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File: 1665557417206.png (1.54 MB, 1500x900, nugoronnnu.png)

No. 246630

Danganronpa is a Japanese visual novel franchise created by Kazutaka Kodaka and published by Spike Chunsoft. The series primarily surrounds various groups of apparent high school students who are forced into murdering each other by a robotic teddy bear named Monokuma.

Currently the franchise includes four console games and two major anime series, with associated manga, novels and stage play spin-offs and adaptations.

Kazutaka Kodaka left the company in 2017 and founded Too Kyo Games with other ex-employees. Despite his departure, Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp released in 2021, confirming more installments in the series may release in the future.

Where can I read Orenronen's fan-translation for the first game in the series? Here: https://lparchive.org/Dangan-Ronpa/
Where can I watch the anime in English? Here: https://www.crunchyroll.com/danganronpa-the-animation/videos and https://www.crunchyroll.com/danganronpa-3-the-end-of-hopes-peak-high-school
The games are available on PlayStation Portable, Android, iOS, PlayStation Vita, Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One devices.

No. 246881

I like the first two games (Even with their flawed writing), but V3 was fucking shit, couldn't stand that game

No. 246886

I loved the first game when it got released on the Vita (I even preordered it at the time) but I couldn't stand DR2, it felt just like more of the same shit but with the quality lowering more and more as cases happened. I didn't even finish it. It put me off the next games tbh, I can't say I can see myself getting the compilation on the Switch after that. It should have been more like Ace Attorney and make the next games have their own individual cases that aren't a copy of the first game's cases, and introduce new antagonists instead of the same one over and over again.

No. 246893

>not making Cumaeda the threadpic
You have disappointed me!

No. 246970

The 2nd trials were the worst in each game for me, they all had too many dumb twists. What were everyone's favorite/least favorite?

No. 246973

Thank you I thought it was so drawn out and boring but everyone around me was always praising it so I wasn’t sure if maybe it was me or not.

Off the top of my head I’d say Mikan’s trial, although it’s been a good while since I’ve played so I can’t give you a reason why. Her execution was stupid though.

No. 246977

File: 1665619529325.png (808.95 KB, 1400x1500, furukawa_yomawari.png)

I quite enjoyed the first game's trial 2, it's my favorite trial from that game and made Mondo my favorite character for a while. The outcome was surprising because I was a dumb kid when I first played it. Really deepened Fujisaki, Mondo and Ishimaru in a way that Kazuichi, Sonia and Tanaka weren't in DR2 but I think that's personal bias.
DR2's 2nd trial was weird but I didn't mind the twist, I like how it affected the cast afterwards. Fuyuhiko and Hiyoko now had this new dynamic the writers could work with.
Drv3's was forgettable and didn't have much soul. Kirumi's character doesn't translate well internationally and the Trump reference in the English translation made me sigh.

No. 246978

i feel like im in the minority of people that actually loves drv3. bearing in mind though that for me dr2 is easily the weakest in the series in all departments – i really enjoyed being able to go back to the school setting in 3 and also imo the characters are just a lot more interesting (theres so many 'nothing' characters in 2 that offer nothing to the story imo, although ive heard others same about 3.) i do understand that the ending of drv3 probably put a lot of people off the game for good though

No. 246985

File: 1665620294815.jpg (523.41 KB, 1868x2020, FSt0JRqUcAAYJbi.jpg)

God I love them so much

Bad taste, V3 is the best.

No. 246988

>Favorite trial
>Least favorite trial

For the second chapter trials, I'd say 3-2 is probably the worst (honestly the only trial in V3 I think is bad) it's just way too obvious and Kirumi doesn't have enough personality to make it interesting.
I think 2-2 is good on it's own but man Fuyuhiko becomes such a nothing character after that trial, DR2 is my least favorite in general but Fuyuhiko being relegated to filler character that early in the game just annoyed me.
I like 1-2, hate the troons that latch onto it.

No. 246989

File: 1665620656604.jpeg (247.67 KB, 918x1000, 2F312F76-874A-4779-BC43-54BD67…)

I’m >>246973 and I wouldn’t say I hate it, it’s just my least favourite. I agree that the characters were so much more interesting in that game though, I think it’s the pacing that really got to me though. And the ending of course.

Also I thought the majority of people love V3? I could be wrong I just saw a lot of praise for it.

No. 246990

>I could be wrong I just saw a lot of praise for it.
It's one of those things where it was hated when it first came out but now it's more beloved (Kodaka himself pointed out that this would probably happen, which I find quite funny).
V3 is definitely one of my favorite VNs though and it'll always have a special place in my heart, even if it does have some completely shit tier characters like Maki and Gonta.

No. 246992

hmm maybe so. its just that ive seen a few other people make similar complaints to yours about the pacing of the game, the ending and some of the cringe references like the infamous trump line. v3 seems to be particularly popular among zoomers for some reason compared to the other games too – also speaking of i swear i never see anyone discussing the first game anymore?

No. 246996

File: 1665621268063.jpg (122.14 KB, 850x504, __komaeda_nagito_ouma_kokichi_…)

>also speaking of i swear i never see anyone discussing the first game anymore?
It's probably the least 'quirky' of the three, personally I think it's still a good game but I guess it's harder to stick out when the biggest antagonistic character you have for most of the game is just a rich tsundere.

No. 247001

File: 1665622545543.jpeg (128.69 KB, 509x720, 239BF413-D9FC-46DB-A668-9C88B7…)

>shit tier characters

I loved Gonta! Maki wasn’t my favourite though I will admit. Also that’s so funny how Kodaka totally predicted how the game would be received kek, I didn’t know that.

No. 247170

File: 1665674182182.png (719.53 KB, 775x800, illust_73531094_20200620_08020…)

Personally I am a big fan of V3 and I put it above the other two games, but I enjoyed all of them and I think they all have something interesting to say about school, identity and fanaticism.

It's also great how it has many female characters who are actually dweebs, losers, insane or delusional instead of just a little quirky. It's refreshing to see.

No. 247229

>It's probably the least 'quirky' of the three
Good. It's has a good balance between serious, scary parts, quirky characters and scenes, and comedy, and DR2 ruined that by trying too hard to seem way more quirky and lolsorandumXD, and I disliked it a lot.

No. 247645

Anyone heard of Aeris Akamatsu or DanganMandy? Both of them are popular Danganronpa YouTubers who are groomers

No. 247675

oh god danganmandy. i watched some of his videos thinking he was just some autistic moid, before realising the combination of a) his cringe unfunny jokes b) suspicious tranny voice and his channel name and c) him getting assblasted in his own youtube comment sections meant he was most likely some agp. did they both recently get exposed as groomers?

No. 247680

>247675 Mandy (AKA: DanganTranny) groomed minors on Discord while Aeris groomed a sexual abuse victim in her gender cult

No. 247688

Sweet Gonta, he didn’t deserve anything bad.

No. 247690

>>247688 Worst part is that his death was so preventable if the cast just saw the red flags of Miu's murder plan, especially since it was pretty identical to the previous fucking murder set-up wise

No. 247717

Is Aeris a groomer? I thought she was just a retarded DID larper who doesn’t actually play the games she screeches about.

No. 247722

>>247717 Basically she groomed a girl into her gender cult and now that girl says she's "non-binary"

No. 247723

I would show you the video the girl made as proof, but I can't find it right now

No. 247731

Aeris's "cancelling" is interesting because what videos of it exist on YouTube show how ineffective using gendie logic is when trying to tell someone from within the cult they're an asshole. From what I've seen, she got cancelled because
1) She told people in her comments section to kill themselves ("roll into a lake" over Danganronpa discourse (insisted later those screenshots were fake kek))
2) She's a hypocrite, does poor research on her videos and actively avoids discussing dialogue that goes against her argument
3) She insisted her opinions (headcanons) were absolute truth. Honestly believes color schemes imply a character's sexuality/gender

Two of her former fans who don't claim to be transgender made callout videos, both are hard to listen to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_rRcxSQMU4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqPhg4M6vC0. The first one says Aeris also misgendered her (called her a "cis male" and "guy") and made fun of her low sub count. Aeris also called the other fan a bitch. The comments section on both videos are from a bunch of "allies" and other "enbys" saying how she takes her LGBT advocacy too far and shames people for being cis/straight. Aeris is the most influential person in the Danganronpa sphere who does point [3)] but it's incredibly common with the younger female fans in this fandom.
Aeris is incredibly hostile to girls who don't worship her feet. Why else would she misgender a stranger (as if girls couldn't possibly disagree with her on anything and when she saw Pregame did she assumed she was a moid) and call a clearly 12ish year old kid a "cis woman" and a bitch? No wonder so many deny they're female but not even pretend to like being another gender.
Being a DID larper and groomer aren't too surprising accusations, but wherever the information came from, it does not appear to be on YouTube.
Saged for not being directly Danganronpa related and probably being better off on the /snow/ thread.

No. 247765

Already know all of this, I’m asking if she actually did Mandy style grooming.
We know that she did know about Mandy being a groomer ahead of time through her discord and chose not to reveal it because they’d rather keep it as blackmail (as opposed to sharing that there’s a groomer who has a large influence over kids?) which is scummy as hell but I haven’t seen any source of her being a child groomer herself.

No. 247769

After doing some finding, I can't find the video that proofed Aeris groomed a girl into being a gender special. Sorry guys

No. 247771

I remember I once used instagram to look up art for DR and some ship tags got spammed with gore, self harm and hate so they'd become unusable.
Absolutely insane.

No. 247788

File: 1665882330349.png (291.07 KB, 543x556, aaaaaaa.png)

I would DIE for her.

No. 247804

File: 1665891975651.jpeg (190.9 KB, 756x1008, 15CB4CA1-0056-4BD7-8EBF-046F26…)

I love her too Nonna!!

No. 247812

File: 1665895566277.png (278.35 KB, 700x700, ▽namu (1).png)

real queen

No. 247813

I don't like her because she would microwave a hamster

No. 247872

She would go on this site and racebait

No. 248038

File: 1666014074088.png (665.37 KB, 704x482, jojo mondo.png)

Anyone here like Mondo?

No. 248057

File: 1666022054934.jpg (3.81 MB, 3580x2552, FfQ3g5rakAEPmxJ.jpg)

The new sanrio collab is adorable! Big fan of sugarbunny alter ego

No. 248064

File: 1666024437218.jpg (181.49 KB, 736x939, f4deb55f25240032353fed68cf844e…)

Yes! He is great ♥
I love the match between Celes and Kuromi, very fitting.

No. 248070

File: 1666026402940.jpg (91.42 KB, 700x700, Mondo and friends.jpg)

No. 248073

cute picture!

No. 248077

File: 1666027986689.jpg (37.14 KB, 576x768, mondo as josuke.jpg)

No. 248078

File: 1666028036597.png (155.86 KB, 834x393, the duelity of nick milkpunche…)

No. 248132

um… context anon?
i gather they made some fangame, although why you'd want to make a fangame of a series you supposedly hate is frankly beyond me

No. 248136

No. 248139

Basically, he created his shitty Fangan out of spite because another one didn't have any queers, he is also a fucking liar who will do anything to paint himself as innocent He also rebooted said fangan, it's still shit, especially since it rips off several mystery visual novels

No. 248202

I love her because she would microwave a hamster

No. 248258

File: 1666087377197.jpeg (228.54 KB, 850x1214, 7NgFhkT.jpeg)

V3 was my least favourite game in the series BUT her moid hatred was based

No. 248426

File: 1666120339777.jpg (67.96 KB, 674x663, 8eacf60954846452a083e49534e75e…)

Tenko is adorable, I love the combination between sporty martial artist and cutesy school girl, plus the funny face sprites. It's kinda strange how a lot of people hate her tho, like, she is the only Danganronpa character with a hate subreddit if I remember correctly. I don't know, I feel like people overhate a fairly innocent character in the story.

No. 248445

come on, you know why.

No. 248492

File: 1666134045489.png (752.3 KB, 1147x765, 1567054706857.png)

I didn't like her for years, but Tenko's grown on me ever since joining this forum and playing her FTEs.

Anyone play her FTEs recently? I heard left and right from the fandom that she was the most lesbian character ever, but her FTEs suggests her Aikido teacher separated Tenko from her Male peers because she may be emotionally blinded by being around some of them, and this led to her moid hatred because she only heard negative things about them. He either 1) noticed his student was heterosexual and acted only upon seeing that or 2) "everyone knows girl stupid around boy durrrrr tradition durrrr," which is most likely what Kodaka wrote it to be like because Japanese men.
Her crush on Himiko suggests she isn't straight as a line, but her backstory reflects larger issues surrounding the sexuality of girls and how their parental figures react to it, it's not a poorly written lesbian backstory and saying that it is ignores the author's message in favor of some arbitrary one. She reminds me of some straight women I know and the negative effects of gender separation have been documented and debated in larger society. Gay/GNC people don't become gay/GNC from parental abuse.
She also, I believe, has some sort of anger disorder (I noted it could be Intermittent explosive disorder but I'm no psychiatrist and my notes are sparse). Is this is a common sentiment in the fandom at large, and if so, is her writing considered to be an understanding depiction of it? Her teacher also sounds like an ass who unhealthily socialized his (basically) kid and he should be shamed more.

Milk so rancid it's sour.

No. 250515


From what I've seen zoomers in the fandom just reduce her to hating men and simping on Himiko, so they hate her because she's not as """deep""" as the other characters. They do the same thing to Kazuichi with Sonia and his screaming, but he doesn't get nearly as much hate. So the real reason is fujos hating iCkY wlw and only caring about lgb romance when it involves men. I agree she is cute and overhated, I didn't mind her when I played through V3 and her jokes aren't as annoying as the fandom makes them out to be.

No. 250523

somebody post those pics from the bad art threads where that one artist reimagined everybody with like a million different ethnicities & pride flags.
the art is horrible but i feel like i notice something new and hilarious every time

No. 250534

File: 1666734404057.jpeg (866.92 KB, 1638x2048, 1629846097777.jpeg)

Got you. Look how they massacred my boys

No. 250535

File: 1666734448685.jpeg (919.9 KB, 1638x2048, 1629845860520.jpeg)

No. 250536

File: 1666734541041.jpeg (917.62 KB, 1638x2048, 1629845940554.jpeg)

No. 250539

what is with woke artists and drawing these deformed ass faces? seriously, if their eyes were any farther apart they'd look like fucking toads. is it supposed to be ugly on purpose???

at least most of my faves aren't THAT bad but WHAT did they do to kaede seriously

No. 250540

Is this by the same artist involved in that god awful dating sim? It looks so similar lmao

No. 250541

File: 1666735174334.png (879.86 KB, 1280x1097, TUMBLR_bunhongse.png)

Anyone else like Mastermind AUs? There's so much fanart and fics for Mastermind Ishimaru in particular. There were genuinely people who played THH and believed the mastermind must be Ishimaru if the mastermind was any of the students.
His arc plays into the "black and white are interconnected" idea that Monokuma also has, being monochrome and everything.
Despair inducing…

No. 250544

File: 1666735710734.png (216.41 KB, 488x545, tumblr_inline_ps872trUvk1wwsmf…)

meh, most I see are just shitty sprite edits (picrel), but i do also enjoy mastermind ishimaru art. ishimaru is underrated imo, fujos only seem to care about him cuz of mondo but his backstory is actually really interesting and makes him one of the more relatable characters in the series, he's literally just a guy trying to work hard and he hates the idea of natural talent. compelling idea for a mastermind

No. 250545

File: 1666736498565.jpg (69.01 KB, 450x600, Saihara.Shuuichi.600.2545183.j…)

I like them in concept. There's potential for AUs where we have a different mastermind but I feel like most of them never fully separate from the original story line. It's such a shame, because as much as I like Junko, I'm kinda tired of her always being the mastermind or being the center of the attention on mastermind reveals. Izuru and Tsumugi should had more presence than her in their respective games. But most AUs basically turn each character into another Junko with a different talent, it sorta looses the appeal of an AU when everything stays almost the same

Mastermind Ishimaru is pretty cool, but I'm mostly interested in Mastermind Shuichi.

No. 250574

File: 1666744391760.png (684.18 KB, 1000x711, Danganronpa_2_Character_Design…)

apologies in advance this is gonna be a long thought dump

i think one of the reasons drv3 is my favourite of the series is that it strays away from the whole hope vs despair thing that the first two games centre around.
i tried watching the danganronpa 3 anime and i was struck by how boring i found the whole thing. like i remember listening to komaeda yapping on about hope overcoming despair blah blah and i realised that i truly did not care about any of this contrived anime bs anymore. so drv3 was refreshing for me in a lot of ways.
i think at its heart danganronpa is a compelling concept: a killing game where the players are gifted high school students, discovering clues to ultimately uncover the truth. drv3 kind of played with this idea with the reveal that this is a long-running series of televised killing games, like a reality tv show. if you take the core concept theres so many places you can go with it imo. basically to sum it up i think the concept of hope vs despair got really stale and if there are any future games (doubtful tbh), i hope they move away from it

pic unrelated, gundhams my favourite dr character

No. 250576


drv3 is easily the best imo, i thought the characters, writing, trials, overall gameplay was so much better than the others. dr1 is fairly goof, sdr2 is good at some parts but wildly inconsistent.

me and my moid watched 20 minutes of the anime and got bored immediately so what you said about that checks out

No. 250577

samefag for spelling error, "good" not goof

No. 250590

File: 1666750123509.png (262.52 KB, 719x1280, IMG_0962.png)

Arbys agrees with you nonna

No. 250593

impeccable taste on arby's end but personslly im not so sure gundham would be happy that a company known for making beef sandwiches is promoting him, considering his SHSL title

No. 250597

File: 1666751136037.png (139.33 KB, 640x701, tanakachi.png)

You have a good point! Like Casey Kasem. I don't believe he's canonically vegetarian/vegan but it's a good headcanon. Bless vegetarian options like veggie burgers.

No. 250599

No. 250606

File: 1666752142753.png (Spoiler Image,341.36 KB, 2518x1200, 1b0.png)

Any of the other 5 kiyo fans on here?

No. 250609

oh nonny
i am a kiyo fan with the caveat that they did him incredibly dirty in the source material & for such an interesting character he really deserved better

No. 250649

File: 1666767615359.jpg (401.68 KB, 425x589, 61221797_p2_master1200.jpg)

Here and ready to share fanarts with other Kork fans

No. 250650

File: 1666768027228.jpg (57.74 KB, 564x471, 1d08e1deeb6b2c2555f1f6c9a02900…)

No. 250652

File: 1666769401646.png (965.39 KB, 1613x2048, 1628639131934.png)

No. 250731

File: 1666799188830.jpg (256.31 KB, 720x904, Screenshot_20221026-114432_Ins…)

Thanks for the epic kork art, nonnas. Heres one that i like. Sorry for shit quality, on mobile.

No. 251887

File: 1667249855660.jpg (670.04 KB, 2048x2031, Fd5Ti9xXEAA_cOm.jpg)

EEO have announced a Danganronpa V3 Halloween Pop-up Shop, which will appear in GraffArt Ikebukuro, Namba & Nagoya locations from October 22.

No. 251888

File: 1667249958526.jpg (59.92 KB, 800x800, Fd5TjLOWQAAqIAa.jpg)

I'm a fan of Kaito's pirate costume

No. 251889

File: 1667250034392.jpg (57.72 KB, 800x800, Fd5TjcpXwAA1gOr.jpg)

No. 253444

File: 1667677138370.jpg (29.18 KB, 431x485, unnamed.jpg)

TERF Sonia?

No. 253701

File: 1667788872932.jpg (888 KB, 1400x908, tumblr_c6dd366e144cfe762b45a0f…)

Bump, careful while scrolling.

No. 253703

so cute

No. 259604

File: 1669851331514.png (163.06 KB, 906x850, essay.png)

"Why It's Misogynistic To Ship Protag x Rival And Not Protag x Support | A Short Essay

In this essay I will explain why opting to ship the protagonists with their rivals rather than their set love interests is a form of misogyny."


What do anons here make of this essay? Agree, disagree, think it's shit and was written by a moid? I think it's shit and was written by a moid.

No. 259609

Why the fuck are there essays on a FANFICTION archive website? Can this shit be reported and removed? I won't do it but it's in case I ever find one when looking for fics later.

No. 259611

Nah they're allowed. Just like original fiction is allowed on AO3 despite it being a fanfiction website.

No. 259613

I lost all hope for AO3 then.

No. 259626

my thoughts: get a job

No. 259640

saying people are racist/misogynistic/x-phobic for liking a fictional ship is a ridiculous sjw cope and this retard should neck himself

No. 259676

File: 1669870737428.jpg (140.98 KB, 636x690, FW2zQ53UcAAonLL.jpg)

>Shipping Chiaki with Sonia, who is canonically not a virgin
I don't get why people would ship Sonia with Chiaki to begin with, but what does Sonia not being a virgin have to do with anything?
>Yes, it does. Chiaki and Kaede, with Kyoko as a small exception, act as their respective protags' manic-pixie-dream-girl. Sweet, caring, and bubbly girls who take pride in their femininity and helping others out.
This is so misogynistic, Kyoko was NEVER written as a manic pixie dream girl and she's not even that feminine personality wise (she's pretty cold and aloof). Personally that's why I really like Kyoko though, she's fully willing to put people like Naegi at risk despite him being her ally because she puts the truth above that and the game doesn't feel the need to have her suck off the protag constantly like they did with Chiaki.
>First of all, no they did not. Nagito simply stated he was in love with the hope inside Hajime
This is well known to be a mistranslation though, in the original he says he's in love with Hajime.
>Kokichi's mini "confession" to Shuichi about "liking someone so much that he'd strangle them" was only hinting at Miu's death and his canonical attraction to Miu
Ouma and Miu hate each other lmao.

This was a funny read, and I'm only done with the first chapter of this thanks for posting though since it gave me a good laugh.

No. 262864

File: 1670791187151.jpg (101.25 KB, 600x450, Fjo0sxBWIAEQ6MD.jpg)

No. 263144

File: 1670899277899.jpg (351.73 KB, 720x1111, 20221212_203846.jpg)

Finally playing the first game after watching the anime in 2013 im on chapter 4 and i miss mondo and taka so bad

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