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File: 1652338150842.jpeg (25.99 KB, 500x281, 20086579-30CD-4724-9E66-002CEE…)

No. 205454

It’s everybody’s two favorite losers (and one big cokehead). Talk about:
>Your favorite episodes
>Most insane moments
>Best seasons

No. 205455

i've watched all of Peep Show about 5 times over. Thank you for the thread anon!

No. 205456

File: 1652338618188.png (119.17 KB, 500x288, OCjgt5o.png)

Ooooooooh good idea!!! Best season was the first one. Might be a weird thought but I always thought that the exaggerated POV camera was one of the greatest ways they created that absurd feeling of the show. I hated how they toned it down in the later seasons

No. 205461

No. 205466

I really love Brit shows for having great music and jokes, Peep included

No. 205510

This is raw. Is this us?

No. 205523

Is it because he's black?
WHAT? No! I haven't even noticed

No. 205548

File: 1652376417233.gif (472.29 KB, 300x171, Mark Rainbow Rhythms.gif)

Some of it was just SO Rainbow Rhythms… and some of it was just so NOT Rainbow Rhythms.

No. 205551

Agreed, I thought that was the great thing about it too. Although it wouldn't have gone on to be so popular if they used too much of that, I think. Also I preferred the first series opening music. It was kind of weird but calm, instead of the shouting rock music (which annoyed me when I used to fall asleep to Peep Show)

No. 205577

What's a phrase you nonnas ended up using regularly from Peep Show?
Because "It's not who you know, it's who you blow" has turned out to be pretty apt and accurate for a line written for a tweaked out crackhead.

No. 205583


No. 205596

Pyramid selling

No. 205598


No. 205621

Chance would be a fine thing! A very fine thing indeed!

I say it at every opportunity.

No. 205623

File: 1652388765484.jpeg (36.43 KB, 584x590, mark peep show.jpeg)

TFW no turkey

No. 205696

It’s your pen knife, so we’re letting you castrate yourself.

No. 205706

File: 1652417501580.jpg (41.04 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1610840653017.jpg)

I can't pick a favorite season

No. 205721

File: 1652422161962.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.5 KB, 700x406, againstmywill.jpg)

No. 205750

Kinda thought it was weird how the writers completely brushed off Mark's rape. Like it was actually just used for a gag and Mark's fine with it completely afterwards.

No. 205765

Everything's gone from gold to shit

I'm just a normal functioning member of the human race and there's no way anyone can prove otherwise

Stick that up your dojo and smoke it

Butter the toast, eat the toast, shit the toast, god, life is relentless

No. 205778

One of my favorite episodes. The little dance Mark does at 15:20 makes me laugh until I cry.

No. 205789

I call every gun I see on TV gunny

No. 205801

I like how I recognized immediately that this is Mark's rape

No. 205834

Sexual trauma is confined in 1 episode in comedic brit shows, like with the IT crowd

No. 205859

No. 205927

wait who got raped in the it crowd ?cuz i dont remember

No. 205975

Who didn't get raped in the IT Crowd

No. 205979

NTAYRT but I think they mean the episode where Douglas takes a "love potion" and gets the horn for Moss and Roy who were locked in a room with him.

No. 205986

No one got raped, but Roy got kissed on the ass by a masseuse and he sues him for sexual assault

No. 205988

This was such a brilliant part and a great depiction of how cults work

No. 205990

I loved Mark's intervention here and how pleased he looked with himself kek

No. 205993

We could have made this a 'British TV shows' thread, not just for Peepshow and then we also could have posted stuff the IT Crowd or Fleabag and everything else

No. 206041

No. 206066

"This is BOWULLSHIT" in Super Hans accent
Also pronouncing Honda as Handa

No. 206101

File: 1652559988586.jpg (45.52 KB, 682x600, 1609607562597.jpg)

Maybe a British comedy thread? Dramas etc. could just go in the general TV thread

No. 207274

This video weirded me out. Jez isn't a bisexual icon, he's vile. The whole point of Peep Show is that you have these two horrible lolcows whose shitty behavior, for once, is shown in all its true ugly light. It's like one long /snow/ thread. There are other sociopathic male characters like in Sunny or something, but while those characters might seem occasionally appealing to the viewer (from a twisted point of view, of course) Jez and Mark's life isn't seen through a rose-colored sociopathic lens. Dennis is who the viewer thinks he is; Jez is who actually he is in real life. And yeah, they really weren't that horrible in the first couple of seasons, but the last seasons really cement them as extraordinary pieces of shit.

No. 207390

Jez is bisexual in the way that Dr. Frank-N-Furter is bisexual. Yeah, they would fuck both men and women, but not because that's just their sexuality - it's because they would fuck anything were it legal and had a pulse.

No. 207637

so glad to see this thread ! peep show is my ultimate comfort watch, it's soothing to watch two idiots alienate everyone around them somehow.

No. 207686


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