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File: 1668989738577.png (1.65 MB, 1131x1740, 6D2C16F9-E5DA-4F97-B238-329D3D…)

No. 256627

Have you seen those stupid ass short comics that people make and are unfunny as fuck? Of course you have, they're all over social media. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, DeviantArt, they're the bread and butter of unskilled artists and writers. Unfortunately, there's a ton of these bad short form comics floating around the internet (and people who make a living out of them, as perplexing as it is). Post the hilariously bad, terrible, lukewarm, mediocre, lazy infuriating, and most annoying ones here!

You can post
>Short comics
>Multiple pannels or illustrations
>4koma/4pannel comics
>Abstracts from a bigger comic

Previous thread: >>232318

No. 256631

File: 1668990835729.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1011.73 KB, 1170x1681, 54A9BD91-2B5D-4E24-BC25-3050E6…)

What does this mean

No. 256632

no fatass scrote would be good in bed because their dicks get buried in the blubber

No. 256633

he wants ants to crawl in his dickhole??

No. 256638

what a weird metaphor. people told him not to look at porn so he couldn't help but get hard over innocent/nonsexual things and now he has fetishes.

No. 256642

No idea why he posted it on TikTok. Why is an adult man monologuing about his fetishes on a platform full of teenage girls?

No. 256647

That looks like twitter, tiktok is just videos for mentally ill brats I think.

No. 256654

It's true. A guy's dick "shrinks" as he gains more weight because the fat grows around the base.

No. 256656

Anon he literally said in the caption that he uploaded it to tiktok

No. 256666

this just looks like pedo shit

No. 256670

Yeah I agree it’s weird to draw a kid with a boner, doesn’t matter how blob-like they are

No. 256678

File: 1669005658378.jpeg (194.84 KB, 1034x1080, 7263587D-9062-4DF4-953A-EC6558…)


No. 256680

Having to show the pink haired troon is a troon with the trans flag fingerless gloves, a pretty accurate portrayal

No. 256681

theyre t4t because no one else could possibly be attracted to this

No. 256729

File: 1669045620978.jpeg (405.82 KB, 1450x1450, Fh3rnIuXkAon_iR.jpeg)

No. 256730

some blobfish comics really do ride the line between based and totally retarded but none of them manage to escape terminal inanity

No. 256731

another TIF named Kai LMAO

No. 256732

reminds me of men telling other men washing their ass is gay

No. 256735

Pretty sure most ugly unwashed moids do so out of pure laziness not the stigma of being clean and uncrusty is gay. These comics are so damn pointless, just make up some dumbass bullying your character and point out how retarded the statement is. The first panel by itself is hilarious though.

No. 256736

But if the guy in the glasses follows his own advice why isn't he as disgusting as the guy in the last panel? Is he lying to get rid of the competition or did the white guy dive into a huge puddle of mud just in caseI think more about the ramifications of these shitty comics in one 1min than their authors do…

No. 256743

Does this even happen irl or is it some kind of amerifat shit? Guys in my country use chapstick.

No. 256752

I didn't even know that young people used it to begin with, I never needed it because the lips are never dry I thought this was some old people thing like face cream tbh.

No. 256758

File: 1669055707287.jpg (42.84 KB, 648x473, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

Everything by merryweather is shit . His "comics" are only popular for coomers , also his vtuber model is making me go shizto

No. 256759

Kek I didn't realize it's mtf (yeah I don't really know what the flags stand for) and thought that a real girl just got her gf's boobs for some reason (maybe because they're bigger or for sentimental reasons) and now I laugh like an idiot

No. 256760

>Hetalia for moids

No. 256768

Men absolutely use chapstick. The polycule that has to pool their brainpower to create blobby comics probably associate with a lot of spergs who are allergic to cleanliness

No. 256777

Just curious anon, where are you from?

No. 256810

>some old people thing like face cream
someone help her

No. 257074

File: 1669139191433.jpg (130.05 KB, 800x1065, FLzqcvSUcAYnVI8.jpeg.jpg)

No. 257075


No. 257076

Was even is the joke here?

No. 257079

Japan has school or work on Saturdays, I guess?

No. 257089

how is this bad?

No. 257091

are you retarded?

No. 257099

Even in the comic I can clock that TIF as a woman

No. 257238

Explain because that comic is pretty accurate to what happens to woman who don't tolerate that troonshit

No. 257295

File: 1669207757327.jpg (410.99 KB, 1080x1511, IMG_20221123_134809.jpg)

Pretty ironic for the Blobby people to publish this comic…

No. 257296

File: 1669207789038.jpg (194.5 KB, 1080x1777, IMG_20221123_134851.jpg)

and then sell merch like this (ofc it's either in blue or pink kek let's screw the gender binary but not too much)

No. 257297

This is a good point, though. Companies just see gay rights as a way to make money and don't actually give a fuck about meaningfully protecting or supporting the marginalized. Many of these businesses continue to harm gay people even while they sell all this rainbow crap.

A broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 257298

its never as insidious as companies actually supporting/funding hate groups, rather they are just completely amoral and will care most about profit above all else

No. 257299

All those girl infants who get murdered for being female and all those African girls subjected to forced mutilation should just tell everyone that gender isn’t real.

No. 257315

It's not a particularly original take though, lots of people have been saying this for a while, I feel like those Blobby comics are just regurgitating shit that's been said on Tumblr and Twitter.

No. 257319

That's not about gender though, that's sex. Gender is made up and shouldn't exist. Sex is tangible reality.

No. 257322

How blind do you have to be to not see the bottom panel

No. 257338

In the bottom panel you can see it's all in the radfem's (I guess lol) head. So the comic is saying that women who talk about being harrassed by the gendies are just hysterical and making it all up.

No. 258124

File: 1669486856683.jpeg (249.11 KB, 1088x1088, 90526729-6D85-47A4-A8E4-11AF16…)

not only does this guys art suck, but these comics just don’t make any sense

No. 258131

imagine thinking anything from these comics are based off reality
so obnoxious

No. 258137

The only part I understand is the family guy death pose

No. 258145

File: 1669492096902.gif (3.42 MB, 600x338, 3a9.gif)

Ty for not being rude anon and explaining

No. 258148

Whats so stupid about this is that irl those fat ugly moids can't even live up to what they expect out of women. If you have to settle with mediocre let it at least be representable looks wise

No. 258156

I find it funny because IRL the big titty goth gf would be a hambeast too

No. 258213

This is why flag-fags are so damn annoying. They just slap their damn flags everywhere and think they changed the world with that.

No. 258216

I unironically never saw any of the comics people post here anywhere else lol
But thanks for others doing the work I guess.

No. 258614

I'm losing my mind nonnies! I just saw a blobby comic on my tumblr dash. I have never seen one in the wild only in this thread so that was surreal. Also not going to post it here because I must shamefully admit it got a light chuckle out of me

No. 258818

File: 1669654600860.jpg (73.61 KB, 772x767, 1669651933830534.jpg)

She genuinely creates some of the unfunniest comics I have ever seen and I hate this "normal girl/ME" bullshit, especially when it's mundane shit like this.
Chances are high that the most people rather consume too much shampoo than far too little.

No. 259332

File: 1669780860473.jpeg (129.7 KB, 750x750, 498B6751-1C4D-4D74-A058-74E0F2…)

No. 259333

File: 1669780885079.jpeg (144.92 KB, 750x750, B7BEE121-C755-4055-B75F-841CD1…)

No. 259334

File: 1669780922217.jpeg (122.37 KB, 750x750, D744F048-A05D-49EC-AB21-FBE13F…)

No. 259336

I love how schizo these are. For some reason I just can't hate them.

No. 259340

File: 1669782662891.jpg (122.68 KB, 1080x1080, 1610585590953.jpg)

They're all projecting bad vibes towards the cop?

No. 259341

cops arent supposed to give a shit about how people feel toward them. thats why its illegal to get arrested for insulting a cop (even tho some have tried because theyre powertripping.) cops are supposed to enforce LAWS. not expect everyone to love them.

No. 259612

This makes it look like the bad feelings are gonna give the cops cancer or something

No. 260052

File: 1670004620274.jpg (2.73 MB, 1523x6542, 1630588142302.jpg)

A NB Smol bean comic, about how she struggles explaining her LARP to regular people, also claiming colonization is the only reason we have for the Gender Binary

No. 260057

I thought cultural appropriation was a big no-no for burgers, but ig it's okay if trannies do it

No. 260058

The whole "white people brought homophobia and transphobia!!!" thing seems mostly to be coping mechanism for non-white wokies, especially on twitter kek. Trying to blame their country's "bigotry" on the evil white colonizers

No. 260063

Which is funny because the ebil white colonizers have a "third gender" thing too: Castrati/Evirati. But I imagine that's not exotic enough for woke twitter burgers. They know enough English to recognize "castrate" in the roots and realize others will be put off by such an example.

No. 260064

All of those "third genders" are just gay men. In cultures with stringent gender roles, homosexuals are considered "other" since they don't fit into the dominant male-submissive female partnership model. Most third genders were treated poorly outside of some ceremonial purposes, and most are male only; women rarely got to identify out of the breeder role, or most probably would've

No. 260065

I thought "mahu" meant "faggot" among Hawaiian natives

No. 260068

Castrati like most of other terms mentioned in the comic weren't thought of us as a natural sex, they were considered a lesser group of men but never real women

No. 260070

File: 1670009632654.png (63.53 KB, 1045x697, fa'afafine.png)

>The "third gender" term from Hawaia, Māhū, is a male to female identification used by (primarily homosexual) males who teach hula (they were allowed to perform in some temples that women weren't), and were known to "always be available for sexual conquest by men"; It is a role for gay men who act as performers and sex objects for other men
>The "third gender" term from central america, muxe, is a male to female identification used by (primarily homosexual) males who dress in "female" clothes or otherwise behave "like women". They do jobs associated with females. It is a role for homosexual and GNC males.
>The "third gender" used in Samoa, fa'afafine, is supposedly an identification used by males to signal "being between male and female", but the term itself means "in the manner of woman". So, once again, it is a male to female identity. Fa'afafine are known to do housework, care for families, and only having homosexual sex (sex with other men). It is a role for homosexual males.

No. 260072

I assume that's why third gender was in quotation marks

No. 260081

Steven Universe has ruined an entire generation of cartoonists.

No. 260085

In my country the Castrati were male opera singers that were castrated to maintain a feminine voice. The practice was born because women could not sing in churches or choirs, so mem took young males with a good voice and castrated them.
Males that were castrated for purposes that were not singing were called eunuchs, and they existed pretty much anywere to serve/guard harem women/concubines. I see a lot of twans people calling the japanese kagemas and south italy's femminiellis a " third gender", but these people were literally just effemminate gay men, performers and male children forced into prostitution (and if a male isn't dominant in sex, then it's automatically a "woman"). Third genders didn't exist. They were all males not abiding to the male gender role because they were forced to by male degeneracy or were gay. Trans people are fucking insane and they're rewriting history.

No. 260094

Imagine you'd rather cut off male children's healthy organs instead of letting women just sing in a church normally. Religions are fucked up. Are you Italian? I've known this about Italy but maybe other countried did this as well.

No. 260115

None these "based" pre-colonial communities would even let you finish your explanation about your complicated genderfeels before sending you to work with the rest of the women and force you to be a mother.

No. 260138

damn. some things never change huh kek

No. 260159

>Aren't you faggots supposed to reject the binary entirely?
>Maybe for some folx but I see both masculinity and femininity as being part of my personality, sometimes I'm feeling more like a dude and sometimes I feel more like a lady
Has it ever occurred to troons and enbies that neither the masculine nor the feminine traits they identify with are inherent or exclusive to any one sex and are in fact neutral, and that masculinity and femininity as they understand it are a farce? I'm starting to think all of them are legitimately autistic

No. 260168

>Boys…may be nominated as the Fafa in a family of all boys but Leo says that doesn't always work out for the best
Gee I wonder why. I love how these trans trendies always forget about the child grooming aspect in some Pacific islands

No. 260260

Instead of rejecting these backwards, primitive, child grooming traditions, they comfortably support them while sitting in their comfy, tolerant, free societies in the first world.
While they get to choose to be a genderspecial, a child in Polynesia gets brainwashed into thinking he needs to like having a dick up his ass by his whole family. I wonder how many of these boys get raped by older men while they are still young.

No. 260314

File: 1670096974629.jpeg (519.48 KB, 2048x2048, 6FA77F6D-DD2C-48F4-A03D-284E96…)

I thought edgy humor was supposed to be funny

No. 260320

The second panel already makes it clear she is mentally ill and if I would hear this I would assume they are part of some eso cult.

No. 260324

>Historically māhū were assigned male at birth. In pre-contact times māhū performed the roles of goddesses in hula dances that took place in temples which were off-limits to women.
>Others describe the māhū as not having access to political power, being unable to aspire to leadership roles, and "Perceived as always available for sexual conquest by men."
So is it actually just a role that was invented to erase homosexuals and allow feminine roles in spaces women were excluded from?

No. 260332

what is it with extreme patriarchal societies and open boy fucking ?

No. 260333

File: 1670100032971.jpg (711.3 KB, 661x992, hi_res_hajdari2_color.jpg)

How ironic the only female to socially male are in the evil western land of the coloniser

No. 260336

did she ask her therapist if she is cis and hetero?

No. 260340

File: 1670101004626.jpeg (52.66 KB, 857x355, 2022_5$largeimg_1060341600.jpe…)

actually, there do exist some similar groups in south asia, families without sons have their daughters "become" male, usually requiring wearing male clothes and cutting their hair short and adopting a male name and everyone sorta goes along with it, but its super rare and other then pockets in south asia and the Balkans, women adopting a male identity is basically unheard off

No. 260471

Naw, this is funny.

No. 260472

Thank you nona, I did not know

No. 260485

File: 1670135783811.jpg (140.04 KB, 1100x619, 190618170311-01-as-equals-afgh…)

its a dead tradition in south and central India, but still happens in the northwest Pakistan and Afghanistan, now I'm sure your aware that most of these societies are the furthest thing from progressive or tolerant, that's why its jarring to see western wokeoids pretend like these were so enlightened

No. 260486

Men feel entitled to the bodies of those that they feel are inferior, so the more control they have in a culture, the more that entitlement is going to be evident in its traditions and governance.

No. 260489

yes but why abuse young boys though, to the point where your society literally declares having sex with adult women is less "refined" then having sex with underage boys

No. 260499

For islamic nations, it's to avoid having extramarital affairs and sex before marriage. Sex between man and man is a sin, but boy and man doesn't count for some reason. Even without this reasoning most sultans had a huge boner for teen boys kek.

No. 260500

It's rather interesting to see it happend even in muslim countries. As a western european it's pretty interesting since we would probably choose the husband of a daughter, like the japanese sometime did for familial business.

No. 260508

men are just depraved.

No. 260532

>but boy and man doesn't count for some reason
I bet the reason is "well technically and grammatically it's not mentioned that we're not supposed to fuck boys, only men, soooo…" just like how some muslims will tell you it's not a sin to eat pork if you had no clue, you were tricked into it or you were starving to death and then some of them will argue that if you're just very hungry then it's ok to eat a hamburger with two slices of bacon because it did feel like starving. No I'm not making this up I had classmates have this conversation with me several times long ago.

No. 260538

I actually live in Pakistan where this is still common(like my cousin was almost kidnapped and one incident where I went to the market with my brother and a group adult men were whistling at my younger brother) the logic is that women are for making babies and boys are for pleasure, and you are correct, its considered gay to fuck an adult man(which is mostly seen when a male starts growing significant facial hair)
its just one of million horrible things that's wrong with extremely misognystic Islamic societies(derailing)

No. 260542

Same as well . Whereas I live in a big city this problem is more prominent and disgustingly open in madarsas(like bible study but islamic)more often than not boys who are sexually abused are told to walk it off or forget it. Muslim men are more pedophilic in their views about girls and boys ie. that one incident regarding the prophets bride who was only 6 when she was married(derailing)

No. 260543

oh yeah that happens here as well, probably a million cases but it happened to a cousin of mine but my family never could do anything, cause one fatwa from a molvi and you don't know what radical might end up murdering your entire family at night

No. 260544

I had a personal incident with one although my grandmother beat the shit out of him . Mulvis are pests just like the priests in the Vatican

No. 260547

Suddenly it all makes sense. The decline of society begins with your children. If your children are abused, they grow into mentally ill adults who continue the cycle of abuse.
In my country child abuse is also rampant and the society has completely broken down. Nobody has any morals or values and children get treated terribly.

No. 260555

File: 1670160838014.jpeg (556.38 KB, 1519x1296, 00e68d4ms5851.jpeg)

this is an interesting yet depressing discussion but belongs in another thread, lets get back on topic
what country ?

No. 260556

File: 1670160873162.jpeg (443.68 KB, 1536x2048, 0a4grh8j3x991.jpeg)

and picrel is what she really looks like

No. 260557

>top 10 things that never happened

No. 260560

You're so fucking right! What thread do we go to for this? It's not exactly tinfoil.

No. 260561

Look at this expensive middle class house. Having a gender identity is a western privilege

No. 260562

maybe the child abuse in hollywood thread, many of the topics are about general societal abuse as well

No. 260563

That artstyle looks like Noelle Stevenson's, I hate it with a passion.

Of course the spicy white blonde rich girl is drawing herself as a brunette with an ambiguous tan kek.

No. 260564

I wanted to point out the house too kek Imagine being too comfortable that you have to create problems. If I was stable and in a cozy house with a cute dog I would literally just shut up.

No. 260572

>at least I was male passing for once
So she admits MtF trannies are men…

No. 260575

This would never happen because even if you wear mens clothes and have short hair people can still tell you are a woman

No. 260576

File: 1670167756684.jpg (50.52 KB, 490x660, 21f95d3b75978134f09674c9abbf77…)

No. 260579

File: 1670168077768.jpg (89.33 KB, 600x391, Frontmatter_April_WEB_Castle_-…)

>That artstyle looks like Noelle Stevenson's, I hate it with a passion.
its one of the tumblr art styles, like if you were the type of teenager who used to read tumblr webcomics back then you what style this is going for, where everywhere was "inspired" by either Emily Carroll or Hark! A Vagrant and a few others that I can't remember right now

No. 260583

I know, I already didn't like that style just for what it was back then, but now I hate it even more because of the type of people I associate it with. I thought Noelle Stevenson was just a clueless teenage girl with no talent who just posted her art for fun a decade ago when she posted MCU stuff, I was shocked when I learned she made art her main occupation.

No. 260598

>wants to be seen as a man
>gets upset when someone does it
Those people always want to be victims so bad

No. 260644

Imagine having a sense of self so paper-thin that game choices are a crucial source of psychological elation instead of self-retrospection and critical thinking, couldn't be me

No. 260653

I'll take things that never happened for $600.
She looks like every girl with shorter hair. wow

No. 260945


I made a post in the hollywood pedo thread of /ot/

No. 260968

File: 1670259111070.jpg (596.52 KB, 3087x3087, 7a4grh8j3x991.jpg)

another TIF comic, you can literally clock them on artstyle alone

No. 261015

File: 1670265613530.png (Spoiler Image,940.22 KB, 1363x1059, gay cringe.png)

any baalbuddy comic can go here. he charges hundreds of dollars for each of them btw

No. 261023

I hate his comics so fucking much, pure coomerism

No. 261028

Reading this felt like watching a schizo on crack monologuing in public transport two seats away from me.

No. 261036

Yup, that's Musk's target audience indeed.

No. 261049

>narrow hips
We all know coomoids have impossible beauty standards for women because of anime, and that, as fuck up as it is, includes children. Oppai loli is a thing as well, plus even though the character's not "loli" or prepubescent, she's still underage and "ephebophilic" males who jack off to her are disgusting misogynistic pigs who are obsessed with sex and have pedo tendencies, you can bet your ass that they've jacked off to loli before, too.

No. 261086

>cow tits
why are men so obsessed with using dehumanizing language when describing female body parts I hate it

No. 261157

I cannot believe this moid appropriated Ahab's look as if VB would ever allow such degeneracy to affect him. Moids like that are the exact kind that VB would send off to die at sea

No. 261283

File: 1670333999695.jpg (666.66 KB, 1456x8366, 1-3.jpg)

Since she was brought up in western animation thread, I am now posting NATE Stevenson's cringy webcomic about her "coming out" as a demiboy

No. 261284

File: 1670334034211.jpg (529.85 KB, 1456x6666, 2-3.jpg)

No. 261286

File: 1670334508490.jpg (468.26 KB, 1456x7217, 3-3.jpg)

No. 261289

Ok so in other words a female, this really is such a first world problem

No. 261292

Every single Aiden comic look the same, truly a cult.

No. 261294

This is the most navel gazey shit I've read, rarely do we see people write so much to say so little. It looks she made her life so much more complicated for no reason, with TiFs you can usually discern the trauma (or the porn addiction) when they troon out, but here there's just nothing here, like she was just bored or something. I know her relationship with her wife was complicated but you don't decide to mutilated your breast just for that.

No. 261295

I agree with the cult sentiment, but the reason they have the same art style is cause they all had their roots from tumblr

No. 261422

I wish someone would do a deep dive into how tumblr changed the left just like I always see pieces on 4chan and its place with the far right

No. 261548

File: 1670424553903.jpg (1.64 MB, 2550x3300, 001.jpg)

Not as awful as some of the other shit TIFs, but here's some feminine uwu he/they cringe.

No. 261553

File: 1670424682428.jpg (1.24 MB, 2550x3300, 002.jpg)

No. 261554

File: 1670424747671.png (1.19 MB, 591x1236, heartmush.png)

and here's what she actually looks like

No. 261556

She's cute, shame about the gender

No. 261559

To be honest I always went into the men's bathroom in school because the women's bathroom was dirty as hell and there were always some inside and talking.

No. 261561

I still believe that the series wasn't written by her, or at least not in detail. I liked She-Ra surprisingly well despite of the pink princesses and stuff, but every single Noelle tweet I saw was just her screeching and getting meltdowns like a shizo with anger problems and I doubt that such a person is even capable of forming rational thoughts.

No. 261562

Peak bias considering that she always posted about wanting to kill all men. Maybe she should start with herself now.

No. 261563

Internalized misogyny sucks

No. 261564

This makes no fucking sense. What does "male" even mean to her if it obviously has zero connections to the look, clothes or anything someone does and not the organs either?
What is it that makes her "manly"? She is just the most generic girl ever. Hell I never even met women as feminine as her, but somehow, it's her claiming to be a boy?

No. 261572

I think she's claiming to be genderless, not a guy.

No. 261585

she user he/him pronouns and calls herself a boy

No. 261591

I always want to asks these people that because obviously their gender concept means nothing but I feel like asking this would be dangerous. They obviously want to be girls and behave like girls but be referred to as he for.. some reason.

No. 261594

File: 1670431897281.png (6.56 MB, 1792x8192, F1.png)

I don't get it myself, every Fakeboi wraps back around to being hyper feminine, they go through all the effort of transitioning just to call themselves femboys in the end

No. 261595

File: 1670431922456.png (4.76 MB, 1792x4096, F2.png)

No. 261596

File: 1670431987928.jpg (703.65 KB, 1274x2048, IMG_20210308_162345.jpg)

and this is she how looks like, she identifies as a "femboy" btw

No. 261599

This is what I noticed too. They are always the most feminine and girly women you will ever meet. The female party fans with painted nails and make-up that I know are more tomboyish than these people who literally behave like little girls but for some reason pretend to be man.

I am forced to remember the 4chan meme about every guy wanting to be a little girl. That's just this but gender reversed.

They turn to boys to become girls or something but complain that other people don't get it when they are clearly don't getting it themselves.

No. 261600

File: 1670432646765.jpg (220.52 KB, 1920x1080, EyQ8u40WQAQ8P6e.jpg)

>is a girl
>turns to a boy
>doesn't want to behave or dress like a boy
>wants to be a girl
Almost as if the whole trans idea was just an empty meme or a phase.

No. 261601

typical NLOG, girly girls are "cringe" but girly guys are "based" etc etc

No. 261695

Neither of them pass. kek

No. 261701

ofc she uses T gel. That shit is deadly to other women, so be warned. What sucks I was a big Hunger Games fan in 2012 and i remember her art from it on tumblr. It's insane to me that 10 years later she is now doing this to herself.

I used to go into the men's bathroom when the women's was full and had a huge line. I dunno why these Tifs act like it's new or unique.

No. 261703

Being terminally online is a mental illness. I grew up as a tomboy and sometimes I feel like wearing skirts to nice events. I dont understand why these women cant just not care. Wearing a dress doesnt make you a girl…Wearing a hoodie is not masculine. College was filled with cute girls in hoodies and sweat pants.

No. 261836

File: 1670492345517.jpeg (983.31 KB, 1300x1300, FjaIEceWIAU7kRM.jpeg)

No. 261837

This is the by by the blobby people, isn't it ?

No. 261839

>I made changes to my body uwu
No bitch you amputated healthy organs for the aesthetics, fuck you. I just got a huge tumor removed from my breast, nothing too harmful yet but it was recommended to remove it in case I ever get breast cancer to make it easier to check, and just seeing the scar on my nipple makes me want to nauseous, I have no idea how these girls can see their chests like this and be happy about it.

No. 261841

I wanted to post this too.
This shit is so useless and boring that shit itself is more creative and fun than the artist who drew it.

No. 261849

It feels like the same thing you'd get if you just fed an AI bad woke comic strips. It's not even preachy or condescending, it's just… nothing

No. 261854

why would anyone identity with the term femboy? I know that it just means "feminine boy" but at this point the term has become such a meme and the term is mostly used by coomers(I also have heard some claims that it originates from porn but I don't have evidence to back it up so don't quote me on that)

No. 261856

>that it originates from porn
it doesn't, the term actually originates from tumblr and was actually related to the emo scene at one time, just with more brighter clothes

No. 261870

File: 1670507272506.png (402.27 KB, 500x623, 15AA6C4E-9B72-4A9B-8DD2-C9833F…)

It overlaps with the weebs being into "traps", in the end it's yet another terminally online term that only absolute losers use to give themselves a sense of identity.

No. 261872

As anon mentioned >>261870 , femboys come from "traps" which were characters in anime drawn as girls but actually boys. Discussion over "does it make it gay if you want to fuck traps" became some sort of a meme on weeaboo boards and forums more than a decade ago.

Then some autists took it seriously and thought the concept of a trap could be transferred to real life and started doing the whole "femboy" shit where they are not exactly trannies but try to disguise themselves into girls to be sexually desired by other terminally online men.

Nowadays there are NLOGs who do not feel attractive as actual women but want attention from autist men and think they could be attractive as "femboys" even though they are female and not male. They use gender ideology to try and rationalize their need for male attention.

No. 261875

It was correlated with traps to the point that the term has lots its original meaning, but I'm telling you the term "femboy" started out as a pastel variation of the emo/scene look, just look at this video and you can see what the actual femboy look was all about

No. 261882

Funny how that moid would never draw a comic with an ugly woman dating an attractive man in positive light.

No. 261899

File: 1670512982553.png (3.26 MB, 1246x1829, mw.PNG)

not to defend because that only happened once but more of a fun fact I guess, he made this

No. 261906

File: 1670514109586.jpg (261.5 KB, 1009x1024, 1651338407864.jpg)

we need to return

No. 261916

He only made it in response to people criticizing the original comic, he even made two or three of those retarded "gross neet dating a how girl" and the reverse is only one drawing and not even heartfelt.

No. 261922

yeah it seems more like a "happy now, haters??" gotcha

No. 261941

No. 261942

>he has long nails
didn't even bother

No. 261952

I also do that when the line is long. Men just look at you confused, idc I have to pee.

No. 261962

File: 1670527740315.jpg (1.37 MB, 900x9300, 1.jpg)

not necessarily bad, but does this stuff really occupy people's minds that much? JUST DO WHATEVER

No. 261964

Men's bathrooms usually have more toilets overall because they have both stalls and urinals and urinals are more compact.

No. 261985

>Genderless being
>Literally just a guy

No. 261988

The "genderless" version looks unironically hot but I don't get why it is an issue.
Cannot really talk for others maybe I would be annoyed as well if my tits were too big, but they aren't so that pic is a goal. I am even quick to get muscles, I am just too lazy to train regularly.

No. 261991

>I'm… neither? both?
She literally looks like half of the people in my lesbian friend group. Hard mascs or femmes are honestly a lot less common than people would think from just being online. idk she should maybe just make more lesbian friends.

No. 261993

Genderless being is just an anime pretty boy.

No. 261997

Being busty, I get how breasts can be annoying since they are fat and hide pectoral muscles. But breasts shouldn't be seen as undesirable. Hating femaleness isn't progressive.

No. 262006


These women want to act and dress girly because that's what they genuinely like, but don't want to be seen and treated like a girly girl.

The problem is society (men) not respecting women based on the way they dress. They want the respect of men, but they don't want to dress and look like men. They hate their boobs because men sexually harass them for existing with breasts.

None of these girls want to be men, they just want ugly moids to treat them as equals. They want to dress cute and not be sexually objectified.

No. 262021

That blue wig looks so fucking bad.

No. 262040

Why does every woman who just want to be left alone by men do this shit?
>I work out
>I hate my breasts!
>but i still wanna be a woman
Welcome to being a regular woman.

No. 262068

I think even women who really like the shape/size of their breasts can agree that they get in the way sometimes. To attribute it to gender woo is overthinking it way too hard.

No. 262091

File: 1670575439446.jpeg (547.78 KB, 1450x1450, FglEQPTWQAIPw9Q.jpeg)

yes it is

also this one totally not drawn by the fujo one

No. 262329

File: 1670625359911.jpeg (459.46 KB, 1450x1450, 87F6E367-3011-4459-B368-834C8C…)


No. 262330

Why is the toxic guy drawn so sexy

No. 262345

they can't be fucking serious with this shit

No. 262347

Lily is jewish? I always thought she was meant to be asian. I'm starting to like blobby in a so bad it's good way, so I wanna know the characters lore.

No. 262349

He kinda looks like Germany from Hetalia in first panel but with darker hair

No. 262367

I think she's both

No. 262392

Blobby wtf lol. I thought this must be an edit.

No. 262394

what's the message of this comic? that jews aren't "really discriminated against" therefore they should shut up about antisemitism? in real life the antisemitic hate crime rates are still pretty damn high. is this a real blobby comic and not an edit?

No. 262420

File: 1670648307799.jpg (269.81 KB, 1079x871, Screenshot_20221210-075645_Chr…)

NTA but I also thought this was an edit. It's not kek "jew stuff" next thread pic please.

No. 262437

File: 1670654912044.jpg (1.85 MB, 1280x3619, E4o255P6Ds8E0G.jpg)

lmao the disappearing and reappearing cape, the weird folded arms in the last panel, and everything else

No. 262479

Is she still doing these shitty comics or is this an old one?

No. 262511

>I enjoy sex and masturbation
>You're ace
words have no meaning

No. 262516

Blobby xiself is Jewish? How is the deformed dead blob fish being Jewish perceived by the Jewish community?

No. 262522

File: 1670681907859.jpg (336.18 KB, 1800x1350, DvNKj_rVsAAWlLX.jpg)

Its the writer talking, not the character

No. 262527

My Jewish husband said “of course he’s Jewish look at that nose” kek

No. 262562

File: 1670696335198.jpg (2.12 MB, 1280x5241, spicy heteros comic.jpg)

one final spicy straight feminine girl comic

No. 262567

File: 1670696527441.jpg (369.31 KB, 1280x1707, spicy heteros.jpg)

and here's a pic of the totes queer couple and yes she did portray her bf as ethnic looking guy in her comic, when he's a white guy IRL

No. 262570

File: 1670696918938.jpeg (105.89 KB, 717x713, 1670625359911~2.jpeg)

God it's so bad out of context I can't stop laughing.
>Jew stuff

No. 262571

She… whitewashed herself?

No. 262572

This is top cringe kek the whole animesque poses and making the bf look ethnic while just white kek. God she wishes she was in anime lmao

No. 262575

Please, can we get "Bad Comics #3 - Not an Edit Edition". I was half expecting Blobby to start going off about how Kanye was right or how it's interesting Abby doesn't care because she isn't one of (((them))) kek. I think I'd actually enjoy the adventures of Abby and her schizophrenic blobfish more.

No. 262578

Year I don't get it, I thought Blobby was supposed to be this paragon of social justice, he sounds like a boomer who's kinda racist but is still trying to look good in front his son-in-law.

No. 262585

Kek oh my god I was almost ready to report you for racebaiting lmao

No. 262602

Just like in my BL manga kek. I wonder if she's a fujo, it would explain a lot.

Are you sure this is supposed to be them? The comic looks like a white girl with an ethnic guy. The bf even looks blond.

No. 262604

not yet a woman

No. 262678

It's internalized misogyny and in some cases pickmeism as well, it's not hard to see why they troon out.
They have come to subconsciously associate being a woman with negative stereotypes to the point that they practically take it as an insult to be called a girl (a lot of people, especially moids, literally see it that way and are vocal about it, so imo it's understandable). These women want to dress and behave how they want, but without the stigma of sex stereotypes and treatment that come from being female. They don't want to be judged as women and objectified anymore so they identify as male (and, in the case of some straight ones, at the same time they also think they're embodying the kind of ideal and unique man they wish existed).
This way, they think they can be as girly or feminine as they want without being objectified or seen as inferior in society since femininity is associated with being weak, submissive, a sex object, vapid, stupid, etc. and men are by default deemed superior even if they're feminine too. So they'd rather identify as said men than as a feminine woman which they believe is worse than anything. This is likely the case of >>261548

Alternatively, some of these girls don't fit the standard of femininity, so they try to identify out of being female thinking they cannot be women if they're not sociable, nice and clean, and aren't wearing pink dresses and makeup 24/7 (they think they're failed women), or thinking they cannot wear a wide variety of styles or behave "in an unladylike manner" if they identify as female (because they'll be punished or feel inadequate for not conforming to sex stereotypes). This may explain all those socially awkward TIFs that are into disgusting/weird stuff, are very unkempt irl, and are at least somewhat GNC.

For most FtMs and perhaps all enbies, it's not really about wanting to be men but about escaping womanhood because they hate how you're treated for having been born female. This can be seen here >>261283 she still likes and accepts some feminine aspects of her own self but wants to be seen as anything but a woman, perhaps something between the two sexes.
A lot of them have also suffered some degree of sexual trauma that has made them want to identify as women even less. On to of that, a few of them might be autistic and unable to understand that sex stereotypes aren't what make you belong to either sex. Or maybe they just want to feel special and not just a regular old girly girl but I honestly doubt this is the main motivator for most TIFs.

Some of them, who are pornsick, desperate for male attention and with horribly low standards, also call themselves femboys to attract gross coomer scrotes.

After writing this I realized >>262006 had already explained it in a much shorter post kek, but still. I really wonder what would happen if you asked these fakebois and enbies what's the source of their rejection for their "assigned gender at birth" as they call it or what makes them think they're not actually women. Better yet how would they react if you brought up internalized misogyny or questioned them about their misunderstanding of gender roles and stereotypes. They never really mention any of this when they make these coming out as trans comics. Maybe a few of them would admit to being aware that it's bullshit and just hating their sex so much that they pretend to believe it, but there's a lot of women who aren't aware and really can't seem to figure out in their own why they hate themselves.

No. 262706

File: 1670729628925.jpg (92.34 KB, 500x376, 1670664284860761.jpg)

great write up nonna, you explained the mindset perfectly

No. 262719

>After writing this I realized >>262006 had already explained it in a much shorter post
Yeah… she did. You shouldn't have posted, you added nothing.

No. 262720

don't be mean, she gave a lot of insight on the topic

No. 262727

I'm sorry. In my head that was more deadpan than vicious. I think sometimes when you write a long comment and then notice someone already said what you are saying… you should just close the tab and not post.

No. 262732

The trap thing is pedoshit because the only way a male can look like a "girl" is if he is prepubescent.

No. 262768

File: 1670761815346.jpg (98.25 KB, 1212x720, 5gsnchc2xe131.jpg)

>Soy Uke
so a fujotroon

No. 262772

True. That's why it disgusts me so much to see every pornsick motherfucker out there joke about or openly lust after "femboys". Most of the time it's obvious pedoshit, often overlaps with shota, but everyone seems to think it's totally normal and even progressive, somehow. But then again they also think anime depicting high/middle school aged girls in an extremely sexualized way is normal so it shouldn't surprise me.

No. 262773

>Soy uke
Obviously female.

No. 262775

As if one couldn't tell by the art style alone lmao

No. 262781

Oh that too, but I was like trying to imagine if I saw it irl. The pin would definitely give it away

No. 262788

File: 1670773930007.jpg (307.57 KB, 891x894, 03.jpg)

Blooby and friends reads like a weird power fantasy for twitter liberals

No. 262792

Maybe she really isn't kek .shouldn't blooby be saying this is "toxic behaviour " cuz it is lol.

No. 262797

All I'm getting from this is that the girl is a sore loser.

No. 262857

This just feels too on-the-nose… sexism is definitely a big problem in gaming, but every time I've been to an arcade, everyone is just minding their own business and having fun. Maybe it's hard to have any more nuance than this in a short 4 panel comic. I just feel like something a little more subtle would be more meaningful.

No. 262878

File: 1670794920784.jpeg (559.8 KB, 1441x1447, SV.jpeg)

don't think too much about it, it's just the braindead opinions of the writers

No. 262892

>that pin
but why???
kawaii desu
posting this person should be considered cheating

No. 262899

You know these stupid bitches are 5'2 irl and would never be this bold. lmao

No. 262969

okay i kind of love this though, it's giving me 2000's deviantart nostalgia lol

No. 263016

File: 1670853216709.png (111.02 KB, 1122x739, spicy heteros.png)

Don't forget OP's defense.

No. 263024

spicy straights says queer more than actual gay people.

No. 263057

When are these people going to learn there is nothing "queer" about PIV

No. 263108

It's funny how the number one ftm fantasy is that people are going around asking what their gender is as if anyone's confused. Male troons will proudly yell about their girldick, while women believe they become perfectly androgynous on T. Male/female socialization wins in the end.

No. 263116

File: 1670887973546.jpeg (663.25 KB, 1600x2000, EF689776-00A5-4640-AB59-C8F5C7…)

Maybe I’m salty today but I really hate these cutesy genre of comics made to garner pity points

No. 263117

I’m shocked that wasn’t some shitty /r9k/ edit.

No. 263118

hyperbole and a half was the only one to ever do it in a way i didnt hate

No. 263128

yesss the bit where she laughed to the point of tears from staring at a piece of corn under her fridge… real. So sad the way her sister killed herself. Some terrible mental health genes in that family.

No. 263162

>Hyperbole and a Half
>her sister killed herself
Holy shit what????

No. 263164

yeah her little sister parked her car on a train track and waited to be run over by the train. Hyperbole covers the impact this had on her extensively in her second book. Really awful.

No. 263199

I think it's cute and sad, I know the exact feeling and usually it's so hard to express it with words, it helps to draw, and I imagine it helps to share because in these moments people want to be seen and understood. It makes me sad that it's seen as a "pity point farm" by some, even though I understand why
I definitely agree Hyperbole and a Half did it best with the most accessible art style, anyone could identify with something this simple. Maybe drawing something this closely resembling yourself (as in the art shared in OP's post) it seems narcissistic? Idk

No. 263209

I hate a lot of them. I feel slightly guilty because I don't want to trample on someone's self expression, but a lot of them come off as very narcissistic and woe-is-me. I think ones that reflect on the past is fine, but ones that are "current" rubs me the wrong way. To me it feels adjacent to posting fresh self harm scars VS talking about having had self harming habits before. One just makes me think "then get the fuck off the internet and get actual help, instead of exposing yourself to hundreds of trolls who can use this against you".
You want your friends to see it? Then show your friends. No need to post it to strangers. But it's a whole ass perfectly executed comic, you can't say you're so incredibly sad that you're incapable of drawing anything when you literally made this whole thing just now, you know?

No. 263228

File: 1670940606249.png (1.16 MB, 1142x756, Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 15.03…)

I agree with this tbh. I wouldn't want to have a daughter and then see people make comments about how hot she is going to be. I remember seeing my grandma make those sorts of comments about other kids and I found it very gross and uncomfortable.

No. 263292

the amount of times a woman has giggled and said her baby son likes me because he's a ladies man or similar is an annoyingly high number. "this literal child has a crush on you, an adult" does nothing but make me uncomfortable please stop i don't find it cute at all

No. 263955

I usually don't like comedian Jim Jeffries but he has a funny bit about this, about how he and his wife would bring their little son to the daycare room at their gym and the women would say "Oh look it's my boyfriend! My boyfriends' here! He likes to give me kisses!"
And then he goes "Try doing that with a baby girl. Imagine you go to the gym and it's me and a few of my mates going, 'oooh, my girlfriend's here. She likes to give me kisses, you know that? Enjoy your workout. Don't worry about a thing." kek

No. 263956

File: 1671178306120.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x1902, 1671168633172.jpeg)

…where's the joke

No. 263960

Coomer joke of big boob not being implants and expressing the want to sexually assault a blue alien creature

No. 263974

It's freaky as well because some kids do have crushes on adults, that happens and it's fine, but encouraging it as if it's sweet and innocent for there to be "romance" between children and adults is gross and borders on grooming. Often even up to your teens you think it's "normal" for an adult man to be into young teen girls, "I'm 16 and I'm really mature for my age and he sees me like his equal" is a very common mindset and you don't realize how fucked up it is until you're an adult yourself and seeing how a 16 year old is a baby.

No. 263980

Something something double entendre.

No. 263983

His delusions are the joke.

No. 263984

>Um uhhh… boob funny! Male touching boob funny! Haha we're such a quirky but hot couple haha we like each other I swear!!

No. 263986

Why does this manlet continue to draw himself like he's 6'5"

No. 263988

>gorging on popcorn like a pig
>those cartoonish 3d glasses that haven't been used since the 90s
>haha boob coomer joke
I hate everything about this

No. 264025

this is so embarrassing and not funny. I hate moid humor. His wife is such a pick me bitch.

No. 264088

File: 1671233198912.png (596.1 KB, 1008x360, SKITTER_0007_2015-05-05_Purple…)

John Vogel, one of the creators of the original Mortal Kombat, made some of the worst shit I've ever seen


No. 264089

File: 1671233236862.png (504.56 KB, 1008x360, SKITTER_0008_2015-05-07_Deep-D…)

No. 264091

This is what upsets me the most. He draws himself like gigachad but he's just an ugly manlet who isn't even fit.

No. 264092

File: 1671233330158.png (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1008x972, SKITTER_2016-01-05_Come-And-Ge…)

and then there was this
spoiler for cockroaches eating shit out of a baby's diaper

No. 264093

I hadn't even scrolled up and somehow, I already knew who you were talking about.

No. 264097

Am I supposed to believe this isn't some fetish?

No. 264098

No. 264100

File: 1671237710017.jpeg (130.27 KB, 828x523, D424F86C-B35D-42B3-8B4E-F3ED6A…)

TIF that drew this claimed it was a college assignment.

No. 264102

TIFs will draw shit like this in a hee hee Funney joking way but holy SHIT it only reveals how not gay and not male they are. Sure, it's meant to be humorous, but no homosexual thinks this shit while having sex. No gay man thinks, "Wow, I'm so gay!" While having sex with another man. The same way lesbians never rub their tits together, giggling to themselves about how SaPpHiC and lesbian they are like how TIMs talk about. It's so funny when they tell on themselves like this.

No. 264104

i dont get it??

No. 264111

excuse me what the actual fuck

No. 264112

I believe it. Art school is basically a daycare for the future unemployed.

No. 264113

Haha. Based.


No. 264116

This is so bizarre, like he was just sitting around or in the shower was like "oh a bunch of cockroaches eating shit out of a baby's diaper while it sleeps is a funny idea"

No. 264117

That's a girl's game. TIFs are so bad at being men.

No. 264118

File: 1671245133277.jpg (79.22 KB, 736x736, bcee9beebb4731e7c888184090b702…)

I don't get most of this girl's comics, I don't know how to describe it.

No. 264119

File: 1671245164810.jpg (84.72 KB, 736x736, 60b49aa26743ffdef7f89394f0b2c3…)

No. 264120

File: 1671245555120.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2000x1333, 3B30D9C3-4C14-4B5F-BF14-770FA6…)

And it’s funny because she looks like a moderately attractive normie, not like the ugly blue haired girl she draws herself as. I think her art is just a product she sells but doesn’t actually relate to.

No. 264123

i think the joke here is that men think women are like on the left? maybe?
this one is more obvious but i am baffled by >>264120 wtf why is she a normie drawing the crazy dangerhair chick as better than the girl who looks like her
also why are none of them wearing bras

No. 264125

His idea was that he wished cockroaches would clean up after his infant daughter so he wouldn't have to worry about it

No. 264129

>man would rather let filthy insects crawl all over his baby instead of just changing her diaper
males are fucked in the head. males are incapable of feelings. what the fuck

No. 264133

Men think women saying the second one is akin to the first one because they chympout when not worshiped as they identify as godking thanks to years of their own propaganda to not feel like the sex born to coom and die.

No. 264137

this is so bizarre what the heck kek

No. 264150

Why are you blaming the woman fir the sins of the moid? Classic

No. 264154

Reminds me of dogisaga's comics, except this one is completely serious. God.

No. 264156

I also hate this kind of genre but I understand if it was venting but there are some who monetize it. They make their whole art about their depression which makes me think if you're making everything about your depression will it not worsen it? It makes me feel as if you want me to give you money for your misery instead of you getting help .

No. 264157

What the fuck…. I can excuse the other two as unfunny but this is disgusting..

No. 264158

>also why are none of them wearing bras
Lol of all the things to get annoyed in those dumb comics, not wearing a bra is just more comfortable.

His wife is cocreator of those shitty comics, she gives ideas and she agrees to being drawn like that, she may not be the perpetrator but she's still an active participant.

No. 264176

File: 1671282222569.png (468.29 KB, 1200x426, CN4OSrhJSqoXZ.png)

Proshipping and its consequences(the creator is fixated on shipping the brother and sister characters from the millers vs the machines)

No. 264177

>Proshipping and its consequences
Which ones it's just a comic

No. 264180

go back to twitter

No. 264185

are y'all really defending sexulizing incest and pedophilia

No. 264187

Nta but yes. Grow up, no one over age 15 cares about wrongthink in fanfiction.

No. 264189


No. 264190

you sound underage but i agree with what you mean without the twitterspeak

No. 264195

File: 1671290760456.jpg (150.99 KB, 1000x1232, cb5ff0dfb4.jpg)

do you think that someone who is obsessed with shipping a clearly underage child and a visible adult, a mentally healthy person or are they a massive degenerate

No. 264199

lmao keep clutchingthese pearls, moralfag. what's next, are you gonna complain about transphobia?

No. 264202

Don't care. Art's kinda cute. We have an active monsterfucking thread on this board, xir.

No. 264204

Monster fucking and pedophilia have a huge barrier in between them … you sound like a scrote

No. 264208

File: 1671293000774.jpg (1.78 MB, 1072x2200, no9ytf9nz43a1.jpg)

I haven't seen anyone post this tranny's unfunny collection of "lesbian joke" comics yet.

No. 264210

My god it physically hurts to even read this crap

No. 264212

I hope my werewolf bf mauls you in a non-sexual way.

No. 264213

File: 1671293261292.jpg (2.02 MB, 2500x4064, en91jabhqss91.jpg)

It only gets worse.

No. 264214

The gay experience drawn by straight people: influenced by anime or cartoons, purely sexual, based in fantasy scenarios instead of real life.

No. 264215

The fact that she looks this normie gives her comics the impression that she's making fun of her blue-haired feminist character kek

No. 264216

File: 1671294677006.jpeg (213.67 KB, 800x1080, 84821304-C3A3-4060-88AD-C811FF…)

The comic looks like a pornified knockoff of Their Story

No. 264221

The whole "blonde x black-haired girl" thing is a pretty common yuri manga trope due to how indistinguishable most female anime character designs are apart from hair and eye color. I think the moid who made these things reads too much "wholesome" moe schoolgirl yuri in general.

No. 264237

>art is shit straight out of a "how to draw manga" American book
>the girls are walking fashion disasters
>joke is so overdone that everyone was already tired of it on tumblr circa 2012
>manages to be sexual and incredibly non-sexual at the same time somehow because author is most likely autistic and doesn't know how couple acts
Yep, it's drawn and written by an AGP.

No. 264238

>expectation: two gigastaceys in a loving embrace
>reality: two becky's giggle while caressing each other's breasts
>stacy defending women
>becky saying we are equals to moids while her nipples show thru her shirt for some reason
Trannies can't even summon an imagination strong enough to maybe understand what lesbians are like

No. 264240

File: 1671298856856.png (74.05 KB, 453x387, 1.png)

The artist's reddit, apparently it's a girl

No. 264242

>gae gals
Could still be a moid.

No. 264253

Thanks for proving my point.

No. 264254

Men also love when women don’t wear bras.

No. 264256

Ok and? Why you bringing up scrotes

No. 264262

Shotafags gtfo this isn't fujochan.

No. 264272

not even a shitafag kek. just amused that we now get newfags bringing in retarded twitter debates about muh ebil proshippers

No. 264295

File: 1671306092190.png (652.02 KB, 720x1295, Screenshot_20221217-143827-621…)

based anon

No. 264311

is the woman meant to have weird animal ears or is that supposed to be part of her hair? why does it look like that

No. 264321

I hate how she draws necks. Thick and short as fuck kek.

No. 264323

Vee is based though

No. 264347

Only trannies would defend this shit.

No. 264353

That's indeed something anon would say.

No. 264377

File: 1671315062637.jpg (13.21 KB, 128x128, 1611248827391.jpg)

No. 264382

It's a reddit tranny, I clocked it from the comic

No. 264396

Not all trannies put their troonhood right in their bios but the post history always makes it painfully obvious.

No. 264404

The screentones on this are hideous

No. 264441

What's with trannies obsession with goth gfs? This was genuinely painful to read their self-insert and manic pixie dream girl gf.

No. 264452

males have a very memeable sexuality and trannies are geeks who spend all their time online where you have all the "i want goth gf"-memes posted so they're conditioned to want a goth gf. if people posted about wanting to fuck horse girls or something you would see them making pervy comics about innocent flustered horse girls

No. 264460

Speaking of horses, isn't that literally how bronies where born? Like a bunch of 4channers started watching the mlp show as a troll joke and that lead to scrotes really wanting to fuck cartoon horses

No. 264478

Who the hell cares oh my god

No. 264489

>t. Someone who just got through jerking it to shota incest porn

No. 264491

me just now to spite you

No. 264505

Oh the pedo is here again . Get a reality check

No. 264507

I was always wondering. It's like a blur. Back in 2012/2013, there was a group of trannies and males living in brooklyn NY that started the bronycon conventions in a small chinatown warehouse (I was a friend of a friend, so i tagged along) and it was wild.

Then bronycon at the baltimore convention center happened years later. I had no idea how the brony movement started, but men ruin everything.

No. 264519

This isn't your little safespace shotafag/troonoid

No. 264521

Oh my god please report the gay twitter proshipping antishipping infighting and move on. It reeks of underage and it has no business itt. This is not the place to show everyone what a good little moralfag you are.

No. 264540

File: 1671388077437.jpg (986.7 KB, 1200x3604, RCO067_1663860409.jpg)

No. 264549

Did this come from /a/?

No. 264558

>Implying Deku wouldn’t want to be the one getting fucked by Bakugo

No. 264631

Why did this make me laugh so hard

No. 264638

NTA, the proship/anti shit reeks of Twitter but there's nothing wrong with hating pedophiles, anyone defending that and calling critics "moralfags" is highly suspicious

No. 264641

>literally just "I hate how women are treated in society and feel uncomfortable with it"
If only these Aidens would make one mental leap further.

No. 264711

File: 1671461329997.png (1.18 MB, 3392x4691, 1671219716983.png)

what's the joke?

No. 264713


No. 264714

more so she fucked the tentacle monster for real

No. 264718

Shes getting fucked by the monster while shes in class, it's why shes a retarded stuttering fool.

No. 264725

>I had no idea how the brony movement started

Literally as a 4chan meme, just like modern troonery. Scrotes are too autistic to leave the joke behind and not tie it to their sexuality,

No. 264740


How many times are you gonna reply to me with shitty insults? Why are you so worked up over what some random girl obssess over, do you have a vendetta or something?

>This isn't your little safespace shotafag/troonoid

Too bad because i'm still gonna be here and on other threads to annoy you.

No. 264752

File: 1671471306425.jpg (129.48 KB, 646x1543, cEdhdFRO5vDd7y.jpg)

TIFs really do tell on themselves

No. 264755

What??? the joke is that her monster isn't sexy, at least it isn't to anyone else so she's embarrassed to show it.

No. 264902

File: 1671498118927.jpg (122.46 KB, 704x1135, among_us_comic_strip_by_artist…)

It's not that bad, it's just… empty ? It's not funny or interesting, just something everyone experienced playing among us without anything being added by the artist

No. 264910

The ending should have been that they weren't an imposter. I know that there is a legitimate vent job and people have gotten kicked out because of misunderstandings.

No. 264921

No. 264939

Idk you see degens use that melted face for horny shit in art.

No. 264951

This is the correct interpretation. That other anon has autism

No. 264994

yeah exactly you sped the joke is that sexy man with anthro type traits are sexy to the other girls whereas le eldritch horror beyond your comprehension is sexy to the 3rd girl and shes horny for le tentacle monster. are you slow

No. 266714

File: 1672701735470.jpg (286.58 KB, 736x2438, 53ac3431fadf522f4ab58ea4c49178…)

Sooo quirky!

No. 266774

File: 1672744097085.jpeg (87.8 KB, 503x516, FkgwZDlX0AI6_Kz.jpeg)

Not as offensive as some others here but don't people get tired of these introverted NLOG comics that she constantly pumps out?

No. 266776

I mean, extroverts do get energy at the expenses of other sometimes

No. 266786

This one's alright because there's an actual joke.

No. 266888

i think it wasnt stick figures, i would hate it a lot more

No. 266892

File: 1672801658080.jpg (361.62 KB, 1450x1450, 20230103_220641.jpg)

I went to hate-read the blobby comic because of this thread, and what the fuck is that yellow thing

No. 266893

File: 1672802336318.jpg (230.25 KB, 2121x1414, monke.jpg)

i think it suppose to be those long nosed monkeys

No. 266904

If that's the case the artist is very incompetent because it looks like another blobfish wearing a fursuit.

No. 267029

I think that's the joke

No. 267190

File: 1672958499021.jpg (41.8 KB, 904x878, 61AheDzNbUL._AC_SL1200_.jpg)

It's an actual plushie, so a stolen design basically kek

No. 267420

File: 1673074303017.png (412.2 KB, 1280x797, tumblr_745e73d9d1f8f5c26cab0d3…)

No. 267426

Stolen from even longer ago, I bet.

No. 267431

File: 1673081476946.png (Spoiler Image,455.75 KB, 1280x797, ywnbaw.png)

fixed it

No. 267435

File: 1673082216518.jpg (19.49 KB, 222x293, 6492df8db1a8a11ac81e9719205707…)

kek, good one but you didn't need to spoiler It

No. 267436

No. 267614

File: 1673163999213.png (493.51 KB, 1550x1881, 167314582327.png)

No. 267615

i hate her artstyle so much

No. 267631

Yeah, if I was a comic artist with that kind of skill, I'd cry too.

No. 267663

File: 1673194256847.jpg (222.27 KB, 631x960, tumblr_d067b5aaba4f274f4ad9a3d…)

under this there were links from terfs about trannies sexually harassing/abusing women and children but most people reblogged the comic only

No. 267664

File: 1673194485741.jpeg (672.1 KB, 869x889, 8FB38D02-1F36-4135-B097-66F349…)

No. 267669

File: 1673197381591.png (1.16 MB, 1444x2048, 88DCFC4D-B7D4-46FE-A3B6-A09913…)

This comic is absolute filth I don’t care what anyone says

No. 267676

Two men I know IRL who trooned out were former friends of mine that I used to go dancing with at goth clubs. It's fucking weird

No. 267680

File: 1673200387226.jpeg (1.44 MB, 2145x3043, FgvqkwlXgAMc7zE.jpeg)

I was almost interested in this but then I was read the premise and the other comics and was disappointed, the "femboy dad" is literally just drawn as a typical anime mom

No. 267686

AYRT, kek

No. 268151

File: 1673314255625.jpg (478.79 KB, 1450x1450, 20230109_202944.jpg)

After the Blobby "jew stuff" comic controversy, the blobby team has made blobby a they/them user to distract from the criticism and secure more oppression points

No. 268152

File: 1673314415387.png (1.28 MB, 1000x2000, Untitled33_20230109202141.png)

Some of my favorite replies to the comic

No. 268161

Of course the op is from Brazil, we're full of those degenerate fuckers urgh

No. 268164

this is probably how the author see's himself, a cool male ally who makes women feel good about themselves

No. 268168

File: 1673327023889.jpg (92.54 KB, 774x768, 1673280008376497.jpg)

No. 268215

I think it's been a themby since the comic's beginning but it was less in your face. Also what's the fucking joke there?

No. 268233

It's possible that's been the case since the beginning, but I always thought blobby was male and in the replies to the comic people were celebrating the confirmation of blobby's pronouns which led me to believe it was a new development

No. 268235

File: 1673364024798.jpeg (1.58 MB, 5754x1500, 1664649508992.jpeg)

No. 268256

Cant' put my finger on this but this feels so creepy. I know that "drunk bathroom girls" are a meme but something about this rubs me the wrong way
lol they deserve this
does this person not think that couple who gets engaged never shares food?
>What if I don't get a jawline and start going bald?
Does anyone else remember when KC Miller mentioned going bald as and effect from HRT and they received so much harassment and people decided it was not a valid concern to have? I wonder if this artist received the same amount of backlash for this comment. Btw does anyone know who the picture in the church is suppose to be?

No. 268263

File: 1673373213645.png (425.77 KB, 1000x1000, SW1.png)

No. 268264

File: 1673373244401.png (203.21 KB, 924x982, SW2.png)

No. 268272

File: 1673374565881.png (110.01 KB, 1000x944, SW3.png)

No. 268273

File: 1673374607579.png (155.4 KB, 1000x852, sw4.png)

No. 268277

File: 1673375051059.png (121.66 KB, 1000x835, CIczFyOWcAAbkzg.png)

No. 268289

>Btw does anyone know who the picture in the church is suppose to be?
Kim Kitsuragi from Disco Elysium

No. 268290

what year were these made in?

No. 268325

No. 268383

are there any more of these? i kinda love how schizo they are

No. 268434

kek what a blast from the past. Quentin was such a faggot, glad they found his school and called that bomb threat

No. 268497

I've seen a lot of this woman's comics and even though they're cringey I like them. I have a soft spot for normie millenial women, like she's so normal her jokes are 10 years out of date on internet time. Yes girl go eat a donut, never become aware of irony or post irony ever please.

No. 268555

It's funnier if you read "us" as U.S.

No. 268557

same. there's something so endearing about it

No. 268566

This made me audibly laugh

No. 268623


No. 268973

File: 1673740490156.png (28.21 KB, 965x922, 09F487D4-0DA8-4058-BAC1-6B5002…)


No. 268986

I really want the "Jew stuff," panel by itself to be the next threadpic because it's hilarious, but I worry that it might attract a bunch of /pol/fags who don't get the joke.

No. 268987

So "degenerate," and "school shooter." Yeah, that tracks.

No. 269013

kek I dated the guy

No. 269065

One could take a deeper meaning from this.
The strings are an intrinsic part of who the ballerina marionette is but she sees it as bad, possibly holding her back from what she wants maybe even her true potential. But those is a foolish idea as the strings are how a marionette moves.
Clearly it’s going for a metaphor that can be interpreted many different ways
>the strings are her family's wealth and without them she is poor
>the strings are privileges and without them she looses life's comfort
>the strings are a healthy body and cutting them is gender surgery which leads to an unhealthy body
>the strings are a manipulative ex but removing them reveals her to be just a bad (it's a stretch)
>the strings are religion, removing them causes depression
>the strings are the government, cutting them is moving elsewhere only to find she looses all actual freedom
>the strings are a low effort nepotism job, cutting them is quitting only to find she has no real skills
>the string are traditional values that when cut leave only degeneracy
>the strings are feminism that when cut leave only being controlled by moids
It's a burning bridge metaphor. Maybe the art is kinda bland but I don't see why this is in a bad short comic thread

No. 269068

omg nonnie, no way! Share me the details, I want to know what he was like IRL

No. 269173

File: 1673887474374.jpg (289.15 KB, 827x1288, snir0pazvzy91.jpg)

I think I've discovered the single worst online "couple daily life" webcomic on the internet

>The Writer: Originally from Taiwan, Joy is a math/science teacher by day and comedian/screenwriter by night. Her much-younger part-Jewish "white-devil" boy toy Alex has a job too boring to mention, but she loves him anyway. Despite their one-foot height difference and half-inch nose difference, they live happily together in Austin, TX.

No. 269174

File: 1673887496679.png (372.72 KB, 640x990, RkaUMxc.png)

No. 269175

File: 1673887523392.jpg (224.2 KB, 1170x1814, q8vpwywe181a1.jpg)

No. 269176

File: 1673887629318.jpg (140.65 KB, 880x1361, 1-28_-Scary-61e98b9f84626-png_…)

No. 269179


No. 269262

File: 1674063690252.jpeg (258.82 KB, 2048x2048, 24435DDE-59DB-4E45-95D9-A2C082…)

will women stop basing their self esteem on whether moids find them fuckable

No. 269263

>just turned 30
This is so telling kek she's absolutely insecure about being an "old lady" now. Like jesus christ, woman. You're only thirty.

No. 269264

would only work if the cop was a tranny

No. 269265

>i just turned 30. Now I'm a milf
that's not how that works. wtf is wrong with these retards

No. 269266

yeah, that happened

No. 269280

is this the artists who keeps excusing everything cuz she has adhd?

No. 270707

bumping due to moid raid

No. 271058

File: 1674338047477.jpg (339.13 KB, 640x1249, idoi3xwu6gda1.jpg)

No. 271104

File: 1674368915189.jpg (455.35 KB, 1450x1450, Fm8HdEwWAAAVVM9.jpg)

No. 271105

Both of these women are definitely insufferable irl

No. 271108

This made me feel grossed out on a very visceral level. Imagine being such a coomer that you think of relationships in the terms of dom/sub in the first place.

No. 271111

>trans pride shirt
yeah checks out lol

No. 271142

where's the joke

No. 271152

File: 1674395909941.jpg (63.63 KB, 680x680, c1a.jpg)

No. 271156

i think like this if i'm honest. not even to cope it's just my first thought kek i didn't realize how cuck esque the mentality is until i saw people making fun of this comic

No. 271157

after a gazillion viral "I can't cope with stress, I can't cope with anxiety, I have food cravings, I can't talk on the phone" relatable comics it was nice to see a more c'est la vie type of comic. I don't even think it's cuck esque there some situations which are out of you're control so it's better to just shrug them off

No. 271161

I find this comic really sweet. I assume anyone reeeing about cuckery over it is terminally pornsick and can't see anything without injecting sex into it.

No. 271186

The way they felt the need to slap blobby in there doing literally nothing just for the brand of it is funny to me

No. 271187

Nonnies crime is NOT something you should shrug off or find cute. It's not about being a "cuck", it's about letting some asshole take advantage of you and being happy about it.

No. 271210

Wrong thread?

No. 271217

File: 1674419143585.jpeg (127.89 KB, 1029x899, 82CF6A12-1716-4E06-B9FD-A14FDC…)


No. 271220

its a "joke" about white women having sex with dogs, it started by some hispanic incel that spread across twitter

No. 271221

It's a common joke that white girls like to fuck dogs, I'm not sure where it came from other than how big the whole Whitney Wisconsin thing was

No. 271227

She's referring to the bike comic here >>271152

No. 271230

File: 1674422284169.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.59 MB, 2200x4900, god_why.jpg)

I went on the subreddit r/yurimemes the other day and all the most popular post were just awful like that

No. 271234

yes because girls are either uwu soft or they are horny. Girls are not capable of experiencing different emotions beside the one they already have

No. 271236

Yuck. Fucking disgusting and repulsive. Makes me appreciate the Webtoon Boyfriends.

No. 271242

File: 1674424993935.jpg (103.51 KB, 1080x1350, FB_IMG_1674424774331.jpg)

This comic appeared on my feed as a recommended post…

No. 271245

Furry moids will project their beastiality fetish on women and then immediately turn around and post shit like >>271242

Men are literally incapable of understanding why people would do things for non-sexual reasons. They can't fathom the idea that women just like to pet cute animals because they're cute and that's literally all there is to it. Men cannot enjoy cute things without wanting to put their dicks in it. See the MLP fandom for an example of that.

No. 271249

File: 1674433484844.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.17 MB, 2600x5600, 5e8f2849b1a9c5900b3cd9b4286b68…)

Made by a pornsick moid no doubt. All of his comics are like this

No. 271255

Yeah, check the Trans Pride shirt on this one >>271058

No. 271258

the worst part of these comics is the abuse of screentone

No. 271283

Underrated comment

No. 271286

seeing this I realized I read it as U.S. the first time I saw it, I thought it was making fun of americans being fat

No. 271324

The "mommy" in these comics looks like a child.

No. 271340

>that hairstyle
He's balding IRL, isn't he

No. 271341

File: 1674492149702.png (98.9 KB, 814x850, trannyshitttt.png)

Looks like we'll be in for more explicit tranny "humor" from this moid too. How wonderful.

No. 271419

Honestly, from the get go I knew it would have some form of troon in it. I am not surprised.

No. 271420

>gf asks innocent question about childhood
>tranny makes it sexual
Hmmm pedo

No. 271421

This is the moid equivalent to fujo yaoi uke/seme comics

No. 271441

No. 271451

File: 1674561816230.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 987x2200, 147zkxocdvaa1.jpg)

There already is a tranny character. He's the dark haired one in this pic and the one with the trans pride shirt in >>271058. So we'll be getting more "girldick" jokes from him I assume.

No. 271452

They're pedos who can only get off to their uwu mommy doms who coincidently look like children. It's no surprise they're addicted to yuri when the majority is about school-aged girls and has been overtaken by moids who think just like they do but never seem to be interested in other GLs that are actually written by women for women with adult characters who look like adults.

I thought the trans pride shirt in the first pic was suppose to represent the audience but looks exactly the same as the character as a troon self-insert as the uwu sub. It's hilarious how they all want to be uwu anime girls so bad but never draw them to look like tims so it just makes their dysphoria worse when they look in the mirror and realise they will never look like that. They are so self-centered and delusional that they don't realise how disconnected any of these comics are from actual lesbians. If they had any intelligent thought they'd realise how aligned with men they are but after frying their brain with yuri they think projecting into the coomer moid's idea of what lesbians are like makes them a true and honest lesbian.

No. 271469

Oh, so an actual lesbian is going MOMMY MOMMY pant pant UHHH MOMMYYY and uwu w-wHIP ME MOMMERS, of course.

No. 271480

File: 1674579351080.jpg (267.79 KB, 1080x1152, scrnsht.jpg)

You know what makes it even creepier? He based the dark haired character off his female friend

No. 271481

His art is so shitty that I don’t know if all these are same characters or there are multiple

No. 271484

Actual female friend or a troon?

No. 271492

why do tifs have to glom on to every male character who is any combination of the following:

No. 271498

Yaoi is less cringe

No. 271508

File: 1674588365376.png (11.5 KB, 160x315, hands.png)

Yes but yaoi makes moids and trannies seethe so it's ok.

No. 271555

short and asian men are considered "feminine" by western society

No. 271774

File: 1674756552269.jpg (444.05 KB, 1450x1450, FkhST-AXwAMum_O.jpg)

this one was totally drawn by their fujoshi

No. 271776

They got sick of Blobby so now he only appears as a tshirt lol

No. 271780

as an actual lesbian, this shit disgusts me. what the fuck. Men are not normal. everything is porn sick to them

No. 271781

I wish they'd continue just having him silently staring at everyone in the corner of each panel. Unintentionally hilarious.

No. 271877

File: 1674810874894.png (434.03 KB, 745x3270, neckbeard.png)

What a fucking neckbeard

No. 271892

Shave your beard and hit the gym loser.

No. 271901

File: 1674825073477.jpg (1.55 MB, 980x7251, 2013-07-09-rollthedice.jpg,.jp…)

I could fill this entire thread with Zen Pencils

But I'll just use this one

No. 271909

I hate unkept 1st world fatties, male or female, you're not oppressed for looking disgusting. Put down that 11th cheeseburger and start taking a shower. The audacity of this neckbeard to compare his ~oppression~ to hatred of poor and homeless people.

No. 271940

What the fuck does this even mean

No. 271941

Don't watch game of thrones or you'll go schizoid

No. 271947

File: 1674840152001.jpg (1.76 MB, 980x8174, 2014-05-02-henson.jpg)

most of zen comics message boils down to, be "artistic" and do whatever you want

No. 271960

File: 1674844115466.jpg (204.04 KB, 550x977, logic.jpg)

>the creatures that were able to be preserved due to features that wouldn't rot like bones and shells are prevelant in the fossil record
>well it's just like Yugi-oh
Amazing. My IQ just dropped 20 points and I am now legally retarded

No. 272448

File: 1675144722087.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1316x1561, F67EAECD-7F55-4664-A299-C41131…)

No. 272452

Follow the schizo larping call of your soul for the…? What exactly?..

No. 272487

"I'm a woman, but not in a pathetic weak way like other women, I'm more like a normal human, a guy. I wonder why other females don't want to be friends with me. They must be bigots."

No. 272488

Is he trying to say this is a win for him? Is this a parody showing how dumb this guy is? I can't tell

No. 272515

>TIFs try not to be misogynist challenge

No. 272681

hmmm if only there already was a word for a female parent. it's obvious that these people think that the word mom means "the boring nagging parent" and dad means "the fun goofy parent"

No. 272682

Which is weird because the majority of tifs have daddy issues

No. 272692

This is a cool art style. Shame it's being put to such retarded use.

No. 272771

File: 1675307011233.png (1.37 MB, 970x814, 4.png)

My favorite part about fakeboi comics is always how feminine the art styles are, they're not fooling anyone for even one second lol

No. 272845

Why are French fakebois so annoying? "wahhh we don't have a neutral grammatical gender in the French language boohoooo, I'm sooo sad" go get a fucking job. I bet she has listed "iel" as her pronoun in her bio.

No. 272846

>Grows up and increasingly doesn't feel a strong suicide-inducing attachment to gender identity as it's presented by gender ideology
"Must be something wrong with me"
Or maybe you're just growing up and realizing people don't actually "feel like a gender" and just exist as themselves in their own bodies. She was so close to getting it. But perhaps she fears her ageing female body as it won't be valued the older she gets, perhaps she gained weight and no longer finds it "attractive enough" and the stress of it makes her want to distance herself from femaleness.

As cringe as these comics are I love that they give a clear insight in how distorted their views are. She puts on a binder because she's heard that tifs/enbys should feel good when they wear it. Not because she really wanted it. She has a longing for oppression to justify wanting to try it, so she could feel good the way the tif/enbys say they do. It's social contagion starting to take hold of her.

No. 272850

How old is this loser? Schools usually tell you that yes, the gendering in languages like French or Spanish is arbitrary, no, you don't need a gender neutral pronoun because there's the "He/him" pronoun which has been used as the neutral in these languages since forever and no, you don't need to write shit like "compañere" because we have used since forever the "@" to say that something can be referred to a man or a woman without having to type stuff like "adultos/as" or "adultos y adultas" I'm sure it's the same in French.
If these retards read a fucking book for once, they wouldn't be getting all philosophical about wearing a pair of pants and a frumpy shirt.

No. 272852

I think she just needs someone to tell her that it's ok to be "just" a woman that's not hyperfeminine

No. 272886

Kek I've seen some French fakebois put in their bio they/them and il/lui, I'm sure they were ace students and they have some grammar nazi remnants so they don't want to use the retarded neo pronouns.

No. 272922

File: 1675350402344.jpg (160.06 KB, 971x2550, msq99cd7kyi91.jpg)

Still can't get over the fact this was made unironically

No. 272923

tbh calling your weightgaim ugly in front of your fat friends is a bit weird. Nothing wrong with being upset over gaining weight but you don't really get much from venting about it towards your fat friends since they can't give any advice and it will just end with both of you feeling insecure

No. 272924

This is why most tumblr artists are either friendless or only have online friends.

No. 272936

Alternate reality third panel where the fat girl says “yeah you look like shit”
Sorry that was an intrusive thought I just had.

No. 272947

Kek this reminds me when my thin pal was complaining about being fat I just answered her that yeah she’s such a ham.
This preaching era is so cringe

No. 272962

File: 1675368599242.jpeg (734.88 KB, 2048x1669, 334EBC57-49A9-45F0-B6E6-32D59C…)

This is horrifying.

No. 272967

"Fat ally" shut the fuck up and lose weight. It's not a permanent condition like sex or race. You wouldn't need allies or asspats if you actually liked being overweight.

No. 272983

what is the third bottom line? I know its nip and tits, but then ???

No. 273024

i think shes just exaggerating the scars because they're a badge of honor for tifs
this one always makes me sad. i hope the other side of the story isnt just a pair of loving parents who desperately miss their self-mutilating daughter, cause that would be too tragic

No. 273102

File: 1675417104494.png (430.3 KB, 971x1489, comicedit.png)

quick edit because i found this funny

No. 273105

File: 1675418009157.jpeg (9.35 KB, 247x260, 6264876e5619fav9bea358c4_540_6…)

this shouldn’t have made me laugh as much as it did

No. 273123

i dont think it would be weird if youre really close to said friend. i can imagine a couple laughing it out but this is tumblr we're talking about

No. 273226

File: 1675458027958.png (336.1 KB, 2048x2048, BB50F1A2-010F-4A77-A7A2-B03043…)

What the fuck is he talking about

No. 273269

File: 1675468907147.jpg (Spoiler Image,236.08 KB, 873x1300, 2_527 (1).jpg)

This is about the "smut" comics by indie webcomic groups like Hiveworks, Smut Peddlers, Filthy Figments, Slipshine etc. He might be specifcially taking jabs at the "Dumbing of Age" porn comics, picrel is one (sfw) page of which

No. 273286

>"Dumbing of Age"
Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time

No. 273288


No. 273296

tooooons of ojst guest artists fit this bill lmao

No. 273304

I LOVE this guy’s satire

No. 273369

Sounds like he thinks epic real porn of a "woman getting railed" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a woman's tame comic like
Because the latter doesn't titillate him.

No. 273390

Was thinking the same thing. PC porn like Oh joy sex toy and all the inclusive crap with consent _extremely explicitly_ spelled out as if the reader is a retard is mega cringe but he just seems to be mad that >no big-titted woman get railed muh penis sad

No. 273391

Men have no right to say anything about women-made erotica, even the kind that does suck. That shit he's talking about is indeed cringe but still less so than anything men jack off to.

No. 273415

Definitely the kind of moid who also seethes over fujos, yumes and any kind of NSFW content that is too female-gazey for his moid sensibilities.

No. 273441

File: 1675553018441.png (414.15 KB, 641x814, C1577C2E-188A-4BA5-8F7F-27DCB8…)

>author of natty comics deleted everything
>someone uploaded all of his comics to the Internet Archive

No. 273476

File: 1675561947385.png (151.17 KB, 550x818, 2011-12-02-sexy.png)

strangely enough just the opposite, every major character in his comics are either gay or bisexual and his wife co-writes as well, its just that the comic is awful story wise and the author has to cram in his disdain for "conservatives" every couple of chapters

No. 273479

What a waste of talent by making these comics.

No. 273481


No. 273506

>Will fuck up a kids brain more than an actual, barely legal woman doing sex work for a meagre living
For him, it's not enough that porn commodifying real women is popular to the point of near ubiquity. Nooo, we also have to ridicule and eliminate any porn other than that, because it's somehow worse for kids. I don't like Tumblrina "smut" comics either, but this scrote can fucking choke.

>Homestuck for adults

Ah yes, a comic where "fuck" is said literally thousands of times. Perfect for the kiddywinks. Apparently his idea of "for adults," is exclusively "contains porn."

Something attracting a younger audience doesn't mean it was made "for" kids. A lot of kids watched and enjoyed the terminator movies, but children were not the target demographic.

What a hypocrite. He might as well be the neckbeard strawman in this comic himself.

No. 273515

ok so these comics are pretty lame, but that's literally something my mother would say kek

No. 273517

Bike cuck will never stop being hilarious to me. Yes, it's so wholesome to feel good about the crackhead asshole that stole your bike along with the 5 other bikes he stole and sold that day

No. 273525

File: 1675589530171.jpg (58.97 KB, 640x642, FB_IMG_1675050239748.jpg)

moids will even sexualize the days of the week. disgusting.

No. 273557

File: 1675599269714.jpg (389.2 KB, 1792x768, 1SfhnrzCHWC.jpg)

>What a hypocrite. He might as well be the neckbeard strawman in this comic himself.
left part of picrel is the author from a con about a decade ago(not any photos of what he currently looks like) and the right part is his current avatar(so he probably has a pube beard now)

No. 273576

Kek, Willis looked like that??? Judging by this pic I think now he is 50 kgs fatter and has long greasy hair, can't wait until the DMs he probably sent to minors surface.

No. 273578

File: 1675606321421.png (307.08 KB, 1000x333, 22V.png)

but nothing compares to his current magnus-opus, 2 friends masturbating by sitting on dryers presented as a romantic moment

No. 273589

Are these not made by the same person??

No. 273706

File: 1675648539990.png (563.27 KB, 760x950, 073-Once Upon a Time in New Ha…)

This guy yes, reminder that these comics were written by a moid single-handedly threw feminism 20 years back in the culture war just by being incredibly obnoxious and objectively cringe. I remember back in the day MRA types were always sharing his stuff to rag on the "SJWs"

Picrel is his worst comic. It's like the embodiment of the jokes people make about male feminists, but unironic

No. 273707

File: 1675650871972.jpeg (507.63 KB, 1801x2048, 5B7F7801-0743-4A6E-B059-E46C5F…)

I didn’t even have to check the artist’s page to know it was drawn by a tif

No. 273710

wasn't this a theme in those horrible ads for some mobile game?

No. 273723

you can enjoy it out of context, at least.

No. 273788

what the fuck kek

No. 273789

File: 1675701239017.jpeg (156.91 KB, 750x1065, yEBLPNZ.jpeg)

it's just a comic about a man killing his baby

No. 273790

What are they even supposed to be, potatoes? Sausages? Kek

No. 273800

some artists try to create character design to be associated with their comics. Shit Blobs seems to be perfect for the quality.

No. 273866

That continuity error in the fifth panel

No. 273944

File: 1675743879261.png (767.35 KB, 700x892, 3B7E7377-4AB3-4F64-8CFC-508329…)

No. 273945

File: 1675743901379.png (734.97 KB, 700x940, 34260D7E-F548-46F4-A855-773A31…)

No. 273979

Is this a top surgery joke?? disgusting

No. 273980

>I can't do this thing men are allowed to do all the time because I'm an oppressed and sexualized woman, so I will become man instead of understanding and opposing female oppression, objectification and sexualization.

No. 274037

File: 1675780582714.jpg (5.28 MB, 2449x9796, H1.jpg)

another shitty shitty fakeboi comic, also she's literally an autistic fujoshi kpop stan so she never stood a chance

No. 274038

File: 1675780648050.jpg (5.54 MB, 2828x9898, H2.jpg)

No. 274041

Imagine playing with your own nipples in front of someone who didn't consent, and when they (your supposed friend whose feelings you should care about) calls you out because it's making them uncomfortable you still refuse to stop. Her transitioning into a sexpest seems to be going fine

No. 274042

Why cant these pathetic women realize that you can dress how you want and still be a woman? Men will always see her as a woman. I feel bad for her parents. coming out in 2020? right at the start of the pandemic? she would have been out the house.

No. 274044

So she was reading the gender wiki and was like 'that's so me', kind of sad. It sounds like she had no friends, too; she doesn't mention any. If she had friends or siblings she'd probably know that her feelings are universal.

No. 274050

This is why talking to your kids and asking about their online usage is so important. Imagine thinking that having shorter hair and wearing baggy clothes makes you less of a woman? Non binary is nonsense in the real world.

No. 274088

all of this mental gymnastics when accepting you are a GNC woman would achieve the same thing, holy shit

No. 274141

Literally every woman feels like this, no one is just a “woman”, everyone feels like an individual jfc. Almost no woman likes societal pressure to be overly feminine. And almost every teen girl likes hot band guys kek
I guess we’re all magical agender creatures because we aren’t a stupid mean girl stereotypes now.

No. 274183

File: 1675822919198.png (11.28 MB, 4032x3024, tif.png)

No. 274186

>they didn't want a person, they wanted a girl
the way she says this uncritically is so bleak

No. 274218

File: 1675826417599.gif (133.25 KB, 150x120, 1e6626c4d810.gif)

No. 274221

she's not even gnc really

No. 274227

File: 1675829226161.png (174 KB, 649x603, 6626c.png)

This is her account for anyone curious, I just don't understand TIFs, no moid would ever have this "aesthetic", Aidens are the most girly girls in existence and I can't begin to fathom why they think they're really men.


No. 274343

God I hate those TIF comics so much, it's always the same pretentious drivel about how they are not girls but ~people~, I blame Noelle Stevenson for bring this trend. Don't they realize they started mulling over their made up gender identities after reading about it online?

No. 274404

File: 1675894154327.png (211.07 KB, 355x810, 785F09C0-F937-4EC3-8A1C-62D459…)

Doesn’t really count since it’s a ongoing comic, but I have to share some of these panels because holy fuck my sides.

No. 274405

File: 1675894220344.png (604.32 KB, 1000x1449, 56BA6BA7-B98F-4B9C-95AE-754F05…)

No. 274408

As if Chris wouldn't be laughing his ass off at someone committing suicide. Chris is a deranged sociopath.

No. 274418

imagine being so narcissistic and sexist that you can't imagine other women having a theory of mind and feeling the universal desire of wanting others to see you as an individual human being. my god.

No. 274444

File: 1675901699310.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.01 KB, 396x550, 81I1pwnIXLL._UY550_.jpg)

Is he wearing picrel?

No. 274502

Omfg i cant believe someone from lolcow know this comic! Are you in the TDI fandom nonnie?? Don't you hate how overtaken by the gendies it got??

I hate this comic so much. It's stupid. Why make Cody trans? Disgusting. The author goes by neopronouns btw

No. 274591

I have so many questions
>is this a tongue-in-cheek parody ?
>whose the father of the baby?
>why is the Hispanic guy a burned cripple >
>are the fat guy and taylor lautner guy dating ?

No. 274645

Nta but I am! And yes, ew.
The hispanic guy was actually burned and crippled in canon at the end of his season but I don't think I can answer the rest

No. 274649

And nagata kabias much as I appreciate her writing. Not gonna lie I do get jealous of people who can write something like this, if I try introspective comic writing out, I'd cringe with the force of a thousand suns and delete my existence immediately.

No. 274659

I think it's cute, lovely lesbian couple and their cat

No. 274665

I think he’s wearing a non hentai version with idol characters?
Not in the fandom but I watched it as a kid and found this comic on /co/.
>is this a tongue-in-cheek parody ?
No, it’s completely self serious
>whose the father of the baby?
She got a sperm donor
>why is the Hispanic guy a burned cripple
I think it’s because he was in a robot suit in one of the seasons for an extended period of time?
>are the fat guy and taylor lautner guy dating ?
In this comic yes, and they’re also dating the other guy in the panel

No. 274670

File: 1675962655313.jpeg (598.68 KB, 1081x936, 46E40408-7B18-4395-8F72-6099CD…)

Nonna how could you forget the best panel

No. 274671

She’s just a normal girl. So many women and girls went through this exact experience. She’s going over her memories and forcing it to fit into a “omg I’m so queeerr/genderrrr” box.
This one annoys me the most tbh, she’s not even remotely masculine. She had an emo phase then tried to fit in with the other girls when anything associated with being emo was dragged to hell and back

No. 274672

She’s not even gnc I’m pretty sure she’s only “experimenting” because that’s what’s expected of theyfabs to look like.

No. 274674

This made me realize that if the tranny shit had been popular while I was a teenager, I would've probably fallen for it kek. I desperately wanted to be part of a subculture like emos/goths/scene kids and also ended up believing I was asexual and then bi. Those were the popular internet trends at the moment. It's all just a phase lost kids go through, but with tranny shit it's encouraged and enabled by everybody.
I just know I would've called myself non-binary lmao.

No. 274677

>total trauma

No. 274690

File: 1675968096736.jpg (293.51 KB, 993x1228, tumblr_0ac3292742c037aacec547d…)

>Not chef and Chris discussing steven universe

No. 274707

you know what, I can't even hate this, when I was young I used to imagine cartoon characters talking about the stuff I was interested in and this creator is doing that as well and I honestly respect it

No. 274751

The funniest part about this is that it's so faithfully on-model

No. 274977

File: 1676053013747.png (11.23 KB, 670x1094, 459F341C-E63F-44C2-B049-FAE467…)

Average “gay trans man”

No. 274982

File: 1676055068852.png (218.79 KB, 674x1094, averagenonnie.png)

Average anon.

No. 274986

You will never be a man, Aiden.

No. 274987

and you will never marry Varg, retard. also I support killing all men.

No. 274988

Who the fuck is Varg

No. 274998

Nta but it's that bald man paki-chan wanted to fuck

No. 275002

It's funny because TIFs will exactly do this kind of hornyposting on twitter while never having touched a dick in their lives and always dating other TIFs

No. 275006

What? Paki-chan wants to fuck Varg's unwashed nazi boomer ass? I need some screens

No. 275034

it's in the trve vikings thread. look for a post with redtext lol

No. 275105

kek are you actually an aiden?

No. 275195

File: 1676148805279.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.1 MB, 1040x2500, nhxz714kxlha1.jpg)

The internet has rotted this dude's brain.

No. 275208

Why the hell are they reading Berserk as a bed time story ????

No. 275217

What gay activity is the second image? Smashing their tits together? Also they have a fucking child?! How is reading a story to your daughter (trans daughter?) constitute as a good activity that needs a no homo warning? God the faces on these characters are so ugly

No. 275234

somehow it's always the stupid fucking band tees that piss me off the most about these things KEK reminds me of shoe0nhead

No. 275236

please make a dedicated thread for that artist or stop posting, i hate seeing this ugly shit

No. 275259

The way these characters always look like they have the mumps almost pisses me off more than anything else

No. 276190

They aren't homo anyway because the tall black haired one is a trans kek

No. 276706

File: 1676738801861.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2048x2048, 23C2083C-C89C-4435-8A1B-3222FA…)

Do fakebois not realise how female they behave? I honestly don't understand.

No. 276708

The art style, the handwriting, the character poses, the focus and style of the content, this is all the most typical normie straight girl shit but TIFs have NLOG complexes and hate being like other girls to the point they have to say getting a short haircut and wearing a sports bra makes them “cute boys”

No. 276714

File: 1676741071187.png (101.21 KB, 584x868, Screenshot.png)

The QRTS reacting to the comic are equally telling, these are responses that no LARPing male could even fathom making

No. 276725

aidens are so stereotypically girly kek

No. 276825

Ren Strapp's art is so hideous and annoying

No. 276848

These poor delusional girls. T does the opposite of turn you cute, you grow patchy facial hair, get tougher skin, get acne, get fat, look older, etc. If you're an ugly girl, T will just turn you uglier, not into a hairless twink.

Butch girls are cute and masculine, why don't they ever just cut their hair and dress like a guy, instead of jumping to harming their bodies.

No. 276882

they don't want to be butch women, gaydens are usually very lesbophobic and consider being compared to butch lesbians a horrible insult, even more so if it is indeed an actual butch lesbian making this comparison.

No. 277089

File: 1676912263511.png (1.93 MB, 1174x880, 4wvo8gpox1.png)

Sorry for late reply but they look exactly what you expect them to look like

No. 278076

File: 1677248665835.png (655.65 KB, 690x561, terf masher.png)

No. 278081

oh it's that one tranny furfag that made a comic about shoplifting. figures

No. 278093

Because it would be way too painful to be a girl with short hair, right?

No. 278094

Kek it's always terfs. They only hate the women against trannies (aka fighting for their rights) but never the men who actually kill trannies all the time. Always terf this, terf that.

No. 278095

Poor kid hopefully got more of his mom's genetics because the father is hideous.

No. 278099

File: 1677255744782.jpeg (457.57 KB, 924x931, 1676738801861.jpeg)

This one panel has to be the single most girliest thing I have ever seen, no male could even comprehend making something this girly

No. 278101

Neither could most grown women.

No. 278102

Who wants to bet he’s a post-wall man with facepubes?

No. 278153

I remember seeing this comic back when I was a hardcore TRA and handmaiden and even back then I thought this was deranged

No. 278161

This green cat character has such a cute design, what a shame.

No. 278853

File: 1677477068884.jpg (458.95 KB, 1600x2303, a_couple_series_p11_by_nashenz…)

found some gay moids autistic comics and i find them mildly amusing

No. 278854

File: 1677477206732.jpg (404.39 KB, 1600x2303, a_couple_series_p12_by_nashenz…)

No. 278855

File: 1677477351526.jpg (491.4 KB, 1600x2303, a_couple_series_p14_by_nashenz…)

there is literally no joke here nor a purpose of this comic. like you watched a movie.. cool???

No. 278856

File: 1677477434310.png (1.19 MB, 1253x524, Untitled.png)

okay im sorry for the spam. this is the last i promise. this is what their gallery looks like

No. 278857

i would give that geppetto a real boy if you know what i mean

No. 278863

I was not prepared for this.

No. 278866

WTF happened to his lips on the bottom right panel?

No. 278936

File: 1677514892895.jpg (192.9 KB, 733x723, Screenshot_2023-02-27-09-20-31…)

truly exceptional

No. 279305

File: 1677647357316.jpg (395.14 KB, 1745x2048, FbHkrgkUUAILp2j.jpg)

No. 279395

Fakebois infesting Ben 10 of all things is wild as all hell.

No. 279400

that's actually very common, they do that every single young boy or teenage character despite being adult women

No. 279552

File: 1677724333085.jpg (417.87 KB, 3000x3000, FpxVlmdXgAEfNq5.jpg)

No. 279643

Being reduced to your reproductive organs is erasing them as a person, it's grossly sexist. It's no better than calling a woman a walking pair of tits. Because you can walk, and you do have tits, so you're totally not erased and humiliated when I call you that!
There are also a lot times when "people with a uterus" to mean "physical women" becomes incorrect, as not everyone with a uterus has a functioning uterus, and a woman born without a uterus at all will still need female specific medical care for the rest of her body.

No. 279672

I wonder how the gray person would react if she said "no, I've had a hysterectomy. I'm still a woman." It's dehumanising.

Also showing yourself slapping the other person (well, their hand but still) isn't a good look.

No. 279706

The reason they don't want to say "women" is because they don't see women as people. So even when describing themselves tifs would rather die than say "women" which literally means "adult person with female anatomy". The word woman is so icky to them that they need to say person with a uterus, person with a vagina and so on.

No. 279744

File: 1677803839972.jpeg (746.63 KB, 1874x2048, 392B846B-99A2-4C82-8517-F2CE14…)

Twitter lesbians are something

No. 279745

Man this is fucked. Ftm enbies are so retarded. It's called women's rights, womens day, because we finally were recognized as people rather than living sex machines, incubator, mommymaid. Calling us tits, uterus, vagina owner degrades us back down to only the function of having kids or sex. Usually for the purpose of a male. They're so insanely ignorant by slapping a he, they, xe on their profiles as if it would stop misogyny against them in a non 1st world country. They'll still experience women specific hatred because everyone knows it's still a woman.

No. 279748

spot on, person with mammaries.

No. 279762

That drawing reeks of trannies, anon.

No. 279869

File: 1677852564199.jpg (160.68 KB, 1506x1076, 1640110283466.jpg)

I mean they're not as uncommon unfortunately, bio lesbians who are surrounded by coomers and have their tastes affected by them, much like that lesbian bug artist. I hope they get well soon.

No. 281570

File: 1678397259430.png (1.16 MB, 1200x1164, 9F999C2C-F487-4112-94ED-681661…)

What strawman is this even meant to be? I’ve literally never met a radfem that was for cosmetic surgery.

No. 281589

Is that even meant to be a radfem? I wouldn't expect one to call things "sacred" outside of an actual religious context so it could be a representation of a regular right wing conservative transphobe. I thing the point of this comic is to show the thin woman that she's a hypocrite when it comes to surgery but it doesn't even work because obese people like the troon would most likely benefit from losing weight when it comes to physical health (as long as they don't binge right after and regain the fast they lost thanks to surgery) while getting a sex change surgery is physically unhealthy no matter what.

No. 281609

>yoga bad
>lupron and testosterone good
Guess who’s going to need a hip replacement when their legs give out on a staircase

No. 281619

File: 1678417410492.jpg (66.4 KB, 241x350, barry-deutsch-author-illustrat…)

same artist as >>271877 btw, he looks even wrose then what you'd expect him to look like

No. 281651

It's so sad nonni, heartbreaking even. This is what lack of content for SSA women does to a SSA girl. You either make sterile devoid of any sexual topics uwu contend (like this she ra cartoon) or give up and do coomer shit for crotes.

No. 281676

That's a jumpscare, spoiler his nasty face next time.

No. 281709

File: 1678450910316.jpeg (Spoiler Image,13.96 KB, 280x280, ae2e71beefad8443bc70b3cc13550e…)


No. 281755

I guess you can't have a neckbeard if you don't have a neck

No. 281852

Why is that so funny

No. 281868

fat men should be bald

No. 282217

File: 1678617242638.jpg (133.43 KB, 800x1194, b14cjci978na1.jpg)

Almost 5k upvotes on a wholesomememes subreddit; for what it's worth the wolf in a sheep clothing is a fitting metaphore lmao

No. 282346

this has to be about someone struggling to fit in, right? This can't be a metaphor for being trans otherwise the "wolf in sheep's clothing" metaphor is a masks off moment

No. 282455

fat men shouldn't exist at all

No. 282517

No one even cares if adults undergo gender surgery, the talk is only about children. What a strawman.

No. 282963

File: 1678926472791.jpeg (281.76 KB, 1313x1234, A0F754B9-FDAD-44A8-A98B-7567DF…)


No. 282966

autistic nitpick but adding a smiley face in a speech bubble defeats the purpose of a comic. The point of a comic is to emote the emotions trough the characters. And I know that the smiley face here isn't suppose to show happiness but rather to show someone trying to appear normal and polite while having alot of emotions bottled up but a good artist would be able to portray that trough the characters expression and body language. Tbh I actually think the artist did managed to show trough the expressions so it's a shame the artist added the smiley faces in the speech bubbles for le epic maymay

No. 282986

at this point they just make it obvious that "egg" is just another word for "vulnerable and confused person who can be manipulated into the troon cult"

No. 283041

egg stands for Extremely Gullible Goon

No. 283235

Maybe it is to imply they are having the conversation in the internet. Would make sense that they get groomed to become trannies in discord later.

No. 283511

File: 1679081438921.jpg (532.16 KB, 1600x1600, vz.jpg)

No. 284372

File: 1679337459561.jpeg (151.77 KB, 552x1677, 91dba90440fa0dd9c5ceb14.jpeg)

No. 284379

No. 284402

>getting your tits chopped off
>""""potentially""" life-saving


No. 284409

With comics like these I just skip and read the last panel. I don't feel like reading all that text and I can get what's going on from the "punchline"

No. 284461

File: 1679394950566.png (123.17 KB, 1280x1156, tumblr_a7b3ab217318891d88a0448…)

No. 284463

Bruh moment

No. 284466

No. 284467

File: 1679398608950.png (203.01 KB, 1280x1734, a tragic fate.png)

I can predict the future

No. 284468

Quality edit

No. 284469

That's exactly it and I hope she and everyone else like her realizes it sooner rather than later.

No. 284472

she has an obsession's with m/m ships so I think she's straight actually.

No. 284474

>guy doing thing
>stop doing that
>actually I want him to do that

Breathtaking storytelling.

No. 284478

The "so close yet so far" thing aside, look at that textbook case of bad layout.

No. 284479

I guess the character reading is a drag queen story teller and the last character is a kid totally owning the transphobes.

No. 284484

For the life of me I'll never get why they are pushing the drag queen story time shit so fucking hard, I don't even mind drag queens but they should remain in adult performing and not do shit with children.

No. 284498

They really don't know what that word means.

No. 284507

My theory is that they want to expose children to this at a young age so they'll be less likely to question predatory trans bullshit when they're older.

No. 284508

Some of them are legit pedos. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/drag-queen-library-convicted/
A lot of trannies who were probably abused as kids also think it's righteous to push tranny shit onto kids. You know how entitled males are, they either shoot up kids or prey on them.

No. 284513

Most of the people endorsing it seem to be faghag straight moms trying to virtue signal without understanding anything about drag. The organizers of the "CabaBabaRave," were a pair of suburban wine moms.

People don't seem to understand that drag is a type of cabaret. It's adult entertainment, not because cross-dressing is inherently scandalous, but because the culture of drag shows was informed both by the adult venues it was performed at, and by other adult-oriented performance art like burlesque. Drag specifically is supposed to be edgy and countercultural, like punk rock.

Imagine if a bunch of fathers arranged a dad-and-baby burlesque show with actual burlesque dancers. No one would be defending that shit. People only give drag a pass because they erroneously believe that criticizing it is homophobic.

No. 284514

Ohh, now I see. I didn't recognize it as a drag queen

No. 284518

File: 1679428384807.jpg (120.08 KB, 1000x1000, EI_ZSWHVUAAUn8V.jpg)

This guy's comics really are something

No. 284727

File: 1679509785488.jpg (216.97 KB, 1312x1312, AnyConv.com__EYQWDDwUYAEwNIW.j…)

No. 284835

File: 1679572919052.jpeg (172.22 KB, 800x1009, FoEIBRDXwAQteOX.jpeg)

This dude's comics are so painfully unfunny, it's either no joke or random pop culture reference as a punchline, normies really have no humor.

No. 284836

this made me laugh

No. 284843

I'd probably act like that, I'd love to gnaw on some boy's flesh

No. 284875

File: 1679590924320.jpg (83.73 KB, 1125x1118, IMG_3436.jpg)

So edgy, I am so much deeper than everyone else uwu

No. 284892

it's vent art it's suppose to wallow in self-pity. Artists are allowed to express their issues trough art and this one is actually pretty

No. 284893

I agree with both of you

No. 284901

I love unapologetically edgy personal art like this

No. 285905

I think it's cool and artsy. I generally prefer edgy shit over that forced cutesy stuff every other webcomics seems to have

No. 285914

File: 1679876541922.jpeg (133.39 KB, 749x915, FF7110E3-D5F1-4312-B4FA-A6B6D5…)

Remember kids! Whatever this is…

No. 285918

God, look at all these useless labels. Do they think normal people think about and have sex every day? And have sex with anyone that expresses attraction towards them? I mean.. it can't be right, because according to their own definitions, someone who is ace can also love sex and have it lots of times, and most people who say they're ace talk about sex 24/7 so… what is it? What exactly makes them different from most people? What is the definition of normal?

No. 285920

>sex-averse sex worker
so… rape

No. 285922

All of these are just spicy straight. What's even the point of calling yourself "asexual" if you're ~sex averse~ but still have sex? Is that not rape? Words have no meaning anymore

No. 285943

>has 2 kids and a husband
>faith and sexuality intertwine

most realistic and sad out of all of them

No. 285947

I hate a tranny with a cane

No. 285997

Reminds me of an acquaintance I know who's seld described as a sex averse, poly ace. So…you just want close friends? That's not a sexuality.

People who just aren't interested in sex are perfectly valid. But it must be stressful to keep putting yourself in so many small boxes with all these labels.

She probably just got tired of it after having several kids (not a bad thing, it happens) and that means "ace" now I guess.

No. 285999

The only thing I can think of is if she's just modeling or dressing up in sexy clothes with no sex involved. I could see that being a thing, though it would be very uncomfortable to work so closely to something you hate.

If sex work does mean actual sex….Isn't that like working as a surgeon if blood makes you faint or puke?

No. 286000

What's a QPR? From the guy(?) on the right.

No. 286002

"queerplatonic relationship" for when "bestie" is too normie and not kweer enough of a term

No. 286060

That asexual sex worker who came out as asexual at 14 is, I'm assuming inadvertently, horrifying. She's sex-averse, not even neutral. I don't even think I have to mention the Muslim woman. The last guy was raped and copes by reading porn and wanting to adopt a child to pass on the abuse. I don't know what a QPR is.

No. 286921

File: 1680327695910.png (135.26 KB, 446x1194, 5ca.png)

No. 287048

File: 1680414102011.jpg (439.81 KB, 1200x1724, e8e89311b13d42cbc06dd8c1f51145…)

ive always hated megg mogg and owl and couldn't figure out why, i guess because it's a comic written by a man and the main character is about a "gross woman" but it still comes off as weirdly objectifying and sexist. oh and now i guess she has a tranny love interest because of course.

No. 287052

It means they won't an hero if they do it. Guess regular psychiatric care procedures don't apply to troons.

No. 287053

Eww, so those WERE drawn by a man? I was wondering why the comics were so shit and I couldn’t get into them even though I’m a gross girl myself.

No. 287289

God I hate gardevoirfags

No. 287305

I thought it was literally just him being also attracted to ants… did not get potential fetish metaphor

No. 287322

yes I'm pretty sure he is a troon too and the female lead is his self insert

No. 287329

File: 1680570621292.jpg (49.85 KB, 584x401, Untitled.jpg)

vomits and shits at the same time

No. 287347

Based and stacypilled

No. 287369

I hate male pokemon fans in general.

No. 287462

File: 1680639375995.jpeg (424.88 KB, 1492x2048, D991DE55-443B-46D3-BC51-195631…)

Her entire gallery is just shit like this

No. 287481

I thought that was Jim Sterling.

No. 287644

Late to this but wtf are SSA women?? Social security access women? That's what google gives me.

Anon ffs just call them lesbians and stop using Twitter terms, it's cringe af

No. 287686

okay sorry but this got a laugh out of me

No. 287995

nta but it stands for same-sex-attracted women, and it refers to both lesbians and bisexual women.

No. 288249

File: 1680933898451.jpg (669.29 KB, 3250x2048, ZHD95XHsnC.jpg)

nta, but that's literally the "punchline" for every single one of her comics.

No. 288310

File: 1680953741217.jpeg (175.13 KB, 1170x1197, 97FA3D5B-D644-44AA-9621-C3834F…)

Queerchamelon is basically a cringefest

No. 288314

I also think this is hilarious, added that Fred’s face is in that generic webtoon style

No. 288329

kek this must have taken the seething tif a long time to make

No. 288371

Okay I'll take the bait despite this being literally a month old post. I'm the OP and I meant this as a self-ironic joke because many anons incl myself are literally like that, hornyposting on /g only to spew moidhate on /ot, and I just find it funny. You can quit seething now pakichan, it's not that deep.

No. 288412

File: 1680982977064.jpg (494.9 KB, 3471x1723, trans parents.jpg)

that poor child who has those two retards as his parents

No. 288414

File: 1680983094233.jpg (232.44 KB, 1439x1648, 1680983027365.jpg)

and this is what he actually looks like.

No. 288443

He looks like he was dropped on his head as a child. Maybe his mother shouldn't have held him like that.

No. 288469

Okay like this is hilarious but in a cow brain rot way, you go blowjob comic anon

No. 288473

File: 1681006525733.jpeg (247.05 KB, 1046x1910, DKAy8-hUIAIvCYL.jpeg)

No. 288558

That have the same energy of Sophie telling his version on how someone on dA told him he was a girl.

No. 288560

File: 1681070182451.png (Spoiler Image,308.69 KB, 1280x958, k1U4PO2.png)

I'm surprised no one has posted this: Sophie showing he always failed in Science 101

No. 288570

What child know what a clit is?

No. 288576

He, of course.

No. 288630

File: 1681092151941.jpeg (294.93 KB, 1450x1450, 53655A62-4849-4E29-A81B-2B497C…)

blobby going mask off mra to the surprise of no one

No. 288633

>made it to the screencap twice
holy fucking shit lmfao, how long were you collecting these? my posts had to have been like a year apart you fucking weirdo lmfao jesus christ
responding a month later because that's fucking wild dude, I just want people to see this, god damn the cringe is calling from inside the thread

No. 288634

Remembering this time a guy said in a group that he cried watching a marvel movie and everyone mocked him.

No. 288636

No. 288650

I'm so tired of retards complaining that men can't show emotions. No one is demanding that grown men act a certain way, and if there were, men are antisocial apes who don't follow rules anyway.

No. 288721

Never forget that he's also a babyfur who drew cub porn traced from pics of real babies

No. 288781

File: 1681141544353.png (52.37 KB, 1009x572, tumblr_38a01347d9276c1c0862034…)

No. 288783

The boy is drawn with lightless, dead eyes, so it's accurate

No. 288784

If this tranny creature can shapeshift their own body, why did they need a "gender wizard"

No. 288785

If this tranny creature can shapeshift their own body, why did they need a "gender wizard"

No. 288849

I was just coming here to post this. Person I saw share it initially went on a huge rant about how masculine and feminine roles are hurting men and no one talks about it. This is pretty much the only thing you can talk about online without direct pushback.

No. 288866

Could be more accurate if he was fat and smelly heading to scrote degeneracy. Despite being off put by the anime girl comment, 99% of trap/femboyfags do get off to them and futas.

No. 289220

File: 1681351571358.jpg (285.09 KB, 1318x1106, Untitled.jpg)

some boomer psychopath made a ton of comics of cats being tortured/killed and turned it into a calendar. being male is truly a disease. he died unexpectedly at 67, probably from all the hate in his heart.

No. 289248

this is so cartoony that it's hard to get upset at

No. 289262

ayrt and not that person but appreciate the explanation I guess

No. 289283

i guess it's bc ime, men who hate cats are violently misogynistic as well. they project hatred of feminine-coded things onto innocent animals. it creeps me out a lot.

No. 289318

Libfem-ass take

No. 289382

i think the worst thing about these comics is that they handwrite the text every single time, just make a font blobby&crew

No. 289821

shes literally right

No. 290807

Comparing women to retarded animals. How feminist.

No. 291146

File: 1682036047984.jpg (333.11 KB, 1450x1450, 20230420_182527.jpg)

Another woman bad comic from the blob

No. 291147

File: 1682036089139.jpg (403.1 KB, 1079x2698, Blob.jpg)

No. 291149

Blobby should just go back to advocating violence against cops or whatever it was they did before.

No. 291152

This is rich coming from the people who think gay men are the ones doing the "What if they held hands UwU" thing >>262091

No. 291153

NTA but it's true that some men think cats are for women and they are the ones who compare the two. It's not misogynistic to point out the way some moids think.

No. 291331

File: 1682130876169.jpeg (37.2 KB, 400x524, 2F51E230-6A00-40B9-AD6C-7D8CDE…)

It’s like hamsterfragment, but cats

No. 291339

File: 1682132518243.jpeg (94.03 KB, 1045x697, E647F373-DE86-415F-BE70-34713A…)


No. 291340

They make distinct separations between sex and gender, yet say gender identity changes sexuality

No. 291343

File: 1682133283366.gif (10.45 KB, 650x495, 525E5605-69A9-44F1-B6E2-A59FCF…)

Book of bunny suicides is the happy medium.

No. 291344

File: 1682133636855.jpeg (83.38 KB, 1002x635, E992494E-4F7E-4E3B-AA15-3E5D24…)

No. 291363

Forcing a boy to take on "female gender roles" aka be a prostitute for men is soooo progressive. Also notice how it's always men who are forced to be women and never the other way around, because women could never gain the priviledge of a man.

No. 291436

Groomed. Just say it like it is. Grooming little boys into becoming sex slaves for degenerate men

No. 291496

Andy Riley (the artist) is a family friend of mine. I have signed books and even an original sketch

No. 291497

Andy Riley (the artist) is a family friend of mine. I have signed books and even an original sketch

No. 291498

Andy Riley (the artist) is a family friend of mine. I have signed books and even an original sketch

No. 291649

Men in general care more about gender performance and dominance/submission than actual biological sex when it comes to defining their sexuality.

No. 291652

From what I've read and researched online, it seems that the main impetus for these types of "arrangements" was an almost pathological and spiritual fear of menstruation, believing that a period was not only disgusting, but would make their souls unclean and send them to Hell.

No. 291654

when you hate women so much you'd rather be a gay pedo. lmao XYs are such failures

No. 291749

These "third genders" always look like a byproduct of extremely rigid gender roles. If you need people in the family to do certain things, just have them do that. In a vacuum there is literally no need to change their identity for that except arbitrary things.

No. 291784

File: 1682320668227.jpg (379.59 KB, 1418x2048, FIRESTONE-obit-superJumbo.jpg)

I'm reminded of a second wave radfem who talked about this and specifically young boys positions in the patriarchal hierarchy, according to Shulamith Firestone boys were essentially half-females in patriarchal civilizations, while all boys could grow up to be men with strength, when they were young they were weak, any adult man could abuse them if given the opportunity, when men rape boys, they don't believe they are gay for it, cause boys are something less then men but more then a woman(from the perspective of a pederast) this is why pederasts often tend to be misogynists.

No. 291800

File: 1682326667054.png (709.01 KB, 2000x2500, 1648504274683.png)


No. 291805

what's her deal? Is her art just about some girl trying to die over and over again?

No. 291818

File: 1682337228780.jpeg (57.06 KB, 409x516, news-and-politics-2014-03-alba…)

seriously when trannies talk about "third gender" it's always about gay men and groomed boys in ultra-patriarchal societies, the only instance of "third gender" women that I know of are burrneshas from Albania yet you never see TRAs mention them

No. 291820

And then we get called homophobic for pointing this out. Most "gay" men are attracted to neoteny instead of burliness, just like straight men. And they rape male children instead of women.

No. 292086

File: 1682451215459.jpeg (154.13 KB, 1200x1200, 4AA965A4-DB9F-462B-834E-CFC51B…)

Uh huh

No. 292177

According to TRAs gender is just a feeling though, it has no basis in biology, it's more related to psychology and sociology which isn't a hard science unlike math or physics. Psychology and sociology are also incredibly susceptible to political biases.
Intersex people, on the other hand, do exist and would be a more valid analogy, although their condition is the result of a natural accident somewhere between fertilization and fetal development, and they were meant to be either male or female anyway.

No. 292385

File: 1682540421936.jpeg (544.6 KB, 1940x3034, bFqD513.jpeg)

>the layout
>the dialogue
>the identical panels
>the lack of background
American comics are so fucking bad

No. 292391

So is that tranny spectrum chart in the last image real and accepted science? If it's just something made up, why not include a real example if it's an actual advanced science? Because it isn't?

No. 292433

You can tell this comic is old because the TRA dares to even mention biological sex.
I wonder what the current version of the last panel would be aside from the ?made up graph the creator pulled out of his ass

No. 292445

i've seen everything you've pointed out in non-american comics too though kek

No. 292449

dont mind her. some anons here have a massive hate boner for all western media and believe it they're precious eastern artist could never do harm.

No. 292467

Anon complained about American comics, not about Western comics like you just said. Comparing American comics to European ones like you just did is very insulting to European comics honestly. They're really not comparable.

No. 292496

File: 1682593005254.jpeg (53.16 KB, 365x470, 6558C570-9574-4F12-99DE-E0EF86…)

western doesn't mean just america. euro comics are completely different from murrican ones, they're mich more varied. range from astérix and tintin to stuff like picrel

No. 292510

Blobby isn't a woman though right? Or am I misremembering.

No. 292512

blobby is a they, unsurprisingly

No. 292517

But is it a female or male themlet

No. 292524

File: 1682607059325.jpeg (161.32 KB, 828x1193, DEB99C21-7709-491E-8CBB-C94343…)

no one knows if it has a dong lol. the comic writers jsut gave your typical uwu quirky gendie answer when asked

No. 292531

ayrt. I see! Thanks nonna

And btw, to the others, yes, I've seen everything she's said in European ones too and meant them as well when I said "non-american". IMO what she pointed out does not make something bad. I agree with her that her picrel is crap but i can't really point out why, lol. Maybe because I'm not a fan of most capeshit stuff

No. 292562

>but i can't really point out why, lol
nta but it's because of the copy-pasted layout, it's pretty obvious

No. 292569

File: 1682623967208.png (212.7 KB, 1200x1200, this_isnt_your-average_everyda…)

No. 292586

ayrt. The thing is, sometimes I've seen that used for comedic purposes and it has worked. Why doesn't it work here? Is it because the punchline is "silly gay doesn't admit he's gay"? idk.

k i'll stop sperging now

No. 292652

File: 1682656036258.jpeg (465.79 KB, 2139x2160, Fr6hbQ0aQAEERcS.jpeg)

The trannie version

No. 292665

File: 1682659704635.jpg (248.01 KB, 1170x1184, IMG_3045.jpg)

Kind of shocked I haven't seen The Red Dot here. A recurring character in her comics is the artist's sentient buttplug.

No. 292667

File: 1682659734260.jpg (221.31 KB, 1170x1159, IMG_3046.jpg)

No. 292682

Is this by a troon?

No. 292701

this is clearly a woman anon

No. 292702

File: 1682676977705.png (Spoiler Image,453.53 KB, 529x755, thereddot.PNG)

I don't think so, she's just cringy and bad at drawing. https://twitter.com/The__RedDot

No. 292709

I didn't notice the buttplug in the last panel so I thought she was talking to the scarf. Which made me think that the comic was trying to knockoff Towelie

No. 292710

Funny how he immediately clocked them

No. 292781

>and thus he proceeded to draw more baby fur fetish art

No. 292806

File: 1682710997211.jpeg (189.93 KB, 941x941, 1FDBF1AF-E3D1-4DD1-8DD0-268A12…)

Of course that happens

No. 292808

Yeahh anon do you live under a rock?? Women harass, rape and kill men on the streets every day! Every woman has the capacity to overpower and rape a muscular man, no wonder he was so scared uwu

No. 292812

What murders? wtf?

also kek with the other anon that he immediately clocked his brethren

…Is Blobby a not-so-secret PR campaign by anti-feminists/mgtow/MRAs? Sure seems like it

No. 292814

Glad to see blobby is back to his own comic.

No. 292818

NTA but for me it's because 1) the left side could work as a joke but three exact copy pasted panels in a row is too much, the artist really needed to at least make his eyes move in one of the last two panels for the comedic effect to work and 2) on right side it's the same as the left but also the white lines around her hands imply movement which doesn't really work here it sounds kinda schizo to try to put it into words but her gesturing her hands kinda visually "breaks the silence" imo and messes the awkward silence joke.

Yeah, she just always gave me the vibe of being a sex obssessed libfem rather than a troon

No. 293250

File: 1682855571063.jpeg (165.77 KB, 828x831, AAB59926-4D6F-4660-992F-5F6872…)

This looks like it was taken directly off of a shitty Hot Topic shirt back in ‘05.

No. 293254

can't bring myself to hate this, it actually seems fairly genuine

No. 293256

This doesn't happen
Wrong thread

No. 293258

I’m sorry that you don’t agree. I personally think the art is on par with others in this thread and the only thing said is incredible cliche and stupid.

No. 293274

No. 293278

That character is gay, so if he was straight, would he be into it? Blobby pls update

No. 293300

you could write an entire essay about this comic and that boyfriends webtoon being prime examples of what happens when a female author is laughably out of touch with the opposite sex vs the ~breasted boobily~ misogynistic bullshit that occurs when a male author does the same thing. we live in a society.

No. 293362

I think I remember that the webtoons author revealed she basically lives as a NEET and doesn't leave her room at all.

No. 293363

she was also a bts stan who based one of the characters off the really ugly ratfaced guy from them

No. 293374

>the really ugly ratfaced one
That narrows it down to… all of them.

No. 293377

the REALLY ugly one who had a side profile like a political cartoon, cbf'd to google sorry

No. 293469

>the really ugly ratfaced guy from them
The one that ""raps""?

No. 293472

Nta but the one with down syndrome lips and double chin

No. 293473

File: 1682937585576.jpg (25.94 KB, 491x496, IMG_20230501_133954.jpg)

Kill it with fire

No. 293548

File: 1682967988679.jpeg (150.47 KB, 1070x1226, D5FA4075-8A05-4800-88C0-B565FE…)


No. 293549

Why are pick-mes like this

No. 293551

File: 1682968478485.jpeg (279.33 KB, 1170x2201, B7DD0B10-180B-48F1-AF48-0F53AA…)

samefag but also this got to the front page of reddit and lmao at the mods deleting comments calling it unfunny

No. 293555

File: 1682969166423.png (29.66 KB, 508x612, IMG_3587.png)

found it, It's RM

No. 293558

File: 1682970436026.png (46.12 KB, 343x366, 1682970492337.png)

yes this one, thank you nona

No. 293562

I would read that essay tbh

No. 293563

He looks like he's doing a Momokun impression

No. 293577

File: 1682981077132.jpeg (Spoiler Image,125.05 KB, 1310x1085, IMG_4184.jpeg)

And she makes porn of her self-insert ftm character and him. lol.


No. 293593

What was she smoking when she decided to link that cartoon dude with rap monster of all people? Kek
Sometimes I don’t even mind because even gendercultists don’t like the comic and there’s a lot of infighting between the girls that hate the “uwu mlm fetishization muh poor gay men” and the girls that are like “wow she’s literally me! A straight woman who wants to fuck moids but also wants to have gay points!”.

No. 293606

File: 1683006524940.png (166.54 KB, 1089x974, Screenshot.png)

huh, apparently he's considered the "jock/big guy" of the group, among BTS fans.

No. 293625

this is like when genshitters call characters daddies when they have even the slightest muscle tone.

No. 293762

in bts his stans kind of have an underdog complex since he is ugly and unpopular so they keep try to shill him as attractive. probably one of his stans wrote this article, he has one of the lowest sales among the members

No. 294030

File: 1683147688086.jpeg (85.07 KB, 675x900, A22B9B9D-7E3C-445F-81D9-578406…)

Faggots are so pathetic

No. 294035

your telling me this wasn't made by a fujo?

No. 294036

I don't think fujos often use terms like "boymoder" unless they're also Kikomi-ing it up

No. 294037

the art style, the way the top and bottom are drawn, its so very fujo-tier. Then again we were discussing moids reading BL comics specifically for their trap fetishes, so this might just be a result of that overlap.

No. 294038

>moids reading BL comics specifically for their trap fetishes
Pretty sure such is the case here.

No. 294099

my kawaii HIV story~~
the way it's drawn is exactly how male troons do it. over the top mindless cuteness, delusional portrial of the troon with no masculine features whatsoever. honestly, i see this same fucking style in "transbian uwu" comics, but the tomboy woman is now replaced with a fat(buff?) moid.
you are confused just because the troon is gay in this case i think

No. 294110

File: 1683184778244.jpg (40.14 KB, 384x454, image01.jpg)

When I first saw the comic it was pretty obvious to me in the way he drew the "uke" (probably his self-insert)
That looks exactly how troons draw traps (which is kinda how they draw alt-girl type waifus) despite supposedly "boymoding" in this pic
If this were by a TIF the "uke" would probably be FtM, not an MtF, unless she did this >>294036

I found the artist, his birth name is Ward Morrison, and he's an HSTS fudanshi (he reads yaoi manga) which might explain why the art kinda resembles TIF fujo art. pic related is from his carrd

No. 294111

>HSTS fudanshi (he reads yaoi manga)
i would like to know his yaoi manga taste, it's probably moid-tier shit like himegoto

No. 294116

File: 1683186208929.png (86.94 KB, 600x705, cap.png)

No. 294259

His taste not half bad. Still likes yaoi like a man would, no fujo would hyper focus on the ''totes looks like a female'' part.

No. 294564

File: 1683401528165.jpg (225.07 KB, 2048x1331, tumblr_c56bac946cc9b386c4d55c7…)

Two idiots fighting again

No. 294581

>neopronouns are cringe
>still uses hyperspecific gendie flags that nobody has heard of before to represent certain groups

Also, I tought gendies used the sufragette colours for some gendie thing? Is it only the tucutes that use them like that?

No. 294583

File: 1683416245812.jpg (192.48 KB, 1200x1100, FY30DsMUsAAyIh2.jpg)

Since he's gay I think he genuinely likes yaoi, but also you can tell by his self-insert Pinky comics (Pinky from Pacman, who the fuck does that?) that he uses yaoi as a way to feel like a real woman kek he's obsessed with depicting the pink ghost as a fujo

No. 294585

If this was made by a woman it would be good.

No. 294586

Probably just pretending to like yaoi as part of his woman LARP. I bet the particular woman he chose to skinwalk was a fujoshi.

No. 294592

The genderqueer flag looks like the sfragette flag.

No. 294617

File: 1683431890348.jpg (231.87 KB, 800x1176, 2G4zSTO.jpg)

>his self-insert Pinky comics (Pinky from Pacman, who the fuck does that?)
I suppose now is as good a time as any to burden you all with the awareness of the existence of trans prostitute Bubsy Bobcat comics

No. 294634

File: 1683442297797.png (57.34 KB, 640x845, 98e.png)

This sent me down a fucking rabbit hole. Apparently at one point, the troon artist decided to file the serial numbers off and pass tranny Bubzy off as his own character, "Spanky." Obese Conker and Wild Woody with no discernable changes are also apparently now his "OCs." Interesting how despite how much of a bastardization "Spanky" is of Bubzy, he's still obviously just Bubzy with tits and a heart instead of an exclamation point on his shirt.
Also the artist describes himself as a "trans commie," because of course he does.

No. 294635

File: 1683443406374.jpg (416.29 KB, 473x421, xWUk1B5.jpg)

careful scrolling nonnies, there's cp here and in post-left cows

No. 294645

File: 1683445853621.png (521.35 KB, 870x2760, hypocritical blobby comics.png)

i fucking hate blobby comics so much

No. 294701

>I was the only one he could get
kek at least he's being honest.

No. 294708

I love blobby comics, they are so stupid and tone deaf, but it's bite sized. My only complaint is that blobby wasn't in the comics you posted, I wish he were in the background, silently and expressionlessly watching.
>that thing
>a trans prostitute
Yeah, I can see it. He really looks like he went through botched surgeries and drug abuse, plus living on the streets sporadically.

No. 294723

i didnt think it was possible to make bubsy lamer and gayer, but there you go

No. 294949

File: 1683561744079.jpeg (97.88 KB, 828x941, 734E9647-2AC3-433A-BB17-503117…)

her comics are just so…unfunny but apparently Reddit loves them because she’s always on the front page of r/comics.

No. 295163

File: 1683639628215.jpg (74.28 KB, 640x638, tumbleweed rolls past.jpg)

No. 295176

Is this an edit or what? Why the hell did they use 4 panels when just 1 was enough? Are they paid by the panel?

No. 295351

having sunday off has roots in christianity tho

No. 295469

File: 1683738970907.jpg (184.5 KB, 1052x1430, FuaPXigWwAAayKC.jpg)

In case it's not obvious, this was made by a Troon with a "trans!Shinji" headcanon.

No. 295470

i know this post is a month old but this has to be said: FASCISM IS ANTICAPITALISTIC. fascists and libertarians hate each others' guts. fascism is economically left-leaning and doesnt believe in free markets. holy shit.
sorry for the sperg but this shit riles me up.

No. 295481

is this made by that pedo girl that 4chan is obssesed with? veesomething

No. 295624

File: 1683789249797.jpeg (191.05 KB, 639x2353, blobby.jpeg)

I spent 500 hours in photoshop making a new blobby comic

No. 295627

beautiful, artistic, transformative, almost completely indecipherable. absolute masterpiece, nonna. bravo

No. 295629

oh shit forgot to sage im so sorry jannies

No. 295684

masterpieces like this are the reason I still visit lolcow

we're in /m/ nobody cares

No. 295685

nonna this has made my day, i love you, marry me, you are a legend

No. 295696

>clueless and relatable yet sexy brown-haired female in an accidental nudity scene
>joke relying on an unfunny 'typical' domestic situation
>wonky anatomy, uninteresting lines and colors, no sense of composition + dreamworks eyebrows
it has all the ingredients of the classic bad comic, almost makes me nostalgic of 2008-2012
thank you for your contribution to the edifice of cultural and artistic prowess

No. 295697

samefag but i also love how she conveniently hid one alien's hands lmao.
vomit-worthy mediocrity, brb practicing so i never get this braindead and complacent about what i do, this kind of badartspo is somehow more compelling than cirlclejerk tranny stuff

No. 295829

File: 1683853983439.jpeg (95.21 KB, 828x1385, C7B779D4-DF6C-4C4A-A193-2CD88F…)

put this in the louvre
god i hate these so puch. it's either low effort heckin wholesume uwu sappy love shit or low effort boring "im an smol sad bean with depwessiona and anxiety or adhd" posting.
also the dinos sometimes have pride flag colours like picrel.
it's literally the worst traits of every low effort, made-for-social-media webcomic condensed into one and the result is so fucking soulless

No. 295832

File: 1683854959325.png (31.89 KB, 374x244, john went.png)

Literally Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics, but somehow even lazier and less funny.

No. 295950

kek i actually like these ones

No. 295994

File: 1683968062569.jpeg (43.23 KB, 500x375, 75A3785C-FE4A-4385-A58E-766123…)

Shinji isn’t trans he’s just gay

No. 296012

most of the comments were praising the artist for “giving them feet pics for free”

men are cancer

No. 296198

They're not even well-drawn feet???

No. 296387

File: 1684091440194.jpeg (125.72 KB, 941x953, IMG_4841.jpeg)

So many layers of autism…

No. 296764

is this supposed to be a TIM or a "bimbo femboy" TIF

No. 296768

File: 1684270352249.png (345.23 KB, 1698x576, 930.png)

I guess I am cheating with posting Moon Over June.
But in hindsight, this must have been written bz a man/AGP tranny in the making.

No. 296830

I think he tim’d out while writing this. Thinking back to when I had first heard of this, the agp is apparent.

No. 296917

It's always been written by a man. No one believed for one second that "WOCgirl" (does WOC stand for "woman of color" here?) was a woman, because nothing about the writing, art style, or even anatomical knowledge reflects that. I think in the beginning he was just a male who lied about being a woman online, but in the last few years I think he took the LARP to the next level and actually trooned out. Ironically, the women are kind of drawn like troons– lanky, shapeless, boxy bodies with awkwardly stapled-on tits, no hips, and yaoi hands. I wonder if any of the autists on KF have dug up this guy's real identity. I bet he looks like if Danny DeVito and Gollum had a baby.

No. 296936

File: 1684355880744.png (453.9 KB, 597x738, hormonead.png)

No. 297090

the whole "gender is just fashion" thing aside this also highlights the problem with inventing a billion microlabels and subgenres of fashion. It has led people to believe that there is a fashion label that 100% reflects their personality. So instead of just wearing clothes that they think looks good they obsessed over the idea that their fashion has to represent them at all time and then they get a breakdown when they realise that personalities are complex and can't be watered down to clothes

No. 297109

So she basically followed trends on tumblr? The only missing aesthetic is emo/scene

No. 297150

File: 1684449107402.jpeg (124.95 KB, 960x949, IMG_4859.jpeg)


No. 297151

Literally me

No. 297210

This is genius idk what your talking about

No. 297216

Sorry to necro but damn, the "I am at the beginning of my journey and would like for you to come with me" is so unbelievably cult-like. You can tell by the way she depicted herself with her new name that this is merely a spiritual thing. It's like some fucked up religion that relies on self-mutilation rituals.

No. 297218

This is the funniest thing in the thread by far lol, I’m literally saving this. Who is the artist?

No. 297221

pleeeeease post more

No. 297361

No wait this is actually me

No. 297921

File: 1684742217131.jpg (1.68 MB, 3430x6750, plpbo3aah81b1.jpg)

i hope this man becomes a statistic

No. 297922

Unconscious admission of transition being spawned by porn kek. Could've been any other band, but has to be one which shares a name with wanking yourself into erectile disfunction kek.

No. 297923

i hate ironic weebs and trannies using this faux retro anime style. They dont have the attention span to sit through it anyways.

No. 297924

I hate trannies so much it's unreal holy shit

No. 297925

when troons portray themselves as cutesy anime girls kek the delusion

No. 297926

Whenever I see it I think of that awesome parody of a troon's Vtuber design that a nona drew and posted here. I forgot what thread it was though.
Kinda wanna do the same but with that horrible anime tranny with the transflag colors for its hair

No. 297945

And nows she's a transtrender kek. Can't wait for the next panel to be like I started to detrans! My head is bald now

No. 297949

This guy went from poorly emulated anime screentones to poorly emulated 90s shoujo anime look.

No. 297951

How did his art get even worse

No. 297953

I hate this troon's comic so much reee, I am surprising that in this one he is saying the quiet part out loud: they really do troon put because of porn, anime and fetishizing lesbians

No. 297956

>>297921 obvious shits aside, the excessive soft glow and blur effects are giving me the extra nausea

No. 297963

I would have guessed that the shorter one was the troon, the dark haired one's goth look, height and submissive behavior seemed way too on-the-nose.

No. 298004

reddit troons are as shameless as boomer sissies, they don't even try to hide what they're in it for

No. 298059

Can't believe there were people (>>264240) that thought this was a lesbian kek

No. 299056

File: 1685210482920.jpg (876.55 KB, 2548x3086, IRszQpHorE1Uj.jpg)

No. 299067

Iirc they're both troons

No. 299186

File: 1685234215321.png (Spoiler Image,319.18 KB, 994x772, trannycomic.png)

There are actually two different couples in these comics (extremely hard to tell through all that sameface, I know) and only one of the couples involves a tranny. Not that it matters of course. Pic related.

No. 299191

sameface is an understatement, jfc. those are the exact same characters repurposed as background characters for some weird reason.

No. 299194

they even have the same hairstyles lmao. it's impossible to tell if they're even supposed to be different characters but they're probably all trannies

No. 299212

File: 1685250171118.jpg (255.51 KB, 1133x1533, Tumblr_l_215346941737297.jpg)

Yeah, we get it, you're better than everyone else because you're a trust-fund baby Redditfag who can sit around drawing furry shit for a "living." Everyone who puts up with unpleasant shit so they can pay rent is a cuck, apparently, and are ruining your dreams of a workfree communist utopia or whatever. Gag me.

No. 299213

Wait, you seriously mean to tell me that the one wearing a Green Day shirt is an entirely different character from the one wearing the Tranny Pride shirt? What the fuck, could the retarded scrote artist not even be assed to give them different hairstyles?

No. 299214

When you don't see women as people but stereotypes

No. 299215

Love how the story abruptly goes from
>Haha silly boss man has to do sexual favors for le macguffin
>Owl guy's marriage is deteriorating into serious domestic violence
A+ writing. Tone? Never met her.

No. 299229

I'm not sure this artist is actually shitting on workers or blaming them for their situation. It's about how shit working for a wage is, sure, but it doesn't look like it's intended as an insult to workers. Kind of like how talking about how horrible sex work is, isn't the same thing as insulting sex workers or claiming you're better than them.
Wagecuck is also a term that some working class people use to refer to themselves, especially in reference to how soul-sucking their job is. It's kind of conveying the idea that you have to do shit you don't want to do, even things you hate, to earn a living wage (like what the comic seems to be doing). I see it used by imageboard users (including farmers) from time to time.

No. 299264

File: 1685297117999.jpg (3.64 MB, 2048x9853, G5ogYxFiFmPS.jpg)

I hate every aspect about this and if your wondering, yes she does draw fat guy porn, m/m and m/f both.

No. 299265

This is definitely a sort of wish fulfillment sort of thing. My theory is that the artist projects onto both the fat feminine girl (it's what she wishes she could have looked like, and because she doesn't look like that she feels she can't be female) and the fat goth guy (it's what she feels like she looks like and is coping by being a he/him) if the artist is not a he/him female, I am surprised and I also retract my statement.

No. 299266

the tranny comic man needs to be flayed for his taste in music alone. i cant take another one of those stupid fucking t shirts.

No. 299267

Oh my god why is her art style so horrendous?

No. 299301

>Characters are cartoon bully stereotypes
>Never bully anyone
I will never understand the point of characters like this.

No. 299305


No. 299939

File: 1685645186917.png (23.1 KB, 1341x455, FxL-U17XsAAn7Ug.png)

What the fuck is this comic even trying to say?

No. 299942

Kek, it’s trying to say “I’m an idiot!”

No. 299947

Everything else has been said about this girl's art but I just hate the way she picks skin tones, they're so weird.

No. 299982

It actually doesn't make sense

No. 299997

For a second I read this as
>shayna and hemorrhoids

No. 300000

"Birthing person" is dehumanizing, "woman" is not. Hope that helps. Also kek at the fact that the person defending "bleeder" and shit like that is a balding, bespectacled scrote. True to life lmao.

No. 300001

I thought the fact that they’re the ugly bully stereotypes was the point?

No. 300027

I think its supposed to be a smart researcher, while the woman on the left is a supposed to be some middle aged housewife.

No. 300121

i mean i get why anons hate the artstyle but this is kinda cute and heartwarming.

No. 300125

Hmmmm I wonder why the “smart researcher” is depicted as a male…

No. 300303

File: 1685829268955.jpeg (92.92 KB, 736x736, IMG_4889.jpeg)


No. 300304

this is actually an edit

No. 300463

>birthing person
>useful in niche contexts because not all women can give birth
Why not "birthing woman" then? Anything to obfuscate the fact that gender shit is misogynistic

No. 300868

File: 1686088541209.jpeg (96.88 KB, 828x941, A229794F-97CA-46B6-BD11-7E52B4…)

almost 9k upvotes for…this. any time i see her art it gives me MTF vibes and nothing is ever funny but it’s still ALWAYS on the front page.

No. 300870

I know this is 6 moths old but this sort of reinforces the stereotype that black women aren't feminine enough to be considered women and this non-binary black folks thing makes it seem like a cope for insecure black women and girls who have no confidence in their femininity.

No. 300888

the negative stereotype also encourages a form of feminine overcompensation and black female beauty standards seem stricter compared to other women (messy bun vs "laid bussdown" with baby hairs) and the feminine women get mad at the non-feminine women for "ruining their image" and "re-reinforcing negative stereotypes"

No. 300948

Why do you anons keep using Reddit? Why are you subjecting yourself to that shit, I don't understand.

No. 300950

What's the original?

No. 300955

File: 1686125983399.jpeg (148.11 KB, 1080x1080, please forgive me for being wh…)

nta but i think this is the original

No. 300988

because its the only place i can view my niche interests without getting bombarded with troon shit like on tumblr (not saying it doesn't happen but it happens less)

No. 301017

File: 1686153783329.jpg (18.86 KB, 393x309, 1683798139856.jpg)

It happens more because reddit is the biggest tranny hugbox of any sns. The primary userbase is pornsick moids with an occasional shoe0nhead style millennial pickme thrown in, the UI is trash, the humor and site culture are even worse, and no artists use it besides autists with skill level lower than or equal to the twt ig tiktok tumblr etc trannies. It's a social reject band kid website, you should be embarrassed for using it for anything but fast tech support.

No. 301050

No. 301109

File: 1686195710924.png (82.3 KB, 674x432, 2382389.png)

No. 301200

File: 1686251210103.jpg (506.31 KB, 1751x3030, so-which-is-it-v0-er2qw6gxd13b…)

I could tell by the art-style alone that a TIF made this

No. 301207

i get the idea behind the meme of shipping the girls in those nlog charts. Those dharts where annoying but the meme still bothers me. Those charts had been out of style for years when the meme started. Also the phrase "skeeter bite tiddies" bothers me for some reason lol. I get that it was to mock the madonna whore complex but I feel like this meme is just a way to mock two types of women. I think the meme was started by lesbian and bi artists(at least first time I saw these memes there where drawn by lesbian and bi women before I saw men started doing it) but it still rubs me the wrong way even though there isnt any malicious behind it

No. 301225

>Man drawing lesbians
>Man rehashing a decade-old meme
Double vomit

No. 301352

This is so painfully drawn for asspats that it hurts. Also maybe the girls who drew these comics don't want to see themselves kissing their bullies.

No. 301354

The one he's copying (creamsicle) was already a parody of those types of pics in the first place so I think it's too far removed from anyone who made those sincerely to be offended or hurt. That said, fucking weird to see a grown ass man making a parody of a meme that was popular with teen girls in 2012. Also why did he remake it entirely instead of just going with the original meme? It's weird.

No. 301373

Shouldn’t this retard stick to drawing his ugly ass self insert in lol kwirky situations? This faggass is such a clout chaser it’s just painful, not too long ago he was drawing retarded drag queen shit. Plus he’s kind of like Shayna Clifford, years later to trends.

No. 301379

File: 1686321928831.jpeg (92.13 KB, 828x1017, 47069AED-E908-48B8-8258-854408…)

speaking of shitty comic artists who are overblown—what’s up with shen’s new art style? these look like absolute shit.

No. 301413

He's going to troon out if he hasn't already. I'm calling it now.

No. 301453

Kek why does their skin disappear in the 2nd panel

No. 301538

I don't understand this question kek

No. 301551

NTAYRT but they're talking about how the characters have no skin color in panel 2. They literally have the wall tile pattern as skin.

No. 301591

File: 1686415463819.jpeg (73.82 KB, 828x896, 6F6CCB8A-084C-45AA-BEB9-8685F5…)

kek it looks like shmorky’s art

No. 301599

File: 1686418669156.png (145.59 KB, 720x717, nzo21mrjni1b1.png)

found another comic by her.

No. 301627

this is so painfully autistic

No. 301655

Holy shit, I didn't notice that

No. 301921

File: 1686595292585.jpg (129.38 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1686593012133.jpg)

Kind of impressive how The Red Dot never improves

No. 301972

File: 1686633618005.png (214.09 KB, 2605x2605, unsf4sv1k7ma1.png)

No. 301981

Except the twans ppl are the ones craving attention and want people to cater to their delusions at all times.

No. 301999

File: 1686646286636.jpg (410.53 KB, 962x1560, FxeyL3oWIAAvTJU.jpg)

No. 302013

Don't they all hate each other over there?

No. 302035

yes kek asians are the biggest xenophobes in the universe. they've been committing mad warcrimes against eachother for millennia, some of those grudges will never die. the asian solidarity meme is what was created by the west becaise whiny asian americans wanted their own BLM movement.

No. 302054

What are ricecels? Can I start calling those no-carb fanatics ricecels?

No. 302059

The point is that he genuinely seems to believe the west is pitting poor asian nations against each other, like Vietnam has shed a lot of blood with the US, but they are still pursuing ties with the US precisely because China is at their border and exerting authority over them. Many issues in Asia could be resolved if China stopped being pricks.

No. 302060

So Schism is referencing Beef, White Man Good Asian man bad 2 is referencing the sequel of the Joy Luck club but what's Imelda Marcos Musical supposed to refence.

No. 302063

File: 1686682351294.png (26.39 KB, 191x327, horse-pop.png)

No. 302130

A type of incel self-categorization. A ricecel is an east Asian incel, typically Asian-American or half east Asian. Off the top of my head, there is also currycels, meaning an Indian incel but I know they have more. They all blame white women for not fucking them or tricking "their" women into feminism

No. 302473

File: 1686858650315.jpg (294.08 KB, 1500x1019, eeyz859r3fz91.jpg)

No. 302481

They maybe a furry but this is actually based wtf

No. 302483

The furry shit undermines what is otherwise a salient observation.

No. 302484

>Korea is when kpop
>Japan is when Nintendo
>Vietnam is when banh mi
Seems contradictory to aggressively stereotype other countries while you're trying to make a point about racism and xenophobia. Jussayin'.

No. 302487

Based. Furries are such a high-TRA space because of the combonation of autism, every other person having a porn addiction, and obsession with fake identities (fursonas). It's an even hotter ground for spreading TRA messaging than most fandoms. I see very few "cis" women in the furry fandom, but tons of female gendies, which isn't really surprising when the fandom is so male dominated, hypersexual, and full of groomers.

No. 302501

That was the point, this is how the West sees the various Asian countries according to the comic (not saying this is a good comic).

No. 302571

What’s with the little green worm kek, reminds me of blobby. It doesn’t show up in the second panel it fucking died.

No. 302574

File: 1686896299912.gif (23.77 KB, 153x188, F&J_15.gif)

i think it's meant to be this thing??
shitty framing and furfag art aside, it amaze me quickly the gendies will drop you the moment you stop supporting their narrative.

No. 302576

Damn if even furries, the most turbo autist TRA coom community known to man, are peaking we really are at the very end of troonism kek

No. 302600

File: 1686911392772.jpeg (121.31 KB, 750x1177, IMG_1885.jpeg)

That one is about Here Lies Love which was getting dragged on Twitter in the Philippines for a few days.

No. 302625

The kpop trojan horse

No. 302652

File: 1686941914421.jpg (230.61 KB, 1080x1080, 277897735_690786465299011_1042…)

No. 302653

File: 1686941940726.jpg (102.48 KB, 548x579, 0000908.jpg)

No. 302654

File: 1686941961106.jpg (98.45 KB, 513x568, 6535435345vdfd.jpg)

No. 302655

File: 1686941982558.jpg (97.11 KB, 537x573, 6535435345.jpg)

No. 302659

>top surgery inspiration
What? What inspiration does one need for removing tits?

No. 302662

Do bi-girls really?

No. 302664

breasts are part of your body not fashion objects or symbols. sad and brainwashed.

No. 302666

>men are gonna hate it
>it's not about them
tfw I've seen these actual arguments in defence of elective mastectomies right here on lolcow

No. 302689

File: 1686962526426.jpg (39.85 KB, 468x528, 397b2887c300f2f02ec9c1249f7a3f…)

Years ago, seeing a drawing of a gay man giving oral to a woman would have made fans go wild with "homophobia!" and "Save gay characters!". Now they're happy seeing a gay man giving oral to a "boy pussy".

No. 302723

File: 1686983690298.jpg (571.25 KB, 900x3584, PMwYWbiaG6qUcnhe.jpg)

this comic made was made by someone to defend themselves from backlash they were getting from posting Sofia the first(and other children shows) cartoon porn.

No. 302724

why are the t's written like 7's

No. 302727

File: 1686984446951.png (303.32 KB, 721x864, 3463467.png)

Holy shit, it's not a fucking symbol you dipshit, it's part of your body. It's like cutting off your ears because you think they symbolize being able to hear your haters. This line of thinking assumes that a body without breasts is the "default," while breasts are some kind of deviation.

Anyway, I googled what she looked like, and… yeah. It's exactly what literally anyone here could've guessed. The only shocking thing is that she doesn't have a septum piercing.

This is why lesbian bars are disappearing. They got colonized by a bunch of spicy straight pickmes who recoil at the idea of females being exclusively attracted to other females.

No. 302749

Is this the same woman who trooned out and then cut her leg off for fetish reasons or do all pedo ballhead artists have the same ugly style

No. 302750

The totally clearly defined adult space of googling a children's media and seeing porn on front page in safe search.
This is so frustrating. The bigoted blogs at tumblr are telling her to love herself and her body as is and she'll just lop em off put of spite .

No. 302751

it isn't i think, she too, posts shota garbage, but she doesn't seem to make ugly expressive faces in her art often

No. 302752

>"hehe men are gonna hate that I mutilated my female body on purpose, that will show them!"
this is really not the epic win she thinks it is. she's also wrong, it just changes the men who want her from "straight men in general" to "the most deranged men who are turned on by mutilated female bodies"

No. 302757

One would think they are talking about a horror movie fandom or something like game of thrones, but no, preschoolers cartoons.

No. 302758

File: 1687006708058.png (62.18 KB, 869x929, tumblr_99f72824dbfce959e6a4003…)

I hate XKCD so much, it tries si hard to be super smart and funny when most of the comics don't have jokes. Like what is funny about picrel???

No. 302759

that art style is horrid, also
>Sofia the First

No. 302764

File: 1687007734424.jpg (174.18 KB, 900x906, PMwYWbiaG6qUcnhe.jpg)

Uh, excuse me.

No. 302767

7nA7 Do3sN7 MA773R

No. 302771

>it just changes the men who want her from "straight men in general" to "the most deranged men who are turned on by mutilated female bodies"
Perheps all tifs should just be shown some perverted straight men talking about their mutilation kinks, see if they still want to transition after that

No. 302838

Sometimes when I'm writing really fast, Ts can look like sevens, but if I'm typesetting a comic, I'm either going to write really neatly, or just use a typeface that looks like handwriting. The person's retarded kwirky handwriting is distracting and a little hard to read.

No. 302854

definitely a way to look edgy and emulate leet speak.

No. 302860


No. 302894

Its supposed to be "GET THE FUCK OUT!"

No. 302912

That person is a coomer but zoomers really are fucking annoying with the minor thing, they straight up search tags they're annoyed about and spergs about ships from anime or games. Especially funny when they're already 17 or even 18 and still cling to the minor label.
Bad comic from a bad person (making porn from Sofia is absolutely brain dead) but I get the point.

No. 302913

zoomer and gen alpha minors are cowards and pussies. back when i was young we proudly fought against idiot adults in online wars and never hid behind being 11-year-old girls. we bravely marched to the battle and were ready to face the ugly and creepy-in-retrospect loser 25-year-old men who spend their time debating preteen girls about how zigzag parting is ugly and stupid or whatever non-issues that really shouldn't be interesting for an adult man.

No. 302915

There would be a point if this was about a fandom for content that is very much not for children but the comic itself says it's about adult fandoms for children's cartoons so it's retarded
Neither of these are good, ideally children and adults would have age segregated internet spaces. But then again there comes the matter of actually enforcing that…

No. 302944

imagine being an adult and getting angry over the opinions of children.

No. 302969

Not over opinions, over constant screeching, just like irl children who annoy the fuck out of me when they screech

No. 302970

block them

No. 302971

Children shouldn't have access to the internet at all but it's too late to stop it at this point.
So adult coomers should either hide their adult fandoms better (no social media for example, because everyone can find it there), keep it to themselves or just not be degenerates at all.

No. 302975

Exactly what I'd expect from someone who watches cartoons for 4 yo kids.

No. 302987

>>302655 im so confused. How did the straight guy even get in? Is this the state of lesbian bars nowadays?

No. 302997

Can you link the original post? The artist sounds like a cow.

No. 302998

How would a person block a child IRL?

No. 302999

you can't but you can block those who screech online at least

No. 303005

legalize abortion at -750 weeks

No. 303017

I would vote for you

No. 303025

Turn around and ignore them… like a normal human…

No. 303052

There's no one bouncing people at lesbian bars for not being lesbians, at least at the one near me. Guys can come in like anyone else, they usually just don't on principal because they'll end up ignored most of the time or scared off by the mean old dykes. The one near me is on a strip with other gay bars so gay dudes come in pretty often.

No. 303126

File: 1687187528818.png (20.53 KB, 592x858, FVEw0evv0AIeDvG.png)

No. 303127

Braindead insecure teenage girls misused the word "headcanon" for so many years ruined fandoms at large and gave birth to this trend, but at the same time the most recent cases of this happening was with males saying that their pop culture waifus are totally just like them, like Aerith or Bridget or Spider Gwen. So I legit can't even guess who could have made that stupid picture.

No. 303133

transphobia is normal

No. 303646

This isn't even transphobic

No. 303858

File: 1687381129503.jpg (261.77 KB, 1080x1350, 20230621_225620.jpg)

This idiot is of course assuming gay people are being string puppeted by evil right wing nazis, why else would they be mad about trans people? Can't possibly be that they have any agency of their own and lesbians don't like being told that they have to shut up and take the girldick, or that gay men have to love fucking pussy front holes or they're all bigots who need to relearn their genital preferences

No. 303860

his art is fucking ugly.

No. 303861

This is the same scrote who drew the comic that's the OP pic in the old tropes you hate thread? I agree, it's fucking disgusting.

No. 303890

While I myself don't agree with him/his comics…. to say that his art style is bad, JUST because of his political opinions, is stupid. Completely exaggerating your hatred. Objectively, it is not bad. It looks good.

No. 303894

I was thinking his style was ugly before I even looked at this comic >>303858

No. 303896

Anon, it's literally the establishing panel copy+pasted and cropped over and over, used in the exact same way that one prequel meme is.

No. 303973

Lmao it's fucking ugly big heads disproportional to the bodies. It's like he tried to do a mix of anime and traditional cartoons. I actually find it repulsive.
Objectively good? Jesus christ. I like some other artstyles posted here but not that souless garbage.

No. 303989

Lots of us actually do dislike this cartoony art style though. I really don't like "western chibi" (for a lack of a better term). It takes everything that makes chibi cute and endearing and chucks it out of the window, and it takes the good part of the slightly more "realistic" western cartoons (as compared to chibi and anime) and messes up the proportions. It's also "objectively" bad art for a comic to literally be static copy-pasted faces. The message of the comic is bad, the execution/craftsmanship is bad and lazy, and the style choice is at best generic and boring. It's not "just" a political opinion to dislike it. With that said I think hating the clearly politically motivated comic simply because the guy who drew it is a pandering ignorant dickhead with shit political opinions is valid too.

No. 304095

this isn't the "bad art" or "art styles we hate" thread, it's the bad comics thread. a comic can absolutely be bad JUST because it has a bad political take

No. 304160

Did you miss the part about how it's lazy and copy+pasted and the artist is notoriously a no-talent hack?

No. 304293

File: 1687540928867.png (388.62 KB, 2048x623, Curtis Anne Frank lockdown .pn…)

No. 304454

File: 1687598089908.png (270.71 KB, 960x2700, Screenshot.png)

retard on retard violence.

No. 304485

16 years on t and you come out looking like if the completionist got aids

No. 304541

his style is unoriginal, lazy and repetitve. the bobble heads with giant eyes are soulless as shit.
and all his ideas are plagiarised, he jsut regurgitates whatever's popular at the moment and has even outright copied other comic strips word for word. it's a generic soulless comic purely designed to get clicks.
if you think that's objectively good art please try going to a museum one of these days.
so disagreeing wirh a trans person on any subject = transphobic. they're truly beyond parody

No. 304776

File: 1687763777387.png (159.34 KB, 416x273, 1u0eza1p44jme.png)

No. 304778

No. 304783

I actually chuckled. Islamist scrotes deserve each others as partners.

No. 305006

File: 1687844892267.jpg (361.09 KB, 1482x1960, IMG_7486.jpg)

No. 305018

File: 1687850396286.jpg (471.69 KB, 2048x2048, FznD7JmX0AEfaCa.jpg)

No. 305019

No. 305020

No. 305022

it looks like it says "trams" instead of "trans", which made me kek as a Swede-nona as "trams" means nonsense/silly/dumb. Troon propaganda is even sometimes referred to as "transtrams" ("trans nonsense") here

No. 305029

based furry

No. 305042

Just copypasting panels kek

No. 305047

I hate how this is clearly inspired by that Anakin and Padme meme temple. The message would had been stronger if it didn't rely on a preexisting meme. Anyway LGB without the T gays wants to be GNC in peace and wants to protect people who are exclusively ssa so of course they are not going to ally themselves with homophobic conservatives and homophobic conservatives don't want to ally themselves with gay people either.
what a bad attempt at a joke.