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File: 1648016180111.jpg (850.69 KB, 1900x965, jeremyweciobcohme_eb.jpg)

No. 191528

I'm hoping there are enough Doctor Who fans around here lol. This is a thread for discussions about all things Doctor Who like the incarnations, companions, classic Who and new Who, the tv show and Big Finish recordings

No. 191601

Didn't even know there was a woman doctor till the other day. Stopped watching after matt smith season ended. Really liked christopher eccleston and david tennant doctors, matt smith was alright but that companion and her ugly boyfriend were annoying as hell.

No. 191616

That's right where I stopped too. I got to the big "war" episodes or whatever and it was so overdone I just couldn't go on. The boyfriend was annoying. I really liked the Bad Wolf plotline and a lot of the atmosphere of the early reboot much better.

No. 191632

i never watched doctor who because it's too entangled with tumblr and superwholock at this point, but vidrel never fails to make me cry. it's the only dw scene i know kek

No. 191636

It’s one of the best in the whole series. I showed my sci-fi-hating mom this episode and she really liked it. Then I had to let her down by telling her that most other episodes of the show aren’t as good kek

No. 191637

You really haven't missed much. For me Matt Smith's era was unbearable but there are moments in Capaldi's run that were worth watching if you ever get round to it

No. 191639

For me, David Tennant was the best doctor who. Around that time there was another uk tv show called the Sarah Jane Adventures who was kinda like a young ‘female’ version I guess? And I loved it. And they did a crossover thing and it was amazing for young me.

No. 191640

Same anon, I loved SJA. That crossover episode with David Tennant where she got married was better than a lot of new Who

No. 191683

Unpopular opinion, but the eleventh doctor was my favorite.

No. 191689

Why was that nonna?

No. 191786

File: 1648110037765.jpeg (24.88 KB, 480x360, doctor-who-the-sensorites-d.jp…)

I tried to watch from the start, but there were so many missing or partially recovered episodes that I became frustrated. Some of the surviving ones were good though. Like The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

No. 194162

I am so happy 10th Doctor writer is coming back. 13th Doctor was so goddamn horrible, the writing team kept bragging how they never watched a show and both them and the actress kept shitting on fandom and calling everyone sexist over her era's flop. It's truly embarrassing.

No. 194272

that 5hr video essay on yt pretty much summarises everything i feel about the thirteenth doctor. everything they've done is HEAVY pandering and the idea of them marvelifying it in order to improve ratings is even worse. having shitty SFX and terrible budgets meant that earlier series had to be creative with storylines, but now they've pumped so much money into it and it still looks fugly anyway. russell t davies clearly had a sense of humour about his writing but was capable of writing emotionally charged scenes at the same time. such a talented storywriter whose capabilities were limited by the budget limitations at the time. peter capaldi brought everything to his performance but jenna coleman's storyline went on FAR TOO LONG and basically was just cry-bait. part of my problem with dw is that they're too scared to kill off characters and even tho that became kind of trite after GOT it still would improve the series tenfold.

also, this is a personal grievance but i wish they'd stop trying to make north england happen. set it in london or cardiff because i guarantee NOBODY gives two fucks about sheffield or manchester or whatever. it's obviously just because filming in london is expensive and they're too busy blowing the budget on wanky SFX that nobody even appreciates because NOBODY WATCHES THE SHOW.

No. 194274

what the series lacks is creativity and fresh ideas and writers who can be held accountable to their myopic version of diversity. people want POC characters and women (half the fandom is women) but don't the (white) writing team realise that writing POC characters without any personality is worse than not writing them at all? they're given no dignity and depth and they pick the flattest, most unemotional actors. diversity doesn't work if you're just doing it for the sake of doing it and people can see right through pandering. bill was perfectly written and done justice. if you don't give a fuck about your characters then why bother writing them in the first place? because the audience won't care.

they need to give it a break for a few years. the 7th doctor's run was campy and i enjoyed it but the ratings were just getting worse and worse. either they try and do something unique or they try and make it just like marvel and embarrass themselves when nobody wants to buy into their pandering BS

No. 194276

mostly i'm just bored of the endless excuses about people not watching TV. people are still watching greys anatomy, LMAO. instead of trying to work with the changing mediums and streaming platforms they just give this whining cacophony of excuses and nobody's buying it. doctor who shouldn't have to die this miserable death via irrelevance. the amount of talented actors and writers and set designers and directors and make-up artists get their shit thrown away if people don't bother to realise that people DO care about doctor who, they DO care about the fandom, and it's not just the fact that the thirteenth doctor is a woman. it's very sad to watch everything get flushed away for the sake of diversity that even the writing team doesn't believe in. doctor who has always been campy and fun and exciting. the most excitement you get in the current series is when the doctor might finally die.

No. 194646

I'd personally like to forget that the 13th Doctor even existed if I'm honest lol, that's how irrelevant and forgettable she is to me. And people always say "oh but it wasn't Jodie's fault it was just the writing" but I really think she's partially to blame and they're just trying to be lenient. She's simply not a very good actor for Doctor Who, especially not for the main goddamn character. It sucks because for the first female Doctor we could've had soooo much better, but they completely squandered a really interesting opportunity, just a waste of potential and everyone's time really

No. 194666

I agree; I feel like Jodie never hits the right emotional notes and always falls short when she's required to do anything more than insecure and scatty. Her character's an amalgamation of all of the irritating parts of former doctors (Ten's hyperactivity, Four's omgimsoquirky schtick, Eleven's pomposity) with the added bonus of having an identity crisis every five seconds and needing her hand held by her "fam" in order to do anything. And now cardboard Yaz has a crush on her, fucking fantastic. I actually don't mind some of her episodes as standalone stories but most of them have the same pacing problems as Moffatt-era eps and although I think RTD's work is great, it's frustrating to think that we have to go back to him because there's not been anyone else that can actually write the show properly

No. 194887

Yep, everyone always complained about how she was just a carbon copy of the Tenth Doctor and his mannerisms, but without any of the aspects that made him such a compelling character. Jodie even admitted she knew little about the show so she just watched the Tenth Doctor and sucked up all his energy and enthusiasm and very little else without adding her own nuanced, unique spin to the character. And I don't exactly think she's a bad actress - i saw her in Broadchurch and thought she was pretty good. But I think only putting the blame on "bad writing" is dishonest, because even Tennant had some crappy episodes but he was always fantastic and gave 100% to every performance, because he's a great actor and he knew how to make Ten watchable. Jodie's Doctor is just…nothing, she's not interesting enough to make the shit writing even just a little bearable, she never had that ability, and it's painfully obvious.

No. 195345

I didn't know that she didn't know much about the show, but it definitely makes sense. I slightly disagree about Tennant; I feel like he was often easily outshone by guest actors (Lesley Sharpe, John Simm, even Bernard Cribbins) but he definitely had something compelling that Whittaker lacks, no matter how much idiotic gurning she does. Can you imagine her doctor trying to pull this scene off?

No. 247710

I've been trying to catch up since I want to see the regeneration episode but god it's unwatchable, I don't think I can make it through S13. I am completely baffled by people invested in thasmin or 13's tardis team.

No. 247774

S13 is objectively terrible but I'm weirdly fond of it. They just turned all the messiness and timey wimey shit (god that expression makes me want to punch things) up to 100 and it at least felt like there were a few new ideas in there, even if they were a bit shit. If you can make it through, the NY ep that came afterwards was a bit better
I share your bafflement, anon. These two twats are so unlikable I don't know how anyone could get excited over them.

No. 250820

I ended up catching up with it and yeah I agree with you. At least I wasn't regretting my existence after watching it like I did with S12.

What did everyone think of the centenary special anyway? Personally I was kind of glad they didn't screw up the lore further and just kept it to fanservice, though the episode is a total mess. I think I'd have been really mad at 13 regenerating back into Tennant at the end if I had actually been invested in the era, and I know deep down it's a cheap trick to boost hype, but honestly anything is better than what we've been getting recently. I'll take a reenactment of the RTD days by the real deal over Chibnall's empty imitation.

No. 250826

I thought it was pretty decent, and definitely could have been a lot worse. Probably should have been a two part-er though. I wasn't keen on the whole "convoluted plot with a million threads that only start to make sense in the last 10 mins" thing, but I guess that's Chibnall's thing. It was also kind of weird to throw in the Daleks and the Cybermen just for them to be irrelevant in the end. I did like the fanservice though, and it was the first time I've been convinced by Sacha Dhawan as the Master, so that was nice (and honestly, I'm just glad to be shot of the entire era so I probably would've enjoyed anything kek) I agree about Tennant - I'm cynical but at the same time really excited to have him back.
>Chibnall's empty imitation
The centenary felt exactly like this! The Master being super camp all of a sudden, the Rasputin bit… Even the scene where the Doctor woke up before her regen to Yaz flying the TARDIS was exactly like the scene before 9's regeneration

No. 338153

File: 1700940554411.jpg (127.37 KB, 1920x1080, 20231125_192752.jpg)

Whyyyyy did they have to cram so much troon shit into the new era? Overall I really enjoyed the episode - I am a complete sucker for the RTD era - but my god, there were so many parts where I wanted to stab myself in the ears.

No. 338238

What an awful fucking actor as well. Jfc, Donna’s child is supposed to be 15 as well and they casted a 20 year old that looks older than his age anyway.

No. 338454

I was hoping the tranny kid was just a rumour but sadly no. Tbh it’s completely put me off watching the episode which sucks because I was really looking forward to seeing Ten and Donna reunite cause they’re so great together. I think I might be done with Doctor Who, at least the newer episodes. I have zero tolerance or patience for anything tranny related at this point, especially when it’s sooo in your face. They really ruin everything

No. 338514

Lol RTD's run was filled with misogynistic jokes, inserted romance with the companions/hot secretaries, made fat jokes, made Donna 'obviously' unsuitable for the Doctor because again she wasn't a hot young companion, and now he's turning around forcing this shit on us kek. Almost like misogyny is enabled by the TRA movement.
I won't make excuses for Moffat but RTD was no angel either and I'm not looking forward to a return to form.
How do you all feel about Ten returning? Do you think it was the right move? Because honestly I always thought the point of DW is that it keeps moving and changing, and given how DoctorDonna crisis was skipped over I'm not sure there was an emotionally meaningful reason to retread that storyline anyway, as much as I love her and Ten together (the only time he's tolerable to me). I'm sorry nonnas I can't lie, I always hated Rose's storyline and how that nonsense even continued to overshadow both Martha and Donna's time as companions.

No. 338519

I mean, I'm not arguing that any of those things are good, just that despite all of the shitty things he wrote into the show I still like it. Maybe it's the nostalgia of watching it when it came out in 2005, or just knowing how dire things got after he left and appreciating it more in retrospect, idk. I find Moffat's run far more deplorable in terms of misogyny and generally punching down, but I suspect you and I are probably on the same page with that.
I'm in two minds about 10 coming back. It's nice to see him and Donna interacting again, and from a cynical standpoint I think it was a necessary way of bringing back viewers that had maybe dropped the show. I don't think it's that necessary in terms of the overall story of the Doctor though, and if it hadn't been presented as an option I wouldn't have known I wanted it, if that makes sense. But I'm enjoying it overall. I just want Doctor Who to be fun again!
Why do you hate Rose, nona? She's still my favourite companion - again, nostalgia - but with hindsight I can definitely see why people would dislike her.

No. 338523

Oh no I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come off like I was arguing with you, I was sperging about the irony of shiny new feminisisism DW. Yeah I have major issues with Moffat, although the small window of Eleven's run with Amy, Rory, and River tended towards the most thematically successful version of DW that I liked. Honestly I'm not even sure if I could be called a DW fan anymore because I only really liked Nine through Eleven, and dropped off with Twelve though circled back to him later, and could barely watch the smouldering corpse of Thirteen's run.
>I just want Doctor Who to be fun again!
Yeah and this is why I'm of two minds about it. One is that DW adapts to change the best, the other that it really should be silly fun, and if any show can get away with Ten coming back it is DW, but on the other hand, the idea of the Doctor changing means the show should always be fresh. I'm very torn over it lol.
Regarding Rose, I didn't love her but I did like her with Nine when I was a kid, and so there are definitely childish impressions which contribute to it; I liked her least of all with Ten, partly because of the romance which was really insufferable (Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Doctor - it's a lot of telling and a lot of worshipfulness I don't find interesting) and because, well, everything is about Rose, who is Extremely Special and Important and four seasons of the show are dedicated to it (Nine and Ten's entire tenures). I've always had an aversion to characters like that and I enjoy rooting for the underdog, so I guess that's why I liked Martha and Donna, and later didn't like Clara. Clara had the Rose Problem. (Donna had the 'most special woman in the universe' thing going on, which seems to be a RTD problem, or maybe a DW problem in general, because they can't explain why some nobody is travelling with a Time Lord, or at least they try to overexplain it). Also I found Billy Piper's acting and speech annoying, which is petty and beside the narrative point. I also think I have something broken inside me because the scene in Doomsday where they have their hands against the wall across universes makes me laugh at the melodrama.
I was a big Whovian back in the day so I get complicated feelings about the show, but I'm not exactly a bookkeeper sperg about it, so if people are enjoying DW again that does make me happy. I want them to get it right. I am interested in the reception of Ten just because a move like that, nine times out of ten (lol), is a creative death knell. I have tried to post this two times, I am a moron.

No. 344808

Just finished the first Ncuti episode and I did not like his performance very much. He played it hyperactive like Tennant but with no really odd or unique body language, mannerisms, or mood swings that Tennant and Smith were capable of. Felt like a capeshit performance, like this is how Chris Pratt would play the part if he was The Doctor. I enjoyed the "timeline change" scene a lot though.

No. 348616

File: 1705256877889.jpeg (4.79 KB, 282x179, images.jpeg)

Were we really supposed to believe this boring fuck could get a fashionable cutey like Clara to be madly in love with him? They played him like opposition to the Doctor the entire season when IRL he wouldn't even get to lick Clara's boots, much less sway her opinion. I laughed out loud in the Xmas episode when he (or his memory anyways) claimed he died saving Clara and the rest of humanity just got lucky. Meanwhile if you go watch the series 8 finale it's just him fluctuating between being butthurt and suicidal. This is perhaps the shittiest companion adjacent character in Nu Who besides "The Fam."

No. 348769

I was always confused with his character, like were the writers trying to make us sympathise with him or be disgusted with him or what? It's like they never fully figured out what to do with his story. Clara's struggle with trying to balance her normal life with him and her adventures with the Doctor was kind of interesting, but didn't that also happen with Rose and Martha too? It wasn't very original

No. 348804

I think on Clara's end that they at least added some life texture. Moffat had almost completely avoided that at that point. Like Amy's parents come back from being erased from existence at the end of Series 5 and are never touched up on again. That's lame, that's a big life change for her.
Danny was more for playing off the Doctor's morality struggle but I think that was really mishandled. The Twelth Doctor's morality was already definitive by the time Mummy on the Orient Express ended. If he was anything like Danny claimed he would have let everyone on the train die before exposing himself to the mummy but that's not what happened, he risked his life the instant he thought he had the bare minimum info possible to win because if he dies, so does everyone else. After that Danny's complaints beyond Clara lying to him just sound like a kid pissing his pants.

No. 348843

File: 1705336781198.jpg (36.76 KB, 300x322, Fourth_Doctor.jpg)

Absolutely boring opinion and a lot of his stories are silly but I like Four the best. Tom Baker was kind of a lolcow but he was so influential to the current era. You can see Tennant was obviously inspired by Baker's sad clown I was just pretending to be retarded schtick.

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