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No. 241193

andddd in digital spaces

just putting together a list of films that highlight the experience of being a woman navigating public space, whether it's eve teasing or lack of infrastructure, how you constantly feel watched etc etc.. or just existing and doing your own thing, things not 'expected' of a woman, think agnes varda vagabond

and a similar thread for digital spaces, or being a woman on the internet, and the possibility of changing your identity etc

preferably not very mainstream stuff, could be obscure shorts and things from a non-western context are preferred. just trying to gather films from a larger group of people w different contexts.

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No. 241204

Imagine needing a thread to look for things that show you how to be a real girl uwu in public. Ywnbaw.

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No. 241210

Also if this is at all legit there’s a better board for this, lurk moar

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