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File: 1649070129484.jpg (48.47 KB, 427x640, nostalgia.jpg)

No. 194636

A thread to indulge in nostalgia! Post images or videos of things that make you feel nostalgic. Talk about your favorite memories and stuff you miss.

>old shows, commercials, movies and games

>toys you had or wanted as a kid
>school yard games, songs and jokes
>images of places and things that spark nostalgia for you

No. 194637

File: 1649070282560.jpg (97.5 KB, 1280x720, mcdonald's sonic sports.jpg)

No. 194638

TB1 theme song hits so fucking hard

No. 194640

File: 1649072051533.jpg (50.48 KB, 400x400, Lisa frank diary.jpg)

This diary lights up, I miss it so much

No. 194643

File: 1649074161640.jpg (49.44 KB, 300x400, powerpuffcalculator.jpg)

No. 194645

File: 1649074966488.jpeg (363.02 KB, 1440x1080, 6CB81522-8B87-4168-BD65-966012…)

No. 194650

Omg I had Rothbart, he was the only one I had, and I put him through hell. My other toys would gang up on him, I would throw him, bury him, drown him KEK

No. 194652

File: 1649076086109.jpeg (18.5 KB, 364x500, dinkiedog.jpeg)

When he was really happy, a little fireworks animation would play on his screen. I would come when he was called, and had a little bone, and you could play little games on his screen.

No. 194654

I never had one of these but I always wanted one so bad. I'm currently waiting on a bid to get one on ebay kek. Always follow your dreams nonas.

No. 194686

File: 1649087524387.jpg (151.14 KB, 1080x1080, R.jpg)

I bought this old PPG GBA game I had as a kid and I remember playing it over and over again, I must have beat it like 6 times as a kid. I bought it recently on ebay. Now I'm playing it and its like a massive hit of nostalgia. I've been buying a bunch of old games, now, both ones I had and ones I wanted but never could have. It's great.

No. 194688

File: 1649087787515.jpg (34.5 KB, 376x376, Webkinz-750x377.jpg)

oh webkinz, how i miss you so

No. 194695

Can't believe they added membership. They have two tiers of membership, actually. Buying a fucking expensive plushie wasn't enough, Webkinz? Having ads all over your site wasn't enough? Taking once free to play minigames and locking them behind different paywalls, what the fuck?

No. 194706

not that this negates your point that the double membership is an evil cashgrab but the double membership has been around since at least 2014 i think. webkinz is the only successful thing ganz has so they they milk it for all its worth. Didn't anyone play amazing world. I gave it a try a couple times but as I was a teen by then I didn't stick with it. Didn't realize they closed it until several years later. I kind of want to try the facebook figure game they had and closed down called Tail Town

No. 194708

File: 1649092969110.jpeg (46.75 KB, 480x360, B51611A5-2BE0-4AE3-A76D-6D16B8…)

I was a yard sale mogul.

No. 194709

File: 1649093840842.jpeg (87.79 KB, 929x727, F1D8E4E6-8BDE-4B93-B546-394C05…)

What are some games you wanted but couldn’t have?

No. 194711

>at least 2014
Well I joined in 2007 and stopped playing maybe 2010? Played on and off though, to revisit it, I don't care when they added the double membership it's stupid! It's like when Poptropica added membership but at least their membership didn't really mess with the gameplay.
This looks familiar?

No. 194713

File: 1649094663867.png (1.29 MB, 1302x482, Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 18.49…)

Crayola used to do these PC games, these are the two I remember. Paint 'n Pony Play and Magic Princess Paper Doll Maker. These were the shit, and I was totally obsessed with them.

No. 194714

File: 1649094977087.jpeg (219.51 KB, 1010x1000, F6C1F17E-DBF9-4999-8472-6DB1E5…)

Anyone else play this game obsessively?

No. 194715

File: 1649095106014.png (142.07 KB, 300x240, mlp_g3.png)

i will die saying that generation three of my little pony was the best generation. am i blinded by nostalgia? maybe. but i miss the times before the mlp community became a place for weird brony coomers and edgy gore lovers.

No. 194717

File: 1649095308660.jpg (21.51 KB, 256x384, 403683.jpg)

I used to play Nintendogs so much as a child/tween. In one particular playthrough I had almost unlocked all of the stuff and I had so many dogs with weird names kek. I even joined a dedicated forum and I remember trying to find out if two dogs could have puppies together with other people from the forum (you couldn't, it was just a rumor).

I also had this game (picrel) that my dad got for me at a local mall. I disliked it at first because I thought the graphics were "too childish" but then it ended up being one of my favourite games and I played with it so much. You could have these cute-looking puppies and a big house to decorate with all sorts of furniture you could obtain by doing minigames. There was a poker minigame that I showed my dad at some point and he liked playing it too!

No. 194718

File: 1649095393413.gif (49.99 KB, 220x165, nintendogs-shiba-inu.gif)

No. 194719

File: 1649095761334.jpg (20.94 KB, 300x420, 569525.jpg)

Samefag, I wonder if someone beside me knows of this pink Gameboy bootleg

No. 194721

File: 1649096102792.jpg (229.26 KB, 1024x768, 9ba57db96cbb26799042931641d4cb…)

you just reminded me of this game!! I played it so much as a kid. is it the older version of the one you've posted? I miss playing it so much.

No. 194722

File: 1649096506931.jpg (122.29 KB, 800x600, game-2012-04-03-21-03-07.jpg)

i had the super monkey ball one. somehow the battery still hasnt died

me too nonna.. i could never get into mlpfim but gen 3 ponies were the shit

No. 194723

File: 1649096573565.jpg (34.72 KB, 500x246, ecf866055bef10368cfcee0ac1e469…)

these were my prized possessions, I am still upset that I lost them

No. 194724

Millsberry.com. It was a ploy to sell cereal basically but it was really fun.

No. 194726

Oh it could be! That company made a lot of little games centered around animals and pets, though they all had different graphics for some reason.

No. 194728

Omg same. I had the one with pigtails and a blonde one.

No. 194732

File: 1649097739437.png (190.94 KB, 340x270, spacatty.png)

Betty spaghetti… I also had the twin tails one she came with a cat and a book about how to care for the cat, it was cute. I remember the rubber smell so well

No. 194735

File: 1649098006247.jpg (14.61 KB, 237x180, neo-mame32-934-1.jpg)

My grandma had a Windows 95 computer in her house and for some reason the mame32 emulator was installed. I used to randomly pick games and attempt to play them but I didn't know the keys.

No. 194745

why did i spend so much time on cereal company websites as a kid? this and the games on postopia took up so much of my time

No. 194758

File: 1649105239570.jpg (478.42 KB, 1600x1200, blockbuster (1).jpg)

I miss going to blockbuster </3

No. 194771

Saaame, we used to rent movies every week, a couple for us kids, a family flick, and then one just for the adults kek

No. 194772

File: 1649109713089.jpg (68.44 KB, 720x720, smilefries.jpg)

No. 194775

File: 1649110308817.jpeg (7.95 KB, 225x225, download (7).jpeg)

I miss my bunny giga pet. I got so engrossed in this rabbits life kek. I remember being confused why the bowl of dim sum always made him a little sick but now I know it's because it's fatty and salty hehe. I really want to try and get one of these online, this one specifically as I know there are a lot of different giga pets.

No. 194779

File: 1649110742085.jpeg (67.61 KB, 341x400, D9852078-7B00-487F-8740-0F645A…)

No. 194780

I had the Dalmatian, Bull terrier, black lab, beagle, & cocker spaniel. Could never find the husky apparently that one was rare

No. 194782

Wow you had so many, I had the golden retriever!

No. 194786

I'm wondering if anyone else played millsberry. I only played it a little bit then forgot about it because I didn't really care for it. I had a friend who was really into it though and that's why I started playing it.

No. 194787

Nintendogs, Zelda and the Four Swords, Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver, basically any Mario Bros games. Essentially most of the big title games for GBA and the DS because my mother said they were too expensive. I got the GBA and games from the local flea market. My DS [lite] was from a pawn shop, she was friends with the owner so that was super lucky. I eventually got big title DS games from my grandpa after I went to live with him. That was towards the end of the DS family life cycle but still, it was awesome. It's one of the great things about being an adult with expendable income, getting to buy a game just because I really want it. I just wondered if other poorfag nonnies felt the same lol

No. 194788

I had the husky! Apparently this one's rare, so I consider this to be one of my achievements in life lol.

No. 194791

I played Millsberry BUT do you remember the site it replaced? Youruletheskool or something like that. One day the website had a message saying it woas shut down then suddenly the url was redirected to Millsberry. I remember being so angry at first but Millsberry grew on me eventually.

No. 194792

I had all of them!! My best friend and I would pretend we had a puppy orphanage

No. 194793

No. 194796

wow I didn't even think to check the thread lol

No. 194797

I haven’t seen or thought about these things since maybe a couple years after they came out and this took me straight back. Wow. Probably still have them in a bin in my parents’ basement somewhere

No. 194825

This song sends me right back to 2007. I feel like I remember seeing the music video on Disney channel a lot. I really wanted to be like this when I was a teenager, but I was a neet whoops

No. 194826

I had a crayola game! What I remember from it was whenever you hovered over a color, a child's voice would say the color and it was really funny.
I had so many mlp figures from that generation I loved them so much, one came with a scooter, I had a castle for them that came with a hot air balloon. The castle had music. I remember when the mlp show came out I thought they were talking about the My Little Pony movies
>a website for a stupid brand
Yeah I think I went on that site, I know I basically looked up any website showed on tv that were advertised for kid games

No. 194832

File: 1649128151640.gif (169.56 KB, 500x333, Besw.gif)

I loved the Minish Cap and Wind Waker

No. 194834

File: 1649128245121.gif (974.42 KB, 500x427, 6iSl.gif)

No. 194841

I had one of these and fucking loved it

No. 194852

I loved this song so much! Hilary was a big part of my life growing up, her songs are pure nostalgia for me now.

No. 194855

File: 1649136092162.jpeg (10.19 KB, 302x400, images.jpeg)

mc donalds had amazing toys back then I still like to check out their latest toys but they are just so boring now

one of my favourite ones was this lumiere toy, I loved turning its light on and off. it was a set with toys of other characters too but I unfortunately couldn't complete the set.

No. 194857

Minish Cap was the first game I finished that wasn't turn based. I felt so proud.

No. 194861

File: 1649140621357.jpg (53.15 KB, 394x612, df1dffcf6fa82dae399d768f7f3d89…)

Everything Digimon-related. I miss the times so much when I would be so happy to get a new digimon toy. As if it brought me closer to that world.

No. 194870

Omg I had this one!!

No. 194875

File: 1649145369383.jpg (617.32 KB, 920x1218, UK 2001 Barbie-size920.jpg)

I used to be obsessed with their Barbies.

No. 194937

File: 1649169061210.jpg (126.54 KB, 1200x900, dang.jpg)

For me it was these. I got an insane amount of mileage out of happy meal toys as a kid due to how portable they are. I preferred it when they didn't come with weird gimmicks but the Lumiere light up thing was neat. You definitely unlocked that memory for me lol.

No. 194951

File: 1649173438825.png (1.35 MB, 1192x746, Screenshot 2022-04-05 at 09.03…)

Did any of you nonnies watch or read Old Bear? It was so wholesome and lovely.

No. 194954

File: 1649173764747.jpg (857.88 KB, 1516x2168, 8934807_so.jpg)

samefag, i just remembered this cursed musical with terrifyingly large ponies.

No. 194955

File: 1649173806595.gif (2.66 MB, 320x180, small.gif)

No. 194961

Omg I used to have and adore this one. There were little parts you can purchase and put inside to load in clothes and stuff, even.

No. 194972

File: 1649177907163.jpg (46.46 KB, 308x400, s-l400.jpg)

I was obsessed with these aquarium soaps as a kid, made me love to wash my hands kek. Same with brushing my teeth, the packaging of my toothbrush had a wolf on it so in my head it was "the wolf toothbrush", I loved brushing my teeth with it

No. 194974

File: 1649178420920.jpg (80.19 KB, 1500x847, 81mxP-cTopS._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

The coccolotti bears that would light up and had a scent? I can almost smell it when I think of them. I don't remember if I actually had one or if I was just always checking them in the toy section but I think I want to buy one just for nostalgia

No. 194975

BRO YES. This game was so lit when I was in like kindergarten. Probably my favorite game next to Jumpstart 4th grade which was the most based shit.

No. 194978

File: 1649179414481.jpeg (292.38 KB, 2000x2000, 68E13CAA-E15C-43F9-8B48-8D06B8…)

I loved the flocked animal keychains in general. I remember when we were at the mall I would always go to Claire’s and lust over them.

No. 194980

Yess! They were cartridges you could purchase separately. I still have mine but it doesn't turn on anymore (the batteries are probably bad now).

No. 194991

I have a ds that I've owned since childhood but was never really allowed to get any games unless they were from Five Below, so some years ago I bought both of these games and I love Minish Cap! I keep getting lost though and haven't played it in a while, I'm considering restarting it.

No. 195023

File: 1649191652627.jpg (43.42 KB, 396x500, s-l500.jpg)

>>194974 These were adorable! Still are honestly. Thank you for unlocking a memory

Also adding the flower fairy books. I want to give these to all the niblings because they have botanically accurate drawings and poems to teach kids about plants and trees.

No. 195024

File: 1649191916015.png (1.25 MB, 840x630, pogs.png)


No. 195027

i remember trading and collecting these at primary school here in the uk

No. 195031

File: 1649192985556.jpeg (65.54 KB, 500x375, 35C72B6F-2FDA-47C9-9853-3FBD1E…)

You just reminded me of these, I’m still salty about never getting mew.

No. 195033

File: 1649193462306.jpg (37.65 KB, 375x500, W7AzJjA.jpg)

The coffin box was my favorite.
Ah, those were my favorite from Claire's. Never got one but loved looking at the ones my friends had.
I had some, but my brother was the one into pogs. He even had a pog maker.
The dalmatians were my all time favorite. My grandma actually bought the 101 case of them from McDonald's.

No. 195060

A classmate in primary school stole my entire collection, it's been 20 years and i'm still upset

No. 195188

File: 1649247548743.jpg (66.22 KB, 500x491, 61wQZorCkOL._AC_.jpg)

Omg I completely forgot about those!! I can remember the smell too

I loved this game so much, it was adorable and the minigames were really fun.

No. 195204

Sue that bastard, nonnie.

No. 195322

OMG yes! I had the VHS and a Little Bear soft toy. I have no recollection of any of the actual episodes but they gave off really calming, old book-smell vibes

No. 195329

File: 1649279450800.gif (76.46 KB, 500x314, tumblr_ms3irl1llP1qiodg3o1_500…)

omg nonnie you just unlocked a new memory, I used to LOVE this game so much. I've never used roms but I'm very tempted to figure them out so I can play again

No. 195332

I used to spend hours on the Cartoon Network site playing their little flash games. This and Dexter's Labyrinth were my shit when I was about 7

No. 195333

I liked the platform games they had

No. 195334

File: 1649279909385.jpg (228.14 KB, 1010x1479, 18subojqrjj21.jpg)

Samefag but there were also the Barbie, MyScene, Polly Pocket & Diva Stars ones

No. 195338

File: 1649280434234.jpg (168.33 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

nona I had one of these and she would start talking in the middle of night kek but I loved it
Did anyone play the Little Bear Rainy Day Activities? It's one of my fondest memories it was so cozy. I also loved Strawberry Shortcake Amazing Cookie Party.

No. 195340


No. 195343

Yesssss, the PPG game was my shit. I also had the PPG games on PlayStation.

No. 195344

I've been wanting to play Dexter's Labyrinth again for so long

No. 195356


No. 195358

File: 1649286769326.jpg (196.37 KB, 275x493, Chobits_-_AutumnAmp.jpg)

Cute Winamp skins

No. 195360

File: 1649286796312.jpg (599.03 KB, 1124x1388, Tumblr_l_400153507437456.jpg)

Baby Phat perfumes and clothes

No. 195362

File: 1649286935937.jpg (87.23 KB, 750x750, Tumblr_l_400495427918784.jpg)

Colorful pens (and then breaking the ones with multiple colors by clicking too many down at the same time)

No. 195374

File: 1649290087404.png (14.55 KB, 480x320, 76-049.png)

Do it nonnie! I replayed it recently and it's still a lot of fun, everything about it is just super cute and endearing

No. 195396

fun fact, same creators as mario & luigi partners in time

No. 195399

I miss this. Spotify should add a custom player feature.

No. 195401

File: 1649300574453.jpg (146.5 KB, 1200x779, 9a2d358c9af54a53ee937efb1367d1…)

I really love this Strawberry Shortcake series as a kid back then.

No. 195406

File: 1649302360641.gif (767.94 KB, 640x400, new-super-mario-bros-nintendo-…)

This was my first DS game. I remember playing it on my friends DS so much and begging my mom to get me one. She did eventually but I had to share it with my sister and pay half the price of it. But it was fun

No. 195408

omg i had so many skins for winamp!! I really miss this

No. 195409

Those multiplayer battles were intense as a kid

No. 195410

Is there any kind of modern equivalent to this for music players now? I love this so much.

No. 195411

File: 1649303870871.jpg (62.89 KB, 750x748, c64e2ip9b2l11.jpg)

My favorite were the furbies! My mom worked across the street from a McDonalds and when they had the furbies she would go there for her lunch break once a week to get one for me since she knew I loved them so much. Happy memories.

No. 195419

File: 1649308180760.png (677.35 KB, 960x553, ac.png)

The original Animal Crossing was so charming and hilarious. Villagers would call you ugly and then steal your stuff.

No. 195445

File: 1649314508410.gif (995.45 KB, 500x281, truckdriving.gif)

I miss the feeling of the original Animal Crossing games. Everyone treated you like an outsider but eventually warmed up to you, that's how it SHOULD be (plus it's funny when they say mean shit to you). Now in the new games everyone's practically welded to you.

No. 195446

File: 1649314707834.png (4.56 MB, 1868x1401, beaniebabies.png)

Oh my god ALL my friends had these, I definitely had one or two but I forgot which ones. However we all DAMN WELL KNOW WHAT THE BEST MCDONALD'S TOYS WERE.

No. 195448

File: 1649314813783.bmp (77.88 KB, 169x147, wingedcheetah2.bmp)

Yoooo I had Catz 4 and Catz 5! That whole series of games were made by P.F. Magic. People still play them and make breeds you can download and play with. I loved breeding weird pets and getting cool-looking offspring.

No. 195451

I HAD THIS BOOK TOO! God the illustrations were so beautiful, and I love that she did ones for birth flowers and seasonal ones.

No. 195456

File: 1649316085048.jpeg (336.39 KB, 1152x755, D385696B-F041-428B-A011-D7A0CD…)

6 year old me wanted to be an architect so bad after getting a few Ello sets and making my Littlest Pet Shops play in my Escher-esque layouts every day. I was obsessed with them even though looking back they were so basic lmao

No. 195502

File: 1649329416607.png (278.8 KB, 540x405, tumblr_54ae40d3cddef03fb6cf045…)

Are these Betty Spaghetty or something similar? I posted about these on /ot/ recently. I had a friend who had dozens of them and I would play with them for hours, they were so much fun! Betty Spaghettys > Barbies, Stacies, those ugly pornified Bratz

Lmao I still eat these….

Nonny oh my God I had one of these and it smelled of Strawberries and was pink, it was delicious I would smell it all the time. They were made of that felt covered plastic that would rub away if it got wet and it was so soft. One of my favourites for sure.

No. 195505

File: 1649329702162.jpg (194.19 KB, 900x650, shutterstock_1354816739.jpg)

I don't understand how they got away with making these Polly Pocket's so small, such a choking hazard lol I had one that was heart shaped and pink back in the 90s. Is it just me or are so many girls toys so much nicer in the 80s/90s/00s than anything later? Like even just the old Polly Pocket looks so much cuter than any newer redesigns, or is it just the nostalgia talking?

No. 195506

File: 1649330020027.gif (230.35 KB, 359x277, 1469117487-messenger-nudge.gif)

I miss MSN!
I still get smile fries too hehe

No. 195507

File: 1649330033356.jpg (29.41 KB, 425x391, 1.jpg)

myscene was my favorite doll brand growing up

No. 195508

Omg I remember having a green one that made a goofy noise when you turned it upside down

No. 195509

Those fur shawls were everything, still wish I had one

No. 195510

File: 1649330320811.jpeg (296.33 KB, 1280x720, FFA7E06F-B7FC-41CE-A21F-EEE1CD…)

I had one with buttons on the back to change her expression, so funny and weird. I wonder if it's worth more now.

Will also post a pic of the website where I played all the games.

No. 195511

File: 1649330433541.jpeg (70.98 KB, 729x501, B9F4CB30-19E0-43A0-99EA-8E554B…)

I remember there was a makeover game, and ones for home decorating, clothes design, you could even style their boyfriends. It was so fun, probably the best of the doll games websites

No. 195512

Kekkk I remember her! I thought this was the coolest shit ever when I saw the commercial

No. 195513

Madison is my fav

No. 195515

my fave is nolee!

No. 195516

I loved the nail art game

No. 195528

I was that annoying friend who would always send those pop-up animations (forgot what they were called) that everyone hated, I cringe so hard looking back lol

No. 195532

The 80's and 90's realized that girl's toys were still a hugely untapped market, so toy companies did everything they could to get girls to buy their stuff. Competition really brought out the best in them.

No. 195533

Me too! It was one of my favourite programs to use on pc, I remember trying to pick the perfect song to show on my profile and wasting my time lol

No. 195536

My dad taught me that if I google "barbie homepage" and click the first link I could play barbie games whenever I wanted. One time I decided to click the third link instead and it led me to myscene website. And I loved it more, especially the nail art and the clothes shopping game. Madison was my favourite too!

No. 195541

File: 1649346573172.png (824.74 KB, 618x466, EEE551E8-053E-4081-8AB3-98C6C2…)

I remember playing animal crossing wild world all day and night with my sister. I miss those days greatly

No. 195542

File: 1649346655514.png (110.49 KB, 340x191, DB457984-E96B-4F15-88B3-52BE53…)

No. 195543

File: 1649346946322.jpg (62.18 KB, 353x500, MV5BMTIzNDM0NjAxNV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

bratz anons, what is your favorite bratz movie? nothing will ever top rock angelz for me. a cinematic masterpiece.

No. 195544

The one where they turn into fairies, I always wanted to be the green one

No. 195546

i like that even though he's scary and evil, they still gave pikachu fluffy bangs kek. i miss making fun of lost episode / cursed vidya creepypastas

No. 195556

File: 1649350553347.png (1.68 MB, 939x751, icecream.png)

Mmmm I'm craving ice cream

No. 195568

Omg nonnies please help but does anyone remember when Treasure Planet came out and they had a collab with this website where you could make your own ice cream flavours and I think run an ice cream factory?

No. 195571

Rock Angels has to be my favorite. I really liked their first 2d movie as well, probably a close second favorite. the worst was all the Bratz baby shit, and also the sleepover Bratz kids movie. It genuinely scared the shit out of me as a kid lol

No. 195582

Did anyone else ever play this game, I feel like I was the only one who owned it

No. 195588

LOL nonnie, I love you SO fucking much. I still buy this exact soap to this very day. ITs the only soap I ever get. I hope they wont discontinue it ever because Id be devastated. I always have like 5 of them in my lil storage

No. 195589

File: 1649359360909.jpg (213.02 KB, 600x532, matey-bottles-cutout2.jpg)

when i was a kid i had these bubble baths and i would make them dive into the water from the side of the bath and swim

No. 195629

File: 1649367511033.png (1.38 MB, 2008x584, HumungousEntertainmentComplete…)

Did anyone play Humongous Entertainment games as a child like Putt-Putt/Freddi Fish/ Pajama Sam? I really like the Junior Field Trip games/ let's go to games with Buzzy. I bought the complete pack during the winter sale for half off and I still enjoy the junior Field trip games. I've been busy so I haven't tried all the games in the pack but played a couple of the games like I played as a child like Putt-Putt and Pep's Ballon-O-Rama and Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo. the zoo one I played with people who played it as a child so they were so happy, we're all in out mid-20s now.

No. 195637

File: 1649369486378.jpg (110.14 KB, 1184x975, 71yMcZLO8BL._AC_SL1200_.jpg)

Had this exact Tamagotchi when I was younger. It even came with a guitar pick. I miss it

No. 195639

File: 1649369656114.jpg (43.02 KB, 500x454, magenta_flowers.jpg)

this was mine!!!! my first ever one

No. 195649

File: 1649371518539.jpg (13.43 KB, 246x266, LPScat.jpg)

Speaking of virtual pets, I didn't have tamagotchi but I had this. I didn't really know how to use it and glitched a lot but had fun for like 10 mins

No. 195650

File: 1649371657220.jpg (27.53 KB, 695x441, tamagotchi1997.jpg)

Oh man, I still have mine, it looks like the pink one and it has kuchipatchi (which only now I'm learning the name..)

No. 195653

This thing tastes so good.

No. 195658

File: 1649373783477.jpeg (180.46 KB, 1280x1280, 77C8A648-E721-40DB-A588-04F3BD…)

My first one was the original in purple. It grew up into Kuchipatchi and I loved him so much. When he died I was heartbroken and I buried it in the backyard kek. I didn’t know you could push a button to restart. Found it 10 years later when I was gardening. Thankfully I’d had several others in the meantime so my Tamagotchi love went on.

No. 195665

File: 1649376839813.jpg (24.23 KB, 480x360, barbie.jpg)

Anon….anon my beloved…I loved playing Pajama Sam as a kid! I still remember some of the stupid shit you had to do. My favorite was always the third one.

This whole thread has lifted my spirits immensely. From the gen 3 mlp posting (best gen for sure btw), to the old PPG games that haunt me, the Dogs/Catz games….all of it. To contribute, here's a Barbie game called Barbie Storymaker from 1997. I used to play the shit out of this with my sister. You could set up scenes with different characters and make them walk around on set paths with the most obnoxious midi music. You could also print out a picture of the scene, but it froze our computer every time we tried.

No. 195672

I also loved this game!! This and Magic Theatre were so fun to make stupid stories in.
Of course, the Barbie one was cooler, but our CD was so scratched that it needed a blood sacrifice for it to work.

No. 195695


No. 195701

File: 1649393329848.png (212.51 KB, 380x382, finalformputtputtsteam.png)

funnily enough my friends and I while were watching were like as much as we've played this we've never seen the zoo song, and were like okay.. this song keeps going and reusing animation …. Also with the steam link app I can play Putt-Putt saves the zoo on my iPad. I was playing during my courses next to my friend just to tease her, because her parents didn't let her play games as a kid but this was one of the ones she got to play so she loves it.
>picrel cursed putt-putt goes to the moon in steam community page

No. 195712

File: 1649401208262.jpeg (68.06 KB, 629x488, images-1.jpeg)

I miss girlsense so much. I could only played it for like a year before it shut down. My boutique got featured on the front page one time too bad I didn't knew how to take screenshots on pc then.

No. 195723

File: 1649403923069.png (25.62 KB, 800x600, 65963960-45EC-44C2-8512-E406A1…)

No. 195728

Had this exact one omfg I thought I was hot shit clipping it to my jeans belt loop and taking it to school kek

No. 195809

File: 1649424372006.jpg (59.37 KB, 400x255, 375892-20070528183136.jpg)

anyone ever visit kiddonet? i used to play the shittiest dress up games on there and just browse through the user uploaded art like picrel. i thought these artists were on another level for being able to draw like this ~on a computer~ omg

yes. to this day molasses makes me think of the cooking section
i blame these for making me so fascinated with miniatures as an adult
arthurs computer adventure was better

No. 195811

omg I love putt-putt

No. 195833

File: 1649428911878.jpg (439.16 KB, 1530x1099, kiddonet.jpg)

I loved kiddonet! I noticed people mentioned girlsense but no one mentioned kiddonet. I only played girlsense through kiddonet, though. I loved that one garden game in the drawing board but I couldn't find any screenshots of it.

No. 195835

File: 1649429991075.jpg (24.48 KB, 400x400, Jason_400x400.jpg)

I just looked up Putt-Putt's voice actor and, uh… he's hot.

No. 195836

This program blew every other art program, professional or not, out of the water.

No. 195838

I love putt-putt even more now… damn

No. 195841

His voice got hot, too.

No. 195843

neat gonna have to tell the group chat later

No. 195847

File: 1649432442477.jpg (20.57 KB, 425x341, 41JJRRY63NL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

i loved this game so much. bejeweled genie bottle that you use as a controller? this is an underutilized medium and it NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT BACK. i need a magic genie controller for everything in life. it was so pretty and the game was so fun.

i'm so jealous right now.

No. 195848

File: 1649432465797.jpg (184.39 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

in game pics

No. 195849

File: 1649432634670.jpg (20.68 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

for 2000 tell me these graphics were not extremely ahead of their time. barbie pet rescue

No. 195850

File: 1649432790533.png (1.37 MB, 1890x949, myhorse.png)

When will bella sara be back I want to see my horses

No. 195856

File: 1649433419109.jpg (96.87 KB, 1280x720, download (3).jpg)

No. 195866

holy shit nonnie I loved these tasty plastic spheres so much! i did the exact same things. this toy was ahead of its time. I found the portfolio of the designer a long time ago. so much thought went into the dumb plastic shapes. when I was too old for toys and i got rid of them I was still finding those little sticks around the house for years

No. 195877

File: 1649438298300.jpg (51.1 KB, 600x364, 28beanie.1.600.jpg)

I miss this obvious webkinz ripoff so fucking badly. I could never get into webkinz but I had a massive beanie baby collection and when beanie babies 2.0 came out I was right in my element. Bubble Gum the pink zebra… someday we will meet again…

No. 195879

File: 1649438540413.jpg (108.04 KB, 894x697, 0bc7b7f676481ad82459136d500b44…)

Samefag but TY GIRLS. OH MY GOD. I miss Ty Girls so much. Hip Hannah was my most beloved possession for a while. I remember my mom and I putting in random code combinations to try to get into the site and one of our combinations worked kek good lord I want to go back NOW.

No. 195905

omg i've never seen these dolls before they're cute i love their names

No. 195912

who remembers the disney circle of stars?

No. 195914

best one

No. 195933

kek my mom stopped buying these because I refused to eat them, it made me sad

No. 195934

File: 1649448278934.jpeg (24.85 KB, 300x168, A2FA6BBA-52E8-478E-9C5F-5A0DA4…)

Zoombinis. This level caused me so much anguish.desperately trying to make pizza for these disgusting assholes so my little beanies that I made myself don’t get hurled into a machine and killed. It was emotional self harm.

No. 195935

They’re just there for aesthetics but they’re actually quite disgusting.

No. 195953

File: 1649453653393.png (207.98 KB, 796x595, imposssibru.png)

Remember the impossible quiz? My favorite question was "Why did the mexican throw his wife off a cliff? Tequila"

No. 195955

File: 1649453910096.png (51.52 KB, 640x527, Clipboard-20210214.png)

Anybody else have EA kids art center as a kid? I've been looking for a torrent of it for years

No. 195974

File: 1649457210375.jpg (52.02 KB, 500x500, dreamlife.jpg)

Oh I never had that but wanted it so bad, I did have this thing, though, Dream Life! I miss plug and play games.

No. 195997

File: 1649461839227.jpg (82.33 KB, 500x375, disney-kitchen.jpg)

No. 196002

File: 1649462854116.gif (72.96 KB, 500x275, bellywashers.gif)

No. 196033

Zoombinis was the number one game in my 2nd and 3rd grade computer classes. Some of us hated Math Blasters or Oregon Trail but we ALL loved Zoombinis (none of us ever beat it lol).

No. 196034

Anyone ever play all the cool Nickelodeon clickamajigs? Looking back at them makes me nostalgic for 90's Nickelodeon where it always felt like summer vacation.

No. 196111

Ugh I loved my Dream Life, I came so close to having one just a couple of months ago but the moid who was selling it sold it from under me!

No. 196112

Omg gathering around the computer in the classroom and watching people take turns trying to get as far as possible, I miss it

No. 196114

File: 1649504186005.jpg (125.96 KB, 500x500, WHL04.jpg)

i can still smell them

No. 196121

I still have mine! You can still get these too, I saw them at Walmart!

No. 196122

File: 1649507436262.jpeg (74.25 KB, 736x867, fcd69c81-ffae-42cb-bbbd-97baaa…)

In the same vein, i had one or two magic wands with fiber optic glow
My grandpa bougt them for me at the circus lol
Picrel not exactly the same design

No. 196134

File: 1649515581437.jpg (58.69 KB, 500x448, 7937479.jpg)

I really regret not getting these kinds of toys from Disneyland when I was little. They were SO cool (I ended up getting a Simba plush toy).

No. 196135

I had this exact one! Thanks for unlocking that memory for me, anon. I unfortunately have no idea what happened to it.

No. 196180

Did anyone watch The Fabulous Life of Bratz when they were younger? It was a homemade youtube series about a crazy bratz doll that murdered people. I was OBSESSED with this series as a kid. I wish the creator would unprivate the videos, this was such a huge part of my childhood.

No. 196186

File: 1649532159490.jpg (43.7 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

I could have been an LPS tuber back in the day, I had so many LPS and gave them all names, personalities, drama, knew which ones would start shit with each other… If only I had a camera.

No. 196196

I had three toys similar to these but they came with tiny horses

No. 196228

File: 1649547869327.jpg (13.25 KB, 270x203, LPS-Logo-littlest-pet-shop-412…)

If i had access to the internet when i was smaller i would've been obsessed with them ngl
Damn the logo still give me a rush of dopamine after all these years hahaha

No. 196231

File: 1649548542815.jpg (127.96 KB, 1020x765, cake-mania-screenshot.jpg)

I miss time management genre. All of the og cake mania games don't run anymore (If they do, they eventually crash), and of all the current TM games on steam I liked Hearts Hospital.

No. 196255


nonnas i feel like we grew up in the same household, i played all of these games too. i miss having a designated computer room and sitting in front of the box for hours playing with no end in sight. if this feeling were a drug i'd fucking OD on it.

No. 196299

File: 1649578115017.jpg (16.11 KB, 425x357, 41HW0AH5VKL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

The designs were actually adorable, you don't see stuff like this anymore.
I forgot about the scooter, I had pic rel. Her little bag is a slay.
Bella Sara just reminds me of how much money my poor mom spent getting me those stupid cards.

No. 196398

I am able to play diner dash, cooking dash, plantasia, and your picrel of cake mania on from shockwave I bought unlimited but you can trial but you can buy it directly from them or trial an unlimited membership for a month or at least I did https://www.shockwave.com/gamelanding/cakemania.jsp

No. 196399

anon I have the scooter pony too, but shes a darker pink, after this semester ends in a week I'll go find her

No. 196531

File: 1649653035116.png (36.03 KB, 256x384, Casino_Luigi.png)

The minigames were pretty fun especially in multiplayer. Also fuck you Luigi for being a lucky cheater. Kinda taught me how to play poker though.

No. 196539

I had a Scootaloo with a blue scooter

No. 196678

File: 1649692010501.jpeg (35.7 KB, 334x298, Super_Princess_Peach.jpeg)

in 2006 my parents bought me a white ds lite and this game

No. 196685

My scooter was purple

No. 196690

File: 1649695853755.jpeg (236.07 KB, 750x867, 79638204-0706-4EC2-A550-46071C…)

loved these books

No. 196748

File: 1649714971985.jpg (18.48 KB, 286x333, kenzie.JPG)

For me it was Kenzie. Looking back now, I think Madison looks incredible.

No. 196752

File: 1649716116288.png (397.11 KB, 432x707, careandkeepingofyou.png)

No. 196753

File: 1649716246754.png (215.48 KB, 299x333, 299px-Rockett's_New_School_cov…)

was anyone into the paper moon games? i remember being so excited by the concept only to get the game and be a little disappointed that no matter what you did, the game kind of went the same way

No. 196754

Oh my god same, but they were always checked out from my elementary school library!

No. 196756

File: 1649717412111.jpg (79.56 KB, 640x480, screen1.jpg)

I remember theses books, also would get the ISpy Spooky mansion on PC, and my dad burned it on a cd for us

No. 196761

Realising now how much their game characters looked like Bratz dolls

No. 196762

File: 1649718557719.jpg (148.48 KB, 1149x860, 71WKZt1FKZL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

i still think these are so fucking cool. i wish mine didnt break

No. 196773

File: 1649725006719.jpg (573.33 KB, 1600x1505, skydancer.jpg)

Almost decapitated a few relatives with this doll. I had the turquoise one. I'm sad I didn't keep any of my childhood toys.

No. 196777

I’ve never met anyone else that had this game! I was also disappointed by the not-so-different routes but the concept was very elevated to my dumb little kid brain.

No. 196783

File: 1649729775775.jpg (958.09 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20220411-221541_Chr…)

I had hundreds of these downloaded.

No. 196784

I was so good at launching these fuckers, it'd hold the base down with my feet and just yank the cord with both hands and it'd take off and amaze all my friends kek

No. 196793

She's one of my faves too but she acted like a cow in the movies lol.

No. 196794

File: 1649737730223.jpeg (22.21 KB, 600x315, 50C59CD2-8C7D-437C-AD71-C21CA0…)

I was obsessed with these as a kid, but would somehow get them stuck in my hair like an absolute idiot. I just loved watching the little sea critters float around

No. 196796

File: 1649738218182.jpeg (48.49 KB, 490x626, FB14673C-AA6B-433C-90C3-68A96A…)

i wanted one of these so bad

No. 196797

File: 1649738730272.jpg (299.82 KB, 1080x1064, wVXCB1c.jpg)

Don't ask me why but this was one of those things i always wanted as a kid but never got… they always had them in gift shops and such but I couldn't get one for some reason. Maybe I'll use my adult money to obtain it now

No. 196798

ANON I was gifted one of these recently for the same reason. Always wanted one as a kid but never had one. Receiving it made me feel a happiness I hadn’t felt since I was little! It’s the silliest thing

No. 196800

I got the first one for a birthday, I loved it so much

No. 196801

Oh my GOD I would spend hours going directly to the doll makers websites to download different ones for free without having to have a subscription to the site. I remember playing each of those makers on that screenshot. I was particularly obsessed with the ones by the creators Kimiki and Silent Angel. I remember awkwardly finding a lot of lewd ones too and just kind of brushing it off at 12 years old like "huh this one is weird but onto the next one!"

No. 196811

They haven't all dried up by now? I know it was a complaint of people who found their childhood ones

No. 196817

File: 1649751105526.jpg (37.59 KB, 600x300, enxj1rxd0rl21.jpg)

Skannerz. Battling and collecting monsters from barcodes.

No. 196818

aaaah I remember I wanted to have one so badly

No. 196831

These things were so lethal.

Also, reminded me of this video ^

No. 196842

File: 1649764471345.jpeg (82.51 KB, 392x475, 9193A244-B6DF-4BDC-BC2C-2E7E3D…)

No. 196846

I wrote to Jane Hissey as a child and she wrote back. She's really nice!

No. 196859

I loved the books and remember the TV/VHS episodes too. Found them on youtube. The stop motion was so comfy.

that's really sweet. I love when authors take the time to do that <3

No. 196871

File: 1649782123150.jpeg (44.81 KB, 270x270, F24C0284-39F2-4A02-A52D-D092F5…)

This horrible game
My cousin forgot it at grandma’s and i inherited it
Thinking back, this mustve been the start of my car autism

No. 196872

File: 1649782784120.png (1.19 MB, 667x832, l'imagerie des princesses.png)

this book. it was my favorite as a child, i brought it everywhere with me until the spine and cover image started to wear out. i think some girl mistook my copy for hers and took it because she had the same one. now, it isnt being sold in the supermarket i got it from and it costs like 10 euros in Fnac, wtf ! i just wish i had my copy of it back, i hope i just have it lost somewhere in my house, i am beginning to get sad and hopeless…
otherwise though it really was a great book visually and was packed with information and stories. it was so awesome. highly recommend to nonitas with children or just nonitas that enjoy media aimed at children like i do.

No. 196879

File: 1649784398425.jpeg (248.95 KB, 1032x1280, l-imagerie-de-la-nature.jpeg)

I had a similar book as a kid, but instead of princesses it was about nature. I actually still have it tucked away on my bookshelf lol

No. 196880

Omg I had this too!!

No. 196884

AYRT, i only still have the space one which i bought as a teenager not even interested in space. there's a recipe in there for an edible spaceship that calls for using almond paste as the base and i have been thinking of making it ever since i read the book, havent got around to doing that yet. they are all so awesome, my supermaket had a library with all of these so i would sit and read them while my family would be gathering things.
wish there was a PDF scan compilation of them but i know i would enjoy them less that way because of how much the real deal/physical copy feels better to me… but i still sort of want them anyway, AAAH.

No. 196887

Damn I would've loved the space one. I was huge into space as a kid (and kinda still am lol). The edible spaceship thing sounds interesting tho. Update us if you ever do end up making it, nonna!

No. 196888

I was at a birthday party of my friend once and she had one, I think the pink one. And she pressed the buttons and the thing moved, I was amazed, how is this possible?? Now I'm an adult and I can guess how it works but please can you tell me the name of these things, I want to see a video of it

No. 196890

File: 1649786630039.jpg (992.05 KB, 2667x1779, whrf-sign-b[1].jpg)

Hell yeah Midtown Madness 2
>never racing, just cruise mode
>killing cops
>setting pedestrian density to maximum to try to run over them (they were immortal)
>remembering where every single breakable glass panel was and trying to drive through all of them before your car gets too banged up and starts emitting black smoke
>random san francisco features forever etched into my mind
>driving through lombard street's gardens just to see those flowers fly around
It was years before I finally got to kill those pedestrians in GTA

No. 196893

File: 1649787149021.jpg (392.15 KB, 974x1200, l_imageriedelaferme_1200x1200[…)

This was mine!!!
They were weirdly informative too, I read it again recently and there's stuff in it that even adults aren't supposed to know

No. 196918

File: 1649793369043.jpg (75.75 KB, 700x700, livre-l-imagerie-des-pourquoi.…)

Aaaaaah i had some of them too!!! The one on christmas and the one on history. Also they made some new editions with an absolutely soulless artstyle so fuck me ig

No. 196930

File: 1649796004784.jpeg (121.31 KB, 800x477, D6EFA2A3-D895-4D24-A4A4-201E75…)

Lol im so happy to share those random memories
I actually went to San Francisco and walked around trying to find the cool secret building you can drive on the walls of (picrel)
Also led to my some of my first english words being IM WALKING HERE

No. 196932

Yesss I recognize the sculpture! If you had a small enough car you could drive on it but if you did it with the humvee you could get stuck forever in the geometry lol
>I actually went to San Francisco and walked around trying to find the cool secret building
Did you squeal and point whenever you recognized the buildings? That's what I would have done

No. 196939

File: 1649799378592.jpeg (80.32 KB, 535x390, 52A59769-F24B-49D2-8B34-52896E…)


No. 196941

File: 1649799497045.jpeg (226.5 KB, 1261x606, 83773B74-FC76-4884-9E24-D25F64…)

Samefag, this isn’t as old but I will NEVER forgive Zynga for buying out my favorite site and shutting it down like a month later…. Iminlikewithyou/OMGPOP was my life source and I wish I could retvrn…

No. 196947

File: 1649801561189.jpeg (9.18 KB, 259x194, ontherunclassic.jpeg)

on the run, I always wondered what happened to the series because they had two spin-offs though of course I preferred classic. I found a website and have it downloaded so I can play whenever, but of course it would be nice to upload my score to miniclip, since I never beat it as a child. I also have the bluemaxima flashpoint project which has ffx runner

No. 196950

File: 1649802016971.png (140.99 KB, 666x350, 5904384332375.png)

Oh yeah, what a blast from the past. I adored Strong Bad. Loved listening to his angry email replies

No. 196958

Strong Bad! Oh my gosh. There was a dragon in Elden Ring with a similar name to Tragdor and i couldnt stop singing that song. I miss Strong Bad.
Tragdor was a man… No he was a dragon man

No. 196961

Yeah I loved this as a kid. They still upload stuff to their youtube sometimes.

It's Trogdor!

No. 196969

Anybody have go on any obscure sites when they were younger? I used to go on this one website called 27secrets, or something like that, and I think it was a site where you made your own homepage? All I did for hours a day as a kid was scroll through mermaid spells that were for whatever reason located on this now defunct site. none of the mermaid spells ever worked, unfortunately…

No. 197003

File: 1649820400337.jpg (83.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i wonder if anyone still remembers the beautiful disaster that was doodletoo. i used to go on there all the time to watch people draw cats and anime girls and make my own shitty cursor drawings and then someone else would be in the corner drawing a penis

draw my thing was the shit

No. 197007

lodged in my brain for eternity

No. 197012

god I spent sooo much time downloading and attempting to draw and program my own KiSS dolls. I’ve never met anyone else that was into them! Kimiki and Silent Angel were god-level to 13 year old me.

I remember the one in ops post “Playgirl” by Light had a bloody pantyliner hidden in one of her outfits if you clicked on the underwear enough to remove it. Totally creepy moid shit to me now but as a kid I was like you, “huh that’s weird, moving on!”

I had probably a hundred of them on a hard drive that was later lost. One of these days I’m gonna see if you can load them on a modern computer.

No. 197020

File: 1649832550429.jpg (1.1 MB, 1200x800, 9781338353136.jpg)

I too enjoyed reading I Spy books how fascinating the photos look.

No. 197023

File: 1649836875117.jpg (52.08 KB, 640x480, 1_G1FL3RL.jpg)

Recently replayed Tarzan, which was one of my favorite games growing up. The music is amazing and has such a nice atmosphere

No. 197035

I had this too!! I love the musics as well and some areas of the game (liek when you go really high up on the branches) are very beautiful.

No. 197041

I was obsessed with these books. Even after finding all the items, I'd just stare at the photos, taking in all the little details. I'd sit there for hours. My cousin was spoiled and he always had every big popular toy/game/whatever, including the full book set of these.

No. 197115

I remember the knife in the first level that you had to walk backwards at the start to get, I felt so clever for finding it

No. 197118

File: 1649879837231.jpg (50.23 KB, 336x406, 352x500.jpg)

I loved this series so much, but I had a book about the outer space and fairies/witches! I loved them so much, wish I could browse again… The princess one sounds wonderful too!

No. 197129

this game
psst j'y joue encore sur blablaland.fun

No. 197133

There was this old CD rom game I used to play. It was educational and had certain parts in it like learning geography in a bee hive, there was a segment with a bunch of ants, and there was a cave with a bat… I forget the name of it but does this sound familiar to anyone else?

No. 197137

File: 1649885732174.jpg (84.13 KB, 1024x768, airxonix.jpg)

the unsettling music at the start screen, the liminal quality of the space, with the weird lofi patterns, the rush when you make your run and a ball is super close to your path, the cute little voice. this game had a real grip on me when i was a kid.

No. 197138

File: 1649887265626.jpeg (573.23 KB, 1500x1500, original.jpeg)

I had one of the Anne Geddes butterfly baby dolls. Now the wing fabric looks kinda cheap to me but I used to think they were so beautiful. I still find them relaxing to look at.

No. 197144

File: 1649889737296.jpg (65.09 KB, 500x500, baneofmyexistence.jpg)

why was this game so fucking hard

No. 197149

File: 1649890869492.jpg (14.52 KB, 255x218, MAX COMES TO EARTH.jpg)


No. 197150

File: 1649892214457.jpeg (222.57 KB, 1500x1345, 6C82F19D-0BFC-4630-9C0C-983C1C…)

I spent an entire summer as a child replaying this game over and over again

No. 197152

File: 1649893116111.jpeg (396.78 KB, 1941x1500, 8D5C702F-AF95-427E-B6D6-FF63E9…)

I loved looking at all of the food when I was a little one

No. 197155

File: 1649894490143.jpeg (14.52 KB, 300x255, E426B84C-BED1-4B66-AB2C-704570…)

I remember having this plate and the plastic food, I loved playing with this even though I despised how I could never mix the mashed potatoes with the peas, I mean, who wouldn’t do that? I would’ve done it, but that shit was plastic and kid me was always frustrated trying to magically mix the two pieces of plastic by putting them on the same spot and thinking
>you know what? This shit is mixed, I don’t care anymore.
While feeding my sleepy pooh bear for the 8th time of the day.

No. 197164

File: 1649896637247.jpeg (55.98 KB, 800x450, LGiTlrqLwJoFWxt-800x450-noPad.…)

zoo pals

No. 197165

File: 1649897112311.jpeg (152.16 KB, 750x528, BA173A92-AA64-42F1-9D94-8AA7D9…)

Slim chance lol but did anyone else hangout on the Always Pads website geared towards preteens? Lol

No. 197166

File: 1649897922320.jpg (102.84 KB, 900x790, 618d_1_MainForWeb-1.jpg)

I was obsessed with Zoobooks as a kid. I remember really liking the owl and birds of prey issues

No. 197167

If I could find my old GBA I might still be able to play this. What level did you get stuck on the most nona? For me it was the Sleeping Beauty quests

No. 197179

brb my brothers fighting for the frog

No. 197182

File: 1649906905658.jpeg (42.22 KB, 500x375, 60EBA8FA-9FC4-4FC7-AE05-641C3C…)

my sis and I were OBSESSED, we always begged to get them. funny how such a simple gimmick goes so far

No. 197183

I remember playing that and other DS games (Mario Kart and Mario Party) on the bus ride to school with my friend, but Wild World was the coziest.

No. 197184

File: 1649907250610.jpg (80.12 KB, 564x752, dd094dfe6b78756e799fc1cc2834ec…)

A classic

No. 197185

File: 1649908045798.gif (6.43 MB, 372x280, 27AD86C1-ADC2-454F-825E-6B7EE9…)

Did anyone else watch these Cabbage Patch kids movies? Good shit

No. 197190

I used to have the boys vs girls build a treehouse one on a vhs tape. Weird but cute

No. 197191

Omg I had this too and loved it so much

No. 197193

File: 1649911509561.jpeg (47.38 KB, 432x486, EB34FD57-CC62-42CD-8AC1-945CF2…)

Loved the forest game

No. 197195

ntayrt yes! I wanted to collect all the gemstones. This person on youtube uploaded all the secret path games and I watch them every couple of months.

No. 197196

I remember something like this, of a different brand maybe? But anyway it unlocked the memory of the days when representatives came to school and gathered girls to give presentations on female anatomy and pads stuff. I loved getting all those free samples lol.

No. 197197

27secrets brought back so many memories, but when I try to google it I get absolutely nothing. Was it maybe called something else, a different number? Does anyone remember?

No. 197225

Barbie Riding Club and Barbie Pet Rescue were so good when I was little! I even tried to make a virtual machine so I can play them again heh

No. 197226

the Sabrina game Spellbound was also comfy as heck

No. 197233

OH MY GOD YES. i completely forgot about this, wow. i wasn't even close to getting my period yet but i still visited

No. 197256

>I wonder if it's worth more now
Funny that you ask that because a few days ago I randomly learned that because of this face moving system their faces apparently melt (it usually occurs if two different plastics are close to each other but not sure if it's the case here) so they're probably not worth much.

No. 197260

File: 1649946051120.png (486.91 KB, 894x403, OLho0NA.png)

i was obsessed with these. also had the dragonology handbook which i carried everywhere with me

No. 197261

File: 1649946099838.jpg (84.68 KB, 642x595, sc.jpg)

samefag, this was another one i loved

No. 197265

I really enjoyed watching this show and Fresh Prince of Bel Air

No. 197269

File: 1649948409413.jpg (61.64 KB, 412x500, 51R9G7fdG-L.jpg)

Did anyone read Princess Alyss of Wonderland? I would read this book over and over for hours. I still have it! I should dig it out and read it again.

No. 197270

File: 1649948600868.jpg (73.96 KB, 960x540, 72968.jpg)

I miss watching Animal Planet every morning and afternoon I didn't have school, it was part of my routine. Don't have cable anymore, and the shows suck on it anyways now

No. 197282

File: 1649950397468.png (469.71 KB, 461x434, tori.PNG)

Tori was the coolest Generation Girl barbie

No. 197290

File: 1649952773581.png (20.06 KB, 320x240, gateway_to_glimmer.png)

Flying about, collecting tons of gems, extra comfy times. (Spyro for PS1)

No. 197292

File: 1649953117386.jpg (57.12 KB, 492x500, Spyro_Year_of_the_Dragon.jpg)

i loved spyro: year of the dragon for PS1, I loved it so much, I loved doing the quests and finding the eggs and seeing them hatch. Apart from the skateboarding quest which I always used to struggle with kek

No. 197293

File: 1649953150565.jpg (47.2 KB, 397x500, 618XYAQAW8L._AC_.jpg)

samefag, but this game is also so nostalgic.

No. 197295

I used to spend so much time in the big skateboard arena kek
I loved it and I used to make the weirdest moves to discover new… moves and get more points. I think the Gnasty Gnorc and Raging Ripto ones were the hardest to do.

No. 197299

File: 1649954347541.jpg (70.87 KB, 600x450, ww.jpg)

I had a cd where there was a lot of random games and my sister and I spent hours playing them on the computer. This was one of my favorites. We also played online sometimes (we didn't had internet at home) and my fav was that "school flirting game" and the "oriental flirting game". I liked to get the ghost boy in the oriental flirting game

No. 197416


No. 197425

I've played the Spyro reignited trilogy 4 times in the span of about a year and a half. I wish I could play the old versions again (I have them on my parents PS3 but can't access it right now) anyway yeah I loved that game as a kid.

No. 197433

File: 1649979462492.jpg (59.47 KB, 640x640, ps1_detective_barbie_the_myste…)

I sunk so many hours (that I was allowed per day) into Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Rayman and this game lol

I absolutely wanted to get this at the Scholastic Fair but knew my mom would have killed me if I didn't come home with chapter book/novel.

No. 197454

File: 1649987988900.png (102.08 KB, 400x260, aquapets.png)

Aqua pets!!
God I loved this game

No. 197456

File: 1649988448995.jpg (10.69 KB, 303x243, these fucking things.jpg)

Buying these from the dollar store, breaking it, buying another

No. 197457

File: 1649988742542.jpg (17.29 KB, 425x358, 51WWrs8NenL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

slaps your face

I hate when they'd get all grimy though

No. 197458

File: 1649988869702.jpg (274.36 KB, 2000x2000, lights up mother fucker.jpg)

Guh ikr, probably would have rinsed fine with water tbh but kids are retarded. The ones that lit up though were fucking amazing

No. 197459

File: 1649988955613.jpg (338.4 KB, 1403x1600, barbiecash.jpg)

Felt like a business owner

No. 197460

aww i loved these and everything like them, it was indeed a shame they got all dusty, and you could soap and rinse them off but the texture just wouldnt be the same anymore

No. 197461

File: 1649989624067.jpg (102.38 KB, 480x360, Untitled.jpg)

i miss these so fucking much anons

No. 197462

holy fucking yum

No. 197463

File: 1649989724970.png (467.08 KB, 1200x797, sandboy.png)

Did you nonnies have him? I still have pics of me playing in mine! You can even still get this exact one iirc.

No. 197464

Ugh I used to chew on the microphone and the coins before promptly losing all the fake money

No. 197465

kekk what is it with kids and putting stuff in their mouths? The stuff I would chew on.

No. 197467

File: 1649989919547.png (1.4 MB, 1600x1200, ipod-nano.png)

I won an orange ipod nano in Jr High for reading the most books of anyone in the school for a few months. Little did they know, I was reading fucking mangaaaaa, loserrrsssss, thanks for the free stuff suckerssssss

No. 197468

File: 1649990075418.png (3.6 MB, 1600x1200, bookfair.png)

I fucking miss book fairs

No. 197469

File: 1649990099930.jpg (228.72 KB, 1200x797, the-good-stuff.jpg)

Look at these fucking covers, so nostalgic

No. 197470

File: 1649990417983.jpg (93.2 KB, 800x435, tumblr_8a2392b29ccc54ae77dc4be…)

Samefag, I got so excited about all the little toys and pencils and shit. In this pic you can see those bendy pencils, I was crazy for those. And those pencils that would change color with the body heat from your hand!!

No. 197472

File: 1649990572120.png (11.6 MB, 2448x3264, scholasticcatalog.png)

No. 197473

File: 1649991032501.jpg (159.39 KB, 736x1102, f04ddf1855fe378f802e2b1d56026f…)

The stationary was always my favorite!! But my parents never let me get any of it

No. 197481

File: 1649992640927.jpg (56.02 KB, 411x606, 81NkEaHYNFL._AC_SY606_.jpg)

anyone remember crazerasers?

never bought book at these besides maybe one about a dumb cat. I did however buy dozens of those UV secret light pens to flex.

No. 197482

File: 1649992684266.jpg (33.72 KB, 325x481, 51ClI Bo9-L._AC_.jpg)

loved the duck ones too, I remember mine falling apart and getting filthy in my backpack

No. 197487

File: 1649993107986.png (1.04 MB, 742x858, livingbooksgames.png)

living books games, like ruff's bone

No. 197490

File: 1649993755512.gif (9.56 MB, 960x778, angelina-ballerina.gif)

my girl before they made her into a CGI mess like all the others

No. 197494

File: 1649994808053.jpg (211.32 KB, 2073x1248, 32.jpg)

I used to have some of the ceramic figurines and they were the nicest things ever. I was so proud of my ornaments as a kid. I really wish I still had these.

No. 197500


No. 197501

This show was so relaxing. As a tomboy, it was my guiltiest pleasure, but I will unashamedly watch it as an adult.

No. 197530


No. 197554

I had this! But we forgot to cover it once and a ton of rain water filled it. My mom dumped the water but the sand was fucked and gross with bugs after. Damn shame. Looking back she could have just replaced the sand? But it wasn't until I was an adult I realized how lazy my mom actually was kek

No. 197570

File: 1650027846119.jpeg (61.82 KB, 640x480, images.jpeg)

Omg Sue games were so fun!! I loved the one with cooking ramen.

No. 197669

File: 1650058505009.png (352.29 KB, 370x552, Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 22.34…)

This really reminded me of cooking mama.

No. 197670

File: 1650058622696.jpeg (87.1 KB, 222x250, AAF6A40F-5395-4D75-90A4-02D1EC…)

I used to love cooking mama playing it on my DS, but I remember I used to find breaking and removing the egg whites or something was so difficult to me and I used to get so anxious when mama would yell and have those flames in her eyes!

No. 197673

Yes yes to all of this, I love this art style as well

No. 197705

Kek I loved these, I remember wanting to buy the Princess primer one when I was like 13

No. 197711

File: 1650073240856.jpg (38.55 KB, 500x250, barbie.jpg)

I miss it so much

No. 197714

File: 1650073782474.png (492.64 KB, 692x456, mcl.png)

The early years of My Candy Love were so much fun. Both the community and the game content became too dramatic as time passed by, this is why I quit it. The thing I miss the most about it are the fanfics. I used to read some genuinely great stories there, and I can't find a single one of them nowadays. So many players left or deleted their stories. Oh, man. I miss this era so badly.

No. 197719

File: 1650074837065.png (563.71 KB, 552x599, Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.13…)

No. 197723

Same. I still catch myself singing the intro from time to time kek

No. 197727

OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO BARBIEEEEE NOOOOOOOOOOO I swear these games were like entering another nightly realm, just off center and languid in its time-skewdness. This screenshot sent the weirdest feeling right up my back: like a place in a dream you once had access to, but now it’s out of reach. But just close enough for you to remember hazy outlines, mostly false but magical from the effect of memory. There were a couple other similar games on this website, like Barbie, very patrician, very Barbie esoteric, and they were extremely painful for me to navigate emotionally, because the process was so excruciating (so much loading! so much anticipation in this strange, shut up corner of the internet, polished and dark and clean, not like any of those ugly flash games — anon, have you heard? Flash games are no more. They disabled them and killed them and sent them into disembodied cyber tombs, destined to float and become an artefact of their time, and with them we become an artefact of a strange loony online time, archived cyber minds in misfit real and solid bodies, made an awkward fit by the bloated weight of physicality, stuck up in the all wrong angles and deflated in all right nooks! I went to try and play something, that Kim Impossible game, you will know which one if you’re an elite, and I caught a few games before they killed the flash. I had forgotten all about that until your post.) anyway, this Barbie but not Barbie game, the world in it was skewed loose and permanently dark, this Barbie conducted her life in permanent absence of light. The cities were struck by blackness, only yellow lights dotting through, and when the buffering was over, you would be invited to this strange world, where Barbies drove funny cars and lived in permanent night, and I can not remember much from that game, except the strangeness of it all, like I was privy to a moon-dark ritual meeting. Or the preparation for a Barbie hazing ritual. It was such a weird site.

No. 197741

Those American Idol clips were my favorite
Best designs. I sperged to my dad about it some months ago. There's new ones now and they're awful. They all look the same and stereotypically "girly." really shows how progress has backtracked

No. 197876

I used to frequent the game forums (like the part of the forum where they'd have games like top 3 and agree or disagree) and I loved it so much, played from 2012 up until 2 years ago and I still miss it. I never made much progress because it became impossible to save enough currency for events if you played the main story. Still have the art books, and a Nathaniel figure.

No. 197878

I was a teddy grahams connoisseur when I was a kid, how did I miss these

No. 197892

File: 1650134991609.jpeg (545.1 KB, 1600x1116, 5B1E169C-C4F2-4939-A6F0-D06D74…)

I loved their crazy outfits so much

No. 197894

How do you feel about the new movie coming out? I wish it was animated, but it seems like it'll be a fun time!

No. 198630

No. 198662

I LOVED this game, I still remember the four little moods in the lower screen! I was so excited to love a video game and then so hurt when I went online and saw a bunch of men trashing it….but I was right all along, SPP rules

No. 198663

Honestly a good resource, but this book absolutely did make me think I was the only girl who didn't put tampons in sitting down

No. 198669

I still have one but it is currently broken! But I know what the problem is and I think I can fix it, wish me luck!

No. 198676



No. 198678

File: 1650344595584.jpg (17.25 KB, 320x180, imagine-fashion-designer-new-y…)

No. 198679

File: 1650344624659.jpg (29.62 KB, 384x256, imaginefas281030.jpg)

No. 198680

File: 1650344667303.jpeg (21.56 KB, 256x384, street-style-video-games.jpeg)

No. 198682

File: 1650344693909.jpg (44.94 KB, 559x384, gRytEN77KXQ1QSMhwdmWbcYbeGUW_L…)

No. 198683

File: 1650344724222.jpg (25.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 198685

File: 1650344872634.jpg (69.63 KB, 500x449, 61U1CZSW6uL.jpg)

Please dont tell me I'm the only anon who has played this game? (SA), I love it so much. The battles, there was a Lolita fashion brand/girl, techno guy, robots and the fashion challenges. Ugh, I might download this on a emulator

No. 198712

Out of all the things mentioned in this thread, this is the only one that gives me a visceral reaction. Same feeling like being in a liminal space.

No. 199241

Sometimes the music of Maplestory can hit me hard if I'm in a certain mood

No. 199295

File: 1650552473056.png (461.12 KB, 547x719, buster game.png)

I used to play this game on the Arthur website for an hour every morning. I would become enraged when I kept losing.

No. 199302

I’ve never heard of this game but I want to play it now

No. 199303

Is this Ourworld?

No. 199377

No. 199519

File: 1650635699060.jpg (1.33 MB, 1500x1225, stock-photo-bangalore-karnatak…)

Just remembered today these were striped in white and pink

No. 199620

Omg yesss I remember this band from get a clue!!

No. 200014

File: 1650791400185.jpg (38.3 KB, 275x276, 275px-YTTboxart_front.jpg)

Just remembered playing this on the bus on my lime green gameboy sp and some kid asked me why I was turning my gameboy so much and I felt embarrassed. One of the top yoshi games I miss it
I loved this so much. I just remembered I left this at a friend's house after a sleepover in 6th grade and she stole it from me. I was such a pushover I just accepted it

No. 200114

YES, especially the song you posted. Ellinia's theme always evokes mysterious, nostalgic feelings in me. It always hits hard.

No. 200136

LOVED this game it was a plug and play snowboarding game. played until one time i accidently dropped it and it broke, I've been considering buying another for a couple of years because it was so fun

No. 200153

File: 1650835491152.png (2.1 MB, 1078x942, Sideone.png)

ok I can't find it the pony at the moment, just her hair brush and helmet but anyway i like keeping the catalogs that come with things, I have Scooter Sprite (somewhere)

No. 200154

File: 1650835567572.png (2.07 MB, 1008x914, sidetwo.png)

>2 which is the picture of scooter sprite

No. 200157

File: 1650835730677.jpg (26.42 KB, 345x430, bear.jpg)

Anyone remember Furreal Friends? I remember being so happy when I got this polar bear for Christmas.

No. 200161

YES!! Spy Fox was my favourite. I bought all SF games on Steam years ago.

No. 200165

File: 1650836647496.png (1.21 MB, 1684x380, pony2022.png)

I posted about my mcdonalds mlps in 2020 in the toy thread before it died and said id go get the other ponies and then proceeded to never do it, pretty sure they are those same ponies instead of the other ones i know how to check but too lazy to do that

No. 200168

File: 1650836758089.png (3.61 MB, 1484x1160, mcdgames.png)

also posted about these games (they still work) the top left is slowing down

No. 200171

NTYAR its Jojo's Fashion Show and I would sink hours into this game

No. 200176

I just downloaded melonds and I'm going to try this game

No. 200195

You're not alone nonnie! I've played through it at least 10 times and I have the OST on my phone. Definitely one of my all time favourite games!

No. 200209

Omg nonna, you unlocked a memory. I think I had the panda, and I vaguely remember having a newborn puppy one.

No. 200219

File: 1650846868037.jpg (6.14 KB, 355x271, 31ME69S5RJL._AC_SX355_.jpg)

I had this one as well and I honestly prefer how they looked like in the early 00's rather than the "newer ones". They look too cartoon-like now.

No. 200244

File: 1650855748848.jpg (165.26 KB, 1500x1135, Newbornpuppy.jpg)

I'm with you, I much prefer the older ones. The whole point was to emulate a real animal, I don't get the newer cartoony look. And this is definitely the puppy one I had! Just looking at it makes me remember now the way it felt and moved kek

No. 200300

Does anyone remember playing some sort of computer download game where you had to find some preteen who got kidnapped? I believe you work as some sort of fbi investigator but the canadian version. The game was lowkey kinda scary because it showed you of how some grown man groomed a teen boy and his fate was in your hands to help him get rescued. It mightve functioned with a learn to type mechanic and possibly trivia but I remember playing it during computer typing class. The 90s-2000s era

No. 200357

Haven't played, but looked it up and it seems like the game Missing!

No. 200399

File: 1650899065286.jpg (74.68 KB, 767x438, ebab4a038f5351e72bf10995a7b036…)

When the Bratz website looked like this. They used to have a really cool dress up game that my mom and I mourned after they got rid of it when they changed the look of the site.

No. 200462

I had one! A gray cat, I loved it so much.

No. 200470

Memory unlocked, I definitely played on this site for HOURS in the computer room until my sister kicked me off to make mix cds on limewire. Damn life was simpler.

I had the panda!

No. 202977

No. 202982

I never became a furry but I was definitely attracted to Cat as a child.

No. 202983

File: 1651474739804.jpg (28.04 KB, 295x475, 262050.jpg)

I really want to collect the Serendipity Books, I remember being obsessed with this one. Robin James' art is so beautiful.

No. 202985

File: 1651474934040.jpg (47.61 KB, 317x500, 9780785711421-us-300.jpg)

No. 202987

God yes, I thought I was the only one who remembers this game. I still can hear the music in my head.

Oh man I used to love collecting these. They were so shitty to use with every button being tiny and hard to see but god they were cute. I tried making my own but it was too advanced, back then it was much harder to find step by step tutorials.

No. 203007

I adored these books nona! We had a big collection in my school library and I read all of them obsessively. The art is so sweet and I love the wholesome lessons

No. 203456

File: 1651610367623.jpeg (80.93 KB, 500x464, 094B266F-6789-49EC-9C7C-932F1D…)

I was thinking about this game the other day and how weird the plot was. I spent sooo many hours playing it though. If EA ever wants to make a remake, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

No. 203458

File: 1651610595866.jpeg (680.75 KB, 951x629, 2A3F3B0E-17B1-4AAE-BCC7-A9FEB6…)

samefag, same thing goes for the sims bustin’ out for the gba, this one brings even more nostalgia because I remember playing it all the time when I used to spend all my summers in my grandma’s house and only had a gameboy.
pls EA I’ll forgive you for how fucked up the sims 4 are if you let me play these again either on PC or the switch

No. 203487

while not as good as a remake have you considered emulating them? like using melonDS or so? ds files are small so i assume a lot of computers can run them

No. 203493

I was looking up how to use emulators the other day but decided it was too complicated to set them up and dropped the idea kek

No. 203494

Same here, I didn't expect it to actually have a story being only familiar with sims 2 for PC, but it has one of the best plots out of all the DS games. It was so fun having all the different guests in the penthouse who gave you weird quests, and unlocking all the different rooms for your hotel. I also dressed my character like an absolute skank to go and visit all the cute male characters lmao

No. 203498

it was honestly so fun. Their other DS games can't even compare. I had castaways and Pets and while castaways was somewhat entertaining, pets was horrible.
>I also dressed my character like an absolute skank to go and visit all the cute male characters lmao
fucking kek me too anon

No. 203506

File: 1651622611969.gif (25.66 KB, 191x256, dominic.gif)

Between sims 2 and style savvy i was living vicariously through my character, this mans had me in an absolute chokehold

No. 203508

>>203493 some emulators can be kind of messy yeah
usually gba and older emulators can be played in browser and there are a ton of playemulator online websites https://emulatorgames.online/games/gba/the-sims-bustin-out
i tend to find nintendods browser tend to be slow or not work correctly but you can try

No. 203518

File: 1651624200155.png (187.65 KB, 738x603, IMG_2759.png)

as for melon ds i havent had problems with it I have a plug in controller for the directional keys and use the mouse as a stylus. i havent tried games with mics yet but that should work because my computer has one
i can attempt to walk you through it on pc i know there are also nds emulators for phones mostly android and some iOS
>go to https://melonds.kuribo64.net/downloads.php
>download for device i used windows64x version
>i made a folder called melonds in my downloads and unzipped the files there
>go here https://archive.org/download/nds-firmware-bios.-7z
>download the top one that's in all caps and has view contents
>unzip this to your melonds folder
>run melonds.exe
>go to config
>emu settings
> ds-mode tab
> browse to each bios in your melonds folder picrel
>click ok
>you can go back to config
>go to input and hotkeys and set it up as wanted
>click ok
>go to file
>boot firmware
>you can use the setting to change name and color, then never boot firmware again because you'll just be playing games
>go back to whatever internet browser you use>
go here https://vimm.net/vault/19775
>once downloaded unzip to melonds folder and the subfolder dsgames, if you don't see dsgames then just make a new folder within melonds call it dsgames and put sims 2 into it
>return to melonds
>go to File
>open rom
>click on sims 2 from file explorer and ok

No. 203520

File: 1651624562575.gif (2.46 MB, 640x640, cat-kiss.gif)

omg thank you so much nonna i want to give you a big ol kiss

No. 203534

File: 1651627094865.gif (49.43 KB, 221x214, giphy.gif)

You are welcome!

No. 203537

File: 1651627819123.jpeg (31.7 KB, 292x342, Lauras_Happy_Adventures.jpeg)

anyone play this?

No. 203542

I have no idea how I was playing this game because I have no recolection of dominic flirting with my character, but everyone I've talked to about style savvy mentioned it kek

No. 203544

Yes, and I loved it so much! Never knew it was by Ubisoft kek

No. 203554

Wow, I totally forgot about this. I fucking loved Playmobil.

No. 203555

File: 1651632749745.jpg (122.26 KB, 795x1024, MV5BNjI2ZTI5NjEtZWQ0My00N2NhLW…)

my little idiot always got sad and as a kid i was like, "why you stupid animal????" i may plan to take better care of her or something, this game was probably somewhat difficult since i remember you could put your age up to 16

No. 203559

Oh wow, I adored the movie but never knew there were books.

No. 203560

My grandma had these ancient cartoon anthology VHS tapes that I would watch when I was home sick from school.

No. 203572

Rikki tikki rikki tikki rikki tikki

No. 203574

I used to have a some vhs called "6 hours of cartoons" with a bunch of old toons like this. I watched them but they creeped me out.

No. 203600

Omg I had fanga the orange one my friend bought it for my birthday and I was so happy and in love with it and my mum binned it the same day cause it looked rude and I remember crying for days and I couldn’t tell my friend what happened. To be fair some of them look sus they could of chosen the design shape better on few them.

No. 203601

File: 1651653262708.jpeg (184.25 KB, 1200x1200, 6C0D2E74-41D5-4B58-9031-88FDC2…)

Groovy chick anyone? She was a icon

No. 203602

File: 1651653505135.jpeg (134.08 KB, 500x388, 0B96795B-DB00-4279-893A-B96BF4…)

No one mentioned the Rainbow magic books! You had to find the hidden fairy in the pages there like 50 books and every single one was the exact same but I sure did love them

No. 203604

I remember wanting these really badly but I was just about "too old" for them so I never read any lol

No. 203606

File: 1651654709276.jpeg (55.9 KB, 318x475, 72123C00-2A0F-4C75-925C-266E7E…)

Warrior cats anyone? I still read these they give me so much joy there must be over 90 books now

No. 203655

File: 1651670186116.jpg (106.06 KB, 435x648, 9780062748256.jpg)

Omg this was the first manga I ever got kek. I read a few of the books but didn't keep up with it. It still has a thriving fandom though

No. 203918

File: 1651727627730.jpg (35.34 KB, 256x300, Amazon_Trail_3rd_Edition_cover…)

I remember when I was in 5th grade me and some friends learned how to use freewebs and made a fansite for our Warriors OCs. I was a medicine cat. I work at a library now and all these years later I still have kids and tweens check the books out. Makes me nostalgic every time.

I was a teacher's kid growing up and my dad had those bulky colorful imacs in his classroom so afterschool I'd play Neopets, kids computer games, and tons of flash games. I remember playing games like the living books series, but it wasn't that company. I remember one about a leprechaun, and also one that included native americans. The art style was more realistic, but with the same "listen to the story and click on things to make them do silly stuff" mechanics.

Also Amazon Trail. It's like Oregon Trail, but on the Amazon and there was a magic leopard that teleported you to different times in the history of the river and you had to help people with their issues to get talismans. I played the 3rd edition.

No. 203919

File: 1651728014131.jpg (29.9 KB, 300x294, 0c260ba6b78389493acf6d4dfabe08…)

Samefag, but I think this was the first ever "video game" I played. I loved reader rabbit when I was in preschool. It was my first introduction to game companies trying to get me to learn stuff under the guise of a game.

No. 203924

File: 1651729550123.png (127.41 KB, 640x480, babayaga-win-12-full.png)

After some digging I found the series: Magic Tales. Each story is introduced by an animated old mouse telling a country's folktale to his grandkids. There is indeed a leprechaun one, a native american one, and others. I looked through some screencaps and the nostalgia hit me hard. I remember playing all of those games, and even how the narration sounded. I remember this weird oven from the baba yaga game. I'll go to bed with one mystery solved.

No. 203926

File: 1651730423184.jpg (56.56 KB, 460x500, 5548641_sa.jpg)

I remembered drawing and playing educational games on the Leapster. I only have Letterpillar, I Spy Challenger and Bratz World The Jet Set.

No. 203936

Omg reader rabbit kek. What's your name? Find it on the list or type it in!
I have been haunted for decades

No. 203938

Anyone remember hide the fart kek I used to play it on gogirlgames. Everyone at school had competitions to see who could win the game

No. 203988

File: 1651749252083.jpg (625.57 KB, 1280x1425, tumblr_p8o6c76OVo1qg0snbo1_r1_…)

IDK which one of you needs to see it, but I have just found a modern character shrine (!) to Giuseppi Mezzoalto from Sims Bustin Out/Urbz/Sims 2, a buried treasure of handheld gaming.
Made by two female spergs. I'm shocked that it's probably none of you, as I haven't seen any Giuseppi husbandoposting on the farms.

No. 204079

File: 1651773415231.jpg (489.13 KB, 2000x2000, 81DoK01ob2L.jpg)

I read these all the time as a kid. I'd get one everytime my mum would take me to the bookstore, either that or these ones by Gwyneth Rees.

No. 204178

Not so much thriving as discussing the sexual orientation and gender identity of fucking CATS
zoomers ruin everything

No. 204179

File: 1651836687697.jpeg (19.97 KB, 236x200, 251F4D12-90AA-4AD6-9403-A9A818…)

Will anyone remember

No. 204220

File: 1651853458626.png (396.5 KB, 760x619, 1630444004444.png)

This is some truly next level shit. This character is so one dimensional and there's so little material on him. I can understand one girl having a fixation on him, but two of them sharing a bond over him? Amazing find

No. 204234

File: 1651856798878.jpg (58.67 KB, 397x397, she.jpg)

>So-soft Pony
I had so many of the G3 ones. Absolutely obsessed with those little bitches. Petal Dove was my first and favorite. That was such a simpler time..

No. 204278

I played this game over and over and over again, it's not even interesting but it has a dragon

No. 204283

File: 1651874662008.jpg (66.89 KB, 510x510, Rose-Blossom-So-Soft-2004-MLP-…)


I found Rose Blossom at a garage sale yeaaars ago. I never checked if the sounds still work, maybe I should ?

Rainbow Dash was my favorite from G3, but my mom disliked "unrealistic" toys for some reason and I never got to have her figurine.

No. 204541

Does anyone else remember this browser game called Something Amiss? I played it many years ago and I randomly thought about it the other day. It had a mysterious atmosphere and a sort of LucasArts-y vibe. I only played Chapter 1 and 2, never got to Chapter 3

No. 204551

I mean I get it, Italian bad boy in leather? That's kinda hot.

No. 204893

File: 1652129549067.jpg (200.29 KB, 580x435, oldneo2.jpg)

I miss Neopets like you wouldn't believe. It could have still been usable if it wasn't so poorly mismanaged.

The themesong gets stuck in my head from time to time. Such a soft and wonderful little series.

No. 204922

Same, I will never forgive them for ruining the site so bad. It's one thing to replay a game from your childhood and realise the graphics weren't that good, but old neopets literally isn't there anymore and because the game relied so heavily on having an active userbase, its not fun anymore even if you can get past the shitty graphics and in-game purchases. I got back into it a year ago, and it was full of redditors and furries.
I used to be soo obsessed with the newspaper section of the site where people could upload comics about their pets, and the beauty contest too. It was the early-mid 2000s so everyone was drawing with ms paint and a mouse, or just scanning traditional art. The older graphics on the site were also charming and felt homemade even if they looked kind of awkward, all the flashy clothing and new paint colors they've added just look dumb. And I hate the whole drama of 'converting' pets to ruin their poses so that they could add the fugly clothing options, no one wanted that and it ruined the unique poses that came with different paintbrush colors.

No. 206067

File: 1652557092614.png (215.94 KB, 500x500, tumblr_3e54a8721f3a1d13fb8df4a…)

I wanted this so fucking bad, I'd walk past it in the toy store and sneak glances real quick because if my mom saw me look she'd feel bad about being broke. I was so obsessed and thought it was the most futuristic thing.

No. 207605

Anon, I got one for Christmas when I was like 7 and I confirm it was one of the most fun toys ever! My dad did smash it against the floor one day because it was too noisy. What a psychopath

No. 219223

Yo wtf I never met anyone else who played with kisekae dolls.

No. 219260

File: 1656983547131.jpg (101.35 KB, 1304x767, pretty princess.jpg)

does anyone else remember this game?
I kept the little round plastic jewelry box until like middle school. I can't remember what happened to it.

No. 219261

File: 1656983807505.jpg (478.27 KB, 1238x1600, whats her face 2.jpg)

these dolls were a cool idea, but they never worked like the commercials & images on the box.
They had a fun website though.

No. 219263

File: 1656983839790.png (349.22 KB, 300x399, whats her face 1.PNG)

i had this one

No. 219264

File: 1656983889680.jpg (30.41 KB, 400x299, kidwork1.jpg)

No. 219265

File: 1656983946770.jpg (44.01 KB, 288x519, Movin Groovin.jpg)

No. 219266

File: 1656983970563.jpg (10.1 KB, 310x310, 3096156_1.jpg)

No. 219267

File: 1656983996015.jpg (114.5 KB, 375x500, 2326884388_79cd63030f.jpg)

No. 219268

File: 1656984036961.jpg (61.69 KB, 400x400, victoria_beckham1a.jpg)

No. 219269

i loved this game! thank you anon for unlocking some wonderful memories

No. 219270

File: 1656984122786.jpg (29.23 KB, 346x400, cashregister.jpg)

No. 219271

File: 1656984158576.jpg (29.89 KB, 400x300, Fisher-PricePlayFamilyActionGa…)

No. 219272

File: 1656984210674.jpg (12.19 KB, 250x214, liquid_timersl.jpg)

No. 219273

File: 1656984256817.jpg (48.47 KB, 600x391, 0154brainquestsm.jpg)

No. 219274

File: 1656984315531.jpg (111.19 KB, 1000x659, 18324-kids-ariel-shoes.jpg)

No. 219275

File: 1656984338631.jpg (1.04 MB, 2560x1776, 90-s-Stickers-with-her-origina…)

No. 219277

File: 1656984362243.jpg (81.99 KB, 696x599, 696px-Bop_it_Extreme.jpg)

No. 219278

File: 1656984402551.png (20.62 KB, 352x264, Kid_Pix_1.0_About.png)

No. 219279

File: 1656984428990.jpg (15.05 KB, 400x251, nine04.jpg)

No. 219280

YES WARRIOR CATS, my elementary school librarian let me organize the new shipment of Warriors book that came in since I always finished one each week so I could get the next one the following week (to check out, they weren't all new)
Holy shit me too, I thought I was the only one who just played to mix and match DRAGONS.
Seems really familiar

No. 219283

File: 1656985368360.jpg (82.54 KB, 800x542, Kitty-Kitty-Kittens.jpg)

No. 219292


>>219264 is kidworks deluxe. it was a computer game and the whole purpose was for writing little picture books.

No. 219293

File: 1656988874924.jpg (174.72 KB, 810x1080, fisher price castle once upon …)

adored this castle.

No. 219294

File: 1656988895515.jpg (2.71 MB, 4000x3000, 246648.jpg)

Off-topic but man was this show a "Don't judge a book by its cover". I remember hearing it first in middle school where weebs would joke that it was 'that hentai manga'.

Somewhere around college I decided to pick up the anime and the first chunks were coomer bait; but I noticed that Chii would never allow other men to sexually assualt her. For example, Chii looks for work and accidentally gets picked up by a porno studio (because she doesn't know what porn is) and at first she's confused and goes into silly antics like poking the peeping holes. But when the guy tells her to touch herself, she goes into those robot defense modes and escapes.
And the last episode made me bawl so much.

No. 219295

File: 1656988896577.jpg (377.36 KB, 1344x1116, fisher price castle once upon …)

No. 219296

hideki is the absolute worst part of the whole show. i hate that guy. I've never read the manga.

No. 219297

File: 1656988993190.jpg (293.44 KB, 1600x953, fisher price dream house 1.jpg)

No. 219298

File: 1656989142657.png (3.39 MB, 1446x1080, fisher price dream house 2.png)

No. 219299

File: 1656989208129.jpg (233.76 KB, 1172x1023, fisher price dream house 3.jpg)

loved this set but my dumb dog chewed up a bunch of pieces.

No. 219300

Were these the ones that had stuff inside that made it sound like they purred??

No. 219301

File: 1656989926669.png (13.86 MB, 2638x2849, amazing ally.png)

i wanted this little bitch so bad & when i finally got her, she was fun for like 15 minutes lol.

No. 219302

this sound is burned in my brain.
mine had a blue outfit though. i named her eyelash.

No. 219305

Yup. I still have mine.

No. 219306

I had this dollhouse as a little girl. Kicked the dolls out and played with my pokemon and 101 dalmatians figurines in it. Have a good memory of pretending the dolls were vampires and pikachu was the mailman that defeated them.

No. 219497

Man I was so jealous of girls who had these. And you'd think they'd make a comeback. It seems like girl's toys nowadays don't promote creativity or individuality like they used to.

No. 219498

File: 1657073514686.jpg (324.43 KB, 1242x1600, DSCN3044.jpg)

I scoff at your "castle".

No. 219629

File: 1657115263780.jpg (101.15 KB, 1367x770, stardolltoday.JPG)

I miss old Stardoll so bad.. Does anyone remember when they released the mobile game and after completing levels you'd get silly accessories on the website? Or using VPN to get access to free stuff they gave out using codes? I felt like such a hacker for figuring this stuff out and getting random free collab items!

No. 220184

So true.
Aaah! I wish I still had mine.
I wish their toys weren't so ass now.. I still find some cool old ones when I go thrifting.
kek! I used to rent this all the time.

No. 220185

File: 1657297318213.jpg (77.13 KB, 312x430, cali girl.jpg)

No. 220186

File: 1657297501366.jpg (56.44 KB, 311x430, fashion show.jpg)

No. 220187

File: 1657297620651.jpg (68.55 KB, 309x430, princess.jpg)

No. 220190

File: 1657297799890.jpg (56.11 KB, 312x430, fairy.jpg)

No. 220192

File: 1657297913187.jpg (55.84 KB, 311x430, vc.jpg)

No. 220194

File: 1657298064984.jpg (55.07 KB, 311x429, b.jpg)

No. 220380

File: 1657386745470.jpeg (121.2 KB, 679x670, EECF7557-D551-4FDB-80E1-C0EB43…)

No. 220382

File: 1657387145898.jpg (331.14 KB, 1920x1200, LBP.jpg)

I had so much fun and wonderful memories playing Little Big Planet. The second one is the best.

No. 220383

File: 1657387239126.jpg (53.7 KB, 500x500, S-l500.jpg)

No. 220384

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never finished that one though, but I finished 5th grade and 3rd grade a million times over

No. 220411

I remember that yellow brick… I didn't learn shit!!!

No. 220427

File: 1657404765599.png (137.28 KB, 640x480, latest-3448119940.png)

His name is Laptrap. I love him. He taught me well. These games made my parents and teachers think I was gifted, but then I failed the gifted IQ test but they still thought I was smart and ahead of the curve. And look at me now, I am retarded and unemployed.

No. 220431

Loved that game, thanks for making me remember it. My parents hated buying those educational kits lol

No. 220730

I completely forgot this song existed until now. Huge hit of nostalgia for 2009.

No. 220746

The funeral home I frequented as a kid had a basement for relaxing away from the funeral, and the play room for children had one of these kek.

No. 224709

I miss old neopets so much too! I joined an art guild and loved taking part in the competitions with my shitty oekaki drawings. Besides the occasional drama it was a pretty wholesome community. If someone made a secret lc guild I'd join in a flash.

No. 228064

File: 1659937668634.png (36.36 KB, 256x192, 1.png)

baited but Monique from Kira Kira Pop Princess was my first fictional crush, i used to play that game over and over but now it's so boring, she's still adorable tho

No. 233721

File: 1661478205457.jpg (129.17 KB, 1024x681, 1bbb96be161704a772cd067bf80812…)

No. 233724

Back when pop music was good

No. 233761

File: 1661490738714.jpg (42.85 KB, 346x259, Chuzzle_9685.jpg)

Anyone else know what tf Chuzzle was?

No. 233777

Omg are those the cute furry things people would stick to their monitors in the 90s? I forgot about them and now I miss them

No. 233801

File: 1661504777921.jpeg (58.88 KB, 640x480, images (96).jpeg)

my dad's laptop had popcap games preinstalled and iggle pop was one of me and my sibling's favorite game

No. 233821

File: 1661516111483.jpg (171.25 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

Shenmue I and II, specifically on the Dreamcast. My stepfather who was super into karate, Irezumi and Japanese culture in general and bought these games for himself but there wasn't enough action for him so I inherited them. I absolutely loved the slower pace, feeling like a detective looking for stuff, practicing my fighting skills, the mini games at the arcade, the capsule toys. Hell, I even thought the fact you get a job in both games and have to pay rent in the second game was revolutionary gaming. I have the PS4 ports now that I fire up when I want something comforting to play and I genuinely still enjoy them (just don't talk to me about the third, kek). A lot of the songs from the OSTs are on my various chill out/sleepy time playlists too.

No. 233863

No. 233941

File: 1661555666039.png (1.89 MB, 1966x1718, BSG.png)

Anyone else read Beacon Street Girls, or better yet, play on the old site? The clubs were so wholesome

No. 233942

This game looks addictive as fuck! I love PopCap games.

No. 233954

File: 1661561559301.jpeg (82.75 KB, 640x480, images - 2022-08-27T084712.161…)

same i love their games. They were practically my entire childhood since i never had proper internet access

No. 234070

Ayrt, I also kept those little catalogs! I think I have some old Bratz and Barbie ones too.
I still have a kitten one and it works, but the batteries are dying so it's starting to sound demonic.
I always used proxies to get the random free stuff. It was usually pretty shitty though. I miss Stardoll so much. The cliques, the stealing, the scamming nothing is ever going to replace it. Remember those zines people would make? And popular users would give interviews and do a "photoshoot"?
I think I have the other set. I know I have mcd ponies but I'm pretty sure they don't look like that. I should go and find them.

No. 234148

File: 1661629522061.jpg (734.46 KB, 1079x1429, Screenshot_20220827-214205_Gal…)

found my old digivice at my mom's attic. 19 years old and still works like new, I can't believe battery is still good.
Gonna google to remind myself how it works.

No. 234188

Wtf, i have the exact same one, same color too!
Never changed the battery either but it still works. I guess things back then were built different

No. 234219

I had the blue one and loved the Veemon > Flamedramon line. So nostalgic.

No. 234697

File: 1661815000973.png (149.26 KB, 270x187, unknown.png)

I am so fucking sad right now, around 2007 there was this dA artist named ZeldaBlue who would make these Legend of Zelda comics that I adored when I was a kid. She had her own website that I would go on all the time. She had a comic where her and her friend were on a field trip and met Link in like New York or something. She deactivated her account and I doubt there are archives of her art. That's why picrel is so crusty kek, but god I'm so sad.

No. 234699

Holy FUCK I loved this game. My whole family used to play it. I might buy it off the app store kek

No. 234700

File: 1661815603423.png (501.52 KB, 1151x605, tumblr_mn1oimVC4A1r4chbjo1_128…)

samefag, there was also a dA user named Supremegoofygoober who drew a lot of zelda art, had her own oc named Kyli that she would ship with Link kek. She deactivated too and I believe this artist named Forosha is her. https://forosha.tumblr.com/post/50814182502/warning-lots-of-secrets-text-well-seeing-as

No. 235087

File: 1661926397104.jpeg (128.94 KB, 719x1080, 1998-spice-girls-victoria-spic…)

ahaha I had a posh spice doll

No. 235088

File: 1661926434113.jpeg (421.4 KB, 1480x2048, sailor pluto DSnsOkhVAAAP2yN.j…)

No. 235089

File: 1661926517522.jpeg (285.99 KB, 1070x1000, sailor-moon-cutie-moon-rod-199…)

I have one of these and it still played the music for like 10 years but it got really haunted and garbled sounding before it died lol

No. 236856

File: 1662546083164.png (2.85 MB, 1096x1546, mp.png)

No. 236858

File: 1662546112852.png (1.6 MB, 1280x1695, cpk.png)

No. 236860

File: 1662546146829.jpg (404.52 KB, 1116x1677, mlpnp.jpg)

No. 236863

File: 1662546302611.gif (1.89 MB, 480x340, lps.gif)

No. 236865

File: 1662546377442.jpg (357.92 KB, 900x1600, lps stickers.jpg)

No. 236917

File: 1662554279215.png (7.47 MB, 3000x2250, 3k7mmlqp9xo31.png)

i love the lps stuff but i grew up in an era where they looked like this. anyone else?

No. 236918

File: 1662554345393.jpg (94.68 KB, 624x709, vintage-littlest-pet-shop-colo…)

it actually changed color!

No. 236919

File: 1662554643733.jpg (56.09 KB, 624x619, Bobcat-1-624x619.jpg)

this one was one of my faves as a kid

No. 236920

File: 1662555000276.jpg (216.64 KB, 490x479, Littlest_Pet_Shop_Treehouse_Ki…)

Wow! I rarely see anyone else who remembers the original generation of Littlest Pet Shop toys on the internet! They were my first toys I remember playing with, and I kept playing with them for years. I gave a bunch of them personalities and names too. I love how they had just enough details to have charm without being overdetailed and struck a good balance between realistic animal proportions and more "cartoony" ones.

Pic related was one of my favorite sets. Are you familiar with http://www.vintagelpscollector.com/ by the way? Great site.

No. 236921

File: 1662555007053.jpg (31.75 KB, 320x320, All-G1-Pets-Image.jpg)

wow they used to look like animals! i've never seen those, when was it nonna?
they looked like this when i was a kid. i grew up somewhere that didn't get as many toy imports as other countries so we kinda got LPS late even for the era in picrel. i remember when there were the new ones with more animals, colors and different shaped sparkly eyes. i thought they were weird and lost their charm

No. 236922

File: 1662555147277.jpg (18.76 KB, 306x400, 522b7921422fc7a0946516a86310f3…)

samefag, anyone else had the game console? i saw it in dutyfree and lost my mind when i was allowed to have it kek.

No. 236923

These were created and sold from 1992-1996. Yes, I'm old. The original company that made them, Kenner, no longer exists, but it was once the fourth largest toy company in the U.S. Interviews with former employees often describe how friendly people were to each other there, but that the company suffered every time there was a corporate buyout. See the link I posted in >>236920 for many more photos of the sets if you'd like.

No. 236924

I had the purple version of this kek

No. 236941

File: 1662564167860.gif (63.81 KB, 220x220, 1604731558603.gif)

Auuuuugh this brings back so much nostalgia for me! One of my younger sisters used to be totally obsessed with these! My dad would work extra hours to pay for more of them for her, and we used to play pretend and stuff with them, she always loved her animals!
Now she's a fully-fledged online artist, I'm so proud of her! Even if she doesn't talk to me right now, well, siblings are like that a lot of the time lol.

No. 237948

File: 1662841529933.gif (449.63 KB, 414x311, tumblr_544d5bd116b5daa47a40fa6…)

anime sparkles that look like this make me feel nostalgic for some reason

No. 237972

File: 1662844579949.png (1.07 MB, 1024x875, 43Xlrqh.png)

i used to have this one!
was so devastated when i couldn't find it anymore

No. 238071

I had him! He was my favourite! Him and the turtles with the little lever underneath that pulled their heads back into their shells.

No. 238381

I had a similar one I totally loved.

No. 238486

File: 1663014639289.jpeg (34.04 KB, 700x525, 7A7039EF-DC86-4673-87FC-D4B62E…)

Found a vuvuzela in my house. Flashback to the 2010 world cup and all the memes these sparked.

No. 238500

Do ppl still use vuvuzelas these days?

No. 238502

I saw them being sold on the street a few weeks ago.

No. 238690

File: 1663077459664.gif (200.12 KB, 379x475, 71Q38JHVRTL.gif)

No. 238691

File: 1663077484419.jpg (63.61 KB, 275x400, 9780439629041.jpg)

I love these books so much lmao

No. 238692

File: 1663077556009.jpg (306.12 KB, 960x1280, d035dea2-760c-52fd-b587-3ab26f…)

my favourite barbie

No. 254944

File: 1668383250847.jpg (14.97 KB, 500x375, 415rwBCQQ1L._AC_SY780_.jpg)

Some anon on /ot/ posting about period shits reminded me of this series lol. These books were IT for me as a teen. Introduced me to Amy Winfrey, also I found it relatable since I also had a friend that had an affair with our teacher

No. 254946

File: 1668384023832.jpg (806.51 KB, 3500x2280, watershipdown1978.95163.jpg)

There are so few things that cause me to get nostalgic even though I remember everything but one of these things is Watership Down for how fucking invested I was into this from when I was 4 and saw it the first time till I turned 13 or something.
It's the sole reason I started drawing and animated a lot of things as a kid and it influenced my whole perception of media.

When I was 6 I got to a point at which I was copying every single frame for certain scenes from the movie by stopping the video, putting a sheet of paper onto the TV screen and tracing the characters. Then the next frame and so on. I just copied them to have them on paper and accidentally realized how animation works and it blew my mind.

Old Bee Train anime feel similar to me and are the only ones causing nostalgia. I think the toy cars I owned would work too but cannot test, my parents threw all of them away (I had like 300 cars) and nowadays I never see them because nobody plays with toys anymore.

No. 254948

File: 1668385875502.jpg (70.47 KB, 640x470, dumb diary 3.jpg)

Holy shit, me too. It blows my mind that a scrote wrote this, because it has a pretty nuanced portrayal of female characters iirc. Like the overarching story that progressed throughout the books was basically Jamie and Angeline going from being passive-aggressive to each other to becoming genuine friends. Also, Jamie was kind of mean and judgemental, so the books were often about her learning some sort of lesson, typically about being more open-minded.

I didn't read past the twelfth book, but I wonder if Jamie's friendship with Isabella deteriorates as she becomes closer to Angeline. It's been like fifteen years since I read the books, but I remember Isabella being a horrible person, like when she basically stole money from charity to get contact lenses, or when she kept adopting more and more kittens because she found them less cute as they grew up. Cow behavior tbh.

No. 255031

File: 1668435502021.jpg (449.55 KB, 1070x1600, m44578116103_1.jpg)

my siblings and I would play this all the time

No. 255577

File: 1668639305256.jpg (73.98 KB, 600x539, diddls.jpg)

I'm not German but Diddl used to be really popular at my school. We would collect and trade the stationary and lot of us had the characters as plushies. I didn't even know it was based on a comic strip until adulthood trough my whole childhood I had just assumed it was a mascot character à la Hello Kitty

No. 255584

the tv ad for this pops into my head constantly
>what are you guy's doin'?
>Getting into trouble!!

No. 255766

I loved these as a kid!
I re-read them at 16 when I had a summer job at local library’s kids section and I laughed out loud multiple times when reading these

No. 255771

He was a mascot, I believe created for postcards. It became popular enough to get comics.

No. 255837

You're french? That shit was popular in my primary school too, girls were trading postcards like they were pokemon cards.

No. 255841

File: 1668718150971.jpg (329.49 KB, 960x1440, p533819_b_v8_as.jpg)

Old CBBC shows like Raven, Sarah Jane Adventures, Dick and Dom, MI High, Horrible Histories etc.
I especially used to be obsessed with this show called Young Dracula which started as like, an Addams family type sitcom about Count Dracula as a divorced dad with two kids who had moved to Wales, but it got continuously darker as the show went on and had this really involved storyline. I remember being in year 8 or 9 and me and my friends would still tune into it every week even though we had outgrown everything else on CBBC.

No. 255855

File: 1668721982276.jpg (104.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I still occasionally go on nostalgia benders and rewatch old Horrible Histories / Sarah Jane / Tracy Beaker / Dumping Ground / Young Dracula. No regrets, no shame. Ingrid was absolutely an awakening for me. Remember Hacker and Dodge? I remember when Dodge was introduced, and resenting the fuck out of him because in my mind Hacker was the cutest character ever, and the idea that another dog puppet could share his spotlight was outrageous to me kek.

No. 255857

No I'm Danish. The pokemon card comparison is so true. I actually think seeing kids trading Diddl was more common than seeing kids trade pokemom cards

No. 255858

In my school it was 50/50. Did you also have classmates who didn't want to actually use their notepads and postcards because "what if they will have value a decade later?" because all the collectors were like that from my pov.

No. 255861

God I don't think I've thought about Dodge in years. I don't remember anything about him, except that he wasn't Hacker. I never got over Ed and Oucho leaving, personally. Really Hacker was the more iconic puppet, but Ed and Oucho were just the first hosts after the rebrand so to me they were the proper ones.
Talking of Tracy Beaker do you remember Dani's House with the same actress? I swear it was always on and it went on forever and had a bunch of spinoffs but it never shows up in the usual CBBC nostalgia lists. It always seemed like Dani Harmer wanted to break out into other things kind of like disney stars in the US did, but nope, there she is still perming her hair to play Tracy in her thirties.
It's funny how in the TV spinoffs Tracy seemed to go on to have a successful life but this was overwritten by the Jacqueline Wilson sequel where she ended up a stuggling single mum on a council estate.

No. 255865

yes! People would hoard them and never use them lmao. There where even some paper which was deemed rare based on nothing so you had to trade more paper in order to get it

No. 255894

File: 1668734932703.png (461.73 KB, 512x512, 7yj2ynS.png)

me and my brother had all of them but weirdly enough I'm still more of a Nintendo kid myself.

No. 255897

i got the schnauzer and i think i still have it in my old room and if im lucky it still smells like crayons
kind sad that i loved crayons so much but yet i never learned how to draw.

No. 255962

File: 1668762070262.jpeg (1.87 MB, 4032x3024, D174DB5D-19BF-4E4B-A4DA-F42269…)

No. 255973

>I didn't even know it was based on a comic strip until adulthood trough my whole childhood I had just assumed it was a mascot character à la Hello Kitty
wait WHAT

No. 255974

File: 1668767160157.jpg (629.44 KB, 920x699, UK 1999 My little pony, 4 in s…)

I had the top 2 of these happy meal mlp toys

oh my god i loved that game but i forgot it even existed until now

No. 256069

Oh man, I had them all and had a serious crush on the bottom left horse in my idiot child brain lmfao

No. 256173

File: 1668831281621.jpg (216.75 KB, 907x907, 1213-Fish-LPS-1.jpg)

This generation of LPS was my shit back in the day. They were always my parents' go-to-gift. The licensed LPS games were quite good. I faintly remember during daycare I had pic related on the bus with me and dropped it. Another girl claimed it was hers. She ended up getting it, but I had the whole set it came with back home. I can remember her name (somehow) and that she was always loud and annoying. It may have been a dream though, I can barely remember a thing actually trying to think about it enough to recall it. One thing I for sure did though was years later a friend of mine had a nice small toy couch for a dollhouse. I stole it because I thought it would be fun to play LPS with it. I think I got caught and ended up giving it back to her. I wonder if she even remembers that, it wasn't a big deal for some reason despite me straight up stealing a friend's toy.

LPSO was great too. Shame it closed down. It must've been forgettable though because I hardly remember it. But, I didn't play with anyone on there and never spent money, so who knows. When the redesigns and the Hub show came out I naturally lost interest. There were several videos made by kids my age on YouTube begging Hasbro to reverse their decision, who to call, etc. Good times.

No. 256185

File: 1668834236355.jpeg (299.55 KB, 1537x1369, EC64B4EA-1704-47E1-A89A-92B933…)

The next-door neighbor borrowed my copy of Frogger and lost it (could have just stole it, who knows). I’m still bitter. That was the only toy of mine that ever got taken though.

No. 256198

File: 1668845556823.jpg (142.87 KB, 600x600, 196573.jpg)

Sylvanian Families. I used to want one of the houses so bad because a few of my friends had them, but they were extremely expensive. All I had were a couple of the dolls.

No. 256199

back when shockwave was just shockwave. this game took forever too load.

No. 256200

File: 1668847319965.gif (2.46 MB, 640x392, ezgif-2-ec578951f5.gif)

also this one

No. 256208

I love you nonna. Watership Down is the best.

No. 262264

File: 1670620768898.jpg (100.1 KB, 740x555, santa claus in trouble 2002.jp…)

music video that was just playing in the movie room reminded me of this game. anyone played it? i loved it as a kid so much! one of the few games i was obsessed with finishing, i think i played through it a few times even

No. 262266

I only know this from the LGR review kek

No. 262271

is getting this game or other games from abandonware leggal?

I saw on their site that it is okay/legal but im asking here too just incase..

No. 262272

i never knew he did a review on it. i love his humor, so that video made my night, thank you! i didn't even know there was a sequel
the first game was free when it came out, and if it says it's okay on their site then i don't see why it would be an issue!

No. 262277

File: 1670622877938.jpg (83.13 KB, 663x768, G2Puzzle25PieceBoardPuzzle.jpg)

Did anyone else grow up with G2 of MLP? Most of the retro content is for G1 and G3 which are also adorable but there's little to no love for G2. I personally love the art style and proportions for them!

No. 262423

File: 1670648802618.jpg (31.88 KB, 500x500, 41SsckiAksL.jpg)

The unique packaging and smell take me back. Can't find the old packaging, but it looked similar.

No. 262441

oh my god the way the stupid smiley face on the shampoo bottle made me NEED to have it as a child. the commercials for L'oreal Kids tormented me

No. 262977

File: 1670828836649.jpg (218.02 KB, 746x596, pirates.jpg)

I didn't have anybody to play this with me but I collected the ships. I was really into pirates I liked Puzzle Pirates and Pirates of the Caribbean. It was acceptable at the time

No. 263031

I wasn't alive in the 90s but media from that era make me feel so nostalgic and melancholic. Being a young adult back then seems so much different what we have now. I feel like social media makes everyone into clones. Everyone looks the same, everyone watches the same shows, everyone makes the same jokes, everyone is obsessed with clout. I agree with what anons said in dated aesthetics thread once, that when you see pre 2010s people dressed weird and quirky it feels completely different than if someone wore the exact same thing now. Because almost everything is documented online nowadays. Things were less corporate back then, I hate this timeline

No. 263052

File: 1670864579549.jpg (267.98 KB, 611x529, Screenshot_20220503-225321_Fir…)

Did anyone else play the Arthur PC game? Viscerally remember this ice cream shop mini game where you would just put gross stuff on the ice cream?

No. 263077

>It's funny how in the TV spinoffs Tracy seemed to go on to have a successful life but this was overwritten by the Jacqueline Wilson sequel where she ended up a stuggling single mum on a council estate.
I feel kind of bad Dani’s acting and music career flopped, she was great as a kid actor so I wonder why I’ve never seen her in any role but as Tracy and…herself. Dani’s House wasn’t all that great imo but it was pretty funny when they got Crash’s actor back in. But about Jacqueline Wilson, I used to hate-read (hate is way too strong a word) her books and noticed that all her protagonists are shy, plain, mousy girls or the opposite when she’s feeling daring lol. I read her biography about her childhood and while her family relationship was a little dysfunctional imo she’s had a fixation on kids with worse home lives her whole life (she literally mentions loving a book or smth about latchkey kids and wanting to be one but her mum seriously disapproved since it would make herself look like a neglectful parent when she’s the type to always make sure Wilson was well dressed, it’s basically a kid in the 40’s wanting an aesthetic that comes with bad implications if they actually lived that life). She also wrote that book where the teenage school girl gets with the teacher and it reminded me of the part in the biography where she describes really liking a male teacher in primary school back when you were apparently allowed to sit on their laps and they could hug you, I’m not surprised at a woman having a teacher crush but then… I’m also not surprised she came out as gay? Maybe I’m just fascinated to see a ‘nerd girl’ type play out from a completely different generation. Not saying being a lesbian has to do with being a nerd but I always get feminine-awkward vibes from her.

No. 263135

File: 1670897924514.jpg (35.33 KB, 508x297, dFSFEmFjADSZXPZ-800x450-noPad.…)

No. 263138

I hope u have a good day anon

No. 263139

File: 1670898193824.jpg (64.75 KB, 500x332, funbrain-education.jpg)

No. 263252

File: 1670950353184.jpg (279.47 KB, 950x900, tumblr_cbd395e44bfee3b5d6d4f14…)

This makes me happy

No. 263259

File: 1670952902840.jpg (163.43 KB, 457x512, unnamed (6).jpg)

No. 264218

File: 1671294847713.png (3.42 MB, 1920x1006, 85D331A9-B8B0-4238-83F7-A98FD3…)

I’ll just dump this here too
These should also be in my collage. I would play these on the school bus ride home with my best friend.

No. 264252

File: 1671301149124.jpg (886.99 KB, 3840x2160, zaflxojgemn31.jpg)

No. 264255

thank u nona hope ur day is as wonderful as u r

No. 264260

File: 1671301864600.jpeg (114.12 KB, 616x441, E7603741-3C5C-4B70-BCE2-9AD6FC…)

I’m obsessed with this (particularly its sequel) and I still play it every holidays. I mastered it and know how to get out of bounds in some sections. I usually don’t have time to get through all the levels now so I just play for a bit to feel the nostalgia of the simpler times and because it’s one of the few things that make me feel festive. The music rocks too.

No. 264453

Me and my sister had these bizarre animated Hello kitty cartoons on DVD for some reason, I never figured where they came from (bundled with a toy maybe?) They were so off brand with side characters that weren't even Sanrio and Hello Kitty having a visible mouth and voice. Did anyone else see these?

No. 264455

File: 1671351175194.png (32.17 KB, 320x200, Happyland-Adventures-Xmas-Edit…)

No. 264458

File: 1671351355408.jpg (55.27 KB, 369x369, Secret-Tale-Secret-Surprise-Fr…)

I did anon, G2 were my first ponies and their designs were the most pretty ones imo. I think this one was the first that I've got.

No. 264480

Omg nona this was a big part of my childhood, as a kid i always got confused why she had a mouth in the cartoon i watched but in the toys she didn't have one, really weird cartoon indeed.

No. 264511

File: 1671380460779.jpg (41.38 KB, 455x328, dollz.jpg)

I used to spend hours on dollmaker websites, especially goth/edgy ones

No. 264514


nobody seems to remember the chat program these originated from (the palace).

it literally feels like i’m making it up any time i bring it up to anyone - they never have any idea what it was.

No. 264516

The palace… Omg, Thank you anon

No. 264520

I know what you mean, every few years I look it up to make sure that it was real. It's such a forgotten piece of internet history.

No. 264526

What in the absolute fuck is this. She’s very cute though.

No. 264551

My parents got my younger brothers a big Rescue Heroes toy lot from criagslist when we were kids but i ended up playing with the most they were so cool and interactive

No. 264552

File: 1671390406769.jpg (64.14 KB, 720x587, E_FJqCTXIAI20kA.jpg)

Oops same anon meant to add a photo

No. 264559

File: 1671391575855.jpeg (171.82 KB, 540x626, 6A39D888-2C1D-45A0-B51C-E18061…)

I wish I could find a way to play this 102 Dalmatians game again

No. 264565

I loved this game and the golf/labyrinth mini game so so much.

No. 264566

Same for me anons, although the ones trashing it online weren't moids but game reviewers feminists that said that the game was sexist because it reinforced the stereotype that women were overemotional. So dumb, this concept was really original. The babies cries were very annoying tho.

No. 264570

I still have this for my Dreamcast, now I have a memory card so I finally got to complete it. The beginning chase sequence scared me as a kid.

No. 264604

i played arthurs pc adventure more than anything but ill never forget this one either
you could play this in browser? i had a disc with this and a handful of other koth games all themes
d around a neighborhood bbq

No. 264627

I used to love this game lol

No. 264767

File: 1671474638310.jpg (46.36 KB, 480x371, icq6.jpg)

No. 264769

File: 1671474736724.jpg (41.14 KB, 500x522, 83de03d225914e1cdcde6647eb2113…)

No. 264770

File: 1671474849215.gif (196.21 KB, 810x604, icq.gif)

Seeing these is unlocking so many memories, I can literally remember the sounds and animations even though I totally forgot about this function ICQ had

No. 264772

File: 1671475242384.jpg (41.25 KB, 400x400, zoop-image_400x400.jpg)

No. 264776

This game changed my brain as a child, I was obsessed

No. 264779

I can see why, it seems really soothing to play, a perfect game for a kid

No. 264798

have fun playing with your baby brother and make some good memories with him

No. 264871

File: 1671493432944.jpg (324.97 KB, 811x1489, MV5BMzJjZTIxNTktZGM4Mi00MWU0LT…)

No. 266755

File: 1672720280570.jpeg (675.33 KB, 800x1206, 7163.jpeg)

I just remembered the existence of the movie Snakes on a Plane. It came out in 2006 and used to be referenced heavily by people and also in pop culture. I think around 2013 it fell out of the public memory and nobody talks about it anymore.

No. 266760

I just remembered the fact that it came about because a bunch of screenwriters sat around coming up with the stupidest title for a movie.

No. 266763

File: 1672730812493.jpg (186.57 KB, 1066x1007, Screenshot_20230103-022336_Fir…)

One time I remember hiding with my cool friend during gym class and she had just gotten a million of these at Hot Topic. We spent the whole class weaving them into elaborate designs all up our arms. I felt v cool.

No. 266766

File: 1672732680475.jpeg (297.02 KB, 1440x1291, 22C1D2D7-9188-4F5B-8CBE-5A381A…)

anyone remember the Sega Pico? I only had the Busytown game and Tails (from Sonic) Music Maker game. Mine also came bundled with a Tails plushie.

No. 266767

i just watched this again a few days ago, the full Cobra Starship music video at the end gave me a good laugh. truly a simpler time

No. 266770

File: 1672734199383.png (190.44 KB, 850x764, MSN-Groups.png)

MSN Groups, I remember spending hours browsing through the anime related groups

No. 266792

File: 1672755270330.jpeg (83.72 KB, 640x581, 6EDF0741-EDEE-4413-B763-291C8C…)

These rotating lamps with aquarium pics.

No. 266793

File: 1672755313262.jpeg (17.27 KB, 194x259, B0F54993-3CB4-41F9-918E-91889B…)

Mine was like that.

No. 266794

Omg one of my friends had this and I always wanted one

No. 266796

File: 1672755948616.png (50.22 KB, 830x600, 5FEBE1B7-4F6B-4813-9D4A-2A7BCF…)

Does anyone remember Purple Moon? I used to spend so much time on here

No. 266797

File: 1672756124366.jpeg (458.74 KB, 828x631, E43E8366-2908-469B-8EAF-29A9FF…)

sega pico was the best i remember playing the sonic games on there too, i would love to own the pikachu edition one day (picrel)

No. 266798

File: 1672756638116.jpeg (316.49 KB, 829x1326, 5C1B289B-A691-485B-BBF2-D9ACF3…)

Also does anyone remember gUrl.com! I loved this place, I loved the paper dolls and being able to read about feminism, music, “embarrassing moments” stories, and things about relationships/sexuality/my body that I was too afraid to ask my parents about. The late 90s were so comfy and I miss it. (It redirects to seventeen magazine now, boo)

No. 266799

Trouble and mouse trap were my favourite childhood games!!

No. 266801

you just reminded me of a magazine with a similar stance and style that was out in the early 00s? i can't remember the name but i feel like it was aimed at girls about 12-17 and i remember reading some as young as probably 7-9 but then discovering them again at middle school age because a friends older sister had a large collection of them. they also had an "embarassing stories" section and talked about sex ed type things like condoms (but didn't get too racy) i feel like they also did talk about like abstinence tho. they also had cute comics and makeup and style sections. i also used to love reading the embarassing stories in seventeen. i miss magazines, i had subscriptions at different times to j-14, bop, tiger beat, teen vogue, and seventeen. im still so mad that my mom made me throw out my collection of teen vogues and seventeens i had in a closet, imagine all the perfume samples and collage material i would have now!!!

No. 266820

File: 1672765365824.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20230103-105654~2.p…)

I have an Advanced Pico Beena! This is the upgraded version of the Pico. This one's pretty nice. It seems a handful of games have their own little art program in it with the main difference being themed stickers / stamps relating to the game. It can also be played without a TV and supports SD cards with a proprietary SD card reader.

No. 266845

I had every color and loved matching these to my outfits in middle school. Then my parents saw that degrassi sex bracelet episode and threw them all away.

No. 266859

Damn I can feel the exact texture of these between my teeth right now. I had to limit the amount I could chew through in a week so I could still have enough to look cool.

No. 266864

Mine too, anon!! I used to set up mouse trap with my friends and sister. We used to just play with the traps and ignore the game entirely. Trouble was one of my favorites.

No. 266952

Oh my gosh, I grew up with the PC games, but never knew there was a website. I loved Secret Paths through the Forest and Rocket's New School so much.

No. 266968

File: 1672861722385.png (1.45 MB, 1196x900, Jessie_Yearbook.png)

My fellow Purple Moon anons! I was too young to know they even HAD a website but I played the hell out of Rockett and Secret Paths. I also had Rockett's Adventure Maker. Good times. I used the Wayback Machine to access the PM site, had to save a bunch of cute pics from it. I always loved the background art from Secret Paths to the Forest. The artists were amazing. They pretty much did what I do for a living now: photobashing.

No. 266969

Yooo I remember they had this one comic on there about some fat hairy girl and it made me feel so much better about myself, lol. I really liked the art they had for that whole site, it felt very counterculture.

No. 267054

I… nonna i think i had a crush on him.

No. 267055

File: 1672903542802.jpg (21.39 KB, 500x354, r6i7wUZMtgdea7Kk.jpg)

holy shit i completely forgot about those. i used to have the tails one, and took it with me everywhere

on the topic of mcdonalds toys, i used to love picrel considering how much time i spent on the pc as a kid. having fairies on my computer made me feel so special and magical! i had the pink one and was so upset when they stopped giving them out

No. 267068

I still play it sometimes, or watch a let's play while I eat.

No. 267072

No. 267572

Yes! Something about it felt so alternative, like it was an online zine or something, I loved it

No. 267992

File: 1673283508960.jpg (155.92 KB, 776x768, Power_Rangers_SPD_Season_2_Tea…)

The Real Time Generation for any given tokusatsu show (including Power Rangers in this) is the generation that was the age of the target demographic at the time of a season's airing. For me, it was picrel. What about you nonnas?

No. 271446

File: 1674552571980.jpg (833.96 KB, 1596x1152, 'kawaii bishounen list' circa …)

Characters from a 'Kawaii Bishounen List' I wrote up around 2002 that I found in some old drawings.
I didn't even watch most of these anime's cause I didn't have cable at home for Cartoon Network. Just Saturday mornings watching Yu-Gi-Oh and whenever Digimon Frontier aired.
The other real guys after LotR were from the two first primetime broadcast shows I ever watched that both got canceled after cliffhanger first season endings.

No. 271467

File: 1674570800249.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.92 KB, 747x495, 1644476725965.jpg)

You missed some

No. 271470

Based beyblade nonnie. They were my favourite characters too.

No. 271486

File: 1674580815775.png (976.42 KB, 837x574, Screenshot_20230123-110531.png)

I miss Winterbells. I remember the music so clearly. I watched like 3 different videos yesterday of people playing the game. I don't have an iPhone so I can't play the app.

No. 271488

File: 1674581524599.jpg (198.17 KB, 858x990, vintage-vtech-smart-start-prem…)

This v tech specifically. I remember playing the hell out of it. I swear the batteries never died on this thing. There was also a piano function included with this and I used it for that mostly.

No. 271584

File: 1674644195440.jpg (3.7 MB, 2984x3888, 1574192078276.jpg)

No. 272042

Ronin Warriors AND Gundam Wing? Nice nonnie you have good taste

No. 272227

File: 1675008967686.png (231.17 KB, 500x485, file.png)

No. 272233

I never watched Beyblade, was that really around the same era?

I actually never watched more then a few episodes of either show when I was on vacation. But somehow it stuck with dumb kid me.
I really should get around to actually watching Gundam Wing eventually, but Ronin Warriors is probably not really worth it.

I was never into DBZ or AMV's, but I have been getting nostalgic for Linkin Park and listening to those first couple albums lately.

No. 272236

>A second season, titled Beyblade V-Force, was first broadcast on TV Tokyo in Japan from January 7 to December 30, 2002. The season was licensed for English adaptation, broadcast, and release by Nelvana. The series was broadcast on the sibling cable channel YTV in Canada and ABC Family in the United States in 2002.
>A third season, titled Beyblade G-Revolution, was first broadcast on TV Tokyo in Japan from January 6 to December 29, 2003. The season was licensed for English adaptation, broadcast, and release by Nelvana. The series was broadcast on the sibling cable channel YTV in Canada and ABC Family in the United States in 2004.

No. 275485

ayrt, no Ronin Warriors isn't really worth watching, but kid me liked it and I haven't heard anyone else that's even heard of it. It's honestly just Voltron but with an extremely weeby aesthetic. It's been so long since I've seen it though so I probably don't remember it too well kek.

No. 275498

Fuck you I watched Ronin Warriors. I didn't understand ANY of it but I liked the dude(??) in the green armor.

No. 275773

KEK well what did you like about it anon? Besides the dude in green armor. I just remember it being episodic and the dude in red armor having a tiger.

No. 279647

File: 1677762368530.jpg (148.64 KB, 900x675, invadercon_photo_by_invaderjad…)

we unironically have to RETVRN

No. 280434

No. 280687

File: 1678150247164.png (1.83 MB, 1536x2048, p188574_b_v10_at.png)

Just remembered this show. She went to failing hair salons and bluntly told them how to fix their problems. Where I lived it came on TV rarely so I grabbed every chance I could to watch it.

No. 280695

HOLY SHIT YOU JUST UNLOCKED A MEMORY! I remember one episode where she went the fuck IN on a lady who had a salon and gave out business cards that said "your best kept secret" and she was like why the fuck does it say "your best kept secret" and the lady was like because nobody really talks about us… and Tabatha was NOT having it kek.

No. 280701

oh my god this is BRUTAL
the comments saying the salon is doing well now are heartwarming but tabitha is tearing her a new one

No. 280764

The hell anon?? I also remembered this show a few days ago. Are all farmers connected to some kind of deep subconscious or what? This post freaked me out lol.
I remember watching this with my little brother when we were kids. He loved Tabatha. I wasn't a fan of the show per se, but it was midly entertaining so I would join him on the couch when the show was on TV.

No. 280830

File: 1678189716277.png (150.57 KB, 511x352, o0511035212288481356.png)

Not sure if this fits here since the game closed 2015, but anyone played Poupéegirl?
It was a dress up game where you could upload photos of your real clothings and get
dress up items for your doll in return. You could comment on other peoples photos of
clothes and the site colaborated with some japanese fashion brands to add their stuff
to the game. Overall the items where adorable, the art was really cute and I'm a bit
sad that the website doesn't exist anymore.
They tried to launch a mobile game but I couldn't find much on it.

No. 280832

I loved Poupéegirl so much! I played that and Ameba Pigg a lot in my weeb era (early 2010s).
They tried to port it to the Western market via Facebook (as Ameba Pico and Coco Girl I think) but they flopped. Wish I could find something similar now, the game really made me obsessed with Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge and those bubble hair dyes.

No. 280834

I remember this but I didn't want to upload pictures of my clothes.

No. 280859

Nona!! There are 3 Poupeegirl DS games you can either download roms of and play on emulators or even order from Japanese sites. I got a copy for 1 yen lol. The games reuse a ton of clothing amd customization options from the site so it's super nostalgic.

No. 283801

File: 1679163089746.jpg (153.36 KB, 1280x720, ss_0ab06f36b2151a8fde18e950453…)

deep sea tycoon(that i wrongly remembered as dolphin tycoon)! this game was impossible to play i had no fucking idea what i was doing, but i had a lot of fun anyway

No. 283803

File: 1679163575537.jpg (230.59 KB, 1024x768, 698372-561567_20051108_002.jpg)

speaking of tycoon type games, i spent too many hours playing the movies. i tried recreating the movie the beach once and it was successful. i kinda want to play it again looking at these screenshots

No. 283845

File: 1679173243960.png (132.83 KB, 1446x2048, Screenshot_20230318-155931.png)

i didn't play it much but every once in a while. still have some old emails from it.

No. 283848

File: 1679173746401.jpg (69.89 KB, 640x480, The_ClueFinders_4th_Grade_Adve…)

two websites dedicated to sharing old computer games

No. 283849

File: 1679174131430.png (356.69 KB, 1385x2048, Screenshot_20230318-161523.png)

i spent a lot of time on the boards arguing with people when i was 11 kek. also in the poetry threads i would write down or print out the poems i liked. i know i still have the notebook i wrote some in.

No. 283854

File: 1679175812519.gif (69.17 KB, 177x217, rlg_winter.gif)


spent a lot of time on the boards and customizing cdolls
my mom introduced me to this when I was maybe 8 or 9, played a lot of games and I remember there being a lot of stuff about other countries
after it shut down some of the games survived on those third party game websites, but of course not my favorite ones
>the dot.tk boom
i don't even know when that all stopped, i just remember me and everyone else creating a hundred .tk Domains and then one day it was done and gone.
eCards. i would spend hours going through them to find funny ones. my favorite i still play in my head, it was this audio but an animated cat https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=btAXT3xo9oM

No. 283856

this was my favorite game on nick.com, wild thornberries game where you caught injured and ill wildlife and healed them all up and released. i just checked Nick and they don't have anything anymore. the end of flash did history in i guess, same with neopets games.

No. 283942

yes queen i played this fucking game on repeat, in fact i played every arthur pc game. gonna go have war flashbacks

No. 284007

File: 1679206592006.png (12.76 KB, 1112x644, 1_uSvjqgaMTYzTwnvqH9raLg.png)

This was lit

No. 284008

I was just thinking about this game like a week ago it's so weird you mention it. I loved it too as well as zoo tycoon
Hivemind is real

No. 291839

File: 1682349373450.jpeg (16.91 KB, 224x224, IMG_7416.jpeg)

Anyone else? kek

No. 291840

File: 1682350332668.gif (142.35 KB, 170x170, buddypoke.gif)

No. 291844

i hated this game kekkkk on facebook right? i thought it was so ugly

No. 291845

I used to play on odnoklassniki bc eastern european
luckily I adore shit graphics lol

No. 291848

I used to play it only for trolling people kekk, eastern euros unite!

No. 292618

File: 1682641342557.webm (5.93 MB, 437x328, last day of school 1994.webm)

No. 292640

God, I don't know what it is about this game but this game has an impact on my aesthetic tastes to this day even influencing art pieces I collect. Something about the hint of traditional Japanese visuals hits hard and is incredibly nostalgic. Especially inside Beedle's Shop.

I'm only 25 but I've gotten the same clueless reactions from people in their 30s when I ask if they remember the palace. I know not a lot of people were online back then though so

No. 292651

to be fair i would have a questioning look too because i thought it was called doll palace. so if someone asked me about the palace i wouldn't register it kek unless they showed me a picture of one of them.
i spent so much time there making dolls and going to rooms after

No. 292656

Those anons were talking about the chat program from the early 90s. I have also talked about the doll palace from the early 2000s and no one knows what that is either.

No. 295078

File: 1683608932756.jpg (38.32 KB, 480x640, s-l640.jpg)

Reread most of this for the first time in decades since it was ripped to shreds…

I feel like the cat in Allegro no Tropo.

No. 296457

File: 1684116231394.jpeg (138.93 KB, 1280x706, avatarU.jpeg)

just going through this thread, don't know if you're still here nona but you can still play this game on the bluemaxima flashpoint project, there's also Avatar U but that one you can't save in

No. 297146

while falling asleep an image of this game suddenly popped up in my brain. i had it on my samsung slider phone, i loved it. you play as wall-e and crate these junk boxes to try and leave the junkyard

No. 297327

I love this game! Back when my mother and I were piss poor our one luxury item was our SNES. We would play this game nearly every day, we'd take it turns to pick the game (I preferred the first Mario, but my mother loves SMB3) and then take it turns on the levels. Sometimes I just watch gameplay footage of this on YouTube, it's still oddly comforting to me.

No. 297665

File: 1684629739539.png (11.51 KB, 640x400, charlie-the-duck.png)

No. 297666

File: 1684629838553.jpg (69.15 KB, 1000x714, 51kX08BeRLL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

This game scared me a little bit but I still loved it

No. 307321

File: 1688817694345.jpg (223.42 KB, 1200x811, s-l1200.jpg)

I was a titanic kid growing up (inb4 possibly autistic) and this book was my SHIT. It had these carbon pages where you opened them and a paper ship that's huge would unfold, it showed the decks and all little details I was obsessed with and still recall. I still remember my stomach droppping seeing real pictures of the wreck (these creep me out to no end but fascinate me all the same) and reading predictions about what will happen to the shipwreck as years go by and it rots completely, at the bottom of the ocean.

No. 338596

Brittany Murphy at Blockbuster

No. 338610

File: 1701188209355.jpg (241.97 KB, 1002x1132, e2ed2f33f1e5cfa793bafe99d3f76c…)

No one mentioned these? I don't know what's the correct term but when i was a kid i hated those blue and transparent ps2 controllers and only had normal black ones but now i miss that kind of look and makes me a bit nostalgic

No. 338832

File: 1701279889291.jpg (194.17 KB, 2000x2000, is this pic ai thats weird.jpg)

oh i love clear plastic electronics! i got a cheap chinese gamepad for like 8 bucks. it's just clear plastic, but it has these annoyingly bright blue lights that you can't turn off, so for immersion i have to cover my hands with a blanket or put them under the table. they also break easily (the buttons just jam and stop working, this is the second one i bought) so i wouldn't really recommend but it does look cool lying around. i'm going to save for a good controller though, cheap ones are not worth it, i've come to realize, even if they look cool

No. 338939

File: 1701324334513.jpg (65.72 KB, 600x445, ec601b17068140.5603b95d64ac2.j…)

old ik, but I came here to post about them, too, nonna!
I had the blue and red fairies, and one of the dragons. I absolutely loved the desktop pet aspect of these toys!
I still have the fairy figurines, actually, but I had (poorly) cut off their platforms so I could better play with them, kek.

No. 338940

File: 1701324790108.jpeg (245.69 KB, 1322x762, FYD16DYUcAAPEia.jpeg)

The game I absolutely miss with all my dear heart is PetpetPark. It feels like nobody ever knows about it, despite the popularity of Neopets.
I'm most nostalgic for the areas, but there are hardly any good screenshots of them.

No. 338941

File: 1701325285594.png (471.22 KB, 1068x512, SuperPokePets.png)

Another one is SuperPokePets.

I wish I knew, at the time, how to screenshot and properly store files, because I had so many cute items. I would religiously scope out the Marketplace for limited time offers on old items, because the shading and animations on them were different and much cuter imo. And since they weren't in the regular Marketplace, I felt all the more accomplished for owning them.

No. 338949


When I came back to neopets years ago, petpet park was the only thing that kept me around. Man I miss it.

No. 339082

File: 1701401152698.jpg (22.15 KB, 372x276, b5139eb64d095c1a1a07a850562995…)

My favorite series

No. 339083

File: 1701401336903.jpg (95.14 KB, 1058x595, 595.jpg)

I'm feeling very nostalgic, I'm going to post some of my fondest memories. I loved this show too, the characters were adorable, I used to watch it while eating honey sandwiches

No. 339084

File: 1701401653203.jpg (138.28 KB, 469x600, Saveums.jpg)

This "aesthetic" felt so fresh and lively, 3D still looked kind of rough at the time but you can tell people were having fun using it

No. 339086

File: 1701401823242.jpg (68.79 KB, 714x1010, 61xmjUk3MEL.jpg)

No. 339088

File: 1701402011251.jpg (417.16 KB, 1000x563, sub-buzz-1632-1594820679-1.jpg)

No. 339089

File: 1701402151892.png (188.64 KB, 386x259, Pinky_dinky_doo.png)

I watched this cartoon when I was I little older, maybe 6-7yo. It's feels more contemporary to me, but maybe younger people would find it nostalgic

No. 339092

File: 1701405269817.jpg (38.57 KB, 333x498, Clifford_el_gran_perro_rojo_Se…)

No. 339096

yes!!! i love early 3d renders!

No. 339272

This is so old but I replayed it not long ago with an emulator, my pc is shit and it still ran with no issue. I still genuinely love the soundtrack

No. 342963

File: 1702800403403.jpg (49.56 KB, 640x480, 555fbdl1gzf91.jpg)

I felt bad for breaking my brother's Pokedex toy

No. 343180

did anyone else spam the cat sounds to annoy the teachers?
this artstyle nowadays is only ever found in second language english textbooks
random but i could not have been the only person who wanted to eat these for some reason

No. 343184

idk if it was just my computer but it loaded SO slow and was so laggy but I still played for hours because i loved it so much

No. 343199

File: 1702907602563.png (123.28 KB, 550x400, Haunted_Woods_First_Map.png)

No. 343200

File: 1702907624914.png (89.21 KB, 500x400, Terror-mountain_old_map_02.png)

No. 343203

I loved this game and noone ever knew what I was on about

No. 343852

File: 1703110347321.jpg (58.45 KB, 467x604, 10400549_26492348834_2859_n.jp…)

holy shit this thread is a goldmine and i want to reply to so many posts even though they're old. minor addition but loved the it's my life section on PBS kids. mostly liked the articles, advice, and videos but i also loved the 'mad money' and the babysitting games. it's a tragedy how many old flash games have been lost.
i've been trying to identity this book series for over a decade now. was it just me or was the adopted one who liked soccer so lesbian-coded, i remember re-reading her parts in elementary school looking for a sign. iirc i 'shipped' her and the black girl.

No. 346597

File: 1704414746107.jpg (53.89 KB, 750x511, 09c88200dc215e4f970ff9c28a9c19…)

I still want a pink blackberry I'm mad at the fact I couldn't get one at the time. No matter how many new phones I get, these will always be cooler

No. 346598

File: 1704414837922.jpg (118.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Also these Motorolas, I miss when electronic stuff was still colorful and fun

No. 346599

File: 1704415056040.jpg (64.23 KB, 600x600, poster,504x498,f8f8f8-pad,600x…)

I was and I'm still obsessed with this scene, it was so cool and creative to me. I wanted to travel to Italy and put on quirky dresses too

No. 346601

File: 1704415269773.jpeg (389.98 KB, 1336x2048, DcOMik6VwAAtdBm.jpeg)

This shade of green is so pretty, the metallic material gave it an unique look imo

No. 346625

File: 1704424121283.jpg (95.12 KB, 510x770, iml.JPG)

ANON I was thinking about this website a lot recently, trying to find it but I couldn't remember the name. The money game was also my favorite. I'm pretty sure I read every single one of the articles as a kid too. I specifically remember getting in trouble for reading the boys' "puberty" section on the family computer kek

No. 346628

File: 1704427578500.jpg (141.22 KB, 960x768, 151-1519966_sims-2-university.…)

sims 2 promotional images always made me go insane as a kid

No. 346631

She was peak glam to me

No. 346657

I hated the theme song on commercials because it would always get stuck in my mind

No. 346676

File: 1704458506098.jpg (126.61 KB, 1200x900, 2_A-playground-outside-McDonal…)

I can smell this picture

No. 346677

File: 1704458709815.gif (496.24 KB, 400x295, 2738482e60499c98de15ae2b682659…)

No. 346678

File: 1704458801887.jpg (60.79 KB, 426x607, 57ebc31ac02b23cd347817fb2497fb…)

No. 346680

File: 1704458938280.jpg (166.15 KB, 1600x900, hd-aspect-1489593603-s-l1600.j…)

No. 346681

File: 1704459214487.jpg (136.31 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BM2QwYTIyZDEtMTEwNS00YzEyLW…)

No. 346682

File: 1704459510862.jpg (176.34 KB, 990x1508, sub-buzz-587-1570464440-1.jpg)

No. 346683

File: 1704459862224.jpg (38.49 KB, 318x445, fe11cbce0dca4c5f51da0a76f33e81…)

No. 346727

File: 1704476364066.jpeg (122.39 KB, 800x600, IMG_3141.jpeg)

the shark tale pc game

No. 346750

This exact style of music, especially for my fellow 2000s weebs.

No. 346828

File: 1704509899576.png (519.57 KB, 529x362, Capture.PNG)

like the goosebumps books/covers, these are my favorite, I hate what they doid with the Netflix show. My mom would go to the salvation army and get me all these books or let me pick them out.

No. 346834

File: 1704513422951.jpg (131.47 KB, 681x1000, 71KWvdLyCfL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

No. 346835

File: 1704513451718.jpg (207.94 KB, 620x413, spielaffe.jpg)

Any german nonnies remember this?

No. 346838

>childhood nostalgia
fuck I'm old

No. 346940

File: 1704577473488.jpg (88.75 KB, 540x667, tumblr_12ff67b290ca4acdffeaf0b…)

Why are my favorite actors turning out to be faggots
I need a feminist movement to outlaw these disgusting pedophiles(bait, wrong thread)

No. 346998

Who cares, they weren’t going to have with you anyway

No. 347009

It's disgusting how normalized this is and how libfems are handmaidens for them. Men should serve women, I wouldn't trust faggots around me or anyone I know. The fact they're famous and influential on literal kids TV (Henry Danger) is disturbing.(derailing)

No. 347010

This is more of a Ruined Nostalgia than Nostalgia but if a woman posed like this with a man she would be branded a whore, the double standards mysoginistic faggots enjoy is so blatant.

No. 347011

File: 1704603662188.jpg (Spoiler Image,117.81 KB, 1080x1051, Tasha_Marvel.3174.jpg)

Sorry forgot the image.

Male actors are so disgusting.

No. 347020

i just know they got hard from that

No. 347067

>Talk about your favorite memories and stuff you miss.
Great job missing the theme of the thread because you broke out of /ot/ to sperg about homosexuals for the 100000x time.

No. 347100

When handmaidens stop defending MEN and their hedonistic pedophilia I'll stop :)(derailing emoji posting retard)

No. 347161

Did anyone else love those low-budget movies they showed in health class about bullying, mental health, eating disorders, relationships? And do you remember any specific ones I can look for, even if you just remember the description? Embedded is one my favorites, it's about eating disorders if that bothers you.

No. 347194

Oh my God kek we had to watch this dumb ass movie called Cyberbully in health class. The whole class was howling with laughter at this scene. They also played some movie about a single teen dad raising a baby. We also saw a different movie about gun violence that somehow had a time loop as a major plot point? Like this guy kept going back in time to try and stop some kid from rolling up to the park with a gun. Strange times.

No. 347243

Yes. I love movies like this, Lifetime made loads of them between the 90s and 2010s. Post 2018 Lifetime movies are not consumable even for bad movie comedy bc they’re so bad now, but they used to be so rich and goodbad

No. 347244

Samefag, there was a movie called She’s Too Young about a 14 year old who gets syphilis from a popular boy and it’s an outbreak at their school. There’s a moment where the girls are all hanging out having fun and there’s like this record scratch to silence and the one goes “hey guys guess what I have syphilis” just like that and it’s been a meme for me and my friend since we were like 17.

No. 347267

my favourite was this british anti-bullying one where this boy puts a plastic poop on the floor of a pool locker room and accuses another boy of taking a shit on the floor and then the boy he 'bullied' immediately tries to drown himself in the pool in front of everyone. it ends with the 'bully' looking sagely into the camera and telling you that you shouldn't bully people because they might have personal problems and try to kill themselves. i've tried searching for it before but in vain.

No. 351422

File: 1706291177027.jpg (438.97 KB, 1024x683, 4639513079_bc180e5312_b.jpg)

No. 351430

My cat has the squirrel, the hippo and the lobster. She likes to cuddle with them when she sleeps. The hippo is her favorite.

No. 351436

File: 1706295374995.jpg (239.42 KB, 1200x1183, s-l1600.jpg)

No. 351437

File: 1706295512750.jpg (81.16 KB, 719x715, 356835920.jpg)

MyScene/HotWheels DVD that came with the cereal box

No. 351444

File: 1706297317024.gif (2.95 KB, 80x80, Faerie Paint Brush.gif)

this bitch

No. 351507

File: 1706310277369.jpg (22.47 KB, 480x360, 125478891245.jpg)

Reader Rabbit Reading 6-9 was dope

No. 351515

wtf that's adorable

No. 351519

No. 351579

File: 1706340062487.jpg (51.87 KB, 336x475, 1204625-3609452834.jpg)

I don't know about other French millennial, but I remember that book fondly. It's not my favorite children's book but it's a close second.

No. 365425

File: 1711343907808.png (1.3 MB, 800x978, Treo650-Sprint.png)

My dad had a Palm Treo 650 smartphone back in 2005 or 2006. It had a touchscreen that you operated via stylus and predated the iPod Touch and the original iPhone.

No. 365426

I would often try to play this cRPG called Dragon Bane on it. I had no idea what I was supposed to do in it, and I never made any real progress, but I found it fascinating and spent many car rides trying to figure it out.

No. 365436

The 2009 Palm Pre and Palm Pixi moved from Palm OS to a new linux-based OS that had a very iPhone-inspired user interface. This is a Palm Pixi commercial from 2009 featuring Passion Pit Sleepyhead.

No. 365684

oh gosh I must have had the same VHS as the memories came flooding back after watching this video!

No. 365704

File: 1711468238642.gif (122.05 KB, 609x475, IMG_3158.gif)

omg i found these so hilarious when i was a kid. my faves were claude ponti's books tho

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