact that didnt make it to the finals

No. 205398

kek amazing

No. 205630

half of the final will be really boring

No. 205756

ikr? imagine a final without georgia's cyberpunk circus people and latvia's vegan pussy eaters. truly disappointing.

No. 205760

still salty about Latvia NQ tbh

No. 205871

File: 1652478613228.png (5.16 KB, 273x126, pain.png)

screaming in pain because moldova is for sure not going to win but i know for a fact italy or ukraine will

No. 205944

>moldova is for sure not going to win
(And why it's a good thing)

No. 205963

I'm like 200% sure Ukraine will win nonna, I like their song so I don't mind. I hope Italy doesn't win because their song sounds shit live (even though I'm a huge Mahmood fan). Moldova is really really good and I really hope they make it to top 5 just to spite Romania for sending a stupid ass song that's not in Romanian
I feel like there were so many good songs that didn't even make it to the final, it looked like it was gonna be a good year but somehow the line up for the final seems so boring

No. 205994

I'm italian and I hope Italy doesn't win kek. Throw shit at me nonnas but I'm really not into the song this year, Mahmood isn't good for this genre imo.

No. 205995

I'm making a bingo card for the points giving and results section, what cliches should be included?

No. 206005

Sad there won’t be the obligatory Greece/Cyprus 12 points exchange this year but hopefully we can get that in the form of Romania/Moldova

No. 206006

Germany gets last place, "12 points for Ukraine" x 10000, Cyprus gives Greece 12 points (obv), Iceland's host tries to be quirky and says jaja dingdong or something, juries' favourite loses the televote by a landslide, Sweden somehow manages to get more points than Norway despite being boring
Those are like the really obvious stuff although this year will be pretty atypical because of the war. I'd include the Romania/Moldova 12 point exchange like >>206005 mentioned but I'm pretty sure they'll vote for Ukraine as they both share borders with it
Off-topic but does anyone know why there's little to no interaction between the hosts and the green room this year?

No. 206008

File: 1652549019168.jpg (104.03 KB, 750x911, 29m7a2cbdbz81[1].jpg)

No. 206010

>the goth lady from Austria

No. 206024

File: 1652552652184.jpeg (59.2 KB, 948x465, 627f718a7eddf.jpeg)

No. 206026

who is your favourite winner ever?

No. 206039

xena vibes

No. 206042

Nonnies get ready for the finale

No. 206045

Been ready all day.

No. 206048

are we gonna livepost like last year? where is everyone!!

No. 206054

Anyone else using the eurovision app?

No. 206055

I was hoping to! Got my strawberry wine ready girls

No. 206057

So far I like Romania, portugal is so boring and lame

No. 206059

Portugal is depression incarnate kek

No. 206061

i haven't listened to the songs yet i thought i'd surprise myself and so far everything is so boring lol is there anything good nonnies?

No. 206064

Am saying nothing we last won in 1997. Apparently ballad heavy this year. I only watch the final every year.

No. 206068

Why is there a french host?

No. 206069

Romania has been the most Eurovision-y so far, camp and catchy. Can’t believe The Rasmus are still knocking about

No. 206071

france is just copying go_a from last year lmao

No. 206072

Mika speaks quite a few languages. Maybe that's why. He's also Lebanese/British.

No. 206074

yeah, and failing at it tbh

No. 206075

norway finally woke me up from this snoozefest lol

No. 206076

Should've sent Manau tbh

No. 206077

Give that wolf a banana

No. 206078

Am liking Armenia

No. 206091

Do you think ukraine will win?

No. 206092

it's so damn boring this year i think i will actually fall asleep soon lol

No. 206093

I am more interested what will happen rn after their political statement, since they were not allowed this year. People are talking that they might be disqualified

No. 206094

Really? I didn’t hear anything about it

No. 206095

Where is the chaotic eurovision think I know and love ? I think a lot of countries want to win as it means alot of tourism. You can normally tell when they don't want to win.

No. 206097

Norway is amazing.

No. 206099

I miss the whack from last decade. Where did it go.

No. 206100

I miss Lordi

No. 206103

Where is Dustin the turkey? Ice skating dancers? Green screen Dresses?

No. 206107

Oh I meant people from a stream I watch alongside Eurovision, idk anything about press or official statements. More like a question will there be any repercussions for political statements

No. 206109

Iceland give haim vibes

No. 206112

YASS Moldova bringing the goods

No. 206113

File: 1652560959599.png (184.55 KB, 346x321, Untitled.png)

let's fucking go moldova

No. 206115

10 points to moldova

No. 206116

Man I love Moldova so much

No. 206117

File: 1652561198687.png (21.21 KB, 80x80, cowboycat.png)

moldova you better win

No. 206118

What's everyone's past favourites? Mine are.
Emile de forest- teardrop
Alexander rybak - fairy tale
Brotherhood of man - save all your kisses

No. 206120

File: 1652561899660.gif (17.82 KB, 120x90, GIxoMlE.gif)

fuck sad moids

No. 206125

File: 1652562194670.jpg (458.1 KB, 2416x1358, 0x0.jpg)

No. 206128

Just get the app non

No. 206129

For real, this final was full of sad moids

You still need to be in Europe to vote using the app

No. 206131

Serbia sucks ass

No. 206135

Your just mad they didn't gift you a metal bowl and a towel kek

No. 206136

Serbia solving the pandemic live on stage

No. 206137

I can vote for some reason any nonnys have the same issue?

No. 206138


No. 206139

Am fine using the app. Can be your service or to many calls

No. 206141

I’m also using the app. Probably my provider but it sucks

No. 206148

Only as last year's guest.
Spain is getting so many points atm.

No. 206149

Spain hypnotised us all. Think UK have more points now than the last 10 years combined which is nice to see!

No. 206150

The uk finally decided to join in.
Spain is looking good for the win would be 50 years since they last won.

No. 206151

They were dead last and now they're pwning everybody with Sam Ryder. That's what I call revenge especially against France.

No. 206153

I'm shocked Ukraine's doing so bad woah

No. 206154

They're still announcing jury points, the audience points are revealed at the end.

No. 206155

UK's song was shit, what the fuck are these points?

No. 206156

Wondering the same

No. 206157

I know anon, I was just saying that I expected a lot more countries to give 12 points to Ukraine, not Spain/Greece/the UK

No. 206158

Moldova should be on the left of the board for sure

No. 206159

Compared to other of the songs the uk song was good.

No. 206160

maybe Finland is better off in NATO since these neighbors aren't reliable lol

No. 206161

Its performance was weak compared to Spain

No. 206162

kek accurate, I do think our song was shit but god what the fuck is up with this treachery

No. 206163

idk i kinda hated spain why are they getting so many points

No. 206164

Just say you hate men then go.

No. 206165

Spain? More like gayn

No. 206166

what is the commentator saying all the time?? what does düs poa mean

No. 206167

12 points in French anon lol

No. 206168

It's "douze points" and it's French for 12 points since frenchies demand a translation

No. 206169

They’re from his millions of followers trying to suck his dick, I hope Spain wins because that would make the spaniards seethe. But it seems like it won’t happen.

No. 206170

Feeling bad for Germany - not particularly memorable but wouldn’t say it was the worst!

No. 206171

>because that would make the spaniards seethe
Fuck off, fag.

No. 206172

Yeah! Germany wasn’t bad, I thought he would get a few points at least.

No. 206173

fuck you sweden, 12 to spain?? really?

No. 206175

Why did we get to the finale if nobody likes us

No. 206177

I'm sad Serbia isn't getting a top 10 position. Wasn't my favorite, but it was more interesting than the majority of the other top 10s.

No. 206178

I'm not sure if you're joking but Germany is part of the big 5 and qualifies automatically in the final

No. 206179

Don't you get there by default?

No. 206180

Moldova getting the public boost as they deserve

No. 206182

Ouch Switzerland. But it was rubbish tbf

No. 206184

The hosts are horrible omg they keep hyping up each country then go like "Yeah you got 3 points"

No. 206188

Ukraine getting an historical unprecedented boost like wow

No. 206189

Not surprised about ukraine but i guess it’s alright

No. 206190

Same, I liked the song well enough.

No. 206191

I wasn’t aware kek

No. 206192

Still better than the balladshit we got

No. 206193

Ukraine can count as the win they should have had last year as well, that song was a banger

No. 206195

Honestly they've been on a roll lately, they deserve it

No. 206196

At least it's no UK and it prevents Brits from being smug

No. 206197

i'm not the least bit surprised lol
i kinda miss last year's eurovision, it was so much fun even the voting part had me sitting on the edge of my seat. this year was incredibly underwhelming with all the shitty ballads

No. 206198

It was way too obvious. I wish pityvoting did not exist.

No. 206199

kek but they would have if it was not for pity votes

No. 206200

Ukraine's song was really good, they fully deserved to win.

No. 206201

Can it really count as pity voting if they won the televote by a landslide?

No. 206202

Lets see if they can host next year

No. 206203

ukraine's song was my favorite, shame they won like this though.. also the french one was criminally underrated wtf

No. 206204

No. 206205

it was my first time watching eurovision and i only watched it because it was streamed and i got to chat with fellow nonnies, it was really fun! ♥

No. 206206

So wholesome nonny this year weren’t so many euro anons here

No. 206207

It was rigged because of bullshit jury votes anyway

No. 206208

About these "technical difficulties" from six countries:
EBU accused them of vote manipulating and decided to choose the votes themselves instead by analyzing other neighbourhood countries.

No. 206210

if it wasn't for the nonsensical jury votes and political shit, Serbia would have won

its what we deserve kek

No. 206214

No wonder the second semi final results were so shit then.

No. 206216

So sad France didn’t go further. Surprised how low Norway placed in the end. And I hope the lack of public votes for ballads communicates to the jury that we don’t want to see so many of them, I felt bad because most of the ballad singers had great vocals but nobody cared by the 3rd one.

No. 206220

fuck EBUs hypocritical asses, this is how you make a protest song

No. 206223

I was so surprised France did so bad. How come the public didn't vote for that? It was so good. And Romania too. It was better than Spain imo. It felt like they voted her for the booty. At least Moldova got high votes and Switzerland got rekt kek

Just checked the televotes and juries actually gave more points to Latvia than the public vote. People were just not ready to be green ig.

No. 206225

I kind of get why they went for so many ballads though, I’m surely tinfoiling but I think it was to let the energetic Ukrainian song shine on, and probably because of the whole climate there is because of the war.

No. 206226

No. 206227

can't forget about this gem

No. 206229

So much bitching about Ukraine winning by pity points, imagine being so butthurt over a stupid song contest that you're mad about some Tik Tok celebrity's bland ass feelgood ballad coming in second to representatives that have to go back to their war-torn country to fight for their autonomy.

No. 206231

I liked Spain’s song even if it was coomer shit, it was kind of catchy, I would’ve preferred Norway or Lituania as the winner.
And I was honestly annoyed by how Spain got treated, if they really didn’t want her to get chosen, then maybe specify that you can’t even participate if you’re not born in Spain?

No. 206232

ok sis

No. 206233

ok nonnie

No. 206234

It's bullshit for me. Why does Israel get to be in Eurovision then?

No. 206235

Wow I hadn't heard this one before.

No. 206238

kek bucks fizz

No. 206321

its to do with the European Broadcasting Union not europe as a continent
so countries that are able to join are
Algeria (refuse to because of isreal)
Egypt (refuse to because of isreal)
Jordan (refuse to because of isreal)
Lebanon (were going to join in 2005 but didnt due to isreal)
Libya (refuse to because of isreal)
Tunisia (were going to join in 1977 but didnt due to isreal)
Vatican City

Countries that once were in eurovision but not any more
Bosnia and Herzegovina

countries that voiced interest in joining but cant joint due to ebu rules
China, peoples republic of (eurovision suported this until they found out that china censors all the pride flags and other lgbt content)
Faroe Islands (cant as part of denmark)
Gibraltar (cant as part of uk)
Kazakhstan (not member of ebu)
Kosovo (not part of un so can not be full member of ebu)
Liechtenstein (no national broadcaster, so cant join ebu)
Qatar (was ebu associate member but since removed)
Scotland (cant as part of uk)
Wales (cant as part of uk)

Wales and Scotland are part of eurovision choir though
Wales and Kazakhstan are part of junior eurovision

No. 206326

I know people here are upset about uk not winning but i thought ukraine was better. The uk guy had a good voice but it wasn't just as catchy and because of the amount of ballads this year i already forgot about his song. I do think its nice for UK that they finally are not in the bottom. Do you think next year eurovision will be hosted in one of the big 5, like maybe Germany or UK?

Yeah last year was so much better, to many boring songs this year. I don't mind that ukraine won even if it's mostly pity votes because atleast it wasnt a ballad.

No. 206327

Slovakia had a lot of good entries but in the end Slovaks stopped giving a fuck because of how little points they'd keep getting, people here prefer Czech and Slovak versions of "Voice" instead. It sucks but oh well.
Belarus couldn't participate last year because it was a political Pro-Lukashenko song, so EBU told them to fuck off.

No. 206328

>I know people here are upset about uk
anon everyone but one person in here said their song was shit

No. 206330

Woah, Israel pissed a lot of nations off way before the war on Palestine. This blows my mind but also adds up somehow.

No. 206332

>Israel pissed a lot of nations off way before the war on Palestine
Haven't they been waging war since 1947?

No. 206353

They literally won because of the war. Lithuania will be a winner in my heart forever.

No. 206360

i mean they did win 2016 when they sung about being invaded by russia in ww2, after crimea and donbass were invaded
so its not exactly unprecedented

No. 206365

That was also when they tried starting their revolution and it was all over the place, everything looked like hong kong protests.

No. 206366

I already miss 2021 Eurovision

No. 206367

Israel pissed off the entire arab world the moment it was created

No. 206369

Anyone whining about Ukraine's win is fucking insufferable. These dudes came straight from the battlefield to deliver an outstanding performance and they have to go back there, so imo they deserve the win more than anyone else. Besides Eurovision has never been a music competition, or at least it hasnt been in decades. Theres a reason why everyone remembers Lordi, Verka Serduchka, the Russian grandmas etc and its not their musical talent lol. Though imo Ukraines song was also the best (them and Serbia), at least it wasnt some bs we've hurt 7464336 times already.

But seriously at least be grateful if your day is ruined because of some dumbass competition instead of Russian soldiers murdering your children.

No. 206370

No. 206374

still cackling at the ugly bois do cry uwu moid getting 0 public votes and germany defending their streak as the last place

No. 206377

That was very satisfying. The public spoke: No more sadmoid songs.

No. 206379

Exactly. I was watching the show with my friend and her bf and when Ukraine won her bf got so mad he turned the TV off and asked me to leave cause I was happy for them.. I liked their song, loved SHUM last year and think they really deserved the victory this year.

No. 206380

You seem to be the biggest whiner here

No. 206382

Spain deserved second place, not UK, I really don't get it. The performance was absolute fire, from the dance and how she was singing barely out of breath regardless, to the stage and effects, to how addictive the song is, to how much she and the background dancers were feeling it, to the costume. idgaf about coomers, it was good.

No. 206386

Yeah winning a song contest is gonna help them in the war right? I mean it's a song contest, I get that it's political but would be nice to have an actual European music contest that looks at how good the music is.

No. 206397

File: 1652645802335.png (111.01 KB, 1074x1080, 8pznrnqi2oz81.png)

No. 206404

I can guarantee you that Europe coming together to make Ukraine win is gonna piss off Russia, and it's already a noble goal to achieve. Besides, the song was good, it would've been top 10 easy even if nothing was going on in Ukraine
>i mean they did win 2016 when they sung about being invaded by russia in ww2, after crimea and donbass were invaded
Crimea was attacked in 2014 not 2016, are you telling me country is not allowed to sing about their painful history ever otherwise it's calculated entry for pity points?

No. 206405

Oh yeah all those votes are totally going to do something for the Ukraine war and not go into the pockets of EBU.

No. 206415

pro russian hackers tried to hack the vote and stop ukraine from winning accoridng to italian police
so they are pissed off

No. 206417

its more about the ordinary ukrainian people at home and abroad having something no matter how small

No. 206433

I believe that during the live stream there were multiples anons saying they wanted uk to win, which is surprising because uk was just another sad moid song. But maybe these anons are from uk and just wanted to win badly?

>Moldova third place with televotes
Absolutely based, this proves again jury votes are stupid. Why the hell did they like uk that much, because he's an tiktokker? Anyway spain should have been second imo and Moldova third just like the televotes

No. 206434

I agree, Spain did an impressive job!!

No. 206466

getting mad about ukraine winning is like throwing a tantrum over letting a guy with a broken leg get the last seat in a full bus

No. 206496

terrible analogy. the bus isn't a contest

No. 206497

Also, you don’t spend probably at least a million of euros on clothing, travels, food, hotels, media representatives, you don’t have to train your voice and your choreography to hop on the bus, you can just wait for the next one that comes in a few minutes, this contest takes a whole year of artists honing their skills to even participate.
While I think it’s nice that Ukraine won because of all the horrible things they’re going though, it’s kind of shitty to underestimate the work that the artists put into entering the contest.
Ukraine’s song was really nice, I still think that this eurovision had a bunch of ballads without overly complex choreographies because everyone just kind of knew that it was important to show their support for Ukraine.

No. 206506

File: 1652675582429.jpg (10.24 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

did you anons ever watch that yt video "eurovision being a mess"… i loved it so much and it was deleted for some reason

No. 206543

>hatari were almost disqualified cause they waved a palestinian flag.
>everyone but especially brits took a dig at greece in 2015 cause their entry had "political undertones".
>turkey is allowed to participate in the contest even if they have been illegally occupying northern cyprus for almost 50 years at this point.
>georgia was unable to compete in 2009 since their song was "too political".

I wonder why people are mad at ebu.

No. 206559

bus isn't contest but the analogy is about sore loser fucks like you throwing a tantrum about giving someone a fucking break when they are in a terrible situation.

you selfish fucks think about money when human lives are being lost, like maybe ukrainians deserve to have this nice little thing when they are going through some shit.

maybe better analogy would be you guys throwing a tantrum about some wish foundation letting some cancer ridden kid have his wish come through and you two would be shitting yourself over how unfair that is. the kid is fucking dying, ukrainians are dying, deal with it like grown ups you ugly fat fucks

No. 206561

ukraine won because of people voting for them, that is not something the ebu can control you dumb ass

No. 206568

yet they decided to change the votes of 6 countries

No. 206575

it's not about ukraine winning but rather how ebu allows politics whenever it suits them retard

No. 206576

No. 206578

So this is what MSM propaganda consooming is like. Interesting.

No. 206726

What did everyone think of Iceland? I liked them but was put off cos they had troon flags everywhere.

No. 206740

in the stream nonnies were booing them

No. 206759

We were booing them because of the troon flag. The song was nothing special.

No. 206777

File: 1652729902432.jpeg (135.58 KB, 774x1024, E15F4292-9BAC-41DF-A6E7-CAB7D1…)

in your opinion what were your top/worst songs ?
for me:
top songs: moldova > lithuania > serbia > france > ukraine
worst songs: san marino < switzerland < israel < all sadmoid ballads tbh doesnt matter who after that

No. 206779

Tbh even if I still believed in trans stuff, I would still find them tiring. It's like they went there just to promote trans rights and shit.
I'm thinking about the one who has a trans kid and if she is gonna put it on hormones/puberty blockers. I hope Iceland won't allow that shit even though they seem to be woke there.

Favs in no particular order: Latvia (ofc kek), Serbia, Moldova, Romania,France, Mika
Worst: SWITZERLAND and the ballads( I kinda liked Poland tho)

No. 206789

>worst songs: san marino < switzerland < israel < all sadmoid ballads tbh doesnt matter who after that
Haven't listened to Israel but this is already based

No. 206795

Yes, they were incredibly boring and unremarkable and I can't even remember their song, just the trans shit. Imagine advertising hormone blockers for your child on international television.

No. 206807

people are pissed at the unfair cherry-picking politics ebu allows. stay mad faggot

No. 207095

>illegally occupying northern cyprus for almost 50 years
sage for obvious of topic
see i used to be very opposed to northern cyprus until i actually read up on why the split happened
and whilst invading may not have been the best and morally right idea the greek cypriots were being dicks to the muslims and had thrown aside the powershare agreement so i understand why turkey felt like it was their only option and the uk who were meant to enforce the power share agreement and prevent any issues were shirking their duty
also the new millitary rulers of greece were preparing to annex cyprus following their millitary coup so turkey felt it had no choice but to invade
so it was a shit situation all around

No. 207154

File: 1652851804504.jpg (379.6 KB, 1280x768, Persona4_Ultimate_Mayonaka-41.…)

who should represent florida in the next eurovision song contest?

No. 207169

florida man and the 'gator girls

No. 207180

File: 1652860365881.gif (1.5 MB, 540x327, 09910FB8-2E5E-4825-8697-70E649…)

old but he was sort of cute here. sorry to a certain frenchanon on farmer movie night…
from: Love Love Peace Peace, 2016

No. 207181

Fully agreed. It's childish beyond comprehension, my country absolutely tanked in the finals yet I don't give a shit because I'm happy for Ukraine. I'm just happy that this acts as a morale boost to their troops because that's definitely what they need right now, one stupid song contest being weaponized against the biggest threat Europe has right now is a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

>Theres a reason why everyone remembers Lordi, Verka Serduchka, the Russian grandmas etc and its not their musical talent lol.

Honestly. Eurovision has never been about the music, it's always been sensationalist first and foremost. Acting like the "actually good song should win" is being salty and it's either a britbong or a spaniard mad that they were "robbed of their victory". Ukraine's song was objectively good though, it's not like they won with trash.

kek I also had a friend get so mad they had a fucking meltdown over it. Like god just grow up for fuck's sake

No. 207184

Ukraine's song wasn't political you idiot, it was literally a song about the writer's mother and how much he loves and respects her. The national selections for Ukraine's representative were held before the war broke out so it had nothing to do with the war at first, only being made into an anthem retroactively. EBU can't control the votes either, if the majority of Europeans want Ukraine to win and vote for them then there's nothing they can do about it.

Wait, they did? I snoozed during their boring ass entry so I didn't even notice.

No. 207185

>Ukraine's song wasn't political you idiot, it was literally a song about the writer's mother and how much he loves and respects her.
correct but i think people should watch this small part ( from 3:34 ) of vidrel anyway.
for those who cant watch or dont feel like it here is what the lead singer/rapper had to say about the song
>The song was originally about my mum.
>Not a single lyric was about the war.
>But now for many Ukranians, it's become a symbol of this war.
>Even my perception if the song has changed.
>I now identify it with Ukraine today, not just my mum.

No. 207187

samefag as above, switzerland's reaction to zero points for your viewing possibly displeasure

No. 207191

The guy still decided to scream about Azovstal and their whole music video is about war

No. 207193

That music video was intentionally released after the contest so that it won't be associated with the war you absolute retard. And him screaming political takes still doesn't make the song political.

No. 207195

I want to see Vatican City on the next Eurovision

No. 207197

I'd like to see all of you "too political" whiners singing a lukewarm song about peace and love when your country is getting destroyed and you know you're returning to frontlines soon. Of course they would want to get all the attention possible on that matter especially since after few weeks has passed after the initial attack, seems like people started losing interest in what's happening there. Georgia should have been allowed to sing their anti-putin song in 2009 and maybe EBU learned their lesson since then.

No. 207200

Stay salty nonnie

No. 207201

I will, thank you♥

No. 207214

How is she salty when ukraine literally won kek.

No. 207218

I'm happy Ukraine won because people on Twitter are still crying about it. But I feel a shame when Ukrainian people have to explain themselves why they didn't give Poland points. I wouldn't give Poland points either. I wouldn't give us points even if Krystian saved me from burning building.

No. 207219

I hate after all these nice initiatives and helping Ukraine, Poland's ugly face has to emerge yet again. It legitimately sounds like some people see all that help we did as some debt Ukraine has to pay showing endless gratitude to Poland every step they take from now on. Song was shit therefore no points, shut up. It's always the same people who whine Eurovision is too political and no one cares about music but suddenly when such political approach would benefit polish entry, of course its all ok.
>I wouldn't give us points even if Krystian saved me from burning building.

Eurovision without salt is no eurovision

No. 207240

For the last time, noone cares if the song is political, its the fact that they pick and choose who is allowed to be political. Israel are still fucking competing but Russia was banned. No Palestinian flags but troon and Ukrainian flags everywhere. Do you not see the double standard? I'm all for political songs but apply that shit equally.

No. 207428

Exactly this. And that whole cheating scandal… Poland can't stop embarrassing me.

No. 207823

>when i was 18 i ate my first gran
>but there was something kinda fishy going on and it was weird it was crazy it turned out to be a man
>she said her name was hailey
>but i think it was chuck

ummm based transphobes ?
inb4 cringe weird eurovision bait. yes i am well aware i just thought this was a bit funny
reposting because i forgot to end the spoiler like a retard, sorry

No. 207859

this is so random in the best way lmao. can't wait for the citi zeni-subwoolfer collab.

No. 207887

File: 1653075182863.jpeg (627.76 KB, 1280x1626, 1EA71EA4-9DE1-4CB0-BA9C-782E0A…)

wait actually? or are you just making a joke because you like them together. tell me the truth nonny Please…

No. 207900

File: 1653081362552.jpg (453.48 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_2022-05-21-00-13-00…)

Nothing is confirmed but I believe it's very possible. At least citi zeni asked.

No. 207901

That was so fucking fishy, all the "corrected" votes were also for sweden.

No. 207905

OMG. sorry nonnies but this has me screaming. they were both in my top 3 this year. i really hope they say yes!!!!
they really make me cringe but in a happy way. like looking back on your taste as a tween… and their songs made me dance and jump a lot so i liked them. my top 1 forever is moldova of course.

No. 207909

I will never forgive Latvia not being in the final, I bet it's the jury's fault.

No. 207950

File: 1653103959813.jpg (202.73 KB, 1080x1526, 06-24-18-a30231799f3ac9394fafb…)

I wish I could blame it on the jury but unfortunately they got at the bottom 3 of televotes. The jury actually gave them higher score than televote. I can only think of two reasons why people didn't like it: it was either the spot they were placed(in the very beginning usually most people haven't started watching) or the people who listened to it for the first time found it cringe and ignored it(I kinda dismissed it for this reason at first but their stage presence and whole vibe made it grow on me and now it's cringe in a happy way like that other anon said. OR people aren't green which is hot and cool and don't like the idea of eating pussy idk.

No. 208014

But Ukrainians themselves got mad at the voting, more than Poles actually. Did you read their comments under female ukrainian jury facebook post about voting? Or the male one? He had to private his profile, because of the comments.

No. 208056

It's still embarrassing though, I didn't want ''pity votes'' for our shitty song. There's a difference in Ukrainians getting mad at their jury and Poles getting mad at Ukraine for not voting on them. Our jury didn't vote for Ukraine either so Ukrainians should stop worrying about it, instead of harassing fair people.

No. 208439

File: 1653256039169.webm (872.59 KB, 854x480, stinky.webm)

if you look in the background nobody else has their shoes much less socks taken off
what did he mean by this nonas? i am shaken to my core. and then he kisses his hand after grabbing his socks….

No. 208572

wtf did he mean by this?

No. 209439

File: 1653694336615.png (906.13 KB, 618x830, subwoolfer jim reveal.png)

howling haha with laughter at this
also to anybody curious it is pretty much known/confirmed that the people behind subwoolfer (norway entry) are ben adams from a1 and gaute ormåsen

No. 278877

kek after so many months i come and see this. they officially confirmed it on February

came to revive the thread with my favourite this year(and so far)

No. 278884

it's giving me electric callboy vibes, and i love it

No. 278905

The most aggressive cha cha cha ever. I like his outfit.
This is our winner (great performance after being interrupted by a wetlands activist whose sign no one could read)

No. 278911

Sorry I meant I hope this will be Sweden's winner.

No. 279071

There is drama over polish representant. Blanka that won the preliminary is chummy with on of jury member's son, is involved with another jury member dance show. Also rules for voting were changed three days before the competition and there was no transparency in how many votes each participant got from televoters. Shitstorm is pretty hilarious tbh also song ( Blanka-Solo) is crap. Also Ochman pretty much side-eyed Blanka while he was giving her ticket to Liverpool and it's slowly becoming a meme in polish internet.
How we say in Poland "buja"

No. 279104

this has my vote for sure kek. I hope that this year many people will sing in there native language again

oh wow that sucks, i watched vid related and it seems like she has some trouble hitting the notes. Super weird that they would change the rules 3 days before the competition. Who would you have otherwsie have gotten as representant for Poland if it wasn't rigged?

No. 279221

I just can't stop listening to this. cHA-CHA-CHAchachacha

No. 279311

Probably Jann with Gladiator. Also in bookmacher's ranking before the preselection Poland was ranked 6th (while there was a chance that Jann might be our representative) and after Blanka's 'win' it's fallen to 17th place kek
There was also a bit of talk how sound was a bit fucked in performances of other candidates while Blanka's was okay. Eitherway people are salty as fuck and some ESC media outlets are apparently going to investigate this shitshow but it'll probably change nothing.

No. 279398

Lots of weird/joke entries this year huh. I like it!

Can't wait to see what our entry will do live, I'm kind of shocked they've been allowed to perform.

No. 279423

As an italian I'm here to say that Italy's entry is very fucking lame and I hope we lose bad

No. 279473

I've had 'mama kupila traktora' stuck in my head for the past few days.

I hope they won't be disqualified, I wanna see the britbongs in Liverpool try to pronounce "ŠČ".

No. 279770

I’m not even from Poland and I’m mad they screwed Jann over like this. Gladiator was one of my favorites from the NF season

No. 279771

I watched the sanremo livestream for the first time this year and I was really hoping for Lazza, Madame, or Mr. Rain to win. I was really disappointed when Marco won. He seems to have a nice voice and performs well on stage, but the song was so unbelievably boring. I wish he would step down and let Lazza go. Who did you want to win?

No. 280158

File: 1677997954269.jpeg (135.41 KB, 750x734, C9688A68-218B-4992-BFCB-7DA0AD…)

Jann announced your dates throughout mid to late April. This unfortunately solidifies that he will not be going to Eurovision even if an actual investigation takes place

No. 280167

Wow what a hottie, angelic voice at the end there too. Its really too bad Poland won't send him to eurovision.

No. 280168

FUMING. i'm so disappointed. cool song AND performance AND he's not an eyesore like so many others. anyone else think this had the type of swagger the very early 2000s had?

No. 280171

Nona, i don't follow Eurovision but i've looked into what was going on because I was so impressed by this guy, it's really a shame.
I firstly saw the music video and thought that the song was so cool and interesting, but when I saw the performance he honestly reminded me of Britney Spears lmao, i hope he will get the fame he deserves because he is clearly talented and seems to put a lot of effort into what he does, even if the vocals didn't sound the best there..

No. 280172

Yeah, he's not a bad singer but the song was very forgettable imo. It seemed like the usual ballad about love and fucking that every singer does at some point.
I didn't like Lazza's song that much because I'm not into that singing style (same with Madame), though the base was very good I admit. Mr. Rain had a nice song and I expected him to win. I thought Paola and Chiara's song would get more votes as well since it's catchy and it would have fit nicely into Eurovision.

No. 280188

This performance is so fucking funny KEK. If I hadn't known better I would've thought it was a layered comedic criticism about the industry churning out pretty popstars who can't really sing, singing run of the mill popsongs. It genuinely sounds like an AI-generated popsongs KEK. I love how even the aesthetics are super dated, it looks like it rolled straight out of 2016. I haven't laughed this hard at a performance in a long time kekkk

Pretty sure the whole drama catapulted the guy into a level of success he wouldn't have gotten if he'd actually gone to ESC. Too bad for us though because he's cute (I hope he's not underage)

No. 280190

By the way should we make a new thread because the OP is outdated?

No. 280195

from his wikipedia page
>Jan Rozmanowski (born February 12 , 1999)
he's 24 !

No. 280196

yes please i'm for it

No. 280208

nta but omg thanks nona, my blood ran cold for a sec there but i doubt they would let an underage boy do all of that, right? glad i'm the same age

No. 280214

>it looks like it rolled straight out of 2016
Kek she reminds me of a bootleg Ariana Grande from 2016.

He's very pretty and I like this song a lot more. I agree with your comment on the sound being a bit fucked, I still hope they will do an investigation because it would be funny if she wasn't allowed to sing at eurovision.

No. 280217

i can't wait to be with all of you this may again, i've been waiting for close to a year and i'm still as excited as ever!!! it was seriously the most fun i had all 2022 thanks to you nonnies. let's hope for the same if not better this year!

No. 280232

I think I’m hesitant to make a new one because if you check the catalog, there’s currently two open threads labeled Eurovision general, so idk if we really need another new thread. I think we should keep filling this one for now and then if this thread is close to the post limit in May, make a new one for the livestreams

No. 280264

I liked this song from Germany quite much. Wasn't elected, though, but I like the guys that won as well, so I won't complain. But god, it's not even the semi-finals yet and I am already seething about the jury.

What's the point of having a jury if they refuse to give anything any points that isn't softy-pop? Like always, they elect the exact opposite of what the people want. The three most popular songs (video related was #3) got almost nothing from most of the jury. At least it was satisfying to see how the hipster that the jury pushed so hard got shat on by the people. None of the jury favorites got more than 8-21 points altogether. The winner, Lords of the Lost, got 150 points from the audience. kek.

No. 280500

I love this

pozdrav iz hrvatske

No. 280537

Lord of the Lost on Eurovision is The Rasmus tier of ridiculous, they're big enough, they have a solid career, I wish someone less known got their spot, since it's not like they would benefit from it fame-wise at all anyway and a smaller artist would. They've just been on tour with Iron Maiden, it's enough exposure

No. 280550

I don't think artists benefit from ESC all that much to be honest, not outside their country anyway. Breaking through like Maneskin did is an exception. Snap was a huge hit but will we ever hear something from that girl again? Probably not.

No. 280551

Samefag but that's probably even more true for a metal act like Lord of the Lost. Metalheads don't exactly make up the majority of the viewership of ESC.

No. 280565

Nice, another cutie.

No. 280570

Totally agree. Eurovision can give a band exposure, but there’s no guarantee it’ll actually help their career. There are so many singers/bands who do well in Eurovision and then you never really hear anything about them afterwards.

Even people who get popular afterwards have other contributing factors. Maneskin blew up in Europe for being hot and charismatic. They blew up around the rest of the world because one of their older songs went viral on tiktok.

The metal thing is generally true as well. Lordi winning definitely made their career outside of Europe, but their extreme costuming played a very big role in their win

No. 280807

Random but I have to mention Lordi also went so far as to star in a horror movie called Dark Floors right after their win (won in 06, DF released 08) and while it didn’t get raving reviews, at the time the movie was still making its rounds in europe (and internationally to a smaller degree) and anybody who was either into rock, eurovision or horror had seen it, I would even call it a cult classic within europe from a historical standpoint kekw.

No. 281105

Were audience allowed to vote this time? finally

No. 281223

I love this one

No. 281252

Finally Cha cha cha gets some worthy competition.

No. 281263

Thank god. I was starting to worry that we wouldn’t have any silly songs this year

No. 281290

Do I listen or do I not spoil the surprise

No. 281309

Israel announced Noa kirel back in the summer and now her song is finally going to premiere in about an hour. A part of me thinks it could be good because I read she was working with a good team of writers. But I tried listening to her other music and absolutely none of it stood out to me, so I’m not getting my hopes up

Two months is so long to wait nonnie. Besides it’s just the music video, their stage performance will still be a surprise

No. 281315

File: 1678304851030.jpg (97.2 KB, 976x549, _118048242_gettyimages-4606770…)

i mean then there is ABBA of course kek

No. 281338

Not a fan of the song, but the video shows her dancing a little, so I could see this having some nice choreography on stage

No. 281342

File: 1678309447580.jpg (124 KB, 900x900, willchurch106_v-quadratl.jpg)

Yeah, FINALLY. Otherwise pic related would have won since the jury was sucking his dick.
You only have to look at the photo to know what kind of song he sings to be honest. I don't want to be an ass even, not even saying it's bad, just not my thing at all and we had these songs a billion times already and they don't stick out in the mass of similar tracks from the ESC so I am glad the audience chose something else.

No. 281346

God I LOVED this song so much I voted for them. Glad they were second in the audience voting IIRC.
Fuck the jury. Their taste is always horseshit and they always vote for middle-european countries or boring pop.

Looking forward to 2023. The Balkan- and eastern Slavic countries are always the best IMO.

No. 281355

Apparantly juries are out now and it's only televote. Not sure if that's also true for the finale but at least for the semi finales.

No. 281358

Really? That would be great.
I never understood the point of it anyway. First of all are they everything but neutral, second do I not understand why I am even supposed to care about what five academic hipsters think. At least the jury from my own country aren't even people that seem professional, it's literally just some moderators from casting shows and other third rate celebrities.

No. 281411

I’m so excited. I’m a fan from the US and I read that everyone worldwide can vote this year

No. 282119

Potential meme material with the little guy I guess

No. 282120

sweden’s entry was just decided, it’s loreen again.

No. 282123

samefag this is 3rd place of sweden’s melodifestivalen but i’m gonna share it anyway bc i love it

while you’re here check out other melodifestivalen 2023 songs, esp the final entries there’s a lot of fun stuff. also the troon came in dead last kek

No. 282124

To no one's surprise. Smash into pieces was pretty good but you know no one would beat Loreen. But I want to know why a troon song about loving how you look ended up in the finale?

No. 282125

Am I the only one who hopes she doesn't win? It's such a cheapshot to send her again and it's too similar to her last entry.

No. 282128

I want Cha cha cha to win Eurovision. But I don't mind her participating and winning Mello, she had the most feeling in her performance of all the entries.

No. 282144

fuck yes imagine if they sent out that tone tranny. holy shit i was praying on his downfall from a distance kek i'm almost shocked that they didn't considering it's sweden after all no offense swedeanons but then again melfest has an insane complicated system that makes no sense at all.

No. 282146

Why is the staging so wildly different between the these two, like there's one highly engaging and dynamic one with an expensive looking prop and the other is a flat screen and some red lights. Did Loreen get triple budget that the other contestants didn't get?

No. 282212

speaking of melfest i liked these guys as well, i may be basic but i love jon henrik and his jojk also arc north gives aspie vibes which is kinda cute to me

No. 282236

Jon Henrik is a cutie, I liked Jag är fri. But how many times has he been in Mello now?

No. 282238

I like Cha Cha Cha a lot (aside from the unsightly tiny moid) but I think it'd be pretty cool if Loreen, we haven't had a (solo) woman win a couple of years now and it'd be the first time a woman wins twice in a row, I think.

How does someone from overseas get into Eurovision?

By the way, if non-participating countries are apparently allowed to vote now, does that mean participating countries will be able to vote in both semi finales now?

No. 282239

Obligatory Shum, I love this performance like nothing else

No. 282260

a lot of times, he stated in the clip right before their performance in the finale that this would be his last time competing in melodifestivalen.

No. 282262

Nope you're not the only one. I really like her song, but I like Finland's more and I want another non-english song to win, hopefully making a trend for the 20s decade to continue and encourage a stream of native language winner songs.

No. 282266

File: 1678635012567.gif (1.44 MB, 260x275, 1678471925000.gif)

Did you mean: Sexy tiny moid
Same sis, and I hope these Ukrainian artists are safe right now.

No. 282267

Is this that guy who performed for Sweden with the gospel ladies in the background or was that someone else?

No. 282293

Tinfoil blog but going by how shitty melfest is run from behind the scenes and how they seem to constantly want to take away the power from the people I think they planned for her to win all along.

>The producers choose what songs get to be in melfest. They choose some average/strange ones on purpose to make the good ones they chose more likely to win. That's why the 4 qualifying shows never have more than 2 famous singers/bands so they can ensure only the "good" ones stay in the competition. They'll also also do things like only have one single rock song per year, so it's not even subtle the way they do it.

>Loreen was the very last performance of the last qualifying show. This was to make sure she's on people's minds at the big final, ensuring she gets more votes.
>Loreens number is suspiciously more well-produced than the others. They could amp up every performance if they wanted, they choose not to because they want her to stand out and seem better.
>The producers get to handpick the international jury themselves, they can freely pick people they know will have the desired taste to ensure they give her high points without having to directly bribe them so it seems more genuine (the jury is just one single person from each of the other countries). The jury has 50% of the votes, that's ridculously high but they need it to get the result they planned.
>They made sure to split up the votes in the qualifying shows by age because they know the majority of voters are young, so doing it this way ensures the song that actually gets the most votes in total can't win and ruin it in case young people decide that sending a "bad" meme song would be hilarious one year
>Note that they did not disclose if they still used this age-split system in the final. They just called it "the people's votes". Technically if they wanted to they could look at which of the 2 ways (votes in total or split by age groups) give them their preferred result in real time and just report the one they prefer. Neither one would be "lying".

I don't think it would even be possible for Sweden to send a song like Give that wolf a banana with this current system, the producers wouldn't like it so they've made sure it can't happen.

No. 282532

The first semi is stacked, good variation of weird shit, "ethnic" bops, regular bops, ballads, English and non-English. The only ones I really don't like from this video are Azerbaijan, Ireland and Switzerland. My favourites are Moldova, Czech and Serbia. What do you all think?

No. 282534

wait I forgot about Finland, add that to the favourite list lol

No. 282542

What happened that made the songs so diverse and good this time? There was a bad drought in the 10s IMO when almost every song was a samey pop ballad, but it got better the last years and now it's fucking perfect.

I also love that they moved on from "serious" and conservative presentations. Music was always about rebellion, passion or fun. This time they seem to go full out.

Just from the short video here I would also say that I like Czechia, Finland, Norway and Moldova the most. Hell I already voted Moldova last time, they have a great taste it seems. Russia and Ukraine were also almost always top tier. I have to listen to the other songs for 2023 haven't done this yet.

No. 282891

Loreen's song is boring, bland and generic piece of SHIT. Seriously hope she does not win.

No. 283523

Finally checked out Poland's song and while it's really meh, the performance is bad. Feels like they just took a random girl off the street with no training whatsoever and put her on the stage that very night. Checked out Gladiator, and while it was clearly a better choice, the guy uncomfortably reminds of pre-transition Contrapoints kek

No. 283547

God someone finally said it, I thought the same thing but I thought maybe I was missing something because people are so overwhelmingly in support of this one.

No. 283587

how do you nonnies feel about the people saying ukraine will win again? the truth is people only care when something starts and not when it is ongoing, and no new or as "mediatized" war has happened to the degree that it did last year anyway. plus the song is dogshit radio tier. yes last year it was obvious that ukraine was going to win as people are obviously going to be sympathetic towards a war stricken country, and the song was actually hype so it wasn't that unfair.
speaking of radio tier songs, uk's entry. i've read people saying that it was chosen on purpose so that they won't rehost again and save money KEK that's probably not true but it made me laugh. well, you never know with normies. we don't have juries this time right?

No. 283685

Ukraine's song sucks. It won't win again, I don't think it'll even get top 10.

No. 283687

I quite like the UK's song by the way. I find the title off putting because it reminded me of that silly song tbe winner from Fairytale had a few years back (How to write a song or something like that) and though it'd be ultra dumb and gimmicky like that but once I actually listened to it.. it's not bad for a radio friendly song.

No. 283722

I like this one

No. 283808

videos like this give me such fomo when it comes to other countries' national finals. so many interesting songs and moments i'm missing

No. 284290

where are you from? My country doesn't have a national final and I'm honestly fine with it, either my memories are warped because it was long ago or they were always trash.

No. 284792

>How does someone from overseas get into Eurovision?
I saw it being meme’d on tumblr for years, but didn’t know how to watch because it isn’t broadcast here and the stream on YouTube is geoblocked here too. Then I saw måneskin and was determined to watch. I found a stream from another country and absolutely loved it. I then went back and started watching the older Eurovision years on YouTube that weren’t geoblocked and became a little bit obsessed lol

I don’t think Ukraine will win again this year. Last year’s song wasn’t that great, but at least the chorus was catchy and I liked the flute parts too. Their song this year is incredibly generic and bland. There’s no substance to it and if they hadn’t won last year, I don’t think their song this year would’ve qualified

This year was my first time watching national finals. It’s definitely fun to pick a few to watch and you discover a lot of great new music that doesn’t make it to the Eurovision stage

No. 284925

This video gave me a laugh

No. 285203

>I saw it being meme’d on tumblr for years
Oh my god I remember doing that years ago, good times

No. 285221

god, the chorus is so powerful
i hope they'll wear the costumes from the video on stage, cause i absolutely love them

No. 285412

I loved this song when I heard it in one of those compilation videos with just a snippet of the chorus, but then I heard the whole thing and noooo….. I really don't like the rapping

No. 289884

No. 290609

I feel so embarrassed, they are horrible at singing kek. Two times they have performed live and each time they blamed it at technical difficulties. These crusty fuckers just can't sing.

No. 290967

They're unironically worse than the girl from Poland KEK

No. 292039

File: 1682427815783.jpeg (97.02 KB, 820x1138, FujArSrXsAMeS1r.jpeg)

So Ireland's creative director Ian Banham has been fired for 'contradicting Eurovision values' by agreeing that a man isn't a woman and can't go to women's prisons (as well as pointing out that Dylan fella isn't a woman on Twitter) Noticed and reported by troons at ESC discord.

No. 292042

How the fuck is moids in women's prisons Eurovision values?

No. 292044

tranny rights i guess, i mean a tran won in the 90s so it's not a surprise

No. 292260

They really are worse then Poland. i'm pretty sure the whole dutch populations dislikes them so much that we don't even want to go to the finals kek. Oh well, i hope that Finland wins.

Disgusting tbh, but eurovision has been known to pander to troons

No. 292577

Do these retards realize there's a shitton of "transphobic" and even "homophobic" countries in Europe participating in ESC? Wouldn't be surprised if there's several closeted ""transphobes"" participating every year. Actual retards

really, who? I always hated that gross crossdresser that won for Austria a couple of years ago. People still call him a her, fuck you womanhood isn't a pretty dress.

Here's a palate cleanser

No. 292579

This one was so good too

No. 292686

It was Dana International in 1998 with the song Diva. I hadn't immediately clocked him when I first saw the performance, but after the nonna here said there was a troon winner in the 90s, I went ahead to YouTube to check out past winners of the 90s and upon seeing his performance I got suspicious and googled him lol.

And right on about closeted transphobe performers. And by transphobic, I mean a lot of these people probably wouldn't agree on housing an obvious male in women's prisons. But as we saw, that was enough to get a man fired for 'contradicting Eurovision values' lol.

No. 292757

ESC definitely knows what crowd they're pandering to, half the fanbase is gay moids

No. 293526

File: 1682958449652.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.68 KB, 977x650, 230501_Sarah Louise Bennett_EB…)

Spoiler because it's an actual spoiler but I have to post this.. this is apparantly a picture from Romania's rehearsal. WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON?

No. 293544

they look like tampons

No. 293649

kekkkk you're right

No. 293985

Soon my nonitas, soon!

No. 294185

First semifinal rehearsals. Serbia's Luke Black looks pretty good!

No. 294274

File: 1683234481496.jpg (48.1 KB, 630x360, 630_360_1641376595-589.jpg)

Neon green clothes, techno and gibberish (to foreigners) non-english lyrics is such a winning combo. See: Käärijä and Go_A

No. 294357

Serbia almost looks like a live mv, really cool

No. 294683

No. 294699

I refuse to believe that Ukraine won only by pity points. Their song and performance was objectively good and memorable, their original winner who was disqualified due to some technicality was nowhere near as catchy and universal-sounding as Kalush Orchestra ended up being. But to be fair, Ukraine has always performed really well in Eurovision. They consistently secure spots in the top-10 and top-5, in the 20 years they've been participatng they've won two times and even this year their entry has a very professional quality to it. They're just really talented people, that's it.

No. 294745

Yeah it was already popular online pre-contest, basically a war anthem of sorts. A song doesn't become a war anthem out of pity. I didn't like the song whatsoever but it was a deserved winner.

No. 294884

I wanna read anons commentary on the performances, soo… are we gonna see the semifinals together on cytube or something, or are we gonna post our comments here? I wasn't here last year, so I'm curious as to what we are going to do?

No. 294896

we're going to watch it together on cytube, yes! i'm so excited nona see you there tomorrow!

No. 294902

I'm glad Ukraine won, Engeland was second place and I don't even remember what the song sounded like. Like you said Ukraine was a lot more memorable.

See you there tomorrow anon! Just like last year I will try and chat on my phone since I will watch it on television with my family and friends. I remember last time there was a bit of delay on cytube so I will try and not accidentally spoil you guys when i post in chat!

No. 294919

The most unfortunate was 2005 performance, Greenjolly - Razom Nas Bahato. Although the lyrics were altered, it was still a political song that was out of place out of the original context and sucked musically. Especially after Ruslana. This performance makes me a bit emotional haha, she's so happy to be there.
I once was at a little vyshyvanka museum where Ruslana apparently wanted to shoot one of her videos and the old lady that museum belonged to didn't allow it because she didn't like that folk dances were called "wild", she was so indignant about that lol

No. 295247

Who is watchi g

No. 295264

Nona get into the moovie night stream next time!

No. 295266

I'm scared that sweden will win again, i dont want that

go join us upcoming Thurdays, today we were with like 40 people!

I'm glad those were my faves!

No. 295269

Yeah Loreen has already won once, it feels wrong to have her compete again. I'm glad we sent her and not the narcissistic troon though.

No. 295277

Nobody posted Croatia so might as well. ŠČ is apparently the oldest known letter in the slavonic alphabet.

>mom bought a tractor (communism)

>mom loved a moron (putin)
>oh no no, armageddon
>letters of the alphabet backwards, going back in time to ŠČ
>mom I'm going out to play
>mom I'm going to war

That's the tl;dr. Also they put roses in their anuses on the national finals. I'm here for the camp.

No. 295284

They're cool, I loved them! It's fun watching eurovision this year. Let 3 reminded me of something from the past that I miss, but I struggle to remember what exactly. I feel like there were a lot more bands that didn't take themselves seriously in the 90s and the beginning of 00s. Something like Knorkator? Nothing else comes to mind but there definitely was more

I also liked Serbia and Norway, Moldova was decent, too. Czechia is nice, not a fan of rapping tho. I feel like everyone who made it to final deserved it.

No. 295336

Even though I'm glad Kaarija went to the final(he is my fav this year) I'm not a fan of the new staging. It is way less cool and impactful than the national final. Compared to it, it felt lucklaster and the dancing was all over the place.

>not the narcissistic troon
what narcissistic troon?

No. 295337

File: 1683697747880.jpg (112.26 KB, 1440x1804, 1826aeba312ae5e5.jpg)

I wasn't into the song at first but it's grown on me.

No. 295344

File: 1683700470010.png (249.41 KB, 966x1787, Screenshot_20230510-083240-610…)

For anyone that is bored right now.
I got Albania's song and… as far as I know, no ones likes this one?? I haven't heard it yet, I will have to wait until tomorrow to see if I like it, lol.

No. 295347

nta but Tone Sekelius, called Thomas before trooning out, a male gay makeup influencer who trooned out and got to the final but got dead last and Loreen won. He's not actually a singer but is a narc so competed this and last year with songs all about himself. The first song had him -and I shit you not- throw off a brown trench coat, the direct reference to dodgy men exposing themselves was lost on him but it sent me into a laughing fit that they had the one troon do that

No. 295349

People didn't vote for Ukrane, judges votes pushed Ukraine to win. So yeah, a pityvote.

No. 295350

As a swedenona I'm always rooting for all the Nordic countries. Glad Sweden, Norway and Finland made it to the final. Just gotta get Denmark and Iceland in tomorrow and we're all set! I hope Finland wins, I love it when freaky weird songs win kek

No. 295352

Absolutely pity votes, even though the song was cool it wouldn't at all have been a winning song if it hadn't been from Ukraine and Russia hadn't invaded them. I'm generally cool with it, Europe sent a message of support in a non-political way in their time of need by letting them win and every other country still got to perform and have fun. But it was a shame that the UK didn't get to win because of it, I think they deserved the win.

No. 295354

You know you could just do a quick google search https://www.escdaily.com/ukraine-wins-eurovision-2022-with-a-historical-televote/
>Ukraine has won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. The band Kalush Orchestra was ranked 4th in the jury vote, however they won the televote by a historical score of 439 points.
Sure the war was probably a big part of it, but the song was objectively good and would still have made it far.

Uk was really boring imo, i dont even remember what the song was.

I just looked him up and he looks scary kek. I'm glad he isn't representing Sweden

No. 295355

Loreen's entry is boring and I don't get the whole deal about it being amazing and sending shivers down peoples' spines etc. I hope she doesn't win just because it sounds like every other generic love anthem in the world.

Nope, like >>295354 said they performed well with both televotes and jury vote. UK's song was dog shit compared to them and it came in second.

No. 295359

File: 1683707122803.jpg (207.41 KB, 1600x913, tone_sekelius-8079432.jpg)

wtf is this weird grin/smirk kek. why flamboyant gays cant just stay they way they are

No. 295360

File: 1683707359075.jpg (217.82 KB, 1080x2083, gasgaga.jpg)

saging for mini meme dump

No. 295361

File: 1683707388480.jpg (261.53 KB, 1080x1354, tumblr_3ce952b05ba99480ca02536…)

No. 295362

File: 1683707503414.jpg (122.78 KB, 1024x882, tumblr_d229f7b11334ea75133332b…)

(loved someone saying "sweden sending the same song but it's performed in a hydraulic press)

No. 295364

File: 1683708373987.jpg (69.44 KB, 1200x675, 738a8b0f79ca5a52.jpg)

No. 295365

File: 1683708412940.jpg (25.2 KB, 422x477, a109623ab1fde68b.jpg)

No. 295366

File: 1683708493591.jpg (89.82 KB, 720x529, 1d5585523a3944e9.jpg)

No. 295380

He seems found of the moid exposer move, he did something similar on Let's dance too.
Same, I will be really happy if Finland or Norway wins not only because their songs are fucking great but because it feels like cheering on your siblings kek
I'm not a fan of the new staging either, I get having him and the dancers break free from boxes is symbolic of the lyrics but it feels too crowded. There was a weird echo when he sang too which better be fixed for the finale.

No. 295441

I have a question. I’m from America and I absolutely loved Latvia’s song and was disappointed it didn’t qualify, but I noticed it wasn’t getting much attention beforehand. Then I thought about it and out of the Eurovision years I’ve watched, I can’t remember any other indie bands. Is indie music just not very popular/well liked in Europe?

No. 295442

Does anyone know of a VPN that can be accessed through the browser? I want to watch this but I also want to post on another imageboard while I do, and I can't because they ban VPNs.

No. 295445

I’ve been watching it without a vpn from Sweden’s stream on svt play if that helps

No. 295447

Do you still get to see commentary? Are there any commercials/is it live?

No. 295463

IDK which commentary you mean, but it's live with no ads.

No. 295508

There’s commentary between acts/during the postcards, but obviously it’s in Swedish, so I don’t understand it

No. 295597

I don't think that indie bands are not popular in Europe, but they are just not popular on Eurovision i think. But i enjoyed Latvia too and also Malta guys, it's just a really cursed semi-final for them.

No. 295602

File: 1683779436820.jpg (223.55 KB, 1052x1796, Screenshot_20230511-071640__01…)

Talking about the unpopular entries… This is like one of the only two songs this year that is so bad i skip whenever they come up, second being Spain (I've seen so much praise of this one and it feels like a joke i don't get, the song is unlistenable to me).
As for Albania's entry, i really like the song, though i haven't seen live yet

No. 295615

Yeah semi 1 was stacked. Semi 2 doesn’t have a lot of great stuff, so I think if Latvia and Malta had been in 2, they both would’ve qualified

I totally agree with you about Romania, especially since I listened to everything from their national final and I know they had much better options than this. Spain I half agree with you. I personally like Spain, but it is definitely an acquired taste

No. 295621

File: 1683787074031.jpeg (151.76 KB, 750x1179, 39A8664D-A940-419D-82B9-0BB25D…)

Not a very accurate description of me, but I got one of my favorite songs this year

No. 295628

Yeah eurovision is its own special thing, indie just isn't very popular in this context. I can only speak from my own country's perspective, but even most popular songs from ESC sound and look nothing like what organically gets popular here so I'd imagine other places are similar.

No. 295636

File: 1683793735311.png (216.23 KB, 1080x675, poepoepoe.png)

I'm a social genius nonas, kek
This song is really good though!

No. 295640

>Even though I'm glad Kaarija went to the final(he is my fav this year) I'm not a fan of the new staging
Huh, really? I think the new staging is far superior and makes a much greater impact. I thought the old one looked very flat in comparison

No. 295644

File: 1683798139856.jpg (18.86 KB, 393x309, 1644431400980.jpg)

New zooplus package came, with the neon green wrapper. I'm going to make some sort or rosette for my dog to wear for pictures. CHA CHA.

No. 295646

It's totally the opposite for me kek. I thought the choreography, stage and overall setup was much better at the semi-final. I also think the camera work wasn't as good plus he seemed a little off and he had sound issues.

Nonetheless people loved it and that's all I care about.

No. 295656

NTA, I think the camera work and audio mixing for the stream on Tuesday was beyond botched. I was watching footage filmed from the audience and it looked and sounded much better than it did on the stream. He was recovering from a 40-degree fever this week too and almost cancelled so I think that affected his energy, I hope he's at his best on Saturday.

No. 295664

>He was recovering from a 40-degree fever this week too
Oh shit, get well little finnish green man! Hope he is in top shape in the final.

No. 295693

What more exactly? Not trying to start a fight, I just find it interesting how we see it opposite ways.
I thought the big shadow and the long snake tongue made him look more demonic and rock n roll, as well as breaking out from the box being quite playful and fun while showing he "can't be contained". Then the release of the pink dancers on a leash was a nice reveal and made it seem like he was in full control over them as their demonic overlord kek

No. 295694

I speak Finnish myself and understand the lyrics of Käärijä's song, how do anons that don't speak Finnish perceive it? I'm genuinely curious about how you see it because the "you cant go to the Eurovision with a song sung in Finnish" mentality has existed for decades in Finland and Käärijä has said that his goal is to show them otherwise.

No. 295695

File: 1683807272462.png (171.11 KB, 425x820, croatia.png)

No. 295698

This song is catchy enough to break the finnish language curse, but anything else in another genre probably won't ever win or have a decent score kek. But I'm also finnona, so maybe I'm just of the same mentality

No. 295700

Well the cha-cha-cha dance reference in the refrain makes us understand that it's about party and dancing. I think if there is one catchy part that the audience can understand or easily sing along with then the language barrier doesn't matter.
Where did you see the footage filmed from the audience, nona?

No. 295709

I can only count in Finnish a bit and remember maybe, like, 5 words, but I can still enjoy songs in Finnish without understanding a word, it's one of my favorite languages. I personally prefer Eurovision songs in national languages. Plus, you can always find a translation of lyrics if you want to know what it's about.

No. 295717

I prefer having more diversity in Eurovision. If everything is in English, it’s kind of boring. I don’t really need to understand the lyrics to be able to enjoy a good song

No. 295719

I don't speak Finnish but I looked up the lyrics before. I think the fact that it IS Finnish and people don't understand it is helping the song a lot. If it had been English it would have been clear that the lyrics are basically just "generic party song about drinking". Right now (English speaking) people can at least snap up "pina colada" "dance" and get the right idea of what it is about, but it can't really be "ruined" from the lyrics being bad/cringe since they don't understand the words and they can instead focus on and sing along to the "cha cha cha" parts.

I'm a swede so I love and support Finland as a neighbouring country, and I would absolutely want you guys to win with a song in Finnish. In Sweden we do the same thing, we "can't" send a song in Swedish because we think it's not good enough for the rest of Europe, we're not cool and global enough. It just HAS to be English, that's the only valid language because at the end of the day we love sucking up to American culture and are told that's the only right way to do pop culture. I think it's a shame that we're constantly told and feel like our own cultures aren't good enough. Our languages are fucking awesome.

No. 295721

>Our languages are fucking awesome.
Amen. I'm also Swedish and it's annoying how we keep sending these generic songs in english.
Ukraine won with a song in their own language last year and before that Italy won with an italian song. You'd hope that would make everyone less afraid of sending a native language song. Cheering for Finland, show us the power of non-english songs!

No. 295723

I agree! I really liked that previous winners Ukraine and Italy sang in their native languages, it's really interesting to hear how other European languages sound like.

>If it had been English it would have been clear that the lyrics are basically just "generic party song about drinking".
But the song isn't a generic drinking song and that's a big reason to why it had such a grip on the Finnish audience who understood its lyrics and cultural context, I think something got lost in translation. It's about someone who's shy and socially withdrawn, then breaking out of that shell through encouragement and having fun, even if it's just for tonight. Notice how according to the lyrics he "still has a serious face" even after drinking the pina coladas, it's only after he enters the dance floor that he starts loosening up and how "this world isn't making him scared anymore".

No. 295724

File: 1683822264456.jpg (151.39 KB, 2024x949, punkraver hockey player.jpg)

>He was recovering from a 40-degree fever this week too
How hadn't I heard anything about this? I hope he sleeps well under his formula one sheets with his little bulbasaur to get better.

It's cool nona. It's just a difference in opinion not a big deal.
Well I was a big fan of the camera work of the national final like how he kicked the wood and he stared from the hole and all those close-ups. I also really liked the boxing ring out of euro pallets, the dancers appearing earlier and him lashing the leashes(idk how to describe it) and the closeups on them and how they danced around him symbolising his insecurities(they did that in the semi too but it didn't feel the same), how they lifted him up , I even liked the dancer's outfits better. I liked the idea of the box but the boxing ring had to be sacrificed for it and tbh, the tongue thing looked kinda silly to me and the fact that there was no pole on the shadow and he was holding nothing on it was kinda awkward looking. In short, I believe the semi had a better direction and told a more coherent story when it came to the lyrics(not that I would know if someone didn't explain but I liked how it flowed. It really made an impact of how I think about the song).

Idk about english anons, but as a non-english speaking person who doesn't pay attention to lyrics most of the time, I could care less. I have been watching the contest for a very long time and the first winners I remember were non-english songs. But it was a smart idea of them to add cha cha cha for the international audience to sing to.

In other news, he is trending on a hockey stats site(he used to play hockey) and they have added his current image and the eurovision video kek

No. 295725

File: 1683822592625.png (328.1 KB, 539x766, everything-is-kaarijagreen.png)

samefag I love how Finns have collectively lost their minds and kaarija-fied everything

No. 295726

File: 1683822665682.jpg (102.48 KB, 540x720, cultural-impact-1.jpg)

No. 295727

Kek I love this

No. 295728

File: 1683822817276.jpg (79.23 KB, 540x793, cultural-impact-2.jpg)

No. 295729

File: 1683822945263.jpg (237.88 KB, 537x2117, braindead take.jpg)

And for the end on a more serious note, tumblr is a fun site to follow eurovision until one comes up to posts like this. Is anyone actually thinking this?(ok the poster and a few other people but how can this be a mainstream opinion)

No. 295731

Why does this whole twitter thread sound like some Russian false flag psyop?

No. 295733

Are you ready for tonight nonnas? Ich hoffe es gucken auch deutsche Nonnen!

No. 295740

I loved Latva as well and was gutted to see it not go through. I think several factors contributed to it not qualifying. First it was a very strong semi with a lot of good songs. Then they were early on in the running order which is statistically bad for voting because people forget you, sandwiched in between two very upbeat, catchy songs so it just kinda got lost in the crowd. It's a song that you need to hear more than once to really appreciate, it's not catchy upon first listen. Then it's also the first year (in recent times) we've had televote-only semis and televote tends to go for the flashiest, catchiest, easiest to consume things (sorry Cha cha cha), jury would've probably saved it. And I saw someone write this and I very much agreed with them: normally in ESC even the weird or out there performances and uncommon genres still have something 'Eurovision' about them, think Georgia 2022 or Finland 2021. Sudden Lights were like the most non-Eurovision entry we've seen in a long time. >>295628 is right, Eurovision is it's own special thing and doesn't accurately reflect how Europeans consume music normally.

The staging for this one is HORRIBLE like genuinely TERRIBLE beyond words

I'm fine with it in Finnish, it sounds good and funny. I probably would like it less if I could actually understand the lyrics because I know it's a dumb party song kek. I'm not anti-English though, for something like Aija I was really happy to understand the lyrics because they're beautiful. Capre Diem in Slovenian is awesome. Echo really should've been in Georgian because those lyrics are a literal word salad, so it really depends on the song for me.

No. 295743

Nta but that still falls under "generic party/drinking" song. They all have slightly different messages of course, but at the core they're the same. The narrative of a person being shy isn't new, it's still very generic. I like the song though, it's fun!

No. 295755

Which song are you most excited about tonight nonas?
>I hope he sleeps well under his formula one sheets with his little bulbasaur to get better.
This is such a cute mental image.

No. 295758


No. 295759

File: 1683829683480.png (446.17 KB, 447x795, sleep tight.PNG)

You'll be happy to know he did just that.

No. 295760

Well that's fucking kawaii or whatever they say in Finland.

No. 295764

>Käärijä tussi
Do Finns really (tussi means pussy in Estonian)

No. 295766

nonnas i'm new to this where's the stream link

No. 295767

Kek I know that's why I said it.

Obviously Austria. Tbh idc much about this final but I wish Slovenia passes so that Käärija can be with his bf Bojan in the final . I know my country will flop and I also hope that Poland flops because her song is shit and she doesn't deserve to be there.

No. 295768

No. 295770

Oh god, I saw a couple of months ago a video of some Ukrainian blogger criticizing this song and music video for various reasons, the most triggering being that the crown was never a symbol of sovereignty in Ukraine and is rather perceived as something related to Russian imperialism, and the sisterhood (=panslavism) message, because it's something that's also pushed by Russia. She dissected the video as well, but tbh I didn't really understand some parts of it either, seemed a bit weird and unfinished, I guess. Some people agreed with her, some didn't. I'm a Ukrainian and had no negative thoughts when I first heard the song, I'd say it's pretty touching even. I'm sure no such shit as panslavism was implied and crown is not used in historical context, it's more like a general symbolism. There's a certain trend since the start of war where people would dissect anyone's songs, videos, etc. with anti-war message and some go too far, but I suspect it's either those who live in twitter or people that "need" to make content. I hate it that they speak for all Ukrainians. Honestly there are billions of other reasons to be upset now and they definitely don't include someone's attempts to support us, even if it's not "perfect" from someone's point of view.

No. 295779

the twinks and mrs.iceland won my heart heheh

No. 295791

Lol my mom was so confused about drag queens. "Is this the host? …they're men?? why does he have boobs?"

No. 295795

im just gonna post some let 3 and go

No. 295800

your mom is so cute kek

No. 295803

File: 1683841899593.webm (Spoiler Image,2.34 MB, 1280x720, kGsyArjhoWHDQa7M.webm)

moid licking camera warning
i'm fangirling. i feel twelve years old. i'm rejuvenated, revitalized. sorry nonnis

No. 295806

sorry but it must be said. he and the danish guy are dogboy-coded.

No. 295807

oh my god they are so cute

No. 295809

AHHHH. i love this eurovision season so much

No. 295813

my heart is warm

No. 295816

File: 1683844070090.webm (296.67 KB, 558x412, tumblr_rtmv3dZ1yF1xvl3l5.webm)

speaking of

No. 295862

i have been avoiding all eurovision related content because last year disappointed me so much. i hope this year is going to be as good as 2021

No. 295863

Tussi means marker (the pen type) in Finnish, but "tussu" is a slang term for pussy. We're aware of it.

No. 295864

Good you didn’t watch yesterday because it was a snoozefest. The first semi finale was lots of fun though. Lets see how Saturday goes!

No. 295872

File: 1683886024444.png (771.69 KB, 1140x924, euro.png)

Nonas, I wanna see your tierlists now that the semis have ended and we have watched all performances.

(pls let 3 anon, don't come at me, it's just that their song is not my type, pls forgive)

No. 295880

File: 1683888509728.png (779.4 KB, 1140x1013, awrovijun.png)

here's mine.
>slovenia ok
KEK thanks for giving them their own tier. he was baiting and unfortunately it worked on me.
my opinion will definitely change after the final, catch me back here again this saturday ! i can't wait !!!

No. 295891

File: 1683892764853.png (771.43 KB, 1140x828, eur.png)

Heh, nonnies, why do you hate Ireland so much? It's super mediocre but I'm surprised you have such negative feelings about it

Here's mine. I have mixed feelings about Serbia because I cringe hard at "game over" and a bit less over other little things but in overall it was like a faggy Trent Reznor and I liked it

No. 295896

>why do you hate Ireland so much? It's super mediocre but I'm surprised you have such negative feelings about it
NTA but the irish band are a bunch of twats. They sacked their choreographer after he wrote sane ("troonphobic") comments about male criminals being men and not women.
The front man also threw a tantrum after they didn't make it to the final.

No. 295928

File: 1683913160458.png (671.14 KB, 1037x648, eurovisoon2023.png)

This year is definitely not my favorite, Im not even sure I agree with my own list lol most of them are boring to me but I tried to be nice

No. 295930

i'm finnish and the lyrics are kinda cringy but honestly, does it matter if it's a generic kinda cringy party song? it's eurovision, it's supposed to be a fun spectacle. people are singing along and having fun, i think that's the whole point, people uniting with music to have some silly fun not everything has to be so serious all the time

No. 295931

File: 1683914159145.jpg (31.03 KB, 800x450, Reiley-Foto-Reiley-800x450.jpg)

Sage for rant, but danish entry artist Reiley is super creepy to me. Im from Denmark myself and he just always had such a weird off vibe. He lied about being 20 when he is actually 25 and soon turning 26, and he doesnt want to talk anything about his past or his family. He also clearly has bought some/alot of his tiktok followers, he has 10million followers on there but his videos get around 50k to 300k views, with one or two reaching a million - nowhere near 10 million follower level famous. Nobody knew who he was before eurovision besides a few koreans because he has desperately tried to become famous there.
Its like he wants to create this perfect kpop-ish persona instead of being himself.
Apparently he also threw a fit and didnt want to talk to any journalists after he didnt go to the final, I guess that hurt his perfect little facade game. Even though the song and performance obviously sucked

No. 295933

you could actually get some meta commentary about this, like how the song is about relaxing and just being brave enough to have fun, so perhaps we all can just lighten up a little and have fun with generic drinking songs.

No. 295936

>Apparently he also threw a fit and didnt want to talk to any journalists after he didnt go to the final, I guess that hurt his perfect little facade game. Even though the song and performance obviously sucked
source? i thought he was trying to be kpop picture perfect

No. 295943

File: 1683920229485.jpg (193.55 KB, 700x1985, kek.jpg)

His fans are as creepy as him. Unhinged too. Idk why, but they all seem to have a hate boner for Blanca Paloma? Kek.

No. 295949

i found that person's account and holy kek the replies and quotes to her tweets KEK she even uploaded a voice recording of her crying. i really can't tell if it's bait because if so she's so good at trolling it's seamless

No. 295993

File: 1683967327665.png (222.72 KB, 600x800, howling.png)


No. 295995

He looks like an Industry plant and pedo bait.

No. 296009

to be fair his fans are probably literally 13 at most. no girl above that age could crush on him becuase he looks about 12 himself (judging from that photo)

No. 296041

File: 1683994760638.webm (1.84 MB, 1280x720, kaaria anime.webm)

I am so excited for tonight because the lineup is good and the day has been sunny, going to get a few drinks and hopefully see you all at the watch party in a few hours

No. 296047

What is this gif from?? he isn't fat/thicc enough though

No. 296051

A few of my friends posted this on their instagram stories and I think the origin is from kontiotar account

No. 296052

File: 1683997488309.webm (1.71 MB, 576x1016, fujob8.webm)

i'm so excited to see them again and to hang out with my nonnies !!!!!!!

No. 296054

I love this kekkkk, see you there in a few hours, nonnita!!

No. 296055

So excited for more chachacha and poepoepoe and chatting with you nonnies!

No. 296062

i hope you enjoy this fever dream as much as i do. see you soon nonnas

No. 296063

File: 1684002778897.png (106.9 KB, 573x439, firefox_JoJDlIElQK.png)

I just wanna see him ride a lawnmower or a tractor on stage…

No. 296069

is the rest of it in english/eng subtitled? i think i'll have to use this svt play site (am also posting on an ib that bans vpns) but i can't recall if eurovision is in english or not

No. 296070

It's hosted in england…

No. 296075


No. 296076

File: 1684006011741.jpg (7.77 KB, 454x44, fdgfdgfd.jpg)

is, is this honestly some new zoomer meme, cunt servage, calling things cunty? what the fuck

No. 296077

Going in blind tonight, Switzerland already forgettable while still playing

Noticed this in a few places now too, tiktok must have just discovered the word I don't know

No. 296079

I'm going in blind too. So far I understand why I haven't heard anyone discussing this year's Eurovision

No. 296081

Switzerland seriously sounds like a mixture of Hozier and Imagine Dragons. No originality whatsoever.

No. 296083

is the serbian singer a tranny kek the fuck

No. 296085

Even if he isn't he's still better looking than the majority of troons on /snow/ kek

No. 296086

do we have a bingo card somewhere?

No. 296087

cyprus literally sounds like believer from imagine dragons kek

No. 296088

Ok what other song has that "hello?" sample in it? It's doing my head in

No. 296089

spanish singer looks like cardi b kek, her song was different and very out there but i liked it. i don't think it will score many points though

No. 296090

I liked it too but there was something in it missing to hit the perfect in my ear hole.

No. 296091

finland popped off

No. 296093


No. 296094

Finland has to have it, that was unhinged in the best way. The dancers were great!

No. 296095

File: 1684010062457.gif (Spoiler Image,6.54 MB, 600x330, ezgif-5-74b96897f7.gif)

to the nonnie who mentioned dogboy putin in the farm chat

No. 296101

jury vote is so rigged it is not even funny

No. 296102

seriously this is shit

No. 296105

if sweden wins im never watching this shit again

No. 296106

They did.

No. 296107

im not denying she’s a talented singer but the song was so boring and mediocre. yawn

No. 296108

File: 1684019189177.png (1.21 KB, 258x73, fuck this troon earth.png)

No. 296109

at least everyone is saying that SOMEONE ELSE should have won and everyone heard what the audience sang

No. 296110

Its so fucking sad, atleast i had a fun time watching with you guys. But seriously the jury needs to be removed. Shit system.

For real i dont think i have any excitement for next year, jury votes will be fucking shit like always.

No. 296112

I'm heartbroken nonas. We know who should have won, the audience kept chanting CHA CHA CHA. Can't bear to watch Loreen perform again because she will probably faint or something, seems sick and high.

No. 296113

File: 1684019511794.jpg (9.89 KB, 236x352, 20230507_110634.jpg)

If they don't remove that fuckass jury in the future… Why do they hate fun so much.

No. 296114

File: 1684019550181.jpeg (76.21 KB, 960x656, IMG_0003.jpeg)

Fuck the jury

No. 296115

They really should remove it. I'm so mad.

No. 296116

The jury should be executed. Also fuck the public for doing that to Germany, Blood and Glitter was good!

No. 296117

For real, it's insane.
The hosts were trying to calm the crowd everytime they chanted, and I think they did that becaue they knew that Finland was not gonna win. Kek.
Fuck the jury. Finland will always be the winner in my heart. CHA CHA CHA! Love ya nonas.

No. 296118

Nonnies, did you see the news, russia launched missiles at the ukraine act's hometown

No. 296119

Jealous psychos.

No. 296120

Yeah, they bombed Ternopil during the show, fucking animals.

No. 296121

i am not watching next year
fuck sweden
fuck loreen
fuck judges

No. 296122

You say that now but you will miss us nonnies in the moovie room, I'm sure

No. 296123

File: 1684020426902.jpg (74.12 KB, 918x720, 1448806999071.jpg)


Moldova and Spain got robbed
Seeing Croatia's big jump was cute
Germany got robbed

No. 296124

I'm watching, but I'm not voting ever again, kek. At this point, it's just stupid.

No. 296125

I can't believe Austria got so few votes, they ruled!

No. 296126

It really makes sense now that the hosts were so nervous at the chants.

No. 296127

I honestly believe it's because they came first.

No. 296128

wait for the controversy
as i said in the farmmoovie room there was such an outcry over the polish milkmaids coming so low after they won the public vote by a landslide, they changed how the voting system worked

No. 296129

Can somebody tell me what nonnies thought of contestants
I was busy watching with friends

No. 296132

File: 1684020774721.png (179.28 KB, 1920x1108, 1523705165606.png)

id's habbening again DDDDDDDDDD:

No. 296133

The majority wanted Finland to win, a few voted for others like Croatia, Austria and Slovenia.

No. 296134

Finland robbed, Germany deserved better and Loreen was so ass I don't even remember a single second of the song
was she on something btw? she seemed high af during the voting part

No. 296135

maybe no other country wanted to host kek

No. 296137

what the fuck? they're childish sick retards

No. 296139

Stale mediocrity always get rewarded in these competitions. Better luck next year.

No. 296140

can we get käärijäposting right now

No. 296141

File: 1684021404384.gif (5.39 MB, 540x520, Tumblr_l_21831210774838.gif)

No. 296142

File: 1684021542455.jpg (341.85 KB, 540x369, Tumblr_l_23457615431012.jpg)

Popping in to say Australia was robbed(yes they aren't european but were better than most)

No. 296143

File: 1684021597963.jpg (52.78 KB, 736x822, Tumblr_l_23524972154016.jpg)

Loreen is all of us

No. 296144

File: 1684021641426.jpeg (161.3 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_3736.jpeg)

No. 296146

File: 1684021799806.jpg (167.81 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_23671875278332.jpg)

>me about to start ranting about Finland's second place

No. 296147

File: 1684021872184.jpg (178.71 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_23794531442647.jpg)

No. 296148

File: 1684021922108.jpg (156.56 KB, 1125x2000, Tumblr_l_23857130307959.jpg)

No. 296149

File: 1684021938208.png (30.74 KB, 474x474, fug.png)


No. 296150

what did you all think of israel? i thought unicorn was shit, lol

No. 296151

seeing him in distress when it was between him and loreen made me feel something kek
it's okay, but i'm biased because i like unicorns even though the song had little to do with them. and she's gorgeous. i don't even remember how the song goes anymore
also, do you really think this was rigged from the beginning ( melfest ) for abba's 50th anniversary? i do

No. 296152

No. 296153

File: 1684022189812.png (80.5 KB, 468x468, EQUALITY..png)

Smug cunt

No. 296154

They give fanfic writers content

No. 296155

File: 1684022352438.jpeg (204.85 KB, 864x1485, IMG_3739.jpeg)

No. 296158

I was angry at first but now I don’t really care. People are writing some horrible stuff about Loreen now, it’s insane. Leave women alone.

No. 296159

>do you really think this was rigged from the beginning ( melfest ) for abba's 50th anniversary?
nta. I can totally see them doing that.

No. 296160

okay yeah, tbh i said some bad things in the chat too but she doesn't deserve those horrible violent threats. i can't imagine now that i've sobered up i hope she protects herself because you never know. but i'm still mad at the robbery

No. 296161

File: 1684022687623.jpg (217.9 KB, 1080x1350, c1f1b64336f023d8faae584ee0a84e…)

look at bulbasaur

No. 296163

samefag but if anything the hate should be directed at the jury

No. 296164

Käärijä was robbed. Sad to see

No. 296165


No. 296166

>do you really think this was rigged from the beginning ( melfest ) for abba's 50th anniversary?
Yes, i'm 100% because even the hosts mentioned Sweden being able to host together with the Abba 50's anniversary. They probably will that stupid vocaloid shit again and give a concert with them. I'm sure the judges discussed which countries they would vote the most on. See the amount of votes they all gave italy and Israel while the audience did not care. Fucking rigged event.


i'm kind of annoyed at her that she even felt the need to contest again even though it looked like she didnt give a shit the whole time since she knew she would win from the beginning. She looked as high as a kite also. But people who are saying agressive shit towards her are really weird.

No. 296168

File: 1684023350656.jpg (26.58 KB, 668x658, käärijä.jpg)

ids fun ids pardy :DDDDDDD

No. 296169

I know some countries are changing their TV moderators after this year's edition because some are old and out of touch with the show how it is now (the specific example here is Germany). I think they should do the same with the jury, cuz I have the feeling they're absolutely out of touch with what the show is like nowadays. Plus I'm tired of the double standards of "Giving points to the neighbors cuz we besties" but "not giving points to Croatia because they're obviously mocking a political figure who decided to go to war last year in February, and we can't be political". Like, come on guys, you think the public is blind?

I mean I don't have anything against Loreen personally. I just didn't like Euphoria then, I don't like her song this year either, same song structure, she delivered a poor singing performance, the box thing staging is tacky, and I hate the claws she had for nails.
She probably has her fan base from Euphoria last time, just like I am a fan of Moldova /Sunstroke project ever since 2010 and Epic sax guy, but good Lord, if the public is yelling Cha Cha Cha, you know that her song wasn't as appreciated as the Finnish dude whose name I can't spell.

No. 296170

File: 1684023871390.jpg (97.99 KB, 480x853, kuti.JPG)


No. 296171

Germany knows who should have won

No. 296173

remember who made you, LORIN

No. 296181

It made me think that the jury's criteria is to vote by how generic/smellable the song is.

No. 296186

kek overwhelmed by the yaois

No. 296188

band member of rammsteing said that käärijä had the better song it's over loreen got the jury votes but we all know who people actually liked

No. 296189

and honestly i think this situation is unfair to other countries too like norway was popular with the public and so on so many countries got very little points even if they were popular with people

No. 296192

File: 1684028925253.jpg (662.79 KB, 1536x2048, m.jpg)

What does it say about me if I think Mae Muller is kind of cute?

No. 296193

File: 1684029232595.jpg (106.45 KB, 597x838, 20230514_035425.jpg)

No. 296215

People are probably hating on her because she looked stoned out of her brain, it was really an unpleasant interview and presentation

No. 296219

File: 1684045724173.jpg (200.17 KB, 1079x2051, Screenshot_20230514_092544_Twi…)

So not only did Sweden not get 12 points from anyone (lol) but Finland didn't give them any points with the public vote (lmao).

No. 296222

File: 1684047682836.png (62.04 KB, 1856x920, esc.png)

>more votes than sweden
>the second most televotes in the whole competition's history
i don't understand the show anymore. how can anyone else win if
the jury give an unproportionate amount of points to a single performance? a lot of the jury teams have just one or two people (most are previous eurovision winners) in them, and they give out half of the whole points?

No. 296226

her song is a major earworm, it's been playing in my head nonstop since the show

No. 296228

This kind of voting system where juries and not the people have 50% of the power is EXACTLY what Sweden used (and everyone here hates) that made Loreen win locally. An international jury of non-swedes is used to "raise our chances of winning" but it's at the cost of whatever song the people actually vote for, unless they happen to align.

Literally the only country you can't blame for Sweden winning is Sweden, because at no point did we want, choose, or vote for our own song. And we all wanted Finland to win.

No. 296230

>she knew she would win from the beginning. She looked as high as a kite also.
She's not high, just calm because 1. She's already won the whole thing before, this isn't a once in a lifetime opportunity for her like for everyone else, and 2. She's fucking Swedish and we do not show emotions

No. 296231

File: 1684048685232.jpg (202.35 KB, 1920x1080, dfdft.jpg)

honestly i feel like such a baby and sore loser about this but dammit i'm still so fucking angry about the jury votes aaaaaaaaaa

No. 296233

I'm sorry anon but she looks like she's not there, barely keeping her eyes open
t. I come from a cold and stoic culture

No. 296234

wow i went to sleep thinking finnland will surely win, but sweden? really? damn…

No. 296236

"She looked calm" Wat? She looked like she was having heartburns and like she knew she has to bite the bullet and be there for the whole show to me.

No. 296239

File: 1684051464758.jpg (24.36 KB, 680x254, FwEto-BWYAA23Qh.jpg)

i'm ugly laughing

No. 296241


This was rigged 100%, not only did jury spam Sweden with 12 points, they purposely made sure that countries that are predicted to fare good with public and be a threat to lOReEn are given low or 0 points. Instead they gave mid countries high 9, 10 or sometimes 12 points while countries such as Finland, Norway, Moldova, Croatia who have tons of public vote got 0.

Not wathcing this until again u until jury vote is reduced to 20% of total vote at most.

No. 296242

YES, two limegreen icons. And both winners in my heart.
This is untrue. She was clearly sick and high and not happy about winning.

No. 296244

File: 1684052468636.png (503.65 KB, 842x505, hatari.png)

The same thing I think every year, they should not be allowed to participate.

No. 296246

Australia doesn't belong either. It's eurovision not worldvision. I mean it would be fun to have guest appearances sometimes but not everytime. Btw imagine the sheer awkwardness if Palestine got to compete too.

No. 296247

does anyone have a list for the countries who voted sweden?

No. 296249

I'm still mad Australia gets to compete when it's about Europe coming together, which proven by Ukraines win last year works and gives us solidarity in times of need. I also don't want ANOTHER English speaking country in there when so many countries are already sacrificing their own language and culture by using English to try to appeal to a wider audience.

And they fucking lied to us about it "oh they're just competing this year because it's a special anniversary" bullshit, they were planning on letting them stay the whole time… they're gonna let the US and Canada compete too eventually and it won't be Eurovision anymore, it will be renamed worldvision.

No. 296250

Eh, their acts are usually good and they're not in the process of committing genocide so they can stay.

No. 296251

I don't think it was rigged per se, but that they'd make sure to point out things like "wouldn't it be cool if she was the first WOMAN to win twice".
And Loreens performance is frankly the equivalent of oscar winning movies that are highly regarded by critics but the general audience doesn't care that much for. It's technically a very well made artistic performance and the camera shots are powerful and created a unique experience above just "singing on a stage", those are exactly the kinds of things experts want to see. Her song is like an oscar-bait hollywood movie. Her song was also THE most streamed song on many platforms before the final, so despite not getting 12s it was still a VERY popular song.

No. 296253

I don't fucking care is they send good songs. I don't want them in EUROvision. They can create their own oceaniavision or whatever, they do not belong in a competition on the other side of earth. Let every continent make their own damn contest and then we can all come together again for the big worldvision song contest, but let Europe have their own thing.

No. 296254

Also isn’t next year an 50th anniversary of Abba winning? I’m not into this conspiracy theory, like other people who bringit up in context of rigging, but it is damn funny.

No. 296255

Sweden sperging, but funny thing is abba actually wasn't that popular in Sweden at the time and were pretty unpopular to the point that actual band members lied about not being part of abba to avoid getting hate. They kind of only got big afterwards simply because they had gotten big abroad.
I don't mind abba but I don't want an abba themed ESC final in sweden, I'm tired of them and would rather have something new.

No. 296257

also havent abba just got back togeather and are touring again

No. 296258

I would legit watch this. It's actually a great idea, they should have people perform in their original languagues, like maori. Like many nonas itt and in the moovie stream I'm so sick of english language dominance. Show us things unique to the countries!

No. 296259

She said she was "in a medidative state" and looked she was on pills / drugs. She was technically really good and the show was good, but it was kinda annoying she looked so uninterested in the whole ordeal, she knew she was going to win.

No. 296260

Oh my god who cares, only one country is doing war crimes and bombing people on a weekly basis.

No. 296262

I think they tried to do an asian eurovision but it ultimately failed.

No. 296265


No. 296266

Why does sweden love hosting ESC so much? At this point I think they've contributed more money to the show than any of the big five individually

No. 296267

File: 1684056237704.jpg (68.66 KB, 1200x866, Alessandra-Mele-Eurovision-202…)

Loved Norway this year.
I am a rufag that knows finnish, and I honestly like the lyrics. But i think that's also all because it fit with the music video (which i adored a lot). Some of his other songs are a lot more cringe than the Euro one if you look at the lyrics, so i will let it pass. The preformance was fun, the song was nice and catchy, and he is a charismatic guy. Shame he lost.
It is!! They have mentioned it right before the final voting, showing ABBA and stuff. I love ABBA myself, but that's a weird conicedence how they decided to send Loreen now. I never liked any of her songs, but i can't lie and say that she didn't do a great job.

No. 296268

It sure isn't australia

No. 296270

I guess it boosts their tourism and pop song culture. My grandma thinks jury votes need to pay tribute to those who financed the whole experience, but I disagree. So many poorer countries are just robbed from the get go because they can't dump money into performances.

That's why I honestly Israel and Ukraine's super fancy 3DCG background fest cheap, it didn't enrich the performance.

No. 296271

File: 1684056402478.jpg (30.37 KB, 615x345, 3_PREP-BREAKING-ABBA-seen-on-s…)

They are 'virtually touring' from what I know, eg. same shit as Hatsune Miku, with holograms. Don't see the point in that.

No. 296272

I love ABBA, grew up with all their vinyls that my dad still plays to this day, but both of us didn't care about this new "album". It feels like massive milking and I think they should have just enjoyed retirement, but oh well, everything needs to be financially milked and nostalgiabaited nowadays.

No. 296273

The Abba anniversery thing is so weird and probably true as it's too perfect to be a conincidence. One positive thing is as Swede I could possibly get tickets to the show next year. Would be amazing tbh. I heard from a Britanon that the prices are insane though.

No. 296274

File: 1684056548001.png (167.92 KB, 318x389, firefox_5ZEf0Jiash.png)

Did any of you comment on this queen yet

No. 296275

we did in the chat kekk

No. 296276

I feel like countries are gonna send more forgettable and safe stuff next year though, after Germany's metal band ended last and Israel and Italy got so many votes

No. 296277

My brain didn't understand their lyrics, but my heart understood their music. Eurovision icons, true winners.

No. 296278

It’s a huge part of our culture. Getting together for our Melodifestival(where Loreen got chosen) and watching Eurovision is a huge friends and family gathering tradition. Therefore, of course we like hosting it too.

No. 296279

Wow, I get what you’re saying, which is even more insane because Europe seems to like them a lot anyway. I fear you guys will be seeing them plastered everywhere next year.

No. 296280

File: 1684059418743.jpeg (112.11 KB, 1290x1055, C48FB0E4-3DDE-452F-A02F-44470F…)

This changed lifes.

No. 296281

it's creysi, it's pardi! it really sucks he didn't win, but he is the winner in my eyes, no one will remember loreen's song but chachacha will be popular for a while. i hope he makes a cool album and becomes famous outside of eurovision! his energy is infectuous and he's cute.

No. 296283

File: 1684060085820.jpg (25.68 KB, 619x453, apucry.jpg)

i care after i closed cytube i collapsed in my mother's lap and actually cried while she was ready to fall asleep kek. this is so ridiculous of me so i'm spoilering8

No. 296284

>KÄÄRIJÄ apologises for not winning EUROVISION 2023
he looks so busted omg i feel so bad

No. 296285

There was an anon in the chat who said she would kill the first swede she saw, a joke I'm sure but still very disturbing. Is Loreen actually getting threats over this?
He has nothing to apologize about. I hope he goes on an Europe tour instead since he is so loved.

No. 296286

greekfag here, everyone is super angry about this. also one shitty tv person said that the dude who gave the points in pic rel was part of our jury and this man is gay which is why we gave 12 points to belgium(massive shock for me too but that's some homophobic bs that's expected here).

he looks adorable what do u mean

>I hope he goes on an Europe tour instead since he is so loved.
SAME. he said he will come to greece for holidays and that he likes my country very much and since we gave him 10 points(ofc we would give our 12 to cyprus kek) i hope he considers dropping by for a live

No. 296287

>There was an anon in the chat who said she would kill the first swede she saw
Wtf, moid behaviour

No. 296288

Finnanons, I thought Käärijä exaggerated his accent and bad english as a part of his character, or is that just how he speaks english?

No. 296289

he is just bad at english. he skipped his english classes to practice his rapping kek. he exaggerates it a bit but his english is genuinely bad. but i appreciate he tried his best to speak

No. 296291

File: 1684063220009.jpeg (83.46 KB, 891x920, Fv4bBmhWYAAdt91.jpeg)

I love all of the Käärijä fan-arts

No. 296292

>he skipped his english classes to practice his rapping

No. 296293

käärijä has moe gap

No. 296294

Aww ppl are planning to go welcome Käärijä back when he arrives by plane back home tonight

No. 296295

File: 1684063652701.jpg (14.7 KB, 939x110, 45564354135.jpg)

oh my god this is horrible (but a little hilarious)

No. 296296

Give him a good cheer, finnish nonas!

No. 296297

I wouldn't be surprised. The Swedish pension fund invested a ton in that new Abba show.

No. 296298

File: 1684066362756.jpg (50.94 KB, 645x355, e908ac439a0d3f21.jpg)

Can't find the og post so this could be bullshit, interesting tho

No. 296299

File: 1684066551399.webm (7.12 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_723283537267628777…)

cap of the crowd cheering for finland so loud they drowned out the hosts kek

No. 296300

>She's not high
Nonnie have you looked at her? I wish ther were gifs of her completely spacing out at the interview during the votes.

No. 296305

this is why i am so pressed over losing as a finn because the show would have probably been in my town and i would have bought tickets to every show kek

No. 296306

Austria was done so, so dirty.

No. 296307

I am here for the weird little songs and performances, I wish English was banned. We don't need more of the mainstream western pop industry to choke out creativity.

No. 296310

Austria's song was dumb and cringy and their outfits were awful

No. 296313

>song was dumb and cringy
>their outfits were awful
now you're just saying anything. maybe unremarkable costuming/wardrobe but i wouldn't say awful KEK

No. 296316

I like Tattoo but I can't listen to it now without getting mad lmao. I totally expected Käärijä to win but even though knowing Loreen would be top 1 in jury votes , I did not expect such a gulf between her and others. You could also see she did not give a single iota of fuck about most of this thing. Jury voting was weird as shit this year. Giving a bunch of lame forgettable ballads a bunch of points and ignoring countries like France or Spain. This was just a disappointing ending, makes me feel doubtful about future installments of ESC. Feel like we'll go back to the 2010s where nearly every song was a well produced English pop/ballad written by Swedish songwriters. Having an authentic native language song win 3 times in a row would have been nice and set a good trend for the 20s but alas…

No. 296317

i would have hugged you nonna nooo personally i kept autismo smacking my desk in anger kek

No. 296324

apparently they are doing it again with 10 countries
Australia, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Maldives, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, South Korea and Vanuatu

alos did anyone know there was afrivision, going since 2018

No. 296325

did anyone here that part when she was going on stage when she won, and you could here the crew saying something like "will she be able to go on"

No. 296326

>Feel like we'll go back to the 2010s where nearly every song was a well produced English pop/ballad written by Swedish songwriters.

This. It is why I stopped giving a fuck after this Eurovision and I used to be hype every year. I am not watching the next one.
I can't stand watching Loreen's performance and her dumb junkie act. And then contest filled with 25+ boring and generic English ballads made by Swedish producers who pocketed good money from it. Might as well rename it to Melodifestivalen Extended edition. I hope some country sends a song shitting hard on jury voting next year, that is the only act that I will watch.

No. 296327

>spending millions and millions
>only to get last place every single year
i wish we'd stopped trying

No. 296328

alos did anyone know there was afrivision, going since 2018
looks like it stopped in 2020

No. 296337

This is Eurovision not america's got talent , so dumb and cringy is perfect.

To be fair, most of our entries have been boring and generic for a long time. I'm sad we scored so low this year too, since we finally got to have at least partly a say in who gets qualified instead of just NDR.
We should just say fuck it and submit something fun with actual german lyrics and cultural referencs.

No. 296341

Tattoo is the only song to win without receiving max points from any country in televote.

I can't believe Carpe Diem got 21st wtf

No. 296343

Austria's song was a total bop, and with a message too. I liked their outfits. Poepoepoepopeopoe
>Melodifestivalen Extended edition
The 2024 competition should be renamed that and all countries must be forced to sing in Swedish. It will be epic.

No. 296354

>We should just say fuck it and submit something fun with actual german lyrics and cultural referencs
I just realized I don't remember any German Eurovision song except for the last one and watched compilation with all the entries. There were so many songs in German in the past and they would get in top 10 (I don't know what was the voting process back then though).
It's a shame really, I love German language and culture, they could make something truly unique. I'd be happy to see/hear some references to German Romanticism, for example. Something Nina Hagen-inspired would be great. I'd be excited for yodeling, too, kek

No. 296355

I feel like it's the contrary, we try something completely different every year (this year metal, last year a ballad, the year before some funky little fag,…) and it just never works out no matter what. There simply are unpopular countries in Europe with us being at the top while other countries have groups of friends. Singing in German wouldn't help either. If I had any say I would just stop being in the big 5 and if one day we'll make it in naturally then that's great but if not, we at least didn't lose money and even more dignity.

No. 296356

Anon that was decades ago. I mean this year was Rammstein inspired and people still hated it.

No. 296358

Just because it's metal doesn't mean it sounds like Rammstein - who sing in german anyway.

No. 296359

People keep saying this but I don't see it. Not every group of faggy German men screaming about blood are Rammstein.

No. 296361

I hope Finland will inspire some more fun entries next year, this year was pretty boring.

No. 296370

i hope there's more of a public reaction about english/basic songs winning instead of the fun ones considering most seem to largely prefer finland's entry and the influx of posts and memes about the situation. idk if this will reach broadcasters though or last long enough to get their attention, but i hope so

No. 296372

File: 1684088780712.png (77.32 KB, 1280x1016, image0.png)

I wouldn't have put you guys last, but Germany wasn't in my top 10 this year with the eccentric competition we had.

Sorry, I'll use your post to go on a tangent:
>There simply are unpopular countries in Europe
I'm pretty sure the recipe is have lots of money + go with something safe. Germany won with Lena, lots of us never won. The war in Yugoslavia gave nobody pity points, and fucking SERBIA won with a shitty balad once. Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia stopped competing because there's no money.

I'm not saying everybody deserves a win, but some can't even compete in the competition fairly while others get a super rich budget, if you look at the 90s - 2005 there were some pretty good eastern european songs, but now it became a mockery here.

No. 296373

File: 1684089513063.jpg (104.5 KB, 640x853, tumblr_fa3a63aa47447180620a1f6…)

No. 296374

File: 1684089647860.gif (7.19 MB, 268x300, tumblr_bc43478ce1cd12cb13df52d…)

they also deserved better

No. 296375

No. 296376

I like how he just said the name of the country that got 12 points.

No. 296379

File: 1684090240525.jpeg (75.8 KB, 750x547, IMG_3765.jpeg)

and norway. i'm shocked by the results i honestly thought she would be in the top 3 at least her song came off to me as one juries would love. i don't understand why she didn't get more votes…

No. 296383

Azerbaijan and Armenia?
both are doing war crimes, especially azerbaijan

No. 296384

my theory is that many people didn't vote for their favourites to give kaarija a chance to be first since he was the only one who was able to win against loreen

No. 296386

File: 1684091200828.jpg (31.16 KB, 540x304, tumblr_53d0a7acfc8a633aaa45c05…)

>Käärijä in the live YLE press conference saying he didn’t really expect “anyone to come to greet him at the airport because he didn’t win” (there are literally hundreds of people screaming shouting and cheering btw)

No. 296395

File: 1684093720336.webm (2.71 MB, 720x1280, sadpuppy.webm)

kaarija spam to cope

No. 296396

File: 1684093794660.webm (307.4 KB, 1280x720, brbeatingmysock.webm)

No. 296397

File: 1684094120565.gif (6.06 MB, 540x370, proctecthissmile.gif)

No. 296399

File: 1684094251459.gif (5.39 MB, 540x520, itsparty.gif)

No. 296402

there's a big difference between never winning but placing differently or getting normal/middle ranks each year and getting the very last place many years in a row

No. 296403

Does this dude remind anybody else of that bdsmish act from a Iceland a couple years ago? Midget, fat but showing off his belly, weird hair and anons never shut up about him being cute.

No. 296406

i'll admit he's got an ugly mug but i still like him because omg i'm going to sound like when you're defending your hideous crush from your friends KEK he has an endearing type of charm to him, at least to me, and he got us hype so… sorry nonis

No. 296409

The difference being that klemens is a way wilder dude than he is and tbh i consider him a bit of a weirdo. kaarija seems like a chill guy and genuinely nice and sweet(cringe af i know but im in that phase plus i love his music)

No. 296416

I stumbled upon this video of Loreen from almost 20 years ago and I was shocked because she doesn't even look like the same person. I get this is very old and that ghe styling is different, but you have too look very hard to tell it's her. What the fuck happened

No. 296417

what music of his did you listen to anon? i like this one

No. 296423

I think it's just buccal fat extraction and lip fillers, plus different hair and brows… and she's thinner now. That's enough to drastically change one's appearance if you think about it. I wouldn't recognize her either.

No. 296482

Im starting to fall for him… help

No. 296492

File: 1684136827032.png (1.13 MB, 1169x932, 1652083862990.png)

Skipping the jury-Abbavision next year, see you in 2025!
Fuck this voting farce, and the NERVE to pretend it wasn't planned to give sweden the abba 50 year party.

No. 296494

File: 1684137856420.jpeg (178.46 KB, 1125x1070, IMG_4096.jpeg)

No. 296506

>abba 50 year party
I don't believe the tinfoil that Sweden's victory was rigged but is anyone getting really tired that ABBA is getting synonymous with Eurovision? I like ABBAs music but I do think that there has been better disco songs in Eurovision(Dschinghis Khan for example) disco is a really fun genre and ABBA never took advantage of that. it sounds like disco made for people who dislike disco, which sums up the Swedish music industry because everything they make sound so safe and boring.
But every year we need to have a stupid shout-out or segment dedicated to ABBA regardless if Sweden is host or not. I get it they are Eurovision legends but they are the only legends that get so much attention. And there are other non-ABBA Eurovision songs that became famous outside of Europe so why do they only focus on ABBA? I'm honestly sick of hearing about them every Eurovision

No. 296508

Don't fight it, he is cute.
Actually I'm starting to think it wasn't rigged because swedish news is now about the various cities stressing out about not being able to afford to host eurovision. Also Abba have made it clear that they won't reunite.
Wholesome. Were there any of our nonas among them?

No. 296509

I swear to god it has to be some single Swedish producer that always forces ABBA into the shows because I don't think anyone watching gives two shits about them lol

No. 296510

I think it's the fact that they're popular in their own right, people tend to talk about the most popular things. Like when they say Abba changed Eurovision even though there were fast fun songs before them. People who aren't Eurovision ''freaks'' talk about Celine Dion being on Eurovision a lot too, even though literally noone remembers her song.

No. 296517

i'm still pissed about retard catholic and homophobic state tv in my country literally shitting on a rare chance of us getting into top 10 or maybe even placing at esc, because they with ugliest plastic influencer nepo baby who got via cronyism, rigged jury and state owned broadcaster changing rules about disclosing televotes 3 days before qualifications instead of jann. blanka never would be exist if she didn't shag edyta górniak's son and got direct connections with 2 jurors. she's mediocre, ugly rich girl and she placed too high in final anyway. i hate solo and her shitty english, radio was torturing everyone by playing it over and over, especially around time of semifinals and finals. jann deserved better. he was literally robbed. my country always will fail and be cringe at esc. poland can't learn from it's mistakes.

No. 296525

all his music I could get his hands on kek. most of it is really up my alley. i'll link this but i also suggest fantastista and hirtta kiinni.

fun fact, the song you linked is about his ex

join the bright side nonnie

i never got the the hype about abba. ok their songs aren't bad but they are overrated

No. 296534

File: 1684158562085.jpg (30.98 KB, 510x383, media.media.d3f5c10e-1698-4a9b…)

Now that I let my butthurt calm down a little, I actually really like the winner's performance.. Not so much the studio version, but live her talent truly shines. I just feel a bit worried after watching the show back how she seemed a bit strung out? Like sedated or something.. I understand performance anxiety but I don't know if you should be on a world stage if you need to be that high. I am happy for her though, and fuck all the gay scrotes who keep calling her awful names on twitter still, she has a such a great voice and body too. I think she might be my new crush. just please lay off the plastic surgery, you do not need that

No. 296535

I thought her current look was her natural look, I was so surprised at this video >>296416 I never saw her before her first melodifestivalen appearance. Sad.

No. 296537

ayrt and tbf I just watched euphoria and her look seems to only be aging, less eyeliner and some lip filler, I was shocked to find out she was 39. Not that she looks younger or older but for some reason I just did not realize she was in her late 20's during her first win.

No. 296538

The Euphoria performance was fucking brilliant btw, it was a real deserved win and something to feel proud about.

No. 296540

Link for those who haven't seen it. I like the sense of freedom in it - dancing in loose clothing instead of wearing a weird skintight beige suit and stuck in a box.

No. 296541

definitely top 5 of all time, she was out of everyone's league that year by a mile and even today the performance is still memorable though I am a little upset that the babushkas did not win

No. 296542

The babushkas were 9 years ago?? Wow time flies.

No. 296545

>I just feel a bit worried after watching the show back how she seemed a bit strung out? Like sedated or something.. I understand performance anxiety but I don't know if you should be on a world stage if you need to be that high.
I wonder if she was just sick and sedated because of it? Her face sometimes had a look like she's hurting of suffering. Felt really bad for her.

No. 296552

No. 296648

File: 1684185914174.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.09 KB, 534x534, ed98ea82a98970ce9cded1e84a81da…)

Spain's song really grew on me after watching the performance once again in HD, the harmonies give me goosebumps. Honestly, there were SO many good and interesting songs this year compared to last year, which makes the jury vote even more retarded.

No. 296650

>i never got the the hype about abba. ok their songs aren't bad but they are overrated
their music is ok but there is so many disco songs out there that are more interesting. I'm starting to suspect that sweden is putting subliminal messages in their songs trying to convince the world that their music is the supreme and not basic
>actually really like the winner's performance.. Not so much the studio version, but live her talent truly shines
tattoo and euphoria are meh but I will give Loreen credit for being an amazing peformer. She owned the stage and really embodied the music. As much as I thought Tattoo was undeserving of winning I'm not too butthurt because Loreen made it interesting to watch

No. 296661

Loreen did sing very well, I know nothing of music but she did sound like she was singing really technically well. Tattoo as a song for me is basic and not something I will remember. Compared to Käärijä, she did have the singing technique when Käärijä did sound a bit less good? But I still think that the point shouldn't be to let the most technically talented singer win, there should be other things to take into consideration. Why even send already famous eurovision winners again? I think it's unfair and I would rather hear new music from new people especially in their native language.

No. 296791

yes absolutely, Loreen has supreme pure vocal performance. I loved euphoria but dont think that tattoo was a winning performance. Also what is the point in watching/voting if the jury votes are gonna be all that matters in the end?

No. 296801

Yeah, her technical talent is amazing. I really liked Euphoria as a song and the perfomance too, compared to it Tattoo feels very underwhelming to me. Since Eurovision is a song contest, not a singing contest I must admit I’m sad about the results. I also don’t think previous winners should be allowed to participate.

No. 296861

>which sums up the Swedish music industry because everything they make sound so safe and boring
Swedish music is "secretly" fucking huge, even music you wouldn't think were made by swedes like a good chunk of popular kpop is made by them. At least 5 countries in the ESC final had swedish song writers this year.

No. 296909

what are your favorite eurovision robberies runner ups? for me, it's france 1991 (also won by sweden that year)

No. 296940

I was just thinking about this Melodifestivalen robbery, I actually thought we sent this one to Eurovision 2005. Funny how it ended up being popular with AMV creators.

No. 296942

Also this. Didn't even get second place, but fifth. Should have won.

No. 297075

File: 1684402478771.jpeg (86.99 KB, 750x773, CA33D249-538E-49DB-B766-844F1E…)


No. 297076

one of them is dead anyway

No. 297077

Huh where did you get that from? I looked it up and all 4 of them are alive.

No. 297079

Yeah, I posted about it here. >>296508

No. 297081

Oh Sorry, but it’s so funny anyway.

No. 297124

Sweden payed the jurys for what? This is so funny kek

No. 297243

I'm still incredibly salty that bulgaria didn't win in 2017 but portugal's stupid boring ballad did. Given that bulgaria never competes anyway bc of money issues, we're never gonna get that chance again.

No. 297244

Post the song nonna pls.

No. 297245

kek anon i was just posting about how i was shocked that song did so well yesterday, but now that you've mentioned
>Given that bulgaria never competes anyway bc of money issues, we're never gonna get that chance again.
it gave me a different perspective on things. i just didn't like how outdated-kpoplike and was really bitter about it kek, i'm also biased against any and all english songs, now i feel sort of bad kek. i hope someday you'll send it a great song and win. my favorite bulgarian entry is the one from 2007, it's not everyone's cup of tea but i love it and i'm happy that it scored so high

No. 297246

nta but this is it

No. 297247

Oh yes, a traditional song! I love it when balkan countries, or any country really, uses traditional elements in their song.

I feel the 2018 song was really good too but many people didn't think so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC-1tdGDFQc&ab_channel=EurovisionSongContest

The 2017 one was good even though it was English, and I was impressed the singer was only 16.

I don't know if we'll get that chance again honestly, we might get to top 15 or something but first place? Idk. Winning would've done really well for our country. I really wanted to see the different landmarks they'd show and how they'd advertise it.

No. 297248

embed the link, newfriend

No. 297259

>You're so lovely! Come live with us
Finnish nona is this you? kek

No. 297261

Portugal has got to be my least favorite winner from recent years, get that boring shit out of my ESC.

No. 297290

Thank god honestly. i'm a swede-nona but I'm so tired of abba, their popularity is massively exaggerated. i've never even once met a hardcore abba-fan even here in their native country, but i've met a handful of hardcore fans of other bands from the 70s era such as kiss and queen. good for them that they had their era but they've moved on, we've moved on, it's been 50 years and we've got a ton of other good musicians worthy of attention

No. 297302

I don't buy the stupid conspiracy theories, everything falls apart the second you actually look at it. Loreen was the most popular and streamed song long before the final, she had the attention and credibility of having won ESC before. She even got the second most televotes in the final but people still act like she was dead last or something, when in reality people liked the song from the start (for whatever reason, persoanlly not really a fan of the song).

ABBA doesn't give a shit about being part of ESC despite it being their anniversary because most of them aren't part of the music scene anymore and they're not that popular. Sweden had won 6 times before, meaning ANY year ending with the number 1,2,4,5 or 9 (and now 3) will be a big anniversary year of a Swedish ESC winner. Sweden does well almost every year, had the second most total wins, there wasn't any need to bribe jurys in the first place.

People also act like because Finland had the largest voting group of televoters that it means literally everyone voted for them, but in reality the way voting works most people simply didn't vote for Finland. Going by score size about 15-20% voted for Finland, which means 80-85% voted for some other song to win. He absolutely should have won because the jury system is shit and I do not respect their opinions whatsoever, but acting like it's a terrible scandal of bribery is frankly silly.

No. 297303

I'm devastated over Finland losing to Sweden, to be quite honest. We had the chance of a lifetime, a unique song, a charismatic singer everyone was happy to get behind, yet jury fucked us over thirsting for a subpar pop ballad. You could see the hosts getting nervous during the voting results and they knew it was going to be a scandal, I couldn't imagine a more nightmarish scenario, the entire audience chanting the loser's name and song. Nobody wanted Sweden to win. The fallout has been ugly too as the Swedish press is so pressed by Finland not giving any televotes to them while Norway is flinging shit at them non stop. Meanwhile in Finland everyone is celebrating Käärijä as a national hero and he deserves all of it. But a lot of longtime Eurovision fans are talking about boycotting it next year and I think I'll join them. Sweden can have their retarded abba show.

No. 297305

File: 1684505044413.png (Spoiler Image,87.71 KB, 2518x1022, fingol.png)

The only good thing I can think of as a Finn is that Sweden will have to pay for the expenses while we get to sit back and enjoy the moral victory.

No. 297307

Why are people suddenly forgetting that Sweden does well with the jury almost every year? Do they think Sweden bribes the jury everytime they get a good score? Yeah i doubt that. I'm tired of the jury favoring bland pop songs and i wish Finland would've won but the conspiracy theories are just silly.

No. 297310

File: 1684506148311.png (253.45 KB, 1022x1432, image6-1.png)

>Do they think Sweden bribes the jury everytime they get a good score?

No. 297311

That's a lot of bribery money down the drain then, should've bribed the televoters too the years Sweden didn't win.

No. 297312

Exactly. Any other questions?

No. 297313

File: 1684507183727.gif (1.17 MB, 378x322, H739QmfYfzJ80De1.gif)

No. 297321

Why the hell are you posting moid memes?
I agree, I only believe it was rigged when i was freshly salty from Finland not winning.

No. 297328

Nobody's acting like Loreen was "dead last". Everyone knows she was popular. But Sweden got 243 televotes while Norway got 216, a very small difference. Norway was also a massive hit with viewers pre-contest and like Finland they barely got jury votes despite the singer being talented, hit her notes and the song wasn't any worse than Tattoo technical- or originality wise. And even if it was, it doesn't justify the abysmal jury score it got. The same goes for France's entry, a big hit beforehand and a talented singer. Loreen was good, but not "every jury should give her 12 points and ditch the rest" good. The jury system is broken and they won't fix it because it's an easy way to manipulate the results in their favour.

No. 297370

I think this is proof that the jury wasn't bribed. They just have a boring taste in music. If bribery was involved you would think they had already made the arrangements to get Abba at the next eurovision
People like abba because it's something everyone is familiar with. when you play it as a house party iéveryone is going to sing and dance along to it unlike every other song which will have a couple of hipsters stating that they dont know the song. but its true that i dont lik anyone who actually listens to abba outsides of parties. I know many people who only listens to old music but they never just sit down and listens to abba

No. 297371

The more I see this gif the blurrier it is.

No. 297378

it's not bribing, just nepotism. nepo babies keep whining.

this. it's honestly not just about finland not winning, but how baffling it is that other entries like norway and france got so little jury votes even though they were genuinely talented singers. it just isn't natural.

No. 297425

Sweden produce radio-friendly safe songs. The jury consist of people who either write radio-friendly safe songs or reviews them. Of course the jury favours Sweden's songs. Swedish producers have infested every music industry in the world and many international producers have swedish influence.
>hit with viewers pre-contest
the problem with ESC in a post-internet world is that everyone gets to hear the songs before the actual competition. People get to make statistics and data based on views and streams which leads to conspiracy theories whenever the song that didn't get the most streams wins. The average viewer/voter don't think as Eurovision as a camp festival and the average viewer/voter don't streams the songs pre-competition so that data isn't accurate. I only know one person who hears the songs beforehand and she hears them on Tiktok and refuses to watch the actual competition because she LARPS ADHD
>norway and france got so little jury votes even though they were genuinely talented singers
Norway had some folksy elements, France was chanson inspired. It's not going to appeal to the normie viewer.
I hated Sweden's song but it's not rocket science why they are popular every year amongst the jury every year

No. 297429

>It's not going to appeal to the normie viewer
>wtf all my normie friends liked both songs
>nobody i know likes loreen's song as much
>eurovision news
something tells me that even if the originals don't make an appearance, the creepy holograms will

No. 297430

File: 1684536745929.webm (2.05 MB, 1080x1920, 320962750_643652230912244_9152…)

No. 297433

>The jury consist of people who either write radio-friendly safe songs or reviews them. Of course the jury favours Sweden's songs.
And that's exactly the issue with the jury vote. If they lean heavily towards one country's practices and set preferences no other country has a chance unless they do like what many countries already do and hire a Swedish songwriter. It's not a fair setting in a contest that at least tries to brand itself as a music festival showcasing different European cultures. Almost every winning song in the 2010's had Swedish writers or the Swedish entry made it to the top-3 with jury votes alone. And like said, Loreen was good but not that good. They were supposed to take originality and impression into consideration as well and with Loreen's entry she sure as hell didn't outshine in those categories. If they just want to hear nice vocals then call it the Voice of Europe or something for christ's sake, but even with that criteria countries like Norway and Lithuania should've performed much better. The jury votes make no sense with their discrepancy which makes it seem suspicious and a fixed game.

>Norway had some folksy elements, France was chanson inspired. It's not going to appeal to the normie viewer.

Then explain Norway's massive televoting score. Folksy songs always perform well, just remember how KEiiNO was robbed in 2019.

No. 297435

awwwww kek so cuuute. speaking of bejba the way she handled the ordeal kind of made her based in my eyes she couldn't have done it any better i'm honestly surprised because i assumed she'd be the type to be salty about it. performance made my ears bleed but it was so funny i couldn't get mad. can't lie she's "iconic" as the zoomies say ( and herself ) and we for sure think we wouldn't have as much fun if they had sent jann instead

No. 297483

Thank you for the respite from the vote sperging.

No. 297504

File: 1684578097034.webm (1.24 MB, 852x464, thememedress.webm)

embracing the meme was the only thing she could do since everyone hated her. and it's not only she is proven to have won the national final unfairly, but she was liking comments that said how great she is and how the other contestants sucked. cause yea wearing the bejba dress and also a headband was funny but im still pissed about jann and her shitty overall behaviour.

No. 297540

>everyone hated her
She had fans later on, mostly people who hated Jann and his fans, but still. Bunch of losers on both sides.

No. 297562

Im just so frustrated a generic english pop song won.

No. 297573

File: 1684599073592.jpg (236.15 KB, 1080x1500, c08ddd.jpg)

Reminder to Käärijäfags and Cha Cha Cha enjoyers that Käärijä's concert live stream will start in less than hour at http://yle.fi/euroviisut

No. 297576

Thanks anon!!

No. 297579

It's my first time finding an artist that I like most of their music. My favorite is probably paidaton riehuja. I also found that whenever I listen to vidrel I'm instantly put in a good mood. That "mmmmmm, ulalala~" is too fucking cute.
LETS GO. Wish I can watch with fellow Käärijäfags

No. 297580

File: 1684601835992.jpg (112.59 KB, 986x1782, -qeuuz5.jpg)

As other nonas pointed out, there was absolutely no natural reason the jury vote was not more well distributed with all the high quality songs we had in the running. This wasn't ESC 2012. If it wasn't rigged, please do explain this.

No. 297581

Well you'll be watching it with us itt!

No. 297583

oooh his other songs are pretty good.

No. 297585

File: 1684603910492.gif (5.39 MB, 540x520, 1684094251459.gif)

Käärijä really reminded me of my regrets about not choosing my uni in Finland, despite learning Finnish in high school for a few years. Aw. So much soul in this guy, and all of my Finnish friends are lovely people who understand me. Kek, really turning into a finnboo…

No. 297587

Oh I thought this was starting 8pm! Sucks I'm late, but at least I'll see some of it.

No. 297588

I think it just started?

No. 297589

Nope it started almost an hour ago, Finlands timezone is an hour ahead.

No. 297590

Nooo…at least I saw the last part and CHA CHA CHA.

No. 297591

anon you are not alone, i caught the last fifteen minutes too, but at least i was there ! that was so much fun !!! i hope that he rests up well now

No. 297593

He looked so cute too and nice and shirtless…if someone told me that 2023 I would have a crush on a short finnish eurovision rapper I wouldn't believe it.

No. 297594

File: 1684607455180.jpg (57.91 KB, 594x594, tumblr_b5fd3ef3becc80af58d06dc…)

Well, that was fun! I was on time to catch him performing my fav song.
I just LOVE seeing him out of breath saying shit I don't understand.

No. 297595

Nta but same, but on top of that his music is so great. I hope I can see him live, those girls that were right in front of him, their faces were so relatable, I want it to be mee

No. 297600

can somenonny post the titles of the songs he performed tonight?

No. 297604

Idk the full list but I caught Urheilujatka, Paidaton riehuja, Klo23 and Cha Cha Cha. I also heard a song I never heard before. Hopefully someone reuploads the whole live to Youtube with english subs too.

No. 297611

File: 1684608892845.jpg (254.83 KB, 2048x1463, tumblr_c3d5ee8426131b4c6710a40…)

I wonder what finnanons think about Kääjirä blowing up so much? I spent a few weeks derping around on Tumblr with other fans. I love seeing all of the fan-arts.
nta, intro and mic mac was there too, along with my fave hirttää kiinni, välikuolema.

No. 297614

I'm a finnanon and I'm so happy that Käärijä is blowing up! It's a bit strange to see non-finnish people singing cha cha cha in finnish and saying that Käärijä's accent is hot, but I think it's very cool. I hope more people get into other finnish music too because I think there are many good and beautiful songs in finnish.

No. 297615

from what i saw, the live is already uploaded on the website. you can go watch it right away.

it went like this


>rock rock remix
>kiertava sirkus
>auto jaa(collab with famous finnish singer)
>mic mac
>kovis(new song from the cha cha cha mixtape)
>morgan(new song from the cha cha cha mixtape)
>paidaton riehuja
>hiirta kiini
>cha cha cha twice

they definitely will finnonie. i read that 42% of viewership was outside of finland

No. 297621

File: 1684611215491.jpg (371.61 KB, 1080x1923, horny.jpg)

>"In December 2006, the band was sanctioned by police after performing naked at an open-air concert"
>"The band's defence that they had not been naked because they had corks in their anuses did not convince the judge"

No. 297630

Disgusting, men's sexuality should be state repressed.

No. 297647

lmao that's amazing

No. 297654

I'm a finnanon and I'm so happy about it you wouldn't believe it. As a native speaker I can vouch that his lyrical abilities are top notch, he's very talented and I hope people keep translating his songs.

No. 297711

Frankly I think it’s embarrassing some Finns are ACTUALLY upset over Finland not winning. It’s just a stupid song contest not the end of the world good lord.

No. 297713

congratulations for it all being so much beneath you

No. 297714

The duality of nona.

No. 297716

>t. a salty swede

No. 297718

No, just a Finnish nonna tired of the whole country being in shambles when we lose to Sweden yet again. People talk about this like it was our only chance of ever winning anything, great self confidence there.

No. 297720

Go outside

No. 297723

genuinely not a very strong comeback there when you are displaying way more grass avoidant behavior than i am. ps. oot vammanen

No. 297725

Which poster do you think i am kek I'm not the Finnish nona.

No. 297751

File: 1684677847679.png (158.45 KB, 1280x925, iseeretards.png)

No. 297775

post eurovision depression hits hard, huh?

No. 297798

oh anon like you wouldn't believe. i'm watching this thread like a hawk in case anything interesting gets posted so i can reply kek. i'm almost desperate enough to make a twitter to talk about it some more. i'm so autistic about this contest and i'm already buzzing for our next time together in the moovie room i was sort of a little happy in a way at the sweden vs finland controversy because i knew it would generate more conversation for longer which meant that i had more time to talk about it just as passionately after it was over unlike last year for example

No. 297803

We still have the entire history of eurovision to talk about. I always appreciate it when anons post their old faves, regardless of winning status, itt.

No. 297824

ayrt, i have tried this year and the last in this very thread and generally anons seem to just not be interested a few days after it's over kek which is fine and expected i don't doubt ESC autists are not very many around here. unless i'm wrong in which case i'm always happy more than happy to discuss anything

i recently watched this video and it's absolutely stellar. so informative and easy to follow, some of the things in here i've never been aware of! probably one of my favorite videos regarding ESC i've ever seen. unfortunately made by a tim (sorry) but i didn't even notice anything until i went into the channel as he just sounds like a regular guy and doesn't show his face at any point. it's not just about "queer"shit and trannies are barely spoken about btw it's really interesting

No. 297828

Sperging incoming, Don't judge nonnies I was super bored kek
So I looked and found that around half of the winners of esc sang in non-english language, and most of them were before nineties
After nineties there were around ten non-english winners and twenty english
All I want to say is that I kind of understand why some nonnies here are sad that another english song won. It could have been cool if a song in finnish had won

No. 297935

>the gay olympics
not watching that, eurovision isn't just for scrotes.
>generally anons seem to just not be interested a few days after it's over
Well it's too bad but understandable really.

I have a question for you nonas who is still here though. Is there any artist that you have started to listen to because of eurovision, that you hadn't heard of before? I have discovered a lot of artists this way, one example is Monika Liu. I would have never discovered this Lithuan if it wasn't for eurovision.

No. 297936

I've sperged about this before I think, but as a Swede-nona I'm super disappointed with how our national competition is now overruled by an "international jury" giving 50% of the votes just like the big ESC. Since they don't speak Swedish (and to be on the jury to communicate they have to understand English) they're more likely to overlook any songs in our native language and go for the English ones instead. They also don't understand cultural contexts or memes, like why sending a song with jojking in it would be a powerful statement, or why we stan a certain singer/band that to us is a national treasure but they've never heard of them before. If Finland had used the same kind of jury system Käärijä wouldn't have made it to the ESC finals despite it being the people's clear favorite song, and I hate that. I hate it for every country. I'd much rather we never won again but sent songs the people of the country chose for ourselves.

Well I say all this, but last year we were SO close to sending a fat moid in his 50s called Anders Bagge with a super shit song because he kept manipulating everyone into feeling bad for him by saying "boohoo i'm a rich adult man who's constantly on TV but i'm so so sooo insecure, i have nooo confidence at all poor me i'm gonna cryyyy look at poor widdle meee pls giv a little pity vote uwu". There are literal teens sharing the stage with you who have more dignity, get a fucking grip and stop trying to emotionally manipulate everyone. It's the only time I've given the jury a pass for making sure we didn't send him lmao, but I'd still take it over the jury, some collateral damage is to be expected kek

No. 297939

>They also don't understand cultural contexts or memes, like why sending a song with jojking in it would be a powerful statement

Really wish we would send jojking! Jag är fri should have won 2015 instead of stereotypical english pop song Heroes. Not only do I prefer Jon Henrik but it would indeed be a powerful statement to send a song with previously forbidden native singing.

No. 297940

For those who don't know, jojk is a form of singing from the Sami culture. It was considered sinful by the christian church and banned, because of pagan accossiation.

No. 297943

I love Jon Henrik, but I also don't need the "sami people aren't white becuase they're native and native people can't be white" idiots to get more fuel (it's been a thing since frozen 2 retconned Elsa and Anna into half "not sami but clearly meant to be sami" people) since he's an adopted south american sami

No. 297944

I don't think it would give them fuel? Since he is adopted. I haven't heard of the Frozen 2 stuff.

No. 297948

that just sucks. How can you proudly say send in a song for a competition stating that it represents your country when it's an international jury who voted for it??

No. 297950

>I haven't heard of the Frozen 2 stuff.
Good for you honestly! They depicted the sami-like group with a mix of native american stereotypes because americans can't fathom "native" not meaning native american specifically. It was painful to watch and has lead to misinformation about sami people being spread.

I know other countries have different systems and some don't even get to vote for their song, but we used to have a normal voting system and they took it from us for no reason. It makes the competition feel so boring now! Why have an international jury when we're literally sending it to the ESC final?! Makes no sense.

No. 297954

>They depicted the sami-like group with a mix of native american stereotypes because americans can't fathom "native" not meaning native american specifically
Wow that sounds painful.
America stop projecting themselves onto the rest of the world challenge - impossble.

No. 297968

ayrt i get that the thumbnail is revolting kek but i promise that video is not just about scrotes he used the word "gay" as an umbrella term. despite being a tim ( which surprised me because i assumed it was just a regular man i would have honestly never guessed ) like i said in my post it's not even only limited to homosexuality, give it a try nonnie it's a great video imo i hate to defend anything by trannies but it's seriously one of the best i've seen. i've yet to see that kind of passion and information delivered in videos related eurovision elsewhere that aren't some form of compilation, but if there are any feel free to post them here because i'd love to see!

>Is there any artist that you have started to listen to because of eurovision, that you hadn't heard of before?

going to be a normie and say käärijä. and france gall's poupée de cire poupée de son of luxembourg 1965 but obviously i wasn't even an idea when her entry was televised, she was my introduction to eurovision and the 1960s as a decade of interest (and obsession).

No. 297973

Oooh great taste nona, that song is such a bop!
Käärijä for me too but mostly because he is hot

No. 297996

>Is there any artist that you have started to listen to because of eurovision, that you hadn't heard of before?
It's super embarrassing, but… As a kid, i became JEWDARD fan because of eurovision kek (after their first Lipstick song). Irc their songs from 7(?) years ago about mental health were quite neat and comfy, but from what I know they act obnoxious on social media. Sometimes i wonder if they have any milk other than being hated by Irish people.
As for other artists, i discovered Käärijä and Manizha, she is an awesome woman with amazing mother and is all about womens rights, even did a lot of songs about domestic abuse and how shitty men are (not counting her eurovision performance that had a lot of literature references and made moids cringe because of 'muh submissive russian women should only sing ballads').

No. 298005

I remember her! Climbing out of a giant traditional costume into a work outfit. Now I want to listen to more songs by her.

No. 298016

I don't really understand why ESC is considered gay/queer when there's one maybe two acts top that are openly and specifically about LGTBhsrjekruri+? That leaves like 30+ countries singing about mundane love or idk hate will prevail

No. 298017

each year I mean. Like this year we had the gay anthen from Belgium, that was it.

No. 298041

it stopped around the 10's but for a long time people associated esc with dramatic love ballads usually sung by female singers and those types of songs has always been popular in the gay community (hence why most gay icons are women known for having a diva image). Also singers that competes want to grap the attention of the viewers which they usually do with lavish gowns (though the gowns has fallen out of fashion in the recent years) and elaborate set pieces which comes of as kinda camp and kitsch sometimes. I don't think many of these songs where written/staged with the intention to appeal to the gay community it was just something that happened along the way and it became a running joke. The camp aesthetic appeals to many straight people too but they don't embrace/celebrate it the same way the gay community does. Now that being gay has become less taboo we see that people are specifically targeting the gay community. But even though we have songs that are intended to be gay songs all the other non-gay songs still appeals to the lgbts because of the reasons I explained above

No. 298043

Posteurovision depression hits so hard that i watched/listened to this whole video today.

No. 298049

File: 1684788177704.gif (7.29 MB, 540x450, Cornelia Jakobs.gif)

cornelia jakobs' performance in the interval act this year got me acting unwise

No. 298050

She looked extremely fine and sexy. Please tell me she is into women.

No. 298053

ayrt kek anon i was literally looking up the same thing before posting but so far i've only found out that she's had a boyfriend at least at the time of last year's eurovision so i'm thirstily hoping she's at least bisexual

No. 298082

Watch the video, it explains why. ESC has been gay since the beginning, not just in the 00's.

What the fuck was she doing there to begin with? She wasn't even a winning act, she came in fourth. Ukrainian eurovision yeah right, that stage was filled with brits and swedes for some reason. Verka was the only Ukrainian act that got some spotlight but you barely saw Kalush Orchestra or Go_A or much any other well performing act of theirs.

No. 298095

> Ukrainian eurovision yeah right, that stage was filled with brits and swedes for some reason
I only saw the final show but had hoped that the show could had been a celebration of Ukarine and UK but UK ended up taking over. I get it that UK where physically hosting so of course their presence would be strongest but still it would had been sweet if they had mixed two cultures

No. 298116

>What the fuck was she doing there to begin with?
To give the ladies some eye candy duh.
I agree with you otherwise though, and I really, REALLY wish we had seen Go_A more than for just a few seconds.

No. 298122

File: 1684826711458.png (339.72 KB, 680x408, IMG_3925.png)

i was curious if there was more to know so i looked up the definition
>Interval acts are a series of non-competitive performances that take place after all competing artists have performed their entries. They serve as a continuity for the show during the voting segment and while the votes are being tallied, as well as a platform for local music and dance groups, or for prominent artists to perform popular songs or promote new releases.
huh. i really wish they got ruslana to actually perform wild dances, i was really excited for that and i wasn't even sure what they showed was her since it was such an unimportant moment. that was so disappointing, but i'm not mad about cornelia tbh she was really hot so i forgive them kek

No. 298129

>I don't really understand why ESC is considered gay/queer
Same reason the oscar gala and hollywood is gay, it's superficial and glitters so it's seen as gay by default

No. 298132

>Ukrainian eurovision yeah right, that stage was filled with brits and swedes for some reason.
I agree they should have had more Ukrainian music, but they did have some cool performances in the 2 semi-finals. Swedish Måns hosted the UKs lead up competition to ESC (his gf is a brit) and since he's tied to Sweden they probably brought in more Swedes than necessary via him. With that said I would love if they brought back more non-winners that did well, get the top 5s some more recognition.

No. 298207

i'm relatively new to watching eurovision so i'm not sure if or how many times countries have been banned before, but do you think russia will be allowed to enter the contest again? and if so, under what conditions would that happen? i imagine the public reception would be something like vidrel if not worse ( probably worse )

No. 298217

They could have shown something meaningful instead of wasting peoples time by throwing drag queen circus during semi-finals. Was that necessary? It felt like they made fun of women.

No. 298219

Thanks anon. I guess it seems somewhat obvious now that you've explained it but I know nothing about gay shit so I hadn't made those connections.

They're not banned.. Russia was just suspended for 1 edition and only after pressure of several broadcasters. They got mad about that and left the broadcasting union they need to be a member of to participate on their own..

No. 298222

ayrt, oh shit i had no idea, i was told otherwise and didn't bother to fact check before making the post kek sorry

No. 298274

>Was that necessary? It felt like they made fun of women.
No it wasn't and yes they did. Drag queens just feels like outdated misogyny.

No. 298279

like other anon said, they're not banned and they'll probably be back in a few years, if for no other reason than at least to send Russian propaganda songs kek

No. 298280

I welcome having a previous competitor there, but wtf are drag queens doing there? Drag queens are painfully boring, they don't even sing they just badly mime along which is at best kinda cute and funny when a 7 year old kid does it. I don't get why woke people like it? If a real woman dressed up and mimed to a song they'd be yawning, it really is just a type of freak show, "man in dress funny uggah buggah".

No. 298788

Do nonnas here have any baseless random predictions for next year? Mine are that Germany of all countries will come back with a German language party banger a la Cha Cha Cha, and will win, vindicating Finland once and for all.

Luxembourg will send a bland, UK-esque song in English and will NQ hard.

Finland unfortunately won't do so hot, especially compared to this year.

Sweden sends a song in Swedish? This is more of a hope, because they have nothing to lose as hosts at this point kek. Just do it cowards.

No. 298847

Denmark will be the only Scandinavian country that doesn't make it to the final show

No. 298853

File: 1685143554502.jpeg (84.92 KB, 750x724, IMG_3994.jpeg)

>finland won't do so hot
i agree, i'm thinking either they'll send in some boring radio safe thing or they'll try to win back some fans with some embarrassing broadcaster chosen "similar" type, like how some nonnas noticed last year that countries sent in rock music after the måneskin win. but tbf they've always been edgy rock songs in eurovision ( in the past two decades anyway )
>Luxembourg will send a bland, UK-esque song in English and will NQ hard.
yep, i can see that happening too, but who knows ! luxembourg has historically been my favorite winning country, but i'm not so sure they'll do well with the current times. i mean you never know…

other question for nonas: who else do you think will rejoin/withdraw next year? do you think there will be more or less countries?
i'm hoping romania doesn't withdraw, maybe one day we'll get something as good as it's my life by cezar kek that was amazing. have you read this thread about that kid with the coomer staging? apparently he went on some podcast with a(n insane) joe rogan type, and he explained that he was basically sabotaged and silenced into sending in something that didn't align with his vision as no one wanted to hear him out, and that his budget was 80€ in the national final kek. here's the thread

No. 298924

I'm scared Romania will withdraw too. I hope more countries will participate than this year. I so want Hungary and Turkey to come back.

No. 298961

>Do nonnas here have any baseless random predictions for next year?
This isn't baseless, but since Sweden won we will be sending "bad" (but really just mediocre songs) that lower out chance of winning. This will probably last 3 years or so, at least for the next 2 ESC. This happens every time we win because we don't want to spend the money hosting 2 years in a row. The local competition leading up to ESC always has suspiciously mediocre songs the years after we win, but they're always pretending it's totally a coincidence and just personal taste that makes us think so kek they're so transparent. On the other hand IF we send a good song it would most likely be a weird one, like a funny meme-song, that the organisers couldn't predict would do well.

Since we're hosting ESC the money will be put into showcasing our good singers there in the breaks instead, this way it doesn't matter if our competitor is kinda boring and mediocre because Sweden still gets to show our real good music.

No. 299002

>Sweden sends a song in Swedish?
If we didn't have an international fucking jury giving 50% of the points we would have sent songs in Swedish a couple of times the last few years, but they keep fucking it up because why would a random australian or croatian give any points to a song in swedish in the swedish final when they don't speak a single word of it themselves?

>baseless random predictions for next year?

I'd like for Finland to do well but I think when a year has passed people will be over this years "scandal" and there's a new favorite to vote for.

I'm hoping the UK will get it together again and send another good song like Sam Ryder, following the local hype after having hosted this year.

Often when Sweden wins another nordic country wins the year after, so Iceland will have their first ever win.

No. 299021

>since Sweden won we will be sending "bad" (but really just mediocre songs) that lower out chance of winning.
I think if that's the case, then it will be a perfect chance for you to send a song in Swedish. The people who in charge obviously have some kind of bias against the language, (intentional juries from what I hear) so maybe we'll finally get to hear some Swedish.

No. 299099

A few years ago, probably like late 10s, there was a performance of a guy who looked like a vampire and I think he literally raised up from a coffin? I think he sang opera? Does anyone know what song that was? I want to see it's as batshit weird as I remember it kek

No. 299115

> there was a performance of a guy who looked like a vampire and I think he literally raised up from a coffin?
that would be ukraine 2018! one of the many vampy type of performances. as for
>I think he sang opera?
that was romania 2013 already mentioned itt, i'll embed below

No. 299116

i also got them mixed up as i was replying to you kek. this one is epic.

No. 299249

Thanks anon, it's actually far less weird than I remember kek. I really had it as a mash of those two you posted in my mind, I'm so surprised the song's actually really poppy lmao. Unironically a good song tho

No. 301208

On one hand, I'm afraid Romania will withdraw too, but on the other hand, maybe it's for the best?

Imo, as a Romanian, the last good entry we sent (until 2022) was 2017 and since then, people and local artists lost more and more interest towards the contest with each passing year and that started gradually since 2014 when Conchita won.
After that, the general attitude here shifted and not in a good way. It also has shown in people who used to watch ESC, in the chaos that is the national selection and how the voting system is a total mess and our better artists stay so far away from this contest.
I watched this year's national selection and I think there was only one entry that was slightly better than D.G.T, the others were forgettable or just… whatever. I didn't even know any of those artists, kek. In short, people here got to the conclusion that no self respecting artist will go to ESC anytime soon, which I find ironic in a way.
The irony is that before the contest, people don't care about it at all and when we get a bad result, they suddenly care about it (or when an entry they don't like is sent).

Not to mention the controversy from 2022, where the Romanian public votes segment was simply cut and the votes were given by the hosts.

No. 301432

File: 1686345105238.jpeg (56.03 KB, 750x605, IMG_4190.jpeg)

TIL that this existed and i missed out on it
>Award from 2017 onwards, changing its criterion to the "most striking look" in 2019. Ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the award was succeeded by the You're A Vision Award, which was intended to carry a more positive connotation.
who would you have awarded this to this year kek ireland's fake elvis and his gigantic front ass otherwise known as moose knuckle. loathe him
>Not to mention the controversy from 2022, where the Romanian public votes segment was simply cut and the votes were given by the hosts.
was that because of the voting scandal with the six juries?
i always feel so disheartened when i read about the growing disinterest in the contest which results in representing entries that are less than what the country is actually capable of offering if the circumstances were different. i'm sad about the corruption and lack of interest from TVR too so it's like you said it seems like it would be better for your country to withdraw than to send artists with little to no support.
i just miss having lots of countries participate because it's more fun but i understand that it's not very possible in these times but i'll still hold out the hope!

No. 301496

>Eurovision fansite
Wish I knew about this earlier. I have been looking for a place to discuss Eurovision for years because any discussion on social media can be hard and I miss the forum format. At least there is this threadily Eurovision nonas

No. 301525

>was that because of the voting scandal with the six juries?

Yea, that one. We knew it was bs the moment when no jury votes went to Moldova (and the maximum points at that), nor vice versa. Zdob și Zdub are appreciated here, there was no way for our jury to not give them any point (the cancelled jury vote did in fact give 12p to Moldova in the final). Also, the connection excuse was also bs, Italy has expensive and shit internet than Romania kek (if they use internet for that, idk) and the connection was ok from what it seems, at least from TVR side.

Vidrel is the reaction of the lady who was supposed to be live then, I'll add a translated transcript of it.
>"I heard Mika(?) saying - when was supposed to say good evening to the entire world (meaning "Good evening Europe") that Romania has a technical issue and that we won't be live. My reaction is recorded."
>"Whaaat?! I don't believe this…..I really don't believe this."

No. 301530

There's an active eurovision reddit (well it's not that interesting or active in the summer but you know). You'll get downvoted for calling conchita a he but overall it's not bad and decently moderated for as far reddit subs go.

No. 301535

>You'll get downvoted for calling conchita a he
I do visit this sub during ESC season, but what? Really? It's not like he's even trans, just your run of the mill drag performer.

No. 301592

File: 1686416669054.png (34.59 KB, 1920x929, Junior_Eurovision_generic_logo…)

My country doesn't participate in Junior Eurovision so I have never watched it but based on the previews they show at regular Eurovision it looks grand. I wonder how the country that do participate feel about Junior Eurovision. I can imagine it has fewer viewers than regular Eurovision since it probably only appeals to families with kids

No. 301855

I haven't watched it in well over a decade but I remmeber thematically the songs were 50% love peace stop bullying end war and 50% I'm 13 and have my first crush. It is (or was) a weird/uncomfortable mix of songs that get as kid-y as they get and teens who present like they're grown up pop stars. I don't think anyone who doesn't have kids knows or remembers it exists honestly. No clue why my country participates. I can't phantom it garners many viewers.

No. 301869

I watched the local version as a kid with my friends and 99% of songs were about friendships and kid stuff. I stumbled upon it 10 years later and nearly every single song was about love and romance in a teen/adult way (but obviously not sexual). It was such a stark difference and it made me feel uncomfortable.

No. 301870

samefagging, but you'd get 9 year olds singing lines like "won't you please love me baby" please stop you ARE a baby

No. 301906

File: 1686584352360.png (7.64 KB, 877x292, esc.png)

>eurovision reddit
kms just my luck. i don't want to make no damn account i refuse to be a redditor reeeeee

No. 301907

This is temporary, reddit nerds are protesting against the admins at the moment. Should be back in 2 days

No. 305502

Since I know a lot of other eurovision nonas like Go_A: They just uploaded a great live show on their channel!

No. 305541

File: 1688076703680.png (553.01 KB, 888x780, ESC running time.png)

i didn't want to post this earlier because i thought it might be annoying for anons to keep seeing this thread off-season but now that it's been bumped i want to hear nonas' opinions on SVT wanting to cut down the show's running time
>It has been reported by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that the Eurovision 2024 host broadcaster, SVT plans to shorten the Grand Final by as much as one hour. Aftonbladet has indicated that it has got a hold of a document from SVT which outlines a plan of action for next year’s contest.
>It revealed that the final will last for 3 hours 15 minutes, starting at 21.00 CEST as normal and ending at 00.15 CEST.
>This would make the show approximately one full hour shorter than Liverpool 2023, which lasted 4 hours 13 minutes.

imo, i hate the idea

No. 305598

On one hand we don't "need" an extra hour and 3 hours is already a long ass time for me to sit down to watch it, and I mean Liverpool made us watch drag queens badly lip sync for what reason? But this event is only once a year, make it as big and long as possible! You'd think they'd want to really milk that airtime as much as possible.

No. 305617

We don't know what they're planning to cut. Extra numbers? The various country jury representative time? It would be a relief to not have to look at drag scrotes at least.

No. 305620

yeah I was wondering what they are gonna cut too. The maximum a song can be is 3 minutes and anything less feels too short. The green room segments where they interview the singers can't be cut either because they are there because some television networks shows commercials during those segments and you can't ask them not to show commercials because that's how they get their funding. They need to give the viewer time to vote to and letting them vote before every country has peformed would be chaotic so that extra time is needed too. They also need extra time to count the votes unless they find a faster way to do it so that can't be cut either. The postcard segments can't be cut either since they are used to set the stage, introduce the artist and song plus it promotes tourism which is the main goal for a host country.
Them cutting the segments with the juries makes most sense.
Tbh I don't think that Eurovision feels too long. A big part of Eurovision is the get-togethers. During any segment that isn't a song I usually chatter with my family. The point segments are more like background noise and we only tune in to cheer/boo if our favourite song does/doesn't get 12 points. But I have always gotten the impression that the live audience gets impatient towards the end so maybe it's more for their sake that the audience that watches it at home

No. 305637

But why.

>maybe it's more for their sake that the audience that watches it at home
Doubt it, it's a television show and there's only like several thousand people in the live audience at most I'm pretty sure.

God I love Go_A, thanks for posting ♥ I had no idea they performed at pinkpop, that's such a cool stage to get to perform on. I love that a band from Ukraine that's pretty non-mainstream and doesn't sing in English gets a stage like that.

No. 305661

You're very welcome nona! I wish I could have been there. Kateryna is so impressive, although I didn't get much of what she was saying between the songs kek.

No. 332753

File: 1699110058946.jpeg (173.2 KB, 750x1246, A8C96989-FF2C-4BEC-8560-DD8C47…)

Idk if anyone is following internal selection/national final news, but I have nowhere else to post about this. Cyprus picked a 16 yo Australian girl and so far every photo and music video has her in a bralette or a crop top at best. Then there’s wiwiblogs further sexualizing her by calling her sultry. I’m sorry but how tf do you find a 16 yo sultry? I’ve tried to post comments criticizing the sexualization of a teenager on their articles about her, but of course their review team refuses to publish them

No. 332918

Looks like your comments got to them kek they changed the title now. The author of the article is a "queer" (I assume he means gay) man so he probably thought it was free rein for him to call a teenage girl sultry since he's "not attracted to her"

No. 332961

File: 1699199071211.jpeg (189.67 KB, 750x1246, BE2620FE-22F4-458E-9002-B54584…)

Lol I hadn’t seen the title change until you pointed it out. I totally agree with you on him thinking it was okay just because he’s gay. Still weird that he would write that in the title, mention she’s 16 in the first sentence, and then not make the connection that maybe you shouldn’t talk about minors that way. Well hopefully that’s at least a lesson learned for him lol

No. 333425

As a side note I think her outfit is kinda hideous

No. 339131

Do contestants always get announced this early?

No. 340264

File: 1701899493489.jpg (108.8 KB, 1080x1350, esc2024.jpg)

Most countries announced their participation for next year. This list is from yesterday if I'm not wrong.

No. 340304

Still surprised Israel is going, idgi. This year is gonna get so messy, kek.

No. 340371

Oh so Australia renewed their contract? That's cool

No. 340444

Doesn't surprise me anymore, they hosted in 2019 when they did another round of ethnic cleansing in the meantime and almost disqualified Iceland for waving the Palestinian flag kek

No. 340654

Nah not any more messy than when Russia competed after annexing Crimea, Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022 or all the times Armenia and Azerbaijan have competed simultaneously. I'm not any surprised, Israel loves the opportunity to show a favourable image and has the money for it, Russia did too when they still competed.

No. 340705

I still want australia to fuck off, they're not in europe. if you wanna incldue them just change it to worldvision instead

No. 340706

I agree. They don't belong just because they're big fans.

No. 340716

They’re gonna get so booed

No. 340721

I hope no one tries to do worse than that. The islamist terrorist threat level in Sweden is much higher now. But the security is going to be massive of course.

No. 341195

Voting for escz is closing soon. Who did you guys vote for?
I voted for aiko. Her live vocals need work, but I think her studio song is the best one and there’s plenty of time for her to practice her live for May

No. 341575

>Luxembourg will send a bland, UK-esque song in English and will NQ hard.
Well, I hate to be right lol. And I know that this is just an artist showcase, and not the participating songs, but unless some of them bring out some hidden talent out of nowhere and produce a banger for ESC, I can't see Luxembourg advancing to the finals. Or maybe this is just a bad selection of examples.

No. 341579

That's Czechia right? I've promised myself not to watch anything before may this time because I've done that two years in a row now and it completely ruined the fun of the final lmao. Even though keeping up with new releases through the months was pretty entertaining ngl. But I don't want to basically know what the top 3/5/10 looks like again before the semis even negin, the predictions are like 75-80%+ accurate, I really don't want to know who's almost certainly going to win again ahead of time

No. 344367

I can't wait to know what Germany sends this year after what happened last year lmaooo. I'm still laughing they rejected Eskimo Callboy two years ago, that band literally sells out arenas kek.

No. 344376

File: 1703340446372.jpg (115.97 KB, 1280x720, tix_chains.jpg)

Nonas what are your opinions on letting countries in conflict compete?

To be honest I don't care and think you should just let them compete if they want because none of the competitors are the ones responsible for whatever conflict is going on, they're all just powerless civilians. And ESC is gay as fuck, it's one of the few openly gay friendly massive events that even homophobic countries take part in so to strip that from the gay minority living there seems like a shame. And it also means the people competing are more likely to be gay/not homophobic themselves. No one is going to think "wow Russia's song is so good, that means they're totally innocent and right to invade Ukraine" we all know the war is bad, or you're already on Russias side - it doesn't actually change anything. I don't see it as "pretending everything is fine" I see it as "us civilians want to come together despite the leaders or terrorists being shitheads and forcing us into wars". Maybe I'm just naive idk

No. 344398

Idgaf tbh. Where do you draw the line anyway? People immediately think of Russia and Israel but Serbia, Azerbaijan and Armenia are involved in hostile or violent conflicts too.

No. 344626

>Maybe I'm just naive
Yeah you definitely are. Any song competing has a chance to win. A lot of people don’t want countries like that competing on the off chance that they win because then you’re just pumping millions into their economy the following year. And why should we socially and financially reward countries committing ethnic cleansing and apartheid?

>just let them compete

>none of the competitors are the ones responsible for whatever conflict is going on
Lol no one is stopping any musician from competing. If they want to participate so badly, they can go compete for a different country. Cyprus hasn’t had a Cypriot singer since 2017. San Marino has no restrictions on nationality or language for song submissions. Switzerland gives priority to Swiss entries, but is still open to all nationalities. Just this past year, France was represented by a Canadian. Anyone from anywhere can compete

No. 345130

I'm going to see Go_A live in August, mega hyped. I love their music, not just Shum.

No. 345133

saw them in November. Even though I'm not the biggest fan, it was a blast. You will have fun for sure.

No. 345163

Ooh, lucky! I missed their concert in my country sadly. They're truly a great band.

No. 345195

>Nonas what are your opinions on letting countries in conflict compete?
Not to be a moralfag but I think it’s tasteless. The audience and the competitors aren’t idiots. We have seen the literal deaths of people in war and it’s weird for Eurovision to expect us to be fine with it all for one night just to hear some shitty music.
>And why should we socially and financially reward countries committing ethnic cleansing and apartheid?
Yeah I agree, which is why I’m thinking of boycotting this year. Blows my mind that they think Israel should be able to compete.

No. 345206



No. 345385

>A lot of people don’t want countries like that competing on the off chance that they win because then you’re just pumping millions into their economy the following year.
My country literally do NOT want to win because it costs way too much to host it…

No. 345386

y'all are right but at the same time EVERY country is corrupted and are comitting shitty actions to some degree, so where does the line go? And should countries that support X shitty country not compete either? Should Germany be banned just for pumping so much money into Russia when Russia invaded Ukraine?

No. 346328

You can literally skip on hosting it, winning doesn't come with the obligation to host.

No. 346482

File: 1704360074586.jpeg (138.77 KB, 1284x2297, switzerlands-hod-has-revealed-…)

Saw this on social media and it made me laugh

No. 346485

Has a male ballad ever won eurovision anyway?

No. 346493

File: 1704370452776.png (683.63 KB, 932x594, wtf.png)

wtf is that? at first i thought they actually will participate but now i feel like they just may have someone perform like madonna did in the past. but also people talk about a sponsorship from royal caribbean

No. 346494

Oh God, it's really becoming everyonevision. I wish they would kick out all the non euro countries instead. The finale is long enough as it is.

No. 346501

I also feel that a lot of nations aren't gonna be participating, like maybe go full dictatorship or get conquered by Russia.

No. 346508

File: 1704378412489.png (74.29 KB, 877x611, escsps.png)

No. 346510

File: 1704378727152.png (145.76 KB, 795x668, 2escsps.png)

samefag, i think it's definitely just a sponsorship deal.

No. 346515

I mean yeah pretty recently?

No. 346516

No. 346517

Actually, I think this was the first in the row of Switzerland's male ballads and it got 2nd or 3rd and I like it a lot (more than the previous linked winners) and I'm not a ballad/pop lover

No. 346565

That would make us look poor and weak to everyone so they'd never skip. Yes they're retarded enough to think like this for real. But they do make us send shit songs on purpose, it's like an open secret here lol

No. 346603

Now I’m curious, what country?

No. 347514

that´s the reason I´m probably not watching this year. I was stoked for Norway this year because they had a little harder music to present but the artist choose to speak out (basically) for palestine and said Israel should not compete. As a Norwegian, what does his opinion matter in this?!

No. 347954

I kinda follow Eurovision around this time of the year and all the whining about Israel is so fucking annoying. It's a dumb blown out of proportion song contest, people get wayyyyy to serious about it.

Also this guy is going for the UK. I hadn't heard of him solo but he was in Years & Years so that's cool

No. 349591

This staging sucks, right? People in the comments seem to love it, and I just think it looks like a bunch of high school theatre kids were tasked to come up with it. The acting of the dancers is cringe as well. If Norway goes with this I hope they at least make the staging more coherent. The song is so dull as well.

Every few years there's some kind of artist doing a Happy Meal version of what Lordi did in 2006. If you're going to attempt to be different at least go all out weird like Hatari or something, this is just a big yawn.

No. 349608

I think he is a good choice for us, I remember at one time Years & Years were always on the radio.

No. 349711

That's a cool name.

I'm not going to watch because I don't want to listed to the songs beforehand, but the thumbnail makes it look like a musical

No. 350416

Is Norway fishing for ally points from Finland? It's pretty boring, cool helmet though.

No. 350437

I like his outfit a lot but the rest was lackluster. It's like they had a kernel of a good idea but they didn't let it pop. The lyrics are repetitive and boring too. Like ok you got the chorus down now where is the rest?

The dollhouse and kid idea could have been good but it ends up looking lame. And if they're gonna convert the kid to evil-all-black then you need a costume change to show it off fully.

No. 350452

Why are established bands of relatively niche genres going to eurovision now? It didn't really work for anyone but Lordi, actually just last year it was quite humiliating 13 point score for Lord of the Lost who just before Eurovision toured with Iron Maiden and played for filled stadiums around the world. Why - when you already have a dedicated specific audience - put yourself out there to where you most likely won'd be understood and end up scoring pathetically low?

No. 350598

Maybe just the experience and some media attention? They get a lot of media attention out of it in the weeks leading up to the show even if they don't win.

No. 350610

I hope they go with this instead

No. 350764

It's a bit old now but I came across this and it made me chuckle

No. 350770

kek i saw those last ESC, her videos are great

No. 350774

To be fair they're not "going to eurovision", they're just in a local music show leading up to esc IF they win. Plenty of entries do it for the local exposure, not expecting to win at all.
Although I personally think Norway would like to show of a known name because they want to use the current scandinavian/nordic popularity, top 5 last year had three nordic songs (1,2 and 5). Norway and Sweden are close and function the same way so they're well aware Sweden will send a shit song this year to avoid having to host twice in a row. With a top rival out that greatly increases their chances of winning.

No. 350783

>singing in Norwegian
>traditional instrument
>lyrics about a woman transforming into a wolf and sounding like it
Yes, much better. Send this, Norway!

No. 351189

Luxembourg is returning this year, surprisingly and Romania confirmed today that it won't return this year (it was about time tbf)

No. 351231

Is Romania ragequitting because they got 0 points last time?

No. 351270

Probably, but they also want to focus on other stuff like the Olympics broadcasting and a new regional TVR channel, all that on a shoestring budget. And also, no better artist wants to go through the National Selection to get humiliated by the commie dinosaurs and nepo babies of TVR, didn't hear one artist expressing their wish to compete in 2024 since May last year kek.

No. 351309

No wonder after that humiliating shitshow

No. 351378

>And also, no better artist wants to go through the National Selection to get humiliated by the commie dinosaurs and nepo babies of TVR,

Sounds exactly like Croatian national selection!

No. 351711

I'm now wtching Melodi Grand Prix despite not being a norwegian.
I'm hoping they send Damdiggida to Eurovision!

No. 351769

So Ireland is finally sending something new. I liked both Alisha and this. Though apparently Bambie is a they/them lol.

No. 351792

I swore not to watch any songs before the contest this year but now I wish we could watch NFs together!

No. 351809

File: 1706465000744.jpg (307.99 KB, 1080x1952, GE4Zhb6WsAEdY5H.jpg)

>Luxemburg participates after decades to send contestant chosen by the judges who supports IDF
>Iceland sends the palestinian guy Hatari made a song with when competing in Israel in 2019. Two of the Hatari guys helped him with the song

this year is going to be such a shitshow kek

wow this is actually kinda cool

No. 351817

Gross I didn’t know that about her. I watched the national final and her song/live performance was clearly the best out of the options available, but I don’t think I’ll be rooting for her in the actual competition

No. 351848

>I wish we could watch NFs together!
ugh same anon… well at least certain esc forums (escunited iirc) hold NF watch parties together in case that interests you, but i definitely relate to the feeling of wanting to watch with nonnies specifically

No. 351854

We could use the movie room to stream finales from YouTube!

No. 351885

Please do this!

No. 351989

its odd because all the other attempts at eurovision for other continents have failed
>africavision only lasted 2 or 3 years
>asiavision has been in planning limbo for years, i think this is the second planned version of asiavision
>american song contest changed the format and missed the point, hence it only happened once and then got cancelled
>canada version announced and latin american version anounced, but no news on either

No. 352020

Are you sure that's possible? Can you load streams from random broadcasters into the movieroom? Most NFs aren't streamed on youtube right? I'd love to join if we can make it happen though!

No. 352026

File: 1706553728512.png (110.4 KB, 1707x196, 965lbiuorefc1.png)

I pulled picrel from reddit, it's the NF schedule for this saturday.

According to this, only Ukraine's NF will be streamed on youtube (with English commentary?!). But I guess we could always use the moovierom chat to chat and each open the livestream on our own device. Would anyone here be interested in watching on saturday and if so, which ones?

No. 352035

I think they could have taken off if they had just kept going. ESC wasn't that big in the beginning and it took a few decades before the songs stopped being shit lol you have to establish it as an event people can reliably come back to

No. 352072

An entry for Poland hasn't been selected yet and I don't even know when we get national selections, but out of this year's submitted entries I think Justyna Steczkowska is best fit for that, just wished some parts of choreography weren't so repetitive but it sure can be changed

No. 352073

Samefag but she also did participate in Eurovision back in 1995, loved her energy here

No. 352158

omg no way, i fucking love that entry !!! i'm shocked because it's genuinely one of my favorites. that song gives me goosebumps. i can't believe how little points she received for it, i think her technique is amazing and it's interesting and distinguished enough to warrant more. total snub. i really wasn't expecting to see it even posted here kek yay !!! i'm so happy to see her again
personally i'm interested in seeing norway the most out of all of these, i heard some good things about mgp this year so i'm excited ! and ofc ukraine, i hope now that they aren't the hosting country that they send something cool again. maybe we should make a poll for nonnies to vote for which NF we should see ?
and i'm okay with watching on another tab/device and using the moovieroom as a chatroom like you said, i think that's how they do it in forums anyway. either way i'll be excited to watch with you nonnies !!

No. 352163

Sperg with me nonas! Imagine you're a singer competing for your country in ESC. What type of song would it be, what kind of styling and stage set would you have?

I'd have a generic sounding but good pop song, the lyrics would be comedic-edgy about worshipping a pretend evil-god/demon who brings us pop music (a reference to way back when old people said any fun songs were from the devil lol). The overall aesthetic would be "cute pop queen", bordering on kawaii fashion but less obnoxious, in red tones with demon imagery, such as every dancer wearing little devil horns. The stage would have a demon summoning star/circle on the floor, but made cute, and the big screens on the back would sometimes show a shadow of the demon god with glowing eyes, as if the song itself was summoning him.

No. 352174

lol nonna, i actually thought about this the other day
i would have it beggining like a traditional cute folk song, with everyone dressed in tradional outfits, doing slow traditional dances
then at some point have a base drop and it turns in to a techno pop dance remix of the folk song and everone tears of their clothes to reveal another outfit that fits the second part better

No. 352175

oh and the dance style would change completely as well, obviously

No. 352184

I also want to see the Norway and Ukraine finales together!

No. 352186

I love traditional stuff in esc it's so cute, i would feel bad when your tore the clothes off lol

No. 352195

i do too but unfortuntly traditional stuff doesnt do well so i felt to make it more 'eurovisiony' it would need something more

No. 352234

Huh I think putting in local traditional flavor in ESC has always worked well?

No. 352250

nta while that was true like with Go_a's "Shum", it's no guarantee. look at france's 2022 entry for instance >>190051 , they were sadly placed second to last ! i still think that song is great, really don't understand those results…

No. 352251

I loved that song, cool story too. Did not deserve to finish that low (and of course it catapulled France back into ultra maximum French everything)

No. 352265

Does anyone know if you can rewatch sanremo nights after they air? I think I’m going to miss most of it because of work related reasons, which really bums me out because I was so excited about the lineup this year

No. 352299


No. 352322

File: 1706666328082.jpg (427.93 KB, 1024x576, sighs in spanish.jpg)

Is it safe to say 90% of Eurovision's fandom population are millenial fags? I was watching Benidorm Fest first semifinal and there were no women in the audience.
The show was also rated +7, yet one of the performances had two fat gay men dance around the stage wearing thongs and showing their asses to the camera. What could be more family friendly than that? (sarcasm) I hate men.
I don't know if I'm gonna watch eurovision this year nonas. I'm tired of seeing faggots everywhere being disgusting freaks. That and the Israel drama is so tiring.

No. 352328

>chooses to watch Eurovision content anyway
>gets mad about it
Lol you’re a moron and you played yourself. Also there were women with their asses out on stage too, and yet you don’t seem to be pissy about that

No. 352329

I don't want to watch scrotes anon, i don't care if they are gay, black, white or from Mars.
I talked about that performance cause it stuck out to me, since they were wearing fetish gear. I was also rolling my eyes at Sofia's outfit, but Nebulossa's performance was literally stripper shit.

No. 352339

Nta we're on lolcow. No one likes fags here. Go back to Twitter if you want to virtue signal

No. 352341

homophobia? who the fuck cares

No. 352343

Nonnies, it is straight up retarded to watch an event known for being incredibly fucking gay and then get mad when it is incredibly fucking gay

No. 352372

Seconding this, it's always been openly gay-friendly. Though I am partly being a hypocrite because I shudder at the thought esc trying to make some big pro-trans statement, Sweden is pretty woke so it wouldn't surprise me. Wasn't it just last year esc had a middle act of drag queens who just mimed to songs? It was boring as fuck, I think it was just in the semi-finals though.

No. 352387

Yes the UK had fucking drag queens as a middleact, not a proud moment for terve island.

No. 352390

my woke friend ate it up, and I was just like… really? they have no talent whatsoever, they're literally miming as if they were 6 year olds "performing" at their school. and even by drag queen standards they looked boring without any flare. they were literally being praised just for dressing up as women and that's it. no one would praise a woman for going up on stage and badly miming a song

No. 352463

The grand prix finale can be streamed from YouTube. Is anyone up for hosting in the moovie room? I'm not sure if I can.

No. 352467

>Sperg with me nonas! Imagine you're a singer competing for your country in ESC. What type of song would it be, what kind of styling and stage set would you have?

This reminds me, when I was around 11 years old I imagined myself competing in ESC singing Bring me to Life by Evanescence (in a parallel universe where song has not been released) and thought it would be the most epic entry ever kek.

No. 352474

I don't like the gay shit either but 95% of the songs and performances have nothing to do with gtb+ shit.

No. 352508

Tbf nonnie, if bring me to life had been entered the year it came out (2003) it easily could have won lol

No. 352616


Yep, there are always countries who send something conservative too lol

No. 352638

I can! Do you have a link for the yt stream? (assuming it's already up)

No. 352700

Awesome nona, here it is!

No. 352798

does anyone remember the 'hot mic' last year when they accidently broadcast what the stage hands were saying when they were trying to get loreen on stage for her victory song
i cant find any reference to it
they were saying stuff like
>shes too drunk
>we cant get her on
>shes too out of it

No. 352859

What broadcaster were you watching through? My friends and I didn’t hear anything like that when we watched. I don’t doubt what you’re saying though because she did look completely out of it the entire time the scores were being announced

No. 352941

i was watching the stream in the moovie room
some nonnas even commented on it in the chat

No. 353005

if that's real I need a clip of it

No. 353010

eh she just looks like a smug stoner hippie by default. I really think it would have affected her performance more if she had been that out of it

No. 353012

using the version on youtube i found the point where it happened, in this version starting at 4:04:48 as she walks down the tunnel to the stage
all you can hear on this version is after the presnter says 'how is she going to sing now bless her' at 4:05:18 you can just make out a male voice on a radio if you listen very carefully with the volume up but you cant make out the words,
you can hear the voice most clearly at 4:05:20 to 4:05:25 but still cant make out the words

No. 353032

I can’t watch it in my country. God I hate that Eurovision geoblocks all the live shit on YouTube in recent years

No. 353172

nonnies are we still streaming the NFs today ? because movieroom already has two movies scheduled for the same time, except for ukraine i think ?

No. 353178

Can't we just make a 2nd room for this thread only? I don't think we really have to announce we're watching some NFs in the movieroom thread anyway

No. 353179

samefag but I'll look into it when I'm home in two hours or so

No. 353187


I just made this room so we can watch the MGP final at 19:50 tonight.

Are you still interested in watching Vidbir (Ukraine) together? It starts in two hours

No. 353189

Thank you nona, I'm interested!

No. 353190

i'm interested too ! i'll be there

No. 353211

albania was so real for this, i like hearing balkan ass songs in eurovision

No. 353212

MGP's is starting soon (Norway's final). We're watching Vidbir (Ukraine) until it ends or MGP's first song starts, whichever comes first.


No. 353216

Get in losers we are watching MGP!

No. 353237

Thanks for tonight nonas, the hours flew by!
The reason the Ukrainian Vidbir dragged out was because of technical difficulties. The winner will be announced tomorrow. Thank god we switched to MGP…

No. 353243

File: 1706995613549.jpeg (405.16 KB, 750x706, IMG_7549.jpeg)

thank god indeed kek. that was so much fun i can't wait to do it again !! and if you didn't make it to the stream well then you missed out kek which is why you should defo come next time.
hope everything's alright with ukranians. who are you placing bets on nonnies ? and to the anons who weren't in the stream, are you happy with the MGP/norwegian winners ?

No. 353371

Norway's winner, thoughts?

No. 353466

Let 3 who competed in 2023 (>>295277
) are now trying to send an AI generated song.

Not sure if they are going to win national selections though (and how is this going to look like live.)

No. 353477


Meh. Personal opinion I don't like when a singer goes overboard showcasing their voice skills, makes song bore to listen to.

No. 353481

Her vocals fit the lyrics of a girl transformed into a wolf though.

No. 353482

I liked Let 3 last year, but I don’t think AI has any place in this contest. It’s been sickening to see multiple countries this year using it in varying ways. I wish the EBU would step up to the plate already and ban it

No. 353489

In another news, one of the national selection contestants posted a preview of his choreography and it is hilariously bad

No. 353494

I can't watch it because it has this huge pop up forcing me to log in covering the video. Is the audio the actual song?

No. 353518

Yep, it is not really a favorite but the bad choreo made it a meme.

No. 353590

That’s unfortunate. They all look so amateurish

No. 353661

I had been keeping an eye on Latvia's national selection and the two songs that I liked the best were these. I know song-rel maybe silly and annoying to some, but it's cute and catchy

No. 353664

I also really liked this one. It could be a good entry for the country. Interesting song in latvian with a a good performance

No. 353671

Ukraine's winner

No. 353737