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File: 1651525192820.jpg (44.67 KB, 800x533, podcast-studio-set-microphone-…)

No. 203173

New thread since the last one is gone and I need recommendations!

>Podcasts you like
>Podcasts you hate
>Podcast/Host drama
>Crazy Podcast Fandoms

Link to the dead thread

No. 203211

File: 1651528744140.jpg (2.85 MB, 2808x2097, JILF.jpg)

posting a few of my favorite This American Life episodes in no particular order partially for my own future reference

>121: Twentieth Century Man

The story of an insufferable shitbag scrote's life told by his 9 children following his death.

>419: Petty Tyrant

Another lolcow scrote story. This time about Steve Raucci, a demented man who more or less aspired to be the Patrick Bateman of a local school maintenance departmant and the events leading up to his arrest. More funny than frustrating like the episode above.

>352: The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar

A look into the legend of a boy who was kidnapped in 1912. He was recovered in Mississippi and claimed by the rich Dunbar family whose son, Bobby Dunbar, had gone missing near a swamp in Louisiana months prior. But a woman from Mississippi, Julia Anderson, also missing a son, claimed he was hers. They went to trial, it was heavily covered by the media, the media made Anderson out to be a loose, illiterate hayseed, and surprise, surprise, in the end the boy went home with the Dunbars. But his granddaughter Margaret uncovers the true story. Really good listen.

>360: Switched at Birth

Very iconic episode, and for good reason. "Two babies switched at birth. One of the moms knew but kept it a secret for 43 years. Then she told everybody."

>47: Christmas and Commerce

David Sedaris's "Santaland Diaries" is one of the funniest stories in the show's history as well as one of the most popular. Love all his stories but this one is my goat.

>492: Dr. Gilmer and Mr. Hyde

Sad story about Vince Gilmer, a doctor adored by his community who snapped and killed his abusive pedo father completely out of the blue. Over the course of the episode the cause of his uncharacteristic violent outburst is uncovered by none other than the doctor hired to replace him.

>209: Didn't Ask to be Born

Act one is a story about two close sisters who ran away and lived the life Lana Del Rey could only dream of reuniting with their mother as all three try to piece together where exactly their family went wrong. However, act two is boring scrote cringe.

>552: Need to Know Basis

This episode has always resonated with me as a loser. Acts two and three hit very close to home.

>317: Unconditional Love

If you like stories about autists, act two is for you. Act one also features an interesting story about a woman successfully coddling the anti-social behavior out of her adopted son.

>129: Cars

Entertaining episode about some used car salesmen busting their asses to meet sales quotas. This is another pretty popular one.

>Bonus #1: Radiolab - Patient Zero

Patient Zero features the story of (based) typhoid Mary and the history of AIDS. Launched the spin-off podcast Patient Zero.

>Bonus #2: Patient Zero - Lyme disease

The depressing history of Lyme disease, which at its core is really a story about good ol' misogynistic doctor bullshit. Both episodes have been stuck in the back of my head for years.

No. 203326

History podcasts focused on war and warfare recommendations? Preferably by women, but I know I'm kinda asking for the impossible here (or maybe not!)
Also preferably Vietnam and pior, but I'm not being picky either.

No. 213098

File: 1654800256925.jpg (8.65 KB, 169x299, nlogrus.jpg)

I need to go on a complete podcast hate rant about Some Place Under Neith (SPUN) because I still tried to listen to it in spite of the fact that the hosts Natalie and Amber constantly drop "not all men" and "poor men, we love you," and "statistics focus too much on cis women" horseshit every other episode. I tried to endure it because they are one of the few shows dedicated to crimes against women exclusively. But their extreme NLOG misogyny in the Tera Smith/Shadow of Sherri episode which I just tried to listen to was so bad that I had to turn it off before I saw red. They use "white" woman as a means to completely disparage Sherri Papini's appearance, as though that matters more than her faking her own kidnapping. They focus so much on her appearance and how different they are that it's insane, to the point it's obvious they don't hate her for lying but because she is some physical caricature of women they hate. These two say over and over that they don't trust blonde, blue eyed women, overly pretty women, petite women etc. Such broad categories to condemn women for being "basic bitches" in their words (though they try to backtrack with "there's nothing wrong with being a basic bitch.") Even if Papini was not an actual victim, do they even understand how many women who fit those descriptions they shit all over are? Amber said straight up she can't trust pretty blonde women and that it doesn't surprise her when they are liars and thieves, in addition to the obvious retarded Amber Heard digs they did at the beginning about muh women with narcissistic disorders creating false allegations being the reason real victims aren't believed, instead of looking at the way men disbelieve women in the first place. And the irony of it all being that this is meant to be about how Sherri Papini overshadowed Tera's disappearance and yet they devote so much time just to bitching about the way Sherri looks, and not even just her but anyone like her.
>Her big eyes look like they're saying "feel sorry for me"
Like okay, so if a pretty woman with big eyes gets kidnapped and someone asks you to cover it what will you do then? Still bitch about how you are a cool, "saucy, pert and greasy" NLOG and not like those pretty bitches still? Make those episodes about your insecurity about other women too, instead of devoting time to actually talking about those real victims you are supposedly on the side of? I really think these two should start some shit r/stupidpol type show, since all they like to do is rehash incel MRA talking points through a liberal lens since they are so fucking jealous. And the way they drive home how some women had perfect lives while they had hard ones, like hello, some other women have had fucking awful childhoods too and didn't go on to virulently hate every grown woman who reminds them of their school bully in appearance alone.

No. 213100

Hit post too soon, but picrel is Natalie and I don't even know if she or Amber Nelson is worse. I'm just never listening to this again. Fuck them, they should leave the discussion of crimes against women to people who actually care about women and aren't there to (ironically) narcissitically harp about how special and yoonique they are compared to every other basic woman on earth

No. 213171

They're the kind of women who think the attention of men is a privilege and think pretty women are privileged over them. It's just an evolution of NLOGs. Also
>Seethes about all pretty white women being liars just like their moids say they are (so don't report rape you feminazi!)
>Is white themselves.
These people are retarded. They're like the reddit men who believe movie stereotypes are real, so all blonde haired blue eyed white women are Regina George types and evil.

No. 213192

I was curious about that podcast before but now I'm glad that I haven't listened because they both sound like massive fucking retards. Seriously, judging from what you're saying they sound vile, good riddance.

No. 213201

Like male feminist, these women use the woke, "white blonde cis women are the worse" to hate on women they are jealous of or want to be like, but In a "woke" way. They sound like mean girls who are projecting their hate on women they feel are better then them. They finally get a chance to go mask off and openly hate on attractive, thin, blonde women.
I hate this kind of shit. It's just jealously. Like hating women like that isn't going to make you more desirable or attractive or them less. My question is, what do they want these women to do? Not Exist? Apologize for existing? This isn't even about the case, I constantly see this jealously people repackage as "wokeness".

No. 213247

Yeah it's really bad, it's a shame because some of the topics they cover are highly interesting and could be done well. I actually just remembered that Natalie also joked about her husband's (Henry from LPOTL) porn addiction and how at least she doesn't have to worry about him seeing underage girls by accident because he likes MILFs. Gag.

Yeah, that's exactly what it is like. And I agree anon, I don't know what they expect these women to do besides apologize for their existence, it's so stupid. If their whole show premise wasn't about caring for women who are victims of crime it wouldn't be so bad, but the dissonance between who these hosts tell you they are and who they show you they are is crazy. It drives me nuts that they want to get those views from women who actually care but belittle women themselves.

No. 214396

File: 1655253580850.jpg (106.53 KB, 2048x1152, wtnv.jpg)

Crazy to think it's been 10 years since the first episode was released! It was and still is my favorite podcast, and I'm surprised so many years have passed already. Are there any other anons who like it? Would love to hear about others' favorite episodes and weathers.

No. 214417

I keep trying to listen to the Behind the Bastards podcast because a few of the episodes were legitimately great, but it keeps pissing me off. Most of the cohosts range from unfunny to actively making the show harder to listen too, and so many times I gotta turn the podcast off because the main host is being so disrespectful about the actual victims. The first few episodes where they talk about super famous people who did atrocities are great, but it just seems to get weaker and weaker.

No. 214425

I tried listening to Maintenance Phase and while they do cover some interesting topics, the fat positive stuff was really just too much. Like I get that fat people don’t deserve to be treated shitty just for being fat, but not every diet/exercise plan is a personal attack on your very existence as a fat person.

No. 214437

I haven't listened in years and years but I have fond memories of it. Those Days are Done by Barton Carroll showed up on my playlist the other day. Year one had a lot of songs I still like. Bill & Annie, Jerusalem…

No. 228489

File: 1660042111306.jpg (59.8 KB, 728x821, cat34.jpg)

Bumping the thread to ask if anyone knows a good cinema podcast, could be about any aspects of movie making, any genre too!

No. 228490

I like it too. I'm not a fan to the point I have favourite episodes or weathers but I do still listen to!

No. 228566

File: 1660065797189.jpg (29.67 KB, 480x480, 5d53d49ff1e5040ee7628b9766bb88…)

I used to listen to a lot of the RoosterTeeth brand podcasts, like Rooster Teeth Podcast, Off Topic, Face Jam, and Black Box Down. But I don't really like the company or people anymore, it sucks. I found a lot of it funny way back when but now they unironically parrot twitter talking points and pat themselves on the back for their wokeness and inclusiveness. What broke me was the Women's Day special RTP episode where they spotlighted a TIM and all the other women kept gassing him up and making him the center of the conversation. He spoke more than any of them and they kept praising him, it really made me realize I can't listen to them anymore. They sold-out years ago to the woke zoomer crowd, alienating most of their OG audience it seems. Bummer.

I never listened to this but when I see it, I have flashbacks to the spergs on Tumblr who wouldn't shut up abut it and made tons of bad fanart. Lots of Aidens liked it, iirc. I'm sure it's probably good and I should give it a shot but it's so tainted in my brain now because of that kek I feel bad, the work shouldn't have to suffer because of the fandom. Tbh, that could be said about a lot of media that was popular on Tumblr.

No. 228664

File: 1660095432591.jpg (1.37 MB, 3000x3000, sngd.jpg)

Cinema-adjacent, but do you enjoy stuff about the industry? I'm more of a Gossip Gabby so I don't know if you'll like You Must Remember This by Karina Longworth, but it's a fun podcast about pre-1990s celebrities. I enjoy that she does series with a theme that focuses on either the industry as a whole or a particular celebrity. I enjoyed her Dead Blondes series and the episodes about Manson.

No. 228669

File: 1660096835642.png (1.78 MB, 801x1218, oie_v2zuJmtARzrs.png)

Clarkesworld podcast hosted by Kate Baker is very good. Short scifi stories, episodes can be 10min to a couple hours long depending, wide range of subjects and styles within the genre. Kate's voice is good.

No drama except the "I sexually identify as an attack helicopter" thing (you would never even know it happened from listening to the pod, clarkesworld mostly stayed out of it). Very focused on the stories without much extra filler; short spiel about supporting the show and occasionally the host talks about her life when it's something serious (like needing time off to take care of her sick father when he was getting worse, then when he passed away which was quite sad) but that's it.

really very enjoyable and I've been exposed to some amazing stories through listening

No. 228671

>I never listened to this but when I see it, I have flashbacks to the spergs on Tumblr who wouldn't shut up abut it and made tons of bad fanart. Lots of Aidens liked it, iirc. I'm sure it's probably good and I should give it a shot but it's so tainted in my brain now because of that kek
Same. I knew what podcast you are talking about without seeing the original post

No. 228673

File: 1660098193459.jpeg (125.97 KB, 554x554, D0DBA6E7-2BD0-4AF8-8308-BE1FEB…)

I was never all that interested in podcasts. Most were not only boring and interesting, but demanded active effort to merely lesson to and didn’t deliver on the rewards at the end. Until I listened to Cocaine and Rhinestones and I still remember the first time. Tyler, the host, is brilliant; his effort is palpable in every episode. It’s a podcast about American country music, and he weaves a careful, multi-threaded narrative each episode like an pretty darn good auteur. Each episode has its own easter eggs and demands its own fair bit of discussion afterwards.

No. 228684

Their OG audience was retarded basement dwelling moids whose idea of humor is copying le funny rape joke they heard some other tard parrot and edgy 12 years, so it’s a horizontal shift at worst.

No. 228686

Damn, fair, I only started listening to them in 2013 and there seemed to be some balance. I wasn't around for their actual beginnings so I guess I shouldn't have used "OG", my bad. Just older, not zoomer fans.

No. 228815

>Spotlights a misogynistic man for Womens Day.
Glad I stopped listening to them or watching any of their shit. At least they helped me realise that no woman should ever date a gamer man.

No. 229231

File: 1660176321336.png (302.66 KB, 1200x600, dolly-parton-america-og-image.…)

did any nonas here listen to dolly parton's america? curious what you think of it

I thought it was entertaining. description of the lush green vegetation made me want to live in Tennessee lol

No. 229710

Paid advertisement on lolcow of all places..? I am NOT listening to a man talk about country music

No. 230096

thank you very much, I will check it out!

nonnie, you wrote this like an actual ad KEK

No. 245894

File: 1665337828780.jpeg (669.93 KB, 1242x1466, 8C8A77B3-EACD-4AE0-B3D8-BD9313…)

I only listen to completely stupid podcasts like picrel while I’m driving or running or cooking. I’m done trying to learn things from podcasts lol, it’s just not for me, I will stick to books for that. I don’t retain anything from audio-only and some of the pods just act like they’re gonna teach you about a subject and then talk around it for hours and hours in a way that you would already need to know about the subject to enjoy it which is so annoying.

No. 245909

File: 1665342879027.jpg (28.88 KB, 320x320, 320x0w.jpg)

I listen to Kill Tony religiously but it's a misogynistic scrotefest, just like the rest of the stand-up comedy world tbh. If a woman comic talks about her body they all get quiet and weird, god forbid if it's an attractive woman, they have no idea how to act and the energy gets so weird. Tony Hinchcliffe, the host, has some based moments in that regard but it's truly full of fat retarded pornsick men and extreme terminal NLOG pickme's. The co-host Brian Redban is a fucking retarded extremely pornsick scrote but it's funny to me bc Tony absolutely dunks on him every single time he opens his mouth and says some scrotey shit, which is every time he speaks. Tony talks shit on every one of the comics who get on stage and calls men out a lot for their retardation. I joined the Discord just to tell the people there that the men on stage are fucking retarded around female comics and I got like 6 thumbs down reacts immediately. I wish I took a screenshot of the list of users who gave me thumbs down, every single one of them was a fat balding old scrote. Kek. There were also pickme's there talking about uwu I need to do more stripping to pay for my ticket to the next show hahaaa right boyz?
What can I say, it's my guilty pleasure.

No. 245932

File: 1665349419736.jpg (74.76 KB, 400x400, 400x400bb-1928334669.jpg)

Tbh I don't listen to many podcasts at all, but the ones I tend to gravitate toward are paranormal/high strangeness themed ones since I've always found that stuff interesting . My favorite is Bigfoot Collectors Club, it's surprisingly good for a podcast hosted only by men. They never get scrotey or gross/misogynistic, and they typically don't bring up political stuff except in cases when they're talking about things like the government and aliens, for example. If you're into stuff like aliens, cryptids, ghosts, etc. then I would highly recommend this.

No. 246946

thanks anon, I was actually gonna come here and ask for recommendations for cryptid podcasts. let me know if you find anymore.

No. 255564

File: 1668633695461.png (273.08 KB, 651x623, 4jCehAh.png)

Just found out about Normal Gossip, it's about real life drama lived by random strangers

No. 274319

I hate my favorite murder, podcasts with sound effects, or basically any podcasts hosted by men. I like forever 35 a lot right now but I need something new. I feel so picky the hosts have to have the perfect chemistry and not say anything that pisses me off

No. 274322

it might be nice the the coverart alone is enough for anyone to dismiss it

No. 274349

this is fun, wish they had a few more episodes

No. 279020

File: 1677550024496.jpg (121.26 KB, 600x600, the-witch-trials-of-j-k-rowlin…)

Thoughts on this?
I'm gonna be honest I hate it. It's well produced but it's an audio clip show set to dramatic music and that is my least favorite type of podcast. I heard it would have lengthly interviews with Rowling but it really doesn't. She talks a fair amount in episode one about her life before she was famous (which was really interesting) but after that you just get snippets of conversation with her in between random news clips and interviews with other people. I think it's just capitalizing on her name recognition and it doesn't have much substance. Would have rather just listened to Rowling talk for a couple hours.
Small personal gripe: there's way too much time spent on the Harry Potter witchcraft stuff. I know it was big news at the time but it was dumb then and it's dumb now. Maybe they cover it so thoroughly because the host is a former Westboro Baptist Church spokesperson (she left the church in 2012) and that honestly makes a lot of sense but I simply don't care about it and I also remember it pretty well still so it's not that interesting to me (I didn't hear anything new and I even recognized some of the soundclips). Younger listeners would maybe get something out of it I guess.

No. 279081

I had no idea about the hp book ban in the USA or just how influential Christian cults are there so I found it very interesting and disturbing. The podcast had a wider theme than expected, its not just about Rowling. Looking forward to hear what part 3 will be about.

No. 279165

Today's episode is about HP fans and the beginnings of social media. Tumblr and 4chan are discussed, and how special identities and call out cultures began on Tumblr. There won't be any new info for the average famer here.
There is also an interesting part about JKR's fans seeing her a mother figure.

No. 279178

I was camped out on Livejournal through all that so I might actually learn something this episode lol

No. 279206

Lmao @ 35:40 when the smooth english voice says “the other big group that was on tumblr were masturbators”

No. 279212

And she was totally correct. Ugh. There was a dangerous combination of pervs including moid DDLG fans and actual teenage girls blogging there back then. You had to be 13 to sign up, not 18. Don't know how things are now.

No. 279931

File: 1677880392323.png (755.64 KB, 640x640, image (3).png)

Every time I try to listen to this I have to turn it off because they can't stay on topic, there's way too much time spent on unfunny jokes.

No. 279932

the main dude is so annoying, sounding like a tough guy but with an “ackshuakly” voice all the time and disgusting coomer jokes, eeww. Still listen though.

No. 279934

I stopped listening to the podcast its self some time back, I end up doing research myself and getting the books on pdf

No. 279947

agree it sucks

No. 280974

Have not listened because I just saw it pop up in my app but the new JKR pod ep is titled TERF Wars

No. 281052

Call me cringe but I still like MBMBAM in 2023.

No. 281094

They betrayed my favorite stupid man podcaster John Roderick so I had to drop them (just kidding I got tired of them like a year before that, but you do you nonny)

No. 281606

>book ban in the USA or just how influential Christian cults are there
I just started listening and am only on part 2 but this
aspect of it interested me too. I live in the UK and was about 8 years old when Harry Potter first came out so I remember the hype vividly but it was all positive stuff here. Although I later knew there was some American christian nutjobs who were concerned about it, I had no idea how far it went and how linked in it was with everything else going on, the riots and shootings (connections being drawn to Columbine was wild). It was also interesting to think about how things haven't changed as much as we often think they have (like that one soundbite of the dramatic goth teenager saying that she didn't want to be part of society because it was so bleak - you read that kind of thing online all the time now kek).

I have enjoyed getting to know Rowling's story a bit more too because I knew she was abused and had a rough time but didn't know just how much was all going on all at once for her. I really admire her for not only going through that and coming out strong, but daring to go through it again to stand up for what she knows is right.

No. 281662

In typical american fashion (lol) I didn't think about foreigners having no exposure to the crazy christian frenzy here around harry potter. I'm glad you got something out of that part of the pod even though I had no interest in it. I worked in a bookstore in a conservative town in america around that time and I heard more than I ever wanted to hear about all of it.

No. 282489

File: 1678694302563.png (92.63 KB, 1510x1840, Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 12.55…)

what the fuck Road Work is really over. I'm kinda sad even though John is still podcasting and he carried it more than Dan but I still liked their weird boomerish-genX show a lot.

No. 282506

I've been listening to story/dnd podcasts at work for the first time. I really enjoy Old Gods of Appalachia and I listened to WTNV way back. Anyone have any more good story ones?[Tempted to start Magnus Archives]

No. 282512

was a huge fan, but haven't heard most of the recent episodes, because they keep inviting troons. also robert evans being such a gun lover always rubbed me the wrong way

No. 287183

File: 1680495413414.png (637.46 KB, 1600x900, jk-rowling-megan-phelps-roper-…)

Now that it's over, what did you all think of The Witch Trials of JK Rowling? I feel like Megan Phelps-Roper made some… interesting production choices, like I need to hear someone interview her on why certain production and editing choices were made because it doesn't quite seem like she's being honest on the podcast (not even sure what I mean really but something is weird about her). But it was interesting overall.

No. 291046

I’m kinda sad this is over because I feel like there was a lot more to say

No. 291067

>crazy christian frenzy here around harry potter
It's so bizarre, I remember thinking as a child that American catholics are so chill kek, women can go to church with their heads uncovered and even with makeup, everyone sits on the benches comfortably - that's all I knew basically, surely I watched a lot of American films and cartoons and there was probably some religious stuff there but I'd never think about how things really were there, and I just supposed people weren't obsessed with it because my peers and I all idealized USA and West in general. I'm Ukrainian, and I happened to attend Sunday school a few times in the beginning of 00s, we had a "lesson" about HP being satanic, and they also sold books dedicated solely to HP near the church, never read those but I wonder what they could write there except "magic is bad, sinful, oooo" - there was at least hundred pages iirc. But it's something that only existed there, and truly religious people I think were always considered kooky by outsiders even though the majority of people I knew thought of themselves as christians, had at least a couple of icons at home and would go to church from time to time. Anyone I told about that lesson and the book was at least surprised hehe.

No. 291511

I would love to read a book about how Harry potter is evil. Or at least own it as a piece of Americana lol

No. 294609

File: 1683425833254.jpeg (28.36 KB, 300x300, IMG_7923.jpeg)

I like this podcast. Their politics absolutely wouldn’t fly here but I love the movie recaps and I love horror and I’m convinced Halle is drunk most of the time

No. 307135

File: 1688747857160.jpg (304.91 KB, 736x1025, caeeee4dc34decb42c37ffc264da2d…)

Is there a good podcast out there about the Zodiac Killer? Not true crime in general, the Zodiac Killer especially, going through all of the main suspects and stuff like that. It can definitely be something without answers and with a finite number of episodes.

I'm also still looking for this btw kek >>203326 if anyone got the recs as well.

No. 307548

File: 1688918213003.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1179x1771, IMG_0285.jpeg)

I like Free To A Good Home. The ones with Danielle Walker are the best, the Demi Lardner ones are good too but she’s an acquired taste (so-random humor and screeching audio moments)

No. 307553

File: 1688919463570.jpeg (406.69 KB, 1179x1046, IMG_0290.jpeg)

Women of war?

No. 307557


No. 315256

File: 1692192522626.jpg (77.85 KB, 600x600, 137e5171d82bd71e7c4c2fd8aeece4…)

does anyone have recommendations on "educational" podcasts by women?
it could literally be about any topic. Science,history, sociology, whatever else is out there, my only pet-peeve would be queer/tranny topics, anything else is good

No. 315265

I can't vouch for the content because I haven't listened to a whole episode yet but someone recommended me Ologies with Alie Ward recently. 1-2 episode deep dives with an expert on random topics (chickens, diabetes, whatever).

No. 315320

File: 1692206214902.jpg (99.55 KB, 553x500, dressed podcast.jpg)

I've enjoyed listening to this fashion history podcast called Dressed. They cover so many topics (famous designers and fashion houses, subcultures, histories of specific textiles or garments, fashion history by country, shifting beauty norms, contemporary issues in the industry) so you can just dive into the archive and listen to whatever episodes sound interesting.

No. 321561

anyone have good conspiracy theory podcasts

No. 323707

Has anyone been following the drama around Last Podcast on the Left lately?

No. 323720

no but do tell nonnie

I used to be an avid listener of binchtopia but they've gotten so boring. They used to talk about radical topics, and I appreciated their nuanced takes on feminism and patriarchy. But now they talk about….mosquitos? Water beds? Their new two parter about the history of rock was alright, but they just seem way more jaded than they used to be. I haven't really found many other podcasts like them, apart from rehash but they're not as funny.

No. 328134

any reca for chill podcasts that would be nice background noise for drawing? so nothing extremely serious or political.

No. 331531

Wow Ragusea is a passenger princess because his wife prefers to drive since she's a control freak. I knew their relationship had to be entertaining unfh

No. 332001

Does anyone listen to Sleepycast/cabin? There are some things I hate about it, the typical scrotery, other than that I really enjoy it, it's the only podcast that has made me laugh out loud. I usually skip the ones with Corey, though, although sometimes he has his moments.

No. 332008

I don't but having listened to it for 5 minutes it reminds me a lot of Podcast About List

No. 332016

I listen to them all the time. There's something about the style, humor, and subject matters that I really like and can't get anywhere else. I honestly wish there was a similar podcast with a mix of nerdy, autistic, and downright unhinged women out there.

No. 332054

i would listen to it, but if there were women who acted like sleepycast publicly online they would get harassed very quickly. sadly, if there was to be a female sleepycast they would have to be faceless. i would love a podcast like sleepycast without the weird scrote degeneracy seeping into it.

No. 332806

File: 1699131865780.jpeg (606.25 KB, 1289x2226, IMG_5054.jpeg)

Very hot drama. Enty Lawyer, famous anonymous gossip blogger and podcaster of Crazy Days and Nights has apparently been having an affair with much smaller podcaster Cassandra Crose of CassandraExplainsItAll and Welcome To The Carterverse (among other pop culture podcasts).

Cassandra and her podcasting partner Tiffany have recently started a new podcast that was supposed to cover celebrity true crime but right now they're covering the breakdown of Cassandra and Enty's relationship which hit the fan yesterday or today (I can't remember the timeline.)

I just finished the episode and tbh it just sounds like your average insanely toxic relationship between a narcissist, lying man and a vulnerable woman but what's very interesting is that Enty's entire career has been leveraged on his anonymity and towards the end of the episode they drop that he may have used his real name in his restraining order filing which is apparently public record. I don't live in the USA and I don't know how you look up Florida restraining order filings but it looks like Enty's anonymity isn't going to last much longer!

No. 332808

File: 1699133007202.jpeg (791.86 KB, 1290x2165, IMG_5055.jpeg)

He apparently was love bombing Cassandra and recording podcasts with her up until the moment he served her with a (denied) restraining order

No. 335748

Anyone else listen to the Banned Book Club Podcast? it's like having a group of semi-likeable pretentious literary friends.

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