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File: 1654281727231.jpg (111.86 KB, 461x800, 56030d007dd4fe5ab234661adfc532…)

No. 211341

Post anything and everything map related!
Cool and unique maps, maps with infographics, art involving maps, really broad or really specific maps, map making, so on and so forth!

No. 211346

…What? I hope this isn't a pedo thread. What do you mean with map?

No. 211348

File: 1654282495419.jpg (58.32 KB, 564x626, 7d41a13de5a5d6665cc44036f0038d…)

Anon, I mean literal maps. I thought that was clear by the thread pic and description

No. 211349

File: 1654282606453.png (768.77 KB, 1300x731, 54bfb3b6eab8ea567fa46371.png)

No. 211350

File: 1654282660072.jpg (107.16 KB, 564x781, 3e548494ec8094df8c37a354ec6207…)

No. 211351

File: 1654282759652.jpg (52.6 KB, 563x772, 90c1cd2dd00371d3a18e69ab066e62…)

No. 211352

File: 1654282886947.jpg (56.25 KB, 563x565, 91367fb3d0adc7fb2b6263b465cc99…)

No. 211353

File: 1654283124504.jpg (48.1 KB, 563x792, 65ea1c762fccf59879981277185889…)

Map showing the second biggest foreign population by country

No. 211361

>no camo for Iceland
>learn Iceland has no military
Guys… we could just take it. They can’t stop us

No. 211363

As a map sperg thank you for this thread anon!
Anon, really? Use your context clues, it's right in the thread pic…kek

No. 211376

File: 1654289920861.jpg (185.41 KB, 1440x1253, 243977330_3349904171920615_657…)

The pedestrian symbol in each european country

No. 211380

File: 1654290114653.jpg (33.79 KB, 720x622, 95127184_2871358546441849_6256…)

No. 211382

File: 1654290356532.jpg (51.85 KB, 659x602, 74f70737c03ca1f3f934870a106bed…)

No problem!
TBH I think that anon was probably baiting. Either that or it was a dangerously terminally online aspie

No. 211384

File: 1654290565898.jpg (123.89 KB, 735x1017, 7ee5d5259b2abaa618c22f41249a01…)

Also samefag but me and my homies hate the Mercator projection
It's current year, use something a bit more accurate, nobody uses printed maps anymore to sail. They're not used anymore in my country I believe but I see it a lot online (USA thing?)

No. 211389

File: 1654291164908.jpg (52.61 KB, 700x875, croatia.jpg)

I love these
>use something a bit more accurate
Why lol
Is an oversized Antarctica really that much of a problem

No. 211390

File: 1654291256913.jpg (59.46 KB, 1080x1036, italy.jpg)

No. 211391

File: 1654291325991.jpg (72.11 KB, 1378x641, vietnam.jpg)

No. 211394

File: 1654291421694.jpg (172.23 KB, 1067x1334, uk.jpg)

No. 211396

File: 1654291557749.png (362.54 KB, 1070x735, mercator-misconceptions-clever…)

>Is an oversized Antarctica really that much of a problem
It's not only Antarctica, though.

No. 211397

File: 1654291597935.jpg (141.06 KB, 1080x1328, sa.jpg)

No. 211402

Bulgaria does celebrate independence from the Ottoman Empire though. I wonder how many of these maps are highly inaccurate.

No. 211405

File: 1654292227158.jpg (218.74 KB, 735x919, bbf33d1acb7d55ce8a5283c3f88377…)

It's rather incomplete than inaccurate, per se. But yes, I've seen some of these have some weird/false/incomplete information, corrections from natives would be really welcomed in those cases!

No. 211410

File: 1654292641136.jpg (212.59 KB, 1280x553, Authagraph[1].jpg)

Well it's either having oversized frozen wastes and slightly oversized north hemisphere countries, or using the authagraph, which is the only map with 0 distortion but really messes up the atlantic ocean and doesn't convey as well as mercator which way is north
Or using the other projections that make sure that north america isn't bigger than africa, but all squish and mess up asian and american countries

No. 211412

File: 1654293515407.png (74.06 KB, 596x304, 9592955A-331B-4CF5-B03C-EF518D…)

Why can’t we just use Robinson and all be friends

No. 211413

File: 1654293542442.jpg (781 KB, 3360x1705, Political-World-Map-3360.jpg)

Those are definitely not the only options. i know every projection is going to have a bit of distortion, but the Mercator is just too much.
Something like picrel is already much better imo than the Mercator. Yes, it is distorted, but I think it's better especially for educational purposes (I've seen people in the past on tumblr i think saying that they didn't know Greenland was not that huge ass mass of land)

No. 211414

File: 1654293628329.jpg (70.74 KB, 1080x1264, 96202ac3e8fdb7dd6130f3250332c0…)

We posted at the same time anon ilu

No. 211417

File: 1654295230306.jpeg (134.12 KB, 750x722, 53FE5B35-3FB9-4BCB-A607-3A3696…)

Mwah I lub u

No. 211501

File: 1654330737342.jpg (140.29 KB, 1200x780, 2cf3ede9bbf76bdd_504a7bb3_1280…)

Map of house types in Switzerland

No. 211502

File: 1654331116069.jpg (302.21 KB, 1200x628, Pakistan-India-Embroidery-Map-…)

Traditional textile maps of pakistan and India

No. 211557

File: 1654354106180.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2976x2105, map.jpeg)

No. 211584

File: 1654360403931.jpg (2.35 MB, 3780x3780, image0.jpg)

No. 211607

File: 1654365337072.jpg (67.63 KB, 1024x585, homicides-by-country-1024x585.…)

RIP brazilian nonnies like me lmao

No. 211608

File: 1654365452780.png (253.33 KB, 960x1080, ti_graphics_food-waste-regions…)

No. 211611

File: 1654365902887.jpg (72.61 KB, 800x600, map-of-countries-with-mcdonald…)

No. 211613

When is this map from? Last time I went to Morocco there was at least one Mcdonalds in Casablanca and I wasn't allowed to go…

No. 211633

NTA but I'm wondering about that too cause I'm pretty sure there isn't one in Algeria. Maybe they got them mixed up

No. 211648

Damn I thought they were the same everywhere. How does Polands Stand Still guy look like, then?

No. 211734

Yes I heard Algeria is kinda famous for that but I'm too busy to renew my very old passport to go there just to check that myself kek. So I agree, it has to be a mix up.

No. 211746

File: 1654383161661.jpg (135.77 KB, 1020x1221, whats-across-the-ocean-map1.jp…)

What's on the other side of each coast of America

No. 211747

File: 1654383247482.jpg (126.8 KB, 975x1024, how-powerful-is-your-passport-…)

No. 211748

File: 1654383317470.jpg (58.9 KB, 940x471, the-most-consumed-alcoholic-be…)

Damn, sorry for the ant picture. I thought it was bigger

No. 212041

File: 1654462515904.jpg (43.1 KB, 1080x960, round.jpg)

No. 212058

I thought this was the newest gay flag

No. 212184

File: 1654509638713.jpg (24.04 KB, 800x352, map-of-countires-that-use-metr…)

Countries that use solely the Imperial system for measuring

No. 212426

File: 1654589303367.jpg (61.81 KB, 736x460, bdd2d0e66d177620db913a44a7f6ac…)

No. 212437

File: 1654593823240.jpg (238.57 KB, 1080x799, g8oazonkc1961.jpg)

A similiar map

No. 212486

Now that I think of it, "Yankovic" does sound serbian…

No. 212662

then what is this

No. 213131

File: 1654809031753.png (144.96 KB, 836x387, 1654807638958.png)

World-systems theory map

No. 213154

He actually is (partially) Serbian!
>His father was of Serbian descent (the original surname spelling being Janković)

No. 214908

File: 1655408033405.gif (450.07 KB, 1280x1280, 4f1ae87f076ae4c0d37a487d035536…)

No. 214909

File: 1655408091185.png (231.82 KB, 1024x665, miwvpzsxiohz-1024x665.png)

No. 215212

it's definitely old since mcdonalds has left russia now

No. 215336

File: 1655539331425.jpg (54.51 KB, 640x622, 4d6d8f62d8bfa74229496cf21849d3…)

No. 215358

>country without mcdonalds
dafuq ? there are like a million mcdonalds in every city. always has been ? the road you take to leave the casablanca airport literally has a mcdonalds ( and a paul ). pretty sure its been here since the 90s since my milennial brother had a birthday there, and so did my classmate in 2013… its algeria that doesnt have a mcdonalds, in fact its like >>211734 said its memed for that reason exactly, like with bananas.

No. 218708

File: 1656802809372.png (2.74 MB, 635x2586, Observable_Universe_Logarithmi…)

Logarithmic map of the observable universe

No. 219521

File: 1657080795427.png (292.26 KB, 2036x1926, oz-only-climate-e1467634599222…)

No. 219562

File: 1657090113533.jpg (653.82 KB, 1280x1095, newjorck.jpg)

"Nieuw Jorck", "Lange Eysland", "Conittekock", man these Dutch were spelling like they'd been doing edibles before edibles were even around!

No. 219792

File: 1657159373400.jpeg (29.13 KB, 680x400, Rat_Map.jpeg)

No. 219794

File: 1657159678597.jpg (46.83 KB, 570x668, rabbit-proof-fences-map23.jpg)

Went down a rabbit hole (pun intended) of Australia's attempt at building a rabbit-proof fence across the whole country to prevent rabbits from becoming an invasive species. Didn't work, though the Wiki is interesting and may have adjacently inspired a murder

No. 221511

File: 1657736636480.jpg (32.02 KB, 650x650, 293719545_3570696036508093_398…)

No. 221551

File: 1657745720740.png (87.75 KB, 800x370, 25A37F6C-0769-4F1F-81FB-F5AEEB…)

Virgin rats vs Chad orchids

No. 221844

No. 239526

File: 1663254744539.jpg (57.38 KB, 919x768, train.jpg)

No. 239830

File: 1663332634742.png (1.98 MB, 886x885, olausMagnus_mapSectionf_UMNlib…)

i love maps that include little drawings of animals and boats and stuff

No. 239831

File: 1663332724782.jpg (270.13 KB, 1850x1024, CG9J4gjMapR1L_RvNZF3sGvLKunHkP…)

No. 264953

File: 1671783123340.jpg (88.25 KB, 800x698, Distribution of lions.jpg)

No. 264954

File: 1671783149983.png (538.31 KB, 850x434, Geographic-location-of-the-lio…)

No. 264971

What happened, Australia?

No. 267698

File: 1673203294178.png (164.51 KB, 398x298, Map.AryanInvasion.png)

No. 272032

File: 1674884352942.png (101.84 KB, 920x426, Body Hair Map.png)

No. 273638

File: 1675623776508.jpg (71.21 KB, 1080x562, strongman_map.jpg)

No. 273679

File: 1675638673240.png (225.66 KB, 1442x303, 117ooh2rwpl71.png)

Damn the US is big

No. 273708

Where the hell is Statesoda

No. 276129

File: 1676535468825.jpg (952.89 KB, 926x5348, c5RnEuISw3PaHbF.jpg)

The Migration and Rise & Fall of the Five Ethnic Groups in China

No. 276334

File: 1676603333857.jpg (144.38 KB, 960x928, sw6znxb2v6v91.jpg)

No. 277479

File: 1677043454342.jpg (83.71 KB, 736x560, 2125e31950dda1c6ee2fd98d4af01b…)

No. 277480

File: 1677043480586.jpg (132.47 KB, 605x800, f492a20c322bd02f13ae2234ad726f…)

No. 278245

File: 1677294392976.jpg (952.58 KB, 3416x1788, 7bb57eb571.jpg)

No. 278356

File: 1677332811162.jpg (2.11 MB, 4961x3508, Traditional-Irish-Wrestling-ma…)

No. 278373

File: 1677338913202.jpg (531.88 KB, 1200x1476, mlgkgy0caa9a1.jpg)

World Populations Compared To Indian states

No. 282541

File: 1678720307435.jpg (198.5 KB, 736x981, FrBET0QXwAAgr8P.jpg)

No. 286811

File: 1680268212508.jpg (192.84 KB, 800x630, Heinrich Bünting map.jpg)

No. 288000

File: 1680862657135.jpg (676.37 KB, 2560x1596, FsCQxXwAAl.jpg)

No. 289097

File: 1681304522432.jpg (439.13 KB, 1220x1493, 16th century map of Nicosia, C…)

No. 289099

File: 1681304584142.jpg (87.2 KB, 550x677, 6129768e3da358f91b7ec3f49cbf.j…)

No. 290250

File: 1681724870498.png (152.69 KB, 800x758, Omani_Empire_2.png)

No. 294899

File: 1683543373254.jpg (328.11 KB, 1842x2048, FX9w7SoXsAY2P.jpg)

No. 295043

File: 1683606791995.jpg (159.66 KB, 1170x818, FAh02WwAIa9w.jpg)

No. 297832

File: 1684695876753.jpg (2.47 MB, 3600x2706, Map of Celtic Europe.jpg)

No. 300542

File: 1685940044463.jpg (385.74 KB, 1026x1284, Fxtj5EeWYAA5ofK.jpg)

First European map of Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec Empire

No. 301605

File: 1686419358200.jpg (58.53 KB, 675x680, d31176f3476ed5f715c1.jpg)

No. 302748

File: 1686997551275.png (137.62 KB, 850x967, People-of-the-British-Isles-ge…)

No. 303146

File: 1687191600028.jpg (567.46 KB, 2048x1389, Fa2NDVBWAIrQtl.jpg)

No. 304075

File: 1687452137733.jpg (60.99 KB, 903x672, oBkg42W0438221726873713123a.jp…)

No. 306688

File: 1688540767302.jpg (2.7 MB, 2500x1982, 9hvCeBA.jpg)

No. 309046

File: 1689676208883.jpg (87.56 KB, 828x855, a-cool-guide-to-the-names-of-t…)

No. 309047

File: 1689676526771.jpeg (215.16 KB, 550x936, IMG_2836.jpeg)

No. 309729

File: 1689915550521.jpg (294.68 KB, 1021x544, F1vXEOuCIAQJaKkh.jpg)

No. 313012

File: 1691263402332.jpg (607.83 KB, 1878x2048, FwfRnxQXoAAFcF2.jpg)

No. 313032

Poorly made tbh.

No. 314088

File: 1691753567161.jpg (143.45 KB, 2241x1425, F3LsVW4XkAAMpW2.jpg)

No. 314278

File: 1691842023632.png (1.55 MB, 1707x988, 6akvh4l1ql01.png)

No. 314352

File: 1691869307306.jpg (116.77 KB, 925x714, F3Q856zXsAETcf7.jpg)

No. 315318

File: 1692205330462.jpg (214.54 KB, 849x662, 8336376696_322.jpg)

No. 317038

File: 1692809647080.jpg (315.89 KB, 800x630, Heinrich Bünting map.jpg)

No. 317847

File: 1693042588948.jpg (173.76 KB, 1240x1192, Zscuulprvpa1v.jpg)

No. 317848

File: 1693042617078.jpg (1.27 MB, 4096x2918, 2d3e4d2ed48390.jpg)

No. 320827

File: 1694493732337.jpg (328.92 KB, 1024x696, c399d15c75429.jpg)

No. 320829

File: 1694495627712.jpg (2.27 MB, 3450x2550, F4ndxYwWsAEPtbo.jpg)

No. 320837

I don't believe it's not One Piece in France

No. 320943

Don't overestimate French gen X otaku. All the ones I know who are into One Piece are even more obsessed with Dragon Ball.

No. 321046

I don't believe any of the picks in Eastern European countries, because there simply is no way to know.
Fun fact: in Latvia there is a storage device tax that legalizes pirating for personal use.

No. 327705

File: 1697525864005.png (13.05 KB, 855x514, American English Dialects Map.…)

No. 330346

File: 1698330009634.jpg (485.45 KB, 1447x2048, English_counties.jpg)

No. 337753

File: 1700762115108.jpeg (114.98 KB, 432x750, 5669b519aae5f.jpeg)

No. 350624

File: 1705930642626.png (989.35 KB, 1050x629, lncu4jx.png)

No. 351109

File: 1706171532182.png (3.08 MB, 1200x1918, HCvzA9r.png)

No. 362252

File: 1710321133648.gif (2.98 MB, 3599x4399, IMG_9784.gif)

No. 362829

File: 1710508244745.png (515.72 KB, 640x512, b1he8eQ.png)

No. 362830

File: 1710508277995.png (661.07 KB, 640x512, B1oJlnU.png)

No. 362842

wtf happened in chukhloma

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