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File: 1659399903136.png (694.05 KB, 960x819, D3FD4785-1B55-4443-9540-D23FFD…)

No. 226134

Talk about the latest patch, your character, drama, memes or whatever you want as long as it’s related to Final Fantasy XIV.

To start:
Are you in a FC?
Your favorite XIV cow
How’s your character profess going?
Favorite class to play?

No. 226143

>Are you in an FC
I was but our leader brought in a tranny. It destroyed our group.

>Favorite Cow

Not a particular one but the meltdown from
The Balance was hilarious.

No. 226144

I think all FCs have at least one tranny (I play on Crystal). I just blacklist if I see any. One of them had a “looking for cis girlfriend” on his plate kek.

No. 226146

Not to power level but it was different for this group. Now you’ll always have at least one tranny or more or a gayden. The gaydens are my favorite because you can ignore them and they still act like women kek. The men are always coomers who want attention. Have you seen some of the mods?

No. 226148

File: 1659403311434.png (482.21 KB, 448x693, C5402D45-D355-4688-825D-571206…)

Why did I have to see this

No. 226149

File: 1659403511289.gif (3.62 MB, 480x265, why would you do this to my so…)

No. 226152

File: 1659403904422.png (151.58 KB, 237x388, nyalmao.png)

>Are you in a FC?
yes, it's an au ra ethno-state and i'm minority catgirl
>How’s your character profess going?
its good, i'm barely post ShB and i've cried a total of 15 times
>Favorite class to play?
RDM, but BLM holds a special place in my heart

No. 226159

All Fem auras? I bet you’re the tallest lol.

I didn’t understand but then I zoomed in. Why?

No. 226166

File: 1659411944888.jpeg (Spoiler Image,559.29 KB, 2992x1255, 2AB9D688-5276-457C-88DF-D0A5F1…)

>Your favorite XIV cow
Repost from bad art thread but god

No. 226168

File: 1659412277365.jpeg (205.66 KB, 1120x1003, C0283F28-3090-4ACA-9E69-219DDF…)

And who could forget her

No. 226185

She couldn't choose a name for the OC she larps as.

No. 226190

File: 1659421684170.png (169.35 KB, 282x487, cardthing.png)

ahhhh so excited to have a dedicated thread for xiv here!! i don't have any cute art or anything on hand so pls excuse me while i copy >>226152 and post my dumb catte too.

>are you in an fc?

i made a "shell" fc a few months ago to take advantage of the housing lottery and it's been super comfy.

>favourite xiv cow

no specific faves, but the constant whiny drama that follows almost all of xiv modding twitter will never not be funny to me.

>character progress

slowly but surely making my way to 90 across all jobs. trying to decide if i want to level another tank next or finish off my healers and try sage.

>favourite job

i'm a summoner main and always will be - even if i do still miss the jank that was shadowbringers smn and endwalker smn is considered braindead.

No. 226198

ngl, i have 1 mtf friend on ffxiv and honestly shes the only non degen ive met on this game in the entire time ive played it. shes super nice, and she isnt in your face about the fact shes trans either.

on the other hand, i met my bf (of now 7 years) on ffxiv and we bought an irl house.

>Are you in a FC?

i own an fc of just me and my boyf, just bcos we were sick of 18-21 year olds causing drama in fcs; considering we're in our 30s i was sick of all the drama, felt like school.

>Your favorite XIV cow

erc will remember, clososo closo
a pedo

>How’s your character profess going?

got a few classes to get to 90 now, but taking a break to start raiding on me main again (sch). gotta start prepping for 6.2 prog now on crafters tho ;9

No. 226199

File: 1659430318926.jpg (437.5 KB, 1340x1014, nipuni.jpg)

anyone else wigged out by this artist? her art is amazing but i hate how she shoehorns and pushes her wol OC like its the end all of wol ocs

No. 226220

You're annoyed at artist for painting her WOL?? She doesn't even do it that much but even if it was the only thing she ever did, that's still pretty autistic thing to be wigged out about lmao

No. 226223

Haha wtf Aymeric let himself go
I’ll check her art out. Do you means she draws a lot of her character with the villains? That seems like regular shipping in XIV.

Another question, how many times have you used Fantasia? Over the course of the game I’ve used it probably 10+ times. I like trying out different races but I don’t get people who seem to swatch every other day.
I main WHM and it’s pretty dead too. But I’ll always love it. I want to get into a DPS next. Maybe Tank.

No. 226238

idk about you but i just find it offputting that she sells art of her wol OC that looks nearly identical to herself and then had said character shipped over as a romanceable option in that tarot romance game

No. 226248

I get you anon, it doesn't annoy me but I feel she pushes the self insert a bit more than most people, it does makes me cringe but aside from that I am not sure she has any milk. Her art is amazing anyways so I just ignore this part.

No. 226268

No. 226272

I like her art but Emetwol shippers (especially the het ones) make me cringe kek.
You mean the Arcana? That’s embarrassing, reminds me of the time Felicia Day’s self-insert was in DA2.

No. 226471

I’m a free trial player for now, I didn’t finish heavensward yet because I don’t want to waste exp gains since I’m capped at level 60 and the rest of the story needs me to be at level 60 60 to to continue. I’m hoping to buy the game when I won’t feel like a loser neet.

I don’t know a lot of drama but I’m not surprised there is. It’s a shame the game attracts this specific crowd of unhinged gendies all because it’s sort of an anime game.

No. 226546

You should buy it if you can spare the money. The next expac (Stormblood) is dull but the one after that (Shadowbringers) is definitely worth it. Endwalker is fun but a little underwhelming tbh.
The fanbase is intolerable but always gives a good laugh kek

No. 226557

File: 1659552885576.jpg (42.03 KB, 800x800, e5a2c7268aba5cffc09c490a8f1d8c…)

>tfw im one of the few people who in fact enjoyed stormblood more than heavensward

No. 226650

>but Emetwol shippers (especially the het ones) make me cringe kek.
What's wrong with them? I'm not familiar with the fandom

No. 226706

They woobify him beyond recognition - from questionably gay villain (I’m not being a biased fujo here, there’s one throwaway line that implies he had feelings for his deceased best friend) to a tradwife’s fantasy (see >>226168). Most of the drama comes from these “selchwives” and their “antis”, with other former accusing the other of misogyny and the later of fascism. It’s fun to watch them fight kek.

No. 226745

File: 1659587485882.jpeg (142.22 KB, 1280x720, 279A9A15-4DDF-4BA0-BEEB-DFE9D8…)

why do so many people on twitter want to fuck this thing

No. 226903

i dont fucking understand it myself nona

No. 226947

Has anyone bought the full game or will just the regular monthly sub do?

No. 226968

Why wouldn't you?

No. 226990

You have to buy the full game to be able to get the monthly sub, you can't choose.

No. 227032

Wow, thanks cause that's good to know! I'll play the free trial and see if I like it enough. I already kinda really want the dlc for the bunny boys so I'm like one toe in the water but being cheap keeps me reasonable.
Think it's the horns tbh

No. 227071

Please nonas share some crazy tranny guild drama.

No. 227076

Not much. Our FC leader had to tell one off for having cropped loli porn as his discord avatar.

No. 227084

Wouldn’t the horns get in the way though.

No. 227216

Honestly just visit the xiv General on 4chan and you'll see plenty of deranged moid drama.

No. 227260

You need the full game and the sub tbfh. Unless you wanna stay in free trial restrictions and lv 60 forever

No. 227461

File: 1659742603479.jpeg (614.79 KB, 2762x1424, B9655436-7D58-40D5-9AA7-33E36D…)

>favorite XIV cow
Bitch threatens suicide over everything. Yes those are supposed to be Ryne and Gaia.

No. 227497

File: 1659749631680.jpeg (629.02 KB, 1170x1314, 7166B922-6D44-4998-BB80-4CFD31…)

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the snapewives-esque cult.

No. 227891

I know about a “girls only FFXIV” discord sever which isn’t girls only. They use a lot of dumb lingo like “feminine of center”. They got embroiled in some drama that was so bad I think someone made a post on reddit warning others not to join the server because of how transphobic it is, the server obviously isn’t and tbh I don’t understand what happened.

No. 227913

No. 227958

Same. I fell behind with my old group and had to catch up before ShB launched and it was more of a slog to get through HW than SB to me. Mostly I enjoy the Japan/Chinese eastern areas and music compared to the cold north of HW. I enjoy European culture too but it didn’t seem super steeped in it (gear or location) and a little lazy. The three man hubs in ARR have more distinction and life l and the farther you get in the story it seems pretty stripped down with each new location you’re introduced to.

Women can’t have any space online thanks to trannies invading. I don’t know if it’s the same group but to join you needed to submit audio so they knew you were a woman and the men jumped on that because sometimes women sound like men y’know? Don’t be so transphobic~

Not sure if it’s too crazy but we had one who turned into a tranny and was hitting on our leader. They were friends in the past and were both married at the time. He just made it really uncomfortable. It’s creepy.

Tell her not to go to college for art kek it’s disgusting

No. 227961

This kind of shit makes me wanna start a full-blown terf server. Any nonnies interested in joining <<YWNBAW>> on coeurl? Kek

No. 229290

File: 1660195604551.jpeg (675.73 KB, 1170x1753, 6F24FBEB-B728-4DE8-98AD-821796…)

(Necro??) Already sperged about in the artist salt thread but why would you market your clearly heterosexual (a stereotypical dominant male x tsundere female one at that) ship as yaoi.

No. 229323

because the artist herself is a troon too.

No. 229339

A TiF you mean? I haven’t seen women write or draw like that but I’m not familiar with current fujo circles. It’s funny if they’re repackaging het ships as gay. Funny and sad. The shading on this is too soft. I couldn’t tell what I was looking at, at first.

No. 229766

Necro is only when the thread is 6 months or older.
>I haven’t seen women write or draw like that
Idk what you're talking about because to me, that style is very clearly female, and lots of women, unfortunately, draw straight porn for males, and even when they try to draw something more female-gazey they end up focusing too much on the woman's body out of habit or to attract a mixed female/male audience. Plus isn't this one obsessed with Zenos?
I think it's much more likely that it's a TIF (or pretending to be one) drawing her self-insert as a normal woman a trying to pass it off as a transman, probably to avoid being attacked or accused of the crime of being a Mary Sue, than a HSTS TIM who draws himself as basically a woman with his husbando.

No. 230153

File: 1660348246067.jpeg (1017.68 KB, 2416x1268, B31EC659-9328-4386-ACAF-D8574C…)

Some recent twitter drama. A gposer (_renlan_) got called out.

No. 230266


No. 230407

Trying to scroll through that long ass explanation and these people just sound like insufferable snowflakes. If you don’t like this person’s attitude or whatever then stop talking to them. Writing a novel length post with “examples” of their “red flags” (which all sound like reaching) is just fucking obnoxious.

No. 230589

File: 1660434824370.jpeg (67.66 KB, 574x574, FDA418AC-F776-40F4-8F4C-5C1CC2…)

Someone made a brown catgirl oc to make trauma porn of. Still that’s not deserving of an essay long callout post - whatever happened to blocking people?

No. 230641

File: 1660452040052.jpg (13.08 KB, 563x534, 4g9bYEv.jpg)

How did you come up with your in game name? I want to make a character but I'm terrible with choosing a name.

No. 230654

fantasy name generator

No. 230670

kek, unfortunately that's too many letters. <<TERF>> would work though.

No. 230672

LMAO I guess some of the vitriol is justified this time but a longass apology post is still just too much.

No. 230789

File: 1660501402635.jpeg (Spoiler Image,310.92 KB, 1287x1122, DEBFFE73-EDC1-47AE-810C-64DF63…)

God this person is absolutely insufferable, used to follow because I genuinely enjoyed their art but their constant pushing this very female miqote (and dressing them in clothes that emphasize curves and breasts )as male and in a gay relationship with zenos made me cringe.

Constantly always getting pissy too whenever some clueless person would compliment how pretty the cat girl oc is and passively aggressively responding with “actually is a he :))))” kek

No. 230790

File: 1660501612947.jpeg (450.97 KB, 3500x4046, CEF594C6-FDDF-4B0A-87E8-43FBEC…)

samefag to post an example, why can’t she just be a cute cat girl who femdoms zenos, that would be faaar more interesting than this weird TIF shit

No. 230792

What I don't understand is how are they trans if they're obviously so comfortable being female?

No. 230795

I'm sorry for being ignorant, but what's up with this character (I do not play the game but I do know some things about it)? Is she headcanoned as male for some reason or is she a tranny in the game? How can this very feminine catgirl be a man??

No. 230805

Is alright nonna, from what I presume that cat girl is actually that artist’s warrior of light (aka wol aka playable character) and not an npc.

As for the pushing said obvious cat girl as male, my best guess the artist is a tif too or has some sort of fetish, honestly reminds me of that one cal arts person who drew bimbo captain america and labeled it trans

No. 230811

Gotta get that spicy straight clout ig
>cute cat girl who femdoms zenos
tbh i’ve seen at least 20 of those where’s the roes that femdom zenos

No. 231122

File: 1660611003648.jpeg (Spoiler Image,533.44 KB, 2697x1374, 6CF64F38-9F99-4AC1-AA0A-8DB175…)

kek i know another he/him catgirl in a “yaoi” relationship with a npc (nerowol in this case) i know this is height gap kink or whatever but at first glance i thought it was lolicon

No. 231378

at least this one uses the mod that gives them a flat chest.

No. 231552

I haven't played since 2020 and I am planning to play again, starting a brand new character. Do nonnies have some kind of a FC or at least a linkshell? I'd like to play with people but I would also like to avoid trannies and coomer moids as much as possible.

No. 231616

Avoid Crystal. Seems like most female content creators are on Primal though.

No. 231693

I'm on Chaos (EU).

No. 231695

>Avoid Crystal
i wish I knew this sooner sobs

No. 231800

had some fucker my friend knew try to befriend me after pulling us into a farm party, and after that she spent a whole month stalking me at RP bars to tell me she was "jealous of my cis body" and wanted to wear my skin. easiest BL of my life

No. 231815

File: 1660807146832.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.76 KB, 540x484, tumblr_4651f832130a433ebdde912…)

Oh boy, where do I start…
>met a nice guild
>they have a good balance between men and women which is nice, everyone is really chill and passionate about the game
>there is one tranny
>he is always fuming about how he feels bad that he is the only tranny in the guild
>the way he fixes his problem is picks the most mentally vulnerable people in the clan and turning them into attention-seeking AGPs
>his first victim was your typical 'sad discord e-boy' who is depressed, cuts himself, sits at home, and whatever
>the victim turns into a full-on balmung-tier 'horny catgirl' who 'wuvs attenshun x3', people in the guild are weirded out by that so he leaves but stays in the discord server
>here comes the worst part
>there is a severely autistic (but nice and harmless) guy who started liking me because of my optimistic personality back then, etc. I was a naive underage kid back then after all
>ever since he joined, the tranny's started slowly grooming this autistic guy into becoming a tranny and NONE OF US knew that
>none of us knew that up until he came out as a tranny, the weirdest thing about this manipulation was that the tranny forced the 'egg' nickname into the autistic guy, we followed along because 'well, egg word is funny, i guess
>the tranny kept pushing that it's okay to copy other women and take inspiration from them from the autistic guy
>the autistic guy instantly ends up wanting to change his legal name instantly to mine and started copying my manner of speech on other public servers
>some messages he would downright copy-paste from my messages on the server and post them on other servers as an attempt to LARP
>i get weirded out and leave.
I think the tranny groomed the autistic guy because he has a feet and thigh highs fetish, that's what I would assume, and he played as a female character.

This main tranny turned into a tranny because his long-term ldr gf cucked him (they were never dating in the first place, actually, but he went as far as buying her a 400$ ring). He would also print her pictures on his walls. She told him to stop and that she found someone IRL, after that he lost his mind and turned into a lesbian troon. He also begged to join our women-only guild gc and ended up being the circus freak of it. He was always mad at women for not wanting to date him. In the end, he started dating another tranny afaik. I feel sorry for his poor mother because he was always complaining about her never accepting him, but I think in the end she gave up since he changed his legal name.

No. 231828

Never too late to transfer!

No. 231945

No. 231968

File: 1660856266509.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1840, F7FA460F-7CF6-4FF6-9648-260D9E…)

Not that relevant but I wanted to post the Zenos chicken since I’m autistic and I like chickens.

No. 231999

sorry i forgot to correctly gender a creep after having to play nice
you'd get tarred and feathered if you don't pretend to care about creepy fetishist needs in xiv, but thanks for the empathy

No. 232010

File: 1660875967821.jpeg (764.93 KB, 1170x1953, DBA6CB9B-19A0-4D49-8F4B-DBDF67…)

No. 232020

>there is a severely autistic (but nice and harmless) guy who started liking me because of my optimistic personality back then, etc. I was a naive underage kid back then after all
>nice and harmless
>liking an underage girl
Nonna…..that’s insane though I hope they all 41% since there’s no coming back from troonism.

No. 232066

i want to see her response kek

No. 232084

I agree with that tweeter, needs less girl butt detail and more boy face detail.

No. 232091

nta and I don't give a shit about FF14 because it would make my small laptop explode, but here's the link: https://twitter.com/idyllruin/status/1545444160035082242?t=t2JdxdzcpCfXQZvYj1QmEQ&s=19

That reply is the only one that's hidden, I found it really funny.

No. 232092

oops, samefag, I replied to the wrong post.

No. 232095

Back during my XIV addiction days, I used to play it on my old laptop, and when it broke, i started playing it on an old PC that ran only Windows XP. But it was 5 years ago, idk how strong the game is now.

No. 232096

I only tried weak games like visual novels on my laptop. A few years ago I tried some sort of demo that only exists to see if your computer could run the game and it didn't work.

No. 232108

i'm not gonna cow-tip but i genuinely want to know how this character is supposed to be trans since they're not transitioning at all

No. 232125

You must be new here

No. 232838

File: 1661210729741.jpeg (732.54 KB, 1170x1715, CA2943D8-7F30-49C7-9D46-FBB0C6…)

Apparently people are claiming OP romanticizes imperialism based on this caption??? Yeah, uwu-fying Zenos is cringe but not everything has to be problematic. I always found this artist’s wol annoying so part of me is enjoying the ratio but people need to stop grasping at straws

No. 232841

>Are you in a FC?
Sort of, but I'm not active in XIV atm bc irl stuff.

>Your favorite XIV cow

She's not really a cow but a enby he/him miquote gposer #46837264382. I'm probably the only person in my friend group that doesn't like her at all and everyone else seems to dote on her. I just get really annoyed at how she's overly friendly and flirty and definitely panders to the moids. I had to close out of a friend's stream because she kept flirting with him in the chat and all that uwu crap. I wonder if it's a common theme among tif miqo mains to make this much scene? Lemme know nonnies. Sage for blogpost

>How’s your character profess going?

Stormblood is taking a while for me, but once I get my life together I'll be able to sit down and play through the story.

>Favorite class to play?

RDM. At first I played it because it seemed in character with my WOL but I've come to love it. I'm also pretty decent at tanking as PLD and WAR

No. 232902

kek, can you link the post? this fandom is going to tear itself apart at some point

No. 232931

People have been saying that about everyone who ships Zenos or any other Garlean. It's the 5% most mentally ill twitter users doing their thing. Outside of that population nobody cares.

No. 232939

Obviously the artist doesn’t support fascism but the mischaracterization of Zenos in the fandom is insane.

No. 233461

File: 1661392991193.jpeg (176.29 KB, 1170x545, D75D718A-536D-484A-B245-FB7560…)

Omg I’m sorry for sperging over this nobody cow but I saw her complaining a few days ago about her doctor diagnosing her with morbid obesity and today she posts this. Help.

No. 233462

File: 1661393041625.jpeg (218.53 KB, 1170x727, 28101157-E1BB-4707-8BAE-99F256…)

No. 235740

Is this the awful person who keeps posting disgusting obese Aymeric art? My first exposure to them was one of those pose reference accounts retweeting that garbage.

No. 271968

File: 1674848556417.jpg (461.37 KB, 1787x2048, Fk6J6aeWYAI_klJ.jpg_large.jpg)

What do my fellow WoL nonnies think about the latest patches content? I think Zero and the void storyline are going to play a big part of the next expansion.

>Are you in a fc?

I'm in a small fc with almost strictly irl friends of mine and we're very casual so no drama or rabid troon miqoutes kek.

>Fav XIV Cow?

It always cracks me up that Erin Painter use to/likely still plays.

>How's your character profess going?

I have 3 level 90s (technically 4 if you count SMN but I've never touched it just SCH) and have cleared all msq. Working on leveling WAR, DNC and MNK.

>Fav class to main?

RDM main. I first maxed and did SAM but then tried RDM and fell in love with how versatile it is.

No. 276641

I love Zero a lot but the gendies made it insufferable to even THINK about posting about her. I wonder if the other raiders from the MtF threads know this is here lol

No. 276767

I was one of the raid anons in the MTF thread and came here immediately after seeing all the nonsense of the artbook describing Zero as "genderless" and watching the fandom trannies either seethe over it or celebrate it kek. They can't decide whether they love it or hate it.

No. 276867

I think she's super cool!! I just keep it to myself lol it's easier this way. Focusing on raiding is a pretty safe sphere away from all that because you can't prog if people are arguing random bull- it gets snuffed quickly. Curious what anons play as, and maybe why? seems a lot of people go entirely opposite of who they are IRL but I went half insert half pushing all my worst qualities onto an OC for fun.

No. 276921

Yeah I love Zero too, she's great. Raid is pretty safe from that kind of stuff but it also has its own brand of crazies. Nothing as annoying though I guess and it's always a practical problem that can ultimately be solved (or kicked out). My raid main is BLM (omni-caster in a prog setting) but I flex regen healers if I have to trudge through PF. I have lots of alts at endgame that kind of span all the jobs categories though, in case a friend needs a warm body.

No. 280021

I just found this thread, happy to see some nonnies play!

>Are you in a FC?

Yeah, bf and I made our own a few months ago. It's going really well, running events has been a good challenge for me socially since I'm used to solo gaming.

>Your favorite XIV cow

I'm on Crystal so we have our fair share of in-server nonsense you know, players you see (or hear) a lot and know far too much about them, and lots of unhinged roleplayers.

>How’s your character progress going?

I recently maxed out my DoL/DoH classes and am getting super into crafting. Other than that, I'm trying to up my healing game so I can get comfortable trying out some harder content.

>Favorite class to play?

AST! And usually RDM for dps.

On the topic of troon FC drama, it's been an iffy time running an FC. We have a few TIMs (it's Crystal after all) but most are only semi-active and do their own thing. There's one I've got my finger on the button for because they barely even play but they use our Discord to plaster their hideous, borderline NSFW selfies in. We haven't had too many issues in general, but we had to kick out a TIF who joined and immediately started being rude and straight up aggressive towards the girls in the FC, while kissing all the guys' asses. Why do they seem entirely incapable of the most basic social norms

I've been digging it, voidsent lore has been a lot of fun and I'm glad we're getting so much of it.

No. 281470

It's funny, I'm starting to see pushback for trans bullshit even on balmung. Ofc, as a woman, I could never add my voice on my main but God it feels good sometimes, cause valid questions in the QS get met with "just report uwu I'm so unsafe uwu"

No. 282465

Yep, I'm on Balmung and same, while I know better than to join in on my main it's refreshing to see that it's at least started to move away from the usual "must protect all twans people" mindset. Honestly makes sense with how many predatory TIMs there in-game.

No. 282522

I just visit to stare at people/ERP but I just tell people I'm straight in game to avoid weirdos. At least they aren't spamming trans rights on hunt trains any more, shit was annoying af
Also I never answered the OP oops, but I main Sage/Scholar, I don't give a shit about my FC now, and I definitely need a better coping mechanism because my main is max level, close to astrope, and working on multiple ultimates kek
if any nonnies want to get carried I am bored and unemployed from illness right now

No. 288402

File: 1680978544885.jpeg (51.81 KB, 640x640, FswUdQ_WcAAT5g6.jpeg)

I was excited to realize that half of my static is girls but over time found out that 3 of those "girls" are trans so really, I'm the only female. It sucks. I can't even say anything but it's so alienating feeling like women are supposed to be quiet pushover by society's rules and only moids are allowed to have drive. Maybe it's the autism. None of them are bad people by any stretch but it just stings.

No. 311339

New expansion, Dawntrail trailer is out.

They are discovering Americas.

No. 311444

Erenville and G'raha looked beautiful so I am happy.

No. 312032

Can the Lucky Sevens please stop spamming their ads in every damn zone in the game when they open? Gross ass sex cult needs to stay in their lane and not bombard everyone with their shit.

I am so happy we get to explore more of the world instead of fucking off to other shards or outer space this time.

No. 312749

File: 1691157028489.png (1.08 MB, 1487x944, 20230804_084900.png)

>Are you in a FC?
Shell FC for an extra house
>Your favorite XIV cow
Literally any TIM in this game tbh
>How’s your character progress going?
Had all 90s since 6.1, same ritual every expansion
>Favorite class to play?
Fisher. I will get that damned spectral adventurer plate if it kills me.
Excited for Dawntrail, mostly because xivtwt is already having a meltdown over the cultural analogues involved. Other than pre-expansion prep I've just been working on alts. Didn't do this savage tier because I'm a pissbaby and don't want to hear moids talk about the p11s tankbuster being similar to another word.

No. 318866

I'm considering make a farmer cross-world linkshell so we can sperg in game. Would any nonas be interested?

No. 318876

I'm interested!

No. 318879

Ah sorry nonas, I didn't realize the cross-world linkshells are data center worlds only. Maybe a farmer FFXIV discord server would work better. But if any of you are on Aether, we can make one! I made a google form for you to fill out if interested so you don't dox your character on the farms and I will invite any that join!

No. 319028

I like the idea of a discord server since I'm not on Aether.

No. 321065

File: 1694596748810.png (774.89 KB, 800x793, 1763766378234.png)

>Are you in a FC?
Yeah, a small friends FC of like 5 of us, but its dead until next patch. They always play fotm games.
>Your favorite XIV cow
SayHimbo probably. He makes twitter seethe so often it's insane. He's clearly batshit, but they can never just ignore him. That guy, and then basically anyone else who kicks the modders hornets nest, because fuck xiv modders
>How’s your character progress going?
Pretty good, I'm more than half way through leveling all to 90, but I am very very slow and mostly level through pvp these days
>Favorite job to play?
Housing. I'm forcing it, it's a job now.
I like either idea, it'd be nice to have other nonnies to talk to, I'm sick of being surrounded by mentally unstable scrotes

No. 321645

>are you in an FC?
Main is on an irl only FC, I use alts to peruse.
>Favorite FFXIV cow
Personal cow, spends hundreds on fantasias and an intense misogynist, par for the course. I despise him but it's pretty milky seeing his troon flavor of the week lol
>current progress
Maxing out all classes for that sweet, sweet amaro mount.
Don't worry nona, I hear your pain. Every time I wanna open up in game to someone who I suspect is female I psyche myself out because the possibility of them being a gendie just turns me off completely. Its what keeps me from hardcore gameplay so you're already stronger than I am. Would love a static of all females or at the very least genuine females and some tolerable males.

No. 322582

God I fucking wish, I have to deal with the tank who is really good in our group making jokes about me being a masochist and gay all the time (I'm bi and basically quit posting anything about it bc trannies just take any excuse they can for poor boundaries.) I just know I'd get run out of raiding communities for a female only static anyway, bc the scene being 90% men isnt enough of a problem already right? Not to mention that "terf" server that people harassed off Twitter for the game isn't even female only, they let enby uwu weirdos in. fuck me sideways. if I raid with randos the second I join VC the men get more critical too.

No. 325585

I'm on primal, but I'd love to get more girls into raiding. I spend enough time on aether for a linkshell but you'd have to catch me on to add me :((:()

No. 327280

I'm back to complain about trannies. I love playing on Balmung and I love my FC but jesus christ we are getting overwhelmed with coomer trannies. I wouldn't even mind if they joined and just participated normally like everyone else, but I'm not exaggerating when I say they are all fucking horny sexpests. Every single one plays some hideous futa modbeast who literally break their models because they insist their character has monster thighs and tits bigger than their head. They all have the clumsy, crude vulgarity of a man and are constantly thirsting over each other's pixels. It's so disappointing every single time we get a new member, they join voice chat, and we inevitably have to listen to that grating, lisping voice making cringey sex jokes and talking about how hot they think their own character is. I'm so tired.

No. 327424

File: 1697431721083.png (103.09 KB, 757x366, image-16.png)

I used to hang out there when I was bored but the amount of creeps there just sucks. Here's Laura E'Worth who is always in the quicksands admitting to ERP with a minor… I couldn't play there myself it's just too much

No. 327450

Balmung is fine if you can find a mentally stable group of people to hang out with, which basically disqualifies anyone who spends the majority of their game time loitering in Ul'dah. It doesn't surprise me about Laura either, all the most frequent shout chatters are unwell self-insert weirdos. The types who have thousands of hours in-game with only one job maxed out because they'd rather pay real dollars to cyber and stir up non-existent drama instead.

No. 327500

Extremely true, I just wish I had been able to play back when it seemed close knit RP groups were more popular for long term stories and not just essentially what is sexting with weird self inserts.

No. 328953

File: 1697886212038.jpg (319.73 KB, 1284x2048, __g_raha_tia_and_crystal_exarc…)

>Are you in a FC?
No. Well, I am, but I don't interact and I think it's pretty dead anyway.
>Your favorite XIV cow
don't know any
>How’s your character profess going?
For the length of time I've been playing the game (since roughly 2.4 time), pretty awful. I only have one job at lvl 90 (my main), but I do have all crafters and gatherers at 90 too, as well as all the beast tribes (nearly) maxed. I'm that idiot who wants to play a multiplayer game solo (I wouldn't if I had anyone to play with…) so there's a lot of the game I don't bother with. I just play the new content when a patch drops and keep my gear lazily up to date.
>Favorite class to play?
DRG. It's my main I referred to above. My muscle memory is too bad for me to try getting into any other class and I hate it

I love G'raha

No. 329120

I just discovered this thread a couple of days ago and I'm pretty excited about the new stuff coming in Dawn Trail, so here's a brief blurb on that: I kind of hope the new limited class is Puppetmaster, just because I think the customization could be fun and it'd make the beastmaster crowd seethe. I got RPR to 90 but I stopped enjoying it after, I like NIN a lot so I have high hopes for Viper.

A nice low stakes means of introducing ourselves to each other could be one of the cloud DCs Nov 21, would anyone be keen? It could include nonas worldwide too and we'd be able to hash out stuff ingame for later playing together on mains or further alts. I think "Milky" would be a cute/passingly relevant FC tag if anyone else wants to be in a theoretical FC together, but you start out with 50M from what the keynote said, so alternatively we could all probably have our own shell FCs too and make a cute ward together (please, no Paissa Houses).

And on that note, as far as raiding goes, we could probably enter some stuff min ilvl no echo to see mechanics and negotiate them. I did that a lot to acclimate myself to raiding, with Alex and Omega raids (this was back in ShB when Edens were current). I've cleared the first Pandaemonium tier since (P4S was admittedly not on content) and I'm working on finishing up this one, I'm only on phase 1 still though, I started a bit late into the tier. I've pretty much only healed, SGE first tier and AST then WHM this tier (I got SO asspained during Harrowing Hell that I ditched AST for WHM after talking it over with my co-heal, I'm sorry my stargazer friends…)

No. 329451

File: 1698061295484.jpeg (67.22 KB, 1256x601, F89ownybsAACpAT.jpeg)

No fret, AST is a lot. Play what makes you happy Nonna, nothing saying you can't go reclear on ast once you're more comfy either. the cloud dc could work we would just need to find a way to find each other I guess. I have a decent amount of alts tho I don't play them as often as main bc I just have so much there

side note elezen ears looking very cute…

No. 331575

File: 1698722501236.jpeg (431.9 KB, 1170x1155, IMG_5268.jpeg)

Idk if this belongs here but one of the attendants for a FFXIV convention got booted for liking anti-TRA tweets. Groomer moids in dresses are definitely welcome however.

No. 331577

pedophiles (trannies) need to die so they stop infesting these spaces and forcing women out

No. 331600

I hate this.

No. 331603

I'd be up in arms if it was just that, but half of it is that she was caught liking racist content as well. Let's tell the full story here.

No. 331702

This, plus playing the "I was HACKED" card and then deleting her account rather than just making a legitimate statement was goofy. Like it or not, the XIV community is filled with troons, what was she expecting? Engaging in any sort of political or controversial content on a professional account is insane.

On the other hand, the reaction to it was so unhinged. More than anything I was just amazed at actual adults going "How could she sing those lyrics and act like THIS?!?! I'm so heartbwoken…."

The insane attachment this community has to literally anyone involved in the game is concerning. She is a singer, why the fuck do you think you know about her based on what, two songs she sang?

No. 331782

>The insane attachment this community has to literally anyone involved in the game is concerning.
I mean the main dev is a scummy, greedy guy who has openly harassed women on camera but he’s praised as this wholesome daddy figure. But of course.

No. 332479

wait has he really my god
and people use ishikawa to say there's no sexism in the writing and I just want to laugh
my entire dash was just posturing about how much more moral they were than a professional artist they've never met and couldn't have possibly known. They act like it's so mature here but most of them are late 20's-mid 30's acting like tumblr children

No. 335242

>”no sexism in the writing”
>3 would-be-relevant female characters dead by the end of second expac
>Main female character of third expac does absolutely nothing
>Demonization of trafficking victim
>Decently written female-centric storyline not in MSQ
>Female deity watered down to appeal to mommyfags
>First main female villain merely deus ex machina
>GNC female character legally dead
>Only remaining female cast are an irrelevant catgirl and lolifaggy tsundere

No. 336180

preaching to the choir, I nearly quit the game after the Tsuyu arc

No. 344855

I hate how the fandom treats Yotsuyu, especially while simultaneously fawning over literal genociders like Emet or his great grandson. Granted, I was also mad about Ysayle basically dying offscreen even though multiple characters have survived worse multiple times (ex: Y'shtola, who's had plenty of reason to die for a while since HW and still hasn't – it's not that I mind, but why bother with the setup at all then), or Moenbryda's death being a early fridge for Urianger (though I like him a lot, probably my fav scion) to develop a personality from later on. Why'd Papalymo, who's been with us from the jump, get basically no observance when we get a lot over Haurchefant… there's a lot about the writing that seems sloppy and frankly pisses me off if I'm honest.

No. 347775

File: 1704922770360.jpeg (201.46 KB, 945x2048, IMG_5354.jpeg)

New expac has furfag bait with tranny voice actor. We better get husbando swimsuit scenes to make up for it.

No. 347782

XIV fucking up female characters? Color me shocked. At least the Japanese dub cast an actual woman.

No. 347795

Because I trust the nonnas here more than acquaintances trying to get me into the game through a cool female character: is Zero a well-written character or am I going to get pissed off? None of the female character mistreatment upthread sounds promising.

No. 347796

She’s in only a few patches before getting written off. Her personality is pretty much “character who was born-yesterday and it’s up to us to teach her about the power of friendship blah blah.” At least there’s good yuri fanart of her kek.

No. 347797

Doesn't sound worth getting into such a long game for, thanks for saving me time.

No. 348607

People need to learn that 99.9% of the time there's nothing less interesting than being spammed by unsolicited pictures of your WoL. I get your bunny boy is special to you or whatever but I can only pretend screencaps of the most generic MMO shenanigans ever are comedic gold so many times.

No. 348625

This is bleak and depressing. Does this mean female hrothgar will have tranny voice actors among the actually female ones?

No. 349167

File: 1705454334344.png (379.68 KB, 745x680, 1705450561015047.png)


No. 349293

File: 1705519028485.jpeg (73.84 KB, 470x610, IMG_5362.jpeg)

No. 349298

He looks like he’s nearing 50 LMAO get some neck cream and a hairline transplant tranny

No. 349299

I’ve never played GG but I recall even back then that Bridget was a trap and that was his main appeal. what is all this tranny nonsense all of a sudden? Is this purely an American thing or

No. 349300

>and still look like this
Like a frail old man? Get real kek

No. 349301

such a typical male delusion

No. 349320

what the fuck when did woody allen troon out?

No. 349404

Creator retconned him into a canon trans girl.

No. 349428

I bet Daisuke would retcon Baiken into a transman too if only he didnt retcon her into DDD cup tittymonster first.

No. 349443

File: 1705557956426.png (400.86 KB, 1080x1094, Screenshot_20240117-165025~2.p…)

The forums are interesting right now lol.
For any nonas who don't want to listen to the tranny for a whole expansion, the Japanese voice actress is super cute and does a great job.

I believe the player character voices are recorded on JP side, so they should be safe from the NA team.

No. 349597

>Are you in a FC?
My main is in a cross-world linkshell with a few friends from other servers. My alt isn't in a FC because I use it when I want to play solo.
>Your favorite XIV cow
I had 2 personal cows but they weren't that milky to be fair. One of them was a they/them enby who was the rudest person I've interacted with in the game. She completely ignored conversations that were not about her and she expected people to coddle her and give her free stuff because she was a sprout. Once I managed to find her twitter and she was posting like 50 tweets per day kek. The other one was a TiF vtuber who talked about necrophilia and wanting to kill herself and then linked her twitch channel while in dungeons and in Limsa chat. Then when people came to her stream and heard her female voice they misgendered her and she had a 2-hour breakdown over it while shouting "SUCK MY DICK" kek. Also her Twitter was full of the ugliest art I've ever seen (G'raha with deformed tubular breasts for example). Both of these cows have stopped producing milk unfortunately.
>How’s your character progress going?
My main is still stuck on 6.1 because I lost interest in the MSQ, my alt is on a capped trial account so now I mainly solo treasure maps and craft glam items with the drops.
>Favorite class to play?
WHM and SAM.

No. 354638

IDGI, they clearly want to normalize trans voices but why do casting directors always pick the most atrocious sounding troons to play roles? I know for a fact there are troons that are lucky enough that they don't sound like uncanny dogshit, but none of them get put in the spotlight kek.

No. 354777

File: 1707524690229.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 1170x2142, IMG_2255.jpeg)

I would say I’m seeing red but I’ve gotten a bit desensitized

No. 354788

>read ysayle as a trans woman

No. 354877

Do you have a link to this forum thread? I want to read more normies complain about this horrible casting decision

No. 355024

Why is America this influential. Someone nuke the cancer plz

No. 356059

don't think its still up, most threads about the tranny va got nuked

No. 356143

Fair warning there’s some tranny circlejerking

No. 357343

One thing I hate about XIV is how easy it is to get stalked. If you add another player to your friend list and want to remove them for whatever reason, you can only remove THEM from your list but you will still stay in theirs. You can blacklist them I guess but they will still be able to check if you're online and where you are so easily. Changing your name or doing a data center transfer aren't solutions either because your lodestone ID remains the same. People have been complaining about this for years at this point but nothing changes and probably never will. That's why I just don't accept invites anymore. Once I made the stupid mistake of accepting a friend request after a (seemingly wholesome) conversation while fishing. The idiot ended up being a gross desperate coomer looking for a girlfriend that couldn't take "no" for an answer and kept pushing it and now I'll be in his friend list forever. Thanks Square.

No. 360570

I never got a response from the previous attempt in-thread to make a farmer/wbw only discord server, so I'm going to attempt it myself. Anyone who is willing to join, I've made a form for those of us who want to connect. https://forms.gle/P29mK2zAstNNk3CdA

Everything is rudimentary atm but Im pretty tired of not having a women/female focused space on FFXIV that doesn't kowtow to troons.

No. 364101

samefagging, but kind of hard to add everyone without a way to connect. So I decided to make a "throwaway" alt. If you applied to the above form, be open to friend requests from a character named Chiichii Fuwafuwa.

No. 368450

File: 1712433899206.jpeg (159.8 KB, 1242x1458, IMG_5478.jpeg)

Are there any good (preferably non-western) FFXIV fanartists that aren’t shipfags? I just wanna look at hot husbandos without any yume shit.

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