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File: 1657481493901.jpg (592.78 KB, 2000x2000, Cherry.Blossom.Cookie.full.281…)

No. 220653

Cookie Run is a series of online mobile games developed by Devsisters. Each game has a mechanic of the cookies running to earn points and items, overcome obstacles, and fight or escape enemies.

>Redeem codes
>Toppings guide

Discussion topics
>Favorite game
>Favorite characters
>Kingdoms' designs
>New updates and future games
>Overall fanbase

No. 220672

File: 1657483767468.jpg (106.09 KB, 1440x810, 274600946_102629309006629_4467…)

Cookiefags how should I start playing cookie run? I know that there are two versions kingdom and ovenbreak I think? I have only ever played solitaire that the devs had made and had on my phone for a long time before uninstalling because I started to get ads which wasn't there before.

No. 220677

File: 1657484995399.jpg (54.15 KB, 736x718, c0c076159e8b6143269660f4379e48…)

>>220672 Ovenbreak and kingdom are almost two separate games, you don't need to play one to undestrand the other because they're two diferent timelines, and the few characters they have in common have diferent stories as well. I guess it depends of what type of game attracts you more. OB has a lot of replayability with tons of game modes, so if the game entertains you enough You can be playing it for years. The lore is kinda all over the place (the cutsenes can be obscenely long omg) and the gacha is so big that if collectability is important for you you just can't be f2p. Kingdom's playability is an afterthought, the "Main story" can be terribly difficult or way too easy depending on your level (I got through all of chapter 13 in one day, with 3 stars + autoplay, but i spend 2 months stuck in 11-27) so the "Game" portion is ironically the most boring one. The main atracctive is the decor for your kingdom, the lore and the gacha. Decorating your kingdom is a lot of fun, the cookies are all cute and well animated, the lore is entertaing enough (always mind is an all ages game) and the gacha is easy enough that you can colect all characters and have a decent level while being f2p. In fact that is why i started playing CRK,i needed something to sooth my gacha addiction that wasnt as predatory as for example, bushiroad games's gacha. There is no advertising in both ganes as far as i know, aside the need for their own popup store that sells oficial merch in the news page, but nothing agressive.

No. 220679

File: 1657485514355.jpg (118.55 KB, 735x978, a52334c732327e33d160d7f57bac09…)

So what are your thoughts about the update story-wise? It was ok i guess, i should have preferred That St. Pastry Order were the main villains, DE's appearance felt kinda rushed

No. 220695

File: 1657495033813.jpg (38.1 KB, 563x586, 40ac1dd9277b174845f00f09429f4d…)

As the other anon said, Kingdom and Ovenbreak are 2 different games so you don't need to play one to fully understand the other, however they have different focuses, Ovenbreak is more gameplay based while Kingdom has more attention on the story. I don't believe that neither of them is exactly p2w; for example, when the Frost Queen Cookie banner was up I didn't whale at all, just finished my daily missions and I still managed to promote her to 3 out of 5 stars, making her quite useful on my team. Rainbow cubes for costumes are somewhat of a pain to get though, but we get coupons every now and then, so it's okay to wait for a while. Personally, I would recommend you to start with Ovenbreak so you can get an idea about the characters, lore and other small details; later on you can give Kingdom a try.

I'm still playing the update, but so far it's good. I like the interactions between the ancients and their different "cultures". However I do agree that Dark Enchantress feels a little out of place for now. I like Affogato cookie, but it's too early to bring him back; besides we already have Snake Fruit's betrayal plot on Ovenbreak so it just doesn't feel like the right time to have a similar one on Kingdom. About the St. Pastry Order, I have hopes for a come back once the White Lily update comes out.

No. 220702

Do you think White Lily is comming any time soon? Everything points to Golden Chesee being the next ancient. Tbh i'm not excited at all for her

No. 220960

File: 1657568382921.jpg (86.64 KB, 735x907, 9be2878a93b57aa0835aec4674136f…)

Licorice cookie my beloved. Small image spam of my boy, in coming ♥

No. 220961

File: 1657568415047.jpg (142.01 KB, 736x1118, 7825e2b28d8834698c2aad76e51e23…)

No. 220962

File: 1657568463162.jpg (52.39 KB, 736x639, f2ca6ffaef9f99e107c58106d30bc3…)

No. 220963

File: 1657568545390.jpg (67.1 KB, 736x619, ac92d25b252b9d93428a132d3a7265…)

+ Black raisin

No. 220968

File: 1657569460744.jpg (120.51 KB, 736x1043, 51d18bbee948c53a558add1705bf3d…)

No. 220969

File: 1657569502514.jpg (73.56 KB, 735x738, 2a99198a3f5e1933e046d5a9dd19b1…)

No. 221527

File: 1657740989789.png (1.45 MB, 900x900, FXgu-fmWYAA9q4e.png)

New collab just dropped! Right now the fandom's reaction is pretty mixed.

No. 221535

The idea of having some Disney cookies sounds adorable.

No. 221573

>>221527 i guess it would be a Mickey & Minnie cookie. Maybe Donald and Goofy if they're feeling generous, but 4 cookies seems a lot. Meh i'm not trilled as i don't like Disney, but a gingerbrave costume with Mickey ears could be pretty cute.

No. 223529

File: 1658374620071.jpg (133.83 KB, 720x715, 20220721_003518.jpg)

Some updates
- Donald Cookie, Mickey Cookie and Goofy Cookie possibly would come playable characters.
- Above that there it would be a Mulan Cookie,a Cinderella Cookie and an Ariel Cookie
- Aaaand Cream Unicorn Cookie for Ovenbreak (a Rear-Healer epic)

I don't know how i will do this event as a f2p

No. 223538

File: 1658382110087.jpg (126.28 KB, 900x900, FXdmHqDagAAXZBB.jpg)

I'm also F2P and right now my plan is to farm crystals and keep leveling up my team. I hope they do something simple enough for potential new players like with the Sonic event, though with the number of characters and an already confirmed costume (Pic related) I hope they give us enough time to get things done.

Good luck to all of you.

No. 224681

… This is insane nonnies

No. 224683

File: 1658850820709.jpg (83.81 KB, 720x806, 20220726_125349.jpg)

I don't think all of these would be playable but wow

No. 224719

They actually won't be playable. Unlike Sonic and Tails who were of Special rarity, the Disney cookies are of Guest rarity. We won't be able to play with them which makes me a bit sad because I wanted Mulan for my team, but probably because it would be kind of difficult to skill balance them all. But we'll also get a special Disney Kingdom and a free Ancient or Legendary.

No. 225070

New Ovenbreak update! The servers are getting slow due to the amount of people who entered at once, but the devs are working on it.

No. 225140

this event is so cute I love it

No. 225176

File: 1659030245403.png (1.82 MB, 1845x1041, 174004.png)

New codes!

No. 225288

ty anon ♥

No. 225372

File: 1659078820285.jpg (72.15 KB, 735x414, 4e2d1bba2738b0b8be1129e6e14ad2…)

Cream Unicorn came home! I'm so happy, he is adorable. ♥

No. 226856

File: 1659598180518.jpg (61.41 KB, 736x420, 9fd921c07742ae91932f55162455ef…)

No. 226857

File: 1659598229599.jpg (55.55 KB, 736x669, 0f767f74995a0b31a41d1eb2b2935d…)

No. 229293

File: 1660199649449.jpg (650.63 KB, 1920x1080, FZx16AkaMAAtrci[1].jpg)

White Ghost Cookie looks very anime like, more than the other cookies, but I think she is very cute, lowkey gives me that nostalgic 2000s anime feel.

No. 231974

File: 1660859185110.jpg (23.45 KB, 736x731, 2f10b66ffffca8b3538dcca9ff2f88…)

Help, it's almost half of the event and I only have 9 Disney Cookies. Give me your luck!

No. 231975

File: 1660859682269.jpeg (91.75 KB, 600x667, 8ED102A7-0B0A-4866-8160-85A66F…)

It hurts so much, I don't even have 5 Disney cookies. Good luck nonna!

No. 232011

File: 1660876084216.jpg (59.33 KB, 563x770, a98f900c515d01b01898072ed83456…)

I'm also sending good luck to your way nonna, let's hope we can finish this event. Do you guys think that the devs are going to fix the rates in the future like they did with the difficulty on the Sonic event?

No. 232809

File: 1661201768653.jpg (983.41 KB, 2048x2008, FZA76-tUUAAy8zR.jpg)

I finally got the Disney castle!

No. 235831

File: 1662181060199.jpg (704.14 KB, 1000x1000, Fbc3KYeWAAE4gxj[1].jpg)

A new legendary and epic got announced. Apparently Captain Caviar Cookie was meant to be a Super Epic but his rank was changed. Also a new gaming mode will be introduced.

No. 235833

File: 1662181168746.jpg (835.75 KB, 1000x1000, FbdL8j5aAAU2Wxo[1].jpg)

No. 235935

Sucks he isn't a superepic but i guess this wasnt a planned release and they just made him playable because he was popular, like with red velvet. The legendary is cute but it feels like that Sea Fairy costume made into a cookie.

No. 238990

File: 1663137731442.jpg (296.37 KB, 2743x1897, FYl_AxVUEAEOqW5[1].jpg)

Disney collab is ending in a few hours and I can't complete more missions. My collection got to 16/20 cookies and 46/46 decors. How far did the other cookiefags made it?

No. 239234

File: 1663185974583.jpg (77.63 KB, 736x552, 947726e5e3a01af35cc9310071ae0c…)

New code:

No. 246891

File: 1665598723234.jpg (408.94 KB, 993x993, 93834499_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 246898

File: 1665599645470.jpg (193.1 KB, 1083x762, 93834499_p45_master1200.jpg)


Squid Ink Cookie is one of my favourites in the game, I was debating on retiring her from the arena since she wasn't as powerful as some cookies that I neglected in my arsenal however I was very glad that she got to use magic candies to amplify her special attacks. She's now a lvl. 57, nearly a a star cookie and I have her dressed in the Aurora Dream coustume which so beautiful!

No. 246904

I don’t play Kingdom but I used to play Ovenbreak when I was little. I remember when this one came out and gave me nightmares

No. 247031

File: 1665633286205.jpeg (272.73 KB, 1200x678, 1D487D86-5F6F-48AB-82CF-03EDDF…)

This new event is really cute, I don't give a single tiny little fuck about bts, but the cookie designs are super cute, those ugly ass moids wish they would even resemble their cookiesonas.

No. 247032

File: 1665633512572.jpeg (152.13 KB, 1632x953, FdTpG7mVUAAA1Et.jpeg)

BTS collab is already up, so far it looks good and I'm kinda thankful there are less cookies than in the Disney one. The music is actually pretty nice, ngl.


No. 247164

File: 1665673041228.png (483.5 KB, 1000x750, monastery run.png)

Despite always ignoring fans of stuff I like, Cookie Run's fandom somehow managed to kill my enjoyment for it a few years back (I couldn't stand seeing fights, horny 14yos and genderspecials every time I needed to check info or updates), which is a shame because I adored the designs…. Well, more free space for my phone I guess. I'm surprised a cutesy game about talking cookies got the wost fandom I have ever seen, I'm on a few other ones infamous for being toxic and yet the cookies take the cake.

Took a quick dip on the wikis to check what new cookies they've released on my absence and there are some gorgeous ones, but the nun & BTS ones killed me. We are playing Human Run at this point lmao.
I'm kind of curious about CRK since it seems to have lots of story, but unafortunely my phone can't run it and YT playlists bore me. But I'm glad it seems to be doing well unlike… Cookie Wars I think? Was that the other game's name? Poor thing lasted like a year kek

No. 247167

You can download it on your PC with Bluestacks, nonnie! That's how I'm playing right now, but the bts event kind of needs you to have a tactile screen because there's some rhythm game and such.
I think the game is awesome, the nun cookies aren't that bad because at least in the context they're a type of cookie and that's it.
The bts ones are a weird concept but if you just ignore the source and never look at the moids they're just other cake pop cookies.
Otherwise the game is really nice, I love the plot and the cookies have really nice designs.

No. 247171

Oh I will look into bluestacks, thanks you!
I don't think the nuns look bad (we had priestess cookies before after all), I just found the concept funny. We went from cotton candy to catholicism.
The story and character design are definetly the best thing about these games; I loved the little snips on Ovenbreak so I got excited when I heard Kingdom was more story-based. I even tried to buy its artbook back in 2020 iirc, but it only shipped to the US…

No. 247539

File: 1665809557485.jpeg (494.51 KB, 2048x2048, Fe9l6_0VQAAxdwi.jpeg)

I love these costumes so much

No. 247540

File: 1665809583343.jpeg (680.81 KB, 1688x2048, Fe5is3jXwAEsVvF.jpeg)

No. 247543

File: 1665809627384.jpeg (172.51 KB, 698x991, FfDxsp3VIAExveu.jpeg)

No. 247555

File: 1665819963827.jpeg (72.16 KB, 736x743, 774B4D70-4727-4A7F-833D-9CDEA0…)

Bump, careful scrolling Nonnas

No. 253212

What are your opinions about the new OvenSmash game? While I preffer the 2D style for these characters, this looks quite nice. It appears that it would be only for PC and Switch, which at least means my phone won't explote, kek.

No. 258577

File: 1669591573533.jpg (41.5 KB, 680x680, 2dd1c6ea84e0eccc6304dd28e31313…)

Almost have everything in the event so far, but Jimin refuses to appear in the gacha. Feeling like a Wattpad kid waiting for him to come home.

No. 268141

File: 1673311789350.jpeg (134.96 KB, 1430x2048, Fc10S6raIAAhalq.jpeg)

No. 268142

File: 1673311820958.jpeg (365.58 KB, 1000x1521, FWJtybXUYAA7TFn.jpeg)

No. 268143

File: 1673311903057.jpg (151.68 KB, 736x1165, 58e6eaec1a8f8393fff7a37e942c99…)

No. 268144

File: 1673312034244.jpeg (897.76 KB, 1000x1419, FAN87NVVEAARwHQ.jpeg)

Getting ready for Kingdom's second anniversary

No. 269002

File: 1673762426128.gif (3.83 MB, 498x375, 085B9916-4F22-4138-96B5-F0A6FE…)

I can't believe I have literally all of the btshits event decorations but not 2 stupid btshit cookies, this sucks, I just want to collect all of the cookies so my monke brain can be happy about having all of the running biscuits.
Cookie Jimin and Cookie Jin can go fuck themselves. Here is best cookie run ship ever to calm my seething, malding and coping.

No. 269003

File: 1673762549303.jpeg (Spoiler Image,59.08 KB, 640x506, 1030F456-7AD4-4876-977C-857218…)

Samefag and PD: The fact that I can't get their fucking stupid cookiesona makes Jin and Jiming deserving of all of the fucked up fanfics that their rabid fans write about them like pic related.

No. 269041

File: 1673806878738.jpeg (84.8 KB, 880x1005, FF7DGlnaMAA1JhE.jpeg)

Giving you all the luck and support for the next updates nonna.

No. 282999

I just love these cookies so much. I would read novels about them.

No. 283284

One of my new year's resolutions was not having games on my phoen for 6months ughhhh! The second the 6 months are up those costumes better watch out!!

No. 286726

File: 1680228659618.jpeg (50.9 KB, 594x585, Fsen3TUaYAEzHRG.jpeg)

>Finish anniversary
>Farming in mass to get Moonlight
>Lost all crystals trying to get Space Doughnut
>"Maybe I shall take a break"
>This little guy gets released
Time to play again.

No. 286735

He’s really cute, nonnie! I got him and I’m leveling him up, I just love it when they release characters that are, I don’t know, like affogato or licorice.

No. 308484

File: 1689366798391.jpeg (264.79 KB, 1700x1153, F0aIfQMWcAAqoDq.jpeg)

I love you Nana Cookie ♥

No. 308485

File: 1689366842442.jpeg (680.67 KB, 2000x2000, F0wQbvmaYAE7Uwm.jpeg)

No. 308486

File: 1689366870845.jpeg (328.25 KB, 2048x1698, F0KvU85XsAErK4H.jpeg)

No. 322505

File: 1695255166125.png (438.19 KB, 720x914, Screenshot_20230920_181017_Chr…)

Golden Cheese cookie is arriving on the next update!

No. 323510

File: 1695699757971.png (106.64 KB, 321x360, Gim_cookie.png)

gim cookie is so cute, thank god i got the game again just before the event ended today and grinded it. i love the korean-inspired cookies so much, i loved gumiho cookie so much when she first came out and a decade later we get sooo many other cookies like gim, ohkyun, dark cacao's dad i guess, vagabond, that archer one and advisor one in crk, etc. if no one got me i know cookie run artists and fanartists got me

No. 343069

File: 1702847257722.jpg (706.95 KB, 2048x1600, tumblr_4cb06e713d9ec656ed1e4a1…)

Christmas Inuyasha ♥

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