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File: 1672247944656.jpg (251.46 KB, 770x1062, 31t484szo8_1280.jpg)

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previous thread
Post and discuss art you find worth sharing

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File: 1672287809204.jpg (43.63 KB, 471x600, friedrich-wilhelm-schadow-de31…)

No. 265497

File: 1672287886071.jpg (105.7 KB, 650x580, Wilhelm-von-Schadow-964653.jpg)

No. 265498

File: 1672287920929.jpeg (24.16 KB, 250x351, 69ed188338cf3520758fc8128a2f9f…)

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File: 1672288082703.jpeg (9.96 KB, 274x184, download.jpeg)

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File: 1672288114144.jpg (1.67 MB, 1729x2800, 126719@2x.jpg)

Currently my phone background

No. 265504

File: 1672288736495.jpg (270.41 KB, 750x983, flower-art-11.jpg)

I really like still-lifes, hearing about the symbolism behind some of them is fascinating, I remember going to a museum once and learning about how in certain parts of Europe long ago the upper classes would put certain still-life paintings in certain parts of their houses because the objects within them symbolized certain things, sort of like putting a horseshoe above your door or a lucky waving cat in a shop window. Also there is the very famous vanitas subgenre of still-lifes which symbolically focuses on death, but most people have already heard about that as it's very famous, anyways here's a van Gogh painting I like of sunflowers. Never been a big van Gogh fan but I do like impressionism, its very pretty, much prettier then realism IMO, it really captures that feeling of a beautiful summer day. Although not all art has to be 'pretty' and evoke positive feelings though. Chiascuro artwork from baroque times isn't 'pretty' to me but it is very engrossing and captivating, really heightens the emotions of scene and puts you into the perspective of the subject IMO. But I'm not really an art expert, I'm just giving uneducated opinions on stuff I heard based on the limited knowledge I gained about art history in school.

No. 265505

File: 1672288785792.jpg (43.9 KB, 274x400, 94_1.jpg)

All of Jean Delvilles art freaks me out a little bit but I like this one

No. 265511

File: 1672289102093.jpg (173.1 KB, 800x767, water-lily-pond-with-japanese-…)

Here's some more expressionist art, I love how calm and pretty and nostalgic it is, reminds me of going on vacation with my family to the beach or the lake or even just a big river.

No. 265559

Is there a less tiny tiny version of this?

No. 265561

File: 1672331507007.png (9.42 MB, 2475x1661, Halewijn-VThoren.png)

Easy to find with backwards google search nona

No. 265647

sorry I was on my phone and didn't realize it was tiny

No. 266902

File: 1672813330218.png (189.5 KB, 384x582, Sir_Mordred_by_H._J._Ford.png)

No. 267465

File: 1673103461851.jpg (190.62 KB, 1920x1481, Vanité-Harmen-Steenwyck-1639.j…)

No. 269167

File: 1673886293520.jpg (173.21 KB, 629x857, Aucassin and Nicolette, unknow…)

No. 271101

File: 1674368482248.jpg (240.94 KB, 740x1147, FmseCDaakAEMfKe.jpg)

"Temptation of Saint Anthony" by Fritz Eichenberg

No. 271128

File: 1674381791644.jpg (210.48 KB, 571x800, 4f515e3443f305c1e7bd3aa81b717a…)

Władysław Jarocki (polish,1879-1965)

No. 271471

File: 1674574994852.jpg (160.76 KB, 550x978, ecbe57ddaaca7f918c07bdfb63ac59…)

No. 272099

File: 1674927688017.jpg (881.05 KB, 1080x2160, MCeWuklI0DjTBN.jpg)

No. 272679

File: 1675261111663.jpg (39.45 KB, 564x759, bca1a98b60302754abe699d2f(.jpg)

No. 273180

File: 1675442126084.jpg (147.93 KB, 720x999, IMG_20211021_211436.jpg)

Bump for cp

No. 275680

File: 1676341023269.jpeg (35.43 KB, 409x366, 3974F6E3-9F91-479D-901F-DA8F62…)

No. 275681

File: 1676341073898.png (3.92 MB, 1298x1536, 8B9F3D69-815F-4195-942B-22BCD8…)

No. 275682

File: 1676341124076.jpeg (71.83 KB, 555x858, F9606139-5784-4744-AE5F-03CAF2…)

No. 275683

File: 1676341147544.jpeg (79.64 KB, 555x858, 441AEF66-2EFD-4417-85A3-840B35…)

No. 277101

File: 1676917183977.jpg (244.42 KB, 802x1200, FpaJUTsXgAo9y5D.jpg)

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File: 1678211719476.jpg (242.5 KB, 1088x990, Travis Chapman.jpg)

No. 280932

File: 1678211741218.jpg (1.32 MB, 2109x3142, JasminDarnell.jpg)

No. 284705

File: 1679505939916.jpg (543.49 KB, 1080x1800, A53B3A9-136.jpg)

No. 296023

File: 1683983939407.png (1.37 MB, 783x1224, conan.png)

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File: 1700843884912.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 2849x2006, F_LdNXmXQAEeZRL.jpg)

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File: 1700843920286.jpg (224.08 KB, 885x1200, sminamitani.jpg)

No. 337935

File: 1700843947401.jpg (222.06 KB, 826x1200, sminamitani1.jpg)

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