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File: 1649007161227.jpg (149.22 KB, 960x619, prog.jpg)

No. 194458

For all things prog rock, discuss the music, bands, the members, the deep lore of the groups; anything goes. Memes and art welcome of course; music recommendations, celebrations, condemnations; comments, clichés, commentary, controversy; conversation, contradiction, criticism, it's only talk!
*classic rock welcome

No. 194459

File: 1649007258323.jpg (648.29 KB, 1536x1536, download.jpg)

No. 194461

File: 1649007297601.jpg (459.18 KB, 1280x1805, tumblr_oojm0lUqvB1umpjmwo3_128…)

Wow, Steve Howe made Whole Foods popular? What a legend.

No. 194464

Nice, thank you anon. I'll start with an unpopular opinion: Rush kinda sucks and I dislike their rabid fans
a healthy boi

No. 194469

Samefag, my other unpopular opinion is that Starcastle is fucking amazing and I have no idea why so many people consider them bad.
Also, a general thought. I wish we had something equivalent to original prog rock today. I know there are modern prog bands but it doesn't feel the same. I wonder why there's no demand anymore for gentle, escapist music that requires you to really engage and listen to it.

No. 194473

I never really bothered to listen to Rush and I don't know much about the fanbase other than all their fans on Tumblr
I feel like the majority of prog today falls into symphonic prog, which I personally don't mind, in fact I like Karfagen for the most part even though I feel like a lot of their albums are way too long.
Vidrel is one of their less long albums and I like some of the songs on it, and I feel like it's chill to listen to.

No. 194482

File: 1649013229625.gif (5.72 MB, 540x360, 6cb19899e9075148d9a7981c732e4a…)

Based hobbit

No. 194484

Thanks for the recommendation anon, I like it so far. I never could be bothered to sift through modern prog because the amount of bands from the 70s is already vast enough for me. Or maybe it's my autism preventing me from truly enjoying music that doesn't have that 70s feeling to it.
Anyways, Steve anon, post your diatribe on his eating disorder please, this thread needs more fun kek

No. 194506

File: 1649017836166.jpg (428.85 KB, 1280x1778, tumblr_oojm0lUqvB1umpjmwo2_128…)

The diatribe is long and I should probably make a google docs about it first, but part of it is his insistence on being strictly vegetarian and just being consistently pretty thin whereas other band members have gotten fat. There is even a Steve Howe copypasta that goes as follows:

I have a favorite breakfast cereal. It’s what we call porridge, but you call it oatmeal. That to me is the most rewarding and delicious cereal. Obviously if you get it out of a packet and put it in a microwave, then forget it, it’s rubbish. If you go to a health store and get some organic oatmeal, I would buy the small one, not the big things. Who needs giant oatmeal? Scary! Let’s have normal-size oatmeal. If you want to do it the Steve Howe way, it’s one cup of oatmeal, one cup of water and one cup of milk, and that gives it a nice creamy texture. Don’t put sugar in it, on it, or anywhere near the kitchen table. Through all sugar in the rubbish bin immediately and then stop eating sugar and you’ll actually get to taste things, like I can. I don’t eat sugar, haven’t eaten it in 15 years, maybe. And that allows me to really taste things. Believe me: Everything with sugar in it tastes like sugar. So that’s my favorite cereal. To make it better, get an organic banana. Bananas have to be organic, because everything they spray on bananas goes right through the skin and into the food and you’re eating pesticides.

Like who just says that? And at one point he says that the morning after a concert he'd eat a big breakfast where usually he just has a juice for breakfast. It's like, an autistic awareness of food.

Picrel, Steve selects his spring onions! Well done. Not to mention >>194461 he looks ecstatic to be holding them. Where Steve may have autism relating to his own diet, I have autism relating to Steve's relation to his diet.

No. 194511

I'm not an "hardcore" prog fan, I wish I knew more but I get kinda scared by music that is too conceptual or technical, I like some progeridoo in my music tho.
I love Mike Oldfield's ommadown and think rainbow's end by camel is pure poetry. What would you recommend, my nonnas?

No. 194538

I recommend more Camel, specifically Moonmadness. This goes for everyone! Otherwise if you're not too into crazy prog, try King Crimson. They kind of have something for everyone; their first album is the most accessibly in terms of listening and comprehending.

No. 194539

Camel is a pretty good band to start with. Listen to "mirage" and "moon madness" if you haven't already. I'd also recommend albums like "nursery cryme" by Genesis, fragile by Yes, "gentle giant" or "free hand" by Gentle Giant and ofc "in the court of the crimson king" by King Crimson. So yeah, all the obvious stuff but I really think these are a very good primer on what prog rock is. For albums that are more technical and conceptual but still very enjoyable, I'd say "tarkus" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer and "the lamb lies down on broadway" by Genesis.
You could also try lighter prog rock like Electric Light Orchestra, The Alan Parsons Project or Styx. I love listening to these bands when I'm not in the mood for the classic stuff.
Finally there's my absolute favorite - Van der Graaf Generator, but that one seems harder to get into for many people. You should definitely try "h to he who am the only one" though, it's fantastic and very accesible to a new listener.
Wonderful nonny, you're a treasure and you should never change. I really wish I had your confidence to confess to my own autism re: my prog husbando.

No. 194540

File: 1649022973133.jpg (24.7 KB, 563x387, peter in hat 1971.jpg)

Peter in Hat Peter in Hat

Bottom text

No. 194550

File: 1649026854668.png (407.17 KB, 748x763, mfw no leotard.png)

Don't even get me started on the Leotard Incident

No. 194575

This is just one of those random albums that hit hard

No. 194612

Fuckin' Supertramp is so weird but I love their songs, this one feels so happy and fun, even when singing about flying above the pain

No. 194690

File: 1649088388555.jpg (67.26 KB, 500x333, a group of cuties.jpg)

Best Yes lineup in my opinion
Supertramp is cool, I like their album Crime of the Century

No. 194707

File: 1649092702940.jpg (107.97 KB, 800x550, handsome (6).jpg)

People in the prog discord I'm in despise Steve Howe and one of the users said they (probably a tif) used Steve Howe as THINSPO WHEN THEY WERE ANOREXIC AND WOULD WRITE FANFICTION ABOUT ANOREXIC STEVE HOWE MY SIDES ARE IN ORBIT, some of the members are saying they wish he would just die already, I should be crying but I am laughing imagine hating a geriatric so much and projecting your eating disorder onto him (more proof Steve Howe is an ana-chan though)
Should I leave this server? It's kinda milky but they literally hate Steve Howe and "skinny people" I'm so astonished I didn't realize there was a whole group of prog fans who project their insecurities on this random man for being skinny, TIFs are wild.
I feel like screenshotting their convo, probably won't post it, it's fucking hilarious though they are fantasizing about making him watch a movie about anorexia.

Damn I was kind of half joking with my ana-chan theory i didn't know it was something people took seriously and gave them depression, imagine playing the guitar for a band and giving people eating disorders 40 years down the line.
Sorry for the rant, this is just so unbelievable

>steve howe should try being an afab teenager living with their mom


No. 194725

Lmao why would they jump to anorexia before, you know, drugs? That would make way more sense for an adult male musician. Also do they not realize that in the 70s most people were slim and not all fatty-chans?

No. 194730

File: 1649097569308.png (6.08 KB, 297x96, bruh.png)

He actually didn't do any drugs besides weed (and shrooms), and inb4 you say he was lying about it, he was shady towards other band members that brought in drugs even including alcohol, plus even before he joined the band he already had a young son and was all family-oriented.
He was just a staunch vegetarian since '71 and jumped around on stage all the time , not to mention yeah people in the 70s and born in the 40's were just not obese. Didn't Brits still eat rations after WWII ended?

No. 194731

What the fuck? Leave anon, they sound like a bunch of deranged, terminally online teenagers. I'll admit I'm morbidly curious about their schizoposting, but it's probably not worth it to mess around with them for a little bit of milk. I'm not the one to point fingers at people for getting autistically attached to artists but this is the scary kind of autism.
Shouldn't they be listening to sad acoustic songs about bugs anyway? I never thought TIFs and TIF-adjacents would be into prog. It's neither stereotypically manly nor ~uwu softboi~ enough.

No. 194734

File: 1649097999578.png (32.99 KB, 652x327, forcing an old man to watch vi…)

If only. It's weird that there are teens in the server but they don't speak, thankfully.

No. 194741

Nah I can believe it especially if he was a vegetarian and health nut.
These people sound fucking insane though, why are so they heated that they're wishing death on some old ass man? Save that energy for the gross pedos, rapists, and wifebeaters at least. I'd just leave the server but I also get autistically upset when I see retards desecrating the things I like. If you have thicker skin than me I guess it could provide some funny milk but the people in there sound obnoxious as all hell.

No. 194743

Oh god, that is an adult? You should just trigger the shit out of them anon. Sing your praises of Steve from the bottom of your heart. Spam them with pictures of fat Greg Lake from a sock account. What a bunch of dork ass losers kek.

No. 194744

>Spam them with pictures of fat Greg Lake from a sock account.
fucking kek

No. 194748

They'd like fat greg lake though

No. 194809

No. 194969

File: 1649176297205.jpg (26.01 KB, 400x400, lol wtf.jpg)


No. 195057

File: 1649199612989.jpg (103.83 KB, 565x865, ahahah.jpg)

I once found some japanese artist that makes bishounen bill bruford

No. 195072

Kek, I love the spergy aura that surrounds prog rock. It's definitely one of the reasons I appreciate the genre so much.
We need more anime prog bishies though.

No. 195080

File: 1649203929434.jpg (237.74 KB, 600x770, lol bruppy.jpg)

Yeah I wish I could find more art kek, there's a decent amount for certain bands that attract a lot of ftms and fujo types.

No. 195126

File: 1649222087489.jpg (521 KB, 987x1229, Screenshot_20220406-071421_Sam…)

Quiz time, progfags. Which band are you getting kicked out of? https://uquiz.com/quiz/hTpQ6A?p=578655
I got ELP. I guess that's what I get for calling Greg Lake fat.

No. 195129

I didn't know Supertramp was cosidered prog. I'm just a casual who likes The Logical Song and Goodbye Stranger.
Also really like ELO's Time album cause it's sci-fi.

No. 195240

File: 1649263386972.jpg (155.58 KB, 1280x942, tumblr_0db1187fc393c88da5aeeb6…)

I also got ELP kek
Time is a great album, also about Supertramp I think only some of their stuff is considered prog, and it isn't usually listed as a classic prog group. I guess there are proggy elements. It's a fun group anyway

No. 195313

File: 1649277019419.png (652.83 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nmmfcpgzUN1szc2uco1_r2_…)

Oh my god it's his birthday in two days!!!

No. 195457

Crime of the Century is great, as is Breakfast in America! "Take the Long Way Home" is such a bop

No. 195459

File: 1649316331129.jpg (341.74 KB, 901x1356, rock-and-roll-comics-led-zeppe…)

Oh I can beat that, I found out there were comics make about Led Zeppelin and other bands back in the 70's/80's. They're, uh… charming, let's say.

No. 195461

Time is sick AF, "Twilight" is such a galvanizing song to me. I like to imagine little animated sequences to it. The way it's orchestrated and written is perfect for it.

No. 195468

You've seen this before?
Finding it on /m/ years ago made me actually listen to the album for the first time.

No. 195470

Yeah!!! The guys who made that were just students at the time. They went on to found the animation studio that produced Evangelion. Unfortunately they weren't able to show this at subsequent DAICONs cuz of all the copyright issues with the dozens of characters they referenced. But this animation is so damn cool, it still blows my mind that a group of students made it.

No. 195482

diff anon but, lol I've seen that album art a ton on /mu/ and always assumed it was Hip-hop for some reason so never looked it up.
That track is too noisy for me, but the title track is nice.

No. 195522

No. 195540

Ah yes, the "rock 'n roll comics". Did you know one person was responsible for most of these and he might've been murdered by a serial killer? It's a wild story.

No. 195547

I love the song When Time Stood Still
Kek it does look like a hip hop cover doesn't it

No. 195548

File: 1649347938443.jpg (351.55 KB, 720x1080, yes-fanzine-chris-squire-tribu…)

The fuck? That's not fair why are serial killers so fucking annoying.
I wonder if there were comics made about Yes. The only one I know of is from a fanzine and it's kind of funny. I doubt there were many Yes comics and things considering they weren't very mainstream rock and roll.

No. 195562

You guys got me going down a bit of a rabbit hole. So I listened to Tarkus and damn a lot of it was reminding me of Final Fantasy 6. Now I know what Uematsu was influenced by.

No. 195576

File: 1649355288009.jpg (243.93 KB, 1024x1024, emerson__lake_and_palmer___tar…)


No. 195581

Whaaaat?! Do tell, that's fascinating.
I also like "Another Heart Breaks", sounds very vaporwave.
That comic is way more flattering in their depiction of the band than those shitty 70's ones were, lol.

No. 195599

File: 1649362367776.jpg (194.01 KB, 1000x1000, download (1).jpg)

Yeah that whole Time album is really interesting, though not prog. It's kind of giving early new wave? The album was released in '81 which is well after the whole prog scene. Underrated though, my dad is a fan of ELO but doesn't even know about the Time album.
Also how do you all feel about Klaatu?

No. 195612

File: 1649364079696.png (1.55 MB, 1031x1123, a19a1a7f7552818b138f11c9efed17…)

ANON did you know that a based Japanese lady made a BL manga called "sons of eve" in which one of the main characters is inspired by Keith Emerson? He's a pianist and his name is Heath!
His name was Todd Loren and he made a career out of publishing unauthorized biographies of famous bands in comic book form. Record companies kept getting on his ass but he just refused to stop and actually became somewhat successful lol. Sadly one day he was found stabbed to death and his murder is still unsolved but there are some leads that point to serial killer Andrew Cunanan. Here's a good interview with a guy who made a documentary about Todd, it really is fascinating http://www.mtv.com/news/2624231/unauthorized-interview-the-story-behind-the-story-of-the-rock-n-roll-comics-doc/

No. 195613

File: 1649364256340.jpg (301.01 KB, 1100x1577, tumblr_nom279govp1snz90yo1_128…)

There's plenty of little nods to ELP in the manga and even Tarkus makes an appearance kek

No. 195618

File: 1649364630928.jpg (195.53 KB, 900x645, what the.jpg)

Kek, no wonder I see so much ELP fanart despite only having like one/two iconic albums. It's all the fujos! Wow that artist really got his hairstyle down, but why's he playing the piano so gently? Why isn't he standing and stabbing at it with knives?
This is amazing, why does nobody do the same for my fave band Yes? Were they just not appearance heavy enough?
At least we get cool shit like picrel

No. 195660

File: 1649375903722.jpeg (420.72 KB, 816x1280, 4333B7AD-9BAE-4A66-AA96-89E6E6…)

This thread makes me feel old, I was buying Eroica in highschool and one of my friends asked if I was reading Led Zeppelin yaoi

No. 195664

The Japanese really like prog rock and classic rock I have noticed

No. 195667

I think a lot of them are the product of their time, like most of these manga by Yasuko Aoike came out in the seventies/eighties and that’s when prog was very popular

No. 195670

I bet there's a bishi Bill Bruford in there.

No. 195689

Aah, my dad's not into ELO (I'm the ELO sperg of the family lol). It's funny, but with ELO most of their albums have some really GREAT songs, while the rest are kind of… average. Also I've never heard of Klaatu! That album cover looks cool, though.

No. 195691

They also REALLY like funk and RnB too.

No. 195693

Yeah, I have New World Record, Out of the Blue, and Discovery on vinyl. One thing I like is that their songs are just fun to sing to
Japan's kinda based in this sense

No. 195703

Aaah, lucky duck. I heard that one of the albums came with a punchout section that let you assemble a little paper ELO radio tower. And yeah, the melodies of their songs are super catchy. I only recently discovered this song, it's an odd earworm but fun to sing along to.

No. 195855

File: 1649433278145.jpg (25.38 KB, 407x612, handsome (7).jpg)

Happy birthday Steve Howe
ELO were very ahead of their time, they sound very 80's but in the case of this album, they aren't! I find King Crimson also ahead of their time because when I listen to their albums I am astonished by when they actually came out

No. 195902

No. 195960

>>194539 >>194511
And if you enjoy Genesis, check out Steve Hackett's (Genesis lead guitarist) solo work. Spectral Mornings and Voyage of the Acolyte are pretty great.

No. 196040

I remembering buying Voyage of the Acolyte on vinyl based on the cover alone. It’s very good and very prog!

No. 196052

T'is. The album art is so beautiful. It was actually painted by hackett's then wife, Kim Poor (who then divorced him and tried to sue him for half his royalties, but hey ho)

No. 196103

god i wish manga were real

No. 196153

File: 1649520682047.gif (1.6 MB, 320x224, deal with it.gif)

Wow that's some interesting lore
It is real, Tarkus is real, my other car is Tarkus in fact. Plus prog lore is so interesting at times it's almost like an anime. The great Bill Bruford Chris Squire battle. ELP and Yes' friendly rivalry. Peter Gabriel's existence. Keith Emmerson playing the piano while spinning in midair like an anime powerup sequence.

No. 196159

A classic

No. 196160

Also the album live in studio, I think I prefer this version.

No. 196167

Recently discovered 'Ars Nova' - a rare all-female prog rock band from Japan, formed in the early 80s. Very ELP-influenced with the Hammond organ sounds. Any fans here?

Liking this a lot

No. 196168

File: 1649527736228.jpg (18.45 KB, 244x319, tumblr_of3p1oSsY81qaxydno8_250…)

>one of their influences is rick wakeman
They seem cool, I'm glad Japan is so into prog. Same with Italy.

No. 196173

File: 1649529042960.jpg (210.03 KB, 768x596, pure sex.jpg)

Don't ask me how I know
Just look over your shoulder
You won't recognise yourself
You won't have to ask
Is everyone here much older
Are communications feeling much colder
Everytime you look over your shoulder

Sudden like the wind transversed
The gulf of friendship passed
Stillness mounts in this high place
Silence stays the same
I am I will I can are aims
But can we tell which are the games
Everytime we pass the blame

Fearful thoughts are bitter sweet
His charms are soft in youth
The sting is of elusive hands
That reared him from his tooth
We know that shadows move on course
We'll have to take this boy by force
Everytime you look over your shoulder
-Steve Howe
He's even a very poetic writer, is he not perfect?

No. 196323

File: 1649595232322.jpeg (77.51 KB, 500x500, avatars-000197758159-ep21z8-t5…)

Wtf. Howe's son Virgil was the drummer in a band called Little Barrie and they were about to go on a tour called 'DEATH EXPRESS' in 2017 when he had a heart attack and died aged 41. Damn.


No. 196325

Our perfect wholefoods king

pure sex.jpg indeed

No. 196363

Yeah it's pretty fucked up, especially to have a heart attack so young.
Songrel I really like, but I can't find the lyrics anywhere. I might just transcribe the lyrics myself. Prog songs have the coolest storylines sometimes.

No. 196684

No. 196735

This doesn't qualify as prog rock but can we just appreciate the fact that Keith Emerson wrote a whole piano concerto and it fucking slaps?

No. 196740

File: 1649712254448.png (169.27 KB, 406x520, 1649104200914.png)

Wasn't he insecure about his playing abilities? Why? He is a genius. It isn't fair when geniuses underestimate their abilities.

No. 196746

File: 1649714349032.jpg (96.51 KB, 1000x600, KeithEmersonGettyImages-150030…)

Yes, apparently one of the reasons why he ended his life was that he couldn't play as good as he used to due to muscle issues and was worried about his fans taking notice.
He always stayed humble, even though he deserved way more recognition than he ultimately received. A lot of truly talented people are like that and it really is unfair. RIP legend.

No. 196757

File: 1649717832474.png (1.78 MB, 1280x1707, uh what.png)

RIP, it's really not fair, the world can be so evil sometimes.
To lighten the mood here is an awful interview with Chris Squire featuring health food sperging

No. 196857

lol this was an amazing read

>not the goodies you think they were

>only eat organic wholefoods / veggie
>fluoride truthers
>throw cream at each other homoeroticly

No. 196870

File: 1649782056074.gif (1018.23 KB, 350x270, 4C6F1D9B-52DE-4A0A-A599-F02F1E…)

>blinks awake

No. 196883

A must listen

No. 196905

I wonder whose idea it was to cream each other

No. 197113

No. 197148

How do fellow progfags feel about other genres of prog outside of the immediate prog rock sphere? Examples include electronic prog, prog metal, symphonic prog, 80's prog etc. I personally like those genres as well especially those that stay on the proggy path.
Vidrel falls under electronic prog.

No. 197660

This is nice, thanks for sharing. I like this kind of electronic prog, and certain other related and sub-genres like jazz fusion (weather report, return to forever) and canterbury scene (caravan, quiet sun). Still very proggy vibes.

No. 197872

I love jazz fusion. I love jazz in general. I find canterbury prog harder to get into, for me personally. As for jazz fusion, I really like Soft Machine, especially their album Softs.

No. 197950

Funny you say that because Soft Machine are a huge part of the Canterbury scene foundation! Robert Wyatt being the sort of father of that genre. But they were much jazzier than the rest of those bands. It's a silly genre really… since it's based more on location rather than sound.

No. 198133

File: 1650214192918.jpg (88.79 KB, 500x639, tumblr_5df8da62024f30de798061b…)

Yeah, I appreciate the genre though for being such a large part of prog and for being such an interesting selection and connected to Canterbury itself. I like prog for not only the music but also its lore, basically. As it is often considered a very incestuous genre.
I notice /mu/ has been having more and more prog threads as of late. I only check /mu/ and 4chan in general for the hidden prog content as of late.

No. 200071

I like reading the Progarchives and watching the boomers act shady towards one another and discuss whether or not Pete Townshend deserves to die.

No. 200932

I've been on a TLLDOB binge again lately. Such a fun album.
>whether or not Pete Townshend deserves to die
Kek, is that because he's allegedly a pedo? If so, based boomers.

No. 200940

>based boomers
Very few of them thinks he deserves to die because of some moral dilemma of "nobody deserves to die"
Also nice album, a classic of prog

No. 200960

Honestly, I'm just happy for boomers who don't jump to his defense bc "hur dur, greatest guitarist of all time", so I'll take it.
Looks like I need to read progarchives more, boomers throwing shade at each other sound entertaining.

No. 200962

There is this one annoying account that posts an entire fucking essay all the time and completely misses any and all social cues. Pretty entertaining. Also lots of reviews on there, lists of what to listen to, recommendations, etc.

No. 201824

File: 1651160398571.jpg (275.79 KB, 1891x931, klaus schulze.jpg)

A little late but rest in peace, Klaus Schulze! He contributed a lot to music and he is prog-adjacent though mainly ambient, electronic, and synth

No. 201826

Samefag, https://klaus-schulze.com/
That is his official website, lists his discography, has images, and other. He has a very large discography. He was also in Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel.

No. 209003

Hello prognonas. I want to get into prog and I'd like some album recs for starters. I have already listened to Mirage, In the Court of the Crimson King and the entire Pink Floyd discography.

No. 210457

File: 1654010668615.png (503.41 KB, 1250x594, PROGNIGHT.png)

Prog Rock Night tonight for Tuesday Tunesday ladies, it begins in half an hour

No. 210469

Listen to Close to the Edge by Yes, Moonmadness by Camel, Tarkus by ELP… ngl look at the first few posts itt and you'll find that chart with pics of album covers, just search for those

No. 211830

Any zeuhl fans here? Bondage Fruit is probably my favorite in the genre. This is one of my top albums of all time.

No. 220201

I like Zeuhl, recently got into Magma and this album

No. 262612

File: 1670703586789.png (324.56 KB, 779x532, wakeman.png)

How do you nonas feel about going to see old bands play live? I mean when the members are 70+. Is it mostly disappointing or still good?

I have seen Steve Hackett and Focus play in recent years and they were still excellent but other seem like they would just be depressing to watch. I'm thinking of going to see Rik Wakeman on his current tour if tickets are still available.

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