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File: 1652659619005.jpeg (54.92 KB, 610x711, 6DD78F17-2D62-4D14-9D48-44F609…)

No. 206467

The informal scary media thread >>>/m/100539
never got remade so here’s a more inclusive general.
Discuss all manners of horrors and thrillers, the goods and bads. Give recommendations and reviews. All genres welcomed, including short films, and TV shows too. Shill your letterboxd.

>What is your most recently watched?

>What are you top 5 of all time?
>What’s your favorite genre/subgenre?
>What are some unpopular ones that you actually like?

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No. 206469

File: 1652660963062.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1367, 5BD435A1-A30B-4B28-9BC0-ADCF73…)

What do you think should go in my lolcow core list nonnies

No. 206475

Helter Skelter with Erika Sawajiri

No. 206476

I have to watch that, I’ve seen anons mentioned it as well!

No. 206478

Jennifer’s Body maybe?

No. 206479

Possession (1981)

No. 206485

File: 1652667008080.jpg (77.8 KB, 666x666, 1620342822361.jpg)

Lady Vengeance, Audition, Perfect Blue and The Piano Teacher

No. 206535

>Piano Teacher
no no no no no, goddamn no

No. 206546

belladonna of sadness

No. 206556

Absolutely adore Lady Vengeance. Just everything about it.

No. 206599

Thoroughbreds (2017)

No. 206646

File: 1652707938858.png (1.76 MB, 1376x812, Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 11.2…)

My favourite 70-80s horror films! I enjoy modern horror on occasion but I don't feel as passionately about it than 70-80s horror lol, my fav modern horror is probably Scream 1, I liked Spree too! I think I want to start watching more Japanese horror.

No. 206650

one of my favourite movies is the evil dead 2, i love bruce campbell's slapstick. however the remake is one of the best remakes imo, and normally i never favour remakes.

No. 206651

Ready Or Not and You're Next. They both have powerful and victorious female leads kek

No. 206657

I feel like You’re Next is underrated! Have yet to see Ready or Not

No. 206659

I 100% recommend Ready or Not if you really enjoyed You're Next! I watched them both with my nan kek

No. 206876

With all due respect, I was very disappointed by the original Hellraiser when I saw it. Not nearly enough of the Cenobites and the zombie or whatever you'd call him wasn't that compelling for me. I haven't seen any of the sequels.

No. 207502

>Most recently watched
The Sadness was so violent and grotesque I felt dizzy from anxiety watching it. All your fave pandemic gore fests cranked to 11.

No. 207513

>It is heavily inspired by the Crossed comic book series
I didn't think anyone would even dare make a Crossed adaptation

No. 207603

I saw it at Fantasia last year and it was amazing. Everyone in the audience loved it and kept laughing and cheering. Last time the audience was as much fun was the last time I saw a Noboru Iguchi film at the festival. I sadly did not stay for the Q&A with the director cause I was too tired. The movie received an award at the festival for best first film. I love CAT III movies (which this movie was an hommage to) and this hit the right spot. It definitely is my favourite splatter gorefest of the past years.

Also speaking of Fantasia, I am so excited for a normal festival this year. There were only ten movies screening that were in person and I went to see three of them (The Sadness, Prisoners of the Ghostland and The Deer King). I wish the Uzumaki screening had not been online (I can watch my dvd). It was a mistake to only stream the old movies, I only care for them at a festival if I can see them on a big screen (I especially love seeing the goofy French dubs, Toxic Avenger is even better with it, still bummed I miss the one for Sleepaway Camp). But no more covid so everything is back to normal.

No. 207631

>Toxic Avenger
>Sleepaway Camp
Were these french dubs in français de france or québécois? Québécois dubs must be hysterical to watch

No. 207650

France dub. For Toxic Avenger, the Fantasia team had to cut and paste from different sources to get an uncut version in French. Lloyd Kaufman speaks very good French and he often answers the Q&As in French and he loves the French dub. Next time he's at Fantasia, I will stay for the Q&A, the man is getting old. I don't know if he's actually an asshole or creep and I don't want to know, I love him too much and what he has done for cinema.

Not horror or thriller related, but Slapshot becomes an amazing comedy in Québécois. In English it's unwatchable, but the Québec dub is the best thing. Kung Pow Québec dub is also more hilarious than the original.

No. 207718

>mfw putting this on while I was high and then I had to turn it off after the train scene
Kek I'll try again sober

No. 207731

Kek anon you're in for a ride if only the train scene disturbed you.
There's a man that eyerape a woman and other various degeneracy with amazing fx.

No. 207800

Thelma and Louise! And The Wickerman (1973), it's not very lcf though but it has hot women doing crazy shit, which reminds of the film that should go on your list: Vampire Lovers (1970)! Gorgeous, gorgeous Ingrid Pitt playing a lesbian vampire. You should also consider the Devils (1971). Vanessa Redgrave will give you anxiety or become your crush, there's no in-between.

Not lcf, but I recommend Witchfinder General. Now that'll leave you unsettled. The ending is cheesy and very hammer horror-y, but it's great - the gritty, 70s low-budget look; the cultish atmosphere; the pastoral setting with its eeriness. It's great. Plenty of violence though, some of it sexual, and it's not campy or over-the-top like in more recent films, so it leaves a bad feeling in your gut.

No. 207855

That's the second time I'm randomly hearing about Witchfinder General this week. That's it, I'm watching it!

No. 207928

I was personally pretty disappointed with Witchfinder General when I finally watched it. I had seen it on all kinds of lists and I was expecting a good slow burn, but for me there wasn't much heat at all. I had a somewhat similar experience with The Devil Rides Out, but I liked it better in the end.

No. 208617

File: 1653329216185.jpeg (665.46 KB, 978x1461, 3D51B016-22F9-4D67-B877-178262…)

Can I have recommendation on movies that are more like experiences? Surreal, disorienting, psychedelic, dreamlike. I don’t mind disturbing or shocking. I liked Climax, Enter The Void and Inland Empire.

No. 208624

I was the same way with Witchfinder General. I can't remember one thing that happened in it, it left next to no impression on me. Have you seen Night of the Demon? It's a bit like the Devil Rides Out but a lot more fun imo

No. 208625

What about the entire David Lynch filmography
You could check Cronenberg movies too, a nona is doing a marathon of them on the movies thread and doing a review for each one

No. 208647

File: 1653336765042.jpg (31.14 KB, 630x1200, i feel fantastic.jpg)

Some suggestions:

A Field in England
Stalker (not horror or thriller)
Cat Soup (anime)
David Lynch filmography (don't forget his short films)
The Holy Mountain and El Topo
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Pink Floyd the Wall (not horror or thriller)
Tetsuo: The Iron Man
The Wicker Man (original)
Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (way better that you'd imagine)

No. 208653

File: 1653338721915.jpg (221.53 KB, 1920x1080, kYwmIF1.jpg)

Angel's Egg

No. 208655

File: 1653339076497.gif (3.95 MB, 500x343, lcl.gif)

The Wolf House (picrel)
Images (1972)
The Iron Rose
Possibly in Michigan
Seconding Tetsuo: the Iron Man as well as Kotoko, also by Tsukamoto
The Face of Another
Meshes of the Afternoon
Mirrored Mind
The works of Takashi Ito
Strange one to rec but the Youtube video "My house walk-through" from 2016 is worth a watch

No. 208661

File: 1653340564588.jpg (78.7 KB, 1278x720, Faust-1926-4.jpg)

Just wanted to make a general recommendation to the thread, Faust (1926) is an incredibly foreboding and atmospheric German expressionist film. It's honestly one of my favorite adaptations of the Faust legend. The actor who plays Mephistopheles somehow manages to be both sinister and a little goofy/mischievous, which I think fits the character very well.

No. 208666

Marebito is such a great movie that deserves more praise. I watched it about 15 years ago and I still think about it. I should rewatch it.

No. 208686

Inland Empire is my fave Lynch film. I'd recommend November, Knives and Skin, Endorphine, Little Joe and Greener Grass

No. 208798

The Wolf House was definitely an experience. The effort that was put in it is insane.

No. 210947

Der Todesking is a really shocking and tasteless movie, but there's no denying it's an experience. Even if you don't like any of the 7 vignettes, the constant sequence of a human body progressively rotting is quite distressing and memorable.

No. 214315

File: 1655240933949.jpeg (750.62 KB, 956x1421, 145F9F5A-C188-48F9-814D-0A952A…)

This movie reaffirmed my fear of unsocialized autistic men. Truly should not be nice to any of them.

No. 221925

I'm sure Orphan: First Kill will be disappointing. Judging by the trailer, it looks like the plot will be exactly the same as the first movie. What's someone who's already seen it supposed to enjoy here? I'm looking forward to see Isabelle's performance, though. She looks so creepy.

No. 221936

In the mood for a horror novel and I haven't read much of the genre. Any notable horror written by women that I should read?

No. 221978

Have you read any Mary Shelley or Shirley Jackson?

No. 222151

Dark Matter by Michelle Paver for a really atmospheric ghost story. The Three by Sarah Lotz for a gripping supernatural thriller, or Experimental Film by Gemma Files for a more literary and slow-paced take. Through The Woods by Emily Carroll if you like graphic novels. The Moth Diaries by Rachel Klein for something that's YA-adjacent, easy to read and tense.

No. 222152

is this meant to be a prequel? i'll probably watch it but she does NOT look like a child at all anymore kek

No. 222199

Thanks I'll check them out!

No. 224584

Anyone follow @coffee_dad Twitter saga? Looks like he started a murder mystery? ARG off a many year project. Need nonnies to discuss it with.

No. 230396

File: 1660400033475.jpg (99.31 KB, 500x615, gs.jpg)

The season is upon us, anons.

No. 251274

Just watched The Wolf House based on this recc. It's absolutely amazing! No idea how I hadn't heard of it before. It's easily the best stop-motion animation movie I've seen and a very trippy horror movie in its own right. There's still a few days left of spooky month, so I hope some other nonnies check it out while it's still the season!

No. 251311

NTA but I’m so happy you liked it as much like me

No. 251327

Ahh I'm the anon who recced it, very glad you loved it!

No. 261568

File: 1670427556631.jpg (Spoiler Image,110.33 KB, 533x800, getfucked.jpg)

What are some other movies similar to this? Please don't say Jennifer's Body because it sucks. I want a female centric movie, not just a female protagonist but something centered around womanhood or femininity or relationships between women. I don't think I've ever seen a horror film do it so well like Ginger Snaps. I enjoyed May but it's not the same, too much focus on the moid. Loved Helter Skelter but it had a different feeling to it.
So far Ginger Snaps really is perfect I liked the sequel until the end. The build up was so good and then it became too moidy with the literal rapist pos being portrayed more and more sympathetic and then as a victim wtf? And of course the villain ends up being a little girl who lied about being sexually abused. This movie could have been so good but the second half ruined it. Picrel should have happened in the sequel.

No. 261578

File: 1670429391872.jpeg (46.46 KB, 540x291, 02CAFD28-0413-4C34-8F7B-FE5165…)

I would suggest Excision, A Tale of Two Sisters, Suspiria (2018), and Ghostland. A lot of Asian horror from the 2000’s would fit this bill but it’s been too long since I’ve watched them to give firm recommendations. I remember liking Wishing Stairs, but don’t know if it would hold up. I know you weren’t asking for book recs but if you haven’t read The Haunting of Hill House you would probably love it.

No. 261589

nonnie are you me ?? I co-recommend all the ones you mentioned. And as for 2000s asian horror, did you like Pulse (Kairo) ? Not adding to the previous poster’s request bc it’s not really woman centric, but the general human relations and hopelessness versus kindness to be really affecting. Everyone raves about the one scary walking scene (which is great) but the last 30 minutes have never left me.

No. 261616

>Please don't say Jennifer's Body because it sucks
based, Its awful and I'm tried of people pretending its good

No. 261619

Halfway through Ghostland rn, based on the weird ass interview my prediction is that they never got away from the killers and the movie is just Elizabeth being delusional to cope although since the director is French it could be just him being esl and making the interview weird on accident. Another clue is the flashback 'hallucination'. On a different note this movie suffers from poor sound design with the goofy slapping sound effects kek
Will report back later after I finish the movie and see if I got it right.
I was just thinking how the stupid ass slapping sounds sound like the whip sound effect from Johnny Test lol and it hit me. Didn't the agp looking guy from the beginning have a whip or something? Because it sounded just like that. If my prediction is correct I might just double down on the sound design a bit. Like 50% because they're still overdoing the 'spooky' sound effects imo

No. 261622

Ginger Snaps is based. Adding to other anons rec. Raw (2016), Braid (2018), Trick r Treat is a great anthology overall but one of the stories really fits that theme.
Early Whispering Corridors movies are my comfort girl horrors!

No. 261649

Yeah, never got the appeal of Jennifer's body. People cap for it because it was written/directed by a woman, but it still feels extremely male pandering..

No. 261683

Spoilers for Ghostland below.
Okay. My prediction was correct. But firstly… Nonnies this was the exact opposite of what I was looking for, moid ass ryona tier movie. Sorry. The only aspect of womanhood here was that the main characters were women and that's it. Their relationships are not explored in any way and felt very surface level. The most we get is at the very beginning where we learn about issues between Elizabeth and Vera but then they're not touched upon again.
>the reveal
The way the twist was revealed was way too sudden and felt very cheap. We spend all this time establishing the imaginary world just to be hit with the plot twist halfway through with absoultely no build up, no tension, no nothing. We just get it like that for no reason, it was random and rushed. Yeah, we're told Beth likes to daydream and needs to come back to reality but that's not build up. The entire segment in Elizabeth's head could be removed and it would make no difference because it adds nothing to the movie. Almost makes me think the twist was added last minute.
And The Lovecraft motives. The movie just doesn't live up to what it tries to be and seeing a framed picture of Lovecraft on Elizabeth's desk is funny because it's all a part of her delusion of being a great writer. You know kind of like the writers of the script. The entire Lovecraft motive feels masturbatory instead of serving as foreshadowing. It comes across as extremely arrogant. I'll get back to that later.
The violence felt fetishistic and overdone. The shots of the women being beaten weren't scary, they just made me feel bad. The fat rapist is awful enough but the pissingscene? The panty sniffing? The fact we were focusing on them with such detail? Pornographic.
Also the wtf was that 'flesh of my daughters' scene? Why is a mother telling her daughter she smelled nice and she should have protected her from boys taking her away from her? At that point in the movie I started to think the mother was in on the abuse and helping the killers in secret or something.
>sound design
Like I mentioned before, it's bad. I don't think there's a moment of silence in this movie. A lot of moments that could have been creepy were ruined by loud 'scary' sound bytes such as when we first see the truck pull up to the house. Sometimes they play for no reason like when they're just walking around the house and it makes the movie seem insecure of its ability to scare you. However, the worst instance of it by far is when the fat uggo is smashing the dolls. The entire point of that scene is that he's having a tantrum because he hates loud noises and the dolls started talking which sets him off. They tell him that's ugly and nobody loves him (true) so we probably should focus on what they're saying right? So why are they blasting loud ass dramatic music? That scene could have been so tense and unnverving but the music ruins it completely.
>French director and cast
Why is this movie in English? I am esl myself, so I am in no way dunking on them not speaking like natives, in fact I think the mother sounds the most natural out of the entire cast. It's just that it really shows that the director isn't a native speaker. The dialogues are awkward and weird. Felt more like translated text. The actors are doing a decent job for the most part but some of them sound weird at times and I was surprised to learn that so many of them have English as their first language because I could not understand what they were saying at times. This movie should have been in French imo.
>the acting
The 5 main actresses were good. The side characters felt stiff.
>the cinematography
This one's good. The scenes are shot in a way that is both fluid and dynamic, esecially during the house invasion scene. Things are happening fast but they're not confusing. I was actually pretty impressed here.
>the ending
It feels pointless. We already know the police are coming to the house so there is no tension. The fact that they managed to escape at first just to be caught again was predictable and done in an uninteresting way. The sound design improves here though.
Now… Back to Lovecraft. I laughed when the guy praising Beth's book said his name was Howard. The writers are literally comparing their script (Beth's book which we are told tells the story of what happened to her) to Lovecraft's works. This movie acts so pretentious while having absolutely no substance, no themes to explore, no symbolism, just a poorly executed plot twist. And it's fine to not have those things. Not every horror film needs to be compelling in such a way. But it's laughable when such an empty movie tries to act like it's so deep and profound.
>calling the agp 'she'
Just thought it was funny kek
Overall, I think it's a bad shit movie with an interesting concept it fails to properly execute. Sorry nonas, still appreciate that you took time to recommend stuff. A Tale of Two Sisters sounds good. I've heard of it before and it was all good things. I tend to like Korean movies so I'll give it a try tomorrow.

No. 261759

I knew you weren’t gonna like Ghostland. It’s from the scrote that made Martyrs so yeah, he’s into that “new French” torture porn stuff. Tale of Two Sisters is good horror although I don’t think it explores female relationships and psychology very much. I think Dumplings (HK movie) is an asian movie that touches more on female issues.

No. 261766

File: 1670465269628.jpg (29.32 KB, 500x532, 7e05b15d64e1debf313141c1e4b343…)

so male pandering

No. 261772

And what? You think this one line redeems the entire film, and I can't it seriously cause its Megan Fox saying this, the woman who acts like the biggest pick-me in the wolrd and is trooning out her kid and that the fact it was written by diablo cody(a woman who glorifies stripping and sex work) is the cheery on top

No. 261773

Plus even besides the pandering the writing was just too dumb.
Are we just gonna forget the unnecessarily long scene of jennifer coming out the water..

No. 261805

Anon this was clearly played as a dumb pretty girl joke. Also Jennifer was portrayed to be wrong throughout the movie. It's okay to like the movie but acting like it's feminist or "female gazey" is on par with saying liking makeup and color pink is feminist lol It is very much pandering to moids, I don't get where the whole evil wrong marketing take came from when the promotional materials portrayed it quite accurately aside from the posters leaving out the teen drama aspect.

No. 261876

opinions so braindead they rendered all movie discussion threads on /m/ pointless

No. 261938

For pointing out a factual scene that happens in the movie or for saying that the writing was shit?

No. 261949

Diff anon but explain? It’s just a traumatized woman turns into monster story. I enjoyed the movie and I can still see the characteristic 00’s sexy horror in the directing and branding. There was nothing deconstructive or subversive about Megan Fox being hot. The development between Jennifer and Needy was a big nothingburger, you’d really have to reach to see their relationship as being more than stacy and her duff. Needy was so down bad for her gay ass scrote, he was portrayed like the only thing making her feel better than Jennifer, it annulls every lesbomancy demons fanfic tiktokers bend over backwards to write. You didn’t even get to see the retribution, the revenge act, but you got to see them fighting over a boy and then killing one another over it.

No. 262092

warning for SA if anyone is considering watching this.

No. 262702

File: 1670726682593.jpeg (295.12 KB, 1400x2100, 13EDCDF3-7405-424D-86A6-F3552D…)

Check out The Lure, 2016 Polish movie. Not strictly horror, more like a dark fairy tale with horror elements but I think it’s great!

No. 262754

highly recommending Under the Shadow (2016) for slow build-up horrors rooted in the real-world. synopsis is a small family going through the 1980 iranian war gets swept up in the neighborhood rumors of a jinn that arrived in the winds of the war. also Narges Rashidi stars in it and she's incredibly hot

No. 262784

I recommend this one too! Worth mentioning it's actually a horror-musical. They did amazing job casting these two actresses who played mermaids, they both fit their roles perfectly

No. 262998

File: 1670839553655.png (219.52 KB, 1400x900, barbarian.png)

What did you think of Barbarian (2022)? I enjoyed it. Some of the things don't really make sense but not enough to bother me. I wasn't sure how to feel about Justin Long's character at first I thought it was too on the nose and that they were going to go in the libfemmy woke diretion but thankfully they didn't and his character seemed real and thought out in the end. I'm glad they didn't redeem him, I was worried they were going to do that after the scene with the homeless man.
I liked the camera work and the comedic undertones. It was consistent thematically too, though once again it did seem a little too on the nose at times in the beginning. It's nice to have another female oriented horror that isn't just torture porn. Nice flick, not as crazy and scary as normies are hyping it up to be but still enjoyable and well produced. Interesting concept, if you want to give it a try go in completely blind for more tension.

No. 263030

File: 1670857718712.jpg (20.78 KB, 480x479, a-christmas-carol-scrooge-1577…)

So I watched the FX's 2019 Christmas Carol and Jesus Christ this went too far, Ebenezer Scrooge was raped as a child, He had an abusive father who knew about the sexual abuse but didn't care, Ebenezer Scrooge now runs a coal mine and we see Mary Cratchit going to prostitute herself to Scrooge to get Tiny Tim's lifesaving surgery and overall it shows the world as a miserable hell
picrel is supposed to be Ebenezer Scrooge btw

No. 263065

Uh what the fuck

No. 263098

Disappointed. I disliked it very early on because I went in blind and expected something completely different aka woman traveling alone thriller. Then I disliked it even more after every character makes a retarded choice lol. But I mean, par for the course as far as monster in the basement movie goes. 3.5/10

No. 263111

Ow the edge

I’m not even against darker takes on beloved and well known stories but this is clearly trying too hard

No. 263193

Boring as fuck

No. 263200

Lol thanks for sparing me the time waste, that sounds dumb. I’d rather that concept stay an ao3 fic.

No. 263214

I watched it for bill skarsgard. So I was so upset that he was killed off so quickly yet Justin Long’s character survived until the end. Ugh also Justin Long reminds me of that movie Tusk which I hate so much as it makes me so uncomfortable and disturbed

No. 263226

I don’t care for justin long as an actor or person but I liked Tusk

No. 263230

probably the biggest disappointment of 2022 because the first 20 minutes or so have incredible potential. then it just shits all over the place.

No. 263555

this sounds like shit wtf.. I hate when people use sexual assault as a tool for depressing characters. fuck that noise

No. 263557

Justin long in jeeper's creepers was my favorite. And Dodgeball.

No. 263559

>one line redeems the entire movie
Oh yes, especially the scene where she talks about anal and then kisses Amanda's character for a long time. It's gross af. the line last of the movie when she gets stabbed with a box cutter is "ow, my tit." I hate that movie so much. it is not a feminist movie.

No. 263561

Thank you nonnie. I think SA warnings should be mandatory, especially on a female board.

No. 322387

File: 1695187221363.gif (6.15 MB, 540x293, 31381494.gif)

Does Coraline counts? I mean it can be a little unsettling but it has a strong female lead who dislikes her moid neighbor.

No. 322458

>dislikes her moid neighbor
…If you honestly took that away from the book and/or movie you have issues.

No. 322515

I meant her neighbor Wybie and he was never in the book. When they first met, Wybie followed, scared and knocked down Coraline without apologizing so she has a reason to dislike him and thinks that he's a weirdo too but they do become friends at the end. I mentioned "dislikes her moid neighbor" because lolcow can be very anti-moid so I thought this movie would be fitting on the list.

No. 322524

Is there a specific reason why some horrorfilms and slashers in the late 00s often had completely over the top obscene dialogue? I watched the Halloween remake from 2007 a while ago and the "casual" dialogues were so retarded, not even people in the 00s spoke like that.

No. 322540

im shocked ms.45 isnt on here.

No. 322541

Rob Zombie's Halloween movies are garbage. I dont know how he even made more than one.

No. 322542

Gotta love how the OG story never had a woman whoring herself out like that, but the remake had to put that in because?? Can we not treat women like humans or something? That sounds so unbelievably shitty. I hope it bombed hard.

No. 322543

As the other anon said, that’s just Rob Zombie. I agree it’s totally obnoxious and didn’t fit Halloween at all.

No. 322544

Justin Long is fantastic in Jeepers creepers. Two of my favorite horror movies ever. Love the monster in it.

No. 322576

I just saw the first one because I couldn't find the original to stream for free but yeah, it wasn't even the fun kind of garbage.

Is it though? I distantly remember some horrorfilms (often the ones with the victims hanging out in remote locations for whatever reason) that have the same formular of characters talking about sex like 70% of the movie until it's time to get murdered.

No. 322580

Hard agree. I saw the first one in theaters in high school and even then was like…why is he trying so hard? Sidenote, any nonnas gonna watch the new Exorcist? I’m going to, but my hopes are low. I don’t think any movie will ever strike fear into my heart like the original did when I was 12 kek

No. 359200

File: 1709190953936.png (1.02 MB, 671x670, Screenshot 2023-09-03 at 15-32…)

No. 359221

American Mary is a great film but I hated that they had to pointlessly sexualize Mary in a couple of scenes. Like the one where she's shown pole dancing just to tell the audience that the strip club owner moid is into her. It felt so unnecessary and coomer-y in an otherwise good film.

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