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No. 229330

The Breaking Bad universe comes to an end in less than a week.
Share your favourite moments from the series, your theories on the finale, your favourite cast/character moments, and what you would do if you had to FMK Jimmy, Saul or Gene

No. 229332

File: 1660213221372.jpeg (15.93 KB, 783x391, E494F324-3026-41D3-8531-B0BC52…)

I can’t even lie, this whole season since episode 2 has felt like a nightmare. I watch clips from season 1 and I can barely comprehend that it’s the same show. Watching Jimmy in season 1-2 charming old people left and right and then Gene threatening an old lady in her own home is such a guy punch.

No. 229333

Also fuck Gene, marry Jimmy and kill Saul.

No. 229336

File: 1660216235264.gif (9.39 MB, 540x360, Tumblr_l_130895863214991.gif)

My favorite characters are Nacho, Howard, Mike, Lalo and Kim so I am not feeling so good this season…
I didn't like what they did to Kim in this season until the recent episode, but I am still worried for her. Howard's wife is stunning, and I loved seeing Kim and Jesse together, even if it was a small moment.
I really liked Jimmy as a person during his "old people" saga but his terrible corruption is something else… Of course it was bound to happen, because we know Saul but I can't help but wonder what affected all of this? I would assume it's because of his family dynamic from the very childhood and his brother always being the "gifted " one. I hated Chuck and I am glad he died tbh, fuck him.
F Jimmy M Gene K Saul.
Its a tough one because i wouldn't want to fuck Saul or Gene since he's been screwing prostitutes left and right. But marrying Gene wouldn't be good either, after all he is an even worse version of Saul as we found out… And would it be better to marry Jimmy anyway? Kim was always babysitting him but he was a manchild that never listens to anyone, despite being in love with her.

No. 229370

>The Breaking Bad universe comes to an end in less than a week.
shit, really? gotta binge watch that shit then

No. 229466

The Jesse cameos in particular have been cringe to me, like he's trying too hard. Hope the last Walt scene won't feel like an unneeded cameo. Hope the last scenes with Kim are her setting a trap for Jimmy to finally get caught. Also fuck Gene, marry Jimmy and kill Saul. Gene's power trips make me horny.

No. 229503

It's pretty close to Breaking Bad's plot, where a harmless but skilled character finds himself drawn more and more to the criminal world then ends up becoming a villain
By the same logic the last episode of BCS should end with self-sacrifice as a form of redemption

No. 229849

No. 231381

File: 1660686201904.png (206.45 KB, 296x318, 1lzsOdQ.png)

It seems I was indeed right

No. 231723

saul is so cute i hate walt for being rude to him >:((>:()

No. 231811

File: 1660805920020.gif (1.53 MB, 500x250, 9wBf8DS.gif)

I can't believe this show is over nonnas… It was too good. I hope that other writers will learn how to write characters now that BCS is so popular.

No. 231817

File: 1660809535676.jpeg (641.47 KB, 828x833, F64D66C1-7D5F-4B35-9EFB-B24DC5…)

Cute art for the Saul Nonnies haven’t seen it yet

No. 231854

i like this

No. 231885

The BCS Twitter fandom is cringe as fuck and full of Aidens who draw Lalo x Howard yaoi but I have to admit I like this drawing a lot

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