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File: 1653972191149.png (8.27 MB, 1668x2388, 3F61526E-A684-4A3F-B8C6-2D35A9…)

No. 210346

Post cool gender non conforming characters (both male and female)

No. 210352

File: 1653973697421.png (142.13 KB, 250x250, b48f5ee7088f35bfb1ceb21541c209…)

crona from soul eater

No. 210353

File: 1653973806868.jpg (330.99 KB, 1500x2106, 875339972-0-1999899543.jpg)

my androgynous boyfriend is a really good manga lol

No. 210507

File: 1654017861440.jpeg (967.18 KB, 1170x1169, CC309A77-30C6-4556-ACDE-BDB813…)

Anne Lister, also a real life based queen

No. 210509

No. 210510

I love you nona. Stephanie is pretty cool.

No. 210512

File: 1654019466495.jpg (36.8 KB, 870x524, Screen-Shot-2021-06-01-at-2.57…)

I just wish they kept the dynamic of her being the dominant one in a straight relationship instead of retconning her as a lesbian. Rugrats was always good at approaching social issues, so why couldn't they just make a lesbian couple the adults could be friends with? I feel like they just turned her into a stereotype when they gaywashed her

No. 210528

Didn't they do the same to that Sex and the City character?

No. 210585

File: 1654039243518.jpeg (269.32 KB, 716x787, 37EE61C8-92F9-4CDF-BCA3-FAD391…)

Marie from Innocent

No. 210590

Damn I miss moral orel. I wish it didn't end so soon.

No. 210592

File: 1654041386594.gif (669.77 KB, 498x370, ed.gif)

love her

No. 210599

File: 1654044283142.jpeg (58.83 KB, 680x500, EfMc1nFXkAE_VPD.jpeg)

I'm probably the only person on earth still thinking about deca-dence in 2022 (great show btw)

No. 210630

File: 1654055691905.jpeg (188.34 KB, 1668x684, EB2DFD30-B974-4845-9B8F-97B293…)

In the 2000’s there was a short lived stop-animation series called Rick and Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All The World on LOGO, sort of like how The Boondocks is both a love letter and critique to African-American culture it both celebrates and satirizes a lot of aspects of mainstream gay culture.

Anyway two of the side characters are a butch and femme couple named Dana and Kristen and I love them a lot

No. 210798

This is so cool. How have we progressed backwards since early 2000s??

Based Marie fag.

They gay washed her?? Holyshit. I loved her for being such a gnc straight woman who loved her kids. Wtf

No. 210880

this thread just makes me sad bc theyd all be enbywashed

No. 210886

Yes, I haven't watched the reboot at all but I read a lot of articles on it when it was announced. From what I read it seems like they made her a one dimensional lesbian joke too. She's a single mom and she constantly talks about her ex girlfriends, you know, to remind the audience she's gay.

No. 210899

The theme song immediately flooded my brain. I totally forgot about this show.

No. 210912

File: 1654143742137.jpeg (293.33 KB, 489x756, F3B6DCD8-AF66-457A-A42F-A68A50…)

Chuuya is the only valid moid

No. 210925

File: 1654152691466.jpg (71.19 KB, 512x768, 41a7c4889b95f92f72afd573a1a925…)

An absolute queen, the best thing is that nobody comments on her GNCness and she never changes throughout the series. I still can't believe a fat otaku created her.

I wish she hadn't trooned out her child but otherwise she's great.

No. 210928

File: 1654153315607.jpeg (193.06 KB, 1280x960, Haruhi_Fujioka.jpeg)

Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club

No. 210948

how is he gnc he looks like every anime bishie

No. 210962

This was a super cute read anon thanks for the rec. I like how androgyny comes up so much as a general theme too

No. 210971

nta but, because they're a girl you fucking idiot

No. 210972

How would anyone who doesn’t know the character know that?

I hate what TiFs have done to her.

No. 210973

? are you retarded or just trolling? Chuyaa is a moid and there's nothing gnc about him just because he has long-ish hair.

No. 210988

Maybe that anon is just a troon getting butthurt.

No. 211008

lmao Twitter newfag

Damn, I was gonna post her.

No. 211017

I didn't read it because it's translated as "My Genderless Boyfriend" in my country, but if a nonnon-chan says it's good, maybe I'll pick it up lol.

No. 211050

I've loved her for so many years and still want to cosplay her. She's the best boss ever.

No. 211067

File: 1654197563210.gif (65.63 KB, 500x250, tumblr_3eddfae992d4f4649129916…)

Noi is great and I love her outfit

No. 211068

There was an episode where an interracial lesbian couple named “Ebony and Ivory” were having a baby and refusing to refer to it by gendered pronouns and already saving up for the baby’s sex change surgery. A joke in 2007 a reality in 2022 kek

No. 211089

File: 1654203979934.jpg (397.95 KB, 717x923, 48763874_p0.jpg)

I guess Saiki counts since he's no different when he turns himself into a girl.

No. 211100

>GNC characters
>gender non-conforming

i don’t understand they’re just characters who wear certain clothes?

No. 211112

What is there not to get? A lot of people like them because they go against gender stereotypes while not claiming to be trans or whatever. Tomboys or effeminate men, they’re staples in a lot of media and nice to see.

No. 211116

File: 1654210822483.jpeg (337.7 KB, 1170x2072, CDC599E9-6891-4C8D-A7D4-9D17D3…)

Does this form of Gray from Black Clover count? You can’t see her face that well and 9 times out of 10, she’s shown in closeup, so I didn’t even know this was a dress.

No. 211120

lmao what the fuck, also chuuya is a male as many have already pointed out, go back.

No. 211131

File: 1654215795559.png (2.21 MB, 633x913, D4AA035B-C591-44D2-8CCC-98B152…)

I think he counts.

No. 211139

File: 1654219544594.gif (592.52 KB, 395x298, butters.gif)

i hope he counts

No. 211142

damn they're just gonna kill off howard like that?

No. 211151

File: 1654224001086.jpg (7.9 KB, 250x250, Groke.jpg)

Woah I never watched this but she reminds me of the Groke

No. 211152

File: 1654224145612.png (150.79 KB, 350x265, untitled91.png)

also speaking of Moomin characters

No. 211156


I know it’s cringe but I like to headcanon that Orel also used to be quite feminine until Clay discovered it and shamed him for it, and then when he was able to live on his own went through an androgynous phrase

No. 211228

File: 1654246788700.jpg (240.44 KB, 700x700, postcard-lucky-luke-lucky-luke…)

calamity jane from lucky luke, though at one point in the story they make her wear dresses but fortunately she goes back to being herself

No. 211235

File: 1654251141759.jpg (30.96 KB, 334x847, tMTmUAC.jpg)

I think she was based on Sinead O'Connor

No. 211237

File: 1654252541610.jpg (76.67 KB, 640x800, makotocute.jpg)

I know Makoto is a loose fit but I like her. Also it's hilarious finding this pic I saw her listed on some "trans characters" blog when she has 0 gender dysphoria. If anything Makoto WANTS to have a more feminine aesthetic but since she was raised by her dad she's naturally more boyish and the cool style suits her better
Reminds me of Melody from HxH
Margarine is the most beautiful in all of South Park

No. 211241

File: 1654255394822.jpg (75.75 KB, 380x469, 7.jpg)

What is GNC about him? He is just an angry manlet with a nice hat, just like the historical author.

No. 211244

i loved her anon !

No. 211252

Wow this is giving me major childhood nostalgia. I loved that comic.

No. 211282

Where's she from?

No. 211292

nta but idolmaster

No. 211309

File: 1654272874290.jpg (277.1 KB, 1514x2100, CalamityJane1-copy.jpg)

I looked into this (because there is actually another cartoon called Calamity Jane) and she is based on a real person, who was known to be gnc for the time and frequently dresses as a man and raised hell. Fascinating stuff, I'll have to read more about her later

No. 211310

>dresses as a man
Wear pants, anon. "Men" are not a costume any more than women are.

No. 211312

Historically that was dressing as a man

No. 211318

Please open up a history book. Women were not wearing pants during that time period, only big dresses and skirts, so this is historically dressing as a 'man.' You do realize women had to fight for us to even wear pants,right?

No. 211355

File: 1654283751733.jpg (283.41 KB, 850x583, sample_5010a848262b2388482b363…)

Love her !
She seems like she'd be a stock princely character but her personality is unique and charming. She's kindhearted, a bookworm, she gets lost in her own thoughts but is still a strong and reliable person. There's also a major will-they-won't-they thing going between her and another female character, and the relationship seems tailor made to appeal to a female audience. She's like the lesbian version of a husbando.

The series she's from is called D4DJ if anyone is interested. I highly recommend the mobile game, it's pretty great for what it is. I'm not sure why but I enjoy its gameplay and characters a lot more than bandori's.

Do you just repeat things you've heard other people say without thinking them through? 2022 radfem talking points aren't necessarily applicable to the 19th century.

No. 211365

File: 1654287212797.jpeg (34.08 KB, 321x252, 52BCC5F1-A316-4717-8FB9-9D9E35…)

them!! I like how no subtext in the game ever explicitly calls out the fact they’re GNC or treats it as anything noteworthy or loaded… and the gameplay integration with her having the role of a tank and him a mage healer. I'm so autistic for them right now nonas

No. 211366

File: 1654287857684.png (653.18 KB, 1000x689, cyllene.png)

I unironically love that she looks just like Cyrus but as a woman. I thought Cyrus was kind of boring and forgettable but something about her is really cool to me, I just love her vibes.

I love them too nonna! I like to imagine Kris as being a gnc man or woman too, with his or her gender being up to interpretation rather than being an enby.

No. 211369

File: 1654289084664.png (1.25 MB, 1304x1500, Testament_Guilty_Gear_Strive.p…)

I don't believe in nonbinary/agender nonsense and though they did canonically say that Testament is now "agender", IDGAF, he's still very much a feminine man and he was one of the first notable gender nonconforming men I've seen in a video game so I hope people are fine with me posting him here lol.

No. 211373

File: 1654289348544.png (495.01 KB, 800x900, Ggxxr_cs1_br.png)

>>211369 (Same anon)
And here's Bridget. Even though he's been lowkey ruined by all the coomers latching onto him, he was still one of the OG prominent non-conforming guys in 2000s video games and I still remember when I first saw him, I thought he was a girl only to learn he was actually a boy and though I was very surprised, I dug it because he has a cute design.

I'm hoping if (when) he does come back, they don't turn him into a troon.

No. 211374

File: 1654289596857.png (869.62 KB, 812x1177, Kuja_Dissidia.png)

Kuja from Final Fantasy 9. His look is really flamboyant but I think he still fits the nonconforming trope. Very pretty guy and one of the OG GNC males from the 90s video game era.

No. 211377

Preaching to the choir anon, I miss it as well! Nowadays your lucky if you'll get a GNC male character where the creator doesn't pull any "gneder" bullshit on them like what happened with poor Testament.

No. 211378

File: 1654290060303.png (2.06 MB, 1068x1900, Leo_CG_Art.png)

Leo from Tekken 6. I still remember when there were people out there thinking she was a man even though her full name is literally "Eleanore" lol. I was glad when Harada confirmed it that she's a girl and didn't pull any gender shenanigans with her, at least that I'm aware of.

No. 211381

File: 1654290220541.jpg (41.74 KB, 600x800, king-cv1-2.jpg)

King from the King Of Fighters series. She was actually one of the first female characters. Another earlier GNC female character in video games.

No. 211383

File: 1654290407529.jpg (28.34 KB, 480x480, mitsuko-bloodyroar-white.jpg)

Mitsuko from the first Bloody Roar game in the 90s. She's considered "ugly" by a lot of the fans of the game but I actually appreciate that a character like her exist and they took a chance with a design like this. I personally don't think she's "ugly", just very different from a lot of the cutesy anime girl characters that were the status quo of Japan. I wish they had kept the character.

No. 211385

File: 1654290666843.png (219.19 KB, 350x1037, naoto_shirogane_p4.png)

Naoto from Persona 4

No. 211386

File: 1654290861613.png (5.64 MB, 2451x3993, XC2-Morag-Artwork.png)

Morag from Xenoblade Chronicles 2

No. 211388

File: 1654291061367.jpg (77.31 KB, 668x758, Moose Pepper Ann.jpg)

Moose from Pepper Ann. I was so shocked when I learned that Moose was actually a girl LOL But no hate, I'm glad she exists

No. 211395

File: 1654291448812.jpg (29.59 KB, 418x575, Toph (Avatar The Last Airbende…)

Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender, she can count right? She had quite a masculine personality from what I remember and there's nothing intrinsically feminine about her personal style.

No. 211399

File: 1654291654093.jpg (27.02 KB, 384x480, Nazz (Ed, Edd n Eddy).jpg)

I know that in later seasons they made Nazz from Ed, Edd, N Eddy more of a ditzy airheaded cheerleader type but in the early seasons, she actually had a rather chill and tomboyish personality and there was nothing overtly feminine about her fashion choice. It's kinda sad that they did a 180 on her personality when they put the characters in the school setting even though it's not surprising that they did that…

No. 211401

File: 1654291873745.jpg (16.29 KB, 306x306, Marie Kanker (Ed Edd n Eddy).j…)

I think Marie from Ed, Edd, N Eddy could also fit in as a GNC girl, maybe somehwat? Like compared to her sisters, her style looks a bit more tomboyish with a hint of altgirl.

No. 211404

File: 1654292129802.png (178.49 KB, 406x500, Jade_Chan.png)

I'm probably dating myself a bit but I remember thinking Jade from Jackie Chan Adventures had such a cool look when I was 10 and I lowkey still find her style cute no cap.

No. 211406

File: 1654292385923.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1162, 70129689-1511-4856-82A3-124C26…)

Does he? kidding mostly kek

No. 211407

File: 1654292395633.png (106.18 KB, 960x800, Gareth_GranBlue Fantasy.png)

Gareth from GranBlue Fantasy

No. 211409

File: 1654292610905.png (540.98 KB, 633x681, Tracer_portrait.png)

She may have gotten picked up by commers but IDC, Tracer is adorable and I really like her style.

No. 211411

File: 1654292667112.png (665.51 KB, 725x652, Zarya_portrait.png)

Also will include Zarya. She's definitely not the kind of female character you see all that much in media but I love it.

No. 211427

Based af, nonnie! I play a lot of fighting games, so it made me so happy to see Mitsuko from Bloody roar here. Also, King is so sexy. I loved playing as her.

No. 211433

File: 1654300411205.jpg (191.26 KB, 1200x675, saki gacha.jpg)

Saki will always leave a weird taste in my mouth, but I've always found it funny that anyone calling him canonically a troon gets immediately shat on by the crowd you'd usually think would laud him as a proud and brave transgender woman.

No. 211438

No problem, I love me some fighting games and it's cool how a lot of them did have some gender nonconforming women who broke mold of the same old cliche femininely hot or sexy girl.
And yeah, I wish Mitusko was in the later games, who cares if the she wasn't conventional, she still stuck out and offered variety in terms of the female cast.

>King is so sexy

Agree, she has an awesome look and I'm glad that even after all this time, they kept her suave and masculine style intact instead of turning her into some generic, ultra feminine blonde girl, we already have B. Jenet for that lol.

No. 211439

She's really handsomea nd I love her but I wish scrotes didn't ruin her in fanart
I think she's really well drawn, it's a nice design and I like that she doesn't look like every other anime-style woman but isn't super comically hideous on purpose either (the only two ways to draw anime female characters)

No. 211440

No wonder the people who ship Stan and Kyle hate Cartman when he does gay gender nonconformity better than their OTP ever will. He's like the James Charles of South Park

No. 211441

File: 1654307691603.png (580.26 KB, 783x1200, 2018-02-11-950056.png)

astolfo. he's also been picked up by coomers/ironic weeb types, but i still love him a lot as someone whose introduction to fate/stuff wasn't the fucking gacha game

No. 211442

i wanted to watch hellsing but the whole "only male vampires can make female vampires and vice versa" thing turned me off

No. 211443

File: 1654307952080.jpg (7.06 MB, 1748x2860, Tenjou.Utena.full.2670512.jpg)

while i'm here: utena as well. plus oscar, but i can't upload multiple pictures.

No. 211445

File: 1654309700109.png (101.89 KB, 333x250, 0a987fg76554b3213z34.png)

Smellerbee from ATLA. Even gets mistaken for a guy at one point.

No. 211463

File: 1654319270429.png (322.41 KB, 1024x512, 3bl3jg6ite181.png)

No. 211465

File: 1654319366221.png (390.98 KB, 643x684, BiancaW1_illust.png)

No. 211468

File: 1654320016651.png (359.09 KB, 488x889, fg_turing01 (1).png)

Turing from Housamo. Male, in case you weren't sure.

No. 211469

File: 1654320238562.png (475.19 KB, 640x904, fg_arc01.png)

Arc, also from Housamo

No. 211498

I like him a lot too, he is a cute, fun and positive character who never pretends to be a woman, the coomer shit is mostly made up by the troons and the femboys, it's such a shame that regular weebs want to shoot him on sight because of this shit.

No. 211504

She looks so cute and cool, too bad she is from a mobage.

No. 211511


No. 211546

File: 1654347347899.png (984.61 KB, 648x1080, yulia_lyuricheva_pathologic_cl…)

Discussion of Pathologic in other threads from a few weeks back reminded me to post her… Yulie Lyuricheva from Pathologic Classic HD. She's the only female character to not wear a dress and one of two to have very short hair (it's the texture of one of the main male character's just colored blonde). Her style of dress and multiple bits of dialogue from other characters indicate she's canonically a lesbian. (Her design was changed and feminized (given long hair in a bun and a dress-like coat) and all mentions of her liking women have been scraped from her dialogue in the remake/retelling/however you want to call Pathologic 2) but considering the shift in political climate in Russia around homosexuality from 2005 (when Classic HD was first released) and 2019 (when Pathologic 2 was) it's understandable. I don't like it and I vastly prefer her original design, but I understand.)

No. 211812

File: 1654389750810.jpg (302.3 KB, 768x768, Ice.Candy.Cookie.full.2649986.…)

Cookie Run has a few characters that could fit this thread, but I'll post Ice Candy Cookie because I wish she could get more recognition.

No. 211839

File: 1654395677400.jpg (33.6 KB, 535x480, succ sesh.jpg)

No. 211887

>She's really handsomea nd I love her but I wish scrotes didn't ruin her in fanart

(Anon who posted the character) It's times like this I'm glad I haven't looked into too much rule34 of characters like this. I haven't seen any r34 of King and I really wanna keep it that way, I love the character too much to want to see her portrayed n a way that coomers do…

>I think she's really well drawn, it's a nice design and I like that she doesn't look like every other anime-style woman but isn't super comically hideous on purpose either (the only two ways to draw anime female characters)

Yeah, I was a kid when the first Bloody Roar game came out and hadn't played the game until about may 2003 but I thought she was a cool character, very different but yet she got so much hate (mostly from scrotes) because she was so muscular and "looked like a man". Please. If the Bloody Roar series ever gets brought back, I hope they bring her back.

No. 211888

I unfrotunately was tainted by the cooomer shit surrounding this character. I still haven't seen the anime but I remember when I first saw him I thought he was a cute design and then I saw the troon bullshit surrounding him from the troon coomer fans and it put a bad taste in my mouth. I'm still debating if I should watch the anime tbh, is it worth it? And is Astolfo actually a well written character?

No. 211889

Never heard of this character but she looks awesome! Thanks for sharing anon

No. 211891

File: 1654411673193.png (104.04 KB, 530x1212, Haku_Naruto.png)

Haku from Naruto. Still remember when I first saw him in the show as a 13 year old and thinking he was a girl only to be so surprised to learn he was a boy. I thought it was the coolest thing to see a guy character like this who no pushover, he held his own against Sasuke and Naruto and I'm so thankful that they didn't try to censor him and turn hm into a girl. I can't remember if there was homosexual love between him and Zabuza though I think they actually did love each other.

Either way, Haku rocked and I wished he could've been a recurring character. In recent years I'm seeing people say he's trans and it truly pisses me off. Like fuck off, some men are feminine and are okay with it, get over it you dweebs.

No. 211893

File: 1654411876404.jpg (45.21 KB, 607x448, Zoicite.jpg)

Zoisite from Sailor Moon. I'm torn with this one because even though they did him dirty in the Western dub by turning him into a girl because of how close-minded the west was towards homosexuals in media at the time. I thought that the female voice actress they used for him sounded so fitting kek.

Still, I think he counts. Just a sad case of early 90s censor ship in anime at the time.

No. 211894

File: 1654412111589.jpg (20.62 KB, 250x341, HarukaEp3S_Sailor Uranus.jpg)

Speaking of which, you can't have a GNC character thread without including Haruka (Sailor Uranus) from Sailor Moon, she was like one of the first nonconforming woman character for a lot of us who grew up in the 90s.

Despite the Lesbian censoring between her and Michiru when they made them "cousins", at the very least they didn't changer her into a boy and in Crystal, they didn't make her a troon or "nonbinary" so I'm grateful.

No. 211898

File: 1654412887797.jpg (176.78 KB, 582x800, SailorMoonTheAmazonTrio.jpg)


And one more from Sailor Moon, the Amazon Trio villains from Sailor Moon SuperS. All men though unfortunately in the dub, they changed FishEye ((the one in the puffy style outfit) into a girl because he was a gay man who targeted men who he thought were attractive.

No. 211900

File: 1654413249435.jpg (56.82 KB, 469x710, Andromeda_Shun_1.jpg)

Andromeda Shun from Saint Seiya. I admit that I haven't seen this anime in a long time but I remember thinking that Shun was a girl only to learn he was a guy and thought it was cool.
Unfortunately when they brought the show back on Netflix, they changed him into a girl and this thankfully incited fan outrage who thought that he should've never been changed. Normally I ignore that kinda stuff but I agreed with this, they shouldn't have changed him.

No. 211902

File: 1654414171035.jpg (154.67 KB, 638x1302, Jakotsu-2.jpg)

Jakotsu from Inuyasha. Another character who some of tried to troon but nope, he was a played straight effeminate man.

No. 211997

i've never watched the anime, but in the light novel he does have a personality that goes beyond what the memes portray. he actually plays a large part in resolving the story and undergoes development from a somewhat air-headed lackadaisical guy to a true hero.

No. 212019

>It's times like this I'm glad I haven't looked into too much rule34 of characters like this. I haven't seen any r34 of King and I really wanna keep it that way, I love the character too much to want to see her portrayed n a way that coomers do…
It's not necessarily, porn, you can still stumble across SFW coomer that sexualizes her by focusing on her ass, giving her breasts retarded physics or giving her a moe face or something like that.
It really pisses me off.

No. 212022

Ah okay. I have seen fan art that gave her the "moe face" and I was like NOPE what is this fuckery? lol I get what you mean now.

No. 212023

Ah okay. That's nice to hear then, I may give it a try then, thanks.

No. 212042

I loved her outfit as a kid too! She was such a cool character.

No. 212089

She's so pretty. I love her design!

The arc that Haku was a part of is still my favorite in the entire series. The manga art is drawn so beautifully and if anons havent read it, please give it a read. At least that arc. He had such a wonderful but tragic story.

No. 212091

Haruka was my first lesbian character ever when I was 12 and she felt so important to be included. I luckily was able to buy bootleg japanese vhs tapes to watch the jp version with subtitles, so I never got to see the english dubbed. The fact that america thought incest was somehow better than two women being together in love says a lot.

No. 212157

Early Naruto is good because of the characters, their struggles and dynamics etc. I hate shonen and I really enjoyed like the first 15 volumes or so. Of course the Haku arc was my favorite.

No. 212290

>The arc that Haku was a part of is still my favorite in the entire series. The manga art is drawn so beautifully and if anons havent read it, please give it a read. At least that arc. He had such a wonderful but tragic story.

Same here. I was really into the first half of Naruto but the show went on for far too long ans I lost interest. But the Haku arc was so beautifully (but tragically) done and he was memorable which is why it annoys me when I see people try to troon him.
I agree, the manga art of him is beautiful.

Oh nice anon. Yeah unfortunately I grew up with the DIC dub which to be fair, the dub voices didn't bother me aside from Usagi's third dub voice actress who made her sound like a goofy dumb ass (eugh…) but still, when they did introduce Haruka & Michiru and were being referred to as cousins, my 12 year old self felt something felt off, like they were doing things that I never did with my cousin pfffft.

>The fact that america thought incest was somehow better than two women being together in love says a lot.

Same, it was pretty close-minded back then and I'm glad America has somewhat improved from those times.

No. 213067

File: 1654796387730.png (23.94 KB, 512x512, vicky-metalfamily.png)

No. 213138

File: 1654812774917.png (31.96 KB, 500x475, 40d6399c775a58425203e1019fd353…)

Definitely Carmen Sandiego

No. 213170

File: 1654824541584.png (458.92 KB, 531x398, lights.png)

I like how the Starlights are either effeminate men or masculine women depending on the canon, they strike the perfect balance between the two. Troons are gonna freak the fuck out over them when the new movies come out but I don't care.

No. 213187

File: 1654829779997.jpg (265.15 KB, 1280x846, tumblr_1687f7eccef185e97531286…)

yesss i loved that she was a girl who fought like a brute and was v confident about her abilities

i think azula kinda counts too. shame they eventually had her lose to her piece of shit moid bro

No. 214092

File: 1655181945429.jpg (246.05 KB, 1280x1024, tumblr_ae3e7c503fffdbea971a180…)

i always really liked claudia wolf's design

No. 214668

File: 1655322381330.png (63.75 KB, 318x1050, 7BCF0FFF-08C8-4F0C-8EB0-7034A8…)

I really love Terra from Charisma House. Luckily the western fandom is pretty small so I haven’t seen any discourse about his gender, though it would be funny if someone tried to transwash him considering he’s a huge narcissist

No. 214794

>yesss i loved that she was a girl who fought like a brute and was v confident about her abilities

Same. I really loved her because while I have seen a few tomboy characters growing up, aside from Haruka from Sailor Moon, Toph was a full-on action girl who could really kick ass. I still get chills when she developed her metal bending power.

I think Azula can somewhat count. Style-wise she reminds me of Misty from Pokemon in the sense of they have a slight femininity to them but masculine tone as well. And Azula was so ambitious that it drove her mad but she was so fun to watch. And even though she did lose to her brother in the end, at least she put up a hell of a fight.

No. 217873

File: 1656512252764.png (477.39 KB, 643x1034, Nahobino_Form_Render.png)

Nahobino from Shin Megami Tensei V

I haven't played this game and normally I'm not into this kind of character but he does something to me.

No. 217915

Just looked up Charisma House and there is a submissive househusband. I'm suddenly very interested in this.

No. 218010

File: 1656554585259.png (587.94 KB, 720x1467, Claudia.png)

She is pretty in world and out of world Gender conforming. They wanted her to seem less obvious and so they made her clothes plainer but to unnerve people they removed her eyebrows. She conforms to the expectations of her religion and social aspects of gender; down to her having bare feet like her mother and faiths matriarch.

No. 227916

File: 1659885332144.png (1.02 MB, 1472x724, sohma.png)

fruits basket has a few gnc characters. akitos my favourite out of them

No. 228375

How is Bridget GNC, he was forced by his family to dress that way. They told their kids they would die if he didn't. Also Testament didn't have a gender identifier in the Japanese release, It's not even human.

No. 228381

File: 1660011585202.jpeg (22.26 KB, 554x554, images - 2022-08-08T231947.684…)

No one posted him yet, it's just sad what the troons did to him

No. 228386

File: 1660011895386.jpeg (20.93 KB, 243x410, images - 2022-08-08T232332.202…)

Og tomboy

No. 228403


No. 228523

File: 1660056369325.png (539.44 KB, 850x816, eMou1kT.png)

>I'm hoping if (when) he does come back, they don't turn him into a troon.

boy, this sure aged badly

No. 228563

I'm so sorry nona

No. 230774

File: 1660496016882.png (262.83 KB, 411x776, Triela_(Gunslinger_Girl)_Rende…)

Haven't watched her show yet and am hesitant too 'cause of the lolicon-esque themes in it, but I think she looks really cool.

No. 230813

The stupid twintails ruin her design

No. 230843

That's a dumb reason for not watching it because it's a really good show

No. 230848

>lolicon-esque themes
>dumb reason not to watch

No. 230850

How is someone not wanting to risk into running into some pedobait show dumb? kek

No. 230866

It's a nonissue which you'd know if you actually watched it

No. 230879


No. 231516

File: 1660738977434.png (916.73 KB, 680x1024, unknown-6.png)

She's so fine

No. 231520

File: 1660739176652.jpg (75.74 KB, 390x500, 173784.jpg)

I wish she didn't have heels but otherwise top tier design

No. 231526

File: 1660739809539.jpg (238.71 KB, 619x1287, Untitled.jpg)

i love noi so much! and i love her even more since DHD was all done by a woman!

No. 231574

Ohh what she from?

No. 231580

File: 1660754187386.jpg (122.54 KB, 225x350, Gina Paulklee.jpg)

Gina Paulklee from GANGSTA

No. 239328

File: 1663201575970.jpeg (67.49 KB, 736x547, lady_oscar.jpeg)

lady oscar from the rose of versailles!

No. 245394

File: 1665129606334.jpg (179.84 KB, 902x1600, ENV-zgCXUAIM-lk.jpg)

trying to bump the cp off page 1 don't mind me just thirst posting more gina

No. 245425

File: 1665143064939.png (990.62 KB, 1153x727, olga.png)

She's cute anon, reminds me of Olga Gurlukovich. Surprised she hasn't been mentioned yet.

No. 247477

I legit did not understand as a kid that she was supposed to be a woman, kek.

No. 247481

the fact she is based on her wife is so sweet
i think olga was the first masculine video game woman I ever saw. i was enchanted

No. 247487

Stephanie is so based, love her.

No. 247609

One of the few bunch of pixels that could reduce me to hornyposting. I love her.

No. 247887

Old post but when they make a character in a straight relationship gay for woke points it pisses me off bc they could've just made them bi if they wanted to do that AND kept the character as is. As a bi woman myself it would be kinda nice to see more bi characters who are with the opposite gender and aren't just woke/scrote bait.
Alphys from Undertale is the only character that comes to mind that is bi and treated properly but even she got gaywashed by the shitdom.

No. 256181

File: 1668833095593.png (301.04 KB, 591x1512, Sorry_you_lost_to_a_girl.png)

Cyllene single-handledly brought me back to pokemon like I was 12 again. She's the best.

Jo from Total Drama Revenge of the Island is a well done GNC girl. I haven't seen the entire season, but her bossy demeanor is never in bad-faith called out by the show runners as something girls shouldn't be. She is an ass though and a very competitive person.
There's a running gag where Lightning, one of the characters, thinks Jo's a guy no matter what (Like its another boy named Joe). Jo admits in one scene, when she thinks she may die, that one of her only regrets was never getting to kiss a boy. Lightning's like, "Oh. Oh! Its okay Jo I don't judge."

No. 256184

i love cyrus but in appearance, he is a masculine man, and she is a masculine woman, and that is more interesting

No. 256186

File: 1668834262848.jpg (986.5 KB, 1740x2048, jxitrash stronger.jpg)

kris is a lesbian…to me

No. 256201

File: 1668848083115.jpg (162.63 KB, 580x790, ac27e5ca49efc44cc4819f6f586458…)

Sickeningly attractive character ugh

No. 264922

File: 1671503058086.jpg (79.84 KB, 933x720, natasha.jpg)

Natasha Radinov from Gunsmith Cats

No. 264947

She's so gorgeous. holy shit, I'm in love
Olga was so freakin cute. I remember hating the beginning of Sons of Liberty when i had to fight her. ahhh, she's so cute.

No. 264949

File: 1671507049915.gif (3.12 MB, 600x450, moidkiller-natasha.gif)

Oh my goooosh, anon! I was in love with Natasha. I remember hearing her japanese voice and I wasnt sure if she was a woman because it was so deep and sexy. Thank you for posting her, anon. I wanted her and Rally to get it on

No. 264973

File: 1671899298901.jpeg (776.52 KB, 2000x2000, E57BA66F-50CD-4327-86BB-A601D8…)

rika, elite four member from the new pokemon games. luv her

No. 265000

Monokoke is amazing, I read the manga a few years ago and I finally need to watch the anime. Ever since I’ve heard of it, I was amazed by the style.

No. 265053

File: 1672085124988.png (931.6 KB, 960x720, VT_01.png)

VT from Cowboy Bebop was great

No. 265067

I love these all so much and I’m making a list of all these shows to watch. Are we considering gnc to be clothes or does attitude/interests fall into it?

No. 266898

File: 1672806000824.jpeg (23.44 KB, 250x453, FFE5F69E-074A-4B1B-BC99-ED48B0…)

Gao from Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. Really cute PS1 game.

No. 278190

File: 1677274750534.jpg (4.72 MB, 2822x3454, Nathan Seymour.jpg)

From Tiger & Bunny.

No. 278631

File: 1677429341692.jpg (207.16 KB, 1216x1048, Kobayashi.Yoshio.full.1884706.…)

Kobayashi from Ranpo Kitan. His friend has hots for his trap self (totally not gay, right).

No. 278633


No. 278639

File: 1677432817384.png (563.79 KB, 660x373, Screenshot 2023-02-26 at 17-26…)

While she does don on dress sometimes, she's often dressed in suits or clothing like picrel. Also I love Rebecca Romijn, so I probably have a biased opinion

No. 278675

For you.

No. 278677

File: 1677441055457.jpg (134.07 KB, 1200x1200, 20bf4d7bb7cfcc3b724b8e92c05d30…)

Male hands typed this

Anyway, I always found mizuki cute and I love the way he dresses. It's a real shame the wokecels got to him and transed him so hard he's canonically "nonbinary".

No. 278678

i love that she is gnc is a butch way, not a anime teenage boy way

No. 278686

>just because I post a 'trap' character I must be male
I hope I'm not shattering your black-and-white worldview here.

No. 278796

File: 1677461904441.png (106.29 KB, 197x239, 42525243.png)

Kikyou Motoki from Itazura Na Kiss, the clothes he wears are a nice mix of pretty and casual

No. 278801

File: 1677462329103.png (395.58 KB, 602x716, 43154325.png)

always wished to see more of Oscar (The Woman Called Fujiko Mine)

No. 278805

File: 1677462566074.gif (2.44 MB, 500x375, puafc1eQBV1xihu7bo.gif)

Maraich Juschenfe and probably 80% of the other minor characters in Patalliro

No. 278819

File: 1677464231673.png (248.94 KB, 259x453, Screenshot_4991.png)

Not really much of a femboyfag but i love reincock, he'll always have a special place in my heart.

Testament from guilty gear as well, before he got trannified.

No. 278835

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
This is literally moid-tier logic, also doesn't the main "male" character(who is also drawn as a girl) literally get pregnant, I swear fujos have always been retarded

No. 278836

File: 1677466606724.gif (3.08 MB, 498x375, 5y47328.gif)

sorry to disappoint but i don't care about the manga pregnancy thing, all i care about is that he was always portrayed as a male that looked feminine, how he is "drawn" is whatever, he's still played by a male actor in live shows

anyway, here's Lady Bat

No. 278837

he's drawn and depicted as a woman and functions basically as female in story, if you changed the all their pronouns, the story would still remain exactly the same

No. 278838

File: 1677468085540.gif (707.73 KB, 500x280, 914dgZGxS1snox6ro1_500.gif)

yep, but he's a guy, which is not what he looks to be.
what you're saying there can apply to almost any other character in this thread and i don't really care to criticize the writing/character building of the author, I'm just sharing characters that fit in here.

cheating by posting Yuu Kashima at last because i can't come up with anyone else

No. 278839

you know what I meaa, some fujos have this tendency to project on male characters(specifically young male characters) and make them essentially female in all but pronouns and early BL was filled with this

No. 278843

File: 1677469272591.png (218.17 KB, 300x374, 1811312-lz12v.png)

oh yeah it's alright, i'm not deep into BL stuff but I'm aware of that, in most cases those ones just look like twinks tho, ironically, the author of Patalliro is a man but i don't know his views.

adding Lion Ushiromiya in here, i got lost in the Umineko stuff at some point so i don't know much about them.

No. 278880

File: 1677489177287.jpg (43.31 KB, 640x480, [aarinfantasy]_Patalliro_-_15.…)

patalliro is GREAT and i also love maraich. you're just a hater frfr
plus the author's a man. so you're also ignorant on TOP of being a hater. have you even read/watched patalliro

i'd kill for a reboot. the dream is that ikuhara + someone competent enough to reel him in team up to do it, but it'll never happen.

No. 278882

i'm six months late, but i still think it's neat gunslinger girl (season one anyway) dealt with a character having her period without turning it into a joke/fetish. it was just to show that she's badass enough to kill her targets while suffering thru cramps kek

modern fandom is sooo cancerous where gnc characters are concerned. they never stop to think "well why do i believe this feminine man is actually ftm (a woman)" or "why am i thinking the gnc character is actually nonbinary, if nonbinary people can look however they want? why not the gender-conforming lead?" i hate them all

No. 278890

you can't be serious, that's literally a woman and 99.9% of people would agree that's a female character depicted
>have you even read/watched patalliro
that's like asking me if I watched boku no pico, of course not

No. 278902

why do you sound so pressed over it tho?
the fact that this character is a man behind how he may look is not an opinion, there's a difference between being a woman and being able to look like one.

I'm not calling Kakyoin a woman just because of Clamp's egg thing, what do you think of the rest of the characters on this thread?

No. 278908

What the fuck is going on in this thread? Stop whining.

No. 278915

File: 1677502734490.jpg (108.06 KB, 616x960, a7rmhhohy0d71.jpg)

it's such a damn shame she's not in the movie version (chiyoko from akira)

No. 278916

99.9% of people would agree that this annoying sperg should be permabanned. derailing every thread with their schizo "ree fujopedos this and that" rambling. shut the fook up! so far you have only successfully convinced other anons that you have always been retarded.

No. 278917

It's an androgynous cartoon gay man with a lot of makeup on in a cartoon that is heavily stylized, get the fuck over it

No. 278923

File: 1677506375526.jpeg (41.86 KB, 256x300, C61C9446-A500-44E8-A029-35D441…)

Stfu retarded faggot. I don’t understand why you have such a strong hate boner for fujoshi, in fact if anything i think you need a good BL doujin to calm you down. Got any particular tags you like?

No. 278943

It's fiction. Wake the fuck up. It's not real anon. And since it's not real you can have a man that looks very pretty and feminine. It's a fantasy and it's not real. It doesn't matter if he's depicted "like a woman" (whatever that means), in the story he's a man. Not a tif or a woman. A man.

No. 278975

exactly nona. anything goes in fiction. never have i ever seen an anon yelling at a dragon or magic or some other fantastical element existing in media

No. 278996

File: 1677532771955.jpg (335.77 KB, 1914x1438, cute boys.jpg)

Boku no Pico is literal shota porn. Patalliro is a very old passionate comedy anime with zero shota or graphic porn. It's not comparable.

>ikuhara + someone
Damn I can only dream. Would be amazing.

No. 279016

>Patalliro is a very old passionate comedy anime with zero shota
kek wellll as much as i love patalliro, let's not lie; it has a lot of black comedy that involves shota (patalliro himself is assaulted by a chinese president as a joke), and there are fanservicey chapters that involve underaged characters. being mad about this is pointless imo as japan is very much 'fiction is fiction'

No. 279019

I don't get it, this is just how rich fag men dressed back then

No. 279030

the reason I compared it boku no pico was cause from what I remember, all the uke characters also suffer from draw a girl and call it a boy-ism, like you have to be willfully naive to think the characters you posted are just "cute boys", these aren't GNC characters these are women with male pronouns who have no discernible male traits
for those who watched this show, I ask, if all the pseudo-female characters you posted had female pronouns, would the story change in any significat way

No. 279036

>it's a pakichan ruins another thread episode

No. 279040

File: 1677556033444.jpg (617.58 KB, 1600x1200, Degenerates.jpg)

not everyone here is paki-chan, some of us just hate trap/femboy characters and their moid coomer fans gushing over what's basically a flat chest girl being labeled as boy with zero androgyny and a Schrodinger's dick. Design, voice and characteristics are all feminine traits. It's a sissification groomer fetish. Their whole meme community is pretty cringe too.(derailing)

No. 279044

File: 1677560609378.jpg (157.07 KB, 1199x848, 1674770984188809.jpg)

>trap-hater nona who talked to herself and sperged in fujochan threads whenever traps came up now doing the same thing here
>still whining about the same things, in the same way, while posting the same pictures
>still getting so incensed that she makes typos
move on sis

No. 279045

She also derailed the ftm thread in /snow/ with the same bullshit. Spergs be sperging.

No. 279046

Reminds me to the time someone started a discussion because "Rika from Pokemon looks too much like a guy".

No. 279048

File: 1677562001819.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, Begone.png)

are you serious, They're just waifubait characters with zero androgyny being called boys. There's hardly any androgyny to them compared to reverse traps. Where's the "male" part to them other than having no boobs and Schrodinger's dick?! It's just another generic kawaii moe anime girl. They're the definition of a tumor in fictional/2D males and yaoi/gay/male focus porn(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 279050

Give it a rest autist-chan.

No. 279051

File: 1677563303244.jpg (442.57 KB, 850x927, sample_5e58763e534643a36cdacc9…)

stop crying about cute 2d men already >>278943

No. 279054

File: 1677566866031.jpg (39.5 KB, 487x600, Angel.Devil.600.3087985.jpg)

Can we plz start reporting him instead of letting him continue to do this shit

No. 279055

the meme community you ripped these crusty pictures you post all the time from is a male coomer cringefest too tho, spergy

you are crying about anime boys looking too feminine for you to coom in a gnc character appreciation thread. get a grip.

No. 279075

she got banned on fc all the time. i don't think it'd help kek

No. 279076

>Genuinely comparing elegantly drawn pretty men with ugly moeblob traps made by moids for the coom

No. 279087

>hate trap/femboy characters
And you must go flaunting around your hate for such characters because?
Triggered or morality police? Or maybe both?

No. 279089

File: 1677576187826.jpg (171.27 KB, 1200x1193, 1570065782416.jpg)

I can tell a trap from a girl in anime right away. Watch more anime and you'll learn this skill too.

No. 279098

Doesn't matter, you can't compare literal porn to something that isn't porn. Your comparison makes no sense. Not even the character designs are comparable.
>would the story change in any significat way
Yes, it would be straight romance instead of BL.
Doesn't matter if they don't look masculine enough for you, they're still males.(derailing)

No. 279106

File: 1677592002073.jpg (115.63 KB, 991x279, icxhHq9puI.jpg)

NTA but I don't understand either of your logic, unless an art style is specifically trying to be hyper-realistic most animated works will never have the physical complexities of actual human beings, there's nothing inherently male about about a circle with a face on it, its just the sadly male is the default in our current societies, the fact is that if you give a character mostly female discernible traits without anything male(save the usual flat chest) then most people will assume said character is female, like why is this the hill you want to die
these aren't GNC characters, these are women with male pronouns that for some reason you adamant to defend

No. 279115

If I say it's a male, then it's a male. If the author says it's a male, then it's officially a male. It's that simple.

Why did this anon get redtext?

No. 279124

>i report >>279106 for derailing
>the anon above gets banned for derailing
Pretty sure that isn't who I selected to report, jannies

No. 279174

I think its unfair she was redtexxed as well but I do believe that my points weren't OT this thread

No. 279186

Weren't you banned? Fuck off already

No. 279195

File: 1677608467616.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, ot-1.png)

porn on /m don't scroll

No. 279207

File: 1677610311072.jpg (120.17 KB, 933x1200, 1672178157251621.jpg)

anyway i really like angel devil. visually he's what i like in my animanga (cute highly feminine guy) but he's also very lazy actually, depressed.

No. 279216

I disagree with you, but you shouldn't have been banned.

No. 279223

why tf was this anon banned? absolutely no complex discussion of the thread topic allowed, apparently. New farmhands are way too ban-happy.

No. 279245

File: 1677620408769.jpg (83.91 KB, 1366x768, EUjTSJaXkAAaFEY.jpg)

Dear Brother had Rei & Kaoru. The ending disappointed me, heavily, but everything leading up to it was good ol fashioned melodrama.

No. 279246

Repeated insistence that X is Y because you said so is not complex discussion, it's annoying. Feminine men are GNC by nature of being men that are not masculine; ergo, they're fine to post here. Doesn't matter how girly they are. That's the entire point.

No. 279347

>why tf was I banned? New farmhands are getting off their asses and rightfully banning me therefore they're bad.

No. 281003

File: 1678223580266.jpg (26.58 KB, 320x400, Tachibana.Hotaru.full.1885469.…)

Tachibana from Aoharu x Kikanjuu.

No. 300531

File: 1685933662510.jpg (21.23 KB, 232x360, les.jpg)

No. 300636

File: 1685981011037.jpg (91.65 KB, 1400x722, Kazemakase.Tsukikage.Ran.full.…)

Ran from Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran. She's an alcoholic samurai.

Here's the OP:

No. 300723

File: 1686019319026.jpg (115.54 KB, 964x679, DPcybofVQAYBnsr.jpg)

No. 300733

File: 1686021205529.jpg (327.01 KB, 1500x1100, Rita_Kaniska_official_characte…)

>"The law is a spear that slays kings. The law is also a shield which defends the people. And that is why Gokkan stands resolute! The earth can shatter, and heavens can fall… But Rita Kaniska remains unshaken!"
I love my GNC king (her official appellation is king, not queen) Rita Kaniska. Her outfit is groundbreaking for sentai, which typically only ever puts its female team members in shorts at best. She's the ruler of a prison country called Gokkan in the show's universe where she is the primary judge and presents GNC as an extension of her duty of impartiality in the role.
In order to blow off stress, she goes into a room guarded by 10 locks filled with merch for her favorite mascot character, Moffun, where she vents to him about how tedious her job is and then pretends it's consoling her with a silly voice. It's gap moe, but not in the "she's secretly girly" kind of way. It's more like an exhausted office worker.
She has lesbian undertones with her coworker Morphonia and with her fellow ruler Himeno.
And she does an incredible job fighting in each episode. She's such a badass.

No. 307594

been meaning to watch this.

No. 307615

holy shit i love her outfit. no boob armor. that's so sexy

No. 307778

>cool feMC design
>cool setting
>she's a samurai and alcoholic
>oldschool series
>fully adapted
How the fuck did I not know about this? Will watch that I guess. Not many series to watch this season anyway.

No. 307796

File: 1689026833314.png (129.03 KB, 512x512, Spray_Moira_Self-Experimentati…)


No. 307812

File: 1689030524419.jpg (98.05 KB, 631x1024, 0bd862e7f9b6055962e7dbcf591d48…)

Lin Xianming, the main character of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (light novel with female author). I like how he was given a deep voice in the anime adaptation. It's not even an androgynous voice, it's just blatantly male. I also just really like him in general

No. 307818

File: 1689035415246.png (423.47 KB, 960x540, Zorin_Blitz.png)

Zorin Blitz from Hellsing

No. 307819

File: 1689035988638.png (364.73 KB, 404x694, Ripvancrop_waifu2x_art_noise2_…)

Also Rip Van Winkle. Sorry for the shitty image quality, the original is super tiny and I tried to make it a bit larger with Waifu2x. This specific pic shows the best how androgynous she looks imo. It's kinda hard to find screenshots that show her proportions well
I remember thinking she was a man before watching Hellsing

No. 307820

File: 1689036036276.png (394.05 KB, 1280x720, Rip.png)

No. 307821

File: 1689036376813.jpg (31 KB, 872x720, 7b924abb4355a2ec3cdde8b461da2f…)

I couldn't find a better pic, but Heinkel too. For how coomerish it was, Hellsing had some very masculine looking women

No. 307834

File: 1689048255526.jpg (Spoiler Image,918.86 KB, 2370x2777, __xianming_lin_and_banba_zenji…)

i've always admired this character from afar. the anime's too ugly for me to watch but i appreciate his aesthetics from a fujo-perspective (spoilered for being somewhat spicy)

No. 307837

File: 1689050951946.jpg (49.59 KB, 735x551, 69c01ddbbfaada32c32d3f907c16d5…)


No. 307838

File: 1689051517758.jpg (104.24 KB, 736x604, b7fe9b59a4bd54ddc26b17c4d2b94b…)

She was posted before, but whatever cause she's underrated.

No. 307839

File: 1689052582871.jpg (167.25 KB, 1920x1080, Fyr4IaNWwA47k6p.jpg)

Cool, isn't she?

No. 307840

File: 1689052745825.gif (6.8 MB, 498x281, ohsama-sentai-king-ohger-super…)

Toei just knocked it out of the park this season, honestly. The other female ranger on the tean is high-femme out of suit, but her transformed state similarly lacks boob armor and she gets to see just as much cool action as anybody else.

No. 307841

File: 1689052994497.png (112.03 KB, 181x539, Stacey.png)

Speaking of sentai, the broody boy-princess look that Stacy (a.k.a. Stacaesar) from Zenkaiger a couple seasons ago had going on also made him a huge hit when the show aired. The purple ranger shown earlier in the thread is likely an attempt by Toei at recapturing his popularity for profit.

No. 307842

File: 1689053204386.png (230.36 KB, 1024x1857, 194731.png)

Veronica from Octopath Traveller 2 was so cool. I remember my heart skipping a beat the first time I saw her hi-res sprite as a boss encounter.

No. 307843

File: 1689053288110.gif (186.43 KB, 410x284, OT2_Captain_Kaldena_Battle.gif)

From the same game, Captain Kaldena (part 1 of 2)

No. 307844

File: 1689053334132.gif (282.01 KB, 474x344, OT2_Kaldena_of_Night_Battle.gi…)

Don't know if leaning too hard into the realm of "monstrous" disqualifies one as GNC or not, but her 2nd phase appearance is incredible.

No. 307850

File: 1689054349909.jpg (66.55 KB, 1129x1276, s6yvvm4y0sg91.jpg)

i'd argue genuinely monstrous female creatures are rare. normally your pic would have a perfect hourglass and still otherwise be "femme" in some way (women must be pretty even if they're beasts from some obscure hell).

anyway let's give it up for miss kos from bloodborne; bloodborne has a lot of eldritch girlies that don't get run through the femininity grinder. which is unspeakably based

No. 307860

File: 1689059170805.jpg (313.64 KB, 1920x1080, The_corpse_of_Kos.jpg)

AYRT, wow, I'm into her. I don't go here (Soulsborne) but I love the "yes girl, give us nothing" energy that all the caps yielded.

No. 307867

Wow, this design looks so cool. Is the game any good?

No. 307889

File: 1689081272457.png (689.78 KB, 651x558, EBRIETAS.png)

just play dark souls, it's clear that's what the design is aping.

speaking of, >>307860 have another female bloodborne monster

No. 307890

File: 1689081320572.jpg (174.66 KB, 960x1120, er-royal-knight-loretta-artwor…)

a knight from elden ring

No. 307891

File: 1689081447254.jpg (164.07 KB, 693x758, Untitled.jpg)

anri from dark souls 3, who is able to be male or female but looks and acts the same either way

No. 307916

It's a pretty solid turn-based JRPG that improves a lot mechanically over its predecessor. If you're into classic turn-based JRPGs, I'd recommend it, as it hearkens back to that era a lot while providing quality of life you wouldn't get picking up, like, Romancing Saga 2 on the SNES or something.
Person who has only ever seen Soulsborne: "This design is moderately grotesque, clearly it must be aping Soulsborne."

No. 307918

kek nona (nta) but souls games are foundational for the gaming industry…they spawned an entire genre. i don't think assuming a design that very much resembles certain bosses like lothric and the dancer is trying to ape them is assuming too much.

No. 307920

File: 1689092147104.gif (Spoiler Image,241.77 KB, 640x447, Beezelbub2-SOTN.gif)

Thanks nona. I'll check it out.
The Souls games didn't invent macabre boss designs. Check out old 2D Castlevania for example.

No. 307927

File: 1689093301432.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, Dancer_of_the_Boreal_Valley.pn…)

look at picrel then >>307844 kek

No. 307937

That character you posted absolutely resembles DS3’s Dancer and Twin Princes. None of the rest of the game looks like that. They definitely took inspo. Stop acting dumb.

No. 307957

I'll concede that Kaldena does look inspired by these Dark Souls characters, which I was unaware of. Thanks for sharing.
Telling somebody to skip an entire game and just play Dark Souls is strange, though, just because one game took design inspiration from another. Especially when they're not remotely within the same genre.
It'd be like telling people to skip Dark Souls and read a manga instead because some of the designs are "clearly aping" Berserk.

No. 308010

yeah except 1. manga and video game are different and 2. the original anon was asking about what game it was apparently purely based on the image
tbh i was mostly being sarcastic anyway

No. 308438

He crossdresses because of PLOT.

No. 308466

I haven't seen Hellsing yet so I don't know what or how bad the coomer aspect is but God I love Hellsing women. their designs are soo so good

No. 308572

File: 1689416812357.jpg (91.46 KB, 736x1079, 769615bbfa7d48ec549d993e709de2…)

I actually like how in the first game, there's a few gender non-conforming characters, either in behaviour or looks or both.

No. 308584

I like her as a character but her design is way more roided moid than varbie

No. 308726

File: 1689517573744.jpg (55.33 KB, 351x923, 1689516122785968.jpg)

>draw a man
>call it a woman
i will always love this

No. 308736

Upside down triangle bodies exist even if you might hate them, nonny.

No. 308740

I haven't played SV but her and the salaryman are my favorite designs by far. All the other characters I've seen look like clowns in comparison, except the MC who looks painfully bland and has ugly uniforms.

No. 308743

File: 1689528982723.jpg (51.93 KB, 780x439, Sakura-danganronpa.jpg.jpg)

She looks better in the anime.

No. 308744

shame everything else about the anime sucks

No. 308748

File: 1689530449108.png (2.93 MB, 2028x2012, Michael_Skin1_Mobile.png)

My beloved Michael. She is everything to me.

No. 308751

Not really. At least it's fully voiced, unlike the game.

No. 321325

File: 1694687000775.jpg (79.28 KB, 554x528, badass.JPG)

She was the saving grace arc from that whole dumpster fire of a game. It had a shitty twist, shitty end, with cringy voice-acting for a split-identity mary sue villian, can't believe people actually like Danganronpa (to be fair most of the fanbase is 12-15 but even at age 15 playing this game I was shocked at how bad it was.) She was too good for the game and her sharacter design is so refreshingly badass to match an equally badass personality.

No. 336890

File: 1700409892889.png (402.78 KB, 828x466, Inukashi-no6-25082426-828-466.…)

Inukashi from No. 6.

No. 336900

What game? I kinda need her

No. 336903

File: 1700414835987.png (326.25 KB, 370x766, Nakaji_Uto_Infobox.png)

Snufkin gf best gf. Even though she's from a fanservicey harem romcom series, she keeps her androgynous "chuuni bard" style and personality without it ever being "I secretly want to be feminine" or "anime tomboy".

No. 336922

I know there trying to do Susie x Noelle but Susie x Ralsei and Kris x Noelle is 1000 times better

No. 337112

File: 1700473573126.gif (652.63 KB, 498x278, IMG_2287.gif)

Flapjack! He has a really nice mix of stereotypically girly and boyish traits. It makes him unique and at the same time more realistic to how kids actually are.

No. 337197

And he never gets criticized for it. And when he does it's a lesson that he should be himself and the people criticizing him are wrong.

No. 337209

nta but she's from Alchemy Stars

No. 366047

File: 1711606105722.jpg (26.43 KB, 576x432, capture020.jpg)

Does he count?I always thought he was a girl when I was a kid until I heard his voice for the first time lol

No. 366062

File: 1711614711340.jpg (155.53 KB, 1000x742, LWA_Chronicle_Page_92_-_93.jpg)

Amanda O'Neill from Little Witch Academia. She looks so dashing in that suit.

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