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File: 1648888336956.png (1.23 MB, 1106x574, ac.png)

No. 194143

Use this thread both as a place of discussion and as place to dump pics. Post inspiration, talk about the game, the fandom, share codes, visit each other, trade, etc. You can also post animal crossing fanart or irl merch. Feel free to post pics of your own town too!

Discussion includes all past animal crossing titles and spin-offs, don't be shy to share!

No. 194378

Does no one play this game anymore…?

No. 194395

I've recently gotten back into animal crossing but unless i have ideas for decorations there isn't that much to do at this point. I do really think if the dialogue was better it'd be a more long-term game for people. Unfortunatley it doesn't have the same feel for me as the old games. I don't feel the need to check-in every day/frequently for my villagers or events cause they're all quite boring.

No. 194764

Do we have like, a lolcow animal crossing server? It would be soooo fun!

No. 194783

New Horizons is the only ac title I've ever played and I was semi peer pressured into it (a good kind though lol)—the hype leading up to release was real. For the longest time the game was stressful to me because I didn't feel creative enough to make super personalized environments like a lot of other players. I picked the game back up after 5 months and I'm going to actually personalize my island and home for my personality. Wish me luck, nonas!

No. 194794

I miss how the first few months felt for ACNH. But I hop in now, I feel bored. I got back into it after the DLC dropped. Then I finally fixed up my island to be much more the way I want and now there are "open lots" of land I've reserved for future ideas, with every other part organized and neat. But I just don't feel creative about it anymore. I used to do the item catalogue parties and everything. Trying to get the furniture sets I wanted. But now I just don't feel motivated. I put in 300-400 hours. I think playing it too much during lockdown really did burn the game too quickly for a lot of us. I wonder how it would all have been without the pandemic.

No. 194799

sometimes i feel like going back to it, but the music and villager dialog are so bad i lose my desire to. of all the things to fuck up in an animal crossing game, for me those two are deal breakers.

No. 194829

AYRT yea, the dialog is so repetitive at this point, I hardly talk to my villagers. I don't even have interest in changing them anymore because even if I get the cute villagers I wanted … they'll be so boring to talk to because all the lines will be the same as my current ones. How did the older games feel much more varied? Helps that they could be mean before, made them more real in a way.

No. 197603

Recently restarted my island and decided I won’t terraform. I think seeing all the cool builds and tryna replicate other ppl’s stuff killed the game for me. Now I’m not stressing, and I actually made my first custom designs that I don’t hate. I hope they add more dialogue, constantly find myself skipping when talking to them.

No. 209431

File: 1653690925529.jpg (191.54 KB, 1080x1175, 91943972_250301732670552_73891…)

i forgot how fun ACNL is, nonnies. i love decorating my dumb little house and catching fun little creatures and visiting my animal friends. yesterday i raised enough bells for another bridge in my town in one day. im very excited to unlock more upgrades over the next few weeks. i fucking love this game

No. 209440

File: 1653694874197.jpg (21.85 KB, 488x488, ENoUSFvWoAATx2Z.jpg)

Acnl was so fun to me, I actually got another copy to have second town. It's kind of hard to start over a vanilla game though, since I hacked the fvck out of my main game. Back when you couldn't change anything about your town layout you really had to work to make your town unique with pwps. Getting bells without cheating is annoying though, I spent countless hours farming rare beetles on the island and then selling them to retail. I just remember New leaf during a very specific part of my life and it always takes me back to that time when I replay it. Anyway pic rel was one of my fav villagers in NL

No. 209445

God this is so cute!

No. 209453

File: 1653702832153.png (1.61 MB, 3500x2548, babdc22ce372c15c263e6c7d378074…)

yeah. personally i think its kind of fun trying to make it work with what limited options you have. save editing is fun but im trying to do that as little as possible in this file although i already changed my hair style and eye color from the default just cause and accidentally cheated my campsite public works to completion while trying to move it kek. sorry lloid. i like the feeling of playing it as it was meant to be though, the authentic experience. earning things yourself is really satisfying.
oh and i really like carmen too, i love her design. i also honestly think pretty much all of the villagers are endearing in some way or another

blathers is such a qt, love this dorky museum man so much

No. 209525

Nintendo is crazy. You really need a new game just for a new game? Also.. Are there are any good mods/hacks that won't brick your system? They nerfed time traveling for bells, which is bullshit. New leaf is still superior and I've been playing Acnh for over a year and can't seem to get into it the same.

No. 209577

I think anon wanted to start a new game without deleting her previous save file. That's kind of like Pokemon where if you want to replay one you need to erase your previous save file because you can have more than one per cartridge (except for SwSh because of how the Switch works)

No. 209677

I'll take getting another copy of the game (which is like $20 now) over having to get another entire console like you do for NH. That's honestly bullshit because the switch literally allows you to have multiple save files for other games as large as BOTW, but of course they knew people would want to have multiple towns. I got the other copy of NL before I hacked my 3DS, though you can have save edit multiple towns on New Leaf if you have the save editor

No. 214499

File: 1655288295012.jpg (880.35 KB, 1614x547, genji.jpg)

I got into AC last year when I was going through some rough times, and it's a bit pathetic but it really gave me a reason to get up in the morning. I got a bit burned out (+ tired of 4chan AC trannies kekkk) and have not played in a few months, and I have been actually feeling stressed for not playing and upsetting my animals lmao. I'm gonna timetravel and go through all the stuff I missed though. 4chan community is pretty awful but there was nice people too sharing recipes and hosting hangouts! Also my fave prank on Nookazon etc visits was to drop bells on some corner on the island hehehe

Oh, and post your villager house redesigns!

No. 214500

File: 1655288415696.jpg (814.12 KB, 1614x547, kabuki.jpg)

(also I mentioned 4chan community just for the chance there are some ppl here who visited the /vg/ thread)

No. 214501

File: 1655288449309.jpg (812.13 KB, 1614x547, renee.jpg)

No. 214502

File: 1655288771183.jpg (1.22 MB, 2016x718, toby.jpg)

No. 214504

File: 1655289004748.jpg (800.36 KB, 1614x547, muffy.jpg)

No. 214505

File: 1655289144237.jpg (1.3 MB, 2016x718, etoile.jpg)

Also I'm not that good of a designer, just posting in hopes of someone who is actually good also hops on the bandwagon hah. How tf do the tumblr/instagram/yuotube AC players do all that they do, I'm so jelly

No. 214508

Lovely designs nona, I like Muffys the most since she's my favourite. I should return to ACNH, haven't played in over a year.

No. 214510

These redesigns looks so cute nonnies! Really makes me want to play AC again too but I'd have to buy the DLC and get through all the milestones first before I get to redesign my villager's houses. I'm pretty stoked that we get to do that with ACNH though, because I always wished we could do that in past AC games.

No. 214511

If you like interior design it's worth it imo! You can also get it on the online pass thing, if you only want it for a few months, might be cheaper that way

No. 214512

>You can also get it on the online pass thing, if you only want it for a few months, might be cheaper that way

Oh yes, I totally forgot! I need to renew my membership soon anyway so thanks for reminding me! I own AC Happy Home Designer too and I really like interior design in general. Can't wait to have fun with it once I'm on holiday.

No. 214514

Sounds nice, I hope you have fun nonna!

Have people exchanged recipes / items / bells etc here?

No. 214516

I don't think anyone did. I posted the code for my island once in case anyone wanted to take some items and recipes I had in duplicates, and nobody came despite the gate to my island being open.

No. 214517

File: 1655294211753.png (917.07 KB, 640x853, 38d09b4db129d377c1b0cc005d51d6…)

Oh noo that's unfortunate, I would have for sure came if I was around!

No. 214528

It's been a while so I canceled my online subscription because I don't have enough time to play, but once I renew my subscription I'll post here to share codes

No. 214539

I remember going to an anon's island before for recipes or items. The board and this thread in particular move so slow that it's easy to miss when people drop codes (I myself only check m a few times a day compared to camping out on ot kek).

I redesigned my island and it's a bit more cohesive than it was before and I really love it! I still have some big empty patches of land that I don't know what to do with. I stopped playing the other month but maybe I'll get back into it.

No. 214555

File: 1655303753490.jpg (235.81 KB, 1056x1200, 8cf97ee7f9525d3da3e9339737ea94…)

Ooh, post pics! I flattened my island but got tired, it's still a work in progress

This was an adorable Dream Address I visited btw! Very inspiring, really foresty and cozy

No. 214559

Nayrt but that island art is so cute, I’m definitely booting up the game later to go see it. I also flattened my island a while ago and I regret it because the process of building it back up again is overwhelming. I wish I could just restart but I don’t want to erase all my progress and lose my items and bells.

No. 218108

File: 1656610903132.jpg (23.84 KB, 365x399, D1bYzafU4AAIJOZ.jpg)

Now that I have more free time, I'm thinking about renewing my nintendo online subscription soon and posting a temporary code for my island so you can all come and take whatever fruits, materials or dyi recipe you want. I'm in Europe (in case someone from the south hemisphere also wants to get specific fish and bugs, and because of the time zone), and I'll plan on opening my island to anyone who can see my code on Saturday. Is anyone interested in coming to my island? It's not decorated in a very specific way, so don't expect something amazing.

No. 218237

The 4chan AC thread feels like a middle school lunchroom. I wish there were an active acnh thread here.
Nice designs!

No. 218238

I'm interested. I can bring some DIYs in case you or whoever might be visiting needs any.

No. 218254

Ahh now that this thread got bumped again it's making me want to get back into playing. I was on a roll earlier this year with decorating my island. I also wish we had a more active ac thread here, none of my friends play so I never have anyone to talk with, or share my extra diys, and I've never really browsed 4chan. I'll try to visit nonnie's island if I have free time saturday! >>218108
I'll also bring diys/recipes, if you want.

No. 218286

Cool, I'll renew my subscription then, I already put all the DIY recipes I have in duplicates near the small airport so you can take whatever you want. If it were possible to put these in your storage from the beginning I would have had way more of them to give away, I sold so many of them before the update. I'll post the code as soon as I open the gates.

No. 218370

Sounds good! Are there any items of furniture that you're looking for that I could order from the catalogue?

No. 218375

I can't really think of anything right now, I'll look things up and tell you.

No. 218384

Sounds good, I have three orders left.

No. 218413

I finished my town recently and I was so relieved to have it done, but just last night I woke up in a cold sweat and realized I haven't decorated the animal house interiors yet!! FUCK

No. 218414

Are you willing to share your dream address? I started playing this year and am only now starting to get into the lag phase of island decoration, could use some inspiration

No. 218425

File: 1656719510279.gif (830.72 KB, 315x498, momo-moe.gif)

I need him I need MOE in my animal crossing town so badly, I found him on a mystery island once and didn't take him but immediately regretted that decision. I tried to look for him online but he isn't particularly popular and doesn't show up often on trading sites and I don't want him with a bunch of gifted items. I just wanna bootleg his card UGH

No. 218426

If I still had him I would give him to you. I have a cat town and was shifting them around not too long ago. I’m sorry, but I hope you find him somewhere. He is baby.

No. 218510

File: 1656748107765.jpg (26.75 KB, 564x564, 1654710126087.jpg)

I opened my gate just now, and I put a bunch of items you can take to fill your catalogue on the ground. Here is the code to come to my island: 3VQ7Y

By the way, I think I'll just let my Switch turned on there so you can come today but I will not play all that much, I need to do some housework right now.

No. 218515

Nevermind I'm having internet issues. I'll try a few hours later though.

No. 218541

Trying again, hopefully I won't have anymore internet issues. Use this code to come to my island: 6Y3QX

No. 218592

I tried to fly in, but I must have been too late

No. 218593

Yeah I saw that nobody was coming so I turned off my Switch because it was getting hot while I was charging its battery. Wait a minute, I'll post another code.

No. 218595

New code: N3FHQ

No. 218596

OMW, just need to get DIYs out of storage

No. 218598

Ok, I'm keeping my Switch turned on this time, the battery seems ok now.

No. 218602

Thanks again for hosting! Hope you get some other nonnies visiting too

No. 218603

You're welcome! I'm still playing in case someone else wants to come and grab some items, but I'll probably turn off my Switch soon because I'll have diner soon. By the way I just started using the free trial for the Nintendo Online subscription, so I'll probably try to open my island's gate once a day until Saturday this week after I come back home from work. But I don't know how that will work out for some of you because of the timezone here in Western Europe compared to America.

No. 218625

I will try to stop by if you open your island later, perhaps tommorrow?

No. 218627

Yes I'll open my island tomorrow at the end of the afternoon, so if your in America it should be in the morning near noon.

No. 218665

File: 1656788966867.jpg (307.34 KB, 1280x720, 2022090211161800-02CB906EA538A…)

Absolutely! DA 3490-1352-2905
Fair warning that my town has sections that will tank your fps (namely the carnival across the west bridge) and there is item pop-in from how many items I've packed in this puppy. All the villager houses are now decorated and I just finished my arcade in the house on the southeast beach~

No. 218667

File: 1656789101492.jpg (306.62 KB, 1280x720, 2022090211224500-02CB906EA538A…)

dumping a couple screenshots of my fave spots

No. 218668

File: 1656789174964.jpg (280.8 KB, 1280x720, 2022090211184800-02CB906EA538A…)

and the luau area!

No. 218669

Nta but this area is so cute! Epecially with the gyroids!

No. 218671

File: 1656789484383.jpg (323.88 KB, 1280x720, 2022090211175800-02CB906EA538A…)

thank you! its kind of embarassing how long some of these areas took to put together, but I think the hard work paid off.

No. 218694

Ahhh nonnie I'm sorry I missed it, I didn't take into account the timezone differences. I hope I'll catch you open sometime this week

No. 218695

No problem, there's always next time.

No. 218896

I'm back! Here's my code for this time: N7HW8. Take the items you want, the fruits and vegetables you don't have yet, the shells on the beach, catch fish or bugs, etc.

No. 218902

I had internet problems exactly when one anon tried to come to my island, here's the new code: BW723. Pray for my internet connection.

No. 218904

File: 1656871506629.gif (1.68 MB, 640x598, 1653782533374.gif)

I don't know if anon or I had internet issues, or if it was both at the same time, but come back next time to finish drawing on my board if you want! I give up for today, I keep having more and more internet problems right now.

No. 218906

it is okay nona, I had fun visiting anyway. maybe next time!

No. 218907

I'll see if everything will work correctly tomorrow around the same time, if anyone will be available.

No. 219050

nta but you still need to choose stuff that I can order from my catalog. I probably won't be able to visit tomorrow but might be able to sometime this week

No. 219056

I forgot! I'll tell you what I want later today then.

No. 219169

I can't find my drawing stylus rn, but I will visit once I've found it

No. 219185

Here's my new code for today: CPV7N, just pray for my wifi.

Do you have any Moroccan style furniture? I think they were added in the last big update, I'd love to have them.

No. 219189

I am actually playing too rn, do you need anything, I might have it?

No. 219190

Oh kek I am blind, I have some Moroccan stuff if you want?

No. 219192

Cool, then you can come to my island, I'm still playing and the gates are still open. Or maybe you want me to come to your island?

No. 219195

I'll come over!

No. 219197

Cool, btw do you want me to give you the Moroccan furniture back once I add them to my catalog?

No. 219201

Oh I did not notice, no need! Thank you for the stuffs, I got three recipes I did not have! Thank you again! And btw the colors on the items were random but you can change them with Cyrus?

No. 219202

Thanks a lot for the furniture, they're so pretty! I have Cyrus in my other island with the dog so I'll check the different colors I can get for each one of them.

No. 219423

samefagging I guess but I won't play today, I'm going home late after work so maybe I'll play tomorrow and open my gates.

No. 226496

File: 1659540242797.jpg (74.76 KB, 627x907, orenge.jpg)

Just chillin no big deal just ignore me

No. 238447

File: 1663003805651.gif (3.77 MB, 435x498, kiki-city-folk.gif)

does anyone still play Pocket Camp? I've really gotten back into it lately, after basically not playing for two years. It gives me something to do that isn't mindlessly scrolling on Instagram and it's kinda making me wanna play New Horizons again.

No. 238457

File: 1663006085277.jpg (40.66 KB, 680x408, e5e.jpg)

I want to get this cute little bunny, but I don't know who to send to the 'void'!
I've got 3 normal villagers, but they are as equally cute and endearing.
The of. I admit I am not a 'fauna fan', but she was the cutest cutie and a model when i just started playing. I would always dress her up and even now she only wears all the nice stuff!
I love octopuses, and she is a pink cutie. I admit i don't find her too interesting, but i always draw realistic octopuses in my spare time, and my partner is an octofan.
She is extremely unique because she is one of these 'creepy Japanese ancient dolls'.
I guess in the end, all of the cards fall on Fauna, but I would feel bad for just 'throwing her out' after so long.
I also got Raymond, Bob, Judy (i grinded a lot for her) and my precious Ankha, Muffy, Willow and Felicity

No. 243838

File: 1664587228501.jpg (687.79 KB, 1440x1752, Screenshot_20220930-201720_Gal…)

I put the cat somewhere in every house I make

No. 243849

File: 1664589290546.png (153.29 KB, 290x599, Acnlvillager62.png)

Mitzi was always my favorite villager. Do you guys have a fave?

No. 243854

File: 1664590551253.jpg (52.83 KB, 736x655, b23c8cf91c4711a1b210205518d39b…)

bea was my first villager so i have a soft spot for her, but goldie will always be best girl

No. 243904

File: 1664601839643.jpg (143.18 KB, 850x1227, sample-73c22167fa0370143e2a1e7…)

punchy. first piece of fanart I ever drew was of him walking by a cherry tree when I was 7, and when I learned about catboys I drew a bunch of catboy punchys and flexed them on my friends at school lol.

honorable mentions to coco, nan, zucker, and sasha I love all of them too

No. 250884

i desperately and shamelessly want to show off my island via dream address… is posting even allowed?

No. 251059

It says you can share codes. Just keep in mind that someone unsavory might see it. It probably be fine, though…

No. 251064

Oh my god, she was my best friend in City Folk (one of the first games I owned physically)

No. 251066

File: 1666930519190.png (88.05 KB, 256x256, 1956.png)

I posted about it in one of the previous AC threads, but my favorite is a tie between Lucky and Muffy.

No. 251120

She is probably fine posting it here. Unless someone has a hackable Switch, nothing can be done to a dream address.

No. 251296

File: 1667018174525.jpeg (213.08 KB, 1913x1623, EWh4tr2UwAA8lNl.jpeg)

Marshal and Raymond. Sorry for the overrated taste but they're just so cute and the perfect smug duo. I also love Lolly, Poppy, Merengue and some other villagers.

No. 251313

File: 1667031046996.png (151.32 KB, 500x498, 204EF831-F030-4311-B4EB-8CED90…)

No. 251657

File: 1667167125055.png (2.52 MB, 1424x2000, 823891_Enlarged_1.png)

Animal Crossing City Folk was my favorite game on the Wii as a kid. I distinctly remember avoiding going to my playroom to where the Wii was because I felt so ashamed I didn't play for a while. I thought my villagers would be mad forever even without putting the game in! Good times but it was a little traumatizing to my little brain.

No. 251780

File: 1667220666179.jpg (577.38 KB, 1268x704, House_of_Coco_NH.jpg)

Coco. Randomly moved in to my NL game when I was depressed and her looking kind of creepy while being kind was really comforting. Hunted for her in NH and almost gave up, took a break and she immediately camped in my town lol

She was one of my first starting villagers so I have a soft spot for her

No. 253205

File: 1667609892529.gif (2.4 MB, 340x498, animal-crossing-thinking.gif)

I haven't played ACNH for so long since the sea creatures update and I'm thinking about picking it back up and starting all over to achieve my dream island with my favorite villagers. I dislike having a skinny peninsula at the back of the island but at the same time I'm satisfied of having peaches as my native fruit, a yellow airport and the colors of the Nook Miles furnitures I could buy. I'm planning on getting some custom made amiibo cards from Etsy and might try using Nookazon for the first time since I'm pretty hesitant of communicating with other people, scammers and messing up online.

I haven't been keeping up with the game but,
>Is is possible to collect all fruits without trading? I didn't get two other fruits.
>Can you customize your Nook Miles furnitures without having to pick a certain color of your airport or randomly getting colors you don't like? I heard you can customize them to Cyrus.
>Is the HHP dlc worth buying since I heard you can customize your villager's houses. One time I accidentally messed up by selling a fish to a villager I like and they ended up displaying it. Not even after gifting them so many stuff just to get rid it.

No. 253223

>Can you customize your Nook Miles furnitures without having to pick a certain color of your airport or randomly getting colors you don't like? I heard you can customize them to Cyrus.
You heard correctly. Harvey's Island expands to include a bazaar. You pay 100k to unlock Cyrus' shop, and then you pay additional bells to customise each piece of furniture.
>Is the HHP dlc worth buying?
Absolutely yes. It's a great way to collect furniture because you expand the HHP catalog so quickly and easily, and it's very easy to earn Poki (HHP currency) to buy things. Trading totally ruined the game for me because I find it stressful. I think this is a good alternative to reading for getting most of the furniture in the game. Also if you enjoy decorating, you'll also have a ton of fun playing the actual game!
>Is is possible to collect all fruits without trading?
Not sure about this one. I'm also curious.

No. 255274

I don't have a Nintendo account or access to Nintendo Online but my brother does. We have one Switch so should I make my island under his user since he doesn't play Animal Crossing? I wanted to use the online feature though the family plan seems unreasonably pricey and kinda greedy of Nintendo and I know for a sad fact that it's not possible to change the island's ownership to a different user.

No. 255445

Since he doesn't play that game, yeah go for it. The character you create is completely separated from the account's info, so you won't get locked with a specific name or sex. It's stupid how nintendo doesn't let different accounts on the same console share online and dlc honestly.

No. 256495

late but tbh it's extremely easy and cheaper to make amiibos yourself. Just buy NFT tags, unless you're using a flip-phone or something equally ancient you can write the amiibos yourself using your phone. You may have already bought some off of etsy, in which this advice will be useless, but I've found is really, really nice to just be able to make them yourself. Especially if you do download HHP (which is 1000% worth it), you can make amiibos and invite different villagers and special characters to make a vacation house for. Anyways if you want to make amiibos there's a lot of guides out there and it's relatively easy to find the google drive that contains the files you need.

No. 263241

File: 1670946318233.png (2.78 MB, 2048x1462, 264084115_199752485689209_5194…)

Hello, is it better to keep a physical copy of the game if I want to mod New Leaf (just to have more control over the layout, no item cheat) or going full digital hack works just as fine? Do any method cause problem to connect online? Should I unlink my Nintendo account if I hack since I use the same on my Switch?

No. 263248

Are you talking about hacking on New leaf or New Horizons? Because I'm pretty sure Nintendo does not care if anyone hacks New leaf on the 3ds anymore lol. You could possibly get banned on Nintendo online for having a hacked switch though, I'm not really sure how it detects your switch being hacked if you're just playing NH alone. The game cart itself will not be hacked as the game's memory is stored on the switch itself unlike New leaf, so I think having a hacked switch and a NH copy would allow you to have a hacked file on one switch and have a clean copy for another switch in case you do want a normal game.

No. 263249

I was talking about New Leaf, I'm afraid that cracking a whole lot of games while I use the same Nintendo account on 3DS and Switch would cause a ban hammer lol.

No. 263256

Dont worry about that, I hacked both my console and ACNL game last year along with my friends and sister's game/consoles recently and there's no problems no matter how old/new your console, firmware or game is.
The only thing I noticed is that I get connection errors more often, but it doesn't happen every time and you dont lose nothing since the game saves before entering/welcoming someone else onto your town.
Just use the main hacking guide instead of videos, I have never done anything like that and it was fool proof, Nintendo doesnt care about the 3ds anymore and the hack itself is pretty much undetectable at this point.

No. 264667

File: 1671441843109.png (226.84 KB, 1214x1120, christmas rosie omg.png)

thoughts on this rosie drawing?

No. 265699

File: 1672407955636.png (106.05 KB, 512x462, 1666127624646.png)

I'm considering getting a subscription for the Nintendo Online thing soon, I think I accumulated enough gold coins to have a nice discount for a year. I already did this months ago but I still have a lot of dyi cards on me that I can't use, would anyone be interested in coming to my island sometimes to get them and use them? Or I could come to other anons' islands. What do you think? When I did this with a free trial for the Nintendo Online subscription a few anons came and took some items but the free trial only lasted a week and I had a shitty internet connection at the time.

No. 265708

No. 273341

I paid to subscribe to the online service bs for a year, does anyone else play ACNH online? Would anyone be interested if I posted my island's codes from time to time? This is the weekend so maybe in a few hours I'll open the gates to my island and will post a code if anyone's interested. Right now I'll play P5R though.

No. 281537

Has anyone modded their New Leaf? I'm wondering if this https://www.gamebrew.org/wiki/Animal_Crossing_New_Leaf_-_Welcome_Luxury_3DS is worth installing, or are there better mods or stuff available? What I want the most is a mod being able to place furniture outdoors! I heard it might be possible with hacked public works projects?

No. 281578

Some of those features sound pretty unappealing to me, but it should be safe to use as long as you properly backup your save data. I used to use the Marc Robledo ACNL save editor all the time without any problems.

No. 336495

I've been playing for almost a year and every time I go into nooks cranny I see the option to ask about turnip prices. I've always wondered but finally looked up about them and found out that the boar who sells them only comes by on Sundays from morning to midday when I'm working. I work on the weekends and would never be off to find this darn boar. It pisses me off that they give you such a short window of time to purchase the stupid turnips. They can't even extend out to the whole day? So that I could at least buy when I get off work? Now the only way I can buy them is if I jack up my internal clock on my switch to make it think it's Sunday on a different day. Which frankly is a irritation in and of itself.
Also, another thing which I really have to bitch about is the baby clothes and accessories you can buy from the tailors shop. It's so obviously fetish pandering but I fucking lost it when I saw the clothing options for a damn DIAPER. I don't know if they personalize clothes to people or something, I'm playing on a game that was previously played by another person but I get baby stuff ALL THE TIME when shopping at the tailors. It grosses me out. There's no excuse to make for why they added diapers and baby bibs and pacifiers into the game. It's obvious fetish pandering, makes me sick
I want to play online so bad, but I both have no money and don't see it as worth it to pay for a shitty Nintendo subscription. I wish I could see your island

No. 336501

Unless you have online, which you don't, anybody looking to seriously game turnips for profit is time travelling to begin with.

No. 336506

Well it's good to know it wouldn't be worth my while in the first place. I still wish I could get to see the cute boar character roaming my island.

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