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No. 194670

All things related to the 90s UK alternative scene (ugh, yes, I guess you can post shoegaze too)

No. 194849

what does "alernative scene" mean? does it include goth music? depeche mode? I'm american, sorry

No. 195036

Thank you for making this thread anon. I'm barely too young to have been into britpop while it was at its peak, but recently have been getting into it. This song makes me feel like I'm 15 y/o again. Also I miss this type of silly, contrived music videos. Very low effort edgy.

No. 195037

No. 195141

File: 1649230114942.jpg (100.84 KB, 737x503, turme3yoi9e6n1qb3xklo1_1280.jp…)

What's your favourite Blur album anons? Modern Life Is Rubbish has always owned my heart over the years, it's perfect from top to bottom. But Parklife and 13 are pretty close behind.

(obligatory adorable band picture included lol)

No. 195167

do any of you ukanons or even other country anons remember The Hoosiers? They remind me of my dad. We used to listen to them all the time in the car

No. 195224

I've been following them for few years and still haven't given a complete listen to all their albums yet. Of course I love the albums you mentioned, but Think Tank and The Magic Whip are really nice too despite the negative criticisms. I love how they explored different styles throughout years.

Also, hope this thread will be active cause I'd love to learn more about britpop.

No. 195638

every britfag knows this song

No. 195655

Every club night ever plays this, and although the song is shit, everyone knowing the words makes it fun. Bonus points if they play Mr. Brightside right after.

No. 197126

I adored Busted and Mcfly so much when I was young. They were the iconic 2000s britpop boy bands with their guitars and ugh so nostalgic!!!! Also Busted are the original singers of Year 3000, not the Jonas Brothers and it offends me that people associate it just with the JB.

No. 197132

I was just on the homepage of /m/ and saw this, thanks for the new thing learned

No. 270580

File: 1674105708257.png (355.56 KB, 666x802, Screenshot_2006.png)

resurrecting this thread to see if there are any cockerfags out there. also pulp are fucking awesome, separations and his n hers are perfect album. different class is awesome too but over time i find it a bit too over-produced for my tastes. what are your favourite pulp songs/albums?

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