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Share/discuss your favorite songs, albums, artists.

No. 289561

Stillbirth thread

No. 289798

IDK if "Lo-Fi" House is truly a thing or if it's just a flavor of deep house, but I've been obsessed. Vidrel has been my jam for the past 2 weeks. I love when house artists incorporate 90s R&B and vocals into their mixes.

How do people feel about all of the micro-genres that have been popping up? I don't know how to feel about it 'cause on one hand I organize what I like by genre more than artist or time period. On the other hand, people get way too derivative about natural evolution in sound that aren't necessarily its own genre. Any thoughts? Any other house-head nonnies here?

No. 289926

No. 290016

Meduza has been killing it with their recent releases. Pegasus with Eli & Fur has also been great, I've been listening to it nonstop.I wanna see them live sometime!

No. 291336

Been nostalgic recently for early - mid 2010s EDM. I wonder if Kaskade's recent album with Skrillex is any good; I'll have to check it out sometime.

No. 291337

Oops, meant to say *with Deadmau5.

No. 291376

Isn't that more mid 2000's EDM?
I can't really be nostalgic cause I only started listening to him in 2016 because they used Move for Me during the Olympic Fencing.
The new album has some nice songs on it, I like Escape and Alive.

No. 296440

No. 312233

I've been playing Phone nonstop last few days, this shit banging

No. 312237

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