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File: 1665439590690.jpg (301.06 KB, 1044x1452, frodo.jpg)

No. 246128

Post fanart of western media made by Japanese artists. Discuss weird husbandos too. Also, please post the artists links if possible.
Source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/91926179

No. 246131

File: 1665439934065.jpg (411.54 KB, 599x600, 31513540_p4_master1200.jpg)

Really cute Hey Arnold fan-art
by: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/173328

No. 246133

File: 1665440072691.png (750 KB, 1259x915, 143165887237_p0.png)

by: @yutaka7

No. 246134

File: 1665440190020.jpg (472.57 KB, 2048x1995, [20-12-31] 1344598783292624896…)


No. 246135

File: 1665440310816.jpg (300.39 KB, 1284x1500, [21-01-20] 1351900075132239872…)


No. 246137

File: 1665440366808.jpg (504.2 KB, 2048x1390, EyF3P4jWEAI74fR.jpg)

by: @saltongreen

No. 246138

This is more of a request. There was this Japanese artist that did, from what I remember, insanely good Gorillaz fanart. I believe they went by rickenback(er) and it was around 2007 or 2008. They nuked their website and their name made it so hard to find them again when I remembered. I managed to find them years later, but they were doing a ton of DC and Marvel fanart, so I didn't care. Now I'm curious again. (That was maybe 2012 or 2016, it's so fuzzy.) Does anyone know who I'm talking about?

No. 246139

File: 1665440586857.jpg (236.25 KB, 600x918, d5ouk4u-d8a6abf9-081a-4a2c-aaf…)

you mean Ricken-art?

No. 246141

This a breath of fresh air, beautiful thread

No. 246143

Yes, thank you! I knew they were well-known, but I just fell off so badly I could not find them

No. 246144

File: 1665441303650.png (1.23 MB, 1413x1629, 76330821_p0 (1).png)

No. 246146

File: 1665441436491.jpg (164 KB, 900x900, 72953441_p0.jpg)

No. 246147

File: 1665441673988.png (509.09 KB, 600x826, 10320272_p0 (1).png)

No. 246149

File: 1665442141669.png (1.06 MB, 1635x1237, 87782901_p0 (1).png)

No. 246150

File: 1665442296292.jpg (563.62 KB, 1200x1200, 62900660_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 246151

File: 1665442366437.jpg (118.23 KB, 600x1200, [20-05-12] 1260260117263478789…)

by: @OhishiMasaru

No. 246152

File: 1665442455076.jpg (1.28 MB, 960x1200, 43194718_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 246153

File: 1665442773186.png (1.28 MB, 1650x1500, 37484744_p0 (1).png)

by: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/37484744
these are so cute, whoever made MH should have invested on an anime honestly

No. 246154

File: 1665442870687.jpg (685.67 KB, 1280x1810, ye6gO1xs7fpwo2_r4_1280.jpg)

This particular artist deleted their twitter, tumblr, and website so don't know if they rebranded or what. But I still save a lot of their artwork saved. @niwa-art.

No. 246155

File: 1665442897738.jpg (401.23 KB, 1280x1707, sgju4MQRM1xs7fpwo1_1280.jpg)

No. 246156

File: 1665443011237.jpg (318.75 KB, 1280x1612, mv2fwGBe41xs7fpwo1_1280.jpg)

No. 246157

they did kek
this is so cute omgg

No. 246158

File: 1665443092091.jpg (630.55 KB, 920x653, 29309825_p0.jpg)

No. 246159

File: 1665443142023.jpg (250.21 KB, 768x1024, 77302498_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 246161

Feels like I just time travelled by looking at this. I definitely saved this image like 10 years ago.

OT but Kids next door had a weird vibe, something about it always creeped me out

No. 246162

File: 1665443431068.jpg (1.34 MB, 1500x1071, 61492682_p0 (1).jpg)

Please Disney hire a Japanese artist to draw your merch it would look so cute
by: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/61492682


it was kinda creepy, but so were most cartoons of the early 00's

No. 246163

File: 1665443628088.jpg (460.56 KB, 2048x1536, [19-10-20] 1185722357115052032…)

On the topic of weird husbandos, i love Kinu who husbandofags the nerdy ginger from Phineas and Ferb. She also makes doujins and i would LOVE to get one, but sadly they are TOON MIX exclusive and there are no scans online.

No. 246164

File: 1665443986808.jpg (519.29 KB, 878x1200, 51683760_p4_master1200.jpg)

I couldn't find who did these, i will link it later i promise

No. 246165

File: 1665444133913.jpg (45.84 KB, 508x800, 6618da09-b535-414b-a22c-e525cb…)

np if you cant source them, i have abunch of images that i dont remember the author

No. 246166

File: 1665444136722.jpg (650.24 KB, 1200x1200, 51683760_p13_master1200.jpg)

No. 246168

File: 1665444174231.jpg (454.77 KB, 800x1257, a3feb877acb595dd8937_7463a339_…)

Does Q Hayashida count? I'm curious if other mangakas have made fan art of western stuff.

No. 246170

File: 1665444409103.jpg (1.1 MB, 1200x928, 35989863_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 246172

File: 1665444738413.jpg (235.72 KB, 736x1025, yosuke.jpg)

i know a bunch did art for DC/Marvel comics like Yosuke Murata, and the artist for the Puyo Puyo games is a huge westaboo too

No. 246173

File: 1665444840826.jpeg (201.31 KB, 850x1298, 104FAD74-3CF2-4203-BD5F-4CA42A…)

No. 246174

File: 1665444965152.jpg (530.06 KB, 1063x1600, tumblr_pnf74lHz561rq0x9xo1_128…)


Ryoko Kui does occasional fanart, mostly for games.

Link to her blog: http://nisiryu.blogspot.com

No. 246175

File: 1665445399428.jpeg (542.53 KB, 2048x1545, C1D9BD65-4154-44B0-82D7-FD1756…)

No. 246176

File: 1665445460666.jpeg (266.29 KB, 1144x2048, C7EB23D8-A209-4C0B-B826-ADB399…)


No. 246177

File: 1665445636356.jpeg (103.4 KB, 914x945, BAB43488-4856-4E74-B4F4-28CF6F…)


No. 246178

File: 1665446104794.jpg (103.41 KB, 600x569, f8a51ad63ed0ab5ca416cdd8fcb670…)

No. 246180

File: 1665446330053.png (310.3 KB, 512x512, 0d65202c9dd9df2127c72de66b9d31…)

by the artist from wario ware

No. 246181

File: 1665446361299.png (250.05 KB, 640x480, 236324e9a87a2653b3693f5b54b969…)

No. 246182

This is so cute!

No. 246185

File: 1665446788704.jpeg (108.03 KB, 850x852, 5C2D0DD4-6255-4667-AB2D-F43C1F…)


No. 246187

File: 1665447739660.jpeg (108.85 KB, 735x503, BDCFAA8F-8752-474B-8F4C-BAD16B…)


No. 246189

These are really cute but a little hard for me to recognize. Left to right: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, ???, Ariel, Belle, Mulan?, Pocahontas. I think?

No. 246191

From left to right is
>Snow White
>Sleeping beauty
>Little mermaid
>Beauty and the beast

No. 246204

File: 1665450673154.jpeg (940.03 KB, 750x1018, 33446841_p1.jpeg)

No. 246205

File: 1665451314839.jpeg (1.27 MB, 900x1369, 68573209_p0.jpeg)

蜂明Bee* on pixiv

No. 246206

File: 1665451393417.jpg (257.89 KB, 600x800, Phineas...Ferb.full.1907573.jp…)

I'm genuinely surprised by how much PnF fanart from Japan there was.

No. 246207

the Pixiv ID is in your filename

https://twitter.com/goldfish_22 (someone asked for the source in /ot/ a month ago)

No. 246208

>jesse's moe oversized eyes
>walt's oversized forehead and tiny chin

No. 246209

File: 1665451988390.jpeg (1.5 MB, 873x1200, 72293004_p0_master1200.jpeg)

there's tons of nightmare before christmas fanart, it was really popular in japan. https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/72293004

No. 246212

File: 1665452571147.jpeg (242.6 KB, 1360x2048, FspiderP twitter.jpeg)


No. 246214

Who is he? He's delicious

No. 246216

File: 1665452667946.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1711x2048, FspiderP - undyne.jpeg)


No. 246220

Looks like Loki but not entirely sure

No. 246221

File: 1665453897401.png (1.2 MB, 2000x1286, meeco on pixiv - 78165541_p0.p…)

No. 246222

File: 1665454262173.jpeg (366.59 KB, 1080x1080, meeco on pixiv - monsters inc.…)

posting some of meeco on pixiv. they do these dress up pictures that are cute, would feel like I was flooding if I posted them all (too many!!) so go check them out if you like it

No. 246223

File: 1665454296091.jpeg (277.78 KB, 1080x1080, meeco on pixiv - big hero 6.jp…)

No. 246224

File: 1665454355938.jpg (276.35 KB, 1800x1900, ID_449639.jpg)

No. 246225

File: 1665454550741.png (742.65 KB, 1080x1080, meeco on pixiv - sesame street…)

meeco on pixiv - sesame street

who the fuck is Moppy and why is big bird the shortest one?

No. 246226

File: 1665454640202.jpeg (250.24 KB, 1080x1080, meeco on pixiv - Frozen outfit…)


No. 246227

File: 1665454711012.jpeg (217.81 KB, 1080x1080, meeco on pixiv - alice in wond…)

No. 246229

File: 1665454779607.jpeg (934.18 KB, 1080x1080, meeco on pixiv - mary poppins.…)

No. 246231

File: 1665455294639.png (506.98 KB, 1080x1080, meeco - jasmine.png)

they also did a cute princess collection here https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/82504636

No. 246233

File: 1665455582693.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1536x2306, 70218473_p0.jpeg)

No. 246234

File: 1665455664725.jpeg (5.84 MB, 2814x4096, 87369867_p0.jpeg)

No. 246235

File: 1665456010278.jpeg (390.42 KB, 1110x1468, 101353249_p1.jpeg)

dramatic steampunk Goofy is killing me lol, I'm not a kingdom hearts person so he's still just regular goofy to me. the artist is good though.

twitter: @JJJmogami

No. 246236

File: 1665456194473.jpeg (265.81 KB, 1389x1598, 101353249_p5.jpeg)

do you think goofy is someone's husbando?

No. 246237

>do you think goofy is someone's husbando?
based if true

No. 246239

File: 1665456516146.jpeg (154.25 KB, 1274x1699, 最上 on pixiv 96699899_p7.jpeg)

starting to suspect this artist has an obsession

No. 246240

File: 1665456555362.jpeg (178.32 KB, 1734x1475, 最上 on pixiv 96699899_p5.jpeg)

No. 246241

File: 1665456583917.jpeg (243.04 KB, 1461x1145, 最上 on pixiv 92961459_p0.jpeg)

wholesome dilf

No. 246242

File: 1665456653739.png (5.23 MB, 2549x2132, 最上 pixiv 91409084_p0.png)

No. 246243

File: 1665456730344.jpeg (235.69 KB, 1601x1738, 最上 on pixiv 96699899_p8.jpeg)

No. 246245

These fanarts go hard, good for her

No. 246247

I'm thinking he is this artist's husbando

No. 246248

File: 1665457961546.jpg (100.3 KB, 564x1893, e089a99dc497c11c904509d6fc71c6…)

since someone is posting a goofyfag, i would like to include this baldifag, who has since deleted all her stuff and moved on but i found her obsession with baldi hilarious and adorable

No. 246253

File: 1665460445932.jpeg (167.76 KB, 1192x1257, 最上 on pixiv 99156839_p0.jpeg)

it does seem that way. they also ship him with mickey

No. 246254

that's incredible lol

No. 246271

File: 1665464908578.jpg (279.92 KB, 847x899, 1650921660755.jpg)

This one is so Japanese, adorable

No. 246272

File: 1665464959758.png (1018.17 KB, 1200x900, 1650920126661.png)

No. 246273

File: 1665465033894.png (116.45 KB, 533x671, 76692494_p20.png)

count von count looks you like this, what do?

No. 246278

Translation on the Frollo pic in OP?

No. 246280

I start counting

No. 246283

File: 1665469426241.png (214.88 KB, 894x894, 828E195A-4448-4362-812F-9D8267…)

I want to see the rest

No. 246287

File: 1665472481385.jpg (873.86 KB, 3745x1680, 78562659_p0.jpg)

No. 246303

'I'm going to eat this parfait now while you depraved human garbage have bread crusts sprinkled with sugar.'

No. 246313

I have no idea why this made me laugh so hard. In other news I'm hiding that picture for my own sanity that someone has Frollo as their husbando. Even combining "Frollo" and "husbando" in the same sentence made me hurl.

No. 246319

File: 1665487081553.jpg (687.32 KB, 800x600, 46710192_p0.jpg)


Ah, I used to spent hours in Pixiv but I haven't checked it ever since they changed the UI back in 2016-ish and made it ugly.
This thread reminded me that I used to follow picrel, I was in for the kirby stuff, but they also drew lots of these birds. Going thru my followed list was a trip down memory lane.

No. 246330

why does he look so hot

No. 246334

Anime Jerry is cursed

No. 246335

File: 1665493247722.jpg (803.67 KB, 1280x1811, puqlc5cg8J1xs7fpwo1_1280.jpg)

It's Loki from Marvel. I'm not much of a lokifag but the original artist niwa-art was.

No. 246336

There honestly can be a thread just of japanese undertale fan art. That game was so big and popular over there. I do have to admit the japanese orchestra that did the UT soundtrack was pretty cool.

No. 246342

>I'm hiding that picture for my own sanity that someone has Frollo as their husbando. Even combining "Frollo" and "husbando" in the same sentence made me hurl
>she hasn't seen the /g/ thread

No. 246356

Omg thanks goofy posting nonnas, i needed a good laugh

Also most of the fanart is unironically very good, it's kind of wholesome someone has goofy as their husbando

No. 246357

My favorite so far

No. 246372

File: 1665507500266.png (2.1 MB, 808x1648, Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 09.5…)

Goofy lady rules. I went to look at her twitter (@JJJmogami) instead of her pixiv and she just took her daughter to disney world where it looks like they had the best time ever and got to meet Gu-chan lol (not gonna post her and her daughter but their outfits were super cute)

No. 246373

File: 1665507863736.jpeg (249.07 KB, 1450x1727, @JJJmogami FcKj5fhagAAu7zk.jpe…)

one more traditional goofy for you

I unironically want one of her doujins now

No. 246377

File: 1665508612118.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2896x4096, sasamaru_lion on twitter.jpeg)

No. 246378

I wonder if they went to the Japanese Disney world

No. 246379

File: 1665508740587.jpeg (314.82 KB, 583x828, sasamaru_lion all ages doujin.…)

No. 246380

File: 1665509053764.jpeg (699.64 KB, 900x900, 13000bd85672e27724d6b2991ca7ab…)

found this doujin on alice-books by the circle MILKYBOY INC.

No. 246384

File: 1665509721078.jpeg (749.23 KB, 721x1024, Clasp : madada alice-books.jpe…)

No. 246385

File: 1665509747121.jpeg (514.21 KB, 705x1000, 腕押しゲーム : madada alice-books.j…)

No. 246387

she has a daughter and is in love with goofy?? it's genuinely weird

No. 246388

File: 1665510080544.jpeg (550.63 KB, 720x1024, 馬も歩けば棒に当たる : たこだらけ alice-boo…)

from the 海外アニメ ("overseas anime") tag on alice-books

No. 246389

File: 1665510221929.jpeg (299.42 KB, 707x500, ben 10.jpeg)

No. 246390

File: 1665510358998.png (1.55 MB, 1000x1000, 51924782_p0.png)

No. 246400

File: 1665510898451.jpeg (458.55 KB, 690x1000, Ready to Die : 小児科 alice-books…)

southpark doujin

I looked at the artist's twitter and they're a shotafag unfortunately

No. 246402

File: 1665511009095.jpeg (218.82 KB, 724x1024, The future of smoke : カミカゼニンシ…)

No. 246403

File: 1665511585183.jpeg (846.36 KB, 1024x1022, Camellia : 糸電話 fanbook.jpeg)

No. 246405

File: 1665511650771.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1024x1024, Camellia : 糸電話.jpeg)

No. 246406

File: 1665511698333.jpeg (143.82 KB, 1024x995, Camellia : 糸電話 closeup.jpeg)

these turtles are so cutesy

No. 246407

This makes me so happy, Ben10 was my favourite show. I've never seen fanart for it before! Thank you for sharing.

No. 246408

File: 1665511966552.jpeg (389.04 KB, 534x744, COLLEGE RING : 84550 alice-boo…)

steven universe doujin

No. 246410

File: 1665512061991.jpeg (1.04 MB, 721x1024, SU Miri Shira Anthology : mada…)

No. 246413

File: 1665512182256.png (788.88 KB, 2894x3298, 55062025_p0.png)

No. 246414

File: 1665512222156.jpeg (139.7 KB, 841x595, cosmic closet : I'll do someth…)

some kind of adventure time dress-up fanbook

No. 246438

File: 1665517177051.jpg (269.77 KB, 1808x1179, @yamada_9000.jpg)

No. 246443

Prismo is looking dapper as fuck

No. 246444

File: 1665518599486.png (427.47 KB, 1024x734, D20CF9CD-B1C5-439B-B08A-156092…)

No. 246445

File: 1665518732864.png (383.63 KB, 1600x1200, 19988157-25BC-4A25-84D4-4655C8…)

No. 246453


These Goofy thirst fanarts reminds me of the time I accidentally stumbled on a lewd doujin involving Goofy and Max.

I can't remember what the artist name was, and I believe it's for the better.

No. 246457

Please never remember the name of the artist.

No. 246458

File: 1665522031667.jpg (237.98 KB, 1207x1621, FeyOXwRaEAE39Ko.jpg)

No. 246460

File: 1665522121951.jpeg (368.35 KB, 600x861, 30160680_p0_master1200.jpeg)

No. 246461

Wow, so much of this art itt is really nice

No. 246464

File: 1665522323924.jpeg (446.59 KB, 900x1200, 90669717_p0_master1200.jpeg)

I'm about to get back into this fandom hard.https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/90669717

No. 246467

this is one of the OGs! i remember seeing this artist's version of a bunch of other disney antagonists way back when and losing my fucking mind over it. happy to see her meme game is still going strong after all these years.

No. 246469

No. 246471

File: 1665524096216.jpg (424.6 KB, 500x612, lazuen1.jpg)

Sadly, many asian Undertale artists deleted their fanarts, their blogs or made it private because retards were reposting their illustrations without giving them credit

No. 246472

Japanese artists just care more. It's not fair.

No. 246477

Thank you and all the lovely anons sharing all this artwork!

No. 246483

File: 1665527270083.jpg (752.22 KB, 1360x1100, Coco.(Disney).full.2354200.jpg)


No. 246484

No. 246488

File: 1665529021955.jpg (402.7 KB, 1590x2048, 1657222772359.jpg)

I cant find the sauce but this artist husbandofags Grim from Billy and mandy. Does anyone know the artist? i tried tineye but it didnt help

No. 246490

File: 1665529338107.jpg (642.05 KB, 768x768, 90824678_p3.jpg)

why do you think Japanese fanart tends to be better than western fanart? for me, while westerns try to make everything look as realistic as possible (think sakimichan) Japanese artists prefer to focus on color harmony and maintaining the original style of the show.

No. 246491

File: 1665529444272.jpg (438.18 KB, 941x645, 1650919523147.jpg)

also, i love how they maintain their culture, there's something really charming about japanese schoolboy Goofy

No. 246492

File: 1665529809405.png (1.02 MB, 1200x750, 66757737_p0.png)

No. 246493

File: 1665529882422.jpg (753.81 KB, 3176x2400, E6_vtmnUcAAaGyD.jpg)

No. 246494

File: 1665529925762.jpg (403.88 KB, 1664x1190, E2th0nMVcAkxCek.jpg)

i blove this mlp artist

No. 246496

File: 1665530059569.jpg (710.33 KB, 2400x3200, E5Fd2yAVcAIpG0d.jpg)

No. 246498

File: 1665530302038.jpg (186.12 KB, 1102x1412, E_zWbL_UUAgBg69.jpg)

No. 246499

File: 1665530633272.jpg (294.52 KB, 1683x1190, E2UpA7EVUAMs51L.jpg)

No. 246500

Having looked through the pixiv tags there is a lot of bad Japanese art (like eyebleedingly bad lol, and for the love of god do not type in “Interview with a Vampire” because the Claudia cp is egregious!) but then there’s some choice professional level art where the artist is usually involved in comikets and going to events so I think there might just be more money in it to make up for the time it takes? but I’m totally guessing

No. 246501

File: 1665530903530.jpeg (204.23 KB, 600x804, 320116B2-8D3E-4E47-8944-64D9DD…)

I loved that show, I found some good fan art a million years ago I should try to find more again. Mandy rules.


No. 246502

File: 1665530918496.jpeg (198.61 KB, 600x817, B9B88497-3DAF-46CF-A911-60E79E…)

This artist goes by “ganbare” in pixiv iirc

No. 246503

File: 1665531322272.jpg (369.22 KB, 2000x3000, D0bc7KXVYAAmxTi.jpg)

but i mean the good fanart, i personally never liked western fanart it always looks off. I don't think it's being a weeaboo because there is a bunch of non-fanartists western artists i like, it's just that they often suck at non-realism

No. 246510

holy shit

No. 246514

File: 1665536579483.png (406.44 KB, 1000x851, MoppyProfile.png)

Moppy is a demon. He gains Elmo’s attention by showering him in arcane symbols that give him magical powers. Elmo brings the symbols into his home, which allows a manifestation to appear in the mirror. Elmo enacts a dark ritual, touching the pentagram-stigmata on the demon’s hand, and that draws it out of the mirror and unleashes it on the waking world.Freed from plush toy limbo, the demon uses its diabolical charisma to become an object of worship.

>jp sesame street marketing team envious of disney duffy success, make their own jp exclusive character.

No. 246515

File: 1665536949419.png (815.86 KB, 856x1300, 53557194_p0.png)

Nice art style but the artist is a moid coomer

No. 246516

A lot of European artists do the same thing Japanese does. It's really a culture of having respect for the medium of comic and art that leads people to take the media more seriously. In America, comics and cartoons has mostly been dismissed as children's entertainment and when they try break boundaries by being adult, they swing so far to the other side they seem juvenile. There's no balance.

No. 246534

File: 1665540898919.jpg (1.1 MB, 1200x750, 66757737_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 246535

File: 1665540973390.jpg (149.99 KB, 929x933, FY5C2RFUEAAnUqs[1].jpg)

No. 246536

File: 1665540985800.jpg (1003.65 KB, 1200x533, 95114921_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 246537

File: 1665541081639.jpg (187.49 KB, 1099x1047, FY5C2Q7UYAAhB0p[1].jpg)

No. 246539

File: 1665541164787.jpg (540.98 KB, 800x820, 66520639_p1_master1200.jpg)

No. 246540

File: 1665541190744.jpeg (784.17 KB, 1000x1000, by Noko on pixiv.jpeg)

lmao thank you nonnie

No. 246541

File: 1665541277776.jpg (559.16 KB, 1200x800, 53900254_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 246545

File: 1665541594774.jpg (404.36 KB, 800x900, 54167829_p0_master1200.jpg)

she has a lot of western cartoon fanart

No. 246546

File: 1665541738739.png (833.46 KB, 1200x1200, 57774050_p0.png)

No. 246547

File: 1665541856597.png (970.79 KB, 1877x1200, 66384625_p5.png)


someone tell me if I'm right that the count is losing his mind counting the rain drops? lol

No. 246548

File: 1665541908624.png (787.23 KB, 1200x1200, 66384625_p23.png)

No. 246551

File: 1665542026567.jpeg (248.63 KB, 830x1200, 66384625_p30_master1200.jpeg)

No. 246552

File: 1665542117030.png (340.86 KB, 1000x1400, 66384625_p10.png)

I think Bert is their husbando.

No. 246553

File: 1665542150618.png (346.97 KB, 1260x1200, 66384625_p47.png)

No. 246554

File: 1665542264712.png (567.04 KB, 1200x1828, 66384625_p15.png)

No. 246556

File: 1665542493567.jpg (1.62 MB, 1419x2370, [21-11-28] 1464908427868524546…)

this is the meme where you ask your husbando questions and you hvae to draw him reacting to them
true, but i feel like the autism displayed in some of these pics is exclusively Japanese, i think the only other artist that has a similar vibe to these husbando pics is that one girl that draws that super angsty comic about demon spongebob dating her OC

No. 246557

File: 1665542548272.jpg (423.28 KB, 1526x1962, [21-07-03] 1411339002339155973…)

No. 246559

File: 1665543142206.png (337.1 KB, 750x750, 74334901_p0.png)

this person has a lot of star trek stuff, they also love Queen and Toy Story


No. 246560

File: 1665543212033.png (125.76 KB, 1700x1700, 75492454_p0.png)

No. 246561

File: 1665543259747.png (8.16 KB, 539x539, 76096191_p0.png)

No. 246562

File: 1665543287325.png (26.92 KB, 500x500, 74040872_p16.png)

No. 246565

File: 1665543435802.jpeg (144.22 KB, 750x1050, 79378959_p0.jpeg)

same artist >>246559

No. 246567

File: 1665543865959.jpeg (166.25 KB, 799x750, はしもとはしこ 69175874_p0.jpeg)

No. 246568

File: 1665543903665.jpeg (122.22 KB, 1138x750, はしもとはしこ 68133416_p4.jpeg)

No. 246569

File: 1665544186346.jpeg (165.22 KB, 1050x750, はしもとはしこ 79508901_p0.jpeg)

No. 246570

File: 1665544213481.jpeg (179.88 KB, 750x1109, はしもとはしこ 65908377_p0.jpeg)

No. 246571

File: 1665544291842.jpeg (871.92 KB, 1852x1200, はしもとはしこ 68133416_p0.jpeg)

No. 246572

File: 1665545614660.jpeg (190.89 KB, 750x960, はしもとはしこ 79703311_p0.jpeg)

No. 246574

File: 1665545677001.jpeg (103.56 KB, 750x1065, はしもとはしこ 86102189_p0.jpeg)

No. 246581

kek what even was this meme

No. 246583


No. 246595

based autistic japanese yume

No. 246596

File: 1665552384998.jpeg (693.15 KB, 1100x743, E866F200-B324-46E9-AEFD-8A4C54…)

No. 246600

File: 1665555008318.png (104.17 KB, 571x669, 92233885_p1.png)

stupid sexy professor utonium

No. 246601

File: 1665555221085.png (1.21 MB, 1340x1340, 101693215_p5.png)

No. 246606

Ho do I make my art look more like westaboo art? Japanese artists have this very distinct way of drawing, but I can't press on what exactly makes them different.

No. 246613

File: 1665556209628.png (149.28 KB, 910x910, 92256873_p32.png)

same. For me it's a mix of really nice colors and strong fundamentals, also not over-rendering stuff. Do you have any example of how you would like your art to look like?

No. 246614

>fuck marry kill

No. 246616

File: 1665556547273.png (136.87 KB, 716x823, 92233885_p0.png)

that whole set on pixiv is so good lol


No. 246617

File: 1665556727283.png (549.1 KB, 1158x960, 94032537_p0.png)

No. 246618

File: 1665556731074.jpg (217.24 KB, 1061x1438, E-NYgRPVQAA7Dk6.jpg)

Wonder why so many Japanese artists love PnP, specially Cadance, it's such an ugly looking show
prof. Utonium
It was harder than i though, the professor is a must marry, he's an amazing father and fits my nerd kink but both Johnny/Jack are pretty hot

No. 246620

File: 1665556815678.jpg (376.66 KB, 1400x1900, E6-CJfoVkAAbuuA.jpg)

No. 246621

File: 1665556915412.jpg (873.37 KB, 1020x1448, E94q3lXVIAUkZGH.jpg)

No. 246622

File: 1665557009063.jpg (125.67 KB, 808x817, FJTq5DIaQAQQyh0.jpg)

No. 246623

File: 1665557136778.jpg (471.53 KB, 846x768, 90824678_p1.jpg)

thw horny rick fanart is crazy

No. 246626

File: 1665557263807.jpg (422.08 KB, 1536x2048, FH8U6C9acAIM6BR.jpg)

No. 246628

File: 1665557384072.jpg (368.37 KB, 2493x2039, Eht9uIkVkAA_s1C.jpg)

No. 246631

File: 1665557671349.jpg (681.83 KB, 1052x744, 95411187_p1.jpg)

No. 246633

File: 1665557828371.jpg (339.69 KB, 753x600, 1644381753599.jpg)

No. 246635

File: 1665558468683.jpg (759.29 KB, 2048x1206, EzjA4MZUUAgmcoP.jpg)

No. 246639

File: 1665558690645.jpeg (749.55 KB, 848x1200, (C70) [Kurikoya (Hiyoshimaru A…)

not sure about the other two but I'm killing Jack, can't explain gut feeling it's the right thing to do

No. 246646

File: 1665559066626.jpg (95.74 KB, 1300x1300, 1e58e74f1f23cc667ea6039ed604ec…)

this is tom and jerry? i swear fujos will humanize anything

No. 246648

File: 1665559238384.jpg (91.25 KB, 900x606, 19d5347d03391de6b2da1a4be146c0…)

I want my art to look something like that. The only thing I can dissect is great attention to detail, more emphasis on lineart rather than rendering, neutral color palette… What else?
Anyway, might as well post other art of my crusty boi.

No. 246649

File: 1665559260884.jpg (74.6 KB, 500x746, tumblr_ppeb6584r91slieef_500.j…)

No. 246650

File: 1665559327451.jpg (70.11 KB, 692x907, tumblr_ppeb64fbCI1slieef_1280.…)

If someone can find pixiv acc or at least an archive of that one based artist who drew McNamara, I will give my left kidney in gratitude.

No. 246651

File: 1665559355137.jpg (65.04 KB, 600x866, tumblr_ppeb653qfU1slieef_640.j…)

No. 246652

File: 1665559408798.jpg (92.04 KB, 550x791, tumblr_ppeb64Jh3c1slieef_640.j…)

All very old art and something any FONV fan already saw probably, but I want other nonnas to enjoy it.

No. 246653

File: 1665559737994.jpg (2.05 MB, 1241x2048, Tumblr_l_26308317547201.jpg)

You know what, I might as well post some art of himbofied Vulpes Inculta. Idk, seems kinda ooc for him, but I just dig it for some weird reason.

No. 246654

File: 1665559760564.jpg (956.45 KB, 2048x2560, Tumblr_l_26467683500109.jpg)

No. 246662

the art is just very cartoonish from what i see, no semi-realistic stuff + some anime influence. some of the stuff posted here is not that different from what i've seen among western artists, but you'll notice none of them have the calarts/tumblr vibe, even the steven universe fanarts are slightly animefied

No. 246670

>japanese style
cartoonish, cell rendered, focus on lineart and shape, simple color palette. the nose is usually VERY simplified
>korean style
a bit semi realistic, characters look like they're wearing a lot of makeup and have a plastic look. if male they're very muscular but not in a bara way
>chinese style
absolutely gorgeous color palettes, most of the focus is on the coloring, lineart is usually sketchy, can range from semi-realistic to cartoonish
>east european style
strongest fundamentals i've seen, very good anatomy, semi-realistic or realistic art, very fluid and dynamic lineart. not very cartoonish
>american style
cartoonish to semi-realistic, it's either a mix of calarts + anime + marvel or something more akin to sakimichan. a lot of focus on drawing noses and lips. imo i think it has a lot of variety but it almost always fail to capture the essence of anime

No. 246700

File: 1665566758276.png (8.78 MB, 2508x3438, らいう pixiv 77274307_p0.png)

No. 246701

File: 1665567095481.png (8.05 MB, 3720x2500, らいう pixiv 98840153_p0.png)

No. 246703

File: 1665567792564.jpg (6.34 MB, 3000x3500, らいう pixiv 97011941_p0.jpg)

No. 246704

File: 1665568468586.jpg (1.84 MB, 1374x2048, kommodore64 101758283_p0.jpg)

No. 246707

File: 1665569465407.jpg (497.81 KB, 2000x2000, FdQg367aEAA79Ic.jpg)

OkitaFuji on twitter and instagram. She draws a lot of fan art of barbie and lucio from overwatch.

No. 246714

Try saucenao nonna it usually works for me

No. 246716

Damn japanese artists manage to make every character hot

No. 246725

File: 1665572340447.jpg (2.15 MB, 1333x1800, d5gv36y-8b451af2-15ac-4f32-a19…)

It really does suck gashi gashi is such a coomer, i remember stumbling upon him when he was just starting out

No. 246726

File: 1665572361114.jpg (1 MB, 1416x1010, d3akdxn-d5ab8d95-c9cd-463a-9a3…)

No. 246728

File: 1665572488352.png (317.71 KB, 480x640, d1xqs1z-77e279a3-1994-477b-ae9…)

No. 246741

i love it ! im pinkamena who wants to be my austistic sister maude

No. 246743

File: 1665573800844.jpg (319.71 KB, 1080x1008, danishi8785-12102022-0004.jpg)

Fucking cow made me wheeze

No. 246744

File: 1665573827949.jpg (189.76 KB, 768x768, danishi8785-12102022-0003.jpg)

User is danishi8785 on Instagram

No. 246747

File: 1665574355364.jpg (210.44 KB, 768x768, danishi8785-12102022-0002.jpg)

No. 246808

johnny, my devoted himbo husband
the professor, mostly cause i cant kill him if he's got daughters to support
jack, but i truly feel bad about it

No. 246850

File: 1665593875629.jpeg (209.71 KB, 450x1465, コロリコ 57880650_p0.jpeg)

I agree with your choices. something about professor utonium having made the girls in a lab makes me feel like he does not want a wife. RIP jack

No. 246854

File: 1665594280235.jpeg (183.17 KB, 500x450, コロリコ 56938115_p1.jpeg)

No. 246855

File: 1665594475274.jpeg (67.89 KB, 450x450, コロリコ 21219643_p0.jpeg)

No. 246857

tough one, obviously marry the professor but I'm 50/50 between jack and johnny

No. 246860

File: 1665595708969.jpeg (188.68 KB, 600x847, 41399335_p3.jpeg)

No. 246861

File: 1665595975844.jpeg (340.68 KB, 700x994, つのじ 43452667_p1.jpeg)

No. 246863

File: 1665596009963.jpeg (331.41 KB, 700x994, つのじ 43452667_p2.jpeg)

No. 246866

these are so adorable

No. 246867

Jack and Prof.Utonium

No. 246870

File: 1665596666067.jpg (368.23 KB, 800x500, 18792459_p0_master1200.jpg)

>つのじ (the author): I love Flapjack so much that being Japanese hurts.
Some of the doujin are translations from English to Japanese of the storyline of the show.

No. 246877

oh. I thought they looked familiar but I haven't seen that show in so so long. it was my favorite thing when it was airing but it was so creepy.

No. 246900

File: 1665600960454.jpg (112.33 KB, 629x900, FeUEvzsUAAAlbD9.jpg)

By @P_manland on twitter

No. 246908

No. 247013

God I want to go to Japan and see all the doujins they have there

No. 247029

I think a lot of us who've been weebs since childhood had looked at high school anime and go, "wow, I wish that were my life."
It's funny to think of people in other countries looking at american/western cartoons or sitcoms and thinking that's how we live. "I wish I was a popular cheerleader in a big suburban home in america" or whatever.

No. 247035

File: 1665635104447.jpg (119.02 KB, 1280x940, opening_by_knknknk_dembis7-ful…)

that's the reason why the artist of pic rel loves Hey Arnold, it's so crazy to think there are Japanese westaboos out there

No. 247070


Haha, holy fuck I was about to post this particular artists entire Joshua collection in here. I love their art and it pushed me headfirst into husbandfagging him. Excellent taste nonz

No. 247072

File: 1665645564124.png (988.62 KB, 700x900, hackto 55297384_p0.png)

@hxkxtxxxn (twitter)
hackto (pixiv) https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/2691575

No. 247073

File: 1665645585680.png (1.05 MB, 688x932, hackto 57252553_p0.png)

No. 247074

File: 1665645608257.png (1.42 MB, 1500x1413, hackto 60205668_p0.png)

No. 247075

File: 1665645639670.png (1.39 MB, 1000x752, hackto OTGW 66051911_p0.png)

No. 247077

File: 1665645689377.png (1 MB, 800x1076, hackto star vs the forces of e…)

No. 247078

File: 1665645721958.png (830.14 KB, 700x1003, hackto 56500343_p0.png)

No. 247079

File: 1665646045044.png (687.09 KB, 1000x707, hackto 58915983_p0.png)

No. 247080

File: 1665646143324.png (1.01 MB, 800x780, hackto 60169797_p0.png)

No. 247084

File: 1665646399514.jpeg (385.55 KB, 550x577, hackto 21130347_p0.jpeg)

No. 247086

OMG, why is this so cute

No. 247088

I really tried to like this show, but its just so idk.. saccharine in its "wholesomeness" when it just comes across juvenile.

No. 247089

File: 1665647556701.jpg (100.19 KB, 800x800, tumblr_o3xm7xztXQ1s5slo6o7_128…)

By Rei 17

No. 247093

File: 1665648315347.jpg (121.94 KB, 800x800, tumblr_o3xm7xztXQ1s5slo6o6_128…)

No. 247094

File: 1665648406631.jpg (817.82 KB, 1052x744, 95411187_p3.jpg)

this looks so good, and so much better than the blurry painting style

No. 247095

File: 1665648493367.jpg (154.35 KB, 800x800, tumblr_o3xm7xztXQ1s5slo6o5_128…)

fr, Rei_17 is one of my favorite artists ever, even if she's kind of a cow.
wtf what is Giffany doing there?

No. 247096

File: 1665648539332.jpg (127.73 KB, 800x800, tumblr_o3xm7xztXQ1s5slo6o4_128…)

No. 247097

File: 1665648698266.jpg (105.58 KB, 800x800, tumblr_o3xm7xztXQ1s5slo6o3_128…)

No. 247098

File: 1665648847390.jpg (189.65 KB, 800x800, tumblr_o3xm7xztXQ1s5slo6o2_128…)

No. 247102

File: 1665649224627.jpg (358.25 KB, 673x571, 73166898_p0.jpg)

>fr, Rei_17 is one of my favorite artists ever, even if she's kind of a cow.
wut, do tell please. Skilled artcows are very rare.

No. 247109

File: 1665650313729.jpg (153.26 KB, 800x800, tumblr_o3xm7xztXQ1s5slo6o1_128…)

Kek, I forgot that Rei 17 is Chinese. Does art made by other East Asian artists still count as westaboo art?

Here's the original(?) compilation: https://imgur.com/a/4O6Nxtv
Off the top of my head: On Weibo, she shits on other famous artists that she works with because she sees them as inferior, and likes accusing people of copying her pieces (despite having received at least one such accusation herself), some of the alleged cases of plagiarism look a bit more similar to her art than others but ymmv. She's also super paranoid about people copying her art style. Basically she acts like she's better than everyone else.

No. 247114

File: 1665651394150.jpg (199.48 KB, 1000x1200, Star.vs..the.Forces.of.Evil.fu…)

>>247077 >>247078 more fanart for Star vs the Forces of Evil
twitter @gomoku1

>Does art made by other East Asian artists still count as westaboo art?
I'm not OP but I think it's fine. wasn't gonna say anything but I think some of the other pixivs itt are not japanese, not sure though and I'm not gonna hunt through them.
art drama is good drama but so petty lol. brings me back to deviantart days.

No. 247117

File: 1665651431729.jpeg (847.94 KB, 2048x1490, gomoku1 EWnuR8qUwAAPjPH.jpeg)

No. 247118

File: 1665651482571.jpeg (262.45 KB, 1365x2048, gomoku1 FdL3bFUagAIk9En.jpeg)

No. 247140

File: 1665663700324.jpeg (55.07 KB, 384x386, B27BCA93-BB45-434D-B145-0D9A06…)

Asked this a while back in the Help Me Find thread with no takers. I figured maybe someone here might recognise this Undertale fanartist? This is a cropped portion of a painting of Chara, and Asriel should be there too if I remember correctly.

No. 247146

What is going on in this comic

No. 247150

File: 1665670346745.jpg (299.74 KB, 1080x1287, Screenshot_20221013-100953_Ins…)

@schmittmuscat on instagram, they like drawing Grey's Anatomy, especially yaoi of Nico and Schmitt.

(Sorry for low res, I screenshotted off of insta)

No. 247151

File: 1665670379251.jpg (167.66 KB, 1077x1118, Screenshot_20221013-100940_Ins…)

No. 247152

File: 1665670494264.jpg (206.4 KB, 1080x1290, Screenshot_20221013-100946_Ins…)

No. 247153

File: 1665670641328.jpg (287.64 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot_20221013-101007_Ins…)

No. 247336

File: 1665752651637.jpg (257.29 KB, 559x590, by poo (donkan gokko) 1.jpg)

No. 247338

I used to be as much of an ameriboo as I used to be a weaboo and yeah I was so jealous whenever I saw students in middle and high school in American tv shows had lockers, I wanted my own locker and to not carry a shit ton of heavy textbooks all the time. I also wanted to go to prom, and my high school actually planned one for the very first time but I didn't go after all because none of my friends wanted to go and I was too poor to buy a dress just for that. Americans making fun of weaboos always make me laugh because they expect everyone to be huge ameriboos and know about US politics, brands, traditions, daily life things, etc.

No. 247339

File: 1665752982825.jpg (341.58 KB, 855x599, by poo (donkan gokko) 2.jpg)

No. 247349

File: 1665755041966.jpeg (179.95 KB, 591x1230, 59BF15EB-A54D-4CFB-A189-84ED31…)

Wasn’t this basically Junpei’s thing?

No. 247549

File: 1665817336868.jpg (497.63 KB, 1071x1478, FcYD9o9aIAAldmy[1].jpg)

No. 247550

File: 1665817410428.jpg (401.38 KB, 1300x1082, ESWL3rzUcAAQ-5S[1].jpg)

No. 247802

lol do you have a link to the spongebob comic

No. 247854

File: 1665914551973.jpg (110.6 KB, 874x1152, Tea Time by Habu_toid.jpg)

Reverse searched it for you, nonnie

Artist is Habu_toid but their twitter is gone

Here's the link I got the pic and info from:

No. 247864

No. 247965

thank you

No. 248638

File: 1666183545685.png (997.4 KB, 800x1172, 1446973085905.png)

No. 248641

File: 1666183699557.png (2.27 MB, 1000x1333, 1572999989588.png)

No. 248642

File: 1666183740379.jpg (151.98 KB, 750x548, 1578606237455.jpg)

No. 248645

File: 1666183952523.jpg (1000.91 KB, 2048x1339, 1578790728725.jpg)

No. 248647

File: 1666184021766.jpg (1.08 MB, 4096x3436, EKnal2tU0AACbnj.jpg)

No. 248648

File: 1666184079070.png (86.46 KB, 405x519, 1474950254358.png)

No. 249078

File: 1666281396817.jpg (181.08 KB, 850x638, __japan_and_united_kingdom_axi…)

I know the series itself is not western, but japanese hetalia fans were easily the biggest westaboos I've seen in the otaku community, especially those that shipped japan with england

No. 249082

very true

No. 249218

>jp sesame street marketing team envious of disney duffy success, make their own jp exclusive character
Doesn't Sesame Street make a new character for each of the different countries it airs in? For example, there's Abelardo for Plaza de Sesamo or Ollie for Sesame Street Australia.

No. 249279

File: 1666335752776.png (212.76 KB, 800x566, 63519046_p34.png)

No. 249314

I follow a lot of jp hetalia artists and they do make a lot of fanart for American cartoons

No. 249321

Interesting interpretation of Darwin being a kind of femboy whereas western fans make him less feminine and also black (which makes sense, black va and I think he's meant to be black anyway). Cute interpretation of his fish head into a ponytail-like hairstyle. Gumball is pretty accurate.

No. 249329

he is just wearing a sweater, shorts and sneakers which is typical for children to wear. The vest is a little bit preppy though so I guess that can be interpreted as feminine.
The outfit is probably the least masculine I have seen him in but I don't think it's feminine either and I think it's far from femboy territory.
>Cute interpretation of his fish head into a ponytail-like hairstyle. Gumball is pretty accurate.
This part I agree with

No. 249340

Yeah okay I guess femboy isn't very accurate especially since the term's been bastardized. He's very uwu though

No. 249366

Cutesy, the word you're looking for is cutesy.

No. 249378


No. 251329

File: 1667041824667.jpg (125.13 KB, 550x781, marucos.jpg)

No. 251330

File: 1667041858207.jpg (178.61 KB, 600x846, marucos.jpg)

No. 251331

File: 1667041955027.jpg (305.28 KB, 600x852, marucos.jpg)

No. 251332

File: 1667042112008.png (282.47 KB, 500x711, marucos.png)

No. 251333

File: 1667042291848.jpg (159.01 KB, 600x913, marucos.jpg)

No. 251334

File: 1667042330500.jpg (330.02 KB, 1240x1753, yoloillust.jpg)

No. 251335

File: 1667042393850.png (1.04 MB, 800x1135, yunta0722.png)

No. 251336

File: 1667042473638.png (342.35 KB, 700x1000, NAOTO TAJIMA.png)

No. 251337

File: 1667042514316.jpg (312.7 KB, 1000x1000, NAOTO TAJIMA.jpg)

No. 251338

File: 1667042611823.jpg (256.71 KB, 1000x1000, NAOTO TAJIMA.jpg)

No. 251339

File: 1667042719404.jpg (433.36 KB, 1280x960, MOKURE_N.jpg)

No. 251418

File: 1667067203589.png (221.07 KB, 668x930, Adventure.Time.full.2315217.pn…)

No. 251683

File: 1667183615824.png (1.9 MB, 1076x1500, CBA22932-919D-4784-9020-71737B…)

No. 251684

File: 1667183760586.jpeg (383.98 KB, 1200x1650, 9FC99ACC-744E-4E4A-A8CE-EEFD56…)

No. 251686

Gross as fuck.

No. 251715

The peanuts one is cute in a self aware kinda way.

No. 251719

Gives me bleedman vibes

No. 251730

whoa haven't heard that name in a while. did the party van ever come for him or is he still doing stuff?

No. 251776

I wish the sister wasn’t included because that’s what makes the pic gross.

No. 251798

>r18 doujinshi

No. 251970

Marceline is so cute in that kimono wtf

No. 252021

File: 1667298852258.png (600.49 KB, 600x540, 5633b13eHVmkzsg4.png)

can't provide the source because drawr is defunct

No. 252023

File: 1667298957876.png (60.35 KB, 600x510, 4e14cbfdEbFUz5Tq.png)

No. 252036

Late reply, but I’ve definitely seen her art on Disney goods in Japan before. She adjusts her coloring style a bit, but something about the style made me recognize it instantly. I assume she can’t attach her name to it due to NDA though.

No. 252052

cute kek

No. 252103

File: 1667329692605.jpeg (23.89 KB, 621x436, 万年ウルス祭 99910845_p1.jpeg)

No. 252104

File: 1667329716447.jpeg (193.36 KB, 2048x1527, 万年ウルス祭 101832614_p10.jpeg)

No. 252105

File: 1667329750555.jpeg (154.13 KB, 1049x744, 万年ウルス祭 99910845_p2.jpeg)

No. 252106

File: 1667329785058.jpeg (153.08 KB, 1049x744, 万年ウルス祭 99910845_p3.jpeg)

No. 252107

File: 1667329807883.jpeg (119.73 KB, 1049x744, 万年ウルス祭 99910845_p7.jpeg)

No. 252108

File: 1667329835830.jpeg (186 KB, 1284x1208, 101832614_p4.jpeg)

No. 252109

File: 1667329878340.jpeg (201.51 KB, 1182x924, 101832614_p18.jpeg)

No. 252110

File: 1667329905150.jpeg (178.01 KB, 1328x1057, 万年ウルス祭 101832614_p5.jpeg)

No. 252112

File: 1667329936830.jpeg (225.38 KB, 2047x986, 万年ウルス祭 100541786_p8.jpeg)

No. 252113

File: 1667329972443.jpeg (57.86 KB, 785x857, 万年ウルス祭 101832614_p6.jpeg)

No. 252114

File: 1667329997845.jpeg (133.33 KB, 1210x1315, 万年ウルス祭 101832614_p15.jpeg)

No. 252115

File: 1667330048399.jpeg (59.79 KB, 671x1024, 万年ウルス祭 100541786_p4.jpeg)

No. 252116

File: 1667330069108.jpeg (32.7 KB, 1280x1148, 万年ウルス祭 101832614_p13.jpeg)

No. 252117

File: 1667330097047.jpeg (166.84 KB, 1280x1156, 万年ウルス祭 101832614_p17.jpeg)

No. 252118

File: 1667330233169.png (540.6 KB, 1446x2008, Doggy on pixiv 102285079_p0.pn…)


very nsfw Smithers x Burns in one of this users two pixiv posts so click with caution

No. 252119

File: 1667330363849.png (1.02 MB, 1537x2268, Doggy on pixiv 102285079_p1.pn…)

No. 252120

File: 1667330445817.png (1.06 MB, 3235x2008, doggy on pixiv 102285079_p4.pn…)

No. 252123

File: 1667330681039.jpeg (4.22 MB, 1500x1447, 85905592_p0.jpeg)

No. 252124

File: 1667330729043.jpeg (5.85 MB, 1500x2121, 85905592_p1.jpeg)

No. 252126

File: 1667330758750.jpeg (2.89 MB, 1500x2302, 85905592_p2.jpeg)

No. 252127

File: 1667330844638.jpeg (2.19 MB, 1500x1342, 85905592_p3.jpeg)

No. 252130

File: 1667331679248.jpeg (136.83 KB, 1024x1024, 将軍オルムツ 99802330_p0.jpeg)

No. 252131

File: 1667331700622.jpeg (754.71 KB, 1660x1660, 将軍オルムツ 99802330_p3.jpeg)

No. 252132

File: 1667331733029.jpeg (2.75 MB, 3528x2822, 将軍オルムツ 99802330_p8.jpeg)

No. 252134

what’s with this weird, seemingly ‘pairing’ art of moe and (what, Lisa or Maggie?) and Bart and Bob? weird.

No. 252137

moe and maggie, I love their episodes together.

No. 252140

Not Bart, it's Cecil.

No. 252141

File: 1667333007320.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1181x1748, 肉草 on pixiv 97040653_p5.jpeg)

I'm not sure the Maggie and Moe thing is romantic. I'm skipping the horrific porn on pixiv, I think it's supposed to be wholesome in the drawing I posted. They have an episode.
There is shota torture porn with Bart and Sideshow Bob (idk girl, people are sick) but I didn't post any, that's Cecil like the other anon said.

No. 252142

File: 1667333166901.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1181x1748, 肉草 on pixiv 97040653_p0.jpeg)

the westaboos obsessed with Mr burns are kind of scary somehow

No. 252143

File: 1667333259035.jpeg (927.69 KB, 1180x1423, 肉草 on pixiv 99427711_p0.jpeg)

No. 252144

File: 1667333370647.jpeg (589.92 KB, 1181x1748, 97040653_p11.jpeg)

No. 252146

File: 1667333744671.jpeg (150.61 KB, 600x888, 肉草 on pixiv 97022447_p10.jpeg)

they posted this in japanese and in english


No. 252148

File: 1667333768906.jpeg (312.66 KB, 600x591, 肉草 on pixiv 97022447_p2.jpeg)

husbando meme

No. 252149

that's my bad on that!

this just seems weird to me though, i dunno. maybe moe just always looks creepy?

this one is really really cool though

No. 252150

File: 1667333830048.jpeg (220.19 KB, 600x888, 肉草 on pixiv 97022447_p17.jpeg)

No. 252151

File: 1667333913091.jpeg (62.83 KB, 600x888, 肉草 on pixiv 97022447_p15.jpeg)

No. 252153

File: 1667333942211.jpeg (545.34 KB, 600x848, 肉草 on pixiv 97022447_p1.jpeg)

No. 252160

File: 1667334331926.jpeg (337.9 KB, 600x888, 肉草 on pixiv 97022447_p16.jpeg)

I thought it was bart at first too, bishification is confusing sometimes

sorry for spamming shitty art, something about this artist is fascinating to me

No. 252161

File: 1667334410396.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1280x1280, 101724260_p0.jpeg)

There's a "countryhumans" tag on pixiv that's very strange. not sure if it counts as a westaboo thing exactly.

No. 252168

I think this is by a regular weeb using Pixiv. The katakana is very "I just learnt how to write in japanese 3 months a go", also that dating style is very american.

No. 252180

File: 1667341617418.jpeg (1.93 MB, 2048x1536, 95074334_p4.jpeg)

No. 252181

File: 1667341684963.jpeg (495.79 KB, 1200x934, 95074334_p5_master1200.jpeg)

No. 252184

File: 1667341985870.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1533x1411, ちゃわこ 97245891_p0.jpeg)

No. 252185

File: 1667342015508.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1601x2116, ちゃわこ 97245891_p1.jpeg)

No. 252186

File: 1667342052861.jpeg (413.81 KB, 947x1307, ちゃわこ 97245891_p2.jpeg)

No. 252209

File: 1667346982358.jpeg (815.03 KB, 886x1200, SOAP 95040109_p8_master1200.jp…)

westaboo in taiwan who's really into Principal Skinner


No. 252210

File: 1667347010682.jpeg (926.39 KB, 997x989, SOAP 99421357_p2.jpeg)

No. 252211

File: 1667347038970.jpeg (427.05 KB, 1200x924, SOAP 95040109_p7_master1200.jp…)

No. 252212

File: 1667347071594.jpeg (383.26 KB, 1040x1406, SOAP 99421357_p7.jpeg)

No. 252213

File: 1667347105700.jpeg (350.72 KB, 1181x827, SOAP 99421357_p3.jpeg)

No. 252214

File: 1667347137048.jpeg (538.92 KB, 1063x1535, SOAP 99421357_p4.jpeg)

No. 252215

File: 1667347165174.jpeg (530.04 KB, 1063x1535, SOAP 99421357_p5.jpeg)

No. 252216

File: 1667347188450.jpeg (643.85 KB, 1240x2007, SOAP 95040109_p0.jpeg)

No. 252217

File: 1667347210066.jpeg (765.11 KB, 1653x1771, SOAP 99421357_p16.jpeg)

No. 252218

File: 1667347241234.jpeg (183.37 KB, 827x1181, SOAP 99421357_p18.jpeg)

No. 252219

File: 1667347279566.jpeg (501.83 KB, 1200x1041, SOAP 95040109_p33_master1200.j…)

No. 252220

File: 1667347318884.jpeg (333.62 KB, 1200x1200, SOAP 91627616_p10_master1200.j…)

No. 252221

File: 1667347361228.jpeg (543.22 KB, 809x777, SOAP 95040109_p21.jpeg)

No. 252222

File: 1667347385667.jpeg (356.64 KB, 1181x945, SOAP 95040109_p4_master1200.jp…)

No. 252226

File: 1667348714060.jpeg (741.19 KB, 1250x1250, american dad - Asai on pixiv …)

kind of a bad coomer artist who mostly does ecchi so I won't link but they randomly had this american dad fanart

No. 252227

File: 1667348785062.png (1.94 MB, 1683x2121, magoyama on pixiv 92733528_p0.…)

No. 252232

File: 1667349589398.jpeg (2.19 MB, 4855x971, KE on pixiv 【WandaVision】log 8…)

No. 252233

File: 1667349631471.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1100x1200, KE on pixiv 【WandaVision】log 8…)

No. 252234

File: 1667349655854.jpeg (851.39 KB, 1110x1026, KE on pixiv 【WandaVision】log 8…)

No. 252235

File: 1667349679112.jpeg (657.6 KB, 1230x1720, KE on pixiv 【WandaVision】log 8…)

No. 252236

File: 1667349772214.jpeg (884.67 KB, 1192x1265, KE on pixiv 【WandaVision】log 8…)

No. 252237

File: 1667349811246.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1300x1417, KE on pixiv 【WandaVision】log 8…)

No. 252242

File: 1667350085606.jpeg (274.35 KB, 2048x1536, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p0.jpeg)

posting some Home Movies fanart
I was kind of excited when I saw this, not gonna lie.

No. 252243

File: 1667350175370.jpeg (396.12 KB, 1147x1430, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p1.jpeg)

brendon and dwayne

No. 252244

File: 1667350213173.jpeg (215.79 KB, 799x1224, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p2.jpeg)

jason and melissa

No. 252246

File: 1667350358895.jpeg (180.49 KB, 737x916, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p3.jpeg)

shannon and dwayne I think

No. 252247

File: 1667350463697.jpeg (306.36 KB, 1684x1190, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p4.jpeg)


No. 252248

File: 1667350507288.jpeg (219.13 KB, 1024x864, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p14.jpeg)

No. 252250

File: 1667350724234.jpeg (285.55 KB, 992x1334, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p11.jpeg)

maybe I need to rewatch Home Movies, I don't remember Shannon being one of the more interesting characters but this artist loves him

No. 252251

File: 1667350766008.jpeg (198.11 KB, 1024x1006, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p10.jpeg)

No. 252252

These are cool.
Shannon wasn't in a lot of the episodes. Surprised not to see Walter or Perry.

No. 252253

File: 1667350966301.jpeg (227.38 KB, 661x539, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p13.jpeg)

No. 252254

File: 1667351038729.jpeg (715.73 KB, 2048x2048, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p17.jpeg)

No. 252255

File: 1667351258150.jpeg (120.48 KB, 1024x724, 将軍オルムツ 94642481_p18.jpeg)

I guess shannon is just her fave? she's a fujo, probably ships him with dwayne.

No. 252258

Most likely. He's got an interesting voice. Neat to see Home Movies fan art. My favorite thing is when Brendon takes the gnome from Shannon.

No. 252259

File: 1667352580500.png (9.03 MB, 2122x2976, マキタロ(ポイピクに移動) 73189442_p1.pn…)

No. 252260

File: 1667352965971.png (4.86 MB, 2122x2976, マキタロ(ポイピクに移動) 73189442_p9.p…)

it's a cute fanbook I kinda want it lol

No. 252261

File: 1667353013285.png (5.82 MB, 2122x2976, マキタロ(ポイピクに移動) 73189442_p8.pn…)

No. 252262

File: 1667353055127.png (2.93 MB, 2122x2976, マキタロ(ポイピクに移動) 73189442_p6.p…)

more moe and maggie

No. 252264

File: 1667353256636.png (115.14 KB, 850x850, M 75273972_p25.png)

No. 252266

File: 1667353298251.png (258.87 KB, 900x900, M 77770306_p7.png)

same artist

No. 252267

File: 1667353320432.png (108.16 KB, 900x756, m 81033984_p22.png)

No. 252268

File: 1667353420566.jpeg (159.61 KB, 1450x1600, m 83017040_p15.jpeg)

No. 252269

File: 1667353458113.png (71.07 KB, 669x892, m 75273972_p29.png)

is this a "see my vest" joke?

No. 252271

File: 1667353616531.png (82.32 KB, 904x772, m 70865397_p1.png)

No. 252275

File: 1667353974956.png (371.64 KB, 900x900, m 81033984_p18.png)

No. 252276

File: 1667354123890.png (190.86 KB, 1000x1000, m 94174973_p1.png)

No. 252277

File: 1667354322877.jpeg (293 KB, 916x1300, m 83017040_p17.jpeg)

No. 252291

kek the tiny cartoon heads on huge realistic bodies are killing me

No. 252307

File: 1667361776638.jpeg (661.24 KB, 1653x1417, 99421357_p51.jpeg)

they have some art that shows "normal" versus how they draw the characters

No. 252309

File: 1667361881952.jpeg (471.07 KB, 1024x859, 91627616_p18.jpeg)

No. 252310

File: 1667361986848.jpeg (542.21 KB, 1024x859, 91627616_p19.jpeg)

No. 252313


please never stop posting these

No. 252314

Kek she was posted in one of the bad art threads
Uuhh this artist really likes cartoon grandpas

No. 252325

Skinner and Chalmers looking swole as fuck

No. 252346

File: 1667378132051.jpeg (185.63 KB, 598x852, KE on pixiv 【unbrella academy】…)

No. 252347

File: 1667378154312.jpeg (721.26 KB, 1100x1645, KE on pixiv 【unbrella academy】…)

No. 252348

File: 1667378185468.jpeg (2.16 MB, 3000x1799, KE on pixiv 【unbrella academy】…)

No. 252349

File: 1667378209418.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1200x1053, KE on pixiv 【unbrella academy】…)

No. 252350

File: 1667378242575.jpeg (2.46 MB, 2090x2302, KE on pixiv 【unbrella academy】…)

No. 252351

File: 1667378273718.jpeg (702.13 KB, 1110x1111, KE on pixiv 【unbrella academy】…)

No. 252352

File: 1667378378431.jpeg (252.55 KB, 994x731, KE on pixiv 【unbrella academy】…)

No. 252357

File: 1667379607697.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1342x1747, ちゃわこ 98205677_p3.jpeg)

No. 252358

File: 1667379639673.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1159x1847, ちゃわこ 98205677_p12.jpeg)

No. 252359

File: 1667379661478.jpeg (796.2 KB, 1635x1124, ちゃわこ 98205677_p19.jpeg)

No. 252360

File: 1667379690701.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1135x1656, ちゃわこ 99311102_p6.jpeg)

No. 252361

File: 1667379754223.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1127x1655, ちゃわこ 99311102_p22.jpeg)

No. 252362

File: 1667379868994.jpeg (1.91 MB, 2384x1702, ちゃわこ 99311102_p2.jpeg)

No. 252535

File: 1667424080037.jpeg (412.22 KB, 1200x1600, @0rmts.jpeg)

I was looking on their pixiv before and I thought that was it but they had more on twitter

No. 252536

File: 1667424167950.jpeg (113.44 KB, 1000x1000, shannon-kun @0rmts.jpeg)

shannon-kun again

No. 252538

File: 1667424253289.jpeg (358.02 KB, 1430x2048, @0rmts shannondwayne.jpeg)

No. 252541

File: 1667424454921.jpeg (267.29 KB, 1500x1500, @0rmts dwayne gakuranhoodie.jp…)

No. 252544

File: 1667424943574.jpeg (476.1 KB, 1684x1190, @0rmts simpsons halloween.jpeg)

they also drew a really good simpsons halloween picture this year.

their pixiv has a lot of bishified simpsons men and some amazing fujo-brained pairings

No. 252589

File: 1667439095187.jpeg (259.1 KB, 760x662, 将軍オルムツ 88560404_p14_master1200…)

No. 252590

File: 1667439119711.jpeg (276.79 KB, 811x1057, 将軍オルムツ 83595903_p3_master1200.…)

No. 252591

File: 1667439163407.jpeg (282.49 KB, 900x1200, 72092818_p2.jpeg)

No. 252592

File: 1667439211957.jpeg (581.75 KB, 1668x2224, 72092818_p29.jpeg)

No. 252593

File: 1667439248665.jpeg (158.86 KB, 968x1024, 91935267_p7.jpeg)

No. 252595

File: 1667439620019.jpeg (350.09 KB, 1418x1653, 72092818_p18.jpeg)

No. 252597

File: 1667439646099.jpeg (143.32 KB, 690x1024, 将軍オルムツ88560404_p3.jpeg)

No. 252600

This is the best thing. my childhood

No. 252609

File: 1667441668379.jpeg (430.21 KB, 1000x750, 将軍オルムツ 84646039_p5_master1200.…)

Reverend Lovejoy looks like a Mob Psycho character here

No. 252611

File: 1667441709148.jpeg (506.19 KB, 2048x1536, 72092818_p51.jpeg)

No. 252613

File: 1667441778218.jpeg (182.63 KB, 1165x1661, 将軍オルムツ 96214959_p10.jpeg)

No. 252614

I saw this on Recent Images and thought to myself, "This doesn't belong in the westaboo chat, they're both anime guys. But the redhead looks vaguely familiar…"
Never in a million years would I have guessed Simpsons.

No. 252616

File: 1667442365136.jpg (103.42 KB, 540x540, tumblr_120f69a3b5f53e04744d7a0…)

it's so rare to even find good pictures of this guy

No. 252617

Hahaha I thought those were Kakyoin and Josuke from JJBA

No. 252619

no fucking way that's the pastor

No. 252620

File: 1667442926403.jpg (228.28 KB, 1448x2048, tumblr_b10b30d598411d1d8b0b523…)

cant seem to bundle these into one pic but i thought this was cute (1)

No. 252621

File: 1667443178143.jpg (590.25 KB, 1448x2048, tumblr_260d0325995473459c52db4…)


No. 252626

File: 1667445692259.jpeg (658.28 KB, 1448x2048, 75789782_p11.jpeg)

didn't know reverend lovejoy was a popular character with westaboos. they make him so handsome lol https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/75789782

No. 252627

File: 1667445721472.jpeg (391.35 KB, 2048x1488, ノグボンド 75789782_p8.jpeg)

No. 252628

File: 1667446104862.jpg (1.23 MB, 3508x4960, ノグボンド lovejoy .jpg)

No. 252629

File: 1667446166552.jpeg (778.1 KB, 2480x3508, ノグボンド 72271768_p9.jpeg)

No. 252630

File: 1667446201454.jpeg (568.9 KB, 1978x2048, ノグボンド 75789782_p10.jpeg)

No. 252631

File: 1667446327965.jpeg (1.72 MB, 2480x3508, ノグボンド 72271768_p10.jpeg)

No. 252632

File: 1667446480422.jpeg (74.32 KB, 773x1024, ノグボンド jessica lovejoy 83972…)

The Jessica Lovejoy fanart is kinda good too but I'm far too afraid to look at her tag on pixiv

No. 252633

File: 1667446516567.jpeg (327.82 KB, 1448x2048, ノグボンド 72271768_p13.jpeg)

No. 252634

File: 1667446571354.jpeg (1.87 MB, 2480x3508, ノグボンド 72271768_p23.jpeg)

No. 252635

File: 1667446634535.jpeg (1.68 MB, 2480x3508, ノグボンド 72271768_p5.jpeg)

No. 252636

File: 1667446689560.jpeg (2.26 MB, 3508x2480, ノグボンド 72271768_p24.jpeg)

No. 252637

File: 1667446832615.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1300x1300, ノグボンド 83972871_p6.jpeg)

No. 252638

File: 1667447940767.jpeg (327.27 KB, 652x785, ヨンダ Groundskeeper Willie 9303…)

the sound I made when I saw this is embarrassing

source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/93033554

No. 252639

File: 1667448008769.jpeg (280.76 KB, 734x860, ヨンダ93033554_p30.jpeg)

same artists as >>252638 genderbent Cecil Terwilliger

No. 252641

File: 1667448106264.jpeg (290.83 KB, 835x865, ヨンダ 93033554_p36.jpeg)

No. 252642

File: 1667448174470.jpeg (406 KB, 836x651, ヨンダ 93033554_p37.jpeg)

No. 252643

File: 1667448207224.jpeg (63.26 KB, 1008x790, ヨンダ 93033554_p33.jpeg)

No. 252644

File: 1667448283871.jpeg (76.87 KB, 663x955, ヨンダ93033554_p6.jpeg)

No. 252645

File: 1667448646054.jpeg (273.65 KB, 599x769, ヨンダ93033554_p14.jpeg)

I'm not sure which character this is supposed to be but I feel like I should know. any guesses?

No. 252646

File: 1667449650257.jpeg (167.14 KB, 970x831, ヨンダ93033554_p32.jpeg)

just realized this artist is korean not japanese, hope that's ok for the thread

No. 252647

File: 1667449701462.jpeg (82.6 KB, 1045x655, ヨンダ 93033923_p9.jpeg)

No. 252648

File: 1667449726167.jpeg (225.12 KB, 719x790, ヨンダ 93033923_p10.jpeg)

No. 252649

File: 1667449809143.jpeg (181.82 KB, 621x680, ヨンダ 96420485_p7.jpeg)

at least they aged up Mandy for their ship

No. 252650

File: 1667449847356.jpeg (190.8 KB, 700x838, ヨンダ 93033923_p16.jpeg)

No. 252651

File: 1667449869381.jpeg (401.7 KB, 877x818, ヨンダ 94369623_p2.jpeg)

No. 252652

File: 1667449916182.jpeg (76.48 KB, 1052x511, ヨンダ 94369623_p1.jpeg)

No. 252653

File: 1667450032726.jpeg (225.69 KB, 395x704, ヨンダ 96420826_p1.jpeg)

No. 252654

File: 1667450116122.jpeg (740.42 KB, 1170x1145, CE123EB6-AD7F-4B47-AC31-EE2731…)

Armin Tamzarian

No. 252655

of course. thank you.

No. 252657

File: 1667450516894.jpeg (896.49 KB, 1930x953, 94230446_p0.jpeg)

gross artist but this picture is cute. don't look up the source, I was really disappointed when I clicked through to their other stuff.

No. 252669

Good for he, she is based. I wish I was so nonchalant about posting my husbando art. Every husbandofag with a gallery with good art of their obscure and weird husbandos is a queen. I kneel.

No. 252671

The artstyle alone gave it away kek

No. 252674

File: 1667458358917.jpeg (404.83 KB, 2048x1535, 将軍オルムツ 72092818_p56.jpeg)

In hindsight, I should have known. I just didn't see it. Pixiv is such a minefield

No. 252678

Hahaha this took me a second to realize it’s Simpsons characters

No. 252681

how the fuck is there so much simpsons art in this thread

No. 252682

File: 1667459338921.jpeg (521.82 KB, 1536x2048, 将軍オルムツ 72092818_p16.jpeg)

more simpsons (same pixiv artist that did the home movies fanart itt)

twitter @0rmts

No. 252683

File: 1667459434281.jpeg (215.08 KB, 1169x826, 将軍オルムツ 96214959_p1.jpeg)

I can stop if there's too much. I've had fun looking at it

No. 252684

File: 1667459609250.jpeg (1.76 MB, 926x1200, 将軍オルムツ 88560404_p9_master1200.…)

No. 252685

File: 1667459701021.jpeg (406.64 KB, 1200x849, 将軍オルムツ 88560404_p0_master1200.…)

No. 252686

File: 1667459935099.jpeg (247.36 KB, 1190x1684, 将軍オルムツ 96214959_p5.jpeg)

No. 252730

Never underestimate the power of priestfags nonnie.

No. 252786

File: 1667492109426.png (1.1 MB, 1280x854, CEC5E2A4-9888-4663-968D-4F52DE…)

No. 252832

File: 1667506304596.png (524.76 KB, 600x849, maruco 49352300_p2.png)

their stuff is sooo cute

No. 252833

File: 1667506334279.png (153.2 KB, 600x854, maruco 51424700_p1.png)

No. 252834

File: 1667506387862.png (802.35 KB, 700x998, maruco 65570687_p5.png)

No. 252835

File: 1667506409523.png (644.62 KB, 600x850, maruco 58588370_p1.png)

No. 252837

File: 1667506460183.png (1.17 MB, 1000x707, maruco 60273193_p4.png)

No. 252839

File: 1667506591254.png (265.04 KB, 700x992, maruco 49467779_p0.png)

No. 252841

File: 1667507556250.jpeg (272.55 KB, 600x800, FcO-b2DaAAAcI8t.jpeg)

this person draws tons of Marceline and her dad/mom


No. 252842

File: 1667507610317.jpeg (500.89 KB, 884x1197, @yrsn_yk FbRFNApaMAA39PT.jpeg)

No. 252843

File: 1667507641531.jpeg (61.96 KB, 702x1000, @yrsn_yk FMYf2IFVUAM8cVv.jpeg)

No. 252844

File: 1667507671316.jpeg (318.16 KB, 677x996, @yrsn_yk FaOEuVWaMAEeDlu.jpeg)

No. 252845

File: 1667507716400.png (333.54 KB, 890x678, @yrsn_yk FZqKhhvUUAExOH1.png)

No. 252846

File: 1667507738421.png (168.94 KB, 716x600, @yrsn_yk FOOh0sjagAA8X4W.png)

No. 252848

File: 1667507775782.jpeg (249.67 KB, 800x900, @yrsn_yk FUq7qRbaUAEcUZ6.jpeg)

No. 252850

File: 1667507798268.png (222.21 KB, 900x800, @yrsn_yk FTtE4eJaQAATyYg.png)

No. 252851

File: 1667507821078.jpeg (74.52 KB, 950x673, @yrsn_yk FW7G4JzVQAE--h4.jpeg)

No. 252852

File: 1667507852013.jpeg (207.3 KB, 715x850, @yrsn_yk FPl71AuaQAIK6WE.jpeg)

No. 252853

File: 1667507993164.png (242.76 KB, 1004x844, @yrsn_yk 92230566_p3.png)

No. 252854

File: 1667508019327.png (401.15 KB, 1050x1351, @yrsn_yk 92230566_p12.png)

No. 252855

File: 1667508041880.png (1.43 MB, 1019x1283, @yrsn_yk 92230566_p24.png)

No. 252858

File: 1667508365600.png (337.19 KB, 997x700, @yrsn_yk 92230566_p25.png)

No. 252859

File: 1667508398101.png (890.02 KB, 1120x801, @yrsn_yk 94464441_p26.png)

No. 252860

File: 1667508460932.png (2.54 MB, 1300x1199, @yrsn_yk 89556198_p4.png)

No. 252861

File: 1667508932912.png (403.21 KB, 1400x1050, @yrsn_yk 93231751_p7.png)

No. 252862

File: 1667508954901.png (340.28 KB, 1400x1050, @yrsn_yk 93231751_p8.png)

No. 252863

File: 1667508977885.png (611.62 KB, 1304x1033, @yrsn_yk 93231751_p12.png)

No. 252864

File: 1667509000287.png (326.02 KB, 1024x768, @yrsn_yk 75685024_p5.png)

No. 252865

File: 1667509022700.png (239.3 KB, 1024x768, @yrsn_yk 78520476_p19.png)

No. 252866

File: 1667509054712.png (370.56 KB, 1200x1200, @yrsn_yk 79700876_p5.png)

No. 252867

File: 1667509120853.png (304.27 KB, 1024x768, @yrsn_yk 79700876_p25.png)

No. 252868

File: 1667509158568.png (457.03 KB, 789x1200, @yrsn_yk 89556198_p20.png)

No. 252869

File: 1667509185110.png (242.48 KB, 1024x768, @yrsn_yk 76845571_p20.png)

No. 252870

File: 1667509207880.png (250.72 KB, 1024x768, @yrsn_yk 76845571_p22.png)

No. 252871

File: 1667509261003.jpg (315.32 KB, 768x2048, @yrsn_yk image.jpg)

No. 252872

File: 1667509309977.png (322.19 KB, 768x1024, @yrsn_yk 78520476_p34.png)

guess they were trying out a different artstyle here

No. 252873

File: 1667509345970.png (2.37 MB, 991x1180, @yrsn_yk 76845571_p6.png)

No. 252874

File: 1667509407011.png (264.1 KB, 1300x800, @yrsn_yk 79700876_p16.png)

No. 252875

File: 1667509429847.png (316.31 KB, 1206x619, @yrsn_yk 93231751_p29.png)

No. 252876

File: 1667509456561.png (98.08 KB, 592x700, @yrsn_yk 75685024_p22.png)

No. 252877

File: 1667509482730.png (457.58 KB, 985x1500, @yrsn_yk 92230566_p17.png)

No. 252883

File: 1667511094574.jpeg (2.43 MB, 1834x1700, MEME母星八点档 99020415_p0.jpeg)

Saw this cute BMO fanart by www.pixiv.net/en/users/49725734 and clicked through looking for more but all their other fanart is super deranged

No. 252884

File: 1667511214026.jpeg (Spoiler Image,556.51 KB, 1800x1200, MEME母星八点档 97554334_p1.jpeg)

this is probably the safest one, but you just KNOW what the rest are like.

No. 252955

They have an amputee fetish…? What the shit

No. 252969

File: 1667544862781.jpeg (399.26 KB, 1535x2048, 将軍オルムツ 72092818_p48.jpeg)

considering Finn canonically lost an arm I'm surprised I haven't seen more like that but yeah they're doing it as a fetish thing

I saw that and retreated back to the fujo simpsons artists

No. 252999

I think you need to pace yourself anon, that's all

No. 253053

These are mega cute but I just realize the show doesn't mention how marceline parents met or why they were seperated. Yeah, the mushroom war but eh. The show has a billion plot holes anyways.

No. 253100

This is extremely common in Japan, I don't know why. Artists I followed would just randomly draw amputee shit and it was weird asf.

No. 253111

File: 1667591339773.jpg (203.08 KB, 421x594, blogkokoharukaus.jpg)

No. 253113

I love this style

No. 253123

Prof. Utonium needs more chin tbh

No. 253539

File: 1667714799744.jpeg (1.55 MB, 3743x2463, shigetomato 23276549_p0.jpeg)

lol'd at one of the tags on this being #america


No. 253540

File: 1667715010898.jpeg (1.71 MB, 3329x2367, 16400371_p0.jpeg)

some of their stuff is collage art but it's interesting

No. 253542

File: 1667715278441.jpeg (2.77 MB, 2480x3508, 25790033_p0.jpeg)

OT but apparently this is their bill clinton. weird artist.

No. 253545

File: 1667716227965.png (117.13 KB, 700x950, xoxox0x.png)

No. 253546

File: 1667716356943.png (99.37 KB, 740x490, しろ造 45492823_p0.png)

same artist (しろ造/xoxox0x)

No. 253547

File: 1667716393453.png (491.78 KB, 1000x1500, しろ造 60336124_p0.png)


No. 253548

File: 1667716439680.png (176.17 KB, 1300x500, しろ造 39303999_p0.png)

No. 253549

File: 1667716542999.png (132.32 KB, 500x600, しろ造 20599009_p0.png)

don't see a lot of fanart for this one

No. 253550

File: 1667716646475.png (203.14 KB, 700x700, しろ造 32726333_p0.png)

Shezow Shezap

No. 253685

File: 1667781764951.jpg (61.15 KB, 658x1214, dr__house_by_torokun_doeb4v-pr…)

House my beloved

No. 253708

Because of the filename I thought this was a Western artist, but he says he's from Korea (despite living in the US)

No. 253765

File: 1667802380006.jpg (232.34 KB, 800x830, hiyolion-at.jpg)

No. 253766

File: 1667802415394.jpg (214.7 KB, 500x1074, hiyolion-at.jpg)

No. 253773

File: 1667805227697.jpeg (708.66 KB, 700x1749, 日和 hiyolion dress up time.jpe…)


No. 255158

File: 1668501301658.jpg (99.41 KB, 400x697, smurfette_by_gunnmgally_d2djgx…)

I saved this in 2009 and it just popped up in my amazon photos, I logged into my old deviantart to find the source lol

No. 255159

File: 1668501342605.jpg (180.42 KB, 600x776, 2_broke_girls_by_gunnmgally_d4…)

No. 256816

File: 1669072108787.jpg (509.1 KB, 3740x1582, South-park.JPG)

No. 256824

its funny how you can tell this is drawn by a woman. its cute and kinda sexy without being coomer.

No. 257108

File: 1669147787547.png (103.12 KB, 450x409, 54241322_p18.png)

No. 257109

File: 1669147853429.png (149 KB, 556x443, 54241322_p13.png)

breaking bad

No. 257110

File: 1669147903325.png (119.94 KB, 370x467, 54241322_p17.png)


No. 257111

File: 1669147966340.png (137.68 KB, 508x661, 54241322_p20.png)

No. 257112

File: 1669148011397.png (259.95 KB, 709x520, 54241322_p21.png)

No. 257115

You put in a different artist, the one you linked doesn't draw anything related to Breaking Bad.

No. 257118

File: 1669149291147.png (647.23 KB, 667x2000, ガしガし MAD MAX.png)

the images posted are from that pixiv set I linked. the ones in that set might be the only breaking bad fanart they did. if you expand the collection & scroll down past the terminator and mad max (etc.) art you'll see it.

No. 257120

File: 1669149472674.png (798.6 KB, 1473x885, ガしガし 79991038_p0.png)

No. 257145

File: 1669159632543.jpg (128.38 KB, 800x434, ふとん 51456290_p0.jpg)

No. 257147

File: 1669159659921.jpg (125.44 KB, 1200x916, ふとん 68819046_p0.jpg)

No. 257148

File: 1669159701933.jpg (42 KB, 500x551, ふとん XJ-9 53019485_p0.jpg)

No. 257165

File: 1669162255370.png (757.55 KB, 980x1306, pixiv user 1084637 66033696_p0…)

I like the westaboos art for american horror and action movies.


No. 257167

File: 1669162339760.png (1.1 MB, 816x1158, pixiv user 1084637 78296000_p…)

>happy birthday mark ruffalo

No. 257195

File: 1669170972165.jpg (286.74 KB, 1920x1207, 87822155_p20.jpg)


This artist has a lot of art of western properties like outlast, TF2, hannibal, batman comics and more, and really seems to like Tarantino films. Their stylization of Tarantino himself, though, is what sends my sides into orbit. Many more examples in their logs of his films.

No. 257196

File: 1669171013331.jpg (5.88 MB, 2894x4618, 76565513_p15.jpg)

No. 257197

File: 1669171106820.jpg (164.12 KB, 887x928, 87822155_p101.jpg)

No. 257198

File: 1669171295410.jpg (4.78 MB, 1595x4096, 87822155_p110.jpg)

Tarantinoverse fan has a full 3 other "drawing them in my style" type charts of Tarantino characters in the Reservoir Dogs log alone.

The ship they've focused their fujo energies on is very niche and uh… crack, as the oldheads would say.

No. 257210

File: 1669174128415.jpg (370.71 KB, 800x734, 71968856_p23.jpg)

looking at the westaboo art is starting to make me curious about Hotline Miami

No. 257213

It’s a great game anon!

No. 257224

File: 1669178092511.jpg (419.75 KB, 1280x1571, download.jpg)

No. 257247

File: 1669189808323.jpg (581.93 KB, 1200x533, Tumblr_l_90674418332908.jpg)

Another version of this i really like (tnjusa on tumblr)

No. 257248

File: 1669190026757.png (8.8 KB, 600x150, 5674f102KEijGet5.png)

Saved from drawr before it shut down

No. 257336

they always give cartman a comically giant head and neck even when the other children are done semi-realistically. it's so weird that no one can draw a fat child, it's not that hard.

No. 257964

File: 1669421913890.jpg (385.89 KB, 1280x1256, 45143492_p0.jpg)

No. 257966

File: 1669422037570.jpg (335.64 KB, 790x800, 30497492_p0.jpg)

No. 258323

File: 1669527606496.jpeg (9.39 MB, 3975x3056, Adventure_Time_Season_11_1_Jun…)

Stopping by to drop a Junko Mizuno Adventure Time cover. She's not exactly a westaboo (maybe a little; her art is shown in west coast US galleries a lot so it's more like they're a fan of her) and she got paid to do this, but it's still fun looking.

No. 258342

Japanese artists are notoriously bad at drawing a normal-looking fat caharacter. They're always either cartoonish or ugly bastard-tier or some uncanny combination of both

No. 258349

Fat people are an alien concept in Japan apparently

No. 258557

File: 1669588998627.jpg (142.9 KB, 1312x1253, FP_ezKRagAEsjwe.jpg)

No. 258558

File: 1669589117366.jpg (206.28 KB, 1422x2048, FJECDxNUcAEBjXs.jpg)

No. 258559

File: 1669589196666.jpg (1.05 MB, 2977x2500, FA4EH1bX0AI7t0x.jpg)

No. 258560

File: 1669589376659.jpg (89.68 KB, 1300x900, E4lSB_aVgAAh6Ni.jpg)

No. 258616

girlfriend looks so cute here!

No. 259125

File: 1669741023067.jpeg (828.93 KB, 1448x2048, to_mo_89.jpeg)

No. 259128

File: 1669741172379.png (1.67 MB, 800x1131, to_mo_89.png)

No. 259189

I just wanna say that ilu Simpsons Fuji anon. Don’t stop posting.

No. 259516

Goddamn autocorrect

No. 259524

File: 1669832403362.png (163.97 KB, 487x750, tumblr_ea12fde1f6e81e7b619fcfe…)

It's weird how I have to rely on Japanese or Chinese fans even for fanart for western series because of how hard it is to find western art that looks good and isn't forcing the "personal style" (aka complete redesigns) down my throat.

No. 260008

File: 1669989740362.jpeg (97.88 KB, 700x513, cotuo_san.jpeg)

This artist who is a fan of the San Diego Padres.

No. 260009

File: 1669989769076.jpg (218.3 KB, 600x900, cotuo_san.jpg)

No. 260010

File: 1669989866372.jpg (222.51 KB, 900x675, cotuo_san.jpg)

No. 260012

File: 1669990167180.jpg (298.53 KB, 900x900, cotuo_san.jpg)

No. 260013

File: 1669990311952.jpg (210.81 KB, 900x597, cotuo_san.jpg)

No. 260091

>It's funny to think of people in other countries looking at american/western cartoons or sitcoms and thinking that's how we live. "I wish I was a popular cheerleader in a big suburban home in america" or whatever.
That was me kek

No. 263316

File: 1670974066814.jpg (236.09 KB, 929x1314, tumblr_afa3da7a24a6d4b28da0587…)

inside job dump incoming

No. 263317

File: 1670974100232.png (310.49 KB, 650x993, 2354235.png)

No. 263318

File: 1670974123143.jpg (166.21 KB, 834x1112, tumblr_f5789146589c1fd65a19b22…)

No. 263320

File: 1670974163102.jpg (144.5 KB, 1280x774, tumblr_4b76936183db41d060d6b44…)

No. 263321

File: 1670974195048.jpg (689.8 KB, 1448x2048, tumblr_bdbcef3b36ae40dd55fdeb8…)

No. 263322

File: 1670974223072.jpg (500.98 KB, 767x1080, tumblr_6c7ee6ab64bbdec6b366a70…)

No. 263323

File: 1670974248205.jpg (330.98 KB, 767x1080, tumblr_f89160cbe2c262d503b0608…)

No. 263324

File: 1670974291832.jpg (491.18 KB, 1191x1141, tumblr_45550b0170509d6c553b2bb…)

No. 263363

Maybe they didn't mean it like that, there was an episode where he saved her or something as a baby after all, could just be a father figure headcanon

No. 263812

File: 1671133488759.jpeg (1016.73 KB, 1016x1187, 56A0B9D8-36E3-4809-A481-0AD2C1…)

KAWARA’s blog Tumblr

No. 263815

File: 1671134150931.jpg (474.53 KB, 2812x1404, ppg.jpg)

No. 263816

I kinda like the yellow scarf design even though it seems random

No. 263830

The designs on the bottom left are so, so cute. Especially Blossom.

No. 264192

File: 1671290604967.jpeg (246.17 KB, 1280x1280, 70C4005C-1D58-4BE3-B8AE-984A2D…)

@Go_oD8 on twitter

No. 264194

File: 1671290677837.jpeg (85.42 KB, 597x900, 4ADB31FD-CB54-4453-AC9E-A7424C…)

No. 264196

File: 1671290766750.jpeg (253.45 KB, 1437x2048, A6DD786D-3682-4030-89DD-A857DE…)

This is @ikemen_san
This is @Go_od8
my b

No. 264197

File: 1671290803904.jpeg (196.21 KB, 1596x2048, 94DE4888-B028-4B6B-AE7C-1DB5B5…)

No. 264200

File: 1671290935816.jpeg (356.26 KB, 1665x2048, FE39B4D9-0D2C-402D-BD6E-138A6F…)

I like inside job

No. 264806

File: 1671481952560.jpeg (287.03 KB, 1500x1500, @0rmts FkUAZC0UEAIn544.jpeg)

hadn't check in a while but @0rmts drew some new sideshow bob

No. 264808

File: 1671482442210.jpeg (320.95 KB, 1389x1949, @0rmts FhZXCboVQAECXbE.jpeg)

No. 264809

File: 1671482463889.jpeg (179.9 KB, 1191x1684, @0rmts Fh7bhZUUYAAWVF6.jpeg)

No. 264816

File: 1671483485003.jpg (1.25 MB, 1567x1903, PACMANISDEAD 98139253_p7.jpg)

No. 264817

File: 1671483540730.jpg (889.48 KB, 1740x2132, PACMANISDEAD 97626413_p0.jpg)

homicidal Moe

No. 264818

File: 1671483577344.jpg (640.97 KB, 1602x1959, PACMANISDEAD 97626413_p3.jpg)


No. 264820

File: 1671483701739.jpg (671.56 KB, 1525x1303, PACMANISDEAD 97626413_p9.jpg)

noting some simpsons westaboos really like to put them in military gear

No. 264821

File: 1671483726460.jpg (467.14 KB, 1591x1536, PACMANISDEAD 97626413_p2.jpg)

No. 264822

File: 1671483942699.jpeg (541.64 KB, 1988x1332, @PACMAN64000875 FXCVoElUcAERu…)

from their twitter https://twitter.com/PACMAN64000875/
genderswap springfield mafia

No. 264823

File: 1671484138966.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2048x1536, @PACMAN64000875 FZi6kmBUEAAp42…)

seems like they're into Ranfren right now

No. 264825

File: 1671484226541.jpeg (197.73 KB, 1420x1595, @PACMAN64000875 FZNSjh5XgAAhC…)

kind of circular since Ranfren is a canadian weaboo webcomic as far as I can tell (sorry if I'm wrong, I don't read it but I like their fanart)

No. 264826

File: 1671484271714.webm (994.26 KB, 934x720, @PACMAN64000875.webm)

No. 264831

Hot and based AF. Silver haired butch woman in a suit is so my type

No. 264841

man I'm kinda shocked to see other people read ranfren. I've never mentioned it on here because I'm scared of being called cringe or whatever but I actually really like it

No. 264846

File: 1671488928480.jpeg (209.6 KB, 1372x1877, @PACMAN64000875 FZoil9dWIAINMk…)

is it good? I'm intrigued that it's hosted on neocities but maybe I'm just oldddd

No. 264879

It's very weird in a very specific way for the kind of person who grew up as an edgy weeaboo teen in the 00's, though I'm too young to consider myself part of that group

No. 264940

I really like ranfren too nonna, who cares if we get called cringe (I guess using an imageboard in and of itself could be considered cringe)
It's good if you like bizzare and surreal storytelling/imagery. It feels like I'm reading a dream because of how nonsensical it all is. I think its really funny too.

No. 268599

File: 1673536114274.jpeg (108.38 KB, 800x600, DF479ECE-8302-46EC-B0D7-98D005…)

I guess inside job is over. I don’t watch it but this made me laugh
By @dendedeonasu on Twitter

No. 268668

Which character was this supposed to be?

No. 268672

i did a quick reverse image search and i believe its meant to be skinner from the simpsons, back when he was in vietnam

No. 271030

File: 1674329853228.jpg (505.15 KB, 846x1200, 100113457_p15_master1200.jpg)

I know this post is three months old but I found a whole ass baldi basics manga on pixiv in Japanese that was made last year


No. 277400

File: 1677025967620.jpg (279.77 KB, 440x1210, 43352229_p1.jpg)

Princess & the Frog / Dr. Facilier

No. 277401

File: 1677026138767.jpg (908.66 KB, 1040x1608, 95530765_p0.jpg)

their baldi looks good lol

No. 277402

File: 1677026345075.png (254.99 KB, 500x1400, 33655242_p0.png)

more Facilier. they took away his little pot belly… seems wrong.

No. 277403

File: 1677026441145.png (603.72 KB, 810x1100, 27706492_p0.png)

No. 277404

File: 1677026495700.jpg (321.41 KB, 700x700, 29876027_p2_master1200.jpg)

same artist

No. 277405

File: 1677026563930.jpg (28.01 KB, 549x419, 21984485_p0.jpg)

No. 277406

File: 1677027013452.jpg (363.08 KB, 600x900, user 4008192 - 27079323_p0.jpg)

they're not very active but they drew some good disney villain art

No. 277407

File: 1677027078929.jpg (370.03 KB, 694x972, user 4008192 - 26160268_p0.jpg)

No. 277408

File: 1677027125489.jpg (579.59 KB, 700x997, user 4008192 - 26184213_p0.jpg)

No. 277409

File: 1677027210844.jpg (477.07 KB, 600x897, user 4008192 - 26842711_p0.jpg)

No. 277410

File: 1677027248685.jpg (480.73 KB, 650x885, user 4008192 - 31349825_p0.jpg)

No. 277413

File: 1677027674178.jpg (437.49 KB, 659x927, user 4008192 - 35283701_p0.jpg)

No. 277416

File: 1677028553655.jpg (803.39 KB, 664x1723, 72198162_p0.jpg)

this person ships Shan Yu with Facilier and it's kinda cute

No. 277417

File: 1677028635273.jpg (387.59 KB, 800x784, 79069932_p0.jpg)

their art isn't extremely detailed or anything but I feel like they put a lot of heart into it and have fun lol

No. 277418

File: 1677028806757.jpg (368.27 KB, 1396x1360, 87261580_p2.jpg)

No. 277419

File: 1677028850886.jpg (218.61 KB, 1032x1316, 20221126_015344.jpg)

No. 277420

File: 1677028856705.png (400.09 KB, 1748x2480, 61103663_p9.png)

No. 277421

File: 1677029417408.jpg (253.13 KB, 622x880, Money Heist 105257458_p0.jpg)

No. 277424

File: 1677030013676.jpg (872.48 KB, 829x1200, 102388723_p12_master1200.jpg)

lots of cute Frozen fanart, you can tell they're a big fan

No. 277425

File: 1677030339594.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1378x2039, FhmDTIfVIAA7iw4.jpeg)

I think the image quality is better on her twitter

No. 277426

File: 1677030583995.jpg (6.55 MB, 2500x2500, 101768621_p0.jpg)

No. 277427

File: 1677030657242.jpg (302.43 KB, 1200x1200, star.jpg)

No. 277430

File: 1677030802282.jpg (263.89 KB, 1200x1532, steven.jpg)

No. 277433

File: 1677031463390.jpg (206.82 KB, 822x1024, 82364213_p0.jpg)

Finally found a cute Tiana fanart

No. 277434

File: 1677031550710.jpg (250.27 KB, 726x1024, Dolores 95994879_p0.jpg)

No. 277438

File: 1677032942232.jpg (511.1 KB, 1500x1500, user65714 たじま なおと 100613070_p…)

No. 277442

File: 1677033575131.jpg (368.92 KB, 1000x1000, 74608848_p0.jpg)

forgot to link them
fun account, they have a distinctive art style and they like a ton of western stuff

No. 277443

File: 1677033635444.jpg (1.65 MB, 1000x1000, 72136115_p0_master1200.jpg)


No. 277444

File: 1677033919973.jpg (479.76 KB, 1000x1000, 62622895_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 277445

File: 1677033954472.png (974.94 KB, 1000x1000, 62648468_p0.png)

No. 277446

File: 1677034121891.jpg (1.66 MB, 1000x1000, 73520784_p0_master1200.jpg)

big bang theory

also just would like to say I appreciate hte put Kim Wexler in the front on their Better Call Saul fanart >>277438 because a lot of artists just feature Jimmy and that's a crime

No. 277467

truly amazing kek

No. 277544

File: 1677078692481.jpg (1.73 MB, 768x1024, user 30429466 - 91004117_p0.jp…)

small cruella dump incoming. pixiv user profiles in imagefile names

No. 277545

File: 1677078748378.jpg (3.01 MB, 2271x3699, user 3197246 - 90349639_p0.jpg)

No. 277546

File: 1677078867825.png (7.23 MB, 1856x2900, user 16265802 - 90546218_p0.pn…)

fanbook cover I think

No. 277547

File: 1677078906454.jpg (925.95 KB, 2132x2118, user 13134994 - 102864390_p0.j…)

No. 277549

File: 1677079258978.jpg (334.09 KB, 1079x1200, user 13134994 - 102864390_p1_m…)

(this and this >>277547 are the same artist who ships shan yu and facilier >>277416

No. 277551

File: 1677079368733.jpg (18.28 MB, 4961x7016, user 17582970 -90479396_p0.jpg)

No. 277553

File: 1677079920419.jpg (2.23 MB, 2048x1447, user 36836519 - 90925168_p0 (1…)

No. 277554

File: 1677079957937.jpg (179.25 KB, 1262x1231, user 6736836 - 91002206_p0.jpg)

No. 277557

File: 1677080300009.png (6.18 MB, 1408x2000, user 40502517 - 90289465_p0.pn…)

maybe don't look at this pixiv profile, it's kinda nasty. but I liked this cruella

No. 277558

File: 1677080548294.jpg (159.25 KB, 1024x534, 102377521_p0.jpg)

No. 277859

File: 1677179505166.jpg (389.59 KB, 2048x1474, 95846211_p6.jpg)

No. 277861

File: 1677179622216.jpeg (67.57 KB, 500x500, Dp9p4lqU4AAJ0ja.jpeg)

No. 277863

File: 1677179669438.jpg (469.7 KB, 2048x1534, 95846211_p29.jpg)

No. 277864

File: 1677179699320.jpg (645.21 KB, 2048x1534, 95846045_p9.jpg)

No. 277866

File: 1677179886058.jpg (857.82 KB, 1746x2021, 95846211_p2.jpg)

No. 277867

File: 1677179945887.jpg (365.48 KB, 1436x2048, 95846211_p22.jpg)

No. 277869

File: 1677180432868.jpg (564.83 KB, 2048x1552, 95846211_p24.jpg)

No. 277870

File: 1677180516670.jpg (366.27 KB, 2048x1534, 95846211_p28.jpg)

No. 277871

File: 1677181073202.jpg (450.59 KB, 2048x1424, 95846211_p30.jpg)

No. 277872

File: 1677181142198.jpeg (887.89 KB, 2048x1534, FTApctaVIAAby2d.jpeg)

No. 277873

File: 1677181263560.jpeg (602.05 KB, 1491x1421, FNOc0CfVQAEFvHX.jpeg)

No. 277874

File: 1677181424508.jpg (12.13 MB, 3410x6110, 98865836_p0.jpg)

No. 277875

File: 1677181516915.jpg (355.42 KB, 2048x1348, 95846211_p0.jpg)

No. 277876

File: 1677181602997.jpeg (997.88 KB, 1610x2040, FMwL8iRUUAMZjnt.jpeg)

No. 277877

File: 1677181775526.jpeg (554.99 KB, 2048x1468, FM0qtdSUUAIgtTN.jpeg)

last one sorry for spamming, I think her art is really pretty although it's pretty faithful to disney's designs so maybe not as interesting as some westaboos. she's very prolific, she has a ton more on pixiv.

No. 277878

thanks for posting, i really appreciate these

No. 277929

This artist needs to do a fan art of the french accent guy Marge almost cheated on homer with at the bowling alley.

No. 277943

Simpsons anon I love you and please post more.

No. 278130

File: 1677262419951.jpg (338.3 KB, 800x1067, 57897835_p0.jpg)

No. 278131

File: 1677262495613.jpg (279.26 KB, 700x933, 64613072_p0.jpg)

No. 278132

File: 1677262553657.jpg (447.17 KB, 700x933, 53818825_p0.jpg)

No. 278137

File: 1677264208038.png (479.01 KB, 640x906, 87DCB363-405F-4EE6-BD5F-722F3B…)

Can nonas post more westaboo sims fanart? I love this girls art, she does a lot of stuff with the vampire from TS4 and her self insert.

No. 278138

File: 1677264271632.png (1.51 MB, 667x1920, 85F153BA-8F74-4B88-BD65-1461D2…)

One of Ripp Grunt she did too.

No. 278858

File: 1677479699511.png (249.09 KB, 800x860, 37066298_p40.png)

I didnt save her Pixiv but there's a randall husbandofag

No. 278865

OMG. i used to be so jealous of that poor girl because randall visited her at night and not me.

No. 278870

File: 1677484343695.png (781.62 KB, 800x900, 51388738_p34.png)

my favourite type of westaboo fanart is when they draw very ugly, super american cartoon characters doing Japanese/anime things, like wearing yukatas, gothic lolita dresses, maid outfits, it's so endearing. I cannot explain it, but it feels like an alien trying to understand how humans, or in this case americans, work. Wish i was better at expressing myself with words, because this is only something i see Japanese people do, for some reason.

No. 278871

File: 1677485045407.jpg (667.2 KB, 895x981, 73741742_p11.jpg)

No. 278872

File: 1677485216011.png (1.41 MB, 1200x1500, 40669629_p3.png)

No. 278885

Yeah I know what you mean, but sometimes I can't decide if I find it endearing or a bit cringy kek

No. 278990

File: 1677527250217.png (836.25 KB, 630x826, 37066298_p10.png)

>didn't save her pixiv
that's ok, the numbers in pixiv imagefile names are usually (always?) the numbers in the URL
you weren't joking she's obsessed with him lol, I love it
for you

No. 279011

File: 1677540810482.jpg (568.92 KB, 708x1003, 65061123_p0_master1200.jpg)

came across some westaboo webcomic series featuring the queen from snow white and I wish I could read japanese

No. 279012

File: 1677540897720.jpg (901.74 KB, 992x1403, 53990486_p0.jpg)

I think I can guess what this one's about lol

No. 279359

File: 1677664826414.jpg (745.07 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20230301_050010_Chr…)

Jose is so cute! I love the three caballeros it's so cute how they're very popular in Japan and have lots of merchandise and not to mention it also spawns lots of random yaoi comics.

No. 279378

File: 1677677729428.png (730.11 KB, 800x950, 57532209_p42.png)

are there plushes? i would kill for a cute Jose plush

No. 279468

File: 1677698518197.jpg (Spoiler Image,426.11 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20230301_083910_Gal…)

Yes!! Spoiler for off topic but There's even cute little fuzzy figures, I'm hoping we get a nendoroid of Panchito soon.

No. 279919

File: 1677873251737.png (162.96 KB, 499x648, 38710170_p0.png)

i had no idea they made plushes and a nendo! so cute!! i really need to save for these. I dont think merch made for Japan is off-topic. Is there a reason as to why Japan loves these birds so much? barely anyone outside of Japan seems to care about the three caballeros

No. 282481

File: 1678686123729.jpg (104.69 KB, 850x650, 99099759_p0.jpg)

No. 282948

Just so you know she has a weird pedo crush on Wendy from the Disney peter pan movie. She also draws Lisa Simpson porn. How do I know this? I once followed her nsfw account @swim_hole to see if she has any nsfw and to my surprise, she wants to fuck Wendy from Peter pan and Lisa Simpson. It's sick. So I Noped the fuck outta here as fast as I could. This chick is a freak.

No. 282952

Just so you know she has a weird pedo crush on Wendy from the Disney peter pan movie. She also draws Lisa Simpson porn. How do I know this? I once followed her nsfw account @swim_hole to see if she has any nsfw and to my surprise, she wants to fuck Wendy from Peter pan and Lisa Simpson. It's sick. So I Noped the fuck outta here as fast as I could. This chick is a freak.

No. 282957

Saged for OT but have you, by any chance, found Lolcow through Tiktok or Twitter? Just asking.

No. 282978

I swear I've heard of another female Lisa Simpson pedo waifufag on another thread. I wonder if it's the same one

No. 283200

Nah, that's Tbrainrot. P_manland on the other hand waifus Wendy from Peter pan.

No. 283269

They're a good artist just wish they didn't draw so much fucking sideshow x Bart child rape porn.(emoji)

No. 283381

File: 1679044362406.png (935.39 KB, 615x854, 859702FB-94EE-4E73-8E12-93742E…)

No. 283400

I get the feeling this artist probably draws some eyemelting ponyporn in a secret separate account or private notebook but this is cute as fuck lol

No. 283507

Yeah, a lot of anime art feels like that kek

No. 285207

File: 1679689376546.jpg (176.49 KB, 1200x917, 64668808_p0_master1200.jpg)

I love the disney princess fashion lineups

No. 285212

File: 1679689495928.jpg (125.61 KB, 800x1016, 66057718_p0.jpg)

Magical Girl Disney princess designs

No. 285213

File: 1679689523524.jpg (82.54 KB, 600x970, 66057718_p1.jpg)

this one is so cute

No. 285215

File: 1679689588084.jpg (99.98 KB, 830x973, 66057718_p2.jpg)

No. 285216

File: 1679689616406.jpg (132.82 KB, 950x1046, 66057718_p3.jpg)

No. 285218

File: 1679689722382.jpg (113.91 KB, 870x1015, 66057718_p4.jpg)

No. 288267

File: 1680941015231.jpeg (415.94 KB, 1488x2048, FtECr35acAAZ2gp.jpeg)

No. 288274

kek you just know Victor Hugo is rolling in his grave at terminal velocity right now.

No. 288427

No. 288940

File: 1681219065706.jpeg (139.26 KB, 1500x1200, FtamG9SacAAdOA4.jpeg)

No. 293406

i love coming back here and looking at the goofy husbando art. it makes me feel so good about my own husbando and just life in general. godspeed to that lady may she get every good thing in her time on earth

No. 293408

File: 1682904773395.png (10.88 KB, 450x300, F6DCAC56-AB68-443D-B5E2-383DC8…)

samefag, sorry but i don't want to let this thread die i love it too much kek. here's an artist i've known about since forever, old dead account at jiattmay on deviantart, but she loved samurai jack and drew him well as well as other cartoon network things.

No. 293410

File: 1682905676491.jpg (457.83 KB, 2048x2048, 101507828_p0.jpg)

holy shit how are there so many japanese frollofags

No. 293414

File: 1682906822203.jpg (3.26 MB, 3024x4032, 202211260015220.jpg)

he's a pathetic racist bitch who deserves to be raped and degraded, it will never not be based to do this to him and rollo-kun

No. 293416

File: 1682906885129.jpg (409.62 KB, 1433x1189, 202211260015217.jpg)

No. 293426

his facial expression lmaooooo

No. 293527

Still can’t get over this artist’s obsession with Shannon. I’m just using google translate so I might be missing some subtleties but I lol when she writes something like “Shannon is 8 years old” and draws him like a 20 year old bishi. she must be joking

No. 293534

File: 1682962161510.jpg (18.54 KB, 317x505, 9f505fec6f.jpg)

What is she smoking wherein pic related somehow transforms into this >>252255

No. 293552

That’s why I can’t stop thinking about her!! Lol
I just noticed she deleted her twitter, that sucks. Her pixiv is still up though

No. 293724

File: 1683055080132.jpg (199.55 KB, 835x1200, 72680550_p0.jpg)

No. 293729

File: 1683055623171.png (39.06 KB, 700x592, 53346266_p13 (1).png)

Disney villians eating sweets feel free to pick your favourite and post it

No. 293730

File: 1683055808878.jpg (43.4 KB, 700x592, 53346266_p10_master1200.jpg)

extremely japanese lol

No. 293734

File: 1683056867879.png (45.43 KB, 750x659, 37096121_p2.png)

No. 293950

File: 1683126259129.jpg (46.73 KB, 700x592, 53346266_p1_master1200.jpg)

So many cute ones! Frollo is my pet favorite.

No. 294536

File: 1683394758600.jpg (243.28 KB, 1200x899, FsjMdfYaQAUfYbN.jpg)

No. 294587

who are these characters?

No. 294593

NTA but looks like Anne of Green Gables

No. 294744

File: 1683483846370.png (14.56 KB, 196x263, Screenshot SUPER COMIC CITY 30…)

I'm scrolling thru Booth to buy stuff from the con going on japan right now & this wasn't what I expected kek
There's also a surprising amount of Undertale (mostly Sans) merch, I didn't know it was still going strong.

No. 296156

File: 1684022404187.jpg (298.04 KB, 1193x1548, cabbageskings.jpg)

No. 296157

File: 1684022471784.jpg (105.82 KB, 980x955, lwiibad.jpg)

No. 296335

This post is so old but I'm compelled to say that has to be Jasmine, not Mulan.

No. 296798

These are stunning and make me wish Japan appreciated the non-European princesses a little more. It seems like Japanese artists go out of their way to omit most of the browner princesses from the lineup. Back in the day, it was hard to find the art of Jasmine, Pocahontas, Esmeralda, and Mulan, but the introduction of Tiana has grandfathered them back into the lineup. What little art of Tiana there is is gorgeous, but I've honestly seen more love for Dr. Facilier from westaboo fans. Westaboos do seem to like Moana more. Maybe her being Polynesian makes her more exotic in an appealing way to an Asian audience. Nothing beats their rabid fixation on Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Elsa, and Cinderella though.

No. 302086

File: 1686691759768.jpg (39.44 KB, 695x663, z7boijr.jpg)

No. 302288



No. 303576

File: 1687288384810.jpg (265.45 KB, 800x1066, Fy8wWf2aEAIXbOH.jpg)

No. 303599

Cute but I don’t like the baby (?) randomly in it.

No. 303699

The baby is Mayday, the other spider heroes are also half in the pic, you can see which ones by checking there hands.

No. 307367

File: 1688826518616.jpg (320.59 KB, 846x1021, jin_log 108818289_p0.jpg)

new season of good omens is coming out later this month, the westaboo fanart is starting to pop up

No. 307368

File: 1688826548958.jpeg (163.38 KB, 1343x1014, jin_log FpRBKWQaIAEi8g2.jpeg)

No. 307369

File: 1688826579400.jpeg (331.31 KB, 1976x2048, jin_log good omens sesame stre…)

crossover between the artist's fandoms lol

No. 307370

File: 1688826742050.jpeg (252.16 KB, 698x817, jin_log FyiMfTvaMAAJTDP.jpeg)

forgot to link them sorry
although I'm getting paranoid about posting links to japanese artists because I've noticed some accounts linked here have gone private or deleted on twitter even if they were really active before. maybe it's just a coincidence but I hope no one here is spooking the artists

No. 307371

File: 1688826786849.jpeg (194.79 KB, 472x827, jin_log FzkL8nKaUAAr5co.jpeg)

I love the count von count stuff

No. 307582

File: 1688933706139.png (67.11 KB, 600x800, 40969526_p12.png)

oh wow really, which ones?

No. 307613

I was mostly sad about @0rmts although her pixiv is still active, I can’t remember the other ones right now but at least a couple more in here were gone last time I was clicking through. It’s probably a coincidence…

No. 310185

File: 1690128437061.png (367.78 KB, 1000x1145, たなか 93698481_p8.png)

No. 310186

File: 1690128470528.png (414.09 KB, 900x1159, たなか 93698481_p9.png)

No. 310187

File: 1690128528913.png (396.22 KB, 1100x1310, たなか 93698481_p13.png)

No. 310188

File: 1690128553008.png (1.46 MB, 2200x1102, たなか 93698481_p3.png)

No. 310189

File: 1690128596835.png (356.88 KB, 1100x960, たなか 93698481_p2.png)

could go in the genderflip art thread too

No. 310217

i love when people give genderbend!stan bobcut! its cute

No. 310668

File: 1690289432896.jpg (196.53 KB, 874x608, 29350059_p0_master1200.jpg)

cute little set of pictures here (if you're into this sort of thing) https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/29350059

No. 310669

File: 1690289548828.jpg (669.66 KB, 800x1130, 42717262_p0_master1200.jpg)

I think this is Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine from the Dark Knight Rises

No. 310671

File: 1690289939221.png (711.28 KB, 1181x1164, 40267549_p0.png)


No. 310672

File: 1690289986048.jpg (494.52 KB, 975x592, 45369849_p0_master1200.jpg)


No. 310674

File: 1690290376132.jpg (309.11 KB, 1027x800, 45029588_p3_master1200.jpg)

I'm not 100% sure but I think this artist is chinese, I just wanted to share their True Detective fanart

No. 310675

File: 1690290397824.jpg (323.64 KB, 800x973, 45029588_p2_master1200.jpg)

No. 310676

File: 1690290542904.jpg (338.25 KB, 620x876, 28678577_p0.jpg)

they also drew a cute Sherlock https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/28678577

No. 310680

File: 1690290844529.jpg (1.18 MB, 2048x2731, a15.jpg)

The japanese love western 70's prog rock

No. 310684

where is this from? lol

No. 310685

File: 1690291331039.jpg (410.49 KB, 1200x982, 13045053_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 310696

She also has a twitter, I don't think a pixiv though or if she did there isn't really anything on it.

No. 310705

No. 310706

but whats the band

No. 310707

File: 1690297934973.jpg (294.44 KB, 1050x1200, 61155146_p0_master1200.jpg)

oops sorry its yes, thanks for the source nonny i wish more people would draw fanart of old bands

No. 310804

File: 1690329024316.jpeg (73.56 KB, 600x548, 853BE716-63D5-4738-A95F-EC44E3…)

No. 310805

File: 1690329076316.jpeg (75.73 KB, 540x888, 1ADE0EBD-BE6D-4F93-9310-6E9670…)

No. 310807

File: 1690329298488.jpeg (145.28 KB, 600x892, 6F67BC1E-B29D-4431-82CE-7FA118…)

No. 310858

The fact that I'm already familiar with this image.. Several years back I went down the "D-otaku" rabbithole and fell under the spell of these Frollo fans, holy shit they know how to make that creepy old man look desirable and nice

No. 311273

this is so cute! what would you call this style fashion-wise?

No. 311424

I need to do this to him.

No. 311829

File: 1690756210064.jpg (946.82 KB, 849x1200, 109973851_p23_master1200.jpg)

just checking in on G's wife again

No. 311855

File: 1690762736615.jpg (607.3 KB, 700x927, 64280477_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 311856

File: 1690762828342.jpg (276.07 KB, 600x1200, 69409663_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 312575

File: 1691088100710.jpg (132.65 KB, 783x1023, 105431799_p1.jpg)

No. 312577

File: 1691088276282.png (1.91 MB, 1326x1532, 101737478_p0.png)

No. 312580

File: 1691088989355.jpg (553.25 KB, 1200x989, 102131832_p1_master1200.jpg)

coomerish vibes in some of their stuff but not all of it. I think this illustrator is female but I'm just guessing based on the oldest art in the pixiv account

No. 312581

File: 1691089011947.jpg (945.59 KB, 1080x1080, 100959403_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 312583

File: 1691089207727.jpg (505.74 KB, 709x950, 13306302_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 312594

File: 1691092437357.jpg (370.44 KB, 800x1132, 65834238_p5_master1200.jpg)

very polished zootopia fanbooks and cute teen titans fanart

No. 312595

File: 1691092473203.jpg (162.13 KB, 800x600, 69248849_p5_master1200.jpg)

No. 312596

File: 1691092512663.jpg (345.67 KB, 600x747, 62059753_p20_master1200.jpg)

their teen titans stuff is a little older and has sort of a different style

No. 313219

File: 1691356164966.jpg (320.93 KB, 830x1200, 87586633_p27_master1200.jpg)

No. 314458

File: 1691930864125.jpeg (57.29 KB, 500x826, 8FFA6511-4A27-4F46-950E-F25F80…)

No. 314459

File: 1691930899402.jpeg (82.52 KB, 400x400, BB63E022-2DFE-40C1-9205-190370…)

No. 314460

File: 1691930945358.jpeg (75.2 KB, 600x464, 9DA42126-444C-4BF6-9AA3-9D9997…)

No. 314462

File: 1691933241109.jpeg (214.13 KB, 532x1200, 8951F0FA-74E0-4C32-B267-1505E1…)

No. 318751

File: 1693494444920.jpg (289.58 KB, 1725x1486, 177.jpg)

No. 318752

File: 1693494536766.jpg (122.29 KB, 700x1073, 359.jpg)

No. 318753

File: 1693494606545.jpg (139.08 KB, 800x1184, 752.jpg)

No. 318769

File: 1693497200878.jpg (172.15 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 325981

File: 1696780735680.jpg (1011.76 KB, 960x1200, 111114398_p0_master1200.jpg)

my dumbass was like "hm this looks like death note" and googled the author name when it's written right there lol. I didn't know he did cover art for any western stuff
anyway I came to post this good omens art. this artist has been posted in the thread before but this is new(ish)

No. 326381

File: 1697035368651.jpg (2.11 MB, 2480x3396, south park - CT21K on twitter …)

Surpised no one has posted this artist yet.

No. 326382

File: 1697035402053.jpg (361.29 KB, 1274x2048, south park - CT21K on twitter …)

No. 326383

File: 1697035440798.jpg (515.08 KB, 1708x674, south park - CT21K on twitter …)

No. 326384

File: 1697035483652.jpg (56.1 KB, 535x552, south park - CT21K on twitter …)

No. 326386

File: 1697036027943.jpg (895.04 KB, 1105x1914, south park - CT21K on twitter …)

No. 335785

File: 1700071586820.jpeg (717.94 KB, 1668x2048, animu_the_boys.jpeg)

No. 335786

File: 1700071610396.jpg (992.44 KB, 2048x1864, animu_apex_legends.jpg)

No. 335787

No. 335795

File: 1700072849187.jpg (25.79 KB, 335x305, Rmp6.jpg)

No. 335816

Have you seen much homelander art from westaboos? I looked on pixiv for a while but didn’t have a lot of luck, I want there to be more of it so badly

No. 335950

File: 1700110422842.jpg (152.25 KB, 500x704, IMG_1419.JPG)

Superjail one from Pixiv

Nonnies post more Venture Bros!

No. 335951

File: 1700110446908.jpg (188.67 KB, 847x522, IMG_1424.JPG)

No. 338162

File: 1700943531520.jpg (333.86 KB, 760x1600, F_tNS_dbUAAjtSP.jpeg.jpg)

No. 338166

File: 1700944415293.jpg (80.02 KB, 410x572, __hermione_granger_harry_potte…)

Some Harry Potter stuff I think is cute

No. 338168

File: 1700944656529.jpg (908.76 KB, 941x1040, moekon.jpg)

No. 338169

saw this on the front page and it brought me back to when i used to look at hp fanart on deviantart in the early 2000s. super cute.

No. 338171

File: 1700945240047.jpg (187.76 KB, 1075x1517, carnelian 1.jpg)

No. 338172

File: 1700945360027.jpg (166.49 KB, 1075x1517, carnelian 2.jpg)

No. 338175

File: 1700945486811.jpg (128.05 KB, 1075x1517, carnelian 3.jpg)

No. 338176

File: 1700946522842.jpg (427.99 KB, 850x850, moekon 2.jpg)

No. 338380

How cute! I was wondering if it was drawn by Carnelian until I read the file name, I love her art.

No. 338649

File: 1701198152404.jpg (227.08 KB, 611x856, 70069714_p0.jpg)

No. 338650

File: 1701198198557.jpg (335.28 KB, 2048x2045, 113186744_p0.jpg)

No. 338651

File: 1701198227047.jpg (509.23 KB, 2048x1448, 71556211_p0.jpg)

No. 338652

File: 1701198260088.jpg (1.71 MB, 1730x1661, 81197456_p0.jpg)

No. 338653

File: 1701198294647.jpg (4.66 MB, 2438x3017, 81197456_p1.jpg)

No. 338656

what was this show called? I remember watching it a few years back

No. 338657

looks like midnight gospel to me

No. 338707

File: 1701228912378.jpg (835.79 KB, 1169x827, 104791230_p0.jpg)

No. 338708

File: 1701228963919.jpg (1.25 MB, 1169x827, 105391167_p0.jpg)

No. 338709

File: 1701229015785.jpg (889.88 KB, 1169x827, 108015328_p0.jpg)

No. 338710

File: 1701229051754.jpg (142.88 KB, 1169x827, 71346214_p1.jpg)

No. 338842

File: 1701280807146.jpg (364.26 KB, 1200x998, 88171712_p13.jpg)

No. 338844

File: 1701280852148.jpg (270.76 KB, 1091x1200, 88655214_p21.jpg)

No. 338845

File: 1701280886301.jpg (233.29 KB, 1200x774, 92593588_p27.jpg)

No. 338847

File: 1701280934852.jpg (473.93 KB, 1200x907, 92593588_p30.jpg)

No. 338848

File: 1701280966663.jpg (262.96 KB, 1200x664, 97467595_p20.jpg)

No. 338849

File: 1701280998312.jpg (755.75 KB, 1200x1114, 97467595_p22.jpg)

No. 338850

File: 1701281023582.jpg (313.46 KB, 1200x1164, 97467595_p35.jpg)

No. 338851

File: 1701281076578.jpg (647 KB, 1200x798, 83140586_p12.jpg)

No. 338852

File: 1701281100290.jpg (493.57 KB, 1200x856, 87398584_p1.jpg)

No. 338853

File: 1701281122973.jpg (652.72 KB, 1200x1156, 87398584_p11.jpg)

No. 339013

OT but It’s Very Minnie is such a bop, fuck Japanese Disney consoomerism but damn

No. 340331

File: 1701924656397.jpeg (60.16 KB, 369x600, IMG_0370.jpeg)

No. 340332

File: 1701924677902.jpeg (102.93 KB, 661x600, IMG_0371.jpeg)

No. 340333

File: 1701924704575.jpeg (56.04 KB, 459x600, IMG_0372.jpeg)

No. 340334

File: 1701924726877.jpeg (103.59 KB, 720x852, IMG_0373.jpeg)

No. 340335

File: 1701924756195.jpeg (95.54 KB, 811x543, IMG_0374.jpeg)

No. 340336

File: 1701924782048.jpeg (68.91 KB, 720x693, IMG_0375.jpeg)

No. 340337

File: 1701924804094.jpeg (90.67 KB, 720x1176, IMG_0376.jpeg)

No. 340346

who's the artist?

No. 340364

The artist is penpen_disney!

No. 340451

Love her so much! Robin hood was a classic.

No. 340477

I love her too! Her design is just so adorable, I love her veil and her eyelashes and the way she’s animated is really charming. She was always my favorite as a kid!

No. 340748

File: 1702063943417.jpg (243.93 KB, 1024x1024, emerson__lake_and_palmer___tar…)

No. 342004

File: 1702511723183.jpg (154.04 KB, 800x960, b572b65e-ccc8-4018-83cb-2fa0b0…)

Scrolled by this on Skeb. Not sure if it's one person or if Duchess has a very dedicated fanbase in Japan, but I've seen quite a few skebs of her lately. (The requester's info is private so I can't see if it's a bunch of people or just one fan)

No. 342007

whos the artist? most than definetly its a dedicated waifufag

No. 342104

i have no idea what this is but if it's a waifufag it's the purest one i've ever seen. he just wants to draw this ugly, elderly-looking thing wearing amazing clothes and going shopping on a nice day. how lovely.

No. 343606

File: 1703017744178.jpg (290.85 KB, 1200x1628, 20231219_122836.jpg)

Wish fanart, I was a bit surprised.

No. 343607

File: 1703017765405.jpg (842.31 KB, 1450x2048, 20231219_122542.jpg)

No. 343614

I dislike that most of it is shipping the king with the female MC(I don't remember her name)

No. 344051

File: 1703185397956.jpg (712.01 KB, 2500x1406, 20231221_130112.jpg)

this jumpscared me
>bottom left corner

No. 344053

Our westaboo queen…♥

No. 344122

Oh no…he's HOT??

No. 354599

File: 1707430116311.jpg (871.82 KB, 1185x1200, 115677932_p18.jpg)

No. 354601

File: 1707430170556.jpg (1012.43 KB, 849x1200, 115677932_p15.jpg)

No. 354602

File: 1707430203999.jpg (729.98 KB, 599x1200, 115677932_p10.jpg)

No. 354603

File: 1707430231524.jpg (763.65 KB, 763x1200, 115677932_p8.jpg)

No. 354604

File: 1707430266874.jpg (614.43 KB, 1200x1052, 115397929_p28.jpg)

No. 354605

File: 1707430298669.jpg (1.25 MB, 1200x810, 115397929_p30.jpg)

No. 354616

File: 1707432648418.jpg (106.25 KB, 827x1040, kate_bush_wuthering_heights_by…)

Based I love this artist

No. 354752

File: 1707511285301.png (2.46 MB, 2388x1668, xT2BtR4.png)

No. 354794

File: 1707534460318.jpg (553.92 KB, 848x1200, GF1GVYXa0AALmE-.jpeg.jpg)

No. 354798

File: 1707535435575.jpg (100.72 KB, 750x1095, 20240209_171043.jpg)

how did hazbin get THAT popular in japan? almost every japanese artist I follow has retweeted or personally made fanart for it. vivzie joining omocat in the "lowkey horny female artists who got canceled on tumblr but finally got the opportunity to release their passion project and the japanese ate it up" club.

No. 354808

>gay boys
>colorful artstyle
>same humor as south park
I am glad her art is really popular in Japan, I hope all the western trannies are fumming

No. 354809

File: 1707539707513.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1920x1080, de3ba0y-fddd72aa-b8b8-471d-a60…)

look at Panty and Stocking; it is a somewhat better show (just very moidy/fanservicey) but it is very stylized, edgy way and with a lot of sexual humor as well so there definitely is a market in Japan for such stuff. I also wouldn't be surprised if they're a bit starved for more musical/melodramatic cartoons.

No. 354822

also it got a Japanese dub right-away and it's pretty good.

No. 354891

I know nothing about that show, but I thought it was one of those very Tumblr-style, pro-tranny type things? Why would they be seething?

No. 356216

File: 1707976905425.png (1.81 MB, 1209x907, IMG_1492_(1).png)

No. 356242

I assume anon claims a show that does pander to mtfs and is liked by ftms is not tranny pandering because they think anything women like(or contains fujo stuff) men don't like, therefore trannies are the only ones who don't like it because some women like the fujo/yume/shipping side of the show even though it panders to trannies with mtf characters and viv only doesn't like ftms and has actively praised retards like blaire white.

No. 356256

Its not that deep, she just has an army of schizos that try to cancel her every single day over petty bullshit so its funny to see her living the weeb dream

No. 356264

take your meds.(infighting)

No. 356277

omg ryoko kui?? I love her with all my heart. KEK at the adoring fan on the top left

No. 356280

There's a whole genre of genderspecials on Tumblr who have blogs dedicated to hating on Vivzie because she doesn't pander to them enough, and also because of some recent dramas where some former employees called her twansphobic.

No. 356319

So the show has tranny characters, but trannies on Tumlbr are upset because it doesn't cater to them enough? Yeesh.

No. 356386

Everything I posted is correct based on vivs own actions and farmers posts?

No. 362475

File: 1710392931335.jpg (86.73 KB, 750x468, 21c764690552df77d212bebc9d41b9…)

Artist is Y-Yuki but their other ships are a bit strange

No. 362476

File: 1710393053599.jpg (351.67 KB, 805x2408, Cute.jpg)

No. 362498

File: 1710409188412.png (476.74 KB, 886x761, illust_69702182_20240213_23005…)

Finding Nemo get quite a lot of love over here.

No. 362499

File: 1710409252725.jpg (97.88 KB, 735x800, dorlin_by_marsbarrl_dabtewq-37…)

No. 362500

File: 1710409779130.png (413.03 KB, 766x1266, illust_75723130_20231206_11070…)

Sorry for the spam. That's my last one.

No. 362531

Marlin: clearly an overly stressed middle aged fish

Fanart: kawaii marlin

No. 362541

Its anime. Give them a break

No. 363103

Based japs making the old hag cute

No. 366108

File: 1711633991259.jpg (120.99 KB, 640x480, Tumblr_l_1611286127878.jpg)