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File: 1554586215164.jpg (74.94 KB, 875x875, eurovision_copy_4.jpg)

No. 24221

>Favourite songs
>Thoughts on your country's entry
>Who do you think will win
>etc/whatever you want to comment on

No. 24307

op since no one has written so far lol

my favs this year are Poland,Portugal and Iceland.I'm slightly concerned these won't pass the semis but at least we got interesting songs(esp Portugal and Iceland like DAMN)

As for my country,I'm barely interested in Greece's song this year(and for the most songs we've sent the past few years)but we seem to do well at the odds

hatari and conan osiris were a blessing this year

No. 24315

i like my country’s song, haven’t really checked out any others. john is so hardworking and humble and just very grateful for everything, i find him very endearing.

No. 24316

I hate it, it's really bad (as always) and we're probably gonna end up losing pretty badly (again, as always lol).

I really wish this whole thing would just stop, it's such a gigantic waste of money.

No. 24319

Since Israel is a more controversial host country, I just hope everything goes well and nothing bad happens

No. 24325

I hate Israel politically and I agree. I really like Netta and her song Toy from last year and I'm not going to let politics ruin something that's supposed to be for fun.

No. 24326

it’s entertainment for the civilian people not the politics. the assholes wanting to take this away from the israeli civilians who were so happy to win and get to be hosts are gross. it’s not that deep.

No. 24328

I don't get why non-euro countries were even allowed to participate in the first place.

Jesus, yes it really is not that deep, no need to be so dramatic, you act as if they're little children getting their ice cream stolen. Most israelis probably couldn't care less.

No. 24340

yeah same I'm happy with Sweden's song this year. Also cool to see a black guy winning in Sweden tbh

No. 24363

They get to participate just because they're members of EBU. I don't get what's the point of it being "euro"vision if literally anyone can participate (like Australia, wtf).

Anyway, as usual, Finland's song is bad. I thought they'd do something more special now that they got Darude to perform but nah. Same outdated generic shit.

No. 24366

I like Chech Republic and Poland entries this year, they're surely not gonna win but at least I have fun.
My predictions of the winner: Russia, Netherlands or Italy; i'm not even telling if i like them or not, I just have a feeling.

No. 24376

it feels like the absolute legend status of darude is wasted on the song, the dude sounds like he struggles to keep a melody at points :-/

our entry (latvia) i think is alright but also no way is it getting out of semis. as per usual.

No. 24381

I'm so ashamed we are sending this. He won national contest by public vote and yet everyone hates it. I firmly believe the whole contest was a set-up and that fat fuck Jacques Houdek (ESC 2017) had his sausage fingers in it.

No. 24390

>I firmly believe the whole contest was a set-up and that fat fuck Jacques Houdek (ESC 2017) had his sausage fingers in it.

I wouldn't doubt that in the slightest. I think I'm not even going to watch this year because of this shit right here

No. 24392

Another Croat, and yes I feel the same. I voted for the metal band and was hoping we could send them. But nope. who tf thought it would be a good idea?

No. 24399

So far my favourites are Iceland, Portugal, and Slovenia. r8 my taste

No. 24411

As another Croat I bet we wont even pass the semies.

And who the fuck voted for this its so boring. I honestly think it was a set up

No. 24493

I actually was talking about esc with my best friend and she said both her and her bf liked it.But yeah the song is pretty forgettable and those wings are the tackiest I've seen since Azerbaijan's entry in 2008.How does the my frIEEEEEEEND guy got involved in this?

Whatever involves avant-garde god Conan Osiris and anti-capitalist BDSM kings Hatari is top tier.And Slovenia's song is pretty nice imo so yeah,good taste anon

No. 24556

File: 1554730631672.jpg (109.51 KB, 800x600, roko-blazevic-jacques-houdek-d…)

>How does the my frIEEEEEEEND guy got involved in this?

Jacques is his mentor. Those tacky wings and shitty song concept were his idea. When Roko won and was giving a speech, Jacques forced himself in the spotlight, as if he was the one who won.

No. 24571

oh I didn't know that.Like isn't he an asshole who is unlikable in general and thinks highly of himself?(that's what I've read at least)

No. 24594

File: 1554745221844.jpg (82.87 KB, 1090x590, madonna_eurovision_0.jpg)

so madonna is officially going to perform in the esc(i heard it a few days ago but it was just on april fools so i didnt take it seriously).i mean,it's nice and all,but it feels weird having someone who doesnt even really know or care about esc perform there.she and timberlake just do so to promote their songs.(i know it's all business but it just feels wrong idk)

No. 24605

My country's entry is shit, as always. Don't think we'll make it past the first round tbh, it's so boring and unmemorable.

I'm still really excited to watch it though. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to all the entries yet so I'm not going to pick any favourites. I tend to root for the wacky entries though lol. I sincerely hope it goes smoothly and there are no incidents considering it's in Israel. I'm happy for them to be hosting this year. I normally watch the UK broadcast for Graham Norton's commentary and I've always found it really unfair that as an Irish man he doesn't commentate our broadcast.

No. 24684


I'm so mad at my country, it sounded pretty good when he won, giving a ska vibe, but they totally ruined it afterwards, muting the instruments and turning it into a shitty summer song.
My favorites are Norway and Iceland. I also hope Portugal passes the semifinals, it will be a wonderful meme material.

No. 24688

i feel like most of eurovision have lost its magic … it's so often cheesy ballads and shitty hosts. at least sweden had good hosts a few years back.

portugal last year was a fucking disaster, cringeworthy.

No. 24695

I agree with this. As a german I am deeply ashamed of all of our performaces in ESC. They were so boring I can't even remember what we did last year. Also the blonde one in the video sounds like a screeching cat. But whatever, in two months they will be forgotten anyway.

No. 24699

I think my whole country just hatewatches the thing to see our contestants lose tbh everyone was so angry we didn't lose by 0 points in 2017

Our contestant this year is as lame as always, no wonder we ranked up a bit higher when we sent a literal joke contestant

No. 24700

>it feels like the absolute legend status of darude is wasted on the song
I totally agree. He could've been so much better and created a ton of hype, but the song is SO boring and generic. But about the vocals, I think Sebastian is a good singer but the national "semifinal" stream completely messed up the audio mixing and made him sound like garbage. It was the same last year but our last rep was shitty to begin with so you couldn't tell.

No. 24716

Conchita Wurst did it first

No. 24718

Yep, I was really hyped but when I heard it my first thought was "wow, it's fucking nothing

No. 24723

File: 1554826880633.jpg (36.56 KB, 800x450, 0punkte.jpg)

No. 24776

File: 1554845359190.jpg (45.62 KB, 641x372, 899.JPG)

>Like isn't he an asshole who is unlikable in general and thinks highly of himself?

Yup, only thing bigger than his body is his ego.

No. 24796

sestre (sisters) did it in 2002

No. 24884

Does she at least have a British passport? idk I'm kind of annoyed that we have to shoehorn US artists into our little shitty Eurovision song contest.

I still like it anon. Do you have a version that was more ska?

Conchita had more personality.

>I'm tired, tired of always losing
Me too, blonde chick, me too.

No. 24887

Graham Norton makes better money in the UK than he would here and his style of comedy would offend RTE's core demographic of culchie baby boomers. I do agree with you even though it's kind of a petty thing to find unfair. RTE's coverage from what I can remember is generally quite dry and sterile, as is their approach to the entries they send. I think they do it deliberately because they don't want the bother/expense of having to host the contest in the event of a win. We should make Jedward our eurovision representatives for life, honestly.

No. 24908

File: 1554878558635.jpg (30.1 KB, 480x271, Chikilicuatre eurovision.jpg)

>Does she at least have a British passport? idk I'm kind of annoyed that we have to shoehorn US artists into our little shitty Eurovision song contest.

I read she has been living in Portugal for a while and she was asked to perform last year and she acted all bitchy and stuff because she wasnt allowed to shoot something she wanted and called the portuguese "ungrateful" or something.The only reason she is even going to perform this year is because some millionaire offered lots of money and she wants to promote her new song.Otherwise Im sure she doesnt give a shit

tbh I find this song adorable even if it isn't one of my favourites.I didnt expect to like it as much as I do

>no wonder we ranked up a bit higher when we sent a literal joke contestant

imo the big five should just not give a fuck and send whatever wacky shit they can think of since there's no concern about qualifying to the finals or not if they don't plan to send an actually interesting song.also by "joke contestant" do you mean legendary it's one of my fav crazy entries of all time

No. 24912

he IS legendary but he was literally sent by a comedy program to see how far he could go lol since then all contestants are decided by a jury from our public TV and that's why most of them are so bland

No. 24916

damn that's a shame.Honestly I don't remember any of the entries Spain has sent aside from this one(and this goes for the other "big five" countries most of the years)

No. 25015

File: 1554931338878.gif (1.73 MB, 480x270, tumblr_inline_ntwmedarNt1qd3do…)

I LIVE for tacky Eurovision craziness like Chikilicuatre, Verka Serduchka, the vampire lord Cezar, the unfatomably cringey British airline commercial from 2007 or even Lordi. I miss the bizzare songs! Last years have been so boring in that respect and I am not sure if we will ever get contestants putting on a kitschy show on. I am disappointed in general with heavy reliance on the screens instead of props. Where my gold chariots with roman soldiers at?

No. 25016

File: 1554931553155.gif (4.25 MB, 550x319, anigif_enhanced-buzz-20880-136…)

also this

No. 25017



I feel since Conchita Wurst won a few years ago with doing this ~dramatic~ ballad thing, everybody tries since then to recreate this or seriously try to make it their huge step into the music world, which didn't really worked since ABBA.

Anyways, here is my personal fave german entry, from 2000.

No. 25119

fuck I love glitter vampire. An absolute legend

No. 25176

Am I a fool into believing Italy has a chance of winning this year? Again.

No. 25283

In the live version you can actually hear the instruments. Too bad they'll be props in the final.

No. 25288

File: 1555056629846.png (180.63 KB, 538x564, Untitled.png)

just leaving this here kek

No. 25290

File: 1555057632008.jpg (88.81 KB, 1252x675, 2d05ecc4caa2b62d433f5ab0e7b937…)

same anon.also honorable mentions to latvia's pirates of the sea, dustin the turkey ,svetlana loboda ,the russian grannies,that one time germany sent an act featuring dita von teese etc

i believe that with the involvement of the jury in the votes,the wackiness of the entries decrease since jury tanks such entries.for me,the best years were the early 00's till 2008 where the jury was barely involved and we had iconic entries like chikiliquatre,verka and the like.such songs would probably not even pass the semis now.im not even sure if winners like sertab,ruslana and helena paparizou and lordi would do as well as they did if the juries were a thing back then

(also attached pic of an underrated iconic act)

No. 25340

File: 1555075746691.jpg (21.36 KB, 450x366, download (1).jpg)

>that one time germany sent an act featuring dita von teese etc
Glad I am not the only one who remembers that! I was surprised they did not score very high.

Thanks for explaining why Eurovision got so boring, I blamed it all on tech but that was clearly not the only source of the problem.

Does anyone remember the year when France sent a band of mummies walking on stilts?

No. 25389

File: 1555083068652.jpg (104.65 KB, 900x450, ukraine-verka-serduchka-and-mo…)

I just want everyone to stop caring about looking serious and start sending the wackiest shit, pic related and the Russian grandmas were some of my faves

No. 25419

lol me too. It's already a shitshow so let's just have a proper one.

No. 25424

I'd care more about Eurovision if it wasn't just an endless barrage of boring ballads and generic pop shit. I've never heard anyone talk about the dime in a dozen ballads years later, people will only remember the weird stuff.

I'm really disappointed with Finland's song, and especially the show. It's so fucking bland. I guess we're just back to being pussies and not trying anything remotely special.

No. 25485

absolute legend

No. 25535

I wonder how it isn't part of the weird cool acts ppl tend to remember every year.it was too good and somehow it hasnt stayed in ppl's minds.also this was a pretty nice way to have an american in the show without them being shoehorned into it coughmadonnacoughjustin timberlakecough

i mean,i GUESS this is the reason for the decline of weird quirky music.i think the jury was brought back because there was a "decline" in the quality of music and the jury would prevent it from happening.and now esc is full of "radio friendly music" which kinda sucks.i loved that most songs used to be something you wouldn't normally hear on the radio

>Does anyone remember the year when France sent a band of mummies walking on stilts?

actually no.when did this happen?i watch the contest since 2004 and i dont remember something like that

europe wasnt ready for slavko.(tbh he isnt that good of a singer and his stage presence was extremely lacking.the only thing he had was his helicopter weave.other than that i liked his song and i found him very likable)

btw since this is the 2019 thread,what do you think about maruv?it really sucks she had to withdraw from the contest this way.do you think she would do well?(most likely but idk about the juries)

No. 25546

File: 1555146554717.jpg (51.99 KB, 300x300, esc-2016-of-course-germany-has…)

Anybody remember the German weeb? What she's up to nowadays? Is she still a weeaboo?

No. 25548

She is a koreaboo now lol

No. 25557

of course she is

No. 25648

File: 1555186986902.jpg (104.65 KB, 929x596, jamielee.JPG)

No. 25928

If Maruv was still in the contest, she might have made it at least on the left side of the board on the finals.

No. 25936

Honestly I think Hatari is so overhyped.

Sure they're different and their whole image is fairly entertaining but they sound horrible live - whoever sings the high notes just needs to stop.

No. 26020

Holy shit, Lithuania's entry is putting me to sleep. You'd think a guy with a familial background in music would be able to do better than this snooze-inducing pop.

No. 26037

I have heard a bunch of their live performances and I believe that usually the sound quality is bad and both of them don't sound as they should.Klemens(the guy who sings the high notes)isn't the best singer by any means but he is decent imo

No. 26606

This seems to be one of the songs for Belarus' national final.Even though it ain't no Verka or Rodolfo,it's more entertaining that whatever they eventually sent imo.It reminds me of the ol' good times kek

No. 26610

Man, I miss Verka Serduchka. That's how you do a proper ESC number.

I did really enjoy Netta's song last year, though, it was both catchy and kind of weird which is what makes the competition for me. I hope ESC will eventually circle back to the more crazy, wacky songs at some point. The years after Lordi's win in 2006 were some of my favourites.

No. 26657

I have high hopes for Norway's song this year. "Spirit in the Sky" by KEIINO. I feel like it has the perfect balance of catchy earworm tune and cultural influences with norwegian and sami iconography. I would say it is equal to, or even greater than Alexander Rybak's "Fairytale."

I hope it makes at least top 10.

I haven't bothered watching Eurovision (or my country's nomination contest) the last few years since the songs lost their flair. Like someone mentioned above I love the unique Eurovision-ness the really good songs have, or the ones that really embrace the sound and culture of its country. The generic club/list pop songs are so dull.

No. 30698

it got even worse

No. 30704

I'm so fucking embarrassed. Is this really how we wanted to present our country.

If he's so keen on those wings which he had to enlarge, why not pull off a Sephiroth look? Mid song he gets one wing broken and turns the song into a metal one, then he assumes a fallen angel role.

No. 30854

I liked the changes hatari made to their staging aside from the fact that their drummer holds two whips instead of having a hammer-like thing like he did in the national final.The whips look weak in comparison.Hopefully they do something with it like setting the whips on fire or changing them altogether

also azerbaijan seemed to have a huge leap in the odds after the first rehearsals.I actually wondered how it was that low all this time since it's as "radio-friendly" as the top songs at the moment and,imo,a bit better too

No. 31333

File: 1557811146876.jpg (30.29 KB, 500x334, scream.jpg)

today is the day!you know who you're gonna vote for(and also portugal and australia)

No. 31385

Is it true that Netta will be opening the show by coming out of a giant lucky cat? I really don't want to look at her too long

No. 31401

So far my favourite thing was Netta's opening of the semifinal. Hope to get some proper ESC madness this year, the competition has been so generic for too long.

No. 31409

rly happy that iceland got further, otherwise this semifinal was bit meh imo. condolences to darude sandstorm for not making it and also the screaming polish ladies (chefs kiss!). oh, australia's staging was sick but the song is bit whatever to me

No. 31410

Slovenia was trash and the spot should've gone to Portugal or Georgia.

I liked San Marino out of pettiness to upset our commentators.

No. 31411

File: 1557869036562.png (128.54 KB, 220x397, tumblr_prihnknuix1rjek1lo2_250…)

Really hope that Iceland at least makes it to top 10, them winning the competition could spark some really interesting entries next year.

No. 31412

is it true 99% of the guys in Eurovision are gay?

No. 31413

Idgi why is Slovenia so positively received???

Iceland and Australia brought the real spirit of Eurovision back.

Sad that Poland's slav anime song didn't pass.

I've kinda liked San Marino's song. Boomer power.

No. 31417

>>31413 i knew I wasn't the only one that thought it sounded like an anime opening, at least the beginning of the song.

No. 31419

File: 1557870834096.jpg (12.83 KB, 250x253, angery.jpg)

just came here to say that im pissed portugal didnt pass.it was all beautiful and amazing and THATS WHAT HE GETS?

No. 31438

I hope it makes Germany take advantage of their huge number of cheesy industrial bands and send someone like Blutengel next year

No. 31453

I don't get why you are so against Slovenia?
Out of all the finalists, Slovenia and Iceland were decent. Czech Republic, Estonia, and Cyprus were literal forgettable generic trash.

No. 31487

InCulto! Miss them. The lead singer tried to get in again this year but lost in the final 8.

The reason why he won was because the girl who was favourite to win had two songs in the national selection, pulled out the better one right before the final and told everyone to vote for the weaker one, then got fucked in the voting and Jurijus won instead. It was a glorious self wreck.

Honestly I can see them getting a good amount of votes from the public but idk if the jury will like them.

No. 31488


No. 31631

Jesus, they're adorable

No. 31643

File: 1558042015057.jpg (336.81 KB, 1079x831, Screenshot_20190516-222657_Tum…)

this semi sucked. and Lazarevs song last year was better than this one imo but at least we have the memes. only one I sorta liked was Denmark but like not enough to vote for it you know? if Iceland doesn't win on Saturday I'll be angepisst!

No. 31783

i knew it would be boring so i barely watched it.the memes about it were better than the semi itself.the only country i liked was azerbaijan since the song was ok and they had the cool visuals with the robots.i would love to see iceland win but idk if the juries will let that happen

also australia seems to be pretty high with the bookmakers atm.it's a surely more interesting song than most of the (generic) favourites but idk how i would feel if they actually won

No. 31784

this was freaking hilarious.the reporter didnt seem to actually get the irony and was very confused

No. 31786

It was worse than the first semi but most the favourites were in this one? Idgi. At least Russia bought the dramatics, some these singers didn't even have staging.

I still don't understand why Netherlands is fav to win the final either.

No. 31898

Iceland ftw

No. 31902

Hatari better win.

No. 31905

hatari more like HOTari

No. 31911

Nvm, they were waving Palestinian flags they can get fucked now.

No. 31912

lmao what a scam. Who even cares about the netherlands ??

No. 31915

you're surprised? they're basically tumblr edgelord the band

No. 31916

lol what do you expect from people singing "hate will prevail".
Farmers drooling over them were disgusting smh. They brought fucking BDSM shit to a family show. I don't know how the Eurovision team or even Iceland allowed that display of fetish and depravation on stage, ugh.

No. 31917

File: 1558220996904.jpeg (102.85 KB, 672x387, 473DEA2F-2EEC-4ADB-B485-DF6904…)


No. 31919

File: 1558221565854.jpg (58.51 KB, 675x519, D64qKOOW4AAna8n.jpg)

holy shit that was brutal
poor sweden

No. 31921

The swedish artist was sooo sure he was going to win.

No. 31928

the message is the opposite and the song is more like a warning rather than a statement.regarding BDSM,they don't present it as a sexual thing but I get why someone would.and I cant call esc a "family show" for many reasons tbh. Maruv would be also sexual if she participated(well probably)


it was a battle between boring and boring though so

No. 31930

I thought Iceland's stunt was unnecessary, but it's funny how people are reacting to them holding up Palestinian flags as opposed to Madonna doing the same thing in her number without permission.

Madonna was a big buzzkill in general. Awful voice, even when autotuned.

I'm more mad that you can do clearly tell the difference between the juries and the public votes. They're not even trying to hide that their voting for their neighbours or just the most generic, boring shit.

No. 31931


I didn't notice Madonna till people started talking about it.Funny how they payed her millions and she did this

I hated how obviously political the jury vote was. Like they are partly there to supposedly prevent this

No. 31944

That was completely unnecessary, what are they, 12?

I'm also glad Sweden didn't win, he seemed so sure he would and there's something about his smugness that made it extra sweet.

The Dutch song was boring but still better than the top five in the finals.

No. 31945

I just liked them because they were doing something different. I'm sick of the same ballads every year, people who don't sing a ballad really stand out.

Wow I did not notice that. I guess it wasn't that effective if most people didn't even see it. Such an insult after her speech beforehand about music uniting us, which has always been the main goal of the Eurovision. I thought she really got it but I guess I was wrong. This is the same woman who a few years ago was calling herself an "Israelite" back when she was studying the Kabbalah just a few years ago. Guess Islam is trendier than red bracelets this year lmao.

No. 31947

>That was completely unnecessary, what are they, 12?

In their country there was a petition to boycott this year's contest by not participating.The reason many people accepted their participation was because of the message of the song and they fact they were pro-Palestine.They represented their country's opinion on the matter

I saw people saying that it was intentional and set up by Israel because the people who had the Israeli and Palestinian flags on their backs were hugging each other.As in wishing to resolve the conflict and be peaceful.If it was intentional,it was done in a more discreet way than what Hatari did

No. 31949

Then they shouldn't have participated at all. If a host welcomes you with open arms and treats you nicely then return the favour. What they did was extremely rude, immature and if that reflects Iceland's population then I have a very low opinion of Icelanders now.

Waving a flag doesn't do anything, it doesn't actually improve a thing. It's just virtue signalling by the same people who were waving lgbt, tranny flags so a group of people who would be murdered by the Palestinians they oh so dearly love. Involving politics and creating division is strictly against the Eurovision rules and it's despicable to see so many people applauding it.

No. 31953


even though hatari were supported about their participation,there were indeed people who preferred withdrawing.The group said that the act of just participating in a country who is under conflict is political itself either if one voices their opinion or not.

I agree that putting out banners like that was probably too much,but considering their statements during the contest,I wasn't surprised.Even one of the dancers wasn't aware about them putting out banners and she seemingly wasn't too happy about doing so. Hatari's goal as a group is to create discussion and bring attention to the matter (just fyi,I'm just stating all these as facts according to what they've said in interviews.How valid one can think all these are is up to them)

>Involving politics and creating division is strictly against the Eurovision rules and it's despicable to see so many people applauding it

I think it's time for all of us to accept that Eurovision is political no matter what the rules state. Jamala won with a song that was basically calling out killing her ancestors in Crimea.This year North Macedonia got lots of votes from juries purely because of politics and it showed when they tanked in the public vote.There are many examples of politics in the contest but I'm honestly not that knowledgeable on them and those are just the two that came on top of my head.

I would love it if Eurovision was actually apolitical but this doesn't seem to be the case.

No. 31955

I think we can all agree on this being the best part of the night

No. 31961

Germany, UK, Spain, why don't we just quit participating? It's such a gigantic waste of (tax payers!) money. We're the ones funding the most, yet never win anything. It's quite clear how the rest of europe thinks about us, so why do we continue to do this? Yes the songs were lame, but so were others. Difference is, they have friends who nevertheless give them points no matter what.
I have some italian friends and holy shit, that contest means a lot to them. Like for some reason it's seen as something genuinely important there. And it's obviously the same for many other countries as well.
I really wished they'd just stop.

Anyway, I liked that Iceland was petty enough to pull that move lol I don't really see it as that political, I think they really just did it as "punishment" for not getting more points, which is kind of funny.
I wanted either them or Norway with that weird bald dude in leather to win. Having to see some sad boy with a punchable face and boring voice sing a ballad we seemingly had to hear a dozen times already is just so tiring.

>he seemed so sure he would and there's something about his smugness that made it extra sweet.
This lol
I don't know if it's because he's black but the song, the performance and his 'Mama' background singers just gave of such a typical american feel, that it became completely unlikable immediately. Like it was just such a generic song and it's obvious that the jury tried to push him. God knows why.
I think it would be better if they were only public votes.

No. 31964

Absolutely loved this part.

I agree that it's hard to ignore the fact that ESC is political. Me and my friends just see it as extra entertainment now. Iceland's stunt was hilarious to us, would have given them extra votes if we could.

That being said, the political part is funniest when it's subtle.

No. 31965

Okay but when is the last time Germany, UK or Spain sent a Eurovision winning song? When was the last time any effort was made?

Take the UK:
The guy dressed like he was about to go shopping not for a event that has 200+ million viewers.
He had a bland, forgettable song. Netherlands won with a ballad, but the difference was that Netherlands sounded current and actually had parts that hooked you. UK entry was a dumpster fire of nothing.
He didn't even had an interesting stage to make the song seem better.
The song didn't even make the top 75 in the UK chart. Why should anyone else like it when the country he is representing doesn't even like it?

Absolutely no effort was made. Absolutely no effort has been made for years. If they are going to make the biggest financial contributions, why not act like they want to do well? Also lmao acting like Ireland, UK and lesser extent Malta don't always give each other points.

Iceland absolutely was political are you blind. You think a self desrcibed "anti capitalist" group that had an agenda known to ESC before they even got to Israel showed a Palestine flag cos they got pissed they didn't win? I don't even think they even went to win. They went as a protest entry.

I agree with your Sweden take though. It didn't sound European, it sounded like American pop-gospel.
Juries all want radio friendly hits, devoid of individuality, which is why they constantly year after year push Sweden in the voting. Sweden have been getting worse since Mans won. The public tend to go for more ethnic and European sounding music, hence why Norway did so well and Sweden got considerably less votes than the jury. Or they go for something that is different, hence why Iceland got so many more public than jury votes. The blatant pushing of Sweden by juries pisses me off tbh. The jury def tried to make sure that countries like Norway didn't win. Norway won the semi final public vote. They were denied a retake of their jury final performance after they had technical difficulties, which I think is unreasonable. They didn't announce that Norway were the winners of the public vote, even though they always announced the public vote winner the past few years. The way they announced the public vote was whack and they fully expected Sweden to make loads of public votes with the way they dragged out that Netherlands v Sweden showdown, only for it to be an anticlimactic 93 pt BTFO moment. Norway weren't going to win against Netherlands but they didn't even get to feel the excitement of knowing they scored the highest public vote.
The public need to keep denying Swedish mediocrity otherwise they'd be constantly winning.

No. 31968


They did fuego so dirty

No. 31973

>Okay but when is the last time Germany, UK or Spain sent a Eurovision winning song? When was the last time any effort was made?
That's what I meant when I said that other countries clearly care a lot, while we don't at all. In other countries they carefully select someone and then push and support him, meanwhile Germany simply took the ones whom Switzerland didn't want, because they don't give a fuck about winning anyway. And if you so obviously don't care, then why waste money by participating?

No. 31974

>Okay but when is the last time Germany, UK or Spain sent a Eurovision winning song? When was the last time any effort was made?

I believe that they don't send interesting songs that have potential to win since paying for esc each year is expensive enough and hosting would cost even more.Not an excuse not to try a bit harder to send something more memorable though

it sucks Norway didn't win.I would love to see more ethic songs back in ESC like there used to be

No. 31987

> who would be murdered by the Palestinians they oh so dearly love

lmao what? I know this is lc but do you seriously think that all palestinians are hardcore muslims? They're mostly people who get killed and get their land stolen. I'm not even a 100% pro palestine or anything, I think Israel is a legitimate state but your opinion is just straight up stupid.
Also if you think orthodox jewish people are more open to homosexuality than rando muslims, you're delusional?

No. 31992

I hated the fact that Norway winning the public vote was completely ignored just because the jury didn't like them. Also really unprofessional of them to not let Norway perform again after technical difficulties that were not the artists' fault.

I am sad that there seems to be less and less music influenced by the country's culture as the years go by. Norway and Albania were the only ones that had more than just a generic western club music vibe to it.

Madonna should have been the opening act for the switch song performance tbh. She was the worst performance of all this year.

No. 31995

Just it is. There's probably a small negligible percentage of Palestinians that aren't hardcore muslisms. Statistically 85% of Palestinians on the West Bank alone are muslim and they belong to the Shafi'i branch which yes, proclaims that any gay should be killed. So spare me your bullshit and read facts first if you want to pretend to sound smart and impartial.

> orthodox jews

I never said anything about orthodox jews and I do know that they have similar opinions on homosexuality, just I haven't heard of them hunting down gay people and pushing them off buildings.

No. 32005

And you really believe that all those 85% are hardcore homophobes? Do you also think that anyone who ID's as Christian is a hardcore homophobe ?

Also you're right, I'm not impartial in this debate because I'm literally a jew (altho secular) from a euro country that has a lot of antisemite history but I'm also tired of people dismissing ANY criticism of Israel's actions or anything remotely pro-palestinian.

Especially your remarks on homophobia because while the jewish community where I live is very liberal, most of the people I met in Israel were very much anti gay-rights yet some of my best friends are muslims and none of them has ever shown any sign of homophobia.

No. 32022

We're talking about muslims practicing Islam by the book not muslims that mix and match what they like in a secular country. If you lived in Israel then you would have known that.

Anyone can be a homophone but we're talking when it's accepted and enforced in a society to have gay people killed. Yeah, no shit some people hate gays, some people hate blacks, some people hate vegans, some people hate Christians but it's against the law to kill them or any group of people in most civilized countries.

Also, the Palestinian organization PACBI dismissed Hatari's act. The Palestinians made an appeal to performers to boycott Eurovision. Performing there for whatever reasons (including the lame excuse about being heard and totally not because it makes for good advertising) is seen as pro Israel.

No. 32023

> I am sad that there seems to be less and less music influenced by the country's culture as the years go by

Same. I think one reason for this is that ESC is being sanitised. The introduction of this 50% jury vote has killed off the "weird" acts winning. It has also killed off the chances of an "ethnic" act winning too since the jury made up of writers who just want safe, generic, marketable pop songs.

And a lot of people are writing songs for multiple acts. The guy who represented Sweden is on the writing credits for the UK track for example. Jury + lack of diversity in writers is making the competition narrowminded.

No. 32024

What are your thoughts on the troon that performed (France, I think?)

No. 32030

He's not a troon, just a gnc gay guy. His song was bad and he's cringey but pretty harmless.

No. 32032

I don't think he is a total troon. Seems to go by he/him pronouns. His song was forced but I don't think he displays troon like behaviour, I haven't seen any anyway.

No. 32044

Nah he was just really gay. The only trans I know in ESC is Dana International and that's it

No. 32045

Honestly such a generic year in terms of the leader board. There were few acts that stood out but most of them were just so so generic.

I don't think the Jury voting was that bad for the most part, most people are mad because the few acts we didn't like were doing well. We all know if it was The Netherlands up there or any of the faves people wouldn't be saying anything.

Entire show felt really drawn out, especially the interval and the hosts were rude at some moments. Not to mention a good half of it felt like some weird tourism advertisement which is against the rules lmao.

Iceland is Iceland, considering Madonna did the same thing and no one really batted an eye because 'unity and peace!' is rather dumb because it was still a statement that the organisers apparently did not want her to make anyway lmao. Also can't believe people are excusing the entire thing with 'Palestine would kill you for dressing like that! And they hate the gays' since you know… I don't think Palestine cares enough about Western ideas when they're in a constant state of war, and they still deserve simple human rights.

No. 32049

He's just an effeminate gay guy and he has been mentioned several time in the France thread on /ot/ if you're interested. He mentions having a bunch of wigs in his videos, he uses makeup sometimes and he's interested in drag queens.

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