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No. 231055

A thread to post and talk about Japanese, Thailand ,Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese & Hong Kong dramas, movies and series/shows.

Last thread was was accidentally deleted by mod

No. 231192

File: 1660638417052.jpeg (182.4 KB, 600x860, Strange_Lawyer_Woo_Young-Woo.j…)

Is The Extraordinary Attorney Woo worth watching? I am worried if it's popular probably because of the woke part of TikTok…is this drama actually good?

No. 254880

File: 1668366615972.jpg (46.9 KB, 600x401, zgu.jpg)

Anons I need help. A few weeks ago I watched Kimi wa Pet, and that drama broke me. I watched other stuff, but my heart keeps longing for Momo. I think it's the combination of an extremely hyper ML with a cool FL and non-awkward or overly stiff/unnatural looking skinship that did it for me. Any recs for more dramas like these? Preferably Japanese, but others are fine too.

No. 254891

I dropped it. The writing is just stupid. The revolving door thing got really, really old, but the tipping point for me was the reveal about her mother and her conception. It was just stupid and made 0 sense. In the real world her mom would've just gotten an abortion

No. 254931

File: 1668379149258.jpeg (601.2 KB, 1170x679, 140EF7AE-C4D1-4ECA-9163-D44ED1…)

I know it’s age gap or whatever but I never want to watch modern kdrama again because this was it.

No. 254942

the theme from boys over flowers still plays in my head every now and then, I think its permanently burned into my brain

No. 270797

File: 1674225870797.jpg (127.45 KB, 900x900, qP5R0_4f.jpg)

Was Imawa no Kuni no Alice genuinely good or just hyped?

No. 270812

The manga is always better. First season was fantastic, but the second season they added some filler and changed a few things towards the end. Still wasnt as bad as most manga to live action adaptations however.

No. 270824

It…..should have stayed in the manga anime medium. It’s corny and cringe, typical moid pandering coomer fan service shit especially in early seasons. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen but it’s outlandish not in a cool way but in a ridiculous way. It does have good budget and effort though and some of the actors hard carried their milquetoast characters.

No. 270829

I thought it was a fun adaptation and better paced than the manga. It’s very much a live action anime with all the silliness that involves, but I thought it added a fun campiness while still being suspenseful and intense.

No. 291532

File: 1682220345677.jpg (172.37 KB, 900x1312, Qojjv_4f.jpg)

Somebody care to explain why Long Vacation is so well regarded? If it were just about Minami, I'd understand it, I love her too, but I see so many people adoring the entire series, saying it's the best dorama Japan has to offer. Is it just the power of Kimutaku? Rumi deserved so much better.

No. 291549

Any good Taiwanese Drama recommendations(nothing serious) I have watched some Taiwanese films and I really do love the Taiwanese urban aesthetic and the male actors are really hot.

No. 300871

File: 1686090133383.jpeg (109.49 KB, 945x737, image (1).jpeg)

Currently, I'm watching a k-drama called "Pink Lipstick" it's a 149 episode melodrama

No. 300872

File: 1686090287800.jpeg (32 KB, 768x576, image (2).jpeg)

Samefag, but I know Turkiye isn't what you think of when you hear the word "Asian", but it is in both Europe and the Asian continent. Anyways, I'm currently watching a popular Turkish dizi called "Aski memnu" or "Forbidden Love" is the English title. It is considered a soap opera and it has 2 seasons.

No. 341366

File: 1702325264309.jpg (45.71 KB, 418x600, sorrymundaneshitthreadanonitsn…)

Anyone knows where to watch Anego above 360p? Can't find it on kissasian, dramacool, tubitv or Naver though I'm not very good with Naver honestly, so maybe I just couldn't find it. Subs in any language are okay, so if there's any obscure dorama websites or just fansub blogspots do they even still exist? from your country, that's fine, too.

No. 341369

Sorry if you've already tried this, but have you tried watching on bilibili? You need a VPN if you're an American like I am, but tons of shows get re-uploaded on bilibili.

No. 341384

Why the twilight apple thing?

No. 341385

I thought of twilight too, obviously it is ripping it off

No. 341415

I have stopped scrolling to wonder why twilight is in this thread until I figure it out so many times because of this image kek

No. 341432

File: 1702341365659.jpg (243.87 KB, 720x1080, 876157221653465422.jpg)

Might as well drop a request as well, does anynona know where to watch Sell Out! (2008 Malay film) at all?

No. 344183

English translation is on youtube

No. 344425

File: 1703366229233.jpg (68.13 KB, 600x800, 1702126778582.jpg)

Nonnies, can you rec me a drama with a tomboyish female lead? I'm looking for something lighthearted and comedic. All the lists with tomboy FLs online have characters who are not tomboyish in the slightest like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo with a lead who's still quite feminine in both appearance and personality. I'll have better luck with Japanese dramas. I just want a FL who's not stereotypically feminine and is kind of a goof, think a good chunk of K-drama second male leads. It doesn't have to be Korean though and preferably not romance unless it's very lighthearted and doesn't take itself seriously. I'm counting on you, nonnies, I hope you can help me out!

No. 344508

The novel it's based off was written way before Twilight kek

No. 344509

samefag, apparently both adaptations came out in the same year too. I don't care for either but it pisses me off when western media is assumed to be the most original media everyone copies.

No. 346232

I found lost YouTube videos on bilibili and just watched a stage play on there, but somehow didn't think of looking there, thanks.
I know, but the quality is terrible and part of why I wanna watch is because I find Akanishi Jin hot.

No. 346273

File: 1704258272314.jpg (584.35 KB, 2660x1500, BgZP8lM.jpg)

I really liked the cinematography/atmosphere in this drama, I usually can't get into jdrama because of how sterile it feels, idk how to explain. I think this director must've been really inspired by Shunji Iwai movies

No. 350871

File: 1706063390957.jpg (148.77 KB, 441x813, 3e6.jpg)

>watching a japanese show
>in one episode characters briefly comment on the declining birth rates and having children is clearly framed as women's duty
>show is from 1988
lmao Japan, you need to come up with better strategies

No. 351345

A live-action Yakuza movie.

No. 353308

File: 1707019042602.jpeg (10.43 KB, 190x265, images.jpeg)

I'm in the first few episodes of kamen rider kuuga and it's fujo baiting so hard, maybe I'm just spending too much time on LC but there's no way it isn't intentional fujo bait.

No. 359487

I think it's typical of toku shows? I guess 4chan's /m/ would know better.

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