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No. 264259

This is where to post vintage (~pre-2000) video media.

>PSAs, educational films

>Personal/home movies
>Ads, promotional films
>Short films
>Not for feature-lenth films, etc.

No. 264261

How NASA spacesuits were made by hand, I love the expert seamstresses.

No. 264263

Globe-making in 1955

No. 264264

Flappers in Odessa, 1920

No. 264268

this isn't a video but i think it sort of fits within this thread

No. 264270

"miracle on ice" when the US olympic hockey team beat the soviet union

No. 264271

grocery store in the soviet union in the early 1990s

No. 264274

crete in the 1980s

No. 264294

1950 PSA on "Controlling Your Emotions", actually sort of helpful advice?

No. 264472

Short about tapping into the black market after the Great Migration massively increased the purchasing power of American blacks. Not particularly racist, just cold capitalism.

No. 264473

Documentary about the Winchester Mystery House, a house that had continual construction for years, making an incomprehensible maze of bizarre rooms and nonsensical hallways.

No. 264573

gasoline safety PSA with M.A.S.H.

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