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File: 1666792771958.jpg (10 KB, 299x168, planet zoo raccoon.jpg)

No. 250711

Anyone else play Planet Zoo? Feel free to post

>Your current builds/zoos

>Screencaps of your fave animals
>Mods/features you'd want to see added

Can't wait to see your cool zoos nonas!

No. 250746

This looks cute! Is it like a simulator game?

No. 250750

Not OP but it's a spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon and made by the same team, I think.
These and stuff like Rollercoaster Tycoon (and its spiritual successor, Planet Coaster) are business simulation games. The animals and taking care of them are just one part of the game, you also have to manage other parts of your zoo.
But of course I prefer zoo games because of the animals.

No. 250769

File: 1666809282925.jpg (176.81 KB, 906x635, 20211222081812_1.jpg)

I always feel so uninspired when starting a new zoo. I've been playing since spring of 2020 and I still suck at building and fighting with the pathing system makes me want to kms

No. 250770

File: 1666809527144.jpeg (297.1 KB, 1280x720, 9BB52F1C-EAAF-4F4F-BC31-14B481…)

Same here I started plying to distract myself from Covid and I’ve started zoos with cool looking habitats but I’ve stopped halfway through because I have no patience and just downloaded parks off the workshop that look pretty

No. 250906

I bought it years ago and want to play it, but I found the building system confusing and a huge time sink so I've barely touched it…

No. 252432

File: 1667407246021.jpg (13.5 KB, 200x112, 20221102152328_1.jpg)

Heya, yeah, other nona was right, it is a zoo sim. I mostly spend time building in it and making pretty habitats, but there's a lot of zoo management, layout etc involved if you're into that. In franchise you can trade animals on the market with other players, and there's also a challenge mode where you play in pre-built zoos.

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