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File: 1649204904370.png (146.51 KB, 420x210, cover-collection-ooblets.png)

No. 195084

Post character designs that you like or deem worthy of recognition, or characters that are universally and professionaly well regarded. Bonus points if you add why

Last: >>>/m/125527

No. 195147

File: 1649236335411.png (592.42 KB, 544x544, Relinquished-TF04-JP-VG.png)

I always thought Relinquished was super cool. It's really not that complicated a design, but since it's so strange looking, it feels very unfamiliar and unique.

No. 195206

File: 1649253133109.png (865.04 KB, 1200x1016, Ed_FqBXVoAIlotJ.png)

All the characters in this games are great

No. 207159

File: 1652853840221.png (1.4 MB, 1566x881, Alexa_Noivern.png)

I always really like the blue color chosen for her

Noivern is an example of a really good pokemon design post gen 5

>is a dragon type but not a basic bitch reptilian its a BAT DRAGON

>ears are fuckin sub woofers works on the theme of echolocation
>pleasing color scheme of black, purple, and teal with red accents
>pre evolution is adorable

eat shit mega Charizard

No. 207176

File: 1652859039216.jpeg (27.05 KB, 500x341, 1537718F-9E16-4316-8FF1-D37426…)

Easily recognisable and gave the players a lot of information about their enemies without needing to know the specific character.

No. 207177

File: 1652859227315.jpeg (34.73 KB, 612x501, 2A459FF2-62EF-402B-86D1-F55336…)

Not sure if it counts but i think its the best looking armor set for dragoons in the game, it’s a shame the female version has a weird window bellow because it looks ugly and doesn’t make sense.
It’s not spiky without a purpose, if they get eaten by a dragon they still have a fighting chance to cause damage inside and escape. Also the main character you deal with has a very witty and edgy personality so it fits lol.

No. 207178

File: 1652859681082.jpeg (81.6 KB, 330x500, 08C0BC4C-AAAC-4BB0-8E76-113E25…)

Its simple and doesn’t have messy tactical lines all over, something that is unfortunately common in modern comic designs

No. 207182

I had a brainfart and thought it was Kain specifically and not some ff14 armor

No. 207199

I audibly gasped when I saw it the first time, design is excellent but it got spoiled by the fact Estinien is a bitch. Subjective of course

No. 207258

File: 1652890617697.jpeg (206.01 KB, 600x793, 2009-08-29-193150[1].jpeg)

I like Danette's design from Soul Nomad. The wide-eyed expression makes her look inoffensive, but the giant sickle she wields is very threatening. Bonus points for the pun in her name (she's half cow)

No. 207267

File: 1652891678695.png (434.29 KB, 640x657, C4910637-7137-4D0C-869D-1E1CD5…)

Very late because I didn’t know this thread existed, but totally agree. Every character is so interesting to look at because of all the details (and a lot of them are so attractive it’s wild).

No. 207277

gen 6 and onward, many of the designs are either excellent or terrible, no inbetween. Gen 7 for example, you have highs like Lurantis, Decidueye. And then you have lows like Dewpider/Araquanid and Mudsdale.

No. 207286

>gen 6 and onward, many of the designs are either excellent or terrible, no inbetween
>you have highs like Lurantis, Decidueye
>And then you have lows like Dewpider/Araquanid and Mudsdale

No. 207292

File: 1652895294602.png (140.08 KB, 260x680, FFX_Artwork_Yuna.png)

I know Nomura's kind of a meme but I love Yuna in her og outfit. It's not easy to make an outfit with lots of colors and details work and look coherent and I think she looks great

No. 207306

Nomura is a great artist, his designs are either really great or laughable though. I wish he used his less realistic art styles more often, like in The World Ends with You and the OG FF7, I like it. I also hate how his designs for FF10-2 look good, yet the guy who created most of the dressphere outfits is the ones who designed the summons and he is a crime against fashion all by himself.

No. 207427

File: 1652916327485.jpg (88.13 KB, 1200x675, a23aTrt.jpg)

I love the different outfits in Little Witch Academia and I think Akko herself looks adorable.

No. 207429

File: 1652916450688.jpg (83.41 KB, 1200x431, q2bmvBB.jpg)

No. 207430

File: 1652916720880.jpg (115.63 KB, 1200x675, LOG6T17.jpg)

No. 207431

File: 1652916830381.jpg (254.5 KB, 860x828, AK1s86x.jpg)

The girls have distinctive looks which is kind of rare in anime imo, the uniforms they wear seems believable and not over the top

No. 207433

File: 1652917084384.jpg (416.67 KB, 1280x720, 47HEpSn.jpg)

I also felt like there was a fair bit of mixing between Western and Japanese design philosophies, so some of the witches felt like they belonged in a European fairytale book which I thought was kind of cool

No. 207438

I loved everything about little witch academia. Everyone looks amazing.

No. 207505

i would like anime if more of it looked like this.

No. 207520

The OVA and movie were great. I felt let down by the anime. It just didn't have the charm like the OVA and movie. My only stupid nitpick is I hate how short Akko's skirt is. It just feels weird she's the only one with that short of a skirt. I love Sucy and Amanda. They crack me up.

No. 207583

I love this witch's design though I haven't watched LWA

No. 207658

>It just feels weird she's the only one with that short of a skirt
She's the main character, of course her design would be different from others. Wearing short clothes fit her personality.

No. 207678

You should nona! One of my favorites, it's super cute with a fun story and no sexualization

No. 207705

File: 1653019310344.jpg (84.22 KB, 1280x720, MV5BMDBiODk5ODQtODc1YS00NmRjLW…)

>She's the main character, of course her design would be different from others. Wearing short clothes fit her personality.
Because only the main character can have that short of a skirt? Just seems silly considering the age of these girls. I'd feel like more would try to shorten their skirts. Plus her personality shines through more with being enamored with magic whereas the other girls seem so desensitized to it. The Enchanted Parade I feel showcases Akko's giddiness towards magic. Her wonderment hasn't been tarnished. I love how her eyes light up about magic and how she wants others to treasure it.

No. 207732

File: 1653033051846.jpg (73.49 KB, 1280x720, MV5BZDAxM2I5ZDgtNzkzNi00ZTViLT…)

>Maybe it’s to make her stand out in the cast?
I guess. Honestly her having a Chariot memento would work better (think charm around sash, something along those lines). It'd both drive the teachers crazy and show her love of Chariot. I just feel it's silly when there have been other animes that had school girls in short skirts but you could still pick out the protagonist. Usually had some sort of memento like a necklace or wore a uniform cardigan. Just enough of a an alteration.
>Aren’t shorter uniforms associated with rebellion in Japan?
I dunno why that would be considered just a japanese thing. A lot of school girls tend to shorten their skirts. I would after school (strict uniform code and easy to get detentions) shorten mine because it made me look very frumpy. Not so much rebellion as it's just wanting to look more stylish than anything else. Looking frumpy sucks and there was only so much you could do to a uniform because you'd try to resell them after (very pricey especially new).

I'll stop nitpicking dumb stuff. I'm planning on watching the movie then the OVA this weekend. Hard headed Akko is the best.

No. 207771

In her groupie >>207429 it kind of makes sense?
Lotte (girl in the middle) is kind of shy, quiet, timid etc so her skirt would be longer while Sucy but her skirt isn't always the longest like here >>207430 has that reserved mysterious allure to her or and she's basically the weird girl, there are more weird girls in the show but she's more spooky than anything. Akko is headstrong and confident so I guess a shorter skirt suits her? She's also more of an outsider iirc so it sets her apart from the rest of the students.

I really think it just boils down to wanting her to look more distinct without giving her a super special uniform. I don't think there's any nefarious reason. Maybe they could have done more like >>207732 said.

No. 209855

File: 1653846644206.png (238.67 KB, 604x828, wadanohara.png)

A simple, but effective design. The sailor uniform makes sense, as Wadanohara is the sea witch. And the anchor-shaped broomstick is very creative.

No. 209857

File: 1653846706920.png (855.43 KB, 1280x1280, elaina.png)

I like the shape of Elaina's coat, and how huge it and her hat are.

No. 209897

Funamusea'a designs are always very pretty, it's a shame he/she's into some rapey shit sometimes.

No. 209934

Funamusea is a woman confirmed

No. 209959

I loved this anime, it makes me feel optimistic about life and want to have adventures. It really cheered me up when school was closed. I hope a season 2 is released and she accepts the love of her stalker/wife lol

No. 210044

Based if true. How do we know she's not a tranny?

No. 210836

File: 1654121172696.gif (1012.07 KB, 500x281, kusuriuri.gif)

No. 210838

she streams sometimes. I think she's in her 40's now?

No. 210860

ah i love him , what was this man from? just recently i've been trying to find this anime again and cant

No. 210863

He's from a series called Mononoke

No. 210874

File: 1654132571388.jpeg (444.57 KB, 750x663, D05E761B-A768-42F7-9C52-302817…)

Shame this never got made, they’re so cute

No. 210888

thank you.

No. 210901

What is it called?

No. 210911

Milky Way and The Galaxy Girls, created by the same lady who made MLP

No. 210991

File: 1654183276769.jpeg (98.2 KB, 621x640, 40E8F2A4-D472-4CD4-A257-9B96D7…)

Yes! Outstanding designs

No. 211013

This is the only anime I've ever liked. Genuinely beautiful and great writing. Plus the medicine seller is hot.

No. 211088

File: 1654203971658.jpg (152.7 KB, 720x944, 163302905866.jpg)

Those thin arms and legs are really ugly. Marceline 2.0 is cute, though. While we're talking about Lauren Faust, I think the MC of Toil & Trouble is cute. It's such a shame it got cancelled. I can't get enough of witches.

No. 211140

File: 1654219672813.png (357.75 KB, 570x729, image_2022-06-02_192726024.png)

I'm sad they won't be playable but on the other hand Genshin's useless 3D moid modelers would ruin fire yaksha's hair. Water yaksha is cool too.

No. 211150

She's so cute. We were robbed. I feel like it's rare to see a character with a big nose who is also cute.

No. 211155

File: 1654224543335.png (589.52 KB, 1024x576, Keep_Your_Hands_Off_Eizoouken_…)

They are excellent examples of the rectangle/triangle/circle principles of design

No. 211168

File: 1654229369929.jpg (109.1 KB, 564x743, 245fc2758dc60b3708114a8632b839…)

Iconic, I love this girl.

No. 211178

I have no clue why, but every time I look at this witch I'm overwhelmed with a feeling of… endearment? Like her design is so adorable and appealing, I don't know how to describe it.

No. 211181

I know that feel, she makes me happy, but I also feel sad because I know we will never know anything about her.

No. 211775

File: 1654386322646.jpg (1.3 MB, 2256x3276, 001.jpg)

sadamoto popped off w/ .hack character designs

No. 211791

File: 1654387527108.jpg (3.82 MB, 4607x3507, Arc_03_0040.jpg)

mistral is soooo cute

No. 211792

is hack any good?

No. 211796

i've only watched sign and liminality. the only way i could get thru sign was watching it on x1.4 speed, it's a slow burn, and i mean real slow. the OST is really good and the story is interesting even if its slow. i haven't played any of the games.

No. 211806

Where do you start? I'm interested now

No. 211814

.hack//sign (2002) is the beginning of the series

No. 211818

Thank you!

No. 211837

I really like her design, the flowing red hair with her black suit gives her a bigger presence

No. 211853

File: 1654397386198.png (173.75 KB, 600x994, ikamusume.png)

No. 211857

File: 1654397960767.png (221.06 KB, 1505x2000, Maggie.png)

I think (for what it was) this show had some very cute designs considering everyone was a bug. It had a very mid 2000's punky girl power type of look. Main character reminds me of those Ello toys

No. 211858

I love this show tooo!

No. 214400

File: 1655253707599.jpeg (64.49 KB, 625x490, FE0018CF-50B7-4D67-B474-C5B77C…)

I really love her design but unfortunately the anime is awful. A character with a great design like hers’ deserves her own anime separate from any coomer bs.

No. 214583

File: 1655307058623.png (305.94 KB, 838x838, 429Mismagius.png)

Nice choice anon and I agree. I''m pretty critical when it comes to the newer Pokemon designs after gen 3, Gen 4 really started to trail off into "WTF" designs and 5 was just awful for the majority of them imo. But in Gen 6, I actually found myself liking quite a lot of the designs this time around and Noivern (and Noibat, it's so fucking cute) are in my top 5 of favorites from that gen. It has a great nice color palette.

I'll go with a Pokemon entry as well. Mismagius. I used to think this design was hideous but I've come around since then and now it's one of my favorites, I totally like the whole witch vibe it has and I love the purple color scheme.

No. 214586

File: 1655307284823.jpg (31.32 KB, 376x550, Ff10-2-paine13.jpg)

This is a great choice anon, I agree with you, Yuna's look in FFX was so pretty. I think the thing I like about it is how mobile it looks. Like Yuna can run in that get up and not be too uncomfortable. It's kinda why I like Paine's White Mage look from X2, an active roaming healer, I love it lol.

No. 214597

File: 1655307622156.jpg (147.17 KB, 1200x800, b2-bayonetta-concept.jpg)

I unironically love Bayonetta's look from Bayonetta 2. Very beautiful color palette and I love all the ornate embroidery on her shawl and leg portions of her suit.

No. 214624

File: 1655309855582.jpg (44.11 KB, 500x660, 4qyarx3iud291.jpg)

Soul Calibur 2 Ivy's 2p outfit. No other outfit has this beautiful color palette or elegant design that fits her backstory and personality.

No. 214646

I like her, but I like her design in the first game way more for some reason. I guess because of the red and gold highlights being a better contrast with her mostly black hair/clothes than blue and silver.

No. 214650

All the girls had great outfits before 4 fucked everything up.

No. 214661

Are you the person who posted in the awful character design thread? If so, I'm the one who dropped the SC4 Ivy design there haha.

Either way, I agree with you 100%, this was easily the best look that fit Ivy's character as a whole. Strong, posh, and stoic, the outfit is a great mesh of her assertive (the masculine) with her classy upbringing (the embroidered the details).

No. 214663

That's fair. I like her design in the first game as well but I felt that the blue and silver gave this extra classy vibe to her design if that makes sense.

No. 214796

File: 1655364326079.jpg (782.98 KB, 1280x1024, hilde-sc4-spec.jpg)

I agree with you anon. Most of the girls outfits in SC4 left a lot to be desired but on a positive note, I LOVED Hilde's design. Our first lady knight who was wearing a full set armor that didn't look like fetish gear.

No. 214798

File: 1655364435285.jpg (802.01 KB, 1280x1024, hilde-sc4-spec2.jpg)


Even her alternate outfit looked pretty good imo, I loved all the detailing they put into the dress's fabric and even though the dress has a high thigh split, in-game it doesn't come off pervy.

No. 214953

Oh hey, I saw this in a video about the evolution of Ivy's designs. Since I'm not a Soul Calibur fan I had no idea which outfit this was, I just remembered it didn't show any skin and was super classy and had a "pirate" flair to it

No. 215294

Not the anon you're replying to but yep, that was her look from Soul Calibur 2 and it's one of the best alternates in the game imo but also one of Ivy's best. Tbf before Soul Calibur 5, her alternate/2-player outfits were much more covered than the scantily clad primary outfits, a lot of which actually fit her character a lot more.

The whole dominatrix thing is pure fetish because narrative-wise, she's not even a sexual person, she's actually celibate from what was said in her background story. So it never made sense why have her wear such coomer looking outfits.

No. 215372

File: 1655567649690.jpg (39.44 KB, 673x660, Psychic_Yuna.jpg)

Yes I like this one too! It's a fun concept, ffx-2 had some nice outfits

I like psychic Yuna

No. 215572

This is so gorgeous!! This is literally all women want is practical looking clothes and not bikinis with one piece of shoulder armor. I love her design.

No. 215574

This entire outfit is perfect. Not only does it suit her backstory, that slicked back hair is so sexy.

No. 215896

File: 1655769109518.jpg (830.41 KB, 1400x2125, GqOrI7x.jpg)

I know this probably hinges on her initial artist but I like her design minus the bathing suit.

No. 215897

File: 1655769138282.jpg (69.6 KB, 1240x827, NNMz0Gl.jpg)

This also looks kind of cute in a way

No. 215901

File: 1655770479408.jpg (155.04 KB, 800x533, pCX1FhL.jpg)

No. 215902

File: 1655770672279.jpg (307.83 KB, 1280x1340, BMoH24a.jpg)

No. 216030

I've never seen this look of hers but tbf, I'm not comic person but hot damn, that's actually a pretty cute look. A nice proper evolution of her character design compared to the "sexy rebel" look she's more known for now.

No. 221507

File: 1657734362465.jpg (684.4 KB, 2506x2800, FXetRm1X0AEICe-.jpg)

Riot a shit company and make a lot of trash designs but I really like this skin.

No. 221519

Rikku is iconic in that outfit, I completely agree with everything you just said. I remembered seeing ads for the game when it was about to get released when I was a kid and I thought she looked really cool and stylish.

No. 223955

Oh my god this look. So I'll level with you anon, it's not one of my favorites and I find it beyond coomer looking but there are pieces of it that I like like I LOVE her hairstyles, it's actually one of my favorite hairstyles in the FF series and the blue bandanda compliments it beautifully.

I also think the scarf is actually kinda cute as well as the belt. And the color palette is very striking and I agree, it's an iconic look for sure.

I think what might help is that even though this outfit is coomer-bait, I actually haven't seen moids coomify her. TBF I don't go looking for it but I haven't seen much of any pop up so that helps make her design feel less skeevy and much more "fun" which does match her personality.

No. 229651

File: 1660251609418.jpg (310.01 KB, 755x825, Peacock_1.jpg)

The only girl in Skullgirls I love and care about

No. 229686

File: 1660258686047.png (337.12 KB, 1000x607, Claire.png)

Posting her again because she's a cute cat-looking elf goth

No. 232785

File: 1661196400037.jpg (51.27 KB, 480x613, ririka.jpg)

No. 232786

I hate the coomers who ruined her.

No. 232794

File: 1661197906206.png (4.1 MB, 3840x2160, mother.png)

Possibly the best designed RE villain/female character.

No. 232820

She's an elf? I thought she was supposed to be a cat

No. 232827

Wow nonnie, you're kinda hot.

No. 232832

I think that's the tranny you're replying to, nonnie, the time it was posted adds up to his other posts in /m/

No. 232954

File: 1661273825745.png (1.91 MB, 1080x2160, ADimitrescuFull.png)

It still feels a bit weird seeing a character like this in RE when the series was rooted in traditional SCI-FI for so long but I gotta admit that I agree, Mother Miranda had a very cool design, some beautiful occult attire for sure.

I'll even admit that despite what scrotes did to her with all the obnoxious cooming, Lady Dimitrescu had a rather nice design as well. I like the whole vintage vibe of her.

No. 233663

where is this from

No. 235631

File: 1662101670568.jpg (763.1 KB, 3128x1340, 1635515477831.jpg)

I love everything about the Villainous designs. I love the influence from early 2000s CN shows, I love how each character looks unique but still belonging to the same universe, I love the sharp angles, I love the somewhat realistic body proportions, I love the facial expressions, I love the sharp teeth, I love the thick black outline, I love the colors. They just make me so happy to look at. It feels nostalgic and fresh at the same time.

No. 235703

File: 1662141140513.png (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 3500x3402, Pokemon-Scarlet-and-Violet_202…)

The new pokemon is a good balance of creepy and cute for me. Though I think it looks better in 2D

No. 235872

Alright I'm just throwing this out there, I KNOW that Demitriscu was coomer bait but I do genuinely think with the tiniest changes she could have been a great thing. I hate that when she came out every ewhore cosplayer and retard coomer made a huge deal out of her. If they just leaned less into the obvious mommy dom shit the concept of a giant woman could have been cool

No. 235874

File: 1662204776891.jpeg (826.9 KB, 2141x2776, D8EBBBA4-64BD-4E20-AB58-67F9B0…)

i wish her outfit had been more proper edwardian rather than giant tits and cleavage

No. 235893

File: 1662213378430.jpeg (78.63 KB, 700x700, 04265458-18D0-491C-A4C5-1BCCC2…)

Shut the fuck up already, if your peeve is people making coomer content.

No. 235894

I genuinely never found her hot and coomerish. I thought that she's a cool design, but not super attractive and I didn't expect to see so many people want to fuck her. I still think it was a shill campaign to promote the game

No. 235915

If men weren't terminally online pornsick freaks no one would be complaining about her being coomer bait, her design isn't particularly racy

No. 235931

While a design like this would've been nice as well, her OG design was fine enough. This >>235893 anon beat me to it but it was based on a real outfit and the source material was not slutty or coomer in the slightest.

It's really just men and their perverted brains that are to blame for her ruination. She had a strong design, a cool concept, and great presence and it sucked how it was ruined by scrotes and e-whores.

This is why if you want to experience her for what she was meant to be, just play the game yourself or if you want to watch someone playing the game online, avoid scrotes because I swear almost every single one of them will have coomer fueled commentary whenever she shows up. Some women streamers do it too but there are some who don't, at least in comparison to scrotes.

I didn't find the character hot or commerish neither. I remember when I first saw her debut trailer, I thought she looked creepy (in a good way) and loved the concept of her and her daughters which were references to Dracula. But the next day she blows up and EVERYONE is talking about her. "Big MOMMY", "DOMMY MOMMY", etc. You know the spheal, it was everywhere and it was so fucking annoying.

But this tends to happen to a lot female villains who don't look like straight up monsters.

No. 244101

File: 1664671610001.png (926.33 KB, 2048x708, pmmm.png)

I'm not fond of how girly Sakura's magical outfit is, but the others are amazing. And before anyone points it out, I'm aware of how the art style is lolibait. I'm just referring to their clothes.

No. 244128

i was so sad when i found out it was done by a pedo who wants to rape children, i love the designs and the series

No. 244160

File: 1664689766166.jpg (170.17 KB, 900x598, DSCF0479.jpg)

I love movies/media where the background characters are just as if not more interesting to look at than the main characters. Rango is one of those movies for me, the background characters are so unique & weird I just watch it to look at the bizzare designs

No. 260790

File: 1670200562287.png (328.72 KB, 305x768, Rika.png)

One of the few good things about Pokémon SV

No. 260799

I'm curious about this too

No. 260811

File: 1670203828067.jpeg (18.1 KB, 268x268, 5941E920-5D7E-4951-8330-0FDCDF…)

i'm glad to see ooblets get some love, that game is so cute. i would die for glanter

No. 359550

File: 1709316713597.jpg (1.63 MB, 1614x2330, 06.jpg)


No. 359552

File: 1709316752414.jpg (1.91 MB, 1668x2338, 42.jpg)

No. 359553

File: 1709316888736.jpg (2 MB, 1582x2336, 24.jpg)

No. 359554

File: 1709316959106.jpg (1.11 MB, 1632x2336, 33.jpg)

No. 359556

File: 1709317097012.jpg (2.05 MB, 1674x2320, 30.jpg)

No. 367316

Oh my god this is so beautiful. The model looks a bit more basic but i guess that it can't be helped, the concept art is so so beautiful.

No. 367327

File: 1712105152236.png (582.54 KB, 632x900, Albedo20.png)

Wish i could find better sources but i really like this

No. 367328

File: 1712105174535.gif (15.27 MB, 290x365, alb.gif)

No. 367331

File: 1712106262428.jpg (81.99 KB, 515x500, Xenosaga, (1).jpg)

Oh man, he is absolutely too crazy for me nowadays but I was obsessed with him in high school.

No. 368782

File: 1712537430943.png (531.78 KB, 1024x1024, Carcano_M1891.png)

Kinda wanted to post this in the Gijinka thread but i like the design of this italian rifle from Girls' Frontline in general, sure the flag is all over but it's such an adorable but cool military outfit, feels girly and princely at the same time

No. 368791

File: 1712538950184.png (359.17 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_1377.png)

girls’ frontline has some really nice character designs tbh

No. 368800

I love GF so much. Too bad the new designs are boring tacticool slop, but the ones for the older guns are so cute. My wife springfield has the best anime design i have ever seen, i love her

No. 368805

File: 1712541104154.png (398.29 KB, 1024x1024, 2490CCC5-DC4C-4EEF-86AF-031A64…)

Fucking hate this, “but it’s cute!”
We can’t have anything

No. 368812

ew i had no idea they went the lolifag route like blue archive… what a shame

No. 368833

ayrt, wtf this is disgusting

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