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No. 205575

A containment thread for stinky coochie anons who are in love with alcohol-swiggling, mommy’s closet raiding Ezra Miller.
Post here about:
>current/past roles and characters
>milky behavior
>thirst cams
>etc. (autism)

No. 205576

I don't care for Ezra and Ezrafags, but the thread gif is really distasteful

No. 205579

i'm an ezrafag, delete this

No. 205581

Kek this is so retarded

No. 205584

File: 1652383467579.gif (3.82 MB, 498x297, 1648664540207.gif)

>mfw I find both men really hot but they have shitty personalities that ruin everything

No. 205585

File: 1652383480129.gif (3.43 MB, 498x387, 72F83566-7D39-439A-85CC-14E0F9…)

not even a calvinfag but you mad he could beat up your gay pinnochio wifebeater in a pinch? kek

No. 205586

with those little baby hands? kek

No. 205588

rip girl.

Btw, is there a correlation between Ezra's hair length and behaviour.
Ezra would throw himself on the back and defend with his fungus feet. Calvin could never.


No. 205590

Smaller surface area = higher pressure. Basic physics. Like getting hit with a very sharp stone rather than being hit with a ham hock.

No. 205591

as an ezrafag delete this right now or I will choke slam you into your own grave bitch!!

No. 205593

btw why are men so gay for Cavill when he seems 100% straight? Is it because they're mostly nerds who are such losers they gave up on getting a gamer gf? So they want a gamer bf instead? Please explain.

No. 205594

just like he did with the terrified woman in the threadpic?? kekkk anon don’t make me laugh at this we already hit the bottom floor

No. 205597

You're right but I thought instead of being actually straight up gay for him they'd be talking more about how cool and handsome he is and how they'd like to look like this. You know, like how some Beyonce fangirls will say they wish they'd look like her without working out.

No. 205599

why did you make this retard!! we already sperg comfortably over in the irlhusbando thread

No. 205605

Anon, you literally got butthurt over people saying Cavill has an incel energy, has no charisma and keeps his act of a "not like other girls", then you pretended to be an anachan and larped a steroid moid to prove a point, later your ass got called out with evidence over posting some random gay gymbro. After that you went off the rails and accused everyone of being an ezrafag.
You know what? Erafags are not as annoying and are quite nice in their IRL husbando thread, their fave also isn't balding pedo so go get lost cavillfag.

No. 205608

Why do you keep trying to pin me as the delusional anachan? I was one of the anons who was insulting her to begin with, I only made this thread to trigger some of the ezrafags. I don’t even care about Henry Cavill in the slightest kek

No. 205609

Anon, mod literally showed your dirty ass on celebricow thread right now.

No. 205634

who fucking cares, it's lolcow.

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