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No. 230043

I think this book deserves its own thread, as it's been discussed in several other boards and is worth talking about.

'A heartbreaking and hilarious memoir by iCarly and Sam & Cat star Jennette McCurdy about her struggles as a former child actor—including eating disorders, addiction, and a complicated relationship with her overbearing mother—and how she retook control of her life.'

No. 230045

I'm about halfway through and I can't put it down. Anyone who has had a complicated relationship with their mother, wanted to get into show business or struggled with an ED might find it cathartic and validating.

No. 230047

I'm super excited to read this this weekend! Any nonas reading it have anything interesting to add about it that isn't much of a spoiler? I hope she trashes dan even indirectly.

No. 230049

Almost done with the audio book, thought Jeanette was a bad narrator at first (way too fast sometimes and monotone… seems like some harder to read parts she just wanted to get through quickly) but she gets choked up near the end and it's really powerful. I'll write a longer post when all done.

No. 230052

I’m about halfway through reading. The way Jenette describes her hoarder family home growing up… just absolutely suffocating with no physical space to even attempt having some privacy or chance to be a real person and not just a weird conduit for her mom’s problems. Anyway, glad her mom died too!

No. 230053

Also found it interesting how Miranda Cosgrove sounds she’s much more akin in personality to the character Jeanette plays on icarly and vices versa

No. 230057

File: 1660324879579.png (158.64 KB, 950x712, Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 10.1…)

Did anyone catch that she actually uses the name Dan, just once, even though she refers to him The Creator in every other mention? I wonder if that was an accident.

No. 230062

It was mentioned in the child abuse in hollywood thread, I wonder if she or anyone involved in the book will get in trouble for that? I hope not, it's pretty clear who he is even with a pseudonym.

No. 230075

What did she say about Miranda? Sorry, I haven't read the book (and don't plan to for personal reasons) but I am curious on what she said about her co-stars. I only saw something about how Miranda said she didn't realize how much Jennette was going through.

No. 230079

Jennette talks a lot about how she and Miranda were close—Miranda was kind of her saving grace during her iCarly years.

No. 230121

not to discredit the subject matter and what she went through, but did she write this, or was it with a collaborator/ghost writer?

No. 230134

I believe she wrote it all herself. Writing was always her original passion, rather than acting.

No. 230139

Does anyone know who could be the person who opposed Jeanette directing anything at nickelodeon so badly they'd threatened to quit themselves?

No. 230141

maybe ariana?

No. 230144

Just finished the books, but I feel sorry for her but she sounded super pick me so many times it make her sound like Venus Angelic sometimes. Glad it seems he got help tho

No. 230145

Huh I wonder if it was an accident too. You'd think they'd at least ctrl+f for "Dan" in the manuscript at least once before publishing oops. Hope she doesn't get in trouble either and I hope Dan Schneider dies a painful death.

No. 230155

I'm sure she had a ghostwriter kek. Her book is a product and she is an ex teenage tv star

No. 230156

I was under the impression they lied and that excuse was just bullshit so that she couldn’t argue back. By making her assume it was Ariana or one of her co-stars, it takes the blame off of the producers so they didn’t have to follow through on their promise.

No. 230166

NTA but that makes sense to me. It seemed hard to believe that Schneider would actually let her direct an episode, especially with how demonic he is on set.

No. 230168

She and Venus share controlling narcissistic mothers and I can picture Margo going on misogynistic pick-me rants same as Jennette describes her mom doing. Religious girls grow up so steeped in sexism. Women are not allowed to lead in the church, they're the progenitor of sin, their only worth comes from virginity… Plus, the only positive female friendship she describes is Miranda, everyone else who's been helpful or at least 'neutral' in her life (like the absentee non-biological father) have been male. I think it's something she could grow out of as her worldview broadens further and she forms more meaningful bonds.
That's a good insight. What would Ariana stand to gain by preventing her from directing? I'm sure it had more to do with the network, I doubt they felt beholden to her to follow through on their promises.

I just finished it. You can very much feel that she's still processing a lot of these things as she's writing about them. I am choosing to believe she wrote this, she thanks her editor at the end for making sense of her thoughts and her earlier passion for writing + the slightly messy, earnest nature of her prose makes me think this is her own stuff. Reading it was like when an acquaintance randomly opens up to you and tells you something heartbreaking. It made me glad I could sit and be a listening ear. It was actually really helpful for me, my dynamic with my own mother is similar and it helped me make sense of some things. It's a relief to see that she has a supportive therapist and a good friend in Miranda.

No. 230173

I feel bad saying this because there is some context to it, but she kinda comes off as a super duper turbo NLOG for most of this book. Like I said, it ties in a bit with the (justified) jealousy issues, but the whole time she is talking about how horrible and stupid everything and anything related to women is. Going beyond the abuse she suffered, even, imo. I'm only about 60% of the way through so maybe she addresses it eventually but I'm struck by just how much misogyny is in this book. I already know this is going to be an unpopular opinion but I feel it's excessive and goes beyond her feelings of womanhood = sexual object.
Also, there are some inadvertant ED tips in this book, kinda spooky.

No. 230175

Oops, just saw these posts about the pickmeisms. All good observations imo. I do enjoy her dry sense of humor about it all.

No. 230177

I get what you guys are saying, she said a lot of things in the past about feeling very cold, jealous, and vindictive towards other women at the time, and I think she was self-aware of this later on while putting this book together. I'm glad she included her thoughts, even if in retrospect they were really disagreeable and made her look bad, because it illustrates the kind of mentality she had at the time, and it makes perfect sense. She lived her entire adolescence focusing on her image to appease her mom, and her mom's ideal image of Jennette was based around being thin, agreeable, controllable, child-like, and innocent. Her mom had misogynistic, self-loathing views, and Jennette internalized all of that, and projected that onto other people around her. Even aside from her personal issues with her mom's influence, her career in Hollywood perpetuates similar views. Trying to do anything to further your career by being as attractive, and adaptive to whatever ideal people want you to embody. Not saying I agree with anything she was believing, or said, just that it's understandable given the circumstances, and I think Jennette has moved past this and is self-aware.

No. 230178

Yeah I am sure it's so difficult to write a memoir about your own life as an ex teenage tv star

No. 230180

Nta but yeah, the book wasn't really well-written so I'd believe she wrote it without a ghost writer. Her editors probably guided her a bit or told her to add/remove certain things or make certain connections but you can tell it's amateurly written. Good for her though tbh. I'm sure she wanted control over it and it seems like she achieved that.

No. 230182

>Her mom had misogynistic, self-loathing views, and Jennette internalized all of that, and projected that onto other people around her.
Does she ever acknowledge this outright?

No. 230183

Thank you for making this thread, started reading jt just yesterday after it was mentioned on the jilly thread

No. 230184

Shes just a tomboy forced to be femenine, and hated the girly shit her mom loved and made her wear, so it would make sense

No. 230185

The writting feels appropriate for someone like her
Did you actually read it?

No. 230188


Yeah, she does. Most of her self-loathing, obsession over her image, her vindictiveness towards other women, and other problematic stuff, are attributed to her mom's influence. She comes to understand this over the course of the book that all of these thoughts stem from her mom, it's wrong, and she recovers from it.

Hating women, and wanting to be better than them because it's what her mom taught her:
>I hate when females are so obvious with their crushes. If you’re obvious, some other little bitch can come along and exploit that crush, use it against you, betray you with it. I learned this from Mom’s long-winded speeches about trusting women even less than men. “Men, they’ll hurt you without ever really knowing you,” she often told me. “But women… women will know you deeply, intimately, and then hurt you. You tell me which is worse.” And so I don’t trust women. I just observe them. I watch them act desperate and weak and pathetic. It’s so embarrassing to be a woman. I study women like Emmy so that I can be different from them. Better than them.

Recognizing that her thoughts about so much are attributed to her mom, and she has no thoughts and feelings of her own:
>My entire life’s purpose, keeping Mom alive and happy, was for nothing. All those years I spent focusing on her, all the time I spent orienting my every thought and action toward what I thought would please her most, were pointless. Because now she’s gone. I tried desperately to understand and know my mother—what made her sad, what made her happy, and on and on and on—at the expense of ever really knowing myself. Without Mom around, I don’t know what I want. I don’t know what I need. I don’t know who I am. And I certainly don’t know what to wish for.

Realizing her mom was wrong about so much, and actually abusive:
>Laura suggested that Mom was abusive. My whole life, my entire existence has been oriented to the narrative that Mom wants what’s best for me, Mom does what’s best for me, Mom knows what’s best for me. Even in the past, when resentments started to creep in or wedges started to come between us, I have checked those resentments and wedges, I have curbed them so that I can move forward with this narrative intact, this narrative that feels essential to my survival. If Mom really didn’t want what was best for me, or do what was best for me, or know what was best for me, that means my entire life, my entire point of view, and my entire identity have been built on a false foundation. And if my entire life and point of view and identity have been built on a false foundation, confronting that false foundation would mean destroying it and rebuilding a new foundation from the ground up. I have no idea how to go about doing this. I have no idea how to go about life without doing it in the shadow of my mother, without my every move being dictated by her wants, her needs, her approval.

No. 230206

Different anon, but she also has a very dry and sarcastic way of stating truths she believed as a child that are very obviously critical of those beliefs. Like saying that it was a fun and normal mother daughter bonding activity to count calories together.

No. 230213

I have been reading this book whenever I have had time to, even at work in a kitchen and on my breaks. It's impossible to put down. I'm only about half way through but it is very validating and emotional as someone who was raised by a single mom, who was a druggie and violent alcoholic. Even though the situations are obviously not the same, there were several moments in the book I deeply understood and felt the same. I feel so bad for what she went through, I hope she can enjoy the rest of her life freely and happily. It's so hard to find time to read, unfortunately. It'll be easier to finish when I'm off work, at least I'm a fast reader kek but I know I'm probably going to be emotional the further in I get. I was also happy when my mom died, I kind of get defensive when people ask me what I'm reading then wince at the title. Obviously abusive parents exist so what makes people get so upset at this title? They don't seem to understand the tremendous weight that gets lifted off the shoulders of abused children when their abuser finally dies. It's so freeing and sad but also necessary to get to the point of finally living your life.

I also felt like it was all very self aware. It felt like she was noting how she felt in those moments while purposefully highlighting how absurd it sounds in retrospect. Just the way she wrote it felt very obvious to me. I'm surprised nonnies are taking it at face value, she also does the same thing when talking about growing up religious. I think she's just showing what her thoughts were during her sheltered life to show how much she has changed. She seems to realizes how awful the things her mother taught her were and how damaging it was for her to follow her.

No. 230223

Sorry for the stupid question but do any of you know where i can get the book for free?

No. 230233

i got it off libgen

No. 230246

Idk about her being self-aware of her nlogging because she uses it to describe herself, as in, her own opinions of herself. One example is not liking stupid ruffles and preferring to be like her brothers. Her mother didn't teach her that. There are a lot of instances like this in the book.

No. 230254

Samefagging but tbh I can't really blame her for not wanting to be like "other girls," as she grew up in and around Hollywood, where the pickmeest of the pickmes and insufferable personalities reside.

No. 230265

I grew up with misogynists brothers and cousins and thought the same. It takes time to break the mold you grew up in all your formative years

No. 230350

This. I feel bad for what has happened to her growing up, but I feel nothing for her adult self because she is a gross person all on her own too.

No. 230354

Do some of you guys ever actually think before you type retard shit like this out? Like do you honestly believe that a woman who had suffered from emotional, mental, and sexual abuse from her mother and a producer/director for multiple children's shows as a child wouldn't be a little fucked up in her behavior at all?

No. 230356

I grew up in a warzone yet I am not an adult mass shooter, anon-chan. Stop making excuses for a grown misogynist woman.

No. 230358

You sound like a fucking autist, you war sufferer you. every child abuse victim must never actually have any affects from their abuse for i have lived through a warzone, so i have it wooooorse

No. 230361

Those are two completely different experiences that cannot be compared

No. 230362

Why do you think she’s gross now? Do you think all of those hateful thoughts and feelings she had towards other women, that were heavily influenced by her mom, have not gone away once she realized she doesn’t want to align herself with her mom’s beliefs anymore? Did she say something more recent that was bad?

No. 230363

Actually yeah, you can always write something worse and completely unreadable
Only quotes, will read it. I see your point
She seems kind of insufferable tbh but maybe i will change my mind once I get through the book. She's a literal who to me, can't believe anyone gave a fuck to those shitty Nicolodeon shows. American cultural imperialism has failed to popularize those in my country, kek. Thank God

No. 230366

Ikr, the more apt comparison would be like;
>grew up in a warzone, didn't become mass shooter
>grew up getting abused my multiple people/mostly mom, doesn't also abuse children
And seeing how jeanette doesn't apper to abuse kids, she is on a roll! Good luck to you too, autist warzone nonnie!

No. 230367

Isn't being a mass shooter a little different than being a bit of a nlog?

No. 230368

>gives retard opinion on book/jeanette mccurdy
>later admits that she never actually read the book/knows who jeanette mccurdy is


No. 230369

Obviously know I know from lolcow threads mentioning this book a few months ago. I wouldn't otherwise though I was aware of the shitty shows and Dan.
I don't give a fuck. Will see how I feel once I read the book

No. 230370

We nonnies at the lolcor dot farm absolutely cannot wait for your review, warzone-chan! Currently waiting with baited breath

No. 230377

I hope you don’t get blow’d up before you finish the book nona.

No. 230388

Maybe there's some shrapnel in your head, because those two things aren't even remotely comparable. You sound like those retards who berate people for being anorexic by pointing out that there are starving children in Africa.

No. 230408

some of you really don't understand the concept of an autobiography written as if it is happening in real time. If you think her thoughts when she was 13, 18, 21 etc , displayed truthfully as if in present moment means she believes them today, then there is a severe lack of reading comprehension.

Besides, sometimes the acknowledgement of problematic behaviors doesn't need to be spoonfed to the reader. It is obvious she grew and decided to write the book to show that. If we watched a show where after each problematic moment we had a disclaimer to satisfy the people who get triggered when a girl isn't perfect, we'd be asking for writers to assume we're retarded.

No, she didn't whitewash her thoughts and actions with a veneer of apologetic self-flagellation after each chapter. Big deal.

No. 230410

i hope she does and i hope she's palestinian

No. 230411

hey nona, ayrt, why don't we keep that gross racebaiting out of this thread? okay? okay.

No. 230412

Any anons listen to her podcast ‘dead inside’? She seems professional and interesting

No. 230413

>a disclaimer to satisfy the people who get triggered when a girl isn't perfect
Dude, she's 30. And the word you're looing for is a misogynist, she's being a misogynist - not "not perfect"

No. 230424

>shes 30

which is exactly my point. all the examples of misogyny quoted ITT are in reference to thoughts that she had when she was much younger. Don't expect a mentally ill child actor who had a narc mormon mom to be a beacon of feminist ideals, otherwise you will have serious challenges learning from anyone's biography or life story at all.

No. 230425

About 1/3 through. It's pretty heartbreaking how the father is treated, he seems like an alright guy. The mother is terrible, it's just nonstop emotional manipulation and ruining everyone else's lives, especially the hoarding. As for their poverty I don't feel bad for them, they chose to have 0 education and 4 children.

It's basically r/raisedbynarcissists. mother is living vicariously through the daughter. also seems like there's sexual molestation going on. why is the mother examining her genitals in the shower so much? That mother really just needed to be told "no" and "deal with it" for once in her life, she's fucking crazy.

No. 230427

File: 1660406984131.jpg (500.52 KB, 750x1299, IMG_4690.jpg)

Finished it last night, and like earlier anon's stated thought it was a cathartic read for anyone whose experienced an eating disorder or a complicated relationship with their mother.
The writing has an Amateur voice, which I felt faded in the last few chapters–maybe they were written by her editor or a ghost writer idk. Nothing new or incendiary about the pedo ring in Hollywood was revealed, so readers who are looking for drama in that realm would be disappointed.
10/10 Anons, give it a go before r9k and tiktok pickmes get it pulled from the shelves

No. 230433

You're right, I just finished the book and these anons are missing the point so hard. She clearly expressed her feelings as they were in that moment of her life, and personally I don't believe that any woman here didn't go through a phase of hating feminine things. This is incredibly common and normal, totally undeserving of scrutiny kek. And at the end of the day, she had 3 brothers.
Not to mention she did throw clearly sarcastic remarks every once in a while, to contrast how innocent/gullible/ignorant she was.

No. 230447

What? I'm not Paki-chan or whatever other personalityfag you mean. I pretty much stopped browsing lolcow so I have no idea who you think that I am. I don't expect you to care about my opinion on the book, I just expressed that I'm open to experiencing it and changing my mind despite some preconceptions.
Keep dreaming, asshats.

No. 230454

no one gives a shit, this thread is not about you

No. 230456

>personally I don't believe that any woman here didn't go through a phase of hating feminine things
Why would you think that? Idk about anyone else but even when I went through my "tomboy" phase I didn't hate girly things.

No. 230483

I think it's sadly very normal, almost every girl that enters puberty hates becoming a woman because of what it entails, and with that also comes the rejection of traditionally feminine things. It's just a byproduct of the way society treats and views women and I don't think little girls should be criticized and called misogynists for that.

No. 230485

Lmao I was so confused as to why people were shitting on those lines. I didn't understand because it was so obvious that it was just what she thought at the moment.

No. 230495

Probably even as young girls we notice men/boys are treated like king-gods and being a woman is objectively shit and slavery; and if we can only prevent our breasts from growing and keep wearing pants and acting like a tomboy, maybe we can avoid becoming a woman and get instead to sit with the men instead of becoming a second class citizen.

Everything about being a woman objectively sucks. Periods are humiliating, painful, and a pain in the ass. Breasts suck and need a bunch of special gear to keep them from hurting or showing or bouncing too much. women's clothes are uncomfortable. our shoes are uncomfortable. women always get criticized over their face and body and held to impossible standards while men do whatever they want and no one judges them. the men always get to have fun freely while the women have to crawl on their knees cleaning up after them. women have to endure childbirth while men make dad jokes and drink beer in front of the TV. women get raped and abused, men go on golf trips and get promotions.

If anything, puberty age girls acting misogynistic is just a desperate bid to somehow avert their fate and instead develop into a man and be accepted as a male. who the fuck would want to be a woman when we see that they're treated like doormats, bangmaids, and scullery slaves?

No. 230503

Thank you for expressing my point much better than I did nonna.
That part when she got her period in the middle of shooting and the whole crew found out immediately was so embarrassing for her it made me want to cry. Being a teenage girl in an environment like that just makes everything so much worse.

No. 230560

This is exactly how I felt as a kid! I used to say I wanted to be a boy, not because I wanted a fucking dick or anything, but because the boys were treated as actual kids who got to have fun and be rowdy while the girls were told to not get dirty. Teachers would laugh when the boys act out in class, then get pissed at the girls for talking. Watching 90s sitcoms as a kid and seeing the dynamics of the eye-rolling, buzzkill wife while the husband got to be goofy and funny made me think “fuck that”, why don’t we get to have fun or be the ones with the jokes? You see it all of the time as a kid and it’s easy to feel resentful of being pigeonholed due to your gender. Anyway sage for blogpost but I found it relatable

No. 230604

Both things can be true. She does sound like a turbo NLOG. And she can also rise above it. It doesn't negate the misogyny and NLOG she expressed in the book. Anons can discuss it without "missing the point".

No. 230605

I've listened to a couple of episodes. She's a great conversationalist and interviewer. Interesting insight into childhood stardom and she has relevant guests too.

No. 230606

This. She also says at one point how she totally doesn't have OCD, she has the holy ghost talking to her. Are we supposed to take that at face value too? Obviously not, but she wrote it because that is how she was thinking and feeling at the time. Anons sperging about how she is a misogynist and a 'gross person' for the feelings she had when she was much younger sound completely braindead.

No. 230615

File: 1660442742278.png (120.9 KB, 1088x930, review got the bible quotes.pn…)

Ladies, it's here. We have the 1-star goodreads reviews.

No. 230617

File: 1660443159435.jpg (6.74 KB, 200x200, 152691088.jpg)

Here's a close-up of the accused for your daily milk.

No. 230621

I read the book in two days but I wish there was more closure at the end of her chapters, especially about her Biological dad and Steven I didn't find the parts of her talking about ED in a romantic light, it actually motivated me to recover.

No. 230622

Heres a cool book and everyone here hates it

No. 230623

>tfw no schizophrenic Italian bf who thinks he's reincarnated Jesus

Also why did her grandmother start calling her a bitch and went crazy?

No. 230625

ART, There's a lot of plot holes that I want more answers to, maybe she'll write a sequel in her 40s, kek

No. 230626

the only one shitting on it was the warzone autist who didn't even read it beforehand

No. 230643

I'm currently up to the part where she's dating Joe, that 32 year old crew member, and I'm absolutely fucking fuming. The disgusting man child taking advantage of an 18 year old, complaining about how his "needs aren't met" because she won't fuck him and coercing her into blowjobs, whining about how he regretted breaking up with his girlfriend to date an 18 year old. God what the actual fuck.

No. 230659

I just got through that part too, what a pig

I'm up to the part where she's talking about directing an episode of Sam & Cat and we're supposed to assume it was Ariana who would have quit the show and therefore prevented her from directing, no?

No. 230662

The few interactions we get from the grandmother all seem unstable and crazy - young Jennette knocks on her door at one point asking her to hurry and the grandma screams "Why do you hate me!?" which I think points to some deeper issues. I agree though, I would've liked to know more about her father and more about the grandpa and 'dad' (mostly because wtf, how do you not step in at one point?).
Did you get to that 'what have I done?' moment yet? Wanted to fucking burn shit down.

No. 230663

I'm actually not sure about this one, why would she not want her to direct? I'd appreciate if any other nonny more knowledgeable about this could weigh in

No. 230664

I only figure it would be her because I can't think of anyone else who could have held "I'll leave the show if this happens" power in that cast/crew, but tbqh I'm not super familiar with that show. I sort of aged out of those shows shortly after iCarly started airing

No. 230666

NTA but that part was insane, and it really highlighted how naïve and vulnerable Jennette was even as an 18 year old.

I'm reading the e-book and nearing the end, honestly it's so surreal to read. I'm 24, so I was right in the target demo for iCarly and I was a HUGE fan, I've seen every episode. I cannot help but read some of Jennette's anecdotes in Sam Puckett's voice. The buttersock was just a funny gag when I was 12 but the way she recontextualizes it as a vapid prop in the background of her life is very grounding. Even this thread, with people calling her an NLOG, reminds me of vidrel; in the first scene in this comp, Freddie and Carly literally call her "not like other girls" lol.

Also: the fact that she and Miranda Cosgrove had a good friendship makes me really happy. I idealized Carly and Sam's friendship as a kid. My brother and I learned how to do the Ankle Shake lmao. I've been rewatching clips and the fact that her character is obsessed with food and has an ABUSIVE JOBLESS MOM?? It's just fucked. I HATE Dan Schneider.

No. 230677

Do you guys have access to any “free” pdfs/epubs of this book? I’m not spending $15 on it kek

No. 230678

Pirate it

No. 230679

It’s kind of funny that’s coming from an anon who’s posting on an image board where someone said they were slightly attracted to nerds candy gummy cluster mascots. They have no right to judge, we’re all fucked in the head here

No. 230716

moids be like:
>i'm going to date this 18 year old!
but then:
>wtf why is this 18 year old so immature and inexperienced!

No. 230720

i like her character actually. she should have absorbed lessons from that, such as slapping people. many people in her life really needed a good slap.
i can't believe men sexualized her when she looked so young. men are absolutely disgusting.

No. 230722

This is a book about an exploited childhood actress who was literally sexually assaulted and heavily emotionally abused by her own mother while living in a hoarder house full of shit, all while being indoctrinated into the mormon cult… and the thing you talk the most about is how she sounds "not like other girls"? Her upbringing was not like other girls, give her a break. She was processing shit while writting this and she needed to let it out, plus do you really think an memoir recounting her years of abuse has to be exatly as serious and academic as a wikipedia page? She did her best at writing this, also it's not like she considers herself an actress anymore, she thinks of herself as a writer and she has done other things after she stopped acting, not just this book. She has been abused her entire life, and she's still young, give her a fucking break.

I thought people here would like this book better, because it portrays the life of a victim of a narcissistic mother pretty well. Her mother was a monster and Jennette is learning to unlearn the jealousy her mom made her feel towards other actresses and women. Her mother was the cause of this insecurity. She's probably still working on this. So much damage isn't undone in just a few years. It's not like she has to give you a disclaimer every two pages about how "this is all how I felt back then, not now" because that's implied, if you can't understand it you might need help.

Plus… who the f cares? Is the fact that she's a bit of a nlog sometimes, enough to discredit this entire book? I'm glad she's exposing what others made her go through, specially at Nick. I'm glad she's talking about her narcissitic mother and she seems to be healing nowadays despite everything she went through. So many victims of one or the other can't even deal with the trauma, she got a lot of shit on her plate to sort through. If all you could focus on while reading this book is how she was "so much of an nlog" (didn't see it honestly) then maybe stick to lolcow's celebricows thread, clearly this isn't for you. I'm saying this because I'm very disappointed, I thought some of you were all about female solidarity (even though we all know we're on a gossip website, some of you like parrroting this around), and yet when this woman talks about her struggles you discredit her book because it didn't align 1 by 1 with your personal ideology. I'm not even a fan of hers and never watched either ICarly or Sam and Cat or any of those shows, her character and everything else about it was insufferable to me (specially her face was punchable) and I simply didn't care to watch shows with child/teen actors.

And don't lie and pretend you weren't a recovering nlog at some point too. The one who was never an nlog please throw the first rock. Inb4 "omg not me I was never an nlog uwu" you fucking liar

No. 230723

You didn't even read it and you dare give your opinion on shit you have no idea about? wew. What a fucking retard
God no I don't want to see the dumb shit you have to say.

No. 230724

And I grew up in a place with shit ton of shootings and narco violence, and I'm not a narco and hate guns. However, I can have some empathy for someone like Jennette who is doing her best despite her circumstances. You're extremely retarded, specially because you didn't even read the book before saying your stupid opinion about it.

No. 230726

See the thing about this is that it reads to me as if she was recounting the things she felt in that time, just like how she talked through all the book about other experiences. And she's not like "this is totally the universal truth and things I still feel" these are ideas her enviorment put in her vulnerable young self, and these are things she learnt to believe her entire life thanks to her mother and her acting career. I believe she realizes this, that the way her mother made her think and feel, wasn't good.

No. 230727

nonnie is angry but she's right

this country fails our children. scrotes are obsessed with forcing us to produce more children for them, but we don't take care of the children already here. the US has absurd rates of child abuse that are not reflected in statistics because the victims never come forward, and even if they try to speak about it, they're invalidated and gaslit that it never happened. they get treatment like, "but she's your MOTHER, you can't say that about her!" or "you're just an ungrateful brat! it wasn't that bad, you're making it up!" by what i've heard from actually speaking to people, child abuse, on any level of the abuse spectrum, is more common than a healthy family dynamic. it's easier to find someone who was abused than to find someone who was raised with love and respect. this nation is dysfunctional in many ways but the US absolutely has a child abuse epidemic that everyone refuses to speak about. our education standards are also deplorable, and abuse is spoken about as if only a kid walking around with a black eye has the right to say they are abused, and even then the national culture would tell them to tough it out and keep quiet. emotional and verbal abuse can do just as much damage or more as physical abuse.

everyone pretends they care about oppressed and marginalized people but it's all hot wind to virtue signal without needing to leave their comfort zone. in reality an oppressed and marginalized person shows up (someone who suffered child abuse) and everyone starts screaming at them that they need to shut up and they're just a lying ungrateful bitch to say that about mommy dearest. it's really sick and needs to change.

No. 230728

anon im reading her book and i like it but are we seriously going to shame other women for their appearance on a thread like this, also that woman looks brainwashed by religion, kinda hypocritical to post her.

No. 230729

But she's not a cute Hollywood actress so her misogyny doesn't get a pass.

No. 230730

i have no problem with someone being ugly, but she and her husband look like they live in a gingerbread house and diddle children on the weekends. you can see the evil in their eyes.

No. 230731

I don't think most of you would survive either an abusive narcissitic mother or a child acting career and not turn into at least partially into a nlog or pickme. It takes lesser to become one, it's highly encouraged everywhere you go, and I'm sure most of you had nlog or pickme behaviors at some point.

No. 230733

The child her experienced those feelings, the 30yo her chose to weaponize this book to air those feelings and get revenge on girls who had nothing to do with her abuse. Her mom sicks, she herself sucks too. Jealous women are not safe to be around.

No. 230735

Nta but imagine thinking that a review this objectively bad deserves anything but mockery. I don't even care about her looks, it's completely stupid to disregard what Jennette tells us as a victim, the review reads like this reviewer didn't even read the whole book and she's critizicing it on the title alone (like another retard itt is doing).
Also, she's using biblical quotes to discredit what Jennette went through and excuse her mother. One of the verses literally says "if she doesn't listen to her mother she needs to be disciplined to death with stones" even though the passage also says something about a drunktard male son, not a physically, emotionally abused child actress. Then she goes to quote another one that says "disobey your mother and your eyes will be eaten by vultures". Come the fuck on, stop being so obtuse.

No. 230737

>let's victim-blame!

No. 230738

Oh no… I know what kind of idiot you are now. You think anything artistic that comes out as a vent = bad and problematic. Yep, you're a retard.

Where is the fucking revenge? It didn't feel like revenge. It felt like someone who was hurt and saddened about shit that deeply affected her, recounting everything that happened with almost no filter. "Jealous women are not safe to be around" yet you hang out on lolcow where we have literal threads full of people obsessed with others using apps to stalk them (refer to /ot/). Where is the fucking weaponization of this book? Why are you so sure she's not working through the trauma? Why do you like pulling shit out your ass?

No. 230739

You're not helping the woman you're projecting on by going around the internet and calling people retards for not agreeing with you.

No. 230740

>let's disparage and invalidate an abuse victim! and if you don't respond to our malice with grammar school level proper manners and queen's english, you're the one who is at fault!

don't you have a lawn to report to a HOA board for being cut out of regulation length?

No. 230741

It's transgressive books like these, books where women are vocal and express their distress about society and their upbringing, the ones we need the most in this oppresive society. In this society where women are made to shut up and get over it. In this society where your abusers have more power over you. In this society where people who have experienced similar things to her are silenced. Where the extent of the abuse childhood actors, and anyone who was forced to work since an early age -the family vlogger kid side of this also counts- is simply barely talked about in favor of these big companies. I'm thankful this book exists even if it isn't perfect. I'm glad someone with her fame, somehting she never wanted, was able to speak out about her own experiences, and this book will probably help other victims too. Hell I didn't even have that bad of an upbringing and I found myself relating to some of it.

No. 230742

Says the kettle to the pot, you're not helping anyone either, retard.

No. 230743

are you perhaps helping those women too by pulling shit our your ass? No I don't think so, you're sitting in front of a computer on an imageboard. Go help women out there if you care this much.

No. 230747

File: 1660493232953.gif (397.57 KB, 200x186, 8fe102cb1d11f2b3ce738eb3126ebc…)

>other girls are pretty and popular!
>people don't like my book!
>help me my monkeys!
>vict1m forever special pass!

No. 230750

Don't reply to the obvious bait nonnas. Just move on with the discussion.

No. 230757

Yeah the retard is just mad that they were called a retard itt. Should take their own advice, help women in this thread by shutting the fuck up, and "get over it".

No. 230758

i can't imagine who would defend child abusers except other child abusers.

people lose their minds when you imply that mothers can hate, maltreat, and emotionally/verbally abuse their children, let alone physically/sexually. it makes their tiny little brain short circuit. then they lash out with retard rage like a neanderthal.

i know we hate reddit but that sub is genuinely good, and there are always discussions that come up where people attest that randoms are more inclined to defend the abuser than to believe the abuse victim. it's like speaking to a brick wall, they just refuse to comprehend it because they care more about defending their own worldview and ego than about validating someone who survived child abuse and opened up about it. these people will absolutely burn in hell. jesus taught the exact opposite of this mentality. jesus himself said that "they would read(hear) but not comprehend." (variation thereof.) and the people most inclined to spit out bible verses to defend child abusers don't even understand jesus's teachings at the most basic level. they're twisted, blind creatures of hatred and selfishness, and somehow these same creatures love to pretend they're pious and virtuous.

No. 230762

You don't need to pretend to be any more retarded btw you already proved you were one.

No. 230767

It's so strange that the second you become a mother it's like a free pass to be malicious and abusive and no one will bat an eye. But women who are not/not yet mothers? God forbid they vent about something, what a stupid pick me bitch!

No. 230769

Personally I appreciated her airing out her bitterness and resentment in the book. I like reading stuff like that, even if it makes her into an imperfect woman, a subpar feminist or whatever the fuck. Why must we always expect women to be pleasing, agreeable, humble and obedient despite the things they went through? How can she not have ugly thoughts in her head, after a mother like that? To not have them would be unrealistic and almost saintly, clearly something people want even if it doesn't make sense.

Anons that complain about her expressing her jealousy and negativity (something she even acknowledges that she is unlearning) just want her to be a "good sport" like everyone else did. Everyone wants women to behave and stay in their lane.

No. 230770

>I'm saying this because I'm very disappointed, I thought some of you were all about female solidarity
Most of the thread shows solidarity, it's only a minority of nonas that don't

No. 230771

seriously. her mom made her grow up in a hoarding house and gave her anorexia on purpose. and people are ragging on her for not being nice enough. we have no obligation to be agreeable in a situation that is disagreeable.

No. 230772

>Personally I appreciated her airing out her bitterness and resentment in the book. I like reading stuff like that, even if it makes her into an imperfect woman
Same here. It makes her human. I'd take 100 imperfect women to the cookie cutter uwu fake positivity shit you see everywhere. At least she knows she's not perfect and she's not pushing out the idea that she is.
>Anons that complain about her expressing her jealousy and negativity (something she even acknowledges that she is unlearning) just want her to be a "good sport" like everyone else did.
This is why I like that she's more raw, something you don't seem to find in any of the mainstream celebrities nowadays. All of them must project a facade of uncancellable perfection, while being absolutely terrible in their personal life. It's not like jealousy or competitiveness in women isn't encouraged by society itself, but at least she's sorting things out instead of continuing being shackled to her old feelings and thought patterns. She has a bunch of shit to sort out too.

No. 230776

People are expecting perfection from her, because all they want to see is a "I was faced with adversity and I have 100% overcome that adversity" but recovering from an abusive childhood, the time of your life where you are supposed to build a solid foundation to become a normal, functioning person in society, takes a lifetime. It's unfair to expect her to be perfect, to have completely undone a whole lifetime's worth of damage by the age of 30 when she's only begun to realize how fucked up her life has been within the last few years.

It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. What if she had gone full batshit like a lot of other child stars do? The fact that she has come this far is amazing and shows how resilient she is.

I'm not sure how to feel watching this. On one hand, the clips put a smile on my face. I adored iCarly, and Sam really was one of my favorite characters (I loved how unapologetic and aggressive she was). But on the other hand, it hurts to watch now knowing the struggles Jennette faced.

No. 230777

Example: I'm sure Ariana Grande also went through jealousy, abuse, etc. But she's somehow perfect and wholesome and uwu. I'm sure she will never speak badly about Dan Schneider even if it would be very interesting to read and shine light on a lot of things, because she got a career out of him. Still… I simply can't blame Ariana Grande either, not when I know she's also a victim. I feel like everything fucked up about her, like the eating disorder, the pretending to be a yassgirlboss while she herself knows she's very vulnerable, the wanting to stay young as long as possible, and all the plastic surgeries are just a symptom of trying to cope with being a child actress. She feels like a character of a character of her real self, a bimbofied pedo-pandering celebrity, and a victim of hollywood and fame. The line between what she chose for herself and what she was made to be is blurry to me.

No. 230779

>It's unfair to expect her to be perfect, to have completely undone a whole lifetime's worth of damage by the age of 30 when she's only begun to realize how fucked up her life has been within the last few years.
>What if she had gone full batshit like a lot of other child stars do? The fact that she has come this far is amazing and shows how resilient she is.
This. I think she's strong too. At least she admits her faults and know there's a lot of shit she must heal. Most other child actors cope with drugs and other unhealthy behaviors. The fact that she's still standing after everything she went through is impressive to me.
>But on the other hand, it hurts to watch now knowing the struggles Jennette faced.
The one scene where her naked body could be seen in iCarly (she was underage therefore it was removed after airing I think) feels even more perverse to me now. Add this on top: I'm sure a bunch of fucking disgusting men still use this scene for wanking material. That's fucked up.

No. 230781

seriously, it's like being 5-10 years behind your peers, right out of the gate. thanks mom. and people expect them to spin around and suddenly be perfect and put together. what recovery looks like is a messy struggle for years, poor performance comparative to people who weren't emotionally kneecapped, and coming preloaded with a host of bad habits and dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours. it isn't cute or fun to deal with. and society expects these struggling young adults to put on a pretty princess dress and dance around and be a millionaire with a dedicated charity fund to help other abused children, as if it's a problem outsiders can solve by throwing money at it. what it feels like is having been robbed of your youth and starting adulthood already in a deep chasm you have to dig yourself out of solo, while already exhausted and struggling emotionally. while the same people who excuse your parents' abusive behavior and say "you're just a lying jealous bitch" spin around and expect you to act performatively for their entertainment.

yes actually, children are allowed to hate their mothers. no one has ever genuinely hated their own mother without a damned good reason. it's unnatural and takes a lot to get to that situation, and society needs to shut their mouth and believe the victims.

No. 230785

>People are expecting perfection from her, because all they want to see is a "I was faced with adversity and I have 100% overcome that adversity" but recovering from an abusive childhood, the time of your life where you are supposed to build a solid foundation to become a normal, functioning person in society, takes a lifetime.

The same could be said for Venus. Anons in her thread are unhinged as fuck. Did people really expect her to be normal after seeing what her whole life with her mom was like? Not to turn this thread into a pity party for Venus, but I feel there are parallels between the way she and Jeanette were exploited and taught to behave by their mothers.

No. 230818

Found the book boring to be honest but if writing it helped her heal then I’m happy for her

No. 230829

>picking the mean girl character no one remembers from that movie and comparing her to a goth icon like wednesday adams KEK

No. 230849

Im like 3/4 finished with the book and i really want to write this long ass comment cause i wanna put all of my thoughts in one single post and also cuz my tinfoil bells are ringing, but i'll try to trim the fat and keep this one foil free
So on a more generally accepted note, im pretty certain that jeanette's mother had undiagnosed borderline personality disorder, which is honestly surprising to me because a vast majority of the fame chasing parent types instead usually have narcissistic personality disorder which i was originally looking out for. Although, jeanette's mother did have/show plenty of narcissistic tendencies and raised their household similarly to a narcissists i.e. the 'favorite' and 'unfavorite' child, wearing the pants in her romantic relationship and consistently downing/abusing the other parent privately and publicly, the passive other parent, etc. idk maybe im wrong on my armchair diagnosis tbh, but her mother was just SO emotional and, even though us readers can only go off of jeanette's worldview, those emotions came off genuine. True narcissists cannot experience a full range of emotions and are inable to express them, they can only imitate to a point. Jeanette's mother's emotions were big and fast-changing. There was a point in the book where her mom calls jeanette her best friend, and it honestly felt like it at that point - the mom had very few relationships outside of her family before jeanette was a regular on nick and those were not very tight-knit. The fact that her mom is a hoarder tells that she cannot easily let go of material objects/the past i.e. has severe nostalgia. Seeing her mother as borderline, jeanette ends up coming off as not only the 'favorite child', but also her mother's 'favorite person'. Jeanette acknowledges that in a way from a very young age, the fact that her mom's emotions sway mostly on her. Jeanette is seen as by her mother as her little doll, her emotional lifeline, and as her mother herself. Jeanette has to love pink and frills and acting because her mother, herself, loves those things. She fucking gets anorexia because her mom taught her from her own anorexia. Also, with the way jeanette's grandmother acts towards her, i believe she has bpd as well, making it a kind of multiple generational trauma. Jeanette, herself, could possibly have bpd. I, myself, honestly doubt it, but who knows?

No. 230852

File: 1660515496850.jpg (11.26 KB, 300x286, downloadfile-1.jpg)

Also im so happy jeanette had miranda as a bestie!!! You always just need that one relationship help you throughout the fog nonnies, that one beacon of light!!

No. 230862

I never watched the show or knew who Jeanette was until her nudes got leaked (unfortunately) but the fact that her and Miranda were good friends makes me feel all fuzzy inside

No. 230882

Kek. Love when people parrot bible verses without understanding what they are parroting. Being able to spit out bible verses on command =/= understanding the message. It's exhausting when people think "but I'm a Christian!" is a shield they can use to avoid criticism. Sanctimonious hypocrites.
>It's unfair to expect her to be perfect, to have completely undone a whole lifetime's worth of damage by the age of 30 when she's only begun to realize how fucked up her life has been within the last few years.
I'm shocked she didn't try a suicide attempt. Having to cater to your mother's emotions as a young child is beyond messed up. Her mother emotionally blackmailed her by bringing up how at 2 years old she kept singing Jingle Bells while told her mom has cancer. She calls her a stinker and makes the whole family watch her cancer videos. I'm torn between horror and absolute rage. I know an extended family member who piled all her emotional crap (cancer included) onto her 4 year old. She told her daughter stuff she never told any other adult family member. I see parallels and want to puke. Side note: no, I couldn't do anything because CPS doesn't care as long as the child doesn't have injuries/bruises, is "fed", and has a roof over their head. Tried to have her stay over to alleviate the insanity but she would cry and worry about her mom not even 2 hours in at my parents place.

No. 230885

Yeah I teared up when I was reading the parts about how positive Miranda was for her. It's really nice to know that their friendship was genuine, and it wasn't just a performance.

No. 230899

What's your tinfoil nona! I have a small tinfoil, not about the content of the book but I sort of wonder if they purposely printed a small amount of books so it'd sell out fast as a form of marketing? Like "oh look it's SO popular you can't even get your hands on it!" It's been so long since I've seen a book sell out like this, and I think it's especially weird for a memoir to sell out so fast. My local Barnes and Noble sold out in under an hour the day it released. I know it's gotten a ton of press but still, seems a little weird to me.

No. 230904

I just don't think it was anticipated by anyone especially retailers, and they're the ones that decide how much stock to buy. Shes not even b-list.

No. 230921

Low print numbers combined with celebrity tea as marketing bait led to it being sold out. Which is a good marketing strategy in itself.
Too bad it doesn't deliver on what it advertises. It's very low on Dan and no tea on celebrities just a girl being catty, everything else is about her mother.
The reddit narc family subs will like it tho.

No. 230925

>everything else is about her mother.
Well yeah it's in the title. When was it advertised as celebrity tea?

No. 230951

Never once did they promise “celebrity tea”. This was a memoir about her struggles throughout life that stemmed from her mother, not “juicy hot celebrity gossip”.

Your take on it is nearly as uninspired as warzone nona earlier.

No. 230961

I got pissed and called in sick to work. I am going to spend the rest of the day reading this book. I'll report back because I'm excited that other nonnies are discussing!!

No. 230962

Please explain what you thought it was supposed to deliver on based on the title "I'm Glad My Mom Died" kek

No. 230963

That's fair, but the simple fact even Amazon is still out of stock and has been for days is strange to me. it's gotten hype since she announced it in the spring, so you'd think they'd be prepared. Personally I didn't even think I wanted to read it until the day before it came out, so I do see how it wasn't anticipated to be a huge hit.

A lot of YouTubers were trying to spin it as celebrity tea. A snippit about Ariana Grande was released before the book was so I guess people assumed Jennette was going to be talking a lot of shit.

No. 230966

Wow you're a real retard

No. 230967

It was never meant to be celeb gossip you dumb celebricows poster. It was a memoir of her experiences growing up with and abusive mother, she didn't do it to satisfy your curiosity about other celeb's lives, she did it because it's been a good while since she moved onto other projects and she's been processing all the trauma from her acting years. If you want celeb gossip, go read a magazine.

No. 230968

>The buttersock was just a funny gag when I was 12 but the way she recontextualizes it as a vapid prop in the background of her life is very grounding.
Sam was one of my favorite characters as a silly autist who thought violence was funny, but also had her own vulnerabilities. I'm very sad to hear the woman who brought to life a character like that suffered so much and found it painful to do.

No. 230969

Youtubers are stupid and never a good source of information. Idk why everyone immediately runs with whatever they say with no critical thinking skills involved

No. 230970

probably because it's actually a fresh thought from an honest voice, and not more regurgitated leftroon-approved MFA garbage. readers can tell when a book is honest versus contrived.

No. 230973

But Jennette McCurdy always played it straight, she never said "I will deliver the gossip!!! Read my book about Ariana Grande and co!!!!" She always said it was a memoir about her experiences with her mother, this of course includes her mother's impact in her life and the acting career she never wanted (it was her mother's dream, not her's).

The fact everyone else's take out of this book is that there is some paragraphs about other actors so that means that all the book is about celebrity gossip means 1.These people never cared about what actually happened to Jennette 2.Everyone lacks an alarming set of reading comprehension skills 3.People rather read or were expecting to read something sensationalist than a memoir

No. 230974

>blah blah blah child abuse, don't care, where is my celebrity gossip?!?!!?
hell is empty, the demons are all up here using twitter

No. 230978

>These people never cared about what actually happened to Jennette
You're shocked people want to know what she can deliver in gossip instead of her irrelevant zlist private life?

No. 230979

You're retarded. The point is that she never said anything about gossip.

No. 230980

If you believe youtubers in the year of our lady 2022 it's your fault anon.

No. 230981

>she's famous but not famous enough, therefore she isn't deserving of empathy and human dignity
get an exorcism

No. 230990

legit touch grass and stop using the internet

No. 231001

>A lot of YouTubers were trying to spin it as celebrity tea. A snippit about Ariana Grande was released before the book was so I guess people assumed Jennette was going to be talking a lot of shit.
It's wasn't just the youtubers. All the legitimate news sources she chose to send her book snippets to in order to promote it and give us a preview of what to expect were like that. Always her quotes about her refusing the N money so she can talk freely about the dynamic on the set and her own comments on her famous costars. Her entire orchestrated pre-release book PR push across multiple platforms was the same celebrity tea shit + a dash of mom.
I was pretty disappointed to read to find out her snippets were just bait and then be slapped in the face with her incest with her mom and brother. Zero content warning on incest btw.

No. 231003

Are content warnings the new norm or

No. 231005

Does being forced by your narc mom to take an uncomfortable shower with your equally uncomfortable brother really count as incest though?

No. 231006

NTA but content warnings are not a bad thing no need to get triggered over the mere mention of them

No. 231014

>an uncomfortable shower
Read the book.

No. 231022

I did. I think I took the incest thing the wrong way though - I thought you meant incest with Jennette and her brother. If you meant the mother and Jennette and her brother then I agree with you.

No. 231027

I figured you didn't read because reducing it to "an uncomfortable shower" was a lot and I didn't want to start an argument about that. Yes that's what I meant.

No. 231032

Hes not an alright guy. He was a coward who emotionally deserted the children he was responsible for and allowed them to stay in a home that was abusive, neglectful, and filthy. He never stood up for any of his kids, nor did he do the right thing by divorcing his wife or at least not letting her trash their house and sexually abuse his children. He's a spineless, neglectful worm that should rot.

No. 231033

>It's wasn't just the youtubers. All the legitimate news sources she chose to send her book snippets to in order to promote it and give us a preview of what to expect were like that.
That's on them, they know this will simply sell more than just "daughter suffers narcissistic abuse from her mom", because people are stupid and don't care about women suffering, they only care about dumb celeb gossip.
>Always her quotes about her refusing the N money
Well, she never wanted to be an actress, she feels happy she didn't accept the money, and she described it as integrity. Not as "omg yeah guys because I'm so much better than those celebs"

No. 231034

Hear! Hear!

No. 231041

Did anyone notice she thanked Ariana in the acknowledgments? That confused me since we were led to believe Ariana tried to sabotage Jeanettes directing opportunity and Jeanette has also made skits clearly making fun of her. Even if the resentment she talked about was retrospective and not meant to be a reflection of her current feelings, that other stuff makes it a little weird that the acknowledgements imply they're besties now.

No. 231043

She never said it was her explicitly, but she never corrected people for thinking it's her either. I think she wants to play both sides, appeal to Ariana haters but also have a "See, I thanked her, I'm not a mean girl" alibi.

No. 231049

Do you think authors have an omnipotence on what media outlets say? Reporters and interviews will always highlight anything that might interest the public more, hence the sensationalism.

No. 231056

I agree with you, most of the time I saw someone talking about the book it involved Nick but there wasn’t much in there. Like 25% of the book is about her eating disorder which I didn’t see anyone mention.

No. 231065

People want the drama deets with the big corp since it is trendy to shit on big corps. No one finds anorexia shocking anymore.

No. 231089

No I had this thought too but by Ari she means her boyfriend who is literally named Ari. I was confused at first too because I thought no way they’re that close and I was right, it’s not Ariana grande.

No. 231092

i dont know why some anons here desperately want to make excuses for her pickme behaviour.

Like you do realise someone can be a victim and also have bad qualities or do bad things. The two color thinking in this thread is weird where if someone is a victim then everything they do is pure and good.

like both things can be true: she is a vitcim but she also is a pickme who is still seething at ariana even in 2022.

No. 231095

>someone is a victim then everything they do is pure and good.
No one is saying that. What anons are saying is that yes, she used to have a fucked up thinking but with everything she wrote seems like she's working through it. It's not a matter of "yes she's a pure baby angel", it's a matter of her deserving to be understood even if she isn't 100% perfect because she shows signs of wanting to become better.
>she also is a pickme who is still seething at ariana even in 2022.
I'm starting to believe you keep coming to this thread just to defend Ariana Grande kek

No. 231097

>she also is a pickme who is still seething at ariana even in 2022.
And I'm sure Ariana Grande still seethes at everyone and says fucked up shit without admiting any fault at all. Also, she's a bigger pickme.

No. 231098

tell me where i fucking said she doesn't deserve to be understood, that was the point of my post that she was a victim of her mother and dan but that doesn't change the fact that she has pickme tendencies and thats okay because no victim is perfect and we need to stop treating victims like pure angels.
>keep coming to this thread just to defend Ariana Grande kek
this is my first time posting about this do you think every anon is the same person, also its not about ariana, you can replace ariana with any other woman and jennete would still come of as looking jealous and bitter over the fact that her costar is more famous.

No. 231107

Who said she was a pure angel?

No. 231108

Chill out lmao

No. 231111

Anon I think you're taking this too personally. No one described her as a pure angel. No one said she doesn't have bad traits. Anons agree she has bad traits and are just saying that her being a "pickme" shouldn't be the only thing you should focus on.

No. 231114

>you can replace ariana with any other woman and jennete would still come of as looking jealous and bitter over the fact that her costar is more famous.
That's the whole point. That she used to be in a bad emotional spot. She couldn't proces her feelings until a while after her mother died. The way she talked in this book about her life makes you experience things alongside her in real time. The truth is, no one knows if she still harbors jealousy, her mom died pretty recently in 2018, and her acting career also ended that year. I believe she has been processing things for a few years now, but there's so much on her plate. If she was able to acknowledge that she was bitter and jealous, then perhaps she's now trying to become less so. Who knows.

All in all you come off as an autist that can only hyperfocus on one single thing and takes everything at face value. Get checked.

No. 231115

Some girls really are not like other girls…in their own perception of other people. For example, in Jennette's case, other girls don't live in hoarder houses or have abusive stage moms. IMO, the NLOG mindset is sometimes just a coping strategy when you know your situation is shit; you think, well other girls are spoiled (read: had normal upbringings) so of course I'm not like them, and in fact I'm better for having suffered. It takes a lot of healing and reflection to realize your faults, and even your good and valuable traits, are IN SPITE of your surroundings.

Also as an aside, re-watching iCarly clips reminds me of how funny I thought Sam was. I remember watching the show as a kid, and my dad was like, "that blonde girl is seriously funny, she has a future in comedy." I had friends who that iCarly was dumb and would still laugh at Sam's lines. Jennette was so skilled, and I could easily imagine her as a comedy darling like Amy Poehler if she just had better people around her.

No. 231117

It's also not hard to feel angry at the fact that Ariana had loving parents, came from money, and did play the Dan Schneider game. She's of course also a victim, but putting myself in Jennette's shoes, I would definitely be upset too

No. 231124

adding to this, Ariana went off to do what she actually wanted to do, "play around", sing like she always dreamed of, whatever. While Jennette had to cover for her and work in an industry she never, ever wanted to be a part of. Of course, I know Ariana still went through abuse after she started singing, but I also understand why someone deeply hurt with a shitty life like Jennette would feel jealous. I think most of us would.

No. 231129

I'm a few years older than you and have never seen iCarly before this month but holy hell that retarded baby voice Ariana is doing in the video you posted makes me want to die. I wonder how much Schneider encouraged that?

No. 231138

Nta but Ariana's character got progressively worse and worse over the course of Victorious and Sam and Cat. At the start of Victorious Cat was just a slightly dumb and quirky but still relatively normal girl, but by the end she got flanderized into the ditzy, baby voiced womanchild you see here. It's very disturbing.

No. 231152

File: 1660622602164.gif (8.19 MB, 400x225, download.gif)

honestly what happened to ariana grande is very fucking sad too. You can see the real passion she had for singing and acting.

No. 231155

Aw young Ariana (before PS) always reminds me of young Brittny Murphy.

No. 231156

Samefagging to say Brit also had a passion for singing and performing. Ariana was really lucky to have her mom, brother and grandparents at the time. But I still wonder if she has come across people in the industry that have wronged her which is why she acts weird and male-pandering like. Brittany was once told she was huggable but not fuckable, and that she was fat which contributed to her going downhill a little bit until that man that entered her life had made her go down even further. I'm sorry if this is all jumbled, but I hope you understand what I mean. I just wish things could've been different for everyone.

No. 231227

>The one scene where her naked body could be seen in iCarly (she was underage therefore it was removed after airing I think) feels even more perverse to me now.
What the FUCK? How was that even allowed? Even if Dan had a lot of power did no one on set question how fucked up that was or try to protect her?

No. 231259

if you are talking about the one where she is in a dressing room trying a dress and it's supposedly slipping down as she tries to get something from miranda, i'm pretty sure this is an edit(unlesss i'm wrong but that's what i read and i hope it is)

No. 231334

You're right, but LC is full of the same insane kinds of people who bash VenusAngelic, claim she was never abused and are ironically the biggest fucking NLOGs and pickmes that love shitting on other women for not being perfect automatons. I really hope the anons saying she's a gross person as an adult are just teenagers. I'm only about 60% of the way in, but she goes into so many of her mistakes and unflattering thoughts. She literally writes about her OCD as the "voice of the Holy Spirit" initially because that's what she thought it was as a child. You have to be bananas to think all of this is to be taken at face value. It's painfully obvious she was just laying out the shitty mindset imposed on her by her life circumstances. If you honestly need an apology and a disclaimer every fucking paragraph, you should stay away from anything that isn't pure fluff. I also feel like some anons are too naive to realize that nearly all the girls and women in Hollywood still have that same mindset she described. Pickme thoughts, jealousy, internalized misogyny. All of it is literally groomed into them by a combination of industry practices, constant self-criticism and regular abuse from narcissistic individuals with power. They're pushed to see each other as competition. None of your successful "faves" are exempt, they pretty much have to adopt that POV to succeed. At best, they can turn the shit off sometimes and breathe. If you defend someone like Ariana Grande in this context and unironically think you're being "anti-pickme", you're lying to yourself

No. 231338

Yes, some perverted scrote must have edited the scene because Jenette was wearing an orange dress in the original. The edit showed her entire boob, like nipples and everything. The sexual obsession men have with teenage girls is fucking disturbing.

No. 231358

>But I still wonder if she has come across people in the industry that have wronged her which is why she acts weird and male-pandering like.
I think this stuff was imposed onto her but then she fully embraced it. Her nickelodeon character was already pretty infantilized, but they ramped up the "sexiness" (gag) after she started singing more. It's weird that she looked more normal as a teen, but then they gave her a "young, cutesy, but bdsm and sexy" right after she became a 20 something.

No. 231374

No. 231385

honestly she's really brave to turn that 300k down. i would have taken it. reasoning being that there are a lot of pedos/creeps out there but only 1 me about to get a payday. surprised they didn't have her whacked.

No. 231389

>her dad starts dating his deceased wife's only adult friend Karen barely a week she after she passes

I get anons are still sperging about her being a NLOG, and her mom teaching her the same, but man that really made me sad for her.

She calls her mom a narcissist, but like another Anon I actually think her grandmother was the narc and raised a daughter with BPD. I imagine she probably nitpicked her body heavily growing up and told her she needed to marry a man who could take care of her and gave her those views. Then Jenette's mother ended up harming her daughter by being controlling in a way that let her live through her.

>"Men, they’ll hurt you without ever really knowing you,” she often told me. “But women… women will know you deeply, intimately, and then hurt you. You tell me which is worse.”

Karen probably WAS a bad friend, and her husband probably was cheating on her behind her back and she knew but her BPD brain made her lash out at him constantly and focus harder on Jenette instead of handling it in a mature way. I feel bad for her.

No. 231391

that detail is insane and it's not discussed enough. book is titled after her mom but her dad sucks too.

No. 231415

Sage for a dumb question but does anyone else get the impression that Jennette might be bisexual or a lesbian? Or am I just projecting her iCarly character onto her?

No. 231425

family she's dated like 4 different guys and 0 women. pretty sure she likes bananas not peaches.

No. 231461

Hopefully she makes a "I'm glad my dad is dead" sequel then

No. 231485

I fucking hate her dad. He was a spineless, ineffectual piece of shit who, along with the grandpa, watched Jennette work herself into a mental breakdown without doing a thing to step in. She brings up some nice memories she has with him, but they're all when she's very small and her view of her parents would have been relatively uncomplicated.
That aside, who cares if the mother is BPD, a narc, or the child of a narc? What she did to Jennette was monstrous and you won't catch me feeling sorry for her for a second. She had to feel up her own daughter, bathe her with her brother, teach her to count calories, and verbally intimidate her, all because her friend and husband were having an affair? I'm sure Karen was a bad friend, narcs don't usually form long-term non-blood relationships with nice people.

No. 231492

>I feel there are parallels between the way she and Jeanette were exploited and taught to behave by their mothers.
NTA, I agree. I mean, this shit is extremely Margaret (and she actually tried to do it):
>I read another email. This one’s titled “Letter To Your Fans.” I open it up and find a scathing note attached, a note that Mom tells me she’s posted to an online Jennette McCurdy fan club in an attempt to get my fans to flee from me. She says that she’s gonna steal all my fans, that she deserves them more than I do, that she swears to God she’s gonna sign up for Vine and they’re all gonna love her comedy videos.

No. 231525

So, has anyone else searched for the mentioned moments of the show while reading the book? I bet it's a completely different experience if you've watched the series before, but even without knowing anything, it was still heartbreaking for me to watch the clips and know what was going on in the head of the girl featured.

Here's one I remembered the most:
> A shoot day. It took an hour and a half for Patti — my makeup artist but also one of my dear friends in this crew — to do my makeup because I couldn’t stop crying. I’m a mess. I’m distraught. I feel deceived and hurt and angry
>I pull on my costume sluggishly and head down to set. I haven’t memorized my lines because I don’t care anymore. I wish they would just fire me. This place is toxic and bad for my already poor mental health. I want out.
>I arrive to set for a scene in a boxing ring. (One of my castmates plays a boxer who is managed by a ten-year-old.) I thumb through my lines, silent.
>We start rolling. First take, I get through— barely. Second take, I get through — barely. Third take — I don’t get through at all. In the middle of my second line, my breathing gets away from me and speeds up, like it does whenever a panic attack is coming on. Shit. I see stars. I’m afraid I’m gonna pass out. Then I collapse on the floor. My chest heaves. Drool spills out of my mouth as the most hideous, intense cry of my life pours out of me. In front of everyone: the cast, the crew, the extras.

She looks so out of it, my heart hurts from how clearly all the feelings she described are visible on the video.

No. 231528

NTA but that literally doesn't mean anything kek she was raised as a Mormon on top of her mother telling her that all women were awful. Any possible gay feelings were probably stamped down by those factors. I definitely get bisexual vibes from her that have been suppressed due to her trauma and upbringing.

No. 231530

What the fuck she looks so miserable.

No. 231544

CWs are fine for communication between consumers of media but the idea of books having to come with a front-page list of content warning topics as a matter of course is very stupid.

No. 231548

it was clear her mom was trying to live vicariously through her. but then realized jen was the one actually getting the attention and not her, and then she lost it. irrational facepalmable behavior is what mental illness actually looks like. it's pretty common for mothers to become jealous of and feel threatened by their daughters once they pass puberty. our culture pretends this doesn't exist and crucifies you if you ever bring it up. but in most child abuse it's the mother abusing the daughter. daughters are always treated like shit, parentified, have their burgeoning sexuality obsessed over and get called a slut even when they're a virgin because they are visibly maturing and everyone loses their minds over it. everyone is up in the daughter's business obsessing over controlling her, while the sons get a free pass without a second glance. families will even kneecap their daughter to turn her into a slave for everyone else and keep her uneducated, unsocialized, bereft of self confidence, and clinging to her parents for survival, while cleaning their house and being their emotional incest tampon. and for all of history this was just accepted without comment. daughters are always sacrificed and scapegoated. the next women's sufferage is going to be speaking out about how society treats daughters and the overwhelming abundance of systemic child abuse and victim-silencing.

you can talk about women's solidarity but meanwhile mothers are the ones making life hell for their own daughters. no matter what a daughter does, it's wrong, and it places an impossible burden on her, the madonna whore complex taken to insane levels. people need to stay out of their daughter's underpants and get over it. hell, for their own safety i would say it's best if women have a safe place to evacuate to, like a boarding school, by age 12 so they can escape the inevitable onslaught of their parents becoming obsessed with their sexuality (even when there is no sexuality except that projected.)

No. 231579

What about the pedophile men in boarding schools?

No. 231581

I would spend the money and then speak, I think. Tough choice.

No. 231586

bring back public castration

No. 231598

feel like they wouldve had her sign an nda before she got the money, so if she ever spoke about it they could sue her.

No. 231636


She's allowed to not like ruffles. And why are we expecting someone who was being controlled and abused to her extent to be well adjusted at this time. If it bothers you that she was a tomboy, idk stop reading.

No. 231660

This made me think about a comment that Liz Gillies made about Jennette. She basically said "What type of person would not go on a renewal of their own show" shading Jennette. This makes me look at her sideways and Ariana too. I think they both think they are better because they were "professional" and didn't speak up about the rapist. But Liz gillies is married to a man who she met when she was 15 and he was 40 and Ariana has all of those well known issues. I think it's a knee jerk reaction for people to view child actors who stop being famous after child hood as failures. Sorry for sperging

No. 231668

Anons are telling you to shut the hell up because it's the least interesting thing about the book and you're derailing the thread with your constant ranting. What do you want us to do about her being a pick me huh? You want us to beat her ass?

I came here to read reactions to the book but it's full of dumbasses like you who live online ranting about her being an tUrbO nLOg. Go outside and gain some perspective

No. 231705

It's not sperging, you made an interesting comment. I don't think people who stop acting right after they're not longer children are failures, not always. You don't have to be in the spotlight 24/7 to be succesful. The only way someone could be a failure is if they stop working and do a bunch of drugs.

No. 231727

File: 1660780978275.jpg (237.68 KB, 816x1222, jennette-mccurdy-hawaii-paddle…)

out of curiosity I looked it up, fuck this scrote

No. 231728

lmfao he's a hairy marshmallowy midget. in my head i at least had the idea that he must have been physically attractive and in shape.

No. 231734

Her self confidence must have been in the gutter to date a man like that but I honestly think she's always been beautiful. Unrelated but I was recommended vidrel on YouTube, turns out she was on Jordan Peterson's daughter's show a while ago. Maybe this means she's secretly pretty badass and not a libfem (I hope so)

No. 231751

The favorite child/unfavorite child also is a thing specifically in borderline mothers, so the idea that Jennette's mother had BPD makes all the more sense

No. 231772

>thinking that going on jordan peterson's daughter's podcast is badass
do you know where you are

No. 231802

>Jordan Peterson's daughter's show
get out

No. 231832

Nta but to give them the benefit of the doubt maybe they just mean she's not afraid to seem controversial as some based people like Abigail Shrier have gone on Jordan's show. Also why the fuck do you care if people sage on /m/, it's slow as fuck

No. 231853

You're the fool if you paid money for it expecting "celebrity tea" and enough evidence to put Dan Schneider behind bars. It was very obviously always gonna be a book about her experiences, her mother and some light context around Nickelodeon. The fact you believed gossip websites and then were dissapointed is a You problem. I get that we're on a gossip site but Jenette literally isnt a cow.

Also the farmers saying she trashed Ariana either didnt read the book or have third grade reading level. She never called Ariana mean, entitled, ugly or whatever. She never said anything about Ariana herself, she only expressed the feelings she had towards Ariana when she was 18, 12 years ago, and she very clearly acknowledges those feelings werent Ariana's fault. But then again, why am i surprised, considering many farmers sided with Depp.

No. 231882

I think Jennette makes very good points about being a child actor and the trap that it is. On top of iCarly bringing up a lot of messy feelings, it looks mediocre career wise to just be known for one thing and one thing only. Her gain to fame was her role as Sam Puckett, and to return to that can look like "oh, can she not land anything better? What a one hit wonder" sort of feeling. As an outsider I wouldn't have seen it like that, but the way she explains it, it makes sense. She also says something earlier in the book (can't find it right now) about child actors becoming famous at a young age and then being stuck in child actor roles forever. It's a trap and it's difficult to move on to adult/more respected roles because you are known for the role you had as a kid and can't escape that.

Liz Gillies managed to escape but I think that isn't really the norm. I don't really keep up with actors though, so I don't know kek. My image is always shit like Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan- people who went off their rocker as an adult.

No. 232052

Yeah adding onto that, even Miranda had problems booking other gigs - which is why she wanted everyone to join in on the reboot. To give everyone another chance to act(albeit the same role)

No. 232132

I got the impression her mom was a closet case, but not her.

No. 232151

why do you think that? it does not come across as that to me, at all
What has Miranda Cosgrove been up to recently, actually?
While Jennette explains that she never wanted to be an actress and would not act again, she also said something akin to there being a slim chance of her doing it if it's a different and more interesting role than Sam Puckett. To be honest, I would like to see her act again. Maybe in some A24 movie.

No. 232152

I could never relate to all that mother stuff women bring up so much. I don't think I ever even had a genuine dialogue with my mother other than some short explanations when she was asking for something. Otherwise it was just parents living their own life and I having my life even as little kid.

No. 232168

I wouldn't blame her if she trashed ariana honestly. During that period there were lots of rumors about ariana's diva attitude, it would make sense to not really stand her

No. 232171

Ariana was always a diva and continues to be so.

No. 232194

>Also the farmers saying she trashed Ariana either didnt read the book or have third grade reading level.

right? I hate how everyone is clickbaiting that JM has beef with Ariana. for anyone who still hasn't read it: JM simply says how she saw Ariana being treated by everyone vs her, and made her realize how much of a shit situation she was in.

No. 232195

File: 1660959535153.jpg (230.03 KB, 662x838, safsfa.jpg)

I mean tbh not much? I think in terms of acting, miranda and jenette were the same, bogged down by their previous child roles. i think miranda is more stable because her parents weren't fucking crazy like jenette's mom was

No. 232399

As an oldfag Miranda is always going to remind me of the girl she played in School of Rock. She seems sweet though. It could have been weird for Jennette to go from working with her to someone like Ariana.

No. 237256

Isn’t it messed up how her character was obsessed with food?

No. 237701

The Sam character also had issues with her mother too

No. 240585

I've read Janette's book, so don't come at me. I'm not saying she's lying about everything she's been through. The main thing I find sus is her "eating disorder". Apparently she had it for over a decade. Really? I know people with eating disorders. None of the anorexic/bulimic people I've seen IRL or otherwise look like her. I've watched iCarli and she was never that skinny. I tried looking for her photo online and she's neveer skinny. Theres always a little chub there. I'm not calling her fat, just not skiny. Not anorexic skinny anyways.

And those disorders don't just affect your weight. Her hair and nails are gorgeous. It might be make up and filters, but her skin isn't that bad either.

Yea, her mother probably ruined her self esteem, but calory restriction is not an eating disorder. It's normal for actors to diet. It's normal for actors to be under pressure and have people around them picking on their weight. I'm not calling this acceptable, but damn Jannette, just shut the fuck up, won't you? It's like her entire personality is currently "My mom was an asshole and everybody was mean to me all the time". She calls herself a writer, but all her work after iCarli are about the TrAuMa she has experienced. How long is she going to milt this shit? Yea, it's really sad that you made millions of dollars :( But isn't time you get yourself a personality or something?

No. 240586

no one cares, newfag

No. 240587

Having an eating disorder doesn’t mean you will succeed at it. Eating disorders can also mean binge eating. Sometimes people will fail at mental illness. It happens.

No. 240589

>Failing at mental illness

No. 240590


develop your media literacy a bit more plz. She is stating this in a sardonic voice, replicating her childlike thoughts. what grown adults says “ruffles are stupid” ? she is demonstrating the depth of her internalized misogynistic views in the exact way they presented themselves, and then later on criticizing that entire basis. nonna gets it spot on >>230173

No. 240592

>nonna hasn’t realized that’s abusive as fuck yet

No. 240596

She can have an unhealthy relationship and obsession with food without being skelly. I've been in a similar position where the intrusive thoughts about food never stop, it's just food and calories and numbers and berating myself 24/7 even though I looked and weighed a normal amount. Calorie restriction itself is not an eating disorder but it's disordered behavior to have it consume almost every waking thought and not being able to view food like a normal person i.e. just eating in moderation and indulging here and there without breaking down in a full blown meltdown.

No. 240641

File: 1663693540792.png (1.01 KB, 200x40, 9534758-1277707.png)

blah blah

No. 240646

In one of the interviews she said that she wanted to write from the perspective of her younger self, and that's how I perceived it too. It's pretty natural for a young girl to think about ruffles as stupid if she doesn't feel comfortable wearing them but someone makes her to, she wouldn't think "well, ruffles are pretty ok and it's awesome if other girls enjoy wearing them, it's just not my style".

If I'm not mistaken, in her book she also mentioned how jealous she was of her brothers, basically because they were free to do whatever they wanted since their mom didn't bother them. You could say that men in general are "freer" where women are bound by certain expectations, and that's what makes girls that feel like they don't fit in hate "girly stuff" or struggle to relate to other women. They don't get it yet that expectations and stereotypes are the problem, not women. They don't understand yet where all this shit comes from. Basically, they just confuse cause and effect, and can't see a bigger picture yet. So it's easier for them to relate to boys who don't have to care about all that stuff that's being imposed on them as girls. And Jennette had to hyperfocus on her appearance from quite a young age, so it'd be natural for her to start hating "girly" things (not knowing what or whom she should've hated instead) and become an nlog. That said, I personally don't remember anything super nlog in the book.

No. 240653

ale kto pytał, polish newfag

No. 241202

Look at her pictures when she was around 10-11. She is extremely skinny for a child that age. And she was skinny when iCarly first started. Her bulimia took over soon after though and that led to weight gain. Also please educate yourself on dangers of bulimia. Most people with it look fairly normal but it can kill you faster than being a spoop.

But anon are you actually retarded? Restricting your preteen/teen's daughter food intake is abusive, disordered, and wrong on all levels. I cannot emphasize how deeply fucked up one has to be to think any of this is normal. If we are to believe her, even other people around her thought something was wrong(doctors, the mom at dance classes). I hope you never ever have a daughter, for her sake.

No. 253636

Thank you for pointing this out. I'm listening to the audiobook and reading along and she says Dan. It is intentional

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