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No. 222872

>Discuss the Real Housewives franchise and/or other Bravo shows (Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, Below Deck, etc.)

No. 222897

thank you nonnie! what are your favorite franchises?

No. 222923

I've never watched this. I always assumed it's about a bunch of rich women who go to brunch and scream at each other. Is it a competition or something?

No. 222925

No, it really is a bunch of rich women who go to brunch and scream at each other.

No. 222927

Kek same

No. 222937

File: 1658166629468.png (734.28 KB, 718x565, teresa.PNG)

RHONJ is still the only one worth watching. And the entire Giudice/Gorga family are major cows

No. 222953

Alright I’m a huge RHOBH addict. Anyone following the new season?
Diana makes my skin crawl and I can’t believe they let Erika Jayne back for another season after her stealing money from orphans fiasco. I used to like Kyle but she was such a bully this season to Sutton. Sutton and Garcelle are definitely my favorites atm.

No. 222957

ex best friend of mine was obsessed with RH she would always have it on I never saw the appeal or cared, one time she had on RHONJ watched a random episode and was hooked on watching just RHONJ absolutely entertaining. Agreed the Giudices/Gorgas are some milky entertaining cows

No. 222961

If this is a vanderpump thread too I haven’t been able to watch season 9 at all yet, is everyone still a Brittany ass kisser? I can not stand how babied she gets from everyone yet constantly goes back to Jax, even had a baby with the moid

No. 223021

File: 1658202147145.jpeg (120.4 KB, 1554x1111, 36A35ACC-42B1-4D23-B100-4056E0…)

Beverly Hills needs to bring back Kim Richards so we can have all three sisters together.

No. 223026

File: 1658204065861.gif (942.87 KB, 500x280, RFn8.gif)

I can't stop rewatching RHONY. It's so entertaining and the women are so funny (both intentionally and unintentionally). I just started season 4 and it's so fucking good, I can't wait for the Morocco trip.

No. 223027

The early seasons are classic and very fun, the most recent season was a preachy mess though. What this show really does teach me is that men ain’t shit, not that I believed otherwise but all the cheating and fucked up behavior is sad, most of these women (in the franchise as a whole) depended on some old rich dude for everything. Kinda bleak realizing women don’t have those same generations of wealth and historic connections.

No. 223168

File: 1658251639252.gif (1.07 MB, 498x281, bitches-who.gif)

No. 223171

File: 1658252129473.jpg (234.16 KB, 1080x1900, Beyond the Blinds Screenshot.j…)

Have you heard of Beyond the Blinds? They had a whole episode on them

No. 223695

I can’t believe I thought real housewives was just BH, all the other franchises are so so much better. Potomac is my current fave I think, Atlanta close second. Atlanta before Nene turned so arrogant were basically perfect.

No. 223997

why? kim is someone who just straight up should not be on reality tv

No. 224055

I’ve heard so much good about Potomac but I just never got into it in its first season. Is the drama good?

No. 224570

Yeah I slogged through the first season (they pitched it as a show about etiquette and that comes across/is weird/it doesn't seem like a normal housewives to watch) but it's just joyous after that. SO much drama, some great fights, some awful husbands, and a lot of fun. If you can background-watch the first series so you can carry on I think you'll enjoy!

No. 224591

since this is also a bravo thread how do you guys feel about below deck and its variations

No. 224622

bump because I’m genuinely curious not trying to be spoonfed, but who was the one crew manager that lowkey hooked up with a guest then got fired. Yet there was some scrote ass who was constantly hooking up with guests but continued to stay on the show.

No. 224654

Hannah on Med? Tbf she didn't get fired for that, but they did fire her for the even more bullshit reason of having prescription Valium on the boat.

No. 224932

i like it! someone on the housewives subreddit (i know) said that below deck is actually more popular/is becoming more popular than housewives which surprised me

No. 224935

Probably because it's fresh, new, and interesting. Anyway why do people bully the lesbian captain sandy so much

No. 225112

They were fired! So not on season 9. Thank god.

No. 226080

I'm split on that one. On the one hand, I think they were overreacting to her CBD pen and looking to save face but on the other hand she really should have declared her valium when joining the crew since it can incapacitate you and ships are known being strict about safety rules.

If she was better at her job I'd be more annoyed but Hannah never seemed to be more than average and constantly spoke about wanting to quit.

No. 227068

I never really liked Hannah until she was fired. I thought she handled it really well, maybe because she spotted they were gunning for her earlier on. Respect that she wouldn’t give them their big “gotcha”. Sandy running around after her outside trying to get her to react was unintentionally hilarious.
That they got rid of lil Kiko in order to get in Maritime Law’s awful wannabe-Gordon Ramsey boyfriend was the biggest crime of the season.

No. 227101

Diana is the worst addition to RHOBH ever. She needs to be a one season wonder. Its unbearable when she's on screen.

No. 227245

I agree. She’s horrible and unbearable to watch

No. 280015

File: 1677938226780.png (Spoiler Image,511.99 KB, 745x692, vanderpump.png)

Does anyone still watch Vanderpump Rules? It's been pretty boring these past couple of seasons but just seen picrel (spoiler) which should make the finale of this season somewhat interesting.

No. 280207

Yes! This season was already so much better than the previous, and I've read they've got cameras back up so they will extend the season to cover it. Andy better be on form for the reunion.

No. 280210

not sure why i spoilered the pic now cos it's all over the news anyway. all this drama feels like early seasons of pump rules. cheating, lies, betrayal - back on form!

it will be interesting watching the rest of the episodes knowing what we know now…

No. 280215

File: 1678025615148.jpeg (212.5 KB, 1125x2436, 7b4u2tnzwvla1.jpeg)

The thing I hate most about this is how much James is not only enjoying it, feeling vindicated, but people are saying Raquel is worse or the "real villain" now and that he dodged a bullet. No, James is still a narcissist who constantly cheats and still treated her like shit. He shouldn't get to gloat, act like a twat and then have his terrible behaviour dismissed because every now and then he shows some vulnerability or charm.

No. 291324

File: 1682129386588.png (2.15 MB, 1728x2304, 6B83F5C8-1E27-41ED-920B-B2F604…)

Kim Richards and Denise Richards are returning to Housewives of Beverly Hills.

No. 297220

File: 1684471729398.jpeg (146.28 KB, 842x1517, D82C9CEB-F7F6-444F-96A2-B8792F…)

After the vanderpump finale it’s been revealed on top of gross scrote scandy admitting to sleeping with the woman from Miami that was shit on, he slept with someone else. Well he’s been hanging with troon Billy before it all broke loose. Is this Toms TiMs era? Is scandy going to pull “I was confused with my identity guys, it totally makes it okay to manipulate women because I am one and I get it!!” Then Lisa has a whole parade in troon tomtom honor because Lisa cares more about misogynistic business failing investments, than the actual caring of women. It’s all for show, she babies scrotes.

No. 353523

File: 1707078997324.png (496.84 KB, 632x638, vp.png)

Who is watching s11? I haven't watched the first episode yet but just wanted to rant about how annoyed it makes me that so many women are fangirling James Kennedy, just because Racquel was the villain and supporting James was like a "fuck you" to her. Just visited the vanderpumprules subreddit and got annoyed by the James worship.
necro but I was like 10% expecting him to troon out or become and NB, during that time.

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