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File: 1650995672658.jpg (116.45 KB, 475x475, gardevoir.jpg)

No. 200804

Discuss characters you think were ruined by fans because of their obnoxious behaviour, oversexualization, coomer tendencies, shipping etc. Post characters you love or used to love or feel neutral about, not characters you already hated before

No. 200810

File: 1650996090234.jpeg (119.11 KB, 1200x750, MizsQx_3PD-HZkAurTGo20j6cAtyfk…)

starting with FUCK BRONIES

No. 200815

Anytime I see Gardevoir I think about that fat troon Jerry Peet, I don't even care about Pokémon.

No. 200816

File: 1650996837164.jpg (105.08 KB, 595x842, 2e2b55af27abc877b2a51d1b2f6bd9…)

I don't think i have to explain anything

No. 200817

Redundant thread, fandoms ruin every character and show they latch onto.

No. 200819

this is for more extreme cases, in all the fandoms i've been some characters attract more unhinged fans

No. 200832

i want to eat out her gardevoirussy idc idc

No. 200839

How pathetic do you have to be to let internet strangers ruin your liking of something

No. 200840

File: 1650999633650.png (203.56 KB, 600x740, Isabelle_is_not_for_lewd.png)

God I hate coomer scrotes

No. 200856

File: 1651001399208.png (577.54 KB, 893x1155, Claire_is_not_for_lewd.png)

They ruin everything

No. 200857

i thought this character was from a porn series at first, from the sheer about of nsfw she's got

No. 200859

File: 1651001796534.gif (1.17 MB, 498x382, toriel-undertale.gif)

literally all of undertale. Which is so sad because I thought it was a really cute and beautiful story about love and friendship but not only did the fandom ruin it, troons decided that toriel is some how representative.

No. 200880

She's from a cartoon short the same channel where Bee and PuppyCat is from. She's cute and I absolutely love her but coomers lewded the fuck out of her and shit out a ton of porn and sadly that's what she's known for.

No. 200881

File: 1651005401842.png (17.94 KB, 177x201, Hornet_Beast's_Den.png)

Literally why do people make her sexy, she's a little bug

No. 200885

I hate Sans so much. I hate almost every tumblr sexyman because of their retardation

No. 200887

File: 1651006371754.jpeg (9.12 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)

Ankha was my favorite as a kid because I loved ancient Egypt. The coomers and pickme cosplayers have completely ruined her. Feel bad for kids who Google her and get porn in the first five results.

No. 200891

File: 1651006670930.gif (92.33 KB, 650x450, Dave_pulls_sword.gif)

Speaking of Tumblr sexymen. I've never seen a fandom miss the point of a character so hard.

No. 200892

I can remember whenever a let player did one thing wrong in the game, here comes the fanbase getting mad at them and then spoil the whole game to tell how to get the good ending. Got so bad to the point that some stop reading the comments, playing the game or stopped making videos for it and play it on their own. Hell I seen some get mad at folks for even playing the geocide route, thinking you're a real murderer for killing non-real pixel creatures

No. 200909

the homestuck fandom had an INCREDIBLY high percentage of "i didn't read the comic, i just saw fanart on tumblr" people. Like, the most of any fandom I've ever seen.

No. 200922

File: 1651010404571.jpg (Spoiler Image,117.42 KB, 720x885, D6tPaXWW4AAu1e2.jpg)

I mean Sonic being ruined by it's fandom from a kid's game to the most fucking deviant and degenerate shit on the internet is a tale as old as the Internet, but it makes me unable to look at it with innocent eyes.

This is maybe not completely fitting, but I used to really liked Garfield as a little girl, and honestly the whole "ooooh, I redrew Garfield as a cosmic horror monster" thing is incredibly tired and unfunny. Honestly at this point I find any attempt at "making your beloved childhood characters a horror monster" attempt creatively bankrupt, and yet people don't stop doing it over and over again.

No. 200926

Remember people yelling that the Striders should be black? The entire fucking point missed.

No. 200930

I literally watched that one video about what the internet did to Garfield and I can't help but to roll my eyes at everyone turning him into some Lovecraftian horror and/or a metaphor for Jon's depression. It's so trite

No. 200938

People STILL do that. The other day someone posted a comment on some of my old art complaining that I drew Dave white. Andrew literally based Dave off of himself when he was a teenager. He's supposed to be uncool, and being a white rapper is part of that. Like, an insecure kid trying desperately to convince everyone else he's hot shit when he's just as much of a geek as the rest of his friends.

The funny thing to me is 90% of the time when someone draws all the kids black or whatever, they're a white person IRL and if you go far back enough in their blog history, they have old art of the characters as white. I'm not fond of the phrase "virtue signaling" but that's so obviously what it is– white artists trying to show off how woke they are by drawing all the human characters black.

No. 200942

The only people who succeded at "garfield but make it weird" were the Lasagnacat channel on youtube and I believe that's what started the whole meme. But even in their videos the weirdness was very subtle and (imo) creative until it went batshit at the very end.
Anyway, I agree, people who make these drawings are tryhards who can't even do lovecraftian horror right.

No. 200947

File: 1651013510134.jpg (122.45 KB, 400x400, shitgou.jpg)

Can't ruin what has never been good. But, god, his fantards are as obnoxious as him

No. 200957

lasagnacat is awesome and so is the pixel art one

No. 200981

I feel bad for any kid that googles their favorite cartoons and video games. Most of the time there will be some porn, badly drawn deviantART fetish shit or VERY sexually suggestive garbage in image results.
I remember a campaign on Tumblr to mass report MLP porn on Google Images results, but I don't know how well it worked.

You know exactly why

NTA but thanks for the link, I've never watched this cartoon. For what it's worth, I found out about her from the "not for lewd" thread on CC and have never seen nasty shit involving her.

No. 201018

Same anon, such a bummer.

I never interact with this character in game, and my first introduction was from moid-tier fanart

No. 201174

File: 1651044739118.png (459.82 KB, 525x785, no_lewd_meeting.png)

I see coomer scrotes go after animal/anthro/monster characters, young/underaged girls, goth girls, traps, or whatever's popular so they can ""meme"" it. They're fucked up in the head and deserve to be reconditioned.

No. 201409

Hell I say even Rebecca sexualizes Pearl since she self insert herself as Pearl more so and into that whole master x slave pairing and then gives Pearl a new girlfriend every chance she gets.

No. 202058

File: 1651204214794.jpg (26.52 KB, 818x474, ryo.jpg)

Nobody mentioned Ryo yet? I'm shocked. Might belong in the transwash thread but he's a bit of a unique case.
Devilman becoming mainstream through Crybaby ruined Ryo. I know in the manga the Satan tits was canonical but fuck what a worse time for an adaptation to come out so Aidens can project their yaoi transmasc fantasies onto him

No. 202080

Crybaby itself ruined Ryo imo but yeah the fanbase did not fucking help

No. 202100

I like Ryo (even the Crybaby version) and I hate how they take a cool (imo) design of a genderless/hermaphrodite demon/angel and just claim it's ~twans uwu~. It's a fucking demon ffs, it's not trans because that's just how it looks like. It's like we can't have androgynous characters anymore, it HAS to be appropriated by trans and genderspecials.

No. 202315

I remember when the Aiden fans started whining that "hermaphrodite is a troonphobic slur uwu", he is a mythical entity like the aforementioned hermaphrodite hellbent on destroying the Earth, he'll be fine.

No. 202372

File: 1651295219338.png (271.68 KB, 526x442, akira.PNG)

AYRT Yeah I agree his characterization in Crybaby was poorly done. The manga and OVAs had much better leadup into his reveal, whereas Crybaby let you know Ryo was a scumbag from the start. The OVA does that too but it doesn't feel as bad as the way Crybaby did it, but maybe I'm just biased kek.
Also, let's talk about Akira. He's also major Aiden bait. When Akira goes from softboi to Amon and becomes all masculine and badass, I'm sure pooners got some weird autoandrophiliac satisfaction from it. If you told me that a bunch of them came out as trans after watching crybaby so they could kin Akira IRL I would not doubt it for a second.
Akira wasn't as ruined as Ryo and I don't think he's as popular in the fandom but he's got his own type of appeal that attracts Aiden cringe for certain

No. 202386

Not a Devilman Stan whatsoever, but I think manga had so bad writing it's hard to find something that Crybaby didn't improve on… I believe you that Ryou may have been written as an asshole from the start, I don't remember it though.

No. 202542

File: 1651351791156.jpg (90.85 KB, 1000x1000, HP.jpg)

Not a character, but Harry Potter has the most insufferable and toxic fandom I've ever seen. They ruined my experience and made me stay far way from anything related to HP, because I don't want to read any of the stupid shit they have to say.

No. 202543

I love HP but haven't interacted with the fandom because of the shipping obsession other fans have. Even the threads here turn into ship fights.

No. 202664

The only times I interacted with the fandom was like 15 years ago on lj when my English wasn't that amazing so I didn't find anyone obnoxious, and in early 2010s on tumblr when the site was still fun and not full of thought police bullshit.

No. 202676

Miki and her gf were the only good part of crybaby honestly.

No. 202756

This tbh

No. 202823

I find it funny how so many coomers flocked to velma even though in the original cartoon she's quite ugly. was daphne too much of a stacy for them?

No. 202828

File: 1651438930656.jpg (103.16 KB, 742x1022, Raven.jpg)

Velma has always been better and had more personality than Daphne imo

I hate how she has become so pornified, why can't we have a more reserved female character?

No. 202832

Nerds are more into nerdy looking characters than into normie looking characters. I mean, just compare the size of the Paul Dano thread vs the Robert Pattinson thread

No. 202954

File: 1651465984783.png (251.23 KB, 400x400, Mavis.png)

Ugh, there's a shitton of porn of Raven and other goth girls like Mavis, Claire and Loona. It's sickening and also because of huge gothfucker artists like Shadman and Zone-sama.

No. 202955

I prefer Lovecraft horror over porn tbh. But I understand you. Every Childhood character/comic has to be either porn or horror and that is so annoying. Just let it be what it was, a child show. Don't ruin it with your adult mind.

No. 202957

File: 1651466710426.png (846.07 KB, 1425x665, I hate the antichirst.png)

I don't know what to tell you but there is actually a ton of Garfield porn as well, look up #gothfield which depicts garfield as a chubby goth femboy

No. 203337

I remember watching a video about why Mavis deserved better than Johny, but had to click off because the scrote started rambling about how horny he was for her "goth gf". Men truly ruin everything

No. 204863

Looks like a genderswap anthro Garfield but goth and sexy. This is pure cringe and I hate the fact that the second pic is drawn by a girl under the name Moozua. God I hate pickmes, wasting their talent to appeal coomer moids and are brainwashed by them. Also she follows Zone-sama as well. I just don't understand it at all.

No. 214602

Aw I remember this character. I actually haven't seen any porn of her at all but to be fair, I try to avoid porn of certain characters.

No. 214603

This one sucks because I love her too anon, I get the frustration because there is just so much porn of her now and it feels like more people know of her from the porn than from the game…

No. 214605

>I mean Sonic being ruined by it's fandom from a kid's game to the most fucking deviant and degenerate shit on the internet is a tale as old as the Internet, but it makes me unable to look at it with innocent eyes.

You now it's funny because I have seen a ton of Sonic porn but yet surprisingly enough, I don't have a distorted image of the series whenever a new game comes out. Granted the games have been not all that great but I'm still able to look at Sonic as the kid-friendly series it was meant to be despite the copious amounts of porn there is of the characters.

No. 214614

File: 1655309293302.jpg (56.84 KB, 620x728, Loona.jpg)

As someone who is a goth and doesn't consider these characters actual Goths, I understand the annoyance of how coomers tend to flock and ruin "goth" girl characters, especially poor Raven.

I LOVED this character when I was a middle schooler and I still love her now. Unfortunately I've come across a lot of porn of her and I don't like it but I think my likeness for this character is too great to be completely ruined, I enjoyed how she was portrayed in the show that much.

Loona though… It's getting harder to not let the mountain of porn around her not get to me. With Raven, I was a kid when I was exposed to her so I have that nostalgia that helps keep her completely untainted but I'm watching Helluva Boss as a woman in my late 20s and even though Helluva Boss is not a kids show, It's still hard to not let the porn image of her get to me which is a shame because she's a fun character for what she is and I'm looking forward to how she'll be in season 2. I just try my best not to come across porn of her.

Eh that's just annoying. I remember the YouTube cartoon reviewer RebelTaxi would do somewhat the same with Raven.

No. 229658

File: 1660252571701.jpg (68.79 KB, 1038x576, sad_isabelle.jpg)

Her and Isabelle

No. 230171

I especially hate what they have done to Raven.
When I was little, she was my favorite, because I related to her, and she was just so cool, personality and design-wise. She's so awesome and I despise anyone who draws her pornified.

No. 230469

I mean, with a design like that, what would you expect. The fandom isn't the problem with this one.

No. 230488

im going to sound like a boomer but jesus christ this generation. maybe the past was racist but is that any worse than being so porn-addicted you draw shit like this and cant engage with anything without turning it coomer?

No. 230566

File: 1660428075966.jpg (197.4 KB, 1143x1429, MV5BZjc4ZmE3OTYtMWFlYS00MGZjLW…)

I haven't seen this cartoon or was part of the shitfest but there was an official art contest held on Twitter of this show and guess what happened? Porn and lewds were made of this character with hashtags included. Coomer scrotes ruined everything every fucking time. It's so depraved and disgusting for raiding what's supposed to be fun and innocent. Though it shouldn't be held in a place like Twitter where nsfw artists resides especially for a female cartoon character. Still I feel bad for her and even worse coming from a kids cartoon.

No. 230582

Never heard of this one, but even just googling the character/show I was met with a bunch of porn even on the front page. Scrotes were a mistake. There's nothing sexual or enticing about the design, but they see cute female character and that's all it takes for them to get repulsive.

No. 233652

File: 1661458015258.png (605.93 KB, 905x640, Nicole_Watterson.png)

What's so sexy about a cartoon cat mom? I want Nicole to kick ass and beat up all the scrotes that lewded her.

No. 233659

Yeah this one has bewildered me as well because there's nothing sexual about her design. I get that porn artists take "Creative liberties" to sexualize non-sexualized characters but Nicole was the last one I'd expect to see that for.

I think the reason why scrotes sexualize her is because she's strong and doesn't take crap from her idiot husband. I'm sure if has to do with "dommy mommy" or something like that.

No. 233675

File: 1661464831111.jpg (61 KB, 1280x720, Anime_Nicole.jpg)

Plus an anthro that porn-addcited furries brainlessly drool on. I think her anime self amplifies it too but I just think she's cool and badass. Also Mike Inel/Manyakis.

No. 233686

File: 1661467330886.jpg (25.77 KB, 343x516, Anime_Dot.jpg)

Speaking of anime Nicole, anime Dot. Coomer artists got right to it after seeing her for a split second in the Animaniacs Reboot trailer. Disappointed since she's so cute and cool.

No. 233690

God you just made me remember how much I hate Mike Inel kek. I remember liking some of his sfw animations on YouTube but jfc he’s a coomer Does anyone have that animation he did where he portrayed himself as an obese neckbeard acting pathetic and getting a boner at a female fan standing next to him for a photo?

No. 233716

>Does anyone have that animation he did where he portrayed himself as an obese neckbeard acting pathetic and getting a boner at a female fan standing next to him for a photo?
NTA but that's fucking disgusting, I had no idea. He's even more of a creep than I thought but I guess I shouldn't be surprised since he loves drawing loli/shota incest porn

No. 233741

File: 1661482662276.jpg (18.17 KB, 474x316, th.jpg)

obligatory. Cause I actually think she's interesting beyond being coomer bait

No. 233763

File: 1661491788639.png (Spoiler Image,13.88 KB, 860x1031, 519-5195424_sans-yellow-and-bl…)

I literally hate admitting it, but I really like Sans as a character, too bad I can't even stand looking at him because of what the fandom has done to him. I really like the idea of a character that has knowledge of a repeating timeline, constantly knowing that everything you do could be erased, being deeply depressed about it but instead chosing to live in the moment and have a good sense of humor about things to keep it together. But nah just sexualize the skeleton and make him have a blue dick

No. 233780

File: 1661498962441.png (70.99 KB, 630x630, 6a744cd8a7461d218c7dab0ff084ca…)

since gardevoir is thread pic, i think it's worthwhile mentioning vaporeon. i think it's such a cute pokemon
reposting because im retarded and forgot emotes aren't allowed

No. 233782

the trend was "started" by some cow. what makes it's funnier was how she would police anyone who jumped into the trend, getting upset about no one crediting for a basic concept.

No. 233819

This has always been my favorite Pokemon (from childhood up to now), good thing I don't know much about the fandom

No. 233909

For Gardevoir, I get it but for Vaporeon? Jesus wtf I don't get how some people would find it sexy and fuckable just because of a cringey copypasta. It's a fucking fish dog STANDING ON ALL 4S. I bet these degenerates have probably thought of fucking their own dog and look up on real life bestiality.

No. 233929

i honestly hate the current trend of thinking watching porn as a funny meme culture. they think they're edgy and cool. But they're just showing the world how degenerate they are

No. 233951

also Chris Reccardi passed away a couple years ago

No. 233962

File: 1661565799932.gif (1.67 MB, 540x304, 1623321470880.gif)

Could say the same for The Summoning. Sadly, goth girls aren't safe from moid coomers. Also I wish death upon Zone.

No. 233991

jenny nicholson once said, upon the rampant moid coomerfication of MLP, that she suspects men are incapable of simply liking a female character without wanting to have sex with her. moids in the comments called it insightful. what a sad existence.

No. 233999

>Look up videos
>Clickbait video essay with the thumbnail from Zone's animation
I hate coomers so much it's unreal. It's sad the creator died. It would have been nice to do some sort of kickstarter project for a web series or a revival. But so much time has passed it's probably just regarded as "that one cartoon that got a porn parody".
ZONE has ruined a lot of cartoons. I heard recently that they had to remove a line from Jenny XJ9 from the Nickelodeon fighting game because people associated it with the porn animation of her.

No. 234014

Oh my god, i love the design, it looks so pretty and unique! We really cant have nice things…

No. 248175

File: 1666054430930.png (303.23 KB, 820x780, 1007-10077698_unit-noriaki-kak…)

This guy has been ruined for me. You can't look for Kakyoin (or Jotaro) content without stumbling upon ship content and I've been into this series for so many years that it's made me tired. I even used to like the ship but I can't look at the content anymore.

No. 248227

Eh, I don't mind gay shipping stuff since I'm a fujoshi but what tires me the most is the repetitive unfunny death jokes of Kakyoin.

No. 256321

File: 1668893078472.jpg (222.07 KB, 2048x1536, FJ3ZUJEaUAEUIxF.jpg)

I still love him but you literally cannot talk about him without feeling like putting your finger into a wasp's nest of trans-washing, genderspecial theory, moral crusades, mpreg, kinning, uwu-fying, projection and fans that consider him a battered, abused housewife of Megatron you aren't allowed to criticize or make fun of.

No. 256352

Are you me

No. 258172

File: 1669496436603.png (152.64 KB, 500x222, tumblr_inline_o4j04fVnaR1qzjzh…)

Basically the female Rick Sanchez but shes still treated and drawn as a cutesy delicate femme by a large part of the fandom… is it literally just because shes pink?

No. 258188

File: 1669500697696.png (460.34 KB, 912x645, fatass plane.png)

The mpreg does create some pretty hilarious art though.

No. 271215

File: 1674417235507.jpg (186.08 KB, 947x1080, Jaiden.jpg)

Female YouTube animators/artists/creators. It's so disgusting that coomer moids jack off and make porn of your innocent family-friendly avatar/persona.

No. 271225

File: 1674420537574.jpg (42.09 KB, 1034x559, kaa.jpg)

No. 271261

File: 1674446129520.jpeg (91.61 KB, 843x842, 0B1B497F-0540-40FC-8F04-137613…)

his fanbase of obnoxious middle schoolers ruined his character so badly that I get mocked simply for saying I like him now

No. 271268

He had such a great character arc and I enjoyed his progression. It was also a great story to dip into the satanic panic of the 80s, steered by the kids' interest in DnD.
But there are so many people that didn't give a shit about the show until Eddie was introduced, and now there's a bunch of Migratory Slash Fans that jumped on the bandwagon and reduced him to a love interest for Steve. Even 20-30 year old women can't grow up and consume the media for the larger, far more interesting sci-fi story. Nope. Just here for two white boys they can pair off.

No. 271270

And Aidens. Don't forget all the girls who want to be him.

No. 271423

TikTok trendhoppers pretended he was cool for like 3 weeks until actual social rejects started liking him

No. 276092

File: 1676515031321.jpg (240.95 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_plpvcuE9511xn5t9xo2_128…)

Nintendo girls are not for lewd

No. 276097

Oh god fucking deviantart hypno shit. I loathe Kaa because of it, god I hate coomers.

No. 276098

I wish the bimbo Peach crap would just die already.

No. 276123

File: 1676532623198.gif (347.75 KB, 500x500, Mike-Inel.gif)

Nona im late but I found it. God his sfw stuff got me into animation as a kid, inevitably seeing the rest of his work was scarring

No. 276148

I got curious so i tried finding pictures of him, and he actually looks like that irl. An asian man with moob and the exact same hairstyle.
He also seems to have a sister who is a NSFW fujo artist, so i guess degeneracy runs in their family.

No. 276652

why would you willingly admit that this happened to you? coomer art coomsumers will defend the artists with "separating the art from the artist" and insist on that coomer artists aren't perverts but then coom artists can't even interact with women in a normal way

No. 276653

He’s a porn addicted neckbeard, so of course being a socially awkward creep is funny and normal to him. He made animations for the 4chan dating game Katawa Shoujo. And I remember he made an animation of him jerking his chode, It was on his old tumblr account Manyakis.

No. 279712

>If you told me that a bunch of them came out as trans after watching crybaby
Just how? Do Aidens want to have visible erections at school and fuck-rape prostitutes-demons?

No. 279713

Pfffff. You must be over 18 to post on this site. I guess if you watch something like Devilman Crybaby while being under 18 and/or allergic to violent, shocking, hyper-sexualised content, then, sure, sappy friendship shenanigans between two high school girls must be the highlight for you.

No. 289059

File: 1681273597522.png (8.06 KB, 457x286, Fr_ScSaXoAIUkWw.png)

>mouse Ashley
>how cute
>coomershit art especially involving with Leon
All male coomers need to be put in an electric chair at high maximum volt capacity. They can't enjoy cute things without the thought of fucking it. I'm so sick of it.

No. 289063

I'm a staunch supporter of fursecution and furrycide.

No. 289154

File: 1681323586249.jpg (844.61 KB, 2316x3088, KR.jpg)

Kendall Roy is a brilliantly written character and Jeremy Strong gives an absolute perfect performance but my god I hate the "fandom" around him, he's a drug-addicted hypocrite and absentee father who let a young man to die due to his own negligence and he's fucking 40, he's not your babygirl, boyfailure, malewife or whatever terminally online term that's in right now.

No. 289371

File: 1681423386854.jpeg (116.96 KB, 828x1163, FB6B69D9-CE30-41F2-8DD9-26E6D1…)

agreed. i hate all the ppl calling him "babygirl" or callig him or tom lesbians.
embarassing how they act like he's a smol uwu sad babby who did nothing wrong ever.
If you have to make an arse of yourself drooling over a sitcom character least simp for a good looking guy ffs. this one doesn't even have a fucking chin!

No. 289372

File: 1681423321498.jpeg (116.96 KB, 828x1163, FB6B69D9-CE30-41F2-8DD9-26E6D1…)

agreed. i hate all the ppl calling him "babygirl" or callig him or tom lesbians.
embarassing how they act like he's a smol uwu sad babby who did nothing wrong ever.
If you have to make an arse of yourself drooling over a sitcom character least simp for a good looking guy ffs. this one doesn't even have a fucking chin!

No. 291338

File: 1682132194145.jpg (152.84 KB, 1997x1481, FnxILwMXwAEGozk.jpg)

I feel bad for Toby, he cant write stories about anything without people making it about the troons. There was supposed to be (now scrapped) anti depressants in Noelle's room in the cyber world, however, troons started saying they were estrogen pills. The entire thing about kris being "non binary" God not everything needs a fucking label on it. Obviously Toby writes lgb stories very well (especially after gay marriage was just legalized) but because of that troons think EVERYTHING is about themselves. its so fucking irritating.

No. 291741

Oh god anon RE fans sexualize the characters so much it’s tiring, even characters I don’t like have been ruined to me. Moids have made countless mods to put the female characters into all sort of disgusting objectifying outfits, including the damn child character. I stay away from the online fandom because there’s so little creativity or discussion, it’s all unfunny jokes and cooming.

No. 294692

File: 1683464781637.jpg (183.38 KB, 1920x1080, thumb-1920-922400 (1).jpg)

I'd never let a portion of a fanbase change how I feel about a character I love, just get irked at those people's existence since it makes it harder to find people who aren't like that. Personally I'm sick of the troons (coughs aidens) of the Persona fandom who project bullshit onto Goro. I saw some Twitter account post him as the "autistic disabled transfem sapphic of the day" and couldn't decide whether to laugh or throw up inside. That is a "cis" male and he'd probably find you annoying

No. 331369

File: 1698681448005.jpg (19.67 KB, 296x350, pomni_by_minusbrush_dfocepl-35…)

No. 331375

It's crazy how some women will baby middle aged men like babys but then treat underage girls like adults.

No. 331408

This one was ruined the very second her weird fetish troon creator made her. And he knows all the r34 will bring all the boys to the yard. He even made a calibrated TIF sexyman character to sweep in the full spectrum of degeneracy.

No. 331424

Even though she's 25, it irks me that she has a fuck ton of porn from scrotes with clown girl fetish, speedrunning in pumping out as much porn as they can and that she's looks a little child. She's not even sexually appealing at all. I hope all the cute and neat fanart would drown out all the nasty degenerate shit that's made of her.

No. 331500

File: 1698705265898.jpg (327.4 KB, 1080x901, RE4remake_mods.jpg)

Also hated moids who made these kinds of mods to fit their taste of the girls especially for Ashley, whining about how "unattractive" she is in the remake. There's nothing wrong with it besides that she looks more mature and not some annoying teen that RE fans either hated her or coom to her. They're just pornsick and couldn't jack off if she looks slightly more realistic.

No. 331509

>I hope all the cute and neat fanart would drown out all the nasty degenerate shit that's made of her.
Come on, nonna, you know damn well this will never happen, the pilot is made by a porn-making tranny and the girl is a self-insert of his. The show is shit and even has a porn reference at the very beginning, it was made by a coomer for coomers.

No. 331524

>made by a porn-making tranny
I don't remember Gooseworx making any nsfw stuff other than music but I try to separate the art from the artist since I don't like or support trannies either.

>has a porn reference at the very beginning

I don't recall? Explain? I mean there's Jax, the censored swearing, the moon who loves Caine. None of which doesn't come off as porny or coomerish. Maybe a little from the moon.

No. 331526

Do you even browse /snow/.

No. 331528

File: 1698711786971.jpg (46.93 KB, 720x791, a2e9ccc53013caba09500eb0d967a5…)

I just, don't understand why fans created this image where Kaneki is this super edgy and crazy protagonist when, in my opinion, he is kinda like a little nerdy dork guy with repressed emotions who is only surviving to the world around him. He never felt as emo as many people seem to believe, in fact when he adapts the Haise persona, he doesn't act as different compared to the begining of the series, sure he is more mature (Because he is older) but his fatherly interactions with the squad feels very close to when he took care of Hinami. He really only acts agressive when he is against a villian like Yamori and such. Genuine, watching Gigguk's video defending the manga made me kinda mad, I always thought that people knew the "I'm tragedy" panel was fake and a meme.

On a similar note, I'm also confused as to why anime fans have this idea that Ishida is a cold guy who hates everything. From the little I've been able to see from social media and interviews, he doesn't really feel that intimidating

No. 331530

Not at all. Link?

No. 331535

Don't ask to be spoonfed, look into it yourself newfag.
Projecting and 2deep4u crowd that flocked into the franchise as it was either their first anime or manga.

No. 331539

No link to prove it? Ok schizo. Even as a terf you failed to help your sisters. Pretty ironic. Found the thread anyways, thanks.

No. 331541

Lol what

No. 331548

It’s literally in the current /snow/ thread for animation cows. It’s not that hard to find sin e that shitshow got released like a few weeks ago.

No. 331659

File: 1698764384037.png (199.89 KB, 289x344, EqcUJl0.png)

I will never forgive Aidens for make him a tif in all their fanart and fanfic.

No. 333317

File: 1699253390553.png (133.41 KB, 475x475, 700 Sylveon.png)

I do like Sylveon and I think it's a cute Eevoloution but unfortunately part of it has been ruined for me because of how troons claimed it to be a "trans" Pokemon because it's color palette is the troon flag colors. It's retarded because it's clear that it was just meant to utilize a nice pastel color style and I doubt the creators were trying to virtue signal with it.

No. 342130

File: 1702528947067.jpeg (46.95 KB, 323x545, IMG_7521.jpeg)

Similar story with Hatterene.

No. 342142

File: 1702535966334.webp (1.92 KB, 209x250, Vriska_Serket.jpg)

All of the Homestuck characters were done dirty but I think Vriska is in the top 10 of characters who were done dirty by the fandom in that story. I was never the biggest fan but the Homestuck fandom did so much bullshit that they managed to alter canon for the worse. I think other top candidates are Dave, Karkat, or Gamzee.

No. 342269

File: 1702579408352.jpg (1.12 MB, 2048x2048, ddddddd.jpg)

>she thinks that nonnas can't handle the violence when crybaby is obviously bad because it totally butchered the war theme of the original manga.
(I know I'm 9 months late but this is killing me, also yes Miki and her gf was the best part kek)

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