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File: 1657808125593.jpg (68.72 KB, 340x510, 0 VI5szFRj3rWdE58y.jpg)

No. 221721

What creators you will not support? Artists, bands, youtubers/streamers, any people who create media. Can be people you have supported and loved before, or ones you have always steered clear of. Preferably for actually PrObLeMaTiC reasons, rather than "x is uggo".

Thread pic is mine, Die Antwoord. I unironically liked their music, but the shit that has come out makes my stomach turn every time I hear their music now. Just some shit they have done:

No. 221722

File: 1657808275256.jpg (118.18 KB, 800x800, mr._kitty_hug.jpg)

Another one is Mr. Kitty, who is claimed to have sent explicit pics, videos and texts to a minor. Fucker, I absolutely loved his music. https://www.austinchronicle.com/daily/music/2021-07-08/after-dark-singer-mr-kitty-exchanged-explicit-messages-with-underage-fan/

No. 221723

shiiit i loved his stuff too as an angsty teen. god why do great musicians turn out to be complete nonces

No. 221727

I KNOW, it pains me

No. 221737

Fuck, I love their music but I didn't know any of this. That's awful.

No. 221742

Chris Brown. I legit thought he didn't even have a career anymore for a decade until very recently. I hope he dies.

No. 221749

Yeah it's incredible how many people defend him, and how many women do that too.

No. 221757

I can't listen to Drake anymore because he's a fucking nonce.

Melanie Martinez is a sexual abuser and has gross ddlg lyrics ew.

No. 221763

File: 1657812907421.jpg (44.96 KB, 500x500, 71wb9TdRpkL._SS500_.jpg)

No. 221791

His career and lifestyle are supported by black women

No. 221811

johnny depp.

No. 221823

Jimmy Urine/MSI.
Also second >>221722

No. 221827

Could you nonnas add a short explanation of what they have done and possibly sources? I know they are very well known cases but I have not personally heard of every single one

No. 221832

The account of a fan he has groomed to be Alice 2.0 (and then there was the 3.0, Edith) is telling. I'm so glad she got out.

No. 221847

File: 1657824069865.jpg (316.97 KB, 2400x1200, HIST_TVXQ_HEADER.jpg)

A shit ton of older kpop groups, it seems like most of the golden year bgs have at least one or two rapists in their groups. TVXQ is one of the worst ones, even if I miss their music I try not to listen on official sources that give them views. I just pirate their shit and refuse to promote them.

No. 221852

File: 1657825073202.jpg (573.9 KB, 2047x1365, brandnew_20150529_2047x1365.jp…)

Brand New, there were a few accusations of their lead singer getting involved with minors (for which he apologised for). https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/brand-news-jesse-lacey-apologizes-after-sexual-misconduct-allegations-surface-200131. I was so close to getting a Deja Entendu tattoo before this all came out - nonnas, don't get an artist/album/song you like tattooed unless you're 100% prepared to cover it up when it turns out a moid involved is a sexpest.

Ugh, I'd never heard about this. Why are scrotes like this??

No. 221854

Kek I remember listening to a recording of the one in the middle slapping and hitting one of his stalker fans

No. 221865

Please don't make me remember Yoochun's case because i'm going to alog besides kpopsperging. I don't listen to anything oficial from jyj, tvxq at least belongs to SM so nothing goes to him. it took me several years to be able to tolerate his voice in old ot5 songs again

No. 221868

Nta but i can give sources for >>221847 & >>221854.
Frankly i still support Changmin, but this is not the "why you support your pRoBleMaTic moid" thread"

No. 221871

Josh homme break my heart. I was going to get a tattoo of …Like Clockwork, qotsa was the band of my teenagerhood. But this is above what i can tolerate https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/josh-homme-children-file-domestic-violence-restraining-order-1223802/amp/ and this article glosses over that his ex-wife said that he sexually abused his sons too.

No. 221877

Marilyn Manson. I actually enjoy some of his songs but refuse to support him in any way.

Lindsay Ellis. I used to really like some of her videos, but I don't even watch them anymore, not even with AdBlock lol.

Also Neil Gaiman and Stephen King. But I never liked their stuff to begin with lmao.

No. 221880


No. 221932

Was just about to post them, ugh.

Hating her for the ddlg shit is valid but I think the SA allegations against her by her enby ex fwb were completely retarded. If I was a fan I wouldn't have dropped her for that. Her horrible visual album feat. Yungelita and a boomer troon that bore a striking resemblance to that other boomer troon who got off on pretending to be a 5 year old girl was worse. Makes for a decent hate watch though.

No. 221935

I was always very smug and vindicated that I supported 2VXQ post split and hated JYJ's betraydol guts, and it was mainly them getting caught up in scandals all the time. But then Yunho had to be a fucking sleaze and now I can only like Changmin. But he's probably the same, all Korean moids are whether they're rich and famous or not, so I would never actively support an idol again. You're naive if you think it's only the older groups, the younger ones just haven't been caught yet.

No. 221959

where did i say none of the younger groups are 'problematic'? kek i mostly follow young nugu groups for shipping and lewd purposes, i couldn't care less if they succeed

No. 221961

I think it's genuinely unfair to women, why are we constantly punished for male degeneracy? We're completely innocent by just being a fan of a celebrity or work of fiction, but when you find out that person or creator is a piece of shit you're no longer able to or allowed to enjoy it. Not only do you have to suffer that knowledge, you're also ethically obligated to give up on something you like… all because some moid couldn't be a decent person.

No. 221962

>Neil Gaiman and Stephen King
I know a lot of people hate Stephen King but why? And why Neil Gaiman?

No. 221963

nta but Stephen King wrote a weird underage gangbang scene in It.

No. 221964

Some of his books usually includes weird sexual stuff with minors. Also he's got the entitled male writer syndrome where he obviously thinks he's some kind of genuious when his works are mediocre at best.

No. 221968

Meanwhile men will remain fans of their works while also using the male creator's fucked up mindset as some sort of proof of quality. Men love feeling like they're so edgy for admiring the works of abusive assholes.

No. 221969

Oh I see, thanks
to be fair way too many people praise him as a genius too. And I've always wondered what's so good about him.
They love pretending that an author being a fucked up sociopath only makes his works better somehow.

No. 221997

Die Antwoord for me too, anon. Shame, because I also genuinely liked their music.
Jesus I didn't even know about this one. I love Kyuss and older QOTSA. Why are scrotes and music industry people such shitbirds?

No. 222005

you want my opinion nonnie? its drug adicction. JHo in particular always struggled with opioids and shit, and those can transform people into absolute monsters with enought years of addition. Still, i cant get pass it. I'm never going to see them live again, or buy cds anymore.

No. 222079

I like the first Burzum albums but I'll never buy them for obvious reasons, even second hand.

No. 222083

Ayrt, I feel like there is a lot to dislike about King. I only read one book by him (Salem's Lot) but I just didn't like the way he wrote female characters. Also like the other anon said there was the weird child gangbang scene he wrote in IT (and I think there are other instances of him sexualizing underage female characters but don't quote me on that) I've also heard he tried to make the abusive guy in the Shining seem sympathetic (but don't quote me on that either because I haven't read it lol). There just seems to be a lot of undertones of misogyny in his writing from what I've heard.

As for Neil Gaiman, I don't really have a solid reason for disliking him lol. It's just that every time I see him talking he seems really smug and I always got the feeling he was smug and full of himself. I was actually gonna give him a chance at one point and read something but him but then he and King jumped on the "fuck JKR" train and lost all interest in it lol.

No. 222104

File: 1657881725679.jpeg (155.8 KB, 1080x1350, 353D82E0-2254-4B17-820A-37A48F…)

Rob Dyke/Gavagan. He’s given me creepy vibes for the longest, when that controversy happened about him having inappropriate convos with barely legal fans I had that “I could have seen that coming” feeling. Years before that even happened I tried watching a few of his videos and even though he gave me a weird vibe I still liked some of his content, but I remember a specific video where he was talking about a sexual assault/rape and the way he talked about it put me off so badly I followed that original gut feeling and never watched a single video of his ever again.

No. 222110

>Crystal Castles
Same, I used to love their music but pretty much immediately after reading what really was going on behind the scenes I couldn't bring myself to enjoy it anymore. Feels like a loss, I'm sure Id still listen to if from time to time if nothing bad happened.
Had no idea about this one just like other anons, fucking sucks.
>johnny depp.
This too, cant bear to see his smug face anywhere anymore. Recently I was planning to watch a movie and found out he had some minor scene in it, and I just preferred to skip it altogehter.

No. 222120

Ariel Pink.
I used to like his music til I found out he was a misogynist and a q anon boomer.

No. 222136

NTA but are you me? I read a few more books than you from the two and I can second these.
>Stephen King
Sexist trash and male fantasies in all of his books, picked up an anthology from him and first thing he talks about are the titties of the wife character. Ladies, I fucking LOVE horror, but King has piles of garbage in his repertoire (cough, the Shit Weasels novel) and mediocre prose. I still acknowledge him as the inventor of many popular horror tropes and some good story ideas. Then he turned full "fuck JKR".
>Neil Gaiman
A fucking leech on authors like Lovecraft and Terry Pratchett. His standalone work is completely generic and bland and can't reach Pratchett's wit and charm, his writing is totally soulless.

No. 222198

File: 1657911443576.jpg (133.5 KB, 1498x1000, BruAKgXCIAAvSiX.jpg)


I mentioned him in another thread but Tyler Carter was a singer I used to enjoy when I was younger. I stopped listening to him after he defended Sam Pepper, saying all the allegations against him were slander. I can't for the life of me find the tweet anymore so he must've deleted it. After MeToo I noticed so many posthardcore/metalcore bands had nasty groomers called out. Can anyone else shed some light on groups in this genre? I wouldn't know where to look. I know Pierce The Veil had a groomer member but I don't remember the details.

No. 222200

I used to like him for his mystery series but everything else he made was so shitty. The unwatchable 'internet is retarded' series and anti-feminist videos he did made it obvious what a manosphere dudebro he was. I'm not surprised he's a perv either.

No. 222209

lindsay ellis? the violin chick? what'd she do?

No. 222219

That’s Lindsay Stirling lmao, Lindsay Ellis is the nostalgia chick

No. 222233

File: 1657924994611.jpeg (41.3 KB, 450x450, BA65D99B-17A8-4433-8B26-668AEA…)

I can’t stand mindless self indulgence anymore. After finding out about all the weird pedo shit (>>877527 gives you the gist) I couldn’t enjoy any of their songs anymore. I don’t care about how offensive the songs are, except for when the song has sexual references which makes me wanna hurl. Anyways, the main reason I dislike msi is because of jimmy urine, really. My friend still loves msi and even idolizes jimmy a bit, and I don’t know how to break it to her. In the fan base I can’t stand the “I’m so cool” attitude everyone has. As if it’s god’s gift to find their music catchy. The music is just a haha me so cool zany invader zim scenecore accessory to the newer fans. People are invested, seemingly just so they’re not considered a poser/faker. And for what? Sick of this band and all the circlejerking.

Also if any nonas have any advice on what I should do with my friend let me know. I almost want to keep her in the dark about it because she likes listening to them so much.

No. 222257

File: 1657937441116.jpeg (98.95 KB, 1280x720, 2EBABAD2-5732-485F-B9B6-EB49FA…)

Cool thread OP! Illuminaughty is someone I used to love watching on YouTube, until she started really leaning into troon shit. Not severe like these other people in the thread, but enough to make me unsubscribe and move on from her content.

No. 222260

Not gonna name them but there's this couple of Twitch streamers that I stopped following because one day they just randomly brought up how they support Trump and hate "liberals". I forgot exactly what they said but it gave me retarded terminally online moid vibes.

No. 222261

GRRM, I was so fucking happy that Game of Thrones exploded into a dumpster fire and people stopped talking about such a shitty series written by an arrogant bloated scrote. I hope he fades into obscurity.

No. 222263

so many twitch streamers are massive faggots. greekgodx became a misogynistic incel junkie. knowing how he is now takes the joy out of those old streams he did with tyler1 for me.

ggx's message to his future waifu:
>“I will stream while you cook for me and you clean for me and you look after the children, while I gain all the money and I give it to you and our children for a healthy, secure life. Okay?
>“Because streaming, believe it or not, is mentally damaging to my mind. So I’m gonna damage my mind in order for our kids [to have a secure life].”
said completely unironically

No. 222283

I unironically liked and plugged Holly Conrads content before she became a major cow, kinda sad because I enjoyed her cosplay & travel videos before all that shit went down.

No. 222298

I personally do not watch her anymore not because of the tranny shit, but how she is legit a pick me for right wing moids. She's just pretending to be wokie.

No. 222301

Unironically thought she is a tranny when I first heard her…

No. 222302

Tbh if I were in your shoes I probably wouldn’t make a huge deal out of it. At the end of the day it’s celebrity bullshit, I’d let her enjoy the music and wait until she finds out on her own one day. I have plenty of celebrities I dislike and won’t support because of awful things they did but when it comes to other people who are fans I generally let them find out on their own time unless there’s some pressing reason they need to know.

No. 222313

Coffeehouse crime, unsubbed after he said how it was all mental illness and criminals should have been offered more support in their life after an incel went on a shooting spree and killed a dad and his daughter that were just walking down the street. He did the same thing with a youtuber who drove his car into a mother and her kid and killed them on the spot, how he wasn't evil, just experiencing a breakdown.

No. 222314

I remember browsing her threads on here a few years ago, but then they just died after she bought that car and started drawing sirius black fanart iirc
Has anything happened since then?

No. 222322

Her videos are really surface level anyway. The topics she picks are interesting, but the video never contains anything you couldn't figure out with half an hour of googling.

No. 222408

This one is a tough one for sure because I loved MSI growing up but when I learned about Jimmy Urine and he's grossness, it has definitely hurt them for me.
The only song I will admit that I still listen to "Shut ME Up" and "Straight to Video", I genuinely like the instrumentation in these songs too much to stop listening to them but overall, Jimmy is horrible.

No. 222410

File: 1657999361589.jpg (81.37 KB, 1280x720, Lostprophets.jpg)

Lostprophets hands down. I LOVED this band when I was in high school, I listened to their "Start Something" and "Liberal Transmission" albums so much on my walks to and fro school. "Rooftops" brought me to tears the first few times I listened to that song. And I thought Ian Watkins was a total hottie.

But then we learn about how fucked up and monstrous he really was. I still remember reading that court document listing all the crimes he committed, the baby and all. I was beyond mortified. And even when he was sent ot prison, he was caught pen-palling to a teenage girl.

Needless to say, I can't listen to them anymore, not even "Rooftops". I remember trying to see if I could separate the artist from their work since the other members of the band claimed they had no idea Ian was a sick fuck but even with that, I just couldn't do it.

The thing that sucks the most is that the old members formed a new band to get away from the Lostprophets name but I couldn't get ito their stuff, Ian had a legit awesome singing voice and without it, it just wasn't the same and I feel guilty because the band mates are good, just not my cup of tea.

No. 222412

Holy fuck did he really? I never subbed to him and only caught a few of his videos. Thought they were okay but not worth subscribing for. That's pretty fucked.

No. 222635

ugh whenever i accidentally think of their songs i want to die. it really isn't possible to separate art/artist for this group

No. 223052

Blood on the Dance Floor. The band never made ground breaking songs, but I have fond memories of listening to them in nightcore and AMVs from years ago. It's kinda creepy actually, looking at some of those lyrics with the context of Dahvie being a real pedophile.
>Parents banging down the door. Oh, no! Caught with my pants down, now I gotta leave this town.
This video makes a great job describing the controversies, both with the girls he abused and some behind the scenes stuff.

And while we are at it, today I found out Orion Simprini, main singer from The orion experience, also groomed a few girls on Tiktok. I really love their songs, Cosmicandy is a very special album to me, but Orion just had to do what all genderblobs do. I guess it's my fault at this point.

No. 223056

File: 1658221033723.jpg (46.4 KB, 480x513, IMG_20220719_024717.jpg)

Some more information on Orion's case, he basically wanted a poly relationship with his underage fans, and even met up in real life with some of them.

No. 223058

My mum was such a snoop she actually read threads online before it all came out, women talking about how they were talking to the lead singer of lost prophets, offering their babies to him so they could hang out. It really stuck with her. He was truly a monster…

No. 223092

File: 1658236334543.jpg (209.34 KB, 1280x720, rammstein-2.jpg)

Rammstein. I attended their current tour after having bought tickets 3 years ago. In the past few months stories have been coming out of Till (lead singer) having an assistant who recruits young girls for the afterparty + VIP party. The afterparty is a regular party with alchohol + food, and the guests include men and some regular fans. The VIP party is where selected girls get invited to a hotel to have a 'private dinner' with Till. Guitarist Richard apparently also 'borrows' some of these girls for himself. These men are nearly 60 and the girls are usually 18-22, skinny, Russian, dressed alternatively (Tills preferences). Scrotes on reddit defend this - "duh, they're rockstars, and the women involved want this!" but it's disgusting and made me real uncomfortable. The recruiter is herself a woman and acts real friendly and approachable, I think she lures girls in presenting the event as simply a 'meet the band' opportunity.
Some women have participated in these and have said that even when negative things go down, they are pressured by the assistant to hype up the party/experience on their social media as 'payback' for being allowed in. They've been reluctant to share their experiences, but there are a couple of stories out there.

No. 223096

It's not a new story, even before the 2019 stadium stories you had plenty of stories circulating about Till specifically, mostly on his solo project tour, he's pretty disgusting and just seems to be getting worse with age, or maybe more reported at the very least. I've never heard anything bad in years of being a fan about other members so I want to believe they're ok because I still love the music and live shows.

No. 223097

Yeah it's not new, but the stories involving this assistant seem to be recent. Apparently she's been working with him since 2019. AFAIK other members are fine and don't get involved except saying hi/chatting with people in the afterparty. Only Till and Richard I've seen mentioned are involved with groupies. Also, you are right, he's degrading with age.

No. 223316

After reading some synopses of Lars Von Trier movies I won’t be watching any of them. They mostly seem to be about making female characters suffer.

No. 223332

Literally any celeb who signed that Roman Polanski letter thing and any other ~creator~ who engages in pedo activity or supports pedos.

No. 223335

Only recently I've found out how openly he acknowledges that he raped a child and people still support him, insane.

No. 223348

there are some very strange signatures on there. signatures from women in the industry who were sexually abused as children signed it.

No. 223361

File: 1658325711070.jpg (222.72 KB, 1080x1151, 20220720_155915.jpg)

I don't trust Till ever since he and his director randomly showed up at the train station to help an Ukrainian woman get a hotel room. A friend linked me this article, and all I got was major creep vibes.


No. 223382

That's sketch as fuck. I hope the woman is okay.

No. 223384

I understand he is a pervert and i find him disgusting since years but the article doesn’t really say anything. I thought it’s gonna say he personally escorted her to the „hotel“ or sth

No. 223385

Same nonny. I even have a shirt here but it’s probably a china product anyways kek

I dare to confess i also have a mayhem shirt with nazi a nazi skull on it. I didn’t know at that time until later a friend mentioned the skulls. I feel too guilty selling it, i just keep it as silly memorabilia

No. 223386

He's not known to bring women into hotel rooms to offer them tea and biscuits. The whole situation is weird, surely he could afford to help more than 1 person? Not to mention that she sounds like his type.

No. 223447

And only that took you to stop supporting him?
He had an autograph session in my country few years ago, he showed up on a dirty, rainy stream with a woman wearing full latex (only her mouth wasnt covered) and walking on her fours (she also had a zip for quick access to her vagina) He actually travelled to all of the cities there with this poor woman, and I heard he did the same in some other one, too.
I am shocked how it feels like he only brought his freaky, disgusting crap in rural countries. I will show the pictures later.

No. 223455

Ok anon, come on with this article, it's widely known that he has sex with fans during his own performances behind the stage so that's pretty disgusting, but the ukrainian refugees situation was a widely publicized PR event, even the article quotes this specific woman that she was offered a hotel stay - not with him or his director, by herself. She just received help she's grateful for, let's not make it uglier than it has to be.
And - controversial opinion I think - I have never seen any report of fans actually groomed or abused, groupies exist and are actually happy to sleep with their idols. The biggest controversy I know of is some videoclip from his solo project where he's filmed having sex with fans - who were regular girls, not pornstars, and release of said video brought a lot of hate on them they did not expect to receive. It was ridiculously irresponsible to release to the wide public.

No. 223456

My bad for not clarifying. I didn't support Till or enjoy Rammstein in the first place, but I have friends who do and are annoyed that I don't understand Till's supposed god-like genius. Your description of what he did to those women are horrifying, but my friends would still claim it's all art and not just Till being a degenerate.

No. 223461

So you don't see anything wrong with males using their art to collect 'harems' or cults of fans?

No. 223473

Sleeping with willing groupies is collecting harems and forming cults now? I agree that he's disgusting aging scrote that is using young fans admiration to feed his ego but there are no reports of grooming or abuse, there's plenty of women that are not repulsed and want to have sex with a rockstar or whatever. Thing other anon reports, his female agent inviting girls to afterparty is a little bit sleazy because surely women are more likely to trust another woman but I've not seen any reports of anything happening against someone's will. IDK, I don't like it either but it's NOTHING like anyone mentioned earlier in this thread

No. 223474

I watched her date rape sketch on the nostalgia critic channel. she's garbage and a massive pick me. I hope she's changed since 2017

No. 223475

Holyshit. He was one of the few crime youtubers I thought was really respectful in his videos about criminals vs victims. I've never seen the videos where he is empathizing with the killer, but that's unfortunate…

No. 223513

holy shit, i never watched greek but i remember him from other twitch streamers being friends with him and that one eye tracker boob video…man has really gone full incel and lost all of his friends. i could see him joining the manosphere very soon ngl

No. 223568

she's still a pickme but for troons now instead

No. 223613

Literally every pop punk band guy was predatory towards minors.

No. 223832

Here, I watched one of his recent videos and he does it again.
>the suspect openly shows he premeditated the crime for 40min
>he let his mother suffer for hours
>he was aware it was bad, cleaned and hid the bodies
>tried to escape to america and then confessed
Coffehouse crime: "uhm I disagree with his uncle, he shouldn't be seen as a danger, he needs help and he is obviously confused"

No. 223833

Brendon Urie. I don't care if he saves a child from a burning building this dude is insufferable and I'll never forgive him for what he did to dallon and p!atd's legacy.

No. 223842

I would generally never support a streamer or youtuber, get a real job. Plus I don't even watch that shit anyway.
But I am generally not a fan of real people so there is no band or anything I feel buying merch of. I might support them buying digital music though, especially since a lot of stuff I listen to rather niche. I wouldn't support stuff like Burzum though, because of the shit Varg was doing. I don't think I would abstain from buying a game because of different world views of the creator or anything, that would have to be very extreme or literal crime to make me nope out.

On the other hand though I never read anything about other people, so there is a very high chance that I wouldn't know about it even if someone whose music I listen do did something crazy.

No. 223847

What did he do to Dallon? I don't know anything about it.

No. 223854

He was a massive leech, his own streams sucked and have naturally gotten worse kek. I could see that too, always been a cow honestly.

No. 223893

What anon said but also the fact that Dallon wrote most of twtltrtd and specifically the most popular songs and got no acknowledgement. During DOAB, Brendon would often make really petty digs at Dallon on his live streams for not wanting to party and drink. It's telling that everyone except Spencer left p!atd because of issues with Brendon and his massive ego. Plus, Dallon's wife recently accused Brendon's security guy of sexual harassment and I'm pretty sure Brendon did nothing.

No. 224575

WithCindy from the booktube side of youtube. She used to be fun, but now I find her obnoxious. It might be when she came out as some spice straight that got me repulsed, plus I don't like her LGB takes.

No. 224579

doesn't cindy have a True and Honest Girlfriend now? or is it just a ploy to help get her future #ownvoices novel published kek

No. 224581

Pretty sure it's the latter. I can't wait for her novel to come out so everyone on booktube will inevitably rip it to shreds like they did with that Cyborg Tinkerer writer. That entire mess was so full of milk.

No. 224587

I looked at this for a second and thought this was big time rush. My bad!

No. 224593

My current list is:
Never really listened to him other then a couple of songs but he's a creep towards young girls

>Nicki Minaj

Married and had kids with a knife wielding convicted child rapist and helped him harrass the victim, don't listen to any of her music now


Watched him years ago used to rewatch his videos before it came out that he was a child groomer who used his fame to pray on underage girls and statutory raped at least one


Watched him briefly years back no interest in him after his weird Nazi simp shit and Nword thing

>Marzia Kjellberg (PewDiePies Wife)

used to watch her sometimes but she stole designs from multiple small creators and sold them as her own then deleted all her videos when called out

>Die Antwoord

Same as Op they need to be institutionalised


Used to like her music but fully dropped her after she stole that artists grant and got knocked up by Elon Musk

>Tilda Swinton

used to really love her but she signed the Roman Polanski petition trying to enable the man who drugged and sodomised a 13 year old girl and then fled the US to France so he could escape charges to be released when he was eventually arressed in Switzerland, has also defended her actions by saying "the document was “very specific” and suggesting that its intentions have been twisted over time." don't watch anything new with her in

>Chris Avellone

Loved Prey(2017), Divinity:Original Sin II and Fallout: New Vegas with it's DLCs but won't be buying anything new he's working on after he was accused of sexual misconduct by three women so he sued them and made a blog post dragging all three women by bringing up personal life details, I do not know if he is guilty or not but his response to the whole situation disgusted me

I think as a SA victim myself anything SA or Sex Pesty is an immediate drop, rapist and creeps are subhuman and should be treated as such

No. 224671

>his weird Nazi simp shit and Nword thing
Imagine unironically believing that PewDiePie has a single genuine Nazi bone in his body because of an edgy joke. He's tamer than anything on lolcow, is everyone here a nazi too?

No. 224672


No. 224673

No. 224674

imagine simping for pewdiepie. acquire some taste

No. 224675

You forgot to mention Nicki Minaj also financially supported her pedophile/rapist brother once he got caught by the police. I lost all the respect I had for her when that case was made public, and then she doubled down by married another rapist. I still can't believe I have one of my best friends always complaining about JKR being a terf when I talk about Harry Potter while being a Nicki Minaj stan.

No. 224697

Not a pewdiepie fan, never have been. I just recognise that the dude is not a nazi. You dont have to be a fan to know that. Hes just some dude with a channel


Its bizarre to see people panic about these things. A vast majority of burgerfags have never crossed paths with an actual nazi and yet insist nazis are small around them. People should be happy that actual nazis are rare enough instead of just labelling some random screaming let's player faggot as a literal genocidal racist

No. 224699

Imagine getting bent out of shape because someone doesn't worship your 4chan god kek
She's so retarded for breeding with a rapist, anyone who ignores that cosigns rape and child abuse.

No. 224703

Nta but Nonna, you've got some twitter in your brain. Other than that, I agree about Nicki Minaj. I do not understand how celebrity fans never care about their celebrities raping or abusing someone. I thought Nicki Minaj didn't have a fanbase since she doesn't seem to show up much, but oh well.

No. 224706

Nta why are you offended that she doesn't simp for an ugly ass scrote, he also obnoxious and gave belle delphine attention. That's reason enough to not worship him.

No. 224710

Nobody is simping for pewdiepie. The point was that it's retarded to call him a nazi for a joke. That's the exact kind of shit take you see on any generic Twitter brainlet. Oh wow, he made an edgy joke, clearly he is a fascist white supremacist who actually irl wants to kill all the Jews. I actually thought lolcow was better than this but here we are

No. 224711

Who cares what anon calls the edgy little fuck, it's weird to defend his honor on a thread dedicated to creators you don't support so let her have her own opinion. You wouldn't but replying to me if you didn't give a shit about him, he's not a nazi but he's a racist weirdo. We don't simp for retarded scrotes here.

No. 224718

By'nazi simping' she clearly meant how many alt right leaning misogynist losers he followed and promoted you retards
>reeee imagine calling someone a racist because of a joke
Imagine getting triggered that someone called out an unfunny coomer scrote for his retarded behavior, we get it, your nigels browse /pol/ and you're their edgy cool girls
Speaking of that inbred weeb I refuse to click on anything that references him because of his cringe horny middle schooler and feminazi jokes, literally the cringiest person on earth

No. 224728

Nta but Pewdiepie is/was a /pol/fag, it's not just the one edgy racist joke he made.

No. 224731

god imagine stanning pewdiepie, he looks like he smells like ass and he does have a huge right wing fanbase (I mean look at him also, what kind of beholdthemasterace top image scrote he be)

No. 224739

To be fair, the actual genocidal racist from 8chan who shot up a mosque in NZ did mention him in his stream of the attack. I tend to think about it whenever I hear the name now even though I know he had no involvement. And you're being a little autistically semantic over the term "nazi."

He also isn't funny, is an actual /pol/tard, and hit the wall nearly a decade ago as other anons have said. No need to wk him.

No. 225067

I was disappointed but not surprised when I saw Darren Aronofsky on there. Like his movies, but of course, anyone the tiniest bit arty is going to lick Polanskis wrinkled pedo taint.
>In 2009, when he was arrested in Zurich, Switzerland, in relation to his U.S. arrest warrant, many famous filmmakers, actors and artists signed a petition, created by Harvey Weinstein
>created by Harvey Weinstein
The jokes write themselves.

No. 227922

Sometimes I rewatch shows from childhood for nostalgia but I won't rewatch any Dan Schneider shows because it just feels sick to watch knowing what was going on behind the scenes. Some of his shows are on streaming services and I definitely won't watch them so he doesn't get royalties.

No. 227947

Damn, I am just now finding out about MSI. Haven't followed them closely since I was a teen so genuinely unaware of anything that has happened since they went on indefinite hiatus. I have a playlist on spotify that is like 10+ years old with like 150+ of there songs, this is such a disappointment. I listen to them every now and again for nostalgia and just recently started listening to them more often at the gym (because high energy songs help, blah blah blah). Fuck. I don't even know how to respond to this, I still enjoy many of their songs but this is so gross. Idk how to deal with this news other than throwing it into the endless pile of evidence that moids will truly always disappoint you, no matter what.

God I hate that Lindsay Ellis simps for troons and the woke crowd, her older videos were really good and it felt refreshing to hear a woman's thoughts in a space so male dominated. And she's not the only one, there have been several instances of youtubers I enjoyed suddenly getting deep into defending troons and mentioning them in multiple videos after they get big. It's always after they start getting really big views, I swear. Like why suddenly cater to those degenerates specifically so fucking hard? All I can do is unsubscribe but it sucks they gain this huge audience just to go and push the tranny propaganda.

No. 231733

File: 1660782654698.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.26 KB, 899x1599, attachment-gloryhammer_text_10…)

Gloryhammer and Alestorm
I mean, what the fuck did I expect from the bands of a scrote that wrote the line "Tequila and a donkey show"?

No. 231735

I don't have much hope for band scrotes to be normal

No. 231741

Samefag, forgot to mention that this moid was going to name the band "Gloryhole" at first but tbf I learned that after reading about the leaked chats

I agree and it's sad when you think about it, you never know which of the bands you like is going to be revealed to be a bunch of sexists, groomers, rapists, etc.

No. 231749

I kind of saw it coming with MSI considering the sheer amount of pedo 'jokes' they made combined with that one album cover drawing of kiddie underwear with the word 'tight' over it.

No. 231766

I used to admire Mike Inel back in my Deviantart/Tumblr days. He's known for making amazing high quality animations both orignal and fanart but also 3D models and video game development. I unfollowed him after finding out that he makes coomershit porn under the name Manyakis. He has a thing for giant tits/breast inflation, thicc wrench thighs, incest, and lolis. Disgusted, disappointed and such a waste of talent.

No. 231843

File: 1660816799458.png (272.79 KB, 627x469, Gingiva_Screen.png)

I posted about him in ot already, but this is a better thread. John Clowder (or John Meyer), also previously known as myformerselves, revolverwinds, Takamo and bargainbinbible is the author of a few niche but popular rpgmaker games, Gingiva and Middens (and also Where they Cremate the Roadkill). They're a bit like OFF, but the visuals were very unique. I used to admire his work a lot until I found out that he blatantly copied from a rapey novel to make the story of his first game, is very arrogant, pretentious and cannot take criticism and sent explicit messages to a minor while being fucking married.

I'm sorry you found out nonnie. He's also a huge narcissist and had grooming allegations at some point (the classic situation where he acts like a victim because he's depwessed and he can't control his love uwu).

No. 231846

His main art also has horny pedo vibes, idk how you could miss it. Maybe I'm biased because i remember him uploading censored Namine x Axel porn (with a title "Teaching Namine") to his DeviantArt account, there was also the "lol you are flat xD" joke in Draw With Me etc.

No. 231871

I assumed everyone knew about his porn pseudonym. I mainly knew him for the disgusting incest lolishota crap (because I can't stand his artstyle so I never watched the "X cartoon but anime" stuff). I always avoided him in general

No. 231994

old comment but based anon. the fact that men begging for money while playing video games and occasionally fake scream have gain celebrity status is concerning and will be the death of the entertainment industry

No. 232061

What visual novel he has copied?

No. 232280

I had to write her off, too. Her troon leaning tends to be out-of-context for a topic and feels like a token bone. Same with me having to drop the Behind the Bastards podcast, though I'm convinced the host is a thirsty chaser.
What a loss. I loved him for the ambience, but I can't fuck with this level of apologetics.

I'm starting to think it's safe to assume most male creators are some kind of creep/predator until proven otherwise. Men don't know how to keep their shit in check or sort it out and equate sexual entitlement to power, especially to the point where they think they're allowed to abuse or enable it. It's like they default to carrying on like this. Even Mr. Magical Family Man Steven Spielberg apparently has some skeletons in his closet.

Why can't creator's secret porn accounts just stay at normal pinup and vanilla shit? I don't think sane children's content creators exist.

No. 278918

File: 1677504235000.jpg (36.52 KB, 480x742, B164GyyIUAE1mrp.jpg)

Bindi Irwin and The Irwin Family, NOT including Steve Irwin, Are OVERRATED, Fame and Money Obsessed Hypocrites, And are honestly Milking Steve's Irwin's legacy, The Irwin family is NOT this nice humble family, People think they are, They Showed their true colors when they worked with, SeaWorld, Showcasing them as total hypocrites Bindi did her Jungle Girl Series, Singing a song called, Save Me, About stopping Whale Hunting kinda like that show called Whale Wars on Animal Planet, Then years later she decides to work with, SeaWorld, Then when people call her out about her hypocrisy when it comes to, Seaworld, She blocks people & retweets a tweet saying, BlackFish is Fake Propaganda, To top it all off Bindi got into the feud recently with, Bob SR Irwin, and it was exposed that they don't talk to ANY of Steve's Side of the family anymore or have any contact at all, But why does this family NOT talk to ANY of, Steve Irwin's, Side of the family? They only were close to Steve Irwin's best friend, Wes, So many people Steve was close to have been pushed away by, Terri Irwin, and on top of all that, Terri Sued her own sister and feuded with her over a small amount a money, She seems extremely greedy and money hungry? Honestly, They care more about making the Australia Zoo this DisneyLand park Steve Irwin shrine like feel then focusing on ACUAL WildLife Conservation, With their fake cheesy ass smiles and all

Brittanya Razavi, I used to really love her on the show reality t.v show, Rock Of Love 3 Bus, And honestly thought she was so Beautiful, But after sometime, It appears she's a Alleged Groomer, And has Allegedly groomed her girl's into, OnlyFans Content, When they had just barley turned 18, Plus, She has a extreme ego to top it off, I just CAN'T support someone who exploits young women who's a alleged groomer

Lady Gaga, I always thought she was this compassionate human being and I really love her and her music, But she's the fakest celebrity ever, After reading the Blog, GagaCheat BlogSpot, She's a raging Narcissist and TOTAL Hypocrite, Claimed she hated money and fame, But her lifestyle and actions say otherwise, Buying a gold weelchair, Calling her former employee a hoodrat while claiming she's the queen of the universe and she didn't want to be a slave to one, and also lying about a sold out concert that was Metallica's and saying Madonna fans were haters and that was her concert when it, WASN'T at all, Wearing Real Fur Coats and saying they were a fashion piece of del resistance, Saying shes's against Bullying when she herself and some of her employees are the biggest bullies of them all, She also worked with lots of Predators such as, R. Kelly even though it was KNOWN for YEARS that he was a industry predator before she even worked with him…

No. 278920

hey newfriend you should chabge your typing style and cut down the rambling bc yout posts are kinda easy to spot

No. 278921

if you insist on spamming this goddamn shit everywhere on this site, can you at least fix the typo "barley" to "barely", you absolute sack of sick.

No. 278935

Fuck off grammar nazi nobody gives a fuck about what you want

No. 278979

At least I can write and integrate, you imbecile.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 278987

Yeah and spam up the thread with your complaining and insults miserable cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 279231

Omg I remember Brittanya. She was so pretty but now she’s botched like any other Instagram influencer. And yeah she pimps out girls and made them get her name tattooed on their face ??? She also does a lot of sexual acts in grocery stories. She’s off the deep end

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