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File: 1655436547943.png (194.85 KB, 420x236, Miraculous-original-title-card…)

No. 214974

Any miraculous fans here? Let's discuss the storyline and hear you guy's honest thoughts about it.

>where to watch it?

>favorite character?
>favorite ship?
>thoughts on Thomas Astruc?
>is marinette a stalker?

No. 214990

I always thought this show was like pjmasks-grade stuff, is it not?

No. 214991

you'd be surprised by the amount of young adult fans lol

No. 214995

women in their late 20s shipping characters in this kid's show are just as retarded as male bronies

No. 214998

Watched it a bit because my friend was into it, to me it's just childish and ugly. I hate the shipping and the fact that the main girl is the "fictional daughter" of the director with yellow fever and his ex gf is fucked.
I did enjoy that animation by toei though, that looked fun (and the character less retarded-looking or older).

No. 215000

I watched this show as a teen and now I’m a grown ass adult with a mortgage. If I were to describe this show it would be constant blue balls because the plot does not fucking progress

No. 215011

I've watched it when it first started airing. Too bad they switched to 3D production, could've been a pretty cute magical girl show.
I've only really checked the discussion whenever something apparently actually happened in the "plot", but it seems they mess with time travel plots and alternate realities instead so they can make zero progress in canon.

No. 215038

cool concept, horrible execution

No. 215052

File: 1655461535344.jpeg (221.84 KB, 1920x1080, Db3dmlrWsAAFAKa.jpeg)

I watch this show because of him

No. 215055

I was looking forward to it when it was announced that it would be an anime and the first trailers seemed fun enough, but as soon as I was told it'd become a 3D episodic series instead and the blond tsundere older love interest was replaced with some bland guy with the same haircut I gave up. A friend of mine loves the series and I don't even want to know why, she's the type who just watch and play things to ship all the straight pairings possible and barely pays attention to the rest, and she has the taste and maturity of a teenage girl despite being in her late 20s.

No. 215064

anon this show came out in 2015 how do you have a mortgage already? kek

No. 215065

I have literally only seen trannies like this show

No. 215074

This show is like really bad, i wonder if shows from my childhood also sucked that much?
The animation is bad, character design is ugly. Marinette is supposed to be like half chinese but you cant tell at all kek. Also most of the super hero outfits are so ugly. The story is also bad like aint shit happening. Also the writer is so cringey, one time he compared his work to marvel kek

No. 215106

I don't get how this show still has die hard fans. Yes the designs and concepts are cool but most of the episodes are dull and the story goes nowhere after all these years.
Shipping can only get you hooked for so long.

No. 215117

She's an american

No. 215124

I watched it with my mom and we both stopped because the plot won't fucking progress and we're tired of the shipping bullshit in it, like, nothing ever happens?? I don't even know whats going on with the plot anymore. I did read some fanfic (I know. Stop judging me) years ago and it was good, the authors know what they're doing and what they're doing is making the story progress and marinette fucking finally kiss the cat boy… it's been a while though, I wonder if the fics are still good.
Idk anything about thomas astruc besides the fact he is a fat scrote with an ego, but that's every scrote in animation.

No. 215159

I hate this fucking scrote and those kids in skintight catsuits. Looks wrong and boring

No. 215374

File: 1655568812506.gif (505.51 KB, 220x220, cutenoir.gif)

I love this boy in skinthight catsuit. Looks right and cute

No. 215376

You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 215694

>Marinette is supposed to be like half chinese but you cant tell at all kek.
Idg this, do you think half chinese girls can't have round eyes, blue eyes, or what

No. 216188

So season 5 just dropped, what the fuck was that.

No. 217324

where to watch?

No. 225190

Marinette belongs with the blue haired guy for sure. Fuck adrien. He's a little bitch.

No. 257567

File: 1669302741654.jpg (95.77 KB, 1280x720, 2581676.jpg)

I wanted to watch it at first but the realisation that the awesome 2D trailer was fake and that they changed the boy completely and turned him from a bookish, impersonal teen to an annoying kid playboy pissed me off so I never started it lol it's probably good regardless but this annoyed me so much.

No. 257569

that looks ugly as shit too

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