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No. 263042

A thread for anons who have never lost the love and joy for the things societally deemed to be "meant for children". Do you love spending your free time on activities like watching cartoons, collecting stuffed toys, styling your dolls, building with Legos or racing RC cars? This is a place to share those hobbies with like-minded anons!

This thread is based on a previously locked thread on /ot/ which can be found here: >>>/ot/201008

No. 263046

File: 1670862985836.jpg (18.9 KB, 320x320, Matthias and Martin.jpg)

Anons please drop your favorite cartoons! Here are some of mine that I'm currently watching:
>Little Bear
>Adventure Time

No. 263048

my faves are
> Arthur
> Gravity Falls
> Magic School Bus
> Berenstain Bears

No. 263049

>Gravity Falls
>Phineas and Ferb(my go to series whenever I'm bored)

No. 263079

>moomins (1990)
>adventure time

No. 263134

My faves are Ed Edd n Eddy, Billy and Mandy, Ben 10, Chowder, Clarence, many more im a sperg about the blocks and bumps cartoon channels had especially toonami block and boomerang bumps.

Speaking of redwall its on archive.org

No. 263136

this thread has rancid ddgl vibes.

No. 263146

give an example.

No. 263165

Does weebshit count? I think I'll never grow out of it lol.

No. 263174

Were talking about nostalgic cartoons nonnie get a grip

No. 263180

Ah, I love this thread! Such nostalgia!

> Adventure Time
> Chowder
> Catdog
> Aaaahhh! Real Monsters

My comfort binges. I also started reading the MMPR comics recently because I was missing 90s Power Rangers. I collect Lisa Frank stuff and 80s/90s toys when I can. I have a collection of Monster High, etc, type of dolls and would someday like to customize them.

No. 263310

not the op but maybe weeb stuff targeted towards kids does, like hamtaro or doraemon?

No. 295140

I really loved that movie when I was a kid! It was seriously so adorable

No. 295166

File: 1683639876269.jpeg (251.3 KB, 1047x1500, BCBDDF27-1933-4A20-BD3F-BC43D6…)

I watch a lot of cartoons and love animated movies so much, I regularly rewatch cartoon saloon and ghibli movies. I learned how to crochet because I wanted to make amigurumi and I want to make children’s books one day as well. I never want to let go of that sense of wonder and magic the world had to me when I was a kid and I want to keep it alive for others too.

No. 295172

File: 1683641911001.jpg (21.28 KB, 268x372, Kiki's_Delivery_Service_Majo_n…)

That's really sweet nonna, I hope you one day make it.
Also I don't think you're childish for watching animated movies. In fact, I would argue that Ghibli and Cartoon Saloon movies are far more mature than most of the crap that comes from Hollywood. The idea that liking certain things makes someone "childish" is one that I have never understood, As an adult, you can enjoy whatever content you like. Being a functioning member of society and taking care of oneself are the only true indicators of adulthood, not the type of media one happens to like.

No. 295224

File: 1683654367578.png (180.53 KB, 365x273, Little_Bear_title.png)

im so glad this is on streaming services

No. 295237

File: 1683657077345.jpg (156.54 KB, 854x1280, MV5BZWExMThlOTUtYTA4ZC00NmEzLW…)

Anyone watch Miraculous Ladybug? This show is addicting solely because of how wholesome the characters are. It's so comfy and makes me feel like a kid again. My boyfriend side eyed me at first for it but now he doesn't mind watching it when I am because he thinks the villain is retarded and gets joy out of it kek

No. 295239

File: 1683657419436.jpg (59.3 KB, 500x376, IMG_5581.jpg)

You all seem to have excellent taste! Would you mind recommending some books or media that you enjoy?

No. 295241

The Christmas tradition I want to start is watching Christmas specials like the Angelina ballerina Christmas special, Barbie movies, the digi-charat movie and Christmas episodes, the rugrats Christmas episodes, and so on. Christmas is just such a nostalgic time for me, I remember all of the nice times I got to spend with my family.

No. 295249

Thank you, your reply made me smile. I agree, and especially nowadays I feel like we’re bombared with a grim reality from news and media in general and life is complicated enough, so why not look at something hopeful instead.
I love Diana Wynne Jones’s books, I came across them at a bookstore recently and I have to say something about her writing style is really delightful. Also I like picking up books like random country fairy tales, there’s always some gems in there.
As for newer shows I really liked Amphibia, the first season especially was like a slice of life in a magical frog world. Also Hilda is great and Over the garden wall.

No. 295257

File: 1683665462146.gif (2.92 MB, 220x224, 178352531.gif)

>Thank you, your reply made me smile. I agree, and especially nowadays I feel like we’re bombared with a grim reality from news and media in general and life is complicated enough, so why not look at something hopeful instead.
That's Information overload. humans were never meant to consume such a vast amount of negative daily news content. This overload can mess with our brains, leading to a lower sense of empathy. Like I am aware of how grim the world can be, it doesn't mean I should subject myself to raunchy and awful content. Instead. I choose to engage in ways to help others, watch shows like Moomin House, and find comfort in sleeping with my beloved plushie.

No. 295307

File: 1683680305988.jpg (271.56 KB, 2048x1421, bigbluehovse.jpg)

I'm in my early 20's and still enjoy this kind of stuff. I really wish I knew someone my age irl to share my interests with. I saw a TikTok that I really wish I had saved of a woman hiding her awesome doll and toy collection to replace her shelves with Squishmallows and Sanrio stuff because her friends were coming over as a meme. I hope I never make someone feel like that, but I guess in order to make others feel comfortable enough to open up, you have to sacrifice yourself. The only thing that worries me is someone thinking I'm a ddlg freak if they're someone who's not also into childish things..

Lately I've been rewatching Adventure Time, Strawberry Shortcake movies (2000's), and Bear in the Big Blue House. Also got really into Spirit (2002) again.
I've been having fun taking photos of my LPS as well.

No. 295526

File: 1683754232282.jpeg (34.27 KB, 738x738, 2A1D7447-2890-43BB-8F4D-54E06E…)

>I love Diana Wynne Jones’s books, I came across them at a bookstore recently and I have to say something about her writing style is really delightful. Also I like picking up books like random country fairy tales, there’s always some gems in there.
I'll be sure to check her out, also could you also list some of your favorite country fairy tale books? They seem really cool.
>I love Diana Wynne Jones’s books, I came across them at a bookstore recently and I have to say something about her writing style is really delightful. Also I like picking up books like random country fairy tales, there’s always some gems in there.
already watched all of them

No. 295540

File: 1683758203990.gif (2.95 MB, 540x300, tumblr_818ea2fe6b7bb7ea49279bd…)

i prefr adult media msot of the time but when i'm with my best friends (we met in primary school) we just spend our time playing pokémon and talking about harry potter and honestly it's just so comforting

No. 295683

File: 1683803611222.jpeg (39.93 KB, 500x377, 75D19A6C-2496-4827-842A-18840A…)

My favourites so far have been russian and japanese fairytales - I found them as compliations translated in my language so I can’t really recommend a specific book title but I’m sure you can find them as well. Also tales from arabian nights, although i prefer to find illustrated and simplified ones because the original books contain lots of stories that are pretty nsfw. As long as you get a curated version there’s some really great ones.
I assume you’ve seen more of the mainstream cartoons that are out then, so you could look around youtube to find the old animated russian fairy tales. They’re from around the original disney era and very beautiful but they don’t always come with subtitles. Also kirikou and the sorceress is a french movie I think based on african folklore, you can find it on youtube too.

No. 295878

File: 1683887471422.jpg (36.28 KB, 480x371, puzyaw1acem61.jpg)

It's not even true to real life. My grandmother's family were essentially indentured farmers. During her childhood, she and her entire family were forcibly removed from their land and had to flee. Many of them were killed. Despite all of this, she is the most caring and sweet person I know. She always told folk stories to my father, his siblings, and to me and my brothers when we were children. Nowadays, people think that they are telling the "blunt cynical truth" and that everyone else is a coward for not seeing it, but they are wrong. People are hopeful and polite not just because it is nice or based on a falsehood, but because they have an ounce of humility. They understand that that life is difficult, and that to get through it you need joy for yourself and for your family and friends.

No. 295982

File: 1683955940143.jpg (138.38 KB, 1000x1000, tama.jpg)

I love Tamagotchis!! Anyone else here play/collect them?

No. 295984

File: 1683958421178.jpeg (44.55 KB, 540x392, 467305D5-0DE6-4C58-8BAA-E019B5…)

Yes! I have a small collection of the more recent models. My favorite are the p’s, I really like changing the accessories to access the extra content (they’re like mini expansion packs and some of them are super cute) and they could also be patched to English.

No. 295986

I had always dreamed of owning one of these. There was a store I used to go with my older brother to buy games, Despite my fervent pleas, my brother and father never bought me a Tamagotchi because they were too expensive. and so I missed out on the chance to actually own one."

No. 295987

I've never looked into the P's. What's the game play like and features? I have two Meets and they're more focused on marriage/gene mixing which I personally find super fun

There's less focus on the care aspect.

One of the "newer" gen Tamagotchi, called Pix, sells for anywhere from 30-60. Definitely worth a shot! I heard that they're really fun to get into for "beginners" that have never really played tama, or are getting back into it

No. 295989

30$ is roughly 9000 rps, so I might have been able to get them in the past but will have to wait for the economy to improve.

No. 297096

File: 1684412756816.jpg (26.3 KB, 565x565, tamagotchi-original-mimitchi-c…)

I got myself a Tamagotchi yesterday! Apparently Bandai re-released the Original Tamagotchis (gen1 and gen2) and they were a huge success in my country, they sold out during Christmas, kek.
The designs are really cute, they have a bunch of different colors and patterns!! (picrel is the one I bought)
Just in case someone wants to snatch one, you can get them on Amazon, although I got mine from a supermarket.
I also have a Tamagotchi Connection V4 at home, and tbh I feel so grateful towards my younger self for not losing it or breaking it, since it's almost impossible to get one now without paying hundreds of bucks. Fingers crossed Bandai notices that old Tamas are still popular and also re-releases those models too…

No. 297106

File: 1684417204258.jpg (692.41 KB, 2880x2880, 20230518_083317.jpg)

Sometimes I like to go online and find the toys I used to have.

No. 297174

No. 307131

File: 1688745012919.jpg (61.92 KB, 646x1000, 71uJpK73VDL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Yesterday I finished reading "The Frog Princess" by Elizabeth Baker (E. D. Baker). I enjoyed it a lot, the story was short but pretty entertaining, and I liked her writing style.
I was wondering if any anons are familiar with her books, because I want to read more of her work and I need some recs!

No. 307133

Can't say I have, any differences between her version and most typical telling?

No. 307138

If you are talking about the Russian/Norwegian fairytale, then I'm afraid this book has nothing to do with it…
Actually, The Frog Princess is the book that inspired the Disney movie "The Princess and The Frog" (Tiana's story). So basically, the book is about a princess that gets turned into a frog after kissing a frog prince.
You can read the book even if you have seen the movie, because the setting is different, and the characters and plot too.
As I said, it's pretty short and simple, but I quite liked it and found most of the characters endearing.

No. 307150

Looks interesting, I'll give it a read.

No. 307153


No. 307154

Watch with Mother.

No. 336079

This thread has now been restored! Thank you to the anons who brought it to our attention. We were unable to recover the full size image for this post:
If anyone has access to it, please email it to admin@lolcow.farm

No. 336131

Whoa, did a mod jut get TOLD? There is still hope for this board!

No. 344479

File: 1703394539076.png (538.75 KB, 612x459, esONO72.png)

I enjoy using a comforter wrapped around me and reading my favorite books at home. It gives me a cozy and comforting feeling, being snuggled up like this helps me focus better, even though it doesn't completely block out the noise. It’s my preferred way to read.

No. 368100

I recently started re-watching Heidi after about 15 years since I was a kid. It's honestly wonderful and it inspired me to buy the book and read it to my own son, who loved it. I'm considering getting the entire world masterpiece theater series and the original stories they were based-off on.

No. 368101

Sometimes I wish I could build a "cave" like when I was a child, I would enjoy thay so much, I used to use different sheets to make stuff like a lake, bushes and a cascade. I got to enjoy building caves at home until I was like 16 years old because then I didn't fit under my desk, plus my parents would nag me about my desk not being safe at all for me to be underneath it, which yeah, it wasn't the safest desk because it was the kind that you could fold and close? It was nice.
I just always loved being in small spaces and hanging out in them for a while while doing whatever, I liked to read and daydream the most.

No. 368104

you should try doing >>344479

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