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No. 227565

Let's talk all things K-pop.
>any favorite groups?
>who is your favorite artist?
>what's your favorite song?
>what song do you think sucks the most?
>who has the most drama?
>any k-pop news?
>favorite lightstick?
>least favorite lightstick?
If men can post freely without getting banned we should be allowed to talk about K-pop.(let’s NOT talk about K-Pop.)

No. 227566

Countdown until this thread is locked or removed.

No. 227571

is the no kpop thing like an unwritten rule? genuine question, I use the site on and off but it's not written in the sites rules so did something happen involving kpop during one of the times I was taking a lc break?

No. 227574

K-pop was banned because most k-poptarts were unhinged as fuck. But if an unhinged moid can post his shit without getting banned, then K-pop and K-pop critical threads can come back.

No. 227579

oh ok that makes sense
regarding the second part honestly yeah that seems fair to me, if the no male rule isn't being consistently enforced it's setting precedent other rules can be broken too
but I also wasn't here to see the kpoopies being unhinged so maybe other anons feel differently about that kek

No. 227581

Oh anon kpop is not welcomed here. I recommend choachan. They're annoying and mostly bg stans but it's the only alternative if you want an anonymous kpop imageboard.
God i miss the days where you could blast about whatever in people's ccs. Those were the days. I had a kpop mutual whose ccs were just a one-thread textboard and people were just talking freely without stantwitter's censorship

No. 227585

Don't worry, nonnie, since the site is already all fucked up because of the schizo tranny faggot, we can do whatever we want.
Hell, cp is still up and I haven't been banned yet for this K-pop thread, so it's okay to keep the thread up.

No. 227596

Watch them ban you before they get rid of cp

No. 227603

Personally, I love talking shit about Korean celebrities awful plastic surgery, but I understand why these types of threads were banned in the past. We should at least be a allowed to bring a containment thread back, though.

No. 227604

many posters on choachan are unhinged bg pickmes. they seriously are worse than farmers a lot of the times.

No. 227609

File: 1659759730033.jpg (75.75 KB, 736x736, 419b7d8a603abab53e621d5b6410dd…)

I once got banned for posting choi jung hoon, I still haven't forgiven the farmhand.

No. 227613

not on my watch

No. 227614

awesome now the fucking tranny's here to talk about why women should reject bl and worship dancing 15 year old korean girls dressed like ig baddies

No. 227616

No. 227618

Bitch I'm into adult muscle women femdoms what are you on?

No. 227698

let’s stick to choachan

No. 227722

>Kpop thread
Confirmation that K-pop spammers are newfags?

No. 227733

the main reason it's a banned topic is because it attracts newfags and racebait like flies to roadkill. it clicks with the underage in particular, as seen in the digital mcdonalds playplace that is choa. thank god it's slowly but surely falling out of style in the west.

No. 227742

Tbh, did we need confirmation

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