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File: 1665797128555.jpeg (60.51 KB, 680x383, bankalive.jpeg)

No. 247501

This is a thread for general discussion about Splatoon.
Feel free to talk about theories, upcoming content, etc.

No. 247503

File: 1665797596350.gif (6.83 MB, 450x652, 08jtjjf6ywh91.gif)

i love her sm

No. 247506

File: 1665798140603.jpeg (349.68 KB, 1608x1434, 360CA5E8-D6B6-443C-824C-953C86…)

Deep Cut and especially OTH are cool but the Squid Sisters will always have a special place in my heart

No. 247516

i dont even play this game but she is so cute i want to hug her and kiss her on her giant forehead

No. 247519

i dont play splatoon but i love the designs so much. it makes me sad though, i cant look at them without also thinking of the horrifying porn ive seen moids make. i was unwillingly blasted by it just trying to look up shit about the game long ago. men really ruin everything.

No. 247520

i feel you nonnie, coomers ruined marina for me after i was blasted with porn when i searched her up after she was revealed along with pearl for splatoon 2

No. 247524

File: 1665804338189.jpeg (98.16 KB, 800x903, AACED38C-53CD-43D4-B049-1EA792…)

She deserves better

No. 247526

it is fucking disgusting, same way you can't look up my little pony or certain pokemon either without seeing revolting fetish art just there on google escaping the filter

No. 247537

File: 1665807477966.jpeg (454.3 KB, 1600x900, 443D980B-32B0-4AC2-B720-55D701…)

Interesting (and a bit disappointing) that they might not be doing a Splatoween this year but I’ve heard that they’ll be doing a Big Run event instead, which I’m excited for. What team is everyone picking for the Pokemon Splatfest?

No. 247557

File: 1665820482754.jpeg (394.23 KB, 1200x1006, AED43886-FEE2-4417-A50B-CDBDD7…)

Bump don’t scroll

No. 247563

File: 1665823646774.jpg (913.27 KB, 3508x2480, 20221015_034454.jpg)

I love pearlina so much it's unreal

No. 247565

File: 1665823936820.jpg (333.24 KB, 800x505, Tumblr_l_69256742904813.jpg)

Either water or grass. Which is disappointing cuz my favorite desi squid Frye will probably be fire.

No. 247567

File: 1665825055113.png (1.97 MB, 1024x768, unknown-186.png)

I'm really enjoying Splatoon 3 so far. I'm still too afraid to try out the proper Ranked Battle mode but my skills are getting at least somewhere with the Aerospray.

The story mode was great even if I still prefer Octo Expansion's. Splatoon's story manages to touch so many uplifting and powerful themes, I would have never guessed it back in Splatoon 1 despite the final boss being a banger. It's one of the few videogame stories that makes me cry nowdays, there is just so much meaning in its weird and kind of silly world.
The idea that humanity's hopes and dreams are what moved the squids and octopus is incredibly beautiful and touching, and symbols like Michelangelo's David being used both as a callback to humanity's genius (only to be disfigured by hubris and war by turning it into a cannon) and vaporwave is genius.

I also absolutely did not expect (Splat 3 spoilers) a sympathetic streak in Mr. Grizz. It was to be expected but his story is actually devastating. All of Splatoon's villains are either moved by necessity or a deep, painful nostalgia for the past. It's fitting with how much the story talks about the future and its uncertainty.

No. 247739

hopefully there's gonna be a frostyfest this year! also for the pokemon splatfest i'm probably going either fire or grass.

No. 247791

Splatoon 3 is my first game in the series, I really like it. Its one of the only competitive games I've ever gotten into. I usually hate most competitive games, especially with how much shit newbies get for still learning the game. Splatoon is so easy to pick up and so much fun. But now I regret never playing Splatoon 2. I didn't have a Switch when it came out but still. I didn't buy my switch until 2020 (luckily only a few months before the pandemic hit). By then, I'm not sure how active it still was, but I am still feeling sad I missed out. Should I still buy it for the story mode / octo expansion? I wish they would put it on sale, what with the the release of the third one, but nope - it's still full price. Makes me hesitant to buy even more.

No. 247793

octo expansion is amazing but personally the story mode is a bit meh. if you're gonna play online be wary that it'll might end up like splatoon 1 in the future (hackers taking over)

No. 247795

whoops forgot to mention that tidal rush is a banger

No. 247796

I'll probably pick team fire. I hope Big Run is something interesting. If it's just regular Salmon Run but on different stages, I'll be a little disappointed.

Maybe you could try to get a cheap secondhand copy? Octo Expansion is great but at this point, I wouldn't buy Splatoon 2 at full price

No. 247992

Grass, grovyle best starter. Water is also respectable.
I'm still demoralized from fun losing open last fest though. I always knew your personal contribution basically doesn't exist, but damn. I never had a better splatfest run.
When they'll do big run seems like kind of a mystery, I don't think they never really said when they'd do it, just that it'd be "every three months". So is it an end-of-season thing or what? I also cannot imagine how big run will go if salmon run is already buggy

No. 247998

I'll probably go with grass since I like green lol
I'm more interested in Big Rush, though I'm pretty bad at Salmon run

No. 248159

File: 1666047489660.jpg (56.1 KB, 275x274, elitergaze.jpg)

Finally, a space to share my feminist leaning splatoon memes without getting excommunicated kek
I used to play chargers in S1, but moved to slosh machine in S2 due to the map design and I like the satisfying kachunk sound of a direct hit. I'm enjoying playing e-liter again in S3 though they'll prob change the maps to make them less charger-friendly eventually

No. 248174

They'd have to change like half the maps to be less charger-friendly, can't imagine they'd bother.
3's maps are kind of shit, why do most of them have such similar layouts?

No. 248182

File: 1666056194989.png (195.1 KB, 350x336, 1d869de3715b06900e03b8d8720144…)

omg I've posted about this game a bit in other threads but I'm so happy it gets its own thread now, I've been playing since the first game's launch and I love this series more than any other game!
I know posting friend codes in this thread would be unwise but I'd love to play with you guys somehow, the only people I've played splatoon with so far are degen 4chan scrotes and literal children and neither are ideal
as a roller main chargers are currently making life hell kek, it's more a problem with the maps than the weapon itself though. All the stages in this game feel very similar, very linear and cramped with few alternate routes or flank spots so everyone's kind of forced into mid. I remember Saltspray Rig getting clowned on back in 1 but man do I miss her now. Also they massacred mahi and that makes me sad
I've picked up explosher going into 3 and it's so much fun, I feel like inkstorm goes so well with its kit due to the chip damage and makes it even better for splat zones. I'd really like to see it with wave breaker and an actual bomb for other modes but maybe that would be too strong lol

No. 248183

Idk it's kinda sad. I feel like S2 maps fixed a lot of issues S1 maps had, but then that went out the window for S3. Outside of Hagglefish, I find them not as memorable either. Everything is so brown.

No. 250382

File: 1666680161502.png (52.19 KB, 745x894, splatoon3-1.2.0.png)


Here are the notes for the latest update, Ver. 1.2.0. A lot of stuff being tweaked and fixed. My main weapon had its special points requirement increased, damn lol.

No. 250637

>Fixed an issue with the Bloblobber where some of the blobs would not be lobbed
The way they worded this is hilarious. The reef-lux nerf is nice but I doubt it'll do much to prevent missile spam. So it looks like we won't be having a Big Run this month. Shame that they skipped an event for October

No. 250831

>Release patch
>Immediately a gamebreaking bug in rainmaker and they pull it from rotation
Do they test this shit? Apparently it was a somewhat common bug where you'd pick up the rainmaker after the checkpoint and it would instantly think you were 1 point away from the goal.

No. 250855

File: 1666831774376.png (153.07 KB, 273x294, help.png)

bump dont scroll

No. 250890

Hopefully we get an nzap with regular splatbombs again this time around.

>Everything is so brown
That's my complaint too. They took the sr aesthetic and ran with it. S3 is too brown, S2 was too dark grey, S1 was just right. Won't be surprised if they bring back Bluefin Depot and Piranha Pit.

No. 252981

File: 1667550504661.jpg (138.95 KB, 1280x720, splatoon-3-amiibo.jpg)

Nonnies, are you gonna buy new amiibos?

No. 252983

Yes I love sploon

No. 252985

File: 1667551703718.jpg (988.9 KB, 1920x1080, SplatoonJP-1579639266250219521…)

I might get the little buddy one on his own, he cute.
I'm surprised that they broke the trend of giving only the girl amiibo good clothes. This time the boy's gear isn't bad either.

No. 252990

File: 1667552843008.jpeg (244.92 KB, 679x787, A603B727-0BD0-4D4D-9D64-0D23A1…)

Ngl I want to have sex with an octoboy.
I imagine him being fascinated with me as a human woman.

No. 252993

That is literally a human male with an off putting color scheme

No. 252994

File: 1667554665441.jpeg (397.26 KB, 1280x1532, 0202B8B1-FF6E-4A0B-849A-B241A0…)

I would fuck the 3 foot gremlin octoling if that’s what you’d prefer nonnie. He can stand up and eat me out.

No. 252997

nonni please tell me the artist name

No. 253001

File: 1667556686104.jpeg (319.05 KB, 1810x4096, 8925690C-06F0-4E24-AA19-1413FA…)

I’m sorry for posting like a moid rn but I am so horny for agent 8. Look at how he dresses, he’s begging to be taken advantage of by human women.

No. 253003

straight up looks like a child

No. 253004

I know we objectify men here but that's a child. you have to be 18 to post here so I won't say I hope you're underage but…really no other excuse. pull yourself out of it woman.

No. 253007

File: 1667559801371.jpeg (158.92 KB, 680x960, AFF40E5B-77C6-40EF-9DCA-EFF904…)

Agent 8 is canonically at least 20. He just looks like a gobbo, they all do.

No. 253008

I'm going to get them when I get the Splatfest shirts at Nintendo NY (hopefully, if everything is still in stock when I get there)! I'm so excited but I'm dreading the terrible line there will be.

They are literally called "squid kids" for a reason, wtf is wrong with you. That's a child.

No. 253009

File: 1667560445679.png (1.48 MB, 832x1077, F2729B62-824E-4D96-BC68-B756A7…)

I register them as imp demihumans and in fanart I prefer them to look like adult bishonens with tentacle hair.
However all of the scrotes who jerk off to squid girls are pedos, they don’t try to hide it.

No. 253010

They’re at least 14 but can be whatever age you want them to be, because all the playable characters are your self inserts/ocs.

No. 253012

It’s pixels on a screen. Lmao

No. 253013

First, 14 is still a literal child. Second, they look like children regardless of canon age. It's comparable to the loli that's 1000 years old. Doesn't matter. Still gross. We are all judging hard. They look like little kids and that's all that matters.

Do you defend the scrotes jerking off to anime high schoolers and loli/shota shit, too? Tf? Do you know where you are?

No. 253016

Ah yes screenshots of video game characters doing nothing is just like men making child rape porn. Most brilliant intellectual of lolcow indeed

No. 253019

nta but nobody brought up child rape porn, you did. moids jerk of to video game children doing nothing as well
>He can stand up and eat me out.
she clearly feels sexual about that character. idk what to tell you

No. 253020

File: 1667561644720.png (695.29 KB, 1200x848, 899E2FA9-3BF3-4ADE-ADD2-B5A8D7…)

The player characters are 14 in 1, 15 in 2 and 16 in 3. All named characters age in real time ie Pearl is 26, Callie and Marie are 24, agent 3 is 21 and agent 8 is likely 21 as well.
Girl I don’t want to fuck kids, idk what else to say. I’m just autistically obsessed with splatoon, like monsterboys and like the idea of a fish out of water traumatized foreign bishonen with tentacle hair being obsessed with me like I’m in an otome for no particular reason other than that I exist. Let me yoom. I’m not like a detestable lolipedo scrote. LET ME YOOM.

No. 253021

I have a fetish for tiny pathetic traumatized men who look like imp creatures. It’s not that hard to believe tbh most neurodivergent women who wind up here fixate on obscure cartoon males, no offense.

If I was a shotacon I’d just say so since I’m already shameless as it is.

No. 253031

Scrote tier

No. 253035

File: 1667569910125.png (726.91 KB, 1900x851, 5ADD553A-BA76-429A-875B-FB740B…)

If only you knew how big and bold my ovies were nonny, my love of 3 foot tall gremlin cephalopods is an act of MISANDRY. No human male, no matter his age, race, creed, or class can even compare to the allure of neon colored guyliner goblin octopus creature. They will cry alone knowing they can never ever win my heart.

No. 253036

“Everyone I don’t like is a scrote”

No. 253037

No. 253044

Agent 8 is cool but only when he has an afro

No. 253047

> Do you defend the scrotes jerking off to anime high schoolers and loli/shota shit, too? Tf? Do you know where you are?
I think men who jerk off to this shit should be put down but I don’t really care if an autistic woman masturbates to ugly squid things that vaguely resemble human children.

No. 253051

He needs the tentacle that looks like an emo bang, esp with his eyeliner octo mask and leather getup to combo off of. He loses a lot of his bishie points without it.

Anyways what weapons do you all main and what kits would you want with them in the future? I’m trying to get good at dynamo after being a general splatling main since early into 2. I don’t know what kit would be best, all I know is that sprinklers are borderline useless, yet dynamo and heavy splatling both come with sprinklers. If heavy splatling gets an ink wall again I’ll probably never unequip it.

No. 253074

File: 1667579587238.jpeg (200.51 KB, 1081x414, 2757CD16-1A5C-4369-87DD-AEBB00…)

Splatfest voting is open! Feel free to say if you’re on team water, fire, or grass

No. 253250

File: 1667622730620.jpeg (257.44 KB, 1170x957, 8A915E33-1EF3-4C60-801A-8670C1…)

I was torn between grass and water, especially since my two favourite starters are rowlet and oshawott. In the end I chose grass because it has more pokemon that I like overall.

No. 253252

>Anyways what weapons do you all main and what kits would you want with them in the future?
Been using splash-o, dapples, explosher, and a bit of nautilus. The former 3 have pretty much my ideal kits so I probably won't use any alts.
Nautilus's is alright, can't complain much, but I'm not sure how much synergy it really has with ink storm. Something like big bubbler and curling or fizzy for the mobility sounds decent to me, though I'm still new to the weapon.
My most used weapon in 2 was jet squelcher but its kit is so dog shit in 3 that I haven't touched it too much. Angle shooter is straight up a worse point sensor and ink vac is ok but I'd take any other special except zipcaster, reefslider, ink jet, or ultra stamp. Burst bomb is probably the ideal sub and that's what the custom jet has historically gotten, but I wouldn't mind beakons or mines either personally. Love me some beakons.

No. 253261

I've been using the splash-o-matic, n-zap, and .52 gal the most, and occasionally playing with the aerospray or inkbrush for fun. I don't really have complaints for the splash-o or .52 gal but I'd love for the n-zap to get an offensive special variant. The n-zap 89 was my most used weapon in splatoon 2, but I kind of doubt they'll re-add it because tenta missiles. I also want them to add back the bronze aerospray. Spamming booyah bombs was so much fun.

I'm going with team fire. I like fuecoco the best out of the new starters and most of my favorite starters are fire type.

No. 253288

I'm sorry that you're the only nonny talking sense here. This shit is disgusting, anon is clearly a shotacon and coom brained.

No. 253341

Nonnies is there a faster weapon than aerospray? I'm using it rn and I wonder if there is something that goes even faster?

No. 253349

The wiki has a page where you can sort weapons by fire rate
Technically the ballpoint short range mode is slightly faster, and the rest of the splatlings have the same fire rate as aerospray, but since you have to charge for all of them the aerospray is effectively the fastest. Splat and dapple dualies post-roll are also on par.

No. 253394

hi nonnies i'm new to splatoon and this is my first splatfest! team water lesgooooo. newb question, has it started properly yet? i've voted and played some normal turf war games but haven't been in anything special? thanks a lot.

No. 253399

Nope, currently it's just voting time. Actual splatfest starts on the 11th.
Pro tip: leveling catalog during this period gives free gacha rolls.
Truly a mercy for those who already completed the catalog. I missed getting new titles and shit.

No. 253514

>has it started properly yet? i've voted and played some normal turf war games but haven't been in anything special?
How did you miss both the deep cut announcement and the voting booth telling you that the splatfest doesn’t start until Nov 11/12? Makes me glad I’m not on team water.

No. 254568

splatfest has officially started! tell about funny moments, your current rank, etc.

No. 254728

>Sizable lad defending for the third time in a row

No. 254742

File: 1668308505708.jpg (53.62 KB, 1152x864, pat.jpg)

Is it me or are tricolors more common?
Last fest it took me like 15 hours to get 11 tricolor matches, but this time around I've already gotten probably 6 or 7.

No. 254964

File: 1668391485144.jpg (51.46 KB, 450x596, 1647583722866.jpg)

>Those results
What happened grassbros

No. 254969

File: 1668393278194.jpg (138.3 KB, 780x438, ej5se90dqtz91.jpg)

Congrats to team water! How was splatfest for everyone? I was team fire but I'm glad shiver didn't win again lol

No. 254974

i was also on team fire, but at least im as well happy that shiver didnt win again, kek.

No. 255038

Chill season PV dropped. Are you excited nonnies?

No. 255058

File: 1668450235548.png (982.06 KB, 944x553, Untitled.png)

Excited to see flounder back even if they did make it a manlet, as well as clothes, kits, and returning X rank. S+ is kind of a mess.
But I'm not entirely sold on the new weapons. If the roller is the fabled "you actually roll with this one" roller then cool, but the shooter is yet another mid range shooter, nothing fancy, and the charger just looks like bamboozler 2 electric boogaloo. It does have some kind of limited shot gimmick but how is that different from needing ink to shoot?

No. 255125

File: 1668473572048.jpg (370.39 KB, 1299x859, rz0wjhcjmxz91.jpg)

Super excited for Big Run! Salmon Run is my favorite mode so I'm hyped! They showed Cohozuna in the trailer but I wonder if they're going to add another King Salmonid boss for next season of Salmon Run.

The new charger looks like it'll be annoying lol. According to the official announcement, we'll be getting 3 new weapons (the charger, roller, and shooter) as well as 10 returning weapons.

No. 255512

File: 1668624642697.png (429.38 KB, 600x344, D594EFF2-46B0-45FF-9FD3-BB4C48…)

just noticed something interesting on the newest big run trailer, for about a second showed a splatoon 2 sunken scroll
>’’When smoke rises from the seven rings, The pinkfish will emerge from the sea, devouring all the creatures of the land.’’

No. 255543

>shooter that's really long range
Please have a good kit…
I miss you, Jet Squelcher with a useful sub and special…

No. 256712

No. 258922

File: 1669669934033.png (237.02 KB, 464x686, splat weapons.png)

Thoughts on the returning weapon kits? I think they are all pretty decent except for the slosher

No. 259240

File: 1669766494365.png (363.4 KB, 598x606, Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 6.58…)

it's official! big run will start at 12/9 and will end at 12/11!

No. 259246

I just barely made it, got my catalog to 100 before the season ended and I got my dumb dab emote and glasses. Taking a break now but I'm looking forward to the new season.

No. 259261

The new Carbon roller is a throwback to Splatoon 1 so that's kinda cool. Playing rollers make me salty though kek. Overall these aren't weapons I normally play, but I think the new mini splatling looks super fun/evil

No. 259265

Most of them are alright, but
>That offensively bad slosher kit, like what the fuck (although zipcaster did get a nice buff)
>Third game in a row where carbon has burst bombs, fucking stop I SEETHE at carbons
>Sprinkler on an aerospray (???)
>Keep giving splattershot splat bombs
>No jet squelcher alt
Please Nogami I miss my jet so much

No. 259266

I’m going to be so annoying with that aerospray

No. 259328

File: 1669779517743.jpg (111.1 KB, 735x716, 1648067826491.jpg)

>Man datamining the update
>Main Power Up boost Range (cant believe this is in the code)

No. 259617

New season is out
>Big swig is just a slower weaker carbon roller

No. 259642

File: 1669859479351.jpeg (364.52 KB, 1280x720, 850200E5-5DAA-4654-9B98-0EE94E…)

I’m sensing an issue with this map

No. 262980

How did you like Big run nonnies? Any of you got goled cohozuna?

No. 263014

big run was honestly pretty damn fun. i actually beat cohozuna twice during the event kek

No. 263029

Missed top 5% by a singular egg
I feel like they could have done a bit more for big run, they even removed some special waves, but it was enjoyable. Wahoo makes for a strangely good SR map and all the details in the music and whatnot were pretty good, then of course random rotations are always fun.

No. 263053

It was fun but I wish it was… more? Playing big run is just making me more dissatisfied with normal salmon run tbh, Wahoo world was a really good map for SR so there’s a lot of whiplash going from that to a shitty map like marooners bay. I wish they gave us super sea snails too, the trophy is nice I guess but there’s no real point to it other than bragging rights. I wish they would have shaken up SR a little more, like letting us choose our own main/special weapons, since with so many wave types missing it felt a little neutered. Rather than a cool event it overalls felt more like a better than average normal SR rotation.

No. 263054

Yeah I wish they included all grizzco weapons, too. It'd be a chaotic mess if everyone got a random grizzco weapon, but at least it'd be fun and memorable

No. 264107

File: 1671239760483.jpeg (325.29 KB, 1500x844, TAS.jpeg)

splatoon nonnies there's another splatfest on the way! do you have a preference for spicy, sweet, or sour tastes?

No. 264140

I'm going spicy! I love spicy food

No. 264141

Sweet team all the way~!

No. 264143

I'll take spicy
Though I'm sure sweet will have the overwhelming majority of votes. Why sour?

No. 264147

Wow this is a tough one. Mexican candy combines all 3 flavor profiles though kek

No. 264155

This is tough but I’ll probably go team Sweet.

No. 264515

I'm this anon and I was able to get Splatoon 2 for $20, what a score. But after playing on some of the maps, now I understand what people have been complaining about in S3 maps lol but I'm so happy to be playing the story mode. I wish they would port over all the Wii-U games because no one gave a fuck about the Wii-U. Let me have Splatoon 1, Nintendo! And all the other games that still haven't been brought over for some fucking reason.

Definitely going sweet. Sour was an odd choice, I feel like the third option should have been salty.

No. 265156

I understand not wanting to port over the full multiplayer game to the Switch because then they'd have to support more games and they'd be competing with their own latest product, but I really wish they'd make the hero mode available at a discount or something, I heard the first one had the best final boss fight

No. 265972

File: 1672521013998.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3449x3135, a strawberry cake.jpeg)

Splatfest voting is open! I was originally a bit torn between sweet and sour, but I eventually chose sweet.

No. 268057

File: 1673292320275.jpg (66.17 KB, 1275x703, 20230107_204121.jpg)

Any other sweetfags get mostly mirror matches? It got especially bad for me during tri-color

No. 268123

Yes, pretty much all my tricolor matches were entirely made up of other team sweet players.

No. 268124

Apparently team sweet got almost 57% of the votes, so that's why. I was team spicy and I think I fought sour once.

No. 268140

I fought sour a few times, think I got em twice in tri-color. Those matches were just us ganging up on spicy.

No. 268148

Could this be because sweet was the default first choice option to join? I was on team sweet (yay my first win on splatoon 3) but when joining I noticed it started the choice option on sweet. So maybe anyone wanting to play just spam clicked it making them join sweet?

No. 268300

Or it really is just the more popular taste. I mean it makes sense.

No. 271712

File: 1674724330056.jpg (214.48 KB, 1728x967, choco.jpg)

New splatfest is Dark vs Milk Vs White chocolate.

No. 275239

File: 1676163987584.jpg (129.67 KB, 1280x720, l04mk1qxenha1.jpg)

How's the splatfest going? White chocolate is currently in the lead! I'm team milk chocolate and surprised we're in last place. I figured milk chocolate would be the most popular

No. 275251

I'm in Milk Chocolate, too, and winning most of my games. Usually that's a good sign a team has decent players. I do think white is going to win, though. Everyone wanted to join that team because it "looks like cum", "white is cooler", and "I want the title White Defender".

Crossing my fingers for us, nona.

No. 275284

Yeah, I have a feeling you're right. I've been winning most of my games also but the matches against white chocolate are a struggle. The bright ink hurts my eyes lol. Best of luck to us both!

No. 277151

File: 1676931916562.png (627.77 KB, 768x432, bigrun.png)

Next Big Run was announced! It'll take place March 3rd - March 5th (PST) and will feature a new flying King Salmonid. I'm pretty excited! Also as a reminder, the next season starts March 1st so keep this in mind if you still need to complete the catalogue.

No. 277168

can't wait! the last big run was really fun

No. 277182

Did anyone else have major internet issues with the last big run? When I was playing it my household’s download speeds dropped to 2mb/s or something ridiculous like that.

No. 277214

I didn't have any issues outside of the typical disconnects

No. 338787

File: 1701265123500.jpeg (615.28 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_8469.jpeg)

Frostyfest has been announced! The gear looks really cute and I love the idols’ costumes. I haven’t played the game in a while but this has convinced me to pick it back up. Can’t believe this thread has been dead for 9 months.

No. 359502

File: 1709295644750.jpg (326.29 KB, 1449x2048, GG56ydXEAEeNEe.jpg)

Any nonas enjoying Side Order? I died to the last boss due to a distraction and it's so sad lol. I created a very fun blaster, almost Grizzco level. I'm tempted to save up so I can resume from that floor with that weapon.

No. 359516

I've always been garbage at aiming in this game. Does any nonny have any advice/videos that might be helpful? It's probably because I've always played it in handheld mode and after my original Switch broke, I got a cheap mini one.
I suppose I should just accept my lot and play with stick aim.

No. 359528

Started playing again recently and already remember why I stopped. I fucking hate almost all of the maps and the shitty battle pass-esque catalog has ruined gear acquisition. Almost everyone in my town square is wearing the same 3-4 cool outfits you can get from the shop because grinding for clothes is fucking dumb.

No. 359536

Most seasonal gear is a meme, but I remember finding some in the shops…?

No. 359568

I'm not sure how it works TBH. The shop definitely is showing me the shit from launch over and over again though there could be some extra stuff added in for all I know. The catalogs actually have cool fashionable clothes but it's all at like level 50+ so you have to grind through the hell of meme clothes, stickers, and card packs which is fucking lame and I never do it (I think the farthest I've ever gotten was 30). I believe you can replay old catalogs but it has the same issues. I'm just so pissed they took one of the most defining things from this series (the alt/street fashion focus) and made most of its content subject to grinding.
Also just had a long overdue revelation the other day that this game does not have weapon loss animations unlike 2 because it only shows the winners (so they can try to get you to grind for emotes too). Absolutely soulless. I think if the series continues beyond this 3 will become a mostly forgotten relic kind of like how nobody ever talks about Smash 4 anymore.

No. 359766

I can confirm you that today I found and bought stuff from previous catalogs that I didn't even touch, but it's not as common as base game clothes.

No. 359800

Have you tried playing around with the motion control settings yet? If your aim is bad, you could try using weapons that have a wider range instead of a more concise one (like Aerospray instead of Splattershot for example).

No. 359803

I never play Splatoon in handheld mode because I find it harder to aim that way as opposed to using a regular controller. Maybe try changing your aiming sensitivity settings. Also, try different weapons like >>359800 suggested. I became a paintbrush main because it doesn't really require aiming and I like sneaking around

No. 359811

Paintbrush mains are so OP in Clam Blitz I love it. My go to main for the past year though has been Aerospray RG with each piece of gear having the special charge up abilities. I love this combo because I can usually get 10-13 booyah bombs in per 5 minute match, it's especially OP for splat zone battles.

No. 359951

File: 1709497777567.png (558.39 KB, 800x450, IMG_2008.png)

Opinion on new Salmon Run stage Bonerattle Arena?

No. 359991

File: 1709513829405.jpg (369.28 KB, 1440x900, ga-talocan_07.jpg)

I like it, it reminds me of the Talocan ride from Phantasialand, picrel. Now me and my teams can fail miserably but nostalgically~

No. 360050

This is the first I've heard of Phantasialand I feel like it's a very close match for the new Salmon Run map.
>Me and my team can fail miserably buy nostalgically
Kek. I only have faith in my Salmon Run teams when we all have pink suits on.

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