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No. 228667

Post anime OSTs, be it OPs, EDs, character themes or BGMs, you like, whether because they're genuinely good or because it's a nostalgia flash.
The pre-/m/assacre thread >>>/m/172556

No. 228668

I already adored Kageki Shoujo as it was but the ED was what pushed it into my top ten.

No. 228677

Only op I wouldn't skip as a kid

No. 228696

No. 228697

No. 228707

Blood+ had a lot of orchestra tracks I loved when I watched it

No. 228907

Inuyasha has so many good EDs! I miss singing along to reruns as a kid kek

No. 228908

gonna do a mini dump - one of my favorites

No. 228909

sad song from sad anime

No. 228910

last one

No. 228913

Hellsing the TV anime's OST is one of the greatest OSTs of all time, period

No. 228914

No. 228915

This song is from an extremely shit 90s yaoi, but it will always have a special place in my heart.

No. 229089

isn't that the corn anime

No. 229147

No. 229204

idk I never watched the show, i just remember hearing the track on an old shonen ai fan website

No. 229578

No. 229708

Been obsessed with this since I heard it

No. 229718

Incredibly underrated anime, the first opening is the best.

No. 231421

This song is what made me into a Tachibana Shinnosuke fan

No. 231446

That OP is one of my favorites! It really captures the essence of the show. I hate Miranjo but god the scene with the cliff and the other locations her and Bosse visited is gorgeous

No. 231455

Yoko Kanno is too good man, I'm sure everyone knows her Cowboy Bebop music so I'm gonna post some other stuff.

No. 231457

No. 231458

No. 231459

No. 231460

No. 231462

kind of annoying how mods force us to use the embed feature, like maybe i wanna post more than one track? smh

No. 231463

No. 231464

No. 231465

No. 231469

Man, I love her! Her work for Wolf's Rain is unmatched imo

No. 231472

I'm glad for it, I wouldn't have listened to even half of the songs posted here otherwise lol.

No. 231508

this is so perfect for my taste

No. 231509

And arguably the superior more based version.

No. 231725

No. 231784

My current ringtone

No. 232043

No idea which one I like better, so I'm going to post both.

No. 232044

I'm sad it's only an OVA series instead of an entire anime, but maybe it's for the better, looking back. If the music seems any familiar to you, Kaoru Wada also made the music for Inuyasha lol.

No. 232140

make way for the queen (aya hirano not haruhi)

No. 232143

Puts me at ease

I watched this show because I like Hiro Shimono's voice before you ask btw

No. 233785

Please Save My Earth has a good one though I've never watched the anime itself

No. 233800

one of my favorite ace attorney villians

No. 233809

Had the entire OST on repeat while working, I need to watch the anime now

No. 233820

idc that the tiktok kids got a hold of it it's a damn good song

No. 235130

No. 235137

I love it so much. The cyberia remix is great, too.

No. 235138

Dua Lipa x Lain is unironically good

No. 235169

wtf I love this, thank you so much

No. 236194

No. 236201

No. 236577

No. 236578

Small dump after being inspired/reminded of some old favs in the anime thread

No. 236579

No. 236580

No. 251246

Sometimes I wake up and the very first thing I think about is lu la lu

No. 251276

File: 1667011945003.jpg (47.66 KB, 735x594, 081f416b89dbd700b1376d75406477…)

I love it

No. 251294

No. 251299

Finally the new Made in Abyss OST is out. The composer said it was some of the most complex music they'd ever worked on. This one just tugs at my heartstrings.

No. 251305

Comfy and catchy

No. 251387

I've been obsessed with this song ever since it was a Lucky Star ED

No. 251496

the absolute greatest

No. 253702

>Voices of the Chord - Sawano Hiroyuki
This song is so fucking good it almost tricks me into thinking 86 was a good show. Sawano is pretty much a one trick pony (at least it's a really good trick) but this one really is a standout to me

No. 255265

This show is so funny too

No. 255269

It reminds me a bit of Susumu Hirasawa.

No. 255666

No. 291922

Ya'll not ready for this moe bop

No. 292168

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