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File: 1669662821438.jpeg (18.07 KB, 480x360, the head.jpeg)

No. 258875

Share your weird or nightmare inducing characters and tv shows from when you were a kid.

No. 258878

File: 1669663216421.jpeg (24.47 KB, 615x410, 0_The-Head-on-Art-Attack-85860…)

As was pointed out on another thread, it seems like The Head from Art Attack had a secret message written in his hair…(you already have two threads for tinfoiling don't start this shit here or your thread will be locked)

No. 258880

that's quite a reach and i highly doubt any kid would seriously notice that

No. 258884

File: 1669663765752.jpeg (134.84 KB, 660x1002, F8B1E839-7721-434E-AEF4-C987F9…)

Kek. Reminds me of the controversy when people were convinced the stars in lion king spelt out ‘sex’

No. 258887

I remember this from when I was a kid. Apparently it's actually supposed to say SFX.

Regardless of what it says this thing looks creepy as shit lol

No. 258888

File: 1669664396386.png (217.88 KB, 590x368, the-lion-king-come-at-me-big-b…)

to be fair…

No. 258896

There was this weird video that used to play on Nickelodeon sometime in the early 90s, I remember it was set to “What a Wonderful a World” with this like, Minnie Mouse/ladybug-looking creature with distorted features dancing around and it ends with the character leaving the room and turning off the light. I don’t know how else to describe it but something about the art style always creeped me out as a kid

No. 258949

File: 1669675348584.jpeg (19.85 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpeg)

The episode of Arthur where he cut his knee on a can in the dump scared the shit out of me

No. 258964

File: 1669679675061.jpg (10.38 KB, 273x204, d37ab160-1161-42b1-9d3a-b24a50…)

The Rock bottom ep where spongebob cant catch a bus.
That episode would make me so uncomfortable and have a little anxiety because it was really hard having to watch spongebob suffer events out of his control. Not to mention the way the road was built made walking home an impossible thing, spongebob was literally trapped and alone. I especially hated the part where the bus would seem to avoid spongebob when he would try to wait for it. I was so grateful when that fish helped spongebob get home.

No. 258966

File: 1669680238905.png (Spoiler Image,1.46 MB, 1396x2006, scary.PNG)

Maybe this is stupid to put in here because it's intentionally disturbing, but Goosebumps "Cry of the Cat" episode. I hated this lady and the mutant cat. Spoiler for body horror

No. 258970

this episode is hilarious to me idgi

No. 258971

File: 1669683821468.gif (91.94 KB, 500x350, tumblr_mukx3ue6XQ1qav8ifo1_500…)

this horrifying character in ren and stimpy. just an old man who was always naked and popping up to be near ren and stimpy and try to touch them. he's literally just a molestor?? i was terrified of him. did john k get molested. why the fuck else would he add this in

No. 258974

Idk if he was molested but I remember he has a track record with being creepy to his underage fans.

No. 258975

>did john k get molested.
we may never know but I'm gonna go with Yes

No. 258976

yeah he groomed a 16 year old. he is a piece of shit. still it seems clear he was also abused as a kid, he is obsessed with his dad and writes a lot of angry abusive father characters. not that that excuses it but it’s damn clear in the cartoon

No. 258977

KEK YES!!!! Omg my siblings and I talk about this often. Loved Arthur so much as a kid, watched it practically everyday after school, but that episode felt traumatic as fuck and all of us agreed

No. 258978

I recommend the ren and stimpy documentary, if you haven't already watched it, which gives a good balance between acknowledging john k is a predator and appreciating the cartoon for the amazing, fucked up show it was.

it's really hard to pick the most disturbing ren and stimpy episode but this is a strong contender kek

No. 258979

Isn't he a pedo? Like legitimately

No. 258980

Idk why but I loved this episode. The way that the characters there talked with their tongue's was hilarious to me kek. I really wanted those candies he got from Glove World

No. 258981

File: 1669685520888.png (Spoiler Image,140.98 KB, 369x269, ren teeth.png)

spoiler for ren pulling nerves out of his teeth. this is the one that i cannot rewatch. the entire episode is like experiencing the worst toothache of your life mixed with a bad trip.

No. 258982

you're not perfect
you're not perfect

No. 258986

something fucked with the wires in my brain watching r&s as a kid because it gave me a fetish for teeth.

No. 258988

ok this is definitely creepy but something about it also makes me laugh every time, it's so out of place and serious in this silly kid's cartoon that i crack up

No. 259015

John K being molested would genuinely explain a lot about him. Both in his work and in his personal life.

No. 259016

I still remember that pig's who run a diner episode. Fucked with my mind and paranoia as a kid, especially when Courage was in the basement and being chased by them.

No. 259031

File: 1669705061160.png (2.17 MB, 1526x1144, 0zo670qbtu391.png)

for all the australian nonnies on here, plasmo is deeply embedded in my mind. It was such a strange and haunting little show, and while I thought the main characters were cute (picrel) the vagina villain was something else

No. 259032

File: 1669705137145.gif (Spoiler Image,4.61 MB, 654x420, anigif_sub-buzz-2370-161611334…)

aaaand this is the villain of the show. Claymation has to be one of my favourite types of animation though, something about it is so homely.

No. 259040

I wish I had something to add, I love this thread so far

No. 259042

Lower half of his face looks like a clitoris

No. 259050

File: 1669717987631.jpg (13.48 KB, 268x268, noseybonk.jpg)

The scene where he plants seeds in flower pots and then noses grow out of them stayed with me a while after I first saw it as a child.

No. 259054

File: 1669720248436.gif (749.63 KB, 327x251, d781d7818be7134a29e0fd4773e3ed…)

Gave me nightmares still terrifies me

No. 259057

This is the only episode of goosebumps that genuinely freaks me out, we had something traumatic happen to one of our cats years before I thought the cat was going to come back to kill us

People always bring up this or King Ramses when they talk about Courage but personally these never bothered me much. The real disturbing episode was the one (I can't remember the name) where there was a man that was slowly becoming his house or something? The walls were turning into flesh and each room had the internal organs iirc. And the longer you stayed the floor would try to digest you. Apparently they wanted to use this concept in Monster House as well but it was deemed too graphic yet Courage did it years before on a cartoon channel for kids. Also the ep where his parents are sent to space but it's just more sad than scary.

Noseybonk looks like an SCP or some Candle cove shit, I can't believe he was real and shown to kids

No. 259083

File: 1669726690019.jpeg (92.62 KB, 1177x1849, Heffalumps.jpeg)

memory unlocked. i had this on vhs and the Heffalumps definitely gave me nightmares. i think it was how they went from happy cute looking elephants into these sinister chaotic creatures in an instance

No. 259088

I hate that I just know this was at least one deviantard's sexual awakening

No. 259089

for me the most disturbing episodes of courage are either freaky fred or the one with the cat-woman who is running away from her abusive boyfriend?? like, holy shit, the second one especially i'm pretty shocked they got away with it. i remember her and courage run across some train tracks to an apartment and the cat embraces her bunny friend, who seems to be implied to be her girlfriend. such a fucked up episode with a somewhat happy ending, she does get away, but it was a horrifying glimpse at abusive relationships in a kid's show.

No. 259091

File: 1669729511890.jpg (194.3 KB, 867x559, Untitled.jpg)

oh i misremembered some details. anyway, "dogs" is clearly a stand-in for "men"

No. 259093

File: 1669730356561.jpeg (5.91 KB, 299x168, download (1).jpeg)

Not a cartoon per se but controversy about a cartoon.
A 5 year old set his 2 year old sister on fire and the mom blamed Beavis and Butthead.

No. 259094

this happens with so many things and is always so fucking stupid. millions of people watched b&b, one person sets his sister on fire and that's the fault of the show. even though millions of others saw the same thing and didn't do that. i hate people blaming media for mental illness.

No. 259095

Nothing to do with an unsupervised 5 year old having access to fire.

No. 259096

I agree, like why are you even letting your 5 year old watch Beavis and Butthead too? It was in a trailer park and in another article the kid later said his mom was a drug addict and they didn't even have cable

No. 259103

File: 1669735819827.gif (831.56 KB, 636x313, 8f42865488e7983fe85db0fb5100ca…)

This demon from Unico gave me goosebumps as a child. I was SO small when I watched this.

No. 259104

Vagina villain..? I wish you would elaborate

No. 259107

The first time I saw this as a kid I burst out laughing

No. 259108

File: 1669736065510.gif (4.93 MB, 600x333, 1e53c9d2dcfd26c78337bea405ea0d…)

Nightmare fuel I don't know how i didn't have more

No. 259113

File: 1669736609810.png (117.41 KB, 1280x720, a5502fd9ab5570b730c865eb-31511…)

This show. And no it's not because the characters are clowns, I don't have a fear of clowns. I think it's because the main girl is playing a five year old but is clearly much older. Also her little doll is creepy because it's alive but doesn't speak. Also each episode the main girl gets on the floor and moves her arms and legs like a clock, encouraging the viewer to do the same.
The plots of the episodes were weird. There was an episode where the little doll thing kept stealing the other girl's milk bottle and sucking it under the pillow. There was also an episode where the main girl PISSED HERSELF, it gave me such bad second-hand embarrassment I fucking hated it.

No. 259123

File: 1669739993074.jpg (16.7 KB, 750x558, an-episode-of-the-2003-animate…)

I saw that banned episode of Ninja Turtles when it aired in my country. I dont remember actively being scared of it exactly, but I definitely noticed how graphic and gruesome it was compared to everything else on kid's TV.

No. 259133

File: 1669742693913.gif (470.94 KB, 245x184, evilqueen.gif)

Snow White is very scary for a child's movie

No. 259135

Ren and Stimpy is unironically a good horror show. Edgy shit like Elfen Lied should learn with it how to actually be unsettling and shocking

No. 259136

>the main girl is playing a five year old but is clearly much older
I wonder what would you think of El Chavo then kek

No. 259169

File: 1669751726391.jpg (28.38 KB, 386x300, nnn.jpg)

anon! I also love the one where binky punches him, and then he hits DW, that was srs bsns as a kid

No. 259170

File: 1669751750574.jpg (38.1 KB, 948x849, Tumblr_l_5374939987949.jpg)

The tapeworm episode of Mr Meaty is pretty bad but every episode was uncomfortable in some way. My tinfoil is that the show is meant to be a deconstruction of kids shows that rely on gross out humor.

No. 259180

Oh my god I had completely forgotten how scary that ep was to me! I also really was freaked by the episode where Francine can’t control her anger and she keeps bottling it up and has a dream her head pops off kek I was an angry kid (frustrated with abusive dad) before I went to therapy and had a really overactive imagination so I was worried it was gonna happen to me.
>>259057 nonna the man becoming house episode was terrifying. Same with Freaky Fred of course, but to be fair as a child I was SUPER sensitive to anything scary bc I had horrible intrusive thoughts. An episode of Goosebumps once kept me from sleep for DAYS.

No. 259187

File: 1669756838885.jpeg (7.67 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

The episode of Ghostwriter with this slime creature was genuinely terrifying. I can't believe they were allowed to show this on TV

No. 259188

File: 1669757071581.jpeg (49.49 KB, 460x330, Shutterstock_788096gh.jpeg)

The Riddlers. These puppets terrified me but I would still chose them in a heartbeat over the CGI garbage shown to kids today.

No. 259190

File: 1669757617198.png (794.88 KB, 756x507, Alaskan_Bull_Worm.png)

This might be a weird one but the Alaskan Bull Worm scene from Spongebob. The way Sandy talks when she realizes the worm is bigger than she thought always unsettled me, then the handpainted reveal of the creature with those dead, beady eyes and mangled teeth. I'm pretty sure it stemmed from falling asleep with this episode on the TV and having a nightmare, but in hindsight still fuck this thing.

No. 259191

File: 1669757981698.jpeg (57.24 KB, 500x281, E5AE3AFF-1D49-4212-A6C3-B2BB1B…)


No. 259192

File: 1669758121356.jpeg (19.27 KB, 250x188, 033C3975-5D2B-4A9C-B62B-CE39CB…)

This fucker (I wish I found a video of it speaking)

No. 259194

THIS SCENE from the Teletubbies scared me so much as a kid for some reason, mostly the drain noise at the end. I think it’s the reason why I’m a bit afraid of the sea

No. 259197

omg what the hell is this

No. 259199

This looks like some Mighty Boosh version of Squidward’s house what the actual fuck kek

No. 259207

File: 1669760066011.jpg (7.35 KB, 350x198, groke.jpg)

The fuck you know? Kek

No. 259210

She did nothing wrong maybe those gnomes shouldn't steal the grokes shit

No. 259212

Kek heres an even better creepy one

No. 259238

I really enjoyed this, thanks

No. 259241

I liked the film as a child but a lot of it definitely scared me. I also have nightmares from the snow white ride at Disneyland Paris in the 90s. The evil queen in her witch form cackling in a dark space with green smoke and a lifeless snow white lying in a glass coffin. Disturbing.

No. 259243

Creepy but cool. I loved the moomins as a child (still do) but didn't see the stop motion version before. It's beautiful.

No. 259251

I elaborated in the post directly after it nonnie…..

No. 259271

File: 1669770744227.jpg (70.07 KB, 680x440, sub-buzz-3876-1490635003-7.jpg)

the thing that made me and so many others afraid of drains for years

No. 259278

he looks like the shit I pull out the drain monthly

No. 259293

nickelodeon had so many scary, gross shorts. some of them i dont even want to describe because they were so nasty

No. 259311

This is a very old, weird cartoon that was on a VHS at my grandma's house when I was little. At 3:50 a scene starts where poor King Cole is strapped down on a gurney and mechanically has the air punched out of him and sucked out of his mouth while ghosts jeer at him. It scared the shit out of me as a kid because it seeme so torturous.

No. 259320

this ep was so satisfying to me, dw was always a little shit

kek nonna my mom never liked me watching this because of her stretches. she said it was inappropriate.

No. 259327

File: 1669778809660.jpeg (266.51 KB, 1200x1599, s-l1600.jpeg)

omg yes. I had this on VHS too. did you have this one by any chance, where it was a bonus cartoon on a woody woodpecker tape (pic related)? king cole's scared/tortured face disturbed me so much.

No. 259346

File: 1669785449784.gif (9.02 MB, 600x338, ezgif-5-79f8955a05-min.gif)

I was barely 3 when my mom tried to have me watch A Goofy movie. Opening sequence of Max's nightmare made me scared and I cried. I was able to watch the movie when I was a little bit older but the nightmare part still makes me uneasy.

No. 259347

Bless you for reminding me of this. I loved those weird mini shorts as they were so left field with their imagery. I had nothing to compare them to as a child which I think is why they were so creepy but ethralling. This one always stuck with me. Puppet's eyes are just off-putting.

No. 259350

one time i went to finland(or possibly another european country) on a trip with my family around 5 or 6 years old and i saw this strange show on tv ive never been able to find since. it was a bunch of fuzzy(?) colorful little balls going around on slides? they had googly eyes and it was all very bright. my memories might have gotten mixed up since it was so long ago but i would appreciate any nonas who remember this show to tell me what it was called. this would have been in the mid to late aughts.

No. 259352

This fuckin film scared me so much as a child my school had a note that I was to be warned if they were going to play it. I had a teacher who ignored my fear who got very angry when my reaction to her turning on the film was to turn around, block my ears and say lalaallala. I was like 7 I'm not sure what her beef was. Proper wakeup crying nightmares I had whenever I saw even a snippet of this film.

Sounds a bit like boobahs but boobahs isn't Finnish.

No. 259383

I loved this movie but I hated this part. The abruptness and the aggressiveness of the creature

No. 259397

Damn…you really made me question my feelings about Big Comfy Couch. Until rn I remembered it vaguely as an innocuous show with clowns that weren’t scary for once. I liked the clock stretch because I did gymnastics from a young age and liked being able to show off that I could get my leg all the way up/around like her kek. In hindsight now it all seems creepy. Sigh…

No. 259398

I loved the clock stretch too that show was awesome. My mom loved it too especially the 10 second tidy lol that's honestly genius writing to make kids clean up. But then I remember shit like this
>male clown hip thrusts towards camera

No. 259401

File: 1669804107190.jpg (406.9 KB, 1161x1733, MV5BYjMxNzBhMjYtYzAwZS00MDcyLT…)

This fucking show traumatized me as a kid. Tbh I don't recall the tapeworm episode but I remember there was one where a girl had a pimple on her nose and applied zit cream to it, and her nose fucking fell off into the fryer and somebody ate it.

No. 259412

File: 1669806496248.jpeg (98.45 KB, 640x360, 13A6CDCA-03AC-4A4F-B552-8D36B9…)

This Canadian show Tipi Tales creeped me out. Most kids were scared by the puppets but what bothered me more was the quiet eerie vibe it had, plus it always aired at like 11 pm which added to that weird feeling.

No. 259422

I don't know what show it was anymore. I just know it was some sort of cartoon where it had an episode where a kid lost their foot in a lawn mower and I have a permanent fear of lawn mowers because of it.

No. 259426

Boobah was f'd up. Caught it on TV once and felt like i was losing my mind.

No. 259435

Did anyone watch Grizzly Tales for Gruesome kids? It really didn't pull punches outside of literally showing explicit gore. The lessons however, quite good, was kind of nice for assholes to get what was coming to them instead of just Steven Universe-esque everyone can be forgiven.
Still unnerving though, even the opening was gross.

Babies first sensory overload


No. 259438

File: 1669811631633.jpeg (17.41 KB, 444x333, vlcsnap-00740.jpeg)

This character from Wizadora that was meant to be a ??coat hanger?? the shape of the top of his head is very upsetting. all the puppets were kind of creepy but he was the worst.

No. 259439

File: 1669811648804.jpg (58.88 KB, 1024x729, D2tAUglWwAAsY4N.jpg)

This espisode made me feel really scared as a child… the darkness, music and innuendos made everything worse
that baby face damn

No. 259445

YES. and now looking back at that episode how messed up it is that her mum ends up having a miscarriage and that's the happy ending for Angelica.

No. 259450

What the absolute fuck is this?? I feel like my brain is coming out of my ears.

No. 259452

> Did anyone watch Grizzly Tales for Gruesome kids?
I loved that show as a kid! The one that I remember the most is the one where the kid is turned into an ice statue as punishment for being a little shit and gets melted in the spring.

No. 259551

File: 1669840580643.jpg (1.82 MB, 4032x3024, honk.jpg)

everything that happened in this scene scared me so much. The whole scene is so threatening and surreal

No. 259565

this specific kirikou moment or movie scared the life out of me as a kid. im still scared to look. i liked watching kirikou by himself though but my older cousin really didnt because she couldnt get over the breasts kek she thought it was inappropriate
another french movie that scared me is les enfants de la pluie, there is no english version afaik but there's this one scene where the fire lava people ( that were made out of hot rocks or fire or whatever, and i remember the way they cleaned their hands before eating was rubbing them together over burning coal ) are torture punishing one of their citizens/workers by strapping him down in a desert and letting the rain kill him. i remember being so disturbed by this scene and i also remember it being quite graphic. cant find any clip ofnit and im still too scared and disgusted to see it kek

No. 259573

File: 1669844895082.jpg (32.05 KB, 500x500, 51H00V2ZZ1L.jpg)

I despised noo-noo from Teletubbies when I was a preschool child and would leave the room when he appeared. I think I was scared of real vacuum cleaners too.

No. 259578

more like no-no.

I hated those robotic, rattling and sucking/licking noises so much. gave me early misophonia.

No. 259610

File: 1669851857698.gif (465.15 KB, 220x210, tenor-3429421134.gif)

Yeah I liked the clock stretch too but it was a little dramatic.
This is why your mom loved the show

No. 259614


No. 259615

File: 1669853207718.jpeg (52.25 KB, 546x732, The_Spirit_of_the_Harvest_Moon…)

I kinda hated this show but I still watched it sometimes. Eventually one of my parents saw a little of it and they immediately forbid me from watching it anymore lol

courage was so good. sometimes I feel like it wasn't real and I imagined watching it

No. 259616

File: 1669853255152.gif (1.52 MB, 512x384, C3DC1207-22DC-4DB4-8F8E-85E1CC…)

Reboot was always scary to me as well. Hexadecimal’s concept is cool and I appreciate her now.

No. 259624

Aww I loved this show as a little kid and so did my mom for some reason kek. She even bought me a Molly doll(that I kinda wish I still had). I was so grossed out to go on yt and see a bunch of scrotes commenting that they loved when Luna did the stretching sequence at the beginning. It didn't even occur to me that it could be seen as sexual before then, even as an adult.

No. 259653

The scene from the Dexter's Lab movie where Mandark flogs half-naked Dexter for being late for work begins at about 16:50

No. 259663

i hated this fucking show. every part of it was disgusting. i remember one episode where they had a vegetarian restaurant and then it turned out to be serving human meat? it was so scary.

No. 259664

File: 1669865124017.jpg (59.94 KB, 903x674, hiihiir.jpg)

in my country we had this tv show about a puppet mouse going on adventures and in one episode a girl has a nightmare where her mouse friends is headless, pic related, this made me absolutely lose my shit as a child i started crying hysterically and would run out of the room every time my sisters were watching this episode from tape

No. 259666

File: 1669865574730.jpeg (205.72 KB, 1280x720, 2C274CD2-6459-408F-9F52-13C8C1…)

you just reminded me: my stoner dad showed me the acid trip episode of beavis and butthead when i was <10, scared the shit out of me, still can’t watch it today

No. 259669

File: 1669865931228.png (3.27 MB, 2500x1563, 231E85D1-9ACA-4B75-8E11-B98715…)

my favorite disney original as a kid was Can of Worms

No. 259670

File: 1669867470789.jpg (368.96 KB, 1400x2100, 2aaf7628-b898-4657-83d9-b7cce9…)

Literal nightmare inducing film, that I couldn't watch after 1/3 of it as I was crying and scared. My father had to come and comfort me while my older sister side-eyed me, had nightmares for weeks.

No. 259671

i remember seeing this film in the cinema and being fine with it. what makes it nightmare inducing besides the chicken looking like he moderates a polyamory subreddit?

No. 259677

File: 1669870938762.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.94 KB, 464x347, Timmy's_other_run-away_pets.jp…)

I remember this one episode of Fairly Odd Parents where Timmy resurrected his dead gerbil and the whole episode is about it trying to kill him as revenge for him not taking care of it properly. They gave it such a creepy design with it being half dead and its bones sticking out and stuff. At the end I think it forgives him for accidentally killing it, but the last shot shows the graveyard of all the other animals he had buried in the yard rising out the ground and focuses on a dead rabbit right in front the screen. It was such a jarring thing to see in something that played in the middle of the day like FOP, if I didn't see it then I would assume this was a fanmade creepypasta thing

No. 259678

File: 1669871786454.jpg (27.8 KB, 474x379, OIP.jpg)

cant believe nobody has brought up this absolute legend yet

No. 259679

File: 1669871861140.jpg (73.13 KB, 744x553, MV5BNGMxN2Y1ODQtNzg3ZS00MjUxLW…)

samefag but this little bugger still makes me poke a sponge with a spoon before i pick it up

No. 259680

here u go
spindleshanks best spider.

I too have varying memories about being scared of chicken little, I think it was the concept and initial fear of the unknown. Also the DS game was a bit scary.

No. 259743

Sameanon but my mistake, it's on GBA, not Ds.

No. 259766

that show made me into most of my current fetishes (Mandark was my first husbando)

No. 259778

Knightmare. Aptly named.

The eyes watching the rest of the face gradually shatter and drift off to the sound of an increasing heartbeat still disturbs me today.

No. 259779

wtf is this? i just googled and it's apparently a game show, what is this sequence used for?

No. 259790

File: 1669907787130.jpeg (66.57 KB, 680x553, F1BD9373-74E4-44F5-80DE-379780…)

The powderpuff girls episode where a professor steals the formula of making PPG. He decides to capitalize on it and makes a factory where heroes are made but they look like abominations.

The other PPG episode where the magician dies and comes back as a zombie. He’s super creepy.

No. 259829

File: 1669916717502.jpg (53.84 KB, 722x413, bedknobsandbroomsticksbattle.j…)

These weird motherfuckers from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. So harrowing watching them and it scarred me for life. I would have to skip this scene every time I watched it.

No. 259831

The zombie episode creeped me out so bad when I was a kid. Gave me a nightmare.

No. 259910

File: 1669944974522.gif (439.66 KB, 450x309, dinosaurs.gif)

i loved this show but the baby's face was terrifying

No. 259925

I was so young I barely have memories of watching that (what is the name?) but I see those characters faces and I feel a memory of fear.

No. 259929

File: 1669951962430.png (410.07 KB, 592x472, always wear your rubbers.png)

ARYT Nerdy wimpy Dexter was my husbando! Kek it was specifically young adult Dexter I liked the most and whenever this movie was showing on Cartoon Network I'd wait for his intro/whipping scene

No. 259939

File: 1669956044222.jpg (151.1 KB, 1420x1080, Eo0K1r3UwAAnSPI.jpg_large.jpg)

The spongebob episode where spongebob gets covered in green fungus always creeped me out.

No. 259946

No, I didn't have that one but it looks freaky!!

No. 259968

Clearly this show made me into nerds/a fujo/into feminine boys and I don't regret it even a bit

No. 259976

NAYRT but the show is called Dinosaurs and that's Baby Sinclair aka the worst character on the show.

No. 260019

As a kid, I always vaguely thought of him as a demon.

No. 260103

File: 1670017480621.gif (3.61 MB, 640x476, roundthetwist-clown.gif)

Round The Twist was a really weird aussie kid's show. This scarecrow was the most fucked up part that I remember. He ends up appearing underneath the girl's bed and trying to chase her. I'm certain this gave me nightmares for a couple of weeks.

No. 260110

sorry but this gif without context made me kek

No. 260171

File: 1670036388176.png (218.86 KB, 957x594, lucky eddy.png)

The only character who did it better than Dexter for me was Double D on Ed Edd n Eddy. I used to imagine him and Eddy fighting to be my bf

No. 260274

Nonnas trying to interact with normie women be like

No. 260663

does any nonna know about this show from the 90s/early 00s which had an episode about mutant dogs? and some kids go to a lab and they find a human femur covered in chewed off flesh? I have this I my mind as a memory, something I watched as a kid but cannot for the life of me remember or find our which show it was from

No. 260683

they used to show this in the uk on cbbc too!! i remember watching it with my dad & i remember the opening song being weirdly catchy

No. 260698

ayrt that's how i watched too!
have you ever… ever felt like this?

No. 260740

File: 1670195458368.jpg (14.9 KB, 375x375, E6M6quIWQAA-9N_.jpg)

This fucking cat gave me nightmares for weeks

No. 260746

File: 1670195880610.jpg (101.03 KB, 1183x836, D_F3VCZVAAESxFV.jpg)

Also this rotting mermaid, seeing her corpse decay day by day made me actually cry

No. 260754

this show had to be made by people who fucking hated children

No. 260755

flapjack definitely seemed like it was a little too fucked up for its age demographic

No. 260756

ren and stimpy did worse

No. 260759

Kek I loved this fucking show

No. 260770

File: 1670198594000.webm (1.25 MB, 398x224, cow & chicken buffalo gals.web…)

Cow & Chicken (the episode this is from was banned)

No. 260773

the red guy's butt is so perverted kek i always found it disturbing, like he uses it as a weapon

No. 260775

File: 1670198844803.gif (460.66 KB, 500x375, red guy.gif)

I wonder if he's someone's husbando

No. 260786

As a kid I thought the first half of this ep was creepy/gross and the last half was too scary. I thought the show was gross in general but I couldn't stop watching it; got the feeling there was something I was missing, which in hindsight is probably just the dirty jokes. Parents told me not to watch it.
Also I always thought of Cow as an adult woman
(because why not, it's a cartoon and that's a full grown cow) but when I heard she was only 7 years old it broke my child-brain, which doesn't even make sense because a 7 year old cow is an adult cow but I somehow couldn't mesh that with her being a little girl in the show. I don't even know. Should have listened to my parents I guess.

No. 260798

File: 1670201897910.gif (863.64 KB, 400x277, 13B66D16-3274-4C34-BCFD-BF85B9…)

Same. The whole aesthetic of the show really appealed to me as a kid. I thought it was cool.

No. 260825

do any of you nonnies remember an old movie where a king is going down a path and it almost looks like he's going down to hell (flames and skeletons on either side of the rode)? it was an old animated movie and it absolutely terrified me to the point that i made my mom get rid of the tape but she can't remember what it was called either.

No. 260833

Flapjack was great, my friends even torrented it back in the day

No. 260846

i actually remember seeing this episode on tv when i was a kid lmao

No. 260850

This PSA has traumatized Finnish kids since 1986. I always loved it, but I can see why so many others found it creepy as hell, particularly the bear's voice at the end.

No. 260854

Flapjack was IT. I was a teenager and still loved it, Flapjack was adorable and the side characters were so WEIRD. The Lord & Lady Nickelbottom episode was my fav

No. 260855

damn, that looks like something animated by david firth

No. 260857

File: 1670210541616.jpeg (517.13 KB, 1125x849, 4020A737-456A-47B5-A948-F65F61…)

I had a crush on the surfer Brah/hair metal guitarist/Norse God from the Justice Friends shorts kek Valhallen baybeee. There was one episode where he lost his guitar in his messy room (i think) and became a short haired pimply nerd it was hilarious. Also wasn’t there a Dial M for Monkey short where Macho Man Randy Savage voiced a character lmao

No. 260863

the animation is adorable and i love the music

No. 260868

No. 260870

I recently rewatched a few episodes and it has such a fever dream feel. Also Artie freaks me out. Can't deny the theme is awesome so good call posting it

No. 260882

best intro song for a show ever.

No. 260893

i think this version is slightly creepier with the different music

No. 260918

I have this song on my mp3 player kek. I could take or leave the show itself but never forgot the theme tune.

No. 260942

Yeah, that's the version I remember.

Holy shit, nonna! I saw this show when I was very young, and up until now, I was certain this part was something I must have dreamed up myself. Because why would they put something so unsettling in a show for for little children, lmao. I always wondered how my mind came up with the image of the mouse puppet as a headless shambling zombie in soft focus, and this post certainly clarified things.

No. 260954

I had a crush on him too as a kid! Oh man, thanks for bringing back these memories. I'm pretty sure he was my first himbo

No. 260964

File: 1670258312080.gif (3.03 MB, 498x297, who-framed-roger-rabbit-1988.g…)

Not a kid's TV show but something a lot of us watched as kids. The Who Framed Roger Rabbit? scene where the bad guy invents a substance that kills cartoons. This scene both terrified me and broke my heart. Why did they have to make that shoe so pleading and sympathetic ffs?

No. 260977

Wanted to say David Firth was inspired by it but Salad Fingers came out 4 years before Flapjack

No. 260982

dae find cow's voice really unnerving? even as a kid i remember it made me uncomfortable kek

No. 260988

yeah, i think it was because it was an obvious man's voice playing a little "girl". like why would a little girl cow have such a croaky tinge to her voice. plus it just got too annoying after a while - i could never watch multiple episodes in a row

No. 261039

I was thinking the very same, my first himbo as well lmao. I found out the other day Tom Kenny Aka SpongeBob voiced him tho and that made me kek

No. 261057

god, this scene always really distressed me as a kid. the way the little toon shoe squeaks and whimpers… the way it looks up at Christopher Lloyd's character so imploringly as it's forced to die a slow, presumably painful death… absolutely terrible. ;_;

No. 261081

File: 1670279102743.jpg (3.41 MB, 1365x2048, MV5BNzQwMDM2MjE4N15BMl5BanBnXk…)

It was only heavily promoted to children and not technically a children's show but a lot of Doctor Who freaked me the fuck out as a child. Especially the episode where they went to the mars base. For a while I was convinced the suicide scene at the end was only a deleted scene I had remembered from somewhere and was shocked when I watched it again as an adult and it was actually in the episode.

No. 261238

yeah i genuinely thought myself too that i must have made it up, that it possibly couldn't be as bad as i remembered but no it is real. the nightmare part starts at 7:30

No. 261499

It was like a real life rpg with cgi of the time. One kid was in the medieval world with a helmet on so they couldn’t see, and the other three would be in the real world giving directions from room to room and solving puzzles. This was your life counter that would show if something bad happened and you didn’t get away from the deadly room/witch/etc. Or if you had daft friends, vidrel.

No. 263012

File: 1670850929502.jpg (144.41 KB, 598x864, fbd53a226b188ffdeedc5e2b0dba88…)

Reading this thread has me realizing I barely remember my childhood.

Anyways, not sure if this counts as it's not a TV show but I remembered how the Narnia movie(s) freaked me out as a kid. Some examples include

>The part where Mr Tumnus and those other beings are turned to stone

>The part where Mr Tumnus hypnotizes Lucy with his flute playing
>The part where Aslan gets sacrificed

There might have been more but I hardly remember

No. 263025

I was not prepared for this in Billy and Mandy. It’s the wishing skull episode where Puddin wishes for a bunny that will love him.

No. 263045

Tumnus reminded me too much of a pedo

No. 263074

Billy & Mandy had no business being a kids tv show but paradoxically the macabre/uncanny elements ended up being formative to my media tastes, so go figure. But it really should have been a Ren & Stimpy type show for adults.

No. 263088

I was an adult by the time Grim Adventures came out and I can imagine it being quite disturbing for kids in some places, even though the theme is literally meant to be morbid. Such a great show though, probably the last cartoon network show I enjoyed (other than maybe Adventure Time).

Watching Ren & Stimpy as a kid definitely accounts for a lot of my fucked up taste in media now.

No. 263132

I think if it was made for adult it would lose a lot of charm.

No. 271431

Man, Round the Twist got away with a lot of inappropriate stuff lol. It's still a huge natural treasure in Australia though. I still remember that one episode of the older brother getting impregnated by a weird hippie tree lady and he ended up having to burp up the baby through his mouth. That made so uncomfortable and freaked out lol, I remember sitting there frozen for a while after it ended thinking "what did I just watch"

No. 271433

File: 1674537648459.jpg (203.96 KB, 678x808, The_Red_Guy.jpg)

This show gave me weird sexual vibes as a kid, like it felt uncomfortable and wrong to watch it

No. 271459

File: 1674568011735.png (2.02 MB, 1425x1012, Screenshot_2.png)

I had a few DVDs of Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics as a kid, but Bluebeard haunted me for years.

From what I remember, the story is that Josephine is a girl from a poor family who meets Bluebeard. He's a rich man, or maybe a prince, and she moves in with him. He allows her to go into any room in his huge mansion to look at all the cool shit he has. He mentions that she isn't allowed into one of the rooms but gives her the key anyway. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she enters anyway, to find that the room is full of the corpses of all of his previous wives displayed on the walls. The roses in the centre of the room turn to blood and start filling up the room. It was an absolutely terrifying episode that I watched often for reasons unknown to me. Morbid curiosity or something, I'm not sure. The theme tune to the series absolutely slaps though.

No. 271460

Here's the link to the full episode on youtube.

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