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File: 1651517285013.jpg (1001.34 KB, 3840x2160, p184338_b_h8_aq.jpg)

No. 203087

So this is a thread for South Park discussion - anything related from any season, episodes, scripts, the boys, etc etc. Get your fix here

dear Fujos: I know you won't care, but please keep the shipping/sperging at minimum.

dear Cartman gif nona: GO AHEAD POST 'EM

Maybe a small intro for anyone interested:
>>fave season?
>>fave episodes?
>>fave character?


No. 203094

File: 1651517755905.gif (3.81 MB, 498x280, EA12AB0C-9478-44FD-A01F-2E51E9…)

Aw yess thank you nonita!!

No. 203095

File: 1651518246918.jpg (280.68 KB, 1280x845, 928.jpg)

i guess i'll start then

>>fave season?

5,8,9, 12, 13, 16, 18 and 19 (haven't seen 21st to 25th fully yet, still praying for a BD boxset release)

>>fave episodes?

Cartoon Wars I&II, Major Boobage, the Black Friday episodes, any Butters episode

>>fave character?


I forgot to mention the RPG games, which i tend to place higher than the series themselves.

besides that, did anyone got any of the Adidas sneakers? i feel kinda guilty but i went full consoom and got two pairs, oops

No. 203096

File: 1651518340599.gif (1.94 MB, 480x270, south-park-laughing.gif)

no probs nonita, hope this thread survives.

No. 203101

File: 1651518640990.jpg (64.21 KB, 936x600, 162735524_d69a57.jpg)

I always loved Wendy and Kyle, but over the seasons PC and Strong Woman turned into my favorite characters. They are really dorky and surprisingly seem like one of the sanest characters. I liked their small story arc.

No. 203106

File: 1651518848855.gif (330.79 KB, 384x270, C6752CE3-A1EB-4876-A055-53AD1A…)

I don’t really have a fave season, though I do have a soft spot for the first ones since I watched them as a kid. Picking a favorite episode is hard too but I do especially love the scott tenorman must die one kek.
I recently replayed the games too, have to say I prefer the stick of truth, but I honestly think it’s just for the fact that I prefer fantasy over the super hero stuff!

No. 203108


i'm actually surprised about the degree of development they have gone through, especially because both PC and Strong Woman were breakthrough characters in their respective seasons. i kinda enjoyed seeing PC as a parody character in 19, but now he's fully fleshed out and i'm glad he's not a throw-away, like Pip, Jesus or Satan were.

No. 203110

File: 1651519105735.gif (499.5 KB, 499x377, C82A31F0-93A7-43B2-BF08-CFF479…)

Any favorite celebrity portrayals?

No. 203111


don't get me started on the games. TFBW was my gateway back into SP, as i wasn't following the series probably from 2005-ish. i got really invested on it (i think i played for 80 hours lol). now it's a CRACK IS WHACK situation around these parts…

No. 203112

>>fave season?
15, 19, 21
>>fave episodes?
Any episode where cartman goaded someone and ended up getting punched, the goth kid episodes, The List, so many more
>>fave character?
Wendy but from the boys Kyle

No. 203113

File: 1651519363825.gif (3.77 MB, 498x498, you-try-to-block-me-mark-zucke…)


if Jesus or Satan were "celebrities", i would go with them, but Jenifferrrrrr Lopez!, Tom Cruise, Cher, Lorde and Mark Succ are the first ones that come to mind

No. 203114


Breast Cancer Show sure was a delight. sorry Cartman Gif Nonita.

No. 203115

File: 1651519467189.gif (752.75 KB, 480x270, 2BAE6ACE-BA7C-4F95-B833-66032E…)

Kek nona same

No. 203116

Right?? The mark zuckeberg was hilarious, also really enjoyed the jeff bezos kek

No. 203117

File: 1651519978541.jpg (68.18 KB, 675x1200, EHnyyc7UUAEKEdE.jpg)

i think they nailed the soulless expression he has. the way he glitched around was so funny.

No. 203118

Such a good use for him, they captured how he comes across so well. Butters as chaos in this was also great and hilarious, when he was showing around the new minion and the repurposed circuit city neons.

No. 203119

File: 1651520270219.jpeg (16 KB, 285x160, 3DC4BDEC-078B-4836-B0F7-9757BC…)

They really captured that lizard person essence kek

No. 203120

File: 1651520606304.gif (291.77 KB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)


that episode is so good! although the game tie-in was a bit weak compared to the E3 trailers, but the content of the episode is one of the best (funny how Butters has lost some of his innocence, specially when Chaos is used as an antagonist).

also, the fight at the end is fucking delightful and absolutely not expected. kinda happened the same in Cartoon Wars II, but this one was absolutely anticlimatic lol.

No. 203124

File: 1651521035551.gif (3.53 MB, 498x498, 8CDDBD08-BF7B-421E-9034-A133BD…)

my least favorite character would hands down be towlie.

No. 203138


towelie in latam spanish is so funny. btw nonas, I started watching SP in spanish and i'm surprised how consistent the VAs are on different versions. of course there are some localization differences and songs changed completely… also the japanese version is fucking perfect (i'm still in awe after learning kappei yamaguchi does a bunch of voices)

No. 203147

Tell me where to watch SP in JPN dub pls!

No. 203161


not OP, but i've been able to find quite a few clips from the jp dub on youtube by either looking up the show name in japanese (サウスパーク) or just searching through channels that upload a lot of clips. no idea where to watch the series in it's entirety, maybe netflix with a VPN would work?

No. 203175

File: 1651525474903.jpg (11.82 KB, 250x181, 2020260646-southpark.jpg)


adding onto this to say that if you're interested in a non-streaming service source for watching nearly the full show in english (except for season 25 + the specials + the movie), i highly recommend allsp.ch. i hate using shady piracy sites filled with porn ads and can't currently torrent due to my living situation, so shoutout to the rando on reddit who mentioned that.

irrelevant but i love how some of the episodes are actually recordings of the initial broadcasts from over a decade ago, adds a bit of charm. imo SP is best enjoyed when not in HD, feels more right i guess

No. 203204


that's a super good find! i just marathoned through 1-20 from around january and i would like to keep on watching. one of the bad points of the hi-res transfers is the loss of the original audio track (the first two seasons have "fuck" beeped out) and some assets were lost (someone on IG pointed out this). also finding the damn boxsets is another story (box 1 and 4 are particularly expensive for some reason), so having an alternative is always great!

No. 203208

as nona mentioned, youtube has clips but not full episodes.

also, my new fave thing ever

No. 203209

File: 1651528594078.gif (1.3 MB, 284x200, 200.gif)

I love you nonita! To commemorate this lovely thread, here's a Cartman Casa Bonita gif!

No. 203210

File: 1651528680395.gif (8.75 MB, 1024x683, casa-bonita.gif)

No. 203213

File: 1651528802697.gif (1.14 MB, 384x270, giphy-downsized.gif)

No. 203215

File: 1651528926115.gif (595.25 KB, 384x270, giphy.gif)

No. 203220

god i love this episode. even though i can find humor in the political SP eps, my favorites are always the ones that are just "the kids or adults doing stupid shit". another fave is the one where the kids dont want to play baseball and try to keep losing on purpose and randy takes fighting other dads at the games way too seriously

No. 203221

File: 1651530590668.gif (313.67 KB, 480x270, 3XbH.gif)



No. 203222


the kids doing kid things have to be some of the most creative ones. from the top of my head i can think of The Return of the fellowship of the ring to the two towers, Freemium isn't Free, Major Boobage, Two guys naked in a hot tub…

No. 203223

My favorite ep of all time will always be the World of Warcraft one. kek

No. 203237

There's too many episodes I enjoy to pick just one. It's Christmas in Canada is great because Cartman's crying has me laughing every time.

No. 203263

File: 1651550343393.gif (586.93 KB, 384x270, 9DEDFAAC-CE83-4FF7-93BA-CA21E6…)

No. 203273

This makes me smile.

No. 203318


exquisite. since SP is considered a cult series in japan, i wonder how many of these exist.

No. 203399

File: 1651606733136.jpg (61.62 KB, 534x668, 3alqukg7qsy41.jpg)

It'd be interesting to know. South Park started to get popular around mid to late 00's. A lot of teens were making fanart. It was pretty popular to make op or ed of animes with SP characters. There's another version of the South Eater but it got blocked.

No. 203408

File: 1651607004193.gif (497.18 KB, 500x332, 9996.gif)

I ♥ you Butters gif nona! I'll post more later.

No. 203530

File: 1651626864126.jpg (11.73 KB, 220x165, unioio.jpg)

I haven't watched the show for a few years now (thinking of picking it up again though) but was wondering if any other old fandom nonas ITT remember an infamous fanfic called The Rectum is a Tomb? iirc it was written by a fakeboi and was a bit of a running joke years back for being the South Park British AIDs fanfic. My favourite character is/was Kenny btw

No. 203596

File: 1651649884278.gif (435.56 KB, 640x640, greetings-cows-of-earth-we-com…)

I love the aliens lmao

No. 203763

File: 1651695110737.jpg (176.95 KB, 640x640, 12441601394_67ac32c43f_z.jpg)


ha, i remember hearing about that years ago but had no idea it was related to south park (somehow). does anyone else remember the drama related to that fakeboi who took a south park fanfiction, changed the character names, and got it published professionally? can't remember the book name but i was thinking of pirating it and seeing how well she covered that up

No. 203777

why no fujos? fujos are cool

No. 203832

File: 1651706295871.jpg (50.22 KB, 714x1080, starring ginger miles mckenna …)

AYRT yeah I remember kek. It's Both Sides Now by Peyton Thomas. I've heard some people say it was ripped off a different fandom (can't remember which one) but it seems like Stan/Kyle to me. Rectum is a Tomb is also Stan/Kyle unsurprisingly

No. 203928

File: 1651731096437.jpg (98.55 KB, 720x686, Screenshot_20220504-155537_Chr…)

I know there's a genderbent thread, but figured why not put these in the SP thread.

No. 203929

File: 1651731185560.jpg (96.38 KB, 710x691, Screenshot_20220504-155434_Chr…)

No. 203930

File: 1651731265017.jpg (128.36 KB, 720x704, Screenshot_20220504-155554_Chr…)

This is for the Butters nonita.

No. 203933

File: 1651732348089.jpg (121.63 KB, 720x857, Screenshot_20220504-231627_Chr…)

No. 204120

File: 1651796782564.gif (4.16 MB, 498x498, i-love-to-singa-eric-cartman.g…)

need a full genderbend episode of southpark STAT (the one that focuses on the girls doesn't count even tho it was great)

also i love cartman when he gets zapped

No. 204135

omg tweek is so adorable

No. 204137

NTA but I love her!

No. 204138

omg i love this

No. 204151

I thought it was supposed to be a ripoff of an Always Sunny in Philadelphia fanfic the dipshit fakeboi Peyton (going by beachdeath)wrote and then baleeted

No. 204156

File: 1651824532343.gif (494.02 KB, 500x259, 1639837130468.gif)

Can someone please explain to me the appeal of this show, both my older brother and one my exes loved South park and I just didn't see the appeal, its filled with way too many shit/fart jokes and the political commentary just seems so fucking full of it, like only something centrist white dudes would believe in

No. 204173

This video was the reason why I started watching anime in 2009 kek

No. 204231

>fave season
I don't have one but anything from season 5 - 19 is enjoyable for me in general. I also loved the movie and the songs!
>fave episodes
Cartman finds love, the yaoi one (not for fujo reasons, just funny they acknowledge it and made a whole episode about it), informative murder porn, the black friday episodes, so many! I should rewatch soon.
>fave characters
Kyle, Wendy, Stan and I've always had a soft spot for Kenny. I also enjoyed watching Randy for a bit during the lorde era kek but lost interest with the whole weed farm thing.

I've always been confused how southpark caught on in popularity in Japan since the material is often very US specific but watching this made me understand. Wtf their japanese voices give them a slightly different vibe, I love it kek

No. 204232

Southpark is rather popular in a lot of countries, the american jokes (Barbra Streisand references for instance) just fly over the audience's head and people laugh mostly at the poop, universal satire and jew jokes

No. 204243

I'm sure plenty of ameriboo love South Park because they get the jokes or learn about US stuff this way. I remember watching it on TV as a teenager from time to time and getting some of the jokes because I was already way too online and on English speaking communities and forums despite it not being the norm just yet. And American's soft power is still a thing so I'm sure plenty of average people from other countries and continents don't miss too many jokes. I learned who Barbara Streisand is thanks to the Nanny before watching South Park.

No. 204244

The appeal is shipping underage boys without getting called a pedo

No. 204246

AYRT, yeah I get that but I just always found it funny that it's popular amongst Japanese fujos of all people, there's a weird disconnect between the two in my head kek

Anyway, that anon's post got me looking up southpark clips and I found this! They used to give them kansai dialects? That's so cute

No. 204247

samefag but oops, Japanese* southpark clips

No. 204250

I don't find it weird anymore now that I saw how Osomtsu-san got extremely popular with Japanese fujoshi, and just Japanese women in general

No. 204350

File: 1651909052713.gif (945.17 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 204351

File: 1651909105201.gif (1.75 MB, 480x270, NJv0.gif)

No. 204352

File: 1651909171534.gif (491.72 KB, 400x224, tumblr_mvj8x7ASdu1qljdepo5_400…)

No. 204729

File: 1652073232569.gif (483.61 KB, 500x368, south-park-eric-cartman.gif)

Forgive me, nonitas! I know Mother's day is almost over but here's a couple of Cartman gifs to celebrate!

No. 204730

File: 1652073310999.gif (346.41 KB, 320x240, tumblr_n9bzzjhb9d1r4gei2o7_400…)

No. 204731

File: 1652073432320.gif (1.54 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 204733

File: 1652073584752.gif (899.86 KB, 320x180, bLr4JA.gif)

And the classic Kyle's mom's a bitch.

No. 204734

File: 1652073678769.gif (8.05 MB, 450x316, south-park-cartman.gif)

No. 204750

i used to watch sp in japanese and the jokes are water down so much lol, i think they stopped dubbing it around s10 and fan groups had to subtitle them going forward

No. 204752

i hate the political episodes but its funny to see stupid kids do stupid kid shit

No. 204805

No. 204806

No. 204808

No. 204857

You’re taking it too seriously. They make an episode in a week, while high. You should watch the behind scenes stuff.

No. 204897

>Favorite character
I have too many favorite characters. Too hard to choose. Lately I like Craig because of his flat voice and the delivery of his lines. I also find it funny he and his family flip each other off.
>Least favorite character
Least favorite character at the moment is Randy. He went from goofy adult to complete dickhead. It feels personal. I know Trey got divorced so possibility? Trey's daughter does voice act and a recent episode with dressage was inspired by his daughter (she rides horses).

No. 205238

Fucking love the black vamp guy

No. 205430

File: 1652325782066.jpg (244.5 KB, 1382x2048, 2byc8hppzvy81.jpg)

anyone looking forward to the new special? seems like cartman fans will enjoy it

No. 205431

No. 205443

I didn't see they released this. Thanks, nonita! Hopefully Leanne finally snaps and there is limited Randy interactions.

No. 205458

File: 1652342399923.gif (52.93 KB, 495x273, giphy.gif)

>Eric Cartman locking horns against his mother in a battle of wills, all while an epic conflict unfolds that threatens South Park’s existence.

No. 205553

File: 1652377078280.gif (3.5 MB, 360x202, yeahyeahyeah-southpark.gif)


No. 205675

File: 1652402801255.png (882.38 KB, 1920x1080, fQUBRRi.png)

No. 205692

File: 1652412999200.gif (517.25 KB, 640x640, 4B670A9B-5C4C-4920-B3D4-0D43AF…)

>fave season?

>fave episodes?
The Black Friday and superhero trilogies
>fave character?
Butters! (other butters nona can we be friends…we’re two of hearts.!!)

No. 205695

love butters too

No. 205724

slight /ot/ but the artist who created this video used to be popular on deviantart but they've completely disappeared from social media. I wish i knew what happened to them. They popped up in the southpark fandom for a bit and then disappeared again

No. 205861

Interesting, I didn't know that. I wonder why.

No. 205864

File: 1652477392440.gif (513.85 KB, 480x270, 9a17e90be1ccf41d7ad0a525f912eb…)

No. 205865

File: 1652477520384.gif (301.79 KB, 320x240, 308748f088d1f6144acd7cc5abcb62…)

No. 205866

File: 1652477657783.gif (633.56 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 205868

File: 1652477780952.gif (369.18 KB, 318x240, tumblr_ltp0mc7Lla1r4gei2o1_400…)

Enjoy nonitas!

No. 205890

File: 1652482980282.png (24.27 KB, 612x287, rit.png)

I've been thinking again about trying to read this out of boredom. I don't ship anything but find the writer mildly interesting, she seems pretty lowkey and all I really know is that she's likely a troon and from old fandom so probably at least in her mid 30s. She has a tumblr and twitter with the same username. Saging my autism as always, sorry anons

No. 205895

File: 1652485584308.gif (44.53 KB, 220x220, craiggg.gif)

>>>fave season?
9, 12, 15
>>fave episodes?
crack baby athletic association, pandemic 1+2, the losing edge
>>fav character?
i can't choose between craig and kenny… both my darlings.

No. 205926

File: 1652502903907.jpg (104.23 KB, 1904x1064, MV5BOTZhNmJlMTUtZmFlZC00YWQzLW…)

About towellie there's just something about his voice in Spanish that makes him funnier. There's a special charm to watching the first seasons in Spanish cause the characters didn't have a concrete personality so they all would use the raunchiest insults ever.

>>fave episodes?

Probably "do the handicapped go to hell" and "probably" cause the love triangle of Satan, Chris and Sadam is the funniest thing ever.
>>fave character?
I'm a proud Kenny fag, I do relate to Stan a lot though.

No. 206289

File: 1652599362371.gif (187.53 KB, 250x299, ec4aa0d1d1b8416f7abd3fd59627a3…)

Hey Craig nonita, I like Craig too!

No. 206290

File: 1652599620012.gif (497.83 KB, 480x368, 082B862E-B4E4-464B-8545-67853E…)

Craig is a cutie

No. 206291

File: 1652600398514.gif (207.09 KB, 160x180, tumblr_myfxehNcxK1r9effvo8_250…)

No. 206474


he's 100% one of my favorites, this running gag in the tourettes episode never fails to crack me up

No. 206514

File: 1652678230157.png (114.47 KB, 384x270, tenor.png)

Great episode. South Park is Gay is funny too. Loved the outfit.

No. 206976

File: 1652801516307.gif (2.18 MB, 384x270, UQL4.gif)

No. 206979

File: 1652801761353.gif (2.41 MB, 498x280, sad-heidi-turner.gif)

heidi is pinkpilled

No. 207048

File: 1652818446945.gif (670.93 KB, 498x376, kick the baby.gif)

ike is cute and i love him even though he is canadian

No. 207059

File: 1652820563622.gif (236.62 KB, 360x280, tumblr_mvvnnzCtBm1r4gei2o2_400…)

No. 207060

File: 1652820802310.gif (271.1 KB, 420x237, tumblr_nn647oy3R31rlo1q2o1_500…)

I love this exchange so much. It's so dumb, I cackle every time.

No. 207150

hi nonas, what's with the recent online popularity of south park among girls? just curious.

No. 207173

its always been that way nonnie

No. 207190

File: 1652864739028.jpeg (30.81 KB, 342x342, template-are-you-sure-this-wil…)

It's been popular for a while. Covid probably brought a bit more of a surge.

No. 207192

i've been seeing uwu-fied south park characters seen the dawn of the internet

No. 207327

new teaser just dropped for the upcoming special

No. 207353

>Better than your house, Kenny!
Never change Cartman. Thanks, nonita! Hopefully the Cartman vs Liane battle is good and not a flash in the pan.

No. 207546

File: 1652964301028.jpg (51.04 KB, 960x540, MV5BNDExODk3NTQtYjRlMC00ZjFiLW…)

He's such a cute little bean! I love his little protest for Canada

No. 207614

File: 1652986187911.gif (3.22 MB, 498x280, south-park-stan-marsh.gif)

i love this scene so much. does anyone remember which episode this is from?

No. 207616

I think it’s s7 ep2 Krazy Kripples!

No. 207664

it is, thank you so much!

No. 207668

File: 1653001125346.jpg (26.23 KB, 480x524, henrietta.jpg)

Some questions because I'm feeling a bit sad

>how did you first get into sp?

>rank the boys from favourite to least favourite
>if you could kill off one character permanently who would it be?
>what is your opinion on shipping and are there any pairings you like/really dislike?
>if you could change one thing about fandom what would it be?
>what do you see happening with the show in the future?

No. 207670

Shippers are retarded and need to kill themselves(/m/ rule 2)

No. 207673

File: 1653001853948.gif (1.12 MB, 384x270, 59A98844-6709-4616-9C50-1988E1…)

I dont have a favorite season or episode (actually maybe the pimp episode since it made me laugh) but i like tweek tho he reminds me of myself

No. 207706

File: 1653019388843.gif (244.4 KB, 500x412, 30FC8038-6F1D-494C-A2A4-AC1985…)

Happy to help!

>how did you first get into sp?
I got into sp when I was about 7, used to watch it with my best friend at the time, she got me interested in the show. We didn’t understand any of the political stuff but it didn’t really matter kek

>rank the boys from favourite to least favourite

I like them all pretty much equally

>if you could kill off one character permanently who would it be?

Towlie, I hate him so much

>what is your opinion on shipping and are there any pairings you like/really dislike?

I don’t mind it, I honestly think Tweek/Craig are cute together but wouldn’t say I’m shipping them or anything lol

>if you could change one thing about fandom what would it be?

Don’t know, I can’t say I really follow the fandom

>what do you see happening with the show in the future?

It’ll likely come to some sort of an end. The creators spoke about it some time ago, though that’s just somewhere in the future.

Same nona same

No. 207712

File: 1653020846054.gif (474.65 KB, 500x280, tumblr_lp17hx5RLm1qludboo1_500…)

Sure, nonita!
>how did you first get into sp?
I was a middle schooler. I frequently got sick and would watch TV in my room. Knew about SP but never saw it until then.
>rank the boys from favourite to least favourite
I can't because it's too hard. Sorry
>if you could kill off one character permanently who would it be?
Tie between Randy and Towelie. Towelie is obnoxious and Randy is Trey's vent character. If they'd stop making Randy stupid, I'll say Towelie.
>what is your opinion on shipping and are there any pairings you like/really dislike?
Don't care to a degree. It boggles my mind how many characters people use as a headcannon being trans or gay. Weird.
>if you could change one thing about fandom what would it be?
The shipping wars alongside what is considered canon for a character. Fandoms in general scare the crap out of me because how rabid they are.
>what do you see happening with the show in the future?
I'd like for it to end like how Calvin and Hobbes ended. I just don't think there's an ending otherwise that would suffice.

No. 207978

File: 1653112038806.gif (939.86 KB, 193x193, 9E2D4AB8-2AC0-4BB1-8BBA-C89994…)

Love to talk SP with you nonnie
>how did you first get into sp?
saw it on my parent's TV after I was supposed to be in bed (I was 9.) it was Butter's Very Own Episode!
>rank the boys from favourite to least favourite
Main 4:
Kenny, Butters, Stan, Kyle, Cartman (in terms of lovability)
In terms of funny Cartman, Butters, Kenny, Kyle, Stan
Craig and those guys:
Craig (I am Craig nonnie after all,) Jimmy, Tweek, Tolkein, Clyde (though I hold a fair amount of affection for all of them)
>if you could kill off one character permanently who would it be?
My wish was granted with Pip
>what is your opinion on shipping and are there any pairings you like/really dislike?
I love South Park shipping I think it's fun but I only really care for Creek they are very cute.
>if you could change one thing about fandom what would it be?
Hmm…… more talk about the show less about shipping!
>what do you see happening with the show in the future?
I thought it'd go downhill (I didn't like s25 as much as the specials) but this next special could totally prove me wrong we'll see! You never know with Matt and Trey

No. 208094

File: 1653149996294.gif (1.23 MB, 594x640, craig-tucker-craig.gif)

craig is the best boy

No. 210070

File: 1653898381762.jpg (63.22 KB, 1200x628, southpark-1646929826621.jpg)

So the new special is days away. I'm not sure how I feel. I hate that the trailers didn't show much. I got my websites bookmarked to watch it. Just hoping it won't be like the covid specials. Will this be the last of the hog dog "house" or do you think they'll have the Cartmans still living in it for the next special and/or season?

No. 210111

I'm really excited!! Then again I'm just a sucker for any new South Park stuff so kek

No. 210927

File: 1654152936551.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.75 KB, 1094x730, south-park-3.jpg)

Spoilered pic because of b plot line.
It was not what I expected. Kek. The Karen joke got old fast. Knew right away the kids were talking about Randy. Liane actually standing up for herself. Not holding my breath, I feel like she will give into Cartman. And holy shit Cartman. He got the boob job instead. The line "they do this to kids in 2022" made me think about the yeet the teets hack surgeon. PiPi being the real villain, did not see that. How did he get manbearpig to go along with it? Also kek at manbearpig looking like a mobster. So thoughts and predictions? I spoilered my thoughts because I figured I'd give all nonitas a few days to watch the special without spoilers. I will watch again because I ended up watching it late at night.

No. 210942

for some reason I thought south park got canceled a couple years ago

No. 210954

Overall I liked it, I had no idea what to expect since I was too lazy to watch the trailer kek! That little ”sea battle” scene was cute lmao

No. 213794


The author is very old school and is in her 40s now. Rectum is weird, it's really just OCs with the characters names. Well written but has nothing to do with south park.

No. 214431

Do you know anything more about her? I thought she might be a TIF because she has a few FTM Kyle Style fics on her livejournal

No. 218279

I know this thread is dead but here's the trailer for the second part. Still beating a dead horse with the Karen joke. Reminds me of the Alexa joke in the Post Covid special. Thoughts, feelings, or general reactions?

No. 218447

I'm sick of the karen joke because it just feels like a free pass to shit on any woman you disagree with or want to shut down. It needs to die.

No. 218458

Randy has become such a Homer Simpson/Peter Griffin type character over the last 10 or so years

No. 221641

File: 1657767994783.png (377.93 KB, 800x450, south-park-streaming-wars-2-he…)

Streaming Wars part II was anticlimactic to me especially the ending. Nothing felt particularly funny and overall felt rushed.
It's sad because those characters weren't written terrible in the beginning but you can always tell when the writers give up on writing the characters well.

No. 221643

Where to watch SP as a leaf? Used to watch it on much, now it's on paramount+ got a free trial, but it fucking doesn't air s25 in Canada yet. Goddamnit

No. 221646

Just pirate it

No. 221647

I use the site wcofun (dot com). It should come up if you search it.

No. 222021

gerald's a little bitch and it's clear all the other adults in south park agree.

No. 222022

i think he works as a representation of people in trey parker's age group. normie-americans born in the 70s

No. 222135

i liked the way they drew the botched surgery women

No. 225409

File: 1659104315015.gif (2.41 MB, 640x640, cutedance.gif)

>>fave season?
>>fave episodes?
Guitar Queer-o, maybe? It's really hard to decide.
>>fave character?
Kenny, but Stan's a close second.
>how did you first get into sp?
My uncle showed it to me when I was a super young kid and I loved it right away.
>rank the boys from favourite to least favourite
Kenny > Stan > Kyle > Cartman, I love them all though!
>if you could kill off one character permanently who would it be?
I don't really dislike any of them, so I don't know.
>what is your opinion on shipping and are there any pairings you like/really dislike?
Love it. Style is my OTP.
>if you could change one thing about fandom what would it be?
Gotta agree with >>207978 on this one. I like shipping, but I wish people talked about the actual show more.
>what do you see happening with the show in the future?
No idea. Hopefully they make more episodes focused on the boys, though, those ones are the best and I'm kind of tired of the adults.

No. 225514

This. Not to mention dated. Everyone stopped giving a shit about that term by 2021.

No. 225529

Absolutely do not take this at face value because I like a shitton of the seasond and forget a lot, but I am particularly fond of the first three and the sixth I think.

Cannot name favorite episodes either, but some I remember laughing about like a fucking idiot are the Ziplining episode (growing up around old people just made me relate to too many idiotic things in that story) or Cartman's attempt of getting himself frozen up to skip the waiting time till the release day of the new console. It's just these things I can relate a lot to that make me laugh the most.

For recent stuff I must admit that I genuinely loved the Covid movies. Especially when they were grown ups.

No. 225660

I watched this episode when I was 6 kek

No. 225663

Cripple fight has a special place in my heart

No. 225684

Mine too, mine too.

No. 225717

>>fave season?
4, 8, 9, 10 12, whatever I love them all
>>fave episodes?
Cartman joins nambla, casa bonita, cartmanland, Stanley's cup, you're getting old, etcetc
>>fave character?
The main four, I hate randy marsh and I identify with Stan because I know what it is to have randy as your dad

South park has been one of the constant parts of my life it just never gets unfunny to me

No. 226654

File: 1659567500090.gif (525.99 KB, 444x250, fastpass.gif)

Me too. Can't believe my family let me watch this when I was little, but I'm honestly thankful for it. It definitely influenced my humor a lot kek
This one and Krazy Kripples never fail to obliterate my sides. Timmy and Jimmy are some of the best characters in the show.

No. 226879

I hope to God that that gif is a reference to that one clip of Linkara running towards the screen.

No. 230051

>how did you first get into sp?
Mom's a fan of it, showed me the hottopic episode since I liked to shop at hottopic starting around age 10, watched every episode on netflix in 2012 I think?
>rank the boys from favourite to least favourite
Cartman > Kenny > Stan >>> Kyle
>if you could kill off one character permanently who would it be?
Randy, but Token's shilling is starting to also really annoy me.
>what is your opinion on shipping and are there any pairings you like/really dislike?
I like looking at fanart for a lot of ships but I don't really live and die by any, Kyman's fine but the shippers can sometimes be annoying when they shit on Creek shippers though.
>if you could change one thing about fandom what would it be?
Remove weedheads
>what do you see happening with the show in the future?
No idea, south park's a show that I can never really guess what direction the new season is heading in.

No. 231992

I have mixed feeling on this episode and I have a need to hear what other people think of it so what's everyone's opinion on Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society? I actually liked how it acknowledges that women gets treated differently by men based on how attractive they are, but both treatments sucks so women are not going to get treated better by becoming attractive or unattractive.
It was actually really refreshing to see that Bebe wasn't antagonised for having breasts and hanging out with the boys, and they didn't poke fun of Wendy's insecurities. It's her plastic surgeon who is the one we are suppose to laugh at.
But it also obvious that it was written by men because of the whole boob envy thing. Seriously I know no woman in real life who has ever felt it, but men are obsessed with it to an unhealthy degree. Also why are the other girls calling Bebe a slut like wtf? I get that it's a comedy show but it just broke my suspension of disbelief it felt to absurd even by this show's standards. But I'm also biased. I get that children being mean is a big part of the show but I don't think adding a "girls being catty" storyline really added anything to the message.
I also hated that the ending was "boys should stop acting like apes because it can hurt their male friendships" and not "boys should stop acting like apes because it is clearly making girls uncomfortable". I guess the former fits the tone of the show more and is "funnier" but the show have gotten sentimental and "preachy" (for a lack of better words) in the past. Even the previous episode, Free Hats, was pretty direct in what it wanted to say and it was still a funny episode.
I think the episode had some good intentions and felt sincere in some parts. The subject matter is just rarely discuss in shows targeted towards a male audience which I will give them credit for. I also have a weird tinfoil that they wrote the episode this way to not scare their male fans away by calling men out on their creepy behaviour.
Also: in generel I wish that the female characters played a bigger role in the earlier seasons(I haven't seen the new ones so I can't comment on those). It's a shame because judging by the 2 first episodes I think they where planning on having Wendy be a part of the main cast but dropped it pretty early in the show's run.

No. 232001

Why is Kyle your least favorite?

No. 232510

I get nightmares about him

No. 234532

No. 234536

you just need to accept that while south park often makes good points, it makes terrible points quite often as well and at the end of the day is written by two men who aren't interested in presenting as leftists. the goal is to sometimes make points but mostly just offend everyone

No. 234645

I'm prob 20 years too late to get into South Park, yet here we are. Prior to this I've only seen a few random episodes on the tv and didn't care enough to start watching it. As of last month I've seen all the except the Covid ones and also played both video games.
>>fave season?
2, but pretty much 1-7 are my faves
>>fave episodes?
Le Petit Tourette, all the episodes related to Coon and Friends and Freedom Pals, Black Friday episodes, Butters' Very Own Episode
>>fave character?
Kenny and early seasons Butters before he started getting more assholish

No. 236539

File: 1662434824468.gif (1.26 MB, 600x456, E6CA9C01-9529-4BDF-9478-4BA7C4…)

I don’t care how many people hate Randy,he will always be my #1 fictional husband.

No. 236590

Good news for you nona! Most men behave just like your favorite husbando! Luckyy

No. 236698

>>fave season?
>>fave episodes?
200-201 you know the one
>>fave character?
Mr. garrison, I get why people hate him as a character but he's always been my no.1

No. 238122

This is the best south park song.

No. 246555

File: 1665542286548.jpg (52.74 KB, 500x386, MV5BMTY0MTAwNzYxNF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

rewatching hell on earth 2006 and laughing my ass off. one of my fave episodes. i love south park so much

No. 246656

The song is so catchy. It has been stuck in my head for months definitely my fave South Park song
I'm watching all the episodes right now, since I haven't seen the show in years. I just reached this episode so I'm watching it when I get home hehe

No. 246781

nonna, are you me? i watched this at random today (it's also one of my faves!)

No. 246929

File: 1665605491362.jpeg (442.53 KB, 1248x2048, 0A528E2E-B0FB-4479-A591-2661FA…)

Any nonnies participating in this?

No. 246930

I have seen this picture before but I'm honestly not quite sure what it is(the art is really cool though)

No. 246931

what is this? looks interesting

No. 246936

It’s a Silent Hill/Corpse Party inspired 1980s South Park AU on twitter (@willowthorneau) It’s pretty much a CYOA but the choices are determined with twitter polls

No. 246947

That's actually really interesting! Might give me and excuse to get back to twitter

No. 246969

this for me, it's hilarious but also kind of poignant?!
satan is definitely one of my top 5 characters

No. 247012

>mfw the babies in the image for that video look like baby stan and kyle

Vidrel is one of my favorite songs iirc, haven't watched in a while.

No. 247111

good taste! satan's probably the main reason why i like the freemium episode so much

No. 274816

File: 1676009788274.jpg (37.24 KB, 1031x580, south-park-cupid-ye-kanye-west…)

Dusting this thread off since season 26 just started off with episode Cupid Ye.
I hate that Matt and Trey are still calling Token Tolkien. I think it would have been funnier to just go back to using Token and not acknowledge it. Cartman continues living in the hotdog restaurant. Randy was back to wearing his usual outfit and not the tegrity weed farmer outfit at least for this episode. Overall I wasn't too impress with this episode. It bummed me out the other characters could actually see cupid me instead of Cartman doing all the hijinks while the other characters look scared/confused. Also Stan being sad Kyle isn't doing stuff with him wasn't that strong and could have easily been written out.
Thoughts on this episode?

No. 274822

I liked it! I'm not even into style shipping but I'm super happy for the people who ship it since they haven't had a style episode in a while. I thought Cartman having to force cupid me to take his meds was also pretty funny.

No. 274901

It was okay, I always find the first episode of a South Park season to be the weakest. The quality will (hopefully) improve from here.

No. 274989

File: 1676058019721.jpg (63.85 KB, 1400x700, yuri-on-ice-south-park.jpg)

can't believe this thread still exists! sorry nonas, i'm OP, it's just that it seems i forgot all about it orz

new seasons sure have been slowburners, season 25 was pretty bland, with the exception of the airsoft and St. Patrick eps. The special was pretty solid, although the whole karen/manbearpig subplot was ultimate filler.

the concert was really, really good! matt killed it, he seemed so happy playing with Rush.

nonas, sorry for disappearing ilu all

No. 274992


adorable. thanks noni for remembering me~

No. 274994

Me and my moid have been watching this from season 1 and currently we're on Season 9. We recently finished the Mr Garrison tranny episode kek. Made me laugh so hard I didn't expect transracial and transspecies to be put in the episode considering the year it was made

No. 274995

File: 1676060645908.gif (3.2 MB, 498x280, F74D6ACC-28BB-41F8-B65C-C39FF0…)

That episode rules! Watched it not long ago myself

No. 274996

Anons is the boxset worth it? I have most of the seasons digitally and I really like south park now. I used to dislike the series when I younger but I'm glad I gave it a chance

No. 275029


yes, yes and yes. I own all of them (BDs) and only the home media has fully uncensored episodes, with the exception of seasons 1-4 (original audio track is lost) and episodes 200 and 201 (they are 90% uncensored, but Trey's comment is a beep of around 10mins long).

I also have Paramount+ and some of the episodes are PG13, so they have been edited to fit on that rating. so of you want to see them somewhat untouched, go for the boxsets.

No. 275030


this episode saw the future.

also it seems to be very unpopular with the zoomzoom crew. the kids refuse to see a- the truth and b- the concept of satire

No. 281518

File: 1678382764971.png (35.08 KB, 302x197, chatgpt episode.png)

who has been watching the new episodes? it's been pretty meh overall so far but i enjoyed the last episode about chatgbt ai

No. 281567

Same. I enjoy it but it's rather weak so far. I haven't watched the newest episode yet, will do now!

The first episode had an IMO good or fine first half, but became a bit too crazy later, and the end felt very abrupt to me.
Second episode was the worst for me, because I don't know anything about gossip and those royal fucks and neither do I care, so I zoned out all the time while trying to watch it. Hard to say how it was, qualitywise.

Third episode started with IMO great potential but is the perfect example of what I usually don't like with SP: I loved the premise of Stan's family getting an expensive as hell luxury product and the feelings of inequality it causes which led to problems for Stan.
This is exactly what I want from SP. Social conflicts caused by things the kids weren't directly responsible for or not actions that weren't meant to end that way. It's such a relatable feeling IMO and I also love the conflict and misunderstandings between parents and kids. In this case it's Randy being happy and feeling like bragging about the toilet without realising what issues this might cause for his kid who has to deal with the reactions in school.
I would have loved to see this conflict progress and eventually get solved. Instead, the school part was just an intro for yet another global conspiracy story and the ending was absolutely lame. It felt like it was building up to something at least when Randy was in his coma. But then he jumps up and stops Stan's speech and the episodes basically ends with a "nevermind, opposing the mighty is bad, back to business as usual". And this annoyed me a bit.
Just make more down-to-earth stories again, they are a much better fit for episodical series.

I bitch a lot but it's not that I hate it! I actually bitch because I think it could be so much better.

No. 281595

pretty much agree with your summary. it feels like sometimes they run out of time to finish what they started, and a lot of that time is wasted on scene-setting fluff.
the second one was awful but i did find it amusing that they made the royal family canadian - just as a concept but they didn't use it to its potential.

i definitely wish they would just make more silly storylines that aren't constant references to political themes every time. let me know what you think of the latest episode though because i genuinely enjoyed this one!

No. 281601

Update. I watched the latest episode now and I absolutely agree with you. The best one so far.
This is exactly what I want from SP. A current but not too short-lived trend/issue being properly implemented into inter-personal conflicts. The chat AI is an IMO great opportunity to comment on social interaction or the lack of ability to act the way others expect from you. No conspiracies and politics needed, not even the rest of South Park. Only the clique of boys and Garrison.

It was pretty funny (especially the toilet parts) and relatable at the same time. Classic South Park IMO. I also liked that the two plots meshed well or were rather two sides of the same issue. I feel like the plot a/plot b format is hard to write. Usually at least one of them is getting cut short due to time restrictions and only stole valuable time in hindsight. This is no issue if there was only one plot to begin with, maybe with a bit of sidetracking. It was also nice to see the good old Garrison again. It reminds me of why I loved that guy in the older seasons.

The only open question here is what Garrison will do with his partner now. And how Stan will respond to Wendy's messages from now on.
Technically you can say that Wendy is half in love with the AI now, since that's who has written the messages she needed so much. This is both hilarious and sad at the same time, even though I also understand Stan here and I am pretty bad with such dialogues as well.

No. 281603

File: 1678407977004.png (490.86 KB, 833x476, garrison.png)

yep definitely felt like it was more classic South Park. my favourite bit was the "technician" sent from the school board being some kind of shaman with a trained hawk and spiritual rituals. an amusing nod to how anyone who claims to be a guru offering these extremely niche services are usually fraudster wackos.
>nice to see the good old Garrison again
yes! i loved him listening to sexy german music whilst the students read out their assignments (picrel) kek
>I also understand Stan here and I am pretty bad with such dialogues as well
same and I actually do the thumbs-up-reply thing all the time, because I never know what to say to people. now it's made me a bit paranoid that people think i'm being rude (even though that's what i was trying to avoid).
i actually think it would be cool if they developed the AI storyline with Wendy. maybe she could leave Stan for a chatbot or something.

No. 281621

>i actually think it would be cool if they developed the AI storyline with Wendy. maybe she could leave Stan for a chatbot or something.
Yeah I felt like it should have been a two-parter. Garrison's issue is basically a cliffhanger (unless he only goes home to call his lover out on this and go to bed) and Stan still has the huge fucking problem that he only barely managed to avoid for now since they were in that bar.
It could of course be that he spent the next night scrolling up the logs to read all "he" has written as well as the things Wendy revealed to him to avoid further fuck-ups and maybe he is lucky that she won't dig too deep or stumble upon contradictions, but still.

Her leaving him for an AI is actually an ending I could see happening if this was a two-parter. I feel like Matt and Trey are more used writing longer stories now. I wouldn't complain about casual two-episodes arcs. Fans liked older trilogies or two-parters like Cartoon Wars or Go God Go, it was the serialised plots that took an entire season to end that the majority wasn't happy with.

No. 282648

clearing page from spammer

No. 286356

File: 1680048901622.jpeg (109 KB, 1280x720, kenny.jpeg)

Another good episode! Felt like classic SP again + got a rare Kenny sighting. Hope it continues to not be fucking shit!

No. 294811

File: 1683509524021.jpg (106.35 KB, 600x600, 600.613214.jpg)

Time to go necromancer on this thread nonnies

No. 314876

New video game ‘Snow Day’ revealed. What are your thoughts on this? Personally I’m not excited for this, the 3D models look worse than the 64 game and I wish they had used the style of TSOT and TBBW instead. Also it’s a Co-Op action game, not an rpg, so that makes me not care even more.

No. 314937

I fucking hate those characters. Ruined the show the second they were introduced imo.show was already on decline buuut

No. 322390

It's been 10 years since any of the goth kids have had a speaking line, iirc. I wish they get a bit of the spotlight again soon

No. 322436

File: 1695225105349.jpeg (56.47 KB, 640x480, BD95F190-8627-4589-92A1-DFC81B…)

Matt and Trey are vocal about how all three pre-Stick of Truth games suck extremely, and I can't speak to the other games but I think that opinion is pretty unwarranted for South Park Rally. Maybe it's nostalgia glasses but I have the sneaking suspicion they didn't bother to play it beyond the first two or three races because they're all actually pretty varied and interesting, and I didn't beat the entire thing until recently almost two decades after first watching my sister play it on PS1. The Valentine's Day race early on where you have to shoot the NPCs always killed my playthroughs when they barely even started, and my sister found the Easter race to be a serious challenge which I myself couldn't beat until I got fed up and checked a walkthrough for tips at my age of 22. This game isn't given enough credit for shaking up the racing kart game dynamic since it incorporates direct player-to-player interaction, like ramming into someone for a weapon or item. I guess one thing that nerfs the game the most is that higher ups apparently ordered the devs to turn down the max speed by a lot so it just feels really slow when it was designed for speed, like the in-game maps having a lot of ramps and rails the characters can grind on which kind of end up being a moot point when the speed required just isn't there anymore, but remnants of the mechanic are still in the physics since some character's carts 360 or 720 flip better than others. I just really love this game and think it's severely underrated (and funny from the voice lines while still being roughly age appropriate too, not that kids know the PG rated references anyway because I certainly didn't at the time), and it could seriously benefit from a remake with the improvements to make it more forgivable in M&T's eyes too.

No. 322444

Why does it look like shit

No. 330799

File: 1698506479353.png (534.28 KB, 771x427, sp panderverse.png)

thoughts on the latest episode? is anyone even still watching south park?

No. 330805

so is this actually good commentary or is it just sexist/racist shit for boomers to snort at? south park is so hit or miss

No. 330808

It's the classic "Le both sides are bad" Disney Sucks for pushing pointless Diversity but Fans are just as bad for complaining about it.

No. 330815

the idea that they're feeding each other (too much "diversity" vs anti-woke pundits) is true and a good point but made with a very boring story imo with the multiverse thing. the whole episode was kind of meh but i did find the rich handymen bit funny. with their increasingly bling trucks.
>is it just sexist/racist shit
it characterised the "diverse" women as always talking about the patriarchy and race, but this was in the woke Disney world. so I guess that's the point they were making, that it's not real life, it's a reaction to anti-woke. the more people respond to how cringe a black woman playing a white man's character is, the more they're gonna perceive that as racism that they need to fight with more minority characters and woke plots. and the more they do that, the more people will freak out.

No. 330820

is it wrong to think those women are cute? kek

No. 330822

Are they replacing the main cast forever? It would be kinda funny if they did.

No. 330827

fujos would riot and lynch trey and matt

No. 330861

I had to watch the episode because a few friends were excited for it. Trey and Matt are definitely pushing stuff back because they know TV wouldn't accept it so they made it such a way where no actual stance wins. They had the commentary that pandering was lazy and unoriginal, but the reactionaries that made it worse were retarded. Same thing with the I Hate Capitalism crowd being retarded and don't know how to do anything functional who also hate college enough they try to destroy buildings, barely a real stance, IRL people like this push college even harder, complain about it, yet continue to go and gain more thousands in debt.
It was hilarious the handymen are the billionaires and they just get rich because of high demands.
Overall, it was silly. Nothing to take seriously.

No. 330929

File: 1698531848854.jpeg (295.26 KB, 1200x950, spwomen.jpeg)

who do you think the counterpart to the more minor characters are?
i think the woman with the blue suit and yellow hair clip has got to be Craig. i'm not sure if they're all meant to be versions of existing characters though.

No. 330930

And that too would be funny

No. 344572

File: 1703437488194.jpg (190.74 KB, 1600x900, 1000004267.jpg)

Anyone watch the special? Thoughts on it nonnies? I thought it was pretty funny, although the ending felt super unresolved. Enjoyed it anyways so eh

No. 344573

there are grown women who like south park who aren't fujos? kek

No. 344592

There are plenty of normies who grew up with the show

No. 344704

I’m an ex-fujo but didn’t really ever ship anyone in the show. I found it hilarious and still do even if I don’t agree with some of the politics. But most of the recent seasons are terrible imo.

No. 356668

File: 1708129560841.png (175.26 KB, 449x262, stupid spoiled whore video pla…)

watching the Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset episode from 2004. this episode is 20 years old and still depressingly relevant to today. young girls are still being taught that being a hyper-sexualised bimbo is the best way to get attention and be liked. except today, even the mainstream "feminists" are on board with it.

No. 356669

late but i enjoyed the episode except for the ending. the twist at the end sucked and made no sense. also i didn't realise there was an IRL drink they were taking the piss out of kek. shows how out of touch I am…

No. 356697

File: 1708146761624.jpg (129.14 KB, 2208x1242, MV5BOWU3MjVhMTYtNDM4Mi00NGVjLT…)

I first watched it a year ago and I ended up just liking some of the episodes of season 1 and 2. my favorite was the fever dream bus episode for some reason, it was just so creepy and surreal. I loved it.

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