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No. 192164

Use this thread to discuss reading and writing fanfiction. Feel free to discuss personal grievances and things you like about fan fiction and fanfiction communities

No. 192393

it breaks my heart when an author dissapears from the internet just when their work is reaching the climax. plenty of people start writing and abandon their work a few chapters in, but to abandon a project of years (and usually more than 100k words) either they died or their life was turned upside down in such way their main hobbie lost any kind of relevance

No. 192530

This is always so weird, really makes you think about what happened to these people.
I never got into fanfiction before and always thought it was kinda cringe, but in the end it’s just fanart in text form so I warmed up to the concept since I always loved to write and read. I actually started writing one for fun of a fav ship of mine that doesn’t have much that meets my taste and now it’s pretty long already lol. Most of the better ones have some stuff that’s either too ooc or have weird headcanons for me so I thought I just write my own and made an ao3 account in case I want to share it. I’m new to this and currently busy with trying to figure out how to filter as much degenerate tags as possible when looking for fics. (nothing against ppl with weird taste but damn some of those tags are killing me). I’m new to this, any tips for a better experience in that regard? I never want to be surprised by some fakeboi shit again

No. 192538

File: 1648378382693.jpeg (82.65 KB, 1170x180, C38E586B-3922-4409-A73C-E6BE20…)

I’ve been reading one fic since 2018, and for the first 2 years the writer would update on a really consistent basis although she started slowing down after a while. Now, she had said she had already written like a ton of chapters but she wasn’t going to post them all at once, yet now this bitch hasn’t updated since last November and instead started 4 new series!! Im so salty about it because it’s such a masterpiece and I want to keep reading it!

No. 192540

You could leave a comment asking if the fic is still getting updates

No. 192557

>400k+ words
holy shit
is the smut good?

No. 192561

I was never interested in fanfic before, but there's this indie videogame that I really like, and it left me wanting more. There's like 5 fanfics for it on AO3, so I might check them out

No. 192562

File: 1648391256999.png (73.78 KB, 922x611, 151710.png)

Found the fanfiction for those who are curious, FYI you can easily look it up in the ao3 search engine with the word count

No. 192574

>it's a fallout fic
>it's deacon x reader
KEK, sorry I shouldn't really judge but that's a really random fanfic to have so many words and future parts planned out

No. 193160


No. 194215

When fic writers use hair color nouns instead of the characters' names, including making up words for unconventional hair colors, thus getting gems such as "bluenette"

No. 194222

I've read some shit fanfics that used "blackette" to describe a black haired character.

No. 194225

Or pinkette!

No. 194243

File: 1648931695035.png (359.21 KB, 1197x1476, griddlehark.png)

Recently read this one fic with my OTP GideonxHarrow from The Locked Tomb books. I thought it captured the character voices pretty damn well.


No. 194262

Archive of Our Own is my favorite website. I'm so happy it hasn't fallen down the social media rabbithole, because god-knows many people have requested those features be added

No. 194266

i lurk on ao3 and see who bookmarks my fics but that's a horrible idea unless you want to find out that mcyt writers think ur writing is good enough to bookmark. it's a compliment and an insult in one fell swoop…lol

No. 194839

File: 1649132531889.jpg (7.8 KB, 256x256, the-forgotten-one_.256.926798[…)

I was finally able to finish a draft I had unfinished, for such a long time I lost all motivation to do anything but the inspiration came back, it's pretty nice to write requested stuff, but I missed doing more personal stories.

No. 194843

congrats anon!!

No. 197852

Do you have any TF2 fanfics you like? I like the ones where there's nothing special going on, there is no romance, and the pyro is actually a pyro and not some half assed OC.
I liked this one, where they go to the beach; it's funny even if the format is a bit weird at first. https://archiveofourown.org/works/4778504/chapters/10931147
This made me happy too, they just make a ruckus at the base. https://archiveofourown.org/works/41774
This is my favorite, the team is attacked by a shapeshifter, and only scout and sniper survived (or did they?). They try to find out what's going on https://archiveofourown.org/works/30791243/chapters/76005743

No. 197854

>shameful, way too horny multichap PWP I posted yesterday just got its first bookmark
>was by a mcyt writer
This comment has put a curse on me

No. 197927

File: 1650142048859.png (1.35 MB, 1192x1207, xilmo.png)

Nonas, I'm depressed.
Please share your favourite angst with a happy ending fics. Don't care what pairing (it can also be gen) or fandom, as long as it is well written, very angsty, and with an unequivocally happy ending.

No. 197935

No. 199526

I haven't read fan fics in a while kek I forgot authors will literally write like they're talking to their readers every week when they post new pages. I guess it feels good to have people enjoying your work but it reminds me of being 14/15 and acting like big shit when I saw how many reads my fanfic was getting.

No. 199536

I think im going to start writing fanfics, last time I wrote a fanfic was when i was 13 i think? I have so much love for some characters and i want to write it out

No. 199540

Sometimes I check up on my wattpad warrior cat fanfiction series to see if people are still reading.

No. 199552

File: 1650649890620.png (812.9 KB, 1080x1068, 1626894318130.png)

My favorite fic of my rare pair disappeared from AO3, and since the ship it's so rare (not even 150 stories), there's no way I'll ever find it. I don't even remember the name of the author, so it's gone forever.
I haven't recovered ever since.

No. 199558

I'm so sorry anon, I'm still not over the loss of a really good fanfic myself. Let this be a learning experience to immediately save any good fic you come across (and fanart for that matter) because it can be deleted at any time for any reason.

No. 199820

File: 1650734172594.jpeg (113.58 KB, 960x959, CBF26DF5-7EFB-44C6-863B-4F4D65…)

I’ve just written a fic for the first time in my life. It’s almost finished, but writing it was so much fun that it has become super long and elaborate. I did not even intend it to be this explicit and it has a slow build up, but I got a bit too into it while writing so it escalated and now it’s become super horny in the end. Help, I just wanted this to be cute and serious and maybe a bit sexy. I dig it this way but it wasn’t my original intention, I feel so dirty lol
Do you tend to plan your stories and then stick to the plan, or do you allow yourself to get carried away while writing?

No. 199859

yesterday i spent almost 6 hours reading genshin fanfic (i know the exact time because i read them on a kindle), and yet i can't finish a single normal book

No. 199893

File: 1650744860639.jpg (524.69 KB, 2048x1899, 20220423_221414.jpg)

I just watched the Batman. It was OK and all, but now I want to read some batman/riddler fics. Can I get some recs? Porn and smut are welcome, but long dramatic fics would be perfect.

No. 199907

I remember reading this really good fic when I was a teen. It was really popular and well known in that fandom too. Funnily enough, I don't really remember much about the plot, only the pairing and that it was good. Today I decided "Hey that fic was pretty good, I should go read it again after all these years." And it's been deleted. There are translated versions available but of course I don't know any of the languages it's been translated to. Life is pain.

No. 199908

have you checked if those fics are archived in the wayback machine? or on tvtropes?

No. 199948

The Dano thread would probably be more useful to you than this one (yes, there are fic recs)

No. 199956

Me too, and they still do.

No. 199959

ive narrowed my focus to genshin fanfiction too and ive never even played the game

No. 200067

Oh god, seeing this thread reminded me of when i used to write these really embarrassing degen smut fics and send them to an online friend, who sent her fics to me. I'm glad it was mostly in private chat and not public bc it was deranged noncon shit about random novels we'd read and even literary classics. Did/does anyone else do this kind of more private writing and sharing to a small audience only?

She was a really good writer and a friend though, now i suddenly miss her.

No. 200123

File: 1650829508397.jpg (35.59 KB, 268x696, 38393837338.jpg)

None of the fics I'm reading for this character go in the direction I want them to, guess I have to do it myself. I'll be my own salvation dammint

No. 200216

Has anyone else taken a fic and turned it into an original work? I have a fic I wrote for a rarepair that I was HC'ing out the ass with anyway. Basically, if I changed the setting and character names, it would be its own thing. Anyone else done this? Also a question for other fic writers, what's your ratio between fic and original work look like?

Nonna I saw that exact same pig on /po/ and I loved it.

Always been way too embarrassed to share stuff lol

No. 200220

You reading fics about danny devito???????????

No. 200233

and more importantly, people are writing that and like seriously!?!!?

No. 200334

File: 1650888890053.png (98.51 KB, 275x258, 1606296706297.png)

Two fanfics that I've been enjoying are on hiatus.

No. 200434

Same kek, warriors fans are very dedicated

No. 200553

Are you looking for sunny fics? What direction are you hoping the fics will take?
I read a really good one about the gang getting their shit together but Frank being dead was the whole premise (he dies, leaves them money, they unbelievably go to rehab).

No. 200628

I did it with one. It was a fanfic from a seinen manga, something like a role reversal AU. Originally, I had to end it because the mangaka made a sequel and began to make the original story even more convoluted, so it was hard for me to keep up with the new changes and retcons, but I was already too attached to what I had, so I made a re-write of the whole thing. I changed the time period, added new characters, wrote new plotlines, a new ending and many other things. Right now, I'm yet to finish the first draft, because the original fanfic was quite long already, but I hope to turn it into a comic one day.

No. 201549

I recently (well, over a year ago now) got into the fic exchange scene and I've been having so much fun writing gifts for other people and getting things in return. Having a deadline with someone counting on me to finish my fic has done wonders for my productivity. I've even gotten gift fics of some of my rarepairs and rare canons.

For people who ship pairings with characters that are often made trans, this could be a good option for you. In exchanges, it is totally acceptable to ban writers/artists from making your gifts with any trans characters. They are required to abide by your requests without complaining.

No. 201580

The mental anguish and delight when a really good fic goes from 7/20 to 7/85. I can’t live in anticipation for this long.

No. 202317

this is sorta odd, but does anyone else really like reading fanfictions about stuff like self harm, eating disorders, suicide, etc? I've been reading them since I was around 12. It's sorta a guilty pleasure for me, because honestly most of the stuff I can find with them are never really good (or occasionally, I'll find an AMAZING one, but they're a dime a dozen).

No. 202321

nonna I absolutely do this too but for projection purposes kek

No. 202322

My favorite kind of fanfiction is the super grimdark kind. Not the gross coomer ones, but the ones where the characters suffer terribly. There seems to be a lot of overlap between this kind of fic and troon headcanons though, for some reason? Which is a bummer

No. 202361

tbf being a troon has got to be one of the greatest forms of suffering that first world fic writer demographic can experience, it makes sense that they'd insert it into their depression porn fics.

No. 202948

Can someone recommend some fic with a lot of caring and sweetness in it? Honestly just the fluff doesn't have to get sexual just a cute relationship between the characters. Don't really care what franchise

No. 202956

search for de-aging fics (character becomes a literal child, not the ddlg ageplay kind; sadly they share the same fucking canon tag on ao3)

No. 202960

you aren't losing much honestly, the fandom relies on headcanons 90% of the time. there's relatively popular ships of characters who never even interacted with each other lol

No. 211076

File: 1654200502490.png (770.39 KB, 823x532, b0f260449301ee6ff15d324425828e…)

Apparently… this is a rewrite for Bionicle: Mask of Light.


No. 212092

File: 1654472415153.png (14.76 KB, 1097x259, masterful.png)

I know functionally nothing about Bionicles but I can at least say with certainty that this fic is a masterpiece.

No. 216551

I've been reading some x reader fics and I found one that seemed pretty interesting. It was published around 2017. Well, I read it last week, and to be honest I didn't like the OC/reader insert, she's a complete asshole. But it looked like she would change little by little. However, the fic was last updated in the same year it was first published. It's so unfinished that it pisses me off. It never even got to the fucking, kek. Much less did the character that the author said would eventually appear, make an appearance nor was he mentioned. But I suppose that's partly a good thing, because it looked like it was going to turn into polyamory/threesome shit and I didn't want that. But x reader fics in this fandom are already rare so it's a shame that this one wasn't (and likely never will be) finished. It almost makes me want to finish it myself.
I also hated how the main love interest was written, I think the author projected some things onto him that aren't really true (which is a problem I noticed with another author, as well).
I feel like I could potray these characters better and more accurately, but since I'm not a writer I'm not very confident in my writing abilities.

No. 216595

File: 1656071716402.png (213.74 KB, 1400x612, tiermaker.png)

No. 216600

NTAYRT but Nonnie if you're still here, drop the link…

No. 216602

File: 1656077171092.png (212.24 KB, 1140x556, my-image.png)

99% of what I read is porn kekk

No. 216603

File: 1656077468762.png (205.54 KB, 1140x556, hggfhg.png)

No. 216633

File: 1656090002703.png (177.86 KB, 1140x556, tier.png)

the older i get the less i tolerate sad or bittersweet endings

No. 216681

What's canon divergence?

No. 216902

It basically means that the fanfic follows the canon storyline up until a certain point and then the author takes the story in a different direction than what happened in the canon. Or the author just changes up some details about the characters

No. 218039

I really cannot think about this more than a minute, it makes me feel weird, undescribable. Just hurts somewhere.
It always also reminds me of a fanfic writer I used to like, she had a way with words, she was really talented but I noticed her stories getting more and more deranged and out-there with the subject matter. In the notes of one of these, she explained she wrote this one (or came up with the idea, I don't remember) while she was strapped in a psychward for a bit. And I was like, "Yeah, that makes sense…" till one day she disappeared completely off the face of the earth and I just hope she's doing better… I can't think about this… It's an odd feeling in my chest. It's the same feeling I get when someone abandons art or music while being decades deep into it, just sad.

No. 218059

File: 1656586608469.png (228.83 KB, 1140x737, my-image.png)


No. 218062

Any other husbandofags have this problem where your husbando is headcanoned as a "bottom uwu~~" by the majority of the fandom so 95% of the smut fics he's in have him taking it up the ass, including the M/F ones?

No. 218079

With M/M pairings it's fifty-fifty, but it never happens in M/F pairings

No. 218149

my favorite fanfic author (i have several fics of hers printed out jfc) started writing an AU 'trilogy' and the second half of the second story ended on a massive cliffhanger, but then the show got renewed for a second season even though it was suposted to be a limited series and now she has lost all motivation because it was supposted to be canon compliant
pain, just pain

No. 218170

>including the m/f ones
Damn that's rough, sorry

No. 218185

some more options that are usually together that belong in the kill it with fire category, 'underage, rape, trans character'

No. 218275

I agree but those were not included in the list.

No. 218959

Anyone else remember those fics that were "responses" to other people's bad fanfiction, if the first fanfic featured an OC the OC would get "pwned", often by the response author's own OC who was usually also 3edgy5me in a way that ended up way more cringe than the fanfic it's supposed to "criticize"? Plus those authors always took the obvious bait, saw so many My Immortal hatefics involving the author's OC killing Ebony because "she's a Mary Sue but MY OWN donut steel is totally not!!"
Anyway the hate boner for "Mary Sues" should stay a product of its time. Remember the Mary Sue "litmus tests" that never took the context of the story into consideration and you had all these teen girls worrying that their OCs might be Mary Sues while moids (yes, there are indeed actual men who do write fanfics) have always shat out awfully written overpowered harem self-inserts but they didn't get a fraction of the hate "Mary Sue" gets. If you've ever made a fan character for any fandom you need to shut up about "Mary Sues" and stop pretending that your donut steels are NLOOCs.

No. 218970

Is it acceptable to finish someone else's incomplete fic that has probably been abandoned forever?

No. 219168

I think it is frowned upon, unless the author allows it or puts it up for "adoption".
But imho who the fuck cares? Like, it's okay to write a fanfic from an ongoing ip but somehow it's wrong to write a fanfic of a fanfic? Write what you want, but just be careful to not get cancelled in your fandom socials. You can post anon fics on ao3.

No. 219191

If you state that it’s a fan continuation and you’re not the original author I don’t think it should matter

No. 219821

If you do, post a link here, I'm curious.

No. 219824

Any anons have some good recs for capeshit slash smut? Love me some bat fam and superman/batman.

No. 223677

Yeah, I do see my husbando being treated as a bottom by fujos A LOT. I avoid reading what little smut of him is out there for a reason, although thankfully he is not uwuified by het shippers, who usually try to at least make his basic personality similar to canon instead of trying to babify him.

No. 223688

i'm so fucking tired of reading ffxiv fanfics where the WoL is given a name/identity and its not fucking tagged


No. 223762

Is there any alternative extension like AO3Dr? I don't usually read fic on my computer but I just noticed today that it was taken down / deactivated by Google.

No. 223798

I started writing a terribad Jetxreader insert fic (as in Cowboy Bebop, not AtLA) and shortly after my laptop's RAM module fried itself. I refuse to believe these two events are not connected but that still won't stop me

No. 223801

You can just turn it back on again in extension settings, that's what I did and it still works for me.

No. 223936

Thank you, it worked!

No. 223952

File: 1658520475744.png (259.22 KB, 1140x463, yes I am cringe how could you …)

A lot of my favourite fanfics keep getting deleted, so I've started saving the ones I love on my pc/downloading the pages on my phone. I've been burnt way too many times and still think about some that I've lost forever.

It's either well written slowburn angst with soulmate themes or disgusting/dead dove do not eat PW(ithout)P with me.
Sometimes both in the same fic and I have to thank the Hannibal fandom for my taste.

No. 223987

File: 1658541234685.png (302.34 KB, 1140x692, bububaga.png)

This is such a fun list, I love nonnies' category names and to compare what's placed where to mine. Fun time, gals.

No. 224106

File: 1658602326478.png (291.81 KB, 1140x670, the 5 states of grief.png)

nona are you me? I just started writing my first fic ever and it was supposed to be short and simple without even any shipping but it's turned into a complete opposite of that lmao

I'm ESL but confident I can write correctly, I'm just really worried I'll repeat the same word too often or use too pretentious words when trying to avoid repetition…

jeez, my fic preferences have changed since the last time I was invested enough in a series to read any

No. 225586

remember the early 2000s when Agony in Pink was so controversial? Now you can find fics like that a dime a dozen on AO3.

No. 225590

You know tranny shit in fandom has gone way too far when around 1 in 5 fics in the AO3 tags related to sex involving vulvas/vaginas do not actually involve "cis" female characters (canon or OC or reader).

No. 225593

only 1 in 5 in your fandom? consider yourself lucky anon. it is worse where i am

No. 225602

In all fandoms in total.

No. 225637

I read a lot of fics in the early/middle 00s when I just got internet access the first time, it's the main reason besides games for why I learned English in the first place.
Then for some reason I didn't care anymore for like 10 years and came back some series that incited my passion again. I read a lot of books but only non-fic. I have a huge problem getting into novels and even if the setting is interesting I usually stop reading early because I don't like the characters chemistries.

Fics are the exception because here I already KNOW I like the characters because they aren't original. It also skips the whole introduction and all that so it gets right to the points I want to see. I also argue that there are fics that are genuinely well written. People shit on fics, but honestly most official novels I tried to read were horseshit and the characters flatter than anything I ever saw in a fic.

What puts me off is everything blatantly OOC and OC shit, self-shipping and all that shit as well as children and I wish that stuff wasn't so damn common.
Thankfully the series I am currently in is too masculine to have any of that. So I can just read about my favorite characters bonding, hating each other or coping with war without any forced-in baby- or trans-headcanons. I always block the OC tag though, think that shit is everywhere.

I also mostly hate AUs. The AUs I love are those that are canon-based What IF routes. Things that I can imagine happening if one event of the series ended differently. That stuff can be interesting as fuck to explore. Never used wattpad though, never found anything interesting there and it strikes me as normalfaggy.

No. 225638

I am mostly into sausage fest series so I never read M/F but it depends. I never saw any uwu cutifying fics though, not about any dudes I was ever into. I am not attracted to highschool twinks though so maybe that's why. Bottoming is common though, but I am fine with it and they aren't written like girls.
Actually the character I love the most right now is ironically rather written too slutty and masculine in fics, considering he is kind of a loser and awkward around other people in canon and most likely a 25yo+ kissless virgin (like me).
I don't know what Gen Fic is but you seem to share my taste.

No. 225641

'General fic', basically a fic that doesn't revolve around romance or smut

No. 225645

Oh those can be really fucking good if they are written well. A friend I have wrote a novel-length fic once that told the backstory of how our two favorite characters have met during a mission in the past. It was easily one of the best fics I ever read and it felt like it was canon. She needed years till she finished it and overhauled it a few times.

No. 225761

Anyone else ever download a fic and then rewrite parts of it? Obviously not to post it anywhere but for personal use. I do it with self-insert fics sometimes. Just found a decent Canon Character x Reader fic (in a tiny fandom, so I'm kinda starved for content) but the author had for some reason chosen to write the self-insert character with ~gender neutral~ pronouns. What's the point of doing that anyway? When you could easily just write the story in first/second person pov and it would sound way less clunky than this. Singular they will never not sound forced and unnatural, stop trying to make it happen. Especially when everyone knows the character is meant to be a woman kek

No. 225771

Yes, though I've only done it to fix some fics that were terribly written. There's no troon self-insert shit in that fandom, thankfully, but there's also not a lot of content. I'm kind of a grammar Nazi so this author's lazy formatting, lack of capitalization and punctuation and horrible typos were driving me crazy. I also replaced (y/n) with my actual name and it felt so weird and embarrassing but so good lmao.
What I don't like about doing it is that I'm essentially forced to spoil myself.

No. 225847

Watched The Gray Man yesterday, it's an OK film but very cliche. Anyway, Billy Bob thortons character and Ryan goslings character had some CLEAR chemistry, at least to me. Went to check out the fanfics… And it's all Chris Evans character x female reader… Gross. What is happening with the world?

Anyway, any nonas who have seen this movie would like to take requests?

No. 225849

>it's all Chris Evans character x female reader
Based as fuck, at least it's not they/them troon shit

No. 225854

True, troon shit would be way worse.

No. 225881

File: 1659311588309.png (181.49 KB, 1554x799, FonzFan82.png)

I wish there were more normies who posted their fanfiction on AO3 like pic related. Seeing older women in fandom gives me hope for the future, especially if they're something uncommon for fic writers, like religious or married. AO3 is my favorite website since it's incredibly convenient and I love 100k+ slow burns, but it sucks that most Gen fics are elsewhere. Every website where you could post fanfiction on before AO3 really took off was before my time.
If AO3 could have all of FF net's old fics, Gen fics, and reader self-insert fics, (FictionPress doesn't care much for the site anymore so there's not much new fics,) it'd truly be the ultimate fanfiction site. I would say the same for Quora and Wattpad but somehow their search features and archival abilities are even worse than fiction dot net's barebones architecture.

I wonder if any anons have found good fic on either of those sites? I never use them but there must be some fic on those sites worth saving. Not looking for links necessarily.

No. 225890

>normies like pic related
>born in 1982
>it gives me something to do while parents are at work
>i am a believer in Jesus Christ and writing these stories is my mission
an adult and religious woman she may be, but no normie for sure

No. 225898

There's fanfiction on Quora??

No. 225906

I'm a moron and confused it for Quotev. There's no fanfiction on Quora I hope.
By normie I mean the type of person who's not consumed by the modern Internet. I grew up around people who barely use it and those who used it all the time now; social media especially divides "normies" into two groups who act very differently when something happens in the world and when it comes to socialization, strong influences such as age and the like aside. I should've used a different term. You're right, she is pretty strange.

No. 226002

>I also mostly hate AUs. The AUs I love are those that are canon-based What IF routes.
based and canonpilled. those AUs are often just a cop-out to disregard canon which is fine if you want to do that to write something specific, but most of the appeal of the characters gets lost if its too detached and thus pointless imo. I really like “what if” fics if the author put some thoughts into it, those can be pretty good at times.

No. 226003

I really dislike AUs too, especially the mafia and detective ones. Don't get why they're so popular in some fandoms. Most canon characters are already written so OOC that putting them in a completely different setting will erase what little they still have in common with their canon persona and at that point you might as well be writing OCs. What-if scenarios are based though, when written well

No. 226407

Coffeeshop AUs are my most hated. They're always so sappy, slow and cliche. Sometimes the setting changes a bit (e.g. It's a bookstore or vinyl shop instead) but it's still a coffeeshop au in its essence.

No. 226810

Some AUs can be funny, especially if they're fandom originals. Hannibal has a few cool AUs that mixes all the media that Mads & Hugh for example. But all those "standard AUs" like coffee shops, high school are all horrible

No. 227006

Getting back into writing fanfiction as an adult is weird. I'm writing in a very tongue-in-cheeck manner and making things way over the top, basically crack fics. I keep getting worried that someone might find my writings deranged but then I check what other people are writing and it's always like
>dick set on fire
>so much rape
and all in a very serious tone. If anything makes me feel like a normie it's reading AO3.

No. 227231

>dick set on fire
Girl, what?
On a semi related note, I've been missing the passion I had for reading fanfic when I was a teenager. I used to feel so many emotions when reading a good fic, but lately they all just feel boring. I hate that I don't get butterflies when a pairing kisses after a long build up anymore.

No. 227307

This might sound strange but does anyone else copy and paste fanfics into google docs? I've done it for several fanfics I love and sometimes I even change a few grammar errors because that sort of stuff drives me nuts and really distracts me when reading. Plus it's good for saving fics from suddenly getting deleted or going missing for whatever reason

No. 227315

I save them locally to my computer but yes >>225771

No. 227359

I don't understand the principle of being into a series and then taking everything from it that gives it an identity.

I see so man fans that turn non-human characters into humans that bear zero similarities with the originals anymore and then also change their personality AND the setting.
So how is this even the same series? It's not even the shell that is the same, it's literally a 100% own story with names from other series slapped onto it.

Maybe I am missing something but I never understood the point of this or why someone even turns an apple into a rock while pretending to be an apple fan.

No. 227361

>I see so many fans that turn non-human characters into humans
I mostly see it done when people want to write romance between the non-human character and a human but don't want to write about monsterfucking. The ones I've come across keep the story in the canon setting/universe though. But yeah imagine turning Alduin into a human and then have it be a coffeeshop AU or something, just write a story with OCs at that point kek

No. 227564

File: 1659754060852.jpg (34 KB, 550x550, 72a75deb3d4406e2ee1d39f83b921a…)

I'm in a niche part of a fandom that was mostly older women until some movies came out some years ago. The fics were a hit or miss for me. I'm a lesbian and want to read about gay people. For a nice while in my little niche, even the most degenerate of fanfics were troon free. Unfortunately a good 60% of the fics were poorly written m/m smut, most of which leans into the noncon area. But there were a handful of authors that wrote some really nice fics that were character-focused and not rapey at all. The f/f side was very small, but the smut was hot and there are a handful of nice multi-chapter fics.

Then those movies came out. Hordes of young troons flooded into the fandom. For while my niche was safe, but then dicks invaded my f/f and a really nice genderbent f/f fic got deleted because trannies were threatening the author on her socials. Most f/f now are penis centered and my fav female character is a tim now apparently.

Now those beasts are trooning my fave male character. He's now a tif, AND a dog fucker. Tranny zoophiles are becoming more common.

No. 227567

/R/that happened called, they want their bait back

No. 227568

I wish it was bait. This fandom has gone to hell and I can't escape. I will admit I was dramatic though

No. 227594

You can't just write all that and not tell us what fandom you're talking about cmon

No. 229585

File: 1660244836393.jpg (20.2 KB, 474x474, smugpepe.jpg)

I love writing reader fics because I can make female pleasure the centre of the whole story. I like to invade fandoms with a lot of fakebois and emphasize the reader's femaleness and that she's not a troon but a based woman who knows what she wants. I love making trannies seethe.

No. 229720

Same. I thought maybe I'm just burned out and laid the fics off for a while, but the spark hasn't come back yet. I have this with other media too, manga, actual books etc…

No. 229732

File: 1660268824263.jpeg (107.76 KB, 700x700, 5A6FDF1A-8094-431F-A867-3E742B…)

Based nonnie I wish there were more writers like you in my fandoms. Every reader insert is gender neutral now so its all male centric and filled with aidens whining about their insecurities. Idc if you hate yourself, I came here ro read about my husbando

No. 229794

What is the general consensus around podfics?

No. 230375

This is directly related to Harry Potter fanfiction but I hate it when I check out what looks like an interesting fic, only to first stumble upon the author's notes debasing JK Rowling for being a terf. Like one prolific HP fanfic author in her older fics would start out with a disclaimer "everything belongs to the wonderful JK Rowling!" and in the most recent one it's: "I just ignore her, the fandom belongs to us anyways." The fandom which wouldn't even exist without JK Rowling. That woman has put so much of herself in the stories that they're essentially a part of her, and she them. Have some fucking tact or disengage from writing on Harry Potter at all.

It's good though that most fics I like were either finished pre-2019, or their authors have enough dignity to not virtue signal about trannies, however they might feel about it.

No. 230873

I'm normally not into reader fic, but you've given me an idea, based queen.

No. 231093

any recs for fics dealing with closed romantic triangles (where it starts like A » B » C » A and ends up A«»B«»C«»A)? i don't care if it is FMM, MFF, FFF or MMM. i just want it to be closed on all fronts and not 2 people pining after a third. if possible with no abo, soulmates, mpreg or genderspecial/queer discourse.

i don't like the few i heard, it freaks me out when the reader starts doing different voices for each character. but it is nice to have a story read to you while driving or doing chores (except the voices…)

damn, that disgusts as much as abo or trans tags. i have never seen so much vitriol directed to an author (or actor/director/artist( like i've seen directed towards her.

No. 231165

Based, I'm so tired of these gender neutral aiden reader inserts, especially in smut
They're cringe

No. 231907

Holy based. Okay, you've convinced me of writing and posting my self-insert fics too.

No. 235039

File: 1661909681157.png (738.38 KB, 1155x1155, fandomrejectshirtofshame.png)

I'm struggling to figure out how to find someone to "beta" my fics. I have good ideas and moderately good execution but I know I need a second pair of eyes. The issue is I don't have any fandom friends, and I've been called out before for tweeting about a no-no pairing and I don't think I could find anyone non-retarded who would want to be associated with me or my work. The only people who occasionally interact with me on twitter are those weird "anti-anti" edgy TIFs with neopronouns and fursonas. I swear I am not that weird I just have one dark pairing that I think is interesting. IDEK why i'm posting this because I don't think there's any solution but I'm grasping at straws at this point

No. 235042

Imo as long as they're able to hold conversations about things outside tranny shit and you know better than to drink the kool-aid, I don't think befriending fakebois is that bad. You can't avoid them in fandom spaces unless your fandom is massive enough to have a terf circle. There is a line when it comes to tolerating someone with retarded beliefs but if crippling internalized misogyny crossed it you'd have to avoid roughly a third of the women on earth.

No. 235043

Based, I've only written two reader insert fics but you've inspired me to make more, all female reader of couse

No. 235045

I would unironically beta read for you. I have enough free time that I could do it but if you want someone into the fandom you're writing for it depends on what the fandom is. Create a new email and share the password in a post and then get the farmhands to delete the post so the password can't be seen again. Or upload it to a file sharer like mega-nz and delete the file after an hour. I could also create an email address and post it here then get it deleted by farmhands so no one else can access it and you have the email address to send the fics to. You/I could also do this by using the movie night chat to share info. There are ways to get around things if you really wanted, otherwise look for people who don't tag things as 'AFAB' or anything to do with 'pronouns', these people are the ones without dumb shit on their mind enough to tag it in their work and are less likely to attack you for mentioning terfy things (maybe not outright declaring men aren't women and trannies are men, but probably won't have a fit if you write that women have periods in our fic and use female specific language).

No. 235048

Nonny that's really kind of you, the mega-nz strategy is a good idea. here's a link to the document, i'll probably delete in in an hour. https://mega.nz/file/QTVWWZ4J#HyR6xoYb3Ef_rrRrr2nVVMaCuzu8YETvuQ2OyrN3cXI
Oh, I actually don't care if they're a TIF, I was just trying to describe a particular type of person you run across in fandom spaces and mistakenly assumed everyone would be familiar with the the type of person, one of the traits of which is being a TIF. Basically what I was trying to say is i don't want to have to buddy up with people who want to fuck roadkill or little children's cartoon characters or weird shit like that, kek.

No. 235050

Got it you can delete it now. And no worries, if you don't mind that I might not know the fandom too well and just need another set of eyes, I am happy to take on the task.

No. 235051

Just make sure to delete the file/get farmhands to delete the post so the info isn't out there.

No. 235054

Samefagg, I've sent a reply from a burner.

No. 235058

Thanks nonnie, I've replied to your email!

No. 237904

Retarded question, but how to write about sex as a virgin without making it sound like a virgin writing about sex?

No. 237910

imo write less about the physicality than the emotions/feelings

No. 237919

I honestly avoid it unless it's extremely necessary.

No. 238808

Reposting from the /ot/ writing advice thread because it fits better here:

How do you write slow-burn romance without getting bogged down in background information? I end up trying to imitate fics I like that use vignettes interspersed with some narrative fast-forwarding to portray a relationship that takes a while to develop without writing a literal novel, but when I do it I feel like I spend too many words on the POV character's psychological turmoil and not enough on scenes/dialogue.

No. 244965

File: 1664966059132.jpg (79.66 KB, 1333x900, reeee1.jpg)

I know I'm preaching to the crowd at this point but this is so fucking annoying i've got to ree.
>find a decent fic, original and interesting plot without parting too much from canon or being OOC
>it's MMF love triangle with an OFC
>depicts her realistically and gives her a personality, she's a good character
>comments full of Aidens crying about muh uwuwu gay ship ruined
>author starts explaining her choices and agreeing with them
No fucking fun allowed apparently.

No. 244971

what fandom/ship? really hate it when authors bend the knee to entitled troons. what happened to "don't like don't read"? on the other hand now it's getting harder to even do that when certain authors (aidens again of course) intentionally refuse to properly tag their tranny porn because "we need to normalize trans bodies! why should we have to tag warn for trans people when cis characters are never tagged as such!"

No. 244976

i recently started looking up old fics i loved as a teenager just to find a huge chunk of them gone because the ship in question is ~problematic~ and a lot of writers have purged their accounts and stuff. on one hand i understand why you'd do that, i couldn't even imagine posting fic if there was any risk of being doxxed or just having it attached to your name in any way. on the other hand, i wish more writers would just disregard the hate. i truly appreciate the big dick ones that leave their stuff up and continue to write what they want. fanfic was so much better before the ultrawoke shit gained traction and people started policing everything.

No. 244980

kek it's Tuntematon sotilas which already has few female characters due to the source material. Thankfully the fandom doesn't usually troonify anyone, at least yet.

No. 247234

File: 1665695678754.png (56.69 KB, 930x208, dfdfe.png)

Just read the best fanfiction ever Jeff/Dean yaoi I lost my mind the dialogue is so in character. That is what divides a random horny person's lemon fic from true greatness, the little things and tiny nuances written in that make me know a writer really cares arouses not only my body but my mind

No. 247249

File: 1665706839847.jpg (21.78 KB, 479x350, spurdo_sparde_front_by_thewari…)

The what now?

No. 247250

File: 1665707577794.jpg (76.35 KB, 581x774, 609a12e4b2eb7.jpg)

I think it is this fic Parempi ihminen by valastaja https://archiveofourown.org/works/31805422?view_full_work=true
or this one Alivuokralainen by numpet
Too lazy to check

No. 247256

File: 1665709181672.jpg (61.46 KB, 406x480, 1606668525151.jpg)

>there's a modern slash fandom for the goddamn Tuntematon Sotilas
Kiitos kun valaisit minua arkipäivä-aamuyö sisar. Ps. Lammio did nothing wrong

No. 247260

File: 1665710008986.gif (5.34 MB, 454x257, I-love-you-cat.gif)

No. 247356

>classic that everyone is forced to read at approximately 14 years old
>bunch of male characters in a war setting
How could it not exist?
ja huutista 15v itselleni kun shippasin aikanani traagisia vaikken tiennyt koko fandomista, älkää lyökö nyymittäret

No. 247397

why are aiden-written fics always either
>absolutely bland shit with no plot or conflict whatsoever but everyone is gay and trans and neurodivergent
>absolutely degenerate shit trying to cram in as many weird, disturbing, and/or taboo fetishes in one story as possible
with pretty much no in-between. and it's always shite and painfully ooc to boot.

No. 247902

File: 1665944571587.jpg (91.3 KB, 294x442, him.jpg)

This is true but also why am I reading a reader x fic where reader is a tif troon but pretending she's just a masculine woman who gets mistaken for a man and doesn't give a shit (which would be actually relatable but too rare in hetships) and trying to skip and mentally filter out all troon related crap the writer had to cram in why are my standards so low?

No. 247914

why do people put fanfics (sometimes not their own) on goodreads? why do some authors are completely against it?

No. 247961

Idk, but possibly it is to give more attention to the fanfic. Zoomers have a "fanfic is actual literature and it should be respected" mentality and imo even if they have their heart on the right place (somewhat) they forget that fanfic thrives in anonymity, and the attitude of publishers and ip holders is "if you don't flaunt it i let you alone". They didnt live thought the Anne Rice scandal and can't understand that neither authors or multimedia actually like fanfiction. If people are wary of it is because they undestrand that AO3 foundation it's very weak compared to entertainment monopolies and they can collect all the donations they want but ip holders have the law on their side.

No. 248033

unfortunately it's really not easy to find male character x gnc (or at least not so obviously feminine) female reader

No. 248104

probably because for super long fanfics (like all the young dudes which is apparently nearly as big as the whole harry potter series) they still want that sense of accomplishment of marking a book off on goodreads

No. 248105

It seems the more popular fandom is, the more degenerates it attracts. I found like 2000 fics with mpreg tags on 1 popular fandom. While on another obscure, not popular show (in canon it has child nudity and child suffering), its fanfics literally has none of fetish shit, mostly angst and fluff ones


No. 248114

How is that weird? the more popular something is, the more people writing about it so ofc degens become more likely to post.

Though idk if you've ever read mpreg but it's usually not particularly degenerate, girls just like to incorporate their fluffy happy family fantasies into m/m ships and handwave the gross aspects of a male getting pregnant.

No. 248496

File: 1666137142171.png (68.03 KB, 1393x396, 232038.png)

I was looking for some Doctor Who and Donna fanfics on ao3 after many years of not checking for new fanfics. See a unfamiliar Donna shipping fic with the plot of Human Nature which takes place in 1913 and I go read it without checking the tags. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE
>Doctor Uses They/Them Pronouns
>Human Doctor is a He/Him Disaster Lesbian
>Doctor has "DID"

The story has perspective swap between Donna, the Doctor along with edgy diary entries with different fonts and images from the Doctor and the human changed Doctor along with from what I gather an editor that had found said diary and is going to publish it along with annotations which just so stupid! I'm including this piece of gold that was the last straw for me.

>[Editor’s Note: Due to prior ‘conversations’ in the journal, it may be reasonable to assume that John Smith and ‘the Doctor’ are two entities in the same system, very likely dissociative identities from the distinctive writing style differences as well as the personality differences. Members of a shared system can often be entirely unaware of one another, and the mind can also deliberately block out or refuse to process any evidence left behind from other system members. While it is hardly the work of an editor to diagnose such a thing so long after the original writing, this appears to be the case between alters John Smith and ‘the Doctor’.

I know that being angry at fanfics is rather idiotic compared to books, it just makes me angry seeing what the fandom has been reduced to since there were more they/them pronouns fics.

No. 248539

File: 1666150704933.gif (2.29 MB, 498x266, tenor(2).gif)

It's rare but sometime Ivwill find a fic that is written so… sophisticated? And has good prose and makes good references to art history and movements. Just overall gives you a feeling that the author is well read. And those fics also have tiny interactions that feels so authentic that you can also feel that the author has actually lived a life with deep and profound relations.
I don't know how to describe this fics. They are obviously written by someone older judging by the characters interactions and overall how good they are written. They just feel so mature in a way. Like, there is so much attention to details not only in the prose but just little things that the characters do. They will have habits and thoughts you don't normally see in fanfiction. It just has such a dreamlike atmosphere and the characters emotions and actions just fills up everything and really moves me. I don't know how to describe it, sorry.
And the weirdest thing is when you find these rare fics for some mediocre TV show, like why are you writing fics for this? You could legit be a published author. Not that I'm complaining, of course it just blows my mind that people put this up for free.
It makes more sense for more "high brow" media and fake deep media that attracts high brow fans to have fics like this. But even then it's rare and I'm still grateful when I find them. Dunno, people have board tastes (me too) so I see where they are coming from but it's still surreal to find well read authors for kinda dumb media.
sorry for the autism nonnies I'm just dealing with the feels rn because my dumbass decided to read old fanfics at 6am and I can't cope

No. 248541

c'mon nonna, share some of those pearls

No. 248580

I don't wanna sound like I'm bragging about being a good writer because honestly idk if I'm good at all, but I do like to write fics that have hidden references to classics. I like to put a lot of effort into my fics and incorporate narrative techniques used in actual literature to make it sound well-written.
>And the weirdest thing is when you find these rare fics for some mediocre TV show, like why are you writing fics for this?
Because it's fun! It cracks me up to write a fic that's essentially porn without plot about some dumb action movie franchise character but also references Shakespeare in a way that only maybe 1 in 100 readers will get or give a shit about. I don't get to do that in my day job, and when I'm posting anonymously I don't have to worry about losing face.

No. 248676

anon, you are doing the Lord's work! I love fics like this. I don't want it to sound like I'm mad that people write quality fics for not-so-good franchises. I love it in fact, but it just sureprises me that's all

No. 249494

Has anybody ever read a long fic with a plot that was also a reader insert romance? Does this exist? I've never been into reader inserts before but have beein exploring a little and i'm torn between the cringe and the possibilities. Self inserts are basically OCs to me but more accessible, so if written well the potential for incredible escapism and fun and fix-its is there, just haven't seen it yet.

I know self-inserts are for smut but when you're like me and love slow burn, hurt/comfort and more interaction with the husbando in question it seems like such a waste kek. Maybe I read too many "choose your own adventures" as a kid.

People (me included) love fics of angst and suffering with the happiness and crazy good sex at the end… why are we denying ourselves this lmao Guess it's too hard to write.

Based post, i'm totally there with you nonna. This is so embarrassing to say but I've actually learned quite a few things through reading "good" fic like this

No. 249538

I'd be into those if they actually were interactive "choose your own adventure" stories where you can actually make decisions and not just the author's OC but nameless (hell, sometimes she even has a defined appearance and a full fledged background, why even call it reader-insert if she's nothing like most of those who actually read the story?) so yeah I only read reader inserts for the plotless smut lol

No. 249938

File: 1666543512313.png (524.37 KB, 700x526, 1665211249854.png)

I'm writing a short fic in english, which is not my native language. I'm a bit stuck, what would be the best way for a character to say that the next time he meets the other character he's going to have really hot sex with her?

I'd like him to say it in a sophisticated way, so no "I'm going to bang you next time" kek! Only word that currently comes to mind is "devour" but I don't think thats good either.

No. 250292

I don't know if there's a sophisticated way to say this nonna kek. Are the characters in question already in love/lust? That kinda plays a big part in how it comes across.

No. 250324

This is actually exactly the kind of fanfic I love the most, there's inevitably never enough of them to satisfy me but I think more than you would expect exist. It feels a little cringe to say but there are some fanfics like this I've read that I unironically like much better than original romance plots

No. 250335

ayrt. Please share some (preferably complete)! Doesn't matter what series. I am thinking about writing my own so I'm looking for examples and want to see what others have done.

No. 250340

Though I will warn you, they're both heartbreaker fics because they're wonderfully written but the authors abandoned them before they got truly spicy.

No. 250341

Make love

No. 250350

ayrt, here are my faves off the top of my head, all of them are 100k+ words

Kaiba/reader, yugioh (I know next to nothing about yugioh but I love this fic, the author also has another kaiba/reader that’s also amazing):

V/reader, DMC:

FFXV cast/reader (probably never to be completed, also unfortunately the author panders to genderspecials with pronouns and nondescript sex scenes but otherwise fantastic, has some cyoa route aspects):

Noctis/reader, FFXV (not complete, but I absolutely adore the writing style of this author, I go back and read scenes all the time for inspo):

No. 250644

File: 1666765766788.jpg (17.67 KB, 274x275, m-6.jpg)

This is my first time writing fanfiction and how long should a one-shot fanfiction be? I'm writing a simple love confession scene and my goal is to reach at least 1000 words but is that too short? I feel like one-shots are either 100 words drabbles or over 1000 words but I don't wanna write anything too long

No. 250669

I'm inclined to think that brevity is often the sole of wit even when it comes to fanfics. There's nothing bad about long fic if longer form is needed to tell the story, but making it longer just for length's sake isn't gonna make it better. The iceberg technique actually works, it's better to just allude to some things rather than spell everything out.

No. 250732

What is a bamf and why every fic tagged as such feels purposely terrible

No. 250733

badass motherfucker. enough said

No. 250762

This is retarded but I noticed a sudden uptick in hits for one of my fics and keep wondering if it was linked somewhere. I don't mind, otherwise I wouldn't have posted it online, but it still feels weird like I can't believe someone actually reads my shitty fics.

No. 250774

imo depends on where you're posting it to, short drabbles work well on tumblr but personally I won't click on an ao3 fic less than 1000 words

No. 250788

File: 1666813341054.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 1652506926695.jpg)

How do you search for actually good fics on AO3? Ranking results by hits almost always pulls up some hilariously degenerate fandom crossover noncon pregnancy kink shit, and ranking by bookmarks or kudos is only slightly better. It's like fishing in a river that goes through a major metropolitan area because all you get is cancerous trash.

No. 250791

I only saw your post because Scully, but I search within a particular fandom. And then I use the ‘Exclude’ for any weird stuff I don’t wanna see. For example, X-Files, you could eliminate anything tagged with like Mulder/Scully/Skinner if you’re not into that.

I do this with Stranger Things so I’m not bombarded by Steve Harrington/Eddie Munson stuff (Jopper forever).

This is the cringiest I’ve ever been but I hope I’ve offered some advice.

No. 250793

Should I continue reading this rather enjoyable and well written fanfic that had a mention of choking as being a 'relatively tame kink'? The story is good so far but idk, it feels kinda wrong to read and enjoy it further, if the author is that braindead and uneducated about dangerous things like that.

No. 250796

File: 1666814539086.png (12.29 KB, 241x539, Screenshot_78.png)

Personally, I search by either pairing or trope and sort by word count for longfic. For shorter fics, I search exchange collections, since those are generally better written than the standard AO3 fare.

Echoing >>250791 that the exclude function is your friend. If you want to get more technical, AO3 has this list of operators with their functions for a more fine-tuned search. These go in the 'search within results' box and 'otp: true' is especially useful for when you don't want huge walls of pairings.


No. 250810

Sort by kudos, find the most maturely written story amongst the highest ranked fics (usually pretty easy to spot just by judging the tags), lurk that writer's profile and read her bookmarked fics. Good writers usually have good taste.

No. 250840

For me, I prefer older fics, so when I search ao3 I browse from oldest (last pages) to newest. Unfortunately if your series is a newer thing I guess this won't be much help. I've also been finding the functions like "exclude tags" somewhat useful.

No. 250841

All up to you nonna. Right now I'm still reading a fic that's less than perfect but I stay for the parts I do like. Personally it sounds like I'd drop what you're reading as that would make my eyes rolls into oblivion but if it's easier to ignore and just focus on the good parts, whatever, you know? Trust your limits

No. 250842

ayrt. Thank you both!

No. 250848

I'm petty in the way that I'll continue reading but won't give kudos or write comments anymore whenever something like that happens lmao

No. 250852

NTA but I would straight up leave an anonymous comment calling the author out for it tbh.

No. 250943

ayrt, thanks for the tips!

No. 254785

File: 1668337139003.jpg (35.04 KB, 677x669, smilingthroughthepain.JPG)

>An author I liked orphaned all her fics and deleted her account without any warning
>Fic that had a very regular monthly update schedule ended on a cliffhanger and hasn't been updated for four months
>Fic that got a new chapter every other week hasn't been updated in a while and the last time the author took a break from writing, it lasted two years

No. 254797

I am pretty triggered because I am playing a game recently and got interested into a niche and not so famous
>find problematic ship but I don't really care, just want to read about two hot 2d husbandos fucking
>as good ol' fujo I am, I go search some fanfics of said pairing
>half of the fanfics are shitty ones tagged as "trans male character" written by TIFs and genderspecials
>"vaginal sex"
>the other half is MPreg shit
>both characters are canonically biological males
>my day ruined
I hate trans shit so fucking much

No. 254805

Sage for samefag
niche and not so famous ship*
Kek ik how to write I swear

No. 254830

nona not only are you based for making troons seethe but i LOVE female self insert fanfiction, i would donate to your kofi

No. 254860

are you esl or just a retarded newfag?

No. 254976

Why is first person point of view so frown upon in fanfiction communities? I never heard any backlash towards it in publish fiction, even some literary work that is considered amongst the greatest are written in first person POV. But I have seen so many people on twitter and tumblr say that they close a fic as soon as they find out it's first person POV and ngl I'm guilty of this too sometimes. Is it because it's easier to spot any OOC behaviour in first person POV or is it because newbie writers usually write in this POV so people just automatically assume it's bad?

No. 254982

i just find it unsettling to read, but is not as bad as 2nd person POV

No. 255023

File: 1668427444731.jpg (33.31 KB, 540x209, tumblr_70f586504de9c9394cedfe1…)

No. 255037

File: 1668437191244.jpeg (725.18 KB, 1564x1564, F0BD775E-13CA-4D9A-BF6B-F22719…)

>fandom has unexpectedly high quality fic
>show starts deteriorating badly and all the excellent fic authors you followed lose interest

No. 255047

i think because third person pov is kind of the done thing in fanfiction, a fic written in first person instantly signals to me that the person writing it is a newbie and therefore the fic wont be any good. i also think that third person pov adds a little distance between the character and the reader and also adds distance between the canon work and the fanfiction; using first person just seems to overly familiar and almost like it’s treading on the canon interpretation and actions of the character which can only be determined by the author/showrunner/creator etc. it sounds dumb but i’m picky when it comes to fanfiction and will exit out of any in first person pov

No. 255056

I am writing a fic for a rare ship for a relatively old fandom, and there are still people that comment and kudos. Just a reminder for people that don't write their fics because it might not be a popular ship. I want more people to write for my ship because I honestly like reading more than writing kek, but no one else is making any new content so I have to take matters into my own hands. Do any of you prefer reading fics to writing, but have no choice but to write?

No. 255077

I would consider every fic like this a self-insert OC story which I don't read on principle.
I cannot imagine how choosing a canon character and saying "I" would even work. It's too direct I cannot read this as "him" I just see it as the writer talking about themselves. I want to self-insert when I feel like it, not being dragged into it or feel like reading some real person's private thoughts.

No. 255079

I am fanatically invested in a certain ship from an older series that was never popular to begin with so I agree.
I draw them even if I am the only one. When I got into the fandom and searched for art I found like two Japanese fans that drew that ship and I think two English fans that wrote fics for it and it made me so happy. The artists and writers were long since gone when I joined but it still means so much to me and I still re-read the fics or look at the fanart and both have inspired me even more to do art for that ship.
I think I even inspired two other fans to draw them now. We cannot even talk lol because one is Chinese the other Japanese, but they retweeted all my stuff and commented with tons of emoji and then started to draw them too.

Even if you don't even care anymore and left a long time ago, there are always people searching for and finding some niche ship and enjoying your works.

No. 255154

I personally find it weird, since it's so common in regular fiction. I've read some stories that were written in the 1st person, and it didn't bother me because the writing was good and not OOC. It might be the fact that it takes a little more effort to portray a character's thoughts (the whole process and not just a POV) in a way that's believable and in character which a lot of hobbyist writers just don't have the skills to do tbh especially if they're young.

On the other hand, fanfiction has some quirks that are almost absent in mainstream original fiction, like the reader insert format. I once had to change my reader x story into 1st person to send it to a normie friend who wanted to read it but found the 2nd person POV really disturbing (admittedly it was basically porn of a character she was completely unfamiliar with, so I understand).

No. 255156

Personally I like first person if the OG story is first person. I've written for few VN and tried mimic the same style for writing

No. 255157

Kek it reminds me how I was checking fics for an old fandom and I was genuinely shocked when I didn't have filter tranny shit all over the place.

No. 255201

samefag, I meant that I find the 1st person hate weird, not 1st person writing itself

No. 255287

File: 1668550409844.png (56.23 KB, 210x227, 8c96fc5319ed542c37dc1bd9d14c51…)

I wish modern AU (or human AU if it's aliens, robots etc) for historic and sci-fi series weren't so damn popular. It's so damn common that you easily filter out 50% or more of the entire numbers of fics for a series if you exclude that fucking tag.

I hate to find a pairing that doesn't have much content that I am into only to see the fic numbers go from 40 to 3 after filtering these AUs. I want to see my favorite characters heal from the shit they lived through but that only works if they are still in the same world and saved by someone/something in that very world. Instead, all I get are alternative realities in which everybody is a boring wage slave like me and some casual sex with no canon related backstories to spice it up.

No. 255290

Went back to an old fandom and found some new fanfiction and I have been staying up past 2am for the past week just to read this fic, it's so good and it's one of my favourite rarepairs for this fandom… it's still in progress though and it's been in progress for TWO years. I hope the author never leaves…

No. 255317

I strongly prefer canonverse. I can read AU if it sounds really interesting, I like the author or I'm reeeeally desperate for fics in a small fandom.
Even in media with a modern and realistic setting it can feel kinda silly seeing these wage slaves suddenly be in a high fantasy setting

No. 255321

Yeah same. I should have specified that it's AU settings in general. Meaning I also dislike a series taking place here and now getting tons of Victorian Age AUs (this also happens). Another common thing are mermaid AUs lol those are so weird I don't understand why there are so common but there are lots of them in every fandom I am in for some reason.

No. 255326

>boring wage slave
still better than being a youtuber or a tiktoker. the cringe i feel whenever i bump into one of those is unreal.

>mermaid AUs
i wonder what got some many people into fishfucking

No. 255344

>still better than being a youtuber or a tiktoker.
I just joined a fandom with many children in it and there are so many streamer aus. Streamers are some of the most annoying people on earth why the hell would I want to see my blorbos as streamers?

No. 255348

Any luck with good quality fic on your end in the fandom? Any popular fandom that I'm into often has dumb kids, they/thems wokies or brainrotten scrotes that fills the archive with their literal shit fics and making it so that i have to dig deep for any good ones

No. 255349

>still better than being a youtuber or a tiktoker.
Wow I didn't even know this exist.

No. 255361

It's an old fandom so there is a good mix of children and adults. When I find a good fic written by an adult I go trough their bookmarks. I also read the comments of good fics to figure out who is friends with who. I know it's unhinged but I have noticed that authors usually befriend other authors who either has a similar writing style or write the same themes. So that's why I usually look for a group of friends who who all write for the same fandoms

No. 255459

One of my fandoms is all about adult dudes so it filters all men and most of the other shitty fanbases since these people cling to girls, schoolkids and girly boys they can headcanon as trans, the other fandom is huge and the shitty fans stick to shitty characters I am not interested in. The characters I like are more popular among adults and people with taste so the fics are devoid of any tumblr mindsets or zoomer shit.

No. 255466

I'm in a fandom that has canonically quite dark villain characters that could be used for interesting content, but it has attracted a ton of "dark mode tumblr sexy man" (see >>>/snow/1642478) type fakebois who uwuify my favorite characters into little ocd ridden soft boys and make them all troons as well. At this point like 30% of new fics have troonshit. Why live.

No. 255472

Dear god this is something that I hate so much I agree.
And worst, no fandom is completely save here. I am totally in for healing btw but healing already implies that things weren't fine before, which is the case with the canon such series have.

But no, somehow people from fuck knows where come to basically write stories about their soft tumblr OCs and slap canon names onto them.

I always wonder if they grew up so sheltered that they are simply not used to anything serious (I doubt that most of them even read the series they are fan of) or if it's something related to a mental illness that would make them get a panic attack if they read or wrote anything darker than a coffee shop AU.
I also don't like how they write adult men like anime girls. They don't just give them maybe a slightly softer trait or so they write them like blushing insecure anime moe blobs.

No. 255474

>write adult men like anime girls
another thing that pisses me off, along with panic attacks every time something upsetting happens. like, jfc, those are middle-aged men, they have better coping mechanisms than 12 yo tiktok babies.

No. 255480

High chance that I misremember things but I could have sworn the average age of fic writers in the 90s and 00s was higher. I surely never remember seeing space invaders or special OP characters and all that getting panic attacks when I read fics as a teen. I even remember that some of my favorite writers were like 30 year old women with cats.

I feel like social media made every 12 year old want to be a multi-talented super star. Everybody makes videos, shitty music, shitty art, writes fics and other stuff all at once and instead of editing their shit, improving their techniques or read books and look at other people's art to learn from them they waste all free time shilling themselves in 78 discords and 15 social media spaces. They literally adapted the mindset of CEOs and believe advertising was everything no matter the quality of the work.
Pretty sure a lot of these awful writers are in their mid-twenties by now but changed nothing about themselves or their style.

No. 255498

i agree it can be a little jarring when almost every fic is third person pov. but in my experience these fics usually also have some sort of experimental style or otherwise unique premise that makes it work. the ones that come to mind have all been by very good writers though so i guess it also depends on the overall quality of the writing.

No. 255506

I am BAFFLED that no one is shipping Sierra six and fitzroy (the old guy, not the little girl ew) from the Gray Man. Yeah it was an unremarkable action movie but their dynamic was so shippable, it almost felt intentional. I haven't found A SINGLE FIC. Wtaf, I'm so upset rrreeeeeeeee

No. 255515


No. 255517

To me first person either comes off as pretentious (I know exactly how this character would feel), or it makes suspension of disbelief harder for me. Like, you're telling me that this dumbass character is having philosophical internal monologues? Or that this more serious character is having sappy toughts with sappy wording?
It also makes ooc behavior more apparent. 3rd person lets the reader interpret the character like they do in the source material, but 1st person sets that character in stone, as interpreted by the author.

No. 255916

File: 1668742705876.gif (2.86 MB, 300x270, Tumblr_l_817667130248448.gif)

This can be done on AO3 if an anon here made a public collection. A collection is basically a curated fic/fanart/what-have-you list if its moderated, allowing for low-quality stuff to be denied. They can be public or private and allow for Anonymous posts. Making a whole new website for something as innocuous as fujofic nowadays isn't worth it. The moderation team at AO3 would have no issue with a collection that just so happened to not have any trans authors/characters in it, they're notoriously hands off and I don't believe the type of people who harass AO3 users over what they post on there even know what collections are.

Websites that have a small userbase tend to implode or simply fizzle out over time too, even if everyone has something in common.

No. 255968

File: 1668764207113.jpeg (17.5 KB, 400x400, 8wp9zoiq889hyly4em8s_400x400.j…)

why is smut nowadays so kinky and elaborate, specially in the more cancerous/childish fandoms where you get cancelled for not using tw for everyday shit (like who the fuck gets triggered by vomiting)?
so much ageplay, petplay, piss play, humiliation, sexwork aus, so many sex toys and bdsm shit in settings where it makes no fucking sense… this not even including the complete degenaracy that is abo, and domsub as social classes (or abo in gen fics, wtaf)
even everyday shit, like being competent or saying something nice to someone is turned into a kink (competence kink, praise kink)

it feels so complicated

No. 255975

It's an issue of the "getting abused is empowering!!" crowd producing a blind-leads-the-blind scenario, esp since so many fandon goers are young.

Also so many new fandom goers dont give a shit about the actual characters, they just want easily digestible templates. Hallmark movies but for NEETS who think 3dpd. Since they dont care about real emotional connection between themselves and the story, or between the characters, they make up for it in shock value/sensory impact. All the g-spots/prostates gets spammed like elevator buttons bc that's the closest thing most of the writers know.

No. 256014

Old smut fics had a lot of rape though it was possible to find more fluffy smut. Usually first time stuff or domestic stuff.
I have noticed that young fans(and mostly in anime fandom) have started to use weird language when describing sex. Referring to cum as seed and if it's a slash pairing one of the characters is going to say something about being breed. Not even in mpreg or omegaverse fics it's just how the author thinks men talks during sex. I had never read the line "fill me up with your seeds" until joining a new anime fandom

No. 256015

Agreed, in some fandoms it's difficult to find good smut that isn't filled with kinky, degrading, violent or otherwise degen shit. I don't want to read about a character getting called a daddy or slut, I don't want cervix pounding or being slapped/choked, I don't want a prostitute AU. So that leaves me with not much to read. And unlike the omegaverse stuff, a lot of times "daddy kink" and "humiliation" isn't tagged, so you can't even avoid those fics.

No. 256031

I didn't notice that. The only kink I sometimes see is bdsm (directly as bondage or as roleplay behavior) but this was always the case even decades back at least for the ships I am into. I like it too so not complaining here. Wouldn't read any of the other things you mentioned though but rarely ever saw them.
Strangely I see this being more common for yume ships I know (but don't read). It seems to be incredibly popular to make arranged marriage AUs and slave/noble AUs for them, but I wouldn't read that stuff anyway.

No. 258109

Hoy cow anons, I can't do it anymore, yet another fic from my favorite pairing that got trannied. It's a literal gay love story in canon and these fuckes feel like they need to give the characters a vagina.


No. 258113

I feel for you, anon. I made a post in the transwashing thread about this exact thing. It's especially frustrating when they don't tag it.

No. 258119

File: 1669485737729.jpg (32.88 KB, 900x341, the feudal lord relationship.j…)

Right? I don't understand whats so bad in fucking shipping an het pairing that they have to turn gays into hets but pretend they're not.
Transwashing is suddenly spreading on het ships too but to a lesser degree. Depending of the fandom you might never see it but mine is plagued with gendies. Fucking madness! I found a fic of a literal straight pairing where the author justified why they're so not het saying the female character interest in the male is so queer and masculine and I don't understand how the fuck a woman wanting to fuck a male is masculine and gay??? And in the fandom I keep seeing people going on about this same male character being totally queer coded… like fucking how? Guy is obsessed with a woman, which part of it is gay? Like, at least make the guy female if you want it gay so bad, then it would be gay as hell and I'd love to read that pairing with the guy being female but there is almost no fic about that… it's sad.
Remember when people would make fun of the crazies that post shit like picrel? Who knew it would get this bad now that people actually take it seriously?

No. 258142

>tiktok babies
lel this reminds me of all those "kinnie" playlists on spotify that are nothing but tiktok songs

No. 258144

Does anyone have tips on how make sure your writing excludes the weird gender obsessed crowds? I want it to be so that when they read they get the feeling that the fic is definantly not going to cater to their weird ideas/politics and hurts their feefees
Im welcome to hear both blatant tactics and more subtle ways so if anyone questions me I can straight up gaslight them kek.

No. 258147

'nuff said

No. 258149

maybe write for a ship that people from that crowd tend to dislike?

No. 258153

Put in tags “mc is a woman #vaginalsexahoy” or something. Could even tag “mc is woman” and “adult(or child depending) human female”.

No. 258158

Now that fandom is another avenue to virtue signal the het is ew phenomenon has been taken to a whole new level. Het ships need to be t4t or spicy straight, gay ships need to have extra oppression checkboxes added on usually with transwashing also.

It really feels as if with fanfiction it’s not about having a story to tell or characters to explore but having yet another form of e-“activism”. I never thought I’d miss the days of characters being ooc just to make a ship work because the author thought they were hot but here we are. Now we have characters so ooc and with so many extra traits they may as well be OCs AND the writing sucks.

No. 258163

I remember I one time saw a Twitter post that talked about how shipping used to be done for fun and escapism where as today it feels like shipping is used as some form of "activism"

No. 258193

Some cows already discussed this in some other threads on LC before and we realised that it's specifically the gay ships that get trans-washed.

We might as well call it het-washing. Imagine the outrage on tumblr and twitter, but let's be real, that's what it is.

No. 258196

I have the tinfoil theory that they ARE OCs or self-insert OCs to be more specific.

The meaning of what people consider a fandom have diluted a lot since the age of social media started. Most fans openly admit that they never even consumed anything canon from a franchise and just got into it through fanfics or memes. These people will stories for their shitty gender special anxiety-plagued OCs but attach canon names to them because that will get them the clicks.

I bet that the vast majority of trans fics are done for popular fandoms whereas smaller ones might never see a single author pulling that shit because it's done for clicks and they don't get clicks if they write Freya/Beatrix or something.
I blame social media for this and the idea it implanted into attention-addicted crowds that hobbies should be used for monetizing and self-advertising instead of being pursued for sheer fun.

No. 258325

the straw that broke for me was someone writing a "trans male" version of a character who, canonically, hates women and enslaves and kills people in general. he's part of a society where women are viewed as weak and he's high in rank. it makes absolutely no sense that a misogynist society would allow a woman pretending to be a man have any sort of power. yet in the fic he, as a tranny, is treated the same. i tend not to leave hateful reviews but i did for that fic because it was infuriating.

No. 258332

Personally, I like pretending that gender bullshit doesn't even exist. Like, I won't use their lingo in the story or in the tags, and I won't use tags that are especially popular with them, unless they're directly related to my story. That doesn't include only weird gender bullshit, but in my fandom things like mental illness stuff as well. My fics sometimes touch on mentall illness, but I'll never tag things like "[character] has [mental illness]" because those are basically tif dog whistles at this point. In general, I don't like "diagnosing" my characters anyway. It's better to just describe what they're thinking or feeling instead of slapping a diagnosis on them.

No. 258712

i feel like this might be an unpopular opinion but i don't think authors should have to tag major character death. it spoils the whole story. overall i can't stand people who demand tags for their bullshit triggers. tagging rape stuff i obviously understand though.

No. 258716

I feel the same. I once read a fic where the whole premise was that the characters where in a life and death situation and it was unclear whenever they where going to survive. The author hadn't tagged major character death since it kinda would ruin the whole story so when a character did die people got so mad at the author for not tagging major character death.
I get that death is a sensitive topic but characters die all the time without any warnings in TV shows and books. I feel like if you are in a mental state where you can't read fics where your favourite character dies then don't read fics with high stakes. I think that the major character death tag is fine on it's own and can be useful in more slice of life/down to earth fics but it's the author's own decision to use it. Specially in fics with themes of survival, crime, darkfics etc it should be obvious that death is going to happen so it's dumb when people get sureprised when a character dies in these types of fics

No. 258772

File: 1669642914955.png (33.11 KB, 1406x245, snibsnab.PNG)

The recent degenerate coomer shit aside, I've been wondering why rape and specifically male-on-male rape is so popular in fanfiction. Why are there so many rapefics written by women? What draws some women to this stuff?

No. 258779

Wanting males to suffer but not wanting women involved? Maybe it feels more distant.

No. 258782

Because it's sexy and fun when men get surprise butt-fucks. It doesn't happen in real life so it's a quirky harmless fantasy for young women. I personally think about the males I like getting prostate busted by bigger/better men have done so since ~11.

No. 258785

The most fucked up fanfiction I ever saw was an A.I. Artificial Intelligence movie fanfic about some guy that ordered a David bot but put the mind of a gigolo bot in it

No. 258789

Bara is equally rapey so I don't think it's a women issue? Honestly even JP straight porn can get pretty rapey

No. 258791

most fanfiction is based on ships and thus focused on relationship dynamics which are sexual or romantic in nature. so naturally rape and all other forms of abuse are going to be explored when writing about these dynamics, because those things happen in real life relationships as well, most of all to women. but the real question, i think, is why women can't write fanfic with sensitive or taboo elements in them without people either hating them and/or going all freudian analysis on them, whereas when men write about such topics no one is clutching their pearls and making a big deal out of it.

No. 258792

>whereas when men write about such topics no one is clutching their pearls and making a big deal out of it.
We should since they actually do this shit irl.

No. 258794

i think their intentions in writing about problematic shit should at least be questioned a lot harder than women's, since as you said they are the only ones acting it out irl, but it's always the other way around.

No. 258797

men do more than write. men act on this this and stuff that's 100x worse than this against real women and girls in porn and yet it's somehow completely accepted by now in society and you have dumbasses campaigning to normalize it even further and cry "uwu stop kinkshaming me uwu" whenever someone dares to question the rampant misogyny, racism, and violence in industry

No. 258824

>(competence kink, praise kink)
These are the stupidest things ever. I avoid fics that include this in the tags because they are almost always trash. How the fuck is any of this a "kink?" Did someone not get hugged enough as a kid? gtfo outta here

No. 258856

This isn't just fanfic related but applies to fanart as well, but I hate, HATE, how many fans are writing the most generic het shit but tag it as bi or gay because the characters are, going by their headcanon, bi sexual.

Usually I even see them threatening people that might deny this. Like they draw or write a piece for a male character and his wife with five kids but declare how they are TOTALLY bisexual and how they will come for you if you dare to call the ship het.

I hate this so much because it's obvious it's just hetfags wanting a normal het romance but they crave validy points so they force others to see it as LBGT+ ship and it pisses me off. Real people at least exist, so they are indeed bi even if they are married to the opposite gender. But those are fictive characters and no matter how bi they are headcanoned as, if you don't SHOW it then they aren't.
Some stupid tag won't change that, it's just clogging the gay- and bi-tag and I am tired googling for gay or bi stories only to find generic het with kid OCs because the stupid author wants their virtue signalling without working for it.

No. 258865

I think every person will have a different reason. For example I don't like rape, but I do enjoy a character getting corrupted by the dick for example. Also stuff like incest, etc

Fiction=/=rea life

No. 258868

kek anon
nah I don't think it's just that. If it was just about writers exploring different topics there wouldn't be so much of it and it would be so sexualized and i wouldn't be so into it since the age of 14, for me it's clearly a weird sex thing and i wanna understand the psychology behind it

No. 258886

File: 1669664158218.png (30.12 KB, 611x200, tt.png)

The recent stats about trans in fics made me go and check some stats and yep.
Really shows how much things re different huh?

No. 258910

Out of curiosity, what are some popular non-English sites for fanfics?

I know of the following:
pixiv (Japanese)
Lofter (Chinese)
Ficbook (Russian)
readAwrite (Thai)

No. 258937

I feel you nona. Was it just out of the blue, in the middle of the story? I hate it when they do that. At least tag it as such from the beginning.
It really is gay ships getting targeted, they aren't even subtle about it. In the Dragon Age fandom(off to a shit start I know) it's common to pair Dorian Pavus, a gay man who can only end up with a male PC or another male character, with a FTM PC in fics. Bad enough as is, but his personal quest revolves around his father's attempts to magically conversion therapy him so he would marry a woman and produce heirs. How can you look at a character who explicitly does not want to fuck pussy to the point where it almost got him killed and then just have him do it anyway? It's abysmal. The lesbian LI gets this too, but her sexuality isn't as integral to her background story as Dorian's(and she's annoying as fuck so the TIMs in the fandom barely even care about her kek)

No. 258942

I think it depends on where the fic takes place for me with the word "cum" versus "seed." If it takes place an ancient civilization/historical AU, it would feel weird if they used word like cum and jizz and splooge or other slang for cum. But of course it depends if it's being said in the narrative or dialogue
Also semen literally means "seed" so that's why they're using that.

No. 258943

>It really is gay ships getting targeted,
Reminds me recently a small fandom I like for a niche BOYS LOVE GAME got an big fic updated and guess what? Trans washed fanfiction of the main gay couple. The main route even has some small parts where the character point out how hard it is to be gay in 1920 Japan.

I really don't understand what is happening with other women. It is not even lesbian I assume, since lesbians like women. Are dicks intimidating? They think "cis gays" are boring? What?

No. 258954

Nyah fanfiction
fanficobsession.com.br (this one os are for x reader interactive fanfics, they use some basic html so you can choose characters' names, physical traits, etc)
All of those are in Brazilian portuguese

No. 258960

I think it's about relating or self-inserting.

>fan likes a character of the other gender

>feels the need to turn them into their own gender
>now they can fully insert

First of all I don't get why every character has to be a self-insert. Secondly I don't get why they cannot relate to a character they love because of the sexual organs they have. My favorite male character is largely emotionally stunted, but goes overboard when he isn't, he was also isolated and lonely as kid and teen and has a bunch of other issues I also had, so I can relate to him a lot regardless of the penis. I still see him as a man and turning him into a woman would change him too much, even if his personality was the same. I don't the point.
It's the same about other body related things, like I would never read a mermaid fic, sorry I know they are popular but regardless of the gender a mermaid is just too far off from canon. If I love a character I also love their look. And hell I might even have a crush! So I want this guy I relate to and have a crush on to be MALE. And if I am attracted to a woman I want her to stay a woman, not some half-man.

It would be interesting to see if MtFs headcanoned more characters as MtF. This would confirm my theory. Most works are done by women though, so you almost only see FtM, I don't think I have ever seen a fanfic written by a guy lol

No. 258965

Cool! I think I've seen that interactive feature on readawrite as well although it was only for inserting 'your' name. Not personally a fan but it's neat that sites are building ways to accommodate that style of fic. Wonder why Wattpad hasn't tried to implement the same feature.

No. 258967

Nta but I've seen something similar to that too with people aidenfying characters that are meant to be war veterans from the 1940s and stuff like that, it's so bizarre. Like of all characters they choose the ones who are the least likely to buy into gender nonsense, and still wouldn't make sense because of the setting.

No. 258972

it's so retarded and such a cope. these extremely masculine characters especially from older eras where you would literally be tortured to death for being gay or having a child out of wedlock or something, being trans and accepted by the rest of society. all the other crimes remain but nobody is a twansphobe!!

No. 258994

I haven't seen this yet but it could be a shitty version of the crossdressing-woman trope. I mean women in medieval/misogynist societies dressing as men and pretending to be men and eventually ending up in positions of power because of their competence.

I actually like this, but if that should be the case I don't fucking get why they have to transify that. The whole point of real or fictive women like Mary Read or Lady Oscar is to hide their gender to prove that women are as capable as men to the point at which men around them even look up to them while the MCs are defying negative stereotypes in a society that believes women were weak and dumb. If you turn them trans then.. that's all lost so what's the point?
Remember that these fans consider trans men real men. I don't get it.

How do they even write that? Are they trans in the sense of post-surgery trans or are they physically normal women that just pretend to be men?

God it makes me realise that everybody would consider Lady Oscar trans now if it ever got a remake. I think they even planned a remake years ago, or there were at least some rumors about that. I loved the series btw but damn the fanbase would be annoying.

No. 259028

I think a lot of it is just homophobia. Look at how Aidens harass gay men irl–bragging about their pussies and claiming they get tons of dick since no one minds their "bonus hole", calling them disgusting perverts if they don't want to fuck them, etc. It's just old school gay hating, but with a veneer or progressivism this time. You could not get away with saying gay men and lesbians need to try fucking the opposite sex or they're bigots a few years ago so they had to keep their terrible thoughts to themselves, but now they don't have to.

These TIFs literally are the homophobic fujoshi boogieman they always complain about, kek. Though I suppose they're more yumejo than anything, but I digress

No. 259029

Trannifying a character is just the new uke

No. 259033

Nah, ukes were just an earnest turn on for yaoi paddle era teen girls who couldn't really see past their own sexuality to write men normally. Tranny characters are 50% virtue signalling, 50% homophobia, not an organic development of what women in fandom find appealing like ukes are.

No. 259043

Based af. Makes me want to write a reader fic of my own.

No. 259071

cope all you want but fujos who hate being women and wish they were male instead have always existed, they just weren't familiar with gender ideology until recently

No. 259218

I wonder if there is any fandom which the majority of ficwriters are moids. I think I have never seen, even for male dominated fandoms I have seen (like football), the fanfics were written by women kek, with a high number of fujos too.
I bet their writing is a just as shitty as their Y chromossomes

No. 259225

>I wonder if there is any fandom which the majority of ficwriters are moids.
Pretty sure there isn't any
>even for male dominated fandoms I have seen (like football)
what would football moids even write fics about? Their ideal game?
>I bet their writing is a just as shitty as their Y chromossomes
It is for all of them, as few as they are, you can always tell when a fic is written by a moid because it's always so scrotal in quality, even when it lacks smut. And of course moid-written smut is always so painfully cringeworthy it makes E.L. James and underage shippers all look like geniuses. Men have no right to ever mock erotica written by women.

No. 259226

Yeah it simply doesn't exist lol. Even the most male dominated games that are targeting male audiences have a fandom that is almost women-only.
I have a male friend who wants to write a non-romance fic for Jojo so they do exist somehow but they are so rare I wouldn't wonder if 99% of the active fandom members of every fandom were women. It's similar as to how artists are almost always women. The few male fanartists I know are awesome and draw detailed good looking shit (usually pretty "technical" if there are robots, machines or guns involved), but it's unironically maybe 1 guy VS 99 women. Maybe the rate is higher outside of fandom art but the majority are still women I think.
I think that genders engage different with fandoms. Most men that love a show just want the figures and maybe if they are cool they speculate about the story, whereas women are always into the story and usually also attached to the characters outside of a shallow attraction or coolness.

It's especially noticeable with the transformers fandom lol. The men are literally "I WANT TOY it makes BRRRR" or "I love this awfully drawn male OC/fembot with tits fanart and will post it for the umpteenth time" while the women write master theses about the stories they just read or watched, only buy toys of the characters they relate to or love and make the fanart and fics.
I even met a man that told me he prefers to talk to female fans on 4chan because all the male fans he knows want to talk about are crossovers they want because of the epic pew pew.
You cannot imagine the whining when these people read the comics, they get triggered whenever there is character development because it isn't pew pew. Of course will such a person never write fics.

It makes me legit believe that the majority of the discussion threads on 4chan are filled with women.

No. 259232

The closest thing would probably be doujin books which are essentially just illustrated fanfiction, but most of the ones made by men are just porn. Non-H doujin that focus more on exploring the story/characters seem to be made by women a lot of the time, even in male-dominated fandoms. I honestly think moids just don't think about characters in the same way that women do, their fan content always revolves around crossover shit, wish fulfillment power fantasies akin to a kid playing with action figures, and/or porn.

No. 259249

> their fan content always revolves around crossover shit, wish fulfillment power fantasies akin to a kid playing with action figures, and/or porn.
This sounds exactly what >>259226 also said. And yeah I agree I observed this as well. The vast majority of male fans just care about something if it's cool enough or if they can fap to it. Women do the latter too but they seem to focus on the personality more. If a woman considers a character hot she draws pretty art for him and write drama fics or maybe even fluff, even the fics that are tagged as PWP are always chemistry-heavy and have a lot of dialogues or fun scenes. When men make doujinshi it's mostly just porn with impossible poses, ahegao and standard phrases like "I AM CUMMING" and all that from page 2 till the last page.

And yeah I never understood the crossover shit. Even in the drawfag request threads every request is just "draw my waifu meeting this other waifu" or "draw her with the clothes of that other girl from another franchise".

No. 259259

Well fanfiction isn't only limited to just a walls of text so I would say Dragonball and Naruto fandom have dedicated male creators to making rewrites of the series and going far as to make doujins of them with ocs. I think dragonball is especially heavy with that kind content especially with the amount of 'what ifs' due to the plot leaving much to be desired in terms of new unique content. Nice quality stuff if you can get past all the porn because scrotes are still scrotes.
A good general rule of thumb is, if the content is more focused on action plot probably a moid. If the focus is on interpersonal relationships then a woman made it.

No. 259272

"Focused on action" is a generous rephrasing of crossover shit and wish fulfillment power fantasies

No. 259282

Action is still action and tbh crossovers are still cool. Also what author isn't projecting themselves onto their creation at some level if you can win in the fictional world then why not? Just stay away from the coom content and youre good to go.

No. 259289

I have seen real person fanfiction done by gay men on Nifty

No. 259298

OMG MCUfags are notorious for this shit. They esp love the actors for winter soldier, captain america, loki, and strangely enough captain marvel.

No. 259481

Only guys I've seen who write fanfiction are BL guys fan into anime/manga, which I suppose share the same kind of mindset as fujos.

No. 259496

Those long ass rewrites/crossovers/what ifs with 30 pairings yet no specific romance that you can often find in fantasy-ish fandoms of videogames and books are more often than not written by men I'd think.

No. 259500

I have come across male reader x kpop girl group member y/n fics written by moids on tumblr a few months back and they were as bad as you think they are. Men can’t write

No. 259513

File: 1669830510958.jpg (6.18 MB, 540x17440, Screenshot_20210217-032415_Chr…)

I think that fics need less tags.

I have never ever read a fic with multiple ships in my life unless it was just two ships and one of them being in the background. Also fuck people who tag every character that does as much as breathe in one of their 700 chapters.

No. 259518

jesus. Why is it so common to shit out 40+ chapters and 345 978 words anyway? Or brag about a large wordcount? Normal novels are never that long and longer doesn't automatically mean better.

No. 259521

File: 1669831967674.jpg (304.21 KB, 763x900, Walloftags.jpg)

I like when all the main characters are tagged. The tag limit now is 75 thankfully, this fic ended up with way more tags than this to the point it broke the functionality of AO3. There's the otp:true function if you only want fics with one pairing in it.
https://www.reddit.com/r/HPfanfiction/comments/ek5dsc/ao3_otp_search_tip_how_to_find_stories_tagged/ and most one-shots only have one pairing too

No. 259956

Is AO3reader broken for anyone else? Fics are still filtered, but I can't access the homepage. I just get caught in a redirect loop and end up on some spam page.
Also: I'm torn between outright deleting this fic, orphaning it, or sitting down and finishing it. I left off several months ago and the writing has aged terribly, but I still like the overarching plot I had going. It's kind of an embarrassing fandom though and I'd die if anyone found out it was me, hence nuking. I use a pseudonym obviously, but I'm still always paranoid. I guess I shouldn't be considering some of the people who've bookmarked me have their real name and real photo as a pfp, what even goes through their heads?

No. 259964

men are too retarded to read or write. the only way they can partake in fandom at all is to sit in front of their screens brainlessly consooming dumbed-down bullshit that meets their demanded quota for violence and boobies, and then go on 4chan and reddit to get told what they thought about it by some other "based" male.

No. 260311

I hate this SO MUCH there is nothing fanfic related that's worse than having a rarepair and one of these monsters has tagged them so that you have to scroll through that shit everytime and they also update like three times a week so it's always on the top.

No. 260334

File: 1670100166673.png (217.03 KB, 1140x647, my-image.png)

Probably DnD, with its long history of turboautist males who want to share their elaborate and pointless 1M words of worldbuilding with everyone.

My tastes run more action no romance so my options are basically non-gendie, non-fujo females and non-coomer males. i.e. unicorns. Feel like I don't fit in any of the fandom spaces.

No. 260337

Idiots can't summarize, they say so much and it's always the most superficial omg so quirky!!!1!1 tags.

No. 260624

Yeah if you look at these screenshots the tags are pure ass. Not only the unnecessarily tagged characters, the content tags as well.

I don't even NEED content tags unless the story is about some explicit fetish so that I can find it easier. But usually you have just half of the story tagged. Like not just BDSM for those that want it, but "character A also being soft uwu", "B is anxious", "but later A does x", "praising", "dark past" "blah blah". It's all so useless, just limit it to tags for the series, pairing and the central theme or fetish.

No. 260625

My favorite fics is a bonding but non-romance novel-length fic my friend wrote about the first mission of two characters that we know did missions together in canon but nothing else about it.

The rest are longer fics (~10 chapters) with a few but very rare and short erotic scenes and the rest is plot heavy stuff that fills the gaps the canon story has left. Both is so fucking rare.

You either get PWP or fics without porn but they are endless boring trash that never ends. Usually like 75 chapters or some shit, they also involve all characters, are "non-war"- or "non-[bad thing]"-AUs and they are usually written by trannies.

No. 260805

Wow I read almost all fics in "won't read" tier
Also why you barely tolerate fairytale au? I thought you would thrown it into won't read as well

No. 260819

>cross-over and miscommunication in S tier
>Won't read fairy tale AU or PWP

No. 260836

I unironically love shonenshit, I'll take magic fights wherever I can get them, hence fairytale AUs. Slow burns are almost never completed so I can pretend no romantic developments actually happened lmao. I once read a fic that I considered 5/5 initially when it was enemies to friends as they escaped from a sewer but dropped it when it went all uwu PTSD and panic attacks.

I've enjoyed those too… when there are fights.

No. 260837

fite me, humor > smut

No. 260848

I'll respectfully fight you because humor in much harder to write than smut. Most humor fic are trash in my humble experience.

No. 260853

Samefag, the only legitimately funny fic I ever read was a pt-br suikoden modern day office AU. I remember a scene where one character A was talking to character B about a date they would have with character C as they were trying to fix a fax machine that ran out of toner. I'll probably never find it again sad face.

No. 261030

File: 1670268484884.png (23.86 KB, 402x501, bullshit.PNG)

So does wattpad now demand you to create an account just to read a story? I swear that feature is spreading like cancer. Not like much of value was lost. There was this one fic I wanted to finish, but that's too bad bc I'm not creating an account on fucking wattpad.

No. 261099

Looks like I'm staying away from Wattpad now. I would read all the time on there without an account. These damn features piss me off

No. 261168

Sorry for replying to an oldish post, but is this Vulpes Inculta? OK, maybe also Joshua. These two are the least likely people to be trannies in the whole Fallout series kek and considering that they are actually pretty horrible people, I don't get why would Aidens even like them. Like, at least I can understand when they trannify some wholesome character, but Vulpes? That guy who is a part of chauvinistic and murderous faction hated by all canon lgbt characters? Why?

No. 261183

So much trash, I don't bother filtering by the humor tag because authors are terrible at judging how funny they are. Crack is usually garbage OOC-ness.

Have you tried asking on a suikoden forum? Might ask well channel internet autism for your own benefit.

No. 262176

File: 1670600110641.jpg (9.99 KB, 297x169, 1658653953208.jpg)

Discovering an untagged troon character halfway into a story is like seeing the porn spammer on lc: you see everyone talk about it and know it's gonna happen to you one day, and when it does inevitably happen you just go "oh."

No. 262206

This pisses me off even about stuff that isn't fanfiction. Somebody on /ot/ recommended this comic about a woman working in a brothel in paris in the 1920's and midway through, bam tranny dick no warning. I was like what the fuck. Also back to fanfiction I hate when they have random extra OOC pairings that aren't mentioned in the summary either.

No. 262251

what was the comic? I have stupid questions about whether they handled it anachronistically, I wanna just see it instead of asking.

No. 263912

File: 1671159819854.jpg (82.04 KB, 564x705, d5b7c2debd73a9bf5b9eca40e984c2…)

>be me, in my bed
>find a fanfic with underappreciated/hated main girl joining the bad guys group for world domination for peace in world about killers, bullshit magic and misogyny
>author has nice prose, spelling and experience in telling a tale about a misguided girl feeling useless and despicable around her teachers, friends or teammates because she is no one special really. No hidden ancestry, no overwhelming skills or prowess compared to others.
>It doesn't matter that she worked hard to improve and better herself, she's just that little girl that is unfit to be a bullshit killer like the rest of them since she just focused on her crush, beat upped the little ray of sunshine that could do no wrong.
>she's weak, useless and worthless. Any other girl can do better than her.
>she has no friends, pushed away for her desire to becoming on equal standing to her teachers and teammates whom most are blessed with glorious bullshit magic by training and working at the hospital.
>even if she tried to reach out to her friends, she didn't have much to say as she has just been working or training compared to her friends who had real life experience.
>besides she had one friend that cared about her which was fine, they could dwell on being weak together.
>all of her teachers left her in end. One ignored her and barely taught her a single way to apply her bullshit magic to physics and a way of life, the second taught her everything she knew and became important pillar in her life before teaching another and leaving her to handle things on her own. The third while brief taught her much more than her first teacher had in the limited time they had before the teacher began to teach new team and drifted away from the girl.
>goes on a mission as backup with the first teacher and teammates who remind of how useless and weak she is, because they didn't really need her to fight with them, she can take care of them in the end of the battle.
>they all fall down exhausted after the fight, bruised and beaten, but they won in the end and the girl picked them up, healed them and tidied after them as they lay unconscious because they didn't need help from the backup
>surprise enemy arrives! He picks a battle with the girl and after an arduous battle the girl manges to use her secret technique which she had only theorised would work with her extensive knowledge of the human body and bullshit magic.
>carries all three of her teammates back home like the dead weight they are as they are unconscious before one wakes ups and helps her carry one of the dead weight teammates home.
>after her teammate unknowingly insults her, she goes to her second teacher, the leader of the bullshit killer magic village who at first is bothered by her not knowing the right protocols but lets it slide since the girl is her favourite student and means a lot to her and would like to talk to the girl as something seemed to be on her mind. Sadly student number two comes in and distracts her.
>the girl leaves without telling her or anyone about the surprise enemy.
>girl wanders around to find her friends as she desperately needs someone to talk to, only to find that she is quite boring and dull as all she talks about is her work and doesn't understand real life like her friends do, who are all going together to a sleepover without her.
>the girl finds out that she isn't a real member in her team as she didn't know about after mission dinners, while eating all of them unknowingly insults her for being weak, useless and worthless. The girl should train more really. You aren't equal to us anyway, so just get better.
>the girl leaves and finds her one true friend and after beating each other in a friendly pulp, they discover their desire for peace as killing isn't the way and just causes war. However, it can't be voiced out loud in the public as that is treason in their military village.
>after being undermined and insulted by various friends and disillusioned by the village, the girl decides to use up her holiday days and go AWOL
>some time after being further disillusioned by the glory of being in the bullshit magic killer military by the common folk such as she had come from and cementing her decision as an AWOL bullshit magic killer, she gets kindly kidnapped to join the bad guys group that seeks world domination for peace who overpower her in nearly everything
>Gets hazed into fighting the supposed leader of this group and has to use her secret technique which doesn't work on him and nearly dies before her inner self who gets hand waved in canon takes over heals herself and punches the guy before being brutally beaten yet again. The girl takes over, nearly dead on her feet in front of the guy who congratulates her for getting in the group with the cheers of all the other terrorists in the group in the background. The girl faints.
>the girl wakes up to noises of the other terrorists as she was one too now reminiscing about their hazing. After her confusion is cleared up by her fellow terrorists, she notices what we the readers, all know as the uke of fujos first ship a blonde with long hair and bangs covering one eye and asks
>"What pronouns do you use?"
>"I go by they/them"
>be me, closing my phone in embarrassment as I didn't fully read the tags and got invested.

No. 263913

kek, tldr but i know exactly what character/fandom you are talking about and you deserve getting the rug pulled from under you for reading such basic bitch fic in the eve of 2023

No. 263914

Holyshit I kekked the whole way through because I knew what you’re talking about and literally read that one and thought, ‘Is this a complaint about the blonde bomber being asked his pronouns?’ and it fucking was. Literally exact same thing happened to me with the exact same fic my autistic sister from another mother.

No. 263915

Nta but fanfic reading at all is basic bitch, no autism is greater than another.

No. 263916

Just wanted to rant about some random pet peeves that tend to pop up in otherwise normal stories and make them unreadable. It's so much more frustrating than a blatantly bad story because you actually want to read it, but you just can't do it without suffering.
>weird punctuation choices , eg I tried to read one recently where the only notable flaw was using < these > instead of quotation marks for dialogue. It wasn't an artsy stylistic choice or anything, it was fucking bizarre
>overuse of italics. I don't want to emphasize every second word in my head. I also hate any bolded text and capitalized shouting, just tag lower case dialogue with 'she shouted' or w/e.
>constant short sentences with paragraphs in between (as opposed to varying length paragraphs), again it makes me emphasize the sentence in my head as if every line is meant to be dramatic
>OCs, no matter how well written I just don't care about them. Amateur writers are way too self important if they think their OCs are an improvement on canon, if you want to write a role that doesn't really exist simply use the name of a real character who didn't get much characterization but makes sense
>unnatural insertions from the author about formatting, like flashback begins blah blah flashback ends or something like that. If it wouldn't be in a real novel, why would you do it in fic unless you're horrible at making it clear what is happening in the story??
>broken record in this thread but fucking transing characters, mainly an issue when it's untagged or buried in a bunch of tags so I don't notice it. I like het and I like magical gender swapping, but I want to puke when a male character is suddenly trans and has a vagina. Even disregarding how much I hate trannies in principle it's just disgusting to me, the homophobia and internalized misogyny jumps out so hard. They can't handle writing two men fucking but they can't handle writing an actual female character either, literally the worst of both worlds.
>any sort of formalized BDSM. I don't mind dominant/submissive personalities that come across naturally in sex scenes, but the instant the author starts soapboxing with ~safe sane and consensual~ concepts like contracts and kink checklists and shit, I'm out. I'd rather straight up evil characters doing each other harm than that corny, cringy garbage.
>actually any soapboxing from the author, it's always so obvious when they use their characters as a mouthpiece for their opinions and even if I actually agree with that opinion I hate it

Man I can't let myself ever comment on fics because I know I would start giving some harsh unsolicited critique.

No. 263917

it's not a matter of autism, it's a matter of taste, and whoever is reading naruto fanfic based around sakura getting character development in the most cringe induncing way has terminal shit taste

No. 263918

It's one of my guilty pleasures. If scrotes get to have multitude of fanfics of Overpowered Protagonist that gets to curb-stump his way to glory along with a harem, why can't we have one too.
If I wanted to read something serious I would have read an actual book instead. If you got any better fanfic recommendations instead of shitty one I like to read then please share with us in the FanfictionThread

No. 263938


No. 263958

I agree with almost every single thing, especially the BDSM part holy shit that's cringe. What I do actually like are (well-written) OCs and I can't help but write them in my own stories, too. I hope anyone doesn't think I'm trying to pretend to be a "great author" or anything. I've never had an OC main character anyway, my OCs are more like NPCs in video games, you know throwaway characters who are there only to serve the canonical MC's story. It would feel so forced and OOC to fill every role with a canon character, but I guess it depends on the fandom.

No. 263971

There's a big difference between using OCs as supporting characters when necessary, (where they're just here bc you needed a name for the butler, and OC-centered stories where the OC is the whole point (which invariably fucking suck)

No. 264174

>any sort of formalized BDSM. I don't mind dominant/submissive personalities that come across naturally in sex scenes, but the instant the author starts soapboxing with ~safe sane and consensual~ concepts like contracts and kink checklists and shit, I'm out. I'd rather straight up evil characters doing each other harm than that corny, cringy garbage.
god, this. it's especially bad since everyone who writes this shit is an obvious virgin with no experience of sex much less bdsm. i also feel like when writers have to use bdsm as a way to make the sex more dynamic they just lack the skill to write interesting and passionate smut and have to make up for it by stuffing the story with things they read on google that aren't even sexy in the slightest. i like a lot of kink stuff but a ton of it is just so PC and basic.

No. 272108

BASED, thought I was the only one- it really is gratifying to take smut with a character I'm incredibly horny for and change it from fucking gay shit/gender speshul/tranny body horror- because of course that's the only smut I can find for him- into hetero suited just to my desires, hahaha- I tried to write some myself but when it comes to smut I just can't seem to get it right, and there's just something more appealing about reading something where you don't already know exactly how it goes because you wrote it. With my own stuff I actually try to keep from reading it for a bit after I work on it, then come back so I forget exactly how it goes lmao, and with a 'fixed' fic it's even better, almost like a whole new story suited to you sans the embarrassment of having to attempt requesting one from someone else haha lol

No. 272137

I recently watched a classic movie and got interested in the making of it, production art, etc. Naturally I wanted to see if anyone had written smut of the main characters. First I found that some Aidens had written trans uwu shit, including the tags "[char name] is a soft baby himbo" and "theyre both bi and trans". Then I saw some other fags had written abo shit. OH and then some other other fag had done an actual comic of two of the main characters, but for some reason one of them is now a socially awkward fuck who does that self-deprecating humor of the 21st century, in other words, not canonical in the least. But then, when all hope seemed lost, I found an old livejournal that had some actually decently-written smut where the characters weren't softbois, and there weren't any "period typical attitudes" tags (I fucking hate this, btw, it's just another way of saying "ignore history, they were all evil, ignorant backwards people"). Just two dudes fucking, that's all I wanted.

No. 272956

File: 1675364825474.png (1.73 KB, 393x31, huh.PNG)

I know reader-inserts are literally bottom of the barrel garbage but jesus christ

No. 272959

kek you can't help but wonder who reads that shit though reader inserts are fun to write even if i never read them myself. then again, abo and coffee shop au bullcrap are popular too. i've come to accept that many people just have shit taste.

No. 272990

File: 1675377630820.jpg (66.13 KB, 1000x1000, 16755098321.jpg)

>kek you can't help but wonder who reads that shit
t. lonely unimaginative husbandofag. let me have fun ok

No. 273033

File: 1675386935925.jpg (50.31 KB, 622x622, ad6247a3db822a776f28eace81603e…)

Yes, the main reason I enjoy fanfic (not always reader insert) is indulging
in my husbandos..

No. 273192

I support you because I support the unashamed female gaze present in reader x stories. Though it's sad to find that many of them are written badly either by literal 13-year-olds or by writers who have absorbed scrote ideals and write the reader as passive and submissive.

No. 273268

The thing I find sad is that there often isn't enough emphasis on the female gaze- at least for me, not enough detailing of the male character's looks and beauty- that's something I never skimped on from day 1 of writing heheh lol

No. 273290

This is nitpicky I guess but I can’t help but find this particular writing style unbearably tacky where writers overuse
>"It goes like this:"
>"Later, [pov character] will remember/realize"
>"And [pov character]— [pov character] [verb]"

No. 273297

You're not alone, cant stand those either..

No. 273300

File: 1675495659390.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1448x814, A96FEE25-E348-4517-B13C-399D51…)

I was reading a fanfic that was really hot and all was well until the author referred to a vagina as your “nether region”. And all I thought to myself was what the fuck? And he’s to take a break because it was so fucking out there. And the fic had nothing to do with Minecraft either.

No. 273301

it's a terribly unsexy metaphor, but the phrase and the word existed hundreds of years before minecraft.

No. 273342

Ayrt, sadly. Actually much thanks to nonas' encouragement here I've tried to work femgaze more into my stories. I sent one to my friend pretty much unprompted and she commented something along the lines of "if you're going to objectify him why not just compare him to a dildo", and that was when I knew I had gotten it right kek (ofc I included her suggestion into the story). The rest of the time I keep trying to come up with new ways to describe a man's eyelashes casting a shadow on his cheek, good stuff either way.

No. 273344

Incredibly based. I'm trying to do the same with my original stuff and I'm also trying to increase the amount of non-garbage reader insert fics in this world

No. 273362

You are both incredibly based, sisters-in-arms

No. 273381

H-how does one go about objectifying a man in writing? I'm doing smut and Idk how far in detail I should go.

No. 273387

Now this is the writer community I need instead of the aidens whining about female reader being female. Feels good to become the change I want to see in the world.
I guess it depends on the style you're going for, but at least I personally like to make the reader/fc describe his appearance in necessary detail, especially the face, the clothing (I might have a thing for suits idk), his body overall, and make blatant remarks (often snide or sarcastic in my case, but that's just due to the way I like to write my reader, maybe go for a different approach if you're doing fluffier stuff). Also making it clear (either by implying or stating the fact) that the reader/fc wants to fuck him and it's not just things happening to her. I do find it difficult to describe the actual sex act because writing about things like orgasm and pleasure without making it sound tacky is difficult in general, and also because I used to find it too cringy to write explicitly about genitals, but now that I've gotten over the latter issue I find it way less cringe to just go all in and use words like cock and pussy rather than to make up euphemisms.

No. 273393

I think reader-inserts only work as one-shots or CYOA type works. Longer stories with singular clearly defined plot development feel more like second-person POV OC stories than anything, even more so when for some reason "Y/N" has an unnecessarily outlined backstory or even appearance.

No. 273405

AYRT, my smut is between three guys so I'm definitely including
>Also making it clear (either by implying or stating the fact) that the reader/fc wants to fuck him
pretty blatantly. One of the guys just straight up tells the other how badly he wants to fuck him. And I, too, find it cringey describing genitals. I guess 'cause I'd rather describe the person they're attached to, and how they're affecting them. Even describing a guy's asshole as, Idk, "puckered hole" is just embarrassing as fuck. I know I have to find that middle ground between perfect, unrealistic porn, and "everyone is filthy and they haven't bathed for 3 days and there's buildup".

No. 273513

Any tips on getting over embarrassment at writing anything even vaguely smutty or even just romance? I have so many ideas but I just lock up and die inside whenever I go to type, sigh.

No. 273524

A little weak maybe, but try thinking not so much on the writing part and more on the reading part- try to focus less on it as "my writing" "my story" and more as "something I really want to read"

No. 273529

Seconding this >>273524 and honestly just practicing it until you get used to it and develop a style that works. When I wrote smut for the first time I had to purposefully write a story where the man eats the woman out without getting anything in return because describing penises felt too cringe kek

No. 273564

Good. We need more of that anyway.

No. 273746

I've always wondered what the point is in making reader-insert that isn't actually reader-insert because the reader is described as having green eyes and black hair and a sick mother etc. etc., but on the other hand I actually never treat reader-insert fics as if the reader is literally me, like I could never replace Y/N with my actual name, that'd be way too cringe, but I usually read only stories where names aren't used at all or they're circumvented with pet names and such.

Imo there's a fine line between making it work in-universe and keeping it relatable. When I'm writing a reader-insert I usually think of it like writing about "anywoman" (i.e. no detailed appearance, backstory only just enough to create the scene) and asking the irl reader to use her imagination to transport herself into the canon universe and imagine she got a job as XYZ which explains how she ends up meeting the canon character. And I don't think I could write a fluffy established relationship story while keeping the reader-insert maximally relatable to literally anyone AND interesting at the same time, which is why I only write porn kek. If I'm making you act unrealistically confident then you can pretend you went crazy for one night okay? Suspension of disbelief retained.

No. 273767

Yeah, "Y/N" was more of a tongue-in-cheek way to refer to the reader inserts, I don't treat them as "literally me" either but if they're "literally not me" then they're literally not reader-inserts but nameless OCs. It's even more stupid when those OCs actually are called Y/N like they share your name but pretty much nothing else. I've even seen reader-inserts in certain fandoms being assigned ethnicities, not even tagged either, because apparently it would be "unrealistic" for her to just be anything, even in realistic modern settings where immigration is definitely not unheard of. Basically the trick is to keep her appearance and background ambiguous enough that any reader can easily make up her own reasoning for being there while still making sense. Or just do a CYOA with multiple path choices available, it feels more satisfying as a reader, though most likely more taxing as an author.

No. 273966

>I've even seen reader-inserts in certain fandoms being assigned ethnicities, not even tagged either, because apparently it would be "unrealistic" for her to just be anything, even in realistic modern settings where immigration is definitely not unheard of.
that reminds me of this one tumblr rant complaining about "white-coded" reader inserts, which makes no sense cause i don't think i've ever seen a reader insert described with that race or with traits exclusive to white people. do they just think it's the default if the writer doesn't explicitly mention any race or what? plus many characters the readers are paired up with aren't the type to make a big deal out of race anyway. it starts looking cringy when the writers make characters say stuff on par with "my lovely chocolate ebony goddess~" when they realistically wouldn't speak that way.

No. 274000

oh I was actually talking about fanfics for stuff set in modern day East Asia but the reader-insert is for some reason explicitly described to be East Asian, even though immigration is not even that far-fetched in the current year. A lot of those inserts are actually written by white or other non-Asian women, which makes it even weirder. You think your husbando wouldn't like you as a gaijin or what?

No. 275828

Pet peeve in fandoms for English language media: canon ESL character who is fluent in English and speaks it quite normally, maybe with a slight accent, but in fanfic every third word in her or his dialogue is a shoehorned word in said character's mother tongue, often completely inappropriate to the context because the author who obviously doesn't speak said language picked the very first translation in a dictionary, or other people's (who also picked the very first translation in a dictionary) fics. That's literally not how multilingualism works.

No. 276109

what do people feel about reuploading old fanfiction for archive purpose?
I saw some mini drama regarding it some days ago. An author had written a fanfiction that was extremely popular and inspired fanarts and fananimation and it really meant a lot to the fandom. Then the author deleted the fic and nuked her socials. I think she still has contacts to some of her friends who are still active in this fandom but otherwise she does not interact with this fandom and noone(besides her friends) knows where she is.
Someone reuploaded her fic and the author's friends got mad about this saying that the author wish to distance herself from this fic and we should respect her wishes by not reuploading it.
I'm kinda torn. On one hand archiving fanworks is something I deeply appreciate specially when it's fanworks that had a huge impact on the fandom. I think it's a bit silly that the author disapproves of reuploads when she is not even involved in the fandom anymore and noone knows what her current socials are. She already distanced herself from the fic when she deleted her old accounts. And asking her friends to callout anyone who reuploads the fic feels petty.
But on the other hand I do think that people should respect the authors wishes. It must be hurtful to see your work being reuploaded against your wishes. She hasn't specified why she disapproves of it but I assume it must be something personal

No. 276124

Don't post your stuff publically online if you want to control access to it, it's that simple. Everyone knows how the internet works by now, what you post is forever.

No. 276171

Nah. Re-upload that shit

No. 276808

Shipping a rarepair when you're not into polyshipping is hard. When the ao3 tag on one of my rarepairs finally updates it's always a polyfic and I can't bring myself into reading those because I genuinely have 0 interest in polyshipping

No. 277071

God nonette, are you me? I more or less stumbled into one ship because of one artist's work and of the 6 fics I can find, 3 have some kind of weird polyshipping or orgy shit going on, while of the 3 others in which it's the only ship only 1 is in a language I can understand… I'm tempted to just plug them into DeepL but I'm not sure how much I'd get from them.

No. 277338

Do it. As a connoisseur of scrounging the bottom of the barrel for rarepair and obscure character fics, sometimes the translated ones turn out to be better than a lot of the non-foreign-language ones.

No. 277346

you got nothing to lose by trying out deepL. it gives pretty good results in some languages
and who knows, you might find a hidden gem

No. 278753

Use AI and then rewrite it.

No. 278787

yeah, why use your brain to create anything when you can get a computer to do it for you.

No. 278842

For real tho, could I actully do this?

No. 278844

File: 1677471960970.jpg (53.19 KB, 548x729, seated.jpg)

I had a ton of momentum going and was writing a lot but lately it's stagnant. I still get ideas but don't have the strength to write them. Idk how to bring that back. It would happen sometimes and I just forced myself but now seems like it's here to stay again.

No. 279219

I don't know how to refer to genitals when attempting to write sexy scenes. I can't stand all the crude and crass names, I don't care how nitpicky it is, seeing ugly words meant to demean take me right out of it- yet I also feel like readers will cringe at both more 'clinical' words and euphemisms.

No. 279228

as a reader i prefer euphemisms. clinical terms make me lol, but words like cunt turn me right off

No. 279242

since you're finding literal terminology difficult to get around, you can always describe the actions the characters are taking with each other as euphemistic, as the other nonna suggested, as well as how those actions make the characters feel, in place of using what's actually going on with their genitals.
for instance, instead of writing
>she spread her legs, her pussy glistening in the morning light, and his erection throbbed hot against his thigh.
you could try something like
>she held herself open to him, the warm morning sun catching on her dewy skin, and he felt the heat of his arousal renew as he drank in the sight of her.
or if you want to get really stupid with it
>she unfolded like a flower before his eyes, the warm glow of dawnlight catching on her honeyed petals, and the gentle heat in his blood abruptly sparked and ignited with a roar.
you don't necessarily have to get so pedantic with it of course, but never let a little cringe get in your way. good luck, nonna!

No. 279261

File: 1677629409306.png (32.32 KB, 252x159, 336-computer-slice.png)

>reading gen sfw fanfic focusing on my husbando
>suddenly he is a tif
there were no tags warning about this shit, but there were warning signs. gendershits either write the most vile porn (eg, shota, piss, diapers, age-regression, abo) or write the most milketoast, pc and family friendly shit where they project themselves and their issues in the characters. it's specially annoying when the setting or the character situation is completely imcompatible with gendershit.
can't wait until genderspecials become passé.

No. 279262

anyone else ever hijack existing fanfic and change and/or continue it just for their own enjoyment? i do this all the time in my head and once or twice i've rewritten or continued scenes from fics that i've felt are "almost perfect" to me, just in my notes app, to make it the way i want (not posting it anywhere).

No. 279264

no but one time I copyed a smut pwp fic into a word document and replaced one of the character's name with another character because I was desperate for fics about my rarepair

No. 279297

Oh I do this sometimes too, because sometimes I just get really picky.

No. 279303

I'm probably in the minority here but I'd rather see terms that get straight to the point instead of flowery stuff. If I'm reading something about a male character I like specifically then I want to know every little detail about his dick, no tiptoeing around it.

No. 279316

Some readers might find the last kind of style too purple pros-y or cringe, but playing around with different styles until you find one that seems to work is a good idea. I feel like my style is getting cruder and cruder, to the point where I might want to start holding back in order to not gross out too many readers kek

No. 279351

Good to hear
Wow, good advice- I personally like the flower term lol
Yes I definitely need to fine-tune it more
The pain is real- can't tell you how utterly sick I am of these exact situations and honestly can't tell what I loathe more, the gross fetishes or hijacking canon characters into sperging outlets
Never actually done it but I would definitely like to- at least for the ones where I can actually picture what would happen next, with some it's like, only the author can finish it right
I really want to do this too- so far what I have done several times is change gay or genderspeshul-paired stuff with my husbando into hetero thus creating the well-written smut I crave and cannot find lol

No. 279391

Is it me or has fanfiction authors started using the word "cooed" a lot in the recent years? I don't remember ever reading it pre-crovid but now every fic I read has some variation of "he cooed". I'm esl so maybe that's why I think that the word is odd. Up until recently I had only read/heard it being used when talking to children or animals or when someone is trying to be condescending even though I know it can be used in other contexts. I just tend to focus on that word a lot when reading fics solely because it wasn't used so much a few years ago. I guess that there just are some trends in fanfictions that come and go. Just like there was a long period where everyone called eyes for orbs

No. 279394

This has happened in my fandom too. A bunch of gendies have decided that a certain character has to be a tif and they either leave it untagged OR tag it even when it isn't necessary, like "[character] is trans even when he doesn't take his clothes off", like nah girl, he'd probably hate troons.
At least in English fanfic there seem to be certain expressions that rarely appear in professionally published writing, probably because they sound amateurish or clumsy and are edited out by publishing houses. Epithets like "the other man" or "the younger man" are another thing I remember only seeing in fanfic, though I don't read that much in English anyway.

No. 280114

Any reccs for f/f fics/ships that go from friends>enemies>lovers? I'm trying to think of any fandoms that have this dynamic and can only remember She-ra.

No. 280263

call them tralala and dingdingdong just trust me. thingy and you-know-what are good too.

No. 280275

i struggle with this too. i try to go for euphemisms when writing smut, but i worry if it sounds too tedious or flowerly and then try more vulgar. when i do, im never sure if i actually sound like a moid because of how crude it comes off and it's hard to find a balance. what are some words to be avoided?

No. 280392


No. 280396

Sage for reply to an old question, but imo if it's a significant work in the fandom (good quality, not because it was controversial for being a spitefic or shit like that), reupload it. If you want to be polite, make a note that the writer doesn't wish to be associated with it anymore and to not harass/contact him or her about it.

No. 280947

File: 1678215318083.gif (984.35 KB, 498x278, in-love-heart-eyes.gif)

I know we're all about those fanfics with size difference, but fanfics that emphasize STRENGTH difference are HNNHHHGG

No. 281093

No thanks

No. 281095

ayrt that sounds like a good compromise

No. 281738

File: 1678458538255.jpeg (171.96 KB, 500x541, mybrain.jpeg)

I don't use traditional social media or follow anyone on there, but I often get into weird parasocial relationships with authors on AO3 and daydreaming about befriending them etc. Never tried to contact anyone there though. I recently found an author whose stories I like in a real niche fandom and I'm imagining what it would be like to be friends with her, but I also feel like a huge loser for it.

No. 281850

this is super late but is this the fic? https://archiveofourown.org/works/9944423?view_full_work=true
if it is, it's kinda wild to see a random fic i've read discussed here

No. 282155

Holy KEK I forgot I made this post no it wasn't about fics with danny devito I just thought that pic was funny… But damn if I'm not curious to find some Sunny fics

No. 282715

Is there any working AI smutty fic generator?

No. 284886

wHy can't anyone just write what I want goddamn so sick of this can never find what i want must i do everything myself

No. 284896

What do you like and want?

No. 284918

That’s the one nonnie! What did you think of it? I enjoyed Dees characterization a lot. Sometimes I’ll check ao3 for things I think can’t possibly have fanfics and lo and behold often they do. Had to read this one because the idea of the gang cleaning up just struck me as so far fetched but the author did it.

No. 284919

I hate when I get fics for the (het) pairing I'm looking for tagged as "queer platonic relationship" the fuck is that? Neither of them are "queer", most often than not in these "queer platonic" tagged fics the girl will be with her canon pair who is a guy, and the other guy (the one I'm actually interested shipping her with) will be single unless he is shipped with some other guy, which I usually don't mind but not when I'm looking for that specific ship! It drives me up the fucking wall. Stop tagging male/female friendship as queer platonic it literally means nothing, also fucking stop tagging them as a pairing if they won't be together or at least have a one sided crush thing, if I wanted to read about friendship then I'd go to a different tag dumbasses.
Don't even get me started with the "there is nothing in canon that indicates he ever liked her romantically" as a way to justify why they're writing the characters like this. Like, at least own it? Say you don't like that he was in love with her and write them as just friends, people do that all the time, it's fanfic after all, you're bound to change stuff, just don't go talking about the canon as if it isn't obvious he was totally into her. God, I swear, these are the same people that will later say the two male characters often shipped together have lots of gay subtext in canon.

No. 284986

wholesome hetero romantic smut for an embarrassingly cringe character

No. 285192

No. 285401

I do this too

No. 285403

now i'm curious, how many fics do you guys have saved/bookmarked? i only have 20 right now, it's kinda hard to find good ones.

No. 285423

File: 1679736717701.jpg (102.91 KB, 828x823, rilakkuma reading peanuts.jpg)

>What did you think of it? I enjoyed Dees characterization a lot.
It's been a while since I've read it but I remember liking it a lot!

>Sometimes I’ll check ao3 for things I think can’t possibly have fanfics and lo and behold often they do

I do the same out of fascination! It's kind of cursed but I’m glad there’s so much freedom.

IK that feel, nona! I recently tried writing my own since I was so desperate to read anything that included my favourite but unique tag (only has 2 works). Haven't finished them yet but at least it’s been satisfying so far.

Ntayrt, I have downloaded so many fics (+10,000) to my computer and phone, some I might never get around to reading tbh. Started my hoard a few years ago when some of my faves disappeared. Now I download anything that might interest me in case it gets deleted. It's probably overkill but I don't want to risk losing anything anymore. Comes in handy especially when AO3 is down or there’s no internet.

I highly recommend nonas use Calibre with the FanFicFare plugin (godsend), there's even an option to update downloaded stories for new chapters. Calibre's amazing since you can search the tags like the AO3 site which is great for larger collections. I use it to mass download, mark a story read or unread, rate, and for favouriting/bookmarking a story. I've customised mine to look cute so I barely use the AO3 site now besides browsing for new fics.

No. 285457

>Sometimes I’ll check ao3 for things I think can’t possibly have fanfics and lo and behold often they do.
I love looking for obscure fics, especially for literature and opera. I've written the first fic for a couple of works, too. It's fun even if I know they're not gonna be popular, and I feel a sense of solidarity whenever I find someone writing for a really small 'fandom' (if you can even call it a fandom at that point).

No. 285731

yeah, it's better than nothing I agree- with the schedule I have it makes it difficult for something as time-consuming as sitting down and writing but whenever I get to it is satisfying yes

No. 285742

File: 1679801107520.jpg (32.88 KB, 1000x575, 0e92d8675e5bda2194a74b278c9dde…)

I found and interesting fic where the author really took the characters into consideration and the writing was so good. And now I want to read more by this author but it's the only fanfiction she has uploaded. I'm so sad nonas how will I get my fix now?

No. 285788

Does anyone have any non-smut cozy read recs? I’m not picky about fandom so long as it’s not rpf.

No. 285790

You should send her a message to let her know how much you enjoyed her work. It might help motivate her to do more.

No. 285912

Yes thats always a good idea

No. 285925

i think most writers would love any appreciation thrown their way, go for it nonnie just check you dont overstep boundaries.

though in my experience, i befriended a writer and we became good friends. i introduced them to my friend(who disliked her writing but wanted to be cordial) and they ended up dating. the fic writer stopped writing for the fandom i liked, and i eventually stopped talking to them.

No. 285952

I'm in the same boat, I only found like 2 smut reader-insert fics with him, one is incomplete and never got to the sex, and the other is mostly fluffy headcanons and doesn't go into much detail about the sex kek (but it's still very cute and I loved it). At that point it was just better to write my own self-insert fics cuz the fandom's dead. And you know what? It was much more satisfying.

No. 285953

About the same as what I've found- this >>285731 was me, I see what you mean about writing for yourself, but it also sucks because he's from a huge popular franchise, I don't know if it's his cringe factor or his media being ToO oLd that filters people because it feels like he should be popular.

No. 285959

I'm curious nonnie, what franchise is it?

No. 285961


No. 286036

File: 1679942886138.gif (3.34 MB, 540x240, spin.gif)

I'm so bitter there aren't many fics about him and when there are they're usually awfully written and/or rape fantasies

No. 286046

I'm thinking about writing a fanfic for a shitty franchise I like because its fanbase is starved for content and it'd be relatively easy to gain an audience which would put pressure on me to continue writing. Further more, since the series is pretty bad (and so are many fanfics about it) I wouldn't feel like I'm not doing well enough because of the low standards lol. It'd be great escapism for me and a way to practice my writing. Some of my texts are sometimes published in magazines and I participate in writing contests and would like to publish a short story/poetry book some time but I've been hard on myself recently and need to write much more even if it's low quality. I wanted to do it last Summer but was too embarrassed but now I'm reconsidering because I have way too much free time.

No. 286078

File: 1679968458644.jpg (28.43 KB, 612x408, me in the future.jpg)

A bit late, but would you elaborate more on Calibre? I have Moon+ Reader pro pirated on my phone as I find that the most convenient and comfortable. However I'm willing to look for alternatives as I want to have unfinished fics too.
You're pretty cute anon, I think you should do it as it would help you improve and help you gain more confidence in yourself as you write. With smaller fanbases they are often just grateful for new fics and your mostly going to be your worst critic which may or may not be a good thing when your a writer
Are you desperate enough to start writing fics about him yourself

No. 286101

U gotta convert to Nacho x Lalo give Vas to God

No. 286102

File: 1679980317689.png (39.56 KB, 2560x597, calibre lib redacted.png)

This is my set up (light mode). The "Saved Search" feature lets you search even the custom column so you can view your "read" fics, among whatever else you have set/tagged. This is one of my favourite applications ever and it's completely free!

>Alternatives as I want to have unfinished fics
I use Calibre on computer to manage my library, but haven't really found a way to get any phone app to access the reading status I set with Calibre's custom columns feature. It might be possible with some tweaking but I don't want to mess with the metadata. I don't recommend it as an alternative to Moon+ Reader, but to be used on the side for downloading and managing your fics.

No. 286103

I'd say absolutely give it a go, and tbh if it's a small fandom you'll probably be able to improve the overall fic quality immensely since most fanfic writers are nowhere near the level where they could get their stories pro published. (I mean, that's just expected when pretty much anyone can publish fanfic.)

I've done sort of the opposite and started crossing over from fanfic to original fiction, although I still do write fics as well. Writing fanfic has helped me improve my skills and get over the writer's block, because I feel like I don't have to take it seriously if I don't want to. The one problem I have though is that as my writing has improved, I've been wanting to try more and more experimental things which aren't that popular among fanfic readers. I wrote two very similar fics (same genre, length, fandom, and characters) approximately 5 months apart, and the first one, which was pretty generic, clumsy and lazily edited gets way more kudos than the second one which is written a lot better but also has a couple of structural choices that are unusual for fanfic. I'm not complaining per se because I knew this would happen, but it's a funny observation nonetheless.

No. 286108

Thanks anons! The fandom is relatively small but very active for what it's worth. What bothers me the most in poorly written fics is purple prose which is funny because those kind of works tend to be well received (at least around my fandom spaces).

Unusual fic structures are fun! I was never into coffee shop aus or enemies to lovers stories, I wish creative works were more appreciated.

No. 286159

You're right I'm the only one who can save us Mandofags
Nonna nooo I need him… I enjoyed oggling Nacho but he just doesn't have that same spark plus Lalo is balding

No. 286349

File: 1680045544136.gif (943.03 KB, 245x350, b4bffb1673098a21cfe8c9bee0f906…)

How do people come up with ideas and dialogue for fanfiction? I am the most creatively bankrupt person on earth. Ive always wanted to try writing a fanfiction but I have never been able to come up with anything. Even when working with tropes like fake dating and such I never knew how to create a plot out of that. Last night I did suddenly get an outburst where I came up with some small unrelated dialogues for two characters I like. I even wrote some of it down on my notes app before I felt asleep but going trough those notes, it's waaay to sparse to get any story out of it… or at least I can't come up with a good story with it. I felt like I had a story when I wrote it down last night but either I didn't write all of my thoughts down or I was so sleep-deprived that it sounded like a good idea at the time

No. 286573

Idk if this is anything what you asked for, but anyway:

Snowfall Music
Hetalia, Estonia/Denmark, wip
Cozy christmas fic, human AU so no need to know anything about the canon.

Things not sought, but nonetheless found
Dragon Age, Solas/Trevelyan, short
This one is very sweet to me idc.

I like this author’s Rory/Paris (Gilmore Girls):

An Ever-Fixed Mark
Pride and Prejudice, soulmate mark AU, long
In general it's just very good.

Saint’s Favor
Fire Emblem, Byleth/Seteth, oneshot
Short and sweet!

No. 286597

I only ever contacted one and that was to ask her to write RPF. She did and dedicated the work to me and I died of embarrassment.

No. 286659

Something that helps me write is to just write/type, what comes to my head as quickly as I can. I notice if I try to edit as I write it kills my creativity. I go back and edit at the very end.
As for trying to get ideas for dialogue, try to picture what your character would say in a certain situation based on how you think they might feel. Do a bit of 'method acting'. Is your character outraged that someone challenged them? Get mad for them. How dare someone challenged me? Don't they know who I am!?
You get the point. It's easier to do things IMO if you put yourself in your character shoes. Even if you're nothing like the character you're writing, it can still generate some good ideas.

No. 287360

File: 1680590195066.gif (4.93 MB, 540x300, royscheidersorcerer2.5.gif)

Hey! I hope you guys are still active in this thread. I would like to request some slashfic, if none of you mind. If you guys are even taking requests, then I humbly request thusly: I'm from the unconventional thread, I am desperate for content about my husbando, Roy Scheider, specifically from the movie "Sorcerer" (1977). Oh and Joe Spinellanon would like to request some slashfic, as well, also from "Sorcerer" (1977).

No. 287363

As far as I searched in ao3, fanfiction.net and tumblr I didn't find any fanfics for you guys aside from gifs from the movie. The movie is just too obscure, am afraid. Maybe you guys can collaborate on making a slashfic together?

No. 287391

File: 1680600670910.jpg (18.78 KB, 380x214, lunaescence-com.jpg)

Lunaescence has basically been dead since 2019 and forever locked up as a work in progress. So you can't even access the works that were available there and I regret never downloading my favourite fanfics as it was basically reader insert heaven and more.
What were/are your favourite fanfics sites?

No. 287410

wow nonnie it's so cute
did you make the theme yourself? if so where did you get the icons?

No. 287437

File: 1680625459059.gif (1.19 KB, 39x48, [PASTEL] Stack of Books by Kin…)

Thank you so much, nonnie!

>did you make the theme yourself?

Yes, Calibre is following my system theme (I use linux).

>where did you get the icons?

I downloaded all the pixel art from deviantart! Here are the links:
Calibre Library Icon - https://www.deviantart.com/kittea-paws/art/Creamy-Strawberry-Cake-820639973
Series Icon - https://www.deviantart.com/apparate/art/Free-Avatar-Books-458099317
Publisher Icon - https://www.deviantart.com/king-lulu-deer/art/Simple-Pastel-Social-Media-Buttons-663289708
Read Icon - https://www.deviantart.com/puucheii/art/Pixel-Purple-Set-554974460
My Ratings - https://www.deviantart.com/stampmakerlkj/art/Purple-Pixel-Decor-Set-378494859
Favourites Icon - https://www.deviantart.com/korajora/art/Little-Pixel-Heart-600475302

No. 287457

>Calibre is following my system theme (I use linux)
oh it's a shame you can't customize separately
thanks anyway ♥

No. 287598

>Can't customize separately
Sorry, nona. While you can't change the UI colours separately, you can still customise the font and set icons/pixel decorations in Windows! You can also customise the colours in the ebook viewer that comes with the software too.

It's all open source so maybe if the right people with the right skills get involved, it might be possible to customise the colour scheme in the future. At the very least, there is a dark theme available.

No. 287654

I'm not getting much engagement on AO3. Is wattpad worth using? I heard it's notorious for bad writing quality.

No. 287658

I honestly love fanfictions out there and writing my own because it's like a dream come true. I love absurd, hilarious concepts. The fanfictions I would write, I wanted them to be funny and people who read them are aware I know they're purposely absurd and basically jokes. Crossovers with pulls from out of left field brands and references scattered throughout the stories are my top tier. This feels almost like a crosspost for the autistic media thread, but I cherish fanfictions made like this so much.
My nigel and I are getting into reading and I've been having a hard time trying to find a book I think would interest me, yet every time we go to a bookstore, fanfictions come to my mind. "I could be at home looking up a hilarious fanfiction instead of finding something in someone elses booklist." Is anyone else like this? Do you also research fanfictions to scratch that itch of obscure, enticing fiction?

No. 287663

>I heard it's notorious for bad writing quality
it is, and imo it's more difficult to navigate

in ao3, if you are looking for comments ask for them (politely, don't hold chapters hostage). it's okay to remind the readers in the final notes to give kudos and comments.
if it's hits tag your work, like, 15 tags it's a reasonable nº. some people look for tropes in different fandoms. check the tags tab in the browse section for the most popular.
interact/comment genuinelly in works from authors in the fandom.
make an effort writing the preview(?), and never leave it blank.

if it's kudos that you want then git gud

also, if you write smut or problematic tropes/pairs don't expect much engagement

No. 287669

Yes. I went back into reading actual books after spending some time reading fanfics. I always go back to books once fanfics can't provide anymore and once I have a very good idea of what kind of story I'm looking for. Fanfic is just easier, there is no compromise, if it sucks you just close the tab, there isn't the same guilt over abandoning a book (at least to me) and when it's not that good but has a nice concept I just want to find more like that and books were never able to make me feel like this "well thats a nice concept but a bad book", I just go "thats a bad book", when books suck they suck real bad for some reason. I dunno what is it about books that they always exhaust me way faster than fanfics, and I read pretty long fanfics, the biggest I've read was 700k I think, and that's way longer than the book I was reading that took me months to finish, but I managed to read 700k words in one month. One thing I love about fanfics is when you can see the writer knows what she is doing, like when she pays attention to the details and remember little things from canon, they might not be relevant to the plot but are little bits of the character that the author didn't forget and managed to throw in there, I love this stuff.

No. 287723

The amount of gems on that site i never got a chance to download. Tho supposedly this isnt the first time the site had been stuck dormant for a few years. Hoping that they get back online and the admins havent left other wise they should just leave it up unmoderated

No. 287762

File: 1680769461813.jpg (96.39 KB, 1000x1572, oblivion.jpg)

I like fanfiction for a lot of the same reasons as you, basically the more absurd the better. I also write obscure and experimental fanfiction myself, and I used to feel bad for not being able to write "serious" angst or romance, but nowadays idgaf. Writing is my hobby and I'm allowed to have fun.
>I've been having a hard time trying to find a book I think would interest me
This is going to be a hit or miss, but have you ever read anything by David Foster Wallace? Seriously, you should check out Oblivion. It's a collection of short stories, though most of them are on the longer side (50+ pages). The prose can be a bit heavy if you're used to something lighter, but it's not boring or slow paced at all. In fact, it feels like being strapped to a rocket (or maybe I'm just autistic and should take this sperging somewhere else). My personal favorite is The Soul is not a Smithy, which has just the kind of absurd and hilarious yet somehow also serious and sad feeling that I love about fiction.

No. 289167

Extremely late but holy shit nonita this was hot as fuck, considering reading these books now. If you're still on this thread do you have any more fic recs for this fandom? Or good F/F smut in general.

No. 289665

Just made a lengthy reader insert of my husbando that's extreme smutty of an already niche fandom, wtf has my life came to?

No. 289698

Sounds great to me sis!!

No. 289836

Your life has come to a point where you've been blessed with the gift of creativity and the courage to express it. There is nothing stopping you.
btw I made the original making-fakebois-seethe-with-reader-inserts post months ago and anons' positive response inspired me to write more since so thanks, ily

No. 290786

Is anyone else enjoying the increasing popularity of fanfics based on other fanfics?
Maybe it’s just my love of crack fics but they are incredibly fun.

No. 291143

File: 1682034600165.jpg (80.18 KB, 540x663, 1672868058819.jpg)

i love shitting on ao3 and the awful writing style all popular fics seem to have, but i cant enjoy doing it as much anymore, because i found like 3 great ones that im completely insane about. still a hater but my heart is no longer in it when im hating.

No. 291334

what do you mean by that? from everyone i've read posts from, ao3 is considered the highest quality of fanfiction sites. what "awful writing style", could you be more specific? post an example?

No. 291408

i'm one "breath he didn't realize he was holding" away from committing a violent knife crime

No. 291420

Kek I've seen this in so many fics, might be new tongues battling for dominance.

No. 291439

Orbs, orbs everywhere! I have nightmares about orbs, just say fucking eyes! We get it already.

No. 291505

it must suck for whoever is the first one to write what line becomes a cliche. however, it's still not as bad as it could be, as far as fanfiction goes. believe me that there is so much worse out there.

No. 292080

How do fanfic writers do it? Where do they get their confidence? Especially writers that do self inserts. I’d love to write something, especially for hogwarts legacy, but I lack the confidence and skill. Not to mention the romantic aspect of character interactions disinterest’s me but seems to be the major point of fan fiction for some.
Does anyone have any advice for getting started? I feel a little directionless in terms of skill but also embarrassed in terms of even getting something on the page.

No. 292105

Just put something on there and grit your teeth through cringing at yourself. White, size 5 font, lowest brightness, whatever it takes so you can actually write it somewhere. If 50 shades can get published and a movie deal then you more than deserve to write your own thing too

No. 292613

This may not be the right thread to post this in, but do people prefer:
1) "I'm speaking," said John Doe
2) "I'm speaking," John Doe said.

I'm using the first format in my fanfiction so far but I'm afraid it'll make the language too stilted. I'm having fun with it though. Would changing it to method B make the fic more tolerable to readers?

No. 292636

I prefer #2, though I'll occasionally use #1. Also, I try not to use "said," too much, because it doesn't tell you very much about how something was said. "Wondered aloud," "agreed," "suggested," "announced," "argued," and "complained," are some of my favorites. "Said," is mostly useful if the phrase or statement is really neutral in some way.

A lot of people like to throw an adverb after "said," but that gets old and repetitive pretty fast. It's fine when it's used sparingly, though.

No. 292637

The one that really chaps my ass is when people say "the male," or "the female," instead of just saying the character's goddamn name. Makes it sound like a nature documentary. Fucking David Attenborough is narrating this gay sex scene apparently.

No. 292645

I read a lot of fan fiction and agree with what >>292636 said but try not to overdo it because it gets obvious when you’re just trying to avoid saying “said” which can be more jarring. I much prefer said because it’s easy to ignore, I just need to know whose talking and in what tone.

No. 292650

ideally you wouldn't be using any of those things but just describing what the characters are doing while they're talking though

No. 292661

>Fucking David Attenborough is narrating this gay sex scene apparently.
kek now I kinda want to do this intentionally as a style choice. I already wrote one where I overused multi-word epithets (i.e. "the very nervous elderly woman" over and over again instead of just saying "she") on purpose and it was really fun to write.

No. 293056

So, I'm a fan of more rare pairings and my favorite fics usually get less kudos than more popular ones. I like to show my interest to the writer leaving thought out comments, but I wonder… I'm reading a long fic rn and is this okay to leave a comment under every chapter detailing what I think of every part? Or is it better to comment under the last chapter? There is no much comments anyway and I don't know if people find it weird? I don't have much to say for the first chapters, so is it OK to just write that I'm liking it even though I don't have much to say?

No. 293074

Comment on every chapter you have something to say about, I bet the author would love it. Unless they’ve said they don’t want comments.
I’m a big fan of rare pairs too, what ones are you a fan of? Any recs?

No. 293423

I've heard people despise epithets (saying 'the older man' or 'the doctor' instead of the character's name) (as used in common use; actual definition of epithet is something different) but it drives me up a wall if a word repeats too often, so I don't want to always write the name. I never minded epithets before, but this is the concensus from fanfiction readers from what I've seen posted. I don't write "the female" at least.
as a writer: the more comments the happier I am. readers now are so shy. I swear that 10 years ago comments and whatever like equivalent were far more readily given and now readers are stingy and shy. I think it's because of bad interactions with internet lunatics traumatizing readers, which isn't their fault, but still it pisses me off. I have no way to know if what i'm writing is good or bad or what they think of it.

As for rare pairs, anything that isn't m/m is rare now. tumblr fakebois can't get enough gay bishies smashing uglies. So if you prefer to read hetero, congrats it's de facto a rare pair! Everything has to cater to obese oily-haired fujoshi. and the canonically straighter the guy, the more hellbent they are on turning him gay! the guy with a gf the entire show? HE'S ACTUALLY GAY UMMMMMM DIDN'T YOU SEE THAT HE GLANCED AT ANOTHER MALE FOR HALF A SECOND IN EPISODE FIVE? And if you prefer hetero now you're guilty of homophobia and gay erasure.

No. 293802

Any recommendations of fanfics with robot/human romance? Especially with the girl being the human? Most of what i've found when searching under the tag is a human guy with a robot girl.

No. 293835

I'm a whore. I only have the attention span to read Levi Ackerman x Reader lemons nowadays. Aww ye

No. 293836

Holy kek

No. 294107

File: 1683182863048.gif (3.32 MB, 500x462, d95340915a44d28d81b9239bedbebf…)

I made the mistake of reading an unfinished fanficion on ff.net that hasn't updated since 2009 and now I'm hooked on the story but the author's active socials are no where to be seen. This is why you never read old uncompleted fics how do I cope with this pain

No. 294118

File: 1683186520378.jpg (85.96 KB, 652x785, IMG_5915.jpg)

came across an old post i made on lc lamenting there not being any books of fics with the weird hyperspecific dynamic i like (i mean, no shit there's not) but in the time since i actually did find one more fic that fits it exactly. win for nonnie! but yeah if you find stuff like this you know who to send it to.


No. 294128

File: 1683190745589.png (179.78 KB, 870x653, 1662263385985.png)

nonnie… i may know one a bit like this. Are you fandom blind? I've been kinda wanting to rec it here because someone might like it but I'm afraid anons would hate it and make fun of me.

No. 294135

yes please nonny….. i pretty much always read fandom blind. and anons here would never do such a thing (i hope)

No. 294139

File: 1683192191503.jpg (159.82 KB, 1079x858, dino.jpg)

sorry samefag but when i originally posted that an anon did recommend me a trashy erotica website (as in, the entire website), which.. ok beggars can't be choosers and i appreciate the attempt but i can find that shit literally anywhere, it really was not helpful lol, so anything else would be an improvement!

No. 294141

https://archiveofourown.org/works/40113903 no bully pls
This somehow ticks all the boxes for me and i love it, can't wait for the last chapter. There's a male on male rape scene in chapter one but you can skip that and the OFC is more prominent from chapter 3 onwards.

No. 294143

thanks, i'll definitely check it out. i might report back when i read it or i might not idk, thanks either way!

No. 294463

not AO3 specific but
>her core
>her center
>her core
makes it sound like someone's fucking an apple kek.

No. 294472

File: 1683350055321.jpg (19.75 KB, 500x500, CSProductImage__Nervous.jpg)

>frequent "core" user

No. 294474

don't forget
>her apex

No. 294707

This is 8 months late and multiple people have said the exact same thing but based as fuck. I roll my eyes whenever I see gender neutral reader bullshit for the insecure women in the fanbase and it doesn't help that for me that's like, a ton of them. You've motivated me nonnie

No. 296027

Is it worth completely rewriting a fanfiction because you're unsatisfied with the writing? I didn't even write it too long ago, and with someone as meticulous about writing as i am idk if it's worth it.

No. 296036

If you still like the story then it may well be worth it. I used to cringe too hard at my writing to never actually read my work fully before posting. I proofread of course, but I didn't stop to observe the flow of the story etc. I'm glad I got over it and started editing a lot more, because I feel like my writing has gotten a lot better thanks to it.

No. 296339

File: 1684081975143.jpg (45.47 KB, 713x449, IMG_20230514_233253.jpg)

I, uh… I have one in my mind but it doesn't have that much fanfics since anime itself is obscure one. Also the girl was 12-13 year old…
I find it amusing that fanfics from the show mostly are just fluff and angst instead of pervert shits presented in original

No. 296350

look into destiny (i don't know anything about that game but i've seen some good fics)

i am begging you prostrated on my hands and knees to just write he/she or the name or just vary the sentence structure more. pls don't do that ever.

you should also reconsider some things in my opinion.

No. 296445

Exo's are human minds in robot bodies, so it doesn't have that aspect of teaching the AI about feelings that I feel is part of the appeal of that kind of stuff.

No. 296486

I loved this show…

No. 296488

kek this reminded me of a HAL/reader fic I came across a while ago. I don't know if it comes even close to what you're looking for but I'll link it anyway: https://archiveofourown.org/works/39688824

No. 296493

Nta but this author's list of works is astoundingly of interest to me, thank you so much for linking.

No. 296499

not even close, why do these reader inserts have to be so low self esteem. Can't you imagine your fictional self to be cooler?

No. 296984

File: 1684375329471.jpeg (9.91 KB, 300x450, D.T.S.jpeg)

>in her you-know-what

No. 297541

File: 1684588387078.gif (86.14 KB, 220x169, pepe-frog.gif)

Today in being starved for my kind of content: read a fic originally in Chinese through google translate (even then I could tell the author was talented). I wish I knew Chinese better, there are a few authors over the Chinese side of the fandom that are so incredibly based and meanwhile I'm here stuck with whiny fakebois.

No. 297888

File: 1684722402703.jpg (7.85 KB, 275x134, 1345.jpg)

I just saw an anonymous comment that used tone indicators on a PWP fic. I'm not going to point fingers at minors who reads nsfw fics since I did it myself when I was young but they need to make it less obvious that they are minors when commenting because it's awkward to read and It puts the author in a weird position

No. 298277

I write mostly very explicit stuff, but so far I haven't spotted any obvious minors in my comments probably because of my writing style and due to writing for niche fandoms. It feels hypcritical to say this because I used to deliberately look for the most degenerate shit as a teenager, but I always feel a little uncomfortable when something reminds me of the fact that there are 13-year-olds on ao3 that might stumble upon my fic.

No. 298291

I wanted to write some fan fiction of the warriors series (About feral cats) to practice writing, but ended up changing things enough and making my own world and rules and characters, which turned into an actual independent book about magic cats. If you want to write a standalone book, this taught me starting with a pre existing world can really help. Gl in all your writing projects nonnies.

No. 298313

File: 1684936764542.png (921 B, 250x250, 2C58B2FD-C077-4524-B361-1797B0…)

this thing. THIS FUCKING THING. fastest way to ruin your fics. i'll push you from a fucking building and blow you up

No. 298330

File: 1684944964877.jpg (71.62 KB, 704x932, 9vbhni5497b41.jpg)

I hate those so much. I have never seen them in a book before only in manga. I'm a weeb too and will sometime use it in text whenever I want to tease while sounding cute but c'mon putting them in a fic is just lame. I can forgive the authors for my rarepairs and small fandoms for using it but they are on thin ice. If it appears too frequent then I'm going to stop reading the fic

No. 298506

File: 1684974379203.jpeg (73.3 KB, 1023x967, DzG7FKwUYAAkKjV.jpeg)

Nonnies how do I cope with the fact that my otp is a rarepair in a popular fandom where most of their fics are kinktober type stuff with polyshipping and the actual otp fics are all smut.

Also totally unrelated how does one write non-smut for their otp?

No. 298515

>how does one write non smut
just write them interacting? Reacting to some event? retelling a canon scene from their pov? surely they must do things besides fucking at some point?

No. 298727

File: 1685074429457.jpg (72.4 KB, 1400x788, sulettawhat.jpg)

>a good anime with a main f/f couple that's taken seriously and not just yuribait? count me in!
>wow this show is great, i wonder if there are any good fics on ao3–
>half are tagged with girl penis, trans female character, omegaverse, knotting or something similar
make it stop, holy shit. why don't they just stick to het pairings if they want to write about heterosexual relationships and heterosexual sex so bad? is the het-transifying this bad for m/m fics too? the m/m pairings i'm into have been spared this nonsense for the most part so i was shocked to see it here

No. 300599

So tired of my main fandom shitting out ONE generic m/m pairing every day and drowning out any fic that isn’t that pairing. Even years later these bitches still have no taste and keep making fics and AUs of this single pairing

No. 300604

Which fandom?

No. 300612

It used to be better, but the fujoaiden brainrot has gone fully mainstream in fandom spaces. A ton of gendies don't even tag transified m/m ships anymore, there'll be surprise pussy even in non-abo fics.

No. 300613

File: 1685967484074.jpg (9.08 KB, 231x158, tumblr_a65f79e8021d8cda9a7f2c5…)

i've thought about this goddamn fic every day for almost three months i think i might actually die if it gets updated ooooooh the red hot gates of hell. it's preventing me from functioning normally. don't ask what fic btw i don't want to traumatise you by linking it again, just imagine the most unhinged thing you can

No. 300620

f/f pairings always gets the short end of the stick. Even when a f/f pairing is canon and has a lot of shippers it still doesn't get many fics. Worse thing is when the characters gets genderbended
I'm in a similar situation except that my fandom has only been shitting out fics for a shitty f/m pairing. It's not even a small fandom but any other pairing regardless if it's f/m, m/m or f/f gets no attention. You would think after decades people would realise that this one pairing just sucks but noooo

No. 300634

which fandom? is it reader-insert?

No. 300695

>my fandom has only been shitting out fics for a shitty f/m pairing
I have this same problem with the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. Granted I haven’t watched the show in forever, but how is Adrien/Marinette still popular?

No. 300696

lotr. dont ask.

No. 300824

File: 1686073926228.png (21.32 KB, 734x386, reee.png)

MFW I read a wip fanfic I wrote a few months ago and want more, but I only wrote 2 chapters.

No. 300901

>reading sexy fanfic
>getting to the smut
>husbando and MC have sex for the first time
>husbando says 'oh my stars!' to comment on how good she feels
Even now it makes me laugh what the fuck

No. 300924

lol one of my husbandos says 'by the stars' a few times as an expression of surprise, but I would probably punch him if he said that during sex.

No. 301070

used the multiple kudos bug on ao3 for my favorite fic a while ago only just now realizing i shouldn't have (because the author can't know the genuine number of people who left kudos) fuckkkkkkk i'm so dumb. I just pray she never finds out. god i hate myself. send me to the gallows. assassinate me

No. 301293

kek same, except different fandom.
I'm also finishing my third PWP fic and can't wait to post because I want to share it with someone but I'd rather die than share it with any of my irl or online friends. I wish I had fandom friends.

No. 301529

>multiple kudos bug
What’s that? Wanna use it for some fics I feel need more love

No. 301561

File: 1686408120929.jpg (22.24 KB, 541x670, ce9.jpg)

i wish i could use that bug, each one of my kudos are worth a hundred ones

No. 301632

the characters suddenly started sperging about the difference between asexuality and demisexual omffggg just shut the fuck up. I'm only here to read yuri I don't care about mogai shit I just want to read about lesbians

No. 301635

Why do you feel bad about it? If it's your fave fic it means that it will get more exposure this way.

I'm not sure if this is the bug they are talking about. But since you can leave kudos without logging in, I'm pretty sure you can just delete your cookies/history and keep giving kudos to the same fic. Do note though that there is also a stat that says how many hits a fan fic has gotten. So it's really noticeable if a fic only has like 10 hits but 100 kudos, they know that some people have hit the kudos button multiple times.

No. 301868

It's also IP dependent, even if you delete your cookies if you keep the same IP address you still get the "you have already left kudos here" message. I tried.

No. 302245

it's so obnoxious to see someone spam a smallish fandom with literally dozens of short one-shots about THE SAME THING, each barely reaching 1k words, and pushing all other fics down. like holy shit just consolidate them into a multi-chapter fic. it's all character/reader kink bullshit.

No. 302264

File: 1686759000890.jpg (9.64 KB, 275x157, 18.jpg)

sometimes I stumble upon a fic that just feels so male. Of course there are obvious signs of a male author like a huge fixation on the female character's breats. I once read a fic that said "she crossed her arms under her breasts" and it's just a weird way to describe a mundane action lol. It's like men struggle to comprehend how you can move with boobs so they always have to mention boobs whenever they describe the movements of female characters they also do it because they are pervs. I have also noticed that fanfics written by men are usually very straightforward. The story kinda just drift from scene to scene. There isn't much attempt to build an atmosphere and we are only given the most necessary information of what's going on and the most necessary emotions that the characters feel. It's like they are scared to make their writing sound too "pretty". Even the most inexperienced female fic writers at least tries writing prose (even if it's shit there was still attempt). That's not to say that all male fic writers sucks some of them do make good prose but the way inexperiened male authors writes is completely different than the way inexperienced female authors write.
Male fic writers also use high school sitcom tropes and make the female characters super catty towards each other and rely on the Madonna-whore conplex. Though to be fair female authors used to do this alot too a few years ago but I feel like in the mid 2010 these tropes got so much criticism that you rarely see women use them

No. 302270

All my fanfic files on my computer are labeled as "gaydumb[fandom]fic.odt."

No. 302273

What the fuck I was just reading HAL/Bowman like 3 days ago.

No. 302340

File: 1686793594314.jpg (39.28 KB, 583x525, DwyaNYGVsAEIXwh.jpg)

Who is the intended audience for the tranny gwen spiderverse fics?? Like isn't ao3 mostly women like who are these fucking fics for? These animals should at least have the decency to tag it as m/m (or m/f as opposed to f/f)?? GTFO
I'm angry and I'm not even a self inserter, but the Gwen self inserters better start stamping out this lame troon shit asap please. Weaponize your autism in ways that I am unable to, I beg of you

No. 302374

wanted to check if one of my ancient fandoms had any fics and saw that there was exactly one (1). better yet it was about the random ass cursed character i used to like. it was like 100 words though, oh well, happy to know someone else likes the ugly cartoon goblin.

No. 304405

Good advice from an old thread

No. 304461

File: 1687605605915.jpg (4.79 KB, 184x179, harry styles with no hair.jpg)

>read f/f fic on AO3
>includes "strap-ons" tag
>strap-on sex is actually anal
>ew wtf
>scroll up to check the tags again
>no tag for anal
Why do people do this? Another time I tried to read a m/f fic until it got to an ass eating scene which was not even mentioned in the tags. It's really disgusting and disturbing how anal is so normalized. I also really hate those people who fill AO3 tags with retarded useless shit like they're on tumblr, but at least they work as a good quality filter. I see retarded tumblr tags and I immediately know the writer is braindead and the story is worthless so I don't even bother.

No. 304507

No. 304511

men do use ao3. it's mostly women but there are fandoms in which the majority of fics come from moids. also troons have been trying to colonize the predominately female social media sites since forever. tumblr's pretty much gone, they can't really into pinterest (i guess), and now ao3 is suffering too. pray they 41% asap

No. 304512

men also use a lot of exclamation points in their smut kek

No. 304531

>complains about anal being normalized in an online space where laying eggs into someone's vag is considered borderline vanilla

No. 304533

Vanilla enough not to tag?

No. 304554

File: 1687654404380.png (14.02 KB, 982x211, He's a TERF because of his job…)

>Be me, watching the newest spiderman movie.
>See character from a DS game I used to play.
>Curious about how others perceive him, I go to check reader insert fanfiction about him. As it is best way to garner how others truly feel about something.
>Sort by word count and pick the one with smut in it as I'm feeling a bit randy at the moment and filth is the way to go, when you want someone's honest thoughts.
>Go read chapter five as it is in the middle and I like to spoil myself.
>See picrel as the author's note.
>Look into the comments and the readers wants the TIF child.
Bleak. Reader Insert fanfiction is only going downhill in that fandom.

No. 304593

I mean if it had the “creator chose not to use archive warnings” then you already set yourself up for failure to potentially see something triggering.

No. 304594

>huge fixation on the female character's breasts
moids do this shit in traditional fiction, too. I read a 200-page novel by a moid author recently, and he mentioned the female MC carrying someting "at the level of her breasts" like four times, and "the fabric of her shirt clinging to her breasts" at least twice. Like you said, they don't know what having breasts is like (or rather that most women don't really pay attention to their breasts in a way that would be significant in daily life).

I guess someone could defend this by saying
>well women HAVE breasts and sometimes you notice the fabric clinging to them!!
but how common is that and is it important enough to notice? I imagine guys sometimes feel their cock against their thigh inside their pants, and every day they have to put it into either pant leg or tuck it to the side, but how often do you see that described in literature? I can't think of a single occasion.

No. 304610

It's not "triggering" but it's a serious mood killer. Why not just tag your shit properly so people can easier filter out stuff they don't want to read?

No. 304864

No. 304876

File: 1687802491345.jpeg (20.96 KB, 554x554, pepe3.jpeg)

>write for the niche of the niche, old fandoms, using unpopular tropes like 1st person POV, with difficult language and unconventional narrative structure
>hurr why aren't my fics popular
I mean, I don't really care about becoming hugely popular in the sense that I'd get lots of clicks, but I enjoy writing so much and I'd love to share this with someone so it's disappointing to get zero engagement. Honestly considering trying to find a discord group for writers because I mainly want to sperg but don't wanna fill my author's notes with embarrassing shit.

No. 305353

I hate when authors take inspiration from myths and legends and then do everything in their power to make it obvious like having the character announce how similar their situation is to a myth. I know some published fiction do this too but I don't mind stuff like "she felt like Icarus" or "he was like Cain"(though it can come off as extremely cheesy if it doesn't suit the tone of the story or the characters) but the problem is when fic authors do stuff like this they always follow it up with a paragraph summarizing the myth. I get that they don't want to confuse readers but the ones who don't get the reference can just google it no reason to handhold your readers. Also they always use the myths that are circulated on tumble like Persephoneor at least the obnoxious tumblr girlboss version of Persephone but that's another discussion and Icarus. For once I just want someone to use more obscure myths or at least myths that aren't constantly shared on social media.
I reached a point where I mentally groan whenever a fic author uses myths. It has just become so overused at this point and it kinda feels cheap in that sense that it's an easy way to make your story seem deeper because you're referencing something "high brow"

No. 305360

one of my favorite fics i ever wrote has the least engagement of all my stuff. the fic i spent barely any time on and wouldn't care if i had to delete it has 2k kudos. write for your own enjoyment, always.

No. 305465

True, my clumsiest, cringiest baby's first smut has three times the amount of kudos that some of my later works have, but I'm still more proud of the latter ones because they are the ones that taught me the most in terms of writing, and they're still fun to read.

No. 305586

File: 1688101819441.jpg (49.67 KB, 720x686, 1511626857072.jpg)

How do you feel about deliberate edginess in a fic's narrative? It's true to the series but I wonder if people are going to find it stupid.

No. 305588

I feel like men hate writing fics in general and if they do, it's mostly just a very poor erotica or absolutely autistic lore-heavy crossovers/battle fics.
I guess I've read only three male fics in my entire life. At least I'm sure the writers were men. I… liked it. One was a MaleShep/Ashley longfic which was pretty alright. Another was a pretty popular HL fic on ff.net that told the story between HL1 and HL2. It also was pretty great. Men can write really nice gen/action if they don't turn on their inner autismo.
The third one, and the strangest one at that, was a het mini which had so much fluff you wonder if it wasn't written by a teenage girl. Like it was so wholesome and cute.
Unfortunately it's rare gems in the sea of all the garbage that men usually write.
There is this loud house fic written by some sperg and it's apparently the longest piece of literature ever. I really want to see what's it all about, but still it's a good sample of what moids usually write.

No. 305590

What do you mean by edginess? I think it's alright if it's done well and not in the 3edgyme creepypasta written by a 14-year-old way.

I'm actually in the middle of writing a graphic DD:DNE fic myself but the edginess suits the character who is canonically a misanthrope. I'm actually considering making her go full misandrist manifesto-chan and sneaking in some terf talking points because it would also make sense, but idk if I wanna deal with the troon bullshit if fandom tifs find my fic and start complaining.

No. 305623

Sometimes I like reading edgy and Ebony Ravenway style works for fun. They tend to make me laugh

No. 306015

>mommy/daddy kink
Instant turn-off

No. 306073

Are there any fanfic prompts that wouldn’t result in a coffee shop au or similar?

No. 306160

File: 1688286946601.png (164.26 KB, 1622x1460, autism on steroids.png)

>There is this loud house fic written by some sperg and it's apparently the longest piece of literature ever.
It's called the loud house revamped and it really is as bad as you'd think it is.

No. 306177

Hurt/comfort gets me going way more than smut ever can.

No. 306195

It's written in script format? Ew

No. 306237

I orphaned all my fics and deleted my account b/c impulse control. Now I'm struggling to get readership again without coming out and admitting that I'm the same person who wrote 《really popular niche fic here》

No. 306238

File: 1688319109875.jpg (96.92 KB, 1230x1948, E3DwH2LXoAEpIJa.jpg)

I mean as in the characters are edgy teenagers and so the limited third person perspective is also kind of edgy and sweartastic because it's their thoughts and perspectives. Pic related, fanart of one of the characters.
I've read one good fic written by a gay moid. It was an excellent crossover but he never finished it.
It's fine if people laugh at the edge. Some levity is a good thing I think.

No. 306302

Was reading a M/M fic on AO3 for the movie Smallfoot when the final chapter made it so Migo (the yeti) was actually a trans man (afab) and that Percy was also a trans man. I was so pissed because otherwise its the best fic I’ve found for a niche fandom. And the weirdest part, Migo came out as trans while discussing his dead mother (fic made that a plot point while movie never mentions it)

No. 306303

Here is the link btw: https://archiveofourown.org/works/16299143/chapters/38121650

Notice the tags. The main issue was that this author dropped transgenderism into the fic at the very end. Nothing else in the fic hints towards this so it comes out of literally nowhere

No. 306305

Sorry last thing
Those tags were not there before, to be clear

No. 306320

there's also the "since people have been complaining" tag which explains it kek. I don't even understand how can they just expect no one to complain about untagged polarizing tropes.

No. 306849

Any other nonnie write borderline fandom blind fanfic? I don’t mean second hand knowledge where you’ve never consumed the original but have read a fanfic rewrite, rather the piece of media is still ongoing but you haven’t consumed it for half a decade and have forgotten most of it except a few characters and shit

No. 306864

File: 1688629627565.jpg (225.72 KB, 901x1200, 35932shahelsophieellisbbt3-gth…)

CP in Book Thread. Reported and bumping it away.

No. 307134

File: 1688747315744.jpg (124.88 KB, 1050x801, -BcKC4yvvlwQ.jpg)

I just read a fanfiction from 2014 and there was a new comment that said she was happy that she found a good fic for an old (implying dead) fandom. There also was another new comment that said she remembers getting into this ship years ago because of this fic. The fuck? I feel so old. In my mind fandom work from 2014 is still new while everything from pre-2012 is considered old but 2014 is almost a decade ago so it's fair to call a fic from that year old.

Also I miss kink memes. They where big around 2012-2014 but I never used them back then which I regret because the idea is fun. Some of my fave fics originates from kinkmemes
I hate getting into old stuff with dead fandoms. It makes me feel old seeing people being nostalgic for 2014

No. 307381

I came across an AO3 profile whose works I'm pretty sure are 99,9999% stolen from other writers. I was reading one of her oneshots and at one point for one single paragraph the characters' names switched to names from a different fandom kek. I copy-pasted her fic summaries into the search bar and realized all of her fics are stolen from fandoms that have zero overlap with the fandoms she "writes" for, so I guess at least she's smart. Honestly I'm not even mad, because she doesn't get much engagement, while on the contrary the original fics she copies from seem to be very popular, so I don't see the damage there tbh. I'm actually kinda worried for her tho lol Like I assume she's just a girl that does it for the dopamine rush that she gets every time someone leaves kudos or comments. Coz she does get a few comments, and that's the funny part: readers enjoy these works. So it really blew my mind to think how much fan fiction (and OG fiction too), no matter how beautiful its prose, is so nondescript, the dynamics and tropes so trite that you can just switch the characters' names and it still works to some extent and fans don't even realize kek. I think my favorite fics out there are the ones that are indissolubly linked to the source material and only now I see how talented these authors are for writing something where you just can't just switch the characters' names.

No. 307386

File: 1688833855307.jpg (34.14 KB, 500x355, dff8a21b490db0d826c7c8ce8e3f74…)

I used to be in the Beatles fandom with my best mates, best years of my life, and we read fics a lot. I read tons and tons but one really stuck in my brain and not in a good way. I was an egdy person but this was even too much for me.
It was somewhat like this: Paul Mccartney stole the dead body of John Lennon after he was killed, took him into some room and brought him back to life with some liquid?? John couldn't move at first but i think he was moving later and i'm not really sure if they had sex or not, but something tells me tthey did. And i remember Paul said something like: "You're mine forever, that witch can't have you anymore."
Made me think about how crazy and out of touch with reality that writer must be. Even if somebody has an idea like this why did they think it was a good thing to write on the internet? It wasn't badly written but I felt like i was reading something from a future serial killer but probably it was just a horny girl who didn't realize the crazyness. I couldn't find the fic at the moment, maybe it's still out there weirding new beatles people out…. It's a real tragedy that affcted many people and somebody just makes it their fetish. Shit's like some holocaust fanfic. Hope she's doing better now.
Picrel is a good beatles fanart because the rest of the fandom was great and i can't complain….well couldn't, untill the troons came in and brainwashed some people.
Anybody has a creepy fanfiction they encountered too?

No. 307407

tbh I have read fanfiction that can easily pass foe original fiction if the author just changed the names. It's usually AU stuff where the characters are aged up and their personality aligns more with the fanon interpretation than the canon.
>I'm actually kinda worried for her
why? she knows what she is doing. I do agree she isnt doing much harm by taking popular fanfiction since the authors she is stealing from already have recognization, but she shouldn't act sureprise if she ever faces backlash from this. You reap what you sow

No. 307420

AYRT I'm not worried about the potential backlash, but for her current state of mind kek I mean is she ok? Why would someone pick up the hobby of stealing fanfiction and posting it with the names changed? That's such a randomly dumb and sad thing to do

No. 307422

I know another case where she doesn't even bother to steal from another fandom, not just other people's fics but she even copy-pasted from the wiki pages of the characters kek

No. 307433

lmao I wonder if that's the creepy Beatles fic I remember with a cockwarming coma or something or something. All RPF is pretty weird, creepy and somewhat dehumanizing (I still read it though haha), so I think the type of people who get past the inherent creepiness of that will include a lot of much weirder shit.

No. 307437

she is probably an internet addict. As the anon said she gets a dopamine rush from comments and kudos. She participate in fandom because she likes the potential clout she can get but she is too insecure to learn writing herself, or spending time on a fic only for it to get no attention so she figured it was easier to steel from unrelated fandoms. I don't blame her Tbh. It all went downhill when fandom stopped being about autists sharing their love for the favorite characters, and became about becoming internet famous

No. 307439

does anyone else feel like a lot of smut on ao3 sounds weirdly the same despite being across different fandoms? like we've moved on from the "one finger, two finger, three finger, penetration" thing that plagued fanfiction back then, but now many smut fics sound samey, with similar dialogue and dynamic. examples are lines like:

>you're so good for me

>look at you
>i've got you, baby
>easy there, easy
>you're so tight/wet

and despite it being characters from different fandoms, it always takes on this dynamic of the top being this overbearing but sweet dom who is a sex god, while the bottom is always crying from how good it feels lol. these fics arent necessarily bad in terms of writing, but they sound so bland and cookie cutter. like you could replace the names of the characters and you wouldn't even be able to tell who the original characters are.

No. 307443

Is it for rarepairs? I could see someone just wanting to contribute something to pairings that have little-to-no content but not creative enough to make their own content

No. 307452

Yeah, sometimes it feels like every now and then there's an update every fandom gets on what the 'good' way to write smut is.

No. 307481

Once fics started becoming like this I stopped reading them. It's been a while since I eveb tried to look for one.

No. 307493

Do you have any fic recommendations that have well written sex scenes? I noticed that too even with a detailed scene it all boils down to the same three levels of how sex and foreplay is written and I swear I can’t even tell whats good anymore

No. 307530

I don't come across writing like this too often anymore because I avoid the blandest most common (pseudo-)BDSM dynamics that just scream the author has never had sex irl, but when I do I usually stop reading when I see the fic is gonna turn out like that. It's definitely a thing and probably the result of writers imitating each other. Also
>you're taking me so well
>you're mine
Seconding this. I write some erotica here and there and I think I've managed to avoid the biggest mistakes, but I'm constantly afraid of running out of ideas, because there are only so many sex things you can do unless you start writing about obscure fetishes, which I'm not planning to.

No. 307556

No. Fairly popular ships actually lol

No. 307559

unfortunately i dont, lol. most of the fics i bookmark and tend to reread are actually G or T-rated because it's really hard to find smut fics that are in-character. for me, a smut fic is good if the dialogue is unique (so none of the cliche lines). the details of the sex itself doesn't matter all that much to me since i like to read for characterization and not horniness.

same, i think its writers imitating each other. it just surprises me when i see it so much across different fandoms. is it also me, or does it feel like there tends to be this "AO3 writing style" where the writing is technically good, but the narrative voice is very "samey"? my favorite kind of fics are third person limited POV where the narrative voice actually sounds like how the character would narrate their thoughts.

you're totally right, i forgot about those cliche lines as well! i hate seeing these dialogue lines because they're so overused and obviously not in-character, but the authors use them because they think it's a good way to write sexy talk that isn't actually dirty. it's like a crutch for them.

i also dont like this pseudo BDSM dynamic that's common in these type of smut fics, not because i dislike BDSM, but because it feels like the author is too scared to actually write BDSM. which is why the top is written like this dom who is constantly hushing and reassuring the bottom, and the bottom is written like a sub, but the sex is very vanilla.

another thing that takes me out of a smut fic is when the characters roleplay and talk about it because idk lol it's kind of like admitting you know it's OOC for them to act this way and that's why it has to be done within the context of roleplay. i know in real life, people ARE roleplaying when they do bdsm, but i dont like reading about all the "safeword" and "green yellow red" in fics because it feels like the author is just doing a checklist to show its totally consensual. i love bdsm but only when the characters are actually dom/sub in canon. so it's not just in the bedroom, but as part of their actual personalities as well. otherwise it comes across as extremely forced to me in fics.

No. 307560

nonas, how many fics does your favorite rarepair have? mine has six under its tag I believe, but only two are good and the rest is deranged shit with multiple ships. i'm desperate, i wish i could contribute.

No. 307562

For my favorite gay rarepair, under their ship tag, there's 29 fics, but only 8 of them are actual fics for them, however most, are just oneshot smuts. The rest are kinktober fics, incorrectly tagged, some weird threesome/foursome fics, or a love triangle fic where they are B and C chasing after A, but A ends up with B. For my favorite straight rarepair they have 72 under the tag, although they are an older rarepair. And similar to the gay one, they have quite a few fics that are kinktober or love triangle/threesome. My favorite lesbian rarepair has zero fics whatsoever. Not even a kinktober fic.

No. 307571

last time i checked there were 4 on ao3. ive been mulling over this fic idea in my head for them since 2021, but since i have 0 experience writing fanfiction (especially on the grand scale im imagining), i havent had the motivation to start writing it.

No. 307589

For me it's
>let me use you
>use me
I don't know why it makes me cringe so hard.

No. 307614

"Like a bitch in heat" makes my skin crawl.
Tbf this one isn't a line of dialogue but whenever the author writes moaning sounds. Like "mmh" "ah" and "oh" its so embarrassing to read kek
Same with adding "~" to the end of dialogue….like please be normal.

No. 307620

speaking of those lines, that just reminded me of
>i'm going to breed you
>breed me
same energy kek

i'm okay okay with "ah" done sparingly (as in like, only once or twice), but "oh" reminds me of a pornstar fake moaning kek. tildes instantly take me out tho agreed

No. 307636

File: 1688960957731.jpg (298.14 KB, 2048x2048, Tumblr_l_2256264342374406.jpg)

I feel stupid it took me this long to notice the same thing you mentioned few days ago when I was reading yandere char x reader fic (shit taste, I know). The smut is always the samey shit. Even worse if character is in his/her late 20s, authors instantly slap the retarded daddy/mommy fetish into their fics

No. 307711

I've noticed not only the things you mentioned but also how obsessed everyone is with rough sex and polyfaggotry. There's a decent amount of smut for my favourite couple but only two fics (one of which I very attentively wrote to not fucking suck so I could read good smut once in a while) are actually readable and don't repeat the same mistakes as pretty much everyone else. What fucks me up is that this is a f/f pair but so many people write smut that has one of them with a dick/strap-on.
One phrase I've seen repeated ad nauseam that kind of ticks me off is:
>get railed (in the context of regular lesbian sex without toys and whatnot, mind you)
Do any of you have tips for how to write good and non-repetitive smut?

No. 307745

is ao3 down for anyone else?

No. 307748

They're getting DDOSed right now. Their social media says they'll be back soon.

No. 307765

Are they? It's working fine for me rn

No. 307767

first ayrt, it works for me too now.

No. 307775

>the piece of media is still ongoing but you haven’t consumed it for half a decade and have forgotten most of it except a few characters and shit
me with hetalia. I don't care about any of the new comic strips or new seasons and hetamyu is cringey and I'm saying this as a person who normally likes musicals. But I still care about my ships and occasionally read fics about them and look up fanart

No. 307826

Try to be descriptive without being gross, and don't use flowery language or weird substitutes for genitals, sex, etc. Just committing to using good language will put you leagues above most of the people who write smut on AO3 already. If I think of my favorite smut, everything was described concretely with some details and didn't have any dumb words that made me laugh, kek.

No. 307845

File: 1689053366072.jpeg (747.46 KB, 1678x1473, 06006AC4-86B3-45E1-AE23-D5D46A…)

No. 307846

File: 1689053441566.jpeg (219.94 KB, 1080x904, 43ED7AFA-8E09-4ABA-92D5-C3E6D2…)

No. 307858

>there tends to be this "AO3 writing style" where the writing is technically good, but the narrative voice is very "samey"?
Definitely, and as you say it probably comes from amateur writers copying each other's cliches. I could swear the cringy BDSM stuff with red/yellow/green lights originates in some tumblr post on how to do BDSM "right" and it makes the text sound more like a shitty sex ed book than a story. The samey narrator issue may be due to fanfic authors only reading fanfic and never "serious" literature where you find a more diverse array of styles and narrators. I've found that usually the best authors are the ones who read a lot themselves, and not just fanfiction.

No. 307870

God ao3 is down for me again and i really dont want to use fanfiction.net or wattpad. Sure ao3 has some trash fics but the tag filter is so good.

No. 307877

Is July cursed? First choachan and Fujochan got raided and are down, now AO3 got attacked and is also down

No. 307878

File: 1689076526000.jpg (114.86 KB, 1080x568, tumblr_2a66853253db8c3b5e9c303…)

AO3 themselves said that these people probably aren't attacking it for political reasons (or at least not the ones they claim). Plus, a Sudanese hate group probably isn't going to use language like "LGBTQ" and "smuts" when discussing gay porn on AO3 kek

No. 307881

Yeah i doubt they are actually muslim, people shared images of there chats and they are all russian scrotes. Im not to worried though because they will eventually have to give up since this will cost them to much money and time

No. 307905

Yeah, Wagner is deployed in Sudan I am pretty sure it's LARPing vatniks that want to stir up hate against muslims and black people while simultaneously hacking everything they associate with LGBT+ and western cartoons aka "western degeneracy". I guess RU isn't doing so well right now.

No. 307909

This all smells of a fishy psyop…

No. 307910

Might be related. Though actually surprised that such people even know about fc and the likes. I miss it. 4chan has so few threads about series I feel like talking about and discords are always weird and mostly off topic talk.

No. 307924

Yaoi fanfic about Anonymous "Sudan" when AO3 is back.

No. 307928

File: 1689093649582.png (77.26 KB, 424x1227, sudangaysex.png)

i was in the telegram while the debacle happened and it had actually been written already. it was deleted by the moderator of the group shortly after.

also, ao3 is online again.

No. 307931

The fujo are so efficient

No. 307959

late because of ao3 downtime but here’s some that imo are good
the characterisation really comes out between character interactions even during the sex scenes, there’s no usual fanficy lines and the way a charcther slurs his words, I never saw that done in a fanfic (or any erotic story for the matter) it makes it feel very real (?)
it uses a bit too much flowery language but it stands out and doesn’t use a lot of fanfic smut tropes/lines

No. 307973

>well written smut
>well written anything
opinion discarded

No. 308062

Would it be weird to come back to an old account and start posting for a completely different fandom? I'm not super interested in being associated with my old handle, idk if you can change your username but I'd like to since it was fandom themed as well. Maybe I could orphan the old fics? I just want to write some cute lesbian stuff from the shows I'm currently into, maybe some xreader since I can never find any with the character I'm interested in.

No. 308135

I don't see why that would be weird. Many authors I like has switched over to writing for unrelated fandoms

No. 308138

If it's ao3 you could make a new pseud. But yeah, writing for entirely different fandoms is to be expected

No. 308180

Nah, it's pretty common to have multiple fandoms under the same name. On AO3 you can change your username btw. If you don't want your old fics to show up in your profile, you can put them in an anonymous collection instead of orphaning them, since anonymizing is reversible and orphaning is not.
This is an option too, but I think that profiles with multiple pseuds are confusing and I never understood what's their use lol you can always tell who the author is but makes it harder to find other works.

No. 308300

So you've never looked at any fanfic author's page before?

No. 308385

File: 1689309204372.jpg (77.11 KB, 718x960, 04564d64b7a45de4598f8f395cf2bd…)

For some weird reason it never crossed my mind that the Beatles had a dedicated fandom with fanfics and fanart. I've been into bandom when I was a teen but I was never into the Beatles, holy fuck 6k fics on ao3.. guess it should've been expected they'd get so many fics, it's a famous band with a bunch of men kek. I wish I could get into them, I really wish, bet there are some good longfics there.
I kinda want to read band fics again, gotta check my favorite bands now, I wonder how big they are on ao3? What other old bands are as big as the Beatles in fanfiction?

Also answering to your question, a creepy fic I've read was also about a band, maybe not as weird as what you described because the character and his life bare absolutely no resemblance with the real guy, it was some dark and depressing stuff, kinda common in bandom but that fic had some very detailed csa descriptions that made me quit reading fics for a good bunch of years, you know stuff you just can tell it's the writer being in a bad place and pouring all her life onto said characters instead of getting professional help? It wasn't some edgy teen writing about rape as if it's some super sexy thing but having no undertanding of how bodies work, it was disturbing, I was used to people using rape as sad backstory and it started as that but at some point it just had too many unnecessary details. I remember the author had a bunch of self harm scars because she posted pics of the tacky band themed tattoos she got to cover them and pics of said scars before covering them and constantly over shared. Apparently she was "healing", yeah right, while writing that shit.. it was weird as hell, I'd never want my face associated with rape fics of real people, but then she also got shitty 2000s band tattoos instead of paying for therapy.

No. 308445

What's the best alternative to AO3? I have never been into fanfiction, nor am I really a fan of anything, but I thought it would be fun to write and post some anyway. Turns out I need an Invite token to create an account on AO3 and I doubt that's happening anytime soon.

No. 308468

Wattpad? It pushes more for original fiction rather than fanfic

No. 308473

I tried but they don't seem to allow proton mail, looks like reddit may be my only option, not happy about it. Thanks for your help.

No. 308474

sorry but your hateboner for this random fic writer is so funny to me
I mean you can just wait for the DDoS attack to end and invite requests to open again. the invite system is really more of a queue.

No. 308477

>I mean you can just wait for the DDoS attack to end and invite requests to open again. the invite system is really more of a queue.
Yeah I know, there are just like 70,000 people ahead of me in the queue, so it will be a while.

No. 308480

really? where do you see the amount? I don't remember it taking me long

No. 308481

pastebin? google docs? fanfiction dot net?

No. 308499

>really? where do you see the amount?
yeah, archiveofourown dot org/invite_requests/status

No. 308537

nta but I'm genuinely curious of how pastebin works for fanfiction. I'm not too familiar with the site I have only used it to get tumblr themes kek. I have also read some fanfics on there but it's stuff that where linked on imageboards. Does pastebin have a search function or do authors who post on there just do it so a small niche community can see it? Ngl it seems like a good option if you just want to share four work but have no interest in getting a following

No. 308605

File: 1689441770414.png (15.05 KB, 608x685, Untitled.png)

there is a search function and you can add tags to your post so that it's easier to find or you can leave those blank, people posting fanfic there probably don't want recognition or an audience. tbh the only reason i use ao3 is accessibility, it's a lot easier to keep track of new fics especially if you're into niche fandoms that get one fic every decade.

No. 308611

File: 1689445749688.jpg (59.13 KB, 750x750, tumblr_5ca28aa2833a8ffa85fe5bb…)

Based on your opinion nonas, which fanbase has the horniest fics? I know horni people are everywhere but IMO fandoms of a certain actor/actress and horror/military/combat games with buff dudes write some sheet-gripping stuff (I want to mention anime fandoms too but I'm too scared to venture into those waters).

No. 308612

If you look at the ratio of explicit rated fic vs lower rated fics to gauge horniness, Drammatical Murder had the most smut out of fandoms I read. I checked a bunch of them for comparison a while ago and iirc it was the only one where E ratings had the highest qty, gen/teen are usually higher.

It makes sense I guess that a series with actual porn in it has the most fans willing to write and read porn. Quality of horniness is another story though.

No. 308620

sounds like voltron with klance
it's not even the best m/m ship in series, yet they won't stop with it. 90% of fics and 99% of fanart is just klance shit

No. 308622

>I want to mention anime fandoms too but I'm too scared to venture into those waters
honestly I don't read many anime fics in general even though I'm an anime fan, but the few smut fics based on anime I have read felt very… hentaiish? it had stupid dialogue like "uuuuaaaa your seed is filling up my belly which just came of as very unsexy. I have read smut before with fetishes and tropes I dislike and even if it didn't turn me on they still had a feeling of sensuality to them, you could fell that the author was turned on when writing/planning it. The anime smut I have read feels like that the only knowledge of sex the author has stems from hentai and that they aren't even genuinely attracted to those kind of scenarios and dialogue they just memed themselves into believing they are. But to be fair I think I have just gotten unlucky when it comes to anime fics

No. 308642

>But to be fair I think I have just gotten unlucky when it comes to anime fics
I'm not sure if luck factors into it, wouldn't you usually just sort by kudos and read the most popular fics?

I find that anime fandoms tend to lack those notably mature, sophisticated writers you see in western fandoms. Anime probably attracts younger people who are into particularly childish genres like battle shonen etc. That said I've never read any as bad as you're describing, I can usually tell before the sex starts if the writing is terrible and drop it immediately.

No. 308649

>horror/military/combat games with buff dudes write some sheet-gripping stuff
add capeshit to that list, those they/thems are out of control, DC fans in particular.

anime fandoms seem to be stuck in the tumblr era in terms of writing for what I could read.

No. 308655

The Hannibal fandom is pretty horny and they're still going strong

No. 308680

i guess i'm lucky because i haven't encountered many fics inspired by myth. the only instance i can think of is a m/m mash (the 1970s show) fic that is a retelling of orpheus and eurydice and it's so fucking good. one of the best fics i've ever read.

No. 308702

Transformers, Golden Kamuy, Team Fortress 2. In that order. Lupin III is also pretty horny but in a Bi-Polyam kind of way. I think what constitutes most super-horny fandoms are: 1) large male cast diverse in age and body type for giant orgies and 2) little to no underage characters.

No. 308710

would you mind sharing the link? i looked through ao3 but couldn't find it with the myth tag

No. 308733

No. 308779

Marvel's Venom also has explicit as the highest quantity (self-explanatory)

No. 309067

this is exactly what's been bothering me for a while now as well. myths are such a tired trope at this point, and i feel like writers use it to force an "interesting" dynamic by borrowing from preexisting relationship archetypes instead of using their own writing skills to convey the nature of the ship's dynamic, the tragedy or the romance or whatever. it's lazy and corny and pseudointellectual. i'd rather read a fic that paraphrases some contemporary fiction instead.

No. 309173

wait I did the math and it would only take around 9 days with the current stats

No. 309210

Cool, I added myself, thanks.

No. 309544

>older fic of mine suddenly getting more hits
>instant paranoia about getting recced somewhere without my knowledge

No. 309586

I hate it when this happens. I just wish people would tell me when they rec my fics.

No. 309998

Now that I checked my fic apparently got bookmarked by someone with a well-organized collection and high standards so the traffic might be coming from there. I'm flattered tbh but also nervous.

No. 311294

I really hope ao3 adds a block/mute tags option one of these days. I hate having to exclude tranny fics everytime.

No. 311297

I wish AO3rdr was available on mobile. I hate having to exclude all the tranny tags too.

No. 311585

File: 1690677531754.jpg (248.17 KB, 1341x781, dropped fic.jpg)

Snark post, but so many writers come in with these oversized ambitions, post one chapter, and then run away with their tail between their legs because they can't follow up. It's annoying, but worse is that because of people like this most readers have been burned too many times on flakes to give a chance to WIPs, so we all suffer a lonely upload process.

If you really planned to write 42 one-shots, why not write at least a dozen to see if you really want to go with forty-fucking-two and had the endurance to finish that task. I mean. She wrote one. ONE. It was probably self contained so it actually had an ending, but with continuous stories it's horrible. You get invested, and then, BAM, they write themselves into a corner and give up. Now the archives are a graveyard of unfinished fics. I wish people had a little more shame.

No. 311587

>me waiting for a fic to update that hasn't updated since christmas of 2020
At least she wrote 17 chapters instead of just 1.

No. 311589

File: 1690678428047.jpeg (128.83 KB, 900x890, E6431C5A-4F7E-483C-8F6B-AEE8B6…)

idk about you but i choose to believe my fav fics are getting updated soon. i'm delusional but i choose to believe.

No. 311591

The author of my favorite fic said she'll probably be working on it even when she's married with two children. Considering she's been working on it since 2014 and posted the twentythird out of thirtyfive chapters after three years of radio silence not even a month ago, I'm taking this as a promise more than anything.

No. 311684

i get it if the author wrote one fic with the "i love you" theme and then said she is planning on doing more but can't guarantee anything. But saying you are planning on doing 42(which is a weirdly specific number) from the get go is too much. If authors want to make stories like this then they shouldbat least have a rough outline for all the other chapters. Otherwise just write a one-shot

No. 311688

I was never part of any specific fandom but used to really enjoy writing personal husbando stories for people. I want to start writing fanfic again. Would I use Twitter to do commissions like people do for art? Does Ao3 have something for this?

No. 311700

i feel like the most well written 0.01% of fics that are catered precisely to my taste are written for very obscure characters and fandoms and i'll never find them.

No. 311755

AO3 doesn't allow monetization so I don't think it would be smart to take up commissions and post there. If you'd like to do it for free you should just pick a character you'd like to write for (it doesn't need to be your husbando, I mean a character who is interesting to write about) and start posting, and your audience will find you.

No. 311772

>I wish people had a little more shame.
Girl it's fanfiction. Nobody is paying authors for it, they're not obligated to follow through.

No. 311785

Same with my art. And the fic of my friend. Her masterpiece is a novel-length action- and story-heavy sfw fic about how our favorite characters have met in the past. I love it to death and it's some of the best fic related writing I ever read. BUT it has like 17 clicks.
It's the same for my favorite own art. When I draw some of the popular characters/ships I get thousands of likes, when I draw the shit I love the most I get 20-400 at best, even if it's qualitatively the best stuff I can do. And I keep doing it. As the other anon said, it's the passion. But I also get you, I wish I had more engagement not because of attention or clout, but because I want to sperg about my favorite pairings, themes and characters, but they are so fucking niche. Even now where I am in a quite big fandom the guys and sub-settings I love from that series are still niche shit that only I and maybe 20 others care about and 18 of them are Chinese and Japanese fans so we cannot even talk about it lmao

No. 311963

There is a fic I really want to read but I couldn't find anything like that and I don't wanna write it, I'm a real bad writer and don't remember the sources in detail to be smart about it. This is true suffering.

No. 311967

I started writing fic like that, I had an idea but couldn't find anything like that so I wrote it myself. It wasn't a masterpiece but writing it felt really satisfying so I kept writing more and I've gradually gotten better. You should give it a go.

No. 312115

Same. It's cool to hear stories like >>311967 but I've been working on my fic for months and it kinda sucks tbh. Because writing is hard but also because I can't even sperg about the concept that I have in mind as I've never learned how to socialize in online fandom spaces kek

No. 312118

>it kinda sucks
This is me. I suck at writing, but I still want to share it even if it's shit. And I do get engagement in spite of my subpar writing skills.

No. 312129

I'm with you nonnie. The fic that I've been working on is a oneshot tho, so it's not like I'm getting any engagement in the meantime, or even once it's completed I'm afraid, given how niche it is

No. 314183

Responding to comments on my fics gives me so much anxiety. I will be screaming and thrashing around on the floor from someone posting a heart emoji and spend 2 days dreading how to reply. I love getting comments but I can't not freak out and worry if my reply is socially awkward.

No. 314283

I'm the same, though I'm also really happy about getting comments. Lately I've gotten a couple of longer ones, which is good because I feel less embarrassed if I sperg about my inspirations and whatnot in response.

No. 314467

>find a great fic in a small fandom (under 5k fics)
>It's a few chapters but I cautiously give kudos as I'm enjoying it so far, even comment a few times
>New chapter mentions a canonically female character coming out as non-binary
>go and delete the comments, but regrettably can't unkudo.

Never again lol. Now I don't give kudos unless I'm well into the story even if it seems like a work of genius, so I don't get hit with bs like this. No troonshit fic will have my precious kudos lol

No. 314475

>small fandom
>under 5k fics
Damn, you girls are spoiled. My favorite piece of media has exactly 50 fics on ao3. And most of them are crossovers that have nothing to do with the media itself.
I consider a fic scene of the fandom to be big if there is 1k fics kek.

No. 314484

Tbh it used to be under 1k but this influx of new fans filled it up. The problem is over half of those fics are now this retarded m/m ship whose characters barely interact in canon and have zero chemistry or that sort of tension between them. Filtering this ship out halves the number kek.

I hate fandom culture in general despite loving fanfiction. I wish less degen gendies engaged in it and shaped it to be what it is today. But these people have to get their grubby little fingers into everything. Just recently I saw a comment on the AO3 subreddit about a post of the gender of the a03 userbase. The comment pointed it out that probably 99 percent of user are female if not more and, some dumbass replied with 'akshually, some of us are queer non-binary demi poly-' no one cares shut up. Fanfiction is an exclusively female domain and even the fakeboi enby gendies writing and reading it know, that's why they're so insecure, constantly needing to remind everyone that they're 'not' actually women but whatever bs they're identifying as.

No. 314491

File: 1691941402852.jpg (558.24 KB, 2256x3922, photos-3.jpg)

I love whump fics so much. I love reading about my favourite characters going trough the worst shit imaginable. I don't even care much for the comfort part of whump. While I do appreciate good comfort the most delicious part of whump is when the main character still keeps his hope even though he is in a bleak situation.

No. 314498

same i wish they werent all so shit though.

No. 314532

AU shit is such a fucking pest for any sort of series not taking place on current day's earth it discourages me to even look for fics. It's either this crap or OC shipping shit because even 100 fucking characters aren't enough for these people to find a good one to ship, it must always be their bland as fuck barbie selfinserts.
Why are people even fan of a thing if they clearly don't like it? How the fuck do you become a fan of some sci-fi or story in a historical setting if all you want are shitty OC romances, mundane daily life stories or mermaids instead?

I swear these two things are the bane of fanfics. I didn't make the trans experience yet, none of the characters of any of the fandoms ever got genderbent/trans'ed or some shit so I don't have that problem so far, but the OC and AU shit is driving me mad.

No. 314728

File: 1692010434129.jpg (139.88 KB, 1153x642, 8f969c4fd02f85750d0c7510a70ac1…)

What's the general consensus towards reading fanfiction for media you're not familiar with? I used to be against it but last year I started doing it. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a short romance story without a meet cute, and sometimes I just want to read porn. Since all my usual fandoms are small it can be hard to find stuff I like so I started reading fanfics for shows where I have only seen a couple of episodes but have surface-level understanding of the characters and major events due to lurking in the fandom, or video games I never completed but I know the story because my friends who have completed it told me it. If a character or event I'm not familiar with gets mentioned in a fic I just look it up on the fan wiki so I wont be completely lost. I tend to avoid fics that are plot heavy and too rooted in canon (I avoid those fics that has tags like "takes place between x event and the y war, and the characters has to decide if they agree with z" because I know I wont be able to follow along).

I know I could just read a romance novel instead if I was in the mood for romance I have heard that all the newly published romance novels are just fanfiction where the names has been changed kek but fanfictions are shorter so I don't need to invest or commit myself to the story. Novels also has to establish the characters and setting. In a fic I don't have to read about the characters meeting and falling in love, it starts in medias res where the characters are already pinning for each other. I like romance stories but sometimes I need a "fix" where the story cuts to the chase and immediately has the character pinning and then confessing a little while after and fanfictions tends to do that.

I know this instant gratification isn't a stimulating way to interact with media but it's good brain candy plus a lot of ship fics are legitimately heartwarming and I'm tired of pretending otherwise

No. 314767

>I used to be against it
why? i followed the same path as you, except i was never against it. most of the fics i read are from IPs i have never touched (and never will tbqh), because i heard they had an interesting character or ship. actually, the more i like the original work the smaller is my interest in fanfic.

No. 314776

I do that occasionally, but only if I'm already a fan of the author in question or if I get recced something with an interesting premise. So much of fanfiction is just bad writing I feel like I've got a better chance at finding something enjoyable if I pick up a regular book. Some things I'd like to read are rare in professional fiction (like decent femgaze porn if you're not into the most generic romance stuff) so to find that I usually go for fanfiction.

No. 314816

I thought you couldn't appreciate the fanfiction fully if you wasn't familiar with the source material. But then I realised that I like alot of lore-heavy franchises where I can't remember most of the lore but I still appreciate fanfictions for these franchises even when the author references some obscure stuff. I can't make an accurate judgement of whenever it's good characterization when it comes to fics for franchises I'm not familiar with but I can still appreciate good writing and interactions.
>the more i like the original work the smaller is my interest in fanfic.
I feel somewhat the same way. Sometimes I think a book or a series is so amazing that I feel content with what there already is.

No. 314832

I can relate to this. Some of my fics that I've bookmarked and reread for years are from fandoms in which I've never even played the game, let alone watched a lets play of. The writing is just THAT good, with the quality of a published novel. These fics tend to have great characterization and a strong narrative voice, so even if I only have a surface-level understanding, the author does a good job of creating a character I'm engaged by. Also, I hate reading original fiction because I don't know the characters' appearances or their voices. With fanfiction, I can easily search up how they look, how they sound, etc., and get immersed in a fic. When I read these kinds of fics, it's not so much that I appreciate the source material, but I appreciate the quality of the writing itself.

One thing that does annoy me is when people who don't know the source material try and write fics. Usually what ends up happening is their characterizations are just based off fanon from all the fics they've read since they never bothered to actually read/watch/play the source material.

No. 314920

File: 1692073297821.jpg (113.35 KB, 1440x1080, ccs.jpg)

my pet peeve is when authors write long fan fictions and then dump them into one chapter. I get that they probably wrote the whole fan fiction in one go but it's so inconvenient to read. The worse part is that you can tell when a author intended for a paragraph to be a new chapter so she could had just uploaded it as different chapters but chose not to.
I'm seething because I started reading a 30k word long fan fiction but it's late but now I can't close tab because otherwise I will lose the part I have reached. Please… I just want to sleep and continue the story tomorrow. But I can't because the author didn't bother uploading it as chapters

No. 314943

File: 1692086963943.jpg (38.5 KB, 335x484, 39568f388d8fb70c33681c332fc906…)

Reading a F/F fanfic and looking at the comments and recognizing other F/F readers or writers from different fandoms all huddled into this one comment section, it's a small world but it's comfy.

No. 314948

then just… leave it open, nona.

No. 314995

Or you could copy the sentence you left off into your notes and when you get back hit control+F or find in page (mobile) and paste the sentence to find it and keep reading.

No. 315306

Why is writing it so fun? My chapter needed something punchy so I shot the heroine with an arrow. Whump is an all-purpose seasoning. I pretend not to like it, but when I'm having a particularly shitty day I like to binge-read whump, heavy angst, and dead dove. Meanwhile fluff just makes me irritable.

No. 315335

Got a longfic from fucking 2013 living rent free in my head for years now but it's literally the 1 and only thing the author ever posted and then disappeared. Once in a while I still have a breakdown I will never read anything else remotely as good. Anything I read will always just be meh in comparison. It's just not fair.

No. 315354

File: 1692212353259.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x1240, IMG_5693.jpeg)

i’ve been thinking about writing a fanfic (either one story or a series) in the same setting as my favorite animanga from my teen years, but set in the 2020 instead of the early 2000s (when the original took place).

the story would take place in the same universe and city as the original, and remnants of the original series — like older versions of some of the canon characters and signs of events from the canon story — would be around, but there would be an all-oc main cast and new threats and antagonists. (the original series made it clear at its end that strange and dangerous things with no connection to the main events of the plot would continue to happen, it wasn’t a “saving the world” or “happily ever after” kind of ending.)

i’m not even sure why i have this urge, it might be to relive the magic i felt when i watched the series as a teen, and my preference for creating my own characters over writing fanfiction of someone else’s. either way, it’s an idea i can’t seem to let go of. i’m not even sure where to start if i do write it.

is this idea really stupid and cringe?

No. 315513

It's not cringe at all and it sounds like an interesting concept. Maybe you could try writing just a single scene to see if it starts flowing?

No. 315535

File: 1692268029555.jpeg (435.65 KB, 1170x519, IMG_5727.jpeg)

thank you nonna! i felt kind of self-conscious about this idea, it’s very self-indulgent and i doubt many (if any) would be interested in following it. though i’m trying to tell myself that completely self-indulgent writing isn’t a bad thing, i usually go with the writing prompts/concepts that my followers like the best.

i’ll definitely do that, thank you for the advice! i’m thinking of asking my friend i followed the animanga with back then if she’d like to co-write/develop it together. like the good old times.

No. 315544

That sounds like so much fun, I wish I could do a project like that. I have one fanfiction friend who sometimes betareads for me, but she refuses to get into the actual fandom (though I don't blame her since it's capeshit kek) so I have to write solo. Wishing you good luck with your project!

No. 315545

thank you so much nonna! wishing you good luck with all your projects as well!

No. 315549

I know the feel. I once read a really good fic from 2018 where the author had such an interesting interpretation of the source material which ruined every other fic for me. I can't read any other fic with these characters without comparing them with this fic. It's the only fic she has ever written. Though 2018 isn't that long ago so I still have hope she will write something new.
Falling in love with old fics is the worse because the authors usually has disappeared from the internet with no trace and you know you will never find a fic remotely similar to that. I once read a unfinished fic from 2008. The last update from the author was from 2012 where she said she hasn't given up on the story but she never followed up on that. She never wrote anything past 2008

No. 315593

You ever stumble upon a fic that's so bad it makes you feel better about your own? I just found a shitty, unedited phonefic that warped me straight back to 2006, complete with multiple exclamation points!!! on every other sentence!!!! and My Immortal-tier writing. If people are proudly posting shit like this online, then I have no business being self conscious of my inoffensively mid writing.

No. 315603

File: 1692295516739.jpeg (152.09 KB, 500x647, IMG_5754.jpeg)

when i was a teen i used to follow mary sue blogs and look for mary sue oc fics and laugh at them the same way i laughed at my immortal. i used them both as entertainment and as lessons of what not to write. seeing bad writing does make you feel better about your own writing as a sort of ego boost, but i also think it’s a good way to identify what you want to avoid when writing.

No. 315620

That's quite the self own

No. 315624

what fandom nonna? i relate to this a lot but with anonymous authors. ugh

No. 315630

File: 1692301085581.gif (874.07 KB, 320x192, undefined - Imgur.gif)

All right I've been absolutely seething over this for an entire day- AS IF it wasn't enough that the only people writing anything even close to what I like with my husbando weren't dumbass pickme pornsick bdsmfag types, AS IF it wasn't enough that I actually TRUSTED this latest one because it seemed actually pretty good at the start- only to suddenly show all its cards on chapter 5 as mind-control master-slave FETISH SHIT- THEN- THEN my perfectly-worded comment with legit criticism in the hopes that others might think about how much this truly sucks NEVER EVEN SHOWS UP. That FUCKING pornsick shithead dumbasss COWARD slut of an author- can't even respond to a well-thought-out, civil comment- I even closed with "good luck to you-" because it wasn't SLOBBERING all over your Fic No. 187556 with a spineless powerless pathetic weakling doormat useless female lead paired with my husbando- AND THEN you delete it from FF.net even though you only had 10 iq suckers there in the reviews simping for it including a brand new one- but you can't MODERATE comments there!! That's why right?! Go to hell!!

No. 315703

So you bullied someone off the internet who was sharing the product of her own hard work with you for free?
If you want to avoid porn just stick to Teen rated works. I hate the porn too but that's why filters exist.

No. 315723

I write reader x for a character and made the mistake of checking the tag, turns out it's full of "he takes you as a subject of experimentation hehehe" and such maledom bullshit. Guess I'll stick to writing what I want to read.
>bullied off the internet
One comment is not bullying, quit being so dramatic. Stg this is why fandom culture is shit and fanfic discussion completely dead these days, authors being entitled crybabies who can't take the slightest criticism and immediately go for the defensive "well i'm doing this for FREE!!" excuse. Just turn off the comments if you can't take it.

No. 315727

She still has it up on Ao3, just deleted it from FF even though she only had nice comments there- cause she's a COWARD!!

No. 315728

autistic people are so fucking annoying

No. 315733

If anyone's autistic it's her clown ass

No. 315743

File: 1692350257306.png (154.43 KB, 500x622, 1563021155593.png)

Being a het/yumefag fan is truly the greatest suffering- between wokies, gendies, pornsicks of all stripes- Good luck to you Nona

No. 315756

if you delete your work because of one negative comment then you need to stay off the internet until you grow thicker skin. People can write about whatever they want but If you suddenly turn your story into mind control fetish without prior warning then you can't complain when you receive criticism for that

No. 315818

don't complain when no one is posting fanfics, then

No. 316157

File: 1692484308734.jpeg (658.21 KB, 1170x1132, IMG_5836.jpeg)

>>315354 here

for a fan sequel to a series, would you prefer that the sequel protagonist is overall similar to the original canon protagonist (but with a twist), or completely different in every way or even the complete opposite?

for context, the original protagonist started out as what seemed to be a wallflower but ended up going down the slippery slope and then turned out to have been a batshit crazy manipulator all along.

would it be more interesting with a character that also starts out as a naive wallflower but it’s completely genuine, and turns more twisted as the story goes on? or a character that everyone suspects of being a troublemaker or someone with an agenda, but is just trying to live their life and things keep happening to them?

these are just some ideas i’ve had, i’d love to hear what other anons think. obviously the protagonist in my work won’t be a carbon copy of the original protagonist but i thought it would be nice for their character to still be like a small nod back to the original, if that makes sense.

No. 316269

maybe slightly ot, but i have a question for both fic writers and readers: do you engage in fandom spaces? if not, can you still be motivated to write and share fanfiction?
blogpost incoming. i tried being on tumblr, at different times for different shows i've been into over the years, but every fucking time the life is sucked out of me and i end up hating the show kek. the ever-present anti-terf shit, weird fanon that every single person agrees with as if it were canon. it's impossible to engage, i seldom leave comments even on ao3 because it's always walking on eggshells with these people. but i see writers sperging about their wips on tumblr all the time, and i want to write too but i never complete fics because i have no motivation and nobody to sperg with.

No. 316281

i'm ESL so when i started writing fanfic in english i did so anonymously. a few select friends knew my ao3 account but the majority of my friend group did not. so i usually participated in fandoms through my friend group (i never had a public twitter account or joined any servers on discord to interact with strangers) but my fanfic was always disconnected from who i was. i was still very motivated to write fanfic without having an authorial public persona on socmed.

No. 316282

i'm ESL so when i started writing fanfic in english i did so anonymously. a few select friends knew my ao3 account but the majority of my friend group did not. so i usually participated in fandoms through my friend group (i never had a public twitter account or joined any servers on discord to interact with strangers) but my fanfic was always disconnected from who i was. i was still very motivated to write fanfic without having an authorial public persona on socmed.

No. 316348

anyone has some maxmoefoe fanfics plz

No. 316352

i have my tumblr in a different name than my penname so i can be a little mean there and ignore retarded fanon. they're obsessed with making the male characters into troons or woobified faggots. a lot of their memes irritate me, too. it's that tumblr brand of comedy where they're so qUiRkY and think being an asshole or clapping their hands in someone's face or being inappropriate is funny. other fandoms are obsessed with turning the characters into fat race-swapped ugly goblins with acne, huge sunburnt noses, unshaved legs, and troon surgery scars, and assigning them 200 mental illnesses.

i get good interaction on my fics without needing to whore my socials. I'm a good writer with a consistent posting schedule. That's already above 90% of writers. I don't get why they're so lazy and start fics, drop them, leave everyone hanging, and act like they're the victim if anyone is mad about it. Or they post as soon as they write the first chapter because they're thirsty for those kudos, but then they don't have any cushion so they update sporadically with frequent hiatuses and blogpost in author notes. It's just immature. Just because you aren't a professional doesn't mean you shouldn't act with professionalism.

No. 316359

>with a consistent posting schedule
as a reader, a decent writer with a regular schedule is leagues above an excellent writer that dumps 2/3 chapters in a month and then fucks off for 3-5 years without a word.

No. 316367

I generally get good interaction even though I never link my socials or advertise my fics. If your writing is good, people will naturally come to you. And if people leave comments, always make sure to respond like you're engaging in a conversation with them. Don't just say "thanks for reading!" and nothing else; try to actually make the effort to respond to all their points, because then it shows you value their commentary. Oftentimes readers will leave more comments in the future because they already had one good interaction with you. And yes, people do read your comments, so if they see that you actually put in effort into comments, they'll be more likely to leave one.

I have made a lot of fandom friends that aren't steeped into the whole woke culture this way. I think it's because gendies are less likely to be critical thinkers and don't have anything insightful to say, so they don't bother commenting on fics unless it's some obvious woke-pandering shit. On AO3, you can easily scope out who's a red flag if they link their socials or carrd, or just by checking what they have bookmarked/the types of fics they write.

Of course, the best thing to do is just learn to write without needing external motivation. I know it's hard. If you manage to just make a few fandom friends that aren't annoying (they don't have to be peaked normies or anything, but just people who can hold a conversation without making everything political), then you can sperg about your writing with them.

No. 316369

File: 1692561298533.jpg (68.97 KB, 736x809, 01b138fc5dfba28288a1afb586b3a1…)

hello nonas im not sure if this is the right thread to post this or if this is even allowed here, so please excuse me!
im looking for a roleplay buddy. ao3-style in terms of writing. like writing a fanfic, just together, taking turns.
we can make up OCs or do fandom RP (rn i like SnK, Heartless, Trigun, but i can write for a fandom i dont know too, if we do AUs or some shit). id prefer mostly m/m pairings but f/f would be nice too.. i really like angst and romance, mostly realistic stuff, but we can compromise of course!
thanks for reading, i promise ill make it worth your time!

No. 316381

that's encouraging, nonna!

ditto >>316352
>it's that tumblr brand of comedy where they're so qUiRkY and think being an asshole or clapping their hands in someone's face or being inappropriate is funny
couldn't have put it better myself. i do follow some people whose writing i love, but even in non-memey contexts, they are so hostile and rude. wtf. (and they're not kids, but adults in their 20s and over)

great advice, thank you. i'll try to stay motivated.

No. 316602

I'm a fic reader who is also very active on tumblr but I never use tumblr as a way to discover or keep myself updated on fics.
If I like a fic I will bookmark it and occasionally check if it has been updated. If it hasn't been updated in months I will check the author's socials, but only to see if she is still alive and/or still interested in the fandom.

When I browse ao3 I sort after newest anyway, so I do notice when a fic in my fandom has been updated, or someone uploaded a new fic. Which, in my case, makes fic promotion on social media pointless since I already saw the fic on ao3 before I opened tumblr or twitter lol. But that's a me-problem. Most people don't spend as much time on ao3 as I do. alot of the people I follow on social media are fic writers but i dont like their fics so I just ignore whenever they post WIPs lol. I feel kinda guilty about it though

Though I will sometimes use tumblr to find fic rec lists but those are written by fans and both the authors.

I rarely check out an author's socials even if i love all of her work. it's petty but sometimes checking out an author's socials can sour a fic for me. Example if an author is constantly starting drama for the sake of drama and have is smugly convinced that her fics are the best in the fandom because she is the only one that "gets the characters" and "the True Meaning of the source material".

No. 316642

I'm a writer in a fandom that's well-established and large but not hyper-active like some fandoms that have more recent canon material, but in addition to that I also write very very niche things for random novels etc. I have to admit that engagement is the reason I've been more motivated to write for the larger fandom lately. I'm not on social media at all, so it's all from comments on AO3. I love discussing fiction (also original stuff) and sperging about my WIPs, but I hate corporate social media so the only outlet I have right now is my comment section. I answer to basically every comment, and if the comment is even a bit longer, I immediately feel the urge to sperg about something related to my work. If it's just emojis then I might reply with a plain thank you. And this sounds like a huge brag but I tend to write a bit more "difficult" prose, e.g. more complex sentences and less direct narration, and I've noticed it has helped me curate a certain kind of audience that consists mostly of adults not obsessed with troonism or trigger warnings. It's a smaller audience, but the comments people leave tend to be longer and more thoughtful, and because I write a lot of straight up porn I would be super uncomfortable if my comment section was full of 14-year-olds anyway.

I agree with >>316352 in that it's a lot about consistency and quality, but what you write also counts, for example smut or romance always gets more engagement than gen ime. I don't want to brand myself like I'm running a business though, would take all the fun out of what for me is a silly hobby that's supposed to help me decompress. Commenting on other people's work (that you genuinely like) may also help you get likeminded readers.

No. 316773

Am I cringe if I put art I drew at the bottom notes for a fic I wrote?

No. 316792

yes. 99,999% of the art posted with fics, either by the author or a fan, is a jumpscare.

No. 316794

I usually hate it when authors do that, even when their art is decent. But it's your fic, do what you want. You can also leave it as a link instead of inserting as a pic or put it under a comment for your fic, maybe?

No. 317397

Thanks, I've deleted it. I googled reddit and they were 100% supportive of it but reddit is the capital of cringe.

No. 324869

File: 1696237358420.jpg (69.89 KB, 661x661, 67ee7b0a096c6ebdf9ace83f628258…)

Now I just have question for those who write "x reader" or self insert fics, do you personally imagine the reader to look similar to you, or do you imagine the self insert to have a different appearance? Do you ever draw any concept art of the self insert for the "x reader" fics? Would you EVER let the concept art see the light of day?
And holy based, I do the same thing.

No. 324893

File: 1696246715757.jpeg (9.79 KB, 416x275, images (2).jpeg)

> Reading slash smut
> One of the dudes keeps referring to the other's anus as a "pussy"—not "boypussy" just pussy… and it's not even fanTIFiction

I am going to kermit("kermit")

No. 324932

I don't actually self instert as the reader when I'm writing a fic, so I tend not to imagine a specific appearance. I'm also trying to keep it maximally vague in text as well, so that the fic would work for different kinds of readers. The only thing that's explicitly brought up is that the reader is female and she has female anatomy, otherwise I say nothing about appearance, save for context appropriate clothing, like work clothes if she's working in a specific profession etc.

I think of the reader character more as a template onto which the actual reader can either self insert or imagine an OC that just happens to be addressed as "you" in the text, whichever they prefer. The challenge is to write a character that is sufficiently vague but also interesting and not just some puppet without any personality, especially when I like to make my reader characters a bit more assertive than what seems to be the norm (though, funnily enough, I rarely read reader x myself, although I love writing it). I have considered writing a cringy literary essay on the topic of "reader" in reader x, because I find it so interesting, but it would be a shitty idea so I probably won't write it and if I do I won't post it anywhere.

No. 324976

File: 1696274502076.jpg (47.15 KB, 540x960, photos.jpg)

this fanfiction author used the author notes to talk about how she is better than the original author who wrote the source material and how her fic is an improvement to the original story.

It's not even a bad fic to be honest. the concept is interesting but alot of the story elements are lifted directly from the source material.

I understand that you can like a story and still feel disappointed about somethings or feel like there where wasted potentials but I hate when fic authors gets smug and claim that their fic is better that the original. They wouldn't even have written their fic in the first place if it hadn't been for the original author

No. 324981

samefag but the writing of this fic is also very tumblry. It's not badly written but the snarky/funny bits are cringey (but also rare thank god) and it uses typical tumblr mortifs I predict that the fic ends with someone saying "i wanna peel oranges with you". its one of the better tumblr writing styles but i don't think it's written better than the source material but stuff like that is subjective. But I still think it's bold of the author to claim that her work is an improvement when she writes exactly like a bunch of other fanfic authors

No. 324993

What is it about the tumblr writing style that makes their writing so unappealing, borderline revolting? I can't quite explain why it crawls under my skin when I clock that type of writing. And yeah it doesn't help that the tumblrinas tend to be smug and full of themselves either/

No. 325073

I would totally read your essay if you ever wrote and shared it. I've read probably 100k words worth of x reader stuff and millions of words worth of self-insert OCs kek

No. 325082

Could you give examples of what consists of tumblry style? Just curious, since I think I've seen it before but can't quite define what makes a fic sound tumblry also trying to avoid writing like that myself

No. 325115

They always claim their writing is an improvement but what they mean is they completely remove any sort of conflict or plot. 'uwu in my story everyone communicates and goes to therapy, and then communicates about going to therapy'. God forbid anything interesting happen

No. 325172

NAYRT but it's like a smug, self-indulgent very special episode of a cartoon aimed at preschoolers, like a written version of ugly Tumblr art where the characters are smiling through tears and hugging each other and they're all hideous and trans. There are a bunch of non-issues that the characters obsess over, the actual plot points are glazed over or forgotten. They overreact to the weirdest shit for forced drama (although it might be how the author genuinely thinks people work, hard to tell tbh). They want to write heckin' cute smoochies and nothing will stop them from inserting these smoochies into a wildly inappropriate setting, like in the middle of a delicate surgical operation, or at a funeral.
Basically, if the fic involves Character A being in a coma after confessing to Character B, you'll have 23 pages of autistic navel gazing about the ethics of holding Character A's hand without their explicit consent, and only a vague mention of how the coma happened or how Character B feels about Character A's life hanging by a thread. The dialogue is intensely autistic and preachier than Chick Tracts, but it's weirdly disconnected from the story, like a mafia AU will have endless rambling about johns getting consent from their hookers before sex, despite the characters being mob bosses who do kidnappings and murders.
The worst part is when it bleeds over into published fiction. I read a book recently that had an interesting premise and I'm still mad about how shit it ended up being. It felt like a subpar fanfic with the serial numbers filed off.

No. 325186

File: 1696385873546.jpg (391.68 KB, 1079x4422, tumblr writing.jpg)

Here's a piece that has been haunting me for a while. Every so often I'll remember it and vow to never EVER write like this. You can FEEL their smugness and how "witty" they think they are. I can't believe this tripe has 30k+ likes. And yes this style is even more abhorrent in romance and/or smut

No. 325187

God, now I'm paranoid that my writing is like this. How do I avoid coming across as smug and Tumblr-y?

No. 325188

>she is better than the original author who wrote the source material
I despise this. The ego and audacity of it puts me off so bad. I honestly think I would stop reading immediately if I saw this in the a/n.

No. 325197

File: 1696388933587.jpg (2.62 MB, 4096x8192, GridArt_20231003_195112483.jpg)

I'm a beginner and I thought to myself I've seen so many popular posts and memes about writing fic on tumblr, there had to be some good prompts or resources on there (despite fully knowing that they're like that kek). Picrel is just a few from popular posts. I wish I had the words in me to describe it exactly. It's like a horrid mish mash of Marvel quips written for movie trailers where every character has to one-up each other, anglophile interpretations of British TV show humor, and that brand of fangirlism where your love for the characters can only be expressed through violent acts.

No. 325199

This is actually so horrible my god. My writing still needs work but holy shit at least it's not this

No. 325219

File: 1696404170147.png (569.62 KB, 545x680, 1676734402723.png)

Your picrel is so irony-poisoned, jfc. Someone needs to go back in time and assassinate Joss Whedon.

No. 325222

I mean, they are a bit try-hard but now I'm just more paranoid my writing will sound like this.

No. 325267

im the anon at >>324981 and what I mean by tumblr motifs is that there is alot of references to stuff like tarot cards, greek myths or catholic saints.
These types of fics usually also has a part where the characters starts randomly to sperg about paganism, fashion history, 18th century poets, psychology, or whatever academic subject that is popular on tumblr.
a fic feels tumblry when there is a focus on the main character being a smol anxious ball to a point where you can tell the author is self-projecting. The MC will constantly refer to themselves as fucked-up. There is typically a scene where a friend asks them if there is anything wrong and the MC keeps insisting that they are fine, in which the friend says something in the lines of "you're not fine you are more neurotic than usual"I have read so many fics with lines similar to that lmao. I don't think these things are bad per se i honestly don't mind a bit of self-projections in fics as long as it doesn't feel ooc but you can always tell that the author spend their formative years on tumblr when stuff like this happens. It's also just a bit cliche so idk why anyone would feel smug about doing these things.
>characters are smiling through tears and hugging each other
>They want to write heckin' cute smoochies and nothing will stop them from inserting these smoochies into a wildly inappropriate setting, like in the middle of a delicate surgical operation, or at a funeral.
>the actual plot points are glazed over or forgotten
stuff like this where every emotion is treated as some grand scene is also very tumblry.
Surprisingly the fic im currently reading is the opposite. The author thinks she improved it by adding a realistic portrayal of PTSD and expanding the lore. The main pairing is also a problematic non-canon pairing.

As a darkfic it's interesting but aside from exploring a potential "what-if" scenario she isn't adding anything new to the lore that is interesting (and she ignores the actual interesting canon lore). In my opinion the source material handled trauma well too but the OG author didn't go trough a PTSD diagnosis checklist which apparently bothers some fic authors. I like it when fics explore trauma on a deeper level but reading a published book(depending on the genre) where we constantly needed to show what symptoms the MC is showing while ignoring the plot would be boring. As the other anon mention that tumblry fics often forgets the plot so they can dedicate it to the characters emotions.

No. 325321

You can have a totally repulsive violent war criminal rapist murderer human trafficker arms dealer druglord homicidal maniac being an uwu misunderstood boi who just needs hugs and his dick kissed. The true evil is the strawman background character who misgenders author's self insert/projection character.

No. 325323

Not only in fanfiction but I hate this smug and highly autistic attitude of putting the emphasis in having an accurate portrayal or getting every single fact correct. I appreciate the effort put in well-researched fictions and it's nice to learn about new things for sure. What these people miss is higher amount of accuracy/realism don't always make a good or even enjoyable fiction, especially if they keep shoehorning their sperging it no longer feels like a fiction but a tumblr rant.

No. 325335

File: 1696465829929.jpg (46.56 KB, 634x359, bender.jpg)

What do you think of those who use AI to write fanfiction? Do you see their talent as below those who just use the knowledge and creativity from their own brain? I see artists getting pissed at people who use AI to "create art", because they consider it cheating (not that I disagree). Do fanfic writers feel the same way about people who get their plotlines from CharacterAI?

No. 325341

…people do that??
I understand taking inspo from a roleplay and fleshing it out into a fuller, hand-written story, but imo it would get really weird if they're doing stuff like telling the AI to give them prompts, or asking the AI what the character would do in that situation. in those cases I would think their brains are rotted sponges

No. 325344

it's braindead. it's creatively bankrupt. you can't call it writing. you're just entering some dumb prompt and not actually using your brain.
it's defeating the whole point of creating ficion. the bot hasn't actually read/seen the original, it hasn't chosen a fave charcter or scene, it doesn't relate to the characters, it doesn't bring its own framework or interpretation.
the whole point of writing fiction is having fun making things up wbbout characters. you make turn them over in your head and ask yourslef "'what would happen if he did x? what would he do in y situation?" and in the case of fancficyou bring your own unique perspectiveto the work, beacuse everyone ahs their own interpretation and reacts to it differently.

the bot shit is ok if you just want to hear sme chacter say "i love u lets fuck" or iif you're satisifed with jsut a generic ass story have anything to do with the original canon beides names.
i'm not saying fanfic has to be super serious literary stuff either. but for fuck's sake use your own brain.

No. 325349

It's pointless. Practice and wish-fulfillment are most why people write fanfic, and when you have a robot write it for you (even in part) that defeats the whole goddamn purpose. You don't improve at writing when you don't write things yourself.

No. 325395

What the other anons said, and also ime all AI-written text tends to get boring and bland really fast when you read a bit more of it. It's just soulless garbage and uninteresting. When a regular fic is total crap, you can think that maybe at least the creator enjoyed making it and got something from it, but with AI there's not even that.

No. 325510

File: 1696545958403.jpg (8.35 KB, 341x132, Screenshot_2023-10-06-00-31-57…)

i know this is a generational thing but i still cant believe that i saw this on ao3. this is the site where you cant go into any tag without seeing graphic rape mpreg stories and yet this person thought she would get terminated for adding a warning for self harm unless she censored the word. She even added an uncensored self harm tag which makes this even more pointless

No. 325559

you see tese words gettign increasingly censored everywhere. I think it's because of using tiktok where you have to censor "bad words". since tiktok rots your brain, they just start doing it all the time

No. 325671

>biromantic asexual
>asexual assault
>vibe, sus, slaps, slay, yeet, etc…
>getting verbal consent
>good vs bad, no inbetween
>androgynous/ or crossdressed stranger, that's a ey/ems/eir
>what are your pronouns
>monsters or demons like an incubus they/them-ed
>neurodevelopmental disorders tagged and ticked through
>he fidgeted. He must have undiagnosed adhd, anxiety, autism, ptsd, retardism
>t4t, trans masc, transwoman, nonbinary, gender neuatral pronouns
>TIMs, futanari, girl dick = lesbians
>here's my ai chat fic…
>she's a lesbian transgirl with a dick who's dead mother was apart of a radical feminist group and after getting bullied by three mean bitches, she fucks them and every girl and women in the series execpt [REDACTED] because she's fat as a pig and a bigot and a total karen
I want to go back.

No. 325703

abandon ao3, retvrn to ff.net

No. 325711

Didn't they ban nsfw or something?

No. 325714

File: 1696634335065.jpg (108.64 KB, 545x523, Screenshot_20231006_155956_Pin…)

Can somebody please explain to me why futa is even a thing? It feels misogynistic as a concept. It's like the people who came up with it or engage with the fantasy look at the idea of two women kissing and having sex but think "yeah that's not enough, sex isn't sex without a dick so we're gonna make one of the women have a dick". Futanari is a genre that seems to align eerily well with troons swearing that dicks belong in "WLW", so it makes me tinfoil and ponder if futanari is actually a pornographic extension of how badly males want to project and be in "sapphic" spaces where there's supposed to be nothing but women

No. 325735

yup, you hit the nail on the head. the only people who read or write futashit is mtf troons who think they're real-life anime girls who should be able to rape as many women as they want, their male buddies with turbo-coomer fetishes, and their female handmaidens who gaslit themselves into thinking its progressive to show yet another different facet of moids chimping out

No. 325742

It's been a thing long before trans stuff got big.
It's also closeted/bi guys who are like 'it's not gay if it's on a woman's body.'

No. 325812

>ai chat fic
Jesus no. Chatfics are already cheap and lazy, but AI chat fics? Pathetic. Id rather eat plastic than read one of those.

No. 325978

yeah, you can have mature-rated fics but not explicit. there used to be nsfw but back duing the 00s they suddenly changed the ToS and a lot of content got purged.
that's basically one of the reason ao3 exists and why it's so permissive, because existing archives resricted what you were allowwed to host (like some websites didn't even allow any same sex stuff).
ffnet desn't have tags or allow you to filter much but there's somewhat less troonery. can't have it all.

No. 327854

File: 1697568934616.jpg (7.62 KB, 275x223, 468.jpg)

on one hand i do like that authors are free to do what they want on ao3, but on the other hand i wish there was some form for etiquette when it comes to tagging. it's frustrating to read a fic tagged with a pairing only for the pairing to play a very minor role in the story. I just saw a fic where the characters from one of the tagged pairings didn't even appear. It was just someone making an off-hand comment about them dating. in that case that pairing shouldn't even had been tagged!
whenever an auhor uses the wrong tags im tempted to point it out in the comments lol. but that would be seen as rude. I know japanese fans will critise you for tagging incorrectly but western fans are less harsh about it unfortunately.
fics from 2010 on ao3 only tag the most important characters and only the main pairing. somewhere along the lines people started tagging literally every character and pairing regardless of how relevant they are to the story

No. 327855

i think ao3 should give us an option to tag and filter by a single main pairing and put all other pairings in general tags. its especially annoying when looking for rarepair fics. there's already only a handful, only to be disappointed further when i discover that in half of the fics they're just in the background

No. 329354

File: 1698010988135.jpg (19.33 KB, 262x275, 680.jpg)

>author on ao3 is obsessed with the same character as me
>i track down her tumblr
>she has pinned a meta post that says the character is bullied for having "female-traits" and therefore is a victim of transphobia
every fucking time…

it's weird because she hasn't written any fics where he is a troon. So either she is paying lip-service to TRAs by pretending to be into trans headcanons. Or she is fascinated by queer studies purely as an ~academic~ subject, which is why she only writes metas about transcoding, but she doesn't find troons appealing or interesting outside of academia so she never writes about them in her yaoi fics

No. 329444

I'm guessing people are either trying to boost their fic's visibility by tagging literally everything, forgetting that people looking for a specific thing probably aren't going to like a fic where said thing is in a minor role even if tagged, or it's the result of tumblr culture with obsessive tagging of trigger warnings. I try to be a minimalist tagger, I only tag the most central themes and pairings of a fic and then post it as not rated and "author chose not to warn" (even if it's gen) in order to fend off 13-year-olds complaining about triggers in my comments.

No. 329449

Based. You’re my fav type of fic author. I do the same, minimal tagging and choosing not to use archive warnings. I got one comment years ago someone bawwwing bc I didn’t tag a character teasing another character about the sexual relationship they used to have together (which was not the pairing the fic was focused on) and the commenter was SO triggered like I DIDNT COME HERE TO READ ABOUT THAT IT TOTALLY RUINED THE FIC FOR ME REEEE it was a Bucky/Steve fic and I had Natasha and Bucky have a convo regarding their past sexual relationship in a joking, friends who were once lovers kind of way, it was like a paragraph. Fujos are insane I’m glad I only write w/w and m/w now

No. 329702

It would help if there was a limit on the number of tags. Then again, >25 tags is a strong indicator the fic sucks. I don't even read the summary if there are too many tags.

No. 329868

File: 1698170971496.png (198.15 KB, 512x384, 5b9d18ffa450010fd17bab655618ac…)

nonas, what is a good length for a oneshot? I like it when they are around 6k-10k words. 1k or less can sometimes feels "unsatisfying" but obviously an author shouldnt tact stuff on just to pad the story to 10k words

No. 329874

File: 1698172950757.gif (710.04 KB, 500x375, IMG_1300.gif)

it depends on the content imo.
if you write, say, a missing scene from canon a letter from one character ti another, it doesn't have to je very long. eg. if it's hsit like "what did character x feel when he heard about x event" or "what could have x and y said to each other then" then these generally don't need to be very long.
if it's a self-contaiend story arc then you might want ti guve it a bit more length so that it has space to develop, but imho fixating on word count can be counterproductive.
if you felt you said what you wanted to say and reached a satisfying conclusion it diens't matter if the fic is 3k or 30k. And you run the risk of paldding it out. i personally write longfic but as a reader know i'd rather read a shorter fics that packs a punch than a longer one with shit tacked on for word count.

No. 329909

No. 329916

I don't get posts like this. Are you self posting or posting someone you don't like? How about you read it and then say what about it is worth discussing?

No. 329921

>reader insert
stopped right there

No. 329927

I love and hate the tagging system since I can avoid the things I hate and find something I'm looking for specifically. However now there are for example if one were to exclude Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics you would also have to exclude omegaverse since people can't keep it to one specific tag. Another thing when an author tags for example unrequited love but it turns out it is in the story and angst isn't even angst anymore.
There also seem to be an uptick on author using the tagging system to comment on their stories.

>whenever an auhor uses the wrong tags im tempted to point it out in the comments

Either get to reaction one the author deletes their work or two you get dogpiled because your being so anal and blah blagh.

No. 329928

File: 1698185607135.jpg (37.75 KB, 400x400, tumblr_0c0a015cce3bd6ae39ebe53…)

Well you asked me to be honest so I'll give you honest.
The sentence structure and vocabulary is kind of childlike, so I was hit with the impression this was written by a teenager, until I checked her Instagram and saw that she was twenty one. I also don't really like that the chapters are so short and of little substance, chapters one and two could be just one chapter together. The insert being written as autistic kind of made me cringe because aside from appealing to autistic readers, the in-story mention of it is really random and it feels like empty trivia. Also, the writer inserted fanart:
>"Ive added some art of what i think michael and the reader looks like!"
In my opinion this waters down the story because the author pretty much defeated the purpose of reader insert with the art. Isn't the point of reader insert to have the insert as broadly applicable as possible, particularly when it comes to appearance? When you make the insert have a crystallized design, it kind of defeats the purpose of allowing the readers to imagine and insert themselves. The label is "x reader", but it's designed more like "x OC". And the last chapter feels super rushed and lackluster, the "build up" from the previous chapters does not help the climax feel like something to be excited for. It's not the worst or among the worst fics I've read, but it's not a fic I would read more than once. Grading scale: D.

No. 329934

I would like to see your highest graded fic please.

No. 329949

File: 1698191582516.png (30.73 KB, 562x195, Screenshots_2023-10-24-18-52-4…)

riveting comment

No. 329959

There's a bunch that I like, so I'll get back to you when I find the time to sort through them
This made the writer earn a little more of my respect because for that comment to stay up, that means the she took it with grace kek

No. 329966

definitely a selfpost judgung from the reaction to criticism.
stop avatarfagging

people writing whole essays in the tags are so damn annoying. takes an age to scroll past and it's definitely not the point of the tag system.
tags are a navigational aid, they're here to give the reader an idea what to expect and help find things according to one's taste. if you want to wax on about your headcanons or you totally rad ideas that's precisely what author's notes are for.
i think ao3 should should ddfinitely add a stricter tag limit so people don't tag every single minor character that's in the fic or blogpost. 20-25 tags is more than enough to detail the main characteristics of the fic and the main characters involved.

No. 329974

>stop avatarfagging

No. 329991

i would love a main pairing tag! The downside is that it means that older fics posted by abandoned accounts arent going to have the main pairing tag which ruins the concept of ao3 being an archive but then again people adding 782916756565 irrelevant tags also ruins the archive purpose so…
>Either get to reaction one the author deletes their work or two you get dogpiled because your being so anal and blah blagh
i hate this. Its one thing to criticise a fic when the author didnt ask its another thing to ask them to fix their messy tags. its super annoying that people get so defensive over this. if a character only has two lines then they shouldnt be tagged. simple as that. i hate that shitty tagging have become the norm on ao3
>When you make the insert have a crystallized design, it kind of defeats the purpose of allowing the readers to imagine and insert themselves. The label is "x reader", but it's designed more like "x OC".
I feel like the last couple of years people have started using OC and xreader interchangeably. I never cared for xreader but OC fics are my guilty pleasure. I have started reading xreader now because they feel like OC fics written in second POV and with more romantic fulfillment. It can be hard to project yourself into newer xreader fics because the MC is fleshed out. I feel like the xreader fics i read 5+ years ago where more vague when it came to the MCs personality and backstory. Personally I dont mind but this change must suck for yumes I havent read the Michael Myer fic that was posted here so this is directed towards the genre in general not this specific fic

No. 329996

I was the one that complained about the tags and asked for the high grade fic, since I like to see other anons taste and and their thoughts.

>stricter tag limit so people don't tag every single minor character that's in the fic or blogpost. 20-25 tags is more than enough to detail the main characteristics of the fic and the main characters involved.

Recently I had taken notice to what I think was a reader insert story with some American musician, what caught my eye was the fact that the author of said story used a copious amount of emojis. As in she had put an emoji in every tag and in the description of the story along with a comments in the tag how she hopes said musician doesn't discover her story and the tag next to said story said that he did.
I regret not taking any photographical evidence since it was just so bizarre seeing emojis in the tags and honestly I got felt second-hand embarrasment just by seeing the emojis and juvenile way of writing the tags. The browse random tags feature really is goldmine sometimes.

No. 330004

ayrt my bad.
i have a pretty eclectic taste but there's not a lot i consider truly top-tier. one of the few fics i'd give an S grade would be this silmarillion character study from 2002: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/882369/1/Ivresse
my personal taste tends towrds gen, canon missing scenes or "for want of a nail" AUs, family dysfunction and character studies.
i steer clear of OCs and reader insterts since these are not the characters i'm interested in.

wrt tagging i try not to let mistagged fic bother me since it's just a matter of hitting the bavk button. but people who blogpost in the tags annoy the fuck out of me, dnw to spend a year scrolling past all your ramblings to get to the next fic. i usually mute these authors.

No. 330079

This. Anytime I see all this, I avoid the fic all together. I can tell it's absolute garbage and unworthy of my precious time

>There also seem to be an uptick on author using the tagging system to comment on their stories.
>i hate that shitty tagging have become the norm on ao3
This entire trend is tumblr's fault

No. 330135

Getting shitted off with the muggling of Harry Potter fics and the general insertion of pop culture references in everything. Is this just the latest trend in fics because I’m getting sick of reading about magical worlds and suddenly someone’s talking about modern media/technology, it’s just not that interesting. It’s boring! I don’t want to read through 100k words and suddenly everyone’s using modern slang and talking about the cool new episode of whatever the latest streaming platform is pushing. Why on earth would a society that has moving pictures and dragons be interested in muggle media? I just feel like writers are getting bored and just want a way to talk about how cool they are, because they’re boring, instead of sharing how creatively they can twist anothers work of fiction into more interesting and expansive shapes.
I just want to read crack that stays as faithful to the world building as possible while doing crazy shit with the narrative, it’s not creative or interesting to make a bunch of wizards sit down watching fucking movies!!!

No. 330187

I agree with everything said about tags but I must admit that I do like tags like "[character]-centric" and "[character] pov". They are neat if you are looking for fics about a character who isnt the fan favorite. I think tags like these are still useful even when authors only use the most crucial tags. A character who plays a major role in a story should be tagged but a character can be important without being the pov-character or the character the story revolves around.
>people writing whole essays in the tags are so damn annoying. takes an age to scroll past and it's definitely not the point of the tag system.
tags are a navigational aid, they're here to give the reader an idea what to expect and help find things according to one's taste. if you want to wax on about your headcanons or you totally rad ideas that's precisely what author's notes are for.
i specially hate it when authors are trying to act like comedians in the tags. their sperging is not funny, endearing or cute
>This entire trend is tumblr's fault
im ok with people blogposting in the tags on tumblr(as long as they dont crosstag) since tumblr blogs are meant to be personal. But this practice does not translate well to ao3. Ao3 tags are meant to tell you what a fic contains before you decide to read it kinda like a preview. Tumblr tags are meant to organize your own blog and making it easier for other people to find your original posts.
On ao3 you see the tags before you read the fic, but on tumblr you have already seen the post before you see the tags so it doesnt matter much if someone is blogposting in the tags. its super annoying when people treat ao3 tags as tumblr tags

No. 330196

>tags like "[character]-centric" and "[character] pov". They are neat if you are looking for fics about a character who isnt the fan favorite
It is quite usefull and I often look for fics that aren't everyone's faveourite with this method.

What I do wish that was more prevalent regarding tagging is that authors be more honest and tag [Character bashing] like in the harry potter fandom.

No. 330228

>[Character bashing] like in the harry potter fandom
kek i just started reading harry potter fics and im absolutely mindblown over character bashing being tagged. What a great concept tbh i wish more fandoms would adapt it. It has saved me alot of headache reading fics that bash characters i like

No. 330284

Not self post, I didn't write the fic. Something about about it seems off to me and >>329928 explains why.

No. 330452

I was going to write a fanfic that was AU but I turned it into a novel instead. In order to get further away from the source material I genderswapped most of the characters and now I dislike it. Why is my brain so retarded. The fandom is dead though so it wouldn't have readers anyway, and I personally hate the fandom for being gendie retards and fujos. I'm doomed to unhappiness. Why am I obsessed with these retarded fucking characters.

No. 330628

I'd love to read it! Go publish your AU fanfic, I really honestly mean it when I say it can't be as bad as half the shit that gets published these days. Most authors aren't happy with their published work either, you're not alone.

No. 331372

this is really stupid i know but I want to start publishing fics so I signed up for ao3 (I should get an invite soon). Aside for publishing fics being able to bookmark on-going fics is convenient. Problem is that the only social media site I have ever used is tumblr where your likes and followers are private. I don't like the idea of other people being able to see what fics I have bookmarked. I know that no one cares but im not used sites where the shit you like is public.
I like really self-indulgent fics but I dont write it and have no interest in writing it. I would be kinda embarrassed if anyone who read my fics went trough my bookmarks and saw stuff like that.
Also I change fandom alot and quickly. Often I start reading several ongoing fanfics for the same TV show but then after a month I lose complete interest in that fandom so I drop all the fics. I would feel like an asshole if I started to enthusiastically follow a fic and the suddenly lose complete interest in it and unbookmark it and stop commenting. Im probably overthinking this

No. 331378

you can make your bookmark private

No. 331382

good to know! So i was overthinking this all for nothing lol

No. 331437

you can make your bookmarks private as the other nona said, but bookmarking is not a convenient way to follow wips. instead you can subscribe to a fic, series or author so you'll get email notifs. subscriptions are entirely private

No. 331512

>subscriptions are entirely private
can an author see if anyone has subscribed to their work?

No. 331519

They will see the total number of subscribers but no usernames are attached

No. 331799

you can private bookmarks and sort them by date updated if you dont want update notif emails in your inbox

No. 336484

i am finally going to start writing some x reader porn cause i am a horny as fuck. do you smut writers have any tips? yes i am a degenerate but i do have standards.

No. 336492

Lookup "the ultimate guide to writing smut fic" to start, pretty helpful. Imo a lot of smut writing involves practice until that awkwardness of writing sex naturally goes away, and you can usually tell when a writer is still in that awkward phase by how they phrase things. My advice is to avoid repetition and colorful terms for junk, nothing makes me click off a fic faster than reading "his meaty man-rod" or some shit lol

No. 336508

So to all the writers in this thread, does anyone from your personal life know that you write fanfiction? If so, do they know what kind you write? Or is it more of a Clark Kent into Superman thing?

No. 336509

thanks nona, i will check it out! i read ALOT and i am super picky with what i read. so i kind of have an idea on common writing icks and such.

No. 336514

Lean more into the emotion and character development and dialogue than whose hand is where doing what. Maybe that's just me, but sex scenes are most compelling when there is a lot of emotion involved. I know it's X Reader and so your "character" is limited, but if you write from husbando's POV then you'll have some more leeway. You might want to analyse your fave smutfics and X Reader stories to see what works and why. And lastly, focus on what makes YOU horny, not anybody else. First and foremost this porn is for you. Put your whole pussy into it!
Implying my writing is Superman level kek. I mostly suck! I do have some close family members who know and I've even shared some stories with them, but only because they're equally weird creative types. I'd never breathe a word of it to anyone who wasn't already "in the scene" so to speak.

No. 336595

How do you feel about people being more open about reading fanfiction these days? I would've never been admitted to reading fanfiction years ago but things seem to be changing on social media these days.

No. 336615

If writing something makes you feel a little embarrassed, you should write it kek
I have one long time friend who has read my fanfictions and we've discussed them (even the smut), and to some other friends I joke about writing fanfic but I'd probably die of embarrassment if they found my actual fics. I did share with them a political satire I wrote and posted to AO3 as RPF, but I had to orphan it so that they wouldn't be able to track my account through it.

No. 336805

last time i was writing a fic i was telling my moid how good i thought it was coming along and he asked if he could read some of it. i told him "i dont think you would like it, its about two dudes" and he just said "oh… you're right"

No. 336871

I'm open about it with my friends and I've heard people around me admit they read once in a while or they even know what Wattpad and AO3 is

No. 336995

I don't think people are really any more open about fanfic than they were 20 years ago (when I was writing it in middle and high school). At least, back then no one really hid it because no one who you wouldn't want to see it was looking for it, if that makes sense. I don't think it was even considered as embarrassing back then as it is now (other than smut, that was VERY embarrassing lol) because most people literally didn't know it existed. Those who did know about it either liked it themselves or had no strong feelings about it.

I didn't care who knew I wrote fanfic and all my friends knew my FFN username. I never wrote smut for fear of it being found but I did write a lot of extremely cringey sh/ana/angsty stories. When I started high school I met a girl from a different middle school who liked the same cartoon as me and I mentioned I wrote fanfic about it to her and it turned out she was already a fan of my fic! I was not even that popular an author so it was surreal. I feel very lucky for having come of age with a group of friends who thought fanfiction was cool, because it was a great outlet for complicated feelings I didn't know how to talk about. I think I would have been a really lonely kid without it.

Then again, maybe it's just me who sees it as more embarrassing now that (because) I'm grown. I still read fics I find recommended here and there, but I don't browse Ao3 anymore because it feels like it's all extremely bizarre hardcore kink shit. Like what is with kids these days and fucked up bdsm-based dystopian worlds where women have dog dicks? You know what, I take back what I said about people not being more open about it than they used to be. No one was putting that kind of batshit content online in 2008 to begin with so that must be a sign of the times changing.

No. 337055

Question, do you prefer come or cum?

No. 337058

Come is a verb to me, cum x100000000000

No. 337059

Stupid question, but did any of you write a story while high?

No. 337126

being in a fandom where a good amount of fics center around a group of characters i barely care about,
asl brothers, is pure pain, especially since most of the ACTUAL main cast is practically reduced to nothing in the process. heinous shit.

No. 337766

Has anyone here ever written a fanfic that upset a bunch of the other fans because it didn't fit the exact headcanon?

I have a situation where recently I wrote a story for a rather obscure ship I sort of really ended up liking and had to let the autism out. Turns out the ship has a little community that has their own ideas about how the characters act/behave since they are not very well fleshed out in the related media.

This stuff isn't extreme in any way, I just gave them slightly different attitudes to life and got several messages that I was wrong, and need to re-write the fic. (as if)
For example: If I wrote that Scrat from Ice Age preferred always woke up 10 minutes before sunset.

I have, the next day I realized it was nonsensical garbage and the idea was idiotic. The problem with weed is it makes you think things are better than they actually are.

No. 337771

Just ignore them, if fanfic authors get to troonbend characters, openly character bash, flanderize and write a roundabout way about homophobia without remorse as they always have a fanbase. Why can't you write fanfics with your headcanon? A headcanon is not canon but your personal belief on what happens that does not appear in canon.
As the old saying goes just ignore the flames.

No. 337775

Cum. I hate how snooty people get when they think "cum" is childish. Sex is vulgar, what else is new?

No. 337784

Yes, that happened to me when I was young and in a relatively small fandom. I actually enjoyed the attention, so I made more ""inflammatory"" content poking fun at the drama in a metatextual way. Eventually, everyone got bored and gave up on trying to change my stuff, and the whole situation actually made me kinda popular. But you probably don't want to emulate my 15 year old self kek. Like the other anon said, just keep writing, ignore the detractors, prove to them that they can't control you.

No. 337797

This, come is a verb meaning to orgasm and cum is a noun meaning semen. Both should be used in the right context.

No. 337805

Don't forget the awkward Tumblr monologues shoehorned into situations where they're not remotely applicable, and the forced gender discussions so the author doesn't get crucified for liking HP!
I think the modern media thing is more because it's zoomers writing these fics and I can't blame them for being clueless about a world where computers were just starting to take off, but it is jarring. Plus, if wizards did watch TV, they'd be more fascinated by things like cars and kitchen appliances than special effects. You know, like Mr Weasley, a prominent character in the series who you'd think they'd have used as a reference for this stuff.
Write more of it and make a point of not changing anything they got pissed about.

No. 338230

how do anons feel about self-insert OCs? as in like the author isekais/is born into the story's world and changes events from there? any fav SIOC fics you want to share?

personally i like them when they treat their SIOC selves like guinea pigs and run them through the gauntlet while showing a slightly new perspective of daily life in the source material

No. 338234

they're uninteresting and make for terrible fic. i read fanfic for the characters i know and love not some rando's ego trip

No. 338329

i only enjoy them if they're from a series where the protag is malleable, so… basically just video games.
i can also deal with them if they just exist for porn to match up with a character i like.

No. 338332

Seconding >>338329 I like them for porn (especially if there's no female character, I'd rather that than m/m) or when it's related to worldbuilding. when it becomes canon divergence only because the oc is so speshul that they change the entire premise of a story I close the tab.

No. 338345

I hate OCs in any form. If I wanted to read about characters not in the media I like, I would just read a normal book. Same with coffeeshop/high school/etc AUs.

No. 338377

I only like the ones where the OC is already part of the world but doesn't majorly effect the story.

No. 338451

anyone else fucking hate AUs? they're poorly done most of the time tbh

No. 338463

I grew up on stories like these so I tend to think of them as fun and creative, even though I usually cant be assed to read them. Maybe that's just because, besides PWP, they're usually longfic and my backlog is full of higher quality stories that I'd rather read first. Either way, I think SIOCs are best when the author knows her story is self indulgent schlock, embraces her audience of one, and has as much fun as she possibly can. That's how I treat my own stories, at least. I love my S/I and I enjoy producing terrible work wherein she is the sooper speshul star of the show.

No. 339761

>find fics for tiny fandom
>all the pairings are focused on the protag/some fat chick side character instead of the GIRL THE PROTAG ACTUALLY HAS SEX WITH IN CANON AND THINKS IS HOT
>not a single fic with the attractive canon love interest
fuck you fatties

No. 344282

File: 1703284707245.jpg (8.92 KB, 275x219, 7382.jpg)

nooooo i was super engrossed in a fic but then ao3 went down for maintenance. The chapter ended on a cliffhanger too damn it! Ibut maybe it was for the better now I can stop procrastinating and get back to my work

No. 344283

one of my favorite super indulgent SIOC fics took a nosedive into unrealistic therapy-speak conflict-resolution territory in the latest chapter after well-crafted 50k+ words about child soldiers… fuck… is it fucking joever…?

No. 344310

im tired of how prevalent they are nowadays. barely anyone writes canon stuff, even when they keep the setting it's always time travel or fix it or inserting an OC that changes everything. or just straight up changing the setting.
of course it's fuction and anyone is free to do xhatever but it seems that more and often the canon is just a pretext and people twist it until it's barely recognisable to fit their self-indulgent ideas.
for me it's the opposite of creativity, instead of finding a way to make things work within the constraints of canon you just toss anything you don't like out of the window.
of course there are amazing AUs out there but fuck's sake why do they have to take over the fandom?

No. 344543

File: 1703425077973.gif (940.04 KB, 500x386, read-book-flip-nozaki-26590471…)

I got into reading original stories on Ao3 and there are a few authors who only post original work and they have a surprising amount of readers. I'm torn, I understand why people post original work on Ao3 since the audience tends to be older there than on wattpad and the layout/archiving on Ao3 is better for writing than on tumblr. But the whole point of Ao3 is to be an archive for fanworks. I don't mind original work on Ao3 and I do read it but I hope it doesnt become a trend

No. 344561

>have two original stories on the internet, each 100k+ words that I poured my heart and soul into
>most popular piece of writing is still a 1500 word Kingdom Hearts lemon from years ago
Kill me.

No. 344563

I don't to be all "You sweet summer child" but, anon, original works have always been on AO3, since it was originally created in 2009. The original vs fanfic argument was had then, but the group that created AO3 were fanfic writers and wanted a site where fanfic writers could post their fanfic, their numbers filed off original work, and actual original work. It was their site so original works were in.

No. 344723

I switched over to publishing original fiction on RoyalRoad. The site has really good traffic and engagement for something that isn't fandom-centric but it's also moid central. Most of the stories are litRPG or anime isekai shit that the dumbass authors insist on writing like western dark fantasy even though it's an abhorrent stylistic clash. Comments are filled with moids whining about characters not being perfectly stoic, rational gigabrains and that the author incorrectly explained how a vintage 1940s pistol would reload or some shit while totally ignoring that the story has no good character interaction or emotional core. I guess we can't have it all but damn.

No. 344804

Dude, even if they did, filters exist…

No. 344909

anyone else here who feels absolutely nothing about her old works?

i have two abandoned (as in, i don't publish anything anymore and i don't reply to comments) ao3 accounts and i've been thinking about deleting them. over ten years ago i did this with other accounts and i was always disappointed that i never saved anything from my works. no comments, nothing. then i kept an account online for years because i thought one day i'd look at my stuff fondly but… it just never happened. i always found my writing to be incredibly low quality and cringe. i only ever wrote fujoshit oneshots and never anything long or deep because writing was such a struggle for me. i enjoy writing but it's like pulling teeth for me if it's outside of textbased rp. might be because i'm ESL though. for me writing was always about seeking approval from others, i guess.

i think i'm just going to delete my ao3 accounts and move on, kek.

No. 344912

instead of deleting all your works i think you should just orphan them so they stay online, they're just no longer associated to you. i get not liking your old writing but as someone who likes rereading old fics it always makes me sad when my old bookmarks get deleted kek

No. 344915

i was considering that too but tbh i would like to retain the option to delete them in the future. as far as i know that's not possible once the work has been orphaned. i do get being upset over deleted works though, it happened to me a few times as well.

No. 344919

If I can leave up my old self-insert Avatar The Last Airbender story where I have the sharingan and work for the super secret "black lotus" you can leave up some unfinished fics.

No. 345413

did you end up with zuko?

No. 345608

Let's just say I twisted Toph's sexuality to meet my needs.

No. 345809

If you decide to delete everything, can you give people a warning? Post somewhere that you are deleting this account and all fics on xx date so download now if want to save them.

No. 345909

I've been wanting to write a BL webnovel for a while, getting all the basic details, outline, etc, would you recommend it for that genre? I know you mentioned moids, but I don't really care about their opinions kek

No. 346009

Have you ever been writing a story and then checked the AO3 tags and see there’s already sooo much well-loved fics it kind of demotivates you to finish? I mean I think I’m gonna finish but I am a little intimidated. It’s for a popular fandom and I usually write for small fandoms

No. 346010

Pleeeease just orphan your fics! I promise you there’s at least one person who will miss it. I greatly miss a fic I reread several times that the writer deleted.

No. 346013

in one fandom i follow there are stapple fic ideas, that get written by everyone and there's at least once a new fic about the same characters, in the same scenario, with the same beats and outcome. Even so, some writers pick this bread and butter and make something completely new and unique. So don't let it stop you from sharing your work!

No. 346027

As an avid fanfic reader I routinely check my core fandoms for new fics with specific tropes because I enjoy them so much and am always curious how someone else might approach the same scenario. Don’t be afraid to put out another cake even if there are ten others, gluttons like myself will consume it regardless.

No. 346432

Thanks nonas

No. 346585

I'm reading a fic by an artist whose visual art I like and although she claims to have betas (multiple), there are a bunch of errors in the fic. Things like misspellings, outright word misuse, missing or wrongly-placed commas, and incorrect dialogue formatting (she does not know how to continue a sentence with narration that comes after dialogue and nobody's pointed it out). It's not illiterate did-you-even-get-through-school level, but it's pretty frequent and I'd say it's worse than AO3 fics are on average nowadays. I blame this less on the author and more on the 2 or 3 people who claim to be competent betas but clearly don't read enough. I know any criticism is usually taken poorly on AO3, but I have half a mind to point out some of the errors and offer to beta for her myself lol

No. 346621

I feel like you can’t be good at writing while also being good at art. It’s one or the other. You can be good at one and the other will be “okay” at best.

No. 346643

What's the fastest you've gotten a fanfic done?

No. 346646

like 3 hours from idea to publishing but it was a oneshot character study that was <1k words

No. 346655

I think there's a difference between being a good storyteller and good at the little finicky bits like correct punctuation and spelling and so on. This girl might be a good artist and also a good storyteller. I'm not sure I'd classify her as a bad writer because she makes errors like that.

No. 346664

>I blame this less on the author and more on the 2 or 3 people who claim to be competent betas but clearly don't read enough. I know any criticism is usually taken poorly on AO3, but I have half a mind to point out some of the errors and offer to beta for her myself
If she had 3 betas then they let her down. I don't think it's bad to let her know but yeah, she might take it personal if you don't word it very carefully. It's also likely that her betas are her close friends

No. 346714

I mean, even in a story sense her writing isn't as good as her visual art (which is amazing), but it's still enough to be enjoyable and I'm interested in seeing the context for all her doodles about it.

No. 346974

i've been reading on mobile for years, but recently tried browser scripts, like ao3 savior, and holy shit, it's a game changer.

No. 347685

File: 1704898145408.jpeg (48.57 KB, 1404x157, 41A7F528-48BA-4F76-A078-79911E…)

the stuff you randomly find on ao3 is insane

No. 347689

Three whole chapters of a massacre kek

No. 347725

imagine if the koopa guy was here to see this. Everything remids me of him.

No. 347803


No. 348008

this might be stupid but lately i cannot stop rewriting my old fics. like, all i do is rewrite my old works, changing little to no details and that’s it. i hate that my brain won’t produce any original ideas and i can’t stop thinking that if i try to get “inspired” by others i’ll end up just plagiarising someone’s work all together and i don’t want that. nothing i write feels right. it’s hell, i want to write something new but i feel like i can’t. what is this nonas? me being burned out / uninspired? help.

No. 348011

What do you normally write? Try writing the complete opposite.

No. 348519

We need an etiquette reset on AO3 because I am sick of the thousand tags everyone marks their shit with. Every single character mention or action in the fic gets a tag and I'm sick of that clogging up the search when I'm searching for a specific character focus in a fic. Where is the common sense? Just tag the main characters of the fic, major themes and whatever other warnings. I promise you no one cares about the other ones if they get a few lines or a mention. Fuck

No. 348541

Those who treat AO3 tags like tumblr tags adding random inane comments in there are the worst

No. 348824

i predicted the exact scenario this fic i've been following was building up to and i feel very smug about it and also happy because i'm into it and i've found a kindred spirit.

No. 349547

I really like that "podfic" has become a thing. There's a lot that's weird about it, like Americans reading British dialog and 14 year old girls reading an adult male narrator, but overall it's pretty cool. I'm listening to some fanfiction based on a series with a robot main character and really enjoying how creative some of the authors and readers in this fandom are being with text formatting and stuff like that.

No. 362185

Literally me. Wrote long tumblr ask about fic with dead dove tag only for author to delete it. She revealed after months later that she usually deleted long asks but kept the ones fellating her ego. If only I knew better, most dead dove contents are just fetish shit anyway

No. 362198

Now that the thread has resurfaced, does anyone actually plot their fics out or do we all just write them by the seat of our pants? I'm sort of in between in that I have a plot synopsis worked out but as far as the actual chapters and scenes go I'm still winging it.

No. 362297

I tend to plot the fic out but the scenes themselves I write in a whim, however I end up diverging from the original plotting quite a few times and end up with a few unused scenes. This is just how I like it though.

No. 362309

I plot my fics pretty religiously. Usually it's just a bullet list with 3-4 key things I want to happen and then some sub-lists that I keep in mind when I write it (like setting, tone, foreshadowing for later events, how long the scene should be, etc.) I feel like writing is already hard enough without the added chore of thinking everything through, so I split those tasks up.

No. 362330

i haven't tried to plot my fics, i usually get an idea and write it down and try to continue it as much as posible until it gets out of my head.

No. 362345

i write one-shots by the seats of my pants. (i write a first draft by hand then edit it as i type it up). most of my longer projecs aare plotted out but with varying levles of details, sometmes i just have the plot vaguely mapped out in my head but i do write an actual outline for the more complex stuff.
i also carry pocket notebooks with me so that if i have an idea for a scene, i can jot it down quicly and come back to it later (i'm a very slow writer)

No. 362355

I'm super guilty of not planning out an ending before starting, even when I swear I won't. Very stressful kek.

No. 362594

I either plot it out and then never write it or I write the first 10k words in a single sitting and then never touch it again whether it's finished or not. No in-between.

No. 364836

File: 1711161430425.jpg (39.28 KB, 720x405, 49302-gettyimages-1090912396-2…)

I don't really know if there's another thread to ask this, but does anyone here also write original fiction or poetry? I was wondering if we could have a thread where we post what we've written, kind of like the art thread in /m/ but for writing. Would anyone else be interested in that?

No. 364854

there is a writing thread where anons post their writing on /ot/

No. 364880

File: 1711181941288.jpg (101.99 KB, 680x649, unbothered.jpg)

>mfw writing a fic that's so niche in literally every way imaginable (niche fandom, oneshot, short, no romance, unconventional structure) that maybe three people are going to read it, but I don't give a single crap and I love my work, I love writing. This is the best mindset to be in tbh.
check out >>>/ot/231750

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