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File: 1663021646630.jpeg (201.74 KB, 749x912, FF45C9E9-6D6F-46FE-9956-40CB90…)

No. 238506

talk about you favorite guilty pleasures from tv shows/books/manga and other forms of media that are questionable or disliked by the general masses

No. 238508

>think about starting this thread for months
>even have the perfect media to use as OP pic
>someone else makes it before me
>suddenly I can't think of a single guilty pleasure of mine to post itt

No. 238511

Pop music

No. 238526

I like kpop… for the music, unironically. I can't even blame being thirsty for the idols or getting swept up in fandom, I have genuinely just enjoyed an endless stream of bops for well over a decade now. And the concerts I've been to were crazy fun.

No. 238528

Senran Kagura 1 and 2 on the 3DS. I thought Rin was sexy and I found the stories of the characters endearing. But it has been long since I played them and I don't own the games (a friend lent them to me), so I can't really judge now. I just remember it was oddly engaging and the girls all had good backstories and personalities… it was a bit too edgy at times but it sucks how much I related to some of them.
A shame it's a coomer game and the series just got worse with the time.

Sexy ninja women are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine… Kasumi from Dead or Alive, Taki from SoulCalibur… I have been plagued by videogames lmao.

No. 238537

File: 1663033262939.jpg (1.89 MB, 4084x2847, 631822.jpg)

SOL/moe anime about cute girls, specially gimmicky ones like ''schoolgirls, but they own a pawn shop!!1!!'' and Vtubers

No. 238540

File: 1663034156149.jpeg (62.37 KB, 749x903, D12BBDF8-A60E-4635-9B07-D28C6B…)

Yandere fanfics, the more creepy is the guy, the better. I love yandere themed anything in general, but the fanfics are perfect because it's written by other women like me who are into the idea of a sexy anime guy that won't hurt you but that will hurt anyone just to make sure you're happy.
Hell, some of my sexual fantasies involve some stalking and kidnapping scenarios.
On that note, I also only enjoy yaoi manga if the relationship is based on a guy raping another guy first, otherwise I read the fluffy ones from time to time, but it's not as exciting and interesting as those where one guy had to submit to another guy.
I like some songs with stupid ass sexist and nasty lyrics, but it's mostly because the melody is way too nice and the lyrics just go well with the melody, I wish there were some clean versions or something but that won't be just random beeps and fades to hide the bad words and whatnot, like, just make some decent lyrics that go well with the melody, is that so difficult?

No. 238554

I still like G1 My Little Pony, the 80's cartoon. It's very flawed but i love the chonky horses!

No. 238592

File: 1663052527662.jpg (76.91 KB, 564x765, 007de665267989430709bd67647b7e…)

Okay, I've been trying to put my thoughts into words for a while, so I guess this is the chance to properly do it. I'm cringe, but free.

I have this sort of soft spot for Hazbin Hotel. Unlike a lot of people, I didn't know about Vivz before the pilot came out, I don't know much about her as a person and her art is mostly a hit or miss for me. I ended up watching the pilot out of pressure/spite really, but I actually got weirdly invested in the story and characters; it's very flawed and some elements are clearly done just for shipping, but it kinda appeals to my DeviantArt emo younger self, and Charlie is a little cutie who makes me happy. I hope the show goes well, it's nice to have more Internet talents making it beyond their little niches, like with Smiling Friends. Besides, I'm actually (half) salvadorian, so it's pretty cool to have more semi famous characters and creators of a similar nationality. I'm actually not the only anon posting on /m/ about this show, but I also know that most people dislike it (by a quick read I once had to the Industry cows thread), so I often try to limit my HH related posting.
Also, it's very unlikely you are going to see this, but I love you Angel Dust anon, your posts were cute

No. 238597

Teacher/student romance. But only the gay and female teacher/male student ones. Male teacher/female student is gross to me kek.

No. 238652

File: 1663071458482.png (1.72 MB, 800x1106, d28eajf-79e104d5-ccfe-479f-900…)

I love My Immortal so fucking much I don't even consider it a guilty pleasure.

No. 238660

BL as a whole is a guilty pleasure I guess, I'm not ashamed of it, it's just that I'd rather keep it to myself. I love Harry Potter and it's not a guilty pleasure at all, but the Fantastic Beasts movies are somewhat because I'm only invested because of Grindelwald/Dumbledore being one of the main pairings. Literally just because I managed to guess they were a couple before JKR confirmed it more than a decade ago, yes I felt smart as fuck when that happened, so this feels like a reward. Hopefully the queen of terfs (trans exclusionary radical fujoshi) will make them kiss in the next movie, one way or another.

I liked Bastard a lot as a teenager, it was so trashy it was impossible to take seriously, I haven't watched the Netflix anime yet though but that's on my bucket list.

No. 238664

dr phil. i dont care that hes an asshole, the show is hilarious

No. 238667

Reality tv is so bland where I am, I wish we had trash like this, I'd watch tv more often then. I wish we had an equivalent of 600lbs whatever that show is called. Ks there a way to watch episodes online for free?

No. 238668

File: 1663073415817.jpg (124.25 KB, 668x501, strangemagic_fullsize_story1.j…)

This fucking movie, kek, but only for this pairing. The rest sucks.

No. 238673

Charlie is so cute and such a good design (pilot version) I wouldn't mind having a little plushie of her

No. 238675

lots of ppl upload dr phil episodes in full on youtube, just set filters to 40+ min when searching

No. 238697

I might get shit on this, but I really really love lewd women. Not the one that panders to scrotes, just women that enjoy sex and are open about it with their movements, fashion choices and way of talking. Women with self confidence and exploding sexual energy. I just can’t get myself not to enjoy that, every time I see a girl that clearly doesn’t give shit about others and are just themselves I instantly fall for them.

No. 238712

Oh god nonnie, I feel that. I liked it, but the love storie with the gnome and her sister was bs and the ending was a weird. The music was often good tho.

No. 238755

Kpop. Deco. Dark/Parodyfic/Fics that refer to real life. Sometimes i find scrotes funny, too.

No. 238999

I love watching Jerry Springer and Maury. I don't care that it's mostly fake/they provoke the guests to act stupid. It's so fucking funny and engaging, I love being on the edge of my seat wondering if that asshole really is the father

No. 239006

I tried to get into that show multiple times for picrel, but just couldn't. I think she's really cute and would totally buy a plushie like >>238673 mentioned.

No. 239032

My favorite fanfic is about a fictional gay love triangle between a far right politician and two center left politicians. The politicians know about it and referred to it several times on social media. I can't wait until parliament has to discuss a gay fanfic, probably written by a fujo, live on TV. I'm not into that shit at all, but just the potential milk that can come from this.

No. 239034

Bowsette. I don't know, it might be pickme-ism, or porn addiction I had back then, but I thought Bowsette's design was cute and I particularly thought the dark-skinned red-haired version was hot. I still like it but now I'm ashamed of admitting it.
Same with Lady Dimitrescu.

No. 239046

The original comic was genuinely funny but like all good things people took it too far and it just turned into a coomer meme.

No. 239155

Ueda Metawo's works, my favorite currently is Dead Aegis. I know he does sadistic shit aimed at moids, but the female characters actually do show strength and aren't total punching bags, there's a to and fro about the games he's worked on. There are as many fucked up women as fucked up men and it all just coalesces into something truly equal, in my opinion.
I know many people will shit on me for this, but if you enjoy equally sadistic VNs like Dramatical Murder, are you really one to talk? Can't we all just get along while indulging in fucked up -fiction- from time to time?

No. 239160

I dont trust males or females who gain pleasure from the thought of having women harmed.

No. 239210

File: 1663179076110.jpg (42.68 KB, 490x512, c1bb8e0c8a6cd0f198f9a4a8f186de…)

The Real Housewives. Tbh it isn't even the shows themselves that make me feel embarrassed, it's the degree to which I'm invested in them. I could rant about Beverly Hills in particular for days

No. 239215

I used to watch 90 days fiancé for a long time, for many years in fact. I would participate in its 2nd sub (uncensored ver) and gain a lot of upvotes there, even saw two ex-farmers in the wild. Gave up on this show and the subreddit during COVID because one of the castmates would buy bots to downvote criticism posts about herself and pay for positive comments about her. She also scammed a lot of people by selling the aliexpress clothjng x10 price and then tried selling a dangerous aliexpress makeup to clueless people, and eventually it all got swept out of the rug from the pity from redditors. It's not like it's the first cast member to pay for fake shilling accounts on reddit too tbh. I just grew tired of rich people controlling others toughts and sueing innocent users with "defame allegations" after snarky posts. And the show itself is nothing but a fake soap opera for many years now too anyway.

No. 239218

File: 1663180001593.jpg (82.95 KB, 226x334, Twilight_(2008_film)_poster.jp…)

I hate that this is my comfort movie

No. 239219

File: 1663180370104.png (101.78 KB, 300x245, W.png)

Is anyone else here a massive OCfag? I love drawing all my donutsteels and writing elaborate stories about them.

No. 239226

Same, anon! A few times I've considered posting my discord on the friend-finder thread to find people to share OC lore with, but I'm too nervous kek. Maybe one day.

No. 239227

The gloomy rainy foresty setting and the music are genuinely comfy imo

No. 239228

I saw the first movie this year, I actually find it incredibly endearing. Spent the first half laughing over how awkward the actors were, relating to mine and partner's social anxiety, but the 2nd part actually seemed pretty interesting. No wonder people fangirled over this series. Makes me want to watch more.

No. 239230

No. 239236

i cannot listen to a song without making my ocs act it out no matter how out of character it is i love my babies

No. 239239

I admit I can't fully drop scrote eroge. Now I find about 95% of it too disgusting to look at (where before, when I was pornsick, it was 0%), and ever since I found out there's female-oriented "hentai" and became pinkpilled I can't stand media where it's only women being sexual objects, but I find some dark themes in eroge appealing and you rarely find it in other kinds of media. I guess I still like to shock myself with edgy fiction, after all I also love certain fucked up BL eroge. I hope I'll get over it over day though, that's why it's a guilty pleasure. I'm not proud of it at all and I in fact expect to lose all interest in it in the near future.

No. 239260

Lana's music and general sadgirl bpdchan messy toxic relationship themed music. Glorification of it is problematic but sometimes it feels good to let your crazy unhealthy bitch emotions out, or fantasize about being a hot mess through song safely without actually getting into one kek

No. 239283

File: 1663192774586.jpg (136.57 KB, 506x879, fd02e6334b065c42af4e46ccea389d…)

The "little girl in military setting" is a super tired trope and I personally think the anime art is uglyish, but damn, it's fun. I like military stuff, especially older, and the whole God thing puts an interesting twist to it. Also an Isekai that's not high fantasy shit? I guess I'll hold to those straws.
Also I like how Tanya talks, it's good to study japanese with her extra formal and flourished speech preferences. It's the exact thing I need for the N2 exam kek
I wish I could murder everyone that calls her (him?) "Nazi loli" though. But what should I expect from such a heavy scrote dominant subject…

No. 239302

Tartar cleaning videos. My own teeth are kinda fucked up so they helped me motivate myself to not get worse, but also they're weirdly mesmerizing. Same with stuff like earwax cleaning, pimple popping, that kinda stuff. Disgusting but fascinating, I watch them at like 3 am when no one else is around lmao.

No. 239333

I used to hate the manga cliche of awkward nerdy guy paired with the hot girlboss chick, but then I read some BL manga with a similar dynamic and now I get it. Charismatic experienced chad x flustered virgin dweeb is hot as hell.

No. 239357

I like the trope too, ngl

No. 239382

File: 1663208586256.gif (7.43 MB, 498x361, EE7FC5BC-404A-40D9-9759-148955…)

“gorl world”, or the strange little universe created by the gravitational pull of Amberlynn Reid, Foodie Beauty, and other fat girl cows RIP lifebyjen. It’s so similar to the treads on this site, yet so different. Admittedly it’s been boring lately, but in the heat of the Nader arc it was unbelievably entertaining.

No. 239402

I cannot stop fucking watching chalk/baking soda crushing and powder play videos. I sound like a freak but I don't care anymore I just want to roll around in corn starch like a big chinchilla

No. 239428

i hear a lot about hamplanet reid and idk lately im becoming interested? where should i start

No. 239439

kek Nader and Chantal were my main pandemic entertainment tbh

No. 239440

Same but with these soap videos, they're probably turning my brain into mush but they're so satisfying to watch

No. 239443

WHAT? jen died? I havent kept up since kf went down. Whats gene been doing, did he get kicked out?

No. 239481

i don't get why nonas feel guilty about their interests. it doesn't matter how depraved or cringy or whatever your fictional interest is, just own it

No. 239649

Nta but the "Shaped by the Algorithm" series on YT is a good place to start

No. 239671

Same nonna. I always watch amberlynn compilation videos while i eat if i could. Not in a weird "she makes me eat less!!!" kind of way though, it's like eating with an annoying but entertaining friend who everyone secretly dislikes. The commentary/haydur nation drama is also entertaining by itself, lmao.

No. 239678

File: 1663287217397.jpg (995.01 KB, 986x1581, Screenshot_20211005-211823_Fir…)

Watching reality shit like The Bachelorette and Real Housewives. For when I need to zone out and lose as many brain cells as possible, as quickly as possible. Also these women are just genuinely entertaining.

>pic rel, it's Dina and Grandma Wrinkles from RHoNJ

No. 239679

Same, nonnie. My favorite is RHONY. I love LVP, but for some reason I couldn't really get into RHOBH. I think I made it to Season 3. What's your most strongly-held RHOBH opinion?

No. 239682

Kanye's music.

No. 239728

File: 1663296796797.jpg (31.2 KB, 854x478, n4FPu3W.jpg)

mukbang, its so fucking embarrassing but i enjoy watching them when im eating

No. 239730

Don't have Twilight shame nona!! Twilight is good, I don't care what anyone has to say. Twilight is my comfort movie also and my comfort book series.

No. 239731

File: 1663297872224.jpg (85.84 KB, 600x853, tonari no seki no hen na senpa…)

This fucking manga. I hate yanderes, but this manga started out so great that I couldn't stop reading, and I was enjoying it a lot, until the rape scene in the car then I couldn't stomach it. It legit fucked me up. But I still kept reading and I still love the early parts.

No. 239746

nonny have you seen the episode where this one guy thinks he's a cyborg? I was laughing my ass off the whole time I watched it

No. 239783

Same. I want the girl to fuck him up and kill him. It's been a while since I checked when the next chapters will be online…

No. 239785

I hated this scene too, but the manga seemed promising because of a twist where all of the beautiful colleagues were into some kind of femdom bs too. I got intrigued by that despite not being into this sort of stuff, but i don't think there was a new chapter translation in at least a year?
I would chung ANY manga that has a potential of having a yandere and a reverse harem, so…

No. 239792

Male ASMRs, usually the spicy ones. For me it's YSF. I know it's cringe and degenerate but something about his deep voice is just so hot and enticing like it doesn't sound like a try-hard at all. I easily get flustered whenever he's playful and teasing. Too bad his nsfw stuff is behind a paywall and only a few of it is available on Soundgasm. Wish somebody would upload them all.

No. 239810

Kpop and superficial shit like luxury make up and perfume. I stopped buying but sometimes it’s hard.

No. 239814

you're not gonna tell us the fic name? or at least which politicians are involved lol

No. 239834

Since always and i'm not even ashamed!

No. 239865

Kek for a second I thought you were from my country because there was a similar case here but I believe it was about far right politicians. please post a link

No. 240493

This song.

No. 240510

I wait patiently nonna because I’m in the exact same boat

No. 240515

File: 1663649732556.jpeg (281.96 KB, 900x900, C0AE4BE3-A369-43D5-A372-9C7985…)

same, bl stuff specifically

my other one would be fragrances. I own way too many but i still find myself looking for new ones on fragrance kek

No. 240713

Tbh you haven't really missed much; S4 was absolute dogshit and it only gets marginally better from there. Anything from s9 onwards is only really good for hatewatching. I'd say my strongest BH opinion is that Dorit deserved everything she got in S9 and that LVP did nothing wrong (well, that season anyway). idk if you've kept up with what's been happening, but if not basically Dorit got a dog from LVP's shelter, couldn't cope with it and gave it away when she was supposed to give it back to LVP. The dog ended up at a kill shelter. Someone sold the dog story to the tabloids and everyone else accused LVP of selling the story and setting Dorit up to look bad. LVP was grieving her brother's suicide at the time and wasn't up to her usual machinations and ended up quitting the show. I haven't seen NY yet but everything I've ever read about it tells me I'm missing out. Who's your favourite housewife, nonnie?

No. 240737

File: 1663711189709.jpg (97.43 KB, 400x675, 1284125125.jpg)

It's hard to tell because what's liked and not always changes depending on the people you are surrounded by. Like a lot of the things mentioned in this thread here are popular imo. But that shows that every bubble and country/city is different.

But I try:
I noticed that a lot hate tearjerkers which are a guilty pleasure of mine as long as they aren't too romance focused. To name the opposite extreme, I also find comedies with penis jokes and tryhard meatbrains incredibly funny and not in a mocking way.

I am also a huge fan of Bee Train anime which most(?) seem to hate. They are slow as fuck, rather music videos than anime, they skip action scenes and they mostly focus on inner conflicts of some seemingly apathetic main characters with mental issues, but they are made for me and they are the reason I dropped everything on tv after seeing Noir to delve into fansubbed anime in 2003.

I admit I also like dark gay porn stories a lot. I like shit like In These Words.

Ah yes another thing, I fucking love traditional music most people laugh about (including old people). I like old war/mercenary- and marching songs and I enjoy bands like Boney M. Maybe people are more neutral elsewhere, but in my country I only ever met one guy who didn't make fun of it after I linked such songs.

Well I guess I could actually go on forever now that I think about it: I also love reading disputes, tractates and general books from the middle ages and early modern era. Spent most of my teens reading these instead of novels or watching movies.
They aren't hated, but it's not what gives others adrenaline kicks it seems. I cannot even tell you why I like it, I think it works better for making me delve into another time than fantasy movies do since I read real shit that was discussed 500 years ago and I can imagine sitting there and listening to the dudes talking and somehow this is exciting or something to me.

No. 240842

Kelly Osabournes music, both the bratty pop-punk album and the more electronic one. Yes, its all total nepotistic bullshit that Sharon was behind, but I still enjoy it.

No. 248550

This song and other songs from Birds of Prey

Except it would have been better without Saweetie, there I said it

No. 248554

Browsing sites like lolcow.farm and kiwifarms tbh. I feel like if I ever told normies about them they would think I'm a terrible person

No. 248561

What is the fanfic name? Link? Please, I’m dying to know.

No. 248564

Being a Milo Manara fan.

He’s such a funny man. Absolutely the most heterosexual person on the planet, obsessed with drawing his ideal sexy women in every situation.

Memorial portrait of a dead friend? Sexy lady in a reaper hood standing next to him.
9/11 attacks? Sexy woman staring out the building at the plane.
Covid 19 pandemic? Whole series of ladies in essential worker uniforms.

No matter what he will always draw a hot lady. And it’s always kind of the same lady. I feel like I should think he’s a gross pervert but instead I think he’s pure.

No. 248574

Honestly I think 4chan would be way worse. I usually go there for 2D/fictional male content stuff but I have seen vile degeneracy over there and downright shitty moids. Lolcow is pretty comfy in my opinion.

No. 248578

God, same, I don't think it's "degenerate" but it's super cringy. I hate most of those and they make me laugh instead of getting me horny, except if they tap into my specific preferences.

No. 248584

THIS. i spend so much time daydreaming about them and trying to make custom game characters or generate portraits of what they look like so i can imagine them better. i fail at being a husbandofag because i feel like i can't monopolize other's characters like my ocs kek

No. 248593

I love rewatching family guy, I know it’s shitty and misogynist, racist, edgy etc. but I’ve been watching it since I was a kid, I love lol the pop culture references and the stupid, childish humor it has at times. I like how it disses celebrities too.

No. 248595

This retarded ass song is so groovy and fun

No. 248597

Same. I keep it to myself. It's where I bitch about my daily life, what some of my friends, family and coworkers do when they do or say stupid shit, and my friends wouldn't like to know I post here because of how much we shit talk everyone, especially trannies. I wouldn't want my fat friends to know I agree that obese people should buy two plane seats for one trip so I post about that here. I wouldn't want my most likely autistic friend to know she single handedly made me not want to touch Genshit and FF14 with a ten foot pole. I wouldn't want my cosplayer "friend" to know how I reacted when I learned she started dating an ugly guy almost a decade younger than her nearly fresh out of high school. So I post here and it feels cathartic.

No. 248598

If I were you I'd pick some minor character with a lot of potential but little screentime, and just fill in the blanks as if it were your OC. It's the best of both worlds.

No. 248605

File: 1666172340325.jpg (29.44 KB, 917x830, 8bf293884c5b3d62f47ee4723f711d…)

Dead Dove-tagged x Reader fanfics. I just like yandere tropes or having my fictional husbandos go through something or become broken, corrupted. The messier the plot, the better. I am into tragic characters 99% of the time anyway.
I am always a nice mom friend who wouldn't hurt a fly (unless it's a disgusting moid or a person that uses others), which is nice, but I sometimes wonder what would my friends think if they saw my AO3 tags and Tumblr fiction likes.

No. 248607

this, honestly lcf is super tame for image board standards and even places like reddit (am regrettably used to 4chin since forever but its crawling with legitimate paedos, incels and stormfags at every corner instead of mean girls who like to gossip and shit on men. but I basically only use /m/ /g/ and /ot/ so idk). Its definitely comfy if you can endure the autism and spam, plus hiding threads that annoy you helps a lot. But I dont see a reason to talk about it with normie friends because they simply don’t know what it is and can’t relate since they aren’t weebs. guilty pleasure other than being a huge sperg on some basketweaving forum would be spending money on mobile games and occasionally enjoying BL. sometimes I look for the shittiest isekai the season has to offer and watch it just to torture myself.
patrician taste anon. I love medieval literature, its so different from modern literature but it can be entertaining and gives us interesting viewpoints from another time.

No. 248609

I just wish nonnies were a bit kinder on lcf sometimes people here are so bitter

No. 248622

Why are you friends with people you hate?

No. 248627

Depends, there are some friends I'm less close to as time passed because of life getting in the way or them becoming crazy retards (like the FF14 sperg who got us in trouble in uni several times by nor doing her work cor group assignements because she was too busy roleplaying all night long and she cried once when we were hanginf out because some girl in her guild "stole" her background color to create a similar powerpoint presentation to describe her FF14 character) or assholes (like the girl dating the guy who's way younger than her, who's so egocentric she never asks us what's up anf what we're doing and who ruins plans for everyone all the time to bring her friends with us everywhere we go), but for most of them I like them a lot, I just don't 100% agree with them on some topics.

No. 248868

I love watching haul and closet clean out videos even though I hate the consumerist aspect of it… It amazes me the amount of stuff influencers buy and simultaneously get rid of, I'm by no means from a poor family but the amount of stuff some Youtubers I see purchase and hoard is staggering to me and would be my entire paycheck for that month for 1 haul video, and I'm not even convinced they even like or use all the items they get. It feels weird because I'm not envious of this lifestyle either, I guess I just watch in awe at how worthless money and items are to some people.

No. 251082

File: 1666942985173.jpg (129.14 KB, 1200x667, EST9MuZUwAA-Liw.jpg)

>inb4 seek help

No. 251090

My guilty pleasure is consuming copious amounts of anti-trans content (also known as pro-science content), mostly in the informative and science branch but I do also enjoy the troon threads on here. I've learned so much about medicine, surgeries, prevention of grooming, mental disorders, cults, gender differences, and how to read scientific papers. My asperger ass turned it into a full on special interest lmao

No. 251091

samefag, my entire online circle of friends is pro-trans woke. They'd never speak to me again if they knew about this. They buy every single trans propaganda lie they're sold.

No. 251092

Same nona, same.
OK, seek help.

No. 251093

ngl you sound like a shitty friend, go meet some people you agree and actually enjoy being with instead of talking behind their backs

No. 251094

based. that one anon that has an aneurysm at the mere mention of them can seethe.

No. 251100

Please share some AO3 ffs !

No. 251112

File: 1666957278802.jpg (76.97 KB, 750x725, movie-studio-its-about-corrupt…)

Mark Wahlberg films. He has a funny accent and I like dumb action movies.

No. 251113

extremely based nonna

No. 251116

kek nonna this was literally the first thing i thought to post but you beat me to it i problematically like this garbagefire movie

No. 251118

What is based about being into anime kids?

No. 251122

Something something men are worse, also the more degenerate the better, apparently

No. 251132

late to the party but same nonna. i hate that she’s become a trans icon. i keep saying i want to cosplay her too.

speaking of. cosplay. i just like dressing up. and if you know the right people there’s so much drama to listen in on

No. 251136

>i hate that she’s become a trans icon
what character hasn't been lgbtfied nowadays?

No. 251154

Literally same anon! I’m scandi so I don’t know a single person who watches RHOBH as religiously as I do. Just looked at a ton of fan recordings from BravoCon. Wish I could have been there, I’m not even exaggerating when I say that would’ve been a dream come true kek

No. 251155

For me, I pretty much instantly gravitate towards any androgynous female characters and GNC females in general (I liked Naoto from p4, I related to her a lot and we kinda look similar). I also really love GNC and effeminate male characters. Both of these things aren't exactly common, they usually get transwashed. I'm also not really a fan of the standard anime moeblob femboy where they just draw a girl with a flat chest and call it a dude, it's unrealistic. I just like male characters who are really cute, crossdress, act kind of feminine, but are still distinctly male. And female characters who tend to look and act more butch or androgynous, especially when they're legitimately validated in that it's okay to be masculine as a woman, 'cause dat emotional baggage lol.

No. 251174

File: 1666985350713.jpg (215.92 KB, 774x930, __michael_myers_and_laurie_str…)

Brother x sister incest

No. 251175

Is this the groomer guy who rebranded and tried to hide that he was being a daddy dom manipulating random teens? but yeah some of these audios are hot but I HATE when they add squelching noises and moan repeatedly, I just enjoy the dialogue. And no way I’m paying for any of that shit, they must make so much off of being degenerate coomers and don’t even have to show their face.

No. 251183

File: 1666986318770.jpg (101.44 KB, 1280x720, tomoko_and_tomoki.jpg)

Same as long as it's not scroteshit.

No. 251194

File: 1666989736818.gif (971.52 KB, 498x311, sus.gif)

…But why?

No. 251208

they probably don't have a brother so the concept in fiction doesn't gross them out after so much exposure to it in ships, anime and porn

No. 251211

Forbidden fruit basically.
Also this, I don't have any siblings so I never got the squick factor from it.

No. 251213

File: 1666994607324.jpeg (90.24 KB, 800x450, 02269551-8AF3-4921-99E9-95464F…)

I really love watching S1 of Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid. especially the winter episodes with the kotatsu, they’re so comfy. tohru is my waifu.

No. 251222

Posts like this make me realize how different countries can be. I live in a modern place where minorities are protected by law, but I never met a trans person or anybody that cared enough to talk about it, neither positively nor negatively.

No. 251258

From what I read then yeah. I'm aware of it. It's disturbing and degenerate of him to do that and girls really need to be more careful from harming themselves and being manipulated by some guy they admired on the internet. I like his stuff but I'm not paying for his nsfw content because of his action so hopefully somebody could upload them all somewhere like soundgasm or kemono party.

No. 251360

File: 1667048668596.jpg (142.84 KB, 850x756, kakegurui.jpg)

It's so stupid, but so entertaining. There's a lot of allusion to sex and masturbation, but I like how the female characters are intelligent, capable, confident and love each other, while most of the males are irrelevant fools. The gesugao faces are so funny.

No. 251388

I am, I like to imagine them singing or dancing to songs. I really liked fandom and oc animatics of 2010-2016 that I want to make my own.

No. 251396

File: 1667056785325.jpeg (33.8 KB, 739x415, 36F0D79A-D6DA-43E2-9A37-5E8352…)

I agree I really like the anime and I especially love the expressions of the female characters they can get grotesque and expressive in a way that you never see for female characters in anime. It’s a shame it leans into sexual aspects when it really didn’t need to

No. 251488

File: 1667086866755.png (81.62 KB, 1024x606, Rin_and_Gou.png)

I do have an older and younger brother both adults. Real life incest is just straight up gross and morally wrong and I don't even see my brothers that way. You're right about the forbidden fruit but only in fiction. It really depends on the characters too which I do get grossed out with scrotey brother x sister stuff like Oreimo or Kiss x Sis.

No. 252945

They are so tacky.

No. 253018

My guilty pleasure is Uncle Grandpa I consider one of the funniest cartoons ever made. I'll just leave it on for hours
I love Tohru too she's like a less demented Jashin-chan.

No. 253026

File: 1667566215805.jpg (95.3 KB, 1920x1080, nc.jpg)

I like Nostalgia Critic videos. I feel kinda guilty about watching them bc of the changethechannel controversy but I'm not subscribed, I watch with an adblocker and I never watch a video immediately after it has been uploaded.
I started watching him around 2016-2017, by that time he was completely irrelevant and I was around 17-18 years so way to old to be watching stuff like that. So I can't even use "nostalgia" as an excuse for watching him like his other fans do.
In his newer videos he is very calm and has no problem just laughing at a bad movie while admitting it's harmless. I also think his line delivery is funny. I don't like his older videos, which are seen as the best ones, because he is waaay to committed to the angry critic role plus I find the lore stuff and collabs with other channel awesome channels odd.
I actually hated youtubers as a child because I was way smarter back then and thought it was too lowbrow so ironic that I would become fan of such a hated youtuber in my adutl years.
I have many guilty pleasures that was stuff I hated as a child, but grew to love as an adult even though it's way more acceptable for children to like those things, but Nostalgia critic is the most bizarre one and I don't want to spam this thread with my sperging

No. 253030

I enjoy Alice Soft strategy h-games/VNs a ton.
They look pretty, I like the large cast of varied characters even if they are essentially coomer bait and the gameplay is addictive as hell to me.

No. 253052

File: 1667574756334.jpg (97.24 KB, 1920x1080, oney.jpg)

I love OneyPlays and i watch every single video, often multiple times. I know they're questionable to horrible people but i can't get enough.

No. 253059

What did they do?

No. 253075

I'd say being friends with fucking Shadman is the worst Oney has done, otherwise it's the usual edgy Newgrounds animator shenanigans.

No. 253083

Me too nona. And AVGN, though I think his image has held up a lot better. I remember feeling so cool for watching their videos when I was younger, especially AVGN because he cursed so much.

No. 253087

I enjoy NC videos too, high five nonnie. Really didn't look into the drama at all since It was never properly explained, and I only watch this channels videos only for my own entertainment every now and then.
I like his new videos, and honestly surprised that he still makes them, quite impressive considering how old his channel is.

No. 253088

I loved AVGN back in the day because I knew the pain of playing all these shitty old NES games that barely ever got any quality control.
Wonder if I had the patience to spend weeks with these games nowadays. The gameplay of Battle Toads, that alien Simpsons game and other shit almost traumatized me lol

No. 253119

File: 1667593679811.jpg (72.36 KB, 1024x767, 05274b73-b569-45ef-b212-de6b25…)

I enjoy watching Karen videos for entertainment and to make myself feel better. So glad I'm not one and hate confrontations.

No. 253124

Sometimes complaining women are correct and we all have to step up and complain about something some times in life.

No. 253128

True though don't go batshit crazy and throw tantrums. Some won't even admit of being in the wrong.

No. 253129

I could run you over with my Honda Civic then do an axle, mangling your corpse beyond recognition and the manager of NYPD would let me go because of my valid complaints about you (annoying retard)

No. 253131

So many of these are boomers and boombers are rarely right when they complain.

No. 253133

Too bad I hardly go out. Male Karens should be ones to get run over.

No. 253152

This. It's a boomer thing mainly and usually boomers that look down on workers so fuck them and I enjoy seeing videos where they embarrass themselves. Fuck people without manners in general.

No. 253155

Karens are never correct.

No. 253170

Okay, wagie. Karens are what every woman should aspire to be instead of a bunch of spineless self diagnosed autists that can't order a goddamn pizza without stuttering.

No. 253172

Yes but you don't have to be an asshole to random people, unless it's warranted.

No. 253175

You're completely right. Also remember, one day you will all be "boomers" too. It's better to be one with a spine.

No. 253183

File: 1667603442519.jpeg (119.74 KB, 1200x675, image.jpeg)

Real person fics

No. 253186

Yet only women are getting called out. People who are defending yet another term created to imply that women are crazy and irrational are retarded.

No. 253188

If you have the emotional stability of a emotionally stunted 50 year old man and yell at workers just trying to do their job you should kys.

It's true that it's mostly women but I've seen plenty of "male Karens" or "Kevins" videos. I wouldn't even say it's a woman thing, just an American thing.

No. 253189

KEK perfect image!

No. 253198

File: 1667607782687.jpg (61.79 KB, 892x501, 262772723.JPG)

>Pitter, patter, the rain starts to drop.
I am a doomer at heart so I will almost always enjoy unrepentant depressive shit and edgy characters.

No. 253203

fawning over jeffrey dahmer (no, not the actor)

No. 253208

could be worse. at least all his victims were just males.

No. 253228

right, i would've felt safe with him. at least he wasn't a misogynistic sadist. those are the worst

No. 253286

you and i both nona, and i'm not even ashamed

No. 254109

Struck gold thanks to this Reddit poster. Says it will expire within a month so save them while you can and hope they get uploaded somewhere without getting deleted.


No. 254117

File: 1668039698002.jpeg (108.18 KB, 1200x675, FF9B5DCE-0570-4568-9DC8-0529A4…)

Vtubers, specifically male ones that bait shit for degens like me. I’m a whole ass adult but these little shits keep me sane. Their middle schooler fans sometimes piss me off on the chat but the i remember they are the target audience not me kek. I also always make sure I’m alone when i watch streams. My degenerate ways are for me alone

No. 254135

turkish dramas

No. 254310

Yanderes and problematic pairings. I don't give a fuck about morals in fiction

No. 254312

File: 1668114733637.jpg (20.07 KB, 306x165, images(11).jpg)

the picture speaks for itself kek

No. 254316

okay i gotta know. what's your rating for them noni

No. 254323

File: 1668117544971.jpg (15.21 KB, 232x214, Shame .JPG)


No. 254324

Second this. Though I prefer the men to have both for maximum sexual possibilities. I hate dickgirls though, lol.

No. 254408

Based cognitive-dissonanceless cuntboy-enjoying tranny-haters

No. 254446

File: 1668163392579.png (77.72 KB, 300x300, 331bee09d80944ac0137dc0855a0a6…)

Shitty reader insert smut.
Ashamed of the quality of writing, not the degeneracy. It's the only way I can relieve my obsession with a certain husbando. Sometimes I waste my whole day reading these..

No. 254458

me too! i also hate dickgirls but i don't like trans men either? just cuntboys. men who were born with a pussy instead of a dick and nothing else. it's a fantasy gender.

No. 254562

Do you enjoy the bad writing quality, or are you suffering because you can't find good quality ones?

No. 254582

So do you ship Sara with anyone? The policeman, childhood friend, her stalker bodyguard or the simp with funny hair?

No. 254592

File: 1668240185697.jpg (356.16 KB, 1632x1526, 1648692927649.jpg)

Based. Do you ship Johten?

No. 254617

Shitty dubs of Dragon Ball Z, DBZ is already one of my biggest guilty pleasure and I just love seeing the characters talk nonsense with retarded voices (even when I don't understand the language), never fails to make me laugh and go through a bad day.

No. 254618

Nta but I fucking love Johten so much why is there so little porn of them

No. 254621

Because Tenma belongs to me, not Johan. Sorry.

No. 254629

kek, based

No. 254646

You have to share nonnie

No. 254666

It's addictive and juicy fiction like fast food slurp slurp solid 8/10

No. 254695

It’s frustrating but the porn there is of them is high quality :)(:))

No. 254758

being a shaynafag, I didn’t start following her until the corpse husband and ready to glare thread were drying up. An anon in /ot/ said she was autism catnip. I sort of agree, she just has easily digestible milk.

No. 254781

File: 1668334490376.png (491.49 KB, 1378x888, roderick on the line.png)

tame as it may be this is my guiltiest pleasure, I don't know why I listen to these men

No. 254845

File: 1668358529676.jpeg (152.71 KB, 882x796, 6C232CA0-D72E-4477-BFE2-7E78D4…)

Furshit, specifically scalies.
I just want a big sexy lizardman bf, that shouldn’t be too much to ask for.

No. 255088

Ahegao. It's hotter when the characters seem to be enjoying it so much that they make stupid expressions

No. 255093

This. Fiction exists to explore things you cannot or didn't want to explore in real life (including dying). I sometimes (rarely) have a character I love who already suffered so much that I don't want him in a bad relationship but usually I prefer enemies with benefits and yandere.

No. 255254

File: 1668542583205.jpeg (Spoiler Image,165.63 KB, 372x457, 6CC6CABC-35A3-4EC8-A8E9-83B462…)

I’m not a furry but I’m the retard who’s been posting human Monty pictures on some of the threads and this makes me happy to see this! thank you for blessing my eyes for some reason I can’t get his design out my head he’s such a cutie.

No. 256373

File: 1668909911843.png (869.76 KB, 1280x1354, tumblr_3d6034cfe87949fa7689c53…)

Adorable and same I guess. I get called out as a furry degenerate but most anthro characters are a miss for me and only find a few of them attractive. It really depends on the design and preferably with hair.

No. 256375

File: 1668910503418.jpg (1.16 MB, 1000x1200, da6y14a-77463bf4-ebbb-4623-95f…)

see i like lizardmen, not furry reptiles. there's a big difference

No. 256392

File: 1668913621979.png (2.36 MB, 1300x1300, 90905009_p18.png)

Other anon and not a furry, but I honestly adore those kemono-types, like the characters from the Odd Taxi anime or games like Solatorobo.
They are cute pretty unique, thanks to the different animals they are based on and the colors they have, I wish there were more anime with them. They work well as figures too, since they are just little cartoony animal-people who aren't sexualized.

No. 256409

File: 1668918969631.jpg (111.5 KB, 422x600, kannou_sensei.jpg)

Age gap manga. No, I don't read the weird ones. I can sit and list all the reasons why I like it so much, why I read it all the time, and why there is something wrong with me, but I'm too tired. The biggest reason, I think, is that I love the trope of some grumpy, tired of life man taking care of a ball of sunshine who makes his life better.

I stopped reading as much now that I am in a relationship with an older man. There's no point if I'm living out my dreams.

No. 256412

File: 1668919478034.jpg (207.65 KB, 2048x2048, lazychessknock teehee.jpg)

love them

No. 256413

File: 1668920001429.jpg (97.95 KB, 600x628, 3008.JPG)

Bitch wtf me too. I came to the realization way too many ships I like "just happen" to be sibcest. I have a problem.

No. 256429

File: 1668929016468.jpg (51.16 KB, 543x498, dee9edb7d0.jpg)

as someone with 2 brothers, I have to say you people genuinely make me sick

No. 256436

I have a brother too, nonna. I don’t want to fug him. I can’t use the “no siblings so I don’t get why it’s gross” excuse, though.

No. 256479

File: 1668956316867.jpg (38.44 KB, 410x600, 822f421201310f4f0e8856a21a1612…)

dislike brother x sister for the sake of it, but I do like shipping Michael with his sisters

No. 256484

They're fictional characters, it's easy to dismiss they're related when you write fic or draw fanart. Especially with animated characters, it's just about wanting to see two hot people with an interesting dynamic fuck

Irl sibling incest is still repulsive to 99% of the population, it's coded in our DNA for a reason

No. 256487

gross. based azula deserves better than this mediocre-ass moid

No. 256488

Was reading Obama/Hillary fic in 2008, my skin is 7 layers thick kek

No. 256494

Lana Del Rey's Born To Die is no-skip pop perfection. I think no other artist has been able to capture nostalgic Americana like she has. I love how unhappy she sounds singing about being obsessed with shitty men kek

No. 256503

File: 1668963872643.jpg (86.08 KB, 1280x720, Koi-wa-Ameagari-no-You-ni-01-4…)

I can understand that, I enjoy these a lot sometimes. I also like the series like After the Rain. I think if done right these manga are great for character development and exploration since they make the older guy reflect on his past life and the younger character grow up, even if they don't end up together.

Plus older men are often comfy IMO especially in fiction. Certainly better than young party boys, insecure school boys or young dudes that are still full of genki energy (those aren't bad, but I am too much of a silent loner to want them around me).

No. 256534

On that subject there was a hypothesis that the repulsion happens if you live like family with anyone before you're 6

No. 256557

This whole thing is reminding me of how nowadays I barely care about that stuff as long as the incest pairings are meant to be edgy as fuck but I hated that shit in Vampire Knight. I think it has way more to do with the plot twist coming out of nowhere. Fuck that manga, even Zero and his twin brother made a more believable pairing and reminded me of some shojo manga version of Vergil and Dante kek than Yuki and Kaname. Actually, fuck Kaname specifically.

This also reminds of when I watched many of the Kindaichi Case Files episodes on TV long ago and there's one arc about Kindaichi's classmate dating his long lost sister without knowing it and killing people to avenge her death, and one of the next arcs is about a guy wanting to avenge his dead father by fucking and being engaged to his slightly younger half-sister who had no clue she had a brother to kill her and the rest of her family… except oops! They're fully related after all so there was no point in seeking revenge and his also kind of liked her as well! I'm 100% sure that was the inspiration behind Yusuke's arc in Persona 5 but whatever. No wonder the same guy wrote the story outline for Fire Emblem Fates. This guy has issues that would make Freud roll in his grave but he's a good writer so I'm ok with that.

No. 256558

It’s hot. I think even Jamie Lee Curtis ships them.

No. 256584

Loads of things. I am extremely prudish and closed off in real life and never tell anyone about my interests in general TBH.
I listen to a lot of otome CDs. My favorites are the ones with some batshit yandere who forces his depraved fetishes on you, or femdom stuff.
Like some anons above I am kinda drawn to brother-sister incest ships. I don't have siblings so I'm not bothered by it, I hate the imouto trope stuff that used to be popular though. I like the idea of two characters from some sort of abusive and fucked up aristocratic type family ending up attratced to each other because they never developed sibling bonds in the first place.
The trope where a girl meets back with her older childhood crush when she's grown up. Though I prefer it if some supernatural crap is involved like the guy is an immortal or a time traveller because I'm not huge on older looking men.
Ryona, though only if it's with male characters because I don't want to see women getting hurt.
Long video essays even when I know they're vapid and full of bullshit.
Touhou themed music even though I've never played touhou.
Crap TV from my home country, it makes me feel cozy.

No. 256592

What in the cringe “I can heal him”

No. 256605

File: 1668984774235.jpg (23.71 KB, 482x512, 1613772256202.jpg)

But why? I enjoy yaoi and straight porn for women but cuntboys are like guys who got their dicks/balls chopped off and are left with a wound to fuck. Also isn't it like tranny porn too? The butthole is good enough as the "cunt" since he has a prostate in there as the g-spot.

No. 256607

Same, but also brother x brother too. >>251488
Rin looks so delicious here

No. 256630

You make it sound like we're fantasizing about a man with a neovag… Were you under the impression that men into dickgirl were fantasizing about girls with numb meat tubes stitched to their crotches too? We're talking about an XY male with the genitalia of the opposite sex, not a FTM or a castrated man. It's intersex fantasy.

No. 256643

It just seems unnatural and a disappointment without the dick. Kinda gross too like dickgirls/futas. I think it's unnecessary to give a man another hole when he already has one behind him.

No. 256658

Poop comes from that one, and poop is gross.

No. 256663

but a man can't have a vagina, a cuntboy is just a flat chested woman that you meme'd yourself into thinking is a gay man

No. 256668

Not her and I am mainly into normal yaoi but I also enjoy guys that have.. both. Not into cuntboys directly though, it has to be cunt AND dick imo. I just want them on the receiving end sometimes but while I enjoy seeing buttsex vaginas are just superior on a technical level.

No. 256672

File: 1669003574421.jpg (44.13 KB, 540x559, jaimecersei.jpg)

Came here to post this. I was obsessed with picrel for years even though GOT made it corny as hell.

No. 256674

Omegaverse where male assholes basically function like vaginas is much hotter than a man with both genitalia. Mpreg is vile though, the omega/alpha fantasy would be perfect if the men didn't actually get pregnant. Most of the fics read exactly like m/f stories which sucks.

No. 256675

Strangely or not I am not into mpreg either. I actually hate that thought despite enjoying seeing guys with both things down there.
>Most of the fics read exactly like m/f stories which sucks.
Agree this is also an issue with a lot of non-omegaverse yaoi IMO. I rarely see omega stuff in fics though, not sure why. Maybe it's more prevalent in certain other fandoms.

No. 256687

both are essentially rule63 though and your just doing m/f

No. 256787

File: 1669065654930.jpg (98.56 KB, 540x768, tumblr_ovwvg4j7401vcz1xwo6_r1_…)

This manga, its generic yuri shit written for coomers and troons by a bi japanese guy, but my god the art is so pretty, probably my favourite art style in manga.

No. 256788

File: 1669065759425.jpeg (185.4 KB, 924x1047, EVA7oDTUUAERR3g.jpeg)

The designs are so cool too, this filthy fujo is my favourite. Wish she was in a better manga, or at least the story was solely focused on her and her weird lolita stalker.

No. 256799

File: 1669067088313.jpg (83.12 KB, 813x813, tumblr_nyo56qyDZI1spdolco1_128…)

No. 256801

Serious question, if the asshole is disgusting to you, why are you even into yaoi?

No. 256823

majority of fujos think real gay sex is disgusting. they're not thinking of men's hairy assholes when they're reading fic about anime boys fucking, they are imagining the asshole like it was a vagina. now there's plenty of fic where the bottom actually has a vag.

No. 256834

based. i think her songs "American," "Video Games," and "Ride" literally altered my brain and i never want to go back.

this show was so surprisingly good and is not what it seems at first

No. 256850

Agreed! I loved how both of the characters improved themselves despite never really have a 'romance' pairing. They want the best for each other, and at the end, they have that hope that things are going to be better.

Yup that's my cringe and I will die with it.

No. 256893

I don't think of them anything like a vagina, that grosses me out too (not that vaginas are gross in general, but on a male character they are). And disregarding any potentially nasty aspects of the butthole I'm into the physiology of it that is nothing like a vagina. I simply consider all BL to take place in an AU where the ass is not part of the digestive system at all, and I don't overthink it any further than that.

No. 256895

But if you can do that "without overthinking it any further" why is it so absurd to you that people can think of an AU where men are intersex/have vags? There are more biological differences between men and women than genitalia.

No. 256902

based nonnitas

No. 256944

fujocoomers aren't a smart bunch, they'll essentially make a male character female in all but name but still pretend he's male

No. 256946

speak for yourself nonita

No. 256948

Well to be honest yaoi asses are usually drawn hairless. I mean that's why many are into 2D only and not real people.

No. 256953

I like vaginas

No. 257003

Watching footage of Lady Gaga concerts. I don't know why but they make me happy, I like the music, I like the energy and how loud and crazy it can be. When I'm stressed out or sad I put these on and I feel at ease. What's funny is that I have never gone to a concert.

No. 257122

File: 1669150848728.png (332.81 KB, 1133x1600, 988c0802-2db5-4f05-886f-f7b4b1…)

Same, anon. He's trash, but the good bits suck me in, I like the premise of mars no kiss.

No. 257131

Three days late but their UST was unmatched. The only reason I became super invested in Avatar tbh.

No. 257170

File: 1669163192507.jpg (418.37 KB, 1920x1080, mia.jpg)

the story, setting, worldbuilding, music, animation are amazing. I hate the author and how he draws the characters / what he makes them go through sometimes.

No. 257171


No. 257173

File: 1669163486837.png (119.83 KB, 500x375, tumblr_4b55cecb0087f79e57b7bc8…)

I like edgy twitter schizo art. Wish I had the balls these idiots have.

No. 257174

File: 1669163570808.jpg (256.69 KB, 2509x2509, pp.jpg)

itemlabel shit

No. 257182

Why guilty? They’re adorable

No. 257188

File: 1669169688106.jpg (110.03 KB, 900x589, snow_coat_by_squeedgemonster.j…)

Lapfox Trax albums. I know the creator is a creepy ass tranny but I grew up listening to lapfox and I still think the classic characters and art look super cool. I listen to it when I need crazy, fun and overstimulating music to help me focus or wake up

No. 257200

File: 1669172027173.jpg (118.37 KB, 1000x1437, u15.jpg)

Kishi Torajiro's art is so good. I wish his yaoi manga wasnt on hiatus/cancelled because I am in love with the glasses guy. I liked it touched niche fetishes you dont see in most BL, and the art was so good. Eternally seething this got canned.

No. 257202

File: 1669172129736.jpeg (55.23 KB, 800x1137, S2.jpeg)

i am so angry aghhhh

No. 257235

Same, I love his music. He's a gross tranny furry sex pest but he makes very catchy stuff.

No. 257236

File: 1669184601726.jpg (66.11 KB, 608x500, 1607976663881.jpg)

You get it nonna. They are the only two characters with any kind of sexual chemistry in the whole franchise. I just love how twisted and messed up their relationship is. They have such a deeply entangled and passionate connection. All the actual couples feel empty in comparison.

No. 257291

Emilie Autumn's music. I realize she is a shitty person but that doesn't really hinder my enjoyment. Also she is really good at writing lyrics imo. I wish there was more electro industrial that incorporated harpsichord and other classical instruments into it.

No. 257294

same, I loved her music at one point and was disappointed to her learn how pathetic she really was

No. 257308

What's wrong with Emilie Autumn?

No. 257316

move over, it's time for some real guilty pleasures: i still think some youtube poops are funny and vidrel in particular has annihilated every stoned person i've shown it to

No. 257317

I thought I was the only one. I feel bad for enjoying his music as much as I do, but I haven't been able to find many other musicians with a similar sound. Plus, the character designs and art are really good.

No. 257351

File: 1669228484108.jpg (418.11 KB, 700x913, d2ygf7f-c5691b92-11bb-4eb4-bcd…)

Whoa this brings me back. I thought Mayhem and Mischief were so cool and Squeedgemonster was an amazing artist too, I got into digital art because I wanted to be like her despite me not being a furry in the slightest.

I haven't kept up with all the Renard drama though, I've only heard of the sexsomnia (?) incident which was pretty weird iirc

She has her own thread here, anon.

No. 257631

File: 1669320135233.png (2.46 MB, 2428x1244, Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 12.0…)

I enjoy the bad christmas movies that come out every year

No. 257635

Same. Lately I've been enjoying those corny ass hallmark Christmas movies kek there's something so visually appealing about them idk

No. 257648

Nta but my mom loves those, so I watch them with her. The formula is kind of like self insert fanfiction but for older women. Like we watched one recently about a security agent for the royal family with a tragic past of being an orphan that never got adopted and she has to go undercover as a nanny to protect the royal children. She is instantly amazing at it and and kids love her despite her having no childcare experience. Their prince uncle goes from initially disliking her to falling madly in love with her, and she uses her secret agent skills to beat up a bunch of kidnappers and foil their plot, rescuing the prince and saving the day for everyone. It was like it was written by a 13-year-old on Wattpad but it was so charming because of it.

No. 257664

Watching Semi-Homemade Cooking. I watched it as a kid after school and after stumbling in this YouTube channel I've been reveling in how campy the whole show and Sandra Lee is. Her kooky Aunt persona, color matched sets, and stupid (but kinda adorable recipes) are really comfy. I love her Halloween episodes where she dresses up.

No. 257668

They're just so… I don't know. The writing is so low effort I should hate it but I love it. They're full of stuff meant to tug at your heartstrings and it works on me. I get a good chuckle out of the ridiculous plots.

No. 263676

dumb 2015 style rap battle between ladybug and spiderman is the only thing i've been listening to this past week
sorry its in french, i needed to confess but didn't want to post in the france thread

No. 263687

this fucking song. once every 6 months i remember it exists and it never leaves my head it's so bad

No. 271233

No. 271256

I still love Dr. Phil clips and will watch episodes if it's on. I've accepted its more raunchy reality tv than actually trying to help people

No. 272710

File: 1675279364550.jpg (171.35 KB, 1070x950, 36.jpg)

Ppatta's works especially the Warrior series. I do enjoy yaoi/men more on the hardcore side but this shit is so well-made and shamelessly hot to the point where it becomes ridiculous and laughable.

No. 272722

His nipples look like pepperoni.

No. 272746

File: 1675295566112.png (915.31 KB, 552x698, Screenshot_4682.png)

This scrotey fucking game. The main character is a serial rapist slave owner yet it's still some of the most fun i've had playing a video game ever. And rance is hot kek. I'm very much a radfem or radfem-aligned at least so i feel guilty enjoying it.

Speaking of scrotey vns, i love subahibi, sayooshi, fmd muramasa, muv luv alternative, for any of my fellow erogefags out there.

No. 272754

How could you have fun playing this game? Is it the mechanics?

No. 272756

File: 1675299928762.png (1.04 MB, 762x676, Screenshot_4688.png)

Autistic tangent incoming.

Yes, there are 10 entires in the series and each of them have different gameplay and iirc it went on for about 30 years. With that said it has very extensive lore especially with its worldbuilding and hundreds of character for the sheer length of the franchise. Most of the games are incredibly long with various things to do in the game which pleases my autistic, animefag brain. Granted i have a higher tolerance for coomershit and am definitely desensitized to a lot of it so i don't recommend it because there is a lot of offputting scrote shit.

No. 272777

This looks pedophilic somehow, but then again most anime stuff does to me.

No. 272911

I'm forever assmad that Alicesoft's bl department was dead in the water from the very start and was axed after a few games

No. 272913

>There will never be a BL Rance
>There will never be a reverse harem Rance

No. 272916

File: 1675348375317.jpeg (103.99 KB, 500x500, 4A7FCD47-9181-4F23-A2A8-F390CC…)

Aryt and I know how you feel nonna. I wish the main staff worked on it because a BL game with orions art sounds beautiful. I want to see rance get assfucked by other men as well, but unfortunately we only got that bad end in sengoku where the gay dude assfucked him and there was no hcg.

No. 272918

What the actual fuck is this level of moid game.

No. 272919

I don't know much about it but the MC looks very generic at best.

No. 272926

NTA but what the fuck why didn't I see this earlier. I literally caved and paid for his subscribestar this month because he nuked his soundgasm and I don't know how to rip the subscribestar audio. If any nonnies could tell me how I'll rip it all and upload it…

No. 272938

I played TOO much Sengoku Rance. I need someone to eliminate the disgusting scenes. I loved the gameplay, and conquering of areas.

No. 272943

File: 1675360092017.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.02 KB, 817x900, 3c3.jpg)

I laugh at this stupid ass scrote meme everytime I see it

Also Kazuma's butt is cute

No. 272944

Is this that weird-ass eroge where he fathers like 423 children, some of which are incest children with his own kids?

No. 272948

File: 1675361616988.jpg (732.81 KB, 4958x1453, fsRlPHj.jpg)

That's School Days/Summer Days

No. 272951

File: 1675363256836.jpeg (181.31 KB, 1024x576, D116B202-A3A0-46A2-985A-EB16E1…)

I am a bit of a coomerette, and I might get shit on but speaking of games, the most I enjoyed was Dohna Dohna: let’s do bad things together. The art is gorgeous and so the musics. The gameplay is a bit tedious after a while, you need to manage your prostitutes which can get pregnant or mental illnesses while you fight other gangs.
I am also enjoying Nikke: Goddess of Victory, the art sometimes is less than worth it and gameplay is afk but the story is nice and the girls are all fun and endearing.

No. 272954

I played Sengoku Rance when I was in high school. I loved the gameplay, and I was too retarded and unaware to realize how misogynistic it was. Recently I wanted to get into it because I also heard the lore/worldbuilding was good but I don't think I can stomach scrotery anymore when it includes rape.

No. 272966

File: 1675369542619.jpeg (458.49 KB, 1045x1548, ED58BB07-3DEB-4F9B-A9EE-F4BC2D…)

I consider this show my biggest guilty pleasure. It has some of the most poorly written female characters I’ve ever seen and romanticizes a guy who stalks and murders women. It’s basically a drama and smut fest but it’s so addictive. The last season comes out in a few days and I really hope to see Joe get his shit kicked in and beaten to death

No. 272971

The first season imo was a genuinely great dark deconstruction of a typical romcom and how a rom-com protagonist IRL would be a delusional obsessive psychopath and actually fucking terrifying
but later seasons they turned into a dark comedy

No. 272973

Nonita i love this show so much despite it being extremely corny!! Season 2 was a dumpsterfire but i loved season 3 a lot, Love is my favorite girl now. I watch the show because i love the yandere trope in fiction and Joe's actor is so damn good at his job. I don't like the new trailer but I am still curious to see what's gonna happen.

No. 272975

I think I love this show so much because of the actor lol. Dan from gossip girl does a really good job of playing the charismatic psycho, somehow I always end up rooting for Joe when I know I shouldn't, which i think is the shows entire shtick

No. 272976

File: 1675373742188.png (234.83 KB, 1000x563, Sheila-Part-2-Portrait.png)

I'm pretty sure mangagamer released a version where it doesn't contain the sex scenes, even the scrotes thought it was too much (of course for completely different reasons), i don't know if there's a cracked version of it yet though.

I love dohnna dohnna, it's fun as fuck lol. And of course the aesthetics of it are beautiful. Goddammit, alicesoft.

No. 272978

Agree, Love was the closest to being a like-able female character in this show. They still made her do a bunch of shit that made me facepalm but I won’t get into spoiler territory

No. 272998

As much as I enjoy cruel and sadistic female-orientated VNs like DMMD and Hadaka Shitsuji (yeah it's written by a moid but the absurdity of it amuses me), I also like male-orientated ones like Dead End Aegis, Sadistic Blood etc. I like seeing bad stuff happen to fictional people, forgive me nonnies.

No. 273143

I watched this newgrounds tier animation close to 20 times already. My sense of humor is edgy teenage boy despite being a woman in her 30s but I can't help it kek

No. 273993

File: 1675764733822.png (223.13 KB, 764x1100, p_00004.png)

It's mine as well but I'm starting to grow out of it. I reccommend Hoshi no Sabaku but it doesn't have an explicit romantic things going on but there's some scenes that make my heart skip a beat. And Giselle Alain which has more explicit romantic events.

There's the fantasy of an older maybe dorky but mature man looking out for you and respecting you which will likely never happen with irl moids. But it's a comforting fantasy.

No. 281134

'Manning up' advice content, not the stuff about sigma male shit but just moral code and decency. Idk how I fell into this I just like hearing older people's perspectives on life sometimes
this guy is lot like my grandpa, maybe it's just me missing him

No. 281171

he looks like my grandfather as well, just with a different beard, he was a good man

No. 281387

love the y2k vibe and the other guy's voice, wish he had more songs

No. 281388

File: 1678331087562.jpeg (24.94 KB, 265x375, Decoder_1984_poster.jpeg)

I watch way too many shitty ultraviolent sex-filled 70-80's flicks.

No. 281434

Although there are numerous moids in the comments I sometimes watch his content because he somewhat resembles my father (I never had a good relationship with him so) I kinda see him as a father figure and the barn videos are relaxing as well

No. 281474

I unironically like old weezer, especially the blue album.
I get you nonna, it's funny.

No. 286017

File: 1679938589929.jpg (Spoiler Image,215.55 KB, 1280x720, 3.jpg)

No. 299776

File: 1685565239474.jpg (134.84 KB, 653x1000, MV5BZDg1OGQ4YzgtM2Y2NS00NjA3LW…)

I love a fair few Woody Allen movies (yes I know don't hate me), but especially Annie Hall. I find Diane Keaton so beautiful.

No. 299778

Have you seen Love and Death? Diane Keaton is gorgeous in it. Also it still makes me laugh, shockingly.

No. 299779

I haven't but I'll pirate it tonight! I just love to see her

No. 299781

How can you call yourself a radfem and play this shit? Absolutely disgusting

No. 299798

Wait a sec, was this the birth of rancefag? kek

No. 299972

"How dare a woman enjoy a work of fiction! FAKE RADFEM! Now let me talk to my boyfriend whose totes not like other moids and is a TRUE and HONEST ally!"

No. 299995

fuck yes, ppatta is the best

No. 300493


No. 300494

It's a banned baiter.

No. 300510

You're the one (defending) thirsting over fiction written by rapey moids and you think I simp for men? lmao

No. 300585

It's time to be honest and admit Metal Gear has absolute shit tier writing and Hideo Kojima really is a pretentious retard. The Yakuza games too are not clowned enough for their mindnumbingly fucktarded writing. Still love both series which is why I post them ITT.
Same, it's such high quality trolling (no way it isn't a trollfic lbr) it's basically art
I like m/m but I hate most of the smut because it's way too much anal. Blowjobs, handjobs and especially frotting are way underrated.
I hate him so much as a person but 808s and Heartbreak is still one of my favourite albums.
Same here for the same reasons

No. 301933

File: 1686602277408.jpg (277.35 KB, 1600x1200, Yosuga.no.Sora.full.417090.jpg)

Yosuga no Sora
>Beautiful OST
>I don't mind incest if they're both pretty (that goes for ships in general)
>I like Sora's dress
>Hiro Shimono voiced the brother

No. 302585

I guess any eroge would fit in this thread, regardless if it has incest or not.

No. 302722

>>301933 I find them cute too nonny. I remember listening to the OP theme by my goddess Rita when I just began reading about eroge/vns and just loving how nostalgic it sounded. I was pissed when they changed it in the anime for an Eufonius song (bless Riya, I like her voice) I hope one day I can play it, when I have time and learn japanese lol

No. 305012

File: 1687846813845.jpeg (6.28 KB, 206x195, E7qkznSWYAEPUuc.jpeg)

The link no longer works and I'm super horny for his voice. Please I need his nsfw audios.

No. 305016

File: 1687847820475.png (156.89 KB, 651x900, wata_i_.png)

Me too, but for different reasons. No, I don't flick the bean, but it does turn me on watching cute guys eat. And no, I don't have a fat fetish. I wish more attractive men were in the scene. If all of them would just stfu about "women having it so easy online" and EAT then I would be at peace.

No. 305017

Found a guy on tiktok who inhales food in a very attractive way but he isn't physivally attractive, waiting for the 9/10 young gym bunny version of him to drop.

No. 305031

I rediscovered some old hello project music I used to like forever ago, it's so cringy but so catchy and I hate that I still like it

No. 305074

File: 1687878962965.jpeg (104.06 KB, 699x1000, 604E1F04-9FE8-4C4A-BA66-955D48…)

Picrel, I remember a bunch of girls liked it in middle school but I was too busy being NLOG to watch it. I started hatewatching it but the story is pretty interesting and I continued because i just need to know how it ends

No. 309513

File: 1689826108330.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 3800x1700, PK_MAY_WALLPAPER_3800x1700.jpg)

Same nonna again who posted >>272710

Just got off to Pain Killer by HamletMachine and warning for degeneracy, but I'm really enjoying seeing hot guys getting fucked and raped by monsters, creatures, insects, tentacles, fat ugly bastards, etc. Hot men being degraded into horny sluts to have anything fill them or pleasuring anyone is such a turn on.

No. 309516

File: 1689827574110.jpg (339.15 KB, 1121x1600, s-l1600 (1).jpg)

If you havent already check out Meshinuma. Its so comfy and cute

No. 309517

nta, but there's a game too???/?????

No. 309548

It was all going so well until
>fat ugly bastards
But might still check it out.

No. 309552

File: 1689841790407.jpg (251.91 KB, 790x493, 4d2d621e191b8de45cbde7c055624e…)

It's a animated loop click game where you choose what toys/things to fuck the mc with. Also watch out for the audio of him moaning too.

Pain Killer doesn't have fat ugly bastards but monsters and insects-like creatures. Just be careful of cuntboy art around the end.

No. 309553

File: 1689842966898.png (701.68 KB, 1000x1000, 1564693267206.png)

>Also watch out for the audio of him moaning too.
too late, i had a heart attack hearing it for the first time, it's amazing tho.

No. 311955

File: 1690817877515.png (2.67 MB, 2067x969, image.png)

My guilty pleasure is Second Life. It's full of weirdos, but there's a lot of good, innocent, fun to be had. There is a surprisingly large (genuine) female population, much more than vrchat since you can actually dress up your avatar individually down to the patterns on their nail pattern, and really awesome decoration options.
I hop around world to world making friends with everyone and exploring cool places.
The worlds are way more diverse and well put together than vrchat too since it's more accessible, no modeling or blender knowledge needed.
Pic related
I got invited to a country concert at a barnyard by an old couple who duets classic songs, and this group of cats showed up and started line dancing. I love this game but I can't tell anyone because they'll assume I am a creepy furry scrote who does degenerate sex rp but I just love exploring and playing dressup.

No. 311961

For clarification
My picture is not representative of a well put together world since mine are turned down all the way for easy exploration. There are a lot of old worlds that feel like magical relics of the past too which are equally fun to explore.

No. 311985

Theyre not a good example cuz theyre not siblingssss reeeee

No. 311993

I don't think a lot of people who know me irl would believe that I'm a big shoujo/romance manga/webtoon reader. I doubt they also know who chris chan is lol. I write yandere reader insert fics for fun. I play a lot of text based porn games. I unironically enjoy the rappin for jesus video. I have so many guilty pleasures that I should be in confession.

No. 312023

>I got invited to a country concert at a barnyard by an old couple who duets classic songs, and this group of cats showed up and started line dancing
damn I guess I need to play second life because that sounds amazing

No. 312028

It's so good but there's a bit of a learning curve to stuff like dressup. The exploring you can do right away! If you join, I would love to explore with you! The world of SL is strange but full of great stuff when you explore it with people who are just there for fun.

No. 312187

File: 1690944754159.jpg (16.32 KB, 258x387, 90_Day_Fiance_logo.jpg)

This trashy-ass show. I have no doubt that some of its segments are fake and/or acted (it's reality TV after all), I also hate the voyeuristic way it shows the poorer fiance,/fancee's living conditions (no doubt since I'm a third worldie myself) it comes across as poverty porn to me.

But God do I love it when these passport bros (and sisters I suppose) get a smack of reality once it's shown that their submissive fantasy uwu waifu isn't real—that they don't even love them and or only after a green card—and tell them flat out they ain't shit.

Xiomora, Anfisa, and Rose are some of my favorites in this awful show kek. I watch their clips whenever I get pissed with whatever moids are currently doing to the world. It's so satisfying watching their incel-adjacent "boyfriends"' egos crumble once they actually say what's on their minds.

No. 312194

File: 1690947036677.jpg (187.87 KB, 702x1000, 919DWiPGfFL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Mogeko / Deep-Sea Prisoner / Funamusea games. Normies online hate them because of the "problematic themes", but I appreciate the time and effort she put into creating the character designs, story, themes and gameplay. I used to want to make games like hers because I thought her use of RPGMaker was impressive.

No. 312196

I know this is 10 months old but I enjoy some kpop occasionally as well. It's still a music genre from an asian country despite the retarded fans and industry. The group I totally love is girls' generation and I have all their albums and songs, even the advertising theme songs for products and companies because they made them amazing. I don't care about any other group though, this one is the only one that ticks all the boxes for me, I even thirst for all the women in it. I listen to a song or 2 by other groups but mostly 90s-early 2010s groups. Can't stand the newer ones with their overly americanized music.

No. 312198

really wanted to get into second life but the fact that you have to pay real life money for cosmetics kinda scared me off, unless im wrong and theres another way to earn the in-game currency

No. 312200

i always thought calling mogeko 'problematic' was dumb. those themes are super common in rpgmaker horror games, and like… noones really forcing you to play those games, especially not the darker ones like mogeko castle. if you want to play a cute game like wada but dont want any of the darker stuff (and iirc its not even that bad in wada apart from like 1 bad end?) there are sooo many options for cute rpgmaker games

No. 312201

No way the creator is female, has to be a moid with a rape and "corruption" fetish

No. 312202

Self inserting, husbandofaggotry and waifufaggotry, and enjoying shipping. I feel bad about all of these because they seem too immature for my age but it's a bad habit since childhood that I can't let go of.

No. 312204

File: 1690949965866.jpg (59.69 KB, 500x645, pn98mlpgcrq21.jpg)

For me it's not incest but them. I don't know why but there's something so hot and romantic about them and I'm not even a full-on slasher fan

No. 312228

File: 1690960320007.gif (2.52 MB, 350x196, 5C7A5138-53A1-4328-9B6A-E9F2FE…)

same nonnie, i love f(x) so much they were such a fun group. its sad that smtown fucks over all their girl groups. i used to be big into kpop but not anymore after f(x) is gone and redvelvet went silent

No. 312231

I also enjoy it but I am not open with it because of the batshit fandom. I mostly follow twice these days but I used to follow fx and red velvet. I liked itzy when they debuted but their music and concept fell off. I casually listen to ive, stayc, aespa and gidle but they don't have the same appeal gen 2 and 3 groups had and tend to be very hit or miss.

No. 312324

You don't need to spend anything to get into it! There's lots of free stuff now that's actually good quality. At minimun you may want to invest in one of the popular mesh bodies but there are tons of good quality free things.
You can also list cheap little things on the marketplace and earn in game money passively doing that which is what I do! I don't make a lot but it's enough to buy cute outfits. In all, I would say you could put $10 into it for a mesh body and a couple starter things, and the rest could be all freebies, and you'd be set.
There are other ways to earn currency in game, like fishing, contests, or getting a job like DJing events or singing but I'm not talented enough for that. You might be though!
The only other thing that costs money is land ownership, but you can always just squat and build on abandoned land for free

No. 313349

File: 1691434984747.jpg (100.75 KB, 1039x1039, Fired-On-Mars-Startet-Bei-Hbo-…)

I cannot think of much but Bastard, Detroit Metal City, Needless and the Rance games that I enjoyed for various reasons but there is no way it's only this, I like so much shit.
Guess Fate Grand Order should count as well. But I just genuinely like a lot of the designs and characters and some of the ideas. I also enjoyed Saya no Uta, although I agree that the porn part felt stupid, at least to me. I feel like forced romances drag such creepy stories down instead of making them better.

Admit that I find South Park and some of episodes of Rick and Morty funny too. Many newer SP and RAM episodes are kinda shitty (especially most of the second-last RaM season) and I dislike a bunch of aspects of that show, but it has a lot of scenes that I just find funny even if it's this type of aggressive asshole humor.

I also enjoyed Fired on Mars and Bojack a lot. Feel like the types of series that would be hated here, though I have never seen anybody talking about FoM so far.

No. 313353

File: 1691438073818.jpeg (161.94 KB, 640x640, ab6761610000e5eb5da361915b1fa4…)

I know theyre a pinkpanthress rip off and the most blatantly commerical newer kpop group but i love the majority of their songs. I love putting their music on when im getting ready for work in the morning

Sage for kpop

No. 318882

Second Life autist again to talk about my escapades because I love this game
Since my original post I have made friends with the boomer couple who sings live shows. I got to see more cats dancing too

I started collecting freebies and making a new few outfit every day. I have a home I built on abandoned land that the owner forgot. Hope I don't get kicked out anytime soon

I also went to karaoke and made friends with a variety of people. There was a girl with a super pretty soulful voice, a guy who played guitar and piano on mic, and an old country dude who could yodle. They were all very nice.

Enjoy your guilty pleasures with all your hearts, nonas. I hope others have as much fun with theirs as I do mine

No. 329175

File: 1697963610953.jpg (58.52 KB, 564x564, fdcf92a3c6908e8dad36406c74357d…)

I'm not much of a shonen person, but I have a soft spot for The 7 Deadly Sins, one of the very few shonens I actually kept on when it was airing. Maybe it's the nostalgia or my interest on biblical themes like the sins but whatever, watching these characters bring me back to simplier and happier times. I perfectly understand why most people dislike it now, being quite honest, the series has many of the traits that repel me from shonen anime, also perhaps a unpopular opinion on anime fan circles, but I really don't care about power scaling so I take with humor many of the things like people reposting the inflated Melodias or the bad animated fights. I would have loved for the series to improve over time but I guess it's too late now.

The sequel is getting an anime adaptation, I don't like "The child of the old protagonists" type of continuations but I'm already on the mood to binge watch the whole series from the start just to refresh my memory.

No. 329228

File: 1697985489216.jpeg (26.39 KB, 300x168, IMG_0992.jpeg)

The game had been shit for a decade now, the lore is shit, the current expansion is a yawnfest, the gameplay is outdated, the fanbase is toxic and retarded, the company is shit, it has 0 relevancy culturally atm, but i still cannot help but love this game and play it regularly.

No. 329441

Ohhh, I've been meaning to watch Fired on Mars for a while! Would you recommend, nona? I also enjoyed Bojack and KoTH.
Although i will admit, Bojack is much funnier and the emotional moments hit harder when you're a teen, so I'm not sure how i would react to the show now. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, Koth gets better the older you are.

No. 329456

what's the state of the current fandom btw.

No. 329461

Nonna I’m living vicariously thru your second life adventures

No. 329554

Reading on lc threads, laughing and posting about troons is my guilty pleasure. They're disgusting pieces of shit literally ruining democracy, kids, womens, and gay peoples rights yet in 99% of places you're not even allowed to say "the child rapist was a man" without people refusing to speak to you ever again for being an evil transphobic bigot. I can't wait for the world to peak.

No. 330033

ty nona, glad to share!
I thought about posting some of my exploration screenshots here too. halloween is a very festive time in Second Life so everybody is decorating as much as possible.

I still haven't been kicked out of my squatter house and I made friends with a bunch of other freebie hunting girls. we all hang out at my house, make outfits together, then go dancing

No. 330846

File: 1698517657303.png (902.11 KB, 1450x2048, i'm_not_a_shotacon_i_swear.png)

No. 331040

what is this from? i just think the dude looks hot

No. 340132

File: 1701843809356.png (26.89 KB, 800x800, whn.png)

lol i guess someone bumped and then deleted their post. whatever. Anyways, my answer is cringy webcomics with "bad" art. ranfren is my all time favorite but the other day i got myself suprisingly invested into that comic posted in snow, What Happens Next, and i'm completely unironically fully invested in the plot now.

No. 340154

File: 1701862098121.gif (1.03 MB, 500x292, 507dec814252ae2d9f62058d1de018…)

On that topic. Pinecest. Not even in a weird fucked way, they just give me so much comfort.

No. 340248

This was retconned. Laurie is not his sister. I'm glad they threw that concept in the bin where it belongs.

No. 340608

Sam & Aaron Taylor-Johnson

No. 340609

File: 1702014708423.jpg (50.18 KB, 960x657, 293.jpg)

Never shipped them but I can 100% see why people would.
I heard about that but I haven't seen any of the movies in which that was retconned.

No. 340613

This picture is cursed and how big Dipper's hat is in relation to his head made me kek.

No. 340614

File: 1702015334485.png (1.18 MB, 1032x729, dbf.png)

Apparently it became a meme like last week

No. 340619

in a loli/shota way or..?

No. 340632

Mabel looks so vile here

No. 340739

File: 1702061143776.jpg (101.27 KB, 479x640, 99665137fb9b7d41a5373f9ad6caea…)

Did it first started because of Yuki and Kaname from Vampire Knight?

No. 340741

>sage for kpop
we are the most oppressed group

No. 340774

File: 1702080017990.png (2.14 MB, 1074x1096, 0e45689y467567543.png)

nta but even if i don't like Vampire Knight the illustrations and uniforms are so pretty, i used to hate them back then

No. 340787

File: 1702084122037.jpg (6.92 MB, 5172x7099, these bitches gay! good for th…)

Never read vampire knight
Agreed though the art is gorgeous.

No. 340789

File: 1702084566665.jpg (951.18 KB, 1113x1433, gossipgirl.jpg)

I fucking love Gossip Girl. It's vapid and predictable and the plotlines are all just weird bits of circumstance where someone happens to "see" something that they shouldn't have. All the characters are completely horrible, self-obsessed people and the fashion and set designs are always so good and extravagant and I really wish I could stare at Blake Lively all day, she is so pretty.

No. 340949

I know that this is the most coomerbait thing that non-japanese media ever made, but I can't stop watching, she's so cute and strangely hypnotizing…

No. 340954

I feel like you would like him nonnies.

No. 340955

samefag and sage for kpop, I also found these 2 idols, they don't eat much given they're idols but they're pretty cute(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 340978

I was obsessed with this show when it aired so bad. It's a huge guilty pleasure of mine as well. The fashion is chefs kiss

No. 341120

*Brother x brother

No. 341127

This so fucking hilarious

No. 341133

i used to be a huge nctzen and i loved watching johnny’s videos. i don’t care about kpop anymore but i still keep up with them because he’s so interesting and hot kek him and mark having fun is great. vidrel is my favorite(kpop)

No. 342925

File: 1702784555139.jpg (Spoiler Image,459.69 KB, 1051x1088, moid projection.jpg)

I don't think of this as a guilty pleasure but trolling and shitposting moids and trapfags on /y/ and sometimes /cm/ for shits and giggles. It's like poking at an ant hill but kek at this projection.

No. 342982

Oh I haven't done it in a while but I like to shit on /y/ moids in their bl manga thread for liking a female hobby. Specially because there's one of them monitoring the bl thread here and always mentioning us.

No. 343153

Momo Slimes. At first I didn't understand the whole craze for slimes until I saw these videos. It's so therapeutic to watch imagining how nice they would smell like and kinda makes me want to eat it too.

No. 343179

No. 343649

File: 1703022980355.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, image_2023-12-20_015606128.png)

i like watching soup gta rp trolling videos, there just such a chaotic element to them…
ah another ted kaczynski acolyte

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