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No. 259351

Feel free to discuss and rant about:

>Instances of sexism in your favorite video games.

>Instances of sexism in video games you don't like.
>Sexism in the videogame industry.
>Sexism within the emulation scene.
>Videogames that are advertised as only for girls or only for boys.
>Specific videogame developers and publishers.
>Specific sexist videogame developers/emulator developers.
>Differences between how women view sexism in videogames v.s. how men see sexism in videogames generally.
>How your society views women and girls into playing and/or developing videogames.
…and much more.

Videogames on consoles, emulators, computers and mobile devices are all welcome to be in this thread.

Please keep transgender sperging to a minimum. It is likely to derail the thread.

No. 259353

File: 1669788851574.png (316.33 KB, 622x518, cyber outfit.png)

To start, in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl there's these full outfits you can buy for your character in game. Most look quite nice and the same "style" of clothing is available to both the boy and girl characters. Dawn's Cyber Outfit sucks though. It looks ugly and uncomfortable. Lucas's looks better with its cool backpack and puffy jacket. Does any ten year old girl want to wear Dawn's Cyber Outfit? Yes, I'm sure there are a handful. But it's a shame both a) the girls version of the cyber outfit was designed to be very gender conforming, reminiscent of the femme fatale thing seen in most cyberpunk movies, and b) the player doesn't even have the option to wear the other sex's outfits. I figure if both characters are prepubescent, their models shouldn't display any large difference between one another and each others clothing should be available to both. Why can't they? Animal Crossing solved this shit years ago.
It's annoying to see girl's clothing in Pokemon still not letting them wear an outfit like Lucas's because it makes them less cute or something. As a kid I wouldn't have known I deserve better options for what my character wears (because for whatever reason Game Freak is allergic to allowing their Female characters to wear pants).

No. 259384

you're gonna love the new pokemon games then, you only get to wear shorts or trousers. no skirts ever

No. 259395

I feel like JRPGs are the best genre if you want to feel like the devs actively give a shit about you as a woman or as a girl. You have shit like SMT having a lot of female fans since the beginning so they add fujobait or canon fujo pairings left and right, hot guys, hot demons and a lot of things for the female audience and the more blatant stuff like recent Persona games having male MCs only dating girls are here not to retain their actual male audience but to attract new male fans. Everytime the devs are asked why the MCs are bishonen they'll answer that it's for the supportive female fans who would like to self-insert because the MCs are girly looking enough, because female fans find the MC cute this way, or both at the same time. iirc Atlus hired a bunch of young women for their next projects too.

Then there's Pokemon where it's obvious since the first game that they wanted to market them to everyone because a female playable character was planned for gen 1 (but Gamefreak didn't know how to code and still doesn't) and there are as many male and female trainers you can fight since the very beginning. Even when I saw people complaining about Xenoblade 2 I was pleasantly surprised when actually playing it because it turned out that it's not just some of the girls who look "slutty", many of the guys look just as bad and Pyra and Mythra felt like the actual protagonists as opposed to Rex (similar to Tidus and Yuna being equally important in FF10). I could go on. I don't play Western games anymore because I usually don't have the consoles for them to begin with but they look super unappealing to me because all attempts at pandering by bing franchises look half-assed or very forced but correct me if I'm wrong.

The girl's clothes just look like some 60s or 70s fashion, it's not the end of the world but yeah it doesn't look cyber themed at all to me.

When I saw that you could barely customize your character in SV I was pissed off. I'm not getting that game for many other reasons on top of that anyway but it's a shame Gamefreak gave us so many options in XY and it went downhill little by little after that.

No. 259411

NTA but while I was writing my long post in the awful designs thread I was thinking that GF should just give both the male and female player character customization options that range from the feminine to the masculine. That way we could choose between something girly or something cooler like what the male character usually wears and the male PC would also get to wear skimpier or prettier outfits if the player so chooses. I don't get this retarded taboo that males should only be able to wear practical clothes that cover their entire body and female players should only wear pretty dresses, sexy jeans and hot pants. How hard can it be to give us actual variety?
BTW I haven't played anything past Gen 6, so my only reference for Pokémon customization is Pokémon X & Y, which had very limited options even ignoring the sexism, and stuff I've read from other people regarding more recent gens. Are there really LESS customization options now? Because if so, holy shit.

>it's obvious since the first game that they wanted to market them to everyone because a female playable character was planned for gen 1
It's sad that apparently they had to scrap that feature because they needed the space in cartridge to implement the nickname system. But imo adding a female player character would've been way better, and kids could've just nicknamed their pokémon in real life without having to rely on the game for that. Nicknames could've waited till Gen 2.
>(but Gamefreak didn't know how to code and still doesn't)

No. 259423

Didn't P3 have bikini outfits for Mitsuru and Yukari? They would protest at first and then wear them anyway.

No. 259424

If you're talking about the swimsuits they didn't mind it but it's been a while since I played P3P, but they shit talk you if you make them wear the bikini armor thing. I had to put Yukari in this because it made her magic stat better at some point and she's mostly a magic user and she bitched at me kek, sorry Yukari! They added similar costumes in P4G but they're just skins, not actual armors that change you're stats so I used them once, found them ugly as fuck and went back to making everyone wear other costumes. I didn't go too far into P5R just yet because I'm trying to beat SMT5 first and there are a lot of costumes in that one it seems. But seriously it's just as I said, Atlus puts shit like this in the Persona games to attract more male fans because they know they already have female fans who will buy their stuff even if they dislike small things like this, and the other games have more fanservice for the female fans.

No. 259430

In Dragon Age: Origins, the character creation screen literally says that men and women are treated the same in Fereldan (the country the game is set in), and that your character's sex has no effect on gameplay.

Then, literally twenty minutes later, you meet Daveth and Joey, two other Grey Warden recruits who are both clearly never got the memo. Jory goes completely Reddit tier 'm'lady' over you, because he never expected a woman to be in the Grey Wardens, and cheeky Cockney Jack-the-lad Daveth is full-on "AYYYYY UR A WOMAN INNIT M8? WAHEEEY!"

No. 259433


No. 259437

I have a new fighting game community, but it's all guys and troons, a lot of them keep on converting to troonism.
They had a women's only tourny and of course, it was just all troons in pink sweaters/hoodies to signal they're women.
It really sucks because I love fighting games but I'm way too afraid to try and attend one of their events because of all of this, they even insist on giving your pronouns before you enter one of their tournys. It's all so tiresome, nonnies…

No. 259462

File: 1669818027789.jpg (124.08 KB, 736x681, 4ec13bfa012f048c896ee57cafe209…)

Vidya games seem to suffer in the same way other markets do. While there is a huge market for games marketed towards mainly women, they are largely ignored or not seen as "real" video games. Think of the way that romance is the for books and how its viewed but at least the publishing industry actually invests in it.

Vaguely related. I want another princess debut game.

No. 259463

I laughed a good 10 minutes at this too kek

No. 259464

File: 1669818589642.jpg (58.21 KB, 600x444, main-qimg-7665f03c78cb87661932…)


No. 259472

Mass effect has similar issues. I can't give specifics because it's been a while since I played last time but I remember being uncomfortable with some stuff that simply never comes up when you play with a male in 2 and 3. I think there is even one instance where an alien questions your competence or something like that based on your sex. You'd think they would be immune since humans probably all look the same to them, and the fact shepard walks around carrying a freaking arsenal, like, you'd think twice before saying that shit to her face… I was a lot more ruthless playing as female, some dialogues obviously don't change but a few were enough to make me take actions I didn't while playing as male.
I also hate how the female character keep that awful makeup-like eyelashes and is so skinny… she doesn't look like she belongs in the military, at least not in the position she is in comparison to male shepard.

No. 259473

I just wish male character in videogames were sexualized more. I always play as male characters so i dont have much experience with stuff like this >>259472 >>259430 but i hate how female characters always get fanservice outfits and male characters dont. Either sexualize both or none.

No. 259474

Speaking of Persona, I played all of P5 and also tried P3 and P4 (but didn't like them that much so I dropped them) and while I do appreciate the fujo moments and bishounen protagonists and demons, I'm just so fucking tired of the female characters being written the way they're written. I know it's almost a meme by now but I really think they're so shallowly written that difference between their routes and the male character's is a lot (there are some exceptionally bad male character routes too but it's not as bad imo). They give us a character like Ann that starts out strong but then fuck up her route by making her borderline retarded with all the heart and luv uwu talk because males can't handle a real stacy I guess. All the other girls are a slightly different flavor of "I'm strong/scary/intelligent b-but actually I'm shy and I really need your help and I love you uwu". Why can't I have a female character that fucking hates the protag and comes to be okay with him while not crawling at his feet? Why are lolis still a thing? Why can't a female character have an issue, get the protag to solve it and not turn into a giggling nlog idiot by the end of it? Some of the adults are fine but they're adults and the protag is a teen technically so yeah…
The swimsuit and bath bits are awful and I don't know why they keep making them. They're not even funny and I can't believe males can't just play while looking at an attractive woman, they HAVE to have their silly moments where they're naked and talk about boobs.

No. 259493

With P4 and P5 the issue is that the playable characters have an established arc, become playable and then they're less relevant. And their social links are usually a repeat of that arc or just boring. I want P6 to get rid of the calendar system to avoid this.

No. 259495

How would that look exactly?

No. 259498

I know lolcow hates genshin but i think genshin is kinda good at doing this, while the girls are still more fanservice-y than the dudes it’s still better than most games out there

No. 259499

File: 1669825964115.jpg (277.61 KB, 1040x1665, 20210827042110a4a.jpg)

FF14 has some real nice male outfits

No. 259504


There's loads of shit like that in a lot of BioWare games and it's doubly obnoxious because BioWare are always virtue signalling about how progressive they are, while being filled with unintended casual sexism.

There's a dialogue option in Dragon Age for example, where you can scold your party members for cowardice with the fucking cringeworthy line, "I'm braver than both of you, and I'm a woman."

No. 259525

On the same topic of persona 5,I'm just about to beat the final boss and have over 100hrs in the game at this point. Even if the devs said they threw in handsome personas and characters like Akechi and made a handsome protag (which I do like don't get me wrong), I can't get over how much this game is meant for moids. Everything the girls say and do is all a male fantasy. At one point, Futaba makes a joke about finding out another female characters' underwear preferences. I chose the negative dialog "don't say things like that" while the other 2 options were positive/joking with her. She then says "I thought you would like that…" Moids seem to like Futaba the most and it's probably because she's their 15 y/o dream girl who get their crusty old 4chan jokes.
The male characters in the group acknowledge they're doing this because of rotten adults, but don't let the female characters do so. When Makoto is added to the lineup, she and Ann have a heart-to-heart where they say it's their own fault for the rapist coach at the school instead of the disgusting adult abusing his position of power. His whole dungeon was disgusting with statues of teenage girl butts everywhere and his goblet of naked girls' bodies. Even though the Phantom Thieves are against his actions, it's portrayal is too pornographic and comedic allowing for the moid player to not see what is truly wrong here. Sexual abuse created for a male playerbase will never be made with women's humanity in mind–its just porn fuel for them because calling even one crooked man out makes them feel attacked and they can't have that in their fantasy fulfillment gameu.

No. 259531

I hate this shit, it's why growing up I would only ever play male characters in games with character customization because I hated how games would always make some characters act sexist or creepily flirty towards you if you were female (also I wanted to romance female characters but that's unrelated kek). Even if the sexist characters are technically portrayed negatively I just hate how women always have to be the 'non-default' that gets remarked upon

No. 259557

I bought Persona 5 years ago and thought I would like it. The gameplay wasn't too engaging but I stuck around until Kamoshida's castle. That level made me stop playing. At the time I knew nothing about feminism or realized the sheer prevalence of coomer culture but that level made me, without consciously thinking, uncomfortable and I didn't want to play the game I paid 50 bucks for anymore. I was a teenage girl at the time.

No. 259575

anon pls I almost died. Do they even try
>Either sexualize both or none.
based. I also hate it when female characters have such huge breasts that the textures of the amor they’re wearing are stretched and deformed, you see this occasionally

No. 259595

File: 1669849451559.jpg (193.8 KB, 600x419, 1669304077860276.jpg)

The whole presentation in that dungeon makes sense, you're seeing how the teacher sees his female student from his own pov and since his a degenerate sex offender it looks like that but let's be real. The writers are horrible at subtle story telling. It was the same in P4 with Rise and the strip-club dungeon and shadow!Kanji wearing a fundoshi in a gay bathhouse and since the whole point is to make the players uncomfortable it works but still. I was going to say Catherine was way better at being subtle with its characters but then I remembered Catherine Fullbody and Rin being revealed to be a man by showing his penis and testicles 5cm away from Vincent's face, Vincent freaking out being he has someone else's genitalia 5cm away from his face, and then doing the whole stereotypical speech about muh love and muh acceptance 10 minutes later instead of having a more personal scene where he realized he actually likes guy, although I don't think it's the exact same writers for that part. It sucks because the topics in these games are fairly interesting but they're not told very well.

That reminds me of SMT5. It was first advertised as a story that will be about very relatable things young people go through in out current society and will feel personal for the players. Instead the story is super minimalistic and the relatable stuff are just half-assed plot devices that could have been super interesting if more detailed like in Persona games like Sahori being bullied by her lacrosse team to the point of always having injuries and Tao, her bff, seeing it, being worried about it but not doing anything for her to not attract negative attention, Dazai's shit personal life and rick bottom self-confidence making him super easy to manipulate and iirc he's a hafu and not treated well for this by his classmates, Miyazu having a terminal illness and her brother having to deal with it while also working as a demon summoner/hunter, just everything connected to Yakumo, Koshimizu's family members dying in tragic circumstances, etc., the game is way more about demons discussing politics for 5 minutes and trying to murder each other for the rest of the game. They don't have the same writers or devs at all but the comparison still works, because the humans in SMT5 are also high school students in Japan going through comparable supernatural shit.

No. 259603

>sexualize both or none
this is how you get further into coom.

No. 259605

Sexualize only the moids for proper equality.

No. 259607

By turning on my Female gaze I have 20/20 vision

No. 259625

>I also hate how the female character keep that awful makeup-like eyelashes and is so skinny…
Yeah this. She was even prettied up in the later parts and you walk around super-styled with lipstick while the apocalypse is upon us.
This is something quite common btw and I hate it. It happens in Hollywood movies as well as games, the women always look like barbies even if they are fighting for their life in a war and use muscles.

ME in general had a lot of this. It also zoomed onto female asses a lot.
This. I usually play men as well and I won't complain if both are fanservice machines. But please either sexualise both or none. I have a hard time taking a game seriously if every female knight is walking around half-naked while the men are all normal cool knights as expected. See >>259464

No. 259656

File: 1669862987857.png (569.28 KB, 1280x1434, tumblr_p0gutfXywd1uuppoeo1_128…)

Patiently waiting for a persona game with a female protagonist (or at least a choice like p3p). Persona has a huge following with women, come on already Atlus

No. 259658

Same nonnie

No. 259659

File: 1669863544857.jpg (53.2 KB, 316x400, man-sneezing-csa-images.jpg)

Atlus has a deadly allergy to female protags

No. 259661

File: 1669863896166.jpg (52.54 KB, 500x1100, 8d35f0e72d73c696d06bd553fd3517…)

I know you're not supposed to care because Videogame Logic and Artstyle, but I hate Shiki's shortass skirt and ana-chan body.

Tetsuya Nomura tends to draw his young female character designs with short impractical skirts or dresses and it drives me crazy, especially when the girls are playable characters who battle and run around.

No. 259665

File: 1669865328106.png (899.4 KB, 580x1770, kisspng-adelaide-clemens-heath…)

I love this outfit that Heather is wearing. Practical yet feminineand realistic what a seventeen year old would wear before killing God

No. 259668

that's bc it's not sexualized at all. she doesn't have a huge midriff for one

No. 259672

File: 1669868744579.png (204.14 KB, 480x960, Jill_RE3_Nemesis_render.png)

It's funny how these clothes are similar but only Heather doesn't look awful and unrealistic

No. 259675

File: 1669870676687.jpeg (54.99 KB, 360x450, D7DB0100-E692-4D7D-8825-78B9DC…)

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Kingdom Hearts yet. I know there’s generally a lot of sexism in video games, but I can still tolerate it, warts and all, if I like the franchise/story enough

This isn’t the case here. Most of the female characters are just damsels in distress (even the Disney female characters who were pretty badass in their own movies). I remember being annoyed at this as a teen while it was just Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. Several years later, when KH3 came out, you think things would finally change right? Nope. Kairi is still a useless fuck. I don’t like shitting on female characters in general but she’s one of the most backwards portrayal of a female character in video game history.

No. 259683

File: 1669873111157.jpg (378.67 KB, 1920x1080, horizon-character-art-lansra-i…)

I'm surprised how many anons here like playing as male protags, but I definitely see they're perspective. The first time I played as a female protag in an adventure game was Horizon Zero Dawn. I realized how much I enjoyed it and wished I could play more adventure games with female protags.
There is definitely still misogyny in HZD for sure. Have you ever noticed a trend in not just games but most fiction that feature a matriarchal society that it's always portrayed as corrupt and wrong? Early real world religion was said to be all matriarchal and celebrated birth/motherhood so it makes sense that HZD applies that concept. I think matriarchal religion in video game world building is used as a way to indicate their way of life is very different from modern religions aka patriarchal ones, but I think narratives of these settings also serves as a way to show a world ran by women would be just as cruel if not worse

No. 259684

Isn't jill literally on her day off for re3? A better example wouldve been ada

No. 259685

File: 1669875285269.jpg (1.56 MB, 2560x3620, equality.jpg)

>I just wish male character in videogames were sexualized more
>How would that look exactly?

Something like picrel

No. 259686

to be fair that’s not her actual body, it’s her friend’s body that she snatched when she died because she was insecure about her own body

No. 259687

>male gaze but swap the genders
This is literally only appealing to gay moids though.

No. 259688

File: 1669876164117.jpg (856.94 KB, 1024x768, Fiona my beloved.jpg)

whats your opinion of female-character only franchises like Touhou and Arcana Heart? i love them both, i think AC got way too coomery on later entries but i still love the designs and gameplay, wish it was more popular.

for me, Genshin Impact is the best example, but older games like DMC and RE had really hot male characters. Kinda wanna play it because those are the hottest male designs i have ever seen. God, whoever designed so many cute male characters with midriffs deserves a raise.

No. 259689

women dont find that sexy otherwise he-man would be everybody's husbando

No. 259690

File: 1669879098285.jpg (6.52 MB, 4209x3027, aa988982b4c45a6916198a83b077a7…)

I'm definitely drawn to all-female franchises, they have to go really hard on the moid pandering to put me off (which unfortunately a lot of them do). When I was a kid I would always create stories/universes where all the characters were girls for no reason kek, so series that use that concept always appealed to me. I think it's because female characters in media are often relegated to certain specific and boring gendered character tropes, but when all the characters are female it's more likely that some of them will break away from the mold because their defining trait can't just be 'being a woman'.

I haven't played Arcana Heart but I love Touhou. Really fun characters and worldbuilding, and completely lacking in any coomer elements (though I haven't played the recent gacha game spinoff). It actually kind of shocks me how unsexualized it is given that the creator is male; his goofy artstyle obviously helps with that but even the official manga spinoffs illustrated by other people don't feel coomer-ish at all (maybe because a lot of the illustrators chosen are women). Sucks about all the gross moid fans but it has a lot of female fans as well, so many female Japanese artists and musicians I follow started off making Touhou content.

No. 259694

nothing beats DA:I with cass 'yass girlboss' conversation with the female inquisitor… in a world where fantasy jesus and the pope are both women ???

cannot wait for more badly integrated real world politics in DA:D

No. 259696

File: 1669880063102.jpg (135.38 KB, 850x974, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou_dra…)

Female-only franchises are the best! Touhou is best weeb-franchise ever, interesting lore, strong and sometimes pretty complex characters (like Junko and Mokou) and, most importantly, no sexualization. I still can't understand why fandom is full of degenerate coomers. Even idol franchises(Love live, BanDori) where girls are just cute and doing cute stuff have more female fans than touhou (or i may be mistaken). Weird.
I tried to play the only Arcana Hearts game that can be bought on steam and instantly refunded it. Like what the actual fuck. Not only it is a coomer-y shit, it is also a lolicon-coomer-y shit. Damn. Were earlier games better? Because from my experience I can't understand how they can cater to the female audience. Also, what about ho-yay yuri baits?

I also really like Rozen Maiden. It was made by a female mangaka-group, this makes it even better.

No. 259697

>i think AC got way too coomery on later entries but i still love the designs and gameplay, wish it was more popular.
Nona from what I've seen of Arcana Heart, it was always a moeshit moidpandering franchise, just not a super sexual one. The art in that pic looks like a typical galge.
I love Touhou though.

No. 259701

A lot of Touhou artists are women, but yeah, it's probably because Love Live got advertised a lot so more women outside of scrote-majority circles found out about its existence plus the original source looks much better (and may be easier to consume) than a doujin shoot 'em up with shit art. But unlike women who are looking for a story in a franchise that's about female characters, males don't give a shit and are just looking for the next female cast to jack off to. There's tons of male """fans""" of Touhou that don't give a fuck about anything but the porn.
>I still can't understand why fandom is full of degenerate coomers
Love Live is too. Anywhere there's a popular series where the main cast is all female, coomers will plague the fandom.
We're talking about games in this thread though, not anime or manga.

>completely lacking in any coomer elements (though I haven't played the recent gacha game spinof
I've seen art and it looks just like your standard Touhou art, nothing coomery but sometimes comes close as usual. Also no need to worry, it's a fangame.

No. 259702

I still really liked Horizon though. There are a lot of cool female characters that are not sexualized and I really appreciated that. I liked that the good AIs tend to be female while the destructive evil ones are male. The end of Horizon Forbidden West subverted this a little but I honestly liked the antagonist too.

No. 259703

For mainline they make the recent male MCs as androgynous as possible on purpose so even if the MC is a guy you can just pretend he's a girl and move on but that doesn't work for Persona given their stories. tbh I feel like P5 would have been very different from the first arc if the MC were a girl because of his reputation and how the rapist teacher would have treated him as a girl instead.

No. 259707

Yeah, i understand. I've just mentioned RM because i don't know any other franchises with mostly female casts besides shit that obviously isn't appealing for women(Azur Lane or Kantai, Blue Archive and games that originate from shitty hentai VN's). For whatever reason devs think that women like only reverse harems or yaoi bishies. A lot of males like games without any romance or fansevice with female characters and focus only on male characters personalities, epic battles and homoero… Cough-cough, close friendship without any "icky dumb" women. Why can't we have sometimes similar but with girls more often? :((( Even fucking Bayonetta was ruined. With all the sexualization, i always adored series's absurdness, fashionable aesthetic and female characters with dominatrix vibes. And platinum games felt absolutely obligate to ruin it all in Bayo 3 and moids started to justify them because "ackchually Bayo games exist only for us because they have seckhy nekid gorlzzz". I fucking hate forced straight romance, even though i like m/f pairs when they are not plain and boring.(:((()

No. 259709

>they make the recent male MCs as androgynous as possible on purpose so even if the MC is a guy you can just pretend he's a girl and move on
I fucking hate this shit so much, would their dicks fall off if they made the protagonist female just once? Why is it always us who have to settle for pretending we're playing as a character of our own sex? Oh right because male is the default and women are secondary. Also we're already used to it and a lot of moids would be put off by a female protagonist that isn't designed with moid gaze in mind.

No. 259711

kek I'm sorry but if you didn't see Bayonetta and Luka being into each other coming from a mile away you're blind. And I thought it was portrayed as way more cutesy than usual this time so I'm surprised men are into that. I'm 100% sure the next hidden chapters will be about her and Lukaon and will go full magical girl shojo manga though, I'm looking forward to it.

I don't know, I guess they like to follow JRPG traditions for the sake of it. I mean, Persona doesn't need to have silent protagonists because all of them have very specific personalities and backstories, and yet. The only MC who needed to be a guy was Nanashi and that's because he's basically Akira's reincarnation and reincarnations look exactly like their previous incarnations in that game apparently. Atlus often post surveys, if they ever ask about female MCs someday I bet most people would approve of it so finger crossed.

No. 259714

>would their dicks fall off if they made the protagonist female just once
Apparently yes, or at least they think so. I remember a gacha game which has female MC and yet it isn't female-oriented. While most players didn't care, some moids were all whiny about it because "Wait, the MC is a girl? That means it's a girl game. Bye". Lmao. They can accept fem protags like Lara or Alice(from American McGee's series), but if the game already has girls they can fap to and MC is also female they start to whine like little children. Male ego is the most fragile thing on the planet Earth.

No. 259717

Yeah, I'm very blind :(
My sight was blurred by Jeanne and all the homoeroticism she and Bayo have together. Media hates wlw consumers even more than regular female audience ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ(ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ)

No. 259718

Were earlier games better?
i really like AC1, it only had one highly sexualized character and the rest were just moe anime girls and the only 'loli' wasnt as sexualized, but they started to go the lolishit route in the latter games, sadly.
thats understandable, i like anime so i have a high tolerance to moe and i find the character designs and their quirks adorable, plus the only other all girl fighter is skull girls and i hate it.

No. 259719

It's ok anon, it happens to the best of us, just make sure to see a specialist who will give you glasses adapted to your eyesight.

No. 259720

Sucks that N:TWEWY continues to have the same problem. That being said, it balances out since we have Nagi, the most yumejo playable character ever.

No. 259721

I hate having to play as male characters at this point… loved as playing femshep, Eivor and Kassandra

No. 259727

fighting game tournaments seem like a very hostile environment for women to be in. from what I've seen the smash community is filled with misogynistic rapists and pedos/groomers that get outed on a regular basis, and now that guilty gear and other anime-style fighting games are becoming popular the same thing is happening there too. the few women I've talked to who went to fighting game tournaments meant for only women said there were no actual women there except for them and that the male troons who attended were very creepy and misogynistic. also moids tend to rage whenever they lose to women in video games which is very pathetic but unpleasant to deal with. I think the few women who do get into fighting games get driven out eventually by the horrible community and that deters any new women from joining. that's just my perspective as an outsider though, maybe you or other women into fighting games had some more positive experiences?

No. 259728

Women should organize their own tournaments because it's obvious that the non-troon scrotes won't do shit about the trannies taking over women's tournaments. The problem is that we're expected to be more nice and tolerant than moids so any woman willing to do that will be incessantly harassed and called an evil TERF if she refuses to respect tranny fee-fees and include them. It's so depressing.

No. 259735

I don't mind it if their not unga bunga males like in western games and if there are an equal number of male and female playable characters like in RPGs where you have a party of characters.

No. 259741

I think the non-troon scrotes actually enjoy seeing womens-only tournaments being taken over by men because they hate women and don't want to compete against them plus don't want them to feel welcome in the community. moids think gaming is some sort of boys club imo, not only in regards to fighting games but whenever a woman is good at any somewhat difficult or competitive game (like souls series for example) men feel threatened for some reason. I wish women could have their own gaming tournaments without moids trying to invade or get it shut down but that'd be impossible to pull off these days

No. 259742

Reminds me to when a journalist made a ''top ten women in speedrunning'' and it was all troons. I really wish there was a ''cute male only fighter'' or maybe a super popular fighter based on a mostly female predominated franchise(like Hetalia, south park) i feel like its the only way a true female community could be formed around a fighting game, through the power of female patern autism.

No. 259744

Whats your opinion on Nadia ? I think its pathetic she tries to shield herself from criticism by crying sexism and calls herself ''the best COD female player''. I dont know if she's trolling but making her whole gender look like ass is a really selfish way to become popular.

No. 259746

SNK isn't exactly that but the games from this company are popular enough with Japanese women that they released some sort of otome game or joseimuke game on mobile phones.

No. 259747

honestly this is a pretty good idea. making the characters all cute anime bishounen and adding in some fujo and yumejoshi bait here and there would make the game unappealing to the majority of men

No. 259749

You'd get LOADS of Aidens, though.

No. 259750

aydens have ADHD they dont have the mental capacity to sit and learn how to play a fightan

No. 259753

Literally my idea of making a Hetalia fighting game (that will never get made) kek
Does anyone else remember that bara or BL fighting game that was talked about on /blog/ in like 2014? But they only ever showed concept art and it was cancelled at some point.

No. 259758

There's two games, an old mobile game that's just a VN that got ported to DS and the more recent gatcha game that closed down.

No. 259759

File: 1669896668365.png (640.41 KB, 1386x615, dda066d84fb985f3fff7d1dd87419f…)

I love WoW, I love it's lore and I love roleplaying there but holy shit it's a mess towards anything female.
Obviously you can't be surprised given that Blizzard made it but a lot of the old armour and female characters in the game were just sexist tropes and stereotypes.

>find a cool looking piece of armor

>preview it on a female character
>it's just a golden fucking bikini with half the asscrack and cleavage hanging out
>there's even a name for this, it's called a "slutmog"

They also seem to butcher almost every female character that exists in the lore and always have them undergo some sort of strange "insane woman" arc that makes everyone dislike them for a short amount of time. It's improved a little bit over time but the male fanbase is still full of fat, greasy hogs who burst into tears when Blizzard decided to cover Sylvanas up to actually give her some armour.
This is also just a side note but the roleplaying communities are exactly what you'd expect to: full of female fetishization, every female character must be insanely beautiful and thick (good luck trying to find someone's female character that looks over the age of 20), lesbians are in abundance when they're all played by males. It's basically a scene for degenerate males to act out their lesbian porn fantasies, even the women that play it are often massive coomers and pickmes.

No. 259760

File: 1669897120445.jpg (497.64 KB, 1280x1584, tumblr_c764420185a603e2986bc51…)

>I really wish there was a ''cute male only fighter''
The closest thing I can think of to this was King of Fighters in the 90s or when it still had an art direction where the men did not look like dogshit.
KoF was so popular among women that Kyo's character designer gave him a gf character out of spite because the fandom kept shipping him with his rival Iori, and despite everything the gf character Yuki still managed to become popular among women. It even had manga adaptations by shoujo artists.

The problem is, how do you sell a fighting game to women only and make it popular enough for it to survive? The genre already struggles enough as it is with its male demographic… and even in FGs with huge female fandoms like KoF or Guilty Gear you still are forced to share space with them.

No. 259761

>The problem is, how do you sell a fighting game to women only and make it popular enough for it to survive? The genre already struggles enough as it is with its male demographic… and even in FGs with huge female fandoms like KoF or Guilty Gear you still are forced to share space with them.
i would say make it normie friendly, maybe make it more story focused. Something any women who never picked up FG because of the overwhelming male community and the hypersexualization can easily pick up. I think something akin to an older arcade would work well. Well, at least thats my idea if i ever manage to make my dream fighting game.

No. 259763

I was talking about the gacha game yeah but I didn't know it was closed down by now.

No. 259813

File: 1669913564793.png (148.64 KB, 1152x904, 1212022.PNG)

I'm not really sure what thread would be best to discuss this but girls and women being forced to play as a guy in games back in the day is the same thing as modern genderspecials not having nonbinary options in viddy games apparently, according to this article. There's a bit of "sex work empowering" thrown in too kek

No. 259818

I haven't played a pokemon game for a really long time but in the first ones I don't remember the player character having a gender? I know it's probably meant to be a boy, but it's represented by like 6 pixels and you get to pick its name. I don't remember the PC being referred to in the game by anything other than "you" or "name" either, but I guess "you" is gendered in some languages (and in those, wtf are you gonna do, invent grammar for your video game? kek).
>“The character’s name and pronouns aren’t spoken, and this is also before ‘they’ and ‘them’ were really commonly in use as nonbinary terms. The character’s name [in the game] is just listed as ‘S/He,’ and I loved that.
I can't be mad at this. Political cartoon -style representation where you literally just put a text label on each non-standard character in your game is one of the funniest things I've ever heard of.

No. 259819

File: 1669914821531.jpg (Spoiler Image,390.28 KB, 806x1156, nf4.jpg)

Kyo's girlfriend is also a huge Kyo fangirl which was done to make fun of female KoF fans.
SnK made a fighting game spin off with mostly sexy female characters(picrel) targeted towards their male fans. They did also make a spin off game with only their male character targeted towards female players but it was a mobile dating sims which just feels patronising that they assume the their female fans wouldn't be interested in a fighting game.
In SNK also heavily sexualise their female characters. Mai is just an unpleasant design to look at. Tinfoil but I legit think that SNK resent their female fans and only want male coomers to play their games

No. 259820

Nah it's pretty obvious they're male, there's a full sprite of them when you startup the game on the title screen and the sprite before starting a pokemon battle is a male silhouette too.
But it's not an egregious example so it gets a handwave, I am not fussed, it's better than having a male-only protag that god forbid, talks. That's why Link is the perfect man.

No. 259821

File: 1669915440153.jpg (31.76 KB, 564x564, 1650683060079.jpg)

Leave my girl Kris alone you dirty faggot!

>which just feels patronising that they assume the their female fans wouldn't be interested in a fighting game.
It's more that the girls already buy the fighting games anyway, and gacha mobile games require minimal efforts and can bring shit ton of money quickly.

No. 259856

File: 1669923532914.jpg (183.91 KB, 768x1024, DqM9qSzVsAAwTnA.jpg)

No, the otome game was made by Victor Entertainment who bought the license from SNK. Lately they give licenses to literally everyone who wants to make a mobile gacha with their properties. This is just proof they still have no problem to market to women.

Their currrent in-house devs have a huge chunk of male coomers who have barely any idea of what women like, but in the 90s they were one of the first devs to cater to their female audience and it was never done with mockery, especially since they had a good chunk of female devs compared to other companies. Their then-in-house artist Shiroi Eiji (a woman under a pseudonym) has made plenty of cute and sexualized art of the company's male characters (pic related) and that was done way before it became a trendy thing to do.

But that was two bankruptcies ago and the company had many different people. This is why in my post I specified old KoF games when tapking about fgs women liked: after thir original bankruptcy in the early 2000s, SNK hasn't really done anything that genuinely grabbed women's attention aside from recycling their popular sexy guys.

SNK Heroines is also trash, I agree, and it sucks that their current in-house art directors are so horny in the worst ways possible. Even TONKO (another female artist) is shamelessly horny when it comes to drawing women nowdays, and the latest Samurai Shodown game ruined one of my favorite characters by coomifying her (Charlotte) alongside making all of its handsome characters weird and ugly in a way or another.

Unsurprisingly when the company had more female artists it actually brought in women to arcades and they cherished female fans in their official zine (most of the fanart and doujinshi published was from women and they even publicized BL doujinshi). But right now it feels like they're trying to reel them in and simply failing.

Partially related: Mai Shiranui has always been popular with female fans, which is something that surprised me when I read the old character polls directed at women. I think women like sexy female characters if they're scantly clad but beautiful, honestly. The problem is that said characters are bound to attract men in droves, so they're automatically a no-no in an hypothetical fighting game made for women.

No. 259879

>your character's sex has no effect on gameplay
They say that and immediately prove otherwise with the City Elf origin story. Spoiler for sexual assault mentions and early game. If you play a male elf, your wedding is interrupted by a rich scrote who rapes your fiancee. If you play a female elf, your character is raped. It's not explicitly shown, but your character can later remark about it at the Gray Warden camp and they explicitly use the word rape to describe what happened. Treated the same my ass….

No. 259880

God, Dragon Age was terrible with that shit. I don't remember anything comparable happening in DA2 funnily enough, but DAO was riddled with casual sexism. If you want to portray the sexes as equals, then make them equal! Don't get me started on the awful female armor designs either, gah.

Though most of it is relegated to the first part with the other two jobber recruits, aside from the actually well done part where the party members get suspicious of the weird religious cult in the mountains because the church is lead by a man.

No. 259900

oh nonna it gets so much worse than those two fedora tippers.
>traumatic flashbacks to the Orzammar Deep Roads "midboss" intensify
If you know, you know. Sure asf didn't see that happen to any scrotes

No. 259924

I love WoW too, Tauren females will always be my favorite for being a little less "sexy woman painted green" than most of the other races. I love how big they are

No. 259927

imo they got better about the armorkini in later expansions, but the female writing took a fucking nosedive.
Jaina's treatment in MoP was fucking appaling. i don't mind that she went in her "insane woman arc" because she had ALL the fucking reasons, but she was treated as hysterical by the narrative (her LI, her oh so bestie Thrall, that shit Anduin) after being betrayed and getting her town nuked.
even my waifu Maiev, whose baseline is insane (and i love her for it), got an extra "insane woman arc" in a shitty novel, for what fucking reason?! i dropped wow after WoD, but i heard Tyrande also got her own crazy arc, and Sylvannas is finally finished with hers.

No. 259952

Tyrande was always hamstrung by the absolute charisma void of Malfurion. You’d think after ten thousand years of marriage or whatever they could function independently but she straight up bails while Teldrassil burns to nurse Malfurion’s wounds. It was nuts to me that its the worgen who you help evacuate the night elf base city while their spiritual leader kisses her husband’s booboos better. I miss WC3 Tyrande who told Malfurion’s amish ass to fuck off when he tried telling her what to do. At this point I’d take Maiev for night elf leader, Tyrande aped her insane revenge thing but Maiev doesn’t have a useless man hanging off her.

No. 260007

I hate that sudden dark turn in the Deep Roads, where it suddenly becomes a body horror game.

No. 260050

Body horror and psychological horror. It's bleak.

No. 262722

File: 1670737217099.png (12.45 KB, 265x248, 999B50F2-B253-4D96-9165-22AE75…)

I really love the aesthetic of PC-98 games, but whenever I look up a source 99% of the time it’s from a lolicon rape simulator.

No. 262724

thats disappointing, that pic looks cool esp the colors

No. 262725

I have never played bideo games in my life because I refuse to make scrotes money whenever I can but recently I’ve been getting into 3D so I want to find other women like me and perhaps make our own game! Good luck everyone. I’m such a beginner but I’m going strong (perhaps a smiley would look nice here)

No. 262733

same!!!! one time an anon here posted a cool picture from pc-98 game, and i really loved the artstyle so i reverse image searched it and found its literally from a porn game. i felt so betrayed

No. 262752

do you think an indie game made by a woman would do worse than if the same game were made by a moid? if I were to make a simple pixel game, would it be best to keep my identity anonymous (like the yume nikki creator)? I know some women use male pen names when writing due to misogyny but from your observation is the gaming industry similar? personally I feel like men will be harsher if the game is made by a female dev - like they will pick at every single minor flaw and be overly critical vs if it were made by a man it would get a more positive reception. what do you think?

No. 262769

kek yeah, sadly that 90s-00s bishoujo artstyle that we all loved at some point originates from that subculture. It's kind of scary how common it was that most people into anime who didn't know shit about obscure pedo and/or rape VNs saved and reposted images from said games

No. 262770

>I refuse to make scrotes money whenever I can
You can just pirate, you know? And free games exist as well. Also there are many women who develop videogames alongside moids (even if most games aren't directed by women you can still see a lot of them in the credits), surely you could at least try to play those where women contributed and don't have a scrotey subject theme that you dislike.
Kind of related but I admire Keiko Erikawa, the woman who came up with the first otome game. Apparently the first Angelique was developed almost entirely by women, thanks to her wanting to get more women to join the industry. And also it seems that these games actually inspired a bunch of Japanese girls to become programmers.

No. 262805

Don't be stupid keep your identity hidden.

No. 262834

File: 1670784448015.jpg (367.9 KB, 800x600, 1418397323671.jpg)

KH3 did Kairi dirty, but it did everyone else dirty too, except for Sora. He always has to turn out to be the strongest which is getting more and more ridiculous since he's now surrounded by skilled keyblade masters like Aqua and Terra.
She did finally get her own moment to shine in re:mind though, and I really like her playstyle. And then Melody of Memory came and stomped over it because it's a damn stupid rhythm game.
As for most female characters being damsels in distress, this is just the nature of the series, everyone is a damsel in distress that has to be saved by sora in every world he's in, male or female. The series is really juvenile and simplistic in that way, but at least it's not coomerish.

No. 262846

File: 1670786087800.png (538.64 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20221211-111251.png)

I like to lurk indie dev communities and I definitely see a lot more scrutiny towards female devs. And similar to books, moids will not even touch the game if they know it was made by a woman (picrel). That said, even when I was deeply entrenched in my pick-me phase, I still gravitated towards stuff made by women and it's a huge selling point to me now

No. 262859

No. 262871

I don't remember where I read it, it was probably a youtube comment on some video, and the moid said he can't relate to female main characters at all. I think the discussion was about how women tend to relate with characters regardless of gender because we grew up watching and reading stories about men.

I really do think men cannot see themselves in women at all. How many men list women as their intellectual role models? Even when they admire their mothers, it's only for their role as caretaker.

No. 262875

File: 1670794270911.png (333.44 KB, 544x544, KHMM_MiniAcrylicStand__c_all_m…)

Melody of Memory pissed me off so bad. It was "Kairi's game" and she was in 5% of it at the end, she didn't get to fight Xehanort, she wasn't even in the credits and didn't get any merch! Like they made a Meow Wow instead of her. Sometimes I wonder if Nomura hates Kairi, she's been shafted at every point in all the games. Her role is so passive.

I don't even want her fighting necessarily, Namine doesn't fight, I just want her role to be more active and to make sense. She's "the light", but her role thus far has been to get kidnapped and killed and just the motivation for Sora to keep fighting or whatever. You could replace her with Sora's mom and the story wouldn't change much.

No. 262880

Didn't come to lc for a while but BASED thread

No. 262884

It was a fucking batarian, they are super sexist. But yeah me has issues for sure, sexualizing female characters, giving less straight romance options for femshep and also unequal treatment for cheating (kaiden becomes ultra insufferable if you cheated on him and also makes you apologize to him if you want to reunite, meanwhile literally none of manshep ex romances treat him the same way when they hook up again)

No. 262890

Because everyone knows that women only like men who are fully clothed, macho looking, with a stoic and cold personality and whose looks dont matter since it's only men who are attracted to sexiness and looks amirite????

No. 262905

What are you even talking about kek, the 'sexualized' outfits are pretty clearly just bikini armor (aka something that appeals to dudes) but on a guy.
It's not rocket science that straight/bi women and gay men have different taste, most women are more likely to find the 'non sexy' version more attractive if anything.

No. 262920

nta but that's depressing kek. imo he probably didn't even want kairi's role to go that far but felt like he had to do it because people were expecting some kind of progress from her after she got the keyblade in kh2.

No. 262981

well I mean for gamedev women in general and not necessarily me in particular, although if I do make a game I'd probably keep it hidden too.
wow that's pretty depressing. there really isn't a way around it either imo except for women to keep their identity ambiguous or try and make games that cater to other women (ie otome games).

No. 263011

If the guy is hot and the armor is designed in a way that it looks appealing on a man's body and not just drawn as a "joke", it could work. That example that anon posted takes it a little too far imo even though I like it, if toned down a bit it could more widely appealing.

No. 263017

NTA or the other anon but the concept isn't bad or just for moids (imagine thinking you can only like bikini armor on hot male characters if you have the Y chromosome) it's just that the way it's drawn in that pic is pretty bad. Also yes it looks ridiculous maybe to the point that it's not even hot but that's because bikini armor on women is equally retarded looking most of the time, it's just that everyone is so used to seeing it that you have to see it on a male to realize how bad it is. But again, the idea of dressing hot muscular anime boys in sexualized armor doesn't seem like a "gay moid-only" thing. Besides, the tastes of gay men and straight women sometimes overlap, whether you agree with those preferences or not

No. 263730

File: 1671111185000.png (833.43 KB, 1125x1882, Fdx1r2fUYAA_X6w.png)

this is the ultimate black pill for women.
men will never see you as equal.

No. 263787

File: 1671127486943.jpeg (360.39 KB, 1080x1518, C2C722DA-26CA-40F1-8D03-23CB6D…)

Nonas, I need to vent for a second. Being a fan of Fromsoft and trying to interact in the community at all is awful. In any group, men berate you once they discover you’re a woman, think you must be shit at the games even if you’ve platinumed them, make sexist jokes constantly. On FB (yes, I know), it got so toxic in the main groups that two splinter groups were made for women FS fans. Of course the groups are filled with pick-me’s and let in TiMs, you can’t scroll three posts without some dumbass moid making a post about how he feels lonely as a twans woman, you can’t escape men anywhere. I love those games but I hate how much the community is overrun by rabid dudebros. I admit some of the female representation isn’t great (a lot of female characters are meek or play support roles, for instance), but they’ve been getting better, especially with Elden Ring. There have always been interesting female bosses, and I like that in most of the games you can wear any armor set (DeS is an exception, some sets are gender locked). I hate how you can’t take five steps in a game without seeing some message an idiot left about “try thrust” behind a female character or whatever though. It feels like the games want women to play but moids are intent on gatekeeping or scaring away any woman who wants to learn to play. I felt bad for newcomers in Elden Ring who were probably scared off by that behavior.

No. 263805

File: 1671131529270.jpg (1017.02 KB, 1920x2793, sentron-melania-copy.jpg)

I'm so sorry this has been your experience. I've been playing Fromsoft games since Darks souls 3 era. I went back to beat dark souls 1 and 2 and bloodborne. I couldnt get into Elden ring because it got so popular, too many normies invading. My experience with the fromsoft community has usually been positive online at least. I dont go on reddit except to lurk for tips, but the people i've met online through the games have been nothing but helpful.

I really wish we could play together. ER really ruined a lot of fromsoft communities though since the real gatekeeping began not that I am against gate keeping for certain fandoms.
I agree with you that ER got really bad with the messages. There were always kind of stupid messages on Ds 1-3 but for some reason all the normies,coomers and losers playing Elden Ring had to make the worst jokes for any female npc. We all know about Melania too. I just play offline for ER, but the other games are great online.

No. 263808

I have never purchased any media created by a male before. Women think it’s extreme but it’s exactly how males live. They’re subhumon so they will never understand humon aspirations. Simple as.

No. 263837


No. 263885

I hate how female characters in games (or any other media) are treated as a joke and potential waifus by scrotes. It's almost as if straight moids were incapable of liking female characters in the same way they like male ones, in a neutral way. And of course since scrotes in any fandom are always louder than the women (and since they love pretending women in their fandoms don't exist) the very few moids that might be capable of seeing women as equals are bullied until they start acting as obnoxiously as the rest of them. Every moid in a fandom has to be as sexist as possible and a gatekeeper to women or else he gets brutally ridiculed.
If I played a popular game like those, I'd make a new Facebook account with a VPN and create a group for women only. I believe that the more women who aren't afraid to impose their boundaries there are, the less acceptable it will be too cancel us for not wanting to include troons in our spaces, and the more women will start doing the same. We have to normalize being more shameless and less apologetic.

No. 263887

Asmongold (a huge streamer) has repeatedly said that he will never play a female character. And even the men who do play female characters expect them to be sex dolls and fetish objects.

It feels like it's never going to get any better. Female authors still have to use gender neutral/male pseudonyms because men and boys will not read books written by women and/or with female protagonists.

Men in general do not consider women to be people, and they're never going to change.

No. 263900

Wasn’t that the guy who shat in his shower

No. 264064

ot but maybe try persona 2:eternal punishment? played it a bit ago but I remember having a pretty solid female protagonist / generally cool aesthetic (also very emulatable)

No. 273261

To be fair, I don't care. I don't interact with any gaming community (never have). Games are not something to be taken seriously. People who make essay-long post about how deep a particular game is make me chuckle. The writing in games (outside of VNs) is typically on a much lower level than anime or even light novels.

No. 273267

>The writing in games (outside of VNs) is typically on a much lower level than anime or even light novels.
It depends on games. I like an entertaining story in a video game if it's well-written and complement the gameplay, I also don't mind it if the story is minimalistic and just a pretext for gameplay, but I'll never get shit like the last of us being praised by game """journalists""" for being a super generic movie game that doesn't even seem to use interactivity to tell its story in a more efficient way like, say MGS2 or games with different routes or endings depending on your choices. Even Pokemon gen 1 was more well-thought just because you had to interact with some items on the map or in dungeons to get some backstory for Kanto or Mewtwo's existence and it didn't even have a proper story besides the MC having a stupid bitch of a neighbor.

No. 273582


Yeah, I think one of the errors of "video games as art" arguments I see is framing the game as movie with content, or as an assemblage of parts that are already established as art (i.e. music, writing, animation).

The difficulty of imo aesthetic experience in videogames is that parsing text/language takes you out of the zone of play. Cutscenes, narrative tools are disruptive, 'intrusive' in the sense that they impinge on the freedom of the audience…

I think the reason old jprgs worked so well (for me) as aesthetic experiences is that the gameplay itself was kind of 'text'-like, and it wasn't as jarring in older games when you moved from playing to reading npc dialogue. The simple melodies - no complex synth instruments or orchestration etc - flowed better, didn't exhaust the player with an overload of information, and also seemed to be more effective at imprinting itself into memory.

Also why I think games like Shadow of Colossus, Ico, and some of the FromSoft games work so well by focusing on getting the right atmosphere and minimizing text. DS3 is kind of amazing with how it achieves poetic evocativeness without ever feeling 'literary-lame' or pretentious.

No. 310520

Yeah, to most normies video games are art when they have very pretty scenery like TLOU but that’s sort of close minded.

No. 332309

File: 1698956681444.png (1.27 MB, 1200x1222, diablorogueskin.png)

Do I want characters wearing bikins? Not really, but if you are going to put a bikini in your game you better give it to the male character as well, you cowards. They both look dumb, but they should at least look consistently dumb.

No. 332311

with bg3 clothing mods i put the women in bulky badass armor while giving the men skimpy outfits

No. 332315

At least all clothing in bg3 are the same for both genders. Like the Wavemother's Robe looks the same in the male and female. What pisses me off is when they add some skimpy outfit for females and tone it down for males, if they look the same then the skimpy outfit doesn't bother me at all.

No. 332358

yeah that's the thing. i don't love skimpy outfits like this but they should be styled exactly the same on both genders anyway.

No. 341099

fuck this video triggered me so much I have to spreg about it. I first came across it with the reaction but I'm not going to comment on it since it would add another two paragraphs.
so he starts this videos first quarter hour by stating that all human bodies in games are unrealistic therefore there is nothing to be offended about and it goes both ways for men and woman - yeah dumbass that's not the problem the problem is that they all try to appeal to the male audience, ofc guys wouldn’t be offended by male bodies in video games when that’s their own ideal, there is a huge difference between seeing a depiction that caters to you vs ones that are meant for another audience, take for example the korean Lyney controversy in Genshin, suddenly all the male players were offended hmm I wonder why maybe because he was fanservice for the female audience, so clearly this goes both ways he just cant recognise it because the instances of the female gaze are so rare.
he then acknowledges that the game industry is heavily skewed towards a male audience but says it's so because there are no female game devs or woman in the industry and gives indie games made by one person as an example (he only mentions two female devs, giving it as evidence that girls aren’t interested in the game industry) - first of all I already know there are more games then he mentioned made by woman that I saw on this board alone and I'm not even interested in indie games secondly why do games need to be made by woman to appeal to a female audience? The one isn’t necessary for the other, a game targeted at girls could much as well be made by an all-male team and the outcome would be the same. and he even sites himself that half of all u.s gamers are woman so what is he even on about? Theres an audience so why do companies not try to target it?
anyway I didn’t bother watching the rest of the video after he says that there are no ways to sexually appeal to woman in video games – WHAT, just off the top of my head genshin, honkai, enstars, otome games and blvns all of those sexualize men in a way that is appealing to woman, he even mentions otome games later on but then dismisses it as too complicated to include in a video game that is not centered around romance. all that is telling me is that the idea of appealing sexually to woman in media is so far fetched to him he can't even recognise it when it's right in front of him.

No. 341104

That male has NO WAIST. He was not designed for women. Gross.

No. 341114

I dont even need to watch the video to know what he’s saying is fucking retarded. This faggot is known for being a little bitch and I’m glad his wife left him and then he started going bald lmao

No. 341123

>fuggo bald white scrote with beard giving his opinions on sexy big boob hentai girls
I just know this video is going to be retarded, I refuse to watch it in its entirety

No. 341126

File: 1702243844543.jpeg (69.92 KB, 700x1150, Dante.jpeg)

>admired by men
>lust over by women
we had sexism fixed in 2005

No. 341129

so real

No. 341132

why did you click on it? just looking at that uggo in the thumbnail told me i don't give a shit what he has to say. why do you?

No. 341142

watching tectone when I have nothing else to do is a guilty pleasure and I hoped the video would have at least some decent points that would make him question things (I feel like he could change his mind if given good arguments) but nope the video just affirms his beliefs.

No. 341151

File: 1702252076566.png (55.51 KB, 336x234, 238.png)

I was always ashamed to admit that i liked him because i didn't like his fuckboy attitude, but looking back, he was actually respectable to women despite his wacky woohoo-nes and i think this is something no moid can pull off in this age.
Male characters that moids like now either have to be sigma lone wolf misogynists or fantasy harem perverts, all pathetic characters that they need to project into.
Also it's funny how Dante then became hobo looking despite not even being human, the wall is truly biased even in fiction.

No. 341157

File: 1702256624795.png (1.05 MB, 1273x1421, untitled.png)

This reminds me of a farming sim I came across on steam that had nothing but young looking women for the female love interests but the male love interests looked like a grab bag of whoever was leftover. At first I thought it was spiteful because I find it hard to believe any male thinks that those designs would make women want to play this game but maybe it's just laziness? I don't think every love interest needs to look like a bishie but I don't know. All the female LIs look pretty intentionally designed but I don't think a single one of them is over the age of like 30. Of course when this was brought up on steam there was a "evil feminists complaining" response and one commenter even hoped the devs were not listening to ideas that would ruin the game. So women and supposed to want to date older gray haired and/or ugly men but adding an 'ugly' woman is going to ruin it for the male players?

No. 341171

Kek that looks like NFT "waifus" vs ugly bastards and male npc characters… personally i don't even like Stardrew Valley's characters and i couldn't get into it, but at least the women don't look like pornified stereotypes and not all the men look old or homeless

No. 341176

>only unconventional character on the female love interest side is the Kappa
>Even then she's given kawaii uguu eyes compared to the male Kappa

No. 341187

I don't like his titty strap. Still haven't figured out how he wore that, outside or inside his coat

No. 341192

same but it's kinda funny to me, i feel like they didn't want him to have his nips out or erase them either, so they came up with that.

No. 341197

He has no ass either kek
Leon has the same titty strap on re4 and it's just funny if you know DMC's origin story.

No. 341198

File: 1702268231305.png (579.98 KB, 573x837, Screenshot 2023-12-10 201821.p…)

Watching the vid and already he's equating stuff gay men find attractive (big bara men like Ryu) to men women find attractive.
It's like the bikini armor thing up thread, women generally aren't into that, I'd say if anything lingerie for straight/bi women is like a guy in a suit.
This vid is already also pissing me off though.

No. 341199

File: 1702269815791.png (277.4 KB, 433x286, t.png)

They just wanna be kappa from harvest moon, but they can't be him. They can never be him…

No. 341239

This is just like when I saw some female artist saying that the male equivalent of a short skirt and thigh highs on a cute female character is when the (handsome) guy is wearing formal clothes and rolled up his sleeves while wearing a watch. It's so true. But men just don't get it.

No. 341246

>suits and watches xddd
No that isnt female gaze wtf. Fuck off with your tradwife preferences and dont attribute them to other women. Even the op mentioned lyney as the example of female gaze and he is anything but a tall masculine guy in formal clothes.

No. 341253

File: 1702303243562.jpg (152.97 KB, 960x720, kek.jpg)

anon where did they say it was the only way a men can be attractive? they aren’t disputing that feminine men can be attractive quite the opposite they're saying 'bara type' aka overly masculine male characters are not what is attractive to most woman

No. 341255

people do find Adachi attractive? I thought of him as some NPC moid, wasn't that significant to the plot before I knew about persona 4

No. 341256

>I'd say if anything lingerie for straight/bi women is like a guy in a suit.
Only if the suit is a sexy bunny suit or something.

No. 341260

>Also it's funny how Dante then became hobo looking despite not even being human, the wall is truly biased even in fiction.
And his brother somehow looked younger than him kek. I don't think it's the "wall", just Dante got the short end of the stick

No. 341261

File: 1702305264598.jpg (812.31 KB, 1002x1018, Chunli1.jpg)

Lyney works as a male version of a teenage fanservice girl, but what about characters who are meant to be older/tougher?
Like what would the male equivalent of Chun li or Ivy Valentine look like? Chun li is sexualized, but it's still believable that she can kick ass in a fight.

No. 341278

>Kek that looks like NFT "waifus" vs ugly bastards and male npc characters
The laugh I let out anon, those male characters seriously do look like ugly bastard NPCs. Even the female Kappa has a cute hairstyle and bedroom eyes while the male one is just a straight out monster, it's so goofy I can't help but laugh at men not being able to handle a single female character being not fuckable while women have to make do with hentai mobs and sleepy Gandalf.

>the male equivalent of a short skirt and thigh highs on a cute female character is when the (handsome) guy is wearing formal clothes and rolled up his sleeves while wearing a watch.
Why are women memed into this? Why? Men get to absolutely degrade female characters and put them in all sorts of horrible coomer outfits each more revealing than the last but it's okay, women are sexualizing men by putting them in suits and expensive watches too teehee we just can't handle a bit of maletitty it's too lewd and dirty for our tender ladybrains.

No. 341285

I've noticed this in almost every piece of media I've watched or played. The men are allowed to be "varied" aka old, ugly, fat, eccentric, etc while the women are almost always a young beauty. Even when they add an "older" female character she still looks no different from the young ones kek. I only like bishies and ikemen so its fucking annoying that the male rosters always churn out some ugly bearded fucks when female characters aren't allowed to be random old ladies too

No. 341291

File: 1702316940531.jpg (55.38 KB, 564x903, 7320da5faa2d46bd55dcb2857b6f16…)

If suits are supposed to be the ultimate in sexy men's wear (despite completely covering the body and being boring as fuck) why are all the Leon fangirls going crazy over mods like this one? Shouldn't he be completely covered up to appeal to the feminine taste?
Nah, suits are a patriarchal meme.

No. 341294

this literally looks like the cover of a 90s gay porno mag

No. 341298

File: 1702318136780.jpg (178.08 KB, 720x1041, 1000006218.jpg)

Probably the closest male equivalent to chun li would be someone like garou from opm. He has a lot of female fans (I can see why)

No. 341302

Why do you have knowledge about such publications

No. 341303

File: 1702318238780.jpg (5.37 MB, 5333x3000, 98988330_p1.jpg)

idk I prefer men with their clothes on, and if revealing not to the extant where I can see everything, I like to leave things to the imagination. I generally believe that woman are less visaul (for example when most buyers of playgirl were gay men rather then woman) in the sense that the the male body in itself is kinda boring if not presented in an intersting way, I do hate old or ugly moids so that’s one thing we can agree on I hope.

No. 341305

His body is a factor, but I feel him being an edgelord whose actually caring and loves children on the inside, is another huge aspect as well.

No. 341306

We aren't less visual.
We are more nuanced and subtle in our taste. Moids are half-blind and can't tell if a female character is hot or not unless her breasts looks like footballs and you can see her underwear.

No. 341307

I'm tired of you retards generalizing female tastes whenever we have this discussion.

No. 341308

So what is your own retarded take then?

No. 341311

you don't need to have knowledge about such publications to know what gay men taste is like, if you want proof for yourself go to /hm/ on 4chan warning it's disgusting

No. 341315

because media? movies? looking at late 20th century - early y2k pretty boy fashion blogs on tumblr in my teens? everyone is vaguely familiar with the aesthetic gays favor

No. 341316

My retarded take is that we are visual but in a different way from moids. We don't see a massive dick bulging out and get turned on in same way men would about tits or pantyshots (maybe some women do idk), but I think if a naked or half-naked man was illustrated or filmed in an alluring angle or emphasised on what he's doing while looking that sexy then its hot.

Thats just my retarded take though. I don't like when nonnies pretend like lyney or naked strong men are for gay moids. Unless its barashit. That's trash.

No. 341318

I think they are more similar than you think. Both characters work hard to teach their goals, which plays as part of the attraction on both ends. Though a lot of moids only care for chun-li's body and don't know her backstory, it seems common to find 'mommy' (ugh) art of her, which usually happens to tough/strong female characters, so they acknowledge it somewhat.

No. 341319

Meant *reach not teach sorry

No. 341320

>Fuck off with your tradwife preferences
??? Liking a good looking man in formal clothes is being a tradwife? I'm everything traditional people hate so that's kind of funny. iirc it was Sachiko Kaneoya who said this or a similar artist, would you call her a tradwife?

It's not about the watch itself, it's about the skin showing between the sleeve and the watch.

>Why are women memed into this?

Because I'm normal and men are mentally ill, you answered your own question anyway but I just wanted to make sure you understand my point of view.

No. 341322

Very sane take nona.
No thanks, I'll stick to my sexy Leon pics.

No. 341323

File: 1702320471164.png (5.48 MB, 3090x1191, 57zqwd05q0p11.png)

I think Dante just looks like this because of the 3D models looking slightly uncanny valley and because of the white hair, beard and haircut. His face model looks his age and he has brown hair and a basic short haircut. Vergil has shorter hair and no beard so that helps a lot.

No. 341324

File: 1702320527464.jpg (13.5 KB, 207x300, 1000006220.jpg)

I also think women care more about a male character's personality than men. Men can jerk off to a female character who lacks any charm and is unappealing just because she has big tits. I don't think women would be able to the equivalent. Personality allows women to appreciate the character more it's why so many women like characters like reigen, who become more attractive with the fanservice.

No. 341325

I don't care about being turned on, I care about degrading men. Just like men barely give a shit about if a ridiculous bikini armor design is actually hot or not, it's more about having control over women and humiliating them with fetish gear. Like that Project Moon scandal, the female swimsuit design Korean incels were malding over was definitely sexy and showing her curves being vacuumed to her body being a scuba suit and all but because it wasn't thong bikini barely covering her nipples and labia they got mad and started a war against feminism.

No. 341326

SLIGHTLY uncanny?

No. 341327

File: 1702320665837.png (629.31 KB, 1140x1000, 114131230_p0.png)

Lyney from genshin impact is just ugly as fuck in general and no one cares about him, not sure if he has a husbandofag who keeps dragging him into these debates who's still seething over her fave getting called a trap faggot or what. He isn't even popular among the shota looking male genshin characters with women, in fact his irrelevant little brother who actually has a cute design is more popular with both sexes. Korean incels hating him doesn't mean women like or need to like him, building your tastes around pissing off the moids who you think live in your webcam is what's really retarded.

No. 341328

Some of the characters look better or worse than others, I don't have any issues with Nico or Lady but Dante's white hair and beard clash with how young his facial features look, Vergil looks good or really weird depending on the angles, Trish is ugly but her face model looks pretty and exactly like her so there's no reason for me to find Trish ugly, etc. It's hard to explain.

No. 341331

why do you need to be reactionary to male tastes? woman should like what they like that's it
it's just the first contreversy I could think of nona it aint that deep, woman can like him or not like him the fact remains that korean incels got angry because he was marketed towords woman

No. 341332

No one cares about your shit taste retard. He's the perfect example of moids seething at a character designed specifically for women without trying to be neutered down to make him for palatable for straight moids. They could have easily removed his garter belts, gave him knee-length shorts and made him a bland magician but they didn't and moids fucking hated that. Meanwhile I have to look at nashitda's filthy feet and thighs daily yet no one bats an eyelash

No. 341333

Literal retard. The multiple anons image dumping lyney says otherwise

No. 341334

Why do you assume it's "reactionary"? Some women actually like coombrained male designs and want more of them instead of the "suit and watch" stuff we're peddled to as a true equivalent of a girl wearing a bunny outfit. Funny how it's only reactionary when it's against straight male tastes but not when you hate scantily clad slutty male designs because "it's for gay moids".

Based. I like both Lyney and Freminet but anons who have a hate boner for Lyney and call him a trap adjacent weird me the fuck out especially when Freminet wears a skin tight diving suit under his jacket and has the shortest pant legs in the game.

No. 341335

sometimes I wonder if a few anons just really want men to feel the same shitty way they do when they see heinous, degrading coomershit featuring women and thus encourage other women to adopt a taste they think will make men the most uncomfortable to potentially make their dreams a reality. like their actual preferences take the backseat.

No. 341337

Oh you sweet summer child

No. 341338

Personally I just like to look at hot men with nice bodies, no agenda other than the horny one.

No. 341339

Sorry, I don't see what about him screams "designed specifically for women". His design is bad and unpopular with women and the designers did go out of their way to add extra inches to his shorts and make his garters loose, things they would never have even considered doing if he was a girl. (Notoriously homophobic) moids seething about him because that's their idea of a character women like doesn't mean anything.

No. 341340

>Why do you assume it's "reactionary"?
why? maybe because you literally said that >>341325 first sentence
>I don't care about being turned on
you contradicted yourslef you tard

No. 341342

kek her mask slipped. so it is about being contrarian to irl moids. sad!

No. 341346

Liking things genuinely without "feeling horny" over it and enjoying moids seething over it aren't mutually exclusive, retard. Scrotes will coom to anything, nothing is safe from them so if I truly wanted to like something that men hate I would be fresh out of options. And again, why is it reactionary only when you like something straight moids hate but not when you dislike something because gay moids like it?

No. 341347

Yeah i don't deny that his face model does not actually look THAT old or mean that it's ugly, it's just that other features make him look more like an old hobo and i've been seeing him that way since his DMC4 design, while Vergil and Trish looked pretty much the same.
I don't want them to keep the same looks of the characters even if they're supposed to be older, but the first time i saw DMC4 Dante i was kinda shocked, it's his style, but still.

What's the deal with anons calling each others retards over discussing male appeal in media kek, chill out.,,

No. 341348

it's reactionary bc you do it to spite them not because you actully like (as you admit to not being turned on by it), do I need to explain it to you like you're a toddler or what.
>if I truly wanted to like something that men hate I would be fresh out of options
now let me ask you this - why do you care about what they think? enjoy what you enjoy and don't ruin it for other woman because you want to "get back at moids".

No. 341349

nta but bara is grotesque, gay men liking/making it has nothing to do with why so many of us hate it. I mean in a way it does, but it's a matter of disliking how males regardless of sexual orientation like to depict their horniness in a sweaty, smelly, hypersexual, exaggerated way like an ape would.

No. 341352

File: 1702323267113.jpg (321.03 KB, 1280x1869, 01_120.jpg)

They already hobo'd him in DMC4, I know they had to change him in 4 because of Nero but couldn't they just gave him a stubble bear and keep the bishounen look?

No. 341360

Why the hell does the only agenda to enjoy something genuinely be "to be turned on by it"? Actual moidbrained thinking.

>enjoy what you enjoy and don't ruin it for other woman

Practice what you preach. Let women like slutty male designs without crying about muh spiteful reactionary, why does it even bother you that much?(infighting)

No. 341363

you enjoy softcore porn that serves no purpose other than to make the viewer horny, but you aren't turned on by it… and everyone else is a moidbrained weirdo for thinking you have an ulterior motive after all the other shit you said? makes sense(infighting)

No. 341365

It's so bizzarre, i agree that they must have wanted him to look different and older than Nero, but i feel like what upsets me the most is the pants, for some reason the whole look made me think of some biker boomer that loves beer, so it makes him look more hobo looking than just older looking to me.
I can't put on my finger what it is about the DMC4 and DMC5 designs other than him being older, but it was just a downgrade to me.

No. 341373

I don't think his DMC4 design makes him look like a hobo, that's just an opinion I have for his design in DMC5. And given how he can't even pay his bills in that one it's fitting. I always thought his DMC4 design looked way too slutty even if he's fully covered. Not even subjectively hot or handsome or attractive, he just looks like a hoe.

No. 341377

Kek he's just a cheap hoe, i can see that nona

No. 341378

My hot take on sexy moid garments is that hakama >>> suit. The main reason being that I'm a weeb who loves wacky sword battles. I like suits, but it really depends on the suit as little elements can make or break it (thankfully fictional characters tend to be wackier than 3d and thus generally spared from weak aura shit) but a hakama always has a strong impression regardless of if it's a regular or a formal type. I never get enough of flashy 2d moids in hakama whether it's the joseimuke/touken danshi flavor or the muh manly sincerity flavor.

Not a DMCfag but they're the most uncanny valley looking characters I've ever seen. Lady is the only one here that isn't deeply unsettling to look at. I don't know why they didn't just update the old style a bit. It's like if you took some Final Fantasy character and swapped out his face for a random moid off the street, the clash is weird.

When I saw him and Lynette I wondered "how come they gave her plain tights instead of adding shorts with a garterbelt like Lyney's under her dress ?" then realized, it's probably because Lyney's short shorts would still be considered long for a female character nowadays. I don't understand all the debate over him. I sort of miss the golden age of gothloli edgy manga when no one would have given a shit about a design like this, not to mention they seem about the same length as Furina's.

When did scrotes become so nitpicky ? Is it specific to the Korean Genshin Impact community? Overlord was a scrote series and yet the tomboy elf girl wore full length pants. No coomer complained, they just went on with their coomer activities.

No. 341379

>Is it specific to the Korean Genshin Impact community
yes or more specificliy it's the male korean fandom in general that tends to be misogynistic and ridden with incels

No. 341386

File: 1702330702598.jpg (16.25 KB, 233x240, 4491cd0a0fca953a17f9d4d7ac60c4…)

Speaking of japanese clothes with male appeal, there's this thing that i think it's called nagatekkou that always looked so cool and attractive to me.
It's piece of armor (?) you see sometimes that covers the arms, i'm using picrel for a normal example, but i don't see it often enough.

No. 341389

File: 1702331293733.png (1.09 MB, 1887x525, 1700016358249627.png)

> i think it's called nagatekkou that always looked so cool and attractive to me.
>but i don't see it often enough.
It's a staple in the Fate franchise

No. 341390

File: 1702331384968.png (685.1 KB, 537x1460, av5h62t7qnn91.png)

I will never forget that Square Enix censored a male Final Fantasy character for being "too sexy and revealing" yet they have female characters in bikini armor like Fran. Fucking cowards. We were robbed.

No. 341395

HOLY SHIT i forgot about him!!! I swear that i wanted to play his game so much just because he looked like that but then i found out that it was some mobile game and i cried… square enix is so stupid

No. 341396

File: 1702333043675.png (165.58 KB, 362x357, 0.png)

Tell those Fate artists to work more and put them on other eastern themed games, especially ones that use realistic 3D models thank you

No. 341397

You'd think Final Fantasy of all franchises wouldn't give a shit what Western men think about the character designs look like given the huge amount of pretty guys this series has, yet it's the same company trying very hard to appeal to the same demographic that won't stop saying "the main characters in FF are gay and girly because they're not hideous beasts and they have emotions that aren't just anger!!1! JRPG sucks!!" since FF7. The same demographic that convinced Square Enix to make the main character in Nier way older and very ugly for the Western release of the game until it got a remaster. I hate male gamers.

No. 341399

File: 1702333890889.png (683.1 KB, 900x350, tumblr_inline_omrt5vumSQ1szj2j…)

Wait what? I haven't played any of the Nier games but you're saying that the guy on the left was not what they originally wanted? I've never heard of it before but i remember how weird i felt when i saw him the first time, he didn't look like a main character i would expect from them so i thought they were working with some americans or stuff like that.
Is picrel what you mean? The difference is insane.

No. 341400

That's hot
Those are only Muramasa though

No. 341401

Apparently he was so popular with the female staff that he got a redemption arc in ultimax.
He's just sort of the first example I think of when I think of 'women being into guys with suits'

No. 341403

>Is picrel what you mean? The difference is insane.
That's exactly it. The bishonen is the original character, the albino gorilla was created because of Western complaining about good looking young men in JPRGs (or even complaining about JRPGs in general if you remember that era). I boycotted the game back then just for this and I'm considering getting the remaster because it has the OG main character. I don't even want to know how the story works with Nier becoming a dad instead of a young man and protective big brother with his now love interest being like half his age and the other guy having a crush on someone who could be his dad. I don't know. I mean even as part of the audience, with the story being that people are struggling to survive during a pandemic and it's basically the end of the world I can sympathize with a young man trying to just survive with his sister, while with an ugly grown man I'm just like, idk, maybe you shouldn't have reproduced to begin with? More than a decade later and I'm still disgusted.

Square-Enix is legit retarded with the English speaking audience, now that most localizations aren't butchered anymore they still keep making English scripts for FF games barely related to the original ones (for instance Clive and Joshua are way less polite and cute, and way more sassy and sarcastic in English for no reason at all, among other things that could be spoilers), they're so out of touch that they didn't even consider localizing Bravely Default outside of Japan at all and were shocked when it sold very well in the West, etc.

No. 341404

File: 1702334865079.jpeg (250.6 KB, 1127x1500, 2546257r1603790120.jpeg)

I'm sorry what about this is tradwife exactly?

No. 341405

File: 1702334871136.png (766.87 KB, 877x785, 1700016358249628.png)

The wiki says they're Father and Son.
Square Enix cut corners and only released the game with the father in the west because they thought it was more fitting for western audience.

No. 341406

This may be one of the best figures ever created. God bless

No. 341407

kek finally someone who gets what I was talking about. Did anons think I was sexually attracted to rolex wristwatches?

If this is true and not some rewriting done after the fact then that's even worse. I have no words. Just straight up removing content and putting the same price tag on the game.

No. 341409

god I love sock garters like those so much

No. 341410

File: 1702335436542.png (362.09 KB, 884x717, 1700016358249629.png)

>Both games are based in the same world and have the same premise, only different in regards to Nier's appearance, his relationship with Yonah, and the year the game takes place.

No. 341412

So they "just" didn't let us choose what we would get? I feel personally targeted, being a female JRPG fan in the West is hell on earth because the devs actually listen to the most vocal idiots when releasing games.

No. 341414

This is all making sense to me now kek, this is why i've never wanted to play Nier when it came out, the UGLY brute man protagonist and the way that he seemed like some kind of predator hanging around softer looking female characters, i thought maybe he was just someone's father but i still felt like there was something wrong and mind you i've never even seen trailers or gameplays, and it all could be avoided if they didn't change his looks

No. 341418

File: 1702337066637.png (12.17 KB, 533x533, LOOK_AT_THAT_MASS.png)


No. 341419

More like they didn't want take a risk and in the end chose the most economical """reasonable""" choice.
I think they tried to get some of the Gamer Bro PS3 audience, because God Of War III and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 were both released one month prior, March 2010.

No. 341420

Now show me 5 video games or anime characters who wear their suits like this

No. 341430

File: 1702341171492.png (994.97 KB, 1080x1440, illust_113113718_20231211_1823…)

Why 5 when the only important one is Doppo https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/112524228

No. 341456

File: 1702343186510.jpg (65.76 KB, 850x1173, a1538a7dbb36a1f28e.jpg)

Ackchyually, thinking that liking men in suits is some tradwife stuff is incorrect, we always have to see men either overdressed like space marines or underdressed like brute barbarians and suits simply compliment them the best because they still show their body frame.
They keep them discreetly hidden between those monotone colors, dark pants and jackets that shimmer under the correct lighting, plain white button shirts that can become see-through with few raindrops, or maybe they express something about their personality by showing the colors they wear, men will never be able to understand this charm.
Suits in videogames are still stuck with bad solid physics, they don't wrinkle or delicately flutter their most loose parts after the characters move, but this is the right time to bring them back and do justice, this level of pretentious faggot detail is something only Kojima can bring if he wasn't busy making art games now.
Also i don't care if they're wearing suits because of their jobs, even better if those fancy clothes get torn while they get in trouble.
Suits lovers raise up.

No. 341460

File: 1702345339158.jpg (47.35 KB, 500x713, 3f47fa82496098e6357d027e5179d2…)

Nta but ofc that's just plain fanservice stuff, that wouldn't have the same appeal if he's someone that would just run around like that kek.

I've never played The Evil Within, but when i was younger i would see a lot of fanart of picrel (obviously done by women), i don't know what the appeal of the character is though, he looks pretty, i like suits, but he's not necessarily my type when it comes to looks.
I'd say Yakuza games have a spot for that too but i think it's very subtle and mostly about the players getting attached to the characters, but there's surely a lot of thought put into how they dress and look.

No. 341470

File: 1702347798070.png (10.59 MB, 3690x2467, sekusu.png)

nah, fuck suits they are ugly and boring as shit. Whenever i think of suits the least thing i think is ''sexy''. suits remind me of those christian gay larpers, old ugly depressed salary men, and the donut steel avatars of every single skeptic youtuber dunking on le feminazis in the early 10s. Cringe outfit for cringe moids. nah, give me sexo outfits, male bikini armour if you will. Men are already prudes that refuse to show an inch of ankle, why the fuck would i want my vidya moids to also be boring prudes? i want them to be hot and sexy and show pecs and arms and midriff, none of that gay burka for men(suits).(derailing and infighting)

No. 341472

thats the most unsexy thing i have ever seen, that moid literally has an scrawny troon body type ew. why do the anons that claim ''women like x and only x!!'' always have the shittiest of tastes

No. 341473

File: 1702348783663.jpeg (293.25 KB, 720x1176, 2175781.jpeg)

I like them both kek, FFXIV has some nice examples of that when they actually change those clothes for male models (like bottom right picture >>341470) but i haven't touched it in years.

I've always liked Ozymandias design, i know fate tries to be coomery in general but Ozy is one of the few ones i like, maybe i'm just biased because he looks more natural, but i also really like the pants, it's just a bit sad that most of male characters with revealing clothes come from 2d media.

No. 341474

I don't want to come to defend anyone but that anon didn't say that ''women like x and only x!!'' though, also i don't know the character but i think he has some kind of neet personality so probably making him look a bit uneasy and not like a greek god is part of the appeal for the ones that like him, what do you like?

No. 341475

some of that art is so ugly borderline bara

No. 341476

men without troon bodies, for once lol

No. 341477

File: 1702349367658.jpg (99.07 KB, 600x841, d762b7839c024cab4b5dbcdfaa121f…)

I didn't say that. Maybe degredation-chan will get his appeal, every image I see of Doppo crying or pissing himself or covered in semen or trying to make his terrible out of shape body look sexy adds another happy year to my lifespan.

No. 341478

The artist of the ones with the hot pink background is female and i like them too kekkk (i'm unable to like Ghost because he's british though)
I've seen men drawn with the pornrot troon bodies and the gendie troon bodies and none here recently came close to that btw, maybe just one here >>341470 but anon was mostly talking about clothing and you can clearly see that she likes masculine men.

No. 341479

look at the clothes, not the art. I understand some women prefeer the personality over the visuals, but idk i find suits super boring and it doesnt help they are always on boring characters too. I want a slutty himbo for once.

No. 341482

I mean yeah, I agree, men in tastefully sluty clothes can be hot. I just don't understand why you needed to be aggressive about suits lol both are attractive.

No. 341484

Same, they're max sex.
The Kurose and Shirotani figures are wearing suits though? They're just open suits with bunny ears.
Most of this art is too bara anyway, only the china dress outfits look good.

No. 341485


No. 341487

nah suits are terrible

No. 341488

again, its about the outfits, not the art. Suits are boring because they dont show the skin, you can make them attractive by slutifying them, but you guys are posting generic guys in burka suits that arent really attractive unless you are attached to the character personality.

No. 341489

shut up already. not everyone has the same taste as you, get over it.

No. 341490

I'm the anon who rambled about suits and Kojima being a faggot and i just want to say that the world def needs more sluts for the slut lovers and they have harder times, as i said i like both looks, i just wanted to say that liking suits is not supposed to be tradwife because it made me very angy!!11!, call them ugly or boring, i'm fine with that.
In general i don't see why some have to be upset about what nonas find attractive kek, we barely get even cute faces in videogames sometimes, no one is oppressing others with their preference..

Don't make me go back to my folder of nameless and faceless illustrations of 2d guys in suits…

No. 341491

File: 1702351660080.jpeg (823.53 KB, 1563x2036, ab92fcae871a491e09d65d10228ad8…)

>Suits are boring because they dont show the skin
What does skin have to do with anything? There's a reason why pure naked figures look way more strange than ones with some clothes on. Also you're ignoring the most powerful group of outfits, maid outfits which usually cover most of the body (same with butler outfits, which are also suits).

No. 341492

File: 1702351759121.jpg (449.3 KB, 1870x1713, shinji-mousepad.jpg)

kawoshin mentioned..

No. 341494

NTA but think of it this way, we always get to see men dressed, sometimes it happens that they wear cool stuff we like, sometimes they're just too generic, and wanting more men with slutty outfits is completely fine when we barely have any characters that come to our mind when we think about that concept, unless it's some shirtless dude which is not even slutty most of the times.
Now imagine preferring that but being forced to just get used to fully clothed men because moids don't want to play with a male character that shows his bare back because they think they would turn gay, it's really unfair.


No. 341495

>claims suits are the hottest things a man can wear and claim women prefeer it over sexier clothes
>someone disagrees
>umm ackshually shut upp already
dont speak for all women then. You dont like men in suits because suits are hot, you like what the suit entails(rich, classy men, or otherwise shady pathetic 30yo+ male hag). Suits in itself arent attractive, it's the character tropes they are attached to.

No. 341496

This is the most amazing convo we've had on lolcow in a while, thanks nonas

No. 341497

I'd say the charm of suits is the process of taking a body hugging outfit off/putting it on, since suits are layered. A lot of other outfits don't have that sort of vibe.

No. 341498

>"dont speak for all women then"
>spends rest of post speaking for all women and projecting
2nded stfu

No. 341499

Anon… i'm not speaking for all women either kek, i've never done this but my replies so far after the Nier topic have been >>341456, >>341460, >>341473, >>341474, >>341478, >>341490 and >>341494 i think that's all

>You dont like men in suits because suits are hot, you like what the suit entails

Nah, personally i really love clothes, that's why i'm fine even with faceless guys in any situation, also unrelated but i hate old men
I just never said that my preference is everyone's preference so i don't get why you seem so upset.

No. 341500

Most of these are fugly trashy. I can tell you spent a lot of time on Tumblr at some point in your life.

No. 341501

File: 1702352951020.gif (624.68 KB, 320x240, bed slappa.gif)

suits just arent hot, sorry. Its fine you like them but they are overrated and evrytime i see a guy in a suit i think of him. They are just too cringe for me, they are on the same level as fedoras in dorkiness.

No. 341502

Of course suits don't look good on beanpoles since they have no shape. Suits look best when they accentuate the shape of a man who's actually got a hot bod

No. 341503

no1curr what you find hot. just stop trying to project your personal autism onto all of us.

No. 341504

Fuck anon don't reply to me with literally the most repelling gif i've ever seen, i love suits but i'm not that strong + that's a real moid and a jumpscare…

What's the point of trying to sound toxic tho, i'm not trying to make you love suits kek, you could add to the convo and share what you like instead but i guess you don't care.

No. 341505

samefag actually i'm not sure if you're the one that sounds upset sorry if you aren't but i will not forgive you for that gif, i'm crying right now

No. 341506

File: 1702353963949.png (492.71 KB, 1600x2244, 103557441_p16.png)

plugsuits are pretty slutty honestly.

No. 341507

No. 341508

File: 1702354404456.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1593, IMG_1382.jpeg)

unrelated, but damn I have forgotten about ozzy, he was such a good husbando back when I was into fate still. Maybe I regret selling my fgo account a little bit.

No. 341510

File: 1702354898968.jpg (136.33 KB, 990x582, q4j8r3ijk3x81.jpg)

No. 341511

File: 1702355526837.png (588.14 KB, 1010x546, rqhyj5mh21x81.png)

I will never forgive game devs for nerfing men who have cake. Let hot men have asses!

No. 341512

File: 1702356348584.gif (684.81 KB, 254x174, 5-6f5924d048.gif)

Last time i saw a crumb of cake was on him, i'm starving

No. 341517

Moids get pissy at male characters having any amount of sex appeal or just some skin showing. They recently threw a fit about Felix from DBD showing some abs in a cropped shirt. It’s fucking hilarious considering the female characters have outfits with bikinis and short shorts and it’s a common meme that players will choose female characters with the biggest butts just to look at them in the game but a guy having a crop top was “out of character”. It’s so hypocritical and sick how women are so normalized to be sex objects but one peep being uncomfortable with men’s designs and it gets changed more often than not.

No. 341518

Mind you, all of this because I quoted a female artists known for drawing fanservice of that one guy over and over again and no anon even understood what that even meant. The reading comprehension here is abmyssal.

No. 341520

File: 1702363866767.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1306, 3g1vptvasaw.png)

whatever makes nonas talk about fictional men i guess

No. 341531

Me neither. Look at we could have had! They are always more scared of male gamers thinking it's gay than appealing to women. Fuckers.

No. 341533

File: 1702371288671.png (1.16 MB, 1353x1400, pic_chr_in_muramasa.png)

Touken ranbu's Muramasa is peak strong and sexy at least to me, he is my dear husbando
>burka suits

No. 341535

File: 1702372167225.png (283.57 KB, 1039x1546, Sephiroth.png)

That reminds me… we all know that he's popular but do you think Sephiroth looks slutty? He technically has some points for it, i don't see him that way but if he didn't come from a Final Fantasy game i would absolutely find him slutty looking

No. 341536

He has zero slut energy though. Showing some chest isn't enough.

No. 341537

You'd be right nonna. In their crusade against men, anons put them on pedestals. Why must your taste in fictional characters be dictated by random men's discomfort?? This is why I decided to stop caring when anons here shit on my taste. You have to like barely legal shotas to get approval here because it makes coomers uncomfortable. You want to be free from men's control? Stop thinking about how they would feel every second of your life then.

No. 341538

File: 1702372953056.jpg (17.94 KB, 500x500, 7uq91q7qdl461.jpg)

Some more chest

No. 341539

File: 1702373823536.jpg (21.26 KB, 220x610, FHyH70vXoAIiKi3.jpg)

super ultra mega based
I feel so confused, shirtless is definetly slutty and it accentuates the leather pants and thigh boots that are super slutty but when you think about it, why does he normally walk around with just his pecs exposed and covered by two leather straps?

This also reminds me when i saw lots of thirsty fanart of coatless Vergil, he's literally just showing his arms but i guess that it's appealing because you see what's under his weeb burqa, nothing slutty about that

No. 341540

I mean it's also about the attitude. Sephiroth is a very cold character. But many people find him attractive so obviously the design worked.

No. 341546

File: 1702378050338.png (177.96 KB, 512x448, 26f8c986000db4558b0d055e2f0323…)

That video game did so much right.

No. 341548

I'm going to use this common phrase from the 2000s "sexy but not slutty". I think slut territory is reached when you start having a bit of a hard time taking the character seriously and his design is nowhere near ridiculous enough to divert from his coldness imo. But also it was kind of the norm for male characters to wear edgy hoe outfits back when I was a baby weaboo so I may just be used to it

Sleeveless high neck tops are just hot, it's the timeless classic for fangirls (and it doesn't bother scrotes the way crop tops do, so you can shove them in just about any type of game). The currently popular version that looks a bit more like a halterneck does look slutty though.

It's really useless to design characters just to humiliate men. I don't design characters for games (just have a webcomic project) but what matters to me is creating characters who are hot, cool and based and have a soul and the visual design must represent that. Because it's this sense of "visual honesty" that makes a character attractive to me (male or female). Men will still seethe over muh unrealistic standards anyway, they've always been trying to condition us into liking their pathetic soggy bread self inserts. A lot of them hate seeing high quality men, who have their own ambitions and values and display strong visual symbols for who they are, more than anything because they're stuck up weak bitches with no personality and no drip.

My problem is whenever I create a moid character I think "wait a minute we don't have women like that. That would be cool" and now almost all my characters are women with like 2 or 3 guys in the middle, kek.

No. 341549

The sluttiest thing about him is that despite acting like he's some sort of superhuman being who's only obsessed with power, strength and his own ambition he somehow managed to be a teenage father. Like between acting like an edgy PTSD ridden demon lord and his actions in DMC this autist somehow decided to get a gf and not use condoms before leaving. Capcom didn't think this through obviously.

No. 341553

The nonslutty looking twin being the actual slut is pretty funny.

No. 341559

there was 1(one) anon who said that, the rest just want men who show skin anon

No. 341577

Imagine using ugly ass Adachi to make your point about suits… some of you shouldn't even be posting on this topic

No. 341587

I think if you're a zoomer (not you specifically but in general) and never experienced Death note at its peak of popularity you can't get why Adachi is so appealing. It's been a long time but he's just Matsuda if he were the culprit, and now it's not a plot twist anymore. This also applies to P5 and Akechi and Joker. The writers really like Death Note and I hope they'll move on from it for P6. Him looking like an average young, tired Japanese salaryman is also part of the appeal.

No. 341588

That's a lot of cope for your bad taste

No. 341589

this is why suits arent attractive, like you said you arent attractive to suits, but the personality tropes. Adachi is ugly as fuck and only nimu tier NLOGs like him.

No. 341593

Nta but you're just being blind, i've never played Persona yet i've seen him a lot because of what she has been mentioning, it reminds me of that Reigen guy but that's in anime
This guy and Reigen and that other neet that nona mentioned would have much less fans if they wore something more casual or slutty as their default costume and i know that for sure, you're just not getting it and that's why you don't like suits, which is fine.

No. 341595

I'm not the one who posted Adachi. I just remembered this because of how people saw him when p4 got released and his reputation now.

No. 341598

Literally who? You mean nemu who would absolutely be more into your retarded tumblr "slut" outfits than a hot guy in a suit? You're fighting tooth and nail over other women not liking the same thing as you, you don't get to call anyone else an nlog.

No. 341604

File: 1702399802642.jpg (24.32 KB, 480x272, crisis-core-final-fantasy-vii-…)

I think he looked very slutty in Crisis Core. He's not my type, but I was a horny teenager. You could kind of almost see his nipples in that game and I was constantly trying to oogle them any time he was around. I think the absolute territory situation with his nips made him more alluring.

No. 341606

Holy fuck, they are still going on about suits in here, kek.

No. 341611

NTA but I don’t really get this argument. I think clothes in general are inextricably associated with identity, or personality trope if you will, so it’s fine to find suits attractive both aesthetically speaking, or for the trope they represent. In the case of Adachi he has that over worked salaryman vibe like other anon pointed out, as well as aspiring authority figure which I think a lot of fujos went wild over. I’m a suit lover myself. Adachi probably isn’t the best example like you said, but I think for people who liked his character the suit was part of the appeal.

No. 341615

they wouldnt be popular in slutty outfits because they are ugly characters anon, women like them because of their personalities not because of their look. Link has 0 personality yet looks amazing in both his elf uniform thingie and slut outfit because he's hot.

No. 341616

idc if you like suits just dont pretend all women like it and then give terrible examples of ugly saul goodman tier characters to back up your argument
i think for an outfit to be truly attractive it has to look good on all character tropes. For example, bikinis look good on all female characters regardless of personality, meanwhile suits only are attractive on characters that fit the personality of a suit wearer. Link in a suit would look retarded.

No. 341618

No. 341620

you definetly do considering you keep responding.

No. 341622

meh I’m only attracted to men so I don’t hold any strong opinions on bikinis, but I sincerely think a nice, tailored suit compliments any guy. I don’t think Link in a suit would look retarded necessarily. We’re probably not going to agree on this which is fine, I think I get where you’re coming from. I think there are pieces of clothing that look universally attractive on the male physique, but other women might feel different.

No. 341625

whoever bumped this shit thread again in the first place will pay

>it was a genshintard posting some random scrotetuber they hatewatch

very cool

No. 341626

You're onto something anon, he was definitely slutty in Crisis Core. He had those long lashes too…

No. 341639

File: 1702409031716.jpg (118.06 KB, 901x1666, Fs_mUEZaAAA-HWV.jpg)

no need to thank me anon

No. 341641

thank you for the food nonaaaaa!!

No. 341643

more pls

No. 341645

File: 1702409928731.jpg (776.28 KB, 1383x1434, 86883439_p0.jpg)

No. 341661

>anything that isn't a roided out pig is a woman to me

No. 341667

File: 1702417045021.jpeg (87.47 KB, 416x859, IMG_5538.jpeg)

Matsuda is the only good husbando in DN, so it tracks
Adachi is for homo accomplice times with Yu though.

No. 341674

>Capcom didn't think this through obviously
"Vergil fucked" is just an excuse to why Nero exists. But aren't Itsuno and game writer the ones decided that?

No. 341678

>this autist somehow decided to get a gf
The fact he was surprised to know he has a son implies he left the woman he bonked very early before she show signs of being pregnant, so maybe not girlfriend. It's uh… how the fuck dmc fags make this idea copeable for them?

No. 341684

File: 1702420003253.png (1.58 MB, 1200x1200, trapfemboyvrigins_and_chadbish…)

They're not even traps or femboys which are literally drawn girls being called boys. Please don't call bishies or twink-looking men "women".

No. 341685

File: 1702420025222.jpg (Spoiler Image,933.88 KB, 1364x2048, EtI6cRXU4AIugU0.jpg)

Spoiler for 3dpd. Suits makes the mail waist and ass look positively slutty. I think that's the allure of any nice piece of male garment, they emphasize the attractive parts of moid physique (provocatively tiny waist, nice pair of shoulders, i.e. inverted triangle shape)

No. 341687

File: 1702420214017.jpg (68.72 KB, 1024x576, EDI23YzUUAIolLK.jpg)

Does anyone else struggle with being in a video game fandom that's dominated by men? Either that or I feel like I've gotten into fandoms too late for there to be a withstanding female audience. I'm not upset with the community, but more so the lack of a fanbase to talk about characters and lore with. The only current female fans are from the east and I'm a burger. also I can only enjoy male characters who are coincidentally hot and not designed with the conscious decision of wanting to make a "guy that is hot"
I'm glad there are more matsuda enjoyers out there, he is so cute

No. 341689

they don't it's established lore that Virgil left the city before the woman knew she was pregnant.
sage because off topic

No. 341690

I just laugh every time I think about Vergil having sex with a woman

No. 341698

He probably nutted and then got ashamed of himself lmaooo

No. 341699

File: 1702422694747.jpg (58.59 KB, 1024x780, 1e4ccf278dccce4695fc8e9190cf69…)

>Absolute territory
Absolutely true
Stop being silly, you sound like those moids who get scared of guys who don't have a flat ass, take that meme to actual femboys
I get you nona but i don't really interact with any fandoms at all, i just enjoy the games by myself
Hide the thread then, i'm interested in how other anons see male characters and we should get more sexist so we get appealing clothes and characters

Too many things to reply to now but i will keep everything in mind, thank you for your contribution, may the future grant us nice burqa suits and creative sluts that women can appreciate

No. 341700

I believe the rumors that it was something miraculous like making some random woman pregnant just by his fighting moans because that's more realistic than him sleeping with someone

No. 341702

It's all about the fit nona, of course fit clothes are gonna look better than a 100 dollar suit. Suits are supreme.

No. 341703

They look good when properly tailored on a man with a fit body (esp. with a nice waist and ass). Do you think we're talking about random office workers in slob suits when we say they're sexy?

No. 341707

That's because men in video games are unfairly robbed of their assets so the male player base doesn't feel threatened

No. 341709

Holy shit not everyone you reply to is adachi anon. Take your meds already

No. 341711

File: 1702424649278.png (Spoiler Image,930.81 KB, 1487x1956, 106488047_p2.png)

>they're still replying to the suit hating twitterfag(spoiler this shit)

No. 341716

Whoa I wasn't expecting to see a pic of my husbando pissing himself.

No. 341718

Popular opinion: slut outfits are a sometimes thing, overall I don't care to see excessive skin. Male characters with tacky slut outfits seldom get popular with women, fujo, yume, both, neither, whatever, and it isn't because they're less common. It's a fact that they appeal to women less than suits, uniforms, or normal clothes generally speaking, they're less common because there's less demand for them. Niche personal tastes don't matter. You would virtually never see women lamenting the lack of them if there wasn't such an abundance of skimpy female characters, its a direct response to that most of the time. And we're back to women putting the feelings of irl men at the center of their tastes.

No. 341722

File: 1702426393929.png (Spoiler Image,529.66 KB, 1499x1795, 106488047_p4.png)

I might spam him in the fujo thread again later(spoiler shit like this)

No. 341724

>suits dont look like that irl its literally just female yoga pants
that is the worst comparison for your point yoga pants are skin tight and accentuate the figure
based take nona

No. 341725

Don't get banned kek, eagerly awaiting more

No. 341726

can't you spoiler this shit

No. 341730

Most slutty outfits for male characters are poorly designed and unflattering imo. If they fit well and fit the character's personality they can work, but I can't really think of any examples that aren't mods/fan-created. I would love to see more scantily-clad men. I guess to be fair the slutty skimpy outfits that are standard for female characters are also ugly and fit poorly, kek

No. 341731

>m-muh leon mods and sims say otherwise!
Cope. It isn't about moids, you refuse to accept that you have fringe taste because you want everything to pander to you. The normal opinion is that the amount of slutty male outfits is alright as is and in a perfect world slutty female outfits would be equally as uncommon.

No. 341733

> and in a perfect world slutty female outfits would be equally as uncommon.
NTA but it's not a perfect world we live in.

No. 341734

Agree with you there. I couldn't see myself ever getting really invested in a guy who looks like a porny sex object most of the time, even if his actual personality is my type. I'm perfectly fine with leaving that stuff to fan content, it's more fun to whore them out independently.

No. 341735

I like both suits and silly slutty outfits.
I think they both have their own place and that it has nothing to do with whatever the fuck men like.

No. 341736

beacuse you insult and throw fits over other woman having diffrent tastes (the majority)

No. 341737

I know this is stupid to say this in the thread that's literally dedicated to talking about sexism in games but I hate how every discussion like this men are always brought up. Someone always has to bring up a "but men do x and y!" as if I care about what any moid thinks

No. 341738

So? That doesn't mean we have to "get even" with men or anything. If that aesthetic is not what most women want then that's that.

No. 341739

>the majority
according to who? i said i dont care if you like suits, but you keep claiming suits are the ultimate male outfits and that women cannot like slutty outfits. There is more fanart depicting high school boys in high school outfits than males in suits yet you dont see people claim women only like men in high school outfits.

No. 341743

File: 1702432685313.jpg (56.49 KB, 501x745, 1129996885ea70a420a5bb241ea3bd…)

I wish there were more games with men in suits who piss themselves and then get raped(derailing and infighting)

No. 341744

make it yourself, just like women have to make slutty leon mods since shitty companies refuse to give us fanservice

No. 341746

I'm ESL I didn't know how to word the fact that he pumped and dumped some random girl in fewer words. Or maybe Capcom will come up with some bs about how he really liked her after all

No. 341747

File: 1702434782943.png (5.16 MB, 1492x2026, 92230822_p15.png)

Based companies, the mods look like shit

No. 341751

File: 1702435585854.jpg (4.93 KB, 236x236, 5d4b911160bd5f8b4b9ed5c7e7bf49…)

Nta but that's just your preference and good on them for putting effort into something they want to see, bring your husbando to a toilet room and chill oki, being rude is not making anyone lean into your views anons, both suitfags and slutfags

No. 341758

>the best suitfags can offer is adachi(pedophile) and a skinnyfat guy pissing himself
speak for itself, they have terminal shit taste

No. 341763

File: 1702436997515.jpg (8.97 KB, 236x236, 5d4b911160bd5f8b4b9eb911160bd5…)

I like them both and anyone who says that women prefer x or that the other option is just shit is silly, stop fighting over other anons not having your same taste and both suitfags and slutfags don't have more than 3 not brute looking videogame characters to name anyway because moids are scared of male buttcheeks and clean faces for now
Come back when more games will care about appealing female fans(avatarfagging)

No. 341764

they are the only ones claiming women must only like suits. I dont care if women like suits, i find them horrendous but women are know for having shit taste considering that pedo adachi is sadly popular amongst women. I just dont wanna be lumped in with those tasteless bitches.

No. 341769

I need more pics of Doppo pissing himself

No. 341775

The "man fucked a woman, made her pregnant then fucked off" thing is so moidy. There's many ideas dumbass(es) at Capcom could've chosen to make sense of Nero's existence, and yet they chose the worst option because moid gotta be moid ig

No. 341789

nta but I've always figured they went for an extremely rugged/worn down look for father Nier, to show in particular how the post-apocalyptic world has fucked him up. Outside of one retarded scene where Kaine (bro Nier's love interest) still kisses him because they were too lazy to change the cutscene he's at least not a creep because he's single-mindedly devoted on taking care of his daughter. But maybe that's copium from me kek, I always wanted bro Nier but wound up liking the protective father dynamic we got in the west until the remake.

No. 341793

Yo, I like slut fits but you're losing me with that last bit.

No. 341794

File: 1702452791327.jpg (314.31 KB, 500x1500, 1517dd39ffedd4b1d5706f42bd7ac7…)

The two sides of suit men
>Kills people
>Pisses pants

No. 341808

I like both suits and slutty outfits. Most of this argument comes from the lack of female pandering characters anyway. Moids get games with at least one variety of pandering female character, we have to cope with one or two decent guys at best. So we need to hope these guys fit into our tastes, which obviously won't fit into every woman's taste. Just look at moids rioting when the female characters don't look like sexy bimbos, they are so used to be being pandered to that they get personally offended if the woman has a waist larger than her head.

No. 341817

Vergil's criminal record is also very moid like tbh.

No. 341839

To stay on topic. When FF16 was released some game journalists were saying things about how the female characters were badly written and just there for the guys and I thought it was yet another hyperbole by Western journalists who hate anything not America, especially after they said that the game would have a hardcore gay sex scene between Dion and Terence (it's just a cutesy kiss in one scene). Turns out they were right. Jill is just there, she exists to be the mandatory love interest and the last FF I played were 10 and 10-2 so it was very jarring. Benedikta is pretty cool but dies too early. Annabella is a great antagonist imo but she does too many things off-screen and there's no boss fight against her or anything I expected her to lose her shit and secretly have her own powers and maybe secretly want to be the phoenix herself since anyone in her family can be one as long as nobody else already is the phoenix and alive at the same time. She could have attacked Clive and Joshua but she just kills herself. That was disappointing.

No. 341890

File: 1702487543445.png (1.77 MB, 2998x1521, tf.png)

Ugh yes anon, once you're aware of it it's impossible not to notice it everywhere and it's so fucking annoying. Female characters just have to be physically appealing in some way. Even when people try to make more original designs they're rarely as fun and original as the male characters get to be. No one bats an eye when we get fugly male characters, no one has a problem relating to them and finding them interesting, but we get one unattractive female character like recently in TLOU, Horizon, Fable, and suddenly it's "but muh escape from reality" and "damned feminists making women ugly". The concept art in picrel for Team Fortress female characters is great, they're cool and fun, they have varied ages, body shapes, faces, and the artist didn't try to make them attractive at every cost. Some of them are still feminine without necessarily behing attractive. They have a lot of personality, they look fun and make me eager to play as them and see them interact with other characters, that's good design

No. 342105

where's that meme that says "the hottest/sluttiest thing a guy could wear" and there's 3 different outfits

No. 342290

File: 1702585079678.jpg (105.24 KB, 1080x1080, 1698602896626.jpg)

I got you nona.

No. 342509

File: 1702661865247.png (1.21 MB, 1573x1024, image (2).png)

This reminds me of this game I currently play where they released a new character who is in her late 40s-early 50s and looks like the left, and then in the very next patch they release a man in his early-mid 40s who is on the right kek. Fucking blatant. I don't even think there's anything wrong with the man on the right, he looks dapper as hell, but its the straight up misogyny in your face while everyone chooses to pretend it doesn't exist. If you point out the difference between male and female characters you're "reading into it too much".

No. 342515

They'd probably look the same age if the guy didn't have that mustache. But yeah, the woman doesn't look 50 at all. What's the point of making her older if she just looks like a 20-year-old?

There's plenty of ways to design a woman who is 50 but still sexy, but I guess this designer lacks the creativity to draw women as anything but teenagers.

No. 342517

I will never ever forget this travesty. How dare women have anything to look at. His original outfit was hot. Butt hurt ugly ass moids can stay mad.

No. 342518

I had issues with the localization of FF16, because there was so much cursing, like for no reason. In the middle of a cut scene, one boss will just randomly yell "fuck!!" or "Shit!" and it took me out. I hate how the west thinks this is a normal way of speaking. It felt so out of place.

No. 342521

>that peak of upper thigh
chefs kiss

No. 342522

I personally enjoyed both Benedikta and Anabella as characters, but you're right about Jill. She was literally just there. Clive's drive in that game was Joshua. Why did Jill even exist? just to host Shiva? That stupid scene on the beach was utterly pointless to me .

No. 342664

I wouldn't have minded that scene on the beach if Jill were important but she's just the mandatory love interest. Imagine the scene in the lake with Tidus and Yuna if Yuna were a literal who as opposed to being as important as Tidus? It would be just as stupid and boring. I wonder if the devs really wanted Joshua to die as a kid and never, ever come back because he's the actual heroine in that game.

No. 342665

Kek. I honestly imagine Joshua is the real heroine too. He was the entire reason behind Clive's drive. Making Jill was a cope to make moids seethe less. Aside from Mid, Joshua's ninja servant, and Anabella, they could have made the game full of pretty boys and Ikemen for ladies' gaze.

No. 342681

File: 1702720367564.png (1018.2 KB, 2544x744, jo34bs5ajkk61.png)

Westaboo game devs who really want to lick western boots are a cancer destroying JRPGs. I'm seething like nothing else at the current state of Guilty Gear, every single male character is a roided out space marine when they started out as bishounens, Testament was actually trooned out into a slutty goth gf from his androgynous male form, Bedman was replaced with a girl, all the female characters look like drag queens and Bridget is now a tranny. Like holy shit, they really went out of their way to make sure no homophobic prissy gamerbro gets left behind.

No. 342687

What's funny is that western fans were still calling him a skinny twink even though he's literally jacked in the new version and more muscular than the average male. Their standards are hairy bara beasts and nothing else

No. 342689

Anime older female characters are always either sexed up big tiddies thots with a sultry gaze to show how mature they are or lolibabas (god i hate that term)

No. 342742

That gradual decline holy fuck. Bring back 90s bishounen

No. 342770

the anatomy looks so wonky in strive. his hands, shoulders, and shoes are way too big and his head is a bit small.

No. 342771

samefag to add I just noticed his neck is also really long too kek it looks weird.

No. 343009

Tbf I think his shoulders mainly look like that cause of the coat. Unless I'm a retard and you're talking about his actual shoulers ingame.

No. 343015

I can't stop thinking about this concept art. Like THIS is the calibre of female character design that we could be getting, designs that focus on personality and storytelling at the expense of the male gaze. And a man made these so it is possible for them to set aside the coom for at least 5 minutes! But they are weak, disgusting creatures ruled by arousal, so they rarely ever do, and as a result we get the worst character designs ever. Vapid sameface neotenous sex dolls where the main differences are theme colour and breast size. Dear God I have got to learn to draw so I can be the change I want to see.

No. 343016

Companies want coomer designs even when the artists themselves don't because they sell better sadly

No. 343021

I'm still so fucking upset about Testament. I remember the day where they revealed him left me extremely bummed and sour lmao.

No. 343024

File: 1702836894925.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1440x2160, 1702745256244.jpeg)

Troonifying Testament was an unforgivable crime.
I demand that the videogame industry release a new game franchise with a hot goth guy MC to compensate.

No. 343037

This guy looks too faggy, and I usually like goth skinny men

No. 343038

File: 1702839459877.png (62.95 KB, 300x280, Image623 (1).png)

How about this?

No. 343039

>anon doesn't like faggy men
>you post a yaoi guy

No. 343040

Anon pls

No. 343042

You just inspired me to make a video game. Don't know what it's going to be about but I do know it's going to have a hot skinny goth guy as MC.

No. 343045

File: 1702841257247.png (20.2 KB, 275x218, nonnymybeloved.png)

Fuck yeah nona!

No. 343062

File: 1702844843100.png (11.9 KB, 900x1000, gibe_heart.png)

No. 343067

Every now and then I remember this video where like 99% of the examples they brought up were just obvious jokes as opposed to genuine sexualization of the character.

No. 343071

> The trope occurs when men or men’s bodies are employed as rewards for player actions, a pattern which frames male bodies and sexuality as collectible or consumable and positions men as status symbols designed to validate the femininity of presumed female players. We then discuss how this trope both reflects and reinforces the pervasive, socially constructed mentality of feminist entitlement that operates in the background of our culture.
If only!

No. 343078

File: 1702848417816.png (403.38 KB, 1099x486, inb4 fat poster replies to me …)

What do you mean women aren't sexually attracted to this?

No. 343085

I can't even believe videos like this exist. When has mainstream feminism ever demanded men as a reward? The thing that men have done to women for thousands of years?

No. 343088

This makes no sense, as opposed to women who are considered prizes after men do something. Peach in the Mario game, Zelda, Ghouls and ghosts, etc

No. 343091

Who is that? For science

No. 343093

No idea, it's from the vid.

No. 343115

What the fuck? The female character looks like she would be 25-30 in anime standards.

No. 343155

Most of these are done for comedic effect. Every single game that features a guy in a speedo also sexualizes women. I can't think of a single game that features naked men and no sexualized women.

No. 343186

Well, there’s BL/otome VNs but that’s only if you consider VNs to be games (which a lot of people don’t) and I think the South Park games maybe because of the yaoi collectables in the second one? Granted it’s also meant as kind of a silly joke there and It’s been a while since I played them though.
Literally only other one I could sort of think of is mobile rhythm games.

No. 343213

Unironically, Death Stranding. Naked Norman Reedus is pretty sexualized in that game, while the female characters didn't feel sexualized to me at all, despite being obviously Kojima's waifu material. Nothing like a Quiet situation here.

No. 343225

Yeah the sexualization of Normal Reedus, but not so much the female characters was refreshing. Even Fragile's backstory was more sad than anything

No. 343317

File: 1702932974472.jpg (1013.08 KB, 1795x1751, FKXz2h5XEAEa0rK.jpg)

Yeah, I remember the Testament-nona who was, rightfully, crushed by that whole deal. I've hated all GG merch pretty much being Bridget merch, skipping newer DLC characters. It's interesting how that plotline around Bridget's brother disappearing got sidelined by needing to pander to troons.
We're not even allowed to have pretty guys in a niche anime fighting game anymore.
Happy Chaos seems like some offering to female players, as if we can ignore the rest of the cast being mutilated.

No. 343450

maybe a tumblr tif, or nemu, but no normal woman

No. 343751

I actually loved Bridget despite not being a trapfag (since his reason for crossdressing made somewhat sense) and was devastated to see him trooned out. The official GG site using feminine pronouns for him is like a dagger through my heart, the entire purpose of his character was ruined in one fell swoop. Wishing his reappearance in Xrd really caused a fucking monkey paw effect.

No. 343834

File: 1703102581870.jpg (326.55 KB, 2136x2062, 1703098636726.jpg)

Bow tie, nice watch AND shirtless like a slut. Nonas I found the perfect outfit to unite the two camps.

No. 343835

uniting them both against whatever the fuck that is perhaps cuz it looks like shit. this is below stock image sex appeal value.

No. 343836

I was joking nona.

No. 343837

5/10, too much realism. now you've baited me and the 4 anons about to reply "based" to that post.

No. 343838

Just thought it was funny that he is wearing a watch which someone up thread classified as sexy

No. 343842

dialogue isnt gameplay

No. 343845

File: 1703108290333.jpeg (530.29 KB, 1170x736, IMG_1439.jpeg)

i never liked him that much personally but i can’t believe they ruined the only twink in the game like this kek. can’t we have a single bishie? does every single male character have to be male self insert fantasy?

No. 343859

christ this is tragic

No. 343860

what game? at least its realistic in how moids age irl

No. 343861

Even video games are reminding us that twink death is brutal

No. 343877

world of warcraft

No. 343881

I hate this. They age men in games like milk, but every attractive woman magically remains the same. They can't age the women, but every male character gets this arc of turning into a depressive raisin as he ages, so it's relatable to moids.

No. 343884

"it's a game!!! it's an escape from reality!!!" ok can we please escape male pattern baldness and twink death then. this particular character didn't even go thru all that much of a traumatizing experience compared to other female characters in the game but he had to turn into a gremlin so gamer fat men don't feel threatened by his looks kek

No. 343952

File: 1703150395638.jpg (67.8 KB, 604x368, Girls of Tekken.jpg)

Since the thread exists, I have a complaint about tekken. Even though I haven't really bothered with the game since dark resurrection ,one thing that always bothered me was that no woman in tekken was older than her late 20s. Only Nina and Anna are supposed to be in their 40s chronically, but due to plot cryosleep shit, they are also in their late 20s. It's as if a woman turning 30 in this game is a death sentence and they have to be kept young or be taken out(ex. Michelle Chang being replaced with Julia who is almost the same as her to the point that weird sumo character who crushes on Julia because she looks like a young Michelle). And I know tekken designs always had misses and wtf outfits but even the characters tend to look shittier than back in the mid 20s despite the updated graphics. It's for both sexes but especially women look like they've gone though the waifu filter and all look the same. Xiao looked like a chinese girl more in tekken 3 and 4 than she does now. And some revamps of the characters' looks are so shit in tekken 7 onwards like Julia being turned into a quirky streamer girl.
I know this is an issue in lots of videogames and nothing out of the ordinary but the age thing specifically was getting to me

No. 343958

Is the characters dialogue not part of gameplay and worldbuilding?

women aren't allowed to age period according to males in games or real life.

No. 343962

I’m so happy for this thread. This video infuriates me, and some of the comments are truly embarrassing too - so deliberately obtuse, saying “hurr durr I don’t remember there being trolls in VS catalogues” or “wow so awesome, I miss when devs could speak their minds”.

I hate that they cannot (or choose not to) comprehend the simple concept she is pointing out - that WoW (and a lot of fantasy in general) is not willing to make a female character who is not “””hot””” in some capacity. I mean, back to the trolls, it’s laughable how much more bland the female troll model is - to me it’s not a case of being “mad” at attractive characters, it more that I’m tired of the women in most games I play having the same model by default - in WoW it’s more egregious because you can compare to their more creatively designed male counterparts (don’t even get me started on the dance animations too…)

No. 343965

Adding onto this too, the general complaint people about strong female characters becoming mary sues - this further stems from the sexist mindset that strips women of their humanity. Of course, if you don’t consider that women can be fully human with complex personalities (not just eye candy) then you aren’t going to be able to write actually compelling characters. But of course, it’s the feminists’ fault this happened, not the fact that people are incapable of writing female characters because they’re so caught up in the fact they’re “not male” that they don’t know what to do with themselves. Male is default, and woman can only possess set characteristics

No. 343968

File: 1703156037319.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1695, IMG_1442.jpeg)

the way they were making fun of her like as if she said something absurd. meanwhile making their female characters run around looking like this.

No. 343969

This is the type of realism that needs to be removed from fantasy games.

No. 344112

Christ. I'm glad we can look back at this shit and realize that things have changed for the better even if they're not perfect. As if asking for a female character with bit more clothes than some ridiculous bikini armor was an outlandish request that completely justified minutes of mockery going "dumb bitch don't you realize women are only good for booba" again and again.

No. 345736

File: 1703948892168.png (3.43 MB, 1897x1617, more like tumblr type.png)

>your male love options in a vn m'lady

No. 345739

Other than the fat one and the they/them, this looks harmless. Top right one is cute.

No. 345740

Who lets these troons in game dev

No. 345741

is this the dream daddy devs?

No. 345746

File: 1703952899010.png (2.49 MB, 2240x1015, DqDp9XuVAAA2ex-.png)

Those aren't the only men in it though. There are actually tons of characters

No. 345757

Nta but they're all ugly. Except maybe the black woman (?) with a blue bg bottom row center.

No. 345761

agree and are these all even romance options? who cares about them if not

No. 345763

File: 1703959364007.png (1.85 MB, 1552x873, bfa558878ea1005181740f1cb85103…)

Oh my god, I remembered this game's kickstarter. Their unique selling point was that the game lets you choose what gender you want your romance options to be, so every group of three is supposed to be the same character/type of office supply but male/female/nonbinary. It's not made by the Dream Daddy devs, just the same sprite artist. Don't know if that makes some of the design choices better or worse

No. 345764

Ah yes my dream boyfriend….the ergonomic keyboard

No. 345767

I hate the tumblr nose. Whoever popularized that style needs to apologize.

No. 345776

>Male, female or ENBY!!!! Gender doesn't exist guise!!!!!
>Every single enby option is immediately identifiable as male or female regardless of hair length
Never change, Tumblr.
I just looked at the fundraiser and it's incredible. The perspective on the backgrounds is totally fucked, the dialogue is atrocious, the characters are completely devoid of personality and charm. The most impressive part is that not only did they hit their fundraiser goal, they actually surpassed it. Someone paid an entire $500 to own the notebook that the game was presumably planned in. 71 people paid for the privilege of buying a second copy of this game 'at a special price'. Gender really sells.

No. 345785

Is there any game where I can make the male characters' balls bounce as much as the female characters' breasts?

No. 345788

>All of the enby characters are clearly men for the gendie women who despite being so qwueer only date men
>The only 3 that are clearly female cover the popular moid fetish waifu trope (sporty tomboy, goth gf, cute nerd)

Well how about that

No. 345794

Love how they're made of sets of 3, with slightly different color palettes and barely varying clothes.

No. 345795

>the dialogue is atrocious
Kek their team has 10+ writers according to the studio's about page

No. 345810

16 was so disappointing. Maybe people will finally wake up and admit that Yoshi-P and Soken are hacks who are only successful because they made an ok MMO, the worst and shittiest genre of games ever conceived. They are kings of shit mountain.

No. 345816

Except for
top row second from the left
top row fifth from the right
bottom row second from the right
all these people either seem annoying or insufferable smug. Half these people would start ranting about NFTs or dumb start-up ideas 5 minutes in a conversation.

No. 345821

Honestly i found it quite amusing that Arma 3 doesn't have a single woman in it. Not one. None. Not as storyline characters, NPC's, or even worldmodels. They just don't exist. While i shouldn't probably have expected anything else from an autistic milsim, the previous title, Arma 2, at least featured women as civilian NPC's.

This complete absence of women is reflected pretty strongly in the game's community, i joined a public antistasi game (essentially a capture the island-type type of gamemode) and felt like i was wearing a bomb belt in public. While nobody said anything sexist directly, they were unbelievably rigid and brief in communicating anything, while clearly much more relaxed in talking amongst themselves.

No. 345837

this is so unsexy

No. 345846

>fair skin is..LE BAD!!

No. 345864

Always enjoyed the designs of female characters in Valve games, though I do think it was quite unnecessary for Chell to be given make-up in Portal 2

No. 345900

Looks aside, (why the fuck is there a bald, bearded fatty?) there is nothing like pronouns to make my pussy wilt like a dried flower.

No. 345975

I fucking hate retarded joke VNs so much 'LOL YOU'RE DATING OFFICE SUPPLIES?' none of these are funny/cute they're just obnoxious clickbait shit with no effort put into the writing whatsoever the only time it was done well was hatoful boyfriend which they're all trying to rip off clearly.

No. 345976

File: 1704094300173.jpg (163.95 KB, 1280x720, sims4010829141280jpg-ed62e1_16…)

They look like sims NPCs.

No. 345983

i wish i could play it but i think it needs some doo hickey hardware that isn't made anymore

No. 346064

i haven’t played it myself but i think balls do bounce in baldur’s gate 3 kek tho I’m not sure why would you want that

No. 346435

Nonnie just emulate it.

No. 346445

Jfc the glasses characters are doing the exact same pose on the bottom left row.

No. 346470

they're all doing the same poses, anon… that anon just said in her post that they're supposed to be different versions of the same character

No. 346717

the first five "enby" characters are just women. just call them women

No. 346942

kek I remember there being (understandable) controversy on tumblr about how the black characters only cared about drinking, being woke and punching stuff. even worse, all of the black characters were actually moids (even the black woman was supposed to be a TIM and iirc the only confirmed one)

No. 346947

The short haired themby girl with the camera is a cutie tbh

>the black woman was supposed to be a TIM
You mean… The one with the E-sports tee is a tranny ? kek

No. 347282

To date I’ve only seen one YouTuber discuss the amount of objectification 2B is subject to in Nier:Automata. An outfit is one thing (and I don’t hate it per se) but the up skirt shit really bothers me and I’m tired of being expected to just “accept” or “ignore” it to play the game.

No. 347455

Can you please link the video? I hated 2b design (also a2) and am so tired of having moids/nlogs whiteknight it and make up ridiculous justifications for it (or kaine's outfit from 1st nier).

No. 347469

Around 47 mins in (someone save 2B chapter). She generally didn’t like the game too much and has some interesting opinions. But this section resonated with me and it’s refreshing to hear someone say it.

No. 347539

Holy based that rant. Felt cathartic to hear a woman call this shit out in so much details and in a very coherent way.

No. 347540

How can you whiteknight 2B? The director was asking on Twitter for people to send him porn of her.

No. 347550

Not directly related but I don't get why she's like "omg Japanese phones make a shutter sound when you take pictures with them because of men taking creepshots of women" because that happens everywhere all over the planet and should be implemented in other countries. By itself it's not proof that Japan is worst than others, I'd say the amount of hidden cameras in changing rooms and toilets in Japan (and Korea while we're at it) is much more telling. And I've seen some crazy shit while working retail in my European country in the changing rooms, trust me you shouldn't feel safer in a country just because the phones sold there don't make that one noise. I get her original point about the panty shots that look ridiculous in a game that tries to seem serious and 2deep4u.

As for Nier Automata, I've never played it and I don't plan to. I refuse to believe the story is as good as people say because it seems pretentious as hell from what I've heard about it. And I can't bring myself to care about robot characters anymore these days. I guess it's because of how advanced technology becomes everyday but there's no more dreamy, fantasy elements to robot characters anymore imo, they're just objects that look like people and are programmed to seem like people, and they're unrelatable no matter what, that's it. I considered playing the remaster of the first Nier when it was announced but I haven't bought the game yet and just keep forgetting about it. I couldn't watch the whole video yet so maybe I'll give it a try later.

No. 347552

Nier Automata has nothing going for it except the sexy waifu. Coomers pretend is much deeper and well designed than it is because they feel they need to justify their obsession with the waifu but its honestly painfully mediocre in every way.

I beat it and regretted it, kept waiting for the momment when muh "genius game design" of Yoko Taro would start showing but it never came. And yes, i got all endings, it was a waste of time and i felt like such a loser for completing a game i didn't even like because i couldn't believe what i was playing was actually that overrated.

No. 347561

>As for Nier Automata, I've never played it and I don't plan to. I refuse to believe the story is as good as people say because it seems pretentious as hell from what I've heard about it.
Robots…with feelings!? it can't be!

literally all it is. Babies first existentialism.

No. 347622

Thanks for linking to this youtuber, I liked her review of the ff7 remake as well. She talks about how the female characters are just there to bolster the male ego, they all fall for the mc despite him being an ass to them.

No. 347635

Nier Automata was such a mid game to me, to the point that I liked the first Drakengard game better.

No. 347662

I really only played Nier Automata for 9s, I thought he was cute kek. But yeah everything else is very mid and near the ending it gets pretentious, plus it's plagued my coomer shit. A few years ago when I played it I was able to "ignore" the coomer stuff and look at the other cooler things but now I just don't want to waste time with moidy things anymore.

No. 347680

I kinda liked the gameplay. Having to do melee while also using the drone to do crowd control at the same was a pretty neat idea. It's ruined by the coom. I wish they'd redo the style in another game.

No. 347724

>I really only played Nier Automata for 9s, I thought he was cute
same, i hate moids for turning him into a femboy. One of the rare times we get an attractive male character in videogame and faggot moids have to troonyfy him. I hope they never find out pinnochio from lies of p.

No. 347757

Story is fine and has cool music. Not worth it of you don't want to experience the story. People claim the combat is "Platinum quality" but the game is really lame when compared to actual, competent action games. I feel like the average gamer and reviewer has zero ability to discern quality unless something is overtly shit.

No. 347758

File: 1704918148899.jpg (203.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Torn on whether I like Mushihimesama's art or if it's too male gazey. The character is only 15!

No. 347760

Not to defend moids because thats coomery as fuck but it baffles me when weebs get scandalized over 15yo big titty anime girls kek how do you even sit through anime when thats like 99% of the characters

No. 347764

I don't even get how coom anime or gatcha are still a thing with the internet. Like you can go anywhere online and see porn for free. Are you incapable of engaging with something unless it's full of massive tits?

No. 347766

I don't sit through anime. It's fucking crap. I like shoot 'em ups.

No. 347768

>People claim the combat is "Platinum quality"
Maybe but I could just replay Bayonetta or Astral Chain instead in that case. I've checked spoilers for the story when Nier Automata got released so I already know what to expect if I ever change my mind and decide to play it anyway.

No. 347780

Due to streaming, leaks, day 1 downloads, etc. dealing a big blow to weekly rising anticipation and fandom development one of the only ways to trick people into advertising your media property now is to include a bunch of coomshit characters and hope Twitter takes it from there.

No. 347800

That sounds realistic but i thought that most companies nowdays don't even care to create interesting characters or stories anymore, i understand that money comes even when they do less and videogames have become mainstream anyway, but it's so hard to come across something with more soul nowdays.

No. 347816

Her ff7 remake review was good, I'm glad I'm not alone in my opinion of Aerith. She is just SO annoyingly QuIrKy and not like other girls ugh and she literally has ZERO flaws other than being clumsy uwu. The friendship between aerti was so cute though and much more enjoyable than watching either of them with Cloud and not just because he's mine kek I will always have a soft spot for TIfa though…

I had this game on my list since I actually love the character designs and always thought the focus on her ass was all just coomer moids I can't believe they have so much of it showing in the game. Disgusting.

No. 347828

Mad that the last pokemon game did "neutral" clothes in an attempt to please the gendies (they even have a gender neutral bathroom in the game), but since it's japan they can't be TOO neutral and thus they just removed all female clothes. Tired of females getting erased in the name on inclusively

No. 347837

Why do people keep insisting with "it's trying to erase women"? She genuine just looks like a cutesy anime girl wearing a school uniform with shorts. She is just a child character, many girls look like that and they are just seeing as average.

No. 347858

Yeah gameplay was nothing special, once you have the good chips (which happens before the end of route A) you are basically unkillable, I don't remember doing anything other than bashing the square button even for boss fights, this game had nothing on Bayonetta or MGR.

No. 347869

They more than likely got rid of skirts and dresses as to not have players doing upskirts of the player character.

No. 347884

In SWSH if you make the female MC wear a skirt or a dress she wears a pair of shorts underneath, that's a more reasonable option than removing several options altogether.

No. 347889

they make you play the same super boring game twice, fighting the same boring enemies on the same bland levels and hack journos praised it because "ackshually its meta comentary conveying some deep themes about existentialism and blah blah blah…."

Pseuds will defend anything if they coomed.

No. 347908

The growing amount of lesbian relationships in videogames is not "lesbian representation", it's merely the male writers refusing to not self-insert when it comes to sexuality. I hate how women are supposed to be okay with relating to a heterosexual male lead and seeing boobs and vaginas everywhere, but when it comes to males relating to a heterosexual female lead? Nope, can't be done. The "strong" (in male terms, meaning she's physically super strong or hypersexual) female lead may be fine sometimes, but she has to be a lesbian because it appeals to heterosexual men who still want to see boobs and vaginas everywhere. I don't trust any male writer making lesbian characters because I know it's just an excuse for him to jack off while patting himself on the back.

No. 347969

I suspect the actual reason was so they wouldn't have to spend time programming additional physics for dresses or making female outfit designs. The Pokemon games always have short development times, so if there's a chance for the devs to save time or cut corners, they'll take it.

No. 348030

This, people making tinfoils about tranny pandering need to realize that game devs cut corners a lot by removing all sorts of fabric that requires some amount of animation and physics. That's why the new coomtrope is clothes vacuumed to your body, it saves so much time when you just apply a texture to a modeled body and that's it. The same goes for long and short hair, if a character is given long hair it's usually a ponytail of some sort because it's easier to add than dealing with long flowing hair physics and clipping issues.

No. 348107

You visit 3 regions in total, all have new clothing options yet not a single one is a skirt/dress or anything that only a girl would wear. They've NEVER done this before, every other game with customization has had much larger clothing options for female characters because they know girls are typically more into fashion than boys.
And it's a school uniform, which famously puts girls in skirts and there are a billion pokemon school uniform npcs with different takes on the "sailor" uniform in pretty much every game. They clearly made a choice to remove any girly aspect of it from the entire game.

There are also other details such as the fact that if you wear a helmet, which is an on-theme region gimmick, your hair is automatically cut off to a buzz cut. No little girl wants their hair cut off to wear an ugly helmet. I know it's a nitpick but to me that reeks of a short haired male who doesn't understand women still want their game hairstyle while wearing a helmet. Hat options is one of the few things we do get to pick, yet there's no simple bow or hairclip. No high heel or girl boot for shoes.

There's also a gross loli toddler character so I'm convinced some they/them pedo troon is working at pokemon now.

No. 348208

Chun Li’s “brave” aged up design. Featuring… none of the traits of an older woman, not even grey hair. The amount of idiots praising how great she looks for her age in the comments is making me lose all hope.

No. 348209

She looks like she's in her thirties at most.

No. 348211

it's a great redesign despite the dumb comments and lack of any age in her face. street fighter tends to go hard with character design

No. 348214

>There's also a gross loli toddler character so I'm convinced some they/them pedo troon is working at pokemon now.
kek anon did you find out about pokemon yesterday? its infamously known for the fans either being pedos into the lolis or zoos into the pokemons. nintendo also hired a lolishotafuta artist to draw one of the mangas once lol

No. 348216

She only look like she "aged" because her makeup is more obvious or darker in color and she now has sharper features. Thats it, nothing else.

No. 348220

These feel like nitpicks tbh, we play as a girl who is very obviously a girl, she is not being erased as a woman because she is not girly enough. And the simple presence of a toddler doesn't mean much either. It feels like the fandom's interpretations bothers you more than the actual game.

No. 348322

fans being gross fetish pedos in one thing, but the actual people making the game and somehow being able to actually put it in the final product without anyone vetoing it is another thing. doesn't matter what franchise it is, even the smallest franchise has gross deranged fans
>nintendo also hired a lolishotafuta artist to draw one of the mangas once lol
nintendo and gamefreak staff are not the same people though

No. 348323

One of pokemon's biggest cash cow games has had an openly known enby for 7 years though. Why is it suddenly a stretch or nitpick to assume the game company has gone a bit troon woke when game companies in particular are one of the most troon/handmaiden infested jobs we know of?

It's not that the protag "isn't girly enough" it's that they've chosen to make it gender neutral specifically by removing the things that are coded as too feminine for boys. Just like how every other area troons infest remove all the words/things meant for females yet keep all the boy/male things because they're seen as the default. I even remember seeing lc posts about a trailer screenshot of a troon looking female npc before the games came out and anons on here literally thought it was fake until the source was posted.

No. 348662

File: 1705271863629.png (66.57 KB, 178x206, latest - 2024-01-14T172841.332…)

Being a woman and liking jrpgs and vns is hard. I don't understand why even women artists feel the need to put coomery male designs in their games. Finding out both FE3H and engage artists are both women respectively and still have women wearing skimpy clothing while the men are fully clothed is literally some next level pickme dickworshipping shit.

Trails in the sky, one of my favorite jrpgs ever, has outstanding female characters where they're genuinely well written and also reasonably dressed instead of bikini armor tits out all the time, renne and estelle being my favorites in particular. And then with later titles they completely ruin it by having the female characters wearing overly sexual clothing for no reason and feeling more like they're there to be ogled at as opposed to actual characters. The day we stop pandering to japanese moids who can't even see their own genitalia when standing up is the day we move forward.

No. 348663

>Being a woman and liking jrpgs and vns is hard. I don't understand why even women artists feel the need to put coomery male designs in their games. Finding out both FE3H and engage artists are both women respectively and still have women wearing skimpy clothing while the men are fully clothed is literally some next level pickme dickworshipping shit.
This thought crosses my mind every single fucking day
Its so depressing when you find out a women made or drew something you're playing/watching and it looks no fucking different from your average moid creation. The girls are perfectly appealing to incel tastes but the men are either ugly or compeltely fully covered up with maybe 1 or 2 actually attractive characters.

No. 348666

Liking any form of nerdy content as a woman feels like this. Even stuff made for women has sexy coomery designs nowadays.

No. 348669

File: 1705272997002.jpg (48.43 KB, 640x359, i82i5knbtpk71.jpg)

Some games have issues with sameface models. Kiseki has sametits (and also sameface and samebangs lol). Literally bolt on balloons that they use a size slider on at this point. I wish we lived in a world where Falcom stopped after Sky 3rd.

No. 348671

File: 1705273786097.png (78.49 KB, 512x512, rixia.png)

KEK i couldn't agree more. I wish they had more body types for the women beyond giant tits + nothing everywhere else and loli. In sky their bodies were never really the focus but it was a breath of fresh air seeing the women have normal ones, of course there are coomer designs like schera but how amazing she is as a character completely makes up for it, can't say the same for modern trails women though.

Also i will never forgive what they did to rixia, sadly she always had some element of coom to her with the arc en ciel outfits and even just her casual clothes but her being an idol by day and an assassin no one knew the identity of by night was really cool and made her my fav crossbell girl. Then in azure onwards she has balloon tits for no reason and feels like a blow up doll more than an actual character. Fuck shirley btw, i hope she gets killed off next.

Case in point
>I wish we lived in a world where Falcom stopped after Sky 3rd

No. 348674

Character designers need to get their ideas approved by art directors and in 3H's case the art director is an incompetent male coomer. Look up his art for Rinkah and the Marianne alt in FEH and compare them to Rinkah as Kozaki draws her and the default outfits of Marianne in 3H, you'll understand what I mean. Even female Byleth has huge breasts in the game but when Kurahana Chinatsu draws her she never looks nearly as disproportionate as her 3D in-game model. Can't speak for Trails, all I know is that the series is long.

No. 348676

File: 1705275754871.jpg (116.13 KB, 900x720, rfmaid.jpg)

This. You are all acting as if artists had any control over the game, like?? Idgi, do you really think there aren't moids running the companies/studios that develop these games telling the women to draw balloon tits?
Just take a look at how Rune Factory's art style has "evolved" over the years. The first games of the franchise have designs that are tasteful and even cute from a female-gaze pov (?), because the lead artist was a woman and at that time coomerism wasn't everywhere. Now, take a look at RF5 and you can see how the company/studio publishing the game is probably run now by a group of moids with only coom inside their pebble brains. The lead artist is still the same woman from the first game, but they have also brought in a new artist that looks like draws vtubers and all that lame uninspired overdesigned shit.

No. 348678

File: 1705276006283.jpg (215.15 KB, 1000x1581, Darlidagger.jpg)

>Its so depressing when you find out a women made or drew something you're playing/watching and it looks no fucking different from your average moid creation.
I'm pretty sure that this is due to the fault of the art directors, like others in this thread have said. Reminds me of picrel, who is a character in a game that I've been playing with friends. I hate this design so much, but looking up the credits of this game, the artist is actually a woman. It kind of breaks my heart a little that it's like this, women can become artists, but they have to draw in a way to appeal to coomoids. The other female characters in this game are (for the most part) coombait, too.

No. 348683

A lot of female artists these days are just as pornsick as men. I don't really feel bad for them. I want them to stop.

No. 348692

File: 1705279721128.png (110.92 KB, 339x416, isabel01.png)

I feel a little guilty about this because the artist died, but I've played the Suikodens and I really disliked how moid pandering the women were drawn in V. The main artist for the game was a woman, but she'd draw the female characters with huge boobs or give them really impractical clothes, like this knight that wears a skinsuit and no pants. At the same time some of the guys like Shigure were definitely drawn with the female gaze in mind so it was a mixed bag.

No. 348707

Minor gripe but I just started Cybersleuth; so tired of Japanese media going out of its way to make sure it’s known every single female character is obsessed with men and thinks the male main character(s)are hot. Meanwhile they’re usually much better looking than the males in question, who treat them like shit.

No. 348746

Tekken is so shit. They dropped the trailer for the 8th part today and all the women dont have even a single mimic wrinkle or pore on them, meanwhile scrotes all look like musclebeasts and even the 20 yo ones have an ungodly amount of skin textures on their face. Absolutely disgusting. Worst fighting game of all time.

No. 348747

>I don't understand why even women artists feel the need to put coomery male designs in their games.
Money. A few people like you buy it for the game and will still buy it even though you find the coomer art annoying. Coomers will only buy it for the coom, so if they include the coom they still get both audiences and more money. They probably end up pornsick pickmes by default from being around other coomer art all the time too.

No. 348748

damn what a downgrade, the first art was so cute

No. 348751

File: 1705315989655.png (1 MB, 800x1180, Drakengard_The-Materials-Scans…)

Speaking of downgrades, compare the female designs of Drakengard 1 and 2…

No. 348752

File: 1705316026868.jpg (249.37 KB, 600x898, Drakengard-3_2013_06-27-13_015…)

…to the third game.

No. 348753

File: 1705316169704.jpg (136.12 KB, 960x600, Drakengard-2-Characters-draken…)

The designs were really nice in the second game. Why choose generic coomerism over this? I don't get it.

No. 348790

I love the girl in the middle. it looks cute, cool and "natural" at the same time. I wish we had more female characters with pants that are well designed like this. I'm tired of men's obsession with skirts.

She just looks like she's having a really bad case of wardrobe malfunction kek. Tragic downgrade, shitty gachas have better designs.

I hate how close this is to being ok. The scarf top could have just had the same coverage as a normal IRL one and she could have had shorts and lower heels and it would be alright. It kinda looks like it was originally drawn normal but was later revised in a half-assed manner to be more scrotey.

No. 348805

File: 1705326252300.png (2.13 MB, 1050x2502, S3_Chris_Lightfellow.png)

Ouch, I remember playing the 3rd one in particular, and loving the design in picrel. The hell happened between those two games? I never played IV so I'm not sure of the designs in that one, how are they?

No. 348818

Yoko Taro is a shameless coomer who shoves his fetishes in all of his games. Five is the typical example of his love for mommydom shotacon.

No. 348822

A coomer and a terrible writer too.

No. 348826

Nier Automata went full coomer waifu for a protagonist and got showered with commercial and critical success despite being a painfully mediocre game.

No. 348874

File: 1705343792385.jpg (129.77 KB, 850x1100, dg3-two (1).jpg)

Five has to be the worst regarding the intoner designs in 3. Her whole shtick is being the horny one that wants everything. No wonder she gets killed off first kek. Shame cause I remember the concept art for her had some more interesting designs while still being obviously coomery.
Two is a literal wardrobe malfunction but at least it's interesting to look at kek

No. 348875

I only cared about Suikoden 1 and 2. That design looks like it belongs in another series. wtf

No. 348876

I was reading some BL recently and even the doujin artists coming out now are drawing gay porn the exact same way hentai is drawn. I really dont understand. It looks bad. They keep giving male characters softer looking pecs, which just look like female breasts.

No. 348877

I saw this and was so annoyed. Her outfit is okay, but could they not give her a new hair style? That hair style is associated with younger children or young female palace maids. Just give Chun li a different hairstyle, ffs.

No. 348878

Yoko Taro is a hack. I dont know why people praise him so much, especially women. It's embarrassing.

No. 348882

The only group of people more pathetic than Taro fans are Platinumfags. They haven't made a great game in 10 years. The only person that held up their end of the bargain on Automata was the composer.

No. 348883

Tiny bit unrelated, but i hate the look of bra-like tops with skirts, even more if the character wears some legwear, but her design is the only one i can tolerate between other kind of bra/skirt retarded designs you see around.

No. 348884

Fun fact: the idea behind two's design is supposed to be underwear and lolita

No. 348886

File: 1705346243863.jpg (770.35 KB, 1024x1024, Dancer.jpg)

??? How?? She looks like the Dancer of the Boreal Valley from Dark Souls 3 if the enemies were designed as anime waifus instead

No. 348888

It's true and you should say it.

No. 348893

cosplay ethots thanking him for the onlyfans subs they got cosplaying 2b. They never played the game, but its their favorite game ever.

No. 348941

if you like shmups then why not look into older shmups or non anime ones?

No. 348945

Because CAVE is the best at them. I'm not going to play some crap game because the art is more appealing. That's exactly what weebs do when they buy bottom of the barrel JRPGs. What more can I say? I've played more than CAVE. I like Radiant Silvergun, Eschatos, Einhander, etc. But those 2000s CAVE games like Dodonpachi and Mushihimesama are simply better.

No. 348948

then just play it if you dont care about alternatives either

No. 349054

File: 1705408497757.jpeg (131.65 KB, 1000x1177, IMG_1575.jpeg)

I never played IV either (apparently it’s very tedious) but from what I’ve seen its designs seem fairly normal for the setting. It’s nautical themed and has mermaids, female pirates with exposed midriffs, that’s kinda it. The biggest outlier is this character who was obviously some kinda coom cash grab. She has a promotional cg model and in-game there’s a cloth wrapped around her skirt so it looks less stupid

No. 349055

File: 1705408715092.jpeg (300.24 KB, 1236x1684, IMG_1574.jpeg)

I’m going to throw in Shigure’s concept art because the artist obviously put a lot of effort into making him eye candy. I hope companies get back into hiring more female artists for JRPGs

No. 349134

My friends eat that shit up. They love tekken. The gameplay was ok but I just got annoyed at the coomer outfits (which were also all ugly by the way) and moves for the female characters. If you want to play the game fine, I know people that enjoy 2D fighters are picky about mechanics. But seriously, do none of them stop to think for a second about what they’re looking at? They brainlessly absorb it and if you point something out you’re suddenly a prude

No. 349624

Apparently Suikoden character design goes like this
>Suikoden I and IV have the same artist (junko kawano, also a producer for the series)
>Suikoden II and III have another artist (fumi ishikawa, the best of the 3 IMO)
>Suikoden V’s artist was kaori fujita (died from pancreatic cancer)

No. 357368

File: 1708457867133.jpg (59.99 KB, 588x547, ww.JPG)

Fuck this stupid game, it's being shilled so hard right now and it has the most ridiculous boob physics I've seen and the few playable male characters are ugly as sin. I seriously don't understand women who are hyped for this.

No. 357369

Thats how I always felt about Genshit but look at it continue to release women with their asscracks out and ugly overdesigned moids with the personality of cardboard and still have a female fanbase. Though it's been falling out of style with women for a while now while it did a better job of retaining horny scrotes, WW must've noticed and upped their own scrote pandering.

No. 357370

The fact that the female mc looks like coomer waifubait with jiggle physics while the male mc is a plain isekai mc set off a red flag for me. Even in genshit you have aether with a unique design

No. 357383

genshin scrotes are cute, they might not be everyone's cup of tea but they are cute and attractive for women into bishies and they do show skin. Meanwhile the moids for that game are actually hideous, there was one with a fedora

No. 357389

They made the female MC's suit even more revealing than it initially was (removed the bra/undergarment she had under her top) and gave her bigger boobs. At least Genshin's female main was more of an otome princess design than coombait.

Yeah as much as people shit on Genshin's male characters they're pretty cute and fun looking for anyone into that fantasy anime aesthetic but the guys in WW are so fucking ugly I haven't seen anything as repulsive. So sick of gacha games acting as if the only gameplay women want is visual novel style.

No. 357390

>genshin scrotes are cute, they might not be everyone's cup of tea but they are cute and attractive for women into bishies
>and they do show skin
Lmao. They look just as bad if not worse, nona, and almost all of them are clad in stiff, stuffy suits while the women are all ecchi. It's pathetic even by normal co-ed gacha standards. You've just gotten used to it from playing it for years and the attachment to it you've developed is probably where your vitriol for this perceived threat to it is really coming from rather than WW actually being a worse offender of any of the things you're criticizing it for. It doesn't make sense to post a carbon copy of another shitty waifu gacha in a video game sexism thread and then pretend the other game isn't as bad because you're biased.

Genshit will always be worse to me for widespread and shameless its pedoscrote fanbase became is and the Vtuber monstrosities it memed women into liking, lowering their expectations for how much pandering these game companies should be giving them even further than before. It was a mistake.

No. 357391

Not even the anon you're replying to but damn you should talk to your therapist about where the Genshin touched you.(derailing)

No. 357393

>Genshin's female main was more of an otome princess design than coombait
Cleavage and panty shots are definitely what I think of when I think otome princess kek. Yeah, as expected no1curr about genshin 2 besides genshinfags. They're mad about it because it's all over their timelines and now they're trying to cancel it because they don't want to have to pick up a new game. If you genuinely wanted to call one out for sexism, you wouldn't jump to whiteknight the other when it's equally bad.

You should go back to your containment thread. This is the sexism in video games thread and I'm talking about a sexist video game. Not my problem that you like it.

No. 357396

I've never played genshin but i was seriously thinking about dl it because the men are hot. It's the first time i actually want to dl a game because the scrotes are hot. They wouldnt be so popular if women weren't into them. Your opinion doesn't really reflect in reality.

No. 357397

She's mad anons think her green pineapple head husbando is ugly.(infighting)

No. 357398

>green pineapple head husbando
kek anon what husbando are you talking about.
anyways saying women are 'memed' into liking conventionally atractive male characters is crazy lol. women have always liked pretty bishies, is nothing new.

No. 357400

Lumine wears safety shorts. Genshin has faults but the fmc isn't sexualized any more than the male one.
I saw the female models walking around and immediately saw what kind of game this was going to be. There was a cute catboy in the trailers but he's probably going to be redesigned or cut entirely at this point.

No. 357401

Literally who? I don't currently play or plan on playing either game or the Honkai game, sorry.
If you're impressed by generic samefaced anime guys in games you should take a look at any other gacha game with either an all male cast or 40%+ male cast, because Genshin has some of the worst male designs among the top gacha games. They're not popular because they're good.

No. 357402

The fact that people are applauding WW for enlarging character breasts to appease players and for keeping the ridiculous boob physics (that even Genshin toned down right after launch) while it's being sold as a "co-ed gacha game" is ridiculous. Granblue Fantasy is possibly the only gacha game that actually comes close to earning being called an unisex gacha but the game itself is ass and painfully dated compared to the big budget action RPGs coming out today. I don't even know why I keep playing gacha games just for the crumbs, I'm just living the vain hope that if I show support for the femgaze male characters enough maybe the industry will change someday.

The catboy initially caught my interest but then I saw the rest of the characters and they were all just horrible looking, both male and female. The boob physics drove me away for good.

No. 357403

File: 1708469569035.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, your bishie mlady.png)

the disgusting fedora guy with a beard feels like a hate crime against women. I think i have never seen such a repulsive design.
the world doesnt revolve around you and your personal taste. Lots of women love genshin boys. It's only popular with women because it has attractive male designs, regardless of if they fit your personal criteria of attractive male characters.

No. 357404

File: 1708469834009.mp4 (7.15 MB, 720x988, kill me.mp4)

the rest of the ugly characters
>not a single moid showing even a bit of tummy
i genuinely cannot understand how someone can see this and not understand why women flock to genshin. This is how 99% of gacha male characters look, completly covered generic angsty edgy guys.

No. 357405

File: 1708469861182.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1200, Jiyan.full.3918944.png)

>the disgusting fedora guy with a beard feels like a hate crime against women.
Kek I was about to post the exact same words, I can't even figure out if he's supposed to be a moid self insert powerfantasy or if someone genuinely thought that women are into this. It's like they wanted to snatch Genshin and HSR's playerbase so they felt they needed to add at least some male characters into the game to catch female interest but absolutely refused to put any effort into it. Picrel is the atrocity everyone is trying to shill as the top tier husbando just because in comparison to the rest of the male cast he looks marginally less reprehensible. The hair gets me every time.

No. 357406

Then women must really like the Genshin 2.0 bishies and boob physics too if they're shilling them so much that it prompted you to chimp about them here, regardless of if they fit your personal criteria of attractive male characters and waifu boobs. Astarion is innocent too, ugly things don't count as ugly anymore if they get popular. That makes them femgaze.

No. 357407

File: 1708470065786.gif (133.25 KB, 150x120, 1e6626c4d810.gif)

holy shit he's completly covered up except for the face. Talk about moids being too insecure. Also something people dont talk about genshin is that the male characters do have different personalities, while >>357404 is all angsty dude and like one cute cat boy, in genshin there are tons of male characters that have both angsty edgy and cutesy genki and tsundere personalities.

No. 357408

you sound so salty, you are free to drop a male character you think is hot in the good design thread and proves us of your superior taste.

No. 357409

I can't decide which made me gag more, the fedora guy m'ladying me or that pink haired girl's gigantic boob jiggle. Christ.

No. 357410

File: 1708470447552.jpg (334.63 KB, 1920x1080, honkai-star-rail-imbibitor-lun…)

Isn't this just a knockoff of a HSR character mixed with Alhaitham? Anyone who thinks the male characters of Genshin suck, it could be way worse.

No. 357411

so this is that character that husbando anon got a dildo modeled after

No. 357412

I dunno, they're cute, but I like ojisans and tight bodysuits.
The main reason I'm not gonna try this out is because I'm already playing too much games as a service stuff and don't have the time.

No. 357413

File: 1708470587307.jpg (21.7 KB, 540x524, dog249.jpg)

>genshinfags(?) sperging about game
>can't tell the gameplay apart
>can't tell the ui apart
>can't tell the character designs apart
is this a mr beast video

No. 357414

The only salvageable one is the sephiroth and raiden son and I still think he's boring. The fedora tip made me actually laugh. Did they use the husbando filter on a redditor?

No. 357415

No, thanks. If I tried you'd rip it to shreds regardless of what it looked like and go on to derail for a full day about how [ugly genshin tard x] is the pinnacle of design. Please go back to your containment thread.

No. 357416

so you know your taste is awful? lol ok(infighting)

No. 357417

File: 1708471311514.jpg (2.61 MB, 5962x3603, mgjo6ilm72ib1.jpg)

There's no point in arguing about taste with someone who unironically likes picrel. You drink out of a toilet bowl and I can't take the smell anymore so I'll be withdrawing from this conversation.

No. 357418

genuinely dont understand the hate genshin moids get, they are cute. There is nothing outright disgusting about them like having actual nasolabial folds like fucking asstarion. I dont understand how a bunch of bishies can make schizos lose so many marbles kek.

No. 357419

you shouldnt be condemning other anons' taste or prune vampire-kun if you dont see the problem with >>357417 ngl. dirtiest trick someone can pull on a genshinnie is posting a picture of all the dudes together kek the absolute state

No. 357420

asstarion is old, has nasolabial folds, dry skin, ugly lesbian grandma haircut and is a rapist or something similar. Its the complete opposite of genshin guys, genshin guys are the most inoffensive husbandos on earth. I genuinely dont understand how such cutesy innofensive male character designs attract so many schizophrenic haters

No. 357421

I'm personally not a fan of genshin because the outfits are so over designed and hard to draw. But other than that I genuinely don't see what's wrong with these? They look like they have varying personalities and there's even a guy with his abs out for the yumes who like skimpy clothing

No. 357422

Can they at least try to make the boob jiggle not look absolutely retarded. Christ i hate men

No. 357423

>bawwww genshid haydurrs are obsessed schizos for boolyin muh blorbos
PLEASE go back to your containment thread oh my god youre as bad as enstars-chan

why is this thread so bad? every time it's active it's always a bunch of gachatards flinging shit at other games while they slobber on their own ai generated-looking husbandos imaginary balls. you guys suck.(infighting)

No. 357424

File: 1708472903373.png (3.09 MB, 1595x1495, genshin.png)

genshin is genuinely the only game i can think of that has male characters that show skin. That's already enough to set it appart from other games that dont want to offend moids so they cover male characters from head to toe like >>357405

No. 357425

File: 1708472977109.png (78.27 KB, 680x236, (You).png)

No. 357426

are you really getting this upset over women prasing some male characters that arent completly covered up for once? you sound a bit insane honestly if anime boys offend you this much
i genuinely have no idea what this means kek

No. 357429

You really haven't played enough co-ed mobile games if you think genshin's pandering is bad. It is unironically on the more balanced side compared to everything else in the industry.

No. 357431

Those tits are fucking atrocious. I hope CCP censorship gets them.

No. 357432

File: 1708474013401.jpg (7.64 MB, 4205x7674, genshinshortmales.jpg)

Not even close to all the guys in Genshin but okay.
It's fine to not like them or think they're overdesigned but I don't understand anons saying they're anything like the Wuthering Waves designs >>357403 or >>357404 who apart from the catboy are all variations of head to toe tacticool edgelord slop that men want to see on male characters while all the female characters are breasts breasting breastingly. Even the worst female Genshin designs don't have jiggle physics like that.

No. 357433

so i don't hate shota content at all (to the contrary i do sometimes enjoy harada works), i just hate that most genshin boys are stick thin shotas kek. can't they just put in one guy with some meat on his bones. give a boy thick thighs or something and don't use the youthful looking model and i'd shell out my $$$ so fast

also i'm pretty sure that nonas implying the only game you really play is genshin impact. the average nu:carnival boy makes everyone you posted look like nuns in comparison

No. 357434

Because popular thing bad, I'm being original by stating this btw

No. 357435

its hard to believe genshin-chan and enstars-chan arent the same person. theyre the same type of female autist with the same priorities but at the same time i think theyd end up killing eachother if you locked them in a tank together.

to get the thread somewhat back on track: do moids have this boymomian instinct to defend their mid waifus like this too, or are they more apathetic in their approach to waifuism? why are women able to get so attached to even the weakest attempts game companies make at appealing to them and is this trait the real reason why companies dont try as hard to appeal to us? what came first: the chicken or egg? im dying to know(derailing)

No. 357436

god i hate these designs. literally thoughtless, soulless corpo slop, the girls aren't any better

No. 357437

Its funny how sensitive moids are about men showing skin but screech when a waifu doesnt have her tits, armpits, thighs and ass flopping around everywhere. The WW designs are so intentional for "safe" male enjoyment its pathetic.

No. 357438

File: 1708474508185.jpg (30.72 KB, 540x303, tumblr_33b12643b8e22ea18704360…)

tbf the same team designed this guy who has a lewder outfit than any twink in genshin

No. 357439

I want to steal all the PGR boys and put them in a husbando-only game

No. 357440

>do moids have this boymomian instinct to defend their mid waifus like this too, or are they more apathetic in their approach to waifuism?
I think it depends on the moid. You can see some crazy shit in the r/waifuism subreddit but none of the moids I know act like that

No. 357441

I've seen moids seethe and fight intensively over waifus, but not in the exact same way. Take the ff7 Tifa x Aerith debate. Moids usually argued over who had the msot fuckable body or who was a true waifu material. I've seen this guy argue that Aerith in the original was streetsmart and an extrovert, therefore she probably was a whore and fucked every guy. I feel that even with waifus they borrow the same real life misogyny into their debates. They have so many options to choose from, they don't need to argue about what type of character should be made. When there is a female character, 99% of the time she will be somehow attractive.

No. 357443

You are derrailing and asking an off-topic question in bad faith because some women like male characters designs you don't. Are you the same anon who has a fetish for suits and scat?

No. 357447

Just report the mentally ill sperg

No. 357449

then i wonder if this obsessive, personal clinging is a response women like those two developed to being presented with fewer options or perhaps less exposure to better options, or if the fewer options are the corpo response to the obsessive clinging tendancies. we will continue to get the bare minimum as long as we settle for it.

No. 357456

What do you want then?

No. 357459

The fewer options are because women aren't targeted in games and men are crybabies who can't live without seeing tits on a screen. So developers just know that female audience will accept crumbs or just don't care about wanting to fuck every character on the screen. While men throw real fits over it.
It's not about better options, regardless of what you think they are, there aren't that many options to begin with. Men don't argue over this, because they have all the possible options available. They can enjoy from coomer anime games, to coomer realistic 3D, to games without sexualization. Never worrying some dick and balls will pop into their faces gratuitously. Women are lucky to get an eyecandy in one neutral game if at all. When I pick a game that doesn't pander directly to coomers, I still expect at least one stupid fanservice character or scene, because that's the norm unfortunately.

No. 357460

File: 1708482321850.gif (4.96 MB, 490x476, john travolta confused.gif)

I am going insane trying to understand the level of animosity against Genshin Impact boys. I see a lot of hatred towards them, but no one explaining why
>They are too generic.
Best vidya husbandos all have 'generic' designs. Leon is a blonde cop with an emo haircut. Link is a blonde elf, you can't get more generic than that. Dante is a DeviantArt 2009 donut steel devil oc with white emo hair.

It just sounds like the rambling of a narcissist that's angry that their personal tastes aren't being catered to, rather than being happy for their fellow women who got a bit of eye candy for once. I don't fing Genshin Impact boys attractive, but I am happy my fellow women got some attractive husbandos for once. I cannot imagine being so self centered that instead of celebrating this small accomplishment, a rare sight of women being considered players, I make it about me and my 'superior' tastes.

Also, all of the anons who are sperging really need to post what they consider ''good husbando vidya representation'' otherwise their opinion is invalid.(off topic use the genshin thread)

No. 357461

No. 357464

There's a whole thread where you and the other sperg can talk about how much you like genshit and whine about everyone else thinking its lame but it's not this one.

No. 357465

>all of the anons who are sperging really need to post what they consider ''good husbando vidya representation'' otherwise their opinion is invalid.
I agree with you, but please no. We had enough of the same discussion over and over. It will become the same old bishie x oldman , roidpig x twink and so on. It truly doesn't matter what they like, nobody is special for liking one or the other. This debate leads to nothing for both sides. Liking something isn't an opinion either, it's just a preference that doesn't need to dissected, specially when we already had this discussions so many times before.

No. 357468

Are you illiterate? because I said I don't find Genshin Impact guys attractive either. The difference is that I am mature enough to understand it's my personal prefence rather than sperging about the rare game that actually considers women for once.

No. 357491

Yeah her especially going hard after Genshin boys has an actual hyperfixation for infighting for hours about how anons who like them are literal retards who have been "memed" into it. Did her bestie drop her for a Genshin boy or something? It's that level of personal vendetta, especially because she keeps making these detailed assumptions about them.
>You like those Genshin boys because you're a boymomian enstars sperg who would defend a mid husbando while making fun of my precious Astarion, aren't you, Vanessa?!?!?!?!
It would be funny if she wasn't spamming the thread for hours. It all started from someone just having a problem with the boob politics of a new Chinese gacha game and someone mentioned Genshin in comparison because it's literally a ripoff of it and she just went nuts. That enstars sperg really traumatized her during a previous infighting about bishies vs roidpigs but for some reason she's taking it out on genshin boys in every thread around the site kek

No. 357497

>do moids have this boymomian instinct to defend their mid waifus like this too, or are they more apathetic in their approach to waifuism?
rei vs asuka wars have been going on for 20 years and counting. also check any discussions from harem anime.

No. 357499

The derail itt started with genshin players sperging out about some guys in a different game being ugly when they look indistinguishable from the genshin boys. It's not one or two pissy anons lashing out at the genshin anons when they do things like that, its two genshin personalityfags (and enstarschan) who make inflammatory posts and then infight for hours over them with different people each time all across the site. You're telling on yourself.(derailing)

No. 357564

> some guys in a different game being ugly when they look indistinguishable from the genshin boys.
you are so dense, compare all the half naked boys >>357424 to this guy that's fucking all covered except his face >>357405 You are the reason why videogames keep getting away with fully covered men while the women are all dolled up sex dolls, because you are to prideful to praise one single game who decided to be fair to both sexes.

No. 357680

File: 1708601054020.jpg (71.49 KB, 616x754, 9STBAyC.jpg)

Men hate any game where women aren't just waifus for them to jack off to or where the female character engages in romantic relationships with different male characters.
Take their reaction to Goodbye Volcano Highschool. It was tumblr tenderqueer pandering which is a problem of it's own. But the sheer seething it cause in scrotes was so weird. They hated it so much they had to make two seperate fan games with male self insert characters. And of course every female character including the original MC was delegated a boring waifu love interest.
As annoying or lolcowish Anita Sarkeesian was I do not take any woman who engages in bashing her seriously. Like did she seriously deserve getting verbally abused + death threats from scrotes just cause she was over women in games just being porno.
I'm a full on lesbian but I'm tired of male characters being designed as boring self inserts or uninteresting side characters because scrotes seethe over the idea of their fictional waifu touching another male character.

No. 357683

lol is this a thing in western fandoms too? I thought only obese otaku incels had this "MY SELF-INSERT OR NOTHING" mental illness

No. 357686

yes lol, that's why they hate pretty boy characters so much. They have it in their head that for young women their ideal type is a scruffly old man (basically them) and seethe when majority want clean bishies

No. 357690

The fact that it's mostly the shotas who get female character levels of skin shown annoys me. I know there are many women into shota but this screams moid fanservice to me.

No. 357691

Venti is definitely for scrotes with femboy fetishes kek. I've noticed femboys is the latest porn trope they are going crazy for. Venti is even more popular with scrotes than actual female characters.
They are fine with anything sexual as long as it isn't a threat their(emphasise on their) masculinity and sexuality. Femboys who are basically a troon version of waifus aren't threats. But the ones who are clearly aimed for women's own attraction/sexuality make them feel inadequte and ruin the fantasy of every woman existing for their pleasure and only theirs.

No. 357703

Venti isn't popular with scrotes outside of genderbent porn he was memed into for two months when the game launched in 2020 and he was given the Gerudo Link treatment, plenty of women like him because despite the androgynous looks his personality is designed to be smooth and charming to female players and very void of any slutty moidpandering femboyism. Sometimes I wonder if people accusing him of being "aimed for men" have ever even played the game, I personally have never even met a scrote who actually liked Venti as a character but I have come across many women who can't get enough of him and find him cute.

No. 357712

File: 1708621441554.jpeg (492.52 KB, 1290x964, lollmao.jpeg)

I am so tired of this misconception women must only like angsty edgelord slop in tacticool gear or suits. Women love genshin because, unlike most games, it offers variety in husbandos. Moids killed cats when this character was release, but women fucking love him. Like >>357703 said genshin male characters are made for women, not scrotes. Women can also like cute guys, deal with it.

No. 357713

he's one of the most popular femboys of all time next to astolfo and felix what are you talking about. not to mention all the moids who self insert as him because of that one oneeshota artist.

No. 357714

These dumb retards just think “anything i dont like = made for moids”. You either like generic cool mysterious male character who looking 5+ years older than you or you’re a moid/tranny.

No. 357715

how is he a femboy? felix and astolfo wear skirts and get confused as girls, but venti looks like a guy and is treated as so. I am so tired of scrotes calling any character that isnt a roidpiggy a femboy. That oneeshota artist is also female btw.

No. 357717

File: 1708623036345.png (408.56 KB, 850x1186, venti-genshin-impact-v0-zr8y8z…)

the reason genshinfags are so hated is how bold and delusional their claims about genshin being the only game ever made that caters to the femgaze are when they don't even play other games. they shouldn't be speaking on other games when all they play is one f2p gacha game with mid designs.

he IS a femboy. it wasn't women giving the femboy x big tiddy milf art the most attention. women can pander to scrotes.

No. 357718

>the reason genshinfags are so hated is how bold and delusional their claims about genshin being the only game ever made that caters to the femgaze are when they don't even play other games
funny how none of you ever give examples of the other supposed femgaze games there are.

also is your fanart pic that looks nothing like canon venti supposed to prove anything? let me guess you think link is a femboy too because he doens't look like kratos or ryu.

No. 357719

File: 1708623976455.jpg (87.15 KB, 593x1000, 61QeGCzObOL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

not knowing 20 off the top of your head is a dead give away that you don't play any games besides genshin. even fgo has more femgaze with higher quality designs and writing, nonny. you can't pull the "b-but it looks too moidy" card on it either because you breakdown when anons bring that up wrt all genshin's heavy moid pandering kek. can you corral your autism back to the genshin thread like the redtext on >>357460 says or are you that eager to get banned again?

No. 357720

File: 1708624117450.jpg (128.04 KB, 640x902, i1t8s1n8mzv51.jpg)

>is your fanart pic that looks nothing like canon venti supposed to prove anything?
samefag but good point. here's the canon venti from an official comic released by hoyoverse, it's a better example.

No. 357721

Whats does this have to do with “sexism in videogames”? Why are you still seething about a chinese gacha game 2 days later?

No. 357722

NTA but I love you use the literal porno game that churns out half naked lolis every new patch as your first example.

No. 357723

You cannot seriously be saying FGO is less male-pandering and sexist than Genshin. Every second character has breasts three times the size of their heads in that game.
This never appears in the game. Not even once.

No. 357724

Genshin needs to be a banned topic at this point, you're all insane

No. 357725

kek anon, please. Some of you would rather infight until eternity than accept that eveyrone has different tastes and that some women dont like literal roidpigs and male self inserts that fgo offers.

No. 357726

this, all the kpoop consoomers picked it up after they got bored of their last fad and they carried all the annoying mannerisms over. the amount of samefagging itt is insane.

No. 357727

File: 1708624690851.png (327.97 KB, 830x785, femgaze.png)

>your femgaze game mlady

No. 357728

File: 1708624814806.png (146.6 KB, 300x649, kek.png)

i dont even play genshit i just find it insane some retards think the world revolves around them and that women cant like moids from x videogame but must like fate shitty self inserts. Literally all fate scrotes are made to be ''safe'' for their lolicon scrote audience. They all look ugly as fuck.

No. 357730

File: 1708624863737.jpg (194.53 KB, 850x1046, kek2.jpg)

like come fucking on

No. 357733

N-no you just dont understand! This fat tub of lard is far more femgazey than the troon magnets (made by and for women) in genshin! Raise your standards ladies

No. 357735

File: 1708625016916.jpeg (72.72 KB, 940x529, IMG_1804.jpeg)

ah yes fgo the ultimate female gaze game

No. 357738

File: 1708625103883.jpg (177.8 KB, 850x1471, generic fate scrote.jpg)

i cant believe anon seethed so hard over genshit scrotes just to be in the most pedomoidpandering game with the ugliest most 'safe' male characters. Literally all fate scrotes are completly covered while the lolis and big titty waifus are half naked.

No. 357740

I was so fucking mad when they revealed Bhima’s design after creating Arjuna and Karna. He’s another garbage male servant made safe and likeable enough for moids but WE have to sit through monthly updates of half naked lolis without complaining.

No. 357741

>not even a tummy window
it must be sad being a fatefag no wonder you seethe at genshinfags

No. 357743

does fate only have one attractive character? in a sea of lolis and big boobies thats so depressing kek

No. 357744

File: 1708625301221.jpg (75.83 KB, 850x808, __ephraim_and_ephraim_fire_emb…)

How did you get that from my post? I specified women like shota too and I know Genshin has plenty of female fans, but why is it only the shotas that get to show off skin?

I'm not saying skimpy shotas can't be for women, I'm simply saying that it's moidy that only the shotas get to show as much skin as the female characters. There's not a single non-shota male character in Genshin that shows off his legs like the shotas do, for example. Genshin would be more based if it did this equal opportunities fanservice with guys like picrel >>357417 (which btw are mostly "like angsty edgelord slop in tacticool gear or suits", which is not a type of outfits I particularly like either).

I don't think there's a 3d game with the type of male fanservice I'd like to see. Genshin gets close to it but only with the shotas and I don't like shotas, I like bishies and I wish the industry was less chickenshit and we got more of them in regular skimpy outfits instead of just context sensitive swimsuits.

No. 357745

It's a stupid trad aligned mindset too, like when I was a teenager a lot of girls liked cute guys who were very similar to characters like Venti and Wanderer yet nobody was yelling femboy at them. They have boyish charms that are appealing to women because they're nonthreatening and adorable. That's literally why k-pop boys are so popular, you rarely see them going for the hot and masculine style but the fairly dainty and cute one which is why they're called "flower boys" in China. Scrotes trying to approriate them as "femboys" especially in video games is a trend that needs to die, let women have their cute PNGs.

Also god the anti-genshin sperg needs to fucking shut up and stop derailing, it doesn't kill you if you just scroll past someone saying something postiive about the game without replying.

No. 357746

The male to female ratio is genuinely abhorrent. On top of the already small male pool you have to consider how many of those males are actually attractive and hot. Its a pretty sad state.

No. 357749

>Also god the anti-genshin sperg needs to fucking shut up and stop derailing
She’s still seething that no one jumped for joy at the garbage Wuthering Waves game she shilled the other day

No. 357751

God you're speaking some true words nonna. He could've been the hottest character in the game if they went for an Asvatthaman style look but they made him into an ugly roidpig. I'll never forgive pako for that.

No. 357752

>I specified women like shota too and I know Genshin has plenty of female fans, but why is it only the shotas that get to show off skin?
except they are not? there are non shotas showing off skin too. Like that oni roidpig guy, the anubis guy, the green guy(i dont play genshit). The thing is most women into generic suit men dont want to see skin, that's why genshit is great, it gives both the boring suit becky and the tummy stacy what they want.

No. 357753

kek does fate only have one guy? you have posted this guy like 10 times already

No. 357755

imagine calling genshin generic and then proceed to post the same guy over and over. This is agame that has ten of thousands of lolis in skimpy outfits but one single attractive male character it seems

No. 357756

All her pics are from the most recent pixiv uploads too kek. I mentioned the other day that she didnt know any gacha games besides genshin, I guess she did her homework and thought FGO would be a good example to help her pretend she’s not a complete newfag? Its kinda funny to see tbh

No. 357757

anon are you even following the converstion? its a fatefag(the loli porn game) shitting on genshinfags by posting the same guy over and over. I knew someone who had this level of animosity toward genshin didnt have the ''superior refined taste'' she preached.

No. 357760

these arent genshin boys?

No. 357761

I don't know anything about fate but Arjuna is sexo

No. 357763

She isnt a fatefag she just saved the latest pics on pixiv in an attempt to not seem like a total newfag sperging about genshin

No. 357765

File: 1708626487236.png (501.18 KB, 751x900, 113725355_p11.png)

i don't organize my pictures at all anymore so it's easier to do that than dig through 40 gigabytes of various anime boys for just the fgo ones. i had merlin and cu chulainn phases years ago but those folders are on my old laptop.

No. 357766

imagine a supporting a game from a porn franchise that has a loli ecchi spin off, and for one mid boy. The levels of cuckery are off the chart.

No. 357767

Raise your standards sis… its totally a femgaze game!

No. 357768

File: 1708626832610.png (358.98 KB, 1084x1434, 80135090_p28.png)

honkai impact lets you grope underage girls tits all day and genshin is a spinoff of it. you watch dump months worth of women with their tits and asses on display and lolis in crop tops and booty shorts for some anime men in suits that aren't even hot, and call it femgaze. pot meet kettle.

No. 357769

File: 1708626845945.jpg (210.91 KB, 850x731, femgaze22.jpg)

i dont play genshit but is moid fanservice this bad in genshin too? fate has to be single-handly the most repulsive gacha trash

No. 357770

File: 1708626942543.jpg (236.43 KB, 850x1036, femgazebtw.jpg)

>you watch dump months worth of women with their tits and asses on display and lolis in crop tops and booty shorts for some anime men in suits that aren't even hot
oh the irony of a fatefag saying this

No. 357771

>My moid coomer gacha game with scraps thrown in for women is better than your moid coomer gacha game with scraps thrown in for women!
Gachafags are the most embarrassing people alive

No. 357774

File: 1708627118970.png (448.76 KB, 655x875, fate is femgaze btw.png)

meanwhile the male characters arent even completly shirtless kek you have to be kidding me, you support pedoshit for this?

No. 357775

You didnt even post the worst of what fgo has to offer. This is unironically tame compared to some of the absolute moid garbage it churns out regularly. Did you also know it has a huge yearly summer event and for the last 7 years not a single new male servant has been featured? Every year it’s a new batch of skimpy female servants while the men are suddenly missing and non existent for summer, at best you’ll get a half-covered skin. Because men who go to the beach love covering up their skin. Lmao.

No. 357776

File: 1708627510293.png (795.16 KB, 1200x1212, 80135090_p30.png)

at least I'm not trying to pretend fgo is something it's not. and at least fgo at its best is far, far better than… baizhu and wriothsley. they're impressed by mediocrity because of their lack of experience, i'm impressed by arjuna's wet hole. we are not the same. genshin impact is no more femgaze than any other gacha that panders to both sexes, it's just a mediocre game that got popular because of the pandemic.

No. 357777

>and at least fgo at its best is far, far better
no anon, you cant say the game that spawned from an eroge and that has a loli ecchi spin off is better than anything. It's the worst and most sexist gacha shit by far.

No. 357778

Kek nona this was a reused sprite for last year’s summer event too, couldnt even be bothered to give their female players anything new besides oberon’s skin. And they happily ate up those crumbs. I hate genshit too for other reasons but female FGOfags are truly bottom of the barrel to me and represent everything wrong with mixed gender gacha games.

No. 357779

i dont even play genshin(i prefeer my gacha without female characters) but you have to be retarded to deny is, so far, the most ''fair'' gacha regarding how the treat fanservice for women/men. I would rather support genshin than fate if it means there is a higher chance of women getting more fanservice rather than one gly guy in trunks in a sea of lolis and big titties.

No. 357780

>Is less clothed than any character in Genshin Impact
>Genshin is characterized by having a fanbase full of pedos getting outed for grooming every other week
Oh brother

No. 357782

anon just accept defeat your favourite gacha trash has both an eroge and a loli ecchi spin off you cant get lower than that, even other fate players are calling it out on their lack of female fanservice in favour of lolis and big titty girls in bikinis.

No. 357783

File: 1708627994826.jpg (Spoiler Image,644.14 KB, 1024x1448, tiamat-ascensions-v0-feih9pjx5…)

They used to pander women more for the first few years but I'm guessing someone new took over because they absolutely ditched the female audience and started going overtime catering to moids with more and more degenerate coomershit designs. I remember when they gave Merlin a summer costume that was practically him being covered with black clothing from head to toe because "he doesn't want to tan" or some retarded excuse like that but a few years later they gave the genderbent girl Merlin a fucking bikini with big tits. I'm so glad I don't play that dogshit game anymore, they even turned playable Tiamat into a goddamn loli who turns into picrel. Repulsive beyond comprehension, I hate men so much.

No. 357785

File: 1708628046522.jpg (143.58 KB, 993x1200, EtPCjM-VoAEE-Na.jpg)

it seemed like the mods were more active lately but they're dead alseep now, huh?(nope)

No. 357788

love lancer

No. 357790

File: 1708628245729.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 759x875, eww.png)

ewww what the fuck i keep looking into abyss and it keeps looking back. What is this disgusting shit?! this is almost naked. I cannot imagine sitting through this disgusting pedo shit for ugly as fuck moids that dont even show an inch of skin

No. 357791

File: 1708628327858.jpg (Spoiler Image,288.54 KB, 850x983, gross wtf.jpg)

this shouldnt be legal how is this allowed in the playstore

No. 357793

They’re smart and realized that most japanese women will still fork over thousands of cash for 1 man and silently accept being treated as third class citizens. Why even bother making it balanced and risk upsetting your insecure otaku fanbase when the dog rolls over anyway?

No. 357794

Mixed gender gacha games are a sunk cost fallacy. By default gacha as a genre already is the definition of sunk cost fallacy (the games are a service that will shut down sooner or later), but if you play ones with a mixed gender cast for the cute boys you lost from the start because only female players care about the male characters, at large, while female characters are enjoyed by both audiences, so developers know where to put their money.
Sadly, unless someone out there decides to be brave and make a big budget male fanservice game for women, I doubt we'll get anything more than scraps (and it's disappointing when most of these scraps are shotas in booty shorts because they know men like them too).
Female FGO fans must either be deranged bisexuals into everything, lolicon lesbians or basically stuck in an abusive relationship just for one bishonen bone once every blue moon.

No. 357795

I dont play either one but got to admit, I love Oberon's design. He's quite pretty, would watch his own solo thing/10.

No. 357796

File: 1708628542861.png (1.12 MB, 1777x1300, 80135090_p29.png)

>eroge = bad
another telltale sign that you don't play games besides genshit or consume media besides youtube and tiktok yet you continue to act like an authority on everything under the sun

No. 357797

File: 1708628551745.png (Spoiler Image,562.23 KB, 512x724, gross2.png)

I knew fate fanservice was heinous, but never this fucking bad this is worse than i expected. gross, just gross. At that point why even support this shit? the moids are mid at best, why not support an otome or bl game instead of this pedo scrote shit.

No. 357798

Your picrel is what made me quit FGO, you can not tell me this artist didn't reference actual little girls to create this thing. The amount of attention paid for detail in her body is ghastly.

As an Ex-FGO player I can attest that most female players who didn't ragequit the game at around 2020 when the bishounen drought started are terminal pickmes who think if they gather enough sexualized little girls and big titty waifus and brag about them men will be impressed.

No. 357800

ew so you are a pedo scrote? it explains your shit taste and animosity towards genshin while playing that pedoshit fate

No. 357801

FGO is shit but yes, oberon is indeed cute and a good character. It legit makes me sad that a few good men are stuck in this kusoge.
NTA but eroge is indeed shit you dumb NLOG. I played FSN and the best parts about it are the autistic chuuni moments, not Nasu’s absolute dogshit poor attempt at trying to write porn. You dont want to die on this hill in lolcow of all places.

No. 357802

Curiously enough I knew of a bi woman who had Nero and other big tiddy chicks as waifus.
Personally speaking I enjoy some of the women in FGO purely as sexy waifus (like Orion/Artemis) but the lolicon content in that game is repulsive. Only pedo women and pickmes would tolerate that crap.

At least in Genshit most of the designs look normal, especially to normalfag eyes, but it's still too much loli and shota for me.

No. 357803

Imagine playing loli pedo scrote eroges for ugly mid safe horny moids when you could be supporting women by playing BL or otome. Peak cuckery.(baiting)

No. 357804

>the genshin sperg screeching "RAISE YOUR STANDARDS LADIES!!" was an eroge lover fatefag
this is kinda hilarious tbh, probably caused by irrelevant shit like sales or a fanartist moving onto genshin

No. 357805

its always either that or an anon who hates bishies for being pretty/youthful/ethereal instead of gritty and realistic hairy fat old moids like that one NLOG pickme fandom discourse sperg who was shitting on bishies while prasing that fat old guy from dungeon meshi. I genuinely dont understand why they cant just shut up and let women enjoy bishies in peace.

No. 357807

At least that's not a loli, I guess.
When I learned Melusine's artist has 2 young daughters, both still children, I phsyically recoiled.

No. 357810

>At least that's not a loli, I guess.
i seriously doubt there is any female fate character that is over 18. But ofcourse all the male characters look like they are 25+

No. 357811

an eroge is any visual novel with a sex scene. if you think liking one makes someone a pedo scrote, would you call any movie with a sex scene a porno? the vn is good, the creator didn't want to include the H scenes.

arguing which moid pandering rife gachas are more moid pandering than the others is a waste of everyone's time. genshin doesn't deserve all your praise and shilling for releasing two men in suits per year. it's not a good game, it's not the only game that panders to women, and it's no where near the best one. it's popular because it's a gacha amerifats can handle, like persona 5 to jrpgs. fate isn't good at any of those things either, but the best fate boys really do mog all the genshitters in both design and writing. all the female designs in genshin are terrible and pandery as well, some are bootlegs of iconic fate characters, and they have some of the least personality I've ever seen in gachas. if you like it, good for you. go shill it in its thread and not here.

No. 357813

File: 1708629827225.png (853.74 KB, 632x901, Screenshot 2024-02-22 192556.p…)

Bishie julius caesar is so damn hot nonnies… I'm so glad we get this alongside some lolis in our femgaze game(derailing)

No. 357814

Jesus christ just shut up

No. 357815

No one was praising or shilling it, but you felt the need to sperg about it for 3 days straight for some reason and used FGO of all games to back up your worthless point kek

No. 357816

> it's not the only game that panders to women
it apparently is considering your only example is fate ''we realease 50 loli bikini skins but one fully covered scrote per year'' go

No. 357822

if you didnt want all the loli shit to get brought up maybe you shouldn't have used fate as a example of femgaze videogames kek. I dont know why you are so angry, unless you are a lolicon and dont see anything wrong with the semi realistic loli skins fate offers, which ew.

No. 357823

mods would have banned them for samefagging if it was occuring, kinda like how they banned your worthless arjuna spam and yet you keep ban-evading to defend this coomer slop
>I wouldn't have brought it up in an infight with someone who's going to immediately spam the thread with whatever coomer waifus they can find on google images.
kek the irony

No. 357825

fate is probably the most sexist game that isnt onechanbara. I genuinely cant think of another game that has so much loli pandering.

No. 357826

How may times are you going to mention lolis itt? you're obsessed lmao(derailing/report and move on)

No. 357827

That's why I get disappointed seeing so many japanese women still into it. Their standards are so low and if anyone dares to complain about it YOU are the ungrateful one for kicking up a fuss.

No. 357828

see >>357817
>if I actually liked it, I wouldn't have brought it up in an infight with someone who's going to immediately spam the thread with whatever coomer waifus they can find on google images
I brought it up because I like a few designs and I don't care about defending it kek it's not a game I enjoy. I look at genshin the same way as I look at it, or at least I would if genshin's best male designs were half as good as oberon, arjuna, merlin, or douman. all these gachas are the same. I know because I've played, have friends who've played, or am aware of a lot of them. your word salad sounds just as crazy to me as it would sound to hear someone make fgo out to be femgaze. none of this fgoposting has been irony lost on me, I've been looking at your pro genshin posts and larping as you to show you how ridiculous you sound kek.

you've been banned like 20 times and continue to evade.(ban evading retard)

No. 357829

No. 357838

>only female players care about the male characters, at large, while female characters are enjoyed by both audiences, so developers know where to put their money.
Once I realized this I stopped caring about waifu characters in these games. I realized they arent actually made for me, I'm not the target audience and all I'm doing is helping the male characters get fucked over even more. Its kinda funny looking back, before I would never bat an eye at swimsuit season, I'd play so many waifu gacha games just because the girls are cute, etc until I realized most of the fanbase are hairy fat moids double my age.

No. 357841

File: 1708634473728.jpeg (Spoiler Image,939.8 KB, 1003x1410, IMG_1805.jpeg)

she is not a 500yr old loli or anything she is literally a kid in the game. like an actual child. Gross.(continued derailing)

No. 357842

>genshin anon is still ban evading to sperg about fate several hours later

No. 357849

>actual child
How is that allowed though? I though japan had some weird loophole where they couldn't state the actual age of these characters so that they could always wave it away with technicalities

No. 357857

NTA but the character in question (Jack the Ripper) isn't "a real child", if my memory serves me right it's the collective ghost form of all aborted fetuses and she's killing women to find the mommy in whose womb she can return to. Fate has some really trippy lore to justify their coomerism and extreme sexualization of children and women.

No. 357860

Stop the continued derailing and sperging about genshin/fate as well as responding to them. You've been warned.

No. 357867

This is such a niche complaint but on the topic of gachas, I wish there were gachas with female characters that only pander to women (I'm aware this could never actually exist). I hate moid coomershit but I'm not into guys at all so I just can't get interested in the bishie boy games that are actually made with women's tastes in mind. Honestly if you took one of the popular joseimuke games and just genderbent all the characters (with zero changes to make them more appealing to moids) I'd probably love it kek, but even then men would probably take it over and ruin it. I play a couple girl-character gachas that are lighter on fanservice and have pockets of female fans making yume content, but while the games occasionally throw a bone to the female playerbase moids still make up the main audience and so they're always the priority.

No. 357869

You could say some of the love live gacha games are female targeted I remember one of the games releasing a dress based off one of the characters and love nikki(maybe) I do agree there's a great lack of especially dress-up female centered gacha types hell even otomes gacha but anything out of japan and Korea is impossible to make without coomer moids ruining it.

No. 357870

The closest thing I've heard of which matches what you're describing is Path to Nowhere, apparently a large portion of its playerbase are women. But it does have its issues of sexualized women (tbh i think this is something completely unavoidable simply due to how women are conditioned to find it normal in media) and some moids do play it. You probably know it already though.

No. 357871

Western Love live fandom from like 2016-2020 when I was into it was almost entirely women and/or TIFs. The male fans were largely Japanese or otherwise asian

No. 357872

how would you write a female character meant to pander only to women?

No. 357905

Not sure if I'm wording it right but including a lot of insecurities, worries or desires that are for women. Or empowerment fantasies for women. And I mean actual worries not just superficial rape backstories that scrotes keep giving to female characters to make them seem badass while not addressing the elephant in the room (rape culture) and still going out of their way to play into the perfect victim narrative.
A big reason why scrotes are uninterested in chick flicks like legally blonde or twilight or girl centered media like barbie cartoons or shoujo manga. Is that even if they do find the characters attractive the female characters have enough autonomy that they can't just project their fantasy onto them. In other words they can't treat them like waifus.
Another thing is that if there is meaning ful connections and female friendships not moe blob superficial moments.
the bottom line when the female characters works on her own agency/desires and is not just an accessory for other people to jack off too or fantasize about.

No. 357909

I think we had a how to write good female characters thread here on m that had a discussion about it.

No. 357949

NTA but here's my personal list of things:
>Has complex relationships with other female characters that aren't just her mother or sister (extremely important imo)
>Has personal goals and motivations that don't center around "proving herself" or a personal vendetta
>Sexual trauma is portrayed in a more nuanced way than a boogeyman rapist and the writing recognizes how integrated in our society it is and how women are forced to cope with it
>Can be both taken seriously but also found funny or even silly, not just either-or
>Can get angry and feel rage and it's portrayed in a realistic way, not just hysteric screaming and yelling
>Has to make actual decisions and has authority over the plot
>Can be self centered and prioritize her own needs and wants
>Can be weird and gross not just in a funny adorkable way ("oh no my hair is so messy tee hee!!") but in a way real women sometimes can be with people they trust and it's not portrayed as a sign of insanity but humanity
>Isn't just a tard wrangler for a male character
And so forth. A general rule of thumb is to try genderswapping a character and see if she immediately turns boring or insufferable.

No. 357990

the main character in twilight doesn't have agency or autonomy at all. i get what you're saying with the rest of the post but Bella Swan is a bad example kek.

No. 358084

I agree with most of this, but keep in mind that video games usually have simpler plots and characters compared to other media.
Even the male characters in games rarely have genuinely complex motives and relationships with each other.

As for sexual trauma, I can't really think of any games that touch on that besides horror games like Rule of Rose, Haunting Ground, and a couple of the Silent Hill games. Sexual trauma is too heavy a subject for most games, even the darker ones.

No. 358171

So like Sakura from Naruto? Probably why a lot of women like her

No. 358226

File: 1708801415298.png (296.84 KB, 661x903, cowfighters.png)

Saw this on the doodleboard and thought of this thread! I like the female character.

No. 358359

Now this is true equality. Please take my money and use it to fund more games like this.

No. 358479

File: 1708926027572.jpg (695.44 KB, 2560x1920, 11111.jpg)

the women look like they belong to another completly different game

No. 358496

Always bothered me in K2 how Daigo has more wrinkles than his mom. The bar is on the floor but I do have to give them props on not having moids age from the neck down at least. Even the most old leather wallet looking mofos have the bodies of fitness models and I hope they never decide to change that. If this was a westoid game at least half of them would be fat or skinnyfat because "body posi realism". And retarded moids and aidens still have the gall to complain that they "all have the same body type with little variation" like this isn't the case with the female characters as well.

No. 358537

File: 1708961331177.jpeg (195.14 KB, 1125x1131, IMG_4058.jpeg)

The difference between the designs is cracking me up. No shame whatsoever

No. 358539

File: 1708961491782.jpeg (222.46 KB, 1188x894, IMG_4059.jpeg)

You’d think this is a rollable waifu

No. 358582

that game is going to flop hard. The game they are copying, that i shall not name to avoid making the fatefag lolifag angry, only succeeded thanks to women popularizing it. Women make most of the fanart that's not nsfw coom, write fanfics and other type of fanart that gives free marketting to games.

No. 358583

The game that can't be named has way more equality between the male and female protagonist designs. This guy would need to be shirtless and wearing short shorts to come even close to the level of sexualization of the female protagonist.

No. 358585

It's amazing how all the copies miss the mark hard. They will never top charts like genshin because they are alienating half the audience of Genshin, if they could keep their pants up and sacrifice a bit of their pride to gie eye candy for women maybe they would make it, but it just seems like a flop and i have yet to hear anyone talk about this trash outside of here.

No. 358587

File: 1708976766217.jpg (25.87 KB, 548x309, 3161c5d4510da0950323282ab2caf3…)

Kek I saw some thirst for this ugly motherfucker (aptly named Scar) but it felt like pure cope. The game won't be mentioned anywhere because the characters aren't cute and it doesn't even have fujobait

No. 358589

holy shit this looks like a tumblr oc with vitiligo. This game has genuinely some of the most horrid designs i have ever seen. At least genshin characters are moe and cute, but this thing is so tryhard.

No. 358590

>spergs about clone of zelda clone moidgacha
>backfires, causes anons to point out that the original is guilty of everything the copy is
>gets baited by ajunaposter
>bait is so effective the ensuing spergout results in farmhands banning the topics
>sperg's ban finally expires
>immediately goes back to sperging about the banned topics
I just know this is one of the posters from the fandom thread who heavily contributed to its top 3 most autistic site-wide status(derailing)

No. 358591

File: 1708977101145.jpg (177.9 KB, 850x870, 8 years old dudeeee.jpg)

So can we finally talk about how pedophilic and misogynistic fate is or are we going to get censored by the mods again despite it being the correct thread. This character is fucking 8 years old.

No. 358593

File: 1708977384692.jpg (494.14 KB, 512x724, fatego.jpg)

8yo in a bikini. I hate fate so fucking much. All the pickes me that suppor this belong in ahell.

No. 358594

File: 1708977472278.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.62 KB, 850x580, fateshit.jpg)

dear lord

No. 358595

File: 1708977701224.jpg (Spoiler Image,210.57 KB, 850x1202, more fateshit.jpg)

this is absolutely repulsive. And need i remind you none of the male characters look this degenerate, at best they throw him into long swim trunks and with a tshirt on so moids dont get pissed.

No. 358597

Kek post his full outfit nonna, its terrible

No. 358604

File: 1708979488651.png (925.12 KB, 1991x882, FE.png)

I hate when games do this. It's why i always choose to play as male characters.

No. 358605

This reminds me of Byleth from 3 houses. That's why Awakening was the best, at least for the avatars. Let's not talk about the 1000 years old dragon child.

No. 358606

I deleted to add a setence, but yeah, I played as the female for the romance options, but I hated Byleth the entire game and I couldn't understand how she would be taken serious as a mentor in this dumb outfit.

No. 358609

File: 1708981124434.png (785.58 KB, 1870x474, dokapon.png)

another example i hate is dokapon kingdom. It sucks because some classes like ninjas/hero/wizard have pretty equal male and female designs, but then you have these…

No. 358611

Do you guys think these designers do it on purpose or do they truly lack that much self-awareness? Especially when both mcs are usually stood side-by-side, how do they not see one character is very generic, safe, fully clothed while the other is coombait

No. 358614

Male sexualization makes them uncomfortable so they avoid doing it. Female sexualization makes them coom so they do it, ignoring that women will be uncomfortable with it.

No. 358617


No. 358618

File: 1708983755133.jpg (34.53 KB, 640x480, 1000006499.jpg)

And it pisses me off that the solution for the female outfit is always just a bikini or a short skirt and more skin. Why did they give byleth >>358604 metal arm greaves and no sleeves under it? It's just a dumb design to keep them "sexy" and they go through extensive lengths to cover the male characters.

No. 358619

This picture has to be a joke.

No. 358621

God I hate fem byleth’s outfit so much. Her floral lace fishnet tights are abominable.

No. 358623

Sex sells

No. 358624

It's a korean mmo from 2003 called ragnarok online. Funny how 3 houses came out in 2019, so over a decade later, and we're still stuck in this.

No. 358625

File: 1708984520272.png (871.77 KB, 1080x609, genshit starters.png)

look i have never played genshit but you have to be actively blind or never play games to not notice how equal genshit fanservice is in comparison to all of this.
It's genuinely the best there is and a huge step towards some sort of equaliy, hopefully. The funnies thing is that i dont think most women care about modesly sexualized female characters as long as they treat the male characters the same.

No. 358627

File: 1708984790254.png (2.56 MB, 1080x1920, Shenhe_Card.png)

>as they treat the male characters the same
There's no male character in genshit dressed like this. The closest is the ogre guy in cargo pants kek.

No. 358628

File: 1708984860363.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1920, Mona_Card.png)

Or this

No. 358629

I posted the starters for a reason. I know all anime games will always skew towards scrotes, that's why i sad genshin is the best there is at moment. I will take midriff showing guy over fully covered moid in black tacticool fantasy slop any fucking day.

No. 358630

File: 1708985074437.png (1.06 MB, 1200x1804, Character_Eula_Portrait.png)

Or this, or any of the girls from the Japan region. For every 5 genshin women who look like this, they release one conveyor belt anime boy covered head to toe like a nun.

No. 358631

Are they supposed to be the player's avatar? I won't pretend I like the different designs, I personally prefer when they have the same outfit, like robin in fe awakening. But I will agree they are much closer to each other than the others, even if the outfits look different.
I just feel that if we have an game with a self insert avatar, we should be able to customize it. If not their appearance, just let me pick their clothes. Give us options, at least.

No. 358633

Male sex sells too though

No. 358634

File: 1708985266409.png (1.94 MB, 1080x1920, Dori_Card.png)

Not to mention all the lolis dressed like this while they don't even have a male child model after over 3 years. Genshin is smashing sexism for sure.

No. 358635

ok but can you give any other game that has both half naked men and half naked women? it's always just moid fanservice. To be fair the fanservice could also be much, much worse. Compare what you posted to anything from fate and it makes the genshit woman look like some prude nun kek
no, they arent the same, but they are the 2 of the 3 starter characters.

No. 358636

We’re discussing player/mc characters, not the waifu/husbando bait, stay on topic

No. 358640

it's still the same topic. Videogames never treat their male and female characters equally.

No. 358641

File: 1708985692628.jpg (389.44 KB, 1024x768, Character_RoyalGuard.jpg)

KEK i can't believe i got to see RO being mentioned on lolcow. I've played this for more than a decade, and it had so much potential, but it got rekt by Gravity all the way around. The art you posted was still made by Lee (the manhwa author), pretty coomershit, but still good, it only got worse after he stopped working with them. Picrel one of the worst designs they ever made, Royal Guard from the swordsman branch.

No. 358642

File: 1708985694410.jpg (175.9 KB, 977x1269, GDaovrGWQAAuJ2B.jpeg.jpg)

It is. But fans could probably look past it if his face was pretty kek he's like an edgy kfc gijinka. I feel like most issues with ugly male characters stem from the designers or people in charge being moids that aren't attracted to men themselves. Genshin seems to have a lot of female designers, even though their better ideas are usually not used for the final product they influence it a lot

No. 358643

File: 1708986019403.png (417.24 KB, 360x1009, Character_Arataki_Itto.png)

Among gachashit alone: Fate, as much as it triggers you, Arknights, Granblue, Onmyoji, Food Fantasy, Alchemy Stars, PGR, Reverse:1999, Limbus Company, ID:V has a coraline art style but still has man cleavage, etc. and they all have much more overtly fanservicey male designs than anything in genshit. This is legit the most risque male design genshit has to offer and it's the least sexy thing I've ever seen and surprise, surprise: it's on an unpopular joke character made to be as non-threatening as possible. Every claim of male designs being watered down as to not chase off scrotes is pure projection when genshin has one of the most male heavy fanbases among the big mixed gachas.(genshin sperg derailing)

No. 358644

They are truly covered from head to toe, like they are fearful of showing one single pixel of skin and angering the scrotes. That one anon who seethes at genshin genuinely doesnt play games, because this is the level of male design we have to deal with, while the female characters look way more revealing than any of the genshin women she posted.

No. 358646

Stopped reading there i am not listening to a cuck who plays games with semi realistic lolis that look traced from cp just for fully covered ugly scrotes(infighting)

No. 358647

What are your examples of good male design in fate?

No. 358648

NTA and I dont give a rats ass about genshit but I can't believe you dared to list Arknights here when its also a big offender of whatever you guys are arguing about. The men make up only about 20% of the huge ass roster, most of them have shitty gameplay unless its a safe/relatable male character that moids approve of, and every summer event is 99% bikini waifus with maybe ONE bishie half covered.

If you're going to make an argument then don't fucking lie.

No. 358649

dont respond to her she's this retard >>357796
she supports this pedo shit and should not be listened to >>357790 >>357791(infighting)

No. 358650

of course it is

No. 358651

File: 1708986563533.jpg (370.31 KB, 1595x1550, goldkris.jpg)

Yes and no. They're siblings. Whichever one you don't choose becomes the game's villain.
>unpopular joke character
Itto is quite popular. Also you didn't even post the most risque male character, you managed to ignore Cyno.

No. 358653

So how is she supposed to defend herself from damage without any armour?
she will probably come back with another paragraph to sperg about genshin, just report and continue to stay on-topic

No. 358654

you forgot to add that both of those characters are supposed to be 11 years old

No. 358655

File: 1708986810415.jpg (41.15 KB, 408x611, Genshin-Impact-Nahida.jpg)

Arknights, Granblue, Onmyoji, Food Fantasy, Alchemy Stars, PGR, Reverse:1999, Limbus Company, ID:V has a coraline art style but still has man cleavage, etc. and they all have much more overtly fanservicey male designs than anything in genshit. I'm not listening to a cuck that plays it, enjoy having to wade through pictures of your husbando fucking a barefoot lolibaba while you look for your own coom material.

I know that, the point is that genshin isn't any better than any other mixed gacha when it comes to sexism despite how insistent that anon is on it being the only one with muh half naked men. There are like 5 men who aren't completely covered, of those five none are comperable to even the least sexualized female designs, including the ones that had to be censored to comply with the chinese government, the boob physics are insane, and the gender ratio is fucked. That's nothing to brag about.(genshin sperg derailing)

No. 358656

File: 1708986936015.png (484.53 KB, 437x839, 1708445085059688.png)

Agreed, I think they have zero concept of what women like and they dont want to risk upsetting their male playerbase, so they just play it safe and they know women wont kick up a fuss.

No. 358657

File: 1708987053171.png (872.63 KB, 1765x984, reverie.png)

literally none of the gachas she listed have scrotes as revealing as genshin kek she just threw every gacha under the sun hoping it sticks. Pic rel the most revealling reverie female character wearing a fetish bunny suit vs the most revealing male character showing collarbones kek

No. 358658

The crotch zipper is unironically funny.
How is that relevant? They look like young teenagers.

No. 358659

Kek what can I say, I'm an oldfag. RO was my first mmo and I loved it. I liked the designs and his art was actually really nice. The designs were mostly coomery if compared with their male counterparts, but they were still cute. Gravity ruined every single design, they all look like trash in the end and the illustrations looked generic and trashy.

No. 358661

he looks leagues prettier than any of the genshin boys i've seen, idc how much or how little clothes they put on that scuffed model they reuse for every guy. name?

No. 358662

>bird boy
thats…fucking hot

No. 358663

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but are these characters from the same game? They don't look like they would be from the same universe.

No. 358664

KEK how does it get worse the further down you look!? But I doubt they'd care if women made a fuss either way because they aren't the target. If a waifu gacha like that has males it's almost like hitting a diversity quota, they aren't making these characters to cater to a female audience because they don't care about cultivating one. And that's why male characters are usually less rare or useable in-game. But genshin became so widely popular because the gender ratio isn't that bad and the coom isn't as prevalent (at least when the game was released). It's not overly coomery to the point where it would turn normies off and it has males that are appealing enough to keep female players interested though I myself tend to drop the game for months at a time until a new one I like is released. Not to mention that it has a pretty world, simple UI and straight-forward combat. Wuthering Waves, Tower of Fantasy and all the other knock-offs will never have the same appeal and it's not just because of the characters

No. 358665

File: 1708988516210.png (1.45 MB, 1736x1994, rev.png)

yeah they are supposed to be from different decades or something. The game has a good premise but the designs are super lackluster and boring, specially the scrotes. I am so tired of this arknights boring style anyways i noticed the guys never have any hair color that isnt brown/grey/white, they are so sad looking

No. 358669

File: 1708989132159.png (167.57 KB, 360x540, APPLe.png)

I remember when this game came out and people made thirst posts about this guy and the living armor gloves because there were no other males or something? But the style is insanely boring and I don't like that they have so many different artists. It's always so jarring to see two characters that look like they should be in different medias interact

No. 358671

>people made thirst posts about this guy
>its an apple
I'm cracking up

No. 358672

File: 1708989422015.jpeg (61.87 KB, 715x429, images.jpeg)

Reverse 1999s art style and character design can be a hit or miss sometimes and sometimes down right infuriating as in the thembie and that one "healer" child but there are some good designs in it I really love the current events sure they take liberties with the eras they're portraying but it's supposed to be a alternative world anyways.its not everyone's cup of tea but I quite like it

No. 358674

i dont know, i know everyone has tastes and all but they are all so boring to me and i cant really get past gachas that have big titty skimpy women and fully clothes boring moids anymore

No. 358688

File: 1708993830014.png (797 KB, 1024x931, jobinfo_sc.png)

We all know armour is only meant for the weak sex, female characters can protect themselves and fight with the power of girlboss alone.

Oh, sorry anon, it's so rare to meet someone that knows RO that i assumed you got the image randomly. I second everything you said, his art was full of personality and he was actually very skilled, i will never forget how i fell in love with his gypsy artwork back in it's glory days. And agreed. They "tried" to fix the disgusting over the top coomery designs when they designed the 4th jobs, but most of them ended up looking like shit anyways. Gotta love how emo and badass male shadow cross looks vs female shadow cross looking like a fucking stripper. Picrel.

No. 358705

Same, I used to be so tolerant of that stuff back when mobile games were newer things but seeing how nothing improves or the female audience are a mere afterthought for most of these games, I stopped engaging with waifushit completely.

No. 358707

Same. I am hoping someday we get all-male gachas that aren't rhytmn games or have terrible gameplay like twist wonderland. I would be such a whale for an arknight type game with cute boys.

No. 358718

File: 1709003176119.gif (Spoiler Image,68.33 KB, 250x250, 1000006510.gif)

I miss RO so much, I can't stand how generic and overdesigned the classes got over the years. A small off-topic sperg about RO, my issue with how the jobs evolved, was that they stopped having a distinct silhouette. The first few jobs are easily recognizable and fit within their categories, dancer/gypsy look close and are easily recognizable, but once you got to trouvere, she is just another character in a dress.
Back to the topic, even just being a game with pixel characters, while most of them were fine and had very cool designs, it always felt weird to see monsters like picrel. It was soo obviously porny. We had a few male monsters sexualized, but I don't think there was the same ammount and intensity as with the female ones.

No. 358719

Holy shit i though this was a porn game. What the fuck is this supposed to be if not a huge bug fucking a girl? I am glad that my favourite games arent sexualized, i dont even care the sexualization that much if not for the obvious double standars.

No. 358722

File: 1709005432504.jpg (1.46 MB, 1411x6454, Screenshot_My torment as a gam…)

Another documentation and small snapshot of how men perpetrate virtual terrorism onto women and try their damnedest to push women out of the hobby. The comments are predictably filled with the usual suspects. The gist of it is that every time she plays as a female avatar in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, her avatar, and by extension herself, gets virtually gang-raped or otherwise virtually sexually assaulted by male players.
Many male excusers:
>gosh, boys used to have physical outlets for their sexual aggression. now they're just so much worse and videogames serve as a poor way way for them to "let off steam". let me pretend males haven't always been sexual terrorists.
>AkUaLlY www.somebullshit.com/why-we-need-the-patriarchy, patriarchy good because it didn't hurt women, it's real purpose was to curb the worst of men's behaviour
>why doesn't she just stop playing?
>muh male suicide rate
Multiple commentators solely pissed about how Gamergate was described in a couple of throwaway lines
One guy confirming men are trash at their core:
>There is a weird irony here – murder, theft, lawlessness are all fine in the game for the author it seems – she is happy to kill and rob her way through the story line etc, but for some reason gendered crimes are beyond the pale? To be clear, I’m not advocating for the latter – I think the author actually has a point. It’s just odd that only a specific type of criminality is perceived as a problem in a Wild West scenario, rather than, you know, the whole premise of the game being open to the fostering of human beings’ worst inclinations.
And another, note the quick change to "people" rather than "men":
>““In a world where players can do exactly as they want, why do men keep choosing to rape?”
>The naivete of the writer’s question made me feel pity for her. Why do people put themselves and their desires before other people’s well-being? Why do people like to have power over others? Why, indeed, do people do bad things?
And finally, someone simply saying "thank you for this article" with a ratio of +11/-21

No. 358723

>The gist of it is that every time she plays as a female avatar in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, her avatar, and by extension herself, gets virtually gang-raped or otherwise virtually sexually assaulted by male players
what kek you can do that in red dead online? i never played it because i hate online games but now i will just to yaoi'd scrote's avatars

No. 358724

>They stab you, they shoot you, they bind you in ropes and carry your hogtied, still writhing body on the back of their horse. They dump you in abandoned houses, where they take turns to jump on you — the closest simulation of rape the system will allow. Someone called Messi69 will “emote” by spitting at your body. On the voice chat, or in your message inbox, you will be told they can find you, that they will rape and kill you, that you’re a whore.

No. 358727

i wish mods let us run gayops like in 4chin i want to do this to moids

No. 358757

You can but people do this to each other generally, there's no penalty for dying so people engage in this kind of stuff for shits and giggles. I do have to say RDO community is very peaceful though, generally there's mutual respect when people are doing their dailies and they don't disturb each other even though pvp is possible at all times. Sometimes hackers appear because rockstar completely abandoned rdo and they're the ones that would do what she described, but frankly I never noticed them targeting female players more. I experienced way more weird sexism in gtav online (fivem that is, never played actual gtao).

No. 358815

>all-male gachas that aren't rhytmn games or have terrible gameplay like twist wonderland
Its funny how every joseimuke to come out of japan is always the same braindead gameplay. Its borderline insulting. Also funny that you mention AK because that’s the game that made me realize how unfair these gachas are. I loved the TD gameplay and pretty much every aspect of the game except for the fact that there was 1 male for every 5 waifus, and those men were rarely that pandering, meta (besides the token 1 to shut us up) and rarely had interesting/unique kits. I could sperg about AK all day kek especially because it tries to market itself as not being like other weeb gachas but its really no different.

No. 359019

File: 1709135392432.png (1.63 MB, 896x892, IMG_4073.png)

Metal Slug

No. 359033

I asked this before, but why is shit from the 90's seemingly more progressive then stuff we have today?

No. 359034

Feminism hadn't yet been completely gutted like it has today and gender roles were less strict in terms of appearance at least. Also troonism wasn't a major issue back then

No. 359071

Oh wow the Fio character, what a downgrade from unique woman to kawaii AI girl.

No. 359091

soul vs soulless

No. 359139

i will never forgive what the gayming industry did to fio and king

No. 359229

Back then the people making video games were actual nerds who used to be quite egalitarian in their ways and actually had a lot of unsung female developers amidst their ranks. It wasn't until video games became more mainstream creating the gamerbro culture that started in the mid 00's and was amplified by the culture wars in the mid 10's that misogyny and overexaggerated sex appeal became the industry standard. In other words, troglodyte normies ruined everything yet again.

No. 359236

File: 1709197746289.jpg (98.49 KB, 612x516, kue8e6000001t8cq.jpg)

NTA and another RO oldfag here and
>That female shadow cross
Actual strippercore, jesus christ that's awful and I can't believe they went back to this bullshit. I think all of the 4th jobs look like overdesigned trash though and the 3rd jobs were coomery and ugly as hell, ironically enough the Japanese server redesigns they were given improved upon the issue a lot (compare picrel with >>358641 , it's the same job class). Revisiting all of the job designs I really had forgotten how sexualized the female costumes were since it's been a while. Looking at the female kRO Royal Guard is like being punched in the face, that looks so fucking goofy next to the male design walking around looking like the tin man kek.

Hey, at least you got to actually see Maya instead of pointlessly trying to wander Ant hell waiting for her respawn only to see some champion asshole asura strike her in a microsecond. I'm sorry

No. 359237

File: 1709197960017.gif (Spoiler Image,25.53 KB, 133x171, 1289.gif)

That monster did have this male version though which was the exact same design with a bishounen naked male in the same position instead of the girl so eh, the scales have been leveled in that regard.

No. 359238

he doesnt have a cock bouncing animation though.

No. 359269

>"exact same design"
>"scales have been leveled"
Be honest with yourself. The male sprite has a completely different facial expression and limb positions, and it's blatantly less animated than the female sprite.

No. 359272

Seconding the other anon, his dick should’ve been bouncing

No. 359361

The male character has baggy shorts that reach to his knee and the female character has tight shorts that end at her upper thigh. Even at their most gender equal, there’s always some excuse to make the female character show more skin or have tighter clothing. It’s miles better than the other stuff posted in the thread though. Unfortunately the Crystal characters just represent a real life trend of girls clothing being skimpier/tighter. Some of these characters like >>358641 don’t even look like they belong to the same class. Designers (including female designers) will never stop succumbing to the urge to make the female characters cute/sexy.

No. 360189

Kek she used to teleport too, so even when you spotted her, you had to kill her super fast.
It's completely different, look again. She has her arms back, bouncing tits and eyes closed and the bugs arms are touching her. He is just standing up being held by the bug with eyes open. It's completely different vibes and you know it. Btw they clearly just slapped some other sprites parts to form the male counterpart. It's even more clear if you look up his dying sprites, they are the same from the female maya's death. I liked RO and I don't think Maya represents most of the game, but we can't turn a blind eye to when a male dev gets to sneak in his bug fucking fetish and nobody even said anything back then. Besides purple maya, we had the dickless naked guy in the dungeon with that domminatrix esque monster, then I can't remember many sexualized males. Females we got a bunch. Marionette flashed her panties, isis had boucing boobs and so on. They don't represent most of the game, but it's still dumb to include all that.

No. 361004

File: 1709947838996.jpg (426.07 KB, 1536x2048, GIGYKuHX0AAKLne.jpg)

No. 361008

Not to ruin the meme but internal ages for Engage are inaccurate and both of the charas at the bottom are probably older than that.

No. 361023

>None of the guys are in sexualized positions
>Majority of the girls are

No. 361025

Not only sexualized positions. Some of them get naked while none of the guys loses any piece of clothing.

No. 361129

Well, at least Rachel, Makoto, Platinum, Kokonoe, and Celica aren't objectified. But some of the others are disgusting. I hate how they are too cowardly to sexualize the male characters in Blazblue, another reason why Guilty Gear is superior.

No. 361153

File: 1710014426236.png (1.77 MB, 1516x692, DQB2Babs.png)

I picked up Dragon Quest Builders 2 after a break. I just did the storyline of Khrumbul-Dun. On this desert mining island there is only one woman character, Babs, for 60% of the storyline who is the daughter of the man who owned the town bar and all the male characters are creepily obsessed with her. Throughout the story they beg her to run off with them and dance for them. The males ask you as the builder to build rooms for Babs to change in and a personal neonlight showgirl sign like she's on the Las Vegas strip that says Babs. As you progress through the story, Babs changes clothing progressively and does basically reward the miners with dances. The last 40% of the storyline a couple more women join the town. One is important that you find in the mines and the other women show up as the town grows. Of course those women arrive wearing bunny costumes. The have no lines no important lines and basically just work at the three bars you build for the town. The other important woman you find in the mines is old and they eventually dress her up in the bunny costume as kind of a joke "Like look at this crazy old woman in a bunny costume". Back to Babs all the male characters say you are rivals for Babs' affections despite her not showing interest in anyone nor any flirting and I also play the female builder so I don't know if she speaks any different to the male builder. At the end of the storyline of the island she almost decides to not comeback to the Builder's personal island as a way to keep the spirits of Krumbul-Dun high despite clearly wanting to leave until the town golem we had to sacrifice to save Bab's life (the golem was also creepily in love with her and expressed wanting to marry her) gives his blessing for her to leave. I've attached pictures of her "transformations"
>what in the Metamorphosis

No. 361155

Oh also I thought of it but forgot to add it in. The miners at one time ask for a relaxation room, after the girls were added to the town anytime I would go look it was the girls giving massages so it was super weird. and one of the characters wanted a big shower room with windows

No. 361157

The fuck? Isn't this a kid's game?

No. 361191

'puff puff' has been a thing in Dragon Quest since the beginning I'm pretty sure.

No. 361239

fortunately its not super sexualized dancing beside the implication of all the men being obsessed with her in DQB2 but of course during her big dancing scene they put a little boob jiggle on her chibi body

No. 361259

File: 1710049433172.png (76.24 KB, 761x413, SMT_Incubus_Succubus.png)

>ugly gremlin with long erection

>beautiful enticing lady

Why can't have both of them be attractive or just gremlins?

No. 361261

We can't have men be sexy, otherwise a small fraction of men might question their sexuality, or worse yet, icky girls might play the games! Incredible how the Zelda games managed to accumulate a huge female following by just… having an attractive male lead and being fun games to play. Go figure.

No. 361272

File: 1710053943549.png (4.27 KB, 112x98, Incubus.PNG.png)

>A male demon of popular European folklore during the medieval ages and the male counterpart to the succubus. They are known to visit women in their sleep and have sex with them, bringing about horrendous nightmares. The offspring born from these incidents are said to later become witches and wizards.
- sh2 bio
Incubus is interpreted as a creepy rape demom, a demon who impregnates sleeping women and gives them nightmares moreso than a seducer, while succubus is a wet dream demon who steals mens' semen, which is then given to the incubi to impregnate human women.

There was a hotter incubus design in majin tensei 2, but I don't think it was used after.

>the Zelda games managed to accumulate a huge female following by just… having an attractive male lead and being fun games to play
So did SMT, they've always had more female players than male players because of their bishie protagonists, antagonists, and demons

No. 361278

File: 1710058849473.png (703.33 KB, 988x1742, Narcissus_Dx2.png)

Tbf they probably just wanted the incubus to look like a gremlin because they're supposed to be creepy. Even if they're not on the same level of coom as the female ones, there are a lot of smt designs that are beautiful men. Smt and persona games have a big female audience.

No. 361282

File: 1710060430855.jpeg (66.44 KB, 600x596, IMG_9740.jpeg)

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed this. AT LEAST they can make decently cute male protags.

No. 361283

is that supposed to be an example of a beautiful man? it has no ass

No. 361285

>design is from 1997
You're just being contrarian now

No. 361295

She wants him to have a BBL.

No. 361296

as he should

No. 361315

No, he's not a fucking tranny or an effemminate faggot. It's a beautiful man.

No. 361319

It's permitted for a man to have no ass as long as he has broad shoulders and a skinny waist.

No. 361358

This is such a pretty design that deserves to be in 3D, and his ass looks normal for a slim man you weirdos.

No. 361626

Yeah a big female audience they constantly disrespect. Despite introducing a female player option for persona in 2009 they have proceeded to never do this again, doubling down with their decision by excluding the femc from reload. Akechi in P5 is obviously some degree of fujo bait, but they don't even have the respect for their female audience to have options to make it anything more than bait. SMT doesn't have dating mechanics so imo the female audience is reasonable, but it is insane to me that Persona has such a large female audience despite having exclusively playing as a guy romancing girls dating mechanics. Women have to settle for such disrespect, men would never be playing any game that so blatantly didn't want to publicly recognize them as an audience. Atlus only wants to pander to women in the most subtle, imperceptible to their male players, ways

No. 362073

File: 1710260335268.jpg (174.62 KB, 850x601, sample_73f67b051ab8bd7513fe775…)

The artist (wada arco) is a woman and the final boss of dicksucking pickmes. Just look at the difference between how she draws men and women. Imagine hating yourself this much

No. 362083

>the final boss of dicksucking pickmes
If you think this is remotely close to as bad as it gets for female japanese artists you're in for a rude awakening

No. 362087

Unfortunately i am well aware, i used her as an example since she's more prolific in the industry. I wish japanese women were as based as korean and chinese ones and not just doormat pickmes.

No. 362090

Chinese ones aren't better about it. Coomerism isn't able to get as wildly out of hand in China because of how strict their media is, they walk the line as best they can. But Korean women are based, they're too busy mass producing BL and hating men to pander to them.

No. 362094

File: 1710267898584.jpg (584.91 KB, 1080x1501, MegatenProtags.jpg)

I found this chart of Megaten protagonists, and only 6(the circled ones) out of the 32 shown here are female.
Maya in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is the only mandatory female MC. The others are female alternatives to the male MC and Aegis is the post-game protagonist in P3.

I understand they stick to male MCs for the Persona games now because of the social sim stuff, but why don't they let you be a woman in the other Megaten games? The Mcs gender is completely irrelevant in most SMT games, so why don't they give us the option?

No. 362095

you didn't include Sera

No. 362096

You missed Sera, she's mandatory too.

No. 362097

File: 1710268383124.jpg (48.08 KB, 714x776, E38-_7xVkAIv_jL.jpg)

>reverse trapped by dds2's Sera/Seraph, the coolest looking megaten protag in existence
there's also dx2 where you can choose between male and female. they've said many times they make hot male protagonists to appeal to both women and men at the same time. a lot of these protagonists are actual characters and yes, their sex almost always matters enough that adding a female equivalent would be more trouble than it's worth.

No. 362098

samefagging to add to this, it's also the exact same thing nintendo does with zelda. they too have gone on record saying they keep link a bishie to make him both more appealing and more relatable to female players.

No. 362099

Female version of demifiend would be so dope

No. 362112

Im not gonna lie I like how she framed the protagonists as looking like chads at the beach with their harems despite that.

No. 362123

while I'd certainly be happy with more female protagonists in smt games in general, the social sim aspect of persona is exactly the reason they SHOULD be letting you pick who you play as. Persona stands out at this point for being a game with a sizeable female audience with romance mechanics that still exclusively cater to their male audience. Many farming sims with romance mechanics have always let players choose their protagonist, rune factory began letting you play as a girl in 4 and added the option for gay romance in 5, and fire emblem allowed players to choose a male or female protagonist when they introduced romance mechanics, additionally having some characters be bi and romanceable whichever protag you pick. I don't particularly care about whether a video game protagonist is male or female if they are their own character and not meant to be a self insert or proxy for "you", but if a game with a sizeable female audience only allows for a male playable self-insert, they ought to at least have the respect to their female playerbase to give you the option for him to be gay. No otome game companies are saying their games also appeal to guys "because the protagonist is pretty", we're all just used to women getting the short end of the gaming market stick so the reverse sounds like a reasonable argument when it absolutely is not

No. 362144

I was pretty upset when they said there won't be femc on reload. It's not just about the mc being a woman, it's about the romance with the male characters. Maybe if we had m/m options it would bother me less.

No. 362148

File: 1710282262258.jpg (504.37 KB, 1348x900, GCW95IobAAEgcig.jpg)

I have the opposite opinion of you to be honest. I like dungeon crawlers but I don't like dating sims or the general style of the new Persona games.
Given the choice, I'd be fine with just moids getting pandered to by the Persona games if it meant women got more pandering from all the other SMT games.

No. 362168

same and based pic but smt is long past its kaneko glory days… I don't feel much for nusmt, I just wish the old games had more active fandoms because the yaoi peaked in those.

No. 362171

Im one of the ayrt and I can't stand current persona games, p5 is unplayable to me, but since I played p3 when I was younger I feel bad for the loss of femc on the remake. My younger self really liked having that option at the time. I'm sure others would have also liked to play as a femc on the recent persona games. If your suggestion was a choice I would pick it as well kek, I prefer the games without dating simulators now, but I wanted to play p3 as femc just for the nostalgia. It's kinda frustrating to be happy with crumbs in this media.

No. 362197

File: 1710302105835.jpg (141.62 KB, 1107x817, kHOjSTM.jpg)

since scrotes are starting round two of gamer gate I hope all the game dev nonnies are doing well. I know a lot female game devs tend to be libfems genderspecials. But they still make a lot of games that are undeniably female gazey which pisses off scrotes. Keep supporting female game devs and female catering games.
What are nonnies thoughts of Coral Island? The actual game is unfinished and still updating but I like that they offer a good amount of male + female love interests. My only criticism is that they have unconvential male love interests while ugly women are pratically non existant. It's by Thai/SEA game devs.

No. 362199

i hate how people are downplaying this shit, even if it wasn't physically attacked she was still verbally sexually harassed.

No. 362229

>I understand they stick to male MCs for the Persona games now because of the social sim stuff
What does this even mean? This makes no sense at all. It should be the other way around: since these games are social sims they need to cater to their big female audience and have an option to play as femmc.

No. 362231

nta but since women already like social sim aspect in video games they'll buy Persona either way, while they have to make more efforts to make men interested in Persona. So that anon's point makes sense to me.

No. 362249

why do all the moids except one have facial hair? wtf so gross

No. 362250

I despise this corny disney art style ew and there are way too many love interests for this to not be a painfully hollow experience. Why is it that only japan, china, and korea get dating sims right? Their declining birth rates?

No. 362253

Japanese/Korean devs make their love interest unrealistic for a reason. I genuinely have no idea why anyone would buy a dating sim just to date the disneyfied version of the average looking 3DPD moid. At least the women are idealized in an unrealistic way, the moids just look like gross 3DPDs.

No. 362293

>the only slightly unconventional woman just has a bad angle
I hate that so many of the guys are literal uggos, while the women are all models. I know it’s accurate to real life, but games are meant to unrealistic damnit

No. 362325

NTA but moids love their dating sim shit in persona, the women who play persona anyway are playing for the combat or story because they are not catering to women in any of the ways they could. Why the fuck are so many anons in the sexism and videogames thread of all places handwaving Atlus's sexist treatment of their playerbase with all of these "I don't care" and "I understand why they do it". If you don't care about SEXISM in VIDEOGAMES then why are you here? Like yes, Atlus doesn't care about doing anything women in particular would like, because they'll buy their shit anyway because women are used to dregs and don't expect to be catered to. You can take most any point about any game made in this thread and say basically the same about it, "the women who play their game will play regardless of moid pandering but men have lots of games to choose from so they need the pandering to pick this one." The point of the thread is that women deserve better than dregs and ought to be considered

No. 362350

where is the blonde russian among tentacles from? asking for a friend

No. 362365

>NTA but moids love their dating sim shit in persona
My point was that they like it as it is and if Atlus pandered to women the exact same way they pander to men currently, men wouldn't give a fuck about these games and wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, unless they're shotacons who want to date Ken I guess.

>the women who play persona anyway are playing for the combat or story because they are not catering to women in any of the ways they could

Yeah no shit, that's so obvious I didn't even feel the need to state it, especially considering that the mainline games are very popular with women and don't have dating sim elements. I didn't excuse it, I just explained it from a marketing point of view, and you basically got upset while… repeating my point.

>Atlus doesn't care about doing anything women in particular would like

They do but in other games. They picked Catherine and gave us a yaoi route in its updated release because they know that plenty of the women who like Atlus games are fujoshi. SMT5 intro and tutorial battle are a retelling of the myth of Susanoo rescuing Kushinada before marrying her, but if Kushinada was a young man instead of a princess. I don't expect shit like this from an eventual Persona 6.

No. 362366

Agreed the fact that Atlus had multiple adult love interests for a teen character (in a game where the first villain preys on teenage girls). But only had one implied yaoi storyline cause they're too scared of scrotes freaking out. And it wasn't even with Akechi. Women need to stop accepting the absolute bare minimum.
While scrotes are praising stellar blade for appealing to their horniness women are trying to pass off men in suits or tumblr sexyman ugly designs as hot or "female gaze".
If we've accepted that scrotes want the average female character to look like a porn actress then it's time to stop accepting mediocrity when it comes to pandering to women.

No. 362378

This. Tbh as a longtime SMT and Persona fan, femcfags are an annoying minority among the female players and I'd rather see them go back to actual otome. I don't want to see the series turn into modern fire emblem. They're not the ones who make moids seethe, that would be fujos gayifying their precious broships. Western male weebs hate it but with how well P5 did in the west, it really is to be expected that Atlus would want to tread lightly with them. If that weren't the case, maybe I'd be more bothered by it.

No. 362395

I wish more girls played fighting games but it really is one of the worst communities so I get it.

No. 362401

ntayrt but it came off like you were saying like the game has to actively try to appeal to men otherwise they wouldn't be interested in it when these games are designed from ground up for men and they add bishonen boys and fujobait to appeal to female fans. Obviously men don't give a fuck about male romance options but it's not going to hurt game sales to add a female protagonist. If that was the case then games like Fire Emblem wouldn't have a male fanbase or sell well. And yes, most MegaTen games have some type of fujobait including mainline persona but it's always so softly teased because male fans hate it and female MT fans lick up any scraps they are given. Off the top of my head, the only examples of MT games being sincere with fujobait is Persona 2, a one-off event in dx2, and Full Body like you said. (If you count Catherine as an MT game and even then Rin is a "Femboy" which appeals to men as well)

I think it's disingenuous to say that feMCfags are a minority of female players, but maybe I'm biased. Most female fans that I have met, oldfag or newfag, want another female protagonist even if they're not as vocal about it. I'm not going to count Maya or Aigis as they're already established characters and P2 is completely different from modern Persona, but from a narrative perspective P3P's FeMC had a lot of interesting social links that I found to be more compelling then the male counterparts. (There are some narrative flaws as well but p3p was made with sticks and tape) I wouldn't call myself an oldfag, but I've been a fan of the franchise for over a decade now, since before p4g's release. I don't expect to have a feMC anymore from mainline anymore but it's incredible frustratingly to be blown off over re's lack of feMC. Why is it that men get to have their self insert character and that's treated as the default but when women want them they're annoying otomefags that don't actually play or care about the Megami Tensei franchise? We don't even have any male romance options, despite Ryoji and MC being a popular pairing since the game came out in 2006.

No. 362411

I got upset with your stupid "moids won't like it" faggotry because it applies to everything we want in this thread being discussed, you're the one that felt the need to state the obvious, coming across as some happy trash eater feeling the need to tell me and other women not to desire or expect any better bc oh nooo the moids won't like it. Also with the femc thing you're literally wrong, since as has been pointed out, fire emblem has been doing fine with this. And kek, yeah Rin, the "draw a girl call it a boy" trap was TOTALLY for fujos and not the huge audience of moids who love that kind of shit.
why do femcfags have to go back to otome when moids get to continue to have their dating sim shit? At least say you want to remove the dating sim shit from the game entirely. How is it turning into modern fire emblem literally any worse than it already is? Not sure why you're so defeatist about any fujo possibilities that I guess you feel like yumes ought to be thrown under the bus too. Fire emblem may not let you be gay with everyone but they still have some options, I know three houses didn't really have any good ones but Niles from fates was plenty popular

No. 362413

>Why is it that men get to have their self insert character and that's treated as the default
I hate the moids who're really into the dating aspect of persona even more and think they deserve to be bullied for being yumes as grown adult males. Those men are the single worst part of the fandom by far so the idea of their female counterpart becoming more prevalent doesn't sound pleasant in the slightest. I lean more towards [men deserve less] than [women deserve more] on this matter.

No. 362414

File: 1710372395045.jpg (163.97 KB, 1024x768, Crusader.full.637733.jpg)

I find it funny that RO is being posted here because I think it has some of the best and worst examples of female character design. Female Crusader has always been one of my favorite female armor-type designs. She looks really cool and arguably better than the man without being sexualized at all.

No. 362415

File: 1710372728702.png (517.94 KB, 1024x768, Character_Paladin.png)

Samefag, and then they killed it by making paladin (the advanced version of this job) the ugliest job design I've ever seen.

No. 362416

Ben is literally XQC

No. 362422

File: 1710374469309.png (73 KB, 191x311, Screenshot 2024-03-14 010300.p…)

>The Mcs gender is completely irrelevant in most SMT games, so why don't they give us the option?
The thing is, the sex of the MC should not be irrelevant in a good SMT game. Since the beginning of the series, the male MC played the role of the archetypal man, like Adam, Osiris or Izanagi, while the heroine by his side played the role of the archetypal woman, like Eve, Isis or Izanami. Usually the heroine is also a reincarnated goddess (tends to be Amaterasu) or something just as important for the plot.
The only classic Atlus titles that let you pick the protagonist's sex are actually the ones where this duality between a male hero and a female goddess is not present.
Even the more casual titles that exist outside the more mythological backgrounds tend to give focus to a male experience instead of a female one so simply switching pronouns wouldn't be enough.

So in an ideal world there should be a SMT game where you play as a heroine should be built around the archetypal woman in the myths of the world. It shouldn't leave space to a male MC at all because it would go against the theme of the game. It would be interesting af to play the role of a silent protagonist who must choose to reincarnate as a different goddess depending on the route she picks, for example.

Also picrel is a woman and she fuses with the male MC to become an actually androgynous being. IDK I never played Digital Devil Saga but I thought that was interesting.

No. 362423

summer events in gachas are so funny to me because the male characters are always covered up but if you go to an actual beach irl dudes are always in nothing but their trunks. How fucking insecure do you have to be about hot anime boys in trunks that you need to consistently put on a shirt or longer shorts on them? This applies to several games too, not just fate

No. 362424

I always got the impression wada arco is either a lesbian or a huge pickme. Here the male MC looks like he's posing with his bros while the female MC seems to actually have a harem of gacha girls… .so I'm leaning more towards lesbian. She also drew some sexual art of Tamamo being touched by the female mc and the female mc looked self-inserty instead of coom.

Still don't like her though.

No. 362425

Because they're fujos who are used to eating literal scrap and shit off the floor and coverting that into delusional fanart. Case in point >>362378

No. 362427

Me too. I play at conventions sometimes and it's always so fucking cancerous

No. 362428

>So in an ideal world there should be a SMT game where you play as a heroine should be built around the archetypal woman in the myths of the world. It shouldn't leave space to a male MC at all because it would go against the theme of the game. It would be interesting af to play the role of a silent protagonist who must choose to reincarnate as a different goddess depending on the route she picks, for example.
Thay would be actually quite dope.

No. 362431

>self inserts as an anime character to pretend she's in a romantic relationship with other anime character
>most of the time the characters are from series with no romance or self insert pandering to begin with
>nickname for people who do this literally means delusional
>hates fujos for being delusional
But it's only a sexism problem when you don't get pandered to enough. No self awareness. It's bad enough when the scrotes act like this.

No. 362433

All of the prior posts about Atlus' sexism very much included their lack of proper pandering towards fujos, you were just dismissive of all of those posts because ig you don't even want them to pander to you. But kek how terrible, a yume is being rude to you because you openly said you don't like them

No. 362436

Based and correct. This isn’t the vidya thread, it’s the sexism in videogames thread. Not the “everything is fine and should stay the same because I don’t care” thread. Women are half the population, and majority kek.

No. 362438

Are we going to have the same suit/revealing clothes infight again? Women want different things and deserve to have different options. Men have the whole fucking media available to them. We shouldn't argue about what the scraps of pandering we receive should be, more like how stupid it is that we have to be content with scraps to begin with. There's never going to be a perfect game that fits all women's taste. It's the lack of options for women that gets us stuck in this argument.

No. 362443

File: 1710383697196.jpg (105.3 KB, 629x1510, Tamaki.jpg)

I know that's a thing in quite a few of the games, but there's just as many exceptions. The story of SMT3 would be exactly the same if the demifiend was a woman. Same with SMT: Strange Journey, SMT2, and SMTV. Those games have no excuse not to have a Female option.
>the women who play persona anyway are playing for the combat or story> If this were true wouldn't there be more women playing other Megami Tensei games besides Persona? Most women I've seen online are more into Persona than SMT, though maybe that's just because Persona is more mainstream.

No. 362449

>The story of SMT3 would be exactly the same if the demifiend was a woman. Same with SMT: Strange Journey, SMT2, and SMTV. Those games have no excuse not to have a Female option
have you actually played any of these games or are you the anon who didn't know sera was a girl? I don't know understand why these games made in the 90s - early 2000s by a weirdo who, at the time, was frolicking around dressed like neo from the matrix need an excuse to not have a choose-your-mc's gender feature like it's pokemon or how it's sexist that they didn't. they already had no shortage of strong female characters which is more than most games from that era and even today can say, and again, they keep the protagonists as prettyboy eyecandy the same way nintendo does with link specifically to appeal to women. that's what their female players have come to want more than a female option.

No. 362452

>that's what their female players have come to want more than a female option.
There are tons of female players that want a female MC and some of them post in this thread. You don't speak for everyone. Just because you don't want it doesn't mean other women don't. It sounds like gamergate shit.

No. 362457

I agree with the rest, but the MC from SMT2 is supposed to be a Jesus analogy so it would be a bit strange for him in particular to get a sex switch.

No. 362459

>You don't speak for everyone
neither do you, nonita. you're the one who sounds totally out of touch with what female smt fans want and with the series as a whole, like you're looking for something to be mad about above all. the sex of the mc is often relevant in not just the plot but everything from hundreds of lines worth of unique demon negotiation dialogue to their occupations and their roles in relationships with other characters. they're not just self inserts, they go on to be reoccurring characters throughout the whole series and which mc was chosen would only create more drama. I'd say all that alone makes a good enough excuse, but on top of it most of the games you're yelling about came out 20-30 years ago.


my eyes just rolled so far into the back of my head

No. 362464

Wasn't even the anon, just pointing out you're pretending everyone wants what you want and if they don't they aren't a real fan the same way gamergate fag men do. This is the sexism in videogames thread and are complaining anons are talking about sexism in videogames. You're literally infighting because anon wants something you don't and talks about it in the thread dedicated to it.

No. 362467

nice 3 pointless additions. next time you have no idea what a post is talking about, you should try to stop yourself from replying to it or announce that you don't to the poster right off the bat so they know to ignore you. it's not sexist for a game whose protagonist's sex is relevant to the game in some way to not have an option to change it.

No. 362471

Lot of the games wouldn't change at all if the MC was female, their just devil summoning RPGs. Even the jesus stuff would be fine because it's a fantasy story, so why can't the messiah character be female? Makes no sense to be against it other than just not liking yume stuff and seeing it being added as a threat to fandom content when it doesn't change much as we've seen where female MCs have been added.

No. 362490

I hate this modern Disney-esque sameface art style so much that I can't find any of them attractive. They look boring and normie level anyway.

This, how come there are multiple dainty women but no beautiful bishounen characters?

No. 362491

>(wada arco) is a woman and the final boss of dicksucking pickmes.
I'm laughing and crying at this description anon it's too real but also depressing. She has one of the most influential jobs you could think of making Fate characters yet she chooses to create uninspired ugly women in bikini while the male ones walk around in a burqa.

Anon don't be stupid, do you really think straight women don't draw coomershit all the time? I swear people are overdosing so hard on copium thinking that pickme artists are ackshually lesbians because they draw moidgaze women and not poisoned by a male-dominated environment.

No. 362493

It is an interesting concept to think about.

No. 362503

How aren’t they embarrassed at this shit

No. 362513

But anon, it would change my fujo fantasies with the bishie male mc! You cant take that away from me just so women can have more options in gaming!

No. 362540

File: 1710431992659.jpg (2.75 MB, 1600x900, Full-Cast-2.jpg)

I don't know why anyone cares about the sex of the next protagonist of a series 1. they don't play and 2. if they did play, they'd know has been garbage since 2013, around the time Kaneko left, and will never recover because the new team has no creative direction and has chosen to go down the corporate route of becoming watered down Fate/Persona. Persona's protagonist, whatever, but SMT has been cooked. There was just a female MC in SH2 that I see no one has brought up yet because the game was dogshit and she was a horrible character. Are you willing to buy a bad game just because you can play as a girl in it?

Moreover, do self-insertfags hate every game that doesn't have a self-insert MC or female MC they can ignore the character development of and pretend is them? There isn't even any romance in these games, and it's not just fujoshits who enjoy cute boy MCs. In fact, the only other people I've ever seen feel entitled to it like this are trannies, it's not something the female players are clamoring for and they don't care when it does happen. The sex of the MC matters in every game with the mechanic that allows you to talk to demons, aka most of them.

No. 362549

Yeah for protagonists who are their own full-fledged characters I don't particularly care. Games that have a silent self insert protagonist with no female option do feel like there's an implication of "we didn't make this game for girls" to me though. Even then however, it doesn't especially bother me unless there's romance, and it wouldn't bother me as much if they alternatively chose to throw a bone to their female audience with gay romance. This is why the state of Persona feels so offensive to me, but I don't really have a problem with any other Atlus titles

No. 362555

File: 1710437180777.png (165.59 KB, 250x278, New_Danganronpa_V3_cover.png)

Anyone else not a fan of how the only mainline Danganronpa game (yes I know about the despair girls spin off) that advertised a female protagonist actually ended up immediately fridging her for the sake of the character development of the real sadboi male protagonist who she was the waifu of. I don't even particularly care that Shuichi was the protagonist, just not a fan of how "you didn't REALLY think that girl was the real protagonist" using Kaede for the bait and switch felt. Maybe I'm being schizo, but it did make me wonder if the scrotes behinds danganronpa weren't very happy with how popular of a series it is with women, especially since the ending of V3 is basically a direct meta response to the fanbase

No. 362564

danganronpa is a fujoshi series, it was never for yumes to begin with so it’s pretty reasonable that they switched to Saihara

No. 362566

I don't know, I thought it made for an interesting twist because I really didn't expect her to die. Shuichi was fine because he's such an inoffensive NPC most of the time and he's not ugly so I had no issue looking at him kek

No. 362578

I guess I just would have preferred it happen to a male character, like if Shuichi had some male bestie he was close to and could be emo about instead of playing the trope the usual way

No. 362584

Agreed. Also If I play a male mc and it has 1 or 2 bimbo waifus hitting on him, even if he’s merely dense/autistic or the game doesnt take it further, I still hate it. Dont care if he’s a cute bishie when I still have to sit through this moidbait garbage.

No. 362777

Take your meds(infighting)

No. 362779

>If you want a female MC in games you must not be a real fan/play them.
This is very nlog.(infighting)

No. 362833

>t. isn't a fan/doesn't play the games but feels like their opinion is always valid and needs to be heard
This is very libfem cluster b.(infighting)

No. 362837

Just because I want female Mcs doesn’t mean I don’t play the games. This is bait.

No. 363319

File: 1710695013925.jpg (53.18 KB, 645x475, images_18.jpg)

>This is from an otome game
Goddamn imagine if the male protagonist dressed this slutty in an eroge.

No. 363402

Late but this feels weirdly homogeneous. Basing this off the picture but they all feel like they have the same personality but with a minor twist like X plays guitar, Y likes baking, Z is a little bit wacky. Wakuu, Sameru and Leah feel like they wouldn't have more or less the same personality as the rest.
Maybe it's the art style but I feel like I'm being offered Pepsi with lemon, Pepsi with cherry etc rather than a coffee or heck go nuts and give me gasoline. If you're going to give me a dating sim with that many characters go bananas.

No. 363542

Sometimes I honestly wonder why so much of otome games are just straight out moidgazey, there's such a heavy emphasis on underlining how hot the main girl is while the men are subpar at best.