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File: 1656779398034.jpg (90.3 KB, 615x768, imogen_-_herbert_gustave_schma…)

No. 218609

Wasn't sure if there was a thread like this but what are some female characters that you feel are often ignored or over looked

I've noticed this problem in fandom, a well fleshed out female character is often ignored for the male counterpart.

Can also be interesting female characters with potential that you feel got snubbed in one way or another. Pls discuss!

First time making a thread pls no bully

No. 218678

File: 1656790482683.png (193.7 KB, 500x500, 452654f0cc606b3bdfe5fad3e88dbf…)

she deserved better, honestly why were all the main characters in Korra so boring.

No. 218683

File: 1656791915291.jpg (21.83 KB, 548x540, weaver.jpg)

She was megabased but the show and fandom did her wrong

No. 218687

File: 1656793041385.jpeg (27.42 KB, 554x554, images - 2022-07-02T151339.360…)

I would argue her de-evolution after season 2 is a good thing, before that she used to be just your average hot love interest.
She was only called "the worst" because the creator is Dan Scrote Harmon and they writers had an Annie bias because they clearly had the hots for the 18-year-old character.

No. 218706

Yessss I love her and she is really hot, I’m sorry. LoK had few interesting characters but she was one.

No. 218710

>she is really hot
you are correct lol.

Also yeah, I found mostly the side characters and one off villains often far more interesting but maybe it's just hard for me to give a shit about teenagers.

No. 218737

Her being the reductionist feminist made her a much better character. Haven't watched the show in a long time but I think they dropped her as the hot girl the second the writers noticed Annie's actress has breasts, then wrote her as ugly and annoying for the rest of the show. Aside from baiting lesbian scenes with Annie that is.

No. 218966

File: 1656889725900.png (1013.36 KB, 808x1080, Season_four_Hild.png)

So I really liked Hild from The Last Kingdom, I wish she had been a bigger character

No. 219199

File: 1656959200369.jpeg (133.19 KB, 299x349, R.jpeg)

Everyone hates her but Nina was a very well written and relatable character.

No. 219307


Same I kept waiting for more scenes about her

No. 219691

File: 1657130080690.jpeg (957.4 KB, 3000x1996, DA348E8B-4C42-408B-8E6D-26C45A…)

hate the fandom reducing her to lol wino
they did my girl Gillian dirty, all the female characters ended up reduced to props for will and or Hannibal’s manpain, except maybe based Katherine Isabelle

No. 219707

this is honestly what I couldn't stand about the show and I never got the hype

No. 219729

Wtf I didn't even know she was in that show

No. 219767

I never interacted with the fandom, I just watched the show. they didn't like her??? do you think the writers did her dirty or is it just the fandom?

I would have liked to see more of her but I liked all her scenes…

No. 219770

she was great. LoK personalities & messaging was so bad that the literal cop character was by far the best person on the show.

No. 219776

File: 1657154679381.png (2.35 MB, 1784x992, benedetta.png)

not exactly underrated because she's the titular character but Benedetta gets a lot of shit from people for being lesbian exploitation slop but I think Benedetta the character is amazing. high on her own supply and menacing in a way women are rarely portrayed. the way she is shrewd and gets what she wants using her faith is so psycho you're not sure if she believes it herself or not.

she is such a piece of shit it's weirdly refreshing. the lesbian angle just highlighted how megalomaniacal and delusional she was (fuck her for the way she treated her girlfriend). a real villain but kind of an antihero too since she protected all those people from the plague

No. 219784

File: 1657157315063.jpg (73.71 KB, 435x640, VMPP2Tf.jpg)

she deserved better and also made the show worth watching.

No. 219798

The fandom likes her just fine, she's just been memed to death like everything else about Hannibal

No. 219893

She's a retard but in a relatable way, I don't think we would have fared much better had we been in her shoes.

No. 219950

I like the artstyle. Where is she from?

No. 219951


No. 220699

File: 1657496982457.jpg (119.94 KB, 1600x898, l-intro-1640275393.jpg)

She had such potential as a character i was so sad when they killed her off

No. 220701

Me too! She seemed super interesting and she definitely could have brought something to the show. I loved her accent too

No. 220713

shohreh aghdashloo has the best voice

No. 220737

might watch this with my gf, ty anon.

No. 224129

File: 1658607498764.jpg (741.27 KB, 1976x1110, tumblr_65e33260020b80569a80400…)

i love dolores haze. not lolita. not the horrific thing society has turned her into. i love her strength in the face of abuse and i wish she had gotten better treatment.

No. 224132

File: 1658608489643.jpeg (286.64 KB, 828x807, A76AE2DF-220F-4AAF-8344-8C44AC…)

i love naomi from death note, she is so underrated and was so smart to not fall for stupid light’s bs. deserved better.

No. 224139

File: 1658613286216.jpg (240.01 KB, 1285x800, adam-scott-ascott-caiatl-cine-…)

Idk if she's underrated but ever since they introduced Caital I've been obsessed with her. She isn't a flat one-dimensional character and despite the seasonal story (season of the haunted) boiling down to "lets do therapy" they didn't make her winy or soft when getting confronted with her nightmare it made me love her even more. She talks the way you would expect an empress of a warrior empire. She isn't preaching about pacificism or anything like that yet plus she's extremely cunning. Caital has developed immensely since they introduced her which was something I didn't expect since the lead female character is just known as a Badass TM.

No. 224141

I love Caiatl. I will not let moids ruin her for me.

No. 224142

File: 1658614285625.jpg (22.05 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I feel like she got judged way too harshly because of the events in season of the splicer since people jumped on calling her "LITERALLY HITLER!!". A lot of fans forgot that Lakshmi-2 has only been reset twice in her entire life as an exo and I think she has her memories as a human meaning she lived through the collapse AND dark age. She remembers all the horrible shit the fallen have done to humanity and they're part of the reason why the humans live in one city only. The Last City basically became a military run state since the Vanguard are making decisions left and right without consulting the civilian factions. Of course she was pissed the the vanguard accepted the fallen (house of light) with open arms while berating civilians that had every right to be against it. The fans just starting aping up "OH THE FALLEN ARE JUST LIKE IMMIGRANTS AND LAKSHMI IS LIKE TRUMP" when the situation is nothing like that.

Yeah she did horrible stuff but seeing people endlessly dunking on her was annoying. The fans were too busy hyping up "mithrax bro!" (he's cool don't get me wrong) I'm sure if Lakshmi were a man people would point out how resilient her character is in the face of literal immortal killing machines who running the city while bickering among themselves.
I love how she looks the art team didn't hold back, moids can't sexualize her easily but it also means she doesn't get a lot fanart.

No. 224146

Iirc the author even admitted he killed her off because she was too smart and he had no idea how to advance without her revealing Lights identity way too early lmao.

No. 224164

i hated death note she was one of the few decent characters

No. 244093

Lol I started to play destiny partially to meet her character… I saw that people hated her but was not deterred

No. 244094


No. 244200

File: 1664703147949.gif (2.73 MB, 540x304, 4182f713de1b72266bb6346b08b19e…)

true, also picrel deserved so much better, she had so much potential

No. 276422

SEED was wasted potential.

A literally who. She is of even less importance than Kira's sister.

No. 277468

that's the point of the thread anon

No. 285464

File: 1679761443907.jpg (45.46 KB, 519x490, Untitled.jpg)

>they did my girl Gillian dirty
How? Her character still has more fanfics than Clarice by a large margin.

No. 286335

Given the hannibal TV show fandom is way bigger it seems proportional if you're comparing book/movie to tv show

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