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File: 1658003033464.jpg (48.13 KB, 722x528, Tumblr_l_54372695544759.jpg)

No. 222423

I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we can post songs that we find relatable. Could be ones that describe you as a person, or that you find relatable in another way (they describe your experience growing up, your love life, mental health etc)

No. 222427

kind of obligatory

No. 222431

Keep distance just don't let em close
Seems like you’re doing the most
Humanitarian boast
Well keep the brainwash going
It’s a system untouched
Am I saying too much too much

Want to be happy
Is that so wrong
The price increases
A warm gun come down come down

No. 222432

It hurts.

No. 222434

embarassing but true

No. 222449

It stang a lot the first time I heard it, and 10 years later I still haven't changed.

No. 222495

ah, brings me back to my high school days

No. 222559


No. 222586

same anon, with the exception of "girls" the entire family jewels album hits a little too close to home for me probably a bad sign that it was such a pivotal album for me in high school

No. 222602

It doesn't matter whose address you're listed under
I only know they'll never make you stay
Like a memory in motion
You were only passing through
That is all you've ever known of life, that's all you'll ever do

No. 222610

No. 222621

No. 222653

No. 222681

[Verse 2]
I'm trying to seem strong for my love
For my family and friends
But I'm so tired of faking
'Cause I'm chained to my bed when they're gone
Watching TV alone
'Til my body starts aching
And I think there's a mold in my brain
Spreading down all the way
Through my heart and my body
'Cause I cling to the dark of my room
And the days thin me out
Or just burn me straight through
Things feel that low sometimes
Even when everything is fine

Hey, I've been falling apart these days
Split open, watching my heart go
'Round and around, 'round and around
Circle the drain, I'm going down
('Round and around and around and around
'Round and around and around and around)

No. 222730

No. 222738

No. 222757

No. 222934

Back in my junkie days this was on heavy rotation when I'd be partying or bunkering down to binge for days on end. Now it's something that occasionally pops up on shuffle in my car on my way to work with addiction charities. I still turn it up full blast and sing along though, some things never change.

No. 222973

No. 222999

No. 223001

winter comes and the winds blow colder well some grew wiser you just grew older

No. 223004

BASED Oingo enjoyer

No. 223005

Like many of you I also found the perfect self-describing song in highschool.

No. 223008

You've spent a little too much time on /mu/ haven't you, anon?

No. 223009

No. 223064

this gets me through the bad times

No. 223792

where my edgelords at

No. 223882

Knowing immediately from thumbnail uh huh

No. 224762

This song hits me hard. I still think about my friends from middle and high school since we graduated and went our separate ways. I sometimes have dreams about them too.

No. 224791

SOO fucking based, anon.

No. 224813

I’ll never forget hearing this song for the first time.

No. 224863

i love you anons

No. 224865

Glad there’s alot of nashimoto-p fans here!

No. 224931

not for a moid or romantic relationships in general but moreso friendships but that might be because ive never been in a romantic situation before

No. 225027

Also wanted to post it. Although wouldn't call it hell now, yet it certainly feels like that sometimes

No. 225062

Immaculate taste. That Smell is the other top junkie anthem. Glad you kicked the habit, anon.

No. 225424

I'm nodding my head, nona

No. 262837

No. 262843

Might’ve been posted already but literally me.jpg

No. 262866

I hate it

No. 265318

im interpreting it literally btw

No. 265326

No. 278193

File: 1677275107878.jpg (27.68 KB, 300x300, veteran_of_the_psychic_wars.jp…)

No. 278405

randomly discovered this band on spotify and i've been obsessed with their discography for the past 2 months, but this song is probably my favorite

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