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No. 233348

Since a few anons wanted it, here’s a temporary asoiaf/game of thrones thread. discuss the books, the hbo series & spinoffs, media, fan content and more(duplicate thread)

No. 233355

I think you should delete this one, it should be called Temporary"" just a regular thread numbering would work

No. 233398

Does anyone even care about this show anymore? never watched it, never will

No. 233415

Yeah… new show just came out last week with millions of views in just a few hours.

If you didn't care why are you even here posting it? No one cares that you don't watch it or don't plan to watch it jfc

No. 234153

I've postponed watching the first episode of House of the Dragon until now, and ffs nonnas weren't lying when they said in the other thread that it's absolutely repulsive, i've actually paused the episode right after the scene where Aemma is killed by her own fucking husband, i was too close to crying my eyes out. This motherfucker really stood next to her telling her she will be alright and holding her hand while these bitch ass royal subjects open her up without mercy. I thought nonnas were being sensitive but it actually sent me spiralling with how gruesome it was, they really wanted to show us as much women torture as possible huh? Fuck them. The worst thing is that it's not that unrealistic, that is indeed the world us women live in although it's gotten a bit better.

I don't think i can handle this shit anymore. I was young when GoT's first season aired and didn't have the same reaction to Daenerys being raped by Drogo in the first episode, i think if i were to start GoT today without knowing anything about it i wouldn't watch it either. Life is hard enough, don't need to add more misery into my life like that.

Besides the cast is ugly as hell, and i find it stupid how suddenly Westeros is a multicultural society like the modern world. If it's like that in the books by all means forget what i just said, but it looks like another exercise for stupid progressive points.

No. 234295

this is a duplicate thread please post in the other one: >>>/m/233370

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