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File: 1665164565045.jpg (110.11 KB, 749x528, FV8OQU5UEAMG_un.jpg)

No. 245489

mods, feel free to delete if inappropriate to /m/

There have been a lot of posts about BSD in the husbando thread so I thought it might be a wise idea to make this thread.

To kickstart the thread, here are some questions for my dear nonnas:

-Who's your favorite character?

-Do you have a favorite arc?

-What's your favorite ship?

-What's your favorite light novel/spin off?

-Any hope or expectation for season 4 or the manga's continuation? (turtle smiles)

No. 245491

File: 1665165271434.jpg (291.39 KB, 990x700, Nakahara.Chuuya.(Bungou.Stray.…)

Thank you for starting the thread (but is probably going to be a slow one).
Isn't there a gacha game? Anyone plays it?

No. 245493

File: 1665165625617.jpg (113.8 KB, 800x651, skkfromhell.jpg)

The gacha game is called BSD: Mayoi Inu Kaikitan. It's kinda annoying to play like most gacha games are but i think the cards have really nice art (much better than most the anime official art like pic related)

No. 245539

File: 1665176459139.jpeg (94.56 KB, 735x934, 8EB95D3E-AB2E-403C-B746-4CB13A…)

Thank you for making the thread nonners! I'm not sure if I'll watch S4, but I'm excited for more Chuuya screen time. I hope people will make new AMVs just to use the latest 30s of footage they so reluctantly gave us.
His potential is totally wasted IMO. I've heard Asagiri never uses him because he's too OP, they have to write him out because they know if he's there then he can win any battle with ease. I wish we could have a Chuuya spin-off like STORMBRINGER, an entire series. This is just wishful thinking though. I just like him so much I can't help it.

No. 245543

File: 1665177478751.jpg (74.44 KB, 830x1024, Feduq52VIAAXVC1.jpg)

You're cute, nona. I think it's sad that in the main manga, Chuuya is treated more like a prop for Dazai than anything else. But on the bright side, it's very likely Storm Bringer will get animated as the opening OVA since it's the natural sequel to Fifteen and also studio bones released some art of Verlaine a few months ago.

Spoilers for chapter 101 i'm sure he'll be more relevant in coming chapters because there's no way he actually died

In terms of raw power, he's completely unmatched but Dazai's defection from the mafia also means he can't use corruption on his own without dying.

also if you like his voice, i feel obligated to let you know about kare pillow volume 2

No. 245576

Is the manga better than the anime? I liked the first season of bsd but the second one was…. pretty retarded ngl. I was gonna ask if it's worth continuing but obviously this thread is gonna say yes since it's a fan thread kek

No. 245577

File: 1665192813952.jpg (156.14 KB, 845x845, tumblr_e520c4c8f12ccf4d099a771…)

i think most bsd fans agree the manga is way better than the anime especially after the guild arc, i think you should give it a try. Chapter 38 is the cutoff between the second and third season

No. 245578

If you think the plot of season 2 is retarded then you would be absolutely BTFO by how crazy/stupid it's been in the current arc. I prefer the manga simply because the visuals are better and I can read it fairly quickly, but if you're not already invested in the story or the characters then I'd advise you to drop it.

No. 245579

what makes you feel that way, nona? i think the cannibalism arc is the peak of the main manga and it's true the fukuchi shit's been going on for too long but if the current arc has a satisfying conclusion, i think it'll be regarded highly in hindsight. if november chapter is another fukuzawa/fukuchi POV, i'm offing myself

No. 245581

Thinking about it more, I think it is just my personal tastes. I've always thought the storylines were kind of weird, so when Bram showed up I was like "ok I guess this is happening…" and haven't been able to take the plot seriously ever since. Hopefully everything can be neatly resolved in a way that's satisfying. and then have all the relevant characters shelved, never to be seen again, kek

No. 245582

File: 1665194654780.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.13 KB, 900x1041, FUQg9RTWYAENypf.jpg)

kek nonnie, it's understandable. BSD has always been kinda goofy since it actively requires you to shelve all your knowledge of the real life moid authors to enjoy the cute guys.
I think Aya and Bram are funny but it's been like one year without any progress inside that damn airport
damn nona, do you dislike all DOA members even sigma? i think he's perfect

No. 245735

File: 1665256717442.png (464.99 KB, 750x750, Nakahara.Chuuya.(Bungou.Stray.…)

i hope against hope that he didn't die in such a shitty way, but truth is i'm already grieving

No. 245760

File: 1665263118870.jpg (281.55 KB, 1152x2048, FeTryT6UUAAJfBJ.jpg)

asagiri got sent death threats by chinese SKK shippers over a tweet they interpreted as mocking of chuuya so god knows how they will react if he DID die. to be honest the idea of a man being threatened by teen girls/young women kinda make me laugh so i dont care but it's still funny. from a business standpoint, alienating SKK shippers is a very bad idea since probably 75% of extremely dedicated bsd fans are that.

so, who do you think will die in the next chapters/arcs? and also who do you think will switch over to port mafia like mori said when he rescued them from the hunting dogs

i think fyodor will die because he's full of poison and drowning as of now.. one or two members of the HD might die too, i think tachihara. And tanizaki might join the mafia since it's been hinted at

No. 245772

File: 1665269512364.jpg (36.42 KB, 564x829, 520ee9e75ac2f159796a0edcbba7f8…)

Ango is so cute

No. 245776

File: 1665271991746.jpg (133.45 KB, 735x1022, 2dd41a0a28b38ceb3b60ebaf15df3d…)

growing up is realizing odasaku and ango are as sexy as dazai and chuuya
he might be a triple agent but he'll never betray you bbg

No. 245865

File: 1665322560361.png (239.15 KB, 509x723, @iamjustabread.png)

thanks for this thread!
Dazai and Atsushi are my favorite characters! the VAs are really good.
I have the game on my phone, but I'm not playing it often. It was fun for the first days though.
where was it hinted at?

No. 245962

i'm a man-hater but i'm willing to suspend my disbelief to enjoy the BSD VA having fun and pandering to female audience

No. 246084

File: 1665425066854.png (366.11 KB, 717x722, 無題 _.png)

really cute and funny

No. 246101

File: 1665431850728.jpg (32.39 KB, 397x595, FU0TpNqVEAAzXSm.jpg)

do you think if they were real, atsushi and aku would have met on fur affinity

No. 246338

File: 1665495028430.png (549.34 KB, 875x727, bsdwan.png)

I am not finished with wan yet

yes they would!

No. 246417

File: 1665512485335.jpeg (83.41 KB, 493x679, FE6671A8-2624-4BAB-868A-320FB9…)

No. 246429

File: 1665514481421.png (82.98 KB, 700x581, darkera.png)

fuck, marry, kill dazai, ango and oda

No. 246432

kill dazai, fuck oda, marry ango

No. 246440

File: 1665517544453.jpg (706.49 KB, 2212x4080, FeOcnMBaYAISgSc.jpg)

marry dazai, fuck ango, kill oda but they're all lovely and charming and i love all three of them very much

do you girls think asagiri ships odazai? he literally makes official angsty fan fiction of them, it might be my bias talking though because it's my favorite ship

No. 246455

to start, i picked up the gacha recently, because i saw it mentioned here and was curious to see how it played. so far i like it fine–the cards are pretty sweet–but it's left me with an itch to check out the source material, as up until now, i've been skipping all the cutscenes just to get through the game chapters.

would you recommend starting the manga or the anime first? i intend to get to both eventually, but wanted opinions from those better versed in the series, so i could determine my jumping-off point. thanks for your time, nonnas!

No. 246459

File: 1665522087821.jpg (1.11 MB, 4096x4096, ryjl05v1ajl61.jpg)

hey nona, i'm really happy to see this thread sparked interest in BSD for you. I think it depends on your personal tastes; do you like fast-paced action scenes? then the anime might be a better fit but if you mostly like pretty boys and interesting stories then the manga. If you start with the manga and it hooks you in, you can read the light novels since they're part of the story (especially ''dazai and the dark era'').
Season 4 will air in January so it's one of the best times to catch up, I hope you have fun and you tell us your thoughts about it ♥

No. 246507

ayrt, it looks like i'll start with the manga then, as i'm a sucker for good art and storytelling–and I may or may not be looking to add another husbando or three to my collection. thank you very much for the recommendation!

No. 246509

File: 1665534615177.jpg (66.27 KB, 540x808, FD7IUSVXIAI7_gC.jpg)

have fun, nonna, tell us which character you prefer when you get to it ♥

No. 246793

File: 1665588374887.png (89.97 KB, 313x307, 210115400021.png)

dazai is cute, c u t e!

No. 246913

File: 1665603821591.jpg (75.4 KB, 564x798, 8eb35d4979643044cc6466dab39333…)

detective agency dazai, port mafia dazai, beast dazai, 15 dazai, prison dazai, mushroom taker dazai.. i would risk it all for him

No. 247128

File: 1665658162452.png (506.74 KB, 473x590, 201302231243.png)

especially mushroom taker dazai! That episode was funny, but my favorite from season one is episode two. Atsushis entrance exam.

I have too many pictures of dazai, it's hard to decide which one to post.

No. 247139

Do you have any where his coat is doing something cool, like blowing in the wind or whatever?

No. 247172

File: 1665674463590.jpg (40.04 KB, 599x405, c2a13a9d56187abb4d7acec260222e…)

I love the idea of the younger members of ADA hiding under his coat, it's so cute

No. 248260

File: 1666088645410.jpg (2.08 MB, 3000x3517, IMG_20221018_122253.jpg)

I hope it will meet my expectations nonas

No. 248274

File: 1666094555142.jpeg (86.07 KB, 750x750, 2185BB95-925D-4E5A-80D5-7FEEA9…)

I found it to be a fun and gripping story. I hope you will feel the same!

No. 248338

File: 1666111367037.png (470.63 KB, 800x1132, 86694842_p2.png)

i'm back to say that the manga was excellent and that Chuuya is my favorite–btw wtf i finally choose a husbando to moon over and suddenly he might be drowning as a vampire?? ;_; but i just got here damn it!! (don't get me wrong, i get the feeling that he isn't actually going to die, but i absolutely hate cliffhangers.) i haven't been able to get to any of the other media yet due to time constraints, but i'm really excited to start the first season of the anime sometime this week!

No. 249230

File: 1666317282199.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.91 KB, 540x290, tumblr_d11cdd194711deeb6994332…)

Nona, I finished it and it really was amazing although it was really angsty. I had been spoiled on it before but giving the Flags such nice designs and skills only for them to die 30 pages later made me sad. They only died because Lippman and Pianoman would be more popular than Chuuya and Dazai otherwise lmao. Albatross is so cute and he's the one who gave the motorcycle to Chuuya in DA!. I absolutely loved Adam too, the ultimate nigel. Verlaine was kinda an absolute pathetic hater but he feels endearing to me and Rimbaud/Verlaine is a perfect ship. Shirase bouncing back was funny. I know he wasn't the focus of the LN at all but 16 year old Dazai in his shipping container was so cute to me. Did you read Beast and The Day I picked up Dazai, nona?

I'm so glad you enjoyed the manga nona!!! don't worry, chuuya is too popular to die, there's no way.. aku on the other hand… Beyond the anime, you can read the 15 LN (it's also the first three episodes of season 3) and Stormbringer for Chuuya's backstory if you have the time/resources!

No. 250562

File: 1666739441364.jpg (4.37 MB, 3000x2099, 71255447_p0.jpg)

Finally up to date with the main manga after 3(ish ?) years of being out of touch with BSD altogether and I am absolutely losing it kek I don't even know where to start. I've really missed the whole party…And by party I mean LITERAL 5D CHESS WITH MULTIVERSE TIME TRAVEL, of course.

>Ha ha, I knew that you'd order a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s one with cheese and a large soda !

>Ha ha, I knew that you knew !
>I knew that you knew that I knew !
>You fools… I knew that he knew that you knew that he knew !

And the more "frontline battle" parts are kind of like kids larping at recess and trying to make their character more OP than the others' as they go. "We got you Dylan, you lost !" "No I didn't because uuuuh… My Supramegasword right there can cut into the past and future too !" Except there's no point at which any of the kids get bored and take a break, it just goes on forever. It's gonna be okay now that I'll be reading along the release, and this arc will probably be good in hindsight if the ending doesn't suck, but reading it all the way through at once and as is, the pace feels like you're in a car with no brakes going downwards a steep slope at incredible speed but the slope is so long you're starting to get bored from the fact you haven't crashed yet. Struggle after struggle and even more struggle with zero breaks… With all these damn turns, the prestige better be the best thing ever written by man. I want my surprised face back, Asagiri.

I was SO GLAD when ya boi Nikolai finally said sike though. Not that his death was remotely believable (the sheer waste of potential that would have been) but by the time I got too busy and stopped reading, I was starting to wonder if I should revive him myself kek. I'm a bit hyped by the jailbreak game but also a bit sad that it's probably going to be revealed as part of the plan like everything else, then he's going to ACTUALLY kill himself to be free from "God" but once again it will all have been part of the keikaku within the keikaku. After which I WILL necro him myself in order to write his silly magical adventures as a funky lil criminal dude trying to build his ultimate whimsical museum of stolen goods, out of a need to cope with my own despair over the fact that he wasn't allowed to give a true middle finger to the fyozai brain measuring contest.

Anyway, time to go super sperg mode and read everything else there is to read

I don't think the wawa will die like this, he'll be cured from his lung disease by the whole vampire thing probably since that would be the most convenient and an opportunity for character development. Maybe at some point in the very last chapters idk but cutting his storyline too short would be shit tier writing.

No. 250602

Can you imagine how incomprehensible this thread would be to somebody just starting BSD? Like it's just a story about an orphan who becomes a detective… right?

No. 250710

File: 1666792280404.png (370.23 KB, 843x563, wat.png)

I want to read 55 Minutes next. Did anyone read it?

well said. I felt the same reading the main manga.

No. 250924

File: 1666876190121.jpg (61.72 KB, 720x899, 4ad30901f7ee5e7fd284e224579b34…)

I read it, it's more self-contained than the other LN and it's a bit more on the technical side of abilities, i found that super interesting especially if you need break from beast/SB angst. I like untold origins too

Lol to be fair, it started being outlandish as soon as they revealed dazai being ex mafia imo so like chapter 8?!

My fear right now is that everything will be for naught once the ADA gets their hand on the book and basically use it as deus ex machina to rentcon the entire arc especially since Bram's introduction. It's heading there unfortunately

No. 250999

File: 1666899499073.jpg (574.68 KB, 900x1332, Akutagawa.Ryuunosuke.(Bungou.S…)

I mean, the series is pretty weird by concept alone, it's part of what draws people in. I don't think anyone starts reading BSD expecting normal mundane shit to happen kek. It's truly getting on another level rn though

Yup, it's kind of what I expect too, that would fit right into the whole theme of authors having godlike powers and stuff. But besides what's going on in the actual story, there's also the brain duel between Asagiri and us. Meaning : We know what will happen, but he knows that we know, and so on.

No. 251555

File: 1667125126447.png (1.63 MB, 1920x1080, Capture d’écran (670).png)

3DPD aku is cute

No. 251575

File: 1667130691472.png (249.86 KB, 541x772, 222102315173.png)

unfortunately he is the only one that is.

No. 252401

File: 1667395274714.jpg (302.8 KB, 1169x1510, IMG_20221102_093250.jpg)

No. 252402

The boys! And Kyouka too I guess kek. Thank you for posting anon, I love her art so much. Wish they'd adapted the anime in her style.

No. 254087

File: 1668031235422.jpg (664.37 KB, 1574x2048, tumblr_23be5a191824c610272dbe1…)

what do you think of this ship?

No. 254088

cute & canon

No. 254098

File: 1668033043363.jpg (68.89 KB, 395x479, FgoBzKyWAAAZVJ0.jpg)

i love them so much, nonna, i know they're men written by women for a female audience but their angsty relationship fills me with optimism and makes me believe in real love. beast destroyed me, i love dazai so much and i love odasaku too even though he's asagiri's autistic self insert

No. 254102

>men written by women
really? i always thought it was written by a man

No. 254103

File: 1668034182408.png (294.1 KB, 415x584, asagiri.png)

asagiri does seem to be a moid but his male characters are still so dreamy and pandering to women but then again we have kyoka, elise and teruko shit so who knows

No. 254220


No. 254232

there's a running joke in east asian side of the fandom that odasaku is his self-insert character and that's why he pushes dazai x odasaku so much even though it's not that popular commercially. It's probably exaggerated but he definitely ships them and enjoys writing angsty light novels featuring them. beast makes it kinda canon dazai is in love with odasaku but you could argue canon!dazai and beast aren't the same if you really hate this ship

No. 254254

if it's true it's kind of cute!

No. 254256

File: 1668098118964.jpg (155.13 KB, 1079x608, tumblr_poaa4z5dOe1rkp24zo1_128…)

The buraiha relationship is very cute no matter how you interpret it in my opinion, I love them

No. 254904

another nona who started reading bsd thanks to this thread here, i just caught up on the main manga but why are all the recent chapters so short?

No. 255120

I'm not sure but it does feel jarring when the plot points keep piling up and none of them is getting resolved at all. BSD having a designed deus ex machina (the book) doesn't make me feel optimistic in that respect. Did you enjoy it, nona?

No. 255171

i did enjoy it! i somehow managed to go in completely blind story-wise so imagine my surpise about how crazy it is. the only thing i found myself confused about is how short the newest chapters are, since as you said, there's a lot of plot points piling up and barely any progress in a chapter.

No. 255275

File: 1668548286156.jpg (196.15 KB, 1284x1738, FHoVdZpUcAQ-Gtt.jpg)

I'm glad you had fun, nona, do you have a favorite character? I would advise you to get into the light novels as well

No. 255378

i'm all about ranpo, i have a weakness for detectives kek. does he get more of a focus in any of the light novels?

No. 255468

File: 1668616727193.jpg (27.38 KB, 257x377, 7b0159f62612acb2a1abbedbc34593…)

ranpo is very cute, nona, you have great taste! the third light novel, The Untold Origins of the Detective Agency focuses on Ranpo and Fukuzawa!

No. 259319

File: 1669778348576.png (89.84 KB, 900x750, FixodxPagAAHjL1.png)

sisters, it is happening

No. 259396

No. 259579

File: 1669845886249.png (304.35 KB, 800x410, 91BEB77A-8E83-4D86-90DE-E57C05…)

yesssss!! god, January can't get here quickly enough…

No. 259585

File: 1669847216161.jpg (228.74 KB, 2048x1152, Fi1hAOXUoAAEZrF.jpg)

what did you think of the trailer, nona? sigma looks awful but i loved the rest

No. 259641

i'm pretty hyped tbh! some of my favorite manga moments–Yosano's back story and Chuuya's helicopter rescue, among others–will be in this season, so i'm really looking forward to it! Chuuya especially is looking very nice. i thought Sigma looked okay, a little flat, maybe, but that might just be the art style of the anime. it is unfortunate they took away his high heels, though. pretty men can't have shit, i guess. :/
but what about you, nonna? are there any particular story beats you're looking forward to?

No. 259984

File: 1669980022879.jpg (13.69 KB, 245x205, fukumori.jpg)

I think it was funny they spoiled Chuuya's only scene in S4 for the sake of the trailer although Stormbringer might be animated to give him more screentime like Fifteen was!
I'm really really excited to see Dazai in prison. Even in the manga, the scene where he shows up in Meursault blew me away because until that point, he had mostly been drifting along the flow but seeing him get captured on purpose made me realize ''wow he's really in for it''. Also it's funny and pretentious how him and Fyodor interact! One scene I'm particularly interested in is the Oda flashback!!
I can't wait to see Kunikida's scene in the helicopter, the Hunting Dogs' entrance (Jouno!!!!!!!!!! Jouno!!), the Thou Shall Not Die times four scene, Yosano's backstory, Tachihara's reveal . I think it's highly promising as the most action-packed arc.

Sadly, in other news, the latest chapter revealed thatFukuzawa appears to have been killed by Fukuchi which bodes very poorly for the agency and Fukuchi is pressuring the government to release the One Order thing What do you think of this development?

No. 260025

File: 1669994499158.png (158.69 KB, 563x518, FBC6A269-A7D3-4F58-80DF-9F20BA…)

i feel Fukuzawa's potential death could be taken a couple of ways. either the manga goes through with it, upping the ante, which is certain to take the plot to interesting places–for instance, how are Atsushi and Kyoka going to fair with their abilities, considering a lot of their control of them pretty much hinges on being affected by All Men Are Equal?–or it's one of those open ended type deals–because who doesn't love cliffhangers?–where we cut away for a few chapters, come back later and everything is fine, which seems to be a favorite tactic of Asagiri's. either way, until we get something more concrete, i'm taking the most recent chapter as just another ploy to keep readers emotionally invested.

No. 263461

File: 1671021217409.jpg (52.53 KB, 564x534, 0e41e7ff49d4176d2523ef1c9d3d54…)

mayoi players, don't forget to roll your free anniversary tickets

No. 263746

File: 1671121851619.png (742.51 KB, 638x524, image (1).png)

which way,, nonnie?

No. 263747

Chuuya everyday, for ever and ever.

No. 263800

I just watched the series based on Dazai's book "Ningen shikaku" and that shit put me into a week long depression. Dazai all the way.

No. 263863

File: 1671144579063.png (194.81 KB, 442x525, Screenshot_806.png)

i love you, nona

No. 263870

Chuuya, hands down. Dazai plays far too much 4-D chess for my liking. i need my man to be at least a little (kek) stupid.

No. 265862

File: 1672474944094.webm (1.1 MB, 640x480, chuu.webm)

three days until season 4 nonnas

No. 265868

Vid is relevant since we're gonna get chuuya side story pt 1000 instead of the manga content

No. 265976

File: 1672526604325.jpg (80.78 KB, 426x738, 6468acbcb4072f9178d6b28324d011…)

i hope chuuya and his fans both die

No. 265979

harsh, but you'll feel how you feel, nonnie. i hope you have a wonderful new year, regardless ♥

No. 265984

File: 1672528847095.jpg (61.71 KB, 666x379, FlUCSTuWYAI7G1u.jpg)

happy new year to you as well, my sweet nonna, let's keep cheering to the stray dogs this year as well

No. 266814

File: 1672762716981.png (66.65 KB, 288x321, Screenshot_849.png)

happy 105 release date, 8 pages long

Atsushi is faced with turmoil and hallucinations as he ponders what the right thing to do is upon hearing the DOA goal. Images of the ADA, Dazai, Fitzgerald and Akutagawa are urging him to leave the room he was previously locked him. In Meursault, Dazai and Sigma play rock paper scissors, Dazai teaches him how to win and that there's no such thing as supergenius man or ordinary man, only little tricks. No mention of the drowning duo

Season 4 starts tomorrow

No. 266815

File: 1672762769353.jpg (419.14 KB, 1564x1120, Fljr1FYaUAES8cg.jpg)

new colored spread

No. 266824

File: 1672766965274.jpeg (37.7 KB, 254x254, 39BB31B4-6215-4201-B901-89AD84…)

There he is!!!

No. 266825

File: 1672767628233.png (2.35 MB, 1280x1818, tumblr_595155eae2d73a786cc2dc5…)

the TV on the right of gogol also has the same colour scheme as the flags colourspread in stormbringer

No. 266910

File: 1672818142264.jpg (154.67 KB, 459x532, 161Q6zg.jpg)

season 4 in a few hours nonnies. luckily first episode's new character mushitaro is an actually interesting one unlike everyone else that came after him

No. 266926

File: 1672827502786.jpg (104.27 KB, 1280x810, e84f6006c0bc41dce914d71a90265e…)

preach, i'm sick of people acting like the decay of angels are this extremely intriguing bunch when they're all purposeless characters who have done absolutely nothing to progress the plot one way or the other but being a pretty face in clown clothes is good enough for most bsd fans i guess

No. 266940

File: 1672843467632.jpg (132.13 KB, 720x1080, Floo6GeaUAAp_FC.jpg)

congrats to all ranpo fans

No. 266959

Thoughts on the first episode? I found it too boring to the point of not even finishing it.

No. 266962

i felt the opposite nonnie. i like ranpo and i like learning about the agency's past. however this does make me wonder what they're going to omit in order to fit everything until the end of sky casino act into (im guessing) 11 eps

No. 266970

File: 1672862000005.jpg (413.99 KB, 4096x2731, DM2feGH.jpg)


No. 266977

i don’t read this manga, what’s the name of the char in >>266814 and on the left in >>266815? i wanna see more. he’s pretty.

No. 266981

first is dazai, second is fyodor. dazai is also on the right in the second picture

No. 267002

File: 1672870962209.jpg (107.82 KB, 1024x730, ENaybZa.jpg)

btw funny you ask nonnie because they are enemies and the masterminds of the good and evil sides. they are the most similar two characters

No. 267007

File: 1672871981114.png (409.37 KB, 641x509, chazuke.png)

parallels between young ranpo and atsushi-kun!
young oda is also voiced by atsushi's VA to drive him the thread of fate with them and dazai and their similarities
it was a fun episode, the animation improved though they did fastforward it compared to the LN.

No. 267558

File: 1673132125399.png (96.75 KB, 444x238, 15.png)

What's your favorite and least favourite light novel, nonnas?

No. 268043

are there any good bsd fanfics?

I want to understand your picture, is it a reference?

No. 268135

File: 1673309302386.jpg (133.26 KB, 1125x1407, Fl5r24FXgAAcEu8.jpg)

Dazai and Akutagawa's relationship is reversed from real life. In real life, Dazai greatly admired Akutagawa and his suicide is one of the reasons Dazai spiraled so much. That particular picture comes from an incident where Dazai suicidebaited the Akutagawa Prize (literary prize) jury into giving him the award (he didnt get it)

No. 268213

File: 1673354329105.png (287.47 KB, 503x376, help.png)

I ship them

No. 268302

File: 1673382126739.gif (4.21 MB, 480x276, tumblr_c019e667c4c62104b73dd62…)

a gentleman who sure understands his job well

No. 269151

File: 1673874090047.png (87.68 KB, 335x366, Screenshot_859.png)

do you?

No. 269246

File: 1674055330243.png (305.99 KB, 500x500, tumblr_0b41a4cefc77232499c4239…)

next week is our turn to shine, mushisisters

No. 271422

File: 1674527997156.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, [Erai-raws] Bungou Stray Dogs …)

Just finished episode 3, I enjoyed the focus on Fukuzawa and Ranpo so much that I almost don't want to go back to the main plotline. I'd definitely love a spin-off in this prequel timeline with them as the main characters.
Also young Fukuzawa is smoking hot

No. 271450

No. 271529

I liked Season 1, but the flashback at the beginning of Season 2 was bad at several episodes after they got to the present timeline I got bored and dropped it. Any reason to continue? Does Season 2 get better?

No. 271562

File: 1674619201552.png (62.08 KB, 632x558, atsushientrancexam.png)

I'm glad you enjoyed it nonna. If you liked this storyline, don't worry the upcoming season will be highly relevant to it although idk if you're caught up on the manga. Did you like the fukuchi inclusions? i'm disappointed by the lack of scenes regarding the agency talking about the cat's entrance exam a bit, pic related

it depends on what aspects of it you disliked imo. was it the new guild characters? didn't like dazai's backstory? too convoluted? maybe you should give the manga a try

Perfect Crime in a few hours! I'm excited to see Mushitarou and Ranpoe in action. I'm a massive Dazaifag though so I'm eager to see THAT scene but I doubt it will be this week, well at least he'll be in the op for sure

No. 271572

File: 1674637167909.jpg (389.86 KB, 528x752, ni5jKN4.jpg)

he has the funniest expressions so far. the anime better not fuck it up

No. 271642

File: 1674682906493.png (Spoiler Image,676.74 KB, 1305x618, aaaaaaaaa.png)

i think they did a good job!
the opening shows we'll go up to chapter 88 which includes THAT event!
i'm really really excited to see dazai next week

No. 272263

i thought i had a stroke when he said stech schrecken geht durch mein gebein

No. 273030

File: 1675386395542.png (227.42 KB, 642x459, Screenshot_873.png)


No. 273282

What the fuck I didn't expect him to die

No. 274181

>was it the new guild characters?
I liked the idea at first, but got bored.

>didn't like dazai's backstory?

I like Dazai and liked seeing his back story, but I didn't like the red hair guy with the power to see slightly forward in time.

>too convoluted?


>maybe you should give the manga a try

Does it cut out anything I disliked?

No. 274216


ive been a huge sperg for this series ever since the mangas first chapter, and i love it to bits, but i have to admit i feel like the writing has gotten really sloppy for the past few arcs. What do you nonas think? Do you think the writing makes sense? what would you change, if possible?

No. 274735

me on the right

No. 274770

need more dazai, need less non-dazai

No. 274781

File: 1675996855656.jpg (45.3 KB, 388x550, imagjghes.jpg)

I husbando akutagawa and want to eat him whole, just saying
Also maybe he'd calm down if Dazai finally fucked him. (he wouldn't)

No. 274783

Wait I (>>274781) may have misread your post, thought you were saying only 3D aku was cute but not any other akus. Yeah sadly the others mostly weren't although it's funny to see aku of all characters mog everyone.

No. 274784


No. 274786

File: 1675997392085.jpg (32.91 KB, 387x580, IMG_1557.jpg)

a little

No. 275361

I second this…
right. I'm really sad about 3d dazai

No. 276361

File: 1676619822657.jpg (589.71 KB, 1280x829, woCTMgs.jpg)

i hope fyodor gets out of the prison with nikolai and kills chuuya immediately

No. 276367

File: 1676625767545.png (Spoiler Image,823.71 KB, 758x981, whenhe_whenh_whe.png)

as a chuuyafag i hope he makes it out for more plot involvement, but it would be exceptionally funny, and interesting, if he was offed like a pathetic dog in the end kek
what is it you dislike about chuuya specifically, nonna?

No. 276376

File: 1676630536099.jpg (28.12 KB, 480x360, HRqCDJY.jpg)

i dont hate him but i dont want skk to beat doa, the organisation thats powerful enough to end the whole world and is doing just that at the moment with the power of friendship. also im assuming dazai already died from the poison when fyolai make it out alive so it's not just him im sick of seeing. im tired of the good guys and just want the baddies to win and end the world already

No. 276401

I dont think asagiri would kill chuuya

No. 276414

File: 1676656988196.jpg (Spoiler Image,101.99 KB, 869x630, gkiYxEV.jpg)

why not? he's not an important character at all. his story has been told. he only appears to help dazai out of a tough spot now. if that was taken away it would be more interesting on dazai's end in the current arc

No. 276448

I know, it would be interesting without him. I just think it's purely out of monetary reasons. He's a beloved character that gets a lot of merch.

No. 278573

File: 1677398573468.webm (294.96 KB, 1920x1080, 2023-02-25_20-04-17.webm)

mom said it's my turn to play with the dazai tulpa

No. 278628

ok what are you up to?

No. 278640

File: 1677433058961.jpg (24.28 KB, 477x477, e5343c5ac0d25ffaa28fa7a546d803…)

he's a bit sore but doing alright

No. 279381

File: 1677679015172.jpg (89.8 KB, 640x720, Fp9zd-AagAE4pue.jpg)

No. 280752

File: 1678168200441.png (148.13 KB, 795x339, E18E148F-AC04-4D7D-8769-40DC53…)

Sorry ahead of time for my massive sperg, but something I don't appreciate about the bsd fandom is how little content there is of characters and pairings that are not the most popular ones like soukoku. I can appreciate soukoku, but it's like this black hole that sucks up most of the fandom's attention, obliterating the potential for other pairs or characters to get content. and don't get me started on shin soukoku because I personally dislike it and I want to be respectful to nonis who like that ship I've been in plenty of other fandoms where the less popular pairings still get plenty of attention from their own dedicated fans, but oddly this isn't much the case with bsd, and the content that there is of both skk and these other pairings is often on the shitty side imo. At least it's like that on ao3 when you sort by most kudos, while in past fandoms that was a decent way to find decent content. Not for bsd. Again I like most popular ships myself but god damn people, branch out. It's probably because most of the fans are minors or so it seems like, they also post hate on any ships that aren't fandom mainstream, it's fuckin weird. Even if it's not problematic they will literally make up reasons to shit on your ship. And if it's problematic, well you're probably used to the treatment that gets, so it isn't that different I guess. I admit some of my ships are inconsequential rarepair tier but I had better experiences with those in other fandoms so yeah I don't get it. Even the popular ones I like, they fucking butcher by turning them bland, including in fanart. Outside of ships, I can't even find decent Dostoyevsky/reader, now how can that be? Anyway, I'll make content myself if I have to. I wouldn't usually complain since I've liked niche characters/pairings before and know it's not others' responsibility to provide, but this a shockingly different ballgame than what I'm used to. So many cute boys to mess with, ones with obvious potential, and it's squandered. God bless the girlies posting short pwp of random ships because at least it's something different even if I don't care for it myself

No. 282042

I like the fact that dazai is not built like a stick here.

tell us about your ships, nonnie!

No. 283208

File: 1678991588717.jpg (41.19 KB, 544x525, S4lfVNv.jpg)

So when's the season ending and are we getting a season 5? No way we'll actually get to sskk fight at this rate?

No. 287203

File: 1680508223818.jpg (75.89 KB, 564x1111, 99fceabfe8cdbb2d7cee48cf67a970…)

season 5 confirmed for july, nonnie. 55 minutes has been teased as the LN for it too.

What did everyone think of season 4? Did it meet your expectations?

New chapter today, i really hope we'll see dazai again today

No. 287817

File: 1680794924903.png (262.32 KB, 780x779, drowning.png)

did anyone else read the new chapter?

No. 288209

File: 1680920353831.jpg (176.58 KB, 1200x1200, 9e2d6a3f7639d2958393bf1a10097c…)

sigma and dazai kiss canon

No. 314299

I just finished reading manga. This concept is very silly and some dynamics between characters are annoying if you know about their namesakes' interactions, but they are very cute and written for women so I can mostly ignore it kek.
>My fear right now is that everything will be for naught once the ADA gets their hand on the book and basically use it as deus ex machina to rentcon the entire arc especially since Bram's introduction. It's heading there unfortunately
That's the impression I got but I wouldn't be mad if the writer retconned this entire arc, or even finished with an open ending then wrote some one-shots instead of dragging out the main series. The overarching story is honestly not very good, I think he failed to plan out entire series and now he's struggling with too many 200IQ guys playing 4d chess. It's too late to start killing important (good) characters when the entire thing so far was a power-of-frendship style escapism. Radical tone change would be trashy and bad for sales imo.
What do you nonnas think about the latest chapter(s)?

No. 314412

File: 1691902664461.jpg (Spoiler Image,326.89 KB, 1152x1664, DTL78GB.jpg)

I agree that at this point it might be better to just let the good guys win for the hell of it because he doesn't know where else to go with the story. The only thing left that has potential to be interesting is Fyodor's intentions imo because he's the only character we don't know the weakness of. Other characters' plots in this arc progress so slowly but at least we got to Sigma touching Fyodor. It has potential to be the worst reveal ever too though, it's been hyped for too long by the author. If it ends up something we had no way of guessing like the cat lady time stop bullshit I'll lose interest in the manga all together lol why put thought into planning your arcs when you can just create an off screen solution that totally has been in the plans all along guys!!
>latest chapters
I don't feel that it's any different than the whole arc. We keep cycling between the same conflicts with the same characters. In the latest chapter it seems like some things are finalising but if there's one thing I know about BSD it's that all the characters will end up living again. We're at the climax even though it doesn't feel like it, Fukuchi opened One Order so Dazai and Sigma and all the vampires will probably end up alive due to some big thing happening with the book as the good guys' side's response to the first spoilered part.

No. 319320

Absolutelly nothing interesting happened in the newest chapter kek.

No. 322603

File: 1695308556269.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.77 KB, 956x539, iterBos.jpg)

So the anime cut the latest chapters and killed Fyodor…. Okay… Are we supposed to assume the manga author explained to them the ending in his mind or did they just do whatever they want? Other than BSD I'm not a big mangafag, I just watch animes so I don't know what happened in other adaptations where the anime ended before the manga

No. 322622

>Are we supposed to assume the manga author explained to them the ending
He probably had a draft of an ending chapter ready before they started animating this season.

No. 322627

I doubt Fyodor is dead. Are you telling me that rat ass survived anything and something as mundane as that can kill him?. I hope the explanation in the manga.

No. 325126

New manga chapter seems to be exactly like anime. I hope they'll go through rest of the asspulls in 3 chapters or less.
Can't wait to see the new arc of 4d chess and bs powers no one could predict kek.

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