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No. 204741

What was the last piece of media that made you cry?

No. 204742

No. 204743

No. 204746

The final race in Cars (2006) unironically made me cry

No. 204951

File: 1652146866571.jpg (220.48 KB, 735x1106, 3cf483ef6a483efa30e8c4c08ab427…)

This little comic makes me tear up, but maybe I'm biased bc I have a leopard gecko. Its like that infamous double cow one

No. 204959

The geckos look so cute and lovely!!!!

No. 204962

The Plague Dogs, I’ve only seen the movie but just thinking about its ending makes me cry every time.

No. 204973

Me too nonny. The song that plays at the end… it gets me every single time.

No. 204976

The dog related media that always gets me is Where the Red Fern Grows… I cried just reading the book

No. 204983

i dont even have a gecko and i cried

No. 205406

For me it's The Last Dog on Earth. I read it when I was quite young and it really fucked me up. I'm going to have to read/watch the one you and the other nonna mentioned. Dog stories hit hard.

No. 205639

File: 1652391564509.jpg (28.77 KB, 220x311, SaikyōDensetsuKurosawaVol1.jpg)

This shit is probably the hardest I've cried to media

No. 205647

I want to read these and I want to watch/read "A Dog's Purpose" but I know I will never emotionally recover. I made the mistake of watching Hachiko once, because it was shown on TV and there was only 10 minutes left. Bad idea. I was alone in my apartment crying and dry heaving because it wrecked me.

No. 205652

File: 1652395604960.jpg (254.94 KB, 1284x1235, 8].jpg)

tbh EVERYTHING is making me cry since i'm unmedicated right now, so before i ran out of meds, encanto and turning red has made me bawl my fucking eyes out.

No. 205658

File: 1652396617704.png (1.69 MB, 2082x964, chapter 51 destroyed me.png)

Noragami. It's my dream to save enough money to buy all the volumes. No story has ever touched me as much as this one.

And it's written and drawn by a woman.

No. 206050

The ending of Tove Lo's No One Dies From Love music video.

No. 206096

File: 1652559585544.jpg (820.44 KB, 1920x1033, SCT_0428_GO_Movie_EverythingEv…)

One of the ending scenes in Everything Everywhere All At Once. When the mother and daughter finally reunite at the end I started tearing up.

This is really sweet

Woah, love this song and video. And the singer is gorgeous, that leotard dancing scene…whew lad
>tfw no retro-future housewife to teach you to love then break your heart

No. 206106

I adore this movie.

Just recently the movie For Ellen made me kind of tear up because it's about a deadbeat father and I have terrible daddy issues.

No. 206130

The scene where they are both rocks and the mother makes herself move to be closer to her daughter had me in tears and cackling with laughter. Loved that movie so much.

No. 206194

That movie made me tear up too, multiple parts. So good.

No. 206213

a tiktok of someone adopting a senior cat, it was happy crying i guess but the cat is named peter and that was my grandads name

No. 206280

This makes me well up with tears every time, I love Katy Perry’s voice it’s got such good emotional delivery.

No. 206281

The prom dress shopping scene in Lady Bird where she asks her mom if she likes her. Their relationship throughout the movie was too relatable.

No. 206338

So many of her songs are tearjerkers

No. 206796

>always under pressure
>feeling like a loser because your physicality better for strength will never be as appreciated as much as family members who are pretty, gracious, makes pretty stuff and just show up
>afraid of losing physical strength, then loses physical strength
>gets self esteem from how much she is of service
>carries furniture for family
>"I'm the strong one, I'm not nervous, I'm as tough as the crust of the earth is"
>"I don't ask how hard the work is, Got a rough indestructible surface"
>"I take what I'm handed, I break what's demanding, but"
>"Under the surface, I feel berserk as a tightrope walker in a three-ring circus"
>"I'm pretty sure I'm worthless if I can't be of service"
>"who am I if I can't carry it all?"
>"I hide my nerves, and it worsens, I worry something is gonna hurt us"
>"But wait, If I could shake the crushing weight of expectations. Would that free some room up for joy? Or relaxation, or simple pleasure? Instead, we measure this growing pressure
>"I think about my purpose, can I somehow preserve this?"
>"See if she can handle every family burden"
>"watch as she buckles, bends, but never breaks. No mistakes"
>"never wonder if the same pressure would've pulled you under"
>"Who am I if I don't have what it takes? No cracks, no breaks No mistakes, no pressure"

No. 207724

File: 1653026935109.png (6.05 MB, 3584x2014, Maquia.png)

Maquia makes tears flow

No. 207734

The story, music, characters and true pacifist ending gave me chills and teared me up. I still love this game very dearly to this day.

No. 207755

No. 207828

File: 1653059108040.jpg (115.67 KB, 1000x1544, the stranger.jpg)

The books thread was right, I related to to him so much by the end.

No. 207829

bojack horseman, this scene specifically. i just dropped a friend who treated me the way bojack treats mr peanutbutter so it hit me.

No. 207925

Videotape makes me want to cry every time

No. 209104

>Every day's an apple pie
>When I'm with you I'm not so shy
>And I almost feel alive in your arms
>Help me forget what I'm going through and I'll give everything to you
>It's the least that I could do

This specific set of lyrics make me tear up every time I listen to the song.

No. 209119

The end of that documentary, The Bridge. It was about various people who jumped/and were stopped from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. I always remember the last lines from one of the jumpers mom's (I think it was) She said something like maybe he just wanted to see if he could fly once… That always sticks with me especially passing the anniversary of someone lost to suicide

No. 254499

File: 1668193138025.png (935.59 KB, 844x1200, 1wzblL1snovbg_1280.png)

I rarely tear up but the mocchi scene in Golden Kamuy did it.

Also, Sabaton's song Christmas Truce about the ceasefire on the Western Front in 1914. I read/listened to both around the same time so not sure which one was first.

Read this a long while ago but I agree. I wish there were more labour worker MCs out there. The manga was fantastic.

No. 254573

Should I watch the anime or read the manga? Is the anime good?

No. 254575

I have no sympathy for Dahmer but the way his father reacted just broke me. Imagine giving you baby boy everything you could and watching them fall so hard like this.

No. 254579

Always cried at a certain section of this doc. It’s about how the US dealt with mental illnesses in the 70s-80s and even has a segment about the famous Elan treatment center that was known to abuse children and adults. theres a part about a young man whose dad is too old to take care of him physically so he is left at a care facility. The father visits his son everytime he can and starts to talk about how worried he feels leaving his son when he passes away. Really makes you feel sad when you realize thats also the case for alot of people and patients there

No. 254581

this might make me sound like a psychopath but i wonder why we bother keeping people like this alive. people who can never, ever live independently and must rely on others for the rest of their lives. it just seems like a long, drawn-out road of constant suffering ending in a slow torturous death. a patient who's left to live in a care facility forever is a lucky one, and rare. far more often they will simply not have access to care after their parents pass and die alone on the streets.

No. 254587

Ayrt don’t worry about it nonna Im sure there’s alot of others that think the same way but are too scared to say it outloud. It seems so cruel to keep people alive that you have to supervise and drug all the time just so they can be alive, not even in a state that they can enjoy living. Rather have quality over quantity of life tbh

No. 254590

I cried too watching this doc. I can't believe "treatment" used to be like that.
I understand why you'd think that way, but a lot of the time this sort of extremely disturbed behaviour is partially caused by the conditions they're in. In a modern treatment center many of the patients wouldn't act like that and be as miserable. It's like in the documentary about Bulgarian orphanages for the disabled, the kids in there would actually become more disabled from the lack of care. Some were just blind when they were brought in, but as a result of neglect they'd end up literally retarded and stunted. I cried watching that doc also.

No. 254615

google aktion t4

No. 254644

“ Poor unproductive people if you wish, but does this mean that they have lost their right to live?”
Idk if I can feel this is the issue when severely mentally ill / disabled people can’t even voice if they want to continue living. It makes me think of the Hartley Hooligans. Keeping these people alive who were in a constant state of agony and not even aware of life because we think it’s morally correct just seems… cruel.

No. 254760

Read the manga, the anime is mediocre and changes some things for the worse.

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