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Hellweek is over! Share your thoughts

File: 1668745343994.jpeg (220.31 KB, 800x1043, 288C9018-BF81-41DB-B388-9695C1…)

No. 255920

Post traditional art of beautiful and lovely women

>No anime

>No pedobait
>Keep it tasteful

No. 255936

File: 1668751374208.jpg (43.11 KB, 564x756, bb5a20d5b6ab7883a5a8280f296e9a…)

No. 255943

File: 1668757164425.jpg (42.38 KB, 505x600, restricted.jpg)

No. 255945

File: 1668757317924.jpg (34.77 KB, 382x500, s-l500.jpg)

No. 255946

File: 1668757457827.jpg (39.09 KB, 720x444, madamex_720x444.jpg)

some of my faves by sargent

No. 255951

File: 1668758391609.jpeg (81.74 KB, 400x500, 50065F87-CE94-4FA3-922E-EC890A…)

based thread

No. 255952

File: 1668759350051.jpg (4.59 MB, 3013x2442, the nightmare.JPG)

No. 255953

File: 1668759378625.jpg (1.9 MB, 2473x3106, the nightmare 1790.jpg)

No. 255954

File: 1668759468347.jpg (344.87 KB, 800x1206, 800px-Female_Sumo_Wrestlers.jp…)

Always liked their hair. Not anime!

No. 255955

File: 1668759553212.jpg (988.91 KB, 1246x1500, Cristofano Allori, Judith with…)

No. 255960

File: 1668760629677.jpg (94.32 KB, 487x700, 8d794f743f04cfdfba5b8e301e2058…)

No. 255961

File: 1668760811862.jpg (63.06 KB, 564x1020, 33718a46bfbd9c748fa29de2b4e2d1…)

No. 255967

File: 1668763735828.jpg (470.63 KB, 1448x2048, helium_raven brutus.jpg)

No. 255978

File: 1668768674958.jpg (611.03 KB, 1920x1080, 1627324483705.jpg)

I think these are all from the wallpaper thread here but I'm posting them anyway

No. 255979

File: 1668768766614.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2127x1311, 1556158227747.jpeg)

No. 255980

File: 1668768848671.jpeg (684.77 KB, 2048x1467, 1556158173550.jpeg)

No. 255982

File: 1668768998616.jpg (599.85 KB, 1535x1200, Albert_Edelfelt_-_The_Parisien…)

Then some other ones

No. 255983

File: 1668769059389.jpg (67.9 KB, 520x672, kuningatar-blanka_520.jpg)

No. 255984

File: 1668769118666.jpg (424.25 KB, 1476x1105, pesijattaria.jpg)

No. 255985

File: 1668769156336.jpg (142.9 KB, 1024x838, 1c03c0da-232745-1024x838.jpg)

No. 255986

File: 1668769267029.jpg (626.54 KB, 2000x1512, 604l19102-bcpfl-1.jpg)

No. 255987

File: 1668769310637.png (1.22 MB, 800x561, Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 12-58…)

No. 255988

File: 1668769350483.jpeg (29.5 KB, 300x460, F815EF2D-500D-4BF6-894E-EA7103…)

No. 255989

File: 1668769425159.jpeg (280.77 KB, 787x2048, 3A3198B9-774C-4598-A3D5-7DEE06…)

No. 255990

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No. 255991

File: 1668769506304.jpeg (316.53 KB, 972x1280, 2F1A6892-D239-40F4-9B2C-62F8FD…)

No. 255992

File: 1668769596121.jpg (38.9 KB, 375x504, Tumblr_l_200707740478578.jpg)

No. 255994

File: 1668769630994.jpg (992.72 KB, 960x738, Tumblr_l_18646697727187.jpg)

No. 255995

File: 1668769660662.jpg (418.65 KB, 1280x1944, Tumblr_l_113084603599432.jpg)

No. 255996

File: 1668769666598.jpeg (27.34 KB, 309x598, 87F0F5B7-5558-4EC7-9E4C-EE9E18…)

No. 255997

File: 1668769796514.png (1.85 MB, 985x955, klimt.png)

No. 255998

File: 1668769812996.jpg (167.99 KB, 635x823, Tumblr_l_214122541701685.jpg)

No. 255999

File: 1668769871547.jpg (1.38 MB, 2048x2751, Tumblr_l_304651697633.jpg)

No. 256000

File: 1668769935404.jpg (232.36 KB, 956x1400, Tumblr_l_90491315093855.jpg)

No. 256001

File: 1668769992970.jpg (459.8 KB, 1129x1536, Tumblr_l_18573974284952.jpg)

No. 256002

File: 1668770135178.jpeg (90.65 KB, 797x603, CD5F8246-DD19-43DF-9301-3AB6B2…)

I love this thread. Who’s coming to the sabbath tonight?

No. 256003

File: 1668770464081.jpg (4.99 MB, 2179x4612, Circe_Invidiosa_-_John_William…)

No. 256004

File: 1668770685524.jpg (187.52 KB, 800x906, 800px-Serebryakova_SefPortrait…)

Great thread op!
Do you know who the artist is?

No. 256008

File: 1668773625082.jpg (1.89 MB, 1417x964, John_Everett_Millais_-_Ophelia…)

No. 256010

File: 1668774374701.jpg (746.33 KB, 2048x1016, tumblr_5de71b5adf73723681068ba…)

No. 256011

File: 1668774472556.jpg (87.08 KB, 438x599, Maria_Wiik_-_Ballad.jpg)

She looks cheeky

No. 256012

I think that could be a boy.

No. 256013

Oh I think you might be right

No. 256016

File: 1668779781829.jpg (327.37 KB, 750x1110, Tumblr_l_152229804783458.jpg)

Posting because I love her hair.

No. 256017

File: 1668779833591.jpg (321.18 KB, 1138x1600, Tumblr_l_152077512244679.jpg)

No. 256018

File: 1668779898068.jpg (287.32 KB, 1178x1000, Tumblr_l_152174049296762.jpg)

No. 256019

File: 1668780824130.jpg (552.18 KB, 1280x1668, Tumblr_l_152223552920380.jpg)

No. 256020

File: 1668781350894.jpg (250.68 KB, 823x1024, 823px-Hitchcock,_George_-_Caly…)

love this thread. This is Calpso by George Hitchcock. One of my favorite paintings.

No. 256080

File: 1668805002524.jpg (584.72 KB, 1437x2000, Tumblr_l_17559594982738.jpg)

No. 256081

File: 1668805029488.jpg (1.23 MB, 1959x2679, Tumblr_l_18477594663177.jpg)

No. 256082

File: 1668805055785.jpg (772.47 KB, 1264x1819, Tumblr_l_17992381030456.jpg)

No. 256083

File: 1668805095300.jpg (226.36 KB, 757x1000, Tumblr_l_17538811290121.jpg)

No. 256084

File: 1668805121447.jpg (66 KB, 379x800, Tumblr_l_17871477138833.jpg)

No. 256086

File: 1668805224008.jpg (245.67 KB, 700x1168, Tumblr_l_152832652564109.jpg)

No. 256087

File: 1668805259196.jpg (842.26 KB, 1284x1980, Tumblr_l_17805322724291.jpg)

No. 256088

File: 1668805458817.jpg (315.04 KB, 1360x2048, Tumblr_l_412244149962647.jpg)

No. 256091

File: 1668805737586.jpeg (970.1 KB, 907x1250, img-2017012158833f4acfc68_ipad…)

No. 256094

File: 1668806455936.jpg (1.25 MB, 1157x2241, Tumblr_l_19943845755880.jpg)

No. 256095

File: 1668806503489.jpg (438.93 KB, 925x1554, Tumblr_l_19997944467498.jpg)

No. 256096

File: 1668806537224.jpg (471.04 KB, 940x2596, Tumblr_l_20016433136500.jpg)

No. 256097

File: 1668806816450.jpg (313.47 KB, 864x1994, Tumblr_l_20408343796446.jpg)

No. 256098

File: 1668806839195.jpg (546.85 KB, 634x1590, Tumblr_l_20413158998369.jpg)

No. 256132

File: 1668815689842.jpg (1.03 MB, 1276x2000, 1655286378020.jpg)

No. 256217

File: 1668852711997.jpg (43.73 KB, 429x600, Tumblr_l_20302244873670.jpg)

No. 256218

File: 1668852774440.jpg (199.78 KB, 928x800, Tumblr_l_17693270315669.jpg)

No. 256219

File: 1668852813040.jpg (580.05 KB, 684x1609, Tumblr_l_20399486348522.jpg)

No. 256221

File: 1668852867711.jpg (681.72 KB, 645x1979, Tumblr_l_20415707202369.jpg)

No. 256223

File: 1668852935038.jpg (1.02 MB, 950x2929, Tumblr_l_20371736993675.jpg)

No. 256224

File: 1668852979325.jpg (201.04 KB, 545x1545, Tumblr_l_20393767136830.jpg)

No. 256235

File: 1668853376078.jpg (399.51 KB, 589x1553, Tumblr_l_20385434386983.jpg)

No. 256236

File: 1668853480046.jpg (194.72 KB, 600x797, Tumblr_l_20266604045438.jpg)

No. 256238

File: 1668853596590.jpg (1.01 MB, 1206x2978, Tumblr_l_19908905487493.jpg)

No. 256886

File: 1669078917739.jpg (866.99 KB, 953x1407, d8btbrs-a37a477e-1369-4d56-a41…)

No. 256887

File: 1669078946178.jpg (412.45 KB, 690x1052, d8kwo63-da88e06c-e0e3-4dc2-9d0…)

No. 256898

File: 1669080964387.jpeg (109.83 KB, 501x640, C3181638-DAA1-4F5E-AA70-B1C32C…)

No. 257139

File: 1669156517896.jpg (50.93 KB, 564x678, tumblr_pluczbjSwU1utgy7v_640.j…)

No. 257154

can anons rec some more classical sapphic paintings like this? i want them on my walls. i would love if a female artist did them as well but i know they werent allowed to be famous like moids

No. 257269

File: 1669195539309.jpg (406.06 KB, 1000x863, les femmes à la coupe d'orange…)

More modern than classical but Les femmes à la coupe d'oranges by Georgette Agutte is stunning to me. Albeit I'm not sure if this is the type of painting you sought for.

No. 257270

File: 1669195847992.jpg (821.69 KB, 2048x1219, le cortège de Flore Elisabeth …)

No. 257272

File: 1669196157614.jpg (283.37 KB, 1267x1600, elisabeth sonrel Our Lady of t…)

No. 257275

File: 1669196728191.jpg (1.53 MB, 1110x1366, Pierre-Auguste_Renoir_-_Suzann…)

No. 257303

File: 1669210303172.jpg (2.5 MB, 1536x1335, Sappho-and-Erinna-in-a-Garden-…)

By a gay man, but it's actully Sappho of herself with her lover.

No. 257305

I love her features

No. 257306

File: 1669212221480.jpg (508.47 KB, 1449x1000, 1335699201-520672-jeune-prince…)

Beautiful, I wasn't aware of this artist before.
I wonder what this girl is thinking about.

No. 257307

File: 1669213987169.jpg (311.61 KB, 630x1055, Book of Hours.jpg)

No. 257326

File: 1669221899309.jpg (270.38 KB, 1280x1600, La vie parisienne July 25, 191…)

No. 257327

File: 1669222021187.jpg (437.13 KB, 1600x1019, La vie parisienne July 25, 191…)

No. 257328

File: 1669222066860.jpg (276.6 KB, 1290x1600, La Vie Parisiennes August 1, 1…)

No. 257333

File: 1669222546494.jpg (345.1 KB, 1280x1600, La Vie Parisiennes August 1, 1…)

No. 257334

File: 1669222572737.jpg (259.71 KB, 1600x1019, La Vie Parisiennes August 1, 1…)

No. 257503

gay af looking

No. 257504

File: 1669277082188.png (650.54 KB, 500x663, d87eab7394ec6a8b2ef7fe1e996b23…)

No. 257517

Girl is smoking a blunt underwater while looking up the skaters skirts

No. 257524

File: 1669289628257.jpg (105.7 KB, 650x580, Wilhelm-von-Schadow-964653.jpg)

>no anime


No. 257525

File: 1669289717273.jpeg (24.16 KB, 250x351, 69ed188338cf3520758fc8128a2f9f…)

No. 257526

File: 1669289741520.jpg (43.63 KB, 471x600, friedrich-wilhelm-schadow-de31…)

No. 257597

File: 1669312915900.jpg (81.74 KB, 670x557, Yuri Klapouh by Catherine La R…)

No. 257598

File: 1669313031294.jpg (646.33 KB, 1282x1920, Untitled.jpg)

a classic

No. 257599

File: 1669313059114.png (637.11 KB, 625x459, yuriklapouhbycatherinelarose53…)

No. 257602

Absolutely beautiful anon

No. 257603

No. 257637

File: 1669320852741.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1600x1244, Irving Ramsey WILES-Catherine …)

No. 257638

File: 1669320894745.jpeg (2.98 MB, 1600x2740, Irving Ramsey WILES-Catherine …)

No. 257639

File: 1669320938546.jpeg (268.66 KB, 1080x860, Zhaoming WU -Catherine La Rose…)

No. 257640

File: 1669321047430.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1600x2000, Jean Gabriel DOMERGUE-Catherin…)

I like this french painter. his necks are ridiculously long and the bodies are wispy noodles but I still like the colors and feeling

No. 257641

File: 1669321072649.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1500x2066, Jean Gabriel DOMERGUE-Catherin…)

No. 257643

File: 1669321118212.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1355x1600, Jean Gabriel DOMERGUE-Catherin…)

ignore the scrote

No. 257646

Some of the pictures itt are so beautiful I wouldn't be opposed to printing them on a large canvas for my home kek

No. 257649

His paintings look like Barbie dolls, I like it

No. 257751

File: 1669352600992.jpeg (331.81 KB, 1280x1274, BE4E237D-1E54-4A35-A507-3FB132…)

The Turkish Bath by Ingres

I love this thread, paintings of beautiful women were one of the first things to feel titillating as I grew up and developed attraction and all of it is a lovely callback to me staring at paintings in art books around my home intently

No. 257752

File: 1669352732555.jpeg (2.85 MB, 1799x1318, 758F5D06-DC19-491D-BB19-384987…)

samefag Odalisque with Slave, also by Ingres. (There was a book on his art at my home)

No. 257753

File: 1669352902608.jpeg (587.67 KB, 1920x1452, 4A5C503D-88B4-4E45-9726-405C69…)

Roger saving Angelica

No. 257754

File: 1669353024824.jpeg (189.41 KB, 856x1199, 5826DD2C-B4F1-4E2D-98ED-24012F…)

Finally, a portrait of the Comtesse d’Haussonville. I was captivated by her eyes and the index finger resting against her jawline.

Thank you for the lovely thread, OP. I will return if I remember more ladies from my childhood art books

No. 257765

File: 1669363461968.jpg (988.88 KB, 1632x2326, Tumblr_l_105621468119833.jpg)

No. 257766

Please post more, who is the artist ?

No. 257769

I wish this kind of natural body was still the ideal

No. 257771

Its funny how these were considered rare and voluptuous, because they got to eat. Back then your 102, 105 lb woman would have just been called skinny as an insult about her class or her health.

No. 257789

I have always liked this one, love seeing women in charge.

No. 257791

File: 1669377778763.jpg (177.53 KB, 771x1000, ito shinsui clock and beauty i…)

No. 257794

File: 1669377998546.jpg (162.8 KB, 800x1075, jeune femme assise george auri…)

No. 257796

File: 1669378094262.jpg (735.08 KB, 2398x3200, ishikawa-toraji_dokusho-readin…)

No. 257799

File: 1669378465764.jpeg (134.47 KB, 578x700, EC815753-ACB6-4CD6-A6DE-C12D53…)

No. 257800

File: 1669378549162.jpg (1.4 MB, 2989x4623, Vittorio_Matteo_Corcos_-_Dis-m…)

No. 257801

File: 1669378700813.jpg (196.01 KB, 1000x764, Zinaida Serebriakova – The Bat…)

from the same artist

No. 257803

File: 1669378999315.jpg (889.56 KB, 1378x2000, peter (a young english girl) b…)

No. 257806

File: 1669381085971.jpg (354.13 KB, 1280x951, nap.jpg)

No. 257808

File: 1669381193050.jpg (381.79 KB, 1200x874, godesses.jpg)

No. 257809

File: 1669381714902.jpg (506.01 KB, 608x700, Gerda Wegener Four Women at th…)

Ooh I like this one.

No. 257815

File: 1669386802439.jpg (430.05 KB, 1305x1746, sergius-hruby_uber-traumesbruc…)

Sergius Hruby

No. 257817

File: 1669387294315.jpg (235.33 KB, 845x1217, Tumblr_l_127104927969344.jpg)

No. 257818

File: 1669387321370.jpg (511.85 KB, 1000x1500, il_fullxfull.2438725944_k0ch.j…)

No. 257819

File: 1669387365122.jpg (1.77 MB, 1974x3072, Tumblr_l_126995495782569.jpg)

No. 257820

File: 1669387403249.jpg (811.37 KB, 967x2048, Tumblr_l_127096360684344.jpg)

No. 257822

File: 1669387572318.jpeg (108.49 KB, 600x800, Radclyffe_Hall.jpeg)

No. 257876

forgive me for sounding like a moid but I want a gf who looks like this

No. 257880

File: 1669398792830.jpg (623.23 KB, 1280x780, tumblr_n9bw13UtS61qeubbbo3_128…)

Nothing moidish about that.

No. 257882

File: 1669398851981.jpg (74.04 KB, 508x680, 80f6f01e3d253a2963b733954d40e8…)

No. 257883

File: 1669398953530.jpg (954.16 KB, 770x1062, joan.jpg)

this picture of joan of arc did something to me as a child. something is so esoteric about it, raw. i may not be a catholic, but i genuinely think she was following a destiny.

No. 258020

hot af

No. 258045

I'm not a christian but this is such a great tribute to this woman. The picture shows strenght and purity.

No. 258063

File: 1669464312665.jpg (160.71 KB, 650x545, William Verplanck Birney The R…)

I went to the art museum and saw some cool stuff

No. 258064

File: 1669464341756.jpeg (107.22 KB, 800x599, twowomenonthegrass.jpeg)

No. 258065

File: 1669464816797.jpeg (67.59 KB, 687x800, portraitofayoungwomanJ. E. Fro…)

Aww I love this one

No. 258393

File: 1669558715091.jpeg (38.72 KB, 651x800, Miss Mercer Elphinstone, ca. 1…)

No. 258402

File: 1669560808462.jpeg (103.92 KB, 792x800, Portrait of Elizabeth Williams…)

I like that the description for this painting makes a point to say she was renowned for her beauty

No. 258409

File: 1669563005566.jpg (159.83 KB, 741x700, 673288296.jpg)

No. 258410

File: 1669563027303.jpg (437.45 KB, 977x1332, tumblr_pt3db3L6wY1vjov3vo1_128…)

No. 258411

File: 1669563050406.jpg (187.82 KB, 736x1144, 526d2d32845aabdbc3273606c8b0f1…)

No. 258417

Who is the artist of this? Reverse search just shows random black and white drawings

No. 258421

Sergius Hruby

No. 258443

File: 1669567439501.jpg (120.24 KB, 736x1191, 8ba5a859d52b87a9259fdf4cf66ad7…)

This is my dream thread wow

No. 258447

File: 1669567816590.jpg (112.55 KB, 736x902, 7943356b2b42657ee912bac212857e…)

minidump coming sorry

No. 258448

File: 1669567938267.jpg (147.27 KB, 649x960, ebbb63142a05517c4d4da150082670…)

No. 258449

File: 1669567980152.jpg (152.15 KB, 736x1438, a7ea80f3f8ac3f5961a099532ebc90…)

No. 258453

File: 1669568508803.jpg (194.63 KB, 932x1100, oil-on-wood_by_sergius_hruby.j…)

No. 258454

File: 1669568602584.jpg (272.03 KB, 528x1078, Tumblr_l_20417829121370.jpg)

I don't remember if I posted this one.

No. 258455

File: 1669568638083.jpg (316.72 KB, 675x1764, Tumblr_l_127140623480731.jpg)

No. 258457

File: 1669568699148.jpg (135.8 KB, 450x629, Tumblr_l_233657697902157.jpg)

No. 258475

File: 1669570261770.jpg (140.21 KB, 645x938, af3fa6ca4669123d8ab7ce4e714575…)

No. 261490

File: 1670401938976.jpg (6.79 MB, 2233x3056, The Brinkley Girls - The Best …)

I like Nell Brinkley

No. 261491

File: 1670401980022.jpg (4.74 MB, 2233x3056, The Brinkley Girls - The Best …)

No. 261493

File: 1670402330664.jpg (3.91 MB, 2233x3056, The Brinkley Girls - The Best …)

a lot of the downloads I found were removed so I'll post the only working one I found here in case anyone else likes Nell Brinkley

No. 261509

These are gorgeous

No. 261528

File: 1670421513203.png (2.68 MB, 1268x1186, John_William_Waterhouse,_Study…)

This one really looks like me wtf

I love to send my gf paintings that look like us and this thread is one of my favorites because of that. Ty for the hard work nonas! BrunetteXRedhead contemporary art that isn't Scooby Doo seems to be kind of rare but historic art always delivers.

No. 261531

File: 1670422037236.jpg (505.82 KB, 1280x993, 5287-9.jpg)

No. 261534

File: 1670422145884.jpg (64.64 KB, 600x719, Rf1u1g5cko1_640.jpg)

No. 261536

File: 1670422291397.jpg (263.59 KB, 900x1103, c1ycmo1_1280.jpg)

I love her strong gaze

No. 261539

This is stunning

No. 261863

I love this so much, it's so simple but she looks ethereal to me.

No. 261887

File: 1670511978093.jpg (83.78 KB, 736x840, e5c56b4f154f0732a4cdad27194888…)

No. 261890

File: 1670512067089.jpg (105.06 KB, 675x900, 47a6f38efcd570ef0a3f16fc38f9b1…)

No. 261892

File: 1670512104487.jpg (37.52 KB, 500x666, e4e342652626bd3702f19f255312e4…)

No. 261894

File: 1670512204031.jpg (126.39 KB, 736x641, 2f4dda862946bbff82b2418afe4135…)

No. 261895

File: 1670512273252.jpg (94.4 KB, 736x553, cab59ed397ff65c0b3d8637a88c1b8…)

No. 261897

File: 1670512328731.jpg (242.15 KB, 1131x1920, Tumblr_l_143502897737783.jpg)

No. 261898

File: 1670512514209.jpg (241.48 KB, 1196x1000, Tumblr_l_113354264164448.jpg)

No. 261900

File: 1670513100401.jpeg (99.16 KB, 590x422, artus scheiner.jpeg)

wrong thread, nona. this thread is for pictures of women, specifically traditional art. you can still delete and repost your stuff in the right thread

No. 261901

File: 1670513206577.jpg (1021.63 KB, 1554x1938, Edmund Dulac - The Queen of S…)

No. 261902

File: 1670513229086.jpeg (238.02 KB, 1036x1280, Edmund Dulac, Arabian Nights.j…)

No. 261903

File: 1670513391474.jpeg (250.11 KB, 846x1200, edmund-dulac-circe-with-leopar…)

No. 261904

File: 1670513507403.jpg (793.52 KB, 1588x2275, Edmund Dulac - Hans Christian …)

No. 261910

File: 1670515848526.jpg (243.69 KB, 736x991, tumblr_nruo3mzjYk1ubn6mco1_128…)

No. 264220

File: 1671295278855.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.38 KB, 564x659, 55c5ffbd2e737fea7b2bfc64ad41b7…)

No. 264222

File: 1671295532069.jpg (72.97 KB, 564x736, 0a551704d57b6fda4c28441260e4f1…)

No. 264223

File: 1671295620805.jpg (123.84 KB, 564x1049, 890b3121d90cbbe17f4907d4c4e058…)

No. 264224

File: 1671295744228.jpg (97.03 KB, 750x1227, 'Reflections'_by_Adolphe_Weisz…)

No. 264225

File: 1671295876589.jpg (71.65 KB, 564x741, 6bb2189d4263e8318b5d23f2027180…)

No. 264226

File: 1671295938556.jpg (75.91 KB, 564x744, 7c70eeaafb3de35e3633289d94dba7…)

It's a series about the five senses, but I forgot the artist.

No. 264399

File: 1671320885869.jpg (31.64 KB, 320x320, 320px-Flaming_June,_by_Frederi…)

Flaming June, by Sir Frederic Leighton (1895)

No. 264406

The artist Henri Guillaume Schlesinger. Here's another one Historians will say they were just very good friends

No. 264407

File: 1671322403898.jpg (1.09 MB, 2187x2880, The_Five_Senses;_Taste,_(c.186…)

oops, dropped file

No. 264414

File: 1671324439883.jpg (125.14 KB, 797x960, Federico_Zandomeneghi_La_coiff…)

No. 264483

My parents have a copy of this painting and I remember loving it whilst I was growing up, I never knew what it was called or who did it. Thanks for uploading.

No. 264852

This is such a strong character painting, I want to know her whole story.

No. 265102

File: 1672148905649.png (1.68 MB, 770x1026, 98239726-6640-4513-9071-F75C54…)

No. 265103

File: 1672149148530.jpeg (72.43 KB, 400x263, 90368815-4C84-4B61-B5BF-94E8AB…)

No. 265104

File: 1672149191902.png (1.82 MB, 798x1080, ABA2EEC5-25CE-4135-91EC-930DE5…)

No. 265105

File: 1672149244922.png (5.87 MB, 1270x1920, 36E58454-395E-41B9-AF3E-C6F9CF…)

No. 265107

File: 1672149313002.png (794.99 KB, 760x667, 384142D9-9051-41CB-B5F7-C82950…)

No. 265111

File: 1672150671455.jpg (99.21 KB, 563x688, 6f58076f7ae6b54e35ebe1739f074f…)

No. 265113

File: 1672151226198.jpg (131.58 KB, 564x841, af18118bc75598af646ebc9c883875…)

No. 265357

File: 1672251329439.jpg (75.61 KB, 800x800, unnamed.jpg)

No. 267409

File: 1673066879445.jpg (932.43 KB, 1478x1920, FQv33434.jpg)

No. 267472

File: 1673106791440.jpg (444.52 KB, 1000x1321, GKN_87456.jpg)

No. 267474

File: 1673107111331.jpg (94.52 KB, 800x559, comfysleep.jpg)

No. 267477

File: 1673107892085.jpg (176.11 KB, 640x855, nymph_575.jpg)

No. 267509

File: 1673121456280.jpg (84.91 KB, 603x800, WLC_WLC_P418-001.jpg)

One of my favorite women in history

No. 267517

File: 1673124182567.jpg (1.2 MB, 1679x3072, Tumblr_l_108836112301485.jpg)

No. 267518

File: 1673124261945.jpg (115.05 KB, 692x825, 1671717253320.jpg)

No. 267521

File: 1673124349341.jpg (2.05 MB, 958x1200, Tumblr_l_54762899936646.jpg)

No. 267539

File: 1673126879433.jpg (343.04 KB, 1333x2000, bb6ed7da25e40f72f382133a516afe…)

No. 267548

File: 1673128195801.jpg (166.83 KB, 900x640, art-andrey-remnev-01.jpg)

No. 267556

File: 1673131303391.png (8.69 MB, 2229x2877, joan arc by Swynnerton.png)

No. 267557

Oh this one is great, I like the light on her face and expression.

No. 267624

File: 1673168427309.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1937x1999, EAA62276-F770-41F2-AB8D-BD9651…)

napoleonfag bump, I’ve always loved how casual she looks in the one, like you encountered her while walking through the room

No. 267673

File: 1673197925641.jpg (292.49 KB, 585x1024, 5489328475_1e32a15bba_b.jpg)

Bump, don't scroll.

No. 268369

File: 1673409227731.jpg (185.41 KB, 1022x1024, 1546909296131.jpg)

No. 268370

File: 1673409258796.jpeg (132.79 KB, 736x980, 1673210806411.jpeg)

No. 268371

File: 1673409312740.jpg (280.4 KB, 1181x1505, 1484506066197.jpg)

No. 268375

File: 1673410888034.jpg (1.49 MB, 1991x1274, Summer Airia [Kawamura Kiyoo].…)

No. 268377

File: 1673411180411.jpg (225.46 KB, 2000x1638, Feathered Snow (1944) [上村松園].j…)

I love this thread so much

No. 268381

File: 1673416623567.jpg (306.2 KB, 1056x1280, bb4f7875761c909ecc22afc499ff10…)

No. 268384

File: 1673417064087.jpg (960.32 KB, 1474x2000, von blass.jpg)

No. 268391

bump bc cp

No. 277389

File: 1677021257403.jpeg (2.79 MB, 2737x4000, sean-smylie-dancer4ffsml.jpeg)

No. 288643

File: 1681100277404.jpg (185.69 KB, 800x980, art1.jpg)

No. 288644

File: 1681100307009.jpg (100.18 KB, 500x750, art2.jpg)

No. 288645

File: 1681100329359.jpg (88.09 KB, 544x700, art3.jpg)

No. 288652

File: 1681102886571.jpg (456.67 KB, 2024x2604, the-cradle-1872.jpg)

No. 288801

File: 1681147993169.jpg (156.98 KB, 850x613, __original_drawn_by_dyuami__sa…)

No. 289871

File: 1681638026188.jpg (310.88 KB, 961x2000, cassandra evelyn de morgan.jpg)

No. 290040

File: 1681672641040.jpg (119.01 KB, 617x800, Borzoi (2).jpg)

No. 290041

File: 1681672671203.jpg (77.59 KB, 603x800, 1673121456280.jpg)

No. 290053

Isn't that a man?

No. 290054

Yeah that person is wearing men's clothes and look very flatchested.

No. 290152

File: 1681695054373.png (646.3 KB, 800x400, 174412c7-062a-40a7-b3a3-c013c6…)

no the op but i know this artist (georges barbier) and p sure it's a woman. he just often drew flat-chested women bc he lived in 20s and that was the height of fashion

No. 296616

File: 1684169886541.jpg (252.64 KB, 1002x1400, 5f31efac4a6aa.jpg)

'New Bracelet' by Henryk Siemiradzki, 1883

No. 297329

File: 1684509552244.jpg (1.48 MB, 2939x4000, Piotrowski_Śmierć_Wandy.jpg)

wanda, the legendary lechite princess, who threw herself into the river; she would rather die, than marry that stupid german scrote by name of rytygier.

No. 297379

In the original version she destroyed his army and then he killed himself in front of her out of shame kek.

No. 297381

Are there any paintings of this superior version?

No. 298429

File: 1684959530283.jpg (123.06 KB, 640x1039, 1952_87_560px_2.jpg)

Ophelia makes for such a tragically beautiful muse

No. 298430

File: 1684959551739.jpg (94.9 KB, 1280x615, tumblr_psacgbq78J1rrnekqo1_128…)

No. 298431

File: 1684959621906.jpg (540.95 KB, 1180x2000, w34983.jpg)

does anyone know of more female characters from literature/history/religion who has been popular subejcts in art history?

No. 298932

File: 1685174569348.jpg (631.02 KB, 1202x2048, FwuLvQhWAAEKIN_.jpg)

>"Ophelia" by John William Waterhouse (1894).

No. 299706

File: 1685547004335.jpg (518.95 KB, 1280x1563, 6f58076f7ae6b54e35ebe1739f074f…)

No. 300030

File: 1685686467955.jpg (1.97 MB, 2474x4201, summer-evening-at-skagen-p-s-k…)

No. 300032

File: 1685686567328.jpg (195.14 KB, 1000x953, portrait-of-miss-dora-wheeler-…)

No. 300076

Cute dapper lesbians.
Joan of Arc comes to mind.

No. 300127

File: 1685732483474.jpg (47.89 KB, 600x719, dreamer_of_dreams_p.jpg)

No. 301887

File: 1686580604165.jpeg (33.82 KB, 400x400, DE5B1AFD-A1D4-4322-8E1C-117A26…)

No. 305448

File: 1688039689052.jpg (621.84 KB, 1638x2328, Fzm9mvyWYAU4trt.jpg)

No. 323372

File: 1695626834420.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 1666x3392, Judith_1_(cropped).jpg)

No. 323520

File: 1695700836232.jpg (87.54 KB, 546x800, Laveuse D’étretat (1869).jpg)

No. 323574

File: 1695718927354.jpg (149.21 KB, 1200x930, andrew-wyeth--braids.jpg)

No. 323575

that's not a woman, anon…

No. 323579

is that a male character?

No. 323580

Nta and I haven't finished Elden Ring but yeah I'm pretty sure that's a very pretty male

No. 323585

what does he look like an adult?

No. 323587

his name is Miquella and he is "cursed" with eternal youth. he is sleeping in a rotten egg now R.I.P

No. 323998

File: 1695889991400.jpg (531.74 KB, 1600x2263, FvYU3APacAEb84h.jpg)

No. 328582

File: 1697767132815.jpg (33.86 KB, 450x709, moon.jpg)

No. 335091

File: 1699766342455.jpg (259.32 KB, 521x828, The_Lady_of_the_Lake_by_Speed_…)

No. 335418

File: 1699919878729.jpg (889.12 KB, 1665x2000, cleo de merode.jpg)

Giovanni Boldini was a master at this, painting some of the most beautiful and stylish women of his time

No. 335420

File: 1699919948919.jpg (1.49 MB, 1000x1894, Boldini_-_Franca_Florio.jpg)

No. 335421

File: 1699919971155.jpg (43.95 KB, 518x600, portrait-of-lina-cavalieri-190…)

No. 335422

File: 1699920013755.jpg (39.72 KB, 372x600, portrait-of-princess-marthe-lu…)

No. 335424

File: 1699920096405.png (1.59 MB, 902x1920, boldini1.png)

No. 335458

File: 1699937482084.jpg (2.04 MB, 3201x4214, 1699135195776.jpg)

No. 338690

File: 1701217508900.jpeg (440.14 KB, 970x1198, IMG_2872.jpeg)

No. 344731

File: 1703527248053.jpg (101.39 KB, 800x639, mN1PqqV.jpg)

No. 344732

File: 1703527270873.jpg (143.45 KB, 1047x921, Tav80XE.jpg)

No. 344733

File: 1703527299863.jpg (157.37 KB, 1170x1098, flxndAX.jpg)

No. 344734

File: 1703527329742.jpg (182.77 KB, 1170x952, ah4fcf8.jpg)

No. 353398

File: 1707047104878.png (861.54 KB, 863x863, 1RWJuVC.png)

No. 353964

File: 1707206811003.png (1003.43 KB, 519x1024, Hs4sIFK.png)

>Jacques Joseph Tissot - Triumph of the Will The Challenge

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